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IEA Official: Nuclear Must Remain In The Mix To Meet Global Carbon Goals

IEA Official Says Green Goals Doomed Without Nuclear

LANL Ships ‘Special’ Nuclear Material By Air Cargo

Summer Program Turns Teachers Into Nuclear Students

Secretary Perry Touts Small Nukes In Hearings

Sen. Tom Udall Questions Energy Secretary On Safety And Future Of Plutonium Mission At LANL

LANL Defends Plutonium Facility After Critical Report

Trump Confirms He Wants a Solar Border Wall: ‘We’re Working It Out’

Perry Tells Senators He Did Not Write Trump Energy Budget

Nuclear Can Be Friends With Renewables, If It’s Modular

BBC: How Should We Manage Nuclear Energy?


Sen. Alexander On Trump's DOE Cuts: National Labs Are Country's 'Secret Weapon'

In Renewed Yucca Mountain Effort, Nevada Battles On Multiple Fronts

Energy Official: Rick Perry's Grid Study Is 'Not A Conclusion,' But 'A Beginning'

DOE Grid Study Deadline Delayed As Perry Defends Budget Proposal

Trump Takes On Wind Energy, Talks Solar-Powered Border Wall

US Carbon Emissions Increase From Last Year, but Still 28% Less Than in 2005


Five More Years: NRC Chair Svinicki Sails Through Senate Vote

House Dems Probe Into Reported Flynn, Saudi Russia Nuclear Energy Deal

Trump Administration Leaders Send Mixed Messages About Fuel Diversity

Michigan Regulators Consider Ending Nuclear Purchase Contract

Ohio Nuclear Energy Summit Attendees Express Worry Over Plant Closures

IEA: Rapid Nuclear Decommissioning Threatens Climate Targets


Moniz's Next Act: Going To Bat For A Low-Carbon Economy

Scrutiny Intensifies Over Safety at US Nuclear Weapons Lab


DOJ Win Blocks $367M Merger of EnergySolutions and WCS

House Passes Nuclear Energy Tax Bill

A Reactor In Idaho Could Change The Future Of Nuclear Energy — If It Survives Trump’s Budget

Energy Secretary Disputes Potential 1,000 PNNL Job Cut

Antis Ask Regulators To Kill Two Nuclear Plants

EPA Set to Eliminate Over 1,200 Employees By September


White House Backs US House-Passed Nuclear Energy Tax Credit Fix

Trump Power Study Riles Trade Groups Before It's Released


New York Senate Narrowly Passes Bill To Reallocate Funds For Nuclear Subsidies

Sen. Alexander: Oak Ridge Uranium Processing Facility Project On Track And Budget

Judge To Decide On NY Nuclear Subsidy Lawsuit

When 'Baseload' Energy Becomes A GOP Talking Point

Notre Dame Researchers Work To Improve Nuclear Waste Recycling

Energy Chief: Carbon Dioxide Not Prime Driver of Warming

Zinke, Perry On Hill This Week As Spending Talks Advance

Media Take Aim At Rick Perry’s Global Warming Views After DOE Nixes Climate Office


Push To Lift Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ban Revives Tension Over Nuclear Activities

Spate Of Nuclear Energy Plant Closures Could Be Start Of Full-Fledged Crisis

Bill To Expedite Yucca Mountain Licensing Clears 1st Hurdle

‘Cuomo Tax’: Repeal Is Uncertain For A Utility Customer Bill Surcharge That Subsidizes Upstate Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Industry Scrambles On Tax Credits

Moving Nuclear Waste Out of San Onofre: When and How?

Q and A with Bruce Covert, New Leadership at WIPP

Natural Gas Looks For Nuclear Road Kill

Despite Nevada’s Objections, Yucca Legislation Clears House Subcommittee

Suspicious Package Found Near Nuclear Reactor On Missouri S&T Campus

NEA and EPRI To Cooperate On Nuclear Research


Bipartisan House Subcommittee Action Puts Yucca Mountain Back In Limelight

Week Ahead: It's Perry's Turn In The Budget-Defense Barrel

Nuclear Option: Kentucky Hopes Old Paducah Complex Can Fuel Growth

State Sees 'Significant Risk' In Vermont Yankee Sale

House Subcommittee Chairman, Democrats To Work On Nuclear Waste Bill Issues

Nevada Moves To Dismiss Lawsuit That Could Restart Yucca Mountain Licensing

Vermont Leads Coalition Of States To Challenge NRC's Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Rules

Are ‘Nuclear Batteries' the Future of Electricity?

House Panel Votes To Extend Tax Credit For Nuclear Energy


House Panel Advances Yucca Mountain Bill

Paris Exit Doesn’t End US Nuclear Industry’s Carbon-Free Argument


Senate EPW Chair Sounds Alarm On NRC Loss Of Quorum Without Svinicki Reappointment

Plutonium Pits At Core Of New Savannah River Site Debate

Alexander Says $6.5 Billion Oak Ridge Uranium Processing Facility Staying On Track And Budget

EIA Meeting to Examine Future of US Nuclear Energy

Kentucky Gov. Bevin Signs Measure Lifting Nuclear Moratorium

Bloomberg: More Than Half of US Nuclear Units In The Red


Moniz Defends Legacy: Could Have Gotten ‘A Lot More Done On Nuclear’ But ‘Hamstrung’ On Spent Fuel

Energy Department Invests Nearly $67 Million to Advanced Nuclear Technology

House Energy Subcommittee Slates Vote on Yucca Mountain Amendments

Nevada Senators Raise Concerns on NRC Nominees and Yucca

Senate EPW Committee Voices Broad Support For NRC Nominees

Republican Nominees For NRC Sail Through Senate Committee Hearing


Franklin Haney's Bellefonte Field Of Dreams

How Retiring Nuclear Energy Plants May Undercut US Climate Goals

EIA Warns More US Nuclear Retirements Coming

Energy Secretary Perry Pulls a U-Turn on Climate

Florida Neo-Nazi Plotted Bombings At Nuclear Reactors

DOE Scraps 'Consent-Based' Wording From Site In Nod To Yucca

Kentucky Governor to Ceremonially Sign Nuclear Moratorium Lift in Paducah

Sen. Alexander: Interim Private Storage Could Be Best Next Step For Nuclear Waste

Will Production Of Nuclear ‘Pits’ Leave LANL?

'Crash Override': The Malware That Took Down A Power Grid

Radiation, Risk And Robots: Ripping Out A Reactor's Heart

WSJ: How are Nuclear Plants Decommissioned?


Perry Blasts Critics Of Paris Accord Exit: US Will Continue To Lead

Subsidies For 2 Ohio Nuclear Plants Stall In Statehouse

US Secretary Touts Natural Gas Exports As Hedge Against Russians

Decommissioning Indian Point: Experts Look For Solutions That Aren’t Worse Than The Problem

Paris Agreement Has More Problems Than Just US

Exxon Goes Nuclear Against NY’ AG’s Climate Crusading Investigation

Will Mini Fusion Rockets Provide Spaceflight's Next Big Leap?

MIT Grad Student Looks To Reduce Risk In Next-Generation Reactors


Michael Flynn And A Grand Scheme To Build Nuclear Energy Plants In The Middle East

National Nuclear, Gas Interests Target Ohio Plant Subsidy Debate

Extension Sought for Storing Three Mile Island Debris

The Woman Who Is Building a Nuclear Energy Plant

State Group To Study 'Moving Poison' Through Southern Nevada

Former Heads Of DOE Renewables Office Balk At Trump Budget

Nuclear Subsidies Slow to Catch on as Opposition Steps Up

Connecticut House Fails To Pass Millstone Nuke Support Bill

NRC Seeks $30M For Yucca Mountain Licensing Review

Connecticut Senate Passes Bill Allowing Purchase Of Nuclear Energy


Fossil Industry Poll: Majority 'Strongly Opposed' To Special Fees For Ohio Nuclear Plants

Panel Points to Outdated Systems At Los Alamos National Laboratory's Plutonium Facility


CT Senate Revives Nuclear Bill After Dominion Threatens Millstone Review

Activists Protest First Belgian-German Nuclear Meeting

Paris Isn’t the Only Clean Energy Pact the US Is Fleeing

US Great Lakes Congressional Delegation Seek Tillerson Help On Proposed Canadian Waste Facility 

Dark Clouds Hang Over Scandinavian Nuclear Town Torpedoed by Green Energy

Georgia PSC Tables Call To Kill Vogtle Charge On Electric Bills

Group Forms To Fight For Government Help For Three Mile Island


Nevada Senator Calls Out DOE Deputy Secretary Nominee On Yucca

Senate Panel Approves Trump Picks For DOE, FERC

Georgia PSC Delays Nuclear Vote, Asks Attorney General To Step In

IEA: Policy Change Needed To Raise Nuclear Capacity

Perry Challenges China Ahead of Clean Energy Summit

After Trump Torches Paris Agreement, Nuclear Companies Look To Lobbyist In Rick Perry's Orbit

Congress Prepares to Tackle Energy Nominations

Arizona Officials Ask Trump To End Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ban

Georgia Regulator Wants Customers To Quit Paying Ahead For Vogtle Project

Agreement Reached Between Westinghouse And NH Union Workers At Nuclear Components Plant

4 Energy And Environment Questions As Congress Returns

Can US Clean Energy Still Lead After Trump's Paris Gambit?

After Trump's Paris Exit, What About Nuclear?

Perry: Hunting for Trump's Climate Views Leads Down a Rabbit Hole

US Energy Secretary Challenges China To Be Leader On Climate

Perry Reassures Japan Of Commitment To Environment


US Industry Team Seeks Deployment Of GEH PRISM Fast Reactor

Energy's Perry Having Blast Running Agency He Vowed To Kill

Europe Slams Trump In Public On Climate, Lobbies Him In Private For Natural Gas Exports

NRC Decides Unapproved Software At Nuclear Plant Isn't A Risk

Senate Back To The Nitty Gritty Of Trump's Energy Nominees After Paris Drama


A Solar Energy Trade War May Be Looming

After Indian Point: Forum On Decommissioning And Nuclear Waste Storage

Oak Ridge Taps New Director

Perry: It’s Fine if China Takes Leadership on Climate

Westinghouse Workers Seek Support From State House Legislators

New York's Plan To Combat Climate Change Still On Track

Excavator Retrieved From Idaho Nuclear Waste Pit

Q&A Session On Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Focuses On Cost Of Decommissioning, Security

A New Twist On Uranium's Origin Story

Virtual Reality for Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors

Energy Department Awards $202.94M Contract For Nevada Sites


Perry: Trump Paris Decision 'Right Course Of Action' -- 'Will Act' On Clean Energy Including Nuclear

Trump Announces US Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal

Will Fill Collapsed Hanford Waste Tunnel With Grout

Ohio Lawmaker Considers Opt-Out Clause To Keep FirstEnergy Nuke Bailout Alive

Reps. Upton, Shimkus React To GAO’s Yucca Mountain Report


Trump’s Au Revoir To Paris: What It Means

New DOE Nuclear Chief McGinnis Leads USG Delegation to Special Summit on Global Markets

Trump Has Multiple Escape Routes From Paris Climate Accord

OPG Report: Lake Huron Site Is Best Suited For Nuclear Waste Bunker

NRC Takes Initial Steps To Resume Yucca Licensing


Perry: DOE Secretary 'Coolest Job' Ever

Barrasso Agenda Heavy on Public Works, Light on Environment

UN Chief Makes Plea For Climate Action As Trump Wavers

Scoop: Trump Is Pulling US Out Of Paris Climate Deal

Perry International Jaunt Includes Fukushima, Innovation Summit In China

Connecticut Legislation Seeks Relabeling of Nuclear Reactors As ‘Green Energy’ 

Looming TMI Closure Shows Fragility Of US Nuclear Market 

FERC Moves Out On Market Design Issues Affecting Nuclear Plants

Perry Plans Clean Energy Trip As Trump Decides On Climate Deal

Trump Eyes Rebooting Yucca Mountain, as Nuclear Waste Piles Up


Decision Week For The Paris Climate Accord

Why Coal Can’t Compete on a True Level Playing Field

Solar Energy’s Potential $2.8 Trillion Prize

DOE Awards $1.5B Contract For Paducah Nuclear Site Clean-Up

Feds Face Questions At Vermont Yankee Meeting

Trump Returns Home After Climate Deal Snub As Rest Of G-7 Fumes

MOX Down But Not Out


Report: Trump Tells Confidants US Will Quit Paris Climate Deal

Fire Raises Questions About Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Safety

Antis Shock Claim: Storage Of Nuclear Waste Poses Threat To US

GAO: Resuming Licensing of the Yucca Mountain Repository Would Require Rebuilding Capacity at DOE and NRC

Senators Defend State Energy Policies In Confirmation Hearing For FERC, DOE Nominees

Protests Punctuate Senate Hearing On US FERC, DOE Nominees

Leaders Issue G7 Declaration With US A Holdout On Climate Change

X-Energy, TerraPower Advanced Nuclear Cost-Shares Among Projects Targeted By DOE Cuts

GAO Outlines $330M ‘Roadmap’ To Restart Yucca Mountain Licensing

NRC Budget Reflects Need For Fewer Employees

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Regulator Advises EDF's Flamanville Reactor Fit For Purpose

EDF Nuclear Plant Passwords Sold By Hackers

New TEPCO Chief Seeks To Reorganize Nuclear Ops

Toshiba Stock Knocked From Top-Tier Listing As Financial Woes Deepen

RWE Uses Nuclear Rebate To Give Investors Special Dividend

US Uranium Production, Prices Fall

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Oil Prices Have Been Nose-Diving, And One Chart Explains Why

Toshiba Delays Results Again Citing US Nuclear Unit

Terrestrial Energy Begins Siting Study For Commercial Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

New TEPCO Chief Reaffirms Fukushima Commitment, But Underscored Need For Plant Restarts

Spent Fuel Storage Completes Jobs At Kewaunee Nuclear Plant

Amid Texas Nuclear Waste Site's Financial Woes, Judge Blocks Merger

Certification Of NuScale’s Reactor Design Continues But Major Funding Source In Doubt

Dominion Energy Completes Decommissioning Milestone At Kewaunee Power Station

Westinghouse Subsidiary Receives Notice Of Non-Conformance

Hold 'Em Or Fold 'Em: New Nuclear Build Permits Hold 'Option Value' For Five Utilities

KEPCO Nuclear Chief To Meet NuGen CEO

How Suppliers Can Help Deliver the Nuclear Promise

Platts: Cheap Gas, Nuclear Energy Depress NYISO Prices

Report: Lawmakers Aim To Save $800 Million Tax Credit For Plant Vogtle

Oil And Gas Industry Technologies Could Aid Nuclear Work

How Much Of The Summer Nuclear Plant Will SCANA End Up Owning?

SSE CEO: Hinkley Point Likely to Be Only New UK Nuclear Plant

Future Brightens A Bit For Vogtle Nuclear Project

Westinghouse Collapse Sparks a Nuclear Bond Buying Opportunity

Korea Electric Power Corp. At A Cross Roads

Investing: Why Cameco Corp. Remains a Strong Long-Term Buy

Ohio State Gets $1.5M In Federal Money To Study Nuclear Energy

Antis Charge Vogtle Costs Rise To $29 Billion

Blue Castle CEO: Proposed Nuclear Plant Unaffected By Westinghouse Bankruptcy

Fate Of Collapsed Vogtle Project 'Could Have Been Known'

Utility CEOs to DOE: Hands Off State Energy Policies, Grid Planning

TEPCO’s New President Vows To Shake Up Japanese Utility’s Culture

Investing: Vogtle Or No Vogtle, Southern Company Is A Buy

Rolls Royce Has 450 MW Modular Nuclear Reactor Design

CB&I Looks For A Nuclear Rebound

Investing: FirstEnergy -- Forgotten, But Not Gone

Anti- Group Plans Legal Challenge to TVA Plans For Clinch River SMR

Rolls-Royce Elaborates On Its SMR Plans

France's EDF Picks New Head Of UK Unit Overseeing Nuclear Project

First Rule of Dismantling a Nuclear Energy Plant: Check the Exits

Westinghouse Launches EnCoreTM Fuel

New Leadership Takes Over at WIPP Industry Team

EDF Energy's Vincent de Rivaz To Step Down After Winning Hinkley Battle

EDF Chief Who Ran Hinkley Nuclear Project Makes Surprise Exit

Southern Company Pleased With Toshiba's Backing

Hitachi Stresses Joint Responsibility Of UK Project

Dominion Energy Reacts To New License For Third Nuclear Reactor

Fluor JV Wins $1.5 Billion Nuclear Contract

EnergySolutions-WCS Deal Hinges On ‘Failing Firm’ Viability In Antitrust Case

With $8.6 Billion Spent, Fate Of South Carolina Nuclear Reactors Still Unknown

Toshiba Shares Gain 8.2% Following Southern Nuclear Deal

Cramer Looks At CB&I Stock Trajectory

Toshiba Shareholders Will Have To Wait For Earnings Report

Toshiba To Cough Up $3.68 Billion To Finish Vogtle Nuclear Plant

Georgia Power Enters New Agreements For Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Talen Investigating Automatic Shutdown Of Unit 1 At Susquehanna Nuke Plant

Rolls-Royce and Schneider Electric Win Nuclear Automation Deal

Uranium Prices: Japan’s Plant Restarts Show Nuclear Energy’s Staying Power

FirstEnergy's Nuclear Zero Emission Credits May Have Stalled

AREVA-EWN Consortium to Dismantle the Reactor Pressure Vessel Internals of the Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant

Rolls-Royce To Supply Hanhikivi 1 Nuclear Plant’s Main Automation


EPR Clears Crucial Early Hurdle On Steel Integrity Concern

Hitachi Looks To Lower Its Equity Position In UK's NuGen

Dominion Weighs Future of Connecticut Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

Filing Timeline Shows Toshiba Unaware Westinghouse Was Preparing For Bankruptcy

Washington Weighs In On Westinghouse Bankruptcy

Dominion Energy Undecided On Plans For Third Reactor At Lake Anna

RWE, E.ON: Analysts Upgrade Following Nuclear Tax Ruling Win

Report: French Regulator Set To Clear Safety Of EDF's Flamanville Reactor Vessel

Uranium Prices: Spot Prices Tick Higher as Bargain Hunters Come to Market

Clinton Reactor At Full Power A Year After Closing Threat

PSEG CEO Izzo Calls For Efficiency, Rate Reform And Nuclear Supports In New Jersey

Amec Foster-Led Alliance To Offer Safety Services For UK Nuclear Sites

Exelon's Braidwood-1 Nuclear Unit In Illinois At 100% Capacity After Output Cut

Union Deal Averts Delays For VC Summer But New Issue Looms

US Watchdog Plays National Security Hand On Possible Westinghouse Sale

Georgia Power May Take Over Vogtle, But Deal Not Yet Reached

'We, Westinghouse, Cannot Fail': CEO Gives Fuller Picture Of Business In New Documents

Dominion To Reconsider Keeping Millstone Open If Legislation Fails

EDF Calls For Support Mechanism For Nuclear


Market Watch: Forget Oil — It’s Time To ‘Nuke’ Your Portfolio

PJM Auction Results Could Push Nuke Operators To 'Double Down' On Subsidies

Uranium Prices: Will the US Dominate Global Uranium Supply Again?

Iberdrola Is Said to Review Options for Spanish Nuclear Assets

Westinghouse, Georgia Power Extend Deadline Again

Dominion Energy Loses Legislative Fight Over Millstone Pricing

TVA Cuts Emissions And Costs By Shutting Coal, Adding Natural Gas Plants

Once-Secret Records Reveal Pattern Of Costly Mistakes At VC Summer Nuclear Project

Plant Vogtle Deadline Arrives With No Deal

CAST Big Winner In WIPP Transport Consolidation

TVA To Stick With Clean Energy Goals Post-Paris

Nuclear Waste Transport Contract Awarded To Colorado Company

Exelon Pushes For FirstEnergy’s Ohio Nuke Plan: ‘As A Nation, We Are At A Crossroads’

NRC Receives High Marks for Small Business Contracting

Planned Three Mile Island Closure Raises Stakes For Saving Nukes In Pennsylvania

NY Rep Defends Subsidies For FitzPatrick, Other NY Nuclear Plants

Rosatom Not Afraid Of Competition From China, South Korea

Dominion Getting License From NRC For Third Nuclear Reactor At North Anna

Rosatom: Good Chance To Win South Africa Nuclear Project

Fortum Considers Bid for EON's Fossil-Fuel Spinoff Uniper

Exelon: Still Time For Pennsylvania To Help On Three Mile Island

Modi-Putin Summit: Officials Working Overtime To Iron Out Details Of Nuclear Energy Pact

Gas May Be Killing the Nuclear Option


KEPCO Seeks Advisor For Possible UK NuGen Deal

Toshiba's Future Imperiled On Nuclear Woes

Planned Three Mile Island Closure Raises Stakes For Saving Pennsylvania Plants

Westinghouse Consortium Achieves Milestone in Diversification of Fuel Supply for Russian-Reactors 

Lightbridge Receives Patent in China for Metallic Nuclear Fuel

Infamous Three Mile Island Is Latest Casualty of Shale Boom

Exelon To Complete Shutdown By 2019 Unless Lawmakers Intercede

What Will Happen To The Radioactive Spent Fuel If TMI Closes?

AP Was There: Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Exelon Plays TMI Card In Battle For State Incentives

Finnish Utility TVO Drops Latest Legal Action Against AREVA

Hitachi Revs Up To Dismantle Japanese Nuclear Power Plants

Firms Said To Be Preparing Bids For Georgia's Nuclear Project

Uranium Prices: Kazakhstan and China Deepen Ties

Wood Keen To Keep Amec’s Nuclear Unit In £2.2B Merger

Fabricators Wait Out Westinghouse Bankruptcy

EU Clears EDF's Takeover Of AREVA’s Nuclear Reactors Business

Brussels Poised To Clear EDF Takeover of AREVA’s Reactor Business

NRC Set To Inspect Vogtle Training Program

Cameco Seals $2B Deal With Ontario's Bruce Power

Westinghouse Bankruptcy and its Implications for the Nuclear Market

BWXT Joint Venture Awarded $1.5 Billion Environmental Management Contract

UK’s New Horizon Moves Wylfa Newydd Design Forward

Lockout At Westinghouse NH Manufacturing Plant Could Impact VC Summer and Vogtle Construction

Cameco Signs 10-Year Extension With Bruce Power

Fluor, Bechtel Expected To Vie For Vogtle Project Construction

CEO: Westinghouse to Emerge From Bankruptcy Stronger

Westinghouse Ends Pensions For ex-CEOs, Execs

Westinghouse Aims For Competitive Future

TEPCO’s Hopes Rest On Reform Plan, New 77-Year-Old Chief

MHI Delivers Three Replacement Steam Generators for EDF's Cruas Nuclear Plant

Marano: Toshiba Westinghouse Sale 'May Materialize' In Fall

Buoyed By State Incentives Quad Cities Still Fails At Auction

TMI Again Fails Key Power Auction, Decision Whether To Close 'To Be Made Soon'

PSC Agrees To Release SCE&G’s Contract For Summer Power Project

Spot Uranium Prices See First Weekly Increase in Months


Fanning: More Time Needed For New Vogtle Plan

Authorities: Emergency Alert At NJ Nuclear Plant A False Alarm

Westinghouse Reaches Deal For $800 Million US Bankruptcy Loan

Westinghouse Global Businesses Roiled by Bankruptcy

EDF Eyes Lifespan Extension Of French Fleet Of 10-20 Years

Nuclear Developers Stumble Over Technology And Financing

Could Losing Tax Break Sink SCE&G’s Nuclear Project?

General Dynamics Unit Wins $33M Deal for Nuclear Submarine

Westinghouse Will Not Object To Unsealing Contract For VC Summer Nuclear Project

FirstEnergy Keeps Pressure On For Passage Of Ohio Nuclear Subsidy Bill

Uranium Prices: Why Global Nuclear Energy Demand Will Skyrocket, Even if it Dies in America

France's EDF Denies Report Of ‘Secret Plan’ To Delay Scaling Back Nuclear Energy

NuGen Takeover: Chinese Power Giant Heads To London To Discuss Nuclear Rescue Package

Westinghouse To Lock Out 172 Union Members At New Hampshire Plant

Japanese Govt OK’s TEPCO’s Turnaround Program

FirstEnergy Solutions Faces Potential Class-Action Lawsuit Led By Ohio Business Customer

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Trump Admin: US Would Like Nuclear Deal With India To Go Forward

India’s Inclusion In NSG Remains In Limbo, China Continues To Be Stumbling Block

Rosatom, Ethiopia, Sign MOU On Nuclear Energy

UK Watchdog Hits Out at Planned Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal

Third-Gen Chinese Nuclear Technology Arrives In Karachi

China Still Says No To India's NSG Membership 

Feasibility Study On IMSR Site In Canada Commences

Going Nuclear: How Australia Can Become A ‘Global Energy Superpower’

President Zuma: South Africa Committed To Nuclear Power Expansion, Process To Be Open

China Unveils First Nuclear Emergency Response Robots

IAEA Meeting Highlights Public Trust Crucial in Nuclear Energy

Uranium Mining Ultimatum In Western Australia Sparks Nuclear Debate

Rosatom Signs MOU With Sudan And Uganda

US Spy Satellites Detect Activity At North Korean Nuclear Test Site

UK To Propose New Law For Nuclear Industry After Brexit

South Africa To Review Nuclear Plans In Response To Recession

Rosatom May Start Building New Nuclear Power Plants In India And Bangladesh

Japan Eyes US Nuclear Pact That Renews Automatically Amid Trump Administration Vacancies

Russia To Deliver Test Batch Of Nuclear Fuel To US Reactor In 2019

Nuclear Energy ‘Vital’ To Meet Middle East’s Water Demand

Russia's Rosatom To Review Opportunity Of Nuclear Energy Plant Building In Zambia

EDF: Fire At French Nuclear Reactor Extinguished

Fire At French Nuclear Reactor Extinguished, No Radiation Leak Reported

NSG At Forefront Of PM Narendra Modi’s Three-Nation Trip

South African Energy Minister: Nuclear Energy Legal Battles May Have Damaged Russia Ties

South Africa Aims To Choose Company For Nuclear Project By Year-End

Russia To Sign Contract With India For Two Nuclear Plants

India, Russia May Join Hands For Providing Nuclear Energy To Third Country

Damaged Fuel Rods Soon To Be Extracted From Russian Nuclear Service Vessel

South Korea Is Powering Down Its Nuclear-Energy Industry

Russia's Rosatom To Offer 49 Percent In Turkey's Akkuyu Plant To Investors

Rosatom Says It Has Plans To Develop Nuclear Cluster In South Africa

Russia, Philippines' New Partner, Showcases Nuclear Energy

New Korea President Signal Retreat From Nuclear Energy

With Eye To Grabbing Slice Of Market, China Focuses On Developing Small Nuclear Reactors

South Korea’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor Ceases Operation

Nuclear Energy May Be Solution For Arctic

India To Keep Outreach To NSG Members Low Key

Belgian Reactor Vessels Show No New Inclusions

Restart Of World's Oldest Nuclear Plant Delayed

EU Approves German Fund For Managing Radioactive Waste

Canadian Government Called On To Reaffirm Nuclear Support


China Inc Powers Up With Big UK Push

South Korea Retires Oldest Nuclear Reactor On Its 40th Birthday

'Homegrown' Power Plan Will Boost Indian Nuclear Industry

Construction Of First Nuclear Energy Plant In Turkey To Begin In 2018


Nuclear Boom In Asia Entices And New Reactor Ideas Flourish In US At Industry Summit

Turkey Gives Rosatom Go Ahead To Build Nuclear Plant


Swimming Robot To Probe Damage At Japan Nuclear Plant

China’s Consolidation Push Turns To Sprawling Power Sector

TEPCO to Work With Local Government on Nuclear Plant Review

Enter the Nimble Dragon: China Looks To Small Reactors For Nuclear Edge

Ukraine In Talks With Another Nuclear Fuel Supplier

Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 EPR Project Reaches A Major Milestone

IAEA Fuel 'Bank' On Course

Experts Say France’s Plan To Shut Down Nuclear Reactors Makes No Sense

France Follows Germany In Nuclear Shutdown


Japanese Court Clears Way For Restart Of Two Genkai Units

Ecology Minister Hulot: France To Close Some Nuclear Reactors

South Korea's KHNP To Close The Country's Oldest Commercial Reactor June 19

Why Japanese Locals Rejoice About a Restart for Nuclear Plant

Taiwanese Cabinet Reaffirms Goal Of Phasing Out Nuclear Energy By 2025

GE, Westinghouse Keen To Take Nuclear Insurance From India’s Pool 

New Cracks Found In Tihange 2 Belgian Nuclear Plant

Activity Around North Korean Test Site May Foretell 6th Nuclear Test

JAEA: Nuclear Workers Were Quarantined In Plutonium-Tainted Room For Three Hours After Accident

Japanese Nuclear Reactor Workers To Receive A Robotic Helping Hand

Chinese Researchers Achieve Breakthrough In Nuclear Energy

Finland Works, Quietly, to Bury Its Nuclear Reactor Waste

South Korea's Nuclear Operator Urges Careful Approach On Energy Policy

Russia To Take Back 45 Tonnes Of Spent Fuel Every Year

India’s Answer to Trump on Climate Is Nuclear Energy

Japan Minister Denies Government Considering New Nuclear Plants

Niigata Governor's Plans May Upend TEPCO's Nuclear Restarts, Restructuring

Ibaraki Plutonium Exposures Baffle Japanese Nuclear Experts

South Korea, UAE to Share APR1400 Operating Experience

Expert: 5 Japanese Nuclear Workers Inhaled Plutonium, But This Used To Be Fairly Common

Solar, Wind And Nuclear Each Provide More Electricity Than Gas And Coal Combined For First Time In The UK


Japan Fleet Restart Gains Steam

Explained: India, NSG, And The Chinese Roadblock

Japan Nuclear Workers Inhale Plutonium After Bag Breaks

IAEA Chief Lauds Russia Role In Nuclear Energy Generation

Japan to Dismantle Nuclear Reactor of Monju


Merkel Nuclear-Tax Blunder Returns to Haunt Her in Election Year

Five Workers Exposed to Radiation At Japan Nuclear Laboratory

German Utilities Face 6 Billion Euro Windfall After Nuclear Tax Ruling

Germany's Highest Court Rules Nuclear Fuel Tax Unconstitutional

US Energy Sec Perry Tours Fukushima

China In Touch With Russia Over India's NSG Bid

Reactors Offer Rich Opportunities For China

Germany's Top Court To Announce Nuclear Fuel Tax Ruling On June 7

KEPCO Restarts Second Takahama Reactor As Greenpeace Warns Of French MOX Fuel Shipment

Nuclear Energy Plays Vital Role in Helping Britain Meet Its Environmental Commitments

South Korea's Moon Jae-in’s Nuclear Pledges Put to the Test


Photos: US Secretary of Energy Perry Visiting Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

China: India's NSG Bid Has Become 'More Complicated'

South Korea Plans Energy U-Turn Away From Coal, Nuclear

Can China Take the Lead on Climate Change? That Could Be Difficult

Trump Paris Exit A Double-Edged Sword For China

Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant to Be Launched by 2023

IAEA Director General in Russia: Nuclear Energy is Key for Low-Carbon Future

IAEA: Iran Honoring Nuclear Deal But Nearing Heavy-Water Limit Again


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Warms Up To SMRs

India's New Nuclear Plant Units Commissioning Expected in 2024-25

Korean-Fabricated Fuel Assemblies Reach Barakah

Russian Boast: Most Powerful Nuclear Research Reactor to Be Built by 2022

Russia Signs Deal To Expand Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

License Renewal Issued For Canadian Waste Facility

IAEA Advises On Retaining Knowledge At Chinese Plant

Modi-Putin Summit: All Eyes On Nuclear Energy Deal

French Spot Power Falls On Increased Nuclear Availability

Modi-Putin Summit: Officials Working Overtime To Iron Out Details Of Nuclear Energy Pact

Report: Russian Nuclear Industry Is Spending Its Money In The Wrong Places

IAEA Director: Nuclear Energy Key For Developing Countries

French Nuclear Regulator Delays Flamanville Ruling To Autumn

Canadian Company Still Wants To Store Nuclear Power Plant Waste Near Lake Huron

Indian Nuclear Insurance Pool Sees Interest From Global Suppliers

Putin Vows To Continue Sharing Best Practices In Nuclear Power Industry With India

UAE Delegation Marks UAE- IAEA Technical Cooperation

Japan Faces Another Type Of Nuclear Crisis — Where To Store All The Waste

Russia Building First 'Floating' Nuclear Energy Plant

The Other Brexit Has Been Forgotten: Leaving Europe's Nuclear Community Is Just As Fraught With Fissile Hazard

UK First Minister '100% Committed To New Wylfa Nuclear Plant'

Takahama Mayor Floats Dry Cask Storage As Backup To Kansai Electric’s Nuclear Disposal Site Quest

The Economist: The Struggle To Repopulate Fukushima

Barakah Nuclear Plant Gets Critical Components

IAEA Verifies UAE Nuclear Material Inventory

Kazakhstan To Produce Nuclear Fuel For China

China Unveils Flagship Nuclear Tech To Be Used In Karachi Plants

Preserving And Developing Germany's Nuclear Expertise

Czechs And Slovaks Committed To Nuclear Energy

European Industry Rates Decommissioning Opportunities

Chinese Premier Stresses Quality, Safety For Hualong One Nuclear Project

China Completes Construction Of First Hualong One Nuclear Project

Jordan Joins Nuclear Suppliers Group

IAEA Submits Report On Ghana’s Nuclear Power Program

Hungary To Issue Tender For Nuclear Plant Turbines 'Very Soon'

China's Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Containment Dome Nears Completion

European Nuclear Industry Ponders Problems In Prague

Rosatom’s Vague Plans Could Create Radwaste Crisis In Turkey, Environmentalists Fear

China's First Hualong One Nuclear Project Taking Shape

China National Nuclear Ready To Mass Produce Gen-3 Reactors

Britain's On The Brink Of A Small-Scale Nuclear Reactor Revolution

Wylfa Newydd: Anglesey Nuclear Energy Station To Be Smaller

2 More Nuclear Reactors In Japan Clear Regulator's Safety Review

EU Says Current Nuclear Energy Output Will Cost $505 Billion Through 2050

France Cautious About Reducing Nuclear Dependence Despite Growing Trend in EU

With China Refusing To Budge, India's NSG Bid To Remain A Distant Dream

Macron's New Environment Chief: Greenwashing Or Green Leading?

Sudan, Russia Signs Cooperation Agreement On Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Taxes Get New Lease On Life In Japan After Fukushima

China: No Room Yet For India In NSG

Switzerland Votes To Phase Out Nuclear Energy

NSG Likely To Meet Next Month, Slim Chance Of India's Entry

In Energy Chief Appointment, Macron’s Nuclear Mistake

Swiss Go To The Polls On The Future Of Nuclear Referendum


Chinese Set Sights On Toshiba, Westinghouse UK NuGen Stake

India, Russia Discuss Agreement on New Units for Kudankulam Nuclear Plant


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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