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Storage Plans For San Onofre Nuclear Waste Still Uncertain As Lawsuit Continues

State Raises Questions On Yankee Sale

IAEA Supports Climate Goals Through Nuclear Energy

MOX Letter Riddles DOE Contractor Critique

Trump's Proposed Budget Spurs Hopes For A Yucca Renaissance

Breakthrough's Nordhaus On Pathways To Advancing Nuclear, Licensing And Regulatory Hurdles

Obama Energy Chief Moniz Tapped as CEO for Nuclear Threat Initiative


Key State Assembly Dems Moves To Block NY Nuclear Deal

Alexander: TVA Shouldn't Raise Tennesseans' Electric Bills to Buy Power It Doesn't Need

Florida Delegation Requests Funding For Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

Senate Chair: Bipartisan Innovation And Modernization Bill Will Revitalize US Nuclear Energy

GOP, Democrats Join Forces To Advance Nuclear Energy Bill

Strange Bedfellows in Senate Advance Nuclear Bill

PJM Market Monitor Opposes Illinois Nuclear Subsidies

Companies Promise Trump A Fight Over His Plan To Scrap Energy-Efficiency Program

Senate EPW Committee To Markup Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act

With WIPP Re-Opening, DOE Oak Ridge Plans To Start Shipping Transuranic Waste Again

New York State Lawmakers Push for Details on Nuclear Plant Subsidies

5 Ways To Think About The Remarkable Slowdown In Global CO2 Emissions

Perry Aide Opens Lobby Firm, Signs Energy Clients


Could Nuclear Waste Be Disposed Of In Inactive Volcanoes?

Inside A Nuclear Reactor: GoPro Captures The Moment The Machine Glows An Eerie Blue As It Starts To Produce Energy

Heinrich, Udall Seek To Dedicate Nuclear-Powered Sub ‘USS Los Alamos’ In Honor Of LANL’s 75th Anniversary

Judge To Feds: Move A Ton Of Plutonium From South Carolina

South Carolina Scores Victory Over DOE In MOX Case

Judge Orders DOE to Remove 1 Metric Ton of Plutonium from State…Developing

Yucca Host County Argues For Science And Against Nevada Just Say No Resolution 

Trump's 'Energy Independence' Order Expected To Be Pushed Back Another Week

Will Trump Lead A Nuclear Energy Renaissance?


SC Sen. Scott Introduces Nuclear Production Tax Credit Bill

Trump Budget Sends Mixed Signals To Nuclear Industry

IEA Finds CO2 Emissions Flat For Third Straight Year Even As Global Economy Grew In 2016


House Energy Leaders Ask Perry For Action On Yucca

Moniz Sounds Alarm Over Trump Climate Policy

WIPP Talks Shipments, Future Of Emplacement

For Nuclear Inspectors, A 'Boring' Day Is A Perfect Day

Why Are We Cold On The Idea Of Nuclear Fission?

Ex-US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Returns To MIT

Trump To Repeal Major Obama Anti-Fracking Rule

Will Secretary Perry Influence WCS Texas Nuclear Storage Plan?

US Nuclear Weapons Tests Come to YouTube

Westinghouse Shuffles Management Deck

USNIC Industry Group Extolls Senate NRC Reform and Modernization Bill

In Coal Country, A Potential Embrace Of Nuclear Energy

North Dakota Bill Aims To Give More Local Say In Potential Nuclear Waste Disposal

MIT: Celebrating The Homecoming Of Ernest Moniz

Sen. Alexander Cool On Trump Budget: Under The Constitution, Congress Passes Appropriations 

After Years Of Stage Setting, The NRC Curtain Is Finally Drawn On Advanced Nuclear

Proposed DOE Budget A Mixed Bag For INL

DOE Nuclear Program Fuels Small Business, National Lab Partnerships

Perry: President Blueprint 'Forward Looking Mission' For DOE

Simpson: Power Of Purse Ultimately Lies With Congress

Nevada Lawmakers Pledge Fierce Resistance To Yucca Mountain Revival


Trump Commerce Sec Ross: Stability Of Westinghouse Parent Toshiba Vital

Kentucky Bill Lifting Nuclear Ban Approved

US Lawmakers Want Trump To Help Block A Proposed Canadian Nuclear Waste Repository

Trump Budget Boosts NM’s Weapons Labs

Nuclear Researchers Seek To Extend Nuclear Fuel Life And Efficiency Through Improved Fuel Pellets

Yucca Mountain Back From The Dead After Harry Reid And Obama Killed It

Nevada Senator: Yucca Dead!

Energy, Interior Departments Suffer Light Cuts In Budget

Trump Would Increase Energy Department Funds To Manage Nuclear Stockpile

Trump Budget Proposal Would Slice EPA Spending by Nearly a Third

Trump Budget Requests Funding For Yucca Licensing Restart

Ruling In MOX Case Could Mean Plutonium Removal, But Questions Remain

Svinicki: NRC Likely Shielded From Trump's 2-For-1 Order


How Senator Inhofe Is Upending US Energy And Environmental Policy

Energy Markets See EPA Climate Rule's Survival 'Unlikely'

TRENDING: Texas AG Sues Feds Over US Failure To License Yucca

New Long-Distance Laser Beam Tech Could Sniff Out Weapons-Grade Uranium

New York Assembly Budget Yanks Chain on Clean Energy Deal

Judge Rebuffs Feds On Dismissal Of SC MOX Lawsuit

Kentucky Governor 'Not Opposed' To Lifting State Ban On Nuclear Energy

Details Unveiled On Connecticut Legislation To Incentivize Millstone

Nevada Lawmakers Asked To Fund Renewed Fight Against Yucca


Settlement Talks Start In SC Suit Over DOE Inaction On MOX

Perry Reminded Of Piketon Visit Pledge

First 3-D Printed Nuclear Energy Plant Part Comes Online

In Kentucky Coal Country, A Potential Embrace Of Nuclear Energy

Rapid Reaction: Small Factory-Built Nuclear Reactors Could Be Delivered By Truck

Nevada Planning New Challenges To Yucca Licensing With Restart On The Horizon

US Business Consortium Presses Case For Waste Policy Reset

NRC Moves Forward With New Guidelines For Decommissioned Nuclear Facilities

Where Will The Waste From Palisades Nuclear Plant Go?

US Said To Be Falling Behind In Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology

Secretary Perry Does Drudge

Demolition Resumes At Hanford Plutonium Plant

President Trump to Name Three Nominees For FERC

WIPP Backlog, Lack Of DOE Options Forces More Waste Storage At Los Alamos

CGN Chair: China’s Nuclear Power Industry Should Be Prioritized

DOE May Be Prime Target For Trump Budget Cutters


Superpowered: How Nuclear Energy Transformed America's Navy

US Agencies Look At Excess Uranium Inventory

Super Secret NNSA Office Of Secure Transport Beleaguered As Ramp-Up Looms

NRC Considers New Security Guidelines Around Design Of Non-Light Water Reactors


Nuclear Engineers Edge Lawyers In Top 25 Highest-Paying Jobs In America

Rick Perry, New Energy Secretary, Open On Yucca Mountain

South Dakota Borehole Opponents Say Project Will Bring Nuclear Waste, Supporters Say There’s No Way

Nuclear Safe Storage Resolution Advances Through Michigan Senate Energy Committee

DOE Wants Comments on Possible Changes to Uranium Transfers

Transatomic Molten Salt Reactor Claims Dissected 

Could Tungsten Be the Key to Nuclear Fusion?

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Discounts Carbon’s Role in Warming Planet

Report: White House Planning Deep Cuts To DOE Efficiency, Renewables Office

Rep. Joe Wilson: South Carolina Ratepayers Have Spent $1.5 Billion On Yucca Mountain

Hill Awaits Details On Trump Budget 

IAEA Board Backs Japan's Amano For A Third Term as Secretary General 

IAEA Celebrates International Women's Day: Breaking Barriers, Leading Nuclear Executives Share their Paths to Success

Will Trump Back Bill Gates' Dream Of A Renaissance?


Barrasso: Bipartisan Nuclear Regulatory Modernization Will Strengthen Economy And Foster Innovation


Industry Group Sounds Alarm, Calls For Action On US Nuclear Waste Stalemate

Environmental Justice Advocate Defends Nuclear Energy

State AG Seeks To Ensure All Vermonters Are Protected In Sale Of Vermont Yankee

New NRC Review Of MOX Project Contradicts Negative NNSA Critique


EPW Chairman Sen. Barrasso: America Needs To Be A Leader Of Nuclear Development

EPA Issues Draft Permits To South Dakota Uranium Project


In Nuclear Poker, Who's Betting On Small Reactors?

NY Lawmakers Tread Murky Details of Nuclear Deal Debate

Kentucky Closes In On Lifting Nuclear Energy Moratorium

Decision-Makers Skip NY Nuclear Deal Hearing

With Zinke, Perry In Place, Energy Directives Next

Why Energy Execs Are Suddenly Pumped Up On Trump

IAEA Chief Confident Of US Cooperation On Iran Deal

Perry Promises a Fast Start

With Perry, Trump 2 Shy of a Full Cabinet

Trump-Championed Oil Export Boom Projected For 2017

Interior Pick Leaves Conservationists Hopeful


Beaver Valley Hangs In The Balance In The Tale Of Two States

Perry Pick At DOE An Opening For Smarter, Price-Based Energy Policy

Pruitt Looks To Save Key EPA Grant Programs

Perry Rallies Energy Department On His First Day: ‘Change The World’

Rep. Wilson Urges Colleagues To Boost Spending For Savannah River Site

Where Humans Fear to Tread: NASA Rover Technology to Map and Clean Nuclear Sites

Rep. Wilson Touts MOX, Hits Critics

How Will Subsidies For Upstate NY Nuclear Plants Affect Your Electric Bill?

TVA: Worker Got Handgun Past Security At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Project to Clear Radioactive Waste Completed at Idaho Site

Rick Perry’s Challenges At Energy: Science, Budget Battles, Nuclear Security

Perry To Be 'Powerful Advocate For Energy Department

White House Wavers on Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement

USNIC to Lead American Pavilion Asia Nuclear Business Platform

The Politics Of Renewables And Trump

Yucca 2.0 Among Key Issues For New Energy Secretary


New Kentucky Bill Could Bring Nuclear Energy To The State

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Introduce Nuclear Energy Innovation And Modernization Act

DOE Deep Borehole Field Test Has South Dakota Resident Concerned

USNIC: Perry a ‘Tour de Force’ – ‘Will Bring Vitality And Focus’

Perry Confirmed to Lead an Energy Department at Crossroads

Now That He’s Confirmed, Rick Perry Has A Big Decision To Make About The Energy Department

After Senate Confirms Perry As Energy Secretary, Alexander Invites Him To Oak Ridge

Perry Takes Helm At US Energy Department

Senate Poised To Bless Trump Energy Secretary Perry 


US Military Marches Forward On Green Energy, Despite Trump

NRC: Researchers Mishandled Radioactive Material

Will ARPA-E Survive Trump’s Looming Budget Cuts?

Heritage Budget Manifesto Emerges As Rough Draft For DOE Cuts

IAEA Chief To Discuss Iran Deal With Trump Officials

Darlington Power Plant Helps Fuel NASA’s Space Exploration

White House Eyes Plan To Cut EPA Staff By One-Fifth

Energy Issues Barely Mentioned in Trump's First Address to Congress

Indian Point’s Closing Raises New Fears for Jobs and Taxes

How Nuclear Energy Could Fizzle or Flourish Under President Trump

‘Curtain Climbers’ Found Trespassing On Former TVA Nuclear Reactor Site


How Does The Navy Dismantle Its First Nuclear Aircraft Carrier?

Man Pleads Guilty In Scamming $5M From Government Nuclear Project


Antis Try To Torpedo DOE MOX Project

NY Lawmakers to Review Plan to Close Indian Point

Piketon Diffusion Plant Clean Up Comment Period Extended

DOE Braces For Trump Budget Cuts

Peter Thiel, Trump’s ‘Shadow President’ In Silicon Valley, Invests In ‘The Theranos Of Nuclear Power’

NRC Moves Forward With New Guidelines For Radioactive Waste 

New Research Aims To Prevent Nuclear Waste Seepage

How to Use Dark Matter Detectors to Catch a Uranium Thief


Week Ahead -- Confirmation Votes Lined Up For Trump Energy, Interior Picks

Connecticut Antis Counter Millstone Nuclear Play

FERC Sidelined While Energy Subsidy Fight Rages

Environmental Chief Vows Swift Rollback of Obama-Era Rules

Great Lakes Group Urges Residents To Oppose Nuclear Waste Dump On Lake Huron

Scientists Find Better Cleanup Methods For Nuclear Waste

New Nevada Senator Rails Against Yucca Mountain Revival


Eric Trump’s Brother-In-Law Gets Job At The Department Of Energy

Wind Blowing Against US Offshore Developers Post-Election

Former Trump Aide Says Wind and Solar Research Will Be Cut


Energy Secretary-In-Waiting Perry Inches Toward Senate Finish Line


Florida Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Rejection Of Environmental Review For FP&L Expansion

After A Turnabout 2016, The New Year Starts With A Thud For The Nuclear Industry

New Mexico Bill To Label Nuclear Energy As Renewable Stalls

Connecticut Girds For Nuclear Energy Debate As Critics Line Up Against Millstone Support Bill

NM Bill To Label Nuclear As Renewable Stalls

NRC Rebuffs IG On Physical Inspection Of Exporters

US Nuclear Sniffer Plane Scans Norway On Euro Radiation

Wild Boars Roam Czech Forests - And Some Of Them Are Radioactive

Meet The Robot That Can Explore Nuclear Sites And Deliver Pizza

Nuclear Reactors To Power Space Exploration

Cross-Border Politicians Up In Arms Over Canadian Chalk River Shipments To US

Expanded Playbook Needed For Idaho Nuclear Lab To Upgrade To 'Elite' Status

Industry Fears Budget Fight Will Chill Nuclear, Grid Work

The Future of Nuclear Energy Could Be Seawater Uranium

The Nuclear Engineer Who Is The Darling Of The Alt-Energy World

'Unreported Pharmaceutical Mishap' Emerges As Likely Source Of Euro Radiation Spike


Obama Clean Power, Climate Initiatives Face Trump Card

Mysterious Radioactive Participles Drifting Across Europe

...US Deploys 'Nuke Sniffer'

Endless Nuclear Energy Can Be Found In The Seas

Electric Cars Are Set To Arrive Far More Speedily Than Anticipated

Nuclear Energy And Renewable Energy: Fast Friends Or Strange Bedfellows?

Panelists Weigh Nuclear Waste Solution Post-Obama

A Day In The Life Of Argonne

Closure Of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Boosted Greenhouse Gas Emissions In New England

Illinois Nuclear Energy Deal Challenges Head To Court

Trump EPA Transition Head: Climate Rules on Chopping Block

Skeptics Don't Buy San Onofre Quake Reassurance


Shimkus Vows Action On Yucca-Centered Nuclear Waste Solution


Did Hillary Clinton ‘Give Russia 20 Percent Of The Uranium’ In The US?

Stanford Researchers: Extracting Uranium From Seawater Could Help Nuclear Play Larger Role In Carbon-Free Future

Perry Confirmation Continues On Glacial Pace

Senate Moves Pruitt Nomination Forward, Setting Up Friday Vote For Trump EPA Pick

Trump May Start Reshaping the EPA Soon

Texans Poke At WCS Waste Plan At NRC Scoping Meeting 

States Look to Market Solutions to Support Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Revival Hits Another Pothole

New System Automatically Detects Cracks In Nuclear Plants

One Job the Robots Can Have: Cleaning Nuclear Waste

Idaho To Send 61 Waste Shipments To WIPP

Positive Future For Nuclear, IAEA’s Amano Tells Summit

Found: Some Old Uranium in This Woman's Garage

Five Americans In The Advancement Of Nuclear Technology

WIPP Waste Shipment Schedule Released

Utilities Sue To Overturn Law Aiding Exelon


‘It’s Never Been Off The Table’: Shimkus Reiterates Interest In Shipping Nuclear Waste To Yucca Mountain

Vermont Bill Would Change Makeup Of Vt. Yankee Decommissioning Panel

Nuclear Reactors to Power Space Exploration


Another Groundbreaking Year For Nuclear Energy: 2016 Adds 9.5 GW Of Global Capacity


Perry Awaits Confirmation: Trump Has Fewest Cabinet Secretaries Confirmed Since George Washington

#WolrdGovSummit: Nuclear Energy Use On The Rise Globally

US Navy Exercises Contract Options For Nuclear Reactor Components

US Nuclear Efficiency Initiative Identifies Savings

Scientists Think This Simple Software Fix Could Make Nuclear Fusion A Reality

EIA: The World’s Largest Nuclear Plants Differ By Age, Number Of Reactors, And Utilization

Anti- Activists Slam New York State Move To Transfer 'Decommissioning Funds' To Energy Companies

Ontario’s Plan To Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron Continues

Board Gives Los alamos Failing Grade on Safety Steps

DOE Hails Technical Milestones For Hanford Treatment Safety And Design

Shimkus, Issa Take Aim At Moving Spent Fuel From San Onofre

How To Solve The Nuclear Waste Problem: Put It Back To Work

New Regs For Monday: Nuclear Enviro Regs For New Construction 


'Nuclear Guy' Shimkus Forecasts 'Productive Year' On Nuclear Waste

Testing To Begin At Idaho Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant

House Energy Panel To Begin Heavy Lift On Trump's Infrastructure Plan

Take A Look At How FitzPatrick Refuels Its Nuclear Reactor


Connecticut Lawmakers Prepare Legislation To Support Millstone

Senate Republicans Hope For Break-Thru In Confirmation Logjam 

Lloyd's Register: Nuclear More Competitive Than Fossil Fuels

Wall Street Skeptical Of Nuclear Fleet Subsidies 

Judge Dismisses Part Of Lawsuit Over Savannah River Site MOX Plutonium Disposal

Nuclear Industry Sees 'Snowball Effect' In NY, Illinois Policy Wins

Testing To Begin At Idaho Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant

Nevada Advisory Panel Delivers Anti-Yucca Strategy to Governor

GAO Report Opens Door for DOE to Walk Away from Defense Waste Repository


Trump's Energy Inner Circle Takes Shape

Trump May Retrench Massive Energy Loans

IAEA: Coordinated Approach Needed For Nuclear Programs

Trump Admin Halts Penalties Against Firms That Punish Nuclear Whistleblowers

President Trump's EPA Is Facing Fire Amid Efforts To Rein In Agency

$4M South Carolina Nuclear Fuel Scam Case Heads To Court

Report: Bailing Out Nuclear Plants Doesn’t Make Sense

Idaho Lawmakers Vent Spent Fuel Frustrations

Former Advisor: Expect Trump to Keep Environment, Energy Promises

Analysts: Trump's Energy Shift Could Bring Higher Gas Prices

DeVos Battle Delays Votes On Energy, Environmental Picks

Trump And US Nuclear Energy Find Common Ground In Jobs Push

Trump Cabinet Continues Slog Through Senate Vote

FERC Pushes Through Pipeline Approvals, Awaits New Chair

Federal Judge Approves Plan To Ship Canadian Nuclear Waste To US


Trump Team Targets Energy Regulations, DOE Right-Sizing

Up Close, A Look At Indian Point's Closing

DOE Approves Operation Of DUF6 Conversion Facilities

More Obama Energy Rules Head To The Chopping Block

New England CO2 Emissions Spike After Vermont Yankee Nuclear Closure

NARUC Chief Sees Resurgence Of States' Rights Energy Policy Under Trump


End Of An Era As The Trailblazing USS Enterprise Is Decommissioned


Can Nuclear Energy Rise From Chaos In Washington?

Energy Secretary Designee Waits As Senate Slow-Walks Trump Nominees

...Slowest Confirmation Pace In Modern Presidential History

Study: Storing Solar Power Is A Bad Idea

Plan To Bring High-Level Nuclear Waste To West Texas Gains Steam

US Nuclear Monitoring Agency Fails to Track Results From $1 Billion Investment

Indian Point Nuclear Plant Closure Leaves Locals Scrambling To Deal With 'Major Economic Loss'

Indian Point Nuclear Plant Closure Leaves Locals Scrambling To Deal With 'Major Economic Loss'

Federal Judge Allows Transport Of Liquid Nuclear Waste From Ontario

Nuclear Energy And The New US Administration

Next-Generation Nuclear Energy? Not Just Yet

Perry, Trump Cabinet Inch Toward Confirmation

How Gorsuch Could Mean Change For US Energy Sector

UK Profs: Nuclear Safety Is Valued Too Low

WNA: Failing To Value Nuclear Shows ‘Poor Understanding Of Energy Realities’


GAO Shellacks Obama Twin Repository Approach: Overlooked $25 Billion In Extra Costs

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant’s Neighbors Confront Regulators Over Safety

Diversity Key To Facing Future Nuclear Industry Challenges

GAO: DOE Cost Estimate For Disposal Of Hanford Waste Too Low

Michigan Congressmen Urge US, Canadian Governments To Reject Nuclear Waste Site Near Lake Huron

Exelon, New York Regulators Defend Nuclear Credits Under Clean Energy Standard

TVA President On The Future Of Coal, Nuclear And Carbon Policy Under The Trump Administration

Study: Slowing Climate Change Will Require Vastly More Carbon Capture

Yankee Sale Calls For Faster Transfer Of Fuel


Nevada Officials Warn: Congressional Funding For Yucca Coming

FERC Resignation Could Mean Big Delays for Trump Pipeline Projects

University of Missouri Research Reactor Gets 20 Year License From NRC

Perry Sails Thru Senate Committee With Bipartisan Support

BP Forecast: World Energy Demand Up 30%, Nuclear Up 25% By 2035

WIPP Looking To Increase Emplacements By Spring

NPR Specials: Climate One - The Future of Oil and Nuclear Energy

Senate Begins Moving Trump's Energy, Environment Team

Trump’s Moratorium Delays Nuclear Rules

NY Bets Big on Aging Nuke Plants, Balancing Jobs, Safety

What's Really Killing America's Nuclear Plants?

NRC Proposes Annual Fees for FY 2017

Trump's Coming US Energy Revolution

House Prepares To Quash Last-Minute Obama Energy Rules

How the IAEA Assists Newcomer Countries in Building Their Way to Sustainable Energy


Perry, 12 Other Trump Nominees Await Senate Approval

WIPP Working To Address Post-Start Findings

Why Now Is The Time For Nuclear Cargo Shipping

William Morison R.I.P. -- Pioneer Of Canadian Nuclear Energy 

Hundreds Flock To Tour Of Long-Shuttered Experimental Arkansas Reactor


Texas-Style Energy Policy Ready To Roar As New Trump Team Comes Onboard

TVA Chair Hopes New Board Keeps Same Direction

Report: DOE Renewables Scrubbing Climate Change Nomenclature

Perry Pick As US Energy Secretary Seen Spurring US-Israel Energy Cooperation

Trump's Policy Boost for US Energy Industry

US Report Sets Out Policy Options For Nuclear Preservation

Will Trump and Perry Revive Proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository?

Liquid Nuclear Waste Lawsuit Tries To Stop SRS Shipment, Ruling Expected Soon

University of Maryland’s Nuclear Reactor Got Its License Renewed For 20 Years

New Developers Challenge The Status Quo On How To Build A Nuclear Plant

WIPP Still Has 10 DOE Review Items To Tackle

Trump Switches Chair Hats At FERC

Nuclear Energy An Option For Los Alamos County?


Trump's Uranium Bull Market Roars Ahead

Trump's Energy Team Faces Votes Next Week

Nevada’s Sandoval, Congressional Delegation Discuss Yucca Mountain, Other Priorities

Nuclear 'Doomsday Clock' Ticks Closest To Midnight In 64 Years


Republican Hail New NRC Chair, Laud Burns' Reign

At Least In The Southeast, The Future Of Nuclear Is Brightening

LANL’s Aging Plutonium, Uranium Research Building May Stay Open

Making Sense of President Trump’s Energy Plan

Debate Over Nuclear Waste Storage Could Change With New Administration

Ruling Possible Soon In DOE Liquid Waste Lawsuit

As Wind Power Takes Hold, Texas Nuclear Plants May Be On Their Way Out

Antis Call For Shutdown Of Beaver Valley Nuclear Station Amid Concerns About 'Defective' Parts

Bloodied Yucca's Rise From The Grave Gives Hope To Stranded California Nuclear Waste

Top US Advanced Reactor Developers to Summit At Chicago Technology Showcase

Under Trump, INL Pivots Its Nuclear Message

Murray Energy CEO Says Trump Could Help Rescue Coal in 3 Months

Congress Does The Unconventional On Nuclear Energy

Will Rick Perry Privatize America's Nuclear Waste Storage?

Trump May Have Just Opened Door To $17 Billion Worth Of Energy Projects

Senate Committee Delays Votes On Perry, Interior Nominations


Advanced Reactors Licensing Reform Sweeps Through US House

Most of DOE's Home Page Erased After Inauguration

Trump Team Plans Big Cuts At EPA

Obama Energy Policies On The Trump Docket

Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipment To Idaho Lab Remains In Limbo


Trump Takes Up Energy Executive Orders

Is It Game Over For Nuclear Energy On the Hudson?

Out West, Trump Eyes Federal Lands For Oil And Gas Boom

Obama NNSA Chief Gets Short-Term Extension In National Security Reprieve

Perry Refuses To Rule Out Yucca In Face Of Questioning From Nevada Senator

Obama Clean Power Plan, Energy Regulations At Top Of Trump Chopping Block

Video: How NuScale's Incredibly Small Nuclear Reactor Works

Pipelines, Carbon on Trump’s Day-One Energy List

Trump To Eliminate Obama Regs In ‘America First’ Energy Plan

INL Spent Fuel Shipment Remains In Limbo

Will Rick Perry Back Storing Nuclear Waste At Yucca Mountain?

It's Trump Time: White House Lays Out Energy Plan

Why A Small Texas Town Wants Oregon’s Nuclear Waste

Issa Takes Another Stab At Moving Nuclear Waste From San Onofre

Perry Says He Does Not Have 'Definitive Answer' On Yucca

Perry’s Hearing Blindsided By Report That Trump Plans To Gut The Energy Department

Perry Says He'll 'Rely Upon' Scientists When It Comes To Nuclear Testing


States Press Trump To Open Yucca Mountain ASAP

Trump To Take Charge Of Nuclear 'Football'

Why Does The Energy Department Control The Nuclear Arsenal?

Feds: Agreement Reached To Clean Up Abandoned Uranium Mines On Navajo Nation

NEA: Public Engagement Crucial To Nuclear Industry

Energy Secretary Nominee Perry Says He’ll Fight Cuts Proposed By Trump Transition Team

Rick Perry Expresses ‘Regret’ For Pledging To Abolish Energy Department

Perry Dances Through Confirmation Hearing Using A Two-Step Of Charm And Chops

DOE Lab Director Bochenek Tabbed As Acting Energy Secretary

Coal State Democrat To Introduce Perry At Confirmation Hearing 

‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Proposed Abolishing

Yucca And Nine Other Questions For Rick Perry

Rick Perry On The Issues

DOE Likely To Miss 2018 Nuclear Waste Deadline

NEI Implements Organizational Restructuring; Cuts Staff


Scott Pruitt, Testifying to Lead EPA, Criticizes Environmental Rules

HuffPost: Eight Reasons To Worry Or Not Worry About Rick Perry At Energy

Thwarting Terrorism: Pitt Professors Track Nuclear Smuggling

Antis Start Petition Against FPL's Waste Plan

Shutdown Of Michigan Nuclear Plant Not Sounding Climate Alarms

New Study Shows Energy From Recycled Nuclear Waste Will Produce 622MW Of Baseload Power and $31 Billion Windfall

On Climate Change, Even States in Forefront Are Falling Short

California Nuclear Closures Result In 250% Increase In California Emissions

Trump Nominees To Face Scrutiny On Climate


Ex-Transition Boss: Trump To Keep Climate And Energy Promises

Perry Pre-Inaugural Hearing Tees Up January Confirmation Prospects

Feds Hammer Asian Engineer for Alleged Spying for China


New Mexico Town Steps Up For Nuclear Borehole Project

Nuclear-Free Connecticut Future Easier Said Than Done

Will President Trump Cast a Shadow on Alt-Energy Stocks?

Russia Acknowledges Threat From Trump's Energy Policy On EU Gas Market

Seven Reasons Why Environmental Activists Will Be In Retreat In 2017

As Some States Stall On Nuclear Energy, Virginia Moves Forward

Airplane Meets Nuclear Plant Reinforced Concrete Wall In Simulated Test: Wall Wins

Nevadans Agree To Disagree On Yucca

Miniaturized Nuclear Energy Plants? NRC Reviewing Proposed Design

Trump May Have Saved This US Industry Before Even Taking Office

Perry, Trump's Energy Secretary Pick, To Divest Of Multiple Holdings

NY Legislators Squabble Over Indian Point Replacement

Anti Groups Wary Of Proposed Deal For Vermont Yankee

Tillerson: 'The Risk Of Climate Change Does Exist'

NRC Accepts Application for Early Site Permit At Clinch River Site In Tennessee

WIPP Employment Levels Expected To Rise


Perry Readies For Prime Time Date

GeekWire: Explaining With Toasters Why The Nuclear Energy Option Is Needed 

Climate Change Is Fueling A Second Chance For Nuclear Energy

Congress Moves To Block Obama Yucca Repository Alternative

Nuclear Energy, Research Advanced In Bipartisan US Senate Bill

NRC Starts Review Process For Proposed Vermont Yankee Sale


Moniz: Bid To Revive Yucca Mountain Doomed

Tennessee Delegation Urge s Perry To Visit Oak Ridge Lab

Perry Ethics Form Not Yet Filed

Obama Presses Trump Not to Back Away From Clean Energy

California Regulators Refuse To Delay Talks On New San Onofre Deal

US Lists 17 Nuclear Reactors With Parts From Forge Under Probe

Will Rick Perry Bring High-Level Radioactive Waste To Texas?


Why are Applications to the NRC For New Nuclear designs 12,000 Pages Long?

WIPP Reopens, But Work Remains

Cuomo Confirms Deal to Close Indian Point Nuclear Plant

New York's Clean Energy Gambit Failing As Nuclear Plant To Close

DOE’s Quadrennial Review: 8 Trends That Are Shaping the US Electric System

Trump Wants ‘Energy Independence.’ We May Already Be Close To Having It.


Kerry: Global Warming Threat Prompts Support For Nuclear Energy

Moniz Lauds Re-Opening Of WIPP Repository After Three Years, $500 Million

Cantwell Wants to Give Energy Department More Cyber Authority


Political Pressure, Fracking Fingered For Indian Point's Capitulation

Zion’s Nuclear Shuttering Fallout; Still Reeling From ’98 Closing

World Heat Shatters Records In 2016

DOE Releases Second Installment of the Quadrennial Energy Review

What's Next For Energy Research Under New Administration?

Moniz To Make Exit Address At National Press Club, Jan. 11

WIPP Goal: Shipments In 90 Days


Study: US Grid in ‘Imminent Danger’ From Cyber-Attack

US on Track to Become Net Energy Exporter

Los Alamos Nuclear Lab Eases Troubled Past With Good Federal Review

Indian Point To Close By 2021

US Delays Cleanup Rule At Uranium Mines Amid GOP Criticism

Most Are ‘Either All In Or All Against’ Proposed Underground Nuclear Waste Site Near Lake Huron

NRC Hones In On Plants Potentially Impacted By Falsified Parts


Moniz Swan Song: Hard To Say Goodbye 

Meet the Obscure Group Influencing Trump's Energy Policy

Fleet of 12 Nuclear Submarines in Line for Pentagon Approval

Alexander Talks Nuclear with with EPA Nominee Pruitt


China Nuclear Espionage Target In US Agrees To Plea Deal

Demand For Clean Energy Inspires New Generation To Innovate Nuclear Energy

What the Washington Post’s Hacked Electrical Grid Report Got Wrong


WIPP Back In Action

Will Rick Perry Be the Best (or Worst) Energy Secretary Ever?

Power Grid, A Board Game About Big Coal (And Big Garbage)

Wind And Solar Will Provide Mere 4% Of World’s Energy By 2040

Video: Touring MIT's Nuclear Facilities

How Will Rick Perry Run The Department Of Energy?

FBI: Indicted Chinese US Nuclear Espionage Domo Has 'Vital' Intelligence

Worldwide Nuclear Capacity Continues To Grow In 2016


Will Trump Privatize The TVA For $20 Billion?

Climate Change Skeptics Welcome Open Debate Under Trump Presidency

Cybersecurity Re-Examined After Vermont Utility Reports Alleged Russian Malware

Carbon Emissions In 2016 Expected To Be Lowest Since 1992


Key Energy Policy Choices Ahead For The Trump Administration


The Rebranding Of Incoming Trump Energy Secretary Perry

OPEC, Trump, Green Efforts Power Change In Energy World

New York's 'Zero-Emission' Nuclear Power Credits Upheld By Utility Regulators

NYT: Nuclear Energy, Debated

Clock Starts Again On $100 Million Penalty For DOE Delay Of MOX Project

Reaction Runs Deep As Nuclear Plants Get state Subsidies To Stay Afloat

New York Clean Energy Plan Survives Round Challenge

What The Navy's Proposed $1.6 Billion Nuclear Facility Means For Idaho

Rep. Cramer to Trump: Combine EPA, Energy Into One Agency

What’s Next In The Decommissioning Of San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Bull Market On Yucca Mountain Revival Post-Reid

Rick Perry Mum On Nevada’s Yucca Mountain, But Has Backed Interim Solution

How Congress Wants Trump To Fix The Energy Department

Enviros Press Case For Nuclear Energy In The Trump Administration

Revealed: The Full Cost Of Christmas Energy

Greens Ready For Trump War

Fast Reactors Are Alive And Kicking


Enviros Wage War On Christmas Lights

WIPP Could Restart Operations In January

Los Alamos DPU Shows off NuScale Power’s Small Modular Reactors

Energy, Environmental Wish List Compiled for Trump

DOE Offers $2B Loan To La. Carbon-Storage Project

WIPP Partial Reopening Clears Hurdle: New Mexico Gives Green Light

Cuomo’s Clean Energy  Package Triggers Bipartisan Pushback

NRC Chair Sees Fewer Reactor Applications, Squeeze Looming For Budget, Staff


Moniz Says Would-Be Successor Rick Perry Has Much To Learn

FERC Looks At Rules Change To Level Playing Field For Nuclear Energy 

Kentucky State Legislator Pre-Files Bill To Lift Nuclear Moratorium In Kentucky

With Palisades Shuttering Michigan Asks Where Energy Will Come From

IAEA Chief Set For Re-Election As Rival Steps Aside

Experimental 1960s Ozarks Nuclear Energy Reactor To Be Razed

Obama Defense Repository Plan: No Timetable, Few Details


Yucca Proponents Look Past Reid One-Man Blockade 

General Motors’ Sustainability Chief Says Trump Can’t Stop The Green Energy Boom

The Strange Story Of The Westinghouse Atom Smasher

Perry's Texas Among States Chosen For DOE Deep Borehole Waste Test 

Top Electric Energy Stories Of 2016

Solar Is Top Source Of New Capacity On The US Grid In 2016


US Fleet Cost Reductions Projected At $600 Million In 2016

Brattle: Nuclear Retirements Could Lead To Significant Increases In Short- And Long-Term CO2 Emissions 

Enviros, Academics Warn On US Fleet Retirements 


DOE Tabs Four Projects In Three States For Retooled Deep Borehole Waste Test

Michigan, Illinois Take Different Paths On Struggling Nuclear Plants

Why the Saudis Are Looking Forward to the Trump Presidency

Idaho Museum To Open For Nuclear Reactor’s 65th Anniversary

Trump's Cabinet Selections Signal a Bold Shift After Obama

Trump Sends Mixed Signals On Ethanol Mandate


Draining The Swamp, Trump Cabinet Picks So Far

Will WIPP Reopen in 2016?

Report Shows Bundle Containing Canisters Of Radioactive Spent Fuel Accidentally Dropped At SRS

With Trump, Energy Gains New Power

Energy Department Raises Price Tag To $16 Billion For Hanford Plant

Trump Team Looks For Bias In DOE's Outlook

In SLO County, Few Other Occupations Pay As Much As Diablo Canyon Jobs

Duke Energy May Take Handguns From Security At Nuclear Plants

An Open Letter To Rick Perry, US Energy Secretary Nominee

Donald Trump’s Energy Program Needs A Middle Ground — Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Fusion Needs A 'Wright Brothers' Moment

University Of Arkansas Updates Nuclear Reactor Site Clean Up Plans

Toward Safer, Long-Life Nuclear Reactors—Metal Design Could Raise Radiation Resistance By 100 Times


DOE's Incoming Cigar-Smoking, Dancing With The Stars Secretary 

Trump Transition Backs Away From Controversial Questionnaire To Energy Department

NRC Rules Against Group’s Protest Of FPL Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Cooling Canal Controversy

Spent Nuclear Fuel Dropped In Savannah River Site's L Basin


WIPP ‘Extremely Close’ To Reopening

Trump Energy Pick Perry Pushed to Store Nuclear Waste in His Own State


South Carolina's MOX Facility Could Be A Done Deal With Rick Perry's Help


UN: Threat Of A Hacking Attack On Nuclear Plants Is Growing

Trump Energy Nominee Perry Pledges Conversation, Energy Independence, Jobs

NRC Looks For Potential Issues Linked To Falsified French Nuclear Documents

New Mexico Finds No 'Red Flags' During WIPP Inspection

What Exactly Does The Energy Department Do?

Final Wind-Turbine Rule Permits Thousands Of Eagle Deaths

USNIC: Perry Brings ‘Vitality And Focus To US Nuclear Energy Leadership’


He's Back: Former NRC Chief Gregory Jaczko Talks Nuclear Energy And Proliferation Under Donald Trump 

Exelon, New York PSC File In Federal Court To Defend Nuclear Subsidy Program

Greenpeace Activists Target EDF Paris HQ In Anti-Nuclear Protest

Worried Dems Concerned Trump Is Singling Out DOE Workers

As Energy Secretary, Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry Is Blank Slate On INL, Nuclear Issues

Judge Bars Feds From Using Statements In Chinese Nuclear Espionage Case

Environmentalists Gear Up, Strategize For Trump War

Los Alamos Officials Hope To Develop Park Tourism Plan 

New Technique Could Continuously Assess Aging Of Materials In A High-Radiation Environment, In Real-Time

Rick Perry Will Really Run the Department of Nukes, Not Energy

Trump Transition, White House Square-Off On Climate Change List

DOE Balks At Trump Request For Names On Climate Change

The Experimental Nuclear Reactor Secretly Built Under the University of Chicago

Here's the Cheapest Kind of Power Plant to Build in Every US County

Oops: Perry To Lead Energy Department He Once Vowed To Kill

What Does Energy Secretary Perry Mean For Nuclear Energy?

Environmental Groups Join NY in Support of Nuclear Credits

SC Rep. Wilson says Trump Win Brings Yucca Mountain Closer To Opening

Congress Fails To Pass Energy Bill

Former Texas Governor Perry To Take Helm At Energy

Trump Team Casts A Cold Eye On Renewables

Trump Team Asks About Hanford, National Labs

Bill Gates Among Individuals Backing $1 Billion Energy Fund

Why Exelon's Illinois Nuclear Energy Bill Could Set A Precedent For Other States

LANL Months Away From Renewing Nuclear Waste Shipments

House Departure Seals Fate Of Failed Energy Negotiations

The Trump Appointments Tracker

Former Navy Admiral Cohen Seen As Choice For DOE Under Secretary for National Security

Flashback: NNSA contender Admiral Jay Cohen At Trump Tower

Trump Narrows List For Energy Secretary

Fed Funding Bill continues support for MOX Facility

Towns Cope with Shuttered Plants, Waste Stockpiles And Lost Jobs


New Report Makes The Case Against Nuclear Plant Shut Downs

Project To Drill 3 Miles Down Stokes Fears Of Nuclear Waste In South Dakota 

Trump DOE Landing Team ISO Fed Climate Changers

Energy Secretary Contender Manchin slated with Trump on Monday

Train Carrying Spent Nuclear Fuel could Pass Near Trump’s Hotel

Idaho National Laboratory’s Director Would Keep Moniz As Energy Secretary

Video: Trump Focuses on Nuclear Energy

Anti Movement Set Its Sight On California Nuclear Closures

International Researchers Create Nanoceramic Material For Safer, More Economical Nuclear Reactors


Trump Team Looking At Options To Keep Us Nuclear Fleet Afloat

Trump Team’s Memo Hints at Broad Shake-Up of US Energy Policy

Possible Manchin Pick For DOE Draws Mixed Reviews


Goodbye Harry, Hello Yucca


Trump’s Energy Advisor Hamm: We Are So Much Stronger Than The Saudis

How Natural Gas And Nuclear Have Made The US Greener – Times Two

FERC Approves Exelon Nuclear Purchase

Chatter Continues on Trump’s Yucca Mountain Plans

3 Ways Trump’s Department of Energy Appointee Can Create Jobs

Vermont Yankee Buyer Touts Cleanup 'Dream Team'

Illinois Gov. Rauner Signs Bill Sparing 2 Nuclear Plants

Study: Pennsylvania’s Nuclear Energy Plants Vital To State Economy

DOE to WIPP: Dozens Of Issues To Address Before Reopening

Trump Taps Oklahoma Attorney General To Lead EPA


Texan Moves To Top Of Trump Energy Secretary Pack

Smaller, Safer, Saltier: Next-Gen Nuclear Draws Thiel and the UN

Trump Could Fuel A Nuclear Energy Boom In 2017

Lawsuit Reopens Issue Of Depleted Uranium Disposal In Utah

DOE Peddles Phantom Defense Repository To South Carolina

Yucca Mountain Backers Join Trump Transition Team

Tillerson, Gore and an Energy Battle at Trump Tower

Roof Collapses At WIPP Raise New Safety Questions

Under Trump, Some Enviros Softening To Nuclear, Gas, CCS

Pasadena Court to Hear Arguments on San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closure

Rep. Kevin Cramer Under Advanced Consideration For Energy Secretary


Al Gore Meets Donald Trump for 'Extremely Interesting' Conversation

Illinois Gov. Rauner to Sign Energy Bill Wednesday In Clinton

WIPP Continues Ground Control Efforts

What Future Does Nuclear Have in an Era of Cheap Energy?

In Signal To Trump, China, Iran Say Nuclear Deal Must Stand

'Almost All' of Trump's Cabinet Picks Will Come Next Week

Europe’s Green Energy Policy Is A Disaster For The Environment

Illinois Sees The Light With Nuclear Energy

Enviro Groups Take Opposing Sides in Legal Fight Over NY Nuclear Deal

Illinois Nuclear Plant Communities Hail State Energy Deal 

Trump Considering Goldman Sachs COO Cohn For Energy Secretary


Obama DOE 'Urges Trump Team To Ditch Yucca Mountain'

New York's Highest Court Affirms Licensing Requirement For Indian Point 

Federal Case Revived Over San Onofre Settlement Deal

Rep. Cramer: Energy Secretary? My Value’s in Congress

Manchin: No Talk With Trump Over Energy Secretary Post

Trump Considering North Dakota Senator Heitkamp For Energy Post

Goldman’s Gary Cohn on List for Trump Energy Secretary

US Technical Breach Gave Russians Opening To Suspension of Landmark Plutonium Reduction Agreement 

State Panel Meets After Announcement Of Vermont Yankee Sale

With Illinois Legislature's OKs Exelon Bill Moves To Governor

Exelon Wins Its Battle In Biggest Energy Bill In 20 Years

Illinois House Passes Bill To Keep Quad-Cities, Clinton Plants Open

Trump Team Considering Sen. Joe Manchin For Energy Secretary

Harold Hamm: Trump Should Pick Rep. Kevin Cramer As Energy Secretary Over Me


Ivanka Trump, Climate Czar?

WIPP Requesting $54.5 Million More In FY17

Potential Snag For Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Deal As Vote Nears 


Changing Of The Guard At US House Energy And Commerce

Is New Nuclear the Solution to the World's Energy Problems?

Trump And Energy: What's Good For Texas And Okla. Is Good For America

Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Bill Hits Deadline with Vote Expected

Report: Illinois Gov. Rauner Has Reached Agreement To Keep Nuclear Plants Open

Yucca Nuclear Waste Storage Revisited by Team Trump

Without The Clean Power Plan, Are Nuclear Plants Essential To Combat Climate Change?

Can the US Become an Energy Superpower in 2017?

Rauner-Exelon Deal Clears Way For Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Bill

Illinois House Committee OKs Revised Exelon Legislation

Proposed Elimination Of DOE Loan Office Easier Said Than Done 

NBC's Today Program Heralds DOE Hanford Defense Waste As 'America's Chernobyl'

DOE Responds: Defends Safety Of Hanford Workers 

As President, Trump Will Be CEO of 'US Energy Incorporated'


As Trump Quickens Pace On Cabinet, Energy Secretary Pick Looms


Nuclear Energy Start-Ups Look To SpaceX As Model For Decreasing Nuclear Costs

With President-Elect Trump in the wings, Yucca Mountain Resurfaces 

Progress Made On Illinois Energy Bill Aimed To Keep Quad Cities Nuclear Plant Open

Can Nuclear Fusion Get A Gust Of Wind With Trump?

Congress Fighting Off Last-Minute Attempts At New Climate Regs

Nuclear Battery Could Turn Hazardous Waste Into Lasting Clean Energy


Prospects For Congressional Energy Bill Fade In Lame-Duck Session

Nuclear Energy Support Package On The Docket For Illinois Veto Session

The Future Of Nuclear Energy

This Laser-Toting Tentacle Carves Up Old Nuclear Hardware

Obama-Era Cyber Plan Waits For A Trump Makeover 

Illinois Nuclear Deal Could Save $3 Billion In Power Costs

Illinois Clean Energy Nuclear Deal Generates Debate

Here's Why the Clean Energy Industry Is Hopeful About Donald Trump

Diamonds Turn Nuclear Waste Into Nuclear Batteries

Trump Considering Christie As Energy Or Homeland Security Secretary, Report Claims

Swiss Go To Ballot Box On Nuclear Energy Referendum

Is Thorium A Future Option For Nuclear Energy?


Pilgrim’s Progress: Waste Destined To Become 'Easter Island Statues'?

Trump's Energy Team Overhauled

The Politics of the Nuclear Suppliers Group

US, Western Allies Push Iran on New Measures to Bolster Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump’s Oil Man: A Closer Look At Harold Hamm

Trump Impact On US Electric Power Sector Still Unclear

Appeals Court Revives Challenge to Georgia Power Nuclear Fees

Contractors Settle Case Over Cleanup Effort at Hanford Nuclear Site

DOE Recommends Permanent Closure For 60 Percent Of Contaminated WIPP Storage

USNIC Outlines Nuclear Energy 'Critical Positions' In The Next Administration

Why Would Trump Want Hamm At Energy?

Growing Market Of Venture-Backed Startups Signals Dawn Of A Nuclear Do-Over


DOE: America's Misunderstood Agency

Cuomo Wins Round In Bid To Shut Entergy’s Indian Point Plant

Obama Seeks To Fortify Iran Nuclear Deal


Peter Thiel’s Other Hobby is Nuclear Fusion

Will San Onofre's Waste Wind Up At Yucca Mountain?

Climate Policy in the Age of Trump

Timeline: Entergy NY Indian Point Nuclear Plant Relicensing

NRC: Mission Accomplished for Fiscal 2016

Vt. Yankee Dismantling Caught Up In Anti-Trust Suit


NY Court Deals Indian Point License Renewal A Setback


Waste Storage: America’s Nuclear Hot Potato

Trump Energy Secretary Short-List Stays Short

Judge Says Lawsuit About San Onofre Nuclear Waste Storage Plans Can Move Forward

Hopes for Nuclear Energy Blossom With Trump’s Rise

Harold Hamm, Rumored Candidate For U.S. Energy Secretary, Got $1.7 Billion Richer This Week

Nevada Anti-Yucca Chief In Denial: 'Dead As A Doornail'

Canadian Spent Fuel Shipments Geared Up For Savannah River

WNA Chief: Nuclear Vital To Challenge Of Climate Change

WIPP In The Home Stretch After A Nearly Three-Year Hiatus?

EPA's Big Bet On Nuclear Put US Climate Goals At Risk

US Senate Committee Told Act Now For Nuclear Future

NRC Considering New Rules For Packaging, Transporting Radioactive Materials


Former Texas Gov Perry Short-Listed For Trump Energy Secretary

DOE Aims to Shave Time Off Final WIPP Review With December Restart Looming 

Fed Lawsuit Complicates New Vermont Yankee D&D Consortium

IEA: Nuclear Energy Generation Tipped To Double By 2040

Nuclear Closures Magnify US Climate Challenge For Trump

Illinois Lawmakers Weigh Deal to Save Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Key to a Clean Energy Future: IEA World Energy Outlook

Alexander: Next Congress Has A Prime Opportunity For Nuclear Energy Future

Environmentalist Leader Schellenberger Makes Case For Nuclear Energy To Regulators


446-Page Mega Nuclear Deal Hits Illinois Veto Session

DOE Team At WIPP Nuclear Storage Site To Evaluate Readiness

Trump Advisers Eyeing More Than Yucca

Nuclear Isotope Facility Would Bring Low-Enriched Uranium To SRS

Nevada Gov To Fight Yucca Revival

Congressional Energy Bill In Limbo In Lame Duck

Experts: Indian Point Essential To Meeting NY’s Climate Goal

US Electric Power Sector Sees Uncertainty As Trump Presidency Nears

With Changed Landscape, Vermont Panel’s Nuclear Plant Session Delayed

What Changes When Vermont Yankee Is Sold?

How A Garage Nuclear Reactor Is Powering Students’ Futures


Oil, Gas And Nuclear Industries Anticipate Friendly Trump DOE

Yucca Prospects Looking Up With Trump Victory 

Yucca Mountain's Second Act

NRC Begins Scoping Effort for Environmental Review of Proposed WCS Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility

Obama Predicts Trump Won’t Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal as President

Bellafonte Plant Given New Lease On Life With Sale


Trump Advisers Eye Reviving Nevada’s Yucca Nuclear Waste Dump

NY Governor, Good Government Groups Lock Horns Over Nuclear Energy

Exelon To Shift Course On Legislation To Save Illinois Nukes In Wake Of Trump Presidency

TVA’s Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Sold For $111 Million, Expected To Bring Thousands Of Jobs

$111M Purchaser Of TVA's Unfinished Bellafonte Plant Vows To Spend $13 Billion For Completion

Paducah Laser Enrichment Could Have Huge Local Impact

Zion May Be Model For Vermont Yankee Cleanup

WSJ to Trump: Revive Yucca, Move Past Reid Era

Donald Trump Could Be OPEC's New Best Friend

What A Trump Presidency Means For Nuclear Stocks

Paducah Mayor Hopeful On Future Enrichment Facility After DOE Agreement

Trump and Energy: Climate Out, Jobs In, Coal Up

NJ Gave Holtec $260M Tax Break For Camden Move. Was It A Bad Bet?

Trump’s Coal Stance May Ease Pressure on Japan Over Climate

GE-Hitachi: 'No Formal Decision To Proceed With Licensing Or Construction' Of Paducah Laser Enrichment

Energy World Rocked By Trump Win

DOE Uranium Sale Could Mean 1,200 New Paducah Jobs

Special Report: Trucking Uranium Through The Mountains


UK, US Industry Groups Ink MOU On Advanced Manufacturing Cooperation

WIPP Workers Return Underground

Keystone XL Pipeline Builder Eager To Work With Trump

Understanding Nuclear Water Chemistry


UAE Portrait of a Nation: The Emirati Born To Work In Nuclear Energy

DOE Agrees To Sell Depleted Uranium To GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment

Energy Knots That Remain No Matter Election’s Outcome

Illinois Community Still Struggling Nearly Two Decades After Nuclear Plant Closure

Molten Salt Reactors: IAEA to Establish New Platform for Collaboration


Who's In Line For Trump EPA Boss, Energy Czar?

Clean Power Plan’s Demise Looms, But How Trump Will Ax It Remains Unclear

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Collapse Under Trump

Fracking Mogul Harold Hamm Looms On US Energy Secretary Short-List

Iran Says Trump Should Stay Committed To The Nuclear Deal

Utah’s Nuclear Engineering Program Taking Big Steps Forward

Energy Giants Turn to Drones and Sensors in New Embrace of the Digital World


What Will President Trump Do About Energy?

As Clinton, Trump Face Off, Utility Sector Braces For Pivotal Election Day

China Turns Decommissioned Nuclear Plant Into Tourist Attraction

At Entergy’s Indian Point, Nuclear Energy Runs In Families

Why Might NY Pay $35M To Nuclear Plant? None Of Your Business, State Says

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Politics Weigh As Korea's KEPCO Eyes The Toshiba Nuclear Option

Toshiba Under Pressure Over The Future Of Westinghouse

What A Westinghouse Bankruptcy Could Mean For US Utilities

China General Nuclear Vows To Meet New Deadline For World’s First EPR Reactor

Foreign Companies Flock To Build Nuclear Plants In The UK

Reuters - Toshiba Headed Toward Chapter 11 Option For Westinghouse

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

UK Regulator Warns On EDF Oversight Of Hinkley Point Supplier AREVA

Politics Weigh As Korea's KEPCO Eyes The Toshiba Nuclear Option

Report: Southern, SCANA Gear Up For Westinghouse Bankruptcy Over Nuclear Losses

NRC To Review Incident At Turkey Point

Paladin Announces Arbitration Proceedings

Georgia Power’s Long-Term Power Plan, Eight Months Later

Toshiba Shares Jump On Westinghouse Bankruptcy Reports

GE, Toshiba Take Divergence Paths

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Shut Down After Malfunction

Reuters: Westinghouse's Clients Gear Up For Bankruptcy Fight

Urenco Pivots To China, Emerging Asia

TEPCO Eyes Reorganization In Nuclear, Transmission Businesses

As Perry Nuclear Plant Continues Its Shutdown For Refueling Future Remains Up In The Air

Bechtel, GE Hitachi To Pursue Nuclear Plant Decommissioning In Germany, Sweden

NRC Inspection Surfaces Issues At Pilgrim

Nuclear Regulators Inspecting FPL’s Turkey Point Plant After Small Explosion

Urenco Propels Mini-Reactor Concept For Towns And Industry

Bloomberg: Cost of US State Nuclear Incentives $3.9 Billion Annually

AREVA DEAL With JNFL And MHI Takes Effect

But KEPCO Rules Out Buying Westinghouse Stake

KEPCO Confirms Interest In UK NuGen Stake

NuGen Handwrings Over Toshiba Future

Investing: Uranium Stocks Recent Price Jump; Low Hanging Fruit or Trend?

Uranium Price: Will US Demand Growth Provide More Support?

Czech Utility CEZ's Dividend Cut Irks Finance Minister

Reuters: Toshiba's Westinghouse Looking at Bankruptcy Financing Balloon 

Chinese Nuclear Companies Take A Step Closer To Joining Forces

Moody's Lowers SCANA Outlook On Westinghouse Uncertainty

Santee Cooper To Study Rate Increase Tied To VC Summer Nuclear Plant Construction

Both Units Shut Down At TVA’s Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

Millstone Legislation Looks To Change Us Energy Market Paradigm

Two More Chinese Nuclear Firms Poised For Consolidation

Toshiba Turnaround Hopes, Planned Sale Of Westinghouse Find Skeptics

What GE Saw But Toshiba Didn't

Toshiba's Trials Entangle Tokyo, Washington

Energy Sector Emissions Maintained For Third Year

S&P Cuts Troubled Toshiba's Credit Rating

Bechtel Pulls Out Of Mini-Nuclear Development

Dragging Natural Gas Prices Continue To Dog Nuclear Energy 

EON Raises $1.45 Billion in Offering to Fund Nuclear Deal

OPPD: No More Layoffs At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant For Rest Of 2017

French Regulators Question AREVA's Creusot Forge

EDF: Flamanville EPR Launched Its System Performance Tests Prior To Reactor Start-Up In 2018

BWXT, Bechtel Confirm Shelving of mPower Program

X-Energy Moves Xe-100 Advanced Reactor Into Conceptual Design

Start-Ups Gain Helping Hand in Advanced Nuclear Energy Program

U3O8 Corp. Reports that Argentina is On-Course to Generate 9% of its Electricity from Nuclear in 2019

NRC To Begin Full Certification Review of NuScale SMR

NuScale Hails NRC SMR Docketing Hurdle

Toshiba's Possible Westinghouse Sale Throws Regulators

CGN Power Reports 2016 Net Profit Of 7.3B Yuan, Missing Forecasts

Westinghouse Hires Turnaround Expert To Chart Transition

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Owners May Have Limited Grounds To Appeal Award

RWE Warns 2017 Achieved Power Price 'Significantly Lower' On Market Weakness

EDF Energy Orders Graphite Inspection Tools

Toshiba Shares Slide As It Fiddles On Westinghouse

Google Earth Maps Out San Onofre Waste Storage Plan

Toshiba Mulls Sale of Controlling Stake in Westinghouse Unit

Yankee Workers Offered $25K To Stay Longer

San Onofre To Get $125M Payout Over MHI Settlement Plus Bill $58M In Legal Costs

Mitsubishi Heavy Shares Jump On Favorable Ruling In San Onofre's $6.7-Billion Claim

Toshiba Consolidates US Subsidiary Management

NuScale's Bold Visions For The Future of Nuclear Energy

Indian Point Outage: Unit 3 Begins $100M Refueling and Maintenance

Toshiba Seeking To Extend Deadline For Third-Quarter Report

GE Hitachi and ARC Nuclear to Accelerate Commercialization of Advanced SMR

Westinghouse Seen As Best Fit for Asian Ambitions

India Still Keen To Buy Westinghouse Reactors Despite Toshiba Issues

EDF Renews Amec Nuclear Support Deal

TRENDING: mPower Reactor Quietly Put On The Shelf

Toshiba Scrambles To Stem Further Bleeding From Westinghouse

Clock Ticking On Toshiba, Westinghouse As Lawyers Swarm

Hearing Set On Dominion's Application To Build New Reactor

Terrestrial Energy Turns To UNB For Nuclear Energy Testing

Better Buy: Cameco Corporation vs. Denison Mines Corp

Cause for Concern With the Uranium ETF

Concerns Emerge Over Guarantee For Toshiba’s US Nuclear Project

AEP Supports FirstEnergy Push For Zero-Emission Nuclear Credits In Ohio

Nuclear’s (4th Generation) Comeback Tour

Cameco Considers Future Of US Operations

Toshiba Nuclear Unit Hires Specialist Bankruptcy Lawyers

Toshiba Looks To Restructure Westinghouse

Toshiba Slips 6% On Bankruptcy Rumors

Urenco Mini Nuclear Reactor Concept To Canada

Siemens Produces 3D Printed Component For Nuclear Station

With India Visit, Westinghouse CEO Keeps Nuclear Project Alive

Sources: Toshiba Still Reviewing Chapter 11 Options

EDF Shares Fall To All-Time Low On Capital Raising

AREVA Completes Large Dismantling Project At Cadarache

Hinkley Advisers Raise Questions Over Euratom Exit Plans As ‘Legal Own Goal’

PSEG: NJ Nuclear Plants Could Go Dark Without Subsidies

EDF Begins $4.2 Billion Share Sale to Bolster Balance Sheet

AREVA : Completion of Dismantling of Nuclear Facilities at the Cadarache MOX Plant

TEPCO, 2 Other Utilities Team On Nuclear Safety

Sub-Par Concrete Won’t Add Much To Vogtle List Of Woes

Vattenfall Sees Challenging But Promising Year Ahead

Is Uranium Set To Be The Next Big Commodities Story?

As Uranium Slump Drags On Cameco Weighs US Mines Sale 

CEO: Cameco Exploring Sale Of US Uranium Mines

Wyoming Uranium Operators Face Global Glut

Veolia To Deploy Contaminated Water Treatment Systems At Four UK Magnox Sites

FirstEnergy’s Ohio Power Play

Partner With TEPCO? No Thanks, Say Japanese Power Peers

$1 Million Proposed For Pilgrim Closure Fund

Westinghouse Gets Hard Look From KEPCO

CGN, Ultra To Develop Next Generation I&C Systems

Georgia Power Defends Early Work At Potential Stewart County Reactor Site

NRC Formally Approves License Transfer Of FitzPatrick 

Salem 1 Restarted After Cooling System Repair

Uranium ETF Ending Its Long Slump As Supply Glut Eases

U-Battery Begins Canadian Pre-Licensing Process

NRC Approves Transfer Of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant To Exelon

OPPD Lays Off 33 From Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant

ThorCon Lays-out Thorium/Uranium Molten Salt Reactor

Georgia Power Suspends Work On Proposed Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Industry Braces For Record Outages As Plants Refuel

New Ohio ‘Bailout’ Request Shakes Up Nuclear/Carbon Debate

EDF Energy Graphite Review Gets Regulatory Guidance

AREVA Reactor Business Helps Close Gap On Losses

Amec Foster Wheeler: Progress On Non-Core Disposal Program

Report: Toshiba Asks Law Firm To Advise On Potential Westinghouse Bankruptcy Cost

State PSB Sets March 14 As First Hearing For Vermont Yankee Sale

Cooling System Steam Leak Shuts Down Salem 1 Nuclear Plant

FitzPatrick Waits For Exelon Takeover

BWXT Results Up In 2016

Record Nuclear Shutdowns Seen Boosting `Pummeled' Natural Gas

Terrestrial Energy USA Advances Loan Guarantee With DOE

Uranium Prices Stable, Iran Plans Uranium Purchase

Republicans Balk At Trump’s Sweeping Budget Cuts

Congress Already Eyeing Department Of Energy For Spending Cuts

Here's What We Know About Trump's Budget Math

China's Nuclear Giant Lists Its Assets

Holtec Secures Contract For Slovenian Storage Facility

NRC Approves Reno Creek In-Situ Mining Permit

Exelon's Byron-1 1,268-MW Nuclear Unit Shut For Refueling And Maintenance

Subsidies At Issue As AEP, FirstEnergy and Dynegy Snipe At Each Other During Debate On Ohio's Energy Future

Nuclear Industry Recovers But There Are Still Challenges

Veolia Creates Radioactive Waste Handling & Recycling Division

Duke Energy Announces Record-Breaking Amount Of Nuclear Generation In 2016

Westinghouse to Supply OKG with Nuclear Fuel until 2030

Centrica CEO Says Energy Price Limits May Backfire on Government

New Jersey's PSEG In The Hunt For New York-Style Nuclear Plant Deal


Exelon Hunts More State Nuclear Subsidies Following Illinois Win

Investing: A Strong Case for Buying Exelon Corporation

WCS Faces Community Push-Back On Interim Storage Plan 

Energy Fuels Provides 'Strong Leverage to Potentially Increasing Uranium Prices'

Transatomic Start-Up Backtracks On Lofty Claims

Toshiba Says Not Aware Westinghouse Considering Chapter 11 Filing

Toshiba's Potential Exit From Stake In Nuclear Developer Leaves Future US Construction Uncertain

Dynergy: Renewable, Nuclear Subsidies Growing Concern For Coal Industry

Gutierrez: Westinghouse Aims To See US Nuclear Projects Through

Vogtle Slides Schedule 3-6 Months For New Reactors 

Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy, Toshiba To Delay Nuclear Integration Project

FirstEnergy Seeks Zero Emissions Credits For Reactors 

Terrestrial Shortlists Four Prospective Sites For Molten Reactor

How Exelon Will Survive The Nuclear Crisis

US Uranium Production Lowest Since 2005

Avoiding Credit Downgrade Is Vital To Financing Any Nuclear Project

FirstEnergy: No 'Near-Term' Plans To Sell, Shutter Beaver Valley

Georgia Public Service Commission OKs Latest Spending at Plant Vogtle

China Fines Nuclear Component Manufacturer Over Safety Breaches

RWE Scraps Dividend For Second Year After Major Loss

AREVA And CNNC Ink Agreement For Comprehensive Commercial Partnership

AREVA Says Talks Continue With CNNC About Stake In Nuclear Fuel Unit

FirstEnergy To Seek "Zero Emission Credits" For Its 2 Ohio Nuclear Plants

Uranium Prices In Skid; What Happens Next?

Dominion's Nuclear Moment With Millstone

Flamanville Outage Costing EDF £1M A Day

Southern Posts Shortest Reactor Outage Turnaround In Company History

Entergy’s VY Sale May Take Longer Than Planned

Entergy, NorthStar Push For Speedy Review From NRC

CGN Power Updates On Construction Progress Of Taishan Nuclear Generating Units

Write-Downs, Delays Spell End To Texas Nuclear Project

Plant Vogtle Could Use New Fuel When MOX Is Complete

Big Losses Make For Bad PR At Vogtle

Toshiba's Missteps Makes US Nuclear Energy's Future Murkier

How Toshiba Lost $6 Billion

Layoffs reported at GE Hitachi in Wilmington

Nuclear Not Only Problem As Toshiba Liable For Billions In Gas Contract

General Dynamics Gets Contract to Build Two Virginia-Class Nuclear Subs 

SCANA Looking At Contingencies For VC Summer New Build

If Toshiba Can't Finish US Nuclear Job, Scana May Find Another

Meltdown of Toshiba’s Nuclear Business Dooms New Construction in the US?

Mitsubishi Heavy Rules Out Toshiba Nuclear Rescue

Toshiba Looks To Reschedule US Nuclear Projects

Uranium Stocks Soar With Trump Surge

Cameco Corp Upgraded To Outperform

Uranium Resources Announces $4.5 Million Sale of Common Stock

Uranium: The Ultimate Contrarian Investment

Horizon Forms Operating Partnership With Exelon

Toshiba Failed To Rein In Westinghouse's Expansion Drive

Waste Disposal Problems Halt Operations At FirstEnergy's Beaver County plant

Paladin Risks Falling Prey To Chinese Nuclear Firm CNNC

Entergy Mulls Future After Retreat From Nuclear Plants

Energy Future Begins Bankruptcy Exit Hearing With Key Deal

Westinghouse Reaffirms Commitment To Complete US New Build Projects

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins FEED Contract For Uranium Project In Spain

Inside Millstone Nuclear Station: People Powering Connecticut

Investing: What’s Driving the Uranium Price?

Downfall Of Toshiba, A Nuclear Industry Titan

EDF Targets Positive Cash Flow Ahead Of French, UK Nuclear Projects

Rolls-Royce Sees Civilian Nuclear Energy Growth

TEPCO Invokes ‘Act Of God’ Clause On Cameco Deal

South Carolina Utilities Say They Have A Backup Plan For Nuclear Expansion

Toshiba Crisis: Unions Urge Government To 'Get A Grip' On Nuclear Policy

Toshiba Still Onboard UK's NuGen

...But Will Shed NuGen Construction 

UK Nuclear Debate Reopened After Giant Toshiba Writedown

New York Picks Nuclear Winners And Losers

Uranium Prices Rally With Decision By Kazakhstan To Trim Output

Utility EDF's Core Earnings Fall 6.7 Percent, Confirms 2018 Outlook

Toshiba's Chairman Resigns

Toshiba To Curb New Nuclear Projects Outside Japan

Toshiba Reports $6 Billion Nuclear Write-Down

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Reconnects After Seawater Leak, Shutdown

Investing: Centrus Energy — Stock Overvalued Compared To Bonds?

Uranium ETF Can Keep its Rally Going

Toshiba’s Pending Losses Loom Over Voglte, VC Summer Construction


South Korea Eyes Stake in UK's NuGen

BWXT Announces $795 Million in Contract Options and Awards for Naval Nuclear Reactor Components

Toshiba’s Predicament Winds Back to Shaw Group

Toshiba Prepares To Unveil Nuclear Hole

Fears Of Toshiba Exit Give UK Govt A Nuclear Headache​

Toshiba Faces Conundrum As It Prepares To Detail Write-Down

Scana Monitoring Toshiba-Related Impacts On VC Summer Expansion

Westinghouse Community Braces For Toshiba Write-Down Announcement

Cameco Corporation: How To Invest In Uranium

Nikkei: Toshiba Losses Pegged At $3.5 Billion For April-December 2016

Entergy Won’t Use Yankee Decommission Fund For Plant Sale

BWXT to Deliver Inspection Delivery System to Bruce Power to Support Low Cost Power

Vogtle Notified Of ‘White’ Violation For Emergency Preparedness Shortfall

NuScale Reactor Nears One Milestone, With More to Follow

Cameco CEO: 'No One…Expected The Market Would Go This Low And For This Long'

Uranium Price Milestone: Long-Term Uranium Prices On The Move

TEPCO Struggles to Communicate Radiation Spike That Wasn’t

Cameco Records $62 Million Net Loss For 2016

Operators Shut Down Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Ahead Of Snowstorm

Exelon’s Crane: 2016 A 'Monumental Year’

Evidence Mounts That Vogtle Project Won't Start Up In 2020

Report: Entergy Explores Selling Pilgrim, Palisade Nuclear Plants To New Decommissioning Venture

Restructuring In The Works At Global Laser Enrichment

UEC Founder: Uranium Market Poised For Breakout Year

Exelon Profit Dips 34% On Lower Capacity

Westinghouse Mum On India Andhra Nuclear Plant After Toshiba Exits From Nuke Biz 

DOE Gives Mid-American Conversion Green Light

Vattenfall Slides To Q4 Loss As German Nuclear Costs Weigh

Investing: Why Investors Saw Double-Digit Gains in Denison Mines Corp. and Uranium Energy Corp. in January

Investing: 10 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is A Buy Now

EnBW All Set To Decommission Neckarwestheim 1

Xcel Energy’s Monticello Nuclear Plant Sets 2016 Generation Record

US Oil and Gas Prices May Tumble On Trump's ‘Energy Revolution’

Equipment Failure Shuts Down Vogtle Reactor

NRC Starts Special Inspection At Palo Verde Nuclear Plant

Entergy Taps Into 15 Percent Of D&D Fund For Vermont Yankee

Hitachi-GE Unveils Reactor Probe Robot

Despite Subdued Uranium Prices, GoviEx Remains Upbeat About Industry’s Prospects

Japanese Investors Set Stage For AREVA Rebound

Mitsubishi Heavy, Japan Nuclear Fuel Buy Into AREVA

Risks Mount For Global Nuclear Plant Builders

OPPD Billed $5 Million To End Contract With Operator Of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant

SRS Facility Shuts Down To Replace Major Component

Mitsubishi Heavy To Invest 30 Billion Yen In Areva's New Company

Investing: This Is 2017's Richest Contrarian Play

Next-Generation Nuclear Construction Stalls

Investing: How to Go Nuclear With Your Portfolio

Toshiba Eying UK NuGen Exit?

Cameco: Shots Fired By TEPCO, Will The Stock Bounce Back Again?

AREVA-NorthStar JV Offers Accelerated Decommissioning

Southern Nuclear Wins Leading Industry Award For Advancing Technological Solutions

IHI May Divest Stake In Westinghouse

Mitsubishi Heavy Expects Ruling On San Onofre Nuclear Plant Claim By End March

Nearly 30 Firms Express Interest In South Africa's Nuclear Project

Hitachi To Take $620 Million Loss On GE-H Uranium Enrichment JV

Cameco To Lose $1.3B As Japan’s TEPCO Cancels Uranium Contract

Cameco Threatening Legal Action After TEPCO Cancels Major Uranium Contract

NRC Allow Pilgrim Nuclear Plant To Remain Open

EDF Defends Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Estimate

EDF: Details On The Technical And Financial Feasibility Of Dismantling EDF's Nuclear Plants In France

TVA Halts Hiring While Studying Trump's Order On Federal Freeze On Adding Workers

NuScale and Rolls Royce Jumpstart Mini Nuclear Energy Revolution

Back To The Future: Westinghouse Retreats To Nuclear Technology 

Report: Toshiba May Sell Westinghouse To Pare Risks, Losses

First Steam Generator Placed At VC Summer Unit 2

NextEra Eyes Big Solar Project At Nuclear Plant

Russia's Rosatom Pushes Into Wind Energy

China Decides Against Taking Stake In AREVA

Economist: Construction Of Most Nuclear Reactors Is Behind Schedule

Toshiba Restructuring Likely To Impact Westinghouse

Mesa Exploration Acquires Two Uranium Projects in Utah

10 Trends Shaping The Electric Utility Industry In 2017

TEPCO Sees Restarts As Way To Help Pay Fukushima Clean-Up Costs

Vogtle Programs Target Environmental Stewardship

Toshiba Asset Sales After Computer-Chips Spinoff Will Cut to the Bone

Unions Argue For Benefits Of NY Clean Energy Nuclear Deal

GE Hitachi Engineers Guide The Way For Safe Nuclear Energy

WCS Storage Application Accepted For Review By NRC

Chart: Can Uranium Be Great Again?

Vermont Yankee To Start Fuel Move To Dry Storage In Spring

Westinghouse, Toshiba Chairs Likely Out In Management Shuffle

AREVA Completes Bavaria Nuclear Plant Refueling Work

Less Than A Year In, Toshiba Revival Plan Falls Apart

Toshiba Chairman Shigenori Shiga Ready To Step Down

Toshiba Scales Back Nuclear Ambitions Following Emergency Board Meeting

Two Bellafonte Nuclear Plants Could Be Completed By 2028 With $13 Billion Investment

Toshiba Reckoning Looms With Chip Decision, Nuclear Hole Unresolved

Kewaunee Nuclear Plant Entitled To $12M In Tax Refunds

Kazakhstan Reportedly In Talks To Buy Stake In AREVA

Rosatom Denies Reports It’s Officially Made A Bid For South Africa’s Nuclear Energy Plan

Spot Uranium Price Steady – Investors Hopeful Trump’s Policies Will Boost Commodity

Investing: Is Uranium Resources a Nuclear Power Play?

Holtec Unveils Fuel Basket For Fast-Track Decommissioning

Nuclear Energy Company To Build America's First SMR In Sea Change

GE, Global Nuclear Fuel Unveil Nuclear Fuel Improvements

EDF Board Approves Closure Of Oldest Nuclear Power Station In France

Investing: Uranium ETF is Going Nuclear

How Will the Trump Presidency Affect Uranium Producer Cameco?

Terrestrial Energy Put NRC On Notice: 2019 Advanced License Submittal Coming

Toshiba To Details US Nuclear Writedowns Mid-February

France Reaches Agreement With EDF Over Fessenheim Closure

EON, RWE Avoiding Nuclear Tax Cuts Supply as Demand Peaks

Horizon Can Start Buying Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Reactor Parts

Compact, Prefab Power Plants May Revive Nuclear Option

As Nuclear Loss Grows, Toshiba Needs Chip Investors, Soon

Bulls And Bears: A New ERA For Australia's Original Uranium Miner?

License Extension Makes Provisions For Callaway

Toshiba Stuck With Billions In Unsold LNG

Kyushu Electric Gets Approval For Genkai Upgrade Plans


Westinghouse Scraps Nuclear Logistics Acquisition Deal

Trump’s Energy Revolution Poses Challenge For Investors

Uranium Stocks Are Booming, Thanks To Trump

TVA's Johnson Talks Trump, Coal, Nuclear Energy And The Future

Kewaunee Nuclear Plant Is Due $12m In Tax Refunds

Cameco Defends Decision To Tell Analysts They Were Wrong, But Sees Oversupply Issues Fading

North Anna 3 Proposal Clears Safety Assessment

Understanding Eskom’s Nuclear Ambitions

Have Uranium Prices Bottomed?

Perry Softens Stance On Climate Change

Connecticut Nuclear Plant Seeks To Bid On State Contracts

FPL Wants Florida’s Review Of Nuclear Plant Plans Stayed

Eskom’s Atomic Chief, David Nicholls: Nuclear The Only Viable Option

Perry Vows Solution To Yucca Mountain Impasse

Toshiba Woes Intensify On Reports Of $6 Billion Writedown, Shares Plummet

France Raises $1.2 Billion For AREVA Cash Infusion 

Uranium ETF Dives After Massive Surge As Top Holding Issues Warning

Cameco Corp Shares Plunge After Uranium Miner Tells Analysts They Are Expecting Too Much

Repairs Made After New Problem Found At Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Report: Escalating Toshiba Losses Could Prompt Outside Investment

AREVA Awarded TVA Contract For Refueling Equipment Upgrades

Up 62% — How High Will Cameco's Uranium Rebound Go

The Global Rise Of Nuclear Uranium Energy And Cameco Ascendancy 

Commercial Terms, Financing Remain As Challenges For Westinghouse India Deal

A Banner Year For CGN: Five Reactors Go Commercial

EDF Gets Approval To Restart Nine Nuclear Units

Investing: Here’s Why The Uranium ETF Keeps Surging This Year

E.ON Net Income Seen Benefiting From Nuclear Provision Transfer

European Power Prices Jump as Extreme Cold Grips Paris to Berlin

Rosatom Head Praises Nuclear Corporation’s Operation In 2016

Refueling Begins At FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Investing: EDF Stock Yields 11%...And That's Not Good

Hinkley Point C Construction Contracts Awarded

TVA Clears Next Hurdle For SMRs

US Uranium Industry Trumpets 22 Percent Price Surge

5 Uranium Statistics That Will Blow You Away

EDF Allowed To Delay French Reactor Outages As Cold Snap Looms

AREVA to Supply Refueling Equipment Upgrades to TVA Reactors

New Bellefonte Plant Developer Forecasts $1 Billion Annually In Economic Benefits, 12,000 Jobs

NuScale Hand Delivers 12,000-Page SMR Application To NRC

AREVA: Le Creusot Irregularities No Cause For Reactor Shutdowns

Rio Tinto’s ERA Aglow On Surging Uranium Price

Non-Utility Power Generators Push FERC on State Nuclear Subsidies

Uranium Looms As Big Winner Among Resources Under Trump

Power Producers Say Ill., NY Subsidies Distort Capacity Markets

Forecasting the Growth of Nuclear Response Robot Market

Uranium Gains 10% as Top Producer Plans Output Cut Amid Glut

France To Buy Out AREVA Shareholders In Bid For Nuclear Fix

Toshiba May Face Heavier Losses In US Nuclear Business

SCE&G Places Unit 2 Generator At V.C. Summer

Bouygues Gets $1.8 Billion Hinkley Nuclear Plant Contract

British Government Puts HPR1000 On Assessment Track

The Uranium ETF is Exploding

Final Environmental Impact Statement Issued For Energy Fuels Sheep Mountain Uranium Project

EU Clears French Capital Injection And Bridging Loan For AREVA

Honeywell Announces Layoffs At ConverDyn Conversion Plant; Cites Challenges Facing Industry

Investing: Cameco And Uranium Coming Off Of Multi-Year Lows

NuScale Readies NRC SMR Design License Submittal

Uranium Price Rebound Could Begin On Jan 20th

Nuclear Risk Miscalculation Triggers New Challenges At Toshiba 

Finnish Retailer Kesko Allowed To Exit Nuclear Project

Natural Uranium Shipment To Iran Okayed

Pilgrim Nuclear Station Concerns The Governor

Savannah River Remediation Completes 32-Million-Gallon Waste Tank

Rolls-Royce Partners With Rivals For SMRs

Uranium Slump Is Far From Over But Analysts guardedly Bullish on Future

Rolls-Royce Urges UK To Back SMRs

FPL's Plan For New Reactors Headed To Florida Supreme Court

Exxon Predicts Energy Demand Will Rise 25 Percent by 2040

2016 Continues Dismal Streak For Uranium

Uranium-Containing Devices Found In Oyster Creek Power Plant Warehouse

Georgia Power Hit with Financial Penalties for Construction Delays at Vogtle Nuclear Plants

Economist: Toshiba Deal Overpayment 'Ruinous'

Predictions 2017: 8 Sector Insiders On What's Next For Power Markets And Regulation

Nuclear Material Misplaced At Oyster Creek

Ahead Of Key Lender Meetings, Battered Toshiba Expects Support

Pilgrim Station: Massachusetts Officials Call On NRC To Address Concerns

NuGen 'Remains Committed' to UK Moorside Nuclear Plant

Uranium ETF Tries 2017 for a Rebound

Columbia Nuclear Plant Sets Generation Record

Water Utility Demands Fixes At Florida’s Turkey Point

Investing: Have Uranium Prices Finally Turned a Corner?

AREVA Lifeline Not Likely Impacted By French Election

French Watchdog Deepens Probes Into AREVA Nuclear Parts

Ontario Power Stands By Plan To Bury Low-Level Waste Near Lake Huron

GSE Systems Garners Contract Expansion from EDF Energy

Cost Challenges Remain For Us Fleet In 2017: Yucca Up, Uranium At Bottom

Federal Judge Lowers Fees, Interest Payments In Duke Nuclear Case

GE Hitachi Scores With Oskarshamn D&D Contract

Uranium Is Searching For A Bottom

Three Separate Groups Must Sign Off On Plan To Close Palisades

PG&E Considers Appeal Of NRC safety Status Designation

Germany's E.ON And RWE To Foot Nuclear Waste Bill In One Hit

NRC Questions Seabrook Station In Audit Report

New Drilling Planned For Energy Fuels'Arizona Uranium Mine

Uranium Prices Looking to Rebound In 2017

Electricity Prices in the US Are Capping Their Worst Year Ever

Energy Recap: A Look Back At 2016

Energy Sector Highlights Of 2016


Toshiba, Westinghouse Team With Chinese Firm On Turkish Nuclear Plant Bid

Battered Toshiba Out Of Easy Options To Plug Nuclear Hole

Powering Forward:  Callaway Shows How Nuclear Energy Should Be Done

FPL Nuclear Case Focuses On Underground Lines

The Top Stock to Buy in Uranium

FirstEnergy's Davis-Besse Plant Next On The Chopping Block?

How Toshiba Writedown Will Affect Nuclear Construction

FPL Takes Turkey Point Nuclear Project To State Supreme Court

Uranium Stocks: What to Watch in 2017

Toshiba Plunges 26% After Rating Downgrades

Toshiba’s Record Fall Highlights Unforgiving Nuclear Cost Challenges 

Eskom Detractors Says Utility ‘Forcing’ Nuclear Energy On South Africa


Rosatom Open To Equity Stake In AREVA

550 Tons Of Nuclear Waste Stored At Seabrook Station

Toshiba Flags 'Billions Of Dollars' Loss On CB&I Acquisition

False News: Antis Spreading Misinformation US Fleet And Components From Creusot Forge

Unknowns Ahead For TVA In Trump Administration

Vermont Yankee Cleanup May Be Speeded Up

Northwest's Columbiana Plant Back Online

Duke Spending On New Lee Plant Tops $500M

Edison And SDG&E Request Delay In Talks Over San Onofre Nuclear Plant's Closure

Cook Nuclear Plant's Emergency Diesel Generators Are Inoperable

Prairie Island Parts Made At French Forge That Is Being Investigated

Duke Energy Cleared Of Paying $352 Million Westinghouse Tab In Nuclear Plant Dispute

Lawmakers Around Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Zone Frustrated By NRC’s Lack Of Transparency

Duke Energy Gains New Licenses for Reactors, But Will They Be Built?

French Utility Engie Could Abandon Turkish Nuclear Energy Project In Strategy Rethink

Turnaround Eludes Nuclear Plant Vogtle As Westinghouse And Fluor Ramp Up Workforce

Russia's Uranium One Shuffles Executive Ranks

Russian TVEL Enters European Market For Supply Nuclear Fuel

AREVA To Supply Fuel Assemblies To The Ringhals Nuclear Plants 3 And 4

NRC Issues License For Duke’s Lee Nuclear Project, But Future Uncertain

Deal On Georgia Power Nuclear Costs Approved

Fukushima’s $70 Billion Cleanup Leaves Foreign Firms in Cold

Japan Urges Bold Reform For TEPCO As Fukushima Costs Soar

Japanese Utilities Cool To TEPCO’s Tie-Up Proposals

AECOM, EnergySolutions Win Bid To Decommission San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Georgia PSC To Vote On Revamped Vogtle Costs

Bechtel Lands $3.1B DOE Contract Modification for Waste Treatment Facility

Investing: Energy Fuels — Positioned To Lead The Way On Uranium?

Energy Northwest: Richland Nuclear Plant Shut Down Unexpectedly

BWXT Completes Acquisition Of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada

KEPCO Seek Stake In UK’s NuGen Project

OPPD Will Pay $5 Million Early-Exit Fee To Fort Calhoun Operator

Leaking Valves Force Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station To Shut Down

Honeywell Subsidiary Gets Sandia Labs Contract

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Supply Chain Reaps Rewards of Lean Culture

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Operating at Reduced Power for Valve Tests

Backup Generator At Palo Verde Nuclear Plant Fails In Test

Investing: Two Reasons To Buy Cameco

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Gets 20-Year Operating License Renewal

Lightbridge CEO Named to US Government Nuclear Trade Advisory Group

KEPCO E&C Ranked 2nd in Global Nuclear Energy Plant Design Sales

TEPCO To Form Power Grid Consortium With Industry Peers In 2020S

AREVA Receives Offer For 10% Stake In Spun-Off Nuclear Unit

Closing Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Helps OPPD Avoid Rate Hike In ’17

New Plan Needed For San Onofre Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

EDF Shares Slump After Warning Of Lower Earnings In 2017

Battelle Gets High Marks At PNNL, $11.75 Million

Centrica Lifts Earnings Outlook As European Power Price Swings Boost Trading

Exelon Hiring 400 For Quad Cities Nuclear Plants

Second Containment Ring In Place For Vogtle Unit 3

Vattenfall Extends Fuel Supply To Include Russia

Eskom To Invite Bids For Six New South African Reactors 

Japan's JNFL In Talks On Taking AREVA Minority Stake

Southern California Disappointed in Ruling on San Onofre Settlement

Uranium Week: Some Hope?

NRC Begins Special Inspection Of Richland Nuclear Plant

Uranium Energy Corp Gets Mine Permit For A Project In Texas

EDF Waits For ASN Response On Delaying Civaux-1, Tricastin-2 Nuclear Reactor Outages

Engie's Provisions For Belgian Nuclear To Rise By 1.8 Billion Euros

Arizona Utility Regulator Wants Nuclear Energy To Count As Renewable

Transatomic In Fast Company

Engie's Provisions For Belgian Nuclear To Rise By 1.8 Billion Euros

EDF: French Nuclear Plant Availability Back To Normal Mid-January

Consultation Begins On Hitachi-GE's ABWR Design In Wales

Utilities Are Relatively Safe Investments But…

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Shut Down Due To Turbine Vibrations

FirstEnergy Looks To Sell Merchant Gas, Hydro Generation In $900M Deal

Uranium Prices Continue To Descend As Year-End Approaches

Daily Caller: Report -- Half Of All US Nuclear Reactors Are Risking Closure

Decommissioning Of Palisades Has Long Road Ahead Of It

Palisades Demise Spotlights Industry Tensions

Mitsubishi Heavy Faces Tough Decisions In Nuclear Energy Business

Kyushu Electric Fires Up Kagoshima Reactor After Governor Gives OK

NextEra Energy Reaches Labor Deal At Seabrook

Low Natural Gas Prices Contributing To Palisades Closure

Fuel, Outage Workers Arrive To Refuel FitzPatrick

TEPCO To Get $123 Billion Increased Loan

Fitch Says Court Case Positive For German Nuclear; Remedy Detail Key

Economics Fingered For Premature Palisades Closing

Michigan Governor, Lawmaker React To News Of Palisades Closing

Entergy To Pull Plug On Palisades Plant In 2018

Santee Cooper Includes New Nuclear Units, Solar Credits In 2017 Budget

More Deteriorating Panels Found At Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

E.ON Sees Limited Scope For Nuclear Claims After Ruling

Mitsubishi Heavy, Japan Nuclear Fuel To Invest In AREVA

State Officials Consider Vogtle Spending Deal With Georgia Power

Video: Terrestrial Energy Looks To Commercialize Integral Molten Salt Reactors

EDF To Spread Out Restart Of Checked French Nuclear Reactors Across Dec

Chinese Pursuing Abandoned Belene Nuclear Plant Initiative

E.ON Says Does Not Expect Nuclear Compensation Soon

US to Build $1.6B Idaho Facility for Warships' Nuclear Waste

AREVA: The Construction of Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant Has Started in Kazakhstan

Utilities Surge After German Ruling On Nuclear Energy Exit

TEPCO Eyes Partnerships On Nuclear Energy, Distribution

Michigan Nuclear Plants On Good Financial Footing, But That May Change

Calvert Cliff Nuclear Plant Reactor Executes Shutdown Due to Hydraulic Leak

Investing: When Will the Uranium Market Recover?

FitzPatrick Plant Begins Transition With Ownership Shift Pending

Energy Future Holdings Bankruptcy Exit Hearings Set For February

NextEra Energy Reaches Labor Deal At Seabrook

NRC Grants Grand Gulf 20 Year License Extension

Nuclear License Transfer Paves Way For Talen Energy To Go Private

NorthStar Says It Can Demolish Idled Vermont Nuclear Plant Soon

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant's License Extension On Hold

After 60 Years, Is Nuclear Fusion Finally Poised To Deliver?

Investing: Cameco Approves Dividend

France’s Nuclear-Energy Champion, EDF, Is In Turmoil

Nuclear Vision: New Eskom CEO Koko Puts Controversial Nuclear Power Plans Back On Table

NRC Approves Susquehanna Transfer From Talen To Riverstone

Investing: With Centrus Stock Soaring Is It Still Time To Buy?

Nuclear Reactor Vessel Placement At Vogtle Marks Last Milestone

Antitrust Lawsuit Spins New Possibilities For Utah, Depleted Uranium Disposal

Amec Foster Wheeler and Tecnatom Sign Nuclear Industry Collaboration Agreement

Pro-Nuclear Koko Named Acting CEO of South African Power Utility Eskom

Investing: Uranium As A Commodity

TVA’s Browns Ferry Fined $140,000 For Fire Safety Violation

Bechtel-Lead Team Hails Completion Of Chernobyl Containment Arch 

Velan Awarded Major Nuclear Valve Contracts In China Worth $36 Million

PG&E Paying $85M To Close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Amec Foster Wheeler To Lead Study Into Dismantling Of ITER Fusion Machine


Roderick: Toshiba Aims To Nail Down Multiple AP1000 Orders In China, India

Exelon's Oyster Creek Nuclear Unit At 85% Power After Maintenance Outage

AREVA NP To Head Team In Palo Verde Feedwater Heater Contract

UK Regulators May Move GDA Target Date For AP1000

TVA CEO: Clean Power Plan Compliance, Natural Gas Part Of Future Strategy

Investing: Is Centrus Energy Corp’s Fuel Running Low? The Stock Reaches 52-Week High Today

EDF 'Made Offer to Invest in Bulgaria's Belene Plant'

NRC To Begin Review Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Monday

Waking The Giant: A Look At Cameco In Today's Uranium Market And Going Forward

Investing: Cameco — Don't Miss This Turnaround

Illinois Energy-Rate Restructuring Bill To Save Nuclear Plants Elicits Concerns From Both Sides

SNC-Lavalin Awarded CANDU Pre-Project Contract In Argentina

AREVA Hopes China's CNNC, Japan's MHI Will Agree To Buy Stakes Soon

Reports: Exelon Drops Coal Payments, Demand Charges In Illinois Nuclear Bill

Cameco: The Turnaround Has Arrived

Entergy To Refuel FitzPatrick, Says Shutdown Appears ‘Much Less Likely’

Chinese, Japanese, Kazakh Firms In Talks About AREVA Stake

Uranium Prices Continue Downward Creep As Buyers Await Bargains

Exelon Agrees To New Bill Provision To Keep Nuclear Plants Open

Nuclear Proponents Seeking New Deal With Two Utah Water Districts

Energoatom To Load Westinghouse Fuel In Zaporizhia Nuclear Units In 2017

Experts See Hike In Uranium Price As More Countries Build Nuclear Reactors

AREVA NP Signs Multimillion-dollar Contract to Provide Equipment at Palo Verde

Sign of Hope: Exelon Plans to Refuel FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

US Nuclear Corp To Build Air Monitors For KHNP

Video Marks Third Quarter Progress At Plant Vogtle

Oyster Creek Shuts Down Due To System Problem

Uranium: Underappreciated And Under Valued 

BWXT Reaches An Inflection Point; Buy to Hold

Ameren Breaks With Exelon On Illinois Nuclear/Clean Energy Package 

Inside Exelon's Last-Minute Push To Save Its Nukes And Remake The Illinois Power Sector

FirstEnergy Lobbies for Re-Regulation, Saying It Can't Compete In An Open Market

EnergySolutions and Valhi to Contest DOJ Effort to Block Waste Control Specialists Acquisition

Will Trump Bring A Surge In Uranium Pricing?

FitzPatrick Plant Sale To Exelon Clears First Major Hurdle

New York Poised To Approve Sale Of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Workers At Palo Verde Nuclear Station Finish Refueling In Record Time

Will Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Finally Deliver Jobs? 

Kansai Electric Unbowed On Nuclear Energy Despite Cost, Legal Risk

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Seeks Extra Time To Make Safety Upgrades

US Sues To Stop EnergySolutions From Buying Waste Control Specialists

Exelon, Antis Spar Over Proposal Saving 1500 Jobs At Nuclear Plants

Inspection Raises Questions At Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

EDF Agrees To Buy AREVA’s Nuclear Reactor Unit

EDF Strikes $2.7 Billion Nuclear Technology Acquisition From AREVA

Report: Exelon Illinois Nuclear Bill Could Subsidize Dynegy Coal Plants

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant In Michigan Back Online After Repairs

US Nuclear Corp. Reports Profitable Third Quarter Results

FirstEnergy Asks Pennsylvania For Help To Keep Coal And Nuclear Plants Going

Centrus Energy Corp: Will Shares Go Nuclear?

China Vice PM: China Looking To Take Part In AREVA Restructuring

NY Still Negotiating With Exelon As Deadline Looms For FitzPatrick Nuclear Sale

IAEA Considers Atmea 1 Design 'Seismically Robust'

RWE Profit Weighed In Part By Nuclear-Waste Fund

European Energy Supply Cuts May Send Fuel Bills Soaring

Cameco Corp: A Company Whose Fate is Intertwined with Asia's

South Africa's Eskom CEO Resigns Over Anti-Graft Watchdog Report

IAEA Notes Improved Operational Safety At EDF

Under Sale, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Could Be Decommissioned By 2030

UK And China Seek To Bury Power Plant Spat With Deeper Finance Ties

OPAL Reactor To Go Global On Isotope Production

Exelon: On Track To De-Risk Its Business Operations

CEO: FirstEnergy Will Exit Competitive Electricity Business

Investing: Is BWX Technologies Inc a Buy? The Stock Reaches 52-Week High Today

AREVA Receives Doel Units Instrumentation Contract

Eon Hit By €9 Billion Net Loss After Impairment Charge

Nuclear Waste To Remain At Old UK Plants Rather Than Moved Off-Site

Investing: Is it Time to Buy Cameco Corporation?

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning To Be Accelerated By Decades

EDF Sales Fall On Lower UK Power Prices

EDF To Take Part In Tender For South African Nuclear

Pilgrim Cooling System Deemed Inoperable Short-Term

FirstEnergy To Sell Or Close Power Plants If Ohio, Pennsylvania Do Not Return To Regulated Rates

Energoatom Expands Cooperation With CNNP, NASA and IDOM Nuclear Services

Entergy To Sell Shuttered Vermont Yankee To NorthStar

Japan Companies Face Obstacles To Consolidate Nuclear Business

Kansai Electric To Be The Costliest Power Utility In A Nuclear-Free Japan

Palo Verde-3 Nuclear Reactor Completes Outage, Sets New Station Record

NuScale Stays The Course On US SMR Market

EDF Postpones Restart Of Gravelines 5 And Paluel 2 Nuclear Reactors

Electricity Rates In Deregulated Markets Expect To Remain Low In 2017

Blue Sky Uranium Expands Exploration Program At Amarillo Grande Project

Rolls-Royce: SMR Plants Could Create 40,000 Jobs And Trigger Export Bonanza

How EDF’s Sinking Nuclear Output Sent Power Prices to Records

EDF Says Restart Of Cruas 3 Nuclear Reactor Under Way

Protracted Reactor Safety Outages To Cut EDF Profit By At Least One Billion Euros

Nuclear Plant Operators Find That Money Talks In Turbulent Times

WCS: Environmental Study Amid Application Process Makes Sense

Investing: Uranium Prices Weak, But Cameco’s Latest Results Show Buying Interest Improving

Low Electricity Prices Dim Power Plant Operator Profits

NuGen’s 3.8GW Nuclear Plant To Cost Less Than Hinkley

Japan's Beleaguered Utilities Seek Salvation In Trading

FirstEnergy Puts Beaver Valley Plant Up For Sale In Restructuring Move

Video Presents Third Quarter Progress At VC Summer

EDF Postpones Restart Of Five Reactors; Power Prices Surge

South Africa’s Eskom Confirmed As Nuclear Build Leaders

Fluor Third Quarter Results Down In After-Tax Charges

AREVA SA Shareholders Approve Plan for Partial Contribution of Assets To Fuel Cycle NewCo

Uranium Prices Hit A 12-Year Low

Lightbridge, AREVA Reach To JV on Metallic Fuel

Uranium Stockpiles Drain Energy From Market

Finding the Uranium to Feed a Nuclear Nation

NRC, Army Corps of Engineers Issue Final EIS For Proposed Turkey Point Reactors in Florida

TVA Cited For Violations At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

EDF To Restart Bugey 4 Nuclear Reactor On Nov. 30 As Scheduled

China Nuclear Energy Technology Enters Into S&P Agreement

NuScale Makes Progress Toward Preferred Site At Idaho Complex For First SMR Plant

EDF: Hinkley Point C Will Not Cost Taxpayers Extra

EDF Postpones Bugey 4 and Cruas 3 Nuclear Reactors Restart

BWX Posts 3Q Profit

Horizon Inks MOUs With UK's Imperial And Bangor Universities: BWR Hub

Hong Kong's CLP Bids for CGN's Stake In China Nuclear Firm

NRC Slates Corrective Action Plan For TVA Watts Bar

GE Hitachi Nuclear and Southern to Collaborate on Advanced Reactor Development

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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UK’s Cumbria Nuclear Plant Project ‘May Be Put Back To 2030’, Stalling Ambitions

Japanese Authorities Decry Ongoing Robot Failures At Fukushima

Cuba Shows Advances in Nuclear Technologies

With EU in Rome, German CEO Advises May on Post-Exit Nuclear Hub

Inspectors Find Safety Irregularities At Creusot Nuclear Forge In France

Japan’s TEPCO Looking For International Help To Clean Up Fukushima

Russia In Talks To Clinch Chinese Approval For India’s NSG Entry

TEPCO Robot Failed To Capture Images Of Melted Fuel In Reactor 1

CGN Signs Kenya Nuclear Training, Technology Support Agreement

AREVA Unions Warn About Safety At France's La Hague Nuclear Recycling Plant

China's CGN Extends Its Cooperation With Kenya

Kazakh Uranium Production To Decrease Eight Percent This Year

First Cask Emplaced At UK’s Sizewell B Fuel Store

China’s CAP1400 Reactor Vessel Passes Pressure Tests

India-Bangladesh-Russia Civil Nuclear Cooperation On The Cards

Scientists Image Gamma Rays To Help Decontaminate Fukushima

Arab Countries Interested In Buying Russian Floating Nuclear Plants

Enec Sets Quality Benchmark With Nuclear Plant Work

Center For Modular Nuclear Manufacturing To Open In UK

Indian Govt Sets Target To Triple Nuclear Energy Generation By 2024

TEPCO Explores Unit 1 PCV With PMORPH Robot

UAE’s First Nuclear Plant To Be Linked To The Grid

Robot Yet to Find Melted Nuclear Fuel Inside Japan's Fukushima-1 Reactor

South Korean Safety Commission OKs Restart Of Hanbit 2 Nuclear Reactor

Rosatom And Russian State Funding Firm Join For Innovation


Deputy Minister: Brazil's Angra III Nuclear Project To Be Auctioned By 2018

Japan, France Confirm Nuclear And Security Cooperation

In Bid To Improve Air Quality, Beijing Shutters Last Coal Plant

UN Nuclear Inspector: North Korea Has Expanded Its Enriched Uranium Facility

Soviet Cover-Up Of Nuclear Fallout Worse Than Chernobyl

European Commission Clears Belgian Nuclear Support

Clearer Water Should Help Find Melted Fuel At Fukushima Plant

Iran Challenges Need To Ship Out Excess Material Under Nuclear Deal

UN Asks UK to Pause Hinkley Nuclear Plant Work for Assessment

Saudi, China To Study Nuclear Reactor Feasibility

Indian Scientists Probing How 2 Nuclear Reactors Contracted 'Small Pox'

Court Ruling Against TEPCO Sets High Bar For Nuclear Safety

Workers At France's EDF to Strike Again


Fukushima To Host 2020 Olympic Baseball And Softball

EU Commission Clears Belgian Support Scheme For Nuclear Energy

Japanese Government and Utility Are Found Negligent in Fukushima 

Put Nuclear In The Energy Mix, Coalition MPs Tell Malcolm Turnbull

Ex-Official: China Needs to Accelerate Nuclear Power Development to Meet 2020 Target

German Nuclear Regulator Rejects Quick Restart Request For Brokdorf Reactor

IAEA Mission Says Finland’s Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant Shows Strong Safety Commitment

China’s Fourth Yangjiang Unit Enters Commercial Operation

Trump Administration Backs India's Bid To Join Nuclear Supplies Group

South Korea, Japan To Discuss Cooperation On Nuclear Energy

EDF Tries New Fixes In Effort To Restart French Reactors

Poland To Work Out Financing Plan For First Nuclear Plant By End June

Construction Begins on Iran's Bushehr-2 Nuclear Plant

IAEA Chief: India Making Remarkable Progress In Nuclear Tech

Russia Launches Operations Of Nuclear Similar To Planned Egyptian Units

Russians Announce Plans To Fuel Floating Nuclear Plant

Frozen Clocks And Radiation Mark Fukushima's Abandoned Towns

A Reporting Team’s Nuclear Stress Test: Hazmat Suits, Face Masks and 9 Flights of Stairs

Russian Agency Roots For Nuclear Energy Mix

Russia Eyes Deal To Build Kenya's Sole Nuclear Plant

North Wales Site Has Potential For UK’s First Small Modular Reactor

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano To Visit India This Week

20 Companies Nominated To Take Part In Egypt Nuclear Plant Constructions

UK Professors To Develop Robots To Tackle Dangerous Nuclear Sites

Struggling With Japan’s Nuclear Waste, Six Years After Fukushima

Ukraine Sets Sights On EU Power Export In 2019

China’s Fukushima Radiation Warning Worries Tourists, Triggers Ideological Debate

Mass Protests In Taiwan Against Nuclear Energy Demanding Closure Of Plants

Six Years Later, Fukushima Mysteries Still Rattle Japan’s Nuclear Industry

Putin Expects Akkuyu Nuclear Plant To Become Strategic Investment

Only 6% Of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Compensation Paid By TEPCO

India’s Kudankulam Becomes Second Nuclear Plant To Generate 1,000Mw Power

Workers At France's EDF To Strike Again Starting Mar 13

IAEA Notes Improvements At Kazakhstan Research Reactor

Japanese Nuclear Energy Industry Lacks New Talent As Fukushima Fallout Turns Off Graduates

UK’s John McDonnell's Vow To End Nuclear Energy In First 100 Days Of A Labour Government

Poland Moves to Get Nuclear Project Underway

Rosatom: Cooperation In Akkuyu Nuclear Plant To Determine Further Partnership With Turkey

India, Mongolia Begin Talks On Uranium

Taiwan Minister: No Plan To Restart Suspended Nuclear Reactors

The Long Shadow Of Fukushima

Tepco’s Biggest Hurdle: How To Remove Melted Fuel From Reactors

Fukushima Wild Boars On The Cull As Residents Return

Does Nuclear Desalination Make Sense For Saudi Arabia?


Rosatom Chief Aims To Be Global Technology Leader

China To Build Tons Of New Nuclear Reactors To Get Country ‘Back On Track’

Hinkley Legal Advisers Criticize UK Decision To Leave Euratom

Pakistan: IAEA Has Approved Safeguards Request For 2 Nuclear Plant Units


Six Years After Fukushima, Residents Trickle Back To Deserted Towns

Nuclear Energy Executive: Industry Should Be Prioritized In China

Japanese Town Mayor OKs Restart Of Genkai Nuclear Plant In Saga

China: India's Nuclear Record Better, But Pakistan Also Needs NSG

Changes To UK Nuclear Liability Regime

Putin, Erdogan To Discuss Construction Of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant 

Rosatom Offers Its New Generation III+ Reactor To Czech Republic

Long Way Ahead For Decommissioning Of Nuclear Power Plant In Fukushima

China Nuclear Energy Executive Calls For Faster Sector Growth

Brexit Deadline Too Tight For Nuclear, Inquiry Hears

Roll Out Of Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Delayed By Unpaid Bills And Sanctions Over Ukraine


2nd Unit At India’s Kudankulam Likely To Start Commercial Ops From April

Czechs Look To Start Building New Nuclear Reactor In 2025

EU Clears Hungary To Build Russia-Backed Nuclear Reactors

China’s Nuclear Plant Planning, Construction On Track

Iran’s AEOI: No Problem in Exploring, Enriching Uranium

Wanted: More 'Creative' Robots For Fukushima Clean-Up

Russia Interested In Implementation Of Nuclear Construction Project In Egypt

IAEA to Recruit Iranian Nuclear Experts

Fukushima Decontamination Costs Reach $22.7 Billion

4 Megawatt Modular Micro Nuclear Reactor Is In Canadian Pre-License Review And Targets 2025 For Demo Reactor

Norway Helps Improve Romania's Nuclear Safety


Germany's Nuclear Energy-Less Energiewende Doomed To Fail

China Building 21 Nuclear Reactors to Boost National Power Supply

Hungary Interested In Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Construction Oversight Experience

Head Of Fukushima Daiichi Cleanup Calls For Better Robots

UK Businesses Plan For Global SMR Market

The Nuclear Fallout From Brexit

China Sets Out Nuclear Plans For 2017

Russia’s First VVER-1200 Reactor Enters Commercial Operation

India Said to Explore New Sites for Building Nuclear Projects

Radioactive Isotope Over Europe: Western Media Blame 'Bogeyman' Russia

IAEA Delivers Report on Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development to Kazakhstan

Generation IV Represents The UK’s Nuclear Future

Nuclear Regulator Asks TEPCO to Resubmit Safety Check Application For Niigata Plant

Public Gives The Nod To New Stages At Russia’s First Radioactive Waste Repository


UK Seeks To Quell Fears Over Euratom Exit

Future of Key UK Nuclear Research Facility 'In Peril'

Russia’s Most Powerful Nuclear Plant Reactor Enters Commercial Operation

Japan Nuclear Regulator Asks TEPCO To Resubmit Safety Check Application

Nuclear Plants In NE Japan Report No Abnormalities Following Offshore Quake

World's Most Advanced Power Unit Commissioned in Russia's Novovoronezh Nuclear Plant

Russia, Tajikistan To Cooperate In Nuclear Energy Field

Westinghouse: Only Ukraine Applies EU’s Nuclear Diversification Policy

Russian Nuclear Deal Places Massive Liability On South Africans

Search For Melted Nuclear Fuel At Fukushima Plant's No. 2 Reactor Faces Obstacles

Russia to Commission World’s Largest Nuclear Icebreaker in 2019

How China is Giving Nuclear a Much-Needed Upgrade

Iran Seeks to Buy Uranium Ore From Kazakhstan, Eyes Fuel Production

Kazakhstan Forecasts Volatility On Uranium Markets Till 2020

South Africa’s Nuclear Dilemma

UK Treasury Needs To Pour Billions Into Nuclear Projects


Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Plant Generates 6.2b KWh Energy


Fukushima Port Welcomes Fishing Boats Back For 1st Time Since 2011

Chinese Nuclear Reactor Set for UK Generic Design Assessment

600 Jobs Hope For New Wales Nuclear Energy Plant At Trawsfynydd Site

Egypt Launches Societal Dialogue On Nuclear Project

Iran Only Has Half The Amount Of Enriched Uranium Allowed Under Nuclear Deal

What One Photo Tells Us About North Korea’s Nuclear Program

IAEA Concludes Safety Review at Doel Nuclear Power Plant in Belgium

TEPCO Won't Let Foreign Trainees Do Nuclear Decommissioning Work

South African Manufacturing Sector To Benefit From Nuclear New Build Program

China Leads Demand In A Complex Nuclear Industry

CGN Power Announces Delays At Taishan Project

SFEN: France Needs Nuclear For Energy Transition


UK Nuclear Industry Frets Over Brexit

TEPCO Probes Smoke At Niigata Plant 

China Revises Commissioning Dates Of EPRs

KEPCO Hit By Safety Lapses At UAE Nuke Plant Site

Foreign Secretary: China Open to India Joining NSG

Fitch: Nuclear Plant Delay Neutral to Polish Utilities

2 More Japanese Nuclear Reactors Effectively Clear Regulator's Safety Review

Nuclear Icebreakers Escort Twice More Vessels In Arctic Year-On-Year

Belarusian Specialists Study Nuclear Fuel Load Software At Novovoronezh Nuclear Plant


China, France Sign Deals On Nuclear Energy, Science

What Is Putin Up To? US 'Nuclear Sniffer' Plane Is Sent To Britain As Wave Of Radioactive Particles Spreads Across Europe

Russia's 'Arktika' Nuclear Icebreaker's Operational Service Set for Mid-2019

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $549 Million In 2016

Greenlight For Eight New Chinese Reactors Hinging On AP1000, EPR Start-Ups

Worries Over UK's Decision To Quit Euro Nuclear Agency

UAE To Become First Arab Country To Join Civilian Nuclear Club Within Weeks

Kazakhstan And Mongolia Plan Nuclear Cooperation

Finland Locks Away Nuclear Waste

Japan Nuclear Energy Industry Set To Initiate Safety Checks

Nuclear Energy’s Share Of Ukrainian Power Balance Grows To 62 Percent

India Creates Medical Supplies From Nuclear Waste

Germany Demands Answers After Swiss Nuclear Reactor Is Restarted... And Then Shut Down Again


The UAE’s Pioneering Push Into Nuclear Energy

Radiation Levels At Fukushima Reactor Puzzle Nuclear Experts

Ex-BP Boss Lined Up For UK Nuclear Job

Robot Probes Show More Challenges For Fukushima Reactor Cleanup

Poroshenko: Ukraine Increasing Nuclear Share To 60%

Slovenian Nuclear Plant Restarts After Shutdown

Fukushima Nuclear Fuel Search Proceeds One Dead Robot at a time 


India 'Still Keen' On Westinghouse Six-Pack Despite Toshiba Challenges

Could Brexit Really Threaten the UK Nuclear Plan?

Report: EU's Energy Future Progressing

International Nuclear Experts to Share Global Perspectives in Asia

Slovenia's Nuclear Plant Krsko Expected To Restart On Friday

UK PM May Accused Of Ducking Issue Of Support For Nuclear Plant

Demand For Power Price Cuts Puts UK Nuclear Plants’ Viability In Doubt

Japan's Nuclear Watchdog Slams TEPCO For Inaccurate Information Ahead Of Reactors' Restart

UAE's First Nuclear Reactor Nearing Completion

Turkish Regulatory Agency Approves Design Parameters Of Akkuyu Nuclear Site

China's 4th Generation Nuclear Plant To Go Online In 2018

Full Steam Ahead: China Plans Floating Nuclear Plants By 2020

Japan’s NRA Pushing Dry Cask Storage, Not Pools, For Spent Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Experts: High Radiation Estimates at Fukushima No Surprise to Us

British Nuclear Energy And The Case For Public Funding


China Mulls Building Inland Nuclear Plants

Russia’s New Reactor Hiccups Could Change Europe’s Attitudes Toward Moscow

Turkey Approves Design Parameters Of Its First Nuclear Plant Akkuyu

China Set To Resume Work On Nuclear Energy Plants

Report: UK Considers State Backing For Nuclear

Japan’s Kansai Amends Mihama Decommissioning Plans

Taipower: Taiwan Lacks Social Consensus On Nuclear Waste Disposal

UK Ministers Wrangle Over State Aid For Nuclear Energy

Official: China To Build Inland, Floating Nuclear Plants By 2020

All Future Foreign Nuclear Reactors In India To Be 1200 MWs And Above

Spanish Regulator Gives Conditional Approval For Garoña Restart

Pressure on Japan’s Government to Revamp Country's Energy Mix

Russia And Egypt Can Sign Contracts On Nuclear Plant In 2017

French Nuclear Plant Fire Comes Amid Industry Turmoil

Fukushima Robot Rebuffed By Radiation

Brexit Raises Risk For 66,000 Nuclear Industry Workers In UK 

Flood-Prevention Steps Discovered Lacking At 10 Japanese Nuclear Plants

Russia Tests Advanced Nuclear Fuel Equipment

US DOE, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre Sign Nuclear R&D Agreement

Brexit Britain May Have a Nuclear Fuel Problem

Nuclear Energy Plant In China's Hebei To Be Online By 2020

Explosion At EDF's Flamanville Plant In France, No Nuclear Risk

Injuries Reported After Explosion At EDF Nuclear Plant On France's Channel Coast

New Japanese Bill Would Make TEPCO Reserve Funds For Fukushima Plant Decommissioning

Brexit White Paper Confuses Euratom Debate

If The Future Really Is Nuclear, Niger Says It Is Ready For It

Finland’s First Nuclear Plant Marks 40th Anniversary

Uncertainty Over US Nuclear Plants For India

Court Ruling Casts Questions On South Korea's Other Aged Nuclear Reactors

Japanese Nuclear Plant Just Recorded An Astronomical Radiation Level. Should We Be Worried?

Australia-Ukraine Uranium Agreement Gets Committee Support

Is a Fukushima Reactor About to Fall Into the Ocean? No. 

Korean Court Reverses Decision To Extend Plant Life

UAE Nuclear Energy Plant Installs Final Condenser

TEPCO To Send Sediment-Cleaning Robot Into Fukushima Reactor

France Joins Suitors for Kenya's Nuclear Plant Venture

Innovating A Solution To The UK’s Nuclear Waste Legacy

Inspectors Find Safety Flaws Remain a Concern at French Nuclear Supplier

Rosatom Secures State Funding For Foreign Projects

Rosatom Hopes For Earlier Finalization Of Site For Six More Indian Reactors

Britain Proposing Wider Europe-Based Pro-Nuclear Club Once Article 50 Triggered

Fuel Debris, High Radiation Count  Complicates Fukushima 2 Cleanup

UK Moorside Nuclear Plant Braced For Potential Toshiba Pullout

Turkey's First Nuclear Plant Akkuyu To Be Operational By 2023

China Nuclear Builders Look Overseas

France’s Next President May Face $3 Billion Nuclear Hangover

Blow To UK Nuclear Strategy As Toshiba Considers Pulling Out Of Cumbria Plant

Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Radiation At Highest Level Since 2011

EIA: Japan Plans To Build 45 New Coal Power Plants In Next Decade

Europe Runs Risk Of Falling Into Moscow's Nuclear Energy Embrace

Russia 'Ready' To Entirely Fund Hungary Nuclear Plant

Kremlin: EU ‘Nit-Picking’ Hampers Russia-Hungary Nuclear Deal

Eskom: South African Nuclear Program To Set Example For Other African Countries

UK Labour Leader Corbyn Backs Planned Moorside Nuclear Plant


Brexatom: The Fallout

Japan Infuriating Enviros By Building 45 New Coal Power Plants

What Brexit Means for UK Nuclear Energy Policies

UK Stresses Key Role Of IAEA During Brexit Debate

Japan’s Niigata Governor Ryuichi Yoneyama Stands Firm Against Restart Of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Plant

Swiss To Vote On Government’s Anti-Nuclear Energy Strategy

Britain To Have Closest Possible Nuclear Ties Post-Brexit

China Expected To Dominate Nuclear Energy Growth

Japan Is Closer to Finding Lost Nuclear Fuel With Fukushima Pictures

Russia Fixes A Reactor It Initially Refused To Say Was Broken

North Korea Restarts Plutonium Nuclear Reactor


China's Nuclear Energy Capacity Projected To Eclipse Us By 2026

TEPCO Hope For Fukushima Breakthrough In Nuclear Clean-Up

Rosatom Makes Play For Czech Republic Reactor Order

TEPCO Spot Possible Nuclear Fuel Debris Underneath Fukushima 2 Reactor 

Australian Uranium Industry Plays A Role In Global Production Growth

Indian Nuclear Sector Does Not Expect Budget Bounty, Unlike Last Year

North Korea Restarts Nuclear Reactor Used To Fuel Weapons Program

Namibia Lifts Moratorium On New Uranium Exploration Applications

Britain Plan To Leave Euratom Could Delay New Nuclear Build

Construction Work For India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Project 3&4 Units To Begin Soon 

Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out: When Will The Power Price Rise Begin?

Nuclear Energy Is Growing In The Gulf As The Middle East Tries To Find A Future After Oil

UK Parliamentarians Launch Nuclear R&D Inquiry

TEPCO Starts Full Survey Inside Fukushima No. 2 Reactor Vessel

Ghana Committed To Development Of Nuclear Energy

China To Drive Global Nuclear Energy Growth

Czech Government Presses Ahead With Nuclear Plans As Poland Suspends Program

UK Confirms Plan To Leave European Atomic Energy Community

Retirement Process for Oldest French Nuclear Reactor Stalled Until After Elections

Did Finland Solve The Problem Of Nuclear Waste?

Plans To Remove Nuclear Fuel At Fukushima Delayed Again

IEA Welcomes Poland's Nuclear Energy Plans

Nuclear's Role In UK's Low-Carbon, Industrial Strategies

Threat Of Strike By UK Nuclear Workers Eases Amid Deal To Hold Talks On Pensions

Nuclear Reactor Trip At China Plant Caused By Defective Water Pump

WSJ: A Look Inside ‘The Void’ — Finland’s Permanent Nuclear Waste Repository

Russia, Armenia Sign Protocol On Nuclear Safety Information Exchange

EDF Warns Brexit Could Delay Hinkley

Russia's Rosatom Submits Bid For South African Nuclear Project

A Chinese Nuclear Site, Hidden in a Mountain, Is Reborn as a Tourist Draw

Oldest Nuclear Station In Spain Could Operate Until 2031

A 100,000-Year Tomb for Finland’s Nuclear Waste

Ghana Scores High In Nuclear Infrastructure Development

The UAE Is About To Become The First Arab Nuclear Power

Post-Brexit, UK Industrial Strategy Targets Nuclear

Hungary To Step Up Work On Paks Nuclear Plant In Cooperation With Rosatom

China State Shipbuilding Corporation Start Development Of Nuclear-Powered Offshore Rigs

UAE’s First Nuclear Plant Could Begin Operating By May

Russia Welcomes Dialog With Trump On Energy

Russia, Kuwait Discuss Possible Construction of Nuclear Plant

India’s Kundankulam Nuclear Plant's Second Unit Reaches Full Capacity

Power Supply Failure Occurred At Armenian Nuclear Plant Due To Icing


Kazakhstan To Cut Uranium Output By 10 Percent


Large Crane Topples Over At Nuclear Plant In Fukui

Iran, Rosatom Sign Roadmap For Nuclear Cooperation

EDF Board Prepares To Defy France’s Hollande On Nuclear Closure

Belarusian Nuclear Plant To Start Getting Nuclear Fuel In Late 2018

China Approved No New Nuclear Power Units In 2016

India Not Seeking Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership As A 'Gift'

Hungary Nuclear Plant Says Cut Output At One Block After Electrical Fault

German Nuclear Watchdog Examines Case Of Tihange

White House: Obama, Modi Review US-India Cooperation on Nuclear Energy, Defense

As the Temperatures Plummets, France’s Nuclear Reactors Get the Green Light to Resume Service

North Korea: Satellite Images Show 'Stepped-Up Activities' At Nuclear Site

Two More Units In Japan Clear Safety Checks

China Sets Goal For Nuclear Energy Development In Next Five Years

A Year Later, Iran Nuclear Deal OK, But Road Ahead Could Be Rocky

China Turns Deaf Ear To Vietnam’s Concern Over Border Nuclear Plants

India's Inclusion In Nuclear Club Shall Not Be A 'Farewell Gift', China Tells US

Finland Court Rules Finnish Fennovoima Backers Can Exit Project

Businessmen Urge Australian Government To Think Nuclear To Solve Power Crisis


UK Labour Party Leader Drops Longstanding Opposition To Nuclear Energy Expansion

UAE’s Foray Into Peaceful Nuclear Energy Focuses On Sustainability

Saudis Seek Up to $50 Billion for First Phase of Renewables Plan

Rosatom Returns to Work on Construction For Turkey’s Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Pipe Checks At Japan’s Nuclear Control Rooms Conducted Without Removing Insulation

Japan Plans Law To Make TEPCO Retain Money For Decommissioning Costs

Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant Near Croatian Border to Be Expanded

UAE Unveils Long-Term Energy Strategy

Brussels Unswayed By Concerns Over Hungarian Nuclear Project

German Nuclear Remains Reduced At Six Reactors Despite Switchover

Russia Stops Agreement With Ukraine On Nuclear Plant Construction

Russia Extends $11.38B Loan To Bangladesh To Build Nuclear Plant

UK Approval For China-Built Nuclear Reactor To Take Five Years

Russia’s First VVER-440 Reactor Shuts For Decommissioning

Chinese Deal With French On AREVA Credibility Motivated

Portugal To Complain To EU Over Spain's Planned Nuclear Storage Site

Taiwan To End Nuclear Energy Generation By 2025

2017 An Important Year For Japanese Reactor Restarts

India To Send Nuclear Experts To Japan

Finland's Fennovoima Nuclear Venture Hits Another Snag As K-Group Pulls Out

Kazakhstan To Reduce Uranium Production To Maintain Global Prices

Finnish-Russian Nuclear Project Faces Fresh Challenge From Court Ruling

UK To Start Approval Process For Chinese Nuclear Reactor At Bradwell

UAE To Invest $163B To Diversify Energy

UK To Start Approval Process For Chinese Nuclear Reactor At Bradwell

South Korea, US to Cooperate on Safe Nuclear Energy Research

Report: Chinese Nuclear Plants Have ‘Systemic Safety Concerns’

Russia to Guarantee Belene Nuclear Reactors Are Properly Stored 

UK Nuclear Workers Face Strike Ballot In Row Over Pensions

New Unit Of South China Nuclear Plant Starts Operation

Nuclear Suppliers Group and India: Impasse Continues

Quake Risk For Japanese-French Nuclear Plant In Turkey Lowered To Keep Costs Down

China To Plow $361 Billion Into Renewable Fuel By 2020

First Hualong One Dome In China Takes Shape


DOE: US Electric Power Grid In 'Imminent Danger' From Cyber-Attack


UAE’s First Nuclear Plant Is 75 Percent Complete

TEPCO To Name Underwriters This Month For Landmark Bond Sale

India’s Nuclear Energy Policy: Bottlenecks To Implementation 

Romanian Nuclearelectrica Shuts Down Nuclear Reactor Due To Bad Weather Glitch

Anti-Nuclear Japan Governor Throttles Opening of TEPCO's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Plant

Armed Guards At Sweden's Nuclear Stations Next Month

Former Prime Minister Wants Japan To Abandon Nuclear Energy

Canada's OPG: Moving Planned Nuclear-Waste Bunker Would Cost Billions, Raise Risks

Why China’s Air Pollution Is On The Rise Again

Chinese Coal Miner To Invest In UK's Hinkley Project

Fate of Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant Remains Unknown


Scrapping Monju: The Curtain Falls On Japan’s Experimental Fast Breeder Reactor

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Launch Pushed Back Another Year

Work Starts On Brazil's Engenho Uranium Mine

China Plans Floating Nuclear Plant In Disputed Waters

Siberian Physicists Ready for Next Step Toward Free Nuclear Energy

Top US Scientists Urge Trump to Abide by Iran Nuclear Deal

Hinkley Point: A Year Of Back And Forth For The Nuclear Development

Russia's Rosatom Creates Company to Promote Nuclear Medicine Exports

New Delhi, Islamabad Exchange Nuclear Installations Lists

Vattenfall Signs Nuclear Fuel Deals

China Starts Building SMR-Based Floating Nuclear Plant

Energy Policy Implications of Elections in France and Germany

German Nuclear Outages To Stretch Deeper Into January Amid Delays

India's First 700 MW Nuclear Reactor At Kakrapar To Undergo Trial Run In 2017

WSJ: China Poised To Become The World's Biggest Producer Of Nuclear Energy

Troubled Chinese Nuclear Project Illustrates Toshiba’s Challenges

Russia Opens Its First ‘Near Surface’ Nuclear Waste Repository

Pakistan: Chinese-Assisted 340 MW Nuclear Plant Inaugurated In Punjab Province

Construction Starts On China’s Second Hualong One

China Eyes Brazil's Stalled Angra 3 Nuclear Project

Russia-Egypt Dabaa Nuclear Plant Contract Date Delayed to March 2017

Pak PM Inaugrates Chinese-Assisted Nuclear Energy Plant

NRA: Ice Wall Effects ‘Limited’ At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Launch of Reactors at Russia's 1st Floating Nuclear Plant Set for H1 2017

Rosatom May Sign Nuclear Plant Contract With Egypt On December 29

Japanese Nuclear Waste Could Be Buried At Greater Depth

Fake News Story Prompts Pakistan To Issue Nuclear Warning To Israel

Russian Automated Control Systems To Arrive In Kudankulam Nuclear Plant From 2018


Japan Spending On Nuclear Energy Up But Outlook Remains Overcast

Report: GE Concerned Over India’s 'Lack' Of Sustainable Nuclear Regulatory Environment

Egyptian Government Reviews 3 Scenarios To Sign Dabaa Nuclear Plant Contract

Half Of UK Electricity Now Comes From Nuclear And Renewables

Britain And Japan Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Agreement

Fuel Removal At Fukushima Reactor Again Faces Delay

Ukraine Confirms Plan To Build Fuel Assembly Plant For Nuclear Plants

Russia To Float Out 2 Nuclear Submarines In 2017

Russian Reactor-Powered Ice-Breaker Will Spearhead Race To Control Arctic

Report Recognizes Unique Role Ontario's Nuclear Fleet Will Play In Electricity System

Japan Pulls Plug On Monju, Ending $8.5 Billion Nuclear Self-Sufficiency Push

South Korea's Latest Nuclear Reactor Starts Operations


China to Boost Nuclear Energy Cooperation With UK

Restarting Of World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor Delayed Again

Infrastructure Fund Backs Pension Funds To Finance UK Nuclear Plant

India Stokes Nuclear Weapon Concern in Bid to Join Atomic Cartel

Japan's Industry Ministry Calls On TEPCO To Seek Partnerships

Finland Opens Inquiry In Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant As AREVA Issues Unfold

Russia and Japan Expand Nuclear Cooperation

South Korean Reactor Claims New Record for Stable Nuclear Fusion

France Sees Red Over China’s Bid For Power

Canada To Decide On Nuclear Waste Plan

Taiwan’s No. 1 Nuclear Plant's Reactor To Resume Operations

Dome Installed For China’s Fuqing Nuclear Plant

IAEA Chief Says Iran Showing Commitment To Deal

Finnish Ministry Calls For Continued Talks On Joint Disposal

IEA Urges Decision On Czech Nuclear Energy Expansion

Nuclear Energy Plant To Help Belarus Fulfill Paris Climate Agreement

South Korea, Britain Discuss Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Russia Agrees to Improve Enriched Uranium Supplies to Japan

IAEA Completes First South African Regulatory Review

UK Government Mulls Stake In Horizon Nuclear Plant

East China's AP1000 Reactor Utilizes Advanced Safety Control System

EU Leaders Poised To Green-Light Hungary’s Controversial Reactor Deal With Russia

South Korean Fusion Reactor Achieves Record Plasma

Russia’s First Nuclear Waste Repository Starts Operation

India and Vietnam Sign Nuclear Agreement

Japan Antes Up $8.7 Billion To Jumpstart UK Horizon New Nuclear Project

French Nuclear Capacity Almost Restored

Russia’s TVEL Successfully Tests Mixed Nuclear Fuel in Fast Neutron Reactor

Hungary's Nuclear Ambitions For Climate Change

Pakistan Urges Even-Handed Approach In Civil Nuclear Cooperation

Nuclear Power Corp. Shuts Plant in South India Amid Cyclone

French Nuclear Plant Technician Continued Working While Under Investigation For Terrorism

In South Africa, Nuclear Energy Is Becoming A Dirty Word

Germany's Next Nuclear Headache Is Over Cash Or Reactor Life

China Claims Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough, No Specifics

Nuclear Energy to Expand in Asia

Russian Inc Hits EDF & Westinghouse On India

Wylfa Newydd: Anglesey Nuclear Plant Design Consultation Begins

Will Nuclear Energy Power India’s Future?

Russia's Rosatom Gets Compensation For Scrapped €10B Nuclear Project In Bulgaria

Why Is Climate-Conscious Vietnam Choosing Coal Over Nuclear?

Top South Australians Call For Backing Of Nuclear Repository

China Eyes Nuclear Project In Bulgaria

Fukushima Faces Wall To Hosting Olympic Baseball

India Seeks Details Of Working Nuclear Reactors From US, French Firms

Nuclear Lawsuit Backdown By German Power Utilities Labeled Insincere

China Makes Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Development

Bulgaria Seeks Investor To Revive Nuclear Project

Japan's Sendai Nuclear Reactor Restarts As Governor Stays Quiet

German Nuclear Firms Offer To Forgo Claims For Deal On Waste

Russia's Rosatom Settles Deal With Bulgaria Over Cancelled Nuclear Project

Japan Details Projected Fukushima Costs Of $188 Billion

Putin: Idea of Public Organizations’ Control Over Nuclear Sector ‘Dangerous’

French Court Probes Forged Documents Case At AREVA Nuclear Foundry

Germany's Highest Court To Rule On Nuclear Fuel Tax In 2017

Japan’s Kyushu Electric to Reactivate Sendai Reactor As Governor OK'd

Experts Approve 3D Printed Nuclear Reactor Component In China

In UK, Economic Contribution From Hinkley 'Gaining Recognition'

France May OK Restart of 10 Reactors 

Germany Invests About $650Mln in Ensuring Nuclear Safety in Russian Arctic

South Korea Installs Nuclear Research Reactor In Jordan

South Korea Opens Home-Grown Nuclear Reactor In Jordan

IEA Chief Economist: Climate Target 'Very Difficult' Without Nuclear 

Tests Confirm Germany's 'Star In A Jar' Nuclear Fusion Reactor Really Works

German Court Paves Way For Damages Claims In Nuclear Exit Row

Australia Lobbies Infrastructure Bank To Invest In Coal And Nuclear Energy

US Consulting With IAEA to Dilute, Remove 6 Metric Tons of Plutonium

Nuclear Reactors Pass French Safety Test

Tests Confirm That Germany's Massive Nuclear Fusion Machine Really Works

French Regulator May Allow Some EDF Reactors To Restart After Extra Tests

China's CNNC Interested In Bulgarian Nuclear Project

Nuclear Tech Seen As Latest China ‘Name Card’

How The US Is Sponsoring India’s Nuclear Energy Revolution

German Court To Rule On Nuclear Shutdown Compensation

Japan’s NRA Blasts Tokai Nuclear Facility Ahead Of Dismantling Plan

Fukushima Reactor Cooling Halted After Staff Error


The Ups And Downs Of Vietnam's Sudden Pause On Nuclear Energy

India, Russia To Sign Framework Agreement On Kudankulam Units 5,6 This Month

UK National Grid Faces Potential Dilemma Over Chinese Bidders

South African Nuclear Plan Still Uncertain

New Blow For Hinkley Point Contractor EDF After French Safety Checks

India-Japan Nuclear Deal: Coming Of Age For Nuclear In India?

UK Nuclear Industry Looks Back At 'Momentous' Year

Tokyo Seeks Cost Swap On Nuclear Compensation

France Plans More Nuclear Outages As Winter Sets In

UK Gov Runs SMR Tech Competition

Chashma 3, Pakistan’s Fourth Reactor, Is Connected to the Grid

Legal Or Not? German Utilities Await Landmark Nuclear Exit Ruling

China Mulls Nuclear Safety Law As Number Of Reactors Set To Rank 2nd In World

UK Government Plans To Boost Work In Nuclear Industry Welcomed By Sector

Tunnelling Begins For Finnish Nuclear Repository

Japan Planning Fast Reactor Post-Monju

Post-Brexit Business As Usual At Euro JET Centre


IAEA: Nuclear Energy Most Sustainable Energy Source

Kenya Plans First Nuclear Power Plant at $5 Billion Cost

Brexit Puts Europe’s Nuclear Fusion Future In Doubt

Sun Setting On Japan's Solar Energy Boom

Massive Containment Structure Is Placed Atop Chernobyl Reactor

UK Nuclear Fusion Lab Faces Uncertain Future

New Nuclear R&D Center Opened In East China

Former EDF Director: French Nuclear Energy In 'Worst Situation Ever' 

Grid Lobby: Europe Can Meet Winter Power Demand Despite French Nuclear Closures

Construction To Start On Finnish Nuclear Repository

Australian Outback Town Divided Over Nuclear Waste Storage Initiative

Japanese Nuclear Safety Regulators Undeterred By Quake: Approve License Renewal For Three Reactors

Japanese Governor Under Fire From Antis As Sendai Reactor Heads for Restart

Europe To Pay Companies To NOT Produce Power, Wants To Stop Green Energy Blackouts

France Turned To Fossil Fuels In October To Offset Nuclear Shortfall

Brexit’s Nuclear Fallout: 3,000 Cubic Metres Of Oxfordshire Waste

Third Stage Of Hualong-1 NPP Construction Starts In Chinese Fujian


Fukushima D&D Cost Estimates Upped To $177 Billion

India, Russia Chose Most Feasible Site For Building New Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Aftershock Renews Public Concern About Restarting Kansai’s Reactors

Chinese Nuclear Technology Goes Global, Safety Given Top Priority

Bid By Swiss Antis To Follow Germany In Closing Plants Defeated Decisively In National Referendum

Swiss Reject Plan To Speed Up Exit From Nuclear Energy

French Competition Authorities Search EDF Sites, Seize Documents

Iran Loses Nuclear Device, Sparks GCC Worry

EU Is Losing The Energy Battle With Russia

South African Energy Plan Puts Nuclear On Backburner

Ensuring A 'Soft Brexit' For The UK’s Nuclear Industry

Spanish Regulator Approves Post-Fukushima Measures

Looming Swiss Referendum On Early Nuclear Energy Exit 'Neck And Neck'

Starting In 2018, China Will Begin Turning Coal Plants Into Nuclear Reactors

China’s Abandoned Nuclear City

Empty Pockets Leave Indian Nuclear Plants Incomplete

UK Regulator's Chief Executive Reflects On Her First Year

Zuma’s Waning Power Exposed by Stalled South Africa Nuclear Plan

Hungary’s Paks II Project Clears Procurement Hurdle

Hungary’s Nuclear Deal Puts Vestager On Spot

Japan’s NRA: Weak Steel Components Not Used In Japan Nuclear Plants

Modi Scores Infrastructure Wins In Japan And The UK

New Quake Tests Resilience, and Faith, in Japan’s Nuclear Plants

Fukushima Earthquake Causes Brief TEPCO Disruption, Revives Memories Of 2011

South Africa Slows Nuclear Plans as Rating Assessments Loom

Vietnam Abandons Plan For First Nuclear Energy Plants

Switzerland Risks Power Independence as Nuclear Vote Looms

As Nuclear Energy Grows, Swiss Vote Whether To Cut Back

No Major Damage From Japan Quake

Japan Probes Nuclear Cooling System Shutdown After Earthquake

No Irregularities At Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant After Quake

Fukushima, Northeast Japan Dodge Bullet From M7.4 Quake

Why The Water Cooling System At Fukushima Nuclear Plant Stopped

Fukushima Nuclear Cooling System Back Online

Fukushima Reactor Cooling System Stops Following Quake & Tsunami

Tsunami Warning Issued After Quake Off Fukushima in Japan

Major Quake Hits Fukushima, Japan, Site of 2011 Tsunami and Meltdown

Women Make Up 20 Percent Of UAE’s Nuclear Workforce

Trump, Though Critical of Nuclear Deal, Could Offer Opportunities for Iran

Nobody Can Copy UAE Nuclear Plan

Rosatom Ready To Build Egypt’s First Nuclear Plant


Emirati Youngsters Dream About UAE Nuclear Industry

Iran Says It Will Ship Heavy Water Out Of Country 

More Women Needed In UAE’s Burgeoning Nuclear Industry

Rosatom Eyes 2019 For Belarusian New Build Launch

Prices Spike Higher as French Nuclear Crisis Deepens

France Announces Plan To Shut All Coal-Power Plants By 2023

Japan Nuclear Export Ambitions Dealt Blow With Apparent Vietnam Retreat 

Former Rosatom Chief Prepares to Deliver Putin’s Third Decade of Control

World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor ‘Safe Until 2030’

Bulgarian Ex-Energy Minister Charged Over Nuclear Project

EDF Talks on Building Indian Nuclear Plant May Take 3-4 Years

Electricity Minister: Egypt’s 1st Nuclear Reactor To Run 9 Years After Signing Contracts

Russian Plant Launches Processing Of Spent Nuclear Fuel From Submarines

Can Vietnam Do Without Nuclear Energy?

Japan Agrees Second Nuclear Reactor Life Extension Since Fukushima

South Australia Reaffirms Ban On Nuclear Energy 

French Regulator Raises Doubt On Reactor Restarts, EDF Sees No Change

Giant Radiation Shield Built To Cap Chernobyl's Damaged Nuclear Reactor 

India Has Different Nuclear Power Equation With Russia

Russia Prepares To Dismantle First Nuclear Icebreaker Ever

Russia's Atomtechenergo Gets License For Belarus Plant

China Cautiously Backs India-Japan Nuclear Deal

Termination Clause In Nuclear Deal With Japan Not Binding On India

Turkey Continues Studies For 3rd Nuclear Plant Construction

Disaster Preparedness Drill Held At Nuclear Plant In Japan’s Hokkaido

Japan’s Nuclear Industry Finds a Lifeline in India After Foundering Elsewhere

IAEA: UAE 'Strong' On Nuclear Security

Belarus, Turkey To Cooperate In Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy

Japan To Supply India With Nuclear Power Equipment, Technology

India, Japan Sign Landmark Nuclear Energy Deal After 6 Years Of Talks

French Nuclear Industry In ‘Total Crisis’ As 20 Reactors Shut Down

Opposition: Dream Of South Australian Nuclear Dump 'Is Now Dead'

Impending India-Japan Nuclear Deal - A Risky Business?

Radioactive Waste Could Be Left At UK Nuclear Sites To Save Money

In East Asia, Kazakhstan Pushes for Nuclear Nonproliferation

China, UK Step Up Nuclear Cooperation In ‘Golden Era’

Indian PM Heads To Japan To Seal Nuclear Deal Amid Uncertainty Over US Policy

Finland's TVO Says Gets Favorable Partial Award In Olkiluoto Arbitration

Iran Exceeds Nuclear Heavy Water Limit, Top Diplomat Says It Will Be Shipped Out


Vietnam Scraps $10 Billion Plan For Two Russian Reactors Citing Slowing Demand, Cost

Russia Loads REMIX Fuel Into MIR Research Reactor

Iran’s Salehi in Warsaw Seeking Nuclear Deals

China Scales Back Solar, Wind Ambitions as Renewables Cool

Ukrainian Government Approves The Production Of Nuclear Fuel

Japan Regulators Approve Genkai Units 3 And 4 For Restart

Japan Business Federation: Climate Change Promise Relies On Nuclear Restarts

India Sees Deepening Of Japan Nuclear Ties With Modi Visit

Russia and China Expand Nuclear Cooperation

France Could Face Winter Power Cuts, Hit By Nuclear Dependence

Russia, China Plan Documents to Build 2 New Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Reactors

Hopes For A Nuclear Renaissance In Southeast Asia Proven Overly Ambitious

France Doubles Its Experimental Capability In Nuclear Physics

Turkey Says Expects First Unit Of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Online By End-2023

French Regulator Targets Power Price Speculation With New ARENH Rules

Rosatom And China Agree On New Nuclear Energy Plants

UK Reaffirms Support To India's Bid For UNSC, NSG Membership

Ahead of Nuke Club NSG Meet, China Refuses To Budge On India

China Starts To Build Its First Floating Nuclear Reactor For Deployment Off Coast 

Japan, Kazakhstan Agree To Cooperate On Nuclear, Economic Issues

UK Launches Nuclear Innovation Program

Vietnam May Delay Construction Of Russian Nuclear Energy Project

CNNC: China Uranium Demand To Double By 2020 But Prices Seen Depressed

Vietnam Looks To Delay Japan-, Russia-Backed Nuclear Plants Amid Funds Crunch

NuGen: Government Could Part-Fund New UK Nuclear Plants

Japan, India To Ink Nuclear Co-Op Deal

South Korea Halts Hanul No.1 Nuclear Reactor For Maintenance


China, France Sign Deals On Nuclear Energy, Science


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