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South Africa to Sign More Pacts Before Nuclear Partner Bids

Former NRC Commissioner Apostolakis And New Japanese Nuclear Risk Center Chief Urges Change In Mindset

DOE IG Calls Out 'Major Weaknesses' At Nuclear-Arms Lab

Report: Polar Vortex Temperatures Plunged Below Many Power Plant Operating Scenarios


WIPP Recovery Price Tag Pegged At $500 Million

Nuclear Liability Laws Strain U.S.-India Energy Policy

DOE Releases WIPP Recovery Plan

Greens Take 2014 Fight To States

DOE Still Looking For Answers At Leaking Oak Ridge Reactor Pool

Roof-Top Solar Growth Hits Utility Radar Screens 

FERC's Meddling In New England's Power Market May Prolong Pain From High Prices

Antis Target Blocking New Duke Nuclear Plants In SC


DOE's Poneman: World Is In Fact Moving Ahead With Nuclear Energy—U.S. Must Lead 

Congress Pushes Nuclear Weapons Expansion Despite DOE's Bumpy Record

Study: Global Warming Elevates Odds of Extreme Weather, From Australia to California

Antis Plot Lawsuit Over NRC's Continued Storage Rule


Construction Continues For MOX facility At Savannah River Site Under Continuing Resolution Funding Levels

DOE Reassigns Los Alamos Cleanup Work After WIPP Waste Leak

Federal Clean-Energy Loan Guarantees Go Begging

President’s Drive for Carbon Pricing Fails to Win at Home

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up, Despite Obama Plans

Kentucky Governor Still Pushing for End to State Ban on Nuclear Energy 

Washington State SMR Prospects Gain Steam

Before US Visit, India Signals New Willingness to Review Nuclear Liability Law


A Sizzling Cocktail That Serves as a Climate Warning

Study: SMR Powering PNNL, Vit Plant Could Save $300M

70 Years Ago: First Full-Scale Nuclear Reactor At Hanford Starts Up

NRC Takes Fresh Look At Foreign Ownership Of U.S Plants


EPA Chief: Power Plant Rule Could See 'Adjustments'

IAEA Scientific Forum Highlights Responsibility for Radioactive Waste

Obama Administration Pitches Economic Benefits Of Fighting Climate Change

US-India Civil Nuclear Deal Hits by Japanese Wrinkle

DOE Report Questions Productivity At Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant

Illinois Hearing Focuses On Nuclear, Renewable Energy

President Obama Delivers Dire Warning On Climate


Birds Shut Down Missouri Wind Farm

Australian Wind Farm Turbines Take Toll On Birds Of Prey

Obama Calls For 'Ambitious' Climate Deal

Federal Judges Toss State Restrictions on Nuclear Waste Site as Too Tough

U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms

The Crumbling Climate-Change Consensus


More Than 100 Arrested At Wall St. Climate Protest

OMB Director: Climate Denial to Cost U.S. Billions Of Dollars

Moniz Outlines Top Priorities At IAEA Meeting


Molten Salt Reactors Revival Gains Steam

Moniz Showcases National Labs On The Hill

Study Links Changing Winds To Warming In Pacific


Moniz Pays Tribute to Kazakhstan’s Leadership in Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Global Rise Reported in 2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity From Fossil Fuels

U.S. Senator Urges Obama To Oppose Ontario Nuclear Waste Plan


Researcher Charges Wind Turbines Have Disastrous Effect On Local Flora And Fauna

Forget The National Debt —The New Budget Threat Is Climate Change

Climate Change March Begins in New York City

Congress' Temporary Propping Up of Ex-Im Bank Leaves Nuclear Energy Dangling

DOE: No Second Release At WIPP

Ron Kirk Talks Global Energy Trade on MSNBC’s ‘The Daily Rundown’

UN Climate March's Big Blind Spot — No Love For Nuclear Energy


DOE's 7000 Steps To Reopen WIPP

Green Group Accused Of Using Taxpayer Cash For Booze, Lobbying, French Hotels


Scientists Develop First Ever Water-Based Nuclear Battery

PG&E, NRC reject Anti allegations of Collaborating On Diablo Canyon Defense

Price Tab For DOE's Cold War Salt Processing Facility Upped By $1 Billion


Michigan Salons Ramp-Up Opposition To Canada's Proposed Great Lake's Repository

NRC Moving Forward With New Rules Measuring Environmental Impact Of Spent Fuel Storage

Senators, Energy CEOs Call for Long-Term Extension of Export-Import Bank


NOAA: Summer 2014 Was Record Warmest On Earth

A Big Jolt To Your Power Bill Just Got One Step Closer

Green Groups Appeal Water Rights Decision for New Utah Nuclear Plant


Second WIPP Drum Breach in Play

Russia’s Rosatom Ready to Produce Fresh Water Using Nuclear Energy

South Korea, U.S. To Hold Nuclear Energy Talks


Energy Secretary Moniz Touts US Energy Boom Double Whammy

New York State, Indian Point Nuclear Plant Operator Clash Over Fate of Fish

Politico: Which ‘leads to an obvious question’ – ‘How long with Harry Reid be around… it seems pretty clear that the boulder rolls back to Yucca’

Reid: If I'm Around Yucca Will Stay Dead

Despite $15B Taxpayer Investment, Reid Blocks Yucca Plan

Obama Delays Key Power Plant Rule Of Signature Climate Change Plan

NRC Submits Inter-agency Task Force Report on Radiation Source Protection and Security

Baron, Burns Sail Into NRC Commissionerships On Party Line Votes

Reid Ushers in NRC Reinforcements in Yucca Powerplay


Reid Moves NRC Nominations as Fight Over Yucca Mountain Continues

Senate Advances Nuclear Regulatory Nominees

Mysterious Poll Raises Questions About Vermont Yankee’s Future

Boosting Armour for Nuclear-Waste Eating Microbes

GOP Sees Yucca Revival If Senate Flips


The Nuclear Tourist: An Unforeseen Legacy Of The Chernobyl

No Gas Guzzlers Here; Beijing Hosts First All-Electric Car Race

To Attract Financial Institutions, The Nuclear Industry Needs To Avoid 'Nuke-Speak'


Sun and Wind Alter Global Landscape, Leaving Utilities Behind

Calvert Cliffs: 'Lethal Force’ Could Have Been Triggered In Reporter Security Breach Attempt

Suitors Tee Up For Series Of Idaho Lab Contracts

Report: U.S. Nuclear Labs Unprepared For Emergency Response 

Momentum Builds To Allow U.S. Oil Exports


Video: Sixty Years of Nuclear Energy

Michigan Senator Alarmed With Nuclear Waste Burial Near Lake Huron


NRC Chief: ‘Nothing For Us To Do' On Repository Project

WNA Delegates: New-Build Nuclear Power Financing Still No Easy Matter

Local Panel Calls On Congress To Help Get Nuclear Waste Out Of Maine

3 Nuclear Energy Projects That Could Begin Soon


Reid Deploys Nuclear Option to Fast-Track Obama NRC Nominees

Senate Committee Votes To Approve Baran, Burns For NRC

Chart: Which Countries Are Decarbonizing The Fastest?

Senate Panel Approves New Deputy Energy Secretary

Obama NRC Nominees Clear Senate Committee Hurdle


The Uranium Sting: Did Homeland Security Catch a Smuggler or Create One?

High Flux Isotope Reactor at ORNL named Nuclear Historic Landmark

Rapid City Sees Earliest Snowfall Since 1888

Global Warming Jumps The Shark: The Week In Climate Stupid


Friends of the Earth-BBC Row Over Claim of Stand-Down Over Opposition To Carbon-Free Nuclear 

Uranium Mining Ban Near Grand Canyon On Appeal

Newly-Discovered Waste-Eating Bacteria Could Help In Nuclear Waste Disposal

15 GOP Governors To Obama: Climate Rule Breaks The Law


NRC Rejects Call To Shut Down Diablo Canyon For Seismic Study

EPW Moves Quickly On NRC Nominees: Vote Expected Thursday


County Officials Defend Calvert Cliffs Security After Daily Caller Report

Should Bomb Material Still Be Made At Watts Bar Nuclear Plant?

DOE Clears Natural Gas Exports At Two Sites

Friends Of The Earth Denies Dropping Nuclear Energy Opposition

Six Person Panel Appointed To Track Vermont Yankee Shutdown

DOE Reviews Tritium Production At TVA; Split Views On Making Bomb Material At Watts Bar

Ontario Power Works To Calm Concerns Over Nuclear Storage Site and WIPP: Won’t Happen Here

Two Charged With Trespassing For Paragliding Near V.C. Summer 


Senators Air Nuclear Grievances At NRC Confirmation Hearing

NRC Issues Strategic Plan Covering Fiscal Years 2014-2018


Court Clash Over Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Moratorium

Japanese Reactors At Sendai Complex To Get Safety Clearance This Week

Exelon Responds To Calvert Cliffs Security Shock Claim:  'Highly Secure, Virtually Impenetrable'

Independent Group: Plan To Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron Safe

Report: No Global Warming For 215 Months

Obama NRC Nominees Face Senate Grilling

New Mexico Sites Eye Waste Storage In Wake Of NRC Continued Storage Rule

State Regulator: San Onofre Settlement Needs to Be Better Deal for Consumers


White House Asks for Energy Add Ons in Continuing Resolution

Army Nuclear Reactor Barge Headed For Dismantling In Galveston

New Mexico’s WIPP May Be Hobbled For Years

Plans For A Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Near Lake Huron Face A Public Hearing

Feds: Pantex, Y-12 Contract Competition Will Reap More Cost Savings

Iran Arrests Suspected Nuclear Plant Saboteur

DOE: Could Be Years Before WIPP Fully Reopens

‘Abnormal’ Events While Casting Highly Enriched Uranium At Y-12; ‘Uncontrolled Geometry’ Cited


WIPP Recovery Plans Expected In Two Weeks


DOE To Investigate ‘Security Event' At Y-12 Plant

Four States Account For All U.S. Uranium Production Last Year

New NY Law Extends Tax Options For Municipalities With Nuclear Plants

MOX Construction Extension Permit Sought For SC Site 


Hillary Clinton Basks In Harry Reid’s Green Energy Glow

FERC to Wade Through Market Revisions With Congress on Sidelines

Australia’s Emissions Rise After Ending Carbon Tax


4 Things Homer Simpson Never Told You About Nuclear Energy, But You Really Should Know

Reid Promises Vote On Green Tax Credits

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments For U.S. Fleet

NJ Gov. Christie Lays Out Vision for Energy ‘Renaissance’

New ISIS Threat: America's Electric Grid; Blackout Could Kill 9 of 10

France Tries Activists Over Fessenheim Nuclear Protest

Electric Vehicle Sales Are Running Out Of Gas

Good News for Polar Bears. Bad News for Al Gore.


NRC Investigation Finds No Cover-Up In San Onofre Stand-Down


Video: Westinghouse CEO takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Study Links Polar Vortex Chills To Melting Sea Ice

Water Shortages Could Limit The Spread Of Fracking Worldwide

NRC Moving Forward With New Environmental Recs For New Nuclear Construction

US Is Facing International Pressure To End Its Ban On Crude Oil Exports


How Reid Holds Veto Power Over Obama On The NRC

Radioactive Wild Boar Roaming The Forests Of Germany


Feds Want Nuclear Waste Train, But Nowhere To Go

Guarding the U.S. Power Grid in a ‘Google Era’

Summer Arctic Ice Cap Up 43 Percent

SRNS Completes Disposition Of Fuel From L Area

NYT: Nuclear Waste Is Allowed Above Ground Indefinitely

DOE Agrees To Pay $23.6M To Energy Northwest After Defaulting On Spent Fuel Pickup

Community Airs Concerns Over Decommissioning San Onofre 

Desperate To Sell More Power, U.S. Utilities Push the Electric Car

California Power Substation Attacked By Snipers Breached Again


Kentucky Gov. Supports Lifting State Ban On Nuclear Plants

White House Taps Arkansas Regulator Honorable For US FERC Seat

A New American Oil Bonanza

Industry Officials: Stop Worrying, And Love Nuclear

Want To Fight Climate Change? Build More Nuclear Energy.

IEA: Policy Uncertainty Threatens To Slow Renewable Energy Momentum


Rep. Wilson: MOX Is 63 Percent Complete


Nevada Lawmakers Allocate $1.4M For Next Phase In Yucca Mountain Fight

WIPP Operator Prepares Draft Plan For Reopening

A Solar Bird Death Story Ignites Controversy

U.S. Fracking Surge Picks Up Slack for Global Disruptions

Can Small Innovative Reactors Survive The NRC Regulatory Gauntlet?

New Petition Seeks Closure Of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Why This Solar Technology Is Already Dead

Michigan Congressman Targets Torpedoing Of Canadian Great Lakes Waste Storage

WIPP Workers Establish Access To North Experimental Area


Dems Use Gore To Fundraise On Climate

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Exelon Points To Benefits, Uncertain Future At Nuclear Plants

EDF Gets Approval To Restart UK's Hunterston B Reactor

Video: Canada's Terrestrial Energy Makes the Case for Small, Uranium-Fueled Molten Salt Reactor

Warren Buffett-Owned RSCC Scores With $13M Nuclear Cable Sale To South Korea

B&W Considers Separating Power, Nuclear Units

MOX Central

Shaw AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

RSCC Completes Delivery of Nuclear Safety Replacement Cables to Korea's Shin Kori 3 Reactor

USEC Emerges from Chapter 11 Restructuring as Centrus Energy Corp. 

Investing: 3 Reasons Why Uranium Prices Will Continue to Surge

Restart Of Kyushu Electric’s Sendai Plant May Be Delayed

CEZ Says EU Approval Of UK Nuclear Project A Precedent

Two Nuclear Fuel Rods Found Damaged During North Anna Power Plant Refueling

French Govt Balks On Fessenheim Closure Pledge In The Face Of Strong Local Pushback

Fukushima Operator, Sellafield To Compare Nuclear Notes

U.S. Sits On Sidelines While Allies Move Forward With Recycling

Westinghouse Continues Challenge To South Africa Areva Contract

Investing: Why Cameco Corporation Stock Has Slumped 14% in 2014

Investing: Time To Buy Uranium? The Best Ways To Play It

South Korea’s POSCO Develops Super Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel For Use In Nuclear Plants

Lightbridge Presses On With New Nuclear Fuel To Boost Power Output

Hinkley Point Likely To Get EC Approval Despite Critics Claim Scheme Breaches Rules On State Aid

Wolf Creek Seeks More Time To Fix Faulty Sensor

Entergy Outlines Post-Shutdown Plans For Vermont Yankee

What Will Happen Next For San Onofre Power Plant?

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $311 Million for Nuclear-Submarine Support Work

Dismantling San Onofre: 5 Things To Know

TVO CEO ‘Baffled’ by Rejection of Extension for Olkiluoto-4 Construction License Application

CEZ:  Slovak Deal Requires State To Share In Risk Of Nuclear Expansion

Exelon Issues Puts Freeze On Illinois Energy Policy

Plant Vogtle Leads The Way With ‘Nuclear Change’

Investing: A Bullish Sign For Uranium Could Send This Stock Soaring

Parties Agree To Revised Settlement Over San Onofre Shutdown, Retirement

Crystal River Nuclear Plant Tools And Equipment Go For 'Pennies On The Dollar' At Auction

China Nuclear Share Prices Leap On Announcement Of Four New Reactor Projects

US Nuclear Operators Push Recognition Of Wider Benefits For Nuclear Fleets

Exelon Puts An Opening Price Tag On Incentive Package For At-Risk Reactors: $580M

Ukraine Gives Green Light For Upgraded Nuclear Fuel Supplies From Westinghouse

Report: France Could Extend EDF CEO Proglio's Mandate

Investing: Take Two — Uranium Prices Set to Surge Long-Term

Navy Nuclear Work Hiccups Over Repeated Equipment Handling Issues

Edison: San Onofre Nuclear Clean-Up Will Cost $4.4 Billion

Pepco Shareholders Approve $6.8 Billion Acquisition By Nuclear Power Giant Exelon

Duke Energy Auctioning $100M Worth Of Crystal River Equipment

Rosatom Seen Ahead in Run-Up to South African Nuclear Bid

Uranium Rally Threatened by Surplus as Mine Strike Eases

Exelon Stresses Critical Role of Illinois’ Nuclear Energy Facilities in Meeting Carbon Reduction Goals

TEPCO Changes Radioactive Water Plan At Fukushima

Westinghouse Completes Mangiarotti Acquisition

DOE Extends AREVA Nuclear Fuel Development Contract

Antis Bemoan EU 'U-Turn' On Hinkley Point

Source: EU Conditions Do Not Jeopardize EDF's Hinkley Point Project

Plant Vogtle Workers Compare Reactor Projects

Japan's Electric Utilities Face Cost Hit On Falling Yen

Spending Bill Temporarily Preserves 675 Portsmouth Cleanup Jobs

San Onofre Owners Modify Settlement

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Is Powering Down

Investing: 5 Reasons Energy Stocks Will Stage A Second Rally In 2014

Fennovoima Appoints Consultant For Hanhikivi Nuclear Project

Investing: Cameco Offers Nuclear Value

CEO of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Plant Replaced Overnight 

Design Issues Resolved For China AP1000s

Duke Energy Set To Auction Off A Million Items From Shuttered Crystal River Nuclear Plant

USEC: From Bankruptcy To Centrus, Effective Sept. 30

Diablo Canyon Research To Benefit Nuclear Sector For Decades To Come 

USEC Inc. Sets Effective Date for Emergence from Chapter 11

Hinkley Point EU Thumbs Up Looms

Hitachi Opens European Nuclear Research Centre

NRC Issues Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Limerick License Renewal

Duke Energy Buys Back Crystal River Stake

The End Is Nearer For Vermont Yankee

Uranerz Sells First Uranium from Nichols Ranch ISR Project

Kurion to Sign Contract For Fukushima Cleanup

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Begins Reducing Power To Final Shutdown

Will Uranium Prices Continue to Surge?

China General Nuclear Power's Unit Meiya Power is Seeking Funding for Expansion

Operators Reconnect Unit 2 at Susquehanna Nuclear Plant

EDF Energy Boss Warns Over Scottish Independence Risks

Los Angeles Power Use Near Record as Heat Wave Prompts Warnings

NRC Certifies GE-Hitachi New Reactor Design

GE Hitachi’s ESBWR Receives NRC Design Certification Approval

USNIC SMR Mapping Initiative to be Featured at ATI Supply Chain Summit

NRC Launches Special Inspection at Millstone 3  In Response to Continuing Problems with Pump

EDF Struggles With Nuclear Reactor Maintenance, Safety Body Says

Uranium Corporation of India Ltd's Jaduguda Mine Closure To Impact Nuclear Output

Major Uranium Supply ‘Event’ Fizzles

Holtec Chief On Doing Well And Doing Good

Orlando Utility Looking To Crystal River Buy-Out While Looking For Expanded St. Lucie Plant Investment 

Rally in Uranium Prices Is Unlikely to Last

TVA Chairman: Making TVA More Responsive, Fiscally Sound His Biggest Challenges

Cameco, Union Strike Tentative Deal To End Mine Lockout

Fundamental Changes In Uranium Market May Have Gone Unrecognized

Uranium Prices Will Head Higher Due to This Supply Crunch

Duke Pegs Post-Fukushima Upgrades At $600 Million

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $234 Million for Nuclear-Submarine Support Work

Warning On Currency, Contracts Sends Aveva Down 22 Percent

Mid-Atlantic Power Falls as Regional Nuclear Unit Raises Output

Ohio’s Davis-Besse Says Cracks Not A Safety Threat

Westinghouse, China Sign Agreements For Nuclear Control Systems

AMEC To Work With China National Nuclear Corporation In China, UK

AREVA’s Richland Plant To Fabricate Nuclear Fuel For TVA

Turkey Point’s Emergency Request For Water Approved

Hope Creek Nuclear Reactor Returns To Service After Safety Valve Repair

PG&E: Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Can Handle Earthquakes

Areva Extends Fuel Contract with Monticello Nuclear Plant

IAEA: Despite Price Dip, Uranium Demand, Production Continues To Rise

Red Book: Uranium Demand Will Return

AREVA Invests $500,000 At Lynchburg Training Facility

Jacobs Engineering To Continue UK EDF Work

Seabrook Station Clears Big Hurdle With License Renewal Suspension Lifted

Cameco Not Feeling Any Love

Rio Tinto Boss Sees Bright Future For Uranium Market

S&P To Decide In 30 Days Whether To Downgrade Areva To Junk

Nuclear Energy Isn't Dead, It Just Moved to China

SDG&E Looking To Buy Locally Produced Electricity To Replace San Onofre

Hitachi Eyes Nuclear HQ Shift To Britain

Power Vacuum: SDG&E Seeks New Sources for Wattage Loss Due to Onofre Closure

Rosatom: Replacing Russia’s Kursk Station To Cost EUR 8 Billion

India’s Uranium Corp. Shuts Oldest Mine as Lease Expires

Mystery Noise Shuts Hope Creek Reactor

AREVA To Continue BR2 Fuel Treatment

AREVA CTO 'Not Shying Away' In 5th Decade

Atkins Spends £9 Million To Acquire US-Based Nuclear Safety Associates

Vogtle Workforce Soars To 5,000 Plus

Existing Cracks In Davis-Besse's Shield Building Grew

TVO Seeks Shorter Extension On Olkiluoto 4 Reactor Permitting

PSEG Nuclear's Hope Creek Reactor In Lower Alloways Creek Shut Down For Valve Replacement

PUC Calls For Revisions In San Onofre Shutdown Cost Settlement

Court Confirms USEC Plan of Reorganization; Will Reemerge as Centrus Energy Corp.

USEC Bankruptcy Exit Looms

Kansai Electric Mulls Scrapping 2 Old Nuclear Reactors At Mihama Plant

British Firms Vie For Cash To Turn Their Power Off This Winter

Eskom to Proceed With $403 Million Areva Nuclear-Plant Contract

Exelon's Limerick Generating Station Now Closer To Re-Licensing

Hitachi Begins Reactor Research with Three American Universities

US, Industry Execs Rally In Support Of Endangered Ex-Im Bank

Westinghouse Drops Legal Action Over South African Nuclear Contract

Chinese Nuclear Firm Files for Hong Kong IPO

Why Electricity May be the Biggest Opportunity on the Planet

U.K. Power Prices Jump As EDF Delays Re-Start of Four Reactors

Fukushima Specter Seen Easing as Uranium Rises: Chart of the Day

Locked-Out Cameco Workers Picket Saskatoon Headquarters

Centrica Earnings Hit By Extended UK Nuclear Outage

Uranerz Energy Announces First Shipment From Nichols Ranch Uranium Mine

Hitachi Developing Reactor That Burns Nuclear Waste

China General Nuclear Files For Up To $2 Billion HK IPO

ABWR Passes UK GDA step 2, But Full PSA Needed

Firms Selected For Tritium Clean-Up Demos At Fukushima

Urenco Reports Profit Jump: Warns On Weak Market

Nuclear Fusion Project In France Awards $1.2 Million Contract To Maine Manufacturer

Residential Electricity Prices Are Rising

Market Spotlight: Upswing in U.S. Uranium Prices

Liverpool Manufacturer Expands Infrastructure For UK Nuclear New-Build Work

Babcock Joint Venture Will Manage 12 Nuclear Sites

Time Lapse: Watch A TVA Nuclear Reactor Unit Get Assembled

Ex-Proponent Exelon Vocal In Opposition To Wind Subsidy Renewal

6 Things To Know About TVA And Nuclear Energy


TVA Makes $4.5 Billion Bet On Nuclear Resurgence

NRC Continued Storage Action Lifts Calvert Cliffs Application Suspensions

Hitachi Collaborates On TRU-Consuming Reactor Development

Solar Makers Set for Record 2014 Sales on Strong Demand

Vogtle Contractor Incentives Power On-Schedule Performance Pressure

Plant Vogtle Still On Time, Within Budget

Analysis Shows Favorable Economic Case For Finishing Vogtle Over Gas-Fired Option

Florida's Blistering Summer Challenges Cooling Canals At Turkey Point

Cameco's Strike-Challenged McArthur River Shutdown Spurs Rise In Uranium Price

Westinghouse Challenges South Africa Nuclear Contract Awarded To Areva

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Obama, Modi Establish Contact Group To Expedite Indo-US Nuclear Talks

Sweden’s Oldest Reactors Seen Set to Close as Lifespans Expire

Conflict Of Interest Concerns Over EDF’s Hinkley Nuclear Project Approval

Rosatom Signs Draft Agreement For First Kazakhstan Reactors

Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant to Operate on Russian Second-Generation Fuel


E.ON Seeks Compensation For German Nuclear Moratorium, Waste Rules

Japan May Apply Solar Brakes With Rate Overhaul

EU Report: Work On National And Regional Nuclear Repositories Is ‘Urgent’

UK’s Wylfa Nuclear Plant Given Extension

Ukraine Readies For Winter Without Russian Gas


Japan PM Reaffirms Plans To Restart Nuclear Reactors

Russia, India Discuss Construction of New Units at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

How Should The UK Deal With Its Nuclear Waste Stockpile?


IAEA: Switch to Westinghouse Fuel Supply Up to Ukraine

Volcanoes May Be Next Obstacle for Japan’s Nuclear Industry

Japan To Close Tokai Experimental Reactor

Plan’s For UK’s New Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant On Display

India Turns To Nuclear As Energy Crisis Deepens


Japan Restarts Plans Move Ahead Unperturbed By Volcanic Flairs

Japanese Renewable Energy Curb Could Spark Nuclear Restart


Rosenergoatom: Ukraine Fully and Timely Delivers Equipment for Russian Nuclear Plants

Finland Under More Pressure Over Russian Nuclear Plant Plan

Farage And Putin Help Hinkley Point Clear EU Hurdle And Put UK's Nuclear Program Back On Track

South Africa Rejects Claims of ‘Undue Influence’ on Nuclear Deal


Finnish Minister Denies Conflict Of Interest In Nuclear Deal

India’s Kovvada Nuclear Project Back On Track

Iran Will Not Stop Uranium Enrichment, Hassan Rouhani Says In New York

China Ready To Construct Floating Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Water Treatment System Falls Short Again


Australia’s Uranium Trade: The Pusher in the Pacific

US Has 'Fervent Hope' Of Iran Nuclear Deal In Weeks

U.N. Nuclear Assembly Condemns North Korea Reactor Restart

Reactor Vessel installed at China’s Fangchenggang 2

Energy Shortfall: Pakistan Needs To Build More Nuclear Plants

Pakistan Aspires To Broader International Role In Nuclear

Finns Down-Play EU Probe Of Uranium Deal With Russia

Neighboring Asian Nuclear Energy Programs Blossom While Japan Struggles to Re-Start


South Africa’s Zuma Negotiated Russian Nuclear Deal

Merkel’s Taste for Coal to Upset $130 Billion Green Drive

UAE Nuclear Regulator Marks Fifth Anniversary

China, Spain Sign Business Deals Worth $4 Billion Including Nuclear

Finnish Government Rejects Olkiluoto 4 Nuclear Permit Extension

EU’s Aging Nuclear Reactors May Lead To Energy Shortages


NYET! Senior Russian Lawmaker Cautions US On Nuclear Fuel Supplies To Ukraine

Finland Firmly At Forefront Of Nuclear Waste Disposal


China Advances Binding Offer For Romanian Plant Deal


Safety Concrete Poured At UAE’s Barakah-3 Nuclear Reactor

Scientists: Russia's Fukushima Expedition to Help Develop Safer Nuclear Plants

Obama Urges Iran Not To Let Opportunity Pass For Nuclear Deal

Finnish Government Still Divided Over Extra Time For Revised Olkiluoto 4 Permit

Ukraine’s Energoatom Expects Delivery Of Two Consignments Of Russian Nuclear Fuel In November

Argentina Reaches Nuclear Agreements With Australia, Russia


Austrian Official Threatens Legal Action Over EU UK Hinckley Point Deal

Rosatom: International Sanctions Won’t Stop International Nuclear Clean Up Efforts


UAE Looks To Other Nations For Nuclear Waste Disposal Options

Australia May Reconsider Nuclear Power In The Long Term

South Korea To Restart Nuclear Plant; Five To Remain Off

South Africa Says Nuclear Energy Deal With Russia In Early Stages


Russia To Build Nuclear Energy Plant In Jordan

Japan Emphasizes Plan To Restart Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Energy Ruled Out For Australia In The Foreseeable ­Future

Japan PM: Nuclear Power Plants Will Not Reopen Unless 100% Safe

EU Regulators Say Will Approve British EDF Nuclear Project

China Now Tops the EU in Per-Capita Carbon Emissions

Germany Set To Miss 2022 Climate Targets As Coal Use Increases

Russia's Nuclear Energy Ambitions Run Into Trouble Over Ukraine


South Africa Signs 9.6 GW Nuclear Energy Deal With Russia

VIDEO: Is Nuclear Energy the Key to China’s Energy Needs?


Nuclear Shutdowns Put Belgians and Britons on Blackout Alert

Saudi Arabia Aims For Nuclear Energy Within 20 Years

UK Agrees Deal With EU On New Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant

Europe Wrestles With Russian Nuclear Diplomacy

IAEA Chief Appeals For Contributions To EUR 31 Million Laboratory Modernisation

Finnish Cabinet Approves Construction of Russian-Built Nuclear Plant

IAEA Chief Touts 'Immense Benefits' Of Nuclear Energy


Japan Politicians Discuss Plan B In Nuclear Push: Underground Reactors

New Japanese Industry Minister Starts Nuclear Energy Pitch


Former CEO of Kozloduy NPP: Bulgaria Needs Energy Strategy by 2050

TEPCO Announces Test Run of Improved Water Decontamination System at Fukushima

Nuclear-Energy Project Debates Expose Political Divide In Finland

Vietnam Delays Construction Of First Nuclear Plant

U.S. Hopes Face-Saving Plan Offers a Path to a Nuclear Pact With Iran

Scottish 'No' Vote: What Next For The British Energy Sector?

IAEA: Iran Moving To Comply With Extended Nuclear Deal With Powers


Russia to Lay Down New Borey Class Nuclear Sub in December


Nuclear Energy-less Japan Must Pay for Fuel Imports in Weak Yen

EU Parliament Resolution Takes Aim At Fennovoima-Rosatom Project

Japan Updated IAEA On Radioactivity In Seawater At Fukushima

UAE Will Participate In Major Nuclear Conference In Vienna

Scottish Independence Could Indirectly Lead To The End Of Britain's Nuclear Arsenal


Finnish PM Faces Backlash Over Russia Nuclear Plant

Developing World Revives Nuclear Energy Prospects, But Yet To Commit

China Joins Nations Eyeing India's Civil Nuclear Sector


Finland’s Coalition Splits as Greens Walk Out Over Nuclear Bill

Regulator: Canada’s Bruce Units Can Operate Beyond Design Limit

ENEC Says UAE’s First Nuclear Reactor Is 57% Complete

Further Step For Frozen Soil Walls Approved At Fukushima

If Scots Vote For Independence, Britain’s Nuclear Subs Might Need A New Home


EU Regulators Set To Clear $19 Billion UK Hinkley Point Deal

Belgium May Extend Lifespan Of Old Nuclear Reactors

Japanese Panel Starts Discussion On Nuclear Fuel Recycling


Reactor Pressure Vessel Installed At China’s Haiyang-2 AP1000 Reactor


First-Ever Batch of Newest Nuclear Fuel Produces in Russia

Japanese Economic Organizations Make Urgent Appeal For Reactor Restarts

Japan's Plutonium Stockpile Rises To 47 Tons As Of 2013

One Year Without Nuclear Energy Has Japan Scrambling For Relief

Japan Nuclear Plants Not Affected By Strong Quake

Anglesey's Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Consultation Starts Soon


UAE’s ENEC Gets License To Build Two Nuclear Reactors

IAEA Probe of Iran Nuclear Work Inches Forward


Prime Minister: Finland to Continue Nuclear Cooperation With Russia Despite Sanctions

Finnish Greens Warn Over Russian Nuclear Project

Finnish Economy Minister Rejects TVO's Nuclear Permit Extension

UAE Regulator Gives Nod For Two Additional Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Developer Warns Over UK Skills Shortage


France, China To Beef Up Cooperation In The Nuclear And Uranium Mining Sectors

China President Xi's India Visit: Nuclear Cooperation May Come Up During Jinping's Tour 

Finland Does Not Plan To Give Up Construction Of Nuclear Plant In Conjunction With Rosatom

China Plans To Be World Leader In Nuclear Energy By 2020

British Contractor Signs Deal For First Polish Nuclear Plant

Japanese Newspaper Retracts Fukushima Panic Report and Fires Editor

FLASHBACK: False Report that Fukushima Workers Panicked and Fled


Russia to Build Bushehr-2 Nuclear Power Plant in Iran

Ireland Advised Against Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Tops Russia, Iran Agenda

European Spot Power Prices Up On Lower German Nuclear Output

Late Fukushima Manager Flagged Risks Of Japan's Big Nuclear Plants

Inspection Finds No Problem With Extending Operation Of South Korea’s Wolseong Nuclear Reactor

Russia’s Newest Borei-Class Nuclear Sub Completes Sea Trials

Official: Nuclear Could Represent 50% Of UK's Generation Capacity In 2050


Rosatom Rebuttal: Nuclear Energy Should Be Kept Out Of Politics


Energoatom: Ukraine To Use U.S. Nuclear Fuel To Cut Dependence On Russia

Japan's Cautious Creep Back Toward Nuclear Energy

NYT: Three Years After Fukushima, Japan Declares Nuclear Plant Safe to Operate


Energy-Hungry Japan Waits As U.S. Debates Exports

Dutch, Danish Grids To Build 600 Million Euro Subsea Power Cable

Japan Nuclear Watchdog Confirms Clearance of Reactors

Japan To OK Nuclear Plant Return While Pushing To Close Old Reactors


Japan Takes Another Step Toward Restarting Nuclear Power Plants

Paving The Way For Nuclear In Australia


Troubled Finnish-Russian Fennovoima Project Replaces Management Team

China’s General Nuclear Only Bidder for Romanian Reactors


Power Plants Heading Out to Sea in Post-Fukushima Japan

Pressure Tests On VVER-1000 Vessel For Russia's Rostov 4

Romania Shuts Down Nuclear Reactor To Fix Glitch

UK’s NuGen Steps Up Nuclear Station Site Investigations

Iran Nuclear Inspectors Said to Hand Final Judgment to Nations

Japan Eyes Decommissioning Of 7 Aging Reactors

India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Unit 2 to Start Fission in November

EU Need for Russian Gas Via Ukraine Wanes as Stores Fill

Saudi Builder Al Khodari Says To Diversify Into Solar, Nuclear Energy

South Africa Determined To Go Ahead With Nuclear Plans

Japan Provides IAEA with Fukushima Water Update


Britain's Nuclear Weapons Clean-Up Bill To Soar By Billions

South African Court Orders Eskom To Provide Documents On Contested Nuclear Tender

Spain's Decommissioning Firm Launches Tender For Construction Of Waste Store

Is Germany's Green Zeal Turning Brown?

Nikkei: Japan May Push For Closure Of Aging Reactors

India and Australia Finally Seal Civil Nuclear Deal For Uranium Trade

India’s Nuclear Deal With Australia Is All About Geopolitics—And Only Marginally About Nuclear Sales


Bulgaria's Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant Celebrates 40th Anniversary 

New Industry Minister Tasked With Reviving Japanese Nuclear Industry

Japan’s METI Chief Obuchi Rules Out New Nuclear Plants

NRA’s Final Ruling On Fault To Force Scrapping Of Tsuruga Reactor

Poland’s PGE Signs Agreement Bringing Construction Of First Polish Nuclear Plant One Step Closer

China Signs Deal To Help Build New Argentina Reactor

Australia Deal Signals Global Shift Towards Nuclear Commerce With India


Japan's First Lady Speaks Out On Nuclear Energy

Suspended Sentences For French Greenpeace Nuclear Protesters

Workers Grappled With Darkness At Start Of Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

Argentina And China Sign Nuclear Cooperation Deal For Atucha III

U.S., China, South Korea To Help Kenya Build Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Outage Heightens UK Energy Supply Fears

Russia, Algeria Agree to Cooperate in Nuclear Energy, NPP Project Possible


Japan Official Echoes Nuclear Plants Will Restart If Safety Standards Met

France Provides Possible Answers As South Korea Considers Reprocessing Spent Nuclear Fuel

Russia Confirms Decommissioning Of RB-10/1 Research Reactor


A Worrying Factor In Ukraine’s Chaos: 15 Nuclear Reactors

Australia To Sign Civil Nuclear Deal With India; Imposes Russia Ban

Russia Completes Design For Fast Nuclear Reactor

Construction To Begin On Six-Unit China Station In 2016

India Poised to Sign Nuclear Safeguards Agreement with Australia

Small Nuclear Plants Could Be Answer To Africa’s Energy Challenges


Saudis Roll-Out Plan To Build First Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Vow At Japan-India Talks


Australia To Sign Uranium Export Deal With India, Providing Potential Jobs Boom

Poland: 64% of People Favor the Construction of a Nuclear Station


Finland's Nuclear Plant Start Delayed Again; Areva, TVO Trade Blame

Fukushima to Store Soil Tainted After Nuclear Plant Meltdown

Fukushima Fallout: Resentment Grows In Nearby Japanese City

After Deadline, Iran Says Held Serious Nuclear Talks With IAEA

Greenpeace: Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Vulnerable To Kiev’s Artillery Strikes

Taiwan Warns Of Electricity Rationing As People Debate Nuclear Energy

China's National Carbon Market To Start In 2016

Indian PM Modi's Japan Visit May Not Seal Civil Nuclear Deal 

UK Firm Signed Up To Help UAE Nuclear Projects

Demystifying Fears Of Nuclear Energy Generation In Ghana


Crane Drops Debris Into Fuel Pool At Fukushima Daiichi Plant

First Indigenous RPV Lifted Into Place At China’s Sanmen-2

Profit Of China Nuclear Equipment Manufacturers Slides On Weak Demand

Pravda Claim: Russia Inc Has edge In Developing Waste Removal Technology for Fukushima


EU Council Adopts Revised Nuclear Safety Directive

Hitachi-GE ABWR Completes Initial Stage Of UK Design Assessment

RT: OSCE Shares Moscow's Concerns Over Ukraine’s Nuclear Deal With US

Foundation In Place For French Iter Tokamak

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