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Illinois Gov. Rauner Signs Bill Sparing 2 Nuclear Plants

Study: Pennsylvania’s Nuclear Energy Plants Vital To State Economy

DOE to WIPP: Dozens Of Issues To Address Before Reopening

Trump Taps Oklahoma Attorney General To Lead EPA

Smaller, Safer, Saltier: Next-Gen Nuclear Draws Thiel and the UN

Trump Could Fuel A Nuclear Energy Boom In 2017

Lawsuit Reopens Issue Of Depleted Uranium Disposal In Utah

Yucca Mountain Backers Join Trump Transition Team

Tillerson, Gore and an Energy Battle at Trump Tower

Roof Collapses At WIPP Raise New Safety Questions

Under Trump, Some Enviros Softening To Nuclear, Gas, CCS

Pasadena Court to Hear Arguments on San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closure

Rep. Kevin Cramer Under Advanced Consideration For Energy Secretary


Al Gore Meets Donald Trump for 'Extremely Interesting' Conversation

Illinois Gov. Rauner to Sign Energy Bill Wednesday In Clinton

WIPP Continues Ground Control Efforts

What Future Does Nuclear Have in an Era of Cheap Energy?

In Signal To Trump, China, Iran Say Nuclear Deal Must Stand

'Almost All' of Trump's Cabinet Picks Will Come Next Week

Europe’s Green Energy Policy Is A Disaster For The Environment

Illinois Sees The Light With Nuclear Energy

Enviro Groups Take Opposing Sides in Legal Fight Over NY Nuclear Deal

Illinois Nuclear Plant Communities Hail State Energy Deal 

Trump Considering Goldman Sachs COO Cohn For Energy Secretary


Obama DOE 'Urges Trump Team To Ditch Yucca Mountain'

New York's Highest Court Affirms Licensing Requirement For Indian Point 

Federal Case Revived Over San Onofre Settlement Deal

Rep. Cramer: Energy Secretary? My Value’s in Congress

Manchin: No Talk With Trump Over Energy Secretary Post

Trump Considering North Dakota Senator Heitkamp For Energy Post

Goldman’s Gary Cohn on List for Trump Energy Secretary

US Technical Breach Gave Russians Opening To Suspension of Landmark Plutonium Reduction Agreement 

State Panel Meets After Announcement Of Vermont Yankee Sale

With Illinois Legislature's OKs Exelon Bill Moves To Governor

Exelon Wins Its Battle In Biggest Energy Bill In 20 Years

Illinois House Passes Bill To Keep Quad-Cities, Clinton Plants Open

Trump Team Considering Sen. Joe Manchin For Energy Secretary

Harold Hamm: Trump Should Pick Rep. Kevin Cramer As Energy Secretary Over Me


Ivanka Trump, Climate Czar?

WIPP Requesting $54.5 Million More In FY17

Potential Snag For Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Deal As Vote Nears 


Changing Of The Guard At US House Energy And Commerce

Is New Nuclear the Solution to the World's Energy Problems?

Trump And Energy: What's Good For Texas And Okla. Is Good For America

Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Bill Hits Deadline with Vote Expected

Report: Illinois Gov. Rauner Has Reached Agreement To Keep Nuclear Plants Open

Yucca Nuclear Waste Storage Revisited by Team Trump

Without The Clean Power Plan, Are Nuclear Plants Essential To Combat Climate Change?

Can the US Become an Energy Superpower in 2017?

Rauner-Exelon Deal Clears Way For Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Bill

Illinois House Committee OKs Revised Exelon Legislation

Proposed Elimination Of DOE Loan Office Easier Said Than Done 

NBC's Today Program Heralds DOE Hanford Defense Waste As 'America's Chernobyl'

DOE Responds: Defends Safety Of Hanford Workers 

As President, Trump Will Be CEO of 'US Energy Incorporated'


As Trump Quickens Pace On Cabinet, Energy Secretary Pick Looms


Nuclear Energy Start-Ups Look To SpaceX As Model For Decreasing Nuclear Costs

With President-Elect Trump in the wings, Yucca Mountain Resurfaces 

Progress Made On Illinois Energy Bill Aimed To Keep Quad Cities Nuclear Plant Open

Can Nuclear Fusion Get A Gust Of Wind With Trump?

Congress Fighting Off Last-Minute Attempts At New Climate Regs

Nuclear Battery Could Turn Hazardous Waste Into Lasting Clean Energy


Prospects For Congressional Energy Bill Fade In Lame-Duck Session

Nuclear Energy Support Package On The Docket For Illinois Veto Session

The Future Of Nuclear Energy

This Laser-Toting Tentacle Carves Up Old Nuclear Hardware

Obama-Era Cyber Plan Waits For A Trump Makeover 

Illinois Nuclear Deal Could Save $3 Billion In Power Costs

Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Deal Generates Debate

Here's Why the Clean Energy Industry Is Hopeful About Donald Trump

Diamonds Turn Nuclear Waste Into Nuclear Batteries

Trump Considering Christie As Energy Or Homeland Security Secretary, Report Claims

Swiss Go To Ballot Box On Nuclear Energy Referendum

Is Thorium A Future Option For Nuclear Energy?


Pilgrim’s Progress: Waste Destined To Become 'Easter Island Statues'?

Trump's Energy Team Overhauled

The Politics of the Nuclear Suppliers Group

US, Western Allies Push Iran on New Measures to Bolster Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump’s Oil Man: A Closer Look At Harold Hamm

Trump Impact On US Electric Power Sector Still Unclear

Appeals Court Revives Challenge to Georgia Power Nuclear Fees

Contractors Settle Case Over Cleanup Effort at Hanford Nuclear Site

DOE Recommends Permanent Closure For 60 Percent Of Contaminated WIPP Storage

USNIC Outlines Nuclear Energy 'Critical Positions' In The Next Administration

Why Would Trump Want Hamm At Energy?

Growing Market Of Venture-Backed Startups Signals Dawn Of A Nuclear Do-Over


DOE: America's Misunderstood Agency

Cuomo Wins Round In Bid To Shut Entergy’s Indian Point Plant

Obama Seeks To Fortify Iran Nuclear Deal


Peter Thiel’s Other Hobby is Nuclear Fusion

Will San Onofre's Waste Wind Up At Yucca Mountain?

Climate Policy in the Age of Trump

Timeline: Entergy NY Indian Point Nuclear Plant Relicensing

NRC: Mission Accomplished for Fiscal 2016

Vt. Yankee Dismantling Caught Up In Anti-Trust Suit


NY Court Deals Indian Point License Renewal A Setback


Waste Storage: America’s Nuclear Hot Potato

Trump Energy Secretary Short-List Stays Short

Judge Says Lawsuit About San Onofre Nuclear Waste Storage Plans Can Move Forward

Hopes for Nuclear Energy Blossom With Trump’s Rise

Harold Hamm, Rumored Candidate For U.S. Energy Secretary, Got $1.7 Billion Richer This Week

Nevada Anti-Yucca Chief In Denial: 'Dead As A Doornail'

Canadian Spent Fuel Shipments Geared Up For Savannah River

WNA Chief: Nuclear Vital To Challenge Of Climate Change

WIPP In The Home Stretch After A Nearly Three-Year Hiatus?

EPA's Big Bet On Nuclear Put US Climate Goals At Risk

US Senate Committee Told Act Now For Nuclear Future

NRC Considering New Rules For Packaging, Transporting Radioactive Materials


Former Texas Gov Perry Short-Listed For Trump Energy Secretary

DOE Aims to Shave Time Off Final WIPP Review With December Restart Looming 

Fed Lawsuit Complicates New Vermont Yankee D&D Consortium

IEA: Nuclear Energy Generation Tipped To Double By 2040

Nuclear Closures Magnify US Climate Challenge For Trump

Illinois Lawmakers Weigh Deal to Save Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Key to a Clean Energy Future: IEA World Energy Outlook

Alexander: Next Congress Has A Prime Opportunity For Nuclear Energy Future

Environmentalist Leader Schellenberger Makes Case For Nuclear Energy To Regulators


446-Page Mega Nuclear Deal Hits Illinois Veto Session

DOE Team At WIPP Nuclear Storage Site To Evaluate Readiness

Trump Advisers Eyeing More Than Yucca

Nuclear Isotope Facility Would Bring Low-Enriched Uranium To SRS

Nevada Gov To Fight Yucca Revival

Congressional Energy Bill In Limbo In Lame Duck

Experts: Indian Point Essential To Meeting NY’s Climate Goal

US Electric Power Sector Sees Uncertainty As Trump Presidency Nears

With Changed Landscape, Vermont Panel’s Nuclear Plant Session Delayed

What Changes When Vermont Yankee Is Sold?

How A Garage Nuclear Reactor Is Powering Students’ Futures


Oil, Gas And Nuclear Industries Anticipate Friendly Trump DOE

Yucca Prospects Looking Up With Trump Victory 

Yucca Mountain's Second Act

NRC Begins Scoping Effort for Environmental Review of Proposed WCS Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility

Obama Predicts Trump Won’t Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal as President

Bellafonte Plant Given New Lease On Life With Sale


Trump Advisers Eye Reviving Nevada’s Yucca Nuclear Waste Dump

NY Governor, Good Government Groups Lock Horns Over Nuclear Energy

Exelon To Shift Course On Legislation To Save Illinois Nukes In Wake Of Trump Presidency

TVA’s Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Sold For $111 Million, Expected To Bring Thousands Of Jobs

$111M Purchaser Of TVA's Unfinished Bellafonte Plant Vows To Spend $13 Billion For Completion

Paducah Laser Enrichment Could Have Huge Local Impact

Zion May Be Model For Vermont Yankee Cleanup

WSJ to Trump: Revive Yucca, Move Past Reid Era

Donald Trump Could Be OPEC's New Best Friend

What A Trump Presidency Means For Nuclear Stocks

Paducah Mayor Hopeful On Future Enrichment Facility After DOE Agreement

Trump and Energy: Climate Out, Jobs In, Coal Up

NJ Gave Holtec $260M Tax Break For Camden Move. Was It A Bad Bet?

Trump’s Coal Stance May Ease Pressure on Japan Over Climate

GE-Hitachi: 'No Formal Decision To Proceed With Licensing Or Construction' Of Paducah Laser Enrichment

Energy World Rocked By Trump Win

DOE Uranium Sale Could Mean 1,200 New Paducah Jobs

Special Report: Trucking Uranium Through The Mountains


UK, US Industry Groups Ink MOU On Advanced Manufacturing Cooperation

WIPP Workers Return Underground

Keystone XL Pipeline Builder Eager To Work With Trump

Understanding Nuclear Water Chemistry


UAE Portrait of a Nation: The Emirati Born To Work In Nuclear Energy

DOE Agrees To Sell Depleted Uranium To GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment

Energy Knots That Remain No Matter Election’s Outcome

Illinois Community Still Struggling Nearly Two Decades After Nuclear Plant Closure

Molten Salt Reactors: IAEA to Establish New Platform for Collaboration


Who's In Line For Trump EPA Boss, Energy Czar?

Clean Power Plan’s Demise Looms, But How Trump Will Ax It Remains Unclear

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Collapse Under Trump

Fracking Mogul Harold Hamm Looms On US Energy Secretary Short-List

Iran Says Trump Should Stay Committed To The Nuclear Deal

Utah’s Nuclear Engineering Program Taking Big Steps Forward

Energy Giants Turn to Drones and Sensors in New Embrace of the Digital World


What Will President Trump Do About Energy?

As Clinton, Trump Face Off, Utility Sector Braces For Pivotal Election Day

China Turns Decommissioned Nuclear Plant Into Tourist Attraction

At Entergy’s Indian Point, Nuclear Energy Runs In Families

Why Might NY Pay $35M To Nuclear Plant? None Of Your Business, State Says

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State Officials Consider Vogtle Spending Deal With Georgia Power

Video: Terrestrial Energy Looks To Commercialize Integral Molten Salt Reactors

EDF To Spread Out Restart Of Checked French Nuclear Reactors Across Dec

Chinese Pursuing Abandoned Belene Nuclear Plant Initiative

E.ON Says Does Not Expect Nuclear Compensation Soon

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

US to Build $1.6B Idaho Facility for Warships' Nuclear Waste

AREVA: The Construction of Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant Has Started in Kazakhstan

Utilities Surge After German Ruling On Nuclear Energy Exit

TEPCO Eyes Partnerships On Nuclear Energy, Distribution

Michigan Nuclear Plants On Good Financial Footing, But That May Change

Calvert Cliff Nuclear Plant Reactor Executes Shutdown Due to Hydraulic Leak

Investing: When Will the Uranium Market Recover?

FitzPatrick Plant Begins Transition With Ownership Shift Pending

Energy Future Holdings Bankruptcy Exit Hearings Set For February

NextEra Energy Reaches Labor Deal At Seabrook

NRC Grants Grand Gulf 20 Year License Extension

Nuclear License Transfer Paves Way For Talen Energy To Go Private

NorthStar Says It Can Demolish Idled Vermont Nuclear Plant Soon

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant's License Extension On Hold

After 60 Years, Is Nuclear Fusion Finally Poised To Deliver?

Investing: Cameco Approves Dividend

France’s Nuclear-Energy Champion, EDF, Is In Turmoil

Nuclear Vision: New Eskom CEO Koko Puts Controversial Nuclear Power Plans Back On Table

NRC Approves Susquehanna Transfer From Talen To Riverstone

Investing: With Centrus Stock Soaring Is It Still Time To Buy?

Nuclear Reactor Vessel Placement At Vogtle Marks Last Milestone

Antitrust Lawsuit Spins New Possibilities For Utah, Depleted Uranium Disposal

Amec Foster Wheeler and Tecnatom Sign Nuclear Industry Collaboration Agreement

Pro-Nuclear Koko Named Acting CEO of South African Power Utility Eskom

Investing: Uranium As A Commodity

TVA’s Browns Ferry Fined $140,000 For Fire Safety Violation

Bechtel-Lead Team Hails Completion Of Chernobyl Containment Arch 

Velan Awarded Major Nuclear Valve Contracts In China Worth $36 Million

PG&E Paying $85M To Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Amec Foster Wheeler To Lead Study Into Dismantling Of ITER Fusion Machine


Roderick: Toshiba Aims To Nail Down Multiple AP1000 Orders In China, India

Exelon's Oyster Creek Nuclear Unit At 85% Power After Maintenance Outage

AREVA NP To Head Team In Palo Verde Feedwater Heater Contract

UK Regulators May Move GDA Target Date For AP1000

TVA CEO: Clean Power Plan Compliance, Natural Gas Part Of Future Strategy

Investing: Is Centrus Energy Corp’s Fuel Running Low? The Stock Reaches 52-Week High Today

EDF 'Made Offer to Invest in Bulgaria's Belene Plant'

NRC To Begin Review Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Monday

Waking The Giant: A Look At Cameco In Today's Uranium Market And Going Forward

Investing: Cameco — Don't Miss This Turnaround

Illinois Energy-Rate Restructuring Bill To Save Nuclear Plants Elicits Concerns From Both Sides

SNC-Lavalin Awarded CANDU Pre-Project Contract In Argentina

AREVA Hopes China's CNNC, Japan's MHI Will Agree To Buy Stakes Soon

Reports: Exelon Drops Coal Payments, Demand Charges In Illinois Nuclear Bill

Cameco: The Turnaround Has Arrived

Entergy To Refuel FitzPatrick, Says Shutdown Appears ‘Much Less Likely’

Chinese, Japanese, Kazakh Firms In Talks About AREVA Stake

Uranium Prices Continue Downward Creep As Buyers Await Bargains

Exelon Agrees To New Bill Provision To Keep Nuclear Plants Open

Nuclear Proponents Seeking New Deal With Two Utah Water Districts

Energoatom To Load Westinghouse Fuel In Zaporizhia Nuclear Units In 2017

Experts See Hike In Uranium Price As More Countries Build Nuclear Reactors

AREVA NP Signs Multimillion-dollar Contract to Provide Equipment at Palo Verde

Sign of Hope: Exelon Plans to Refuel FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

US Nuclear Corp To Build Air Monitors For KHNP

Video Marks Third Quarter Progress At Plant Vogtle

Oyster Creek Shuts Down Due To System Problem

Uranium: Underappreciated And Under Valued 

BWXT Reaches An Inflection Point; Buy to Hold

Ameren Breaks With Exelon On Illinois Nuclear/Clean Energy Package 

Inside Exelon's Last-Minute Push To Save Its Nukes And Remake The Illinois Power Sector

FirstEnergy Lobbies for Re-Regulation, Saying It Can't Compete In An Open Market

EnergySolutions and Valhi to Contest DOJ Effort to Block Waste Control Specialists Acquisition

Will Trump Bring A Surge In Uranium Pricing?

FitzPatrick Plant Sale To Exelon Clears First Major Hurdle

New York Poised To Approve Sale Of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Workers At Palo Verde Nuclear Station Finish Refueling In Record Time

Will Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Finally Deliver Jobs? 

Kansai Electric Unbowed On Nuclear Energy Despite Cost, Legal Risk

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Seeks Extra Time To Make Safety Upgrades

US Sues To Stop EnergySolutions From Buying Waste Control Specialists

Exelon, Antis Spar Over Proposal Saving 1500 Jobs At Nuclear Plants

Inspection Raises Questions At Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

EDF Agrees To Buy AREVA’s Nuclear Reactor Unit

EDF Strikes $2.7 Billion Nuclear Technology Acquisition From AREVA

Report: Exelon Illinois Nuclear Bill Could Subsidize Dynegy Coal Plants

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant In Michigan Back Online After Repairs

US Nuclear Corp. Reports Profitable Third Quarter Results

FirstEnergy Asks Pennsylvania For Help To Keep Coal And Nuclear Plants Going

Centrus Energy Corp: Will Shares Go Nuclear?

China Vice PM: China Looking To Take Part In AREVA Restructuring

NY Still Negotiating With Exelon As Deadline Looms For FitzPatrick Nuclear Sale

IAEA Considers Atmea 1 Design 'Seismically Robust'

RWE Profit Weighed In Part By Nuclear-Waste Fund

European Energy Supply Cuts May Send Fuel Bills Soaring

Cameco Corp: A Company Whose Fate is Intertwined with Asia's

South Africa's Eskom CEO Resigns Over Anti-Graft Watchdog Report

IAEA Notes Improved Operational Safety At EDF

Under Sale, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Could Be Decommissioned By 2030

UK And China Seek To Bury Power Plant Spat With Deeper Finance Ties

OPAL Reactor To Go Global On Isotope Production

Exelon: On Track To De-Risk Its Business Operations

CEO: FirstEnergy Will Exit Competitive Electricity Business

Investing: Is BWX Technologies Inc a Buy? The Stock Reaches 52-Week High Today

AREVA Receives Doel Units Instrumentation Contract

Eon Hit By €9 Billion Net Loss After Impairment Charge

Nuclear Waste To Remain At Old UK Plants Rather Than Moved Off-Site

Investing: Is it Time to Buy Cameco Corporation?

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning To Be Accelerated By Decades

EDF Sales Fall On Lower UK Power Prices

EDF To Take Part In Tender For South African Nuclear

Pilgrim Cooling System Deemed Inoperable Short-Term

FirstEnergy To Sell Or Close Power Plants If Ohio, Pennsylvania Do Not Return To Regulated Rates

Energoatom Expands Cooperation With CNNP, NASA and IDOM Nuclear Services

Entergy To Sell Shuttered Vermont Yankee To NorthStar

Japan Companies Face Obstacles To Consolidate Nuclear Business

Kansai Electric To Be The Costliest Power Utility In A Nuclear-Free Japan

Palo Verde-3 Nuclear Reactor Completes Outage, Sets New Station Record

NuScale Stays The Course On US SMR Market

EDF Postpones Restart Of Gravelines 5 And Paluel 2 Nuclear Reactors

Electricity Rates In Deregulated Markets Expect To Remain Low In 2017

Blue Sky Uranium Expands Exploration Program At Amarillo Grande Project

Rolls-Royce: SMR Plants Could Create 40,000 Jobs And Trigger Export Bonanza

How EDF’s Sinking Nuclear Output Sent Power Prices to Records

EDF Says Restart Of Cruas 3 Nuclear Reactor Under Way

Protracted Reactor Safety Outages To Cut EDF Profit By At Least One Billion Euros

Nuclear Plant Operators Find That Money Talks In Turbulent Times

WCS: Environmental Study Amid Application Process Makes Sense

Investing: Uranium Prices Weak, But Cameco’s Latest Results Show Buying Interest Improving

Low Electricity Prices Dim Power Plant Operator Profits

NuGen’s 3.8GW Nuclear Plant To Cost Less Than Hinkley

Japan's Beleaguered Utilities Seek Salvation In Trading

FirstEnergy Puts Beaver Valley Plant Up For Sale In Restructuring Move

Video Presents Third Quarter Progress At VC Summer

EDF Postpones Restart Of Five Reactors; Power Prices Surge

South Africa’s Eskom Confirmed As Nuclear Build Leaders

Fluor Third Quarter Results Down In After-Tax Charges

AREVA SA Shareholders Approve Plan for Partial Contribution of Assets To Fuel Cycle NewCo

Uranium Prices Hit A 12-Year Low

Lightbridge, AREVA Reach To JV on Metallic Fuel

Uranium Stockpiles Drain Energy From Market

Finding the Uranium to Feed a Nuclear Nation

NRC, Army Corps of Engineers Issue Final EIS For Proposed Turkey Point Reactors in Florida

TVA Cited For Violations At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

EDF To Restart Bugey 4 Nuclear Reactor On Nov. 30 As Scheduled

China Nuclear Energy Technology Enters Into S&P Agreement

NuScale Makes Progress Toward Preferred Site At Idaho Complex For First SMR Plant

EDF: Hinkley Point C Will Not Cost Taxpayers Extra

EDF Postpones Bugey 4 and Cruas 3 Nuclear Reactors Restart

BWX Posts 3Q Profit

Horizon Inks MOUs With UK's Imperial And Bangor Universities: BWR Hub

Hong Kong's CLP Bids for CGN's Stake In China Nuclear Firm

NRC Slates Corrective Action Plan For TVA Watts Bar

GE Hitachi Nuclear and Southern to Collaborate on Advanced Reactor Development

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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France May OK Restart of 10 Reactors 

Germany Invests About $650Mln in Ensuring Nuclear Safety in Russian Arctic

South Korea Installs Nuclear Research Reactor In Jordan

South Korea Opens Home-Grown Nuclear Reactor In Jordan

IEA Chief Economist: Climate Target 'Very Difficult' Without Nuclear 

Tests Confirm Germany's 'Star In A Jar' Nuclear Fusion Reactor Really Works

German Court Paves Way For Damages Claims In Nuclear Exit Row

Australia Lobbies Infrastructure Bank To Invest In Coal And Nuclear Energy

US Consulting With IAEA to Dilute, Remove 6 Metric Tons of Plutonium

Nuclear Reactors Pass French Safety Test

Tests Confirm That Germany's Massive Nuclear Fusion Machine Really Works

French Regulator May Allow Some EDF Reactors To Restart After Extra Tests

China's CNNC Interested In Bulgarian Nuclear Project

Nuclear Tech Seen As Latest China ‘Name Card’

How The US Is Sponsoring India’s Nuclear Energy Revolution

German Court To Rule On Nuclear Shutdown Compensation

Japan’s NRA Blasts Tokai Nuclear Facility Ahead Of Dismantling Plan

Fukushima Reactor Cooling Halted After Staff Error


The Ups And Downs Of Vietnam's Sudden Pause On Nuclear Energy

India, Russia To Sign Framework Agreement On Kudankulam Units 5,6 This Month

UK National Grid Faces Potential Dilemma Over Chinese Bidders

South African Nuclear Plan Still Uncertain

New Blow For Hinkley Point Contractor EDF After French Safety Checks

India-Japan Nuclear Deal: Coming Of Age For Nuclear In India?

UK Nuclear Industry Looks Back At 'Momentous' Year

Tokyo Seeks Cost Swap On Nuclear Compensation

France Plans More Nuclear Outages As Winter Sets In

UK Gov Runs SMR Tech Competition

Chashma 3, Pakistan’s Fourth Reactor, Is Connected to the Grid

Legal Or Not? German Utilities Await Landmark Nuclear Exit Ruling

China Mulls Nuclear Safety Law As Number Of Reactors Set To Rank 2nd In World

UK Government Plans To Boost Work In Nuclear Industry Welcomed By Sector

Tunnelling Begins For Finnish Nuclear Repository

Japan Planning Fast Reactor Post-Monju

Post-Brexit Business As Usual At Euro JET Centre


IAEA: Nuclear Energy Most Sustainable Energy Source

Kenya Plans First Nuclear Power Plant at $5 Billion Cost

Brexit Puts Europe’s Nuclear Fusion Future In Doubt

Sun Setting On Japan's Solar Energy Boom

Massive Containment Structure Is Placed Atop Chernobyl Reactor

UK Nuclear Fusion Lab Faces Uncertain Future

New Nuclear R&D Center Opened In East China

Former EDF Director: French Nuclear Energy In 'Worst Situation Ever' 

Grid Lobby: Europe Can Meet Winter Power Demand Despite French Nuclear Closures

Construction To Start On Finnish Nuclear Repository

Australian Outback Town Divided Over Nuclear Waste Storage Initiative

Japanese Nuclear Safety Regulators Undeterred By Quake: Approve License Renewal For Three Reactors

Japanese Governor Under Fire From Antis As Sendai Reactor Heads for Restart

Europe To Pay Companies To NOT Produce Power, Wants To Stop Green Energy Blackouts

France Turned To Fossil Fuels In October To Offset Nuclear Shortfall

Brexit’s Nuclear Fallout: 3,000 Cubic Metres Of Oxfordshire Waste

Third Stage Of Hualong-1 NPP Construction Starts In Chinese Fujian


Fukushima D&D Cost Estimates Upped To $177 Billion

India, Russia Chose Most Feasible Site For Building New Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Aftershock Renews Public Concern About Restarting Kansai’s Reactors

Chinese Nuclear Technology Goes Global, Safety Given Top Priority

Bid By Swiss Antis To Follow Germany In Closing Plants Defeated Decisively In National Referendum

Swiss Reject Plan To Speed Up Exit From Nuclear Energy

French Competition Authorities Search EDF Sites, Seize Documents

Iran Loses Nuclear Device, Sparks GCC Worry

EU Is Losing The Energy Battle With Russia

South African Energy Plan Puts Nuclear On Backburner

Ensuring A 'Soft Brexit' For The UK’s Nuclear Industry

Spanish Regulator Approves Post-Fukushima Measures

Looming Swiss Referendum On Early Nuclear Energy Exit 'Neck And Neck'

Starting In 2018, China Will Begin Turning Coal Plants Into Nuclear Reactors

China’s Abandoned Nuclear City

Empty Pockets Leave Indian Nuclear Plants Incomplete

UK Regulator's Chief Executive Reflects On Her First Year

Zuma’s Waning Power Exposed by Stalled South Africa Nuclear Plan

Hungary’s Paks II Project Clears Procurement Hurdle

Hungary’s Nuclear Deal Puts Vestager On Spot

Japan’s NRA: Weak Steel Components Not Used In Japan Nuclear Plants

Modi Scores Infrastructure Wins In Japan And The UK

New Quake Tests Resilience, and Faith, in Japan’s Nuclear Plants

Fukushima Earthquake Causes Brief TEPCO Disruption, Revives Memories Of 2011

South Africa Slows Nuclear Plans as Rating Assessments Loom

Vietnam Abandons Plan For First Nuclear Energy Plants

Switzerland Risks Power Independence as Nuclear Vote Looms

As Nuclear Energy Grows, Swiss Vote Whether To Cut Back

No Major Damage From Japan Quake

Japan Probes Nuclear Cooling System Shutdown After Earthquake

No Irregularities At Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant After Quake

Fukushima, Northeast Japan Dodge Bullet From M7.4 Quake

Why The Water Cooling System At Fukushima Nuclear Plant Stopped

Fukushima Nuclear Cooling System Back Online

Fukushima Reactor Cooling System Stops Following Quake & Tsunami

Tsunami Warning Issued After Quake Off Fukushima in Japan

Major Quake Hits Fukushima, Japan, Site of 2011 Tsunami and Meltdown

Women Make Up 20 Percent Of UAE’s Nuclear Workforce

Trump, Though Critical of Nuclear Deal, Could Offer Opportunities for Iran

Nobody Can Copy UAE Nuclear Plan

Rosatom Ready To Build Egypt’s First Nuclear Plant


Emirati Youngsters Dream About UAE Nuclear Industry

Iran Says It Will Ship Heavy Water Out Of Country 

More Women Needed In UAE’s Burgeoning Nuclear Industry

Rosatom Eyes 2019 For Belarusian New Build Launch

Prices Spike Higher as French Nuclear Crisis Deepens

France Announces Plan To Shut All Coal-Power Plants By 2023

Japan Nuclear Export Ambitions Dealt Blow With Apparent Vietnam Retreat 

Former Rosatom Chief Prepares to Deliver Putin’s Third Decade of Control

World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor ‘Safe Until 2030’

Bulgarian Ex-Energy Minister Charged Over Nuclear Project

EDF Talks on Building Indian Nuclear Plant May Take 3-4 Years

Electricity Minister: Egypt’s 1st Nuclear Reactor To Run 9 Years After Signing Contracts

Russian Plant Launches Processing Of Spent Nuclear Fuel From Submarines

Can Vietnam Do Without Nuclear Energy?

Japan Agrees Second Nuclear Reactor Life Extension Since Fukushima

South Australia Reaffirms Ban On Nuclear Energy 

French Regulator Raises Doubt On Reactor Restarts, EDF Sees No Change

Giant Radiation Shield Built To Cap Chernobyl's Damaged Nuclear Reactor 

India Has Different Nuclear Power Equation With Russia

Russia Prepares To Dismantle First Nuclear Icebreaker Ever

Russia's Atomtechenergo Gets License For Belarus Plant

China Cautiously Backs India-Japan Nuclear Deal

Termination Clause In Nuclear Deal With Japan Not Binding On India

Turkey Continues Studies For 3rd Nuclear Plant Construction

Disaster Preparedness Drill Held At Nuclear Plant In Japan’s Hokkaido

Japan’s Nuclear Industry Finds a Lifeline in India After Foundering Elsewhere

IAEA: UAE 'Strong' On Nuclear Security

Belarus, Turkey To Cooperate In Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy

Japan To Supply India With Nuclear Power Equipment, Technology

India, Japan Sign Landmark Nuclear Energy Deal After 6 Years Of Talks

French Nuclear Industry In ‘Total Crisis’ As 20 Reactors Shut Down

Opposition: Dream Of South Australian Nuclear Dump 'Is Now Dead'

Impending India-Japan Nuclear Deal - A Risky Business?

Radioactive Waste Could Be Left At UK Nuclear Sites To Save Money

In East Asia, Kazakhstan Pushes for Nuclear Nonproliferation

China, UK Step Up Nuclear Cooperation In ‘Golden Era’

Indian PM Heads To Japan To Seal Nuclear Deal Amid Uncertainty Over US Policy

Finland's TVO Says Gets Favorable Partial Award In Olkiluoto Arbitration

Iran Exceeds Nuclear Heavy Water Limit, Top Diplomat Says It Will Be Shipped Out


Vietnam Scraps $10 Billion Plan For Two Russian Reactors Citing Slowing Demand, Cost

Russia Loads REMIX Fuel Into MIR Research Reactor

Iran’s Salehi in Warsaw Seeking Nuclear Deals

China Scales Back Solar, Wind Ambitions as Renewables Cool

Ukrainian Government Approves The Production Of Nuclear Fuel

Japan Regulators Approve Genkai Units 3 And 4 For Restart

Japan Business Federation: Climate Change Promise Relies On Nuclear Restarts

India Sees Deepening Of Japan Nuclear Ties With Modi Visit

Russia and China Expand Nuclear Cooperation

France Could Face Winter Power Cuts, Hit By Nuclear Dependence

Russia, China Plan Documents to Build 2 New Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Reactors

Hopes For A Nuclear Renaissance In Southeast Asia Proven Overly Ambitious

France Doubles Its Experimental Capability In Nuclear Physics

Turkey Says Expects First Unit Of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Online By End-2023

French Regulator Targets Power Price Speculation With New ARENH Rules

Rosatom And China Agree On New Nuclear Energy Plants

UK Reaffirms Support To India's Bid For UNSC, NSG Membership

Ahead of Nuke Club NSG Meet, China Refuses To Budge On India

China Starts To Build Its First Floating Nuclear Reactor For Deployment Off Coast 

Japan, Kazakhstan Agree To Cooperate On Nuclear, Economic Issues

UK Launches Nuclear Innovation Program

Vietnam May Delay Construction Of Russian Nuclear Energy Project

CNNC: China Uranium Demand To Double By 2020 But Prices Seen Depressed

Vietnam Looks To Delay Japan-, Russia-Backed Nuclear Plants Amid Funds Crunch

NuGen: Government Could Part-Fund New UK Nuclear Plants

Japan, India To Ink Nuclear Co-Op Deal

South Korea Halts Hanul No.1 Nuclear Reactor For Maintenance


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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