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December 6, 2010
Nuclear Townhall

Politico is reporting through its Morning Energy column that “in recent days,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu “has assured people in private conversations that he has no plans to leave his post at DOE anytime soon.”  The source is purported to be a “person familiar with the conversation,” who adds “obviously Chu has been hearing the speculation about what he might do, and he specifically said that we was intending to stay.”
Until recently, with the demise of prospects for any global climate legislation, and a new House Republican majority indicating it will heavily scrutinize Chu’s management of issues ranging from stimulus funding implementation to energy subsidies to Yucca Mountain, most observers felt Chu was headed off to greener pastures.  As one energy observer told Nuclear Townhall:  “Why in the world would he want to stick around?"
However, after largely being sidelined during the mid-term elections campaign, the politically agnostic Chu has made a number of high-profile appearances including a well-received “Sputnik Moment” speech before the National Press Club, a White House’s Tuesday Talk series appearance, a tour to Japan and China for bilateral energy talks and a quick jaunt this week to Cancun for the U.N. Climate Change Conference as part of a Carol Brown-absent Obama Administration cabinet duet with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.
Chu’s Cancun foray includes a meeting with his Mexico cabinet counterpart, a tour of a Green Solutions exhibit and a speech to business leaders at the U.S. Center.
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