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Senate Approves MOX Funding Extension

Demolition At Former LANL Plutonium Plant

Idaho Nuclear Lab Director Eyes New Generation of Scientists


Harry Reid Suing Exercise Equipment Firm Over Eye Injury


Video Highlights Third Quarter Progress On Vogtle Units 3 And 4

Disaster Plan Developed For Use If St. Louis Landfill Fire Reaches Buried Nuclear Waste

DOE Predicts Lower Winter Fuel Bills

These Tourists Have Visited 160 Manhattan Project Era Nuclear Sites Across The U.S.


AP Investigation: Nuclear Smugglers Sought Extremist Buyers

NRC ‘Challenges’ Include Complying With Spending Laws


Sen. Tim Scott Talks Savannah River Site, MOX, And Federal Spending

NRC: Examining the Reasons for Ending the Cancer Risk Study

DOE Cold Case Shows Limits Of U.S.-China Cyber Cooperation


Moniz's ‘Body Man' -- 'From Coffee Fetchers To Confidants'

Japanese University Creates Low-Alkaline Cement With Rice Chaff For Nuclear Waste Disposal


U.S. Reactor Operators Increase Uranium Purchases From Kazakhstan

Los Alamos Lab Running Out Of Storage For Nuclear Waste

California’s Coastal Commission To Vote On Expanded Nuclear Fuel Storage At San Onofre

Report: Nuclear Plants In 'Culture Of Denial' Over Hacking Risk

Chatham House: Global Nuclear Facilities 'At Risk' Of Cyber Attack

Drop Seen In Number Of Crocodiles Near Florida’s Turkey Point Nuclear Plant

Video: How To Power A Martian Base

USNIC: Industry Spent Fuel Transportation Facts Speak For Themselves -- Not New Or Novel

Ohio Braces For Mass Layoffs By DOE

DOE Starts Planning For Vermont Yankee Nuclear Waste?

Low-level Waste Site Could Close Before Yankee Decommissions

Academics Hail Fusion As The Future Of Nuclear Energy


Neutrino Detectors Could Keep Discreet Tabs On Nuclear Reactors

Obama Threatens Veto Of Defense Authorization Over Spending Caps

New EPA Ozone Limit Draws Criticism From Industry Groups, Environmentalists

The $100 Billion Question on Climate Starts to Find an Answer

NNSA: 'Per The Direction Of Congress, The Department Is Continuing Construction Of The MOX Facility’

Congressional Authorizers Bless U.S. MOX Project For Another Year


U.S. Nuclear Energy Fleet Sets New Performance Record

House Panel Approves Energy Reform Bill

Supporters of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Plan Rally, Hope To Save Plant


Will Cuomo Join Effort To Save FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant?

House Energy Subcommittee Chair Whitfield To Exit: Chief Obama Power Plan Critic

General Atomics Reels In Moly-99 Cooperative Agreement With NNSA


Former Idaho Gov Presses Legal Effort Against DOE Commercial Spent Fuel Shipment


Exelon in Settlement Talks With Washington on Pepco Takeover

A New Low In Science: Criminalizing Climate Change Skeptics

Arizona Continues Push To Open New Uranium Mines Near Grand Canyon

NNSA Partnership Successfully Removes All Remaining HEU from Uzbekistan

Bush Energy Plan Would Boost Exports, Approve Keystone

High Bridge Report: MOX Downblending Option $20 Billion More Than Staying Course With MOX Plant


SC Small Business Chamber Wants Legislature To Review SC Law On Nuclear Construction Costs

House Speaker Turnover Clouds Ex-Im Bank's Future

McCarthy House Speakership May Mean Lights Out For Export-Import Bank

Nevada Native Americans Hit NRC on Yucca EIS


Artisanal Pizza is Boosting the Coal Industry


NRC Reshuffles Management Line-Up In Belt Tightening Maneuver

Ohio Will Aid Workers Losing Jobs At American Centrifuge

Ohio Senators Push For Money To Clean Up Former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant

20 Percenters: US Nuclear Industry Stuck At Status Quo?

Limited Progress Seen Even as More Nations Step Up on Climate

Nuclear: Energy Of The Future Or Remnant Of The Past?

China Climate Announcements Turn Tables On Congress Foes

Central New York Lawmakers Start Petition Drive To Save FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant


Study: Fish Doing Swimmingly Near Nuclear Plants

Small-Scale Nuclear Fusion May Be A New Energy Source

Drone Captures Eerie Footage Of Abandoned Chernobyl-Era


At UN, Pope Francis Praises Iran Nuclear Deal

EPA’s Fondness For High-End Furniture Costs Taxpayers $92 Million

Can India-US Take Relationship To The Next Level With An ‘Economic Nuclear Deal?’

NRC to Hold Conference on Spent Fuel Management

U.S., China To Deliver New Plan For Climate Pact

North Carolina Mulling New Nuclear For EPA CPP Compliance If Litigation Fails

E&C Subcommittee to Examine Transportation of Spent Nuclear Material

Partisan Applause As Pope Francis Urges The US To Fight Climate Change


Crystal River Area Tops U.S. In GDP Loss Following Nuclear Plant Closure

Former University Reactor To Become Lab For Nuclear Research

Savannah River Site Manager Said Possible Government Shutdown Prompting Funding Alternatives

Natural Gas Power Plant Eyed For Former Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Site


Moniz talks Iran Deal on the Late Show

Nuclear Industry Urged To Speak Up, Educate Public

Congressional Budget Leader Optimistic On Hanford Funding

Former Department of Energy Secretary Goes Up To Bat For MOX

New York Town Worried About Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant Closing

Truck Delivering Uranium Catches Fire Outside of Honeywell Metropolis

Y-12 Uranium Shipment Reportedly Violated DOT Rules

Meet Nuclear Energy’s Comeback Kids

Successful Tests at INL May Lead To Faster Creation Of New Nuclear Fuels


Moniz to Appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Keystone Pipeline

New Report Disputes Leaked DOE MOX Red Team Findings

Greenpeace On Renewables: Phase Out Coal, Oil, Gas And Nuclear Energy By 2050


Born In The USA: How America Created Iran's Nuclear Program

Climate Action & Energy Commissioner: Nuclear Has To Be Part Of Solution To Eu Energy Challenges

Judge Adds October Court Date To Virginia Uranium Case

UN: Paris Climate Pledges Won't Stop Dangerous Warming

State To Review Financing Method For South Carolina’s V.C. Summer Nuclear Station

MOX Dispute Centers Over What To Do With Surplus Weapons-Grade Plutonium

Paris Climate Talks: China And The US Hold The Keys

American Centrifuge Layoffs To Hit Mid-November

Nye Countians Debate Yucca EIS at NRC Hearing

Is Going Nuclear The Key For More Sustainable Energy?

The First Human Base On Mars Will Most Likely Run On Nuclear Energy

Nevada Gov: Feds Lack Land, Water Rights For Yucca Mountain

New Report Highlights Nuclear Benefits In Great Lakes Region

Savannah River Site Secures Swiss Uranium Shipment


Kentucky Energy Czar Pitches Lifting of state Nuclear Plant Moratorium

Entergy, Regional Commission Clash Over Site Of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Waste

$12M Renovation Overhauling Former Nuclear Reactor Building At University Of Michigan

Y-12 Shipped Too Much Nuke Material; Mistake Discovered By Recipient

Answers Behind Centrifuge Decision Still Sought

MIT's Dennis Whyte Wants to Prove Fusion Is the Future


It’s Official: 2015 Has Been Really Hot


GOP Prez Hopeful Christie Touts Nuclear Energy in Primetime

Wyoming Uranium Mine Proposes To More Than Double In Size

Highly-Enriched Uranium Returned To US From Switzerland

Nonessential Work Suspended At SRS Plant After Plutonium Storage Incident

DOE Extends Paducah Support Contract

The Nuke Kids On The Block Are Coming To Disrupt SF

2016 Pres Candidate Scott Walker: Yucca Mountain Decision Should Be Based On Science

Forensics Reveals Uranium's Past


Vatican Praises Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy

Moniz: ‘The Threat Of Climate Change Calls For Expanded Use Of Nuclear Power’

Debate Over Yucca Mountain Resuming In Las Vegas

IAEA Research Reactor Network Takes Shape

Y-12 Break-In Trio To Pay $52K In Damages


85-Year-Old Nun Who Snuck Into Nuclear Facility Sentenced To Time Served

NRC Taking Comments in Vegas About Yucca Mountain

Ohio Town Officials At A Loss As To What To Do About American Centrifuge Shutdown

Finally, Fusion Takes Small Steps Toward Reality

New Mexico Energy Plan Opens Door To SMRs

Europe: The Secret Weapon for Global Climate Change Deal


The World Really Could Go Nuclear: Nothing But Fear And Capital Stand In The Way


Report: New York Nuclear Power Plants' Contribution to the State Economy

NY Considers Annual Shutdowns Of Nuclear Plant To Save Fish

Hanford’s High-Tech Future: New DOE Cleanup Leader Looks To Robotics To Keep Next Generation Of Workers Safe

Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power

Director General Yukiya Amano’s Statement to the 59th Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference

PNNL Trying To Keep World Safe From Nuclear Weapons

It’s Not You, It’s Me — Is The American Centrifuge Project A Victim Of A Dysfunctional Relationship?

Centrus 'Disappointed' In American Centrifuge Axing: 'Will Explore Options'


MIT Researchers’ (Relatively) Cheap Fusion

America's National Labs Seek A New Ally: The Neighbors

Will California Revisit The San Onofre Settlement?

Map of the World’s Neutrinos Exposes Nuclear Activity Wherever It’s Happening

DOE To Pull The Plug On Centrus' American Centrifuge Project

Former Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus Blasts DOE for 'Culture of Secrecy' Surrounding Nuclear Waste Shipments

This Nuclear Engineer May Have Figured out How to Make Us Love Nuclear Energy Again

WNA Director General Agneta Rising Says Industry Well-Poised To Aim High

Three Ways The US Nuclear Industry Is An Excellent Cyber Security Example

Lawmakers Ask NRC to Request Yucca Mountain Funding

Mixed Messages Hinder Growth In Nuclear Energy


Moniz #7 Thinker, Doer And Visionary Transforming American Politics

DOE Releases New Quadrennial Technology Report

Records: Energy Department Struck By Cyber Attacks

Beyond Keystone: Top Energy Security Issues For The 2016 Election (That Candidates Are Likely To Ignore)

World Nuclear Capacity Projected To Grow By 45 Percent By 2035

The Nuclear Fuel Report: Global Scenarios for Demand and Supply Availability 2015-2035

Setbacks Aside, Growth In Nuclear Energy Will Continue


After Nearly Seven Years, DOE Takes First Steps Toward A Post-Yucca Future

NRC Costs, Yucca Issues Surface At House Oversight Hearing

Nevada To Pay Former State Attorney $500,000 To Continue Yucca Mountain Fight

I Work In A Nuclear Power Plant: 5 Insane Realities

South Carolina AG Throws Shot Over DOE Bow On MOX: Litigation Looms


Wolf Creek at 30: Environmental Attitudes Toward Nuclear Energy Changing

‘Renegade’ UK Physicists Say They’re On Fast Track To Nuclear Fusion

Wind-Power Producers Find Profits as Elusive as a Summer Breeze

NRC Ends Work on National Academy of Sciences Cancer Risk Pilot Study

Leaked Report Questions Bechtel’s Ability to Clean up Hanford

When NASA Had Nuclear Rockets

Las Vegas Sun: '...the possibility that the Yucca Mountain project could move forward seems greater than ever'

Additional RadWaste Violations Found At Los Alamos National Lab


Palin Eyes Energy Secretary In A Trump Administration

U.S. Has Fewest Coal Mines Since the Lightbulb Was Patented

Study To Look At Washington Sites For Small Nuclear Reactors

Utah Cities Eye Power From Small Reactors


A Y-12 Insider’s Account Of The July 28, 2012 Security Breach And What Followed

Nuclear Waste Pressure Builds For Idaho

Frustration, And Maybe Progress, As Paris Climate Talks Near


Keystone XL Pipeline ‘Death Knell’ Coming This Weekend?

Hunt for Nuclear Reactors in the First Global Antineutrino Map

The ‘Alien’ Found In A Russian Nuclear Energy Plant Is Not An Alien, Guys

Audit Shows Security Gaps Persist At Y-12 Complex

DOE Improves Equipment for Workers at Hanford

Brazilian Judge Accepts Charges Against Ex-Head Of Nuclear Energy Firm

Nevada County Fights for Opportunity to Host Yucca

Cuomo May Need To Keep NY’s Nuclear Plants Alive

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation's Nuclear Plants


Wind Industry Aims To Cut Bat Killings


U.S. Nuclear Retirements Could Scuttle Obama Clean Power Plan Climate Goals

Rand Corp. Report: Overcoming Obstacles to Advanced Reactor Technologies

Will the Clean Power Plan Give Nuclear Its Due? A Q&A with Energy Northwest CEO Mark Reddemann

Washington Sues Feds Over Safety of Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks


New $40 Million Project Supposed To Ease Uranium Risks At Y-12

NRC Management, Post-Fukushima Response, Back-End Issues On Docket For House Energy Hearing

Anti-Nuclear Activist Endorses MOX WIPP-Based Option: 'People Living In Carlsbad Would Not Mind If Excess Plutonium Was Sent There'

DOE Names Field Office Manager At WIPP Nuclear Repository

Chinese Scientists Create Lightest Uranium Isotopes Ever

Nuclear Cleanup Project Haunted By Legacy Of Design Failures And Whistleblower Retaliation

Washington Attorney General Blasts Hanford Nuclear Cleanup Report


Trial Dates Set For Virginia Uranium Complaint

US Co-Conspirators Paid Over $2M To Influence Russia Inc. Uranium Business Prospects

Tenex Official Pleads Guilty in Russian Uranium Sales Bribery Case

Obama Claims Climate Changing Faster Than Efforts to Address It


Rep. Wilson Denounces MOX Studies, Request Documents

Moniz: US Has Ability To Monitor Iran Nuclear Program

Is Europe The New Frontier For US Energy Exports?

U.N. Chief Urges World Leaders to Speed Up Climate Talks

Faff & Fallout: The Next President Will Have To Decide What To Do About Nuclear Waste

Mass Layoff Possible In Portsmouth Uranium Cleanup

Missouri Anger Builds At EPA Over Simmering Manhattan Era Radioactive Landfill

DOE to Crank Out New Plutonium-238 in 2019

Women in Nuclear Meet Atoms for Peace

1,100 Union Workers To Strike At DOE Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant


NASA's Next Nuclear-Powered Mars Rover: Building the Beast

US Nuclear Reactors Post Another Month of Reliable Electricity Production

California Utilities Overseer Says It’s Too Poor To Release San Onofre E-Mails Promptly

Richardson: DOE MOX Alternative Studies 'Made-To-Order’—‘Vastly Defy' Estimates


Warren Buffett Antes Up To Jumpstart World's First Fuel Bank

Government Lab Researchers Develop Radioactive Waste Tracker

Moniz Sees End To Subsidies For Solar

Looking for a Commodity That's Rising? Try Pollution Permits

Ex-NM Gov, Energy Secretary Richardson: MOX Switch 'Reckless', Violates Nonproliferation Treaty

Moniz Explains The Science Of The Iran Deal

How Close Are We To Nuclear Fusion?


Bipartisan Policy Center: U.S. Nuclear Waste Management 'Largely Paralyzed' By Obama Yucca Stop

Ex-Energy Secretary Richardson Blast: MOX Project Naysayers ‘Have Fantasies And Nothing Real, Apart From MOX’

Report Finds Design Flaws At Hanford Nuclear Waste Facility


Nevada Congressman Predicts House Will Revive Yucca With Sweeping Vote


Investigators: Solyndra Lied To Get Loan Guarantee

Vermont Yankee Spent Fuel Storage Issue Comes Before PSB

Proposed NJ Permit For Salem Plant Sans Cooling Towers Irks Antis

Guns Stolen From Illinois’ LaSalle Nuclear Plant


Nuclear Waste Showdown Between Idaho And DOE Reaches A New Level
Energy, Enviro Agencies Grapple With Cheating Site Fallout


Locals Slam Feds For WIPP Re-Opening Delay

Obama To Traditional Energy Producers: Get With The Program
Lockheed Martin Nuclear Subsidiary Fined for Paying Lobbyists with Federal Funds
Moniz Optimistic For Paris Climate Pact
Keel-Laying For New US Nuclear Ship
Obama Orders Boost To Clean Energy Programs
Ex-Duke CEO: Here's How To Power The World


Russia's Natural Gas Pipeline Power Fades In Potency As Dependency Falls


25 Years After Raucous Protests, Seabrook Station Remains Pivotal Figure In Nuclear Debate
Interactive Tool Lifts Veil On The Cost Of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Waste Site Planned for Lake Huron is Drawing Mass Ire Across Border
DOJ: Sandia Corp To Pay $4.8M To Resolve Lobbying Allegations
Nuclear Waste Site Bid Makes Waves In Lake Huron
General Fusion Successfully Crowdsources Technical Solution to Reactor Development
Chicagoans To Be Charged More For Electricity In Coming Years


EPA Knew Of 'Blowout' Risk For Tainted Water At Gold Mine
NRC Slates Meetings On Yucca Mountain EIS Report

WSJ: The Power Revolutions

Utility-Scale Wind Turbines Banned In Los Angeles County

IAEA Hosts International Conference to Promote Women in Nuclear Science

Red Team Shock Claim: Not-Yet-Started MOX Downblending Option Could Be Cheaper Than 70% Completed MOX Plant

Proposes Doubling MOX Budget

DOE Red Team Weighs Sending Plutonium To Shuttered WIPP Facility

NRC: Indian Point Followed Protocol In Response To Transformer Fire


New York State Assembly Leader Differs With Cuomo In any Indian Point Closure

Deputy Energy Secretary to Visit PNNL, Hanford

Mark Peters Named Idaho National Laboratory Director


Fitch: US Nuclear Energy Growth Prospects Remain Uncertain

Underground Radiological Decontamination Moves Ahead At WIPP

Senator Risch Urges Idaho Officials To Move On Commercial Waste R&D Shipments

One Chart Shows Why Nuclear Energy Has Such A Promising Future

Trying to Break the U.S. Energy System for Its Own Good


Wind Cusinarts V. Bald Eagle: Setback As Judge Sides With Bird

Former Governor Raises Ante In Idaho Spent Fuel Fight: Appeal Filed

Video: White House Chronicle — Innovations In Nuclear Energy

The Truth Behind The EPA’s Animas River Spill Is Messier Than You Think

Brazil's Eletrobras Sued In U.S. Court Over Corruption Scandal

Lockdown Lifted At SRS After Sniffer-Dog False Alarm


House E&C Committee Letter Drills NRC On Use Of Qualitative Factors In Rulemaking

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Why Westinghouse Looks To Nuclear-Averse Australia For New Business

Toshiba Ready For A Nuclear Plant Project In Turkey

Small-Scale Nuclear Market 'Could Be Worth £400bn'

Duke Chief Sounds 'Strongly Doubtful Note' on New Lee Plant

MOX Central

CB&I AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Westinghouse Expands Into Australia's New Nuclear Market With Local Suppliers

Exelon-Pepco Merger Gets A Lifeline

Optimism Grows For Exelon/Pepco Deal After DC Settlement

AREVA Manufactures, Delivers Detectors For Real-Time Monitoring Of Palo Verde Reactors

San Onofre’s Spent Fuel To Be Stored Near Ocean

California Regulators OK Shuttered San Onofre Spent Fuel Management Plan

The List: The Big Eight Global Uranium Producers -- And Those Waiting In The Wings

UK Small Modular Nuclear Market Takes Shape

AREVA to Tap China, Gulf Investors in Capital Increase Plan

AREVA Lands Xcel Service Contract for Two Plants Along The Mississippi

One-Third Of U.S. Reactors To Shut Down For Refueling As Demand Ebbs

Report: AREVA and EDF To Keep 66% Of Nuclear Reactor Firm

Utah Municipal Marches Forward On Clean Energy And SMRs

Fire Crews Quickly Extinguish Small Fire at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island

AREVA Awarded Contract By Xcel Energy For Dry Fuel Storage Management

NuScale Sets Its Sights On The UK

Westinghouse Shield Shutdown Seal Successfully Demonstrated

GE Hitachi and DTE Energy to Advance ESBWR Development

Treading Water In The Uranium Market

Experts Group Finds Areva's Tests For Flamanville 3 RPV 'Acceptable'

Rosatom Approves SVBR-100 Detailed Design Review

AREVA North America Persisting In Wake Of Parent Company Challenges

Exelon Fleet Avoids Major Disruption, For Now

Exelon Weighs Options For Remaining TMI Plant

OPPD: Suspicious Package At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Was High-Voltage Test Device

Southern's Fanning: New US Nuclear Plants Coming In Regulated Markets

Exelon Weighs Options For Three Mile Island After Plant's Failed Bid

Westinghouse Purchases Product To Streamline Nuclear Safety Systems

Foratom On PINC: Maintaining Nuclear’s Current Capacity To Reach Eu Energy Goals 2050

EDF Still Bullish On Hinkley Point Deal Not Withstanding Negative Whiplash

NRC Completes Safety Review of Proposed New Reactors at South Texas Project

NRC Completes Safety Review of Early Site Permit for Southern New Jersey Location

CEO: Toshiba May Seek Partner For Nuclear Operations

EDF Energy Readies Ovivo For Contract Signing Subject To Final Investment Decision On Hinkley Point C

Engie Trims Profit Outlook Over Belgian Nuclear Plant Outages

Weeks Into New Job, Fortum CEO Faces $10 Billion Question

Alliance Resources Focuses On Chilean Uranium

E.ON, Fortum To Discuss Shutdown Of Two Swedish Nuclear Reactors

Canadian Court Overturns Revocation of Darlington Nuclear Project Licence – Nuclear Project Allowed to Proceed

Energy Fuels Announces Augmentation of Uranium Production Capabilities at Nichols Ranch

GE's Digital Power Plant: Applying the Internet of Things to The Energy Industry

Lower Nuclear Output, Humidity Boost Eastern U.S. Power Prices

GE Hitachi And Exelon Generation Team To Champion Digital Revolution

Rosatom Targets Nuclear Export Growth

BWXT Awarded $35 Million in Contracts for Naval Nuclear Reactor Programs

Brazil's Eletrobras Suspends Contract With Builder Of Nuclear Plant

NRC Renews Operating License of Sequoyah Nuclear Plant in Tennessee

AREVA's Atrium 11 BWR Fuel Launched In United States

AREVA Awarded Patent For Boiling Water Reactor Tool

State Slams Emergency Plan Changes At Vermont Yankee

Tough Times, No Easy Answers For Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Analyst: Tighter Emissions Goals Won’t Save NY Nuclear Industry

3 Westinghouse Workers Injured In Columbia Plant Incident 

Cameco Defends Safety Of Uranium Mining As Cigar Lake Mine Opens

Toro Energy Pushes Wiluna Forward as Uranium Markets Return

AREVA Signs Three-Year EOC Contract With Talen Energy

Georgia Power Accepts Big Deliveries From Italy -- 149-Ton Tanks for Vogtle

Mitsubishi Heavy Weighs Pros, Cons Of AREVA Investment

Unit 4 Core Make-Up Tanks, Steam Generator A Arrive At Vogtle Expansion

GE Creating Up To 1000 New Energy Sector Jobs In The UK Following Ex-Im Bank Expiration 

S.C. Regulators Approve $64.5M Rate Increase At SCE&G For Nuclear Plant Construction

Cigar Lake 'A Real Success Story'

Kibo Begins Work at Pinewood Uranium Project in Tanzania

TVA Completes Safety Testing Of New Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor

NRC Officially Drops Entergy's Grand Gulf ESBWR Application

Rolls-Royce In Line For Big Hinkley Nuclear Contracts

AREVA Completes Factory Acceptance Test For Digital Control Rod Drive Control System

EDF Energy CEO: China's Nuclear Investment Beneficial To UK

Cameco Corporation Is Ready to Ride This Upcoming Bull Market

Exelon and Pepco Ruling Will Be Appealed

Production At Cigar Lake Kicks-Off

Bill Gates’s Nuclear Energy Startup TerraPower Signs Deal With Chinese Counterpart

Going Nuclear with UPower

How Will India’s Nuclear Growth Affect Uranium Demand?

EDF's Cruas 1 and Chinon 4 Nuclear Reactors In Unplanned Outages

NRC Conducting Special Inspection At Callaway Nuclear Plant

Fortum Wins New Order For Fukushima Ion Exchange Materials

AREVA, EDF Pursue Investment From Mitsubishi Heavy

Documents Detail How Nuclear Material Was Handled at San Onofre Nuclear Station

Exelon's Peach Bottom-3 Nuclear Energy Unit Shut For Refueling, Power Uprate

GEO CEO: Indian Rules Must Be Consistent With Global Norms

Westinghouse Expands Its Services For Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors

EDF's Italian, Polish Assets Look Like A Hard Sell

GE's Immelt Rules Out India Nuclear Investment Under Current Law

Rosatom’s Foreign Order Portfolio Of Nuclear Plant Grows To $300B

Uranium Perks Up On Asian Demand

AREVA To Provide Outage Services For Three Nuclear Power Plants In Germany

Costs Cited In Possible Closure Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant Still Pumping Power After 25 Years

Salem Nuclear Plant Cooling-Water Intake Debate Heating Up

EDF: Why Building Hinkley Point C Is Essential To Secure The UK’s Energy Future

Investing: Why Uranium Prices Are Poised To Rebound

Western Uranium Completes Takeover of Black Ranger

Pilgrim Warning: Safety Upgrade Costs May Shutter New England Plant

Nuclear Energy Chiefs Assess Path To New Capacity Growth

RWE Rules Out Stake Sale to Middle East Investor

Bechtel Projects Addresses Hanford's Decades-Old Nuclear Waste

TVA Kicks Off A Potential Nuclear Energy Rebirth

Investors Shun German Utilities On Nuclear Clean-Up Uncertainty

Laker Energy Products Sees Strong Future For Nuclear In Canada

Moody’s: Exelon's Deferral Decision On PJM Nuclear Units Is Credit Positive

Industry Leaders Highlight Key Challenges in Nuclear Energy Generation in the Next Decade

Palisades Nuclear Plant Shuts Down After Equipment Failure

Centrus CEO Poneman: Nuclear Energy Can Address Two 'Existential Threats'

Westinghouse Teams With Holtec On Pool To Pad Services

EDF Energy Head: Britain Needs Hinkley Point C

Ex-Im Opponents Scoff As GE Moves Jobs Overseas

Ur-Energy Proposes to Expand Wyoming Uranium Mine

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Shut Down After Cooling System Issues

TEPCO Makes First Release of Treated Groundwater

Uranium Inventories Driving Markets

EDF: Low Power Price 'Irrelevant' To Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal

German Utilities Defend Nuclear Provisions After Report

Major Catalysts Poised to Move Uranium Prices

Report: German Energy Firms Need To Set Aside More Money For Nuclear Exit

Profits Rise as CNNC Opens More Nuclear Plants

A-Cap Resources to Open First Uranium Mine in Botswana

Lightbridge and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Sign Comprehensive Agreement for Fabrication of Lightbridge Nuclear Fuel Samples

Utilities Engaged In Hand-To-Hand Cyber Combat To Keep The Lights On

NRC Approves GNF Fuel Innovation

Entergy Officials Acknowledge Issues At Pilgrim Nuclear Station

Opportunities Exist To Avoid Nuclear Skills Shortage

CEO Philippe Knoche: Three Challenges For AREVA

Entergy Exec Touts Indian Point's Safety

Solar Project Planned At Former California Nuclear Plant Site

Planned Maintenance at Diablo Canyon Unit 2 Delayed to Meet State Energy Needs During Heat Wave

Entergy: FitzPatrick Plant On The Shutdown Bubble — Decision By December

Nuclear Fuel Industry Ready To Meet Growth In Capacity

County Supervisors Want Waste Out Of San Onofre

Westinghouse Expands Facilities Near NRC HQ

Politics Forces Eon To Cancel Move Of Nuclear Assets Into Uniper Spin Off

Exelon Defers Decisions On ‘Economically Challenged’ Nuclear Plants For One Year

EON Cancels Nuclear Business Spinoff as 2015 Loss Forecast

Lightbridge Corporation Announces Aspire Capital Funding Commitment

UEC and International Atomic Energy Agency Advance Uranium Cooperation With Paraguay

US Nuclear Industry ‘Leading In Cyber Security’

Holtec Plans Cooperation With Ukraine's Turboatom

Power Utilities Are Built For The 20th Century: That’s Why They’re Flailing In The 21st

Western Uranium: Federal Court of Australia Approves Black Range Acquisition

GE-Alstom's $14B Deal Gets Okay From EU, US

NRC Rebuffs Anti Plans For special Fermi 2 Hearing

Japan Regulators: Kansai Electric Approval For Mihama Reactor Restart In Jeopardy

AREVA Hanford Fuel Facility In Aces US Customs Review/a>

Economic Report Finds Significant Value of Nuclear Plants to Michigan’s Economy and Carbon Emissions Limits

Kurion To Develop Prototype Modular Detritiation System For Japan

Paladin Buys Back $20M Of Debt

Czech CEZ Sees Temelin Unit 1 Online By End Of Week

Hinkley Point C Timetable Hinges On Chinese Funding

Westinghouse Consortium scores on Segmentation Of Reactor Pressure Vessel At Philippsburg

Toshiba Slashes Earnings for Past Seven Years

Investing: NuScale -- A Long-Term Bet On The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Inside The Guptas' Uranium Mine Empire

NRC Rejects Call For Changes At North Anna Facility

Dominion Squares Off Over $457 Million Difference Of Opinion Over The Kewaunee Plant Value

NRC Says North Anna Nuclear Plant Passes Muster

Spurred by Tesla, The Energy Storage Business Is Growing Fast

EDF's Latest Reactor Delay Adds to Pressure on U.K. Nuclear Plan

Vattenfall and E.ON Clash Over Plans To Shut Nuclear Plants

Vattenfall Confirms Early Closure Of Sweden’s Ringhals Units

Investing: Gauging the Uranium Market's Recovery

South Africa's Eskom Backs $100B Nuclear Energy Build

Japan's Kyushu Electric Eyes First H1 Profit In Five Years With Nuclear Restart

EDF Chief Admits UK’s Hinkley Point C To Be Delayed

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Passes Critical Tests To Ready Unit 2 For Power Generation

Eletrobras Suspends Angra Nuclear Contract As Contractors Quit

South Carolina Commission Okays Cost For VC Summer

No New Cost Overruns At Vogtle Nuclear Plant

EDF Revamps Flamanville Project Management: Targets 2018 Completion

Toshiba Agrees To Extend Early Redemption Right Of GoviEx Uranium Bond

NRC Board Agrees To Hold Hearing On Vermont Yankee's Use Of Decommissioning Fund For Waste

NRC Boosts Oversight of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Exelon Plans Cost Cuts, Won't Rule Out Layoffs

GE Hitachi Pumps Improve Nuclear Plant Safety

Exelon Announces All Illinois Nuclear Plants Cleared 2016-17 PJM Transition Auction

Report: Nuclear Costs Remain Competitive

Rosatom sells Australian Mining Arm To Boss Resources

Exelon, Pepco To Push For Merger, Despite Roadblock

Duke's 1,305MW McGuire-2 Nuclear Reactor In North Carolina Prepares For Outage

Toshiba CEO Discounts Newfound Accounting Errors

Exelon-Pepco: Regulators Failed To See Merger's 'Substantial' Customer Benefits

Former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers Says Power Companies Doing It All Wrong

US Patent Issued For Russian SVBR Fast Reactor

Fossil Fuels Losing Cost Advantage

Exelon Mulling Closure Of Unprofitable Quad Cities Nuclear Plant, Decision Due By Oct. 1

Toshiba Delays Earnings Report on Further Accounting Probe

Edison Plays Matchmaker To Find The Right Skills For $4.4B Dismantling Of San Onofre Plant

NuScale Looks To Reboot The Conversation On Nuclear Energy

Gas Deal Could Signal Southern’s Drift From New Nuclear Projects

Construction Budget For Plant Vogtle Keeps Level, But Uncertainty Remains

NRC Announces Settlement With Dominion Resources Inc.

Dominion Institutes Corrective Actions At Millstone

Paladin Narrows Its Loss, Continues To Cut Costs

Southern: Plant Vogtle New Build Schedule Holding

Hundreds Of Layoffs Back On The Table At Piketon Nuclear-Cleanup Site

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Being Considered For Closure?

Why The Solyndra Mistake Is Still Important To Remember

TVEL Ready To Deliver Fuel For Iran's Bushehr September Outage

Peninsula Energy Secures Sales Contracts Above Current Uranium Spot Price

Rethinking Steel-Plate Composite Construction for Improved Sustainability and Resiliency of Nuclear Plant Structures

TEPCO Nuclear Safety Reformer Says Industry Needs Peer Reviews

Brief Emergency Alert Over Smoke At France's Flamanville Nuclear Plant 

Spot Uranium Price Rises In Thin Market, Traders Eye End Of Summer Doldrums

Callaway Nuclear Plant To Shift Some Waste To Dry Storage — But Not All

SCE&G Seeks Rate Hike To Aide V.C. Summer New Build

Over 230 Attend NuScale Power’s “NuEx” – NuScale Exposition

DC Regulators Reject Exelon-Pepco Merger
Electrical Fault Causes Temporary Outage At Vogtle Nuclear Site
Vattenfall Applies To Decommission Krümmel Plant In Germany
GEH Shipping Nuclear Reactor Pumps To Japan

Exelon, Pepco Weighing Options After Regulators Rebuff Merger Bid

Exelon Tells Staff To Look Past Unsuccessful Energy Auction
Byron Nuclear Plant Clears Capacity Auction For 2018-2019
Southern Turns Meltdown Monday Back to Merger Monday
PJM Auction Sees Power Prices Soar Under New Reliability Rules
Three Exelon Nuclear Plants Fail to Clear Capacity Auction
Kyushu Suspends Power Build-Up At Restarted Sendai Nuclear Plant Over Pump Issue
Enec CEO Joins World Nuclear Body Governing Board
Exelon Pulls Back Curtain On The Economics Of Its Nuclear Energy Fleet
Will Markets Welcome Smaller And Less Costly Nuclear Reactors?
TVA Boosts Rates As It Moves To Add More Nuclear, Gas And Renewables
SCANA's Business Model Promises Growth, High Debt a Drag
NRC Hearing Brings a Private Sector Solution To Nuclear Storage One Step Closer

Urenco To Complete New Mexico Expansion By Year-End

Southern California Edison Says CPUC Ruling Is Flawed

TVA Board Votes to Continue Power System Investments

UAE's Nuclear Operator Says $2.5B Deals Awarded To Local Firms

Power-Grid Operator's Auction Aims To Ensure Reliable Electricity Supplies

Exelon Says Revamped PJM Auction Won't Spare Quad Cities Plant

FPL Favors Natural Gas, But Wants More Nuclear At Turkey Point

Georgia Public Service Commission Approves New Vogtle Construction Costs

Westinghouse Innovation Doubles Life Of Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump Seal O-Ring

Costs and Deadlines Continue to Challenge V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant Project

TEPCO Announces Restructuring Spinning Off Non-Nuclear Businesses 

AREVA Delivers Ventilation Systems For Japanese Reactor

Bechtel Salutes TVA, Workforce on Major Milestone for New U.S. Nuclear Reactor

Regulators Asked To Reject FPL Nuclear Request

Toshiba Shakes Up Board, Cuts Profit Forecast: Not Enough Details, Says Goldman

OPEC's ‘Fragile Five’ Face Rising Cost in the Fight for Oil Market Share

FPL Seeks Another $34 Million For Proposed Nuclear Reactors

Little Short-Term Upside Seen For Uranium Despite Japan’s Restart

Toro Energy: Encouraging Results from Wiluna Uranium Probe

Uranium News: Peninsula Hits High-grade Uranium During Production Drilling

Exelon Warns Quad Cities Plant Could Close In 2017 Without State Package

Local Officials Voice Support For Quad-Cities

Toshiba: Interim President to Stay, Expects Fiscal 2014 Loss

BWXT To Design Steam Generator For China Nuclear Energy Project

US Nuclear Capacity Hits A High

Plasma Furnaces Could Save Nuclear Industry Billions

TEPCO’s Mounting Legal Woes To Fuel Nuclear Opposition

AREVA Delivers Venting Systems To Japanese Plants

Investing: China's Nuclear Plans Are Why You Want to Own Cameco Corp.

TVA Says First U.S. Nuclear Reactor Built In 21St Century Nearly Ready

Investing: China's Nuclear Plans Are Why You Want to Own Cameco Corp.

Watts Bar Unit 2 is Substantially Complete, TVA Requests Issuance of License

Brazil Contractors Leaving Nuclear Plant Face Penalties

E.ON Seeks Compromise Over Cost Of Nuclear Plant Closures

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Turkey's Erdogan Warns Russia On Nuclear Project, Natural Gas

Pakistan Seeking US Cooperation On Civil Nuclear Energy

Russia, Bolivia Agree To Cooperate In Nuclear Energy

UK To Set Up High-Temperature Facility For Nuclear R&D

World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor In Switzerland ‘Like Emmental’?


Ukraine Rebuffs Russian Assistance In Completing Its Khmelnytsky Nuclear Plant

IAEA’s Amano: Nuclear Energy Is Misunderstood In Africa

Is Africa On The Verge Of A Nuclear Energy Revolution?

Head of South Korea's Nuclear Energy Operator Tapped As New WANO President

Plutonium Stocks Could Soar In East Asia

Russia: Exporting Influence, One Nuclear Reactor at a Time

About 4,600 Builders Working At Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site

U.K. Said to Consider Closing All Coal-Fired Plants by 2023

Nuclear Energy On Agenda During French PM’s Trip to Japan


Nature Thrives In Chernobyl

TEPCO Releases Decontaminated Groundwater Five Times into the Sea

Poland's Government Signals Reversal From A Nuclear Energy Program, See Coal As Base

TEPCO Removes Protective Cover Over Fukushima Reactor

UK’s Oldbury Power Station Removes The Last Fuel From Its Reactors

French PM Asks For Japan's Participation In French Nuclear Sector Reshuffle

German Regional Official Says State Might Have To Help Pay For Nuclear Exit

European Industry Group Calls On EC To Plan For 100 New Reactors In 35 Years

South Korea To Spend $522M On Nuclear Decommissioning

EDF Announces Another Preferred Bidder For Hinkley


Report: Chinese Firms Eyeing 30 Percent Or Less Stake In Hinkley Point

UK Looks Promising For China's Commercial Nuclear Exports

Fukushima Prefectural Police Push For Charges Against TEPCO

Bulgaria Needs Over $6.6B To Upgrade Nuclear Reactors, Build One More


Russia Details Ambitious Effort To Modernize Nuclear-Powered Submarines 

European Court Calls Sweden's Nuclear Tax A National Issue

Japan's Second Sendai Reactor Slated For Restart On Oct. 15

Rosatom ​Begins Production Of MOX-Fuel For Fast Neutron Reactors

Belgium’s Regulator Gives Go-Ahead For Doel-1 And -2 Life Extensions

TEPCO Gets Closer To Robot Probe Of Fukushima No.2 Reactor

Africa Banking On Nuclear Energy

French Nuclear Regulator To Rule Soon On AREVA Reactor Vessel

Western Australia’s First Uranium Mine Likely To Be Delayed Due To Downturn

Swedish Nuclear Tax Backed by EU Court as Output Costs Rise

Finland's Fennovoima Prepares Transmission For Hanhikivi

RWE: Expect German Nuclear Stress Test Results In October

JAPC Complains to NRA About ‘Unfair’ Evaluation That Tsuruga NPS Lies Above Fault Zone

China Study Paves The Way For Inland Nuclear Program Restart


Emirati Women Powering Ahead In UAE’s Nuclear Industry

Is The UK Facing A ‘Power Gap’ In The 2020S?

SNAFU: Rosatom Unit Head Says No Start Date For Turkey Plant, Delays Normal 

Simpler, Smaller, Cheaper? Alternatives To Britain's New Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Watch: Near-Complete Meltdown Confirmed at Reactor 2

Swiss Parliamentary Chamber Votes Against Limiting Reactor Operating Lives


Aussie Nuclear Industry To Push For 'Clean, Affordable Power

Rosatom Offers Help To China In Completing Construction of Nuclear Units

Rosatom To Invest €36M In New Long-Term Waste Storage Facility

Russian Scientists: Extending Nuclear Reactor’s Life To Over 100 Years Now Possible

Hinkley Point C: Plans For UK Nuclear Station To Be Investigated


Uzbekistan Becomes HEU–Free Following Shipment of Fuel to Russia

Russia Announces Successful Decommissioning Of El-2 LWGR

Significant Milestone Reached For Australia's New Nuclear Medicine Manufacturing Plant

Fukushima Unit 2 Probably Suffered Total Meltdown

China To Support US Traveling Wave Reactor

Egypt To Start Building Nuclear Plant Within Days

India May Get US, French Cos As Partners For Building Nuclear Submarines

Chinese, Ukrainian Firms Sign Cooperation Agreement In Civil Nuclear Energy

Researchers: More Than 70% of Fukushima’s No. 2 Reactor's Fuel May Have Melted


China Clears Preliminary Reviews For 31 New Nuclear Inland Plant Sites

China’s Great Climate Leap Forward

China, UK To Fund Nuclear Research Centre

'New Activity' Detected At N. Korean Nuclear Test Site

UK's Nuclear Energy 'China Syndrome'

Russia Plans To Sign Contracts For 30 To 40 Overseas Reactors

China To Launch A Nationwide Cap-And-Trade System And To Work With The U.S. On Forging A Paris Deal

Restart Of India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Delayed Further 

IAEA Interested In Assisting Egypt In Dabaa Nuclear Plant


Mexico Eyes Construction Of Two New Nuclear Reactors

Russia’s BN-1200 Fast Reactor Could Be Finished By 2025

China Plans To Launch National Cap-And-Trade System

Why Does The UK Need China To Build Its Nuclear Plants?


Hollande: France's Fessenheim Nuclear Plant Won't Close By 2016

Chinese Reprocessing Plant To Start Up In 2030

How Will India’s Nuclear Growth Affect Uranium Demand?

Moody's: Nuclear Shutdown Costs Stress German Power Generators

Japan's Hokkaido Electric Delays Resuming Atomic Unit Operations

Hinkley Point Owner Defends Cost Of New Nuclear Plant

China Has Most Nuclear Reactors Under Construction In The World


Turkey’s First Nuclear Plant Likely to Go Operational by 2022

China-France To Increase Nuclear Fuel Recycling

During Chines President’s Visit, Officials Sign Clean Energy Agreement With Five U.S. Governors

Investors Shun UK’s £24bn Hinkley Point Nuclear Project

Ukraine Renounces Agreement With Russia On Completing Khmelnitski-3 And -4


Nuclear Industry 'To Bring £50bn' to UK South West

Nuclear Venture Raises Questions About UK-China​ Relations​hip​

Britain Had No Choice But To Ask For Chinese Nuclear Help

Brazil Shelves Plans To Open Up Nuclear Sector

Nuclear Technology - China's Next Great Export?

Foro Nuclear Report Shows Socio-Economic Impact of Nuclear Industry In Spain

Two Indian Nuclear Plants in Tamil Nadu to Restart Operations Soon

EDF Chief Says Reactor Delays Scared Uk Hinkley Point Investors

Japan’s Emissions Have Soared Since Fukushima

Russia’s Rosatom Plans Next Phase Of Nuclear And Radiation Safety

UK Finance Minister: China Could Develop And Own Nuclear Plant In Britain

UK Energy Secretary Rejects Concern Over £24B Hinkley Nuclear Plant Cost

In Courting Chinese Companies, Britain to Help Fund Planned Nuclear Plant

IAEA Chief: China Playing Central Role In Nuclear Development

UK Returns Waste To Japan And Switzerland

UK Government Money Man Pumps Chinese Investment In UK New Build

UK Guarantees £2B Nuclear Plant Deal As China Investment Announced

UK Opens Door To China Inc For 'Global Rollout Of Its Technology'

The Role of Nuclear Technology in the Post-2015 Development Agenda


UN Nuclear Chief Visits Iranian Military Site


Are The Barakah Reactors The UAE’s Most Important Megaproject?

UN Nuclear Chief Heads To Iran To Push For Progress


U.S. -- Indian Govt, American Companies 'Need to Set Pace' on Nuclear Liability Resolution

UK Anti Call For Scrapping Of Hinkley C Plans

Russia Needs at Least 5 Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers for Arctic Exploration

Belgian Court Rules Utility Must Pay 2013 Nuclear Tax

Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Hears Adelaide Hills Site Earmarked As Suitable For Nuclear Reactor

Flouting Nuclear Drone Ban in Sweden Will Land You in Jail

UAE, US Regulators Renew Nuclear Deal

IAEA: Post-Fukushima Action Plan Has Delivered Concrete Results


Three SMR Designs Predict Global Debut Within Four Years

South Korea, UAE Organizations Team on Nuclear Reactor Safety

Nuclear Regulators Sign Up For Global Collaboration

Czech CEZ to Take Two Nuclear Units Offline For 3-4 Weeks

Ukraine Scraps Nuclear Reactor Deal With Russia


Argentina, Saudi Arabia Present Updates on SMR Deployment

Advisor: TEPCO Must Improve Monitoring of Fukushima Leaks

Russia ‘May Have Jumped The Gun’ On SA Nuclear Energy Deal

Russia Begins Construction Of MBIR

Why Germany's Nuclear Energy Exit Is Causing Havoc for Utilities

South Africa: Rosatom Moves to Soothe SA Nuclear Concerns

IAEA Chief: China Playing Central Role In Nuclear Development

Steam Generator Milestone For UAE’s Barakah Nuclear Plant

Ukrainian Parliament Denounces Nuclear Deal With Russia


Poland Will Have Four Or Five Reactors By Mid-2030s, Atomic Energy Head Tells IAEA

UK Green Energy Cuts 'May Deter Investment In Nuclear And Fracking'

License Sought For Botswana Uranium Mine

Saudis Make Push for Nuclear Energy

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Finishes Installation Of Fuel Rods At Second Sendai Reactor


China’s Sanmen 1 Reactor Expected to Begin Commercial Operation by September 2016

Berlin Slams ‘Irresponsible’ Report On Nuclear Funds

China, Belgium Look To Embrace Potential In Nuclear Energy Generation

South African Energy Minister Fires Point Man On Nuclear

Rosatom: EU Must Explain To Citizens That Europe Needs Nuclear

North Korea Says It Has Restarted Nuclear Bomb Fuel Plants

China Orders Nationwide Checks on Nuclear Facilities After Tianjin Blast

China’s Sanmen 1 Reactor Expected to Begin Commercial Operation by September 2016


China Looks Forward To Reactor Firsts

TEPCO, After Typhoon Etau, Says It Can Handle Heavy Rains


IAEA's Amano Pitches Nuclear Energy For Paris Climate Talks

China's Nuclear Energy Tech Still Trails International Rivals

Russia Adjusts Uranium Production To Demand

South Korea To Restart Kori No.4 Nuclear Reactor After Shutdown

Chinese Nuclear Plant May Be Built In UK Sooner Than Planned

Fast Pace Of Power Plant Closures Threatens UK Electricity Grid

Funding In For Finnish Fennovoima Nuclear Plant, Russian Contractor Begins Construction


Rosatom Sees Promising Nuclear Cooperation With Iran After Sanctions Halt

82 Contaminated Waste Bags From Fukushima Washed Away By Typhoon Floods

Russia Charts Progress With New MOX Fuel Development

Japan Utilities Burn Record Coal Amid Minister's Call for Cuts

How International Monitors Spot Nukes and Other Rumblings

Canada: No Reversal On Rejecting Foreign Ownership Of Uranium Mines

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Begins Putting Nuclear Fuel In 2nd Sendai Reactor For Restart

Russia’s Nuclear Stake in Iran Post Sanctions


Russia Starts Building World’s Largest MBIR Fast Neutron Nuclear Reactor


Video: Hinkley Point C – Building an Industrial Future

NASA Struggles Over Deep-Space Plutonium Power

Kenya Signs China Nuclear Energy Deal

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Sendai Reactor Set To Begin Full Commercial Operation

France Tilting Toward Nuclear Phase-Out?

China's CGN To Cooperate With Kenya On Nuclear Energy

China To Resume Inland Nuclear Energy Development To Meet Rising Demand 

UK’s Osborne 'Pretty Confident' About Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal

Australia’s Uranium Industry To Double Under Export Deal With India

North Korea Nuclear Reactor Showing Signs Of Ramp-Up


Hollande Warns: Paris Climate Talks Could Fail

Hinkley Point or Bust: Will Not Become 'Bottomless Pit' For Government Cash

Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Starts In Adelaide

Russia Widening Efforts To Sway Central Europe Energy Policy

Australia’s Proposed India Uranium Deal Given Cautious Green Light

China Offers Nuclear Assistance To Iran

Fuel Loading Completed At Chinese Unit

Amano: Nuclear Will Contribute To UN Target For Reduction In Cancer Deaths

IAEA: North Korea Apparently Building Facilities At Yongbyon Nuclear Site


Plutonium Is Unsung Concession in Iran Nuclear Deal

Ya Reckon?: The Place Where Being a Nuclear Repository Might Be The Best Option

Saudi And Russia Agree to Nuclear Energy Linkage


Greenpeace Loses Battle Over Foreign Funding


Why Kazakhstan Is Building A Uranium Bank

India Chokes Off Greenpeace Cash for Disrupting Nuclear Projects


UAE Energy Chief Tours Barakah Nuclear Plant Site

Report: UK’s Cameron To Sign Deal For Chinese Nuclear Reactor In Essex

Site Excavation For India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Reactors To Begin Before December-End

Japan Lifts Evacuation Order For Town Near Fukushima

Japan's 2nd Reactor Restart Slated At Sendai

Czech Counter-Intelligence Agency: Russian Spies Are Focusing On Czech Nuclear Energy Sector

KEPCO Completes Concrete Forming of UAE Power Plant Unit 4

Canadian Nuclear Organizations Look To Korean Opportunities


South Africa Is Waiting For Rosatom’s Money

Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Reactors Get a Safety Check in Europe

Vietnam Discusses Nuclear Energy’s Role In National Energy Security

IAEA Issues Detailed, Comprehensive Report On Fukushima Daiichi

South Africa Presses Interest in Nuclear Energy To Cut Reliance On Coal

Nuclear Energy Likely To Generate 12 Percent of UAE's Energy Needs

More Russian Equipment For China’s Tianwan Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Daiichi Drainage System Enters Operation

Abu Dhabi Said to Revive Debt Plan for First Nuclear Plant


Saudi Arabia, South Korea Sign SMART Nuclear Reactor Deal

UK Energy Minister In Nuclear New Build Talks

Kazatomprom To Transport Uranium To North America Through China

UAE's Fourth Power Reactor Under Construction

The Path Forward For The Reopening Of The Japanese Nuclear Energy Fleet


After Delays, Finland's Showcase Nuclear Reactor To Face Tests 

South Africa May Increase Nuclear Energy

Germany Proposes Changes To Nuclear Liability Law

Will Nuclear Energy Ease Kenya's Power Shortages?


South Africa Curbs Nuclear Plan Enthusiasm as ANC Concerns Mount

South Africa's Government Pledges Transparency On Nuclear Agreement

IAEA's Final Report On Fukushima Disaster Slams Safety Myth, Downplays Thyroid Cancer Fears

IAEA Fukushima Report: Japan Thought Major Nuclear Accident Was ‘Simply Unthinkable’

Japan Nuclear Energy Outlook Bleak Despite First Reactor Restart


Russia’s Rostov Nuclear Plant May Supply Electricity To Crimea

TEPCO: Progress Made On Water And Working Conditions at Fukushima

IAEA Reviews Kenya’s Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Development

Sendai Nuclear Energy Plant Achieves 100% Output

Egypt: Dabaa Nuclear Station Agreement to Be Signed Next Week

South Africa's Energy Minister: ‘No Deal Struck On Nuclear Expansion’

Kazakhstan To Remain Top Of Uranium Heap For Next Decade

Japan’s Sendai Reactor To Resume Commercial Operations Sept. 10


Processing Spent Nuclear Fuel Becoming An Urgent Issue For China

China Is Taking Charge Of A Key Element In Iran's Nuclear Deal

Sendai Nuclear Plant Resumes Output Increase

Police Ask That Charges Be Filed Against Former Head Of Brazil's Nuclear Energy Company

Finnish Nuclear Reactor To Enter Test Phase In 2016

Conditions And Safety The Focus At Fukushima Site

Russian Nuclear Station Offers Discount Prices As Demand Sags – With A Few Ecological Pitfalls

South Korea To Restart Hanbit No.2 Nuclear Reactor

Sweden To Begin Spent Fuel Repository Construction In 2019

Sweden’s Nuclear Shutdown A Sign Of What’s To Come


Ground Broken On China's First National Nuclear Industrial Park

Fuel Loading Begins At First Changjiang Unit In China

Opposition Grows to South Africa’s $100 Billion Nuclear Plan

India’s Surplus Uranium And An Expanding Sophisticated Nuclear Reactor Base


Radioactive Banking: Kazakhstan Prepares To Take Deposits Of Nuclear Fuel

Tehran, Beijing Explore Ways For Building Nuclear Plants In Iran

Russia Plans To Supply Fuel To Iranian Nuclear Plant This Month

Kazakhstan Encouraging Civilian Nuclear Energy, With Security In Mind


China’s Evolving Nuclear Landscape

Hamburg Nuclear Plant On Road To Demolition

Federal Government Backs South Australian Inquiry Into Nuclear Energy

IAEA Starts Reviewing Kenya's Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Development

Japan’s Sendai-1 To Continue With Power Increases After Pump Issue Solved
Japan Cuts Oil Usage Following First Nuclear Reactor Restart
India's Fast Breeder Reactor To Go Critical Soon
  Fishermen OK TEPCO's Plan To Dump Fukushima Plant Water Into Sea
French Foreign Minister: EDF To Consider Participating In Building New Czech Nuclear Reactors
Planned Power Increase at Japan’s Sendai Still Delayed
Bild Outlines Extent Of Struggle For German Power Generators
Kenya Edges Closer to Adoption of Nuclear Energy
Enel Picks EPH For Exclusive Talks On Slovakia Sale
France To Consider Helping Czech Nuclear Program
Ukraine Looks To Reduce Nuclear Fuel Supplies From Russia
TEPCO Bid to Restart Niigata plant Stymied by Governor


Will Vietnam Have The First Nuclear Plant In Southeast Asia?
Pakistan Breaks Ground For New Karachi Nuclear Units
Evacuation Advisory Lifted For Japan Volcano Near Nuclear Plant
Saudi Nuclear Energy Talks With South Korea Under Way


Rosatom To Provide Reactor Equipment For India’s Kudankulam Unit 3 

Russian Power Machines Delivers Condenser To Belarusian Nuclear Plant

Gas Golden Age Fades as Supply Boom Meets Japan Nuclear Rebirth

$10 Billion Pakistan Nuclear Energy Plant To Be Built By China 

Chinese Policy Highlights Opportunities In Nuclear Plants

Russia Plans to Build Nuclear-Powered Battlecruisers

EDF-AREVA To Take On The Cost Of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Overruns

Construction Halted At Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project Site

Ukraine Buys Over $208M Worth Of Nuclear Fuel In Q1


EU Debate On Green Energy Targets Pitches UK Against Germany

All Swiss Nuclear Plants Are Offline

Ukraine's Energoatom Looks Ahead To Rovno 3 Life Extension

Nuclear Restart To Trim Kyushu Electric's Summer Oil Demand By 30%


Study Claims China Emissions Much Lower Than Expected

When Nuclear Ends: How Nuclear Retirements Might Undermine Clean Power Plan Progress

Former Russian Nuclear Official to Plead Guilty to U.S. Money Laundering

UAE To Take Part In Launch Of Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakhstan

TVEL Fuel Company Supplies Nuclear Fuel To The Bushehr Nuclear Plant Until The End Of August

South Australian Senator 'Encouraged' Despite Defeat Of Nuclear Energy Proposal In Parliament

India Quietly Helping Build World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor


South African Congress Voices Caution on Nuclear Energy Plan

Push To Scrap Nuclear Energy Plant Ban In Australia


Pre-Restart Check For Japan’s Takahama Reactor Begins

NRA Says Sakurajima Volcano No Threat To Newly Restarted Sendai Reactor


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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