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About Nuclear Townhall

Nuclear Townhall promises to be the United States’ "go-to" site for the Nuclear Renaissance and the intellectual crossroads for the industry. We're unabashedly pro-nuclear, no doubt there. But more than that, we think the Nuclear Renaissance is going to be one of the most exciting developments to come along in the global energy arena this century.

Think of it: A technology that is on the cutting edge of 21st century physics. A power source that promises to run whole cities with only a whisper of an impact on the environment. A solution to the problem of carbon emissions. An almost unlimited supply of energy with maximum efforts for recycling and a minimum of waste. The chance to take what we need from nature without perturbing landscapes with gargantuan devices for gathering "renewable energy."

Public enthusiasm about nuclear power is at an all-time high – above 70 percent by some accounts. And the Obama Administration and Congress are advancing serious initiative to spur nuclear energy as part of the clean energy economy.

As self-appointed Guardians of the Renaissance how do we keep the Renaissance going?

How do we encourage licensing surety at the NRC?

How do we persuade people to invest?

How do we translate all that public support into action?

Most of all, how do we avoid the paradox that the rest of the world is going to sprint ahead on nuclear power with the technology America developed?

Americans assume we still have some kind of lead in this technology. We don't. We're going to have to regain that lead through hard work and daring. We're going to have to embrace this technology as never before.

That's the task we've set ourselves. We will be a water cooler with a blend of the most important stories of the day, original reporting and diverse points of view. We'll also add some "Farks" to the most important stories – a lead-in that encourages comments from readers. And once a week we'll have the "Friday Debate" in which we pick an important subject and invite you, our associates, to supply the intelligent opinion.

Altogether, we think it's a tremendously exciting format and we hope you will visit often. The Nuclear Renaissance is coming. We intend to be a big part of it.

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