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Summer Arctic Ice Cap Up 43 Percent

SRNS Completes Disposition Of Fuel From L Area

DOE Agrees To Pay $23.6M To Energy Northwest After Defaulting On Spent Fuel Pickup

Community Airs Concerns Over Decommissioning San Onofre 

Desperate To Sell More Power, U.S. Utilities Push the Electric Car

California Power Substation Attacked By Snipers Breached Again


Kentucky Gov. Supports Lifting State Ban On Nuclear Plants

White House Taps Arkansas Regulator Honorable For US FERC Seat

A New American Oil Bonanza

Industry Officials: Stop Worrying, And Love Nuclear

Want To Fight Climate Change? Build More Nuclear Energy.

IEA: Policy Uncertainty Threatens To Slow Renewable Energy Momentum


Rep. Wilson: MOX Is 63 Percent Complete


Nevada Lawmakers Allocate $1.4M For Next Phase In Yucca Mountain Fight

WIPP Operator Prepares Draft Plan For Reopening

A Solar Bird Death Story Ignites Controversy

U.S. Fracking Surge Picks Up Slack for Global Disruptions

New Petition Seeks Closure Of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Why This Solar Technology Is Already Dead

Michigan Congressman Targets Torpedoing Of Canadian Great Lakes Waste Storage

WIPP Workers Establish Access To North Experimental Area


Dems Use Gore To Fundraise On Climate

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty


Draft U.N. Report: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Growing, and Growing More Dangerous

Scientists Go Beyond Science to Explain Their Climate Terror

Feline News: WIPP & Kitty Litter Edition

GAO Finds No Fault With ‘Social Cost Of Carbon’

Boxer Hits NRC On Handling Of Seismic Review: Hearing Planned

DOE: Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Energy in U.S.


The Story Of Elon Musk And GM’s Race To Build The First Mass-Market Electric Car

California Shake Prompts Calls for Diablo Canyon Stand-Down

Nuclear Fusion Reactor At The Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Will Be Operational Again After $94M Upgrade

Britain’s Trident Nuclear Program At Stake In Scottish Independence Vote

Hundreds of Methane Plumes Erupting Along East Coast


Cause Of New Mexico’s WIPP Incident Remains A Mystery

Which Is More Scalable, Nuclear Energy Or Wind Energy?

Vote Here For A New Reactor In New Jersey

Los Alamos Worker Sentenced For Trying To Pass U.S. Nuclear Secrets To Venezuela


The Cost Of Renewable Energy: New Numbers, Same Conclusion

FERC Chairman: 'Major Investment Cycle' And Rapidly Changing U.S. Energy Markets Pose Fresh Challenges


Nuclear Cargo Vessel Atlantic Osprey Has Begins Its Final Voyage

Why The Laboratory May Never Find An Answer To Our Energy Crisis


Secretary Moniz Addresses Future Of Energy, Waste Disposal

Green Cash: Experts Doubt Environmentalists Can Make Climate Action A Top Issue

Energy-Rich U.S. States Saw Fastest Economic Growth in Late 2013

NRC Could Lift Moratorium On Nuclear Licenses Soon, Despite Protest

Cause Of Global Warming Hiatus Found Deep In The Atlantic Ocean

Magwood Rejects NEA Posting Conflict: Will Participate In Vote

White House Faces Democratic Senate Revolt Over Nuclear Security Cuts



Feds Order Reinstatement Of Nuclear Whistleblower

Antis Ramp-Up Campaign to TKO Magwood Vote On New Waste Confidence Rule

Testing The Shelf-Life Of Nuclear Reactors

Solar Energy's Myriad Problems

Moniz Pushes For Nuclear Energy


Navy Expels 34 Sailors in Nuclear Cheating Scandal

Industry Group Launches SMR Supply Chain Mapping Initiative

Energy Department Invests $67 Million to Advanced Nuclear Technology

Fracking Has Its Own Waste Storage Issues

WIPP Waste Handler Sues Operators For Negligence

Mississippi Commissioner to Obama: No Thanks to Being the Next Yucca – Asks For A Refund


US Sailors Prepare For Fresh Legal Challenge Over Fukushima Radiation

NRC Licensing Board Hears Testimony On SD Uranium Mine

Colorado GOP Rep: Energy Secretary Moniz Is ‘Out Of Touch’

USNIC EM Task Force: Funding for ‘WIPP Recovery’ Needed ‘Without Delay’

NRC Schedules Public Meeting to Discuss Certificate Termination for Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant


Wind Farms Continue to Slaughter Adorable Winged Creatures

NRC: 24 Licensing Actions ‘Affected’ By Waste Confidence Moratorium

Feinstein Calls for Greater Global Nuclear Materials Security Efforts

The Year in Heat: World on Track for Third-Hottest on Record


Snow Set To Blast As Forecasters Warn Of 'Coldest August Spell In A Century' 

Emerging Solar Plants Projected To Scorch Up To 28,000 Birds Annually

Documents Shed Light On 2012 Radioactivity Scare At Y-12

D-Day for Waste Confidence: NRC Commission Slates Affirmation Meeting

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviews Transatomic CEO Over America’s Nuclear Future


Report: NRC Hacked By Foreign Interests

Carlsbad Community Had Asked For WIPP Maintenance Funding Four Years Prior To Truck Fire


Energy Secretary Calls Industry Criticism of Natural Gas Export Overhaul 'B.S.'

Report Highlights Ongoing Concerns With Aging SRS Infrastructure

Texas Low-Level Waste Site Could Grow

Wind Farms Need 700 Times More Land To Produce — Same Energy As Fracking (And A Heck Of A Lot More Than Nuclear)


Video: WIPP Town Hall Meeting with DOE Sec Moniz

Traders Lured to Bet on Power Overloads Worth Billions

Portman To Seek Lifeline For American Centrifuge In Congressional Stopgap Funding Resolution 


The Need to Tread Cautiously on a US-Vietnam Nuclear Deal

Federal Appeals Court Upholds FERC Electric Grid Planning Rule

Bloomberg: Many Republicans Privately Support Action On Climate

Exelon, Politics And Illinois' Low-Carbon Future

Buyer Beware: Red Flags Raised Regarding Solar Rooftop Leasing Scam


VC Funding, Y Combinator Power Up Nuclear-Fusion Co. Helion Energy

Nuclear Reactors May Have Future In Washington State

FERC Chief Insists Agency Is 'On The Job' As EPA's Carbon Rule Takes Hold

Tensions Ice U.S.-Russia Nuclear Science Exchange


Wisconsin County Holds Emergency Meeting Over Loss of Kewaunee Plant Tax Base

China Reins In Its Ambitions for Shale Gas

There’s Still a Lot We Don’t Know About Fracking Chemicals

Tony the Tiger and the Keebler Elves Are Fighting Climate Change

WIPP and The Economics of Why Small Towns Want Nuclear Waste Repositories

DOE Plan Gives MOX Update, Outlines SRS Funding Woes


Georgia Dem Touts Nuclear Expansion In Campaign Ad

Poll: Voters Expect Grid Attack but Hope for Best

UK Wind Farms Paid Record Sum Not To Produce Electricity

Top 10: U.S. States with Installed Wind Capacity


Video: Westinghouse Animation Explains Passive Cooling in the AP1000 Reactor

MOX Project Aces NRC Safety Review


Energy Secretary Vows To Get WIPP Working

NRC Sets Hearing On Sequoyah Nuclear License Extension

The Last Time The U.S. Was This Cold Was Bill Clinton's First Year As President

DOE Chief Emphasizes WIPP’s ‘High Priority’


Rick Perry and Other Republicans Are Loving a DOE-backed Green Car Company

GAO Faults Cost Analyses For EPA Regulations

Obama Administration Says Climate Already Considered In Environmental Reviews

Study: Keystone Carbon Pollution More Than Figured


The Worst Place to Be When the Power Goes Out

Uranium Opponents Want Powertech To Release Geological Survey

Stacking Solar Cells To Lower Costs


Embattled WIPP Supporters Rally Around Moniz Visit

Ohio Officials Call DOE Disconnected Over Piketon Site Cleanup


California Public Utilities Commission Losing Luster, Clout

Florida Gov Attacked For Failing To Stop Duke's Nuclear Charges

U.N. Report Draft: Deep Emissions Cuts Needed By 2050 To Limit Warming


U.S. Utilities: EPA Rule Not Such A Boon For Nuclear After All

U.S., Iran Negotiators Resume Nuclear Talks

Deep Water Fracking Next Frontier for Offshore Drilling


A Texas County Sees Opportunity in Nuclear Waste

NRC’s Materials and Waste Management Programs Coming Back Under One Roof

FERC Commissioner John Norris Resigns


Moniz: Cost, Schedule, SMRs -- Key Issues For Nuclear Energy Future

Final NRC Rule to Replace Nuclear Waste Confidence Decision Is Coming Soon


Hackers Made Iran's Nuclear Computers Blast AC/DC


Pandora’s Promise Now Available In Full On YouTube

FERC's Norris To Leave Agency; Announcement Expected This Week

Study: Global Climate Deal Will Fail to Reach Warming Target

ANS, NEI Submit Comments On Proposed EPA Radiation Protection Regulations

Moniz To Stop At WIPP During New Mexico Swing Next Week


Video: SCE&G Highlights New VC Summer Construction During Second Quarter

Demand for Sand Takes Off Thanks to Fracking

NM Senators Hit Mining Agency On WIPP Oversight

WH: Climate Change Fuels Intense Fire Seasons

China To Ban Coal Use In Beijing By 2020

Reactor Fuel Behavior Better Understood With Los Alamos Phonon Insights


Elon Musk Says Robots Could Be More Dangerous Than Nukes

Mass. Group Pushing Nuclear Energy Ballot Question On Pilgrim Zone

What To Watch Over August Recess: NRC Nominees

Solar Vies For Nuclear Space In Space Program

Workers Brace For Life After Vermont Yankee


Questions Remain at SRS After Talk With DOE Secretary Moniz


U.S.-Russia Nuclear Deal Stalls as Tensions Over Ukraine Rise

California Stalls On San Onofre Nuclear Plant Review

Vermont Yankee Plant Looks To End Emergency Planning Role

NRC Receives High Marks for Small Business Contracting

Texas A&M Won't Lose License Over Unattended Nuclear Reactor

The State Of Global Nuclear Energy In Six Charts

NRC Responds To Myriad Questions From Indian Point Opponent


Shrimp Shells Useful For Uranium Extraction

White House Names New FERC Chief


California PUC Releases Report On Generator Failure At San Onofre Nuclear Plant

SC Court Wants Plan To Deal With Nuclear Landfill

Enthusiasm, Work Ethic Fuel Construction Of Nuclear Space Batteries

Seeing Cuomo’s Hand, Or Not, In A State Move On Indian Point

DOE Cybersecurity Is a Mess, According to Senate Panel


Video: Southern’s Tom Fanning Outlines Energy Sector Innovation Opportunities

Wind And Solar Power Are Even More Expensive Than Is Commonly Thought

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014

Shock Report: Global Nuclear Industry in 'Historic Decline' — ‘Dinosaurs in a Flower Garden'

Obama Curbs Nuclear Security Goals

Oak Ridge National Lab Cancels Class On How To Lose A Southern Accent

NRC: Texas A&M Nuclear Reactor Staffing Fixed

American Centrifuge Project Marked for $110 Million Under Senate Bill


Moniz: MOX Seeking Funding Streams, Hints At 'Cold Stand-By'

Group: No Fukushima radiation in Oregon

New IHS CERA Study Underscores Need to Preserve Existing Nuclear Energy Plants

Energy Regulators Say EPA's Climate Rule Poses Grid Challenges


Moniz Defends Possible German Nuclear Waste Imports

Officials: WIPP Had Been Cited For Workplace Violations

NRC Tabs New CFO Wylie

Governor, SC Congressmen Say SRS Has Money To Keep Up MOX Fuel Project

Not In My Backyard: US Sending Coal Abroad

The Rise Of Electric Cars In The US, In 6 Charts


Ohio County Worries Over American Centrifuge Future

Australian Carbon Tax Repeal Ripples

Report: No Health Impacts For USS Reagan Sailors From Fukushima Mission


Secretary Moniz To Tour MOX, Other Site Facilities

NRC: Long-Term Dry Cask Storage Of Spent Fuel Is Safe

New Lego-Like Nuclear Construction Experiences First-Of-A-Kind Challenges

U.S. Nuclear Material Vulnerable to Theft, Panel Fears

Study Casts Doubt On Rate Of Antarctic Sea Ice Growth



U.S. MOX Plant Back On Top As 'Preferred Solution'


Navy Leaders: DOE Budget Cuts Threaten Navy’s Nuclear Fleet

New Theory: WIPP Leak Linked To Glove In Waste Drum

State Department Names Acting Energy Envoy

The World's First Nuclear-Powered Cargo-Passenger Ship That Wasn’t Meant To Be


Smoldering Trash at Missouri Landfill Encroaching on Defense Waste Site

Panel Finds U.S. Needs to Prepare Nuclear Plants for Bigger Threats

Advancing Nuclear Skills Regionally Grants From DOE Help Schools Build Nuclear Programs

Senate Nuclear Waste Reform Bill Goes Into Cold Stand-By

Moniz To Visit New Mexico’s Troubled WIPP Facility


National Academy of Sciences: Nuclear Industry Should Plan For The Unexpected

The Biggest Winners of New EPA Rules? States That Oppose Them

Energy and Commerce Committee Seeks Update from NRC on Waste Confidence Rule

DOE Chief Moniz Defends Loans

OIG Report: Yucca Mountain Records Retention


Proposal To Shut Indian Point In Summer Sparks Protest

Senate Confirms NNSA Official

Moniz: Senate Confirmation Delays Leave Science Team Shorthanded

Nuclear Industry Questions Obama’s NRC Nominees

Obama Tabs Two For Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Obama NRC Nominees Heading for Trouble?

Hearings Held on Water Permits for Indian Point

Obama Announces Picks For NRC


U.S. Senate Panel Approves Vietnam Nuclear Pact

Reid Calls NRC’s Magdood ‘Disaster’ Amid Demand for Probe

Earth Just Experienced Hottest June Ever Recorded

NYT: Corralling Carbon Before It Belches From Stack

August 31: NRC Commissioner Magwood Announces Departure

Obama Names Picks for NRC: Baran and Stephen Tabbed

Report: Glare from Solar Power Plant Endangering Flights over California


Everest Cosmic Radiation Levels 'Significant'


MacFarlane: NRC Looking To Reposition Resources As U.S. Renaissance Cools

Green Groups Demand Obama Oust NRC’s Magwood

Closing Indian Point During Summer Would Be Disastrous, Says Business, Labor Leaders


Get Ready For The New England Power Shortage

NRC Delays Rule That Would Upgrade Security At Nuclear Facilities And While Nuclear Materials Are In Transit

Johnson Begins New Tenure At Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

The Coming Battle Over An ‘Unprecedented’ Indian Point Shutdown

Is EPA About To Relax Radiation Protections From Nuclear Energy?

Burglars Steal Meter Containing Radioactive Material


U.S. Energy Department Building Ranked Sixth Ugliest In Washington

Poll: Men and Women Think Differently About Energy

Murkowski Walks A Tightrope Between Energy Development And Environmental Concerns


State Proposes Indian Point Shutdown In Warm Months

NIC Industry Special Summit Convenes On Nuclear Energy Economics

Google Street View Cars Want to Scan Your City for Gas Leaks

Natural Gas: Local Leaks Impact Global Climate

Wind Turbine Fires 10 Times More Common than Previously Thought


The Sun Has Gone Quiet…Solar Cycle 24 Continues To Rank As One Of The Weakest Cycles More Than A Century

FERC to Require Utilities Draw Up Security Plans for Large Substations

Tom Steyer's Green Funding Fail

Obama Announces New Sanctions on Russia Hitting Energy Sectors

Mullen: Shale Oil Only Marginal Reprieve for Global Security

Congressional Members Attack DOE Uranium Transfers In Moniz Letter


Study: People Who Worry About Global Warming Use More Electricity

Plant Vogtle Turns 25

Senate Confirms Two Members, Including New Chair, To Electric Grid Regulator

EPA Reconsidering Radiation Rules for Nuclear Plants

How Far Can Crowd-funded Nuclear Fusion Go?

Ohio’s Two Senators Seek Answers About Future Of USEC Piketon Plant

Thanks To The Polar Vortex, US Electricity Prices Are Rising


Video: Time Lapse — Plant Vogtle 3 and 4 Construction 2009 - 2014

EPA's McCarthy Pushes States To Adopt Carbon-Cutting 'Investment Strategy'

Cyber Threats Put Energy Sector On Red Alert


How Nations Around The World Are Tackling Nuclear Waste Storage

IEA Chief: Natural Gas Boom Hasn't Made US Energy Secure

Flexibility and Its Implications Dominate NARUC Talk on EPA Carbon Plan

House Approves Bill With Money To Reopen WIPP

SRS Aiding Germany On Nuclear Waste Study

Indian-American Lawmaker For Dialogue With India On Nuclear Issues

University of Florida Nuclear Program Expands, Renovates Reactor

NRC Moving Forward With New Rules To Making Reactors More Quake Resistant


Video: Transferring and Storing Used Nuclear Fuel

Local Leaders Shared SRS Concerns With Energy Secretary

Obama Admits His Climate Plan Could Raise Electricity Prices


'Polar Vortex' in July: Record Cold Weather on the Way to U.S.


House Shellacks Nevada Bid to Strip Yucca Funding

White House Threatens To Veto Bill Over MOX Construction Funding


Royce: White House in 'Dramatic Retreat' from Security Norms in Nuclear Trade

Los Alamos To Get New Supercomputer To Manage Nuclear Stockpile

NRC Considers Amending Radioactive Release Regulations

Senate Vote Set on Obama FERC Nominees


Nevada Democrat Attempts to Block Yucca Funding with Energy And Water Spending Bill Amendment

Defense Safety Board Vice-chair tours WIPP

Hanford Workers Test Thousands Of Air Samples

Nebraska Court Date Pushes Final Keystone XL Decision Past The Midterms


Time Lapse Video of Filling the Reactor Vessel during Testing at Watts Bar 2

Natural Gas and Methane: Picking the Lesser of Two Climate Evils

Reid Moving to Gated Vegas Development with Armed Guard

Nevada Advances $1.4 Million to Battle Yucca

NRC Regulations Under Industry Scrutiny In Era Of Closing Nuclear Reactors


Obama Nominates National Security Official For #2 Energy Post

Fracking Fears Grow as Oklahoma Hit by More Earthquakes Than California

Talks Open to End Tariffs on Wind Turbines, Water Filters

German Nuclear Fuel To USA?

EPA: Green Group Didn't Write Climate Plan

Outside Groups Spent Lavishly On Top DOE Officials' Global Travel


Wisconsin Reactor’s Demise Shows Nuclear Towns’ Plight


Floating Nuclear Plants: Is The Future Of Nuclear Offshore?

DOE: It'll Cost $12 Billion To Complete Oak Ridge Cleanup

Can This Water Sucking 2,250-Foot Wind Turbine Tower Produce Enough Energy To Replace Baseload Power Plants?

Harry Reid’s Land Sale To Gold Mine Is Boon For Him And Opportunity For Searchlight


Aims of Dem Mega-Donor Shadowed by Past in Coal

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

Do you think the U.S. Nuclear Renaissance is:

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Time Lapse: Watch A TVA Nuclear Reactor Unit Get Assembled

6 Things To Know About TVA And Nuclear Energy


TVA Makes $4.5 Billion Bet On Nuclear Resurgence

Vogtle Contractor Incentives Power On-Schedule Performance Pressure

MOX Central

Shaw AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

NRC Continued Storage Action Lifts Calvert Cliffs Application Suspensions

Hitachi Collaborates On TRU-Consuming Reactor Development

Solar Makers Set for Record 2014 Sales on Strong Demand

Plant Vogtle Still On Time, Within Budget

Analysis Shows Favorable Economic Case For Finishing Vogtle Over Gas-Fired Option

Florida's Blistering Summer Challenges Cooling Canals At Turkey Point

Cameco's Strike-Challenged McArthur River Shutdown Spurs Rise In Uranium Price

Westinghouse Challenges South Africa Nuclear Contract Awarded To Areva

NRC Issues Final Safety Evaluation Report for Callaway Nuclear Plant License Renewal

Suddenly, Nuclear Fusion Is An Attractive Investment

Strike Notice Prompts Shutdown of Cameco’s McArthur River and Key Lake Operations

Westinghouse Targets ‘Shovels In Ground’ For UK New Build

Westinghouse to Fuel Oskarshamn Nuclear Reactors in Sweden

NRC Lifts Probation for Georgia’s Agreement State Regulatory Program; Heightened Oversight to Continue

Cameco Issues Lockout Notice At 2 Uranium Facilities

Rosatom: Talks Continue With Ukraine on Nuclear Construction

MOU Promotes Stronger Ties Among Canadian And Korean Nuclear Suppliers

Winter Blackouts Could Hit Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Regional Grid Operator Warns

Direct Air Capture Makes Pollution a Cash Cow

Entergy Bet On Nuclear Acquisitions Proves To Be More Of A Gamble Than Anticipated

Xcel Defends Handling Of Monticello Nuclear Plant Upgrade

AREVA Signs $100M Deal With US Utility

A Future Powered by Fusion Draws a Little Closer

Southern Co. Nuclear Workers, IBEW Work Out Labor Deal

CNNC, China Three Gorges To Partner In Nuclear

From Batteries To Nuclear Energy And 3D Printing, Here’s Who To Keep An Eye On

Construction Delay Could Mean SCE&G Rate Increase

Honeywell Lockout Of Union At Conversion Plant Nearing One Month

Officials: No Oil Leak At Cook Nuclear Plant

TVA Installs Reactor Vessel At Watts Bar (With Video)

NRC Approves Power Uprate For Peach Bottom Nuclear Station

West Texas Energy Bills Show Boom’s Unexpected Costs

Utah's Cross Marines Being Considered To Stop Water Leaks At Fukushima

Sustainable Jobs Surge Fades As Wind Farms Face Axe

Sorry, Solar and Wind, but Natural Gas Wins

Concerns About Palisades Nuclear Plant Offset By Money, Talent It Pumps Into Southwest Michigan Economy

Palisades Nuclear Plant History: The Problems Started Early

GE-Hitachi's ESBWR: Ready for Primetime

NRC: New PSEG NJ Reactor Would Have Small Impact On Environment, Boost Economy

Motley: Three Reasons To Avoid Cameco Stock

D.C. Cook Plant Retracts Oil Leak Notification To NRC, State DEQ

Investing: Cameco Lowered to “Market Perform” at Cowen and Company

Germany Clears $6.9 Billion RWE Unit Sale To Russian Investor

12 Things Utilities Need To Know About One Of The Year’s Biggest Energy Polls

TVA Plans Record Capital Spending But Small Modular Reactors Still Wait

Westinghouse Asks EU to Tackle Russian Monopoly on Nuclear Fuel

Silicon Valley Goes Long on Nuclear Fusion

NRC: Uranium Mining Company Must Release Survey Data

NRG: Solar Power Poses Lower Risk to Birds Than Cats or Cars

Texas Regulators OK tripling plus of Waste Control Capacity

TVA’s New Watts Bar Unit Vectors To 2015 Debut

India Court Orders Uranium Corp. to Probe Deformities Near Mines

Westinghouse, Blue Castle Target Twin AP1000 Deployment In Utah

USEC Will Become Centrus Energy Corp

Westinghouse Urges EU To Break Dependency On Russian Nuclear Fuel

Westinghouse Inks Agreement For Two Potential Western U.S. Plants

Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006 

Oklahoma Wind Power Companies Run Into Headwinds

Biotech, Nuclear Energy Startups Crash Y Combinator Demo Day

Texas-Based Waste Control Specialists Pursues Expansion Of Capacity, Broader Waste Portfolio

Georgia Energy Regulators OK With Added Costs At Plant Vogtle Project

Finland Regulator: ‘No Impediment’ To Olkiluoto-4 Application Period Extension

YC-Backed UPower Pursues Plug And Play 2MW Nuclear Batteries

Ameren Plans Massive Investment In Natural Gas Power

USEC Receives Conv. Note Holder Approval of Reorganization

Diesel Generator Issue Compels Shutdown of Diablo Canyon Reactor

SRS Completes Vacuuming Of ‘Cobwebs’

Areva To Refit South African Nuclear Plant

Delays at South Carolina Nuclear Plant Pressure Industry

Nuclear Funds Power Ontario Power Profit Increase

Germany's RWE Warns Of Supply Risks As Power Crisis Bites

Fitch Revises SCANA Rating Outlook to Negative

Will 15% Of Uranium Supply Be Lost On August 28th?

From TVA’s Underground Nerve Center Operators Keep Electricty Flowing Across Midsouth

Westinghouse Wins Contract For Olkiluoto Reactor Pumps

Lloyd’s Register Energy Wins Two Major Nuclear Contracts

Moody’s: S.C. Nuclear Project Delay Credit Negative

Investing: Is Southern Co. Stock Headed Southbound?

Germany's RWE Warns Of Supply Risks As Power Crisis Bites

USEC Stock Up 40% After 2Q Loss Results

NY Stock Exchange Queries USEC on 'Unusual' Stock Trading Activity

End Zone In Sight For TVA For Long Running Watts Bar II Saga

Automatic trip triggered at Indian Point Reactor

Lightbridge Dips Toe In Vietnam Nuclear Energy Waters

Wave and Tidal Power Costing More Than Forecast

Finland’s TVO: Rethink Could Kill Olkiluoto 4 Nuclear Project

System Tests Under Way At Watts Bar 2

NRC increases Oversight At Oconee Nuclear Plant After Crack, Leak

USEC Reports $28M 2Q Loss: Oak Ridge Extends American Centrifuge Agreement

Losing Alstom to GE Doesn’t Curb Mitsubishi Heavy Takeover Plan

Bidding For San Onofre Surplus Inventory Auction Has Begun

New England Power Falls Amid High Regional Nuclear Output

Czech CEZ Power Group Sees H1 Profit Down, Blames Market

Nuclear Update: US Output Dips To 97.5% After Fla. Reactor Trips

URS Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results; Net Income $88 Million

Consulting Firm: US Utilities Eye Generation-Replacement Scenarios

Fuel Reliability: How It Affects The Industry, And One Fuel Vendor's Journey To Flawless Fuel Performance

Any VC Summer Schedule Delay Will Require State PSC Approval

TVA: Watts Bar Unit 2 More Than 90 Percent Complete, Key Milestones Ahead

Green Groups: More Input Needed On Proposed PSEG Nuclear/Army Corps Land Swap

CEZ Predicts Further Drop in Power Prices as Profit Declines

Lloyd's Register, Lightbridge To Support UAE Nuclear Regulator

SCANA Slides New VC Summer Start-up Schedule One Year to Late 2018/Early 2019

CEZ Seeks Alternatives To Russian Fuel

Higher Uranium Prices 'Almost Inevitable'

Duke Not Interested In Florida Merchant Plant Additions Given Flat Demand

Ameren Still Interested In Nuclear, Despite Natural Gas's Ascendance

Cooling Towers for Diablo Canyon Studied

SRR Begins Project To Improve Salt Disposition Of Nuclear Waste

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Cited For Safety Issue

Investing: Exelon Has The Power To Excel

Even As It Cuts Coal, TVA Sees Difficult Road To Meet Clean Power Plan Rule

PSEG Plans Site For New Reactor

Toshiba Awards DSIC Contract For Fukushima Cleanup 

Uranium Resources Reports Lower Cash Burn Rate in 2Q Financial Results

Exelon Presses Petition To Keep Ginna Plant Open

Global Nuclear Energy And Equipment Market To Grow To $67 Billion By 2019

Duke Energy To Sell Tools, Equipment From Retired Crystal River At Public Auction

Shakeout May Be Ahead for LNG Plants

Report: Areva's Investment Grade Credit Rating 'Under Threat' Following Sales Report

Big Batteries Are Starting to Boost the Electric Grid

TVA Eliminates 2,000 Jobs As Part Of $500 Million Cost-Cutting Campaign

Feds OK Hotter Water To Operate Turkey Point Nuclear Reactors

7 Charts Explain Changing U.S. Power Sector Emissions

Next Bulgarian Government To Decide On Westinghouse Deal

Founders Fund To Provide Seed Development For Transatomic’s Bench-Top Testing And Design

Billionaire Investor Thiel Sinks $2 Million In Transatomic's Gen IV Start-Up

Land Swap Could Make Room for New Salem Reactor

Huntington Ingalls awarded $50 Million Contract For USS George Washington Nuclear Defueling

54 Million Consumer Refund Sought For Duke's Canceled Levy Nuclear Plant

Tesla Chief Predicts Price Parity With Gasoline-Powered Cars Within 10 Years

TVA Reports Higher Net Income Through Third Quarter 2014

Areva Losses Belie Order Book

Nebraska Nuclear Plant Deals With Another False Alarm

Utility CEOs' Views Toward EPA Carbon Rule Fall Along Familiar Fault Lines

AREVA To Construct New Waste Disposal Facility at INL

New Well at Callaway Nuclear Plant Reveals Tritium, Cobalt-60

Plan To Dismantle San Onofre Comes With $4.4 Billion Price Tag

FPL Asks For OK To Charge Customers For Nuclear Costs

Floating Nuclear Energy Plants Might Be the Future of Energy

Duke Makes Case For Lesser Oconee Penalty

Duke: Oconee Didn't Do Everything To Prevent Nuclear Leak

GDF Suez Warns 2014 Profit to Be in Lower Forecast Range

Tesla Chief Predicts Price Parity With Gasoline-Powered Cars Within 10 Years

TVA SMR Application Stalls

US Nuclear Industry Spends Billions On Post-Fukushima Upgrades

Areva Stock Plunges On Nuclear Sales Warning, Solar Exit

GLE Slows Down, But Continues Discussions With DOE Over Paducah

Westinghouse Completes Shareholder Agreement for New Bulgarian Plant

Exelon Revenue Falls Amid Lower Energy Prices

Borrowing Costs Up As Spending For Duke Energy Nuclear Plant Reaches $403.4M

Cameco Stocks Lower Despite Higher Q2 Earnings

Exelon To Seek Fleet-Wide Compensation From Illinois

Big Changes At Top Of Duke Energy’s Leadership Team

Westinghouse, Bulgaria to Sign Final Deal on Unit 7 Next Year

Cameco Reports Strong Second Quarter Financial Results

EDF Boosted By Higher Nuclear Output

Japan’s Hokkaido Electric Applies For Electricity Markup

Extended Repair Shutdown At Salem Unit 2 Cuts PSEG Earnings

New York Power Falls as Use Drops Amid Nuclear Reactor Restart

Ur-Energy Says Shirley Basin Has Potential To Be Next Wyoming Production Center

Judge: Piketon Plant Can Continue Selling Uranium For Now

Vermont Yankee’s Last Day Reported As Dec. 29

Average Price of Electricity Climbs to All-Time Record

Kurion Sends Mobile Water Treatment System to Fukushima

Mississippi Might Have Built Nuclear Plant With Proven Technology

U.S. Electricity Sales Anemic for Seventh Year in a Row

Entergy Profit Rises — Benefits From Stronger Nuclear Sales Volume, Higher Prices

Anatomy Of A Deal: How Exelon Won A Bidding War For PEPCO

Exelon Buys 21 Megawatts of Fuel Cells From Bloom Energy

Westinghouse ‘Close’ On $20 Billion China Deal

Westinghouse Argues To Keep Export Import Bank As Tool

Investing: The Most Important Metric In The Uranium Industry Right Now

Duke To Purchase NCEMPA Nuclear Assets

Xcel CEO: Nuclear Energy Essential To Any Carbon Reduction Strides

Enel’s Slovak Nuclear Project Faces More Delay, Higher Costs

Oregon Governor Hails Potential Of Nuclear Energy In Visit To NuScale

Record Year For Only Nuclear Plant In Northwest

Power Prices Drops Along U.S. East Coast on Lower Demand

Solar Industry Is Rebalanced by U.S. Pressure on China

SMRs May Power Your Future Facebook Page

Hitachi CEO Eyes Deeper Ties, Merger Talks With Mitsubishi

Candu Inks Teaming Deal With China Inc For Romanian Reactors

TVA To Assemble Watts Bar 2 Nuclear Reactor This Week

SNC-Lavalin, China Sign Agreements For Candu Nuclear Reactor Technology

Property Tax Agreement Reached for Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant

EDF Energy Concludes Negotiations With Unions On Hinkley Point

Southern Hopes To Build More U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Paladin Settles $190M Uranium Mine Deal With CNNC

Turkey Point May Be In Hot Water Over Its Cooling System

Southern's Fanning: Nuclear Must Be The 'Dominant' Solution For US Electricity

Rolls-Royce Probing Cause Of Power Cut At Nuclear Site In Derby

Investing: 3 Reasons to Be Bullish on Uranium

GM Scraps Euro Chevy Volt


GE Slows Pace Of Laser Enrichment Development

CEO Tom Fanning: Southern Hoping To Announce New Nuclear Plant This Year

DOE Awards Fluor $420M Contract for Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Decommission and Decontamination

Entergy: Forced Outages At Indian Point A 'Terrible Idea'

Alstom Bets On Sales Growth In Rail After GE Deal In Power


Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Builds Tornado-Proof Storage for FLEX Safety Equipment

Giant Concrete Pour Planned For MSU Nuclear Science Research Facility

In 'Fukushima Building,' TVA Tests A New Age Of Nuclear Construction

Utilities Get More Time To Gauge Nuclear Flood Risks

Barrier Between Fire And Nuclear Waste At West Lake Landfill Is Delayed

Analysts: Despite Distributed Generation's Buzz, Grid Power 'Here To Stay’

New York Environment Regulators Seek Summer Shutdown At Indian Point

Lockheed Goes Global To Build Its Nuclear Business

New Technology To Make Nuclear Waste Clean-Up Cheaper

EDF Cuts Power Prices for French Industry’s Biggest Users

High Costs Keep Renewable Energy At Bay In West Virginia

GE Hitachi and Iberdrola Sign MoU On Nuclear Project

High Water Temps Threaten Shutdown at Florida's Turkey Point

Alstom Plays Down Added Layer Of Complexity In Deal With GE

Investing: Why Exelon and FirstEnergy Are Sliding

WIPP Contractor Received $1.9M Bonus After Fire

Regulators To Look At Oconee Nuclear Station Weld Crack

Community Members Urged By RGA To Push For Kewaunee Sale

Ginna Fights to Avoid Being Next Nuclear Plant Shuttered

Japanese Nuclear Restart Sparking Uranium Sector Rebound

NRC: Undetected Crack, Leak At Oconee Nuclear Plant Caused Shutdown

700 Fluor-B&W Portsmouth Jobs At Risk At Former Gaseous Diffusion Site

NextEra Proposes All-Stock Acquisition Of Energy Future Holdings

Revival Seen In Uranium Sector

Cameco: Australia Regulator to Rule on Uranium Mine Within Weeks

Duke Energy Joins Advisory Board For New Areva Nuclear Fuel Assembly

Restarting Kewaunee Nuclear Plant No Quick Task

RGA Labs Still Intent on Buying Kewaunee, Despite Lack of Interest from Dominion

Analyst: Post-Fukushima Uranium Recovery Slower Than Anticipated

Columbia Nuclear Plant Shut Down After Leak

CB&I Goes Nuclear In China, Middle East

Chicago’s RGA Labs Shows Interest In Kewaunee Nuclear Plant

Uranium Seen Rebounding as Japan Readies Nuclear Restarts

Japan Nuclear Safety Report Seen Having ‘Marginal’ Impact on LNG

Cameco: Australia Regulator to Rule on Uranium Mine Within Weeks

Holtec’s NJ Factory Could Hire May Hire 3,000 Workers

Small Changes Make A Big Difference In Palo Verde Nuclear Station’s Productivity

NRC Approves Higher Water Temperatures For 2nd Millstone Unit

Corporate America Steadily Steering Climate Solutions Despite Congressional Stalemate

SDG&E becomes 1st Utility In Nation To Get FAA Approval For Drone Testing

Holtec To Build Factory Near Philadelphia; Announces Restart Ukraine Spent Fuel Repository

Holtec's Camden Project Spurs Another In Paulsboro

After 'Trying Time' With Discovery Of Broken Bolts, Salem 2 Nuclear Returns To Service

Rosatom, Brazilian Camargo Correa Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Deal

AMEC Wins Polish New-Build Support Contract

Westinghouse Eyes Prospects For West Coast Nuclear Energy

Engineering Company Aecom To Buy URS For $4 Billion

Bankrupt Energy Future Holdings’ Value Surges

Investing: Green Shoots in the Uranium Market?

Plant Vogtle Expansion Workforce Continues To Grow

Ginna Owner Exelon Seeks Deal To Keep Nuclear Plant Open

Nebraska’s Cooper Nuclear Plant Celebrates 40th Year

Charleston Competing With New Jersey For 395-Job Nuclear Reactor Plant

Enel Seeks To Raise $6 Billion In Power Asset Sale

Japan's Tepco Prepares for Storm Heading North to Fukushima Nuclear Plant

N.J. Awards Third-Largest Subsidy to Reactor-Maker Holtec

Westinghouse Installs First Successful Spent-Fuel Monitoring System Post-Fukushima

Holtec Aspires To Help Lead A Nuclear Revival

Small, Distributed Generation Could Change TVA's Power Pricing Model

NJ Approves $260M In Tax Breaks For Holtec Camden Factory

EDF Energy Publishes AGR Graphite Loss Levels

Toshiba Sees Record Profit Despite Nuclear Challenges

Investing: Massive Gains Coming In Uranium Stocks

Gas, Power Industries Getting Better Acquainted In Wake Of Polar Vortex

Holtec A Tech Firm With Ambitions To Grow

CEZ: No New Tenders Prepared For Temelin Nuclear Reactors

Xcel Management Blamed For Cost Overruns At Monticello Nuclear Plant

Pinon Ridge Mill In Energy Fuels Uranium Asset Sale


Westinghouse Goes To Bat For Embattled U.S. Export-Import Bank

Virginia Regulatory Staff: Dominion Should Compare Financial Risks Of Gas-Fired, Nuclear Plants

India’s Nuclear Power Corporation, Areva To Soon Resume Talks On Jaitapur Project

EDF In Line For £800m UK Baseload Power Windfall

CEZ Must Decide on Nuclear Future in Spring

Banks Attracted To New Offer By Nuclear Industry

Court Approves USEC Disclosure Statement

USEC Cleared to Poll Creditors on Chapter 11 Reorganization

JEA Signs 20-Year Contract With Georgia Nuclear Plant

Kewaunee Spent Fuel To Be In Dry Storage By 2016

Bankruptcy Judge To Allow Creditor Vote On Ceding Control To USEC Note Holders 

USEC Stock Tanks Again

Exelon Exec Bill Von Hoene On Nuclear: ‘We Do Not Intend To Close Plants’

Resident Outcry Prompts Expedited Plan To Move Fuel At Kewaunee Nuclear Plant

Toshiba, Ibiden Unveils New Manufacturing Technology For Nuclear Plants

Energy Fuels Enters Agreement to Sell Non-Core Uranium Assets

PG&E Takes Steps Against Transmission Terrorists

Uranium Enrichment – What’s Happening Today?

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Greenpeace: Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Vulnerable To Kiev’s Artillery Strikes

Taiwan Warns Of Electricity Rationing As People Debate Nuclear Energy

China's National Carbon Market To Start In 2016

Indian PM Modi's Japan Visit May Not Seal Civil Nuclear Deal 

UK Firm Signed Up To Help UAE Nuclear Projects

Demystifying Fears Of Nuclear Energy Generation In Ghana


Crane Drops Debris Into Fuel Pool At Fukushima Daiichi Plant

First Indigenous RPV Lifted Into Place At China’s Sanmen-2

Profit Of China Nuclear Equipment Manufacturers Slides On Weak Demand

Pravda Claim: Russia Inc Has edge In Developing Waste Removal Technology for Fukushima


EU Council Adopts Revised Nuclear Safety Directive

Hitachi-GE ABWR Completes Initial Stage Of UK Design Assessment

RT: OSCE Shares Moscow's Concerns Over Ukraine’s Nuclear Deal With US

Foundation In Place For French Iter Tokamak

More Than 55 Per Cent Of Abu Dhabi’s Unit 1 Nuclear Plant Complete

Iran Altering Reactor in Bid for Nuclear Deal

India's Modi Eyes Breakthrough Nuclear Pact On Japan Trip


UK Nuclear Regulator To Decide On Wylfa 1 Life Extension Next Month

Ukrainian Used Fuel Repository Begins Construction

Germany's Expensive Gamble on Renewable Energy

Belgium Nuclear Outage Spikes Spot Power Prices


Japanese Public Seen as Biggest Obstacle to Nuclear Restart

Japan: 40% Of Firms Back Restarting Sendai Reactors In Kyushu

Former PM Kan Seeks Full Disclosure Of Testimony On Fukushima

German Government Criticized For Energy Transition

In A First, Japanese Court Rules That Nuclear Plant Operator Is Liable For Suicide

Effectiveness of Fukushima Ice Wall Unclear to Experts


Radwaste In South Korea: How Much Is There?

Poles Support Nuclear Energy Program

RWE Files Suit Against Germany Over Biblis Reactor Closure


Israeli Drone Brought Down Over Iranian Nuclear Site

South Korea's Nuclear Operator Halts Reactor Due To Heavy Rain

Major Budget Cut Planned For Japan’s Radiation Forecasting Tool For Nuclear Accidents

Romanian State Moves Forward With The Project To Build Units 3 And 4 Of The Cernavoda Nuclear Plant


China Inc. Zones In On UK's Bradwell Station For New Reactor


Vietnam, Japan Boost Strategic Partnership

Bolivia Looks Toward Developing Nuclear Energy

Former Japanese PM Naoto Kan Urges Australia To Wean World Off Uranium

Report: Iran Opens Uranium-Conversation Plant, Part Of Interim Nuclear Deal With World Powers


Belgium’s Nuclear Circus Spreads Panic (Sort of)


Ukraine Crisis Puts Finnish-Russian Nuclear Project At Risk

Japan To Mull Price-Support System For Nuclear Energy Generation

China Adds Most in new Nuclear Commitments For Year With 3.2GW

U.S. Lawmaker Calls For Revision Of South Korea Nuclear Pact

Nuclear Shutdowns Leave Belgium Looking for Power


Poland Proposes Low-Carbon Energy Shift From Coal To Nuclear, Renewables

China Making Moves To Overtake Global Nuclear Energy Market

China’s Fuqing-1 Connected To The Grid

Japan May Guarantee Price For Nuclear Fleet To Boost Re-Start

IAEA: Iran Moving To Meet Terms Of Extended Nuclear Deal

India Building First Home-Made Nuclear Submarine

Aussie PM Moves To Kill Renewable Energy Target


Russia’s Rosatom Confirms $100 Million Nuclear Fuel Supply To Ukraine In July 2014

India’s Nuclear Team To Visit US To Explore Funding Options For Projects

Reactor Internals Installed At China’s Sanmen AP1000

GDF Suez Shares Sag After Report Belgian Reactors May Be Closed Permanently

China General Nuclear Plans Acid Plant at Namibian Uranium Mine

Russia & China Launch Era Of Floating Nuclear Energy Plants

TEPCO Fails To Create Ice Wall To Stem Radioactive Water Flow

Japan Resumes Rice Exports From Fukushima


Tokyo Weighs Written Guarantee of Nuclear-Plant Safety

Vice: Japan’s Radioactive Man

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Requests Action By Licensees With Tailings Facilities

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Is The Australian Environment's Worst Nightmare

Australia Strikes Deal To Send Uranium To India

Scientists Say Clear Plan Needed for Fukushima Decontamination

IAEA: Jordan Has Made ‘Notable Progress’ With Nuclear Infrastructure

Last Of Concrete Foundation For Chernobyl Cover Poured

Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Plant Equipment Ready For Delivery From Russia


South Korea Running Out Of Space For Nuclear Waste

Report: Australia, India To Sign Civil Nuclear Agreement Next Month

Russia Plans First Nuclear Reactor Delivery to Belarus in 2015

O&M Costs Loom for Europe's Aging Nuclear Fleet

IAEA Director General Comments on Visit to Iran

Russia to Provide IAEA Inspectors Full Access to Nuclear Facilities in Crimea

US Hails Energy Ties With Africa But Faces Tough Competition

Moscow, Astana Drafting Joint Project to Build Kazakhstan’s First Nuclear Plant


Canada, Kazakhstan Start Nuclear Cooperation

Fukushima Lingers As Japan’s Nuclear Restart Stalls


Jordan, Russia To Ink Deal For Nuclear Reactor Studies In September

South Korea Proposes East Asian Nuclear Security Body

Additional Measures Put In Place For Fukushima Water Management

Crunch time for the EU as Nuclear Plants Age

India and Russia Signal Increase In Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Belgian Doel 4 Nuclear Reactor Closed Till Year-End

Awash in Coal, U.S. Imports Even More


Japan’s Hokuriku Electric Seeks Shika Reactor Restart

Sweden Considers Building Nuclear Reactor For Research

China Nuclear Energy Association: Approval For Two New Units At Hongyanhe Imminent

TEPCO: 90% Of Spent Fuel Assemblies Removed From Fukushima Unit 4

Poor Installation, Grid Constraints And Defective Panels Plague China's Solar Program


UK Regulator Backs EDF Energy On Reactor Checks

Why Has This Philippines Nuclear Plant Been Dormant For 30 Years?

Last Of Japan’s Nuclear Plant Operators Applies For Safety Checks

Japan's Tepco May Hive Off Hydro, Renewable Energy Operations

Belgian Nuclear Output Halved After Oil Leak At Reactor

Rosatom to Complete Kazakhstan Reactor by 2016

U.S. Could Be The Big Winner Of Mexico's Energy Reforms

'Not Possible' To Know When One-Quarter Of UK Fleet Will Return To Operations

Ahead of PM’s Visit, India Pushes Japan For Nuclear Deal


Saudi Arabia, China Sign Nuclear And Renewable Energy Agreement

IAEA: International Status and Prospects for Nuclear Power 2014

Centrica Warns Earnings To Be Hit By Extended Nuclear Outage

Four EDF UK Reactors Sidelined By Boiler Spine Concern

Hinkley Point C Innovation Centre Construction Work To Begin

India, Australia To Expedite Talks On Civil Nuclear Deal

Fukushima Offered ¥301 Billion To Store Debris

Fukushima Offered ¥301 Billion To Store Debris

Second Part Of Chernobyl Arch Lifted


Russia's Rosatom Says Has Enough Uranium for a Century


China General Nuclear Power Corp To Submit IPO This Month

Russia May Be Losing Influence Over European Energy Markets

Russia to Fund Component of Armenia’s New Nuclear Plant

Australia PM Abbott: Nuclear In Future Energy Mix


Rosatom Claims Invitation From China For Two New Units

How Ontario Won the War on Coal: Nuclear

Russian Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker with Two Reactors in the Works

‘Jobs And Opportunities’ As Queensland Australia Prepares To Restart Uranium Mining


Japan In Pursuit Of Uranium And Regional Influence Sets Eyes On Uzbekistan

India’s Thorium-Based Kalapakkam Nuclear Plant to be Commissioned Next Year

Tepco Shares Lessons From Fukushima Accident Sequence

Energiewende: Dirtiest Fuel Threatens 700-Year-Old Villages in Europe

TEPCO: Nearly All Nuclear Fuel Melted At Fukushima No. 3 Reactor


Fukushima Ice Wall Unaffected By Trench Water Freezing Problems

Report: North Korea Scales Up Yongbyon Nuclear Site’s Activities

U.S. Suspected Israeli Involvement in 1960s Missing Uranium

Moscow, Astana Drafting Joint Project to Build Kazakhstan’s First Nuclear Plant


Reports: Decommissioning Of Fukishima Reactors More Challenging Than Previously Thought

Belgium Seeks To Extend Nuclear Energy

China's Sanmen 2 Prepares For Installation After Reactor Vessel Delivery 

Japan's Nuclear Restart May Be Delayed Until 2015

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Falls on Reported Delay in Restarts

Belarus – A Nuclear Newcomer

Uranium Trading Jumps On Concern Over Impact of Sanctions on Russia


Russian Sanctions Seen Delaying Loan to Nuclear Fuel Exporter

Japan Bets On 'Clean Coal' To Revive Fukushima

German Grid Instability Has Industry Scrambling for Solutions


Japan’s Kyushu Nuclear Plant May Not Be Restarted Before Winter

South Korea To Restart Nuclear Plant; Two To Remain Off

TEPCO: Measures To Stop Water - Differences Between Freezing The Trench And ‘The Ice Wall’

Indian Nuclear Must Grow 15 Times For Clean Future


Fukushima Bypass System Continues To Pump Clean Groundwater Into Pacific

Mothballing Nuclear Plant To Cost Taiwan $133 Million Over 3 Years

Irish Nuclear Legal Challenge Against Hinkley Point Fails


Bulgaria to Cut Reliance on Russia With $5 Billion Nuclear Deal

Japanese Tsunami Projections For Nuclear Plant To Be Redone

Taiwan To Shutter Near-Completed Nuclear Plant

Kazakhstan Increases Uranium Production In Q2


Rosy Predictions For Commercial Arctic Traffic Bring North Pole Nuclear Icebreaker Tours To A Halt

Nuclear Remains Linchpin Of French Energy Transition

Bill Reviving Ukraine’s Nuclear Energy Ambitions Goes To Parliament

Flicking the Switch: Restarting Nuclear Plants Is Unpopular But Crucial For Shinzo Abe


China's Nuclear Boom Leaves Germany Isolated

India Seeks Japan's Approval To Reprocess Spent Nuclear Fuel

Spanish Regulator Sets Conditions For Garoña Restart

Japan Utilities To See Narrower Losses, Eye Nuclear Restarts


Energy Companies Rethinking Russia Inc. After New Round of Sanctions

1840 MW Nuclear Energy Powered By Imported Fuel Post-Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Canada’s Darlington Gets 12-Month Licence Extension Ahead Of Public Hearing

Nuclear Talks To Feature During Kerry’s Visit To India


Westinghouse Still Optimistic On Nuclear Deal With Bulgaria Despite Delay

Obama Announces New Sanctions Hitting Russian Energy Sector

India, Russia Held Major Consultation To Set Up 22 Nuclear Projects In India

Power Shortages Hamper India's Manufacturing



Russian, Chinese Companies Sign Memorandum to Build Floating Nuclear Plants

Global Nuclear Energy Contribution Falls To Lowest Since 1980s

IEEJ: Reactor Restarts Would Aid Japanese Recovery

Anglesey's Wylfa Newydd Reactor Choice Steps Ahead

German Utilities Bail Out Electric Grid at Wind’s Mercy


Russia's Navy Replenishes Nuclear Submarine Supply

Hitachi-GE Nuclear Reactor Gains Initial Approval For UK Project

New Government Framework For Selecting UK Repository Site Advanced

Germany Unlikely To Meet Carbon Reduction Targets For 2020

China’s Fuqing-1 Reaches First Criticality

German Industry May Soon Be Saddled With Sky-High Electricity Bills

Analysts: Emerging Countries 'Looking To Nuclear’

UK Government To Give Up To 1 Million GBP To Volunteer Nuclear Repository Communities


TEPCO Attempts New Strategy For Fukushima Trench Water

Nuclear Deals Key To Modi’s Bilateral Meetings

NPR: With New Safety Measures, Nuclear Reactors May Reopen In Japan


South Africa Sees New Nuclear Plants Operational After 2020

Sweden's Nuclear Plants Forced To Cut Output Due To Warm Weather

Argentina Looking to Cement Its Role as Nuclear Energy

India's Nuclear Capacity Could Jump Threefold By 2023-24

Electrabel To ‘Reconsider’ Nuclear After Belgium Tax Ruling


Australia May Soon Export Uranium To India

Germany, UK And Poland Top ‘Dirty 30’ List Of EU Coal-Fired Power Stations

Russia Planning 3 Advanced Fast-Breeder Reactors at Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant by 2030

The EU's Nuclear Links With Russia

Egypt to Hold Tender on Nuclear Power Plant Construction by Year’s End


India PM Hints At Larger Role For Private Sector In Nuclear Energy 

Responsibility For Japanese Reactor Restarts A Hot Potato

BRICS Plans Energy Association In Wake Of New Bank

Iran Eliminates 20% Enriched Uranium Inventory

China and India In Race To Harness The Full Nuclear Energy Of Thorium

Russia to Build Nuclear Fuel Cycle Research Complex by 2017

Former UK Environment Secretary: I’m Proud Of Standing Up To The Green Lobby


French Nuclear Energy Output Below Forecasts After Weekend Delays

Water Leaks Continue To Plague No. 5 Reactor At Fukushima Plant

Egypt To Launch Global Tender For Nuclear Power Plant By End Of 2014


Australian Repeal A ‘Severe Blow’ For Carbon Taxes?

Another Water Leak Reported at Fukushima

Iran, Six Powers Agree To Four-Month Extension Of Nuclear Talks


Abe Confident In Japan Fleet Jumpstart: 'Will See To It By Some Means Or Other'


Many Steps Remain Until Restart Of Japan’s Sendai Plant

NRA Panel: Tsunami Led To Fukushima Meltdown

Belgian Court Rejects Nuclear Tax Complaint

China Says First Westinghouse Reactor Delayed Until At Least End-2015

Chinese Nuclear Energy Contractor Seeks Merger With Energy Giant

Report Outlines Investment In UK Nuclear Energy Projects

Construction License For Finnish Hanhikivi-1 To Be Submitted In June 2015

Australia Repeals its Carbon Tax


U.S.-China Nuclear Security Exchanges Hampered by Lingering Suspicions

'Empty And Lonely' Towns Struggle In Fukushima’s Wake

Britain’s WYG Wins Role On Polish Nuclear Job

German Prompt Power Prices Down As Nuclear Reactors Return Ahead Of Heat

Australia Repeals Unpopular Tax On Carbon Emissions


U.S. Frustrated Over Stalled India Nuclear Deal

Czech Finance Minister Makes About Turn On Nuclear Expansion

Small Reactor Developers Assess UK-US Collaboration

Germany Pledges $1 Billion to UN Green Climate Fund

Japan Rejoining Nuclear Club Leaves Fossil Fuel Appetite


China General Nuclear Said to Pick Sponsors for $2 Billion IPO


Areva To Dismantle Swedish Research Reactors

Czech Trade Minister: CEZ Must Look at Enel’s Slovak Assets

Japan Nuclear Regulator Says Review Of Kansai Elec Plant Mostly Complete

Abe Hopes For Restarts As Nuclear Plant Receives Safety Clearance

Japanese Nuclear Plant Deemed Safe, Nears Restart

Japan Regulator’s Safety Probe Heralds Nuclear Revival

Nuclear Park Generates 19.7% Of Spain’s Electricity

French Auditors Slam Areva For Olkiluoto Nuclear Project In Finland

Ireland's National Trust To Challenge Hinkley Point C in European Courts

Turkey's Nuclear Projects To Exceed $70 Billion


South Korea To Restart Nuclear Plant On Wed; Four Still Offline

Decider Hard to Find in Japan Nuclear Restarts

Japan's NRA To Pass Kyushu Electric's Sendai Reactors For New Safety Standard

Ukraine And Russia Sign ‘Zero Fuel Failure’ Agreement

Iran Outlines Nuclear Deal; Accepts Limit

Safety Clearance for Japan Reactors Won't Guarantee Restarts

Doubts Over Ice Wall To Keep Fukushima Safe From Damaged Nuclear Reactors

Europe's Nuclear Heart Beats In Hungary


China's Third Aircraft Carrier Could Be Nuclear Powered

In Underground Lab Under Reindeer Farm, Japan Wrestles With Dilemma Of Nuclear Waste

Japans Nuclear Plant To Clear Safety Hurdle, Step Toward Restarts


Russia, Saudi Arabia to Sign Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Deal

Putin Sees Big Prospects For Russia-Argentina Nuclear Cooperation

Europe Signs EUR 238 Million Contract As Jet Prepares For Tritium Experiments

South Korea Completes Construction Of First Nuclear Waste Repository


Australia Has Nowhere to Put Its Shipment of French Nuclear Waste

U.S. Warns Iran Over ‘Unworkable’ Plans for Nuclear Power Program


Putin and Argentine Leader Agree on Nuclear Energy Project

Tepco Says Fukushima Reactors Undamaged by 6.8 Magnitude Quake

Japan Tsunami Advisory Lifted After Earthquake Off Coast Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Expert: No Nuclear Energy Deals Between US-India Unless Liability Issue Is Resolved

Climate Change Heats Up U.S-China Summit

European Pollution Permit Prices Poised To Rise

'Nuclear Terrorism': Hamas Targeting Of Dimona Reactor Meets UN Definition

China’s Fangchenggang-1 Gets Go-Ahead For Cold Testing

Malfunction Forces Czech Nuclear Reactor Shut Down

Nuclear Experts Play Down Threat of Stolen Iraqi Uranium


Russia Bets Its Energy Future On Waste-Free Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactors

Tajikistan to Study Uranium From Rare Earth Deposits

Belarus Nuclear Plant In Non-Compliance With Espoo Convention

Gaza Rockets Threaten Israeli Nuclear Facility

Stigmatized Nuclear Workers Quit Japan Utility

U.N.: Nuclear Material Seized by Rebels in Iraq Is ‘Low-Grade’

China Poised To Become World Leader In Nuclear Energy

South Korea’s Hanul Reactor OK to Restart


Tepco Turns a Corner on Fukushima Nuclear Clean-Up

Hamas: We Attempted To Hit The Nuclear Reactor In Dimona


Vietnam Nuclear Energy Market Eyed By Three Major Countries

UAE Signs Global Pact On Nuclear Liability

Namibia Chamber Sees New Mines Filling Jobs Cut by Glencore, Rio

EU Parliament To Consider Carbon Price Fix This Fall

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