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Greens Dispute Article, Decry Nuclear As 'Bridge To Nowhere'

NRDC's Cavanagh Discusses Diablo Canyon Proposal, Next Steps For CA Electric Power Sector

New Push For Yucca Mountain Expected Ahead Of Reid Retirement 


7 Questions About The 'Three Amigos' Energy Deal

NRC Publishes Annual Report to Congress on Nuclear Security Inspections

Obama's 50% by 2025 Clean Energy Goal Fails Without Nuclear


SC, DOE Square Off Over MOX Facility 

Hillary Clinton: Drive Less, Reduce Personal Use of Electricity to Help Stop Climate Change

DOE Report Cites Deficiencies In Y-12’s Nuclear Accident Alarm System

California State Lands Commission Extends Diablo Canyon Cooling Lease

Why a West Texas Nuclear Storage Site May Be a Short-Term Fix

Beset By Scandals, The California’s Energy Regulator Is Facing A Massive Reorganization

A Single Senator Stymies the Export-Import Bank

IEA: Global Nuclear Energy Capacity Grew Fast Last Year

NRC To Recover $882.9 Million In Fiscal 2016 User Fees

A Radical Plan To Bailout Struggling Nuclear Plants


A Bad Chart (If You Hate Nukes)

Why Plans to Replace Diablo Canyon With 100 Percent Clean Energy Could Fall Short

How ‘Greens’ Add To Greenhouse Gases


Tour De France Uses French Nuclear Tech To Stop Motorized Doping


Video: White House Chronicle — Cybersecurity And The Electric Grid 

Nuclear Waste Is No Match For Ancient Rock

California Panel Expected To Approve Key Diablo Canyon Land Lease Deal For Operation Until 2025

Brexit: The Impact On UK Energy Policy

Zion, Illinois, Struggling Nearly 20 Years After Nuclear Plant’s Shutdown

Questions Arise On Nuclear Energy In New Mexico


Georgia Power Weighs Building Nuclear Plant In Stewart County

Vermont's Appeal Of Emergency Management Process Denied By NRC

New Mexico, Feds Ink New Agreement For Los Alamos Cleanup


Argonne National Lab Celebrates 70 Years of Cutting-Edge Research


Protesters March Against Diablo Canyon Shuttering

CBO: Senate Bill on Licensing Framework for Updated Nuclear Reactors Would Cost $47M Over 5 Years

Sierra Club: Journalists Are Wrong, We Still Hate Nuclear Energy

Business Leaders Predict Diablo Canyon Shutdown Will Be An Economic Hurdle

The Diablo Canyon Deal Marks The Death Of Nuclear Power In The US — Or Does It?

How The Nation's Largest Nuclear Plant Stays Cool In Arizona's Summer Heat

Nevada’s Ill-founded Opposition to Yucca Mountain

New Director Says VY Decommissioning On Track

Nuclear Waste, Anyone? Feds Look To Willing States

Report: Energy Northwest Dinged on Nuclear Plant Performance Information, Communications

Nuclear Energy Fades In California As Energy Grid Gets Stressed

Can Renewables Replace Nuclear Energy?


Fracking Produces Tons Of Radioactive Waste. What Should We Do With It?

Hacked DNC File: Fears over Hidden Clinton Foundation Donations from Former Russian Uranium Exec


Report: Nuclear New-Build Not On Pace To Meet Climate Change Targets

DOE Plan Targets 200 GW Of Nuclear Capacity By Mid-Century

Could Nuclear Energy Be Green Solution For Fort Collins?


GOP: Trump Will Talk More About Energy

Artificial Gunfire Will Erupt At Indian Point During Security Drills


Labor Unions Up In Arms Over DOE's War On MOX Facility 

Anti-Nuclear Group ELPC Defies Illinois EPA finding that Illinois Nuclear Would Be Replaced ‘Mostly by Coal’

Maintenance Is Key To Nuclear Plants Lasting 80 Years

Idaho, Utah About To Make History In Nuclear Energy

Employee of Chinese Government Has Cause To Flee, Federal Judge Rules

Energy Legislation Running Short on Time

An Uncertain Future for Idaho’s Nuclear Waste Agreement

Utah Energy Group Pursues Nuclear Energy Project

Total US Electricity Sales Projected To Grow Slowly As Electricity Intensity Declines

2016 On Pace To Be The Hottest Year On Record


Married Couple Part Of Workforce For New Vogtle Reactors


The First New US Nuclear Reactor In Decades Is A Very Big Deal

Critics Push Back Over Efforts to Preserve Central New York Nuclear Plants

17 Ways to Change the World: IAEA Promotes the Role of Nuclear Technologies in Sustainable Development


Commissioner Ostendorff: Yucca Stalemate Biggest Disappointment At NRC

Grid Reliability At Risk As Nuclear Plants Priced Out Of Energy Markets

US Court of Appeals Ruling Will Keep Nuclear Waste At Prairie Island Indefinitely

Critics Question Disaster Preparedness At Wisconsin's Point Beach

Dubai Is Building the World's Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Environmental Groups Change Tune on Nuclear Energy

NY State Senator, Energy Chair Urges Immediate Implementation Of Nuclear Tier Of Clean Energy Standard

INL’s Advanced Test Reactor Wins American Nuclear Society Award

About 700 Jobs To Be Terminated With Plant Closing

Fort Calhoun D&D Could Cost $1 Billion

It's Official: OPPD Board Votes To Shutdown Fort Calhoun Plant

Turkish Actor In US Admits Selling Nuclear Technology Material To Iran

Southern Research Launches 'Gen IV' Nuclear Energy Effort With Key Hire

Future Of Nebraska's Cooper Plant Reaffirmed As Ft. Calhoun Closure Looms

What A Teetering Young Reactor Says About US Industry

Is Exelon Bluffing? 5 Questions About The Threat To Close Nine Mile 1

Petition: Keep America's Nuclear Energy Plants Working For US

GAIN Awards Vouchers For Nuclear Development

Judge To Rule On Bail For Lead Suspect In China Inc Nuclear Espionage Case 


Energy Department Invests $82 Million to Advanced Nuclear Technology

First New US Nuclear Reactor In Almost Two Decades Set To Begin Operating

Uranium Extraction from Seawater Takes a Major Step Forward

Study: Replacing Nuclear With Wind Would Double CO2 Emissions


0-2 — DOE Deep Borehole Odyssey TKO-ed In South Dakota

Latest FitzPatrick Plant Rescue Plan: Eminent Domain

DC Circuit: NRC Rule Is Not a Licensing Action and Generic EIS Satisfies NEPA

Supreme Court Won’t Rehear Case Against EPA As States Face Electricity Shortfalls

HOWARD SHAFFER, CONCORD MONITOR: Seabrook Is Good For The State And The Environment

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning On Track

WNA: Nuclear Energy Is The Way Forward

New Material Has Potential To Cut Costs And Make Nuclear Fuel Recycling Cleaner


Idaho AG: No Dice On Spent Fuel Without DOE Action On Outstanding Obligations

As Antis Call For Its Closure, NRC Declares Indian Point Safe

EPA Issues Draft Radiological Guide for Drinking Water

US Court Of Appeals Allows Continued Onsite Storage Of Radioactive Material On Prairie Island

Objections Raised To German Waste At Savannah River Site

Key Figure In US Chinese Espionage Case Claims To Be Victim Of Nuclear Legal Experiment


Clinton Aide Reportedly Got Top Donor Named To Nuclear Intelligence Board

Defense Seeks Bail For Indicted TVA Engineer In China Espionage Case

Vermont Has Voice In National Nuclear Waste Debate

NRC: Rail-Traffic Threat To St. Lucie Nuclear Plant Requires Ongoing Monitoring

Industry: Advanced Nuclear Reactor Framework Needed

Nuclear Energy And Assault Weapons Collide In California Senate Race

The Pebble-Bed Reactor: A Novel But Tested Technology Can Make Fission Energy Safe

Experiment 'Turns Waste CO2 To Stone'


(Nuclear) Power To The People


Security Guards at San Onofre, 5 Other Nuclear Plants Now Allowed to Carry Assault Rifles


NY Energy Coalition Urges License Renewal for Indian Point

Reid: Yucca Mountain Won’t Be Revived In His Retirement

Climate Scientists, Scholars & Environmentalists Open Letter to Governor Cuomo Regarding Indian Point

DOE Draft Vision And Strategy For The Development And Deployment Of Advanced Reactors

Monkey Stumbles Into Hydroelectric Power Plant And Triggers 4-Hour Blackout Across Kenya


NRC Declares Indian Point Safe, Despite Cuomo's Protestation

Climate Activists, Greens Rumble Over NY Reactors

Presentations for DOE-NRC Workshop on Advanced Non-Light Water Reactors

Massachusetts Lawmakers Seek Closure Of NextEra Nuclear Plant Over Degrading Walls

A New Push To Move Nuclear Waste Out Of Maine

Set Back And Under The Gun, Nuclear Industry Struggles With Next Steps


EIA: Electric Generation Capacity Additions By Technology (1950-2015)

Modeling The Future: How To Build Safer Nuclear Reactors

New DOE Boss: An Optimist Tackles 'The Toughest Job In Federal Government'


Total Subsidies To US Wind Power Industry Rocket To $176 Billion

Power Execs Push Back On Ted Koppel's Terror Armageddon Claims

NRC’s Continued Storage Rule Survives Key Legal Test Barring Appeals

US Warms Up To Indian Prime Minister; Nuclear Energy Deal May Come Soon


Ex-Energy Secretary Chu Criticizes Obama Clean Power Plan For Neglecting Nuclear

Nuclear’s Future In California — The Industry Hopes For A New Look


Appeals Court Sends NRC Critics To Congress

Ex-Nevada Gov: State Fight Against Yucca Will Be Tougher Without Reid

New Safety Regulations Implemented At WIPP

DOE Unveils Overhaul Of Environmental Management Office

To Cut Carbon Emissions, Some Argue For The Nuclear Option

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Storage Of Nuclear Waste At Power Plants, Rebuffing States

Mock Operations Begin At WIPP

Mid-September Is 'Point Of No Return' For Clinton Plant


Moniz: DOE 'Studying' -- 10 More Plants May Close

Navy Eyes Miniature Nuclear Reactors To Power Its Bases

Fusion-Powered Cars Soon? Princeton U. Accelerates Its New Energy Research

2 Billion Years Ago, Nature Built The First Nuclear Reactor — Here's How It Worked

Leaders, Residents Bracing For Losses After Exelon Announcement

Illinois Gov Open To Deal To Keep Clinton, Quad Cities Operating


How To Not Accidentally Break Into A Nuclear Energy Plant

Seattle’s Socialist Council Member Gets Her Way, Bans Nuclear Energy

Exelon: It’s Official – Early Retirement For Clinton, Quad Cities

2017, 2018 Deadlines Targeted for Clinton, Quad Cities Closures

Exelon Keeps Lifeline Out For Possible Illinois Legislature Rescue

Atomic Insights: Exelon’s CEO Blames Lawmakers For Plant Closures

Illinois Legislature Fail Blamed For Clinton, Quad Cities Shuttering

Illinois County Faces Tax Hit In Millions If Nuclear Plant Closes

DOE Takes 'Consent-Based' Road Show To Boston


America Is Next Stop For Russia's Nuclear Energy Sales Drive

Exelon Nuclear Bill Called Dead, But Some Still Pushing It


NRC Denies 'One Size Fits All' Cyber Proposal

Among Climate Scientists, A Fraught Debate On The Path Forward


US Uranium Production Hits Near Historic Low As Imports Fuel American Reactors

NYT: Nuclear Plants Gain Support as Clean Energy Sources

Seattle Council Measure Seeks Alternatives To energy northwest's Nuclear Energy


Gender Divide On Nuclear Energy Persists

Exelon Nuclear Bill Dead For This Illinois Session?

Study Shows Those Who Claimed ‘Climate Debate Over’ Were Wrong

Over Thousand Nuclear Reactors May Come Up By 2050

State To Charge Entergy For Emergency Planning At Vermont Yankee

Why A Power Grid Attack Is A Nightmare Scenario


US Nuclear Engineering Grads On The Rise

Nevada GOP Platform Talks Nuclear Technology

Feds Seek Proposals For Cleanup At Los Alamos Lab

Trump’s Energy Plan: Save Coal By Unleashing Fracking?


The Ex-Nuclear Reactor You Can Dance In

Federal Judge Rules Out Third Party In MOX Suit

Senate Armed Services Committee Roasts DOE Over MOX Project Misdirection

Police: Lost Couple Cut Lock At Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant

MOX Hearing Scheduled For June 30; Feds Seek Delay

The Real Problem With Fusion Energy

A Challenge to Donald Trump’s Energy Claims: Economic Reality

Trump’s Big Complaint About Clean Power Is That Wind Kills Birds


Ivanpah Solar Plant Catches Fire, But Taxpayers Get Burned

Moniz Visit Highlights Georgia Tech’s Energy Collaborations

Trump Preaches Energy Wealth To The Industry Choir

Exelon Makes Another Try For Energy Changes


At Hiroshima Memorial, Obama Says Nuclear Arms Require ‘Moral Revolution’

Fight Over LGBT Rights Scuttles Energy Spending Bill

Trump Outlines ‘America First’ Energy Plan


The Fusioneers: Forget Cars, These Guys Build Nuclear Reactors In Their Back Yards


Vermont Yankee, Vernon Tax Agreement Signed

House Moves Toward Conference On Energy Bill

Where Free Wind Meets Cheap Gas in US, Power Dynamics Changing

Boom: Ten New Nuclear Energy Reactors Connected To Grid In 2015 -- Most Since 1990

NY State Senator Calls On PSC To Preserve Nuclear Energy, Protect FitzPatrick

Colorado And Nation Face 70,000-Ton Nuclear Waste Burden


8 Of Top 10 US Power Plants Nuclear Energy

NRC Changes Fee Structure To Boost SMRs


NRC to Amend Regulations to Establish Separate Fees for Small Modular Reactors

White House: Enhancing US-Vietnam Civil Nuclear Clean Energy Cooperation

Nuclear Foes Renew Push To Shut Indian Point

US Official Says India Has Addressed Nuclear Concerns

Moniz Bullish On Nuclear Energy Revival -- In 15 Years

A&M To Be Part Of Team Bidding To Run Sandia Nuclear Laboratories

Environmental Progress Founder Shellenberger Talks Shift To Nuclear Energy Advocacy

DANIEL PONEMAN, CENTRUS: Decision Time for Illinois Clean Energy

US Study Calls For Upgrades To Security Infrastructure And Systems

Post-Paris, Clean Energy Ministerial Now 'Where The Action Is'

Skeptics Strike Back — GOP Reps Investigate AGs, Eco-Activists Targeting Global Warming Skeptics


DOE’s Deep Borehole Waste Project 'Stokes Nuclear Concerns In South Dakota'

Illinois Bill To Help Nuclear Plants On Back Burner


Former Navy Vet One Of Many Working On New Plant Vogtle Reactors

Cuomo, Entergy Agree To Disagree On Plant Closings


Barton Seeks To Regain House Energy Chair

Nuclear Shutdowns Could Ramp Up US Carbon Emissions

Report Claims US Nuclear Reactors Fall Short on Steps to Cope With Disasters

DOE To Miss Cleanup Deadline At Idaho Lab

Trump Taps Lawmakers, Advocates For Energy Expertise

Secretary of Energy And Lawmakers Argue To Save The Nation’s Existing Nuclear Plants

Moniz to Launch PPPL’s Flagship Fusion Facility

Experts Urge US Nuclear Plants to Implement Stricter Monitoring

The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself


Moniz: Closing Nuclear Plants Poses ‘Huge Problem'


Senator Reid Out, Yucca Mountain In?

Political Climate Leaves Yucca’s Future In Flux

Value Of Nuclear Energy Up For Debate In New Mexico Rate Case

DOE Convenes Summit on Improving the Economics of America’s Nuclear Plants

‘Little Energy Bill That Could’ Gets Closer to Hilltop


Fifteen To 20 Nuclear Units In US 'At Risk' Of Shutdown

House, Senate Panels OK Advanced Nuclear Reactor Bills

3 Ways Small Modular Reactors Overcome Existing Barriers to Nuclear

Sen. Lamar Alexander Urges Tennessee To Reject Wind Farm

Trump Energy Adviser Eyes Tax Code To 'Level The Playing Field'

Nuclear Energy Makes Comeback In Congress

Nuclear Firms: More Federal Money for Advanced Reactors

White House Threatens Veto, Calls MOX Program ‘Past Deadline, Over Budget’

Senate Hearing On New Reactors Turns Into Colloquy On Subsidies

Moniz Dismisses Trump’s Call To Change Climate Deal


House Energy Leaders Push NRC Reform

New York Weighs Future Of Indian Point, Upstate Nuclear Energy Plants

Full-Scale Production of Plutonium Spacecraft Fuel Still Years Away


Trump Calls For Renegotiation Of Paris Climate Deal

Video: Senate Hearing to Examine the Status of Advanced Nuclear Technologies

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Huntington Ingalls Industries Partners with Westinghouse on Power Plant Projects in Georgia and South Carolina

SNC-Lavalin Wins $20M Contract To Help Extend Life Of Argentinan Nuclear Plant

Entergy Announces Nuclear Fleet Leadership Changes

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Still Offline After Unexpected Shutdown

TVA Nuclear Employees Offered Voluntary Staff Reduction Option

MOX Central

CB&I AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

NuGen's Plans 'Unchanged' By Brexit

Georgia Power Places CA05 Module For Vogtle Unit 4

Horizon CEO Outlines Fresh Challenge For Nuclear

Westinghouse Ready To Build Nuclear Fuel Plant In Ukraine

FPL Customers Could Get Reprieve From Turkey Point Nuclear Charges

World Nuclear Exhibition Addresses Challenging Markets and New Solutions

EDF and MHI Consider Collaboration

Westinghouse Fleet Expands With TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2

SCE&G Files For New Rate Increase To Fund Nuclear Plant Construction

Westinghouse Leverages Global Experience For Construction Certainty At Vogtle Project Site

Who Will Now Invest £100 Billion to Keep Britain's Lights On?

SNC-Lavalin Joint Venture Awarded Two Nuclear Services Contracts

Russia to Sign 4-Year Service Contract for Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant This Year

UBS Analysts: Long-Term Contracted Nuclear Plants Also At Risk Of Shutdown

Ohio's Perry-1 Nuclear Plant Reduces Power Because Of Fluid Leak

EDF Tabs JPMorgan, HSBC for $4.4 Billion Fundraising

BHP: Fukushima Set Uranium Industry Back For Years

Unlike its OPPD Cousin at Fort Calhoun, NPPD's Cooper Nuclear Station Staying The Course

Uranium Prices ‘Set to Double’ on the Back of New Nuclear Renaissance

NuScale Races To Be First To Deploy SMRs

Exelon Sends NRC Notice Of Intent To Close Clinton, Quad Cities Plants

Indian Point 2 Reactor Shut Down Due To Leaking Water Pipe

Duke CEO: 'More About Keeping Plants Operating Today Alive For As Long As We Can' Than Building New Ones

Westinghouse’s Roderick Moves Up, Replaced By Gutierrez On Interim Basis

Utah Energy Co-Op Pushes Small Nuclear Reactor Development

Investing: 3 Uranium Juniors Up Over 100 Percent in 2016

EDF Workers Seek Further Delay To Hinkley Point Project

FPL Offers To Skip Nuclear Fee — But Rate Hike Is Still Looming

Toshiba's New CEO 'Sticks' To 'Ambitious' Nuclear Energy Targets

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Picked for $2 Million DOE Research Project

New Non-Profit To Help Nuclear Industries With Cyber Security

Cost To Replace California Nuclear With Solar: $15 Billion

Antis: Diablo Canyon's Closure A 'Template' For Other States

New Watts Bar Unit Trips On Auxiliary Feedwater Issue

GE Power Closing Recently Acquired Alstom Facilities In Chattanooga

AREVA To Spin Off Fuel Business

Tesla boss Elon Musk Tests Investors With One-Stop Energy Company

California’s Last Nuclear Plant Gets Edged Out

Radioactive Isotope Found In Groundwater At Browns Ferry, TVA Says No Cause For Alarm

Areva TN Opens Concrete Component Facility

Diablo Canyon Is Closing, But Here’s Why That’s Not A Surprise

NYT: California’s Last Nuclear Power Plant Could Close

Is Closing Diablo Canyon Really A Good Idea?

Diablo Canyon To Close By 2025

End Of An Era: PG&E To Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

PG&E To Close Diablo Canyon, California's Last Nuclear Plant

New Opportunities for US Companies in Belgium's Civil Nuclear Energy Industry

Duke Completes Oconee Flood Protection Improvements 

Is The EPR Nuclear Reactor Fit For The Current Market?

Exelon Gives Illinois Until September To Save Clinton Plant

Southern California May See Summer Blackouts as Gas Leak’s Effects Linger

EDF CEO Backs Remain As Brexit Vote Approaches

EDF Locked In Power Struggle With Paris

Investing: Can Uranium Prices Really Double by 2018?

EDF Builds Scaled-Down Containment Facility For Research

NRC Completes Flood Protection Review Of Oconee Nuclear Plant

DC Regulators Deny Rehearing On Exelon-Pepco Merger; Opponents Plan To Sue

EDF Modifies Dismantling Plans For First Generation Units

Indian Point Unit 2 Returns to Service after $120 Comprehensive Servicing 

Pepco Merger Done, Exelon CEO Chris Crane Wants Market Reforms To Save Nuclear Fleet

Regulators: 9.8 Percent Rate Hike For Xcel Isn't Justified

EDF Shuts Down Fessenheim-2 Over Le Creusot Irregularities

Deja Vu: Exelon Says Two New York Plants May Close

Investing: Where Does Wall Street See Nuclear Energy Going?

Vattenfall Will Invest In Cooling In Forsmark's Nuclear Reactors


Closure of OPPD’s Fort Calhoun Plant Looks Likely

Nebraska Utility To Vote On Fort Calhoun Closure

AREVA Says TVO Talks Collapse Will Not Hinder State Bailout

AREVA Restructuring Focused On New Fuel Cycle Entity

Investing: Uranium Prices Set To Double By 2018

French State To Hold Two Thirds Of New Nuclear Fuel Group AREVA

AREVA Details $9 Billion Refinancing, Shake-Up

Bullish Japan Utility Analyst Turns Bearish on Nuclear Delays

Exelon Threatens Closure Of Nine Mile Point-1, Ginna Reactors

Nuclear Energy ‘Far From Dead’ As US Sees Startup Of First Reactor In 20 Years

Final Unit 3 Coolant Pump Delivered To Vogtle Expansion Site

SCE&G Asking For $852 Million More To Finish Summer Nuclear Plants

Westinghouse Applauds Sweden’s Decision To Eliminate Market-Distorting Taxes

EDF CEO: Sweden Energy Plan A Boost For Nuclear Industry

Emirati Companies Benefit From Nuclear Program

Grid Reliability At Risk As Nuclear Plants Priced Out Of Energy Markets

Nuclear Contracts For Emirati Companies Hit Milestone Through Barakah Plant

Unplanned Nuclear Plant Outage Boosts Belgian Spot Power Prices

Kuwait Fund Looks To Sell AREVA Stake

Bloomberg: The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity

Uranium Spot Prices Down 14.9% For Year

Ur-Energy Streamlines US Operations

Grid Connection For Watts Bar 2

Salem Units Dodge Closure With New Jersey Five-Year Water Reprieve From Cooling Towers 

Ur-Energy Announces Cut Backs, Citing Market Conditions

Bullish AREVA Wants In On South Africa’s Nuclear Tender

Georgia Power: Vogtle Nuclear Plant On A 'Very Challenging Schedule'

Exelon First US Utility To Seek Second 20-Year Renewal Of Nuclear Reactor Licenses

Investing: 4 Top Uranium Stocks Up Year-To-Date

Westinghouse Deal Is A Welcome Bright Spot For Toshiba

NuScale’s John Hopkins: New Chamber Chairman Ready for Next Big Challenge

EDF Eyes Sale Of British Gas, Coal Plants

Georgia Power Says New Vogtle Timeline Is A Challenge

New Veolia, Kurion Partnership Takes Aim At Nuclear Waste

Westinghouse To Build Six Nuclear Reactors In India

NRC Completes Safety Evaluation For Levy County Site

Obama, Modi Welcome Work On Nuclear Reactors In India

US, India To Enter Paris Climate Agreement, Work On Nuclear Energy Deal

Westinghouse To Build Six Nuclear Reactors In India

TVA's Watts Bar-2 Nuclear Unit Shuts Soon After Connecting To Grid


Exelon To Seek License To Run Peach Bottom For 80 Years

EDF Plans To Change Decommissioning Strategy For First-Generation Reactors

As Nuclear Plants Shutter, State Efforts To Save Them Are Coming Too Late

EDF Grapples With Nuclear Power Costs As ‘Finance Problem’ Mounts

Leak Forces Shutdown Of Susquehanna Unit 1 Reactor

America's Nuclear Fleet Faces An Existential Crisis

Challenges Could Continue To Sweep US Nuclear Industry

China Nuclear Engineering Company Stock Up In Shanghai Debut

Rolls-Royce In Running To Build SMRs

Lockheed Martin Planning Sandia National Lab Bid

Power Up: New Watts Bar Unit Generates Electricity For 1st Time

Is Fracking Behind Nuclear Plant Closures? 

Increased VC Summer Costs Could Impact SC Electricity Customers 

Spain's ENUSA Plant Gets 10-Year Extension

Talen Energy To Go Private With Riverstone Merger

Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Cleanup Crews Recycle Oil, Save Project $500k

Georgia Commissioner: No Ratepayer Money For Southern's Pursuit Of Possible New Plant

'The Future Is Dim': Three Mile Island Fails To Sell Future Energy Production, Again

Canada’s OPG Applies For Rate Increases To Fund Darlington Nuclear Station Refurbishing

Exelon's Limerick-2 Nuclear Unit Shut For Electrical Maintenance

Exelon to Outline Power Plant Closings in Illinois

NRC Approves Operational Control Transfer of LaCrosse to EnergySolutions for Final D&D

Endangered Clinton Plant Sets Record For Refueling

Delivering The Nuclear Promise: TVA's Sale Of The Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Site

Exelon’s Limerick Generating Station Shut Down After Malfunction

CNSC Expands McClean Lake Uranium Mill's Production License

Moody's: Ft. Calhoun's Costs 65% More Than Regional Base Load 

AREVA Secures Production Hike At Uranium Mill In Northern Saskatchewan

AREVA: Status Update On Quality Audit At The Le Creusot Plant


Last Of ‘Big 6’ Modules Placed For New Vogtle Unit

Rosatom Aims for 20% of US Nuclear Fuel Supply After GE Deal

New Site Eyed For India's Westinghouse Six-Pack

Investing: The Best Way To Play The Future Of American Energy

Ameren Backs Exelon Bill After Changes To Energy Efficiency Rules

Horizon Nuclear Power Appoints New Chairman: Masahide Tanigaki

Russia, US To Create Alliance To Bring Russian Fuel To US Market

General Atomics Cheers Continued US Role in Fusion Reactor

VC Summer's New Units Slated For 2019, 2020: Project Costs Up

First Two AP1000s Move Closer To Commissioning

NPPD: Cooper Nuclear Station Is A Valuable Resource

Russia’s Rosenergoatom Sets Out Ambitious Plans For Nuclear Expansion

First Westinghouse AP1000 Completes Cold Hydro Test At Sanmen 1

Finland's TVO Says AREVA Ended Talks On Delayed Reactor Project

Investing: 10 Uranium Stocks to Watch

AREVA Says Talks With Finland's TVO Are ‘Difficult’

Exelon’s Quad Cities, Three Mile Island Fail To Clear PJM Capacity Auction

Two Exelon Nuclear Plants Don't Clear Capacity Auction, Closure Possible

FirstEnergy Mum On Fate Of Davis-Besse Following Auction

Westinghouse Helps Secure Long-Term Operation At Sweden’s Forsmark Units 1 And 2

More Than 1,500 Exelon Employees And Supporters Rally, Urging Immediate Action On The Next Generation Energy Plan

TVA Vows To Thaw Chilled Atmosphere, Better Handle Employee Safety Concerns

Exelon Taking Aggressive Measures To Solidify Its Future Performance

GNF-A And TVEL Fuel To Jointly Develop US Market

EDF Chief Confident Of Hinkley Point Nuclear Station Go-Ahead

…But EDF Cannot Give Timing For UK Nuclear Investment Decision

Lightbridge and Vietnam’s Civil Nuclear Regulatory Agency Sign Nuclear Safety Training Agreement

S&P Cuts Finland's TVO Debt To Junk As Nuclear Struggles To Compete

TVA’s New Watts Bar Unit Achieves First Criticality

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins Nuclear Decomm Deal

European Utilities Slash Asset Valuations

Investing: Profitting From Uranium’s Coming Bull Market

Hitachi, Bechtel and JGC Aiming To Build £10B Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Station

Ameren Customers Wouldn't See Benefits From Current Exelon Bill

AREVA Announces Three Safety-Enhancing Patents

Exelon Presses For Help At State, Federal Levels

Shutdown Battle: A Tale Of 2 Nuclear Energy Plants

Hitachi Heads Up New Bid To Build Nuclear Plant In Wales

Investing: Cameco At Decade Lows, Stock Has Massive Potential

Peek Inside Tri Alpha Energy, a Company Pursuing the Ideal Power Source

EDF Sees French Energy Plan Shaping Nuclear Depreciation Schedule

EDF Exec: Renewables Cannot Replace Nuclear In France Yet

Eon and RWE Pursue Radical Restructuring

Dominion's Millstone 3 Returns After Hydrogen Leak

Regulator Slaps Down Georgia Power Appeal For Long-Term Nuclear Plan

OPG’s Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment Set To Bring More Jobs

NuGen Eyes 2025 Start For UK Nuclear Project, Could Overtake Hinkley

FPL Delays Nuclear Expansion As It Deals With Canal Clean-Up

Enec Forms Firm To Operate UAE’s Barakah Facilities 

Westinghouse Lands Sparger Supply Contract For Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant

Fresh Opportunities Bringing Lenders Into UK Nuclear

Westinghouse Contracts With Finland’s TVO To Deliver New Reactor Components

Southern’s Clean-Coal Woes Mount


Time-Lapse: 303-ton Deaerator Placement at Vogtle 3

AREVA To Decontaminate Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Plant In Germany

Toshiba Terminates Obsolete Agreements With CB&I

Delay to NuGen Nuclear Plant As First Power Slips To 2025

Closer Cooperation For CGN and Cameco

Moody's Cuts RWE Debt To One Notch Above Junk

Moody's Downgrade Brings EDF Hybrids Uncomfortably Close To Junk Status

Oil at $45 a Barrel Proving No Savior as Bankruptcies Pile Up

TVA Submits Initial Application For SMR at Clinch River

TVA Submits Early Site Permit Application For Clinch River SMRs

Former AREVA Chief Under Formal Investigation Over Uramin Affair

EDF Ratings Downgraded, UK Arm Clarifies Hinkley Cost

EDF: Hinkley Point Cost Could Rise 3B Pounds, Timing Slips

EnBW Says Will Appeal Against German Nuclear Moratorium Ruling

Uranium Spot Price Drastically Decline Over The Last Year

Russia’s Uranium One Faces Reality Of Falling Uranium Prices

EDF To Propose Deal For Six Nuclear Reactors In India By Year-End 

EDF: Hinkley Point Costs Could Rise To £21B

Ohio Regulators Will Consider FirstEnergy's New Baseload Surcharges

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant's Future In Question As OPPD Studies Costs

Oldest Nuclear Plant In NJ, Oyster Creek, To Close In 2019

AREVA Awarded Decontamination Contract For Germany’s Grafenrheinfeld Power Plant

SCE&G's Share Of V.C. Summer Expansion Project Rises to $7.2B

TVA Rejects Preliminary Offer On Bellefonte — Plant Will Be Sold By Auction

EDF Falls to Two-Week Low After Sliding Power Prices Hurt Sales

Nevada Firm Offers $38 Million For Abandoned TVA Nuclear Plant

Investing: ASX Uranium A Winner If Demand Upticks 

EON Falls Most in Three Months on Concern Over Nuclear Exit Cost

E.ON CFO: Capital Increase Related To Nuclear Issue Not Ruled Out

Competition Hits EDF Sales, Nuclear Production Target Cut

Nuclear Giant EDF Energy Reports Sales Fall As AGM Looms

Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor Restarted, Equipped To Handle Fukushima-Sized Event

Czech Power Firm CEZ Tops Forecast With Q1 Profit Surge

US Utilities Boost Investments in Wind, Solar Power

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Trade Unions Press EDF To Delay Hinkley Point C Decision

Will China Bring Nuclear Energy to Moldova?

Japan’s Shikoku Electric Looks To Fire Up MOX-Fueled Ehime Reactor Around Aug. 25

Turkey and China Sign Deal On Nuclear Cooperation

India Should Leverage Its Domestic Nuclear Market to Soften China on NSG Membership

Swedish Regulator Approves Repository Application

Brexit's Impact Stretches From Deep Space To Nuclear Fusion

UK’s Bradwell’s Deep Clean - A First For Magnox

China Repays Credit for Tianwan Nuclear Plant to Russia

US, Mexico, Canada Pledge 50% Renewables And Nuclear By 2025 In New Climate Pact

Political Sniping Follows India's Failure to Win Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership    

IEA Chief Fatih Birol Warns About Challenges Facing Nuclear


India Rules Out GE Hitachi Reactors Lacking Working Plant Elsewhere


Economy Minister: France Nuclear Energy Investments Continuing

CEZ Seeks Compensation For Unplanned Czech Nuclear Plant Shutdowns

Russia’s Nuclear Energy Expansion – A Geopolitical Footprint?

France Tells EDF to Switch On UK Nuclear-Power Project Despite Brexit

Japanese High Court Denies Injunction Against MOX Fuel Use At Nuclear Plant

UK’s NIA Comments On The Vote To Leave The EU

Jordan, Saudi Arabia To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

China Suggests Nuclear Club NSG May Not Open For India Later This Year

Japanese Court Denies Injunction Against MOX Fuel Use In Saga Reactor

German Atomic Forum President: Do Not Follow Germany Down Phaseout Path


Rosatom's Global Nuclear Ambition Cramped By Kremlin Politics

India Irked By China Stalling Its Nuclear Group Membership

India Blames China For Stalled Nuclear Group Entry

Romania To Reconnect Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

Britain's Exit from the EU Could Put Climate Commitment in Doubt

Rosatom Claims Overseas Portfolio Could Soon Exceed 90 Reactors

Mexico's Laguna Verde Dry Storage Facility Nearing Completion

Why Brexit Will Boost Nuclear Energy In The UK

China Rejects Bending Rule For India To Join Nuclear Club

South Korea Approves Building Of 2 More Nuclear Reactors

Containment Dome installed at Russia’s Novovoronezh Nuclear Plant

Union: EDF Should Delay Hinkley Point Decision Following Brexit

5 Ways Brexit Will Transform Energy And Climate

Oil Prices Dive As Britain Votes To Leave EU

Brexit: EDF CEO Says Strategy In UK Won’t Be Affected By Brexit

Sweden's Deal Leaves Door To Nuclear Power Open, But Only Just

Construction Permits For Two More Of South Korea’s Shin Kori Units

CEO: Bulgaria Is Planning 30-Year Kozloduy Lifetime Extensions


Putin: Russia, China To Step Up Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Budapest Sees No Reason for EU to Reject Paks Nuclear Plant Expansion Project

Construction of Kursk II Nuclear Plant Begins in Russia


China Softens Stance On India’s Nuclear Club Bid

Climate Goals Call For Speedier Expansion Of Nuclear Energy

Posiva To Work With Fennovoima On Hanhikivi-1 Final Disposal

Quartet Brings Mozart To Czech Nuclear Plant

What is the Nuclear Suppliers Group?

China Sees Red Over NSG As Nuclear Powers Woo India 

Hungary, Bulgaria Seek Escape From Russian Nuclear Deals

Hungary Eyes Nuclear Options As Doubts Grow Over Paks Deal

TEPCO Apologizes For Previous Leadership’s Failure To Acknowledge Meltdown During Fukushima

China’s Changjiang 2 Starts Supplying Power To Grid

China: India's Inclusion Into Nuclear Suppliers Group Is Not On Seoul Meet's Agenda

The Ghosts of Fukushima: Can A Town Be Brought Back To Life?

Fukushima Rice To Go On Sale In UK For First Time Since 2011 Accident

Bulgaria Hopes To Sell Russian Nuclear Project

Japan Nuclear Regulator Extends Takahama Reactor Life Spans

Kiev Signs $260M Contract With US Bank To Finance Nuclear Sector Project 

Tim Yeo: UK Government Needs A Nuclear Plan B 


Will Brexit Bust UK Energy?

Uranium Provides New Clue on Iran’s Past Nuclear Arms Work

India Sure of China's Support for Nuclear Group's Membership


UAE’s ENEC Awards $3B Nuclear Deals To Local Firms

Report: EDF’s Top Managers Tell UK MPs That Hinkley Point Should Be Postponed

UK Backs India's Nuclear Suppliers Group Bid; Offers 'Firm Support'

India To Examine Ghana's Civil Nuclear Cooperation Request


Sweden Decides It’s Not So Easy To Give Up Nuclear Energy

Bulgaria To Pay Half Million to Russian Nuclear Company

Namibia Assures Uranium Supply To India

China And India Battle On A Nuclear Playing Field


Court Deals Setback To Japan Fleet Restart: Upholds Injunction On Operation Of Takahama Reactors

ASN: EDF's Fessenheim 2 Nuclear Reactor Halted For Further Investigation

Court Orders Bulgaria To Pay Russia Over Cancelled Nuclear Project

Russia Claims success on Weapons Plutonium Destruction Agreement


Nuclear Icebreaker Arktika Launched

Rosenergoatom: Construction Has Begun On Kursk 2 Nuclear Station


World’s Biggest Science Experiment Seeks More Time and Money

China’s Guangdong Confirms Rigorous Inspection Of Taishan Nuclear Plant

Ukraine's Zaporizhia Nuclear Plant To Switch To US Fuel Late In June

Pakistan Seeks Support From Russia, Others For Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership

Dutch Safety Board To Investigate Nuclear Facilities

Bulgaria Ready To Work With Strategic Investor On New Nuclear Capacities

Finns Deeply Worried About French Nuclear Industry

The End Of Nuclear Energy In Japan Is Bringing Back Coal

Rosatom Head Confirms Plans For Two Nuclear Plant Blocks In Iran 2016

Stronger Indian Nuclear Industry Could Make Global Market More Competitive

Why Sweden Says No To Replacing Nuclear Energy With Wind

Ghana Seeks Civil Nuclear Cooperation With India

Chinese State-Owned Companies Face Greater Scrutiny Of EU Deals After Ruling

Dry Run Kicks Off To Build Huge Dome Over Fukushima

To Enter NSG, India Offers China Slice Of Nuclear Pie

Russia Pitches New Fuel Assembly For India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

UAE Firms Playing Vital Role In Maiden Nuclear Project

Indians Upbeat About US Nuclear Deal

China Says More Talks Needed To Build Consensus On Nuclear Export Club

China Claims 'Large Differences' Over India's Inclusion In NSG

Why Sweden Backtracked on Nuclear Energy Phase-Out

India’s Bid To Join Nuclear Supplier Group A Point Of Pride

From Uranium Mine to Fishing Lake: Environmental Remediation in France's Limousin Region


Turnabout: Sweden Agrees To Build Up To 10 New Reactors


Nuclear Suppliers Group Meeting On India's Membership Ends Inconclusive

India hopes China Will Back Nuclear Suppliers Group Bid

Reactor At Belgian Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Following Abnormality

Grohnde: The World’s Most Productive Nuclear Energy Plant

Sweden Agrees Cut In Taxes On Nuclear Energy

Report: China Accounts For All Net Increase In 2015 Nuclear Output

South Africa’s Eskom Unveils Nuclear Operator Training Program

KEPCO Moves Out On Pre-Nuclear Prep For Saudis

Resistance To India Joining Nuclear Suppliers Group Softens

Russia Eyes Manufacture Of Nuclear Energy Components In India


Mexico Backs Indian Bid To Join Nuclear Suppliers' Non-Proliferation Body

German Energy Revolution Hiccups: Grid Instability Has Industry Scrambling for Solutions

New IAEA Safety Standard: Top Management Must Take Lead On Safety 

UAE’s Nuclear Education Program Enlists Help Of Industry Big Hitters

India PM Highlights New Climate Goals In Speech To US Congress

Continued Ukraine-Russia Tensions Over Fuel

Japan’s Chubu Electric To Seek Restart Of Reactor Inundated With Seawater In 2011

Opening of Finnish Repository On Track For 2020 Launch 

Ice Wall Construction At Fukushima Nuclear-Plant Continues

Ukraine’s Energoatom Seeks To Restart Russian Nuclear Fuel Deliveries

Ships With Plutonium From Japan Arrive In US

Hungary Ready to Cooperate with Saudi Arabia in Nuclear Energy

Russia’s Kursk II Nuclear Plant Receives Construction License

Obama And India’s Modi Pledge Future Deal On Climate And Energy

Westinghouse Urges EU To Act Now To Safeguard Future Of Low-Carbon Power

Finns To Bury Nuclear Waste In World's Costliest Tomb

IAEA: North Korea's Yongbyon Plutonium Plant Back Online

The Nuclear Picture Overseas -- Japan Returns, China Ramps Up Aggressively

UK Nuclear Parts From Scandal-Hit French Factory Get All-Clear

Done. PM Modi Gets Swiss 'Yes' For India In NSG

Poland Announces Progress On Site Selection Process For First Nuclear Station

Finland Raises Its Bet On Nuclear Energy

Taiwan Premier Considers Reactivating Long-Closed Nuclear Reactor

Africa Next Frontier for Nuclear Technology

Australia-India Civil Nuclear Deal Concluded, Supply To Start Soon

India Seeks Help Of Friends For Nuclear Suppliers Group Entry

China’s Fangchenggang 2 Set For Start-Up


Restrictions Lifted In Three Towns Surrounding Fukushima

UK Sizewell B Nuclear Reactor Not Affected By French, Belgian Flaws

Russia, US Eager To Set Up Nuclear Energy Units In India

Why India And China Can't Unite Over The Nuclear Suppliers Group

IAEA Fuel 'Bank' On Target For September 2017 Launch

Floating Nuclear Energy Plants: China Is Far From First

Strikes Reduce French Power Output, Outages In Some Areas

Australia-India Civil Nuclear Deal Concluded, Supply To Start Soon

French Power Sector To Go On Strike From Thursday

Rosatom: Nuclear Energy Can Become ‘New Oil’


India, Westinghouse In 'Advanced' Talks To Close Nuclear Deal

Bids For South Africa Nuclear Plants To Open In Next Months

Union Workers At French Nuclear Plants Vote To Join Strikes

Russia, China Working on Plan on Nuclear Cooperation Development

Japan's Monju Fast-Breeder Misses Deadline For New Operator Option

40-Year-Old Japanese Reactors Poised For New Lease On Life

Argentina's Atucha 2 Receives Full Operating License

Rosatom Completes Upgrade Of Bulgarian Nuclear Reactor

Fukushima Daiichi Ice Wall Shows Measured Progress

WNA: Russia Successfully Transfers Nuclear Technology To Other Countries

EDF's Hinkley Point Deal Over Radioactive Waste Sparks Anger

Sweden Nears Deal To Phase Out Nuclear Tax Over Four Years

Germany To Shut Nuclear Liability Loophole

South Korea Looks To Build Used Fuel Store

Germany Plans Draft Law On Nuclear Storage Costs In August


Russia to Start Producing Fuel for 'Arktika' Nuclear Icebreaker in 2016

Energy Minister: Kazakhstan Will Offer Open Tender For Nuclear Plant


Cambodia, Thailand Edging Closer To Nuclear Energy

US Reaffirms Support For India’s NSG Membership

Russia To Establish Nuclear Centre In Nigeria

IAEA: Iran’s Uranium Stockpile Within Limit Set by Nuclear Deal


The Very French Scandal That Could Claim Rio Tinto's Anne Lauvergeon

IAEA: Iran's Uranium Stockpile Stays Within Limit Set By Nuclear Deal

India's Entry To Nuclear Club Is Not About Arms, US Tells Pakistan

Egypt Approves Saudi Arabia Cooperation Agreement On Nuclear Energy

ENEC Completes Electrical Work at Barakah Nuclear Unit

How The State Capture Controversy Has Influenced South Africa’s Nuclear Build

Hinkley Point: French Unions Put Nuclear Plant's Future In Doubt

Japan To Cut Emphasis On Nuclear In Next Energy Plan

Saudi Minister High On Solar, Down On Nuclear 

Russia To Help Iran Build More Nuclear Reactors

UAE’s Energy Minister to Visit Site of Country’s Nuclear Plant

Trump Outlines ‘America First’ Energy Plan

Fukushima Plant's New Ice Wall Not Watertight


Strike Cuts 4,000 MW in French Nuclear Energy Capacity

Fuel Loading Completed At China’s Fangchenggang 2

Korea Releases First Roadmap To Build Facility For Spent Nuclear Fuel

South Korea, China To Discuss Nuclear Energy Partnership


China Upgrades National Nuclear Emergency Response System


France Weighs Peugeot Stake Sale To Fund EDF Hinkley Project

French Unions Threaten Nuclear Plant Walkouts Over Labour Reform

Russia Certain Hungary to Clarify Paks Nuclear Plant Issue to EU Commission

Slovakia Says Mochovce Nuclear Plant To Cost More Than Expected

600 Tons Of Melted Radioactive Fukushima Fuel Still Not Found, Clean-Up Chief Reveals

Germany Runs Up Against the Limits of Renewables

Russia, Cambodia Sign Two MOUs to Co-Operate on Nuclear Energy

China’s CNNC Seeking to Build Sudan’s First Nuclear Reactor

Jordan In Negotiations With Potential Partners In Nuclear Project

Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership: China Rebuts India's Stand On France

UAE’s Ducab To Supply South Korean Nuclear Plant


Report: Westinghouse-India Deal 'Unlikely' During Modi's June US Visit

Turkish Authority Planning For Nuclear Generation To Be Online By 2023

With Russian Help, Nuclear Plant Coming To Finnish Town

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $80.5M in Q1 2016

Nuclear Energy Bill Gets Nod From Thai Government

Rosatom And Russia’s Nuclear Diplomacy


Russians Hit Westinghouse On VVER Market Penetration

Plant Proposal for China’s Ruijin HTR Plant Progresses

IAEA Trains Geoscientists in Uranium Exploration

EDF Energy Finds No Significant New Cracking In UK Reactor Core

Russia's Nuclear Ambitions in the Middle East: Getting Power by Providing Power


Putin Pushes Nuclear Energy To Southeast Asia

Call For More Certainty On Nuclear Energy In South Africa

Nuclear Economic Warfare: US Going After Russian-Made Reactors in Europe

How Russia Is Expanding Its Vast Nuclear Empire Into Africa

India: NPT Not Required For Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership

Russia’s Maiden Nuclear Icebreaker to Be Floated Out in Mid-2016

IEA: Governments Not on Track for Paris Goals

China Inc. Slices The Pie To Avoid Conflicts In Global Markets

IEA Urges Belgium To Reconsider Nuclear Phase-Out

Japan’s Fukui Prefecture Plans Tax On Spent Nuclear Fuel


Russia To Lend Egypt $25 Billion To Build Nuclear Energy Plant

Russia's Rosatom Seeks Cooperation Agreements For African Nuclear Expansion

Jordan Looking For Partners To Fund Nuclear Project

IEA: Belgium Closures Will ‘Seriously Challenge’ Energy Security

Japanese Nuclear Center Waits Over A Year To Report Cyber-Attack

Iter Cryoplant Tanks Ready For Shipment

Russia’s Rosatom Sees South African Nuclear an Entry Point to Continent

EU Still Sees Nuclear Energy In Its Future

China Denies It Is Blocking India's Bid To Be Nuclear Suppliers Group Member

Russia, Cambodia Agree to Cooperate on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy

Thai and Vietnamese Nuclear Institutes Agree To Cooperate

UK Energy Minister: EDF’s Credibility Hangs on Hinkley Point

Going Nuclear: Europe to Build Nuclear Plants to Avoid Energy Dependence on Russia

Rosatom To Start Engineering Of Iran’s Bushehr-2 By Before End Of 2016

European Union To Pass Strategy Paper On Nuclear Energy

Japan's Coal-Fired Plants 'To Cause Thousands Of Early Deaths'


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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