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Thursday, July 8th, 2010

You know nuclear power’s moment has arrived when the head of a French company with a Gaullic accent spends a relaxed half-an-hour talking to Charley Rose on national TV. That’s what happened Tuesday night on most PBS stations. “Has nuclear power’s moment arrived?” Rose began and Lauvergeon took it from there. The CEO has a very engaging manner, doesn’t patronize but doesn’t dumb things down, either. Rose was obviously impressed. Of course those French executives who have only learned English as adults still have a tough accent to interpret.

It was only two years ago that Rose spent a half-hour interviewing Amory Lovins and marveling that the whole country wasn’t listening to the Boy Einstein’s ideas of how to resolve the Energy Crisis. Lauvergeon’s appearance is a gratifying measure of how far we’ve come.

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