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NUCLEAR YOUTUBER STRIKES AGAIN : Cartoon Characters Tell You Things You Ought to Know About Nuclear Energy, Yucca Mountain and the NRC Chairman

Monday, December 6th, 2010

The mysterious KeKster, the YouTube nuclear film producer specializing in nuclear energy issues, has struck again with a five-minute video featuring two cartoonish characters very effectively swatting back nuclear energy myths and even explaining why Yucca Mountain hasn’t moved forward (eventually leading into what has been popularized as the “Jaczko Fiasco”, the subject of an earlier video apparently from the same source).

The chief protagonist, a eunuch-looking gnome of unknown origin approaches the questions — posed to him or her by a related imp playing Devil’s Advocate — with a workman-like Sergeant Joe Friday demeanor along with a touch of Star Trek’s Spock thrown in.

The only mild surprise is that it takes about three minutes and twenty-six seconds for them to get into Yucca Mountain and Harry Reid, with the Jascko fiasco showing up at four minutes and thirty seconds.  The video closes with the duo telling viewers to contact their members of Congress to tell them “to complete the Yucca Mountain waste repository”

To see more, follow this link or simply watch below.