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Project Iceworm: Long-Buried US Defense Nuclear Waste Would Complicate Any Bid For Greenland

Fed Report On EMP 'Meltdown' Of Nuclear Power Plants Mixed

David Einhorn: 'Elon Musk Should Resign' Over Solar Panel Scandal

Looks Like Elon Musk Is Serious About Nuking Mars

State Officials Urge NRC to Slow Decision On Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

US State Claims Ending MOX Did Not Breach Plutonium Pact: Russia Agrees To Disagree

Nuclear Weapons Council Briefed On Plutonium Pits, Tritium During SRS, LANL Meetings

Trump Space Nuclear Power Initiatives Take Flight


Dem Prez Hopeful, Green New Dealer Bullish On Nuclear Energy

Calif. Senators Urge Federal Action on Used Nuclear Fuel Removal

Bernie Sanders Unveils $16 Trillion ‘Green New Deal’ Plan

Secretary Perry Hoaxes Back On Instagram Hoax

NASA Chief: Nuclear Propulsion Could Be 'Game-Changer' for Space Exploration


Trump Approves Plan For Nuclear-Power Spacecraft

Ohio HB 6 Opponents Make Second Effort To Start Referendum Campaign

Federal Judge Dismisses SC Suit Seeking $200 Million In Fines For Nuclear Material

National Space Council Meeting Highlights Moon And Mars Plan – Plus Nuclear Power

Watts Bar 'Bee-Team' Saves 25,000+ Swarming Bees At Nuclear Plant

Former Nuclear Lands Now Protecting Wildlife

Seth Moulton Wants To Harness The Energy That Powers The Sun

DOE Initiative Targets Nuclear Energy Technologies Development

Dozen-Year Nuclear Cleanup Completed At Knolls

Wildlife Roam Where US Once Made Nuclear And Chemical Arms

Silly Season Energy News

Sean Dunagan to Take Helm at NWP/WIPP, Replacing Covert

INL Pioneered Technology That May Have Been Used In Russian Explosion. Here’s Why It Was Abandoned

This Crazy Blue Flash From A Nuclear Reactor Firing Up Looks Right Out Of Science Fiction

Los Alamos National Lab Details $13B In Building Plans Over Next Decade

US Plans To Send Nuclear Reactors To Space Lifts Off

Everything You Need To Know About Fusion: The Next Frontier

Chemists Synthesized Effective Antidote For Uranium Poisoning

‘Chernobyl’ Miniseries Sends Curious Tourists To Lithuania


Early Site Permit For Potential TVA Clinch River Reactor Checks NRC Hearing Hurdle

Group That Wants Ohio Voters To Decide On Nuclear Plants Bailout Submits Revised Petition

Lab Director, DOE official, Politicians Reflect On INL's Future

As Wind And Solar Energy Grow, So Do Their Challenges

Beer Named For Pacific Island Nuke Test Site Draws Criticism


US National Reactor Innovation Center To Be Based At Idaho National Lab

Energy Department Launches New Demonstration Center for Advanced Nuclear Technologies

Deputy Energy Secretary Visits Nuclear, National Security Sites

US Department of Energy To Extend Hanford Cleanup Contracts

DOE’s NNSA Signs $600 Million Contract To Build Its First Exascale Supercomputer


Senate Energy Chair Launches ‘Strategic Energy For America Act’ For Global Project Financing

US Blacklisting Of China Nuclear Firms Based On Actions Aiding State Military

Experts To Review Mine Design At WIPP

Army, Contractor Begin Planning to Dismantle Deactivated Fort Greely Nuclear Power Plant

6 Offshore Wind Farms the Size of Nuclear Power Plants

Battle Emerges Over Nuclear Waste in America’s Oil Patch

Court Rules For US In Fight Over Nevada Plutonium Shipment

Senator Markey Blasts NRC Plans to Transfer Pilgrim License

Deadly Explosions Aside, Kremlin Says Putin's Nuclear-Powered Missile Far Ahead Of US Technology

Why the US Abandoned Nuclear-Powered Missiles More Than 50 Years Ago

GAO: Energy Department Never Blacklists Risky Nuclear Tech Vendors


Ohio Shuts Down Referendum Challenge To State’s New Nuclear Energy Incentive

Trump Tweets Concern Over 'Air Around The Facility' After Russian Nuclear Accident

Al Gore: 2006 Global Warming 'Point of No Return' Claim Was 'Accurate'

Antineutrino Detection Could Help Remotely Monitor Nuclear Reactors


Inside The Lab Where Bill Gates’ TerraPower Is Inventing The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Oak Ridge Advanced Manufacturing Facility Develops Technologies For New Methods Of Production

Oak Ridge Advanced Manufacturing Lab Develops, Tests Technologies For New Methods Of Production

Buttigieg Backs Consent-Based Nuclear Waste Model

How McConnell's Coal Guy Is Helping Trump Remake Federal Energy Policy

Alaska Concerned About Russian Floating Nuclear Power Plant


Nuclear Energy And The 2020 Presidential Candidates

US-Based Experts Suspect Russia Blast Involved Nuclear-Powered Missile

Attorney: Referendum On Ohio Bill Supporting Nuclear Plants Unconstitutional

US-Based Experts Suspect Russia Blast Involved Nuclear-Powered Missile

Nuclear Fund Transfer Won’t Result In Taxable Gains, Losses

GAO: NNSA Needs to Finish IT Supply Chain Recommendations for Nuclear

These Catholics Broke Into A Nuclear Base. Now They're Asking A Judge To Drop The Charges

Over 700 Professionals Trained through IAEA's Nuclear Knowledge Management Schools

SC Gov. McMaster: Metric Ton Of Defense Plutonium Moved From SRS Is 'Small Step' Forward

DOE Speeds Up Development Of Experimental Fast Reactor

Partisan House Bills Offer Diverging Visions for ARPA–E

Radioactive Grain from Chernobyl Has Been Distilled into Vodka


EIA Forecast: Nuclear Energy ‘Stable’ At 20% Of US Electricity In 2020

Feds Secretly Remove Ton Of Plutonium From SC As Part Of Court Order

New Yorker de Blasio Says Local Consent A Must On Nuclear Waste Storage

Emissions Decline For Georgia And Southeast But Progress Will Slow

Small Modular Reactors: A Challenge for Spent Fuel Management?

SC Officials Press For $200 Million Fines Against Energy Department Over Plutonium

House Lawmakers Take Bipartisan Tour At Yucca Mountain

Gov. Herbert: Nuclear Waste Shipments To Nevada Never Passed Through Utah

Readout of Secretary Perry’s Meeting with Saudi Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Khalid Al-Falih

MSU Nuclear Research Facility Set To Open In 2021


US Energy Department Moves On Building Nuclear Versatile Test 'Fast' Reactor

DOE Announces Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement to Examine Building a Versatile Test Reactor in the US

Bipartisan Senate Support For Nuclear Grows With $7.5B Bill To Extend Life Of Current Fleet

FERC, Justice Dept. Challenge Latest FirstEnergy Solutions Restructuring Plan


US Energy Department Moves On Building Nuclear Versatile Test 'Fast' Reactor

Nevada's Veto Power A Sticking Point In Congressional Negotiations On Yucca Mountain

Berkeley Somehow Bans Natural Gas


Texas Oil Town Wants US’ Nuclear Waste

Why Nuclear Is An Environmentalist’s Story


How 'Hobbs & Shaw' Shot Those Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Scenes

Mars 2020 Rover Received Green Light For Nuclear Battery Installation

Massachusetts Seeks Temporary Freeze On NRC Ruling For Pilgrim Plant License Transfer

Energy Secretary Perry, Gov. Sisolak Tour Nevada Nuclear Site

Senate Bill Would Authorize $200M Annually for Nuke Waste R&D

Only 27% Of Republicans Think Climate Change Is A 'Major Threat' To The United States

Einstein Urged Government To Build An Atomic Bomb 80 Years Ago. Here's What He Said.

Nuclear Goes Retro – With A Much Greener Outlook

Ohio’s New Nuclear Bill Jolts Conservatives, Activists

What If Nuclear Innovation Could Save the World?

Not Out Of The Woods -- Exelon Warns Wall Street That Three Illinois Nuclear Plants Could Close

Nuclear Energy Would Get Support In Bipartisan Senate Bill

Court Ruling Could Expedite Cleanup Of Long-Dormant Colorado Uranium Mines

One Dead In Kentucky After Gas Line Explosion Shoots Fireball Into Sky

Move Over, Energizer Bunny! NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Just Got Its Nuclear Battery

SRS Likely Sending Two Waste Shipments To New Mexico Facility This Year

Nuclear Waste Shipments To Nevada, Likely Passing Through Utah

Ranked -- The Biggest Nuclear Energy Plants In The US

US Nurses May Not Be Ready For Nuclear Emergencies

Ruling: Arguments Against Peach Bottom Nuke License 'Too Vague'

Obama Energy Chief Ernest Moniz To Call For 'Green Real Deal'

Scientists Create Miniature Sun in Wisconsin


Is Nuclear Energy A Bridge Too Far For Dem Prez Hopefuls?

NRC Approves Alternate Uses for Pilgrim Power Plant Decommissioning Trust

FPL Biologists Help Sea Turtles At Nuclear Power Plant Near Ft. Pierce

Hearing Set On Small Nuclear Reactors In Oak Ridge

Science Daily: Technological Developments In Radiation Detectors Enhance Global Nuclear Security

Chief Deputy Reportedly Leaves DOE Office of Nuclear Energy

DOE Injects $14 Million Into Nuclear Fusion Research

Senate Bill Aims To Curb EXIM Financing For Saudi Technology Deal

Justice Department Misplaced Files On Investigation Into Nuclear Weapons Plant


The Opportunity Cost Of Shutting Down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Energy Plant

Anti Group Takes First Step To Stop Ohio Nuclear Bailout

DOE: Ten Years at the Frontiers of Energy Science


Davis-Besse Community Celebrates Nuclear Plant’s New Lease On Life

House Dems Finger Trump Inaugural Chief For Saudi Nuclear Deal Advocacy: Smear Campaign?

Green Groups Raise Alarm Over Mislabeled Nuclear Waste Shipments Through Utah

LaFleur Cautions On Administrative Interference As She Exits FERC

News of the Weird: Aussie Man Who Urinated In Backyard Exposed Family To Radiation

Nuclear Fusion Could Be A Reality By 2025


Finding A Repository For San Onofre’s Stranded Waste Proves Challenging

Coal's Bob Murray to Trump: Fix 'Feckless FERC'

NRC Could Finish Design Review Of NuScale Small Reactor By 2020

What's Minnesota's Future Of Carbon-Free, Nuclear Energy?

Elon Musk Proposes a Controversial Plan to Speed Up Spaceflight to Mars


House Committee Trio Promote Republican Climate Plan

Ohio Goes 'Old School' With Energy Law

Huge Component Delivered To ITER Nuclear Fusion Plant

Hearing Starts Dems' March Toward 'Net-Zero' Emissions

Top Republican Wants Broader ARPA-E Mandate


NASA Starts Fueling Up Mars 2020 Rover's Nuclear Power Plant

Romanian Official Appointed IAEA Acting Director-General

Idaho Nuclear Facility To Resume Normal Operations As Wildfire Threat Diminishes

What's On FERC's Fall Agenda?


Big Pro-Nuclear Victory In Ohio Gives Momentum To Global Nuclear Expansion

Murkowski Still Pushing Energy Policy Overhaul Featuring Nuclear Energy

World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Experiment Clears Milestone

NRC Has Public Hearing On Clinch River Nuclear Site In August

MIT: A Vision Of Nuclear Energy Buoyed By Molten Salt

Ohio Antis Eye Referendum To Overturn Newly Enacted $1 Billion State Nuclear Bill

This Texas Oil Town Actually Wants the Nation’s Nuclear Waste

A Short Primer on Modern Nuclear Reactor Design

Fire Near Idaho’s Nuclear Research Facility Prompts Evacuation


Ohio’s Davis-Besse, Perry Plants Win The Day As State Legislature, Governor Secure Nuclear Bill

Wildfire Prompts Evacuations From Idaho Nuclear Energy Lab

DOE Awards Three US Firms Mo-99 Production Funds

Showdown -- Ohio House Slates Vote On Plan For State’s Two Nuclear Plants



US House Report Rebukes Claims That Trump Administration Skirted Export Controls For Saudi Deal

Wyoming Lawmakers Name Nuclear Fuel Storage Study Team

Why US Shale Is Doomed No Matter What They Do

Inside the Race to Reinvent the Nuclear Reactor


R.I.P: IAEA Nuclear Chief Amano Passes

Amano Headed UN Nuclear Watchdog During Turbulent Period

Tributes For Nuclear Body Chief Amano

EBR-I, The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant, Continues To Inspire Innovation In The Idaho Desert

Heat Wave Slams The Grid. Here's What To Know

Who Will Succeed Amano As IAEA Secretary General

Japanese Diplomat Praised For Dedication And Leadership At IAEA

Black-Outs Hit Hundreds Of Thousands From New York To Michigan As Grid Buckles Under Strain Of 100F 

US Energy Is Hotspot In Trump’s Economy

What's The Future Of Carbon-Free, Nuclear Power In Minnesota?

Millions Of Barrels Of Iranian Crude Are Piling Up At Chinese Ports

American Crocodiles Thriving Outside Turkey Point Plant


Ohio Governor Backs $1B Rescue For State's 2 Nuclear Plants

50 Years After US Moon Landing, Nuclear-Powered Mars Rover Mission Next Up In 2020

Landing On The Moon Was Easier Than Faking Lunar Rocks, Explains A Geologist

Is Nuclear Energy Central Pennsylvania’s Saving Grace?

Trade Groups Urge DOE To Fight FCC Plan Seen As Threat To Utilities' Networks

Alert Issued For Stolen Car With Nuclear Substance In Chile

All In -- Canadian Nuclear Lab Launches Program To Accelerate SMR Deployment

NASA Nuclear Propulsion — Size Of A Paper Towel Roll — And It Could Power Us To Mars

With Coal Revenue Down, Wyoming Eyes Another Opportunity: Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel

Energy R&D Legislation Takes Shape in House

Power Mag Podcast: Reversing Climate Change with Nuclear Energy


Plan To Build 1st Small US Nuke Reactors In Idaho Advances

Utah Muni Re-Ups For NuScale Project

Ohio Nuclear Bill Stall Blamed On House Absences

Nevada’s Governor Wants Yucca Earthquake Review

Ohio Man Arrested For Gun Possession At Nuclear Energy Plant

Nuclear Plant Rescue Clears Ohio Senate, But House Punts

Regulators Propose Fewer Inspections For Aging Nuclear Plants

New Mexico Regulators Weigh Nuclear Energy Investments

WIPP: Shipments, Mining Continue Amid Facility Upgrades

Ohio Senate Passes Bill To Save State's Two Nuclear Energy Plants

State Carbon Free Policies Increasingly Inclusive Of Nuclear, But Resource Needs Federal Boost

Sen. Murkowski Teases Prospects For Storage As Committee Advances 22 Energy Bills

House Energy and Commerce and Appropriations Committees Express Concerns Over Proposed Changes To Reactor Oversight Process

Nuclear Weapons Waste Shipped From Idaho to New Mexico

Energy Dept. Wants Consultant for Nuclear Waste Fund Investments

New DOE Nuclear Energy Head Suggests Rethinking Spent Fuel Reprocessing


US Senate Committee Passes Bill Promoting Advanced Nuclear Energy Plants

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano Is Preparing to Step Down

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Considers Fewer Inspections

DOE Awards $4.6 Million To Argonne To Support Collaborations With Industry

Barrasso -- Trump Administration Decision On Uranium Imports Is A Missed Opportunity

Manchin, Energy Committee Passes 22 Bills Moving Toward Bipartisan Energy Innovation Solutions

Ohio Clean Air Act Nears Finish Line, Overdue For FirstEnergy Solutions Deadline

Dems Accuse NRC Of Mulling Weaker Oversight

Q&A: Assistant Secretary Rita Baranwal Lays Out Her Vision For The Future Of Nuclear Energy

US Uranium Companies Reboot From Losses In Wake Of Trade Case Defeat

Nuclear Fuel Transfer From Wet To Dry Storage To Resume This Week At San Onofre

Trump Decision On Uranium Imports Draws Praise From Nuclear Industry

State Budget Deal Between Ohio House, Senate Appears Imminent

Experts Review Digital Applications for Nuclear Knowledge Management Programs


Kardashians Push For Clean Up Of Ex-Govt Nuclear And Space Lab At Santa Susana Field

Senator Graham Joins SC Legal Fight To Restart MOX Plant

How A Florida Utility's Crocodile Plan Clashed With Climate

New Team To Lead MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory


MegaDroughts And Desalination -- Another Pressing Need For Nuclear Energy

Senators: Communities Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel Need Help

INL Part Of Effort To Develop Propulsion System For Mars Exploration

Trump Declines To Set US Uranium Production Quotas

Trump Rejects Uranium Import Limits, But Begins Nuclear Fuel Review

Trump Creates Group To Find Ways To Boost Domestic Uranium Production

Quakes Shake Up Nuclear Waste Storage Talk in Nevada 

Nevada Senator Eyes New Means of Ensuring Consent for Yucca Mountain

NRC Board Weighs Interventions in Texas Spent Fuel Storage Licensing


STRANDED -- Maine Senator Files Bipartisan Bill To Help Communities With Nuclear Waste


Trump Backs Away From Barriers on Foreign Uranium

Trump Finds a Trade Fight He Doesn't Like in Uranium Imports

2 'Mischievous' Teenagers Jump Fence At US Nuclear Reactor

Wyoming Lawmakers Quietly Explore Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel

New DOE Nuclear Energy Chief Officially On The Job

Vermont Yankee Cooling Towers Coming Down, Marking The ‘End Of An Era’

Idaho Falls Eyes Getting More Power From Reactors

INL Part Of Effort To Develop Propulsion System For Mars Exploration

Climate, NIMBY Concerns Drive Move To Floating Power Plants


DOE Pumps Nuclear Fleet Extension, Advanced Nuclear At IEA Conclave

Intruders Jump Fence At US Nuclear Reactor That Uses Bomb-Grade Fuel

NRC Completes Follow-Up Inspection of SONGS Used-Fuel Incident


Purdue University Reactor Goes Digital

Couple Arrested For Driving Stolen Car Filled With Uranium, A Rattlesnake And Whiskey: 'There's Quite A Few Unanswered Questions'

In Climate Debate, Texas Lawyer Stands As Possible Roadblock

Former NRC Chair Macfarlane: New Nuclear Reactors Won’t Solve Waste Dilemma

Department of Energy Seeks To Produce Plutonium Pits In SC

Awaiting Trial For Breaking Into A Nuclear Base, Seven Catholic Activists Are Unrepentant


NRC Panel Kicks-Off Field Hearings At Proposed West Texas Interim Waste Storage Site

DOE In Hot Water Again With Nevada -- ‘Mistaken’ Shipments Of ‘Reactive’ Government Waste

Congressman Calls For Energy Secretary To Resign

New DOE Nuclear Energy Chief to be Sworn In

Republicans Try to Buff Up Green Image With Environmental Caucus

US Argues Its Case Against Iran To A Divided World At Global Nuclear Agency Meeting

A Sunken One-Of-A-Kind Soviet Nuclear Sub Appears To Be Leaking Radiation Into The Sea

Earthquakes Rattle Yucca Mountain Debate

Senate Bill To Help Communities ‘STRANDED’ With Nuclear Waste

Developing the First Ever Facility for the Safe Disposal of Spent Fuel

Red States Lead The Switch To Renewables

No Oral Arguments Needed For SRS-NNSS Plutonium Case, Federal Court Declares


How Each Country Contributed To The Explosion In Energy Consumption

Energy Sec Rick Perry: 'The Climate Is Changing, There's Not Any Doubt About That'

Earthquakes, Radioactive Waste And That Nuclear Plant On Southern California’s Coast

Trump's Energy Talk: Here's What It Means


FERC Dramatically Revises US Electricity Generating Prediction

Secretary Perry: Trump Critics Don't Understand How Much He's Done For The Environment

Understand SC: We Store The Nation’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Materials

Chernobyl: The Continuing Political Consequences Of A Nuclear Accident


Uranium In The US -- A Domestic Market On The Rise Or An Industry In Trouble?

Nevada Official: Consent-Based Nuclear Waste Storage Bill May Be Changed To Include Yucca Mountain

First All-Digital Nuclear Reactor System In The US Installed At Purdue University

Trump Touts Environment Record, Green Groups Scoff

Could Rare Metal Beryllium Be The Key To Unlocking Nuclear Fusion?


Ohio Legislators Working Against Deadline To Keep State’s Two Nuclear Plants Operational

WIPP Has Major Projects Through Summer

FERC Now Expects Big Drop For US Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Energy Over Next 3 Years, Major Growth For Renewables

Abilene Christian University Science Faculty Gets Salty Over Future Of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Keeps Ohio Rates Down

Why SC Is Likely Stuck With A Stockpile Of The Nation’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Materials

Ingredients for Atomic Bombs Made in South Carolina

Nuclear Weapon Material Worth $72M Seized In A Car In Turkey

NASA Will Look For Life In Space With A Nuclear-Powered Drone

ARPA-E Funds Moltex SSR Technology Development

Did A WWII Nuclear Experiment Make The U Of C Radioactive?


US National Security Importance Of Uranium Debated

Why It Matters If Iran Busts Its Nuclear Caps

The Indigenous Fight To Stop Aussie Nuclear Waste Storage 

What Will Be Left When We’re Gone? Bones, Plastic, And Radioactive Waste.

Search On For Stolen Car Containing Nuclear Density Gauge

Sen. Lindsey Graham To Unveil Plan For Iranian Nuclear Energy

NRC To Hear Arguments On Waste Facility Applications

The Battle for the Grand Canyon And Uranium Reserves

Ohio Lawmakers Missed Deadline To Subsidize Nuclear: Now What?

New Mexico's WIPP Receives 12,500th Shipment


Miners, Lawmakers Press Case For Quota On US Uranium Imports

Safer Nuclear Reactors Are on the Way

Nuclear Plants, Once Seen As Impervious To Climate Change, Threatened By Heat Waves

Earth To Mars In 100 Days: The Power Of Nuclear Rockets

Ohio Legislators Miss FirstEnergy Deadline For Nuclear Plants Plan

Utah Cities Set To Be First With Modular Nuclear Energy

Has Time Run Out for Ohio Nuke Plan?

In New Talks, US May Settle for a Nuclear Freeze by North Korea

...But Ohio Lawmakers Still Working On Plan To Save Nuclear Plants

What To Consider If You Plan On Visiting Chernobyl

Nuclear Reactor Simulator Is The Project Of A Lifetime

DOE Announces Funding For Nuclear Energy R&D

Lawmakers Piecing Together Bipartisan Nuclear Energy Push

Opinions On Nuclear Project At SC Plant Clash At Public Forum

SC Officials Seeking $200 Million Judgment Against Feds For Failing To Remove Plutonium

NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board to Hold Oral Arguments on Texas Spent Fuel Storage Application

Earth To Mars In 100 Days? The Power Of Nuclear Rockets

Ohio Nuclear Bill Headed For Possible Weekend Vote

Nevada Could Support Nuclear Waste Bill If State Consent Allowed

Senators Try—Again—To Solve The Nuclear Waste Debacle

NNSA Draft Assessment Details MOX Transition, Proposed SRS Plutonium Pit Mission

NNSA, BWXT Subsidiary to Negotiate Contract for Uranium Metal Conversion

CBI: Britain Needs More Nuclear Power And Carbon Capture To Hit Zero Emissions Target

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Markey Hits Holtec Math, Stakeholder Engagement On Pilgrim

FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy Case Held Up By Labor Dispute

NRC Approves License Transfer for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Investors Showing Quiet Confidence In Trump’s Revival Of The US Uranium Industry

ASLB Admits One Contention in Proceeding on Texas Spent Fuel Storage Proposal

Judge Delays Confirmation of FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy Reorganization

A Look At The NuScale Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Project

Lightbridge Corporation: Next Steps To Achieve Nuclear Fuel Success

Storm Temporarily Cuts Power Output At TVA Nuclear Plant

Energy Services Giant Wood Pulls Out Of UK Nuclear

Rolls-Royce Declines To Comment On French Nuclear Business Sale Rumors

KEPCO’s Losses Pile Up Amid Debate Over Anti-Nuclear Energy Policy

Developer Blasts Ohio Nuclear Deal, Pulls Plug on Gas Plant Project

Michigan Residents Want To Be Involved In Closing Of Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Rolls-Royce In Talks To Sell French Nuclear Business To Framatome

EDF Gets OK To Restart Scottish Nuclear Plant Where Cracks Found

Q&A with Southern Co.'s Tom Fanning, 2019 Most Admired CEO


Wood Cuts Debt With $305 Million Nuclear Unit Sale

Jacobs to Acquire Wood's Nuclear Business

Darlington Nuclear Energy Plant Refurbishment Hits Delay

Korea’s Energy Reliance On Coal Power Down, Reactors Go Up Amid KEPCO Losses

Uranium Week: One Is The Loneliest Number

FirstEnergy Solutions Seeks To Formally Emerge From Bankruptcy

Russia's Rosatom Interested In Bulgaria Nuclear Plant Tender

Investing: Is Denison Mines a Buy?

Exelon Countdown On TMI Shutdown — T -13

Plymouth, Pilgrim Watch Plan To Protest Pilgrim Sale Approval

Auto Bust At Heart Of Global Downturn Hits Oil Demand

Nuclear Waste Plagues Edison -- Utility Stymied In Bid To Dispose Of Spent Fuel

Idaho Falls Power, NuScale Reps Outline Reactor Project

Keeping Watch At Seabrook Nuclear Energy Plant

KEPCO: For Now, Direction Of Earnings Is The Key

TerraPower Bullish On Nuclear Energy Leadership Act

NuScale Announces Grant To Build Reactor Simulators

CEO: OPG's Multi-Billion-Dollar Gas-Plant Buying Spree Partly Prompted By Shifting Nuclear Landscape

Three Mile Island Nears Closing

NRC Staff Approves Sale Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Uranium Giant Cameco Can’t Catch a Break

Texas Power Grid Operator Declares Level 1 Emergency Amid 'Extreme Heat'

Replica Simulators Completed At Southern Plants

Cleanup Contracts Extended At Washington State Nuclear Site

Lawsuit: Santee Cooper An Accomplice, Not A Victim In VC Summer Nuclear Case

Energoatom Tests Holtec Used Fuel Casks At Rovno Plant

Investing: Southern Company Stock Looks Strong After Q2 Earnings

Uranium Week: Complete Standstill

Uranium Falls - Cameco Vs. Energy Fuels

Nuclear Reactor for Mars Outpost Could Be Ready to Fly by 2022

NuScale Project Aims To Power Idaho Falls With Nuclear Energy By 2027

KSB is First Reactor Coolant Pump Manufacturer to be Certified for Modern Nuclear Plants in China

Investing: Centrus Energy Corp Class A Has Increase in Shorts

Why Some VC Summer Refund Checks Are ‘Not Worth The Postage’

NRC Invites Comment On Peach Bottom License Renewal

Pilgrim No Longer Required To Pay State For Regulatory Costs

Centrus Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results

TVA Completes Nearly $500M Upgrade At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Holtec Contractors Already Working At Pilgrim

NRC Denies Bid To Postpone License For Seabrook Nuclear Plant

Denison Mine (DNN) Reports Q2 Loss, Lags Revenue Estimates

TEPCO Taps Peer, Toshiba And Hitachi To Resume Nuclear Project

Georgia Power's Vogtle Unit 3 Moves Closer to Operation as Integrated Flush Begins

Southern Delivers And Continues To Progress Forward With Vogtle Nuclear Project

NRC Urged to Proceed With Pilgrim Plant License Transfer Review

Investing: Uranium Prices Are Finally Picking Up Steam

Uranium Market Still Grappling With Section 232 Fallout

BWXT Segment Sets Revenue Record

TVA Ups Nuclear Output, Cuts Carbon

E.ON Sold German Nuclear Energy Forward At Below-Market Levels

TVA Completes Upgrades At Its Oldest And Biggest Nuclear Plant, Boosting Output

FirstEnergy Solutions Seeks To Dump Union Contract For Ohio Nuclear Plant

Wyoming Approves First Use Of Low pH ISL Uranium Production

BWX Technologies Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results With Solid Revenue and EPS Growth

1 Stat Shows Coal-Fired Power Plants Have Passed the Point of No Return

Referendum To Defeat House Bill 6 Begins To Gather Energy In Ohio

NRC Inspecting Waste Leak, Drum Fire at Westinghouse Plant in South Carolina

Nuclear Materials Packaging Makes Transportation, Storage Safe And Secure

NuScale CEO: Small Nuclear Reactors Will Help Decarbonize The Country

TVA Sales, Income Fall This Spring With Milder Weather

NorthStar Plans to Ship Contaminated Water From Vermont Yankee by Rail

EDF: Low River Levels To Affect French Nuclear Power Generation From August 8

GE Power Is Making Strides, but It’s Still the Early Innings

GE Steam Power CEO: Partnerships Key To Nuclear Growth

Fission To Fusion: Capital Is Flowing To The New Frontier In Nuclear Technology

Novel Nuclear Wastewater Treatment Ready for Market

Southern Company Beats Q2 Estimates, Keeps Vogtle Schedule

How Nuclear Hybrids Could Redefine the Industry’s Future

Orano: Solid Half-Year Margins

FirstEnergy's Perry Nuclear Plant had an Emergency Shutdown Saturday, Still Not in Operation

NuScale Closes New Business Agreements to Support Deployment of Revolutionary Small Modular Reactor and Provide Cash Investment

Georgia Power Rebuts PSC Staff Concerns Over Possible Vogtle Expansion Schedule Slippage

Cash Refunds Coming In August For Customers Of SCE&G, Dominion Who Paid For VC Summer

Utility Engie's First-Half Earnings Recover On Restart Of Belgian Nuclear Reactors

US Battery Installs To Accelerate Strongly Beyond 2020, But New Risks Emerge

First Nuclear Fuel Order Placed For Vogtle Expansion Project

SNC-Lavalin's CDI Joint Venture Company Closes Deal To Decommission US Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant

U-Battery SMR Moves To Next Stage Of Canadian Assessment

Uranium Week: Stalled Again

Positive Developments for Small Modular Reactors

Utility Engie's H1 Earnings Recover On Restart Of Belgian Nuclear Reactors

Fossil-Free Energy Supply Gives Sweden Edge in Green Steel Race

Lockheed Martin Doubles Down on Cold Fusion

Natural Gas Glut Is Crushing US Drillers

TVEL To Introduce New Fuel Design At Czech Nuclear Plant

As Georgia Power Awaits New Nuclear Plants And More Solar Energy, Its Coal Is Going Away

SNC-Lavalin Group Retreats From Bidding On Several Major Canadian Infrastructure Projects

Investing: Is Southern Company a Buy?

US Medical Isotope Companies Ramp Up Operations

FirstEnergy Rescinds Deactivation Notices For Ohio’s Davis-Besse, Perry Nuclear Plants

CEO: Uranium Market Not Yet Ready For Cameco Restarts

Investing: Uranium -- The Long-Awaited Rebound Could Be Imminent

PSEG Shedding Fossil-Fueled Capacity, Will Fight For Nuclear Generation

Drop of 14 TWh In French Hydro, UK Nuclear Generation Fails To Dent EDF H1 Earnings

Shipping Container At Westinghouse Plant Draws NRC Scrutiny

Biggest US Power Grid Ordered to Suspend 2019 Auction

EDF Confirms Another Delay At Flagship Flamanville Plant

Atkins Contracted For Sizewell C Preparatory Work

Britain's Heysham 1-2 Nuclear Reactor Offline In Unplanned Outage

Doosan Group Delivers Stellar Q2 Results, Rebounding From Nuclear Phase-Out Blow

Cameco Reports Second Quarter Results

PSEG: One of America's Oldest Power Companies Is Going Carbon Free

Economist: Can American Utilities Profit From The Energy Transition?

New York Nuclear Plants Operate at Full Power During Extreme Heat

FirstEnergy Solutions Announces It Will Refuel At Davis-Besse

DOE Extends Fluor-Led Savannah River Site M&O Contract through September 2020

EDF To Cut Output At Tricastin 2 And 4 Nuclear Reactors As Heatwave Hits Europe

EnergySolutions Moves Into Power Plant Acquisitions for Decommissioning

Exelon Operated At Full Power As Sun Beat Down

Georgia’s MEAG Sees Strong Demand For Limited Offering Amid Litigation

EnergySolutions to Acquire TMI For Decommissioning

Doosan Heavy Strikes Deal To Supply Parts For Small Modular Reactor In The US

Utility CEOs: Renewable Power Must Meet These 2 Criteria

UK Commits Funding To Rolls-Royce SMR

EDF Cuts Output At St. Alban Nuclear Power Plant As France Boils

French Spot Jumps On Heatwave-Fueled Demand, Tight Nuclear Supply

Russia's Rosatomflot Announces Tender For Additional Two Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers

Nuclear, Gas Seen as Crucial to PJM’s Renewables Growth

SNC-Lavalin Shares Fall To Lowest Level Since 2005 As Company Announces Plans To Exit Many Lines Of Work

Uranium Week: Focus Shifts

Westinghouse Acquires Canada's NA Engineering Associates

Investing: Uranium Reclaims The Headlines But Its Got A Long Way To Go Before Reclaiming Investor Confidence

EDF Could Extend Golfech Nuclear Plant Outage Because Of Heatwave

NuScale’s SMR Design Clears Phases 2 and 3 of Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Review Process

Europe Power: Spot Rises On Hot Weather, Lower Wind, Nuclear Supply

With 150 MW Commitment From UAMPS, NuScale Looks To Site Characterization

Centrica, The Energy Giant That’s Running Out Of Power

Investing: Is Duke Energy a Buy?

MEAG Power Completes $619M Debt Offering To Fund Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

NRC Lays Out Decommissioning Steps For Davis-Besse

Hot Weather Could Force EDF To Halt Output At Golfech Nuclear Plant

Rio Tinto Completes Rössing Uranium Mine Sale To China

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Secures $1.5B Contract Extension

EDF Energy Extends Outage At Britain's Hunterston B-8 Nuclear Reactor

Report: Los Alamos Lab Gives New Mexico Economy $3B Boost

Uranium Regains Some Glow as Trump Sidesteps Fight

Global Downscale Of Nuclear Energy Unlikely, Bodes Well For Uranium Miners

Nuclear Chief: EDF Will Not Communicate Flamanville Three Reactor Cost And Timeline For Now

TVO: Long-Delayed Finland Nuclear Reactor To Start July 2020

Investing: How To Trade The Best Uranium Stocks

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Shutdown Cost: $1.2 Billion

Investing: White House Delivers Good News for Uranium ETF

Kazatomprom Hails Trump’s Decision Not To Restrict Uranium Imports

Southern California Edison OK'd To Resume Burying San Onofre's Spent Fuel Rods On-Site

Investing: Uranium Explorer Set to Profit in Market Upswing

Waste Drum At Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Factory Exploded, Caught Fire

Cameco Encouraged As Trump Ends Fears Of Uranium Import Restrictions

Engie Pushes Back Outage Of Belgian Tihange 1 Nuclear Reactor

Foratom Spells Out Benefits Of Long-Term Operation

LS Power Will Not Expand Ohio Gas Plant If State Backs Nuclear Energy

Iberdrola Q2 Spanish Generation Up On Nuclear, Gas Surge

Energy Fuels Praises Trump On His Decision To Reinvigorate The Nuclear Fuel Supply Chain

Utah Uranium Mines To Remain Idle As Trump Delays Decision To Ramp Up US Mining

Cameco Awarded $40M US In Damages In Dispute With Japanese Power Company

Cameco Pleased with Section 232 Decision on US Uranium Imports

Support For Ohio's Nuclear Plants May Come Too Late For FirstEnergy Solutions

Investing: Uranium Explorer Set to Profit in Market Upswing 

Power Generation: Nuclear Energy Is Making A Resurgence, New Technology Is Coming

Uranium Company With Interests In Utah Sees Stock Plummet As Reports Swirl Over Trump Trade Decision

Investing: Why Uranium Energy, Ur-Energy, and Energy Fuels Stocks Just Melted Down

Cooling Tower Comes Down At Idled Vermont Nuclear Plant

US Uranium Buyers Consider Options As Trump Mulls Trade Action

Santee Cooper Balks At Powerful Lawmaker’s Demand It Pay $15M For Study Of Its Sale

Xcel Plays The Waiting Game

FORATOM Highlights Importance Of Long-Term Operation Of Existing Nuclear Fleet

Centrus Starts Work on New Enrichment Cascade Under Letter Contract From DOE

Lightbridge Awarded Patents in Europe and Eurasia for CANDU Metallic Nuclear Fuel Assembly

EDF Says Extended Nuclear Reactor Outages Due To Technical Issues

Berkeley Energia CEO Resigns As Spain Uranium Mine Waits For Approval

EDF Is Preparing Its Nuclear Reactors for Climate Change

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Awarded Contract to Support Decommissioning of Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

TVEL Delivers Fuel For China's Experimental Fast Reactor

Giant Bank Sees Gas Plugging Gaps in Europe’s Energy Shift

US Plant Takes Delivery Of Holtec Fuel Racks

Hyundai Heavy Industries Signs $49M Deal With India For Nuclear Plant Engines

Santee Cooper Spending More Than $2M On Pair Of Executives To Turn The Utility Around

Investing: Owners Of Physical Uranium Can Be Good For Portfolio Diversification

Kewaunee To Host NRC Meeting About Decommission Impact

Weatherwatch: Heatwaves Test Limits Of Nuclear Energy

Pilgrim Plant Decommissioning Trust Can Cover Other Work, NRC Staff Finds

EDF's French Nuclear Power Output Slips June

Vogtle Construction Reaches New Milestones

Xcel Energy Submits Energy Plan To Minnesota Regulators

Plant Vogtle Site Becomes Area’s Top Private-Sector Employer

Rosatom Plans Fuel Research In Czech Republic

Ohio Nuclear Bill Would Be A Win For FirstEnergy Bondholders

UK's Wylfa Newydd Developer Posts £1.6 Billion Loss After Nuclear Plan Halted

Investing: This Is What’s Making US (and ASX) Uranium Great Again

Eskom, Group Five’s Woes Threaten Koeberg License

Nuclear Medicine In Radiopharmaceuticals Market Growth Over the Forecast Period 2018-2026

Holtec Seals Acquisition of Retired New Jersey Nuclear Plant

BWX Technologies Wraps NNSA Uranium Conversion Contract

Duke Wants NRC Decision on Crystal River License Transfers by Dec. 31

PJM State Consumer Advocates Tout Importance Of Power Market Evolution In CEO Search

Facing Uncertain Future, Santee Cooper To Pick Retired Arizona Utility Exec As Next CEO

Vogtle Expansion Workforce Hits Record 8,000 As US Nuclear Energy Flagship Hits Stride

New Scrutiny Swirls Around Holtec Tax Breaks And Dem Boss

FirstEnergy Begins Decommission Of Nuclear Plant, Says That Subsidies Can Still Save It

Holtec Seals Deal for Oyster Creek Plant

Investing: Bank a 233% Profit on the Uranium Price Rebound

FirstEnergy Solutions Says Will Work With Ohio On Nuclear Bill

FirstEnergy Solutions: Time's Running Out For Davis-Besse Refueling

Significant Progress Continues At Georgia Power's Vogtle 3 & 4 Project

Pilgrim Successfully Enters Phase I of Decommissioning

NRC Has Hearing On Oak Ridge Site That Could Host Small Nuclear Reactors

Investing: Buy Uranium Shares Before July 15?

5 Things To Watch For When Xcel Energy Files Plans With Minnesota Regulators

FitzPatrick Tax Deal Approved

Hedge Funds Have Never Been This Bullish On Uranium Energy Corp.

EDF To Curb Bugey Nuclear Reactor Output As Rhone River Flow Slows

Nuclear Energy Industry Heading Toward Smaller, Cheaper, Faster Build Designs

A 'Significant Leap' In Experiments At Nuclear Fusion Project Based At General Atomics

EDF Eyes Lifespan Extension With Tricastin 1 Nuclear Reactor Upgrade

GE Supports Romanian And Turkish Nuclear Projects

EDF Says Completes First Base Of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant

CBI Makes New Nuclear Case As Hinkley Milestone Reached

A Boston Startup Developing A Nuclear Fusion Reactor Just Got A Roughly $50 Million Boost

Minister: EDF Delisting Is an Option to Help Nuclear Giant

Study: Weaning US Power Sector Off Fossil Fuels Would Cost $4.7 Trillion

US Coal Generation Falls To 47-Year Low In April

US Electricity Is Shifting, But Not Exactly Going Green

Decommissioning Method Shift At Fort Calhoun Station Picks Up Speed, Lowers Price

Graham Sells Commercial Nuclear Biz To Hayward Tyler

France Wants EDF To Sell More Nuclear Energy To Rivals

Bechtel, Deep Isolation Seal Cooperation Agreement

DOJ: Lockheed Nuclear Cleanup Kickback Suit Is Sound

Judge Stays MOX Plant Lawsuit as Settlement Nears

Action Plan To Enhance Global Nuclear Fleet Performance Outlined At South Korea Conclave

Indiana Michigan Power Plans $478 Million In Infrastructure Improvements At Cook Nuclear Plant

Russia's Rosatom Sees Foreign Revenues, New Products Fuelling Rapid Growth

South Korea, Inc. Reduced to a Subcontractor for Maintenance of UAE Nuclear Plant

France Wants EDF To Sell More Nuclear Power To Rivals, Price Could Increase

Investing: Why This Tiny Uranium Stock Jumped over 700% Yesterday

5-Year Nuclear Plant Maintenance Deal In UAE Disappoints Korea, Inc

Paladin Energy Agrees To Sell Malawi Uranium Mine

EDF: French Heatwave Won’t Curb Nuclear Output

South Korean Consortium, UAE's Nawah Sign Maintenance Deal For Barakah Nuclear Plants

EDF Seeks Guarantee For Nuclear Project

Up Side For Monster Uranium? 

GE To Scrap California Power Plant 20 Years Early

Critics Hit Proposed Sizewell Financing Scheme 

Anti Groups Attack Plans For New Nuclear For Utah's Municipal Utilities

Eon, Vattenfall Agree Transfer Of 10 TWh Nuclear Quotas

EDF Mulls Separating Non-Hydro Renewables From Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Utilities Scramble To Stave Off Trump Uranium Quotas

NRC Approves Oyster Creek Sale To Holtec

EDF Energy Extends Outages At UK Nuclear Plant Where Cracks Were Found

EDF Reviews Costs Of Delayed Nuclear Project

Court Tosses FirstEnergy 'Modernization' Surcharge

Oyster Creek Shutdown In NJ Could Leaves Lost Jobs, Local Tax Vacuum, Giant Casks

Investors See Huge Profits From Old Nuclear Plants

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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UK Government Urged To Back 'Value For Money' New Nuclear

Spotlight Shines On Next Generation Of UK Nuclear Workforce

Barakah Nuclear Plant In UAE To Start Testing Third Reactor

Russia’s Last Nuclear Mishap Shows Cover-Ups Are Becoming Harder

Japan Expects No Nuclear Reactor Restarts This Year

Japan's TEPCO To Submit Decommissioning Plan Regarding Five Reactors

Russia Floating Nuclear Energy Station To Set Sail Across Arctic

Slovenia PM Pushes For Construction Of New Nuclear Reactor

Uranium: Canada’s Nuclear Waste Body Develops Safer Fuel Containers

Ukraine: Crypto Miners Arrested for Compromising Nuclear Plant Security

Ukraine Able To Cover Nuclear Fuel Demand Without Russia Supplies

Chinese Mainland Operates 47 Nuclear Reactors, World's Third Most

Russia Tells Nuclear Watchdog: Radiation From Blast Is ‘None of Your Business’

UAE's Third Nuclear Plant Hits Key Power Testing Milestone

Russia, China and South Korea Vie For Bulgarian Nuclear Project

Russia's Sberbank Loans $400M For Turkish Nuclear Station

Russia Says It Won't Share Rocket Explosion Data as Suspicions Swirl

South Africa To Take 'Affordable' Approach To Nuclear

Bulgaria Nuclear Project Attracts China And South Korea Interest

Putin Says Russian Nuclear Accident Poses No Risk

More Russian Nuclear Monitoring Stations Went Silent Days After Blast

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power Station Expected to Change the Arctic

PM Modi To Visit France; Defense, Nuclear Energy To Top Talk


Welder Shortage Threatens Boris Johnson’s UK Nuclear Revival

Russia Nuclear Monitoring Sites Lost Contact After Mystery Blast

India's Kudankulam Power Plant 3rd Unit Moves Towards Operationalization Ahead Of PM's Russia Trip 

Philippines Energy Agency To Submit Results Of Perception Study On Nuclear Energy To President


Australia Inches Closer To Considering Lifting Nuclear Energy Ban

Russian Nuclear Plant Taken Down After Safety System Error

Iran Planning Powerful, New Generation Centrifuges To Boost Enrichment

Turkish President Orders Speeding Up Nuclear Energy Plant Projects

China: US Block On Nuclear Firms A 'Misuse' Of Export Controls

Japan Tells US Of Plan To Offer Robots For Denuclearizing North Korea

Beijing Says US Blacklisting China’s Largest Nuclear Power Firm Is ‘Just An Excuse’

Norway May Have Found Radioactivity From Failed Russian Missile

This Is How You Demolish A Nuclear Power Plant In Germany

Business Secretary: UK Blackout Proved Need For Diverse Energy Mix

Australia's New Nuclear Option: Small, Safe And Cheap

60% Of Spent Nuclear Fuel In Japan To Be Stored In Metal Casks In The Future

Russian Officials Give Conflicting Orders To Evacuate Near Suspected Nuclear Accident

Russian School Students Travel To North Pole On Board A Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker


US Adds China's Biggest Nuclear Company To 'Entity List'

Hinkley Point C Navigates Rising Costs And Long Delays At Vast New Power Station

Russia's Rosatom Postpones Fast Reactor Project

Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Plant In Danger Due To Lack Of Oversight

Construction Of Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant Second Stage Is Ahead Of Schedule

Tories Plan Mini-Nuclear Reactors For The North In Major Change To Energy Policy

UK University Bans Burgers To Help Save The Planet

Heatwaves and The Reliability of EU Power Plants


UK PM Boris Johnson Plans Mini-Nuclear Reactors To Power The North


US Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed 7 Russians

Russia Honors 'National Heroes' Killed In Mysterious Nuclear Rocket Blast

Russia Says Small Nuclear Reactor Blew Up in Deadly Accident

TEPCO Toughens Stance Toward Fukushima Damages Settlement

Pressure Mounts On National Grid After UK Blackout

Advanced Nuclear Reactors Hold Promise Of Clean Energy For Gulf Countries

Russia Admits Mysterious Missile Engine Explosion Involved A Nuclear 'Isotope Power Source'

Russia Nuclear Leak: Mysterious Footage Of Hazmat Officials Escalates Concerns

Australian Nuclear Energy Inquiry: Is Angus Taylor's Move Logical Or Just For The Backbench?

Thailand Plans To Build One More Nuclear Reactor

Russian Nuclear Agency, Rosatom, Confirms Role In Rocket Test Explosion

Second Chinese EPR Reaches Full Capacity

Germany Demolishes Cooling Tower Of Former Nuclear Energy Plant

PM Boris Johnson Visits UK Nuclear Fusion Site

UK Power Cut Plunges Britain Into Darkness As National Grid Outage Sparks Chaos

Ukraine-US Nuclear Science, Engineering Cooperation Project Launches In Washington

Emirati Students Complete Nuclear Energy Internship In South Korea

Details Emerging On Russian Missile Blast Accident

Radiation Is Said to Be Released in Russian Military Accident

TEPCO: Treated Water At Fukushima No. 1 Plant To Exhaust Storage Capacity In Three Years

China's Sixth Yangjiang Unit Enters Commercial Operation

Radiation Leak In Russia After ‘Huge’ Explosion At Ballistic Missile Testing Facility


Russia To Build Two More Nuclear Icebreakers

7 More Emiratis Join UAE’s Nuclear Sector

Australia’s First Inquiry Into The Use Of Nuclear Energy In More Than A Decade

KHNP Holds Workshop for East European Nuclear Plant Officials

Interview: EBRD Nuclear Safety Director Forms Long-Term View

SMRs Are Being Touted As Possible Energy Source For Australia

Chernobyl's 'Sarcophagus' Is Being Dismantled Because It's Teetering On Collapse

Brazil Looking To Make Uranium Cycle More Flexible

Russia Built A Floating Nuclear Power Plant, Now It's Making An Arctic Journey

Iran Says It Will Further Breach Nuclear Deal In One Month Unless Europeans Act

Experts See Space For Ample Growth In Pakistan’s Civil Nuclear Energy Sector

Fukushima Eyes 2020 Tokyo Olympics For Recovery Message

The History of Nuclear Energy in Fukushima

Floating Nuclear Plant To Be Towed Across Russian Arctic Despite 'Chernobyl On Ice' Concerns

Antis Stoke Fears Of 'Chernobyl On Ice' As Russia Prepares Floating Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Energy To Be Examined In Australia For The First Time In Ten Years

TEPCO Starts Dismantling Exhaust Stack At Crippled Fukushima Plant

TEPCO Starts Dismantling Exhaust Stack At Crippled Fukushima Plant

Japan's Tohoku Submits Decommissioning Plan For Onagawa 1

Ghana Vice President Confirms Nuclear Commitment

China Approves First New Nuclear Reactors In 3-Plus Years

Indian Science Has Landmark Moment At ITER, A Global Effort To Create First-Ever Nuclear Fusion Device

Ontario Researchers Testing Copper Capsules For Nuclear Waste Storage Potential

Iran Says It Is Ready For Worst In Fight To Save Nuclear Deal

Bulgaria Nuclear Reactor In Temporary Shutdown

IAEA Aims To Name Permanent Chief By October

Nuclear Energy In South Korea: Past, Present, Future

South Korea Nuclear Phase-Out Policy To Face Headwinds

Brexit: Nuclear Medicine At Risk From No-Deal

Sweden’s Biggest Cities Face Power Shortage After Fuel-Tax Hike

Here’s Why Russia Won’t Make an Honest Chernobyl Movie

China Nuclear Capacity Rises 9% In H1 As 2 New Units Built

Japan's Plutonium Stockpile Shrunk In 2018 Due To Use Of MOX Fuel For Power Generation

US Expected To Extend Waivers For Countries To Continue Civil Nuclear Work With Iran

Romania To Build Nuclear Reactors By Itself If Talks With Chinese Partners Fail

Fukushima Gov. Accepts TEPCO Decision To Scrap Daini Nuclear Plant

Japan's Plutonium Stockpile Declined In 2018

New Australian Labor MP Nukes Coalition's Nuclear Energy Aim

Russian Shipbuilders Start Repairs Of Nuclear-Powered Subs For Pacific Fleet

Belgium Loses Court Battle Over Nuclear Plant Extensions

China Denies Uranium Monopoly Claims

No Decision Yet On Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Near Bosnia Border

Mysterious Radiation Cloud Over Europe Traced to Secret Russian Nuclear Accident

EU Court Rules: Belgium Broke Law But Can Keep Nuclear Plants Open

First Large-Scale Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Equipment Arrives In Turkey


Robots Come To The Rescue At Fukushima

EU Top Court: Belgian Reactors Can Continue To Work If Key For Electricity Supply

Minerals Council Chair: Nuclear Energy Should Be Considered For Australia

Iran Says It Will Restart Activities At Arak Heavy Water Nuclear Reactor

Eastern Europe’s Love Affair With Nuclear Is Hitting the Rocks

Iran Intends To Restart Activities At Arak Heavy Water Nuclear Reactor

Analysis: Does The UK ‘Require’ New Nuclear To Reach Net-Zero Emissions?

UAE Nuclear Watchdog Issues Over 1,000 Licenses In 2018

Watchdogs Assess Plan To Build Canada's First Mini Nuclear Plant

UK’s New Premier Promises Boost For Nuclear Energy

Iran Says Second Unit Of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Under Construction

Swiss Nuclear Plant To Shut For 'Several Days' After Short Circuit

Sci-fi Fantasy Or Source Of Boundless Clean Energy? Inside Britain’s Quest To Harness Nuclear Fusion

Is Fukushima Safe For The Olympics?

Nuclear Debris To Be Removed At Fukushima No. 1 Plant In 2021

UK May Need 40GW Of New Baseload Generation By 2050


New UK PM Boris Johnson Supports Calls For A Nuclear Renaissance

Nuclear Remains UK’s Main Low-Carbon Energy Source, Despite Outages

Hot Weather Cuts French, German Nuclear Power Output

China Starts Construction At 3 Nuclear Projects

Germany's Grohnde Nuclear Plant To Close At Weekend Due To High River Temperatures

Hot Weather Cuts French Nuclear Generation

Japan Utility To Scrap 4 More Reactors In Fukushima

UN Nuclear Watchdog to Start Search for New Chief

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce: 'Boris Johnson Must Commit To Nuclear New Build'

South Africa's Nuclear Industry Body Expresses Support For Minerals Resources And Energy Minister

Japan's TEPCO To Decommission Second Fukushima Nuclear Station

UK's Sizewell C: Public Asked To Part Fund Nuclear Energy Plant

Nuclear Funding Proposal 'Essential' For Restarting Wylfa

Energy Minister: Australian Coalition Has An 'Open Mind' On Nuclear Energy 

Russia And China Sign Fuel Contract For New Tianwan Units

China Nuclear Firm Seeks Joint Financing With UAE For Global Expansion

New UK Nuclear Plants Could Be Paid For Upfront Through Energy Bills

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $69M, Most Supplies Arrive From Sweden

Why Experts Are Worried About French Drought


Surfs Up -- Popular Fukushima Beach Reopens


How Fukushima Changed Japan's Energy Mix

Turkey’s Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Facing Numerous Safety Concerns

Chinese-Russian Nuclear Subcommittee Lauds Cooperation

The UK's Shift To Clean Energy Is About To Get Really, Really Tough

The 1 Way Russia Could Help China Build a Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier

Rosatom Talks About Second Stage Of Construction Of Nuclear In Uzbekistan 

TEPCO To Decommission Reactors At Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant

Trump Admin Weighs Tightening Restrictions On Iran's Nuclear Work

Does Renewables Pioneer Germany Risk Running Out Of Power?

Iran Floats Offer On Nuclear Inspections; US Skeptical

US Slaps Sanctions On Nuclear Supply Network for Iran’s Enrichment Program

Unit At Russian Nuclear Plant Short-Circuited, Now Back On Line

China Launches Small Reactor Project In Push For Nuclear Dominance

Another Three Russian Nuclear Reactors Offline After Short-Circuit Malfunction At Power Plant

Poland Eyes Nuclear And Renewables To Shift Away From Coal

South African Nuclear Company Burns Through Six CEOs And Two Chairmen In Seven Months

China Launches Small Reactor Project In Push For Nuclear Dominance

Russian Nuclear Plant Switches Off Units After Short Circuit Malfunction

State-Owned PAL Indonesia, Thorcon Sign Deal To Build $1.2 Billion Nuclear Reactor

Diplomats: UN Nuclear Watchdog's Chief Plans To Step Down Early

Demise Of Key Nuclear Pact Looms As US, Russia Meet

Head of UN Nuclear Watchdog Reported To Be Stepping Down

Chinese Firm To Pick Kenya’s First Nuclear Energy Plant Location

French Energy Minister Resigns Over Lavish Lobster Dinners

Bangladesh Likely To Ink Nuclear Fuel Supply Deal With Russia

Australian Federal Court Rejects Bid To Stop Nuclear Storage Council Ballot

Russian Nuclear Submarine Which Sank 30 Years Ago ‘Leaks Cloud Of Radiation’

Russia, Saudi Arabia In Talks On New Oil, Gas, Nuclear Cooperation

Survey: 85% Of Residents Support UAE’s Nuclear Energy Program

Uranium-Rich Algeria Plans To Build Nuclear Energy Plant

New UK Nuclear Funding Model Could Leave Taxpayers Liable

Russian Navy to Get Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier? The Answer Is Nyet.

Tigers In A Southern Reserve Are Victims Of India’s Aggressive Push Towards Nuclear Energy

Bulgaria's Kozloduy Reconnects Nuclear Reactor After Capacity Tests

Nuclear Bonds: Russia Supplies Fuel For China Experimental Fast Reactor

Does Russia Hold The Key To China’s First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier?

UK Chancellor Poised to Halt Plans to Overhaul UK Energy Industry

Digging For Uranium In Tiger Country: Nuclear Drive Tests India's Commitment To Protecting Endangered Species

Report: State Support Pivotal To Russia’s Nuclear Sector

Russia’s Rosatom, France’s CEA Sign Plan Of Cooperation For Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy

Uzbekistan Adds Second Plant To Nuclear Energy Goal

Iran’s Nuclear Program Seems To Be Accelerating. Will Saudi Arabia Take A Similar Path?

Ukraine: Chernobyl Nuclear Site To Become 'Official Tourist Attraction' With ‘Green Corridor’

Putin Sees Good Prospects For Nuclear Energy Cooperation With Bolivia

Taiwan To Shut Down 2nd Nuclear Reactor Within Days

Norway: Radiation Leak From Sunken Russian Nuclear Sub ‘No Threat’

The Case For Cutting Renewable Subsidies To Boost Nuclear

Minister: South Africa Needs To Plan For New Nuclear After 2045

Macron To Unveil France's Nuclear-Powered 'Barracuda' Submarine

Iran To Cut Nuclear Commitments 'Strongly' If Europe Does Not Keep Promises

Ukraine: Chernobyl’s Radioactive Dust Shelter Unveiled

Report: UK Failing Its Own Climate Ambition

Russian Navy To Get Advanced Yasen-M and Borei-A Nuclear-Powered Subs In 2020

Russian Navy To Get Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

Poland May Need $30B From Foreign Investors To Build Nuclear Plant

India Still Negotiating US Nuclear Reactors Deal

Russian Floating Nuclear Plant Prepares For Towing Into Arctic Seas

Australian Government: Nuclear Options ‘Should Be Examined’

French Nuclear Regulator Orders Tricastin Plant Canal Works

High Court Nixes Call To Halt Nuclear Reactors In Southwestern Japan

US And Iran To Clash At UN Nuclear Watchdog

Nuclear Inspectors Set to Rebuff US Push on Iran

Australia's NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro Calls For Senate Inquiry Into Nuclear Energy

Russia’s Rosatom Delivers Fuel For China Experimental Fast Reactor

Romania’s Only Nuclear Plant Undergoes Works

Nuclear Safety Costs In Japan Surge To Staggering Heights

Iran Passes New Nuclear Deal Limit As China Blames US For Crisis

Chinese Female Nuclear Reactor Operators Conquer Difficulties To Achieve Their Goals

Belgium’s Green Party Demands Review Of Nuclear Waste Storage Project

One Key Instrument to Confront China and Climate Change: Nuclear

Czech Government Approves Framework Plan For New Nuclear Plant

15 Emiratis Ready To Operate UAE Nuclear Reactor

Why India Needs To Ramp Up Nuclear Energy

Brazilians Reject Bolsonaro’s Nuclear Energy Plan

Iran Says It Has Surpassed Critical Nuclear Enrichment Level in 2015 Deal

Russian Sailors Killed in Nuclear Sub Fire May Have Averted ‘Catastrophe’

UAE Armed Forces Train To Deal With Nuclear Accidents

South African Nuclear Chair Resigns As Governance Crisis Boils On

UK's Hunterston Reactors Under ‘Enhanced’ Regulation Due To Cracks

Iran Ratchets Up Nuclear Tensions With Enrichment Plan

Russia Buries Naval Crew Killed In Nuclear Sub Fire Amid Secrecy Over Their Mission

Russia: Fire On Nuclear-Powered Submarine Started In Battery Compartment

Belarusian Plant Prepared For Hydraulic Tests


French Government Seeks Independent Audit Of EDF's Flamanville New Build

UN Nuclear Watchdog's Board To Meet On Iran At Request Of US

Iran Calls The Nuclear Watchdog Meeting Requested By US, A 'Sad Irony'

Turkey May Benefit From Nuclear Energy In Its Bid For Clean Energy

Russia: Nuclear Reactor Safe On Fire-Hit Submersible

Russia Accused Of Cover-Up In Deadly Submarine Fire: ‘Is This Normal?’

Superannuation Industry Calls For Australia To Consider Nuclear


Chernobyl's $1.7B Nuclear Confinement Shelter Revealed

Putin, After Three Days, Says Fire-Hit Russian Submarine Was Nuclear-Powered

Iran, Russia Nuclear Officials Confer On Future Cooperation In Moscow

Bulgaria Nuclear Reactor Reconnected After Technical Glitch Fixed

Chernobyl Nuclear Confinement Shelter Has Media Preview

14 Sailors Die on Secretive Russian Nuclear Submarine; Putin Calls Incident 'Great Loss'

Russia Says Nuclear-Powered Submarine Disaster Is 'State Secret'

Nuclear Industry Calls On European Policy Makers To Work Together Towards Net Zero Emissions

Iran Warns It Will Increase Nuclear Enrichment Within Days

UK's Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant 'Breaks Concrete Record'

Rosatom Plans Fuel Research In Czech Republic

Namibian Rössing Uranium Mine Sale Gets Final Approval

UAE Switches On World's Largest Solar Farm


Hinkley Point C: The Latest Photos From Britain's Nuclear Station As It Reaches 'Biggest Milestone'

China, Russia Looking to Build Nuclear Plants in Argentina

Iran Breaches 2015 Nuclear Deal's Stockpile Limit

Heatwave May Force Nuclear Shutdown In France As Cooling Water Runs Out

South Korea's Nuclear Operator To Shut Shin Kori No.1 For Maintenance

IAEA Concludes Long Term Operational Safety Review at Belgium’s Doel Nuclear Power Plant


Russia Plans To Tow Nuclear Energy Station To Remote Arctic Region


Secrets Of Chernobyl Spill Out More Than Three Decades Later

Second EPR At China's Taishan Site Connected To Grid

Finland's Long-Delayed EPR Nuclear Plants Face Further Holdups

The Economist: Environmentalism Is Emerging As Europe’s New Culture War

Iran On Course To Exceed Nuclear Pact Limit Within Days

EU Climate Goals Ditched As Warsaw And Budapest Dig In

Turkey Set To Pull Out Of Nuclear Energy Project With Japan

Ukraine's Energoatom, Leaders of EU Nuclear Industry Sign Joint Manifesto

French Public Sees Continued Use Of Nuclear Energy

World's First Floating Nuclear Plant Begins Work in Russia

Hackers Target Russia’s Defense, Nuclear Power Industry Secrets

EU May Ease Regulations On Food From Japan's Nuclear Disaster Region

Fears Emerge About The Safety Of Turkey’s Russian-Built Nuclear Power Plant

Russia Extends Fuel Supply To Armenian Plant

UAE's First Nuclear Energy Plant Set To Begin Ops By Early 2020


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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