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Security, Storage Concerns Linger At Closed Nuclear Sites


New Mexico’s WIPP Repository To Install Safety Chambers

Virginia Uranium Ban Challenged by Second Lawsuit

Nuclear Waste Storage Sites In Rock Salt May Be More Vulnerable Than Previously Thought

The Biggest Data Center In Russia Will Be Nuclear Powered


Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Dropped In Nearly Every State From 2005-2013

Kentucky Legislators Want to End State Moratorium on Nuclear Energy

Can Europe Be The First To Build An MSR Reactor?

Pope Warns Of ‘Grave Environmental Crisis’ Ahead Of Climate Conference

UN: 2015 Will Be Hottest Year On Record

Revised Nuclear Deal Between South Korea, US Inked

Climate Change, Communities Reel As Northeast US Plants Shutter


US To Decide Whether A Nuclear Reactor Can Outlive A Human

Are Mini-Nuclear Reactors The Answer To The Climate Change Crisis?

Report: Plutonium Downblending Option Puts WIPP At Risk; More Expensive Than MOX

Ex-Energy Sec Richardson Welcomes 'Foreign Policy Giant' Lugar Pro-MOX Team

Cuomo's Renewable Energy Plan Includes Boost For Upstate Nuclear Plants


Video: Time Lapse - Vogtle Unit 3 Turbine Island Tabletop

Report: Ukrainian Reactors Shutdown After Electricity Supply Sabotaged

Nevada Dispute Favorable Findings Of NRC Yucca EIS

Tennessee Raises Concerns About Proposed Oak Ridge Defense Waste Storage


Worker Strike At WIPP A Possibility

DOE Awards $800K Grant To PSU For Improved Nuclear Waste Disposal

Diablo Canyon May Have A Friend In Jerry Brown


Video: Construction Milestone —15-Hour Tabletop Pour Completed At Plant Vogtle

Sen. Alexander: Record Funding Expected For DOE Missions In Oak Ridge

With EnergySolutions’ Acquisition Of Waste-Disposal Competitor, Is Depleted Uranium Still Headed For Utah?

Experts Testify on Behalf of Indian Point

South Korea-US High-level Committee on Nuclear Energy to Convene in Seoul Next Year

$17.5 Million Underground Nuclear-Proof Home For Sale In Georgia

Legislative Hearing Draws Many Who Favor Nuclear Energy in Wisconsin

Plans To Shut FitzPatrick Rattle Community

At The Nanoscale, Concrete Proves Effective For Nuclear Containment

Justice Department, Energy Future Settle On New Mexico Uranium Mines

Stratfor Report: The Modest Future of U.S. Nuclear Energy


Video: NRC Hearing on Combined Licenses for South Texas Project

WIPP Conducts Limited Scope Performance Tests

Reid Watch: Utah Prosecutor Says He's Investigating Us Sen. Harry Reid


NM Looks To Leverage More Funding Amid Discussions Of New Plan For LANL


2039: DOE Floats 17-Year Delay In Start-Up Of Key Hanford Clean-Up Facility

Pilgrim Govt Posse Meets With Congressional Delegation On Shut-Down Impacts

NRC Considers New Rules For Decommissioning Nuclear Energy Reactors


North Anna Nuclear Fuel To Be Re-Routed From Idaho To Oak Ridge For R&D


Game Over As Entergy Formally Notified NRC That It's Lights-Out At FitzPatrick

Seabrook Town Officials Pledge Unconditional Support For Plant Extension

American Physicist Wins IAEA Nuclear Fusion Prize for Model that Will Help Design Containment Wall

FAA: Giant Wind Turbines Would Pose Hazard To Vermont Airspace

DOE's Top Nuclear Energy Nominee Kotek Put On Hold Over Fed Uranium Transfers


$1 Million/Day Fine Looms For DOE For Fiddling Over MOX 

Senate Moves Toward Vote Against Obama’s Climate Rule


Nuclear Hypocrisy — NY's Gov and Senator's Odd Outrage Over A Closing Plant


Report: DOE MOX Alternative EIS Could Prompt Removal, Repackaging And Replacement Of All WIPP Waste


Plan to Close Nuclear Plant in Upstate New York Rattles Its Neighbors

Nuclear Industry Pays Respects To Spanish Victim Of Paris Attacks


NY Asks NRC Not To Relicense Indian Point

Ex-DOE Loan Chief Matches Private Capital, Energy Projects

Facing FOAK Failure, DOE Contemplated New Approach For Idaho Defense Waste 

Wisconsin Looks To Lift Moratorium On New Nuclear

Climate Summit Under Terror's Shadow In Paris


What Will the U.S. Energy Industry Look Like Over the Next Five Years?


PG&E's Diablo Canyon: Nuclear Energy’s Last Stand In California?

NY Congressman: Indian Point Risky For Wildlife

Michigan Senator Seeks High Level Meeting On Canadian Repository

Nuclear Waste Removed from Power Barge in Galveston

DOE Proposes Full Start Of Hanford Vit Plant In 2039

DOE's New Clean Energy Technology Revolution Report Leaves Nuclear Energy At The Curb

NRC Floats Nuclear Reactor Accident Prevention Rule

Nuclear Retirements Wave Could Cancel Out Half Of Clean Power Plan CO2 Reductions


NM: WIPP Leak Settlement ‘Very Close’

Energy Secretary: ‘All Of The Above’ Includes Reducing Emissions

NEA: Nuclear Is Only Reliable Baseload Power In Fight Against Climate Change

Emissions Up: Gas Plant To Replace Clean Energy From Vermont Yankee?

Fed Safety Board Raises Questions On Y-12 Project


Indian Point: State Denies Certificate For Future Hudson River Use

New Centrus Chief/Former Energy Deputy Sec Popular On Job Hunt Scene

ANS’s Klein Talks Challenges Ahead For Industry In Power Plan Compliance

Tampa Bay Lawmakers Push To End Nuclear Fee, Demand Billions In Refunds

Entergy: We View The Decision To Close FitzPatrick As 'Final'

Energy Wars: Nuclear 'Kind Of Running In Place'

Burns: NRC Ready For New Reactor Challenges

U.S. to Help Iran Rebuild Nuclear Reactor


Whisky Grains and Coffee Grounds Could Help Clean up Nuclear Waste

How Long Will Nuclear Waste Remain If FitzPatrick Plant Closes?

Hanford’s Historic Reactor Officially A National Park

EPA's McCarthy Sticks To Her Guns In Front Of State Energy Regulators

The Future of Nuclear Energy in Virginia

Ohio Delegation Redoubles Effort For Piketon Clean-Up, American Centrifuge Funding

Lost Nuclear Capacity U.S. Challenges California's Clean-Energy Dream

ExtremeTech Explains: How Nuclear Energy Works

Report Shock Claim: Hackers Could Breach DOE’s Nuclear Facilities

What Happens When A Town Loses Its Nuclear Energy Plant?

DOE Goes Nuclear To Solve Global Warming


Is Pluto Home To Nuclear-Powered Ice Volcanoes?

Too Cool For Fuel: Inside The Nuclear Fusion Reactor Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator

DOE to Tap INL for New GAIN Initiative

Virginia Uranium, State Attorneys Trade Jabs In Pretrial Hearing

Making Nuclear Waste Less … Nuclear

Vermont Ramps Up Pressure On NRC To Review Yankee Spending

NRC Chairman’s Remarks From WH Nuclear Energy Summit


Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline Project, Cites Impact On Climate

DOE Expands eligibility for $12.5 Billion In Nuclear Energy Loans

Obama Advances New Nuclear Energy Summit Action Package

White House Summit Touts Nuclear Energy In Advance Of Paris Climate Conclave

Report Cites Long-Term Needs For Highly Enriched Uranium

New Strategy For Extracting Americium Could Pave Way For Recycling Hazardous Waste

White House Summit Spotlights Nuclear Energy’s Value in Climate Change Fight


Nuclear Fission Works Fine, But Not Fusion. Here’s Why


9/11 Commission Member: DOE Shift On MOX Strategy ‘Risky to U.S. National Security’

Nuclear Energy Plants Warn Of Closure Crisis

US Waste Storage Development Hinges On Political Push

Can Cuomo Make FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Stay Open? Unlikely

US, South Korea Set To Put Nuclear Accord Into Effect

U.S. Denies Transcanada Request To Pause Keystone Review

Wind-Power Company To Replace Bird-Killing Turbines


Hillary Firmly Anti-Yucca — For Now

New Lawsuit Targets San Onofre Nuclear Waste Permit

As US Shutters Aging Nuclear Plants, Cutting Emissions Will Become More Costly

NRC Extends Work On PPC On Nuclear Emergency Response Data


EIA Math: US Net Positive On Nuclear Capacity By 2020 Despite Closures


New Nuclear Plants In US May Offset Planned Closures

Landfill Fire Threatens Nuclear Waste Site Outside St. Louis

Why NY Gov Cuomo Is Trying To Save One Nuclear Plant And Shut Another

Entergy's Plant Closing Angers Cuomo

Q&A: What’s Next for America’s Nuclear-Waste Clean-Up

Nuclear Fusion Just Got A Boost With The Arrival Of This Stellarator

Top Senate Leader Vows To Block Closure Of FitzPatrick

County Leaders 'Disappointed' Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant Will Close

Entergy: 300 FitzPatrick Nuclear Workers Lose Jobs By Early 2017, More Later

FitzPatrick Employee: 'We Are Like Family, This Is Devastating For Us All'

Schumer 'Furious' With Entergy Over FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Closing

Entergy Announces Second Nuclear Plant Closure in Less Than a Month

Entergy To Close FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant In Oswego County

Entergy to Close FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant


Report: Radioactive Honey Alleged Near Closed Scottish Defense Complex

State Regulators To Weigh In On Plant Vogtle Changes

Budget Woes Hit DOE Operation To Clean Up Contamination From Nuclear-Weapons Program

A Closer Look At Why Entergy Is Considering Closing Fitzpatrick

Aiken County Councilman Advocates For More Efficient Nuclear Waste Storage

Researchers Uncover New Origins Of Radiation-Tolerant Materials

Energyween: DOE Urges Children To Dress As Solar Panels For Halloween

Energy Department Smashes Pumpkins For Causing Climate Change

Mayor: Fed Should Reimburse Zion For Storing Waste At Shuttered Plant

Yankee Fund Withdrawals Concern State

Anti Groups Cry Foul Over Possible Nuclear-Waste Routes

No Tone Shift on Energy Seen With Ryan's Ascension

Freedom Caucus Members Keen To Rein In EPA


DOE Issues New Rule for Workers: Don’t Put Highly Enriched Uranium in Your Pocket


White House Updates Nuclear Plants' Cyber Requirements

Nuclear Labs In New Mexico Weigh Requiring Passports For Entry

FitzPatrick Nuclear Workers, Call 800 Number To See If You Still Have Job

Cuomo Cautions Against Comparing Indian Point And FitzPatrick Nuclear Facilities


Cuomo: We Won't Abide Entergy's NYC NPP To Save 615 Jobs At FitzPatrick

Simpson Seeks Means To Pass Yucca Funding in Senate


Shimkus Explores Yucca Side-Door Approach

Failed Idaho Nuclear Waste Deal Snagged On Treatment Plant

Antis Call For The Closure Of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant


NRC: Earthquake Risk Analysis Shows U.S. Nuclear Plants Safe

Pilgrim Closure Revives Nuclear Energy Debate

NRC Accelerates Schedule for Earthquake Risk Analysis at U.S. Reactors


U.S. Export-Import Bank Revival Clears First Hurdle in House Action

3 Billionaires Backing Nuclear Fusion Startups

Idaho-DOE Backend Standoff Far From Over

NRC Gives South Texas Nuclear Project ‘Green Light’ In Final Safety Report

Nuclear Industry Seeks Endangerment Finding

Georgia Power Joins Legal Battle Over EPA Clean Power Plan

Congressional Hearing: Electric Power Grid Faces Growing Cyber Threat


Start-Ups Take On Challenge of Nuclear Fusion

The Most Massive Stellarator Ever Built Could Change the Face of Nuclear Fusion

Kerry, Moniz Float Revisiting Of Nuclear Weapons Test Ban

U.S. Army Seeks NRC Permit For Uranium Handling 

State Department: US Willing To Help Vietnam Develop Nuclear Energy 'Whether Or Not' It Buys US Technology

DOE Report Dings ‘Negative Trend’ At WIPP, Managers Cite Progress

NM Wrangling With DOE Over WIPP Settlement

Obama Veto Stalls Bill That Funds Savannah River Site MOX Project


Waste Impasse Forces DOE To Cancel Research Shipment Of Spent Nuclear Fuel To Idaho

Radioactive Handsaw Allegedly Stolen From LANL

Lawmakers Mobilize Quickly Against Obama Climate Change Rule


Former GOP Prez Front Runner Bush Flip Flops On Yucca

Federal Report Says Pressure To Meet Schedule Caused Problems At WIPP

Man Arrested After Crashing Vehicle Through Y-12 Gate


Video: Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Receives Operating License

Nuclear, Grid Regulators Compare Notes On Cyberdefense

Video Shows Blasts At DOE Waste Site

Hanford Makes Space For 2 Million Gallons Of Waste

Tennessee Senators Applaud Action

House Energy Committee Cheers Milestone


Y-12 Shipped 10 Times Too Much Bomb-Grade Uranium

House Probes Cyber Threats To Power Grid

Tests Show No Contamination From Fire At Nevada Waste Site

River Groups Barred From Entering Virginia Uranium Lawsuit


Cantwell Questions DOE Nominees About Hanford Waste Disposal

US Lawmaker Urges Obama Not To Ink Civil Nuclear Deal With Pakistan

DOE Team Crafting Strategy For Moving, Storing Reactor Waste

Officials Squabble As Underground Fire Burns Near Cold War Radioactive Waste Dump In St. Louis

Upcoming Nuclear Plant Closure Could Roil New England Markets

NRC Moves Forward With Provisional Guidelines For Handling Spent Fuel Storage

Monitors Arrive After Fire At DOE Nevada Defense Waste Site

IAEA: Nuclear Climate Solution Is Cheaper Than Coal

IAEA Report Highlights Nuclear Energy’s Role in Combating Climate Change

Officials Test Air, Monitor For Problems After Fire At Nevada DOE Waste Site Is Extinguished


Safety Top Dog In New WIPP Culture

Report: 11% of Nuclear Units Could Retire Early, Putting Clean Power Plan Goals At Risk

DOE Starts Planning For New Hanford Contracts

Entergy To Take $1.1B Write-Down On Pilgrim, FitzPatrick

Obama Open to Nuclear Deal With North Korea's Kim Jong-Un

Rubio Targets Environmental Regs In Energy Plan

When Nuclear Plants Close, Local Economies Feel It

Work Complete On WIPP’s State-Of-The-Art Emergency Operations Center

ORNL Reactor's Past Tied To Nation's Energy Future

Pilgrim Closing 'A Big Step Back' For Meeting Energy Goals


U.S. Nuclear Energy: Cheap, Reliable, Emissions-Free—And Struggling To Keep Up

New York Nuclear Plants Phase Out Landscape A Minefield


Upgrades At Fermi 2 Pleases Regulators As New NRC Chief Tours Plant

DOE To Proceed With $123.9M Oak Ridge Waste Contract


NRC: Action On Watt Bar Operating License 'Couple Of Weeks' Away

Fitzpatrick Plant Outlook Uphill Without State Intervention

D.C. Mayor Pressures Regulators To Let Nuclear Energy Giant Take Over City Utility

After Pilgrim Closes, A Nuclear Graveyard

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant's Closing Could Bump Up NH Utility Bills

NRC: We're #3


Cat’s Eye Camera Can Detect Nuclear Core Radiation

Thief Steals Radioactive Items From Los Alamos National Lab

Cheap Gas Claims Another Nuclear Victim

After House Move, Ex-Im Closer To Renewal

Arizona Congressman Wants To Ban Uranium Mining In Grand Canyon

Reshaping Uranium Operations At Y-12

Hanford: Plutonium Factory, Waste Site And Now, National Historical Park


Bill Gates: Speed Of Manhattan Project Innovation 'Really Was Mind Blowing'

Decommissioning Pilgrim Could Take Decades, Millions

Advanced Nuclear Industry to Regulators: Give Us a Chance

Central New York Congressmen Urge NY Regulators To Preserve FitzPatrick Nuclear Jobs, Energy


Vernon To Bill Vermont Yankee For Statewide Property Tax

Yes Vermont Yankee: Some Thoughts on Pilgrim and on the Grid

Entergy: Low Prices, Lack Of Structural Market Change, And Increased Costs Drove Pilgrim Closure

Entergy To Close Massachusetts Pilgrim Nuclear Plant By 2019

Only Nuclear Plant In Massachusetts To Close

Entergy To Close Pilgrim Plant

Nearly A Year After Shutdown, Vermont Yankee Continues To Spark Debate

Y-12 Uranium Project Could Cost Up To $76.7M

Think Tank: Market Forces Can Solve Spent Fuel Storage Problem

New Survey Reveals Strong Public Support For Nuclear Energy


The Nuclear Waste Startup Aiming to Rebrand Nuclear Energy

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

Do you think the U.S. Nuclear Renaissance is:

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French Nuclear Industry On Back Foot Over New Energy Law

Rosatom Ready To Attract Japan To Participate In Nuclear Projects In Third Countries

Kansai Electric Seeks To Operate Aging Reactor Beyond 40-Year Limit

AREVA To Help Japan Dismantle Nuclear Reactors

Toshiba To Brief On Westinghouse Write-Offs

MOX Central

CB&I AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Dominion Explores Third Reactor at Lake Anna

Energy Fuels Sells Non-Core Uranium Assets

Curtiss-Wright: Will 2015 Structural Problems Foreshadow Further Weakness?

Second Pinhole Fuel Leak Found At Richland Nuclear Plant

FirstEnergy's Three Nuclear Energy Plants Prepared to Power Through Winter Weather

French Power Spikes As EDF Workers Bring Strike Forward

AREVA Strengthens Market Position For Nuclear Plant Cyber Security Services

Westinghouse Acquires Systems For Legacy Equipment Support

Centrus Receives Non-Compliance Notice From NYSE

TEPCO’s Niigata Nuclear Plant Safe to Restart in 2016

TVA Reaches Cost-Cutting Goal, Eyes More Natural Gas And Nuclear Energy

Cracks In Graphite Bricks At UK’s Hunterston ‘Have No Safety Significance’

Uranium's State Of Play

Bechtel Lands $605M Navy Contract for Nuclear Propulsion Components

Westinghouse Completes China’s Sanmen 1 Containment Vessel Testing Milestone

RWE Could Drop Nuclear Lawsuit Against German Government

Nuclear Reactor Closings In The US Continue To Roil The Energy Industry

Malaysia's 1MDB Sells Energy Assets to China General Nuclear

Curtiss-Wright Shipping First Two AP1000 Coolant Pumps To China

EnergySolutions Looks to Shifts Strategies

Findings From August Chemical Leak At ConverDyn Released by NRC

TVA Employees Sharing In Record Earnings

PSEG A Step Closer To New Reactor

Final Water Discharge Permit Received For Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

TVA's New Nuclear Plant Shows How Regulation Stifles Clean Energy

What FitzPatrick Nuclear Closing Says About NY Power Grid

Nuclear Industry Makes Final Pitch Before NRC To Expand South Texas Project

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Not Ready To Exit Deliberate Operations

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Not Ready To Exit Deliberate Operations

TVA Economic Development Efforts Spur $7.8 Billion in Investments in FY 2015

Talen Energy's Susquehanna Unit 1 Reactor Is Repaired, Back In Service

WANO Appoints Prozesky as New CEO

Skyharbour to Purchase Remaining Interest in Mann Lake Uranium

Final 1.3 Million-Pound Steam Generator Arrives At Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

NRC Renews Operating Licenses of Byron Nuclear Power Plant in Illinois  

S&P: Dismantling Europe's Old Nuclear Plants Will Run Up €100B bill for EDF, E.ON, RWE and Others

NRC Issues Final Environmental Review on License Renewal for Braidwood Nuclear Power Plant in Illinois

Is Entergy Closing The Wrong Nuclear Plant?

EnergySolutions Scoops Up Waste Control Specialists

Rosatom In The Hot Seat As EU Starts Infringement Proceeding Over Hungary Nuclear Deal

First U.S. AP1000 ‘Turbine Tabletop’ Safely Completed At Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Rosatom Deal With Hungary Faces Derailment For Violating Open Tender Stipulations

Uranium: The Commodity With Upside Potential

EnergySolutions’ Sale Includes Part Ownership Of The Hanford Tank Farm Contractor

Oil Prices Dip Below $40 a Barrel

EDF's AREVA Tech Unit Acquisition Stalls Over Olkiluoto 3 Costs​

Anti-Nuclear Group Wants Bigger Edison Fine

Florida OKs Duke Energy Plan To Finance Crystal River D&D

Ohio Power Companies, Consumers Spar Over Who Pays for Spare Electricity

EnergySolutions Announces Sale of its Projects, Products and Technology Division to WS Atkins plc

Shares In WS Atkins Jump On Nuclear Services Deal

Toshiba: Tokyo Bourse Says Westinghouse Loss Disclosures Violate Rules

Duke's Oconee Unit Sets Record-Short Refueling

S&P: D&D Liabilities Could Hurt Euro Utilities' Credit Ratings

Dominion Power Leaning Toward Nuclear For Future Virginia Energy Mix

Investing: Forecasting Uranium Prices For 2016 And Onward

Possible Fuel Defect Addressed At Richland Nuclear Plant

What FitzPatrick Nuclear Closing Says About Our Power Grid

Amec Foster Wheeler Awarded Lifetime Nuclear Deal With EDF

TVA's Johnson: New Watts Bar Unit, Other Plants Can Spur 'Resurgence'

Atkins Profit Rise As Firm Forges Nuclear Relationships With Chinese Contractors

Ukraine's Energoatom Plans On $250M From U.S. Banks For Waste Storage Project

Nuclear Fuel Leak At Columbia Generating Station Poses ‘Zero Safety Risk’

-Writing Rules on Lessons Learned From Fukushima: NRC BLOG

Video: Westinghouse's Roderick Speaks At White House Nuclear Energy Summit

WSJ: Westinghouse Disclosure 'Spooks' Investors

New Opportunities In China’s Nuclear Revival

Toshiba Share Price Slides On Nuclear-Unit Charge

Hitachi-GE To Team With Cavendish, AREVA On Japanese BWR D&D

Eletrobras Posts 3Q Loss On Angra 3 Nuclear Plant Impairment

Eskom CEO Sees Plan Working for Reliable South Africa Power

NRC to Increase Oversight of Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

Wano Ready To Begin ‘Multi-Year Effort’ To Expand Operations

Laramide To Acquire New Mexico Uranium Projects

-Nuclear Waste Storage – Two Perspectives: ANS NUCLEAR CAFE

Hitachi Unit to Start Nuclear Reactor Decommissioning Biz

BWXT Soars After Company Split

Report: Toshiba's Westinghouse Unit Booked Losses In 2012, 2013 

E.ON's $8.9B Writedown Shows Spin-Off Challenges

Dominion's Millstone-2 Nuclear Power Unit Shuts Due To Coolant Pump Leak

Global Nuclear Fuel Assembly Market Value to Exceed $32 Billion by 2025

Amec Foster Wheeler Strikes Deal With EDF Energy Generation For UK Reactor Fleet

Centrus Stock Dives On 'Difficult Quarter' With $55 Million Loss

IEA Sees Global Energy Shifts In Demand And Efficiency

Energy Giant E.ON Changes Course

US Residential Electricity Sales Seen Falling By 1.6% This Winter

New IEA Report Sets Stage For Nuclear Energy Growth

VIDEO: The State of America’s Nuclear Energy Renaissance

IEA Sees Global Energy Shifts In Demand And Efficiency

CEZ Aims To Get Idle Reactors Back On Line This Year

GE Hitachi Signs Tentative Deal With Bruce Power

IEA: Incentives And Financial Certainty Are Crucial For Deployment Of Low-Carbon Nuclear

CEZ Cuts 2015 Profit Forecast On Nuclear Power Plant Outages

Wileman Promoted to CEO of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

Westinghouse Fuel To Be Loaded At Three Ukrainian Nuclear Units In 2016

Pilgrim, VY, FitzPatrick Aside, Entergy Plows On With Indian Point Renewal

Vogtle Settlement Could Cost Utility Customers

NuScale ramps up ANSYS

With Repository Close, Finland's Posiva To Market Spent Fuel Management Expertise

Improved Finances Trip Up Exelon's Push For Nuclear Bail

BWXT Jumps On TerraPower Bandwagon 

Transition Possibilities for Fitzpatrick Nuclear Workers


Dominion To Trail Blaze Eighty-Year Operating Term For Surry Plant With NRC Extension Request

Dominion to Seek Second License Renewal for Surry Power Station

Schumer: NY In Talks With Entergy On FitzPatrick Ownership 

CNNC Considers Stake In AREVA

Mitsubishi Heavy Steps Closer to Investment in AREVA

Entergy Juggling Shutdowns At Multiple Nuclear Plants

EDF To Review Grid Business Strategy

Westinghouse Awarded Equipment Upkeep Contract For Sizewell B

Canadian Uranium Producers to Benefit From Renewed Demand for Nuclear Energy

Energy Fuels Buys Second Half Of High-Grade Wate Uranium Deposits

As Entergy Nuclear Fleet Shrinks, So Do Economies Of Scale

Resurgent Demand For Nuclear Energy Powers Uranium Bonds

Spain: AREVA Awarded Contract For Fuel Supply To Trillo Nuclear Plant

Lightbridge Updates on Nuclear Fuel Commercialization Plan

NuScale Targets SMR Cost Below $90/MWh On Wider Deployment

AREVA Deal Helps Fuel Energoatom's European Progress

Dairyland Power and EnergySolutions Sign License Stewardship Agreement

Ukrainian Companies Sign Contracts With Western Counterparts

Investing: Nuclear Energy Poised For Break-Out Growth

Georgia Power: Plant Vogtle Lag Over

Duke Looks To Extend Licenses For Carolina Nuclear Fleet

AREVA Signs Fuel Cycle MOU With China National Nuclear Corp.

Edison Sees Little Risk In San Onofre Nuclear Storage Plan

CEO: RWE May Split Up If Power Prices Fall Further

Finland’s TVO Receives Recognition For Strong Production Result

China National Nuclear Considers Stake In AREVA

Is Dismantling Reactors The Future Of Westinghouse?

CEZ Loses Output From Nuclear Cash Cow on Workers Shortage

GE, Alstom Deal Results In New CEO For GE Hitachi

GE Announces Completion of Alstom Acquisition, Formation of GE Power

Exelon Delays Decision On Illinois Nuclear After MISO Announces Potential Market Changes

Palo Verde Named Top Nuclear Plant By POWER Magazine

Westinghouse to Dismantle Swedish Reactor

FitzPatrick Plant On The Precipice?

Investing: The Long and Short of Uranium Energy Corp.

FitzPatrick Nuclear Workers Anxious But Entergy Stock Rising As Closing Eyed

Duke Energy Looks At Extending Life Of Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Watts Bar Will Load Fuel In The Fall, Likely Join Grid In 2016


Watch List: Uranium Companies Working In The World's Highest-Grade Uranium District

Edison Never Told Federal Regulators Of San Onofre Equipment Design Flaw

Workers Wait For Word On Future Of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Westinghouse CEO Works To Help Ukraine Become Less Energy-Dependent On Putin's Russia

Lawsuits Over Vogtle Delays Settled Along With CB&I Acquisition

Hitachi Nuclear Reactor Enters Final UK Approval Stage

Ur-Energy Reports $8.5 Million in Sales Revenues for Q3

Ukraine's Turboatom To Produce Holtec Casks

AREVA’s Richland Fuel Manufacturing Facility Celebrates 45 Years Of Innovation

Curtiss-Wright Cleared For Delivery Of Cooling Pumps To Summer, Vogtle Nuclear Projects

AREVA Warns On Q4 Provisions Over Job Cuts

Uranium News: Fission Retail Shareholder Group Prepares for Proxy Fight

Kyushu Electric Says Nuclear Energy Windfall Showing in Earnings

Exelon Defers Decision on Clinton Nuclear Plant for One Year

Southern Company Sees 33% Hike in Third-Quarter Profits

Holtec To Hand Over Waste Nuclear Fuel Container Production Technologies To Turboatom

Roderick: Westinghouse 'Now In Charge Of Everything'


Fluor, CB&I Stocks Jump

Mega Deal Resolves CB&I, Westinghouse Cost Issues with Southern, Scana

Westinghouse’s AP1000 RCP Reaches Full Qualification For Chinese Plants

Energoatom Wants To Cooperate With Belgian Companies On Nuclear Materials Shipment, Infrastructure Projects

US Reactor Materials Testing Facility Upgraded

Credit Suisse Upgrades CB&I to Outperform Amid Nuclear Sale; Sees 30% Upside

Cameco to Wait for Higher Uranium Prices Before Bringing Australian Projects to Production

X-energy Nuclear Energy Concept Assessed Favorably For Existing Power Plant Sites

Fluor Gains From CB&I's Nuclear Exit

CB&I Out, Fluor In At Vogtle And Summer New Construction

AREVA’s India Nuclear Plans Await More Clarity on Liability Laws

Uranium Daily Spot Price Tumbles $1.25 From A Week Ago To $36.50/lb

Fracking Topples Old King Coal

Fluor Tabbed By Westinghouse To Manage New Nuclear Construction Portfolio

5 Things To Know About Westinghouse's Deal With CB&I

Vogtle To Get New Contractor In Settlement

Toshiba Takes on Long-Delayed Nuclear Projects in CB&I Deal

CB&I Statement On Sale Of Nuclear Construction Business To Westinghouse

Bloomberg: Why America’s Climate-Saving Nuclear Renaissance Hasn't Emerged

China’s Nuclear Energy Equipment Makers Deserve A Closer Look, Says Analysts

IEA: Fossil Fuels Losing Cost Advantage Over Solar, Wind

Westinghouse Acquires CB&I's Nuclear Construction And Services Group

Kansai Electric Seeks `Loose' Alliances Amid Nuclear Uncertainty

Dominion’s Kewaunee Plant Still Dealing With Nuclear Waste Storage

Edison Faces $16.7M Fine Over Unreported Talks With Regulators

Lloyds Signs Agreement To Help Develop ‘First Of Kind’ Floating SMR For China

Westinghouse Advances Energy Efficiency And Security In Ukraine

GEH Signs Agreement With Vietnam On LWR Technology And Project Management

X-energy Develops Commercial Fuel Strategy

Nuclear Plants Dip Into Dismantling Funds To Pay For Waste

Kazatomprom Looks To US And Restructures

Bloomberg: A New Hope For Nuclear Energy?

Entergy May Accelerate Move Of Shutdown Yankee Spent Fuel To Dry Storage

CEO: EDF There To Stay In France, UK, Italy

EDF: France's Current Nuclear Capacity A Floor Not A Ceiling Under New Law

EDF May Need Partners For Nuclear New Build In France

Duke Energy’s Long-Term Plans Can Prove Dicey In A Rapidly Changing Industry


New Rate Agreement Paves Way For Continued Operation Of Exelon's Ginna Plant

Edison Reaches $400-Million Settlement With Insurer Over San Onofre Mishap

Watts Bar Unit 2 Ready To Be Fueled By Year's End

Watts Bar Poised To Be First New U.S. Nuclear Plant In Nearly 20 Years

Foratom: Hinkley Point C An Important Milestone For Nuclear New Build In Europe

Bloomberg: 'It Took 42 Years To Finish This U.S. Nuclear Plant'

Operating License Approved For New TVA Watts Bar Reactor

EDF Strikes Deal With China on Three U.K. Nuclear Plants

Surge: Top 9 Nuclear Energy Stocks for 2016

Kyushu Electric’s Sendai No. 2 Reactor Starts Power Generation, Transmission

US Navy Orders $24M Nuclear Submarine Shipyard Contract


Gates' TerraPower Exploring Reactor Technology Switch

The Confused Carbon Profile Of A Massive Solar Power Plant

Fukushima Premium Seen Vanishing Before Tepco 2016 Bond Return

AREVA’s Reorganization Projects Presented To Works Committees And Central Works Council

Palisades Completes $58M Planned Refueling, Maintenance and Upgrade; Returns to NRC’s Top Safety Category


Westinghouse Proposes Joint SMR Development With UK

Xcel Launches $68M Upgrade At Prairie Island Nuclear Plant

Uranium Miner Sees China And India As Key Growth Markets

Gasoline Prices Drop to Six-Year Low

NuScale Power and Ultra Electronics Announce Strategic Partnership

Energy Resources of Australia Accepts Defeat on Ranger Uranium Mine Extension


Cameron, Roderick Tête-à-Tête in New York

Uranium Sector Tipped To Generate Job, Export Boom

Turkey Point Cost Hearing Set To Begin As FPL Seeks $34M

Lightbridge Clears Milestone For Planned Halden Research Reactor Scope 

ANS President: Nuclear Must Be Part Of COP21 Solution

How Do You Find Plutonium? Go To Nuclear Inspector School

Mapping How The United States Generates Its Electricity

EDF Looks To Sell €10B Of Assets To Boost Balance Sheet

EDF Hopes For UK Nuclear Deal With China In Coming Days

With State Visit By Chinese President, U.K. Poised for Deal on World's Costliest Nuclear Plant

With Market on Their Side, Electric Utilities Skip Fight Against Carbon Rule

As Secret Talks Over FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Near End, Owner Sends A Warning

NRC Could Soon Issue First New Nuclear License In 19 Years To Watts Bar Unit 2

Rosatom Signs $28M Deal To Modernize Bulgaria's Nuclear Plant

Ur-Energy Provides 2015 Q3 Operational Results and Further Guidance

'Revived' Atommash Completes Reactor Pressure Vessel For Belarus Plant 

NuScale Seeks UK Partners For Small Reactor Market

Uranium Energy Corp Reports 2015 Fiscal Year Results

Kyushu Electric Power Restarts Sendai Unit 2 In Break Even Week

Uranium Future Outlook: Uranium Price Forecast for 2016 and Onward


Traditional Owners Say No To Ranger Extension

Florida PSC OKs Plan To Retire Crystal River Nuclear Plant


SCE&G Achieves Major Milestones on Nuclear Construction Site in Third Quarter

Moody's Affirms China General Nuclear's A3 Rating

Siemens To Work On ITER Neutral Beam Injectors

Kyushu's Second Sendai Reactor On Restart Verge

Denison and Fission Terminate Arrangement Agreement

ČEZ Highlights Temelín Upgrades During Anniversary Celebrations

NRC To Inspect Millstone Over Leaking Valve

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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UK Plans Small Modular Nuclear Reactor 'In 2020s'

Israel's Energy Ministry Mulls Nuclear Energy Plant

More Ground Water Problems For Fukushima

Russia To Help Cambodia Build Capacity For Nuclear Energy

China, Slovakia To Cooperate On Nuclear Fuel Cycle Supply Chain 

Japan's CO2 Emissions Fall 3 Percent To 3-Year Low In FY2014

China's Major CO2 Emissions Seen Stalling Amid Climate Push


Nuclear Exit Unthinkable For Climate Conference Host France

Treasury: U.K. Plans Small Nuclear Reactors in The 2020s

UK Announces Additional Funding To Help Turn It Into ‘SMR Leader’


Japan’s Takahama Reactors Unlikely To Restart This Year

Argentine President-Elect to Review Nuclear Agreements With Russia, China

German Power Groups Call On Berlin To Help Handle Nuclear Exit


Why More Middle Eastern States Are Building Nuclear Energy Stations

Will Israel Build Offshore Nuclear Energy Plant?

Cost Of Replacing UK's Nuclear Submarines Goes Up $9B


Could China Build Poland’s Nuclear Plant?


EDF Boosts Nuclear Plant Security After Paris Attacks

Nuclear Suppliers Group Eyes Indian Inclusion, But Risks Pakistan's Ire

Japanese Government Sets 44% as Minimum Target for Nuclear and Renewables

Hungary to Push on With Russian Nuclear Deal Chided by EU


More Storage Needed For Japan's Used Fuel

Vitrification Plant At Sellafield Completes Cold Testing

The Haunting Half-Built Remains Of Polish Nuclear Energy Station

Russia Formally Eases Ban On Nuclear Technology Exports To Iran

EU Regulators To Probe Hungarian Funding For 2 Nuclear Reactors

Luxembourg Opts To Join Legal Challenge To Hinkley Nuclear Project

Nuclear And Renewable: South Africa’s Ambitious New Energy Mix

Bolivia plans South America's Biggest Nuclear Centre


China’s Nuclear Vision Collides With Villagers’ Fears

Hungary Says EU Legal Action Will Not Stop Paks Expansion

On Eve Of Paris Climate Summit, Britain Pulls The Plug On Renewables

Japanese Regulator Approves Full Reactor Licenses

Researchers From UK’s Imperial College Aim To Help In Fukushima Cleanup

Series Of Foreign Pacts To Give Boost To India's Nuclear Industry

India's Domestic Nuclear Industry Growing At A Fast Pace


First Reactor of Turkey’s Akkuyu Nuclear Plant to Start Operating by 2022

Egypt, Russia Sign Deal To Build A Nuclear Plant

Sweeping Reform Could Trigger A NatGas Boom In India


Brazil Keen On Tie-Up With India In Nuclear Energy

Inspector: TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki Nuclear Plant Safer After Upgrades

The Results Are In: Germany Abandons Nuclear Energy, Increases CO2 Emissions

India To Amend Atomic Energy Act To Boost Joint Venture Opportunities

European Commission Calls On Hungary To Suspend Paks II

U.K. to Phase Out Dirtiest Coal Plants; Gas and Nuclear `Central To Our Energy Secure Future'

China Advances Global Nuclear Ambitions With Argentina Deal

EU Commission To Suspend Hungary Nuclear Expansion

Belgium to Restart Doel And Tihange Units

Belgian Nuclear Watchdog Clears Reactors For Restart

Hungary Plans To Start Expansion Of Soviet-Built Nuclear Power Plant In 2018


The Route to Final Disposal: Removing HEU Fuel from a Research Reactor in Uzbekistan

UK Government: ISIS Planning Major Cyberattacks on Nuclear Plants

Hungary To Start Building New Nuclear Blocks In 2018

Japan’s Finance Ministry Suggests Revising Grants for Nuclear Plants Host Sites

Fukushima Cleanup: Status And Lessons Learned

Australia Pursues Ramped-up Uranium Exports to South Asia Market

Russia Hopes to Increase Nuclear Energy Projects in Indonesia


R.I.P. — EDF Nuclear Engineer Slain in Paris Terrorism Attack

Turkey Says It Will Speed Up Work On Nuclear Plant With Russia

South Africa And China Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Pact


Argentina Signs $15 Billion Two Reactor Deal with China Inc

Japan’s NRA Extends Deadline For Nuclear Plants To Set Up Terrorist-Attack Response Centers

Tehran, Moscow Proceed With Iran's Fordo Nuclear Facility Reconstruction

Egypt’s President Sisi Approves Construction of First Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Regulator Wants Japan’s Monju Operator Replaced

Sellafield Special Delivery Marks Nuclear Clean-Up Milestone

Sites Shortlisted For Australian Waste Facility

Nuclear, Renewables To Drive India’s Cumulative Installed Capacity Beyond 600 GW by 2025


India Signs Civil Nuclear Agreement With UK

Hinkley Point Nuclear Business 'Benefit' For Wales

Bolivia Rules Out Uranium Production


Finland First with Green Light for Spent Fuel Repository

$10M Sweetener On Offer For Australian Community That Agrees To Host Nuclear Repository

Mexico Looks To Double Nuclear Energy Capacity

Agreement Reached On Redesign Of Iran's Arak Reactor

Glut of Coal-Fired Plants Casts Doubts on China’s Energy Priorities


The Other Liquid Gold: Nuclear Energy and Desalination in Saudi Arabia

Germany's Renewables Push Is Killing its Energy Companies

Russia’s Kola Nuclear Plant To Prolong Reactor Operating Times And Boost Power Output

South Korea Dedicates 2 New Nuclear Reactors

Bolivia to Begin Construction on Its First Nuclear Complex

Kazakhstan Eyes Nuclear Cooperation with Iran

Restarting Plutonium Production for Space Exploration: ANS NUCLEAR CAFE

India, UK Civil Nuclear Deal Might Progress During Modi’s Visit

Canada’s SaskPower Is Still Considering Nuclear Energy Option For Saskatchewan


Official: Iran Has Stopped Dismantling Nuclear Centrifuges


China Inc Inks $7.7 Billion Dual Reactor Romanian Plant Order

Ukraine Likely to Stop Electricity Import From Russia On Wednesday

China May Help Ukraine To Build Two Reactors At Khmelnytsky Nuclear Plant

Russia’s Rosatom Wraps up Upgrade of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Unit 6


Construction Of New UK Chinese Nuclear Could Begin By 2022

Kazakhstan Signs Agreements With France And Japan

Czech Nuclear Waste Repository Debate Stalls

South Africa Poised to Make Decision on Nuclear Energy Providers

Great Lakes Legislators Ask Canada’s Trudeau To Block Lake Huron Repository 

Charges Laid Against Canadian Man Who Called For Death Of Fukushima Researcher

France Sends Nuclear Envoy To Woo South Africa

Kazakhstan Signs Contract On Uranium Supply To France

Russia And Korea Extend Cooperation In Fast Research Reactor Work

Japan's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Project Faces Crucial Juncture For Its Continuation

Argentina To Acquire Site For New Atucha Nuclear Unit

China’s CNNC Inches Toward $6B Nuclear Plant Deal In Argentina

Jordan Nuclear Power Company Board Approved By Cabinet 

Change of Monju Reactor Operator Could Spell End To Japan's Nuclear Fuel Cycle Dreams

India Makes Concessions On Nuclear Liability


New Canadian Prime Minister Urged To Reject Lake Huron Nuclear Waste Site

Japan Regulator Urges Finding Another Body To Run Fast-Breeder Reactor

Argentina, China Make ‘Important Headway’ In Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Progress For Jordan's Nuclear Projects

Russian Military Plans Mobile Nuclear Energy Plants In Arctic By 2020


UK Plutonium Stockpile Is 'Energy In The Bank'

German Court Plans Hearing For Nuclear Complaints In Early 2016

Fuel Loading Under Way At South Korea's Shin Kori 3, The Country’s First APR-1400 Reactor 

CEO: Nuclear Is `Next Big Thing' for South Africa's Eskom

Japanese Nuclear regulator Urges New Monju Reactor Operator To Enhance Safety

Nuclear-Push: India’s DAE To Indemnify Small Suppliers From Liability


Britain's Only 'Desert’ Bought By EDF

Canadian Repository Site Search Moves To Second Phase

Kenya Hopes To Leverage On Nuclear Energy By 2022


France's Hollande Says Would Welcome Chinese Investment In AREVA

EU Regulation Of Nuclear Decommissioning Costs Needed 

Ukraine looks to American, Belgian Nuclear Industries 

Hitachi-GE's UK Reactor Enters Final Assessment Stage

Iran Begins Deactivating Centrifuges Under Nuclear Deal’s Terms

Chinese Invest In Romanian Nuclear Plant


UK’s Horizon Nuclear Plans Move To Next Stage

Ukraine, Australia Reach Understanding On Future Nuclear Sector Agreement

Nuclear Inquiry Head Says Objections To Uranium 'Overheated'

Explosion Rocks Belgium’s Shuttered Doel Nuclear Station — No Threat

Japan’s Sendai No.2 Reactor Reaches 100% Capacity

Germany Is About To Start Up A Monster Machine That Could Revolutionize The Way We Use Energy


Exit Now, Pay Later: Germany's Rushed Farewell To Nuclear Energy

South Korean Ex-Im Bank Invests $12.8M in Jordanian Nuclear Plant

Australia Step Closer To Opening Its First Permanent Nuclear Waste Facility

Everyone Wants A Piece Of Uranium

African Powerhouses Seek A Nuclear Energy Future


Is Russia Is Creating A Global Nuclear Energy Empire?

Bolivia Plans To Build $300M Nuclear Complex With Research Reactor

India to Lease Another Nuclear Submarine From Russia

Hungarian Nuclear Plant Shut Reactor After Technical Hitch

Germany Pays The Price For Switching Off Nuclear Energy

South Korea's Nuclear Watchdog Approves 25th Nuclear Reactor

Africa Looks to Nuclear Energy with Russia and China’s Help

Kazakhstan, Qatar, Japan To Cooperate In Solar And Nuclear Energy

Bulgaria Reconnects Nuclear Reactor After Repairs

Head of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Calls For Discussion On ‘Global Regulator’

PM: Australia Could Store Nuclear Waste For Other Countries

Next Steps In British-Japanese Nuclear Cooperation


Sellafield Clean-Up Reaches Crucial Milestone

IAEA, Korea Radioactive Waste Agency to Enhance Cooperation Under New Agreement

Japan’s PM Talks Investment, Nuclear Cooperation in Kazakhstan

India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Reactor To Restart Generation In December 

Momentum At Last For UK Nuclear Industry?

Taipower Spent Fuel Storage Plan Faces Challenges

New Japanese Nuclear Envoy To Visit South Korea


China’s First Fangchenggang Unit Connected To Grid

Romanian National Nuclear Company Nuclearelectrica Owners Approve China Agreement

Ex-Im Bank Revival Looking Up As Bipartisan Congressional Effort Prompts House Vote

Third Japan Reactor On Track For Restart

Chinese Reactor Draws Mixed Reaction In UK

Infographic: Japan’s Nuclear Restart

Nuclear Energy Advocate Alan Finkel To Be Named Australia's Chief Scientist

One Uranium Mine In Niger Says A Lot About China's Huge Nuclear-Enrgy Ambitions

Nigeria’s Quest For Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Renaissance Russian Style

Majority Of The UK Public Supports More Nuclear Energy

UK Can't Reach Low-Carbon Goals Without Nuclear Energy

165 Jobs To Go At Uk’s Wylfa Nuclear Plant

Construction Agreement Approved For Romania’s Cernavoda-3 and -4

Australia Hopes To Revitalize Mining Industry Presence With Uranium And Automation

Key Mayor Blesses Restart Of Japan's Ikata-3 NPP


Xi's U.K. Nuclear Deal Seen as Boon for Chinese Reactor Exports

New Canadian Government Could Derail Plans For Nuclear Waste Site Near Lake Huron

Russia: New Nuclear Tech Titan?

Would You Trust China With Your Nuclear Energy?

Britain 'Sucking Up' To China Is A National Humiliation, Says PM's Former Adviser

China's CGN Signs $9B British Nuclear Deal In Return For Own Project


Video: A Look At The Uranium Industry In Australia

Greenpeace Exploits Fukushima Worker’s Diagnosis To Attack Nuclear Energy

Kazakh, USA Join Forces In Nuclear Fuel Supply

Done Deal: China Reels In Large Stake In UK Nuclear Market

Move over Yanks: Cameron Says Britain Will Be China's 'Partner Of Choice'

Hinkley Construction To Begin Within Weeks As UK And China Sign Deal

EDF Seeks New Deadline For Flamaville EPR

Ukraine Plans To Pull Out Nuclear Fuel Plant Project With Russia

Turkey Needs Third Nuclear Plant To Meet 2023 Targets

China Slams Japan Over Growing Plutonium Stockpile

Chinese President To Seal Hinkley Point Deal During UK Visit

Russia Inc: 'China Rides to the Rescue of Britain's Stalled Nuclear Program'

UK Energy Chief: Nuclear 'Affordable'

China’s General Nuclear Connects Third Yangjiang Unit to Electrical Grid

North Korea Said to Be Preparing for Nuclear Test

Iran to Resume Building of Enrichment Plants If West Violates Nuclear Deal

China Increasingly Investing Money In New Nuclear Plants

Japan Acknowledges Possible Radiation Casualty At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Holiday Complex Planned For Anglesey Nuclear Workers

Third Unit Of Guangdong Nuclear Plant Begins Operation

China To Take One-Third Stake In £24B Hinkley Nuclear Energy Station

GCHQ Spies Will Guard Britain’s Chinese-Built Nuclear Plants


Iran Nuclear Deal Formally Adopted

Russia’s Rosatom CEO In Cairo Over Dabba Nuclear Plant

Saudi Arabia And Hungary Sign Nuclear Energy Pact

Setting For Chinese-British Deal Takes Cloak And Dagger Turn

China Details Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Program

UK Lambasted For ‘Kowtowing’ To Secure Chinese Backing For Hinkley

Rosatom Cagey About Cost Of Nuclear Stations In South Africa

UK Nuclear Plant Deal Hinges On Ambitions Of London And Beijing

UAE Official Tells US Lawmaker His Country Has Same Right As Iran To Enrich Uranium

China To Operate 110 Nuclear Plants By 2030; To Build 6-8 Plans Annually For 5 Years 

It's Official -- Japan Is Back In The Nuclear Business


China Details Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Program

An Uncertain Path: Pakistan’s Push For Nuclear Energy

China Urges Japan To Address Nuclear Waste Concerns

WH: No Civil Nuclear Deal To Take Place Between US, Pakistan

Security Fears Bubble Up Over UK China Nuclear Deal

South Korea To Restart Hanbit No.5 Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

Q&A: Fukushima Four Years Later


Hatch Weighing 2.6 Tonnes Removed From Fukushima Daiichi 3'S Used Fuel Pool 

China Eyes 110 Nuclear Plants By 2030

Nuclear Institute Finds Uranium In Guangdong Ores

Nuclear Waste Ship Leaves France For Australia


UAE Might Seek Right To Enrich Uranium

UK’s Rudd Hopeful Of Hinkley Nuclear Deal ‘Very Soon’

Sweden's Ringhals To Shut Two Reactors By 2020

Nuclear and Renewables Will Drive India’s Cumulative Installed Capacity Beyond 600 GW by 2025


Second Japan Reactor Restarts At Sendai

US Wants To Assist Vietnam In Civil Nuclear Projects

Research Helps Accelerate UK Sellafield Clean-Up

Germany Considers Emissions Levy as CO2 Reduction Target Wobbles


EDF And Chinese On Brink Of Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal

E.On Confirms Decision To Prematurely Shut Down Sweden’s ‘Unprofitable’ Oskarshamn-1 And -2

Turkey Reveals Location Of Planned Third Nuclear Plant


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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