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Friday, April 1st, 2011

April 1, 2011
Nuclear Townhall

What Nuclear Townhall prints today, CBS News features tomorrow. In a remarkably clear-eyed analysis, CBS has revealed the narrow partisan politics that have temporarily killed the Yucca Mountain project and highlighted what it means to the rest of the country.

Instead of putting opponents on camera to rant about the “nuclear dump” that is a “catastrophe waiting to happen,” CBS reporters went out to Nye County and found that almost everybody scheduled to live near the project actually favors it. Jobs and income are the reason, of course. Then the newscasters dug into the files (or leafed through back stories on NTH) and found that NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko had killed the project single-handed and excised whole sections out of the safety report, to the dismay of staff and other commissioners. This was paired with clips of Presidential candidate Barack Obama promising Nevada voters he would not allow Yucca to open.

“Critics charge you were simply doing the bidding of your former boss, Harry Reid,” the reporter says to Jaczko on camera. The chairman dances around the issue before ending that “the decision was in the best interest of the agency.”

The obvious motive here is that millions of Americans have suddenly discovered that it isn’t such a good idea to have spent fuel sitting around in cooling pools decade after decade and that a national repository – or perhaps even some form of reprocessing – wasn’t such a bad idea after all. The report ends solemnly, “Still, nuclear wastes sits scattered across 35 states . . . and Yucca Mountain sits silent, and empty.” 

Even more remarkable, the Yucca report was followed by a piece on radiation pointing out that levels detected on the West Coast are barely above background and that irrational fear of radiation was a much bigger health threat than the radiation itself. If nothing else, the Fukushima accident has caused an outbreak of common sense at CBS News.

See the video here