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People, Politics:

Remarks As Prepared by Secretary Brouillette For Women’s History Month

New Study Says LANL Nuclear Pit Production Could Go Higher

Electric Cars Still Better for the Planet Than Gas Vehicles


Nuclear Power In The Fight Against COVID-19

How COVID-19 Is Impacting 5 State Energy Legislation Efforts

Second Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19 at Y-12

Santee Cooper Is On Track, For Now, To Settle Some Major Lawsuits

Winners And Losers In The Economic Stimulus Package


Pompeo – Pandemic Shows US Needs To Lead On Uranium

Pompeo: Pandemic Shows US Needs To Lead On Uranium

Nuclear Waste: Lawmakers Call For Probe Of DOE Cleanup Technology

Supercomputers Recruited To Hunt For Clues To A COVID-19 Treatment

The First Of Indian Point's Two Working Nuclear Reactors Shuts Down April 30. Then What?

Ousted Regional EPA Chief Tapped For Obscure Energy Post

Contract Workers Stole Copper Wire From Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex Radiation Zone

New Protection for US Energy Grid and Nuclear Weapons Systems


Nuclear Scientists Developing Faster, Cheaper COVID-19 Test

US Low-Carbon Power Seeks Way Past Pandemic

Coronavirus: Air Pollution And CO2 Fall Rapidly As Virus Spreads

Walter Robb, GE Executive Who Recruited Jack Welch, Dies of Covid-19 at 92


US Energy Secretary – US-Saudi Alliance One Of 'Many Ideas' Being Discussed


SRS Update: 67 Workers Monitored For Coronavirus; Furloughs Not Planned

US Report Identifies Nuclear Workforce Trends

Coronavirus Could Make It Harder to Keep Wind Farms Up and Running

New Nuclear Projects: Where And When Will They Be Built?

DOE, Nevada Might Settle Savannah River Site Plutonium Case

LANL Set To Release Radioactive Vapors


US To Let Nuclear Plants Defer Repairs, Schedule Longer Shifts

NRC Preparing Rule Changes Due to Coronavirus

Savannah River Site Reports First Case Of COVID-19

Y-12 Confirms COVID-19 Case

Sandia Initiatives to Protect Energy Grid and Nuclear Weapons

Coronavirus Pandemic Could Delay Licensing Of Nuclear Waste Facility Near Carlsbad

Most Hanford Workers To Stay Home Over Coronavirus Concerns. No Word On For How Long

Procurement Starts for Next Energy Dept. DUF6 Conversion Contract

Axios: 10 Ways Coronavirus Is Changing Energy And Climate Change

IEA's Birol: COVID-19 Crisis Shows Need To Keep Electricity Options Open

How Power and Gas Utilities Keep Energy Flowing in the Pandemic

New Nuclear Fusion Reactor Design May Be A Breakthrough


COVID-19 Could Cause Staff Shortages In The Nuclear Power Industry

NRC COVID-19 Update

More Time Sought For Public Input On Nuclear Fuel Proposal

Trump’s Nevada Coin Leaves Country’s Nuclear Waste In Limbo

Climate Change Has Yet To Be Canceled Due To Coronavirus

Inspiring Next Generation of Women as STEM Leaders

In 'Milestone,' NRC Gets First Combined License Application For Advanced Reactor

Tech from Nuclear Power Speeds-Up Coronavirus Detection, but Not Vice-Versa

US Department of Energy To Continue Cleaning Up New Mexico Nuke Sites

Environmental Experts: Coronavirus Offers Reprieve From Air Pollution

A Coal-State Republican Energy Regulator Tells The Fossil Fuel Industry It Will Need To Adapt


US Power Industry May Ask Key Employees To Live At Work If Coronavirus Worsens

TVA's Top Nuclear Officer Accused Of Covering Up Details Of Unsafe Reactor Start Up

Wyoming House Bill 74: Replacing Retiring Energy Sources with Small Nuclear Reactors

No COVID-19 Cases Reported At Y-12, Pantex

Energy Regulators Disagree On Whether To Delay Actions Amid Coronavirus 

YouTuber Provides Insight Into Austria’s Billion-Euro Nuclear Reactor That Was Never Switched On


LANL Waste Is Unearthed At Housing Site

Two Negatives, Six Waiting: A Novel Coronavirus Update From Plant Vogtle

SRS Infectious Disease Response Team Activated; No COVID-19 Cases Reported

Department of Energy To Continue Cleaning Up New Mexico Nuke Sites

DOE Nixes Automatic Confidentiality Designations For Utilities, Seen By NGOs As Potential Boost For Coal And Nuclear

NASA Data Reveals Greenland Lost 600B Tons Of Ice Last Summer


Amid Pandemic, Energy Department Labs Close To Tens Of Thousands Of Users

Energy Sec Brouillette: ‘Topping Off’ Reserve With US Purchases Signals Confidence In Industry

Judge Approves $520M Settlement In Santee Cooper Lawsuit

Wyoming To Impose Excise Tax On Electricity From Nuclear Reactors

NRC Issue Draft EIS On Used Fuel Facility


Coronavirus And The US Grid: What To Know

New Mexico Officials: Proposed US Cleanup Budget Falls Short

Axios: The Hurdles Facing Trump's Planned Strategic Oil Purchase

Twisted Nuclear Fusion Is Much Closer to Actually Happening

Where Do You Get Your Neutrons? Neutron Sources For Nuclear Fusion, Science, Medicine, And Industry


Moniz And Poneman Debate The Nuclear Energy’s Role As An Integral Part Of The Climate Solution

Biden Says 'No New Fracking' For Oil And Gas

NNSA: LANL Pit Plant Would Generate Much Less Transuranic Waste Than Savannah River Site

228 Sailors Never Found: What Happened To The USS Scorpion Submarine?

IEA: Coronavirus Response Should Promote Clean Energy

National Labs Respond to COVID-19

Senate Confirms Trump Pick For Energy Commission Seat

Billionaires Chasing Fusion Energy Face a Credibility Test

New Jersey, New York Suspending Utility Shut-Offs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Plant Vogtle Worker Tested For Novel Coronavirus

California Energy Regulators Approve More Funding To Decommission San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Minnesota Clean Energy Legislation Has One More Obstacle This Year With Coronavirus

NNSA Study: Los Alamos National Lab Could Boost Pit Production To Meet National Needs

Decades Of Work At Argonne National Laboratory Led To Pivotal Moment For US Nuclear Plants

In 1985, America's First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Almost Became A Disaster


Newhouse Unveils Proposal To Modernize Nation’s Nuclear Power Plants

Senate Environment Committee To Hear HFC Proposal Stalling Energy Bill Passage

The Economist: Nuclear Power Plants Are Coming To The Battlefield

Trump Moves Forward With Deputy Secretary Of Energy Nominee Mark Menezes

New Nuclear Projects: Where And When Will They Be Built?

Senate Confirms Third Republican to FERC

Reps. Lamb, Newhouse Introduce Bill To Expand Nuclear Power Research

GAO Report: Modernizing The Nuclear Security Enterprise

Senate Energy Bill Negotiations Could Be Delayed Until After Recess

Nuclear Waste Cleanup Efforts In Washington Could Be Delayed

Salt Waste Processing Facility, SRS Contracts Make Energy Department Priority List

New IAEA Fellowship to Support Women in Starting Careers in Nuclear


DOE Study Finds Plant Retirements Could Cause Northeast Power Prices To Spike

Senate Energy Bill Stalled Amid Amendment Gridlock


Murkowski Fumes Over Stalled Energy Bill

DOE to Provide $40 Million for Artificial Intelligence Research at DOE Scientific User Facilities

COVID-19: White House Weighs Assistance For Oil And Gas Industry

Sanders' Nuclear Energy Plan


Pentagon Awards Contracts To Design Mobile Nuclear Reactor

As Bipartisan Support for Nuclear Energy Grows in Congress, Progressives Should Reconsider Their Opposition

Ohio Nuclear Plants’ Owner Paid $1.9 Million To Help Save $1 Billion Bailout

Dark Money Dominated Ohio's Nuclear Subsidy Saga

More Than 72% Of Gen Z ‘Don’t Know Nuclear Power Is Low Carbon Energy’

Where Biden And Sanders Diverge On Climate Change

Pentagon To Award Mobile Nuclear Reactor Contracts This Week

Energy Secretary Gets More Static on Proposed Hanford Cuts

DARPA Challenge Autonomous Robot Teams To Navigate Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant

The Smaller Is Better Movement in Nuclear Power

COVID-19: NRC Cancels Regulatory Information Conference

NRC Issues Annual Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Power Plants


Rita Baranwal: Nuclear Leadership Being Ceded To Russia And China

Bids Nixed, SC Senate, House Differ On Santee Cooper Future

Democrats And Energy: 4 Issues To Watch

Dems Want 100% Clean Energy Fast. Can Utilities Get There?

Heinrich Questions Energy Secretary On Proposed Cuts For LANL Cleanup, Safety Oversight Of Defense Nuclear Facilities

US Defense Department Invites Comment On Microreactor

Nuclear Fund Transfers Won’t Result In Disqualification

Is This Microreactor the Future of Nuclear Architecture?

Virginia Lawmakers Kill Bill To Review Dominion Energy’s Electricity Rates

Axios: Hardly Anyone Talks About Climate Change

Energy Secretary Dan Brouilette: President Trump Has Made America Energy Independent

Republican Senators Support NRC Efforts To Modernize Reactor Oversight Process

Senator Alexander: Bipartisan Energy Legislation Gives Big Boost to Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Robots And Their Masters Take Over Nuclear Plant For DARPA’s Subterranean Challenge

Former Energy Secretary, Deputy Discuss Nuclear Energy and Climate at IOP

Coming Soon: Open-Source Blueprints for a Tiny Nuclear Reactor

Uranium Energy Corp: Trump’s New Energy Policy Doesn’t Happen Every Decade And Is Sure To Rejuvenate Nuclear Power

Department of Energy Announces $30 Million for New Research on Fusion Energy

Biggest Update To Energy Law In A Decade Heads To Senate With Bipartisan Support

US Senators: Budget Proposal Stifles Contamination Cleanup

Axios: The Energy Stakes Of Bernie Vs. Biden

Fusion Research: ORNL Chosen For Plasma Materials Experiment Facility

IBEW, EEI Honor Federal, State And Local Efforts To Foster Energy Industry

NTH on the Ground: The Importance of Accelerating Qualification of New Nuclear Fuel


Brouillette: Trump Administration Plans To Give A Boost To Uranium Producers

Energy Secretary: No Money For Yucca Mountain In Budget

Comprehensive Senate Energy Bill Draws Industry, Bipartisan Support, But Lags On Tax Credits, Efficiency

Trump To Nominate Dem Staffer, Christopher Hanson, To NRC

MOX Officially Dead


SC Judge Halts Santee Cooper Lawsuit Proceedings Pending $520 Million Settlement

Super Tuesday Primaries Shine Light On Fracking, Exports, Power Generation


Federal Judge Dismisses MOX, Plutonium Lawsuit SC Filed Two Years Ago

Brouillette: Nuclear Fuel Working Group Is Expected To Release Its Findings Soon

Home, Sweet Home: Brouillette Supports NNSA Staying With Energy Department

Lamar Alexander Reports Bipartisan Energy Legislation Gives Big Boost To Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Axios: The Senate's New Energy And Climate Test 


CERAWeek -- One of the World’s Largest Energy Summits Canceled on Virus

Wind Has Surpassed Hydro As Most-Used Renewable Electricity Generation Source In US

A New Frontier for Nuclear Fuels

Fusion Research: ORNL Chosen For Plasma Materials Experiment Facility


Plans To Retire Coal Plants In Minnesota Could Rely On Extending Nuclear Power

DOE Secretary: Spending More On Renewables 'Inappropriate,' As Technology Is Already Viable

US Military Aims To Launch Nuclear Moon Rocket Before China Does

Senators Ask Government Watchdog To Assess NNSA's Nuclear Weapons Spending

Vox: An Expert’s Case For Nuclear Power

Centrist Democrats Break With Liberals To Join GOP On Climate Change ‘Down Payment’ Plan

Massive New Bipartisan Senate Energy Legislative Package Could See Vote As Early As Next Week

Speaking to Lawmakers, Brouillette Offers Few Details On Yucca or An Alternative

NRC Checks Review Of Gas Pipeline At New York Nuclear Plant After Report

US, Canada Complete Uranium Relocation Campaign At Savannah River Site


US Senators Unveil Bipartisan Bill To Support Renewable And Nuclear Power, Efficiency

GOP Lawmaker Accuses Administration Of 'Playing Politics' With Yucca Mountain Reversal

DOE Aims at $4.6 Billion to Convert Ill-Constructed MOX Plant into Plutonium Bomb Plant at SRS


Will Trump's 'Deep State' Purge Hit Energy Agencies?

Trump DOE Chief Suggests 100% Renewable Energy Is Possible

Recycled Nuclear Waste Will Power a New Reactor


McConnell Sets Vote On Bipartisan Energy Package


Amentum Names Tom Foster Chief Operating Officer for Nuclear & Environment Strategic Business Unit

SC Utility Execs Under Investigation Asked Few Questions

The Pentagon Is Working on a Nuclear Thermal Rocket

NNSA Set To Start Site Prep For Savannah River Site Plutonium Disposal

Carbon-Free Nuclear Power In A Crisis Just When It’s Most Needed

The Waste Problem Continues To Weigh Down Nuclear Power

Wyoming Senate Crossing Fingers US Will Look To Nuclear; Consider New Uranium Taxes

Energy Department Releases More Detail on Environmental Management Spending Plan

California Assemblyman Introduces Pro-Nuclear Energy Bill


NRC -- Workers Falsified Fire Inspections

Pentagon Prepping Nuclear Moon Rocket to Beat China Into ‘Cislunar’ Space

Proposed Budget Would Almost Triple Los Alamos Plutonium Spending

Trump Flexes Zero Funding For Yucca Mountain At Nevada Campaign Rally

White House Hopefuls’ Stand On Yucca Mountain Still Key In Nevada

US GAO Criticizes DOE Handling Of Hanford Site

Byron Nuclear Plant Celebrates Milestones


Donald Trump’s India Visit Will Push Move To Set Up Six Nuclear Reactors


One Side of a Nuclear Waste Fight: Trump. The Other: His Administration.

Turning Nuclear Waste Into Fuel. It Could Happen

Push For Better Storage Of Spent Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Fuel

Government Auditors: Parts Of Hanford Nuclear Waste Site Have Not Been Inspected In 50 Years


Trump's Nevada Play Leaves Nation's Nuclear Waste In Limbo

DOE: First US Small Modular Boiling Water Reactor Under Development

The Worlds Tiniest Reactor Coming To Idaho

Trump On Nevada’s Yucca Mountain: ‘Why Should You Have Nuclear Waste In Your Backyard?’

Radical Hydrogen-Boron Reactor Leapfrogs Current Nuclear Fusion Tech

The Tech Entrepreneur Who Thinks He Can Reverse Climate Change With Nuclear Power

Full Termination Of MOX At Savannah River Site Expected Soon


'He Wants To Own It.' Will Bezos Buy The Climate Movement?

INL To Host 2021 Nuclear Summit In Sun Valley 


Oklo Microreactor Is INL’s Pick For First-Of-A Kind HALEU-Fueled Nuclear Demonstration

White House: Still No Money For Yucca

When It Comes to Nuclear Power, Could Smaller Be Better?

The Power Plant Of The Future Could Run On Nuclear Waste


Deputy Energy Sec Nominee Takes Heat Over Yucca

Nuclear Ties In Focus Ahead Of Trump Visit To India

The Energy 202: No 2020 Democrat Wants To Store Nuclear Waste Under Nevada’s Yucca Mountain

DOE Issues Draft RFP For Idaho Cleanup Project Contract

Jeff Bezos Pledges $10 Billion To Fight Climate Change, Planet's 'Biggest Threat'


Could Wyoming Have A Future In Small Nuclear Reactors?

Santee Cooper’s Future To Dominate Legislature’s Time

Calvert Cliffs Refueling Outage Powers Local Economy

Energy Department Skips Draft RFP For Upcoming Savannah River Site Contract

Lise Meitner Helped Discover Nuclear Fission—and Was Then Forgotten

No Damage Reported On Oak Ridge Reservation After Earthquake


Holes Found In Protective Liner At SC Nuclear Fuel Factory

US Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette at Munich Security Conference

Pit Production At Los Alamos Offers Influential 'Template' For Savannah River Site

Speeding Sea Level Rise Threatens Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Fusion Power Without Regular Tokamaks Or Stellarators


Trump Wants $1.5B Over 10 Years To Revive Us Uranium Mining

Energy Exec: Trump Administration Still Angling Toward Yucca Mountain

Trump's $1.5B Uranium Proposal Triggers Rush Of Mining Plans

House Committee Solicits Feedback on Nuclear Energy Research and Development Act by February 19

President Trump Designates Secretary Brouillette a Member of the National Space Council

Wilson, Graham, Scott Pressed Trump For More Nuclear Funding, Letters Show

Trump To Tap Under Secretary Of Energy Mark Menezes For Deputy Position

Trump’s Plan To Create A Uranium Stockpile Excites Utah Mines

NY AG Intervenes In NRC Proceeding To Retire Indian Point Nuclear Facility

US Energy Secretary: Coronavirus Unlikely To Have Big Impact On Oil Prices

Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Were Flat Last Year, Even As The Economy Grew

How The Next Generation Of Nuclear Reactors Could Be Smaller, Greener And Safer

Nuclear a Major Focus in Trump’s Latest Budget Request—and 8 Other Takeaways

INL Chosen To Host 2021 USNIC Nuclear Technology Summit


Study – Nuclear Part Of US Northwest's Optimal Clean Energy Mix

6 Energy Takeaways From The Trump Budget

Grossi Sets Out Vision To 'Recalibrate' The IAEA

FERC's Chatterjee Casts Doubt On State Exodus From Capacity Markets

10-Year Plan: Nuclear Executives Reiterate Pit Production Pressures

DOE: 5 Key Takeaways from the Nuclear Energy FY 2021 Budget Request

Trump’s Budget Continues To Boost Nuclear Energy

No Funding For Nevada Nuclear Waste Repository In Proposed Federal Budget

DOE Under Secretary For Science Talks Investing In Antarctica, National Lab System And More

EIA Projects Total US Energy-Related CO2 Emissions To Be Relatively Flat Through 2050


Trump Budget Proposes $150 Million For Creation Of Uranium Reserve


Trump To Propose Deep Cuts To Energy, Environment Programs

Washington's Rep. Newhouse and Trump At Odds After Tweets About Yucca Mountain

DOE To Host Press Briefing Call On FY 2021 Budget

Trump Opens National Monument Land to Energy Exploration

SRNS Partners With Two SC Historically Black Universities


House Lawmakers Confused, Defiant After Trump Yucca Tweet

Pro-Nuclear Power Resolution Heads To Idaho House

In Her Element: Women Behind the Discoveries of the Periodic Table








7,000 Gallons Of Wastewater Spill At San Onofre Nuclear Plant

North America's Building Trades Unions Salute Southern Company’s Vogtle Project For Reaching Another Significant Milestone

TEPCO To Book Special Loss Of $3.25 Billion On Removal Of Fuel Debris In Financial Year 2019/20

Georgia Power Focuses On Reliability And Readiness As Spring Storm Season Arrives During COVID-19 Pandemic

NRC Board Delays Seabrook Concrete Decision Until July

Davis-Besse Returns To Service After Scheduled Outage

Centrus Energy Corp. Reports Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019

Terestrial Energy, KSB Collaborate On Molten Salt Pump

Top Head Placed At Vogtle Nuclear Unit 4 Containment Vessel

NRC Renews License For Honeywell Uranium Conversion Facility For 40 Years

Sandia Launches Two Multiyear Security Initiatives For US Energy Grid, Nuclear Weapons Systems

How Southern Company Is Investing $40 Billion Starting in 2020

SNC-Lavalin Candu Energy Workers Ready to Keep Electricity Flowing

Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Following Pandemic Protocol

Westinghouse Wins Cook NPP Service Contract

Construction of Unit 2 Now Complete for OPG's Darlington Refurbishment Project

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Out Of Immediate Liquidity Crunch Through State Loan Of $1B

Great River Energy, Xcel Planning To Sequester Critical Workers If Necessary

Coronavirus Is Starting to Hit Usually Safe Utility Earnings

E.ON CEO: Energy Suppliers Have A Fundamental Role During Covid-19

NRC Approves License Renewal for Honeywell Uranium Conversion Facility

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Continues Waste Transfers Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

TVA Delays Two Spring Reactor Refueling Outages By Two Weeks Due To Pandemic

Energy Fuels CEO Mark Chalmers: We Need a Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the US

EDF Reduces Workforce At UK's Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Project

NC Nuclear Plants Brace To Operate During Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Creating Solar Industry 'Crisis'

EDF, Orano Prepare For COVID-19 Impact

Fermi 2 Down For Refueling, Awaiting Word From NRC On Scope Of Required Work

China Nuclear Energy Technology Posts Profit For Year of HK$104 Mln

Canadian Uranium Operations Suspended In Response To COVID-19

Belarus To Swap Gas Dependence On Moscow For Nuclear Dependence On Moscow

How Power and Gas Utilities Keep Energy Flowing in the Pandemic

Southern Company: Almost 6% Yield Following The COVID-19 Crash

Rolls-Royce and EUAS ICC to Evaluate SMRs For Use In Turkey

Cameco Suspending Production at Cigar Lake Mine

Canada's Bruce Power Prioritizes Power And Isotope Supplies

Uranium Week: Taking Its Toll

Seabrook Nuclear Plant Operating With Limited Staff 

NC Nuclear Plants Brace To Operate During Coronavirus Pandemic

Investing: Why Is Southern Co. Down 33.6% Since Last Earnings Report?

Covid-19: Orano Suspends Its Financial Outlook For 2020

Vattenfall 'Well Prepared' For Virus Crisis

Entergy Creates COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to Help Customers in Need

Fermi 2 Begins Refueling, Maintenance Outage

CEO – Southern’s Nuclear Plant Project Not Delayed By Virus

Medical Isotope Firm CEO Tells Of Plans For OR Facility

NRC Issues Confirmatory Order to Duke Energy for Violations at the Robinson Nuclear Plant

BWXT To Produce TRISO Fuel For 3D-Printed Reactor

Orano Sees 10 More Years For Niger Uranium Project

No Halt In Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Despite Coronavirus 

ComEd CEO: Exelon Expects To Have Pandemic Plan In Place Through The Summer

Westinghouse Wins Fuel Contract Extension For American Electric Power's D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant

General Atomics Expresses Support for Fusion and Plasma Sciences Community Plan

Oil Prices Lowest Since 2003

PJM Power Market Participants Looking For Certainty Ahead Of Major Capacity Market Filing

BWXT-Led Team Wins Department of Defense Contract for Mobile Nuclear Reactor Design

Coronavirus May Threaten Plant Vogtle Timeline

Georgia Power Assures Continued Safe And Reliable Service, Offers Resources And Tips For Customers During Covid-19 Pandemic

What Is The Impact Of Covid-19 on The Power Sector?

Uranium Firms Adjust To COVID-19 Impact

Coronavirus May Threaten Plant Vogtle Timeline

Three Plant Vogtle Workers Tested For Novel Coronavirus; One Returns Negative

EDF To Reduce Flamanville Nuclear Plant Staffing Over Virus

Owners Of PA's Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station Will Keep It Open Because Of State's Climate Plan

Uranium Week: Uranium And The Virus

Malawi Uranium Mine Sale Completed

The Energy Industry Is On War Footing As It Prepares To Fuel The Coronavirus Battle

Second Plant Vogtle Employee Being Tested For The Coronavirus

Southern Company Remains on Track to Build the United States' First New Nuclear Plant in 30 Years

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Struggling To Stay Afloat

In Reversal, Pennsylvania's Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant Will Remain Open

Georgia Power Assures Customers Safe And Reliable Service Will Continue During COVID-19 Pandemic

US Utility Stocks Also Fall Victim To Harsh Week For Markets

Nuclear Energy Storage? Advanced Reactor Developers Trying To Expand Nuclear Power's Selling Points

Tom Foster Assumes COO Role at Amentum Nuclear Unit

Oyster Creek Generating Station Reactor Vessel Being Dismantled

Xcel Energy Names New Chief Nuclear Officer

Federal Regulators Cite TVA For Providing Inaccurate Info

BWXT Awarded Triso Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Contract – Production To Be Completed By The Fall Of 2020

Holtec Clears Hurdle In Bid To Build Nuclear-Waste Facility In New Mexico

Deep Isolation Releases Preliminary Safety Calculations of a Generic Horizontal Drillhole Repository for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Coronavirus Gives Oil Sector Taste Of Shrinking Share Of Energy Mix


Report – Duke, Dominion, Southern Won't Hit Clean Energy Targets At Current Pace

US Utilities, Grid Operators Form Plans To Power Through Potential Pandemic

Nuclear Startup Seeks Approval For Reactor That Runs on Waste

NRC: Holtec Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Has Limited Impacts

NRC Approval Moves El Paso Electric Sale Closer To Completion

Uranium Week: The Nuclear Debate

Westinghouse eVinci Micro Reactor Awarded US Department Of Defense Funding For Mobile Reactor Design

Georgia Power’s Vogtle Nuclear Facility Hits Major Milestone

Exelon's Peach Bottom Becomes Second US Nuclear Plant To Get License Approval To 80 Years

Xcel Energy Names New Generating And Nuclear Officers

Why Southern Company Stock Fell 14.3% in February Despite a Strong 2020 Outlook

Westinghouse Signs Long-Term Contract With TVO To Support Long Term Operation Of BWR Reactors

Jacobs Snaps Up Wood’s Nuclear Business For £250m

Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant Gets 20-Year Extension

NRC: Vogtle 3 and 4 Construction Meeting Safety Objectives As Work Nears Final Phase

Lampton Wins $7.9M DoD Deal For Transport Of Decommissioned Reactor

Denison Sees Increasing Prospects For Canadian ISL

Investing: Confidence Is Brewing, Is The Uranium Renaissance Upon Us?

Westinghouse Partners With Nordion To Increase Future Supply Of Life-Saving Cobalt-60

Accident-Tolerant Fuel Assemblies Complete First Fuel Cycle At Hatch Nuclear Plant

TVEL Fuel Company of ROSATOM and Spanish Partners Develop Cooperation In Decommissioning And Dismantling Of Nuclear Facilities

Bellona’s Working Group Aims To Keep Depleted Uranium Imports Honest

License Renewal Hearings Underway For Toronto's BWXT Uranium Plant

Investing: The Big 6 Uranium Questions Answered

Byron Generating Station Celebrates 4,500 Consecutive Days Of Carbon-Free Nuclear Power Production

Finland’s TVO Awards Nuclear Service Contract To GE Steam Power

Holtec Underscores Transparency At US Plants

SNC-Lavalin To Deliver Additional High Integrity Containers To Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Fueled By Coronavirus, Global Oil Demand Set To Drop Record Amount

Fossil Fuels For Power At Turning Point As Renewables Surged In 2019

'Neutron Jack' Welch, Who Led GE's Rapid Expansion, Dies At 84

Davis-Besse Taken Offline For Refueling That Almost Didn't Happen

Federal Regulators: TVA Willfully Violated Safety Standards In Firing Nuclear Engineers

NorthStar Granted More Time For Radioactive Shipments

CNL Convenes Leaders in Nuclear & Mining Industries to Explore Future of SMR Technology in Canada

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station Begins Refueling Outage

How Santee Cooper Is Trying To Convince SC Lawmakers To Forgive Its Costly Mistakes

Santee Cooper Execs Under Investigation Asked Few Questions

US Coal-Fired Power Plants Just Had Their Worst Year Since the 1970s

Ur-Energy Releases 2019 Year End Results

NextEra CEO Makes Pitch To SC Lawmakers To Acquire State Utility

FirstEnergy Solutions Emerges From Bankruptcy, Becomes Energy Harbor

Westinghouse Announces Plan To Establish The Clean Energy Technology Park In The UK

Orano: Solid 2019 Performance and Growth

NuSource and Swagelok Sign Exclusive Agreement to Supply ASME Code and Safety-Related Valves to Nuclear Industry

With Tax Liability, Nuclear Refueling Issues Settled, FirstEnergy Solutions To Exit Bankruptcy

SEC Sues South Carolina Energy Companies, Former Executives Over Nuclear Fraud

Savannah River Remediation President Tapped For Amentum Nuclear Job

Xcel Energy Reduces Carbon Emissions By Record Amount

GEH Announced Progress On BWRX-300 Vendor Design Review In Canada

NPCIL-Westinghouse Deal: Still Many Differences To Resolve

GE Hitachi Seeks Review In Canada For Small Modular Reactor Design

Energy Northwest Considering New SMR To Help Meet Clean Energy Goals In Washington

6 Start-Ups Innovating In The Field Of Nuclear Energy

Why Palo Verde, The Country's Largest Nuclear Plant, Is Cutting Its Water Use

San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Project Begins

Why Palo Verde, The Country’s Largest Nuclear Plant, Is Cutting Its Wastewater Use

New Fusion Tech Utilizes Lasers To Bypass Sun-Like Temps And Get Rid Of Nuclear Waste

EDF Energy Extends Outages At Hinkley Point B Nuclear Plant

Top SCANA Executive Takes The 5th In SC Nuclear Lawsuit

Uranium Week: Reactors Open, Reactors Close

Westinghouse Completes Acquisition Of Rolls-Royce’s Nuclear Services Division

PG&E Union Resists Bernie Sanders’ Calls For Public Takeover

Southern CEO: Early Start-Up Of Vogtle Units Possible

PG&E Bankruptcy Judge Braces For 'Horrible Choices' As Deadline Looms

Entergy Increases Earnings for 4Q, Full-Year 2019

With Promotion, Xcel Energy Drops A Big Hint About Its Next CEO

Xcel Takes Step In Succession Plan By Naming New Chief Operating Officer

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Downsizes As Uncertainty Clouds Portfolio

TVA Retracts Alert Notice, Resumes Power Output At Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Santee Cooper Plans $520M Settlement Of Customer Lawsuit Over VC Summer Nuclear Project

ORNL, TVA Sign Agreement to Collaborate on Advanced Reactor Technologies

Framatome And General Atomics Join Forces On BWR Fuel Development

Southern Beats on Q4 Earnings, Sticks to Vogtle Timeline

General Atomics and Framatome Join Forces on Nuclear Reactor Channel Boxes

TVA Shuts Down Watts Bar Reactor, Declares 'Unusual Event'

Framatome Signs Service Contracts For Finnish Olkiluoto 3 EPR Reactor

ORNL, TVA Sign Agreement To Collaborate On Advanced Reactor Technologies

Oak Ridge Lab, TVA Sign MOU On Developing Next-Gen Advanced Nuclear Energy Options

SCE to Begin Dismantlement Of San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Southern Company Reports Fourth-Quarter And Full-Year 2019 Earnings

SRNS Parent Company Fluor Decides Against Selling Its Government Business

SNC-Lavalin Awarded Two Vendor Of Record Contracts By Ontario Power Generation

Plant Vogtle Expansion Workforce Hits 9,000

NextEra Purchase Of Santee Cooper Could Shift Risks, Liabilities To Taxpayers

Engie At A Crossroads Without Its Visionary CEO

NuScale Signs MOU To Bring SMR Nuclear Reactor Technology To Ukraine

BWXT Wins Contract To Manufacture Nuclear Components For US Navy

EDF Finalizes Plans For £16bn Sizewell C Nuclear Plant

Uranium Week: All Energy Sources Required

NextEra’s Bid For Santee Cooper Includes ‘Land Mine’ In Charging For Incomplete Projects

Vogtle Construction Site Employment Hits 9,000

Ansaldo Nuclear Completes China Nuclear Refueling Project

EDF Poised To Submit Planning Application For £20B Nuclear Power Plant

Investing: Centrus Energy Corp Short Interest Down 7.4% in January

NRC: Fuel Loading At Vogtle Unit 3 Could Begin In November

EDF Says Better Nuclear Regulation Would Let it Invest Billions More in Clean Energy

NuScale and Ukraine’s State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety Sign MoU

Xcel Energy Develops Carbon-Free Strategy With Prairie Island Nuclear Plant As A Key Factor

Nuclear: UK Trawsfynydd Site Could Pioneer Rolls-Royce Mini Reactor

EDF Expects French 2020 Nuclear Generation To Be Between 375 TWh and 390 TWh

Industry Leader: Wyoming Uranium Industry on ‘Its Death Bed’


Containment Concreting Milestone At Vogtle 3

FERC Order, Exelon Probe Muddy Illinois Climate Fight

Uranium Energy Corp Welcomes President Trump's 2021 Budget for the Purchase of Domestic Uranium

NRC Announces Opportunity to Request Hearing on Vogtle Unit 3 Notice of Intended Operation

FirstEnergy CEO Says He's Ready To Help Ohio Lawmakers Deal With FERC's PJM MOPR Ruling

Final Major Concrete Placement Completed Inside Vogtle Unit 3 Containment

DOE Selects BWXT to Support Nonproliferation Fuel Program

How 3 Bids For Santee Cooper Could Affect Customers’ Rates

Investing: Cameco Sees Hope in Opaque Uranium Market

Uranium Week: The Nuclear Conundrum

Westwater Applauds Federal FY 2021 Budget Proposal for Uranium

Planned Outage Begins For La Salle Nuclear Plant

Uranium Major Cameco’s Optimism In Market Transition Is Growing

EDF Energy Extends Hunterston B-7 Nuclear Reactor Outage To April 10

Power Struggle: Federal Ruling Calls Into Question Ohio's Nuclear Plant Support Bill

GE Hitachi Nuclear Venture Enters NRC Licensing Phase For Small Modular Reactor Design

Bankruptcy Plan Gains Ground, But PG&E Still Facing Possibility of State Takeover

Santee Cooper, Westinghouse Agree On Ownership Shares Of Nuclear Plant Equipment

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Hasn’t Produced Power Since Automatic Shutdown Last Week

French Energy Group Engie Ousts CEO Isabelle Kocher

Orano Signs MOX Fuel Fabrication Contract with a Japanese Customer

Orano To Use Robot In First-Of-A-Kind Dismantling

Santee Cooper Eyes Settlement Over Parts Left At VC Summer Nuclear Project

Vermont Nuclear Panel To Shift Some Costs To NorthStar

GE Hitachi Enters Federal Licensing Process For New Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design


Amentum Launches As Independent Professional And Technical Services Company Serving The US Federal Government, Select Allied Governments, And Commercial Markets

Energy Northwest Study Makes a Case for SMRs in Future Power Mix

SNC-Lavalin Awarded Four Contracts By Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power

Orano to Dismantle Two Used Fuel Interim Storage Pools

Uranium Week: Paddling Fast To Go Nowhere

Candu Energy Wins Contracts For Bruce Refurbishment

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and ČEZ Announce Small Modular Reactor Technology Collaboration in the Czech Republic

SNC-Lavalin’s CDI Joint Venture Company Closes Deal To Decommission Massachusetts’ Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Warns Of Layoffs As Decommissioning Continues

Westinghouse Acquires Rolls Royce Nuclear Assets

EDF Needs To Improve Fessenheim Nuclear Decommissioning Plans

Santee Cooper Suffers Setbacks In Fight To Recoup VC Summer Costs

Westinghouse Expands Nuclear Services & Capabilities With Acquisition Of Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Systems And Services

GE Might Sell Its Steam Power Unit. Here’s What That Means.

Final Sale of AECOM Govt. Contracting Business Imminent


GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Begins NRC Licensing Process for BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor

Brazil's Eletronuclear To Sign Letter Of Intent With Westinghouse

SNC-Lavalin Receives $34 Million In Contracts From Bruce Power To Start 2020

Power Outage Hit San Onofre Nuclear Plant On Wednesday

EDF Rivals Dismiss 'Mind-Boggling' Arenh Reform

EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2020 Projects Consumption Growing More Slowly Than Production

NJ Rate Counsel Still Gunning for Nuclear Backing, This Time in Appellate Court

Kansai Electric To Shut 2 Nuclear Reactors For Security Upgrades

Deep Isolation Shares its Nuclear Waste Disposal Solution as a Key Player in Advanced Nuclear Technologies at Cleantech Forum

FirstEnergy Plans To Become An Energy Broker

NRC Issues Final Environmental Impact Statement for Peach Bottom Subsequent License Renewal

Uranium Week: Uncertainty Lingers

Luxury Carmaker Looks To Disrupt The Nuclear Industry

The 8-Year Project To Dismantle The San Onofre Nuclear Plant Is About To Begin

Rolls-Royce Plans To Build Up To 15 Mini Nuclear Reactors In Britain

Investing: BWX Technologies Sets New 1-Year High

Big Business Says It Will Tackle Climate Change, but Not How or When

Moody's US Regulated Electric Utilities Face Varied Exposure To Climate Hazards

Rolls-Royce Leads Consortium To Build Small Nuclear Reactors In The UK

Interest in DOE’s Versatile Test Reactor Heats Up

Tear-Down Of San Onofre Nuclear Plant To Begin In February

ASN: EDF Must Improve Nuclear Plant Maintenance Works

More Violations At Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Plant. But Feds Keep Details Secret

Investing: GoviEx Uranium Upbeat And Boasting Advanced Assets As It Aims To Become Significant Supplier To The Nuclear Industry


GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and TerraPower Announce Collaboration to Support Versatile Test Reactor Program

US Nuclear Signs Agreement With China National Nuclear Corporation’s Subsidiary

SNC-Lavalin Awarded Nuclear Contract In Romania To Assess Cernavoda Unit 1 For Continued Operation

Investing: Cameco Could Be One Of Best Stocks To Own This Decade

Hitachi’s Nakanishi on Business Model, EV Investments, The Importance Of The Nuclear Power

Fessenheim Closure Confirmed For 2020

Uranium Week: Interest Up, But Price Still Down

Orano Completes FOAK Used Fuel Transfer

Tokamak Energy Raises £67M From Billionaire Behind Capri Sun To Make Oxford Nuclear Fusion Hub

US Companies Fuel Europe’s Green-Energy Push

The 1 Thing to Watch at Southern Company in 2020: Vogtle

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Nuclear Dreams: UAE Becomes The First Arab Nation To Operate A Nuclear Power Plant

Japan's Fukui Looks Back At Prefecture’s First Nuclear Reactor

Construction Work On Bangladesh's Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Runs Under Medical Monitoring

Routine Plans Are Shelved As Energy Industry Gears Up For Virus Fight 

UK Hinkley Power Plant Builders To Be Put On Furlough

Nuclear Container Ship Sails Up Gulf of Ob, Delivers 20,000 Tons Of Goods To Arctic Natural Gas Field

Coronavirus Forces EDF To Delay Application For New UK Nuclear Plant

Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, Rosatom Vows To Fulfill India's Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Deadline

Rosatom Looks To Smaller Reactors

E.ON Has Sold German Nuclear Power Ahead At Above Market Prices

A Billion-Dollar Merger, Nuclear Potential And The Continued Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

EDF To Delay Applying For UK Nuclear Plant Building Consent

IAEA Launches Project To Examine Economics Of SMRs

Used Fuel Containers Ordered For Spanish Nuclear Power Plants

German Nuclear Maintenance Unchanged Despite Health Concerns

Concerns Over Nuclear Turkey After Rolls Royce Reactor Deal

Key Components Of China's Second HTR-PM Reactor Connected

Nuclear Plant In Germany Taken Offline, Corona Crisis Impacts On Deconstruction Plans

Fennovoima Changes Spur Progress With Finland's Hanhikivi Project

The Coronavirus Response Reduced Electricity Demand In Every Country Across Europe Last Week

Covid-19 Update: Power Sector Situation In Lockdown Countries

TEPCO May Take 20 To 30 Years To Release Water From Fukushima

Two Earthquakes Strike Close To Nuclear Power Plant In Iran

French Nuclear Plants Tighten Hygiene Procedures Over Coronavirus Worries

Germany’s Push for Wind Power Encounters Resistance

UK's Sellafield Starts Controlled Shutdown Of Magnox Facility

Plan To Dispose Of Fukushima Wastewater Drafted

Hinkley Point C Work To Carry On But HS2 Could Be Paused


Coming To A Country Near You – A Russian Nuclear Power Plant

EDF To Cut 2020 French Nuclear Target On Coronavirus Impact

Bulgaria Delays Deadline For Belene Nuclear Project Bids

Poland's Bid For Nuclear Power

Slovenia Says Sole Nuclear Power Plant Unaffected By Croatia Quake

European Nuclear Industry Has A Key Role To Play In Boosting EU Economy

Are Small Modular Reactors Making Their Way To Southeast Asia?

Moscow Starts Building Road Over Radioactive Dump Despite Protests

French Nuclear Plants Tighten Hygiene Procedures Over Coronavirus Worries

Coming to a Country Near You: A Russian Nuclear Power Plant

Germany Prepares To Phase Out Nuclear Power, But What Will It Cost?

Russia Signs Contract To Supply Czech Research Reactor Fuel

Vattenfall Involved In Estonian Study On SMRs

UKAEA: Diamonds Could Be Forever In Nuclear-Powered Battery Project

Sellafield Nuclear Waste Site To Close Due To Coronavirus

UK's National Grid Says It Can Keep The Lights On During Coronavirus Crisis

South Korea Seeks UAE’s Collaboration To Explore Global Nuclear Power Markets

Russia And Bangladesh Expand Nuclear Cooperation


Oklo Submits The First Combined License Application For An Advanced Fission Plant

EDF Energy Says Plans In Place To Maintain Operations At UK Nuclear Plants

Germany's Nuclear Power Regions Fear For The Future As Plants Get Set To Close

Foratom Calls On EU To Recognize Nuclear As A Strategic Industry

Kazakh-Russian Enrichment JV Completes Share Sale

Crunch Time For South Africa's National Nuclear Company, Which Has Run Out Of Capital

Ostrovets Unit 1 Nuclear Reactor Nearly Ready For Operation In Belarus


European Nuclear Plant Operators Gear Up To Ensure Power Supply During Pandemic

Japan's Kyushu Electric Nuclear Reactor Taken Offline Due To Delay In Anti-Terror Measures

Australia's Barilaro Retreats On Nationals Support For One Nation Nuclear Bill

Japanese Sendai Nuclear Reactor To Go Offline

Chinese Nuclear Power Plant Sets World Record For Safe Operation

Why a Solar-Rich UAE Is Turning to Nuclear Energy


Coronavirus Case Confirmed At UK's Sellafield Nuclear Facility

UK's Sizewell B's Lifespan Could Be Extended By 20 Years To Help Solve Energy Crisis

Fukushima, Nine Years After Devastation

Indonesia And Philippines Move To Revive Nuclear Ambitions

European Utilities Detail Plans To Avoid Coronavirus Disruption

COVID-19: IAEA Implements Measures Following Recommendations from Austrian Authorities

The Philippines Is Eyeing Nuclear Power As A Green Option

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Faced With Worst Crisis From Govt’s Phase-Out Policy

Why Is Germany Phasing Out Nuclear Power?

Polish Utilities May Consider German-Style Reorganization

UAE Shows Path For Peaceful Nuclear Development

French Regulator To Submit Nuclear Cost Estimate In May

The Fukushima Surf Revival

French Utility EDF Says Three Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus

IAEA Announces Support For COVID-19 Effort

South Africa's Eskom Ramps Up Power Cuts After Fault at Nuclear Plant

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Mulling Paid Leave To Idle Employees Amid Deepening Crisis

German Grid And Nuclear Plant Operators Step Up Coronavirus Precautions

No New Power Projects From Indo-US Nuclear Deal?

Britain's World-Changing Nuclear Fusion Program At Risk – Question Mark Over EU Funding

Fukushima Hotspots Make Headlines Before Tokyo Olympics, But What's The Risk?

Lifting Russia’s Accident Reactors From The Arctic Seafloor Will Cost Nearly €300 Million

Japanese Offer Nuclear Power On The Cheap

Africa Eying Indias Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Industry Warns UK Climate Goal At Risk

First Set Of Steam Generator Vessels Of India's Rooppur Nuclear Plant To Be Ready Soon

British, Canadian Labs Develop Action Plan

France’s February Nuclear Output Slumps To 8-Year Low

UK and Canada Sign MOU to Produce Clean Nuclear Energy

IAEA Holds First Safety Leadership School In Japan

Uzbekistan Plans To Modernize Mining Company


Fuel Loading Completion Marks UAE's Entry Onto Global Nuclear Power Stage

The White House Gave This Nuclear Agency A Giant Funding Increase. Can It Spend It All?

Hot Functional Tests End At China's 1st Hualong One Nuclear Power Project

Nuclear Industry Says UK Climate Goal At Risk

French Audit Court Warns Of EDF’s Nuclear Price Estimates

Leningrad II Unit 1 Cuts Cooling Water Usage By 15%

Australia's NSW Deputy Premier Backs Bill To Overturn Nuclear Power Ban

Poland Faces $15B Nuclear Power Bill Over 20 Years


France Begins Winding Down Its Reliance On Nuclear Power

IAEA's Grossi Thanks France For Leading Role In Nuclear Power

France Mulls “Insufficient” EUR 42-48 Nuclear Price Corridor

Work on Fukushima Plant, Halted During 2016 G7 Summit, to Continue During Tokyo Olympics

Proposed Energy Cuts Come Under Bipartisan Fire From House Panel

Kazakh Court Frees Ex-CEO of State Nuclear Firm

Euratom Signs Fusion Energy Declaration With Japan

IAEA 'Asks Iran To Explain Possible Nuclear Activities At Three Sites'


Poland, USA Underscore Commitment To New Nuclear Projects

Russia Keen To Partner Namibia On Uranium Deals

Australian Senator Makes Nuclear Pitch To Build Powerhouse In The North


In Fukushima, Olympic Torch Relay Faces Cool Welcome From Nuclear Evacuees

South African Leader Goes Nuclear On Eskom’s Future

Canada Continues Borehole Drilling Near Wabigoon Lake For Nuclear Repository 

King Invited To UAE Nuclear Plant Launch


Japan's Onagawa-2 To Likely Be First BWR To Restart Since Fukushima I Accident

South Korean Nuclear Fuel Assembly Test Facility Opens

Liberal Minister: The Future Of Canadian Energy Is Nuclear

France's EDF Extends Outages At Three Nuclear Reactors

IAEA Chief Commends Japan On Fukushima Clean-Up Effort

'Affordable, Safe' Nuclear Power Is Key To Reaching Canada's Climate Goals

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and NB Power Sign Collaboration Agreement to Advance Small Modular Reactors

Finland Focuses On SMRs For District Heating


EDF Plans Vast Hydrogen Production At UK Nuclear Plants


Secretary Brouillette, Minister Naimski, and Minister Kurtyka Hold US-Poland Strategic Dialogue On Energy

Massive Nuclear Reactor Is Being Built On Industrial Estate In UK's Milton Keynes

IAEA Head Says Safety Top Priority In Removing Fukushima Nuclear Fuel

Russia Lends Egypt $25 Billion For Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant

New Alliance Formed In Canada To Promote Development Of Small Nuclear Reactors

South Australia Nuclear Waste Site Could Face Roadblock In Senate


China's Nuclear Power Output Jumps 18% Year On Year

China's Nuclear Power Output Jumps 18% Year On Year

Finnish Firm Launches SMR District Heating Project

South Korea’s Power Output Declines In 2019 First Time In 2 Decades

Egypt's Hassan Allam Bags Deal For Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant

How One Open Hatch Nearly Cost India a $2.9 Billion Nuclear Submarine

Singapore Lifts 9-Year Ban On Food Products From Fukushima

France Begins Shutting Down Oldest Nuclear Plant

France Closing Its Oldest Nuclear Plant Spurs Debate on Energy

Possible Belarus-Russia Partnership To Build Nuclear Power Plant In Egypt Mentioned

Greenpeace Activists Break Into EDF's Tricastin Nuclear Power Plant In France

KHNP Wins Feasibility Study Order for Nuclear Power Plant in Romania

IAEA Safety Mission Sees Significant Progress at Finland’s Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, Encourages Continued Improvement


Westinghouse Set To Sign Pact With NPCIL For Nuclear Reactors During Trump Visit

France Shuts Oldest Reactors, But Nuclear Power Still Reigns

France's EDF Delays Cruas 3 Nuclear Reactor Maintenance Over Strikes

Framatome Signs Service Contracts For Finnish Olkiluoto 3 EPR Reactor

This Company Wants To Build Indonesia’s First Commercial Nuclear Power Plant

France to Shut Down Its Oldest Nuclear Complex by the End of June

Fessenheim Shutdown Won't Impact French Power Supply For Now

UAE Loads Fuel Rods At Arab World's First Nuclear Plant

UAE: Arab World's First Nuclear Power Plant Raises Stakes In The Persian Gulf

Japan's Shikoku Electric Appeals Injunction Against Restarting Ikata Reactor

Negotiations On Nuclear Power Plant In Poland Under Way

Romania Ready To Develop New Nuclear Reactor Without Foreign Partners

Three Egyptian Companies Win Rosatom Tender to Build Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant

World’s Only Nuclear-Powered Civilian Ship Gears Up for Russian Antarctic Voyage


UAE Issues Reactor License For First Arab Nuclear Power Plant

Wylfa To Windfarms: Six Key Decisions For New UK Energy Secretary

Czech Minister: Dukovany Nuclear Unit Expansion Agreement Expected Soon

IAEA Helps Streamline Pakistan’s Nuclear Power Program

New Zealand Student Selling Homemade Nuclear Fusion Reactor

China-Designed UK Nuclear Reactor Moves A Step Closer

French Nuclear Power Generation Fell 6.9% In January

South Korean Government's Nuclear Phase-Out Policy Backfiring

China-Designed UK Nuclear Reactor Plan Clears Third Assessment Stage

Developing UAE’s Nuclear Workforce

Welding Completed On Reactor Pressure Vessel For Turkey’s Akkuyu 1

Bellona’s Russian Nuclear Project Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Czech State, CEZ Close To Deal On New Nuclear Unit

In Australia, Plans To Tap A Massive Coal Reserve Collide With Concerns About Climate

Norway Taps Overseas Expertise For Waste Disposal

IAEA Data Animation Shows Nuclear To Be Key To Combatting Climate Change

IAEA: Radioactive Material ‘A Magnet For Groups With Malicious Intent’

Russia Looking At Isotope-Modified Nitride Nuclear Fuel

The Road Ahead For UK Nuclear: Reigniting A Stalled Sector

UK National Statement To The IAEA International Conference On Nuclear Security

The Growth Of ‘Made In China’ Energy

Arak Reactor Redesign Going as Planned

The Countries Operating The Most Nuclear Reactors

Strawberries Lead The Way For Fukushima's Nuclear Recovery

Support For Nuclear Energy Growing In Australian Government

Using Mixed Reality To Tackle Nuclear Waste: Sellafield’s New VR Crane

Finland To Become EU's Only Uranium Producer

Canadian Company Drops Plans To Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron

Chernobyl Shocker As Fungi That Eats Radiation Found Inside Nuclear Reactor

What The UAE's Energy Mix Will Look Like In The Decades To Come


IAEA -- Newcomers Vital To Nuclear's Role In Sustainable Development

Japan Goes Into Reverse on Going Green

Canadian Company Seeks New Site To Bury Nuclear Waste

IAEA Director General Grossi Meets Senior US Officials, Sees Strong Support for IAEA

Report: EU Power Plant Emissions Show Sharpest Fall Since 1990

A Trip To The Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Plant: Full-Body Suits And Three Layers Of Socks

IAEA Data Animation: Meeting Climate Goals as Countries Embark on Nuclear Power

French Finance Minister: France And Poland Should Consider Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Japan Races to Build New Coal-Burning Power Plants, Despite the Climate Risks

Finland’s STUK Prepares For SMR Licensing

South Korea's Hanul No.2 Nuclear Reactor To Restart After Maintenance

Ontario Energy Company Ends Plans To Store Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron

Australia, Long a Uranium Champion, Mulls Nuclear Power

Roscosmos Says First Russian Nuclear Space Tug Set For Launch In 2030

Hinkley Point C Bans Workers From Flying To China Over Coronavirus Fears

UAE Nuclear Power Plant’s First Reactor Ready For Operation

How UAE's Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant Promises A Sustainable Future

Canada's OPG Committed to Lasting Solutions for Nuclear Waste

In Poland, France's Macron Hopes To Reset Ties And Build Up Business, Nuclear Energy Partnerships

South Africa's Eskom Gauges Interest in Building Pebble-Bed Nuclear Plants

Delayed Probe Of Fukushima No. 1 Reactor To Push Back Fuel Debris Removal

Panel: Fukushima Water Should Be Released Into Sea or Evaporated

Russian Scientists Reveal Plans for Fusion-Fission Reactor

Russia Begins Commercial Use Of Mox At Beloyarsk


Japanese High Court Dismisses Request To Halt Ohi Reactors

Nuclear Energy To The Rescue: France Got It Right

Aiming to Go Green, German Cabinet Backs Coal Exit by 2038

Rio Forum Raises Hopes For Brazil-US Energy Cooperation

Bolivian Unrest: What Now For The Country’s Nuclear Ambitions?


Barakah Unit Ready For Operation

More Newcomers Eye Nuclear Power as UAE, Belarus Set to Start Operating First Nuclear Power Plants

India's Stalled Westinghouse Reactor Project To Get Back On Track Ahead Of Trump Visit

MOX Nuclear Fuel Loaded in Russian Reactor, More to Come

Romania Concerned Over Its Partnership With Chinese Nuclear Power Company

Should Australia Reconsider Nuclear Power? One US Expert Says Yes

Russian Beloyarsk Nuclear Plant Starts Operating On Batch-Produced MOX Fuel

Britain's Heysham 2-7 Nuclear Reactor Back Online After Outage

Highest Cooling Tower In Russia To Be Built At Kursk II

UK Nuclear Sector Calls For New Funding Model

Japan Begins Second Removal Of Spent MOX Fuel From Nuclear Reactor

Shikoku Electric Not To Appeal Injunction Over Ikata Nuclear Plant

South Bruce Sees Bright Side Of Hosting Canada's Nuclear Waste

Indian Envoy To Russia Says Countries Could Build Nuclear Power Plants In Africa & Middle East

Hungary Vows To Be Carbon-Free By 2050, Remains Committed To Nuclear Power

South Korea Approves Expansion Of Storage Facilities For Spent Nuclear Fuel

Iran Has Capacity To Enrich Uranium At Any Percentage

Rural Ontario Landowners Agree To Testing Initiative For Proposed Nuclear-Waste Storage Facility


Swedish Parliament Rejects Ringhals Restart - By One Vote

Welded Reactor Cover Completed For Turkey's First Nuclear Plant

Germany Rejected Nuclear Power—and Deadly Emissions Spiked

In The Wake Of The Fukushima, Some Animals Are Thriving

UAE Delegation Meets with Senior US Government Officials to Commemorate 10-Year Anniversary of Peaceful Civilian Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Swedish Parliament Rejects Proposal to Halt Nuclear Shutdown

TEPCO Estimates 44 Years To Decommission Japan's Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant

South Africa Appoints New Board At State Nuclear Firm

Australian Uranium Miner Flags Restart At Honeymoon Within A Year If Prices Jump

Safety A Priority Of UAE's Nuclear Energy Program

Latest Images Show Progress At UK's Hinkley Point C Nuclear Station


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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