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Thursday, February 17th, 2011

February 17, 2011
Nuclear Townhall
From the Editors

After three years of inflating a solar bubble and playing brinkmanship with its nuclear fleet, Spain has come down to earth and decided it needs its nuclear reactors after all.

Only a month away from closing its Cofrentes nuclear power station, the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council relented this week and granted the reactor a ten-year license extension.

“The regulator said the plant in Valencia had been shown to be running well and safely enough to continue operating for another decade, with modifications made or planned making the plant fully compliant with increasingly strict operating rules,” reports Reuters. 

Less than a year ago, Spain was billing itself as the “solar capital of the world,” giving away ridiculous amounts of money in “feed-in tariffs” and encouraging the construction of huge new solar-panel assembly plants surrounded by spanking new factory villages. But the money soon ran out, industries were fleeing to France in search of cheaper nuclear power and the villages now stand abandoned. 

The decision will not be final until approved by Spain’s Industry Minister. A vote is expected after the plant undergoes an independent audit of its radiation protection program.

Greenpeace activists did their usual publicity stunt, climbing the cooling tower on Tuesday and hanging a banner for news photographers. Their efforts had no immediate impact but who knows what they will cook up to try to influence the Industrial Ministry – an armed commando raid perhaps?

Spain has eight reactors that supply 20 percent of its electricity. Seven are now licensed through 2020 but the government has plans to close down the Garona reactor in 2013. Stay tuned for another round of brinkmanship.

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

The Washington Post gets on the small nuclear reactor bandwagon today. Well, sort of.

After reminding readers of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl — and advising folks that environmentalists see nuclear proponent and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore as a "turncoat" — the Post gets down to business.

"Today supporting nuclear power as a green alternative is quite mainstream" — thanks to President Obama and Bill Gates.  The question to build is not when, it is "where and how."

To this end, the Post conjures up the romance of small reactors — in "Any Town, U.S.A." — with a stroll past a movie theatre, the smell of fresh bread from the local bakery, all coupled with the "gentle steam plume" from the cooling tower of your local "miniature reactor that powers the quaint little burg"!

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Greenpeace, the world’s greatest public relations firm, pulled off another kindergarten show-and-tell yesterday when 40 activists dressed as the sun and wind “invaded” a Swedish nuclear plant to protest nuclear power.
The international group – which has an annual budget of $150 million, greater than the World Health Organization – is desperate because the Swedish Parliament is expected to lift the 30-year-old ban on new nuclear construction.
With 45 percent of its electricity coming from nuclear and the rest from hydro, Sweden has the lowest carbon emissions in Europe. Immediately after Three Mile Island, however, the Swedish electorate adopted a referendum to phase out nuclear over the next ten years and ban all future construction. The phase-out has been studiously ignored but rising electrical demand has now made new construction necessary as well.
In 2005, the small Centre Party, the only faction still actively campaigning against nuclear, abandoned its stance, saying a phase-out of existing reactors was no longer practical.  This left the field open to Greenpeace and its usual theatrics.
The resolution on lifting the ban will be voted tomorrow – June 17th – in the Swedish Parliament. It is expected to pass.

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