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Fission, Fusion Nexus explored at Advanced Reactors Summit VI

WIPP Turns Focus To Maintenance Projects

Why 2020 Candidates Will Be Talking A Lot More About Climate Change

IAEA and Idaho National Laboratory to Cooperate to Strengthen Nuclear Installation Safety

MOX Services Asks NRC To Terminate Construction License

Murkowski, Gates Have 'Awesome' Nuclear Dish

Tolerant Fuel: Scientists Learn To Boost Nuclear Reactor Safety


Perry Pitches Iraqi, Kurdish Leaders On Energy Cooperation, Eliminating Influence Of Iran

Rick Perry As Trump Chief of Staff?

Nevada Watching Federal Yucca, Plutonium Proposals

Manchin Brings Bipartisan, Clean Energy Credentials To Senate Energy Post

AP: Iran Hackers Hunt Nuclear Workers, US Targets


West Virginia Dem Elevated To Top Post On Energy Committee Despite Green Critics

Washington Gov: Feds' Suit Against Hanford Law 'A Depraved Action'

Another 70 MOX Workers Issued Layoff Notifications

NNSA Chief Of Staff: Some SRS Plutonium Needed For National Security Missions

Catastrophic Power Outage Poses 'Profound Threat' To US, New Government Report Finds

Magnitude 4.4 Earthquake Strikes Tennessee Near Watts Bar Plant -- No Damage


Nuclear Energy Becomes Critical To Arctic Dominance

DOE: Sending Hanford Waste To Idaho Would Cost More

Glick Predicts Return To Resilience Debate As McNamee Prepares To Take FERC Seat

Trump Looks To Reclassify Radioactive Waste From Nuclear Weapons

Carbon Capture Industry Says Trump EPA Is Wrong To Underestimate Them

Tolerant Fuel: Scientists Learn to Boost Nuclear Reactor Safety


Greens Push 100% Renewables ‘New Deal’

Nevada Gov Urges Lawmakers Not To Allocate Funds For Yucca Mountain

US Energy Secretary Perry To Saudis: We Want Stable Supply And Prices

Readout of Secretary Perry's Visit to Qatar and Saudi Arabia

State Department: Anti-Russian Euro Pipeline Push Geo-Strategic 

Agency: France Would Save $44.5 Billion by Betting on Renewable Energy


Energy Secretary Perry Renews Push For US-Saudi Accord On Commercial Nuclear Purchases

Stanford-Led Panel: US Must Start From Scratch With A New Nuclear Waste Strategy

WIPP Worldwide: Italian Researcher Studies Plant Growth In The Underground

Permian Oil Reserves May Be Twice As Big As We Thought

Is Nuclear Energy The Key To Saving The Planet?

The Impending Threat Of Climate Change Brings Nuclear Energy To The Fore Once More

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions On Track To Hire 1,200 In Fiscal Year 2019

Protesters Crash US-Led Coal Event At UN COP-24 Climate Meeting


DOE To Shut Down Idaho Nuclear Weapons Waste Processing Plant

Idaho Closure Of Nuclear-Waste Treatment Plant To Affect Hanford

Nuclear Safety Groups Criticize DOE Order Curbing Defense Facilities Oversight Watchdog

Are Floating Reactors The Future Of Nuclear Energy?

SC Lawmakers Strategizing On How To Stop Trump’s Push For Offshore Drilling


US Natural Gas Generators Fire Volley At FERC On Nuclear, Renewables Subsidies

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: 1,000 MOX Workers Get NNSA Layoff Notices

COP 24: IAEA Highlights The Role Of Nuclear Energy for Sustainable Urbanization

New FERC commissioner Faces Calls For Recusal On Fuel Security Matters

Chernobyl Wolves Infected With Radiation Spreading Mutant Genes Across Europe?

DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy Leads NICE Future Event at COP 24

Shellenberger: Time to Rehabilitate Nuclear Energy

ARPA-E Announces $12 Million For Five Projects In Nuclear Materials Science

Meet China's First Nuclear-Powered Submarine (It Was a Total Disaster)

Senate Confirms McNamee as FERC Commissioner

Manchin’s Likely Senior Role On Key Energy Panel Rankles Progressives

Second Round Of MOX Layoff Notifications Being Issued Thursday

UNECE Report: Nuclear Important To Sustainable Energy Mix

Trump FERC Nominee Clears Key Procedural Hurdle

Manchin Flips On FERC Panel Nominee Amid Pressure From Green Groups

US, South Korea Hold Annual Nuclear Energy Cooperation Meeting

SRNS Hosts Job Fair For MOX Employees


EPA Primed To Lift Carbon Capture Barrier For New Coal Plants

White House Jumps Into Fight Over Energy Subsidies

Climate Politics Moves Up The Democrats' Priority List

Global Carbon Emissions Reached A New Record High In 2018

Pro-Vogtle Commissioner Re-Elected In Runoff To Georgia PSC

'Green New Deal' Becoming Progressive 'Rallying Cry'

Why the Trump Administration Just Gave Russia an Ultimatum

Advancement In Nuclear Fusion Tech Continues Transition To Clean Energy Future

Marathon Petroleum CEO: US Is Well On Its Way To Trump's Goal Of 'Energy Dominance'

Vogtle Proponent Faces Run-Off Election Challenge

Perry Planning Another Trip To Saudi Arabia

Nevada Sues To Stop Trump Administration's Plan To Store Plutonium At Nevada National Security Site

MOX Project Layoffs Ripple Through Carolinas

US Gives Russia 60 Days To Comply With Nuclear Treaty


White House To Seek End To Subsidies For Electric Cars, Renewable Energy

Why Trump Still Wants A Seat At The Global Climate Table

US Environmentalist Favors Exercising The Nuclear Option

Pompeo to Seek NATO Aid to Pressure Russia on Nuclear Treaty


As Climate Change Looms, America Faces Nuclear Closures

Lawmakers Delay Lame-Duck Endgame, Yucca Fight Continues

Utility Drive: Policymaker of the Year -- Kevin McIntyre, FERC

Solar Energy Industry Remains A Bright Spot Amid Trump's Tariffs

Using 3D Scanning to Find Pipe Problems at a Nuclear Plant


US Air Force Report: Electromagnetic Weapons Could Cripple Nuclear Plants, Shut Down Grid


National Academies Report WIPPs DOE MOX Alternative

National Academies Report: Disposal Of Surplus Plutonium At NM’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plan

PA Pols Warn: 'Short-Sighted Approach' on Nuclear Power Endangers Environment, Jobs

Molten Salt Reactors: Military Applications Behind the Energy Promises

Novel Floating Power Plants on the Horizon

The History of DOE Nuclear Supercomputers: From MANIAC to AMD's EPYC Milan

New Interim Report: Decades-Long Plutonium Campaign Will Face Challenges

New Exhaust System Brings Fusion Energy One Step Closer

Russia: US Scolded for Lack of Action Under Plutonium Disposal Deal with Russia


Perry Calls For Energy Infrastructure Build-Out


Clock Runs Out On Bellefonte Revival


Jilted Bellefonte Buyer Charges TVA With Breach Of Contract

Nuclear Development LLC Waves Lawsuit As TVA Bellefonte Deal Collapses

WIPP: Not Enough Space For Proposed Plutonium Disposal

Fight Brewing Over Prospect Of Pennsylvania Nuclear Power Plant Shutdowns

'It's All Gone': Tons Of Sequoyah Fuels Nuclear Waste Taken To Utah Mill

This Bill Gates-Backed Company Is Developing a Possibly World-Changing Nuclear Reactor

Georgia PSC Candidates Push For Votes Before Tuesday’s Runoff

Scientists Develop New 'Climate Proof' Crops with Help of Nuclear Technology

Perry Again Calls For US Energy Infrastructure Plan, Cites National Security

Sen. Tim Scott 'Skeptical' of NNSA Plans To Bring Pit Production To SRS

Pennsylvania Nuclear Energy Caucus Outlines Ways It Says Three Mile Island Can Be Saved

IAEA's Amano Calls For Nuclear Technology To Go 'Mainstream'

Plan to Leave Buried Nuclear Bomb Waste Underground Draws Fire

Russia: Putin, Trump Need 'Full Scale Meeting' To Discuss Nuclear Pact

President Trump’s FERC Nominee Moves To Full Senate For Confirmation Vote

A Nuclear Fusion Reactor Just Set Several World Records

IAEA Inaugurates New Facility in Milestone for Modernization of Nuclear Applications Laboratories

Meet The Engineering Professor Who Got Taiwanese Voters To Support Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Industry Pouring Money Into Georgia PSC Runoff

Al Gore To Host 24-Hour Climate Change Special

VC Summer Fail Opens The Door For Competing Pipeline Builders


GM Kills The Chevrolet Volt As Plug-In Hybrids Lose Market Share

A Growing Number Of States Are Rushing To Save Their Nuclear Plants

Holtec’s Singh Plans To Plant Heavy Industry, Boost Nuclear Power In India

Work Resumes at WIPP After Rock Fall

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NEA and IAEA Report: Global Uranium Supply Can Meet Projected Demand

SC Utility Regulators Will Decide Fate Of SCE&G Customers And SCANA on Friday

PG&E Needs $1.6 Billion More To Decommission Diablo Canyon

State Board OK's Alliant Ending Nuclear Power Purchase

Duke Energy To Include Brunswick Nuclear Plant In Staff Reductions

GE Soars 12% As 'Biggest Bear' Upgrades Stock To 'Neutral'

Uranium Resources Adequate But Investment Needed

Uranium Production, Exploration Decline As Price Has Fallen

Framatome Completes I&C Upgrade at Swedish Nuclear Reactor

Investing: Is SCANA Corporation a Buy?

Engineers Inspecting Watts Bar Nuclear Plant After Earthquake

BMO Analysts: Uranium Price Set For More Gains

Uranium Price Rally Continues As Kazakhstan, Other Major Producers Cut Production

Global Hacking Campaign Takes Aim At Finance, Defense And Energy Companies

Uranium Price: Best Performer Of 2018 Set For More Gains

China's Fuqing 6 Reactor Pressure Vessel In Place

Doosan Heavy Continues To Struggle On Anti-Nuclear Policy

Sale of Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee Plant To Accelerate Decommissioning Schedule

How JEA Plans To Turn It's Vogtle-Related Credit Downgrade Into A Positive

Major Concrete Pour At Hinkley Point C

PJM Defends Plan To Include Key Gas-Plant Costs In Offers

Wylfa Newydd Future Doubt 'Speculation'

General Dynamics Contracted To Improve US Nuclear Submarines

French Nuclear Production Rose 8 Percent Year-On-Year In November

GE Hitachi Eyes Global Market As It Acquires Nuclear Decommissioning Firm

SC Utility Santee Cooper Board OKs Budget, Says No Rate Hikes

2018: An Eventful Year For Utilities

Wood Wins UK Nuclear Waste Contract

Hitachi Shares Rise After Report It Is Considering Scrapping UK Horizon Project

EDF Looks To Cut Costs By Taking Hinkley Contractors To Sizewell New Build

Uranium Prices Sent Cameco Stock Soaring 10.8% in November: What's Next?

Rio Nuclear Plant Back In Operation

Xcel: Nuclear Energy Is Key to Meeting Goal to Cut Carbon

TVA's Bill Johnson Explains Fuel Mix Transition

CGN Plans To Fill Moorside Gap With Bradwell Nuclear Plant

Fusion Reactions Project Attracts UK Funding

CEO: TVA To Keep Cutting Carbon With Natgas, Nuclear Power Plants

SC Regulators Expected To Set SCE&G’s Power Bills, Rule On Dominion Deal Next Week

Buyouts, Layoffs At Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Buying Nuclear Fuel Is Back In Fashion

China General Nuclear Ready To Ramp Up UK Ambitions

Vermont Regulators Approve Sale Of Vermont Yankee To NorthStar

Local Municipalities, Exelon $500 Million Apart On Fitz Assessment

Connecticut Regulators Clear Millstone Plant To Compete In State Zero-Emission Energy Auction

KHNP CEO Clarifies EDF Barakah Role Amid Rumors Of French Takeover 

Work Continues On New Reactors At Plant Vogtle

Rising Natural Gas Prices Will Test US Power Grid this Winter

PJM Ready for Winter Demand Amid 'Less-Certain' Weather Outlook


Final Containment Vessel Ring Placed For Vogtle Unit 3

How Long Can Turkey Point’s Reactors Stay In Business? FPL Wants At Least 20 More Years

Fortum To Assist In Decommissioning Research Reactor

Downtime At 'Aging' Grand Gulf Attracts Increased Scrutiny

Xcel Energy Aims To Have Zero Carbon Emissions By 2050 In Industry-First Plan

SC Judge Gives Initial OK To SCANA’s $2B Settlement With Customers Over Nuclear Project

Vermont Yankee Sale Deadline Pushed Back Again

Bruce and Framatome Sign CAD18.7 Million MoU

Uranium Week: Volumes Surge

Nuclear Panel Questions Holtec Cask Life Span

Bechtel Unit Wins $1.7B In Navy Nuclear Parts Contracts

Nuclear Company Lawsuit Against TVA Boils Down To This One Question

CNNC launches R&D Centre For Fuels And Materials

SNC-Lavalin’s CEO Just Can’t Catch A Break

Utility Drive: CEO of the Year -- Jim Robo, NextEra Energy

Dominion Wants A Deal To End The SC Nuclear Fight

‘Electrical Disturbance’ Shuts Down Part Of Diablo Canyon

A Legal Guide to Power Generation Mergers and Acquisitions

Here’s What Could Happen To Diablo Canyon Once It Closes

Bankruptcy Judge Approves Deal Between FirstEnergy Solutions And Its Unions On Nuclear Plant Shutdown Bonuses

Workers Set To Resume Transferring Nuclear Waste At San Onofre

French Power Prices Could Soar Next Year

X-energy and Centrus Begin Advanced Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility Design

EDF Rivals Bid For 133 TWh Of Nuclear Energy For 2019

Edison Pitch To Restart Nuclear Waste Transfer At San Onofre Will Be Focus Of Advisory Group Meeting

Duke Energy Confirms Lay Offs At Various Nuclear Plants

Deadline Looming For Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Purchase, Group Seeks $1 Billion In Alabama Incentives

Data Shows Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Costs Falling

Santee Cooper Wants To Have A Say In SCANA’s Legal Settlement Of SC Nuclear Lawsuit

Ur-Energy and Energy Fuels Host US Department of Commerce Section 232 Investigators on Tour of Domestic Uranium Mines and Mills

France Rejects Breakup of EDF

NuScale Expands Canadian Market Effort Through MOU with Bruce Power

Kazatomprom IPO With Astana International Financial Center Shows Global Appetite For Uranium

Rosatom Launches Annealing Technology For VVER-1000 Units

Lightbridge Corporation: Powering Up For Another Shot With The DOE

Westinghouse Ready To Fully Provide All Ukrainian Nuclear Plants With Nuclear Fuel

TVA Sues Local Property Owners For Temporary Access To Land For Major Power Line Project

NRC Makes Available Application to Transfer Bellefonte Construction Permits

Rio Tinto Sells African Uranium Mine To China

SCANA, SCE&G Settle $2B Lawsuit Over VC Summer Nuclear Project

Taipower Respects Referendum Results But Will Follow Government Policy

SCANA Settles $2 Billion Lawsuit Over VC Summer Project

Attorneys To Drop Nuclear Lawsuit Against SCE&G If State OKs Latest Dominion Deal

Why Energy Stocks Are Crashing This Fall

EDF Signs O&M Agreement For Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant In The UAE

Ontario's Bruce 6 Refurbishment Good For January 2020 Start

EDF Pushes Ahead With Plans For New Sizewell Plant

Foratom: ‘Balance Of Power In The EU Is Shifting Against Nuclear’

Energoatom Reaches Milestone With Westinghouse Fuel Supply

Shares In Centrica Slide After Customers Leave, Energy Output Slips

EDF Inks Deal To Support Abu Dhabi Reactor Operations

EDF To Cut Capacity At 880 MW Fessenheim 2 Nuclear Reactor On Environmental Issues

FirstEnergy Unit Looks To Pocket $152M In Ch. 11 Plant Sale

Investing: Uranium Is In The Early Innings Of A Rally

Spain's Endesa Sees Coal, Nuclear Plants Operating Beyond 2030

Ex-Utility Execs Emotional Over South Carolina VC Summer Fail

UK's Babcock Shares Slump After One-Off Charge, Nuclear Outlook Cut

Crane Technology For Nuclear Construction Projects

Vogtle Expansion Marks New Milestone With 150-Ton Shield Building Panels Placement

Dominion Makes Another Offer To Cut SCE&G Rates As High-Stakes Nuclear Hearing Winds Down

NRC Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement for Waterford Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal

Holtec Seeks Approval To Buy, Scrap Pilgrim Plant

Cameco +4% As BAML Double Upgrades On Improved Uranium Outlook

SCE&G Expert Says Slashing The Utility’s Rates Would Hurt Customers In The Long Run

Critical Applications Alliance Scores $135 Million Contract For WIPP Ventilation System

RTE: Strikes Cut Output At Two EDF Nuclear Reactors In France

GE Shakes Up Power Unit Leadership, Taps Veteran Exec

NuScale Selects PaR for Reactor Building Crane

S&P: Utility Financials Largely Stable, Growth Outlook Uncertain

Powering the Future: Growth in Uranium Demand

More Repairs Needed After Palisades Nuclear Plant Inspection

Strike Cuts Output At EDF's Penly 2 Nuclear Reactor

TVA Writes Off $750 Million Debt On Bellefonte Plant Odyssey 

In Fight Over Power Bills, SCE&G Seeks To Disparage Ex-Employees, $1M Nuclear Report

Holtec Files Request to Acquire Pilgrim Nuclear Plant by End of 2019

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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China Launches World's First EPR Nuclear Project In Taishan

Russia Woos China To Join Nuclear Framework With US

Russia Starts Batch Production Of MOX Fuel Assemblies

The Plan to Build a Nuclear Future From a Communist Relic

Scotland’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor To Go As Demolition Contract Awarded

Carbon Crossroads: Can Germany Revive Its Stalled Energy Transition?

Russia Gives Nuclear Group Control Of Arctic Sea Route

Riyadh Hosts Workshop On Russian Nuclear Technology

UK Energy Union Calls For ‘Urgent Clarification’ On Wylfa Nuclear Power Station

Rosatom Suggests Implementing Nuclear Plant Construction Project To Azerbaijan

UAE Radiation Levels Very Low Compared To Other Countries

Is China’s Losing Its Taste For Nuclear Energy?

World's First Floating Nuclear Plant Operational In Russia

Brazilian Test in Russian Style: Nuclear Fuel Tensile Strength Test

France, Hungary Conclude Military, Nuclear Energy Agreements

Indian Reactor Sets New World Record

South Korean Nuclear Phase-out Could Mean More Power Imports from China, Russia

Nigeria Becomes HEU Free

Ice Fields & Polar Bears: Icebreaker Voyages Around Russia’s Arctic Sea Route Sold Out

Work Starts On Russia's Kursk Ii-2 Foundation Plate

French Environment Agency Contradicts Macron On New Nuclear Costs: Projects 85% Renewables By 2050

UK’s Nuclear Plans In Doubt After Report Welsh Plant May Be Axed

India Creates World Record in Non-Stop Nuclear Energy Production

IAEA Concludes Long-Term Operational Safety Review at Armenia’s Nuclear Plant

India Sets World Record In Nuclear Plant Operation

Brazil Incoming Energy Minister Favors Nuclear And Wind Power; 'Hydro Has Reached Its Limit'

South Korea Earmarks $596M For Safety Of Nuclear Energy And Waste

Russian Government Submits Bill To State Duma On Expanding Powers Of Rosatom Corporation

New Taipei Mayor Calls For Nuclear Waste Final Site Solution

India About To Lease Another Nuclear Submarine From Russia

Brazil Energy Minister Favors More Nuclear Power But Not Hydro

Both Reactors On Rosatom’s Floating Nuclear Plant Now Operational

Russia Hopes To Participate In Construction Of Nuclear Plant Unit In Czech Republic

Taiwan is Still Moving to Shutdown Nuclear Reactor Despite Pro-Nuclear Vote

Bulgaria Hopes To Pick Investor For Nuclear Plant By End Of 2019


China Inc. Zeros In On UK Plant Site

New Calls For Clarity Around Nuclear In ‘No Deal’ Brexit Scenario

South Africa Axes State Nuclear Firm Necsa's Board

Bulgaria Hopes To Pick Investor For Nuclear Plant By End Of 2019

Regulated Asset Base Model Could Benefit UK Nuclear Industry

Diversity Key For UK Nuclear Workforce Strategy

Rosatom Prepares To Launch Two Tenders For Construction Work In Dabaa Nuclear Plant

Taiwanese Political Debate Goes Nuclear After Referendum Keeps Plants Running

Russia Completes Testing Of Modified VVER-440 Fuel

First Taiwanese Reactor To Enter Decommissioning

Rosatom: Nuclear Egypt – The Base of the New Urbanity

Saudi Arabia Renews Nuclear Energy Ties With Argentina 

Minister: Hungary Has ‘No Alternative’ to Building Nuclear Plant

Russia and Rwanda To Cooperate In Nuclear Energy

Taiwan Shuts Down 1 Of 6 Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Sector Governance In South Africa Heads For The Courts

Japan Risks Losing Nuclear Prowess With Turkey Project Abort

50% In Japanese Nuclear Industry: Energy Plan For 2030 Is ‘Unrealistic’

Reactor Vessel In Place At China's Hongyanhe 6

Poland Wants To Avoid Financing Nuclear Energy With Debt

Experienced Nuclear Leader Sought For UK Magnox Role

China Unleashes Deadly New Nuke Submarines In Race To Be Next Superpower

Russia: Nuclear Technology key to Nigeria’s Sustainable Growth

Poland’s New Energy Policy Goes Nuclear

UK Government Confirms It Will Fund Post-Brexit Nuclear Regime

Regulator Warns Extension of CEZ Reactors' Life May Not Pay Off

Japanese Ministry Sees Monju Successor Reactor Running By Mid-Century

IAEA Purchases Low-Enriched Uranium For LEU Bank in Kazakhstan

From Cherno-Bots To Iron Man Suits: The Development Of Nuclear Waste Robotics

Russia Signs Nuclear Deal With Argentina, Competing With China

Japan To Scrap Turkey Nuclear Project

South Korea: 'Abrupt Shift To Competitive Bid For UAE Nuclear Plant Is Different From The Fact'

Decommissioning of Taiwan's 1st Nuclear Plant Facing Major Delay

Taipower Withholds Returning Fuel Rods Pending New Energy Policy

South Korea Vows To Foster Nuclear Decommissioning Industry

In Canada, Nuclear Industry Eyes More Federal Support Of ‘Small Modular Reactors’

Russia’s Rosatom, Argentina To Improve Cooperation In Nuclear Energy

Equipment Airlock For Second Unit Delivered To Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site

Abe Asks Xi To Lift Japan Food Import Ban Following Fukushima

Cloud Of Suspicion In China Over Rice From Near Fukushima

Citing Russia Threat, Ukraine Boosts Security At Power Plants

Czechs Not Looking At Hungary-Type Deal To Build Nuclear Plants

UK Announces Plans For £40 Million Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology Centre

Russia May Localize Its Uranium Extraction Technology In Argentina

South Korean Delegation To Visit UAE To Discuss Nuclear Project

Report: Nuclear Must Remain In South African Mix

France Reviews Fast-Breeder Nuclear Reactor Project

Finland's Long-Delayed Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Reactor To Go Online In January 2020

EU States Go Their Own Way On Nuclear

Deadline Looms for Croatia Over Nuclear Waste Storage

Tackling Global Challenges with Nuclear Technology


China, Vying With US In Latin America, Eyes Argentina Nuclear Deal

Argentina, Russia To Sign Deal On Nuclear Energy

France To Freeze Fast-Breeder Nuclear Reactor Project

France Grapples With Its Nuclear Power Dilemma

Japan Has Restarted Five Nuclear Power Reactors in 2018

South Korea's Moon Asks Czech Prime Minister To Support Nuclear Reactor Bid

IAEA Discusses Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Technology


Macron Energy Plan Slides Nuclear Energy Cap By 10 Years To 2035

France To Close 14 Nuclear Reactors By 2035 An All Coal-Fired Power Plants By 2022

Saudis Say Nuclear Energy Will Speed Up Economic Development

China Chases African Uranium Mine in Nuclear Energy March

China To End Import Tax Exemption For Advanced Second-Generation Nuclear Reactors

Don't Hold Your Breath As Warsaw Weighs Nuclear Option

Inside Sellafield With The Nuclear Clean-Up Robots

Consent Granted For UK Hinkley Nuclear Island Concrete


Robots Come To The Rescue In Fukushima Cleanup

Taiwanese Government Sidesteps Energy Referendums as Pro-Nuclear Group Mulls Further Action

South Korea To Continue To Go Nuclear-Free Despite Taiwan’s Pro-Nuclear Move

Australian Trade Minister: ‘Making Real Progress On Issue Of Uranium Exports To India’

China Striving To 'Do Better' As Climate Change Challenges Become More Urgent

Iran, EU To Hold Nuclear Meeting, High-Level Talks In Brussels

Land Acquisition Process For India's Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Completed


Pro-Nuclear Activists Win Landslide Electoral Victory In Taiwan


Poland Expects First Nuclear Energy Plant To Start In 2033

Poland Sees $106 Billion Of Investment In Energy Industry By 2040

Canada, UK finalize Post-Brexit Nuclear Cooperation

UAE Inspires GCC Nuclear Future

Swiss Repository Site Search Moves To Final Stage

Report: EU Needs Nuclear To Meet Emissions Target

Japan's Kansai Outlines Plans For Dismantling Ohi Units


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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