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Tour the World’s First Nuclear Energy Plant


11 Maps That Explain Energy In America


Congress Just Can't Help But Fall In Love With a Nuclear Physicist

Later Deadline Expected in Obama’s Climate Plan

PBS Series Looks To Unlock The Mysteries Of Uranium

Duke CEO Lynn Good Stands Out In Male-Dominated Field

Big U.S. Corporations Commit To Invest In Clean Energy, But Not All Of Them Buy Obama's Clean Power Plan


Comic: Nuclear Energy Explained in Layman’s Terms

SEC Drops Remaining Claims In Idaho Nuclear Energy Co. Suit

ORAU's Role In Jeopardy As DOE Seeks Bids On Contract


Former Exelon CEO Rowe: Shutting Down Struggling Nukes Is 'The Proper Market-Driven Answer'

Federal Judge Wants Deadlines In Cleanup At Hanford


Physicists Restart Souped-Up Hadron Collider

Japan Nuclear Expert Ogawa Tasked With Leading New Fukushima Decommissioning Center

Hillary Clinton Outlines Climate Change Plan

Former LANL Chemist Blogs On All Things Nuclear

Study: Electricity From Natural Gas Could Come At A Cost

Hillary Clinton to Lay Out Climate, Renewable Energy Policy in Iowa


The 14-Year-Old Kid who Built A Nuclear Reactor

Stop Freaking Out: Fukushima Isn't Mutating the Daisies 


Half Of A Nuclear Submarine Floats Up East River

Could Next-Gen Reactors Spark Revival In Nuclear Energy?

Hoover Institution Calls For Small Modular Reactors For Future Of Nuclear Energy


Video: World's Largest Crane to Lift and Set 2.4-Million Pound Module For New VC Summer Unit

Federal Judge: DOE Needs To Be Held Accountable At Hanford

Reid, Heller Introduce Bill Creating More Yucca Hurdles

Solar Bailout? Don't Bet On It

Senate Panel Floats Broad Energy Bill

Y-12 Works To Counter Spread Of Nuclear Materials

World's Largest Crane to Lift and Set 2.4-Million Pound Module For New VC Summer Unit

Los Alamos National Lab Lets Safety Gaps Languish For Years

Jeb Bush Calls For End to Fossil-Fuel Subsidies


Obscure Particle Could Keep Iran Honest on Its Nuclear Deal

Nevada Senators Press for State Veto In Senate Nuclear Waste Bill

Challenge To Nuclear Waste Repository Near Lake Huron On Hold Until 2016

American Power Plant CO2 Emissions Fall 12% From 2008-13


Report: Nuclear Energy Supplies $60 Billion to US GDP, 400,000 Full-Time Jobs

World Breaks Temperature Record as Climate Summit Nears

The House Has Its Energy Bill, But Almost Nothing’s In It


Resentencing of Y-12 Protesters Set for Sept. 15

USNIC Conference Speakers Warn US Could Slip From Top Tier Of Nuclear Leaders

Concern About Spent Fuel Remains At Vermont Yankee After Closure

LANL Nuclear Safety Panned In U.S. Report

San Diego County Wades Into Nuclear-Waste Dilemma

Senators Huddle With Energy Secretary On Iran

US Ordered To Pay $20.6M In Entergy Nuclear Waste Suit

On-Site Waste Disposal is Part of Ohio Uranium Plant Cleanup

Obama's Unlikely Iran Deal MVP: Energy Secretary Moniz

Iran Lawmakers to Wait 80 Days Before Voting on Nuclear Deal

Restart of Sendai-1 Nuclear Plant Imminent 


The Plan To Store Nuclear Waste At San Onofre

NRC Taking Close Look At New Nuclear Safety Measures At Beaver Valley

Oil Prices Dip Below $50 on Crude Oil Glut


Mutant Flowers From Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Go Viral Online

Out Of This World: DOE Lab Literally Exploring New Horizons

How Green Is Hillary Clinton?

Study Finds Metal Foams Capable Of Shielding X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Neutron Radiation

Moniz: 'Virtually Impossible' For Iran To Hide Nuclear Activity

Does Nuclear Energy Desalination Have A Future — California Rising

Oak Ridge Cleanup Estimate Rises To $18 Billion

Tennessee Terrorist Murderer Failed Background Check For Work At Nuclear Plant

Marine Murderer Was Fired As FirstEnergy Corp Nuclear Engineer After Just 10 Days

Navy Considering New $1.5B facility at Idaho To Process Nuclear Fuel

How Much Nuclear Energy Does The US Produce?


The Tools Inspectors Can Use to Catch Iran’s Nuclear Hijinks

GAO Working On Another USEC Report

White House Taps Fifth Regulator For NRC

Oklahoma Broadens Oil, Gas Drilling Regulations To Stem Quakes

Chattanooga Shooter Had Short-Term Linkage With US Nuclear Plant


Moniz: 'The Nuclear Physicist Answering Lawmakers’ Questions on Iran Deal

Vermont Wants To Assume Regulation Of Certain Nuclear Materials

NEI: Fraudsters, Scammers, Poachers Beware

Radioactive Waste: America's Favorite Problem To Ignore


Photo Gallery: National Labs and the Science Behind Nuclear Security

First Offshore Wind Farm in U.S. Powers Ahead

Obama Continues Efforts to Regulate Coal Industry


Obama Nominates Ex-Bush Official, Jessie Roberson, As NRC Commissioner

Top U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry, Government Leaders Converge at Global Markets Summit

To Pluto and Beyond: Powering New Horizons’ 3-Billion-Mile Journey

Senate Oversight Committee Cautions NRC Over Cost, Justification Of New Safety Rules

Iran Deal: Don't Let Them Have Their Yellowcake And Eat It Too

Nevada's Chief Attorney On Yucca Retiring


$2 Gas Will Be Back After Iran Nuclear Deal

EPA Moves Radiation Lab Out Of Las Vegas

The Human Side Of Nuclear Safety And The Future Of Nuclear Energy

State Sets Up Local Council To Help Distribute Vermont Yankee Money

Reid: National Monument Not Part Of Effort To Fend Off Yucca


GAO: Y-12 Could Run Out Of Weapons-Grade Lithium By 2018

Federal Judge Will Consider More Time To Empty Hanford Waste Tanks

MOX Contractor Report Disputes DOE Cost Estimates, Analysis Of Plutonium Disposition


U.S., World Powers Reach Historic Nuclear Deal With Iran

The 10th Anniversary of the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Deal

Boeing Just Patented This Laser-Powered Nuclear Fusion Engine Design

Biden: 10 Years Since Nuclear Deal, India-US on Cusp of Sea Change

Will Reid's Monument Stop Yucca Mountain?

Ernest Moniz and The Physics of Diplomacy in Iran

INL-Built ‘Space Battery’ Powers NASA’s New Horizons Mission To Pluto

MIT’s Mujid Kazimi, Leading Educator And Researcher In Nuclear Technology, Dies At 67

On-Site Piketon Uranium Disposal OK’d In Decades-Long Plan

INL Report: Spent Nuclear Fuel Controversy Flares Again


The Nuclear Plant That Never Split An Atom: Eerie Images Of Satsop Nuclear Plant Nestled Deep In Washington

Governor’s Group Critical Of MOX Project Cost Study


INL’s ‘Space Battery’ Powering New Horizons Spacecraft On Mission To Pluto

Can Hillary Clinton Lead The Keystone Army?


A New National Monument Could Derail Plans For Yucca Mountain

Study: Wind Farms Even More Expensive And Pointless Than You Thought

Independent Report Looks To Assess MOX Plant’s Future

NRC Panel Hears Conflicting Safety Assessments For Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor

Senators Vow To Block U.S. From Complying With Global Climate Deal


The Obama and Reid National Monument


NRC Doubles Down On Regs To Prevent Counterfeit, Fraudulent Items in Supply Chain

Utilities Buy Nuclear Capacity From New Hampshire As Vermont Dismantles Yankee Plant

License Renewal Hearings Spark Debate Over the Future of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

US, Russia to Discuss Nuclear Disarmament in Paris

Report: The Trillion-Dollar Risk Of A Cyber Attack On U.S. Power Grid

Public Can Weigh In On Costs Of South Carolina Nuclear Project

Joe Biden to Speak on 10th Anniversary of India-US Nuclear Deal


NRC Brass To Take In Post-Fukushima Details

House Members Take On Obama Environmental Agenda

Businesses Flock To White House In Bid To Shape Power Plant Regs


Video: Vogtle Units 3 and 4 Construction Update

Lloyd’s: Attack on U.S. Power Grid Could Cost $1 Trillion


NRC To Decide Whether California’s Last Nuclear Plant Stays Or Goes

Iran Nuclear Deal Remains Elusive After Deadline, But Talks Continue

Independent Review of Aerospace April 13, 2015 Report – Plutonium Disposition Study Options

Battle Heats Up Over U.S. Plutonium Cleanup Program

New Independent Analysis Shoots Holes in Aerospace MOX Numbers

Export Mechanism For U.S. Nuclear Industry Facing Uncertain Future

Report: The Nuclear Industry’s Contribution to the U.S. Economy

Sunniest Continent Lures Tesla as Solar Battery Race Accelerates

DOE IG Probe Details Fierce Lobbying Campaign For Sandia Contract


How Jellyfish Have Become Nature’s Ultimate Guerrilla Protesters Against Power Plants

Carbon Tax Repeal Sparks Jump In Australia's Electricity Emissions

On Gas, Nuclear, Hydro, Vermont Ducks Energy Problems

Pending Clean Power Plan Puts New Reactor At North Anna Back On The Table

Looking Inside Hanford’s Cocooned Reactors

White House Downplays Nuclear Energy In New Climate Deal With Brazil

IAEA Chief Aims to Report on Iran’s Past Nuclear Work This Year


Oil’s Decline Is Making Your Fourth of July Barbecue Cheaper

Former Dallas Mayor: It's Time To Build More Nuclear Reactors

Governors Signal Their Intent to Thwart Obama’s Climate Rules


US Senate Judiciary Chair Demands Answers On 'Clinton Cash' & Uranium One Russia Deal

Why The US Nuclear Industry Is Eager To Save The Export-Import Bank

Is A Path Opening On US Used Fuel Management?


Dramatic Generation Gaps In Opinions On Global Warming, Offshore Drilling, Nuclear Energy

IAEA Chief Heads To Iran As Nuclear Talks Reach Last Stretch

Fresh Prospects For Nuclear Desalination

Can The Next Generation Of Reactors Spur A Nuclear Renaissance?

USA's Experimental Breeder Reactor-II Now Permanently Entombed

The Lonely Energy Projects Left Behind By The Clean Energy Evolution

SMR Bill Passes Washington State Senate

Going Nuclear: The Fusion Race Is Heating Up. Will Anyone Cross the Finish Line?

Diablo Canyon Is New Water Source For Water Starved California County


Demolition At Former Uranium Enrichment Site Changes Paducah Skyline


House E&C Committee Members Ask GAO to Examine NRC’s Fee Collection Methods 

NRC Publishes Annual Report to Congress on Nuclear Security Inspections

Consumer, Industry Groups Won’t Oppose SCE&G’s Revised Costs For Nuclear Plant

China To Cap Rising Emissions By 2030 In Boost To Paris U.N. Deal

Young Generation Says COP21 Is ‘Unique Opportunity’ For Nuclear

EU Ministers Seek Ambitious, Binding Deal At Paris Climate Talks

DOE Names Acting Field Office Manager At WIPP Repository

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Obama Administration Over Air Pollution Rule

Many Companies Disappointed Over Export-Import Bank Sunset

Kerry, Energy Secretary Teaming Up In Iran Talks

Rutgers University Scientists Discover A Bacterium That ‘Breathes’ Uranium


Fail: US Has Wasted $154 Billion On 'Renewable Energy'

Hawaii Wrestles With Vagaries of Solar Power


San Onofre Public Tours Give Rare Look at Nuclear Plant

DOE Orders 'Red Team' Review Of MOX Project

Kerry Meets Iran’s Zarif With Nuclear Agreement Nearing Finalization

DOE: Hanford Vit Plant Safety Culture Shows Improvement

Space And Nuclear Energy: Trail Blazing And Pioneering

Federal Regulators Hear Utah Testimony On Depleted Uranium

Fuel Storage System At Vermont Yankee Questioned

NRC Requests Natural Phenomena Response Data

DOE Completes Demolition of Oak Ridge K-31 Gaseous Diffusion Building

Poll: 85% Of Sustainability Professionals Support Nuclear Subsidies


Gates To Double Investment In Renewable Energy Projects


Russian Uranium Probe Reaches Into Small-Town Ohio


With Eye On Committee Gavel, Shimkus Notches A Win


NRC Says Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Operated Safely In 2014

The Economic Limitations Of Wind And Solar Power

From Megawatts To Megabytes, Coal-Fired TVA Power Plant Gets A Makeover

Oklahoma Earthquakes Putting Pressure On Drilling Regulators


MIT Researchers: Novel Floating Plant Will Find Markets Worldwide

Nuclear Energy Plant Neighbors Dispel NIMBY

Tons and Tons Of Solar Panels To End Up In Garbage By 2040

Appropriations Impasse Poses Hurdle For Yucca Mountain Backers


DOE Secretary Moniz Talks Foreign Shipments, SRS Waste

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever


Obama admin Calculations Spared Developers Millions In Loan Guarantee Fees For Vogtle Nuclear Project, Documents Show

Energy Department Guarantees $1.8B In Loans For Georgia’s Vogtle Nuclear Plant

DOE Issues Remaining $1.8 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Vogtle Advanced Nuclear Energy Project

Iran’s Supreme Leader Seems to Pull Back on Nuclear Talks

New Study: Electric Cars May Be Worse For The Environment Than Gas-Powered


Clock Ticking On U.S Ex-Im Bank Fortunes


Vermont Seeks To Challenge NRC Ruling On Nuclear Plant’s Waste Funds

New Sandia Director Will Be First Woman To Lead National Security Lab

ITER: On The Path To Change

Iran Nuclear Talks May Run Beyond June 30 Deadline

Y-12 Nun Breacher Likely To Remain Free

EPA Warns Of Thousands Of Deaths From Inaction On Climate Change

Obama Goes On Offense On Climate

Ex-Im Bank Renewal Sparks Debate

US Fleet Continues Post-Fukushima Backup Systems Upgrades

DOE Probes Worker Radiation Exposure At Test Site


Nuclear Boy Wonder Preps for Next Challenge

Texas-led Draft House Bill Would Direct Millions To Fund Interim Nuclear Storage Facilities

Turkish Police Arrest 3, Seize Radioactive Material

New York Energy Week: Fusion Energy Sooner and Cheaper?


While The U.S. Spins, Sweden And Finland Close-In On Repositories For Longterm Spent Fuel Disposition

Massachusetts AG Urges Congress To Step Up Safety At Nuclear Plants

US Power Producers Brace For Summer Demand


VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Calls Yucca Mountain Currently ‘Off The Table’ But ‘Science Is Always Changing’


NRC Approves Use of Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Fund For Spent Fuel Storage

MOX Officials: ‘Recruitment Is Tough’ With Budget Uncertainties 

2014 Incidents At WIPP Will Have No Effect On EPA Recertification

Yucca Trial Balloon Legislation Floated With Linkage To Consolidated Storage


Alexander Says Free Enterprise System, Nuclear Will Provide Clean, Cheap, Reliable Energy

Improving The Selective Extraction Of Spent Uranium In Nuclear Waste Clean-Up

The Candidates' 10-Point Nevada Test: Yucca Mountain and Sage Grouse

Antis Launch Campaign To Keep Nuclear Energy Out Of Paris Climate Talks

Cleanup of Ohio’s Portsmouth Uranium Plant Expected To Take Decades More

DOE Official: Workers To Practice Before WIPP Reopens


Wyden Threatens To Block DOE EM Appointment Over Hanford Issues

NuScale Power’s Hopkins Elected Vice Chairman of U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Moniz Sounds Call For $1 Billion Annually For MOX Program

DOE Fine Los alamos $257K Over Losing Track Of Weapons Material Headed To Nevada

New Research Projects Could Revitalize Nuclear Energy


'No Nukes For The Duke': Former Prez Candidate Joins Anti-Pilgrim Rally

EPA To Hold Meetings On WIPP Certification

NRC Proposes New Financial Qualifications For Reactor Licensing

INL Research Reactor Brought To First Criticality After 14-Month Overhaul


DOE EM Nominee Draws Fire From Sen. Barrasso On Uranium Management

U.S. House Members Crafting Bill To Link Yucca Mountain And Consolidated Storage Sites

South Korea, U.S. Formally Sign Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation Pact Extension 

House Lawmakers Plan To Block Obama's Climate Agenda

SMRs: NRC Letter Outlines Key Licensing Issues To NuScale

Scientists Discover Bacteria That Help With Nuclear Waste Clean-Ups


Papal Draft Blames Most Global Warming on Human Activity

Congressional Boosters Keen On SMRs In Future Energy Mix

Hanford Advisory Board Calls Proposed Spending Levels Inadequate

New Waste Storage Initiative Rolled Out In Texas

Alexander Blasts DOE Plan For $2 Billion Transmission Line For Wind Power

Public Comments Sought On Bringing Nuclear Fuel To Idaho

House Panel Calls Out DOE Officials Over Operational SNAFUs


Nuclear War On The Hill: Fusion Research Splits The House And Senate

House Panel Explores Research Into Nuclear Fission And Fusion Technologies

House E&C Oversight Subcommittee Examines Oversight Failures at DOE Sites

Nuclear-Powered Submarine Damaged By 2012 Fire Towed From Shipyard, To Be Cut Up For Scrap

Potential GOP Pres Candidate Kasich Backs Yucca Mountain


Video: Oversight Failures Behind the Radiological Incident at DOE's WIPP

Antis Move To Halt Plan For Lake Huron Repository


How To Build A Home Fusion Reactor: The Tale Of A Teen Physics Prodigy

Industry: Nuclear Deals With China Hinge On Extended Cooperation Agreement


Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Gets Support in U.S. Senate Test

USNIC Shellacks Proposed Senate Export Control Amendments

Study: Nuclear Energy May Have Big Future In Virginia

West Texas Meeting About Possible Nuclear Spent Fuel Storage

New GAO Report Faults DOE for Oversight of Contractor Performance at Nuclear Weapons Sites

Head Of Contentious DOE Loan Program To Step Down

The Three Seismic Shifts That Are Shaking Up the World of Energy

U.S. Ousts Russia as Top World Oil, Gas Producer 

Work Progressing On One Off-Gas System At Hanford Vit Plant

Nevada's GOP Governor Won't Run For Harry Reid's Senate Seat

Nuclear Industry Welcomes G7 Pledge To Phase Out Fossil Fuels


The Boy Who Built A 500-Million-Degree Nuclear Fusion Reactor

New Government and Industry Initiative Launched to Drive Military Veterans to Utility Industry Jobs

DOE's Moniz Highlights Need To Better Value Electricity Assets

Are New EPA Regulations An Opportunity For Nuclear Energy?

Republican Pledges $175 Million To Push Party On Climate

U.S. Nuclear Regulators To Downsize Agency


California's MegaDrought: Diablo Canyon To The Rescue

Study Finds Indian Point Boost New York’s Economy By $1.6 Billion Per Year

Elon Musk Says Utilities Shouldn’t Fear His Battery Systems


US NRC Gets 20/20 Vision

American Industry Pushes For Renewal Of U.S.-China Civil Nuclear Agreement


Merkel Presses G7 Leaders To Agree Tough Climate Goals

Canada Shelves Lake Huron Repository Decision Until After Elections

Cheap Coal, Giant Batteries May Keep Gas Waiting For Its Golden Age

Norway Will Divest From Coal in Push Against Climate Change


DOE Hits U.S. Weapons Labs On Nuclear Defense Security Breaches

Rays of Hope: Fringe Fusion Ventures Take Small Steps Toward Energy Leap

Indian Diplomat: US Reactor Suppliers Must Be Cognizant Of Cost Effectiveness

Public Input Sought On Burial Of Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron

DOE Cites Former Y-12 Contractor For Two Incidents, Proposes $150K Fine

DOE Invests $60 Million to Advance Nuclear Technology

2016 Presidential Race: Sen. Graham Appealing To Climate-Conscious Republicans And Pro-Nuclear Democrats


Inside America's Weirdest Energy Lab

Researchers Look Back To Explore Future Of Mine Tailings

NRC, FEMA Seek Comment on Draft Update to Guidance for Nuclear Plant Emergency Preparedness

NOAA: Global Warming Slowdown Never Happened


NASA Report: Continued Role For Nuclear Energy In Space Exploration

The US Nuclear Energy Industry In Three Graphics

Chinese Group To Build World’s First Tidal Energy Plant In Swansea Bay

DOE Accused Of Illegally Transferring Uranium


Under New Leadership, The Long Hunt For Emission-Free Fusion Energy Rumbles On

Industry Interests Squeezed As Republicans Brawl Over Ex-Im Bank

Chevron Boss: Focus On Nuclear And Shale, Not Carbon

Rep. Whitfield Holds Hearing to Discuss QER with Moniz


Hyper-Precise Atomic Clocks Face Off To Redefine Time


Storage Bunkers Sealed Off At WIPP Closed By Leak

Nuclear's Unique Role In Socio-Economic Development

Ex-Los Alamos Scientist In Nuclear Spy Sting Loses Appeal

D.C. Officials Weigh In Against Pepco-Exelon Merger

How Europe’s Climate Policies Have Led To More Trees Being Cut Down In The U.S.

IAEA’s Amano Calls for Strengthened Computer Security in a Nuclear World


Michigan Lawmakers Irate Over Canada's Proposed Burial Site Near Lake Huron

The U.S. Shale Boom Takes a Break

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists: Introducing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator


New Godzilla Game Steers Clear of References to Radiation, Nuclear

Georgia Power Executives To Testify Before State Regulatory Panel On Vogtle Nuclear Plant

Politico: Obama's (Theatrical) Big Climate Plan Drop Expected in August Heat


Elon Musk's Growing Empire Is Fueled By $4.9 Billion In Government Subsidies

Wolf Creek Utilities Hit DOE With Suit Over Waste Disposition Failures


Solar Panels On Apple Plant In Arizona Catch Fire

DOE Increases Scrutiny Of LANL Operator After Electrical Accidents

Moniz To Join In Saturday Iran Nuclear Talks

Shimkus: Yucca 'Is The Law, Affirmed By The Courts And Backed By World-Class Science' — Door Remains Open

Nevada Gov On Yucca Benefits: No Dice


Antis' Appeal of MOX Operating Licensed Rejected

NRC Asked To Review Proposed South Dakota Uranium Mine By Company, Opponents

The Darker Side Of Solar Power: E-Waste

Fired Monticello Employee Arrested With Explosives, Hundreds Of Rounds Of Ammunition

Illinois Lawmakers Ignore Exelon's Warnings, Delay Nuclear Subsidy Bill

Climate Of Change: The Catholic Church's Dance With Science

Nevada House Democrat Titus Tries Kitchen Sink Approach Against Yucca

Illinois Assembly May Defer Action On Exelon Plants Package

Crain's: Illinois Neither Shaken Nor Stirred By Exelon's Closure Threats

Obama Cancels Emergency Over Russian Uranium Sales


Moniz Q&A: ‘We Are Definitely Heading Toward A Cleaner Future’

Politico: 5 Reasons Obama’s Transformative Power Plan Won’t Transform Anything


Honing In On The Nuclear Energy Gender Divide

NRC Commission Backs Variable Fees For SMRs

Former BRC Executive Kotek To Replace Retiring Lyons as DOE Nuclear Chief

Nuclear Verification Test At Nevada National Security Site Called Success


Sister Megan Rice, Freed Y-12 Breacher Unapologetic For Anti-Nuclear Activism

Lessons From Europe: The ‘Bizarre’ Green Recipe For A High Cost Energy System

Nuclear Waste Poses Dilemma For GOP Prez Candidates

Inside Hanford's Nuclear Facility

DOE Yet To Release Environmental Document On Potential German Waste Shipments To SRS


How CEO Crane Is Remaking Exelon

A New Material Could Make Storing Our Carbon A Viable Way To Stave Off Global Warming

NM Senator Udall Airs Concerns On Private Waste Storage: Mounts Effort To Strip Appropriations Provision


Energy Industry Eyes 100-Year Life Cycle For Nuclear Plants

Funding For Former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Clean-Up Faces Fresh Battle


APB: Hunt On For Former Nuclear Tycoon After Missed Court Date

Senate Energy Committee to Hold July 9 hearing on Nuclear Waste Administration Act of 2015

Senate Proposes Increased Hanford Budget Of $2.3 Billion

Report: Proposed EPA Carbon Rules Will Mean Higher Bills and Fewer Coal Plants

NY Energy Czar: State Working To Shutter Indian Point

Senate Appropriations Action Tees-Up Two Track Strategy For Yucca Funding

Simpson On Yucca And Pilot Storage:  Either Both Or None


Reid Ultimatum: Yucca 'Dead' — No Funding

R.I.P. — Reagan Nuclear Waste Director Ben Rusche

Indicted CEO of AEHI Jumps Bail

Senate Panel Advances $35.4B Bill Funding Energy, Water Programs

Ameren Illinois Customers Could Pay For Exelon's Nuclear Plants


Is Nuclear Energy Back On The Table In Oregon?

Study: Top Energy Firms Tied To Almost A Third Of Greenhouse Gases

Senate Energy & Water Appropriations Bill Includes $430M for UPF; Big Money for DOE’s Office of Science

Michigan DEQ: Decision on Great Lakes Nuclear Waste Site 'Out of Our Hands'

Idaho Gov. Otter Touts Nuclear Energy

Indian Point Gets 'Upbeat' Report From NRC

Heller Vets Rep Prez Hopefuls On Yucca: Likes Bush Flip-Flop

Nevada Senator Heller: Yucca A Bipartisan Issue — Obama A Firewall

Potential Yucca Senate Floor Fight Takes Shape


Lindsey Graham Sees US-Russia Counterterrorism, Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Georgia's Public Service Commissioner Says Door Is Opening For More Nuclear Energy

Obama to Coast Guard Grads: Climate Change ‘Serious Threat To Global Security’

Senate Panel Gives Assist To Private Waste Storage Initiatives

TVA Seeks Renewable Energy Emphasis; Alexander And Corker Push Back


Government Asks For 30 More Days To Consider Next Move In Y-12 Breacher Case


The Computer That Helped Bring Nuclear Energy To The World

One In Seven People Still Live Without Electricity

Senate Appropriations Panel Defers Action On Yucca Restart

Yucca Mountain: Despite Talk Of Revival, Obstacles Remain


Senate Floor Next Stop For Yucca Debate

Building A Safer, Cleaner Nuclear Reactor: and Reviving The Nuclear Dream


Planned Six Flags Solar Energy Farm Would Kill 19,000 Trees

Shock Claim: Nuclear Could Replace Fossil Fuels In Less Than A Decade

NRC Finds Fault With Richland Nuclear Plant Emergency Procedure

IAEA Impact: Protecting Romania's Cultural Heritage Using Nuclear Technology

Illinois Legislation ‘Could Set Precedent’ For US Nuclear Future

Senator Lamar Alexander Urges Less Wind Power In TVA's Future Plans

Regulators Seek Climate Rule 'Safety Valve' To Protect Electric Grid

Court Ruling Raises Questions for Energy Partnerships

Reid Takes Shots At GOP Campaign Talk On Yucca

House Bill Includes MOX Construction Funding


Scrap War: U.S. Navy Looks To Open Competition For Nuclear Ship Recycling

Washington State: Follow The Law On Nuclear Waste Repository


Nuclear Ionizing Radiation Saving Citrus Fruits In Morocco, One Fly At A Time


Court Orders Release Of DOE Y-12 Breachers

Shimkus Pushes Funding For Yucca Mountain Approval

Workers Seal Storage Bunker At WIPP


Scientists Developing 'Doctor Who-Like' Huge Nuclear Star To Produce Same Power As Sun

Hanford’s CH2M Hill Awarded 98 Percent Of Incentive Award

NRC Asks For More Information On Richland Plant Quake

Federal Court Decision Could Alter Cleanup Timelines At Hanford

Reid Rips Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush Over Yucca Mountain


Senate Committee Chair Takes Aim At US NRC Budget

House Leaders: Now Is the Time To Act on Used Nuclear Fuel

States Drill For Terrorist Attack On Yankee’s Spent Fuel

AP, Review-Journal Miss Jeb Bush's Yucca Mountain Flip-Flop

Bush Opposes Yucca Mountain; At Odds With Rubio

GOP Presidential Candidate Carson Wants Yucca Mountain Reconsidered


Notorious Nuclear Energy Mogul Montgomery Burns Is Out

Idaho Attorney General: INL Should Stick To Its Agreements

NJ: Nobody Trusts Barack Obama on Energy

Yergin, CEO Panel Cite Urgent Need for Electric Market Reforms

Leading GOP Prez Candidates Disagree: Rubio — I Support Yucca 

Flashback: President Bush Designates Yucca As National Repository

Jeb Bush Disses Yucca During Nevada Swing

Alexander: How to Prevent a United States Without Nuclear Energy


Sen. Murkowski: Nuclear Energy Remains Key to US Energy Future

Entergy Continues To Monitor Oil Leak At Indian Point


U.S. Senate Questions China Bona fides on Civil Nuclear Trade

Idaho Experts: Fuel Rods Can Be Shipped, Studied Safely 

Flawed Encryption Leaves Millions Of Smart Grid Devices At Risk Of Cyberattacks

Fire Prompts Renewed Calls to Close the Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Indian Point: Questions About Exemptions From Fire Safety Standards


Entergy's Mohl Discusses Indian Point Safety Following Fire, Future Of Nuclear Waste Legislation

Obama Admin Urges Approval Of New US-China Nuclear Agreement

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing On Civil Nuclear Agreement With China

NRC to Hold Regulatory Performance Public Meeting Regarding Indian Point

ORNL Heads Effort To Produce Plutonium For Space-Bound Power Sources


Carlsbad Spent Fuel Storage Quest Talks Spinoffs Including Recycling

A Growing Interest Among Ohio Lawmakers In SMRs

Video: The Yucca Mountain Debate

Antis Charge Indian Point Fire Raises Concerns About Aging Nuclear Plants

Obama Administration Threatens Veto On Nuclear Funding Bill Backing Yucca

US Officials Brief Key Lawmakers on China Nuclear Deal

NRC Updates Approach To Foreign Ownership

Senate Panel Launches Energy Reform Effort

Indian Point Oil Leak Could Take Reactor Offline For Weeks


Rubio: I Support Opening Yucca Mountain

WP: Obama's Nuclear Energy Deal With China Raises Proliferation Concerns

Yucca Project Could Bring Economic Incentives To Nevada

NY Governor Says Nuclear Plant Fire Created Hudson River Oil Slick

NRC: Indian Point Plant Fire No Threat, Low Risk Event

Indian Point Unit 3 Shutdowns After Transformer Failure On Non Nuclear Side: No Threat To Public

Investigation, Cleanup Underway After Transformer Fire At Indian Point Nuclear Plant


University of Washington's Historic Nuclear Plant Is ‘Endangered’

IEA: Nuclear Energy Roadmap Actions And Milestones

Indian Point Transformer Fire Sparks Environmental Risk Venting From NY Gov

Lake Huron Geological Repository Is Preferred Nuclear Waste Solution for Canada, Scary for Michiganders


Nun, 85, Has Y-12 Sabotage Conviction Overturned

High-Tech Price Tag For INL Waste Unit: $800 Million And Rising

Nye County Leaders Support Shipments Of Defense Uranium Waste To Nevada


Obama's Centrally Planned Green Energy In ‘Fast Retreat'

Murkowski Casts Aside 'Messaging' In Pursuit Of Overdue Energy Bill

Senator Wyden Introduces Bill to Modernize America’s Power Grid

Nuclear Waste: 5 Things To Know About The Lake Huron Bunker Project

Sen. Peters Statement on Joint Review Panel Report on Canadian Nuclear Waste Site

Statement by Congressman Dan Kildee on Canadian Joint Review Panel Report

Not In My Lake: Michiganders Go Apoplectic Over Canadian Repository

US Critics Balk At Canadian Plan To Bury Radioactive Waste Near Lake Huron


Study: DOE Oak Ridge Low-Level Nuclear Waste Landfill Would Be Too Close To Homes

IAEA and NNSA Mark a Milestone in Nuclear Security Training


Former DOE, NRC Employee Indicted For Attempting To Sell Nuclear Secrets To China


GAO: DOE Should Consider Halting More Hanford Vit Plant Construction

Senate Votes to Let Congress Review Any Nuclear Deal With Iran

UBS: Closures Of Coal And Gas Fired Power Plants In Europe Accelerating

US Uranium Transfer Rates Lowered 


Moniz Plugs Infrastructure Plan On ‘Daily Show’

US-CERN Agreement Paves Way for New Era of Scientific Discovery

Even Keystone Foes Grow Weary of Obama’s Delay in Deciding

Los Alamos Lab Worker Burned In Non-Nuclear Accident at Electric Station

At First Future of Ginna Hearing, Pros Outnumber Antis

Left-Leaning Victory In Canadian Election Could Mean Energy Changes


Vegas Mayor Will Lie Down On Highway To Block Defense Uranium Waste Shipment

Vermont Opposes Requests To modify Shuttered Vermont Yankee Regs

Three Dozen Global Nuclear groups Sign Climate Declaration

Senator With Energy Chops Champions 'Disruptive' Technology

Warren Buffett Betting Big On Wind Energy In Nebraska

SRS Affected By Energy Department's Emergency Planning Push

Greenpeace Faces Shutdown After India Freezes Funds In Charity Crackdown

DOE $73 Million Deal With NM Clears Field For WIPP Reopening

New Mexico’s Proposed Nuclear Waste Project Faces Many Hurdles


Fracking Chemicals Detected in Pennsylvania Drinking Water

Obama Climate Rules Face New Attacks From Republicans

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Investing: Chinese Demand For Uranium Good News For Cameco

Oil Glut Sends Crude Prices Tumbling and Hammers U.S. Producers

Mitsubishi Heavy Shares Slide On San Onofre Claim

Bechtel To Pay $800,000 To DOE in Hanford Settlement

Brazil Corruption Scandal Spirals With Detention of Eletrobras Termonuclear SA, CEO

MOX Central

Shaw AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

New U.S. Nuclear Plant, Watts Bar Unit 2 Is One Step Closer to Startup

Investing: Is SCANA Corp Poised to Surprise Earnings in Q2?

Verdict On Modular Assembly Cost Savings At New U.S. Plants Still Out

French Government Ponders €5B Rescue For AREVA

NRC Alleges TriVis Falsified storage Cask Weld Tests At Monticello

Investing: Cameco Price Target Cut to C$22.50 by Analysts

Sequoyah Nuclear Energy Plant's Unit 1 Trips Again

Edison Claiming $7.57 Billion In Damages Against Mitsubishi Heavy Over San Onofre

NRC Issues Final Environmental Report On Byron Station Nuclear Plant

Rooftop Solar Is Booming But Its More Vulnerable Than You Think

Companies to Pledge $140 Billion in Efforts to Cut Carbon Emissions

NRC Sets 'Pivotal' Audit Of Arkansas Nuclear One

Boeing's Laser-Powered Nuclear Engine Could Blast Aerospace Into Next Chapter

What Miniature Nuclear Reactors Could Mean For The World

Missouri’s Callaway Nuclear Plant Expected To Reopen Soon

Dominion’s Surry Nuclear Reactors Repaired, Restarted

Economics Forces UniStar Hand In Retreat From New Calvert Cliffs Unit

San Onofre Owners Receive Permission To Tap Nuclear Demolition

Toshiba Can Tap $4.6 Billion in Holdings to Cushion Accounting Reset

Is the Nuclear Energy Industry Ready For 11,000-Kilowatt Customers?

Missouri Nuclear Plant Shut Down After 'Non-Emergency' Leak

Investing: What To Expect Next With Uranium

Power Generators Face Big Payouts or Big Penalties in Reboot

Fluor Awarded Power Maintenance Services Contract for Luminant’s Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant

Brussels Rules EDF Benefited From Illegal Tax Breaks

Investing: Long-Term Power In Nuclear Energy Stocks

SMR Plants Moving Ahead, But Slowly

EU Demands Return Of EDF Tax Break

Ontario Power Generation Names Former Duke Exec Lyash CEO

New Material Promises 120-Year Reactor Lives

GE Proposes ‘Remedies’ In Push For Alstom Acquisition

France's Macron Sees AREVA Recapitalization Plan in September

AREVA Moves Ahead With Overhaul Plan

Toshiba Says Westinghouse Has Grown More Profitable Since Acquisition

Unistar Withdrawal Of Calvert Cliffs 3 Col Accepted By NRC

AREVA Awarded Nuclear Site Decommissioning Contract In The UK

CEO of Japan's Toshiba Resigns Over Doctored Books

Vattenfall Takes Huge Hit On Nuclear, Coal Assets

TVO Says Olkiluoto 3 Scheduled for 2018

Fate of Fennovoima’s Nuclear Project Rests Again On Fortum

Texas-based AZZ Wins Contract from China Nuclear Power Engineering

French Power Prices Surge as EDF Prepares to Cut Nuclear Output

Exelon, Duke, Dominion Will Seek To Extend Nuclear Plant Licenses To 80 Years

TVO: Olkiluoto-3 Operation Scheduled For Late 2018

'Experts' Report: Toshiba Earnings Overstated By $1.2 Billion Over 7 Years

Can U.S. Nuclear Plants Operate For 80 Years?

NuGen Nuclear Projects Raise Skill-Shortage Problems

Uranium Future Outlook: What do Restarts in Japan Mean for Uranium Juniors?

Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant Could Run Out Of Spent Fuel Storage Space In 2019

Former CH2M Executive Tapped as New TerraPower CEO

TerraPower Revamps Management To Focus On Technology Commercialization

California PUC Seeks San Onofre Emails Again

Pittsburgh Positioned To Lead US In Next-Generation Energy

First U.S. Small Modular Reactor Inches Ahead

DTE: New Fermi 3 Nuclear Reactor An Option

Texas-Based AZZ Inc. Awarded China Nuclear Power Engineering Company Contract

EDF Energy Pressed For More Post-Fukushima Enhancements

No More Nukes? How About Another 80 Years Of Them

AREVA Signs Swiss Fuel R&D Agreement

Exelon Stock Jumps Despite Net Cash Outflow

Festering Toshiba Accounting Issues Foreshadows Management Overhaul

Chinese Nuclear Giant Officially Launched

AREVA Wins Two Nuclear Plant Service Contracts In US and UK

Investing: The World’s 10 Top Uranium Mines Of 2014

Monticello Nuclear Plant Begins Sustained Operation At Higher Power Level

Surry Nuclear Reactors Shut Down To Repair Water Leaks

New Safety Pumps Ordered For TVO’s Olkiluoto

EDF Hopeful Can Take Investment Decision On Hinkley Point After Summer

Land Deal Secures Cumbria's Moorside Nuclear Plant

US Nuclear Energy Business Delegation Tours UK’s Cumbria: New Build and Decommissioning Focused

AREVA To Demonstrate Fuel Cladding Materials With Enhanced Resistance To Extreme Situations

NRC Completes SER Process for Braidwood And Byron Nuclear Plants

EDF Energy Completes Safety Upgrades At UK Nuclear Plants

Investing: Cameco Corporation — Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Finish Line in Sight for Watts Bar Unit 2, but Delays and Cost Overruns Still Hamper Vogtle and Summer Unit Additions

NRC to Consider Relicensing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Through 2045

UK’s NuGen Announces Land Contract Signed With Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

EnergySolutions Completes Segmentation Of Zion Unit 2 Reactor Vessel

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Corporation Attacked Online Again

Vattenfall Prepares For Shutdown Of Swedens Ringhals Units

TVA Foresees Slower Power Growth, More Natural Gas

New NuGen CEO Confident in UK New Build: ‘Waiting For The Fog To Lift So We Can See The Path Ahead’

Investing: Japanese Uranium Demand Likely to Recover

AREVA Delivers GAIA Lead Test Assemblies

EnergySolutions Completes First Large Commercial Reactor Segmentation in the United States

Fission Uranium's $900-Million Deal

US Nuclear Industry challenged By Rising Decommissioning Costs?

Toshiba Vice Chair Set To Resign Accounting Discrepancies

Investing: The Best Stocks to Invest in Nuclear Energy

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company Announces Management Changes at Fleet Headquarters, Davis-Besse

Rosatom Eyes 30 Foreign Nuclear Unit Construction Sites in Near Future

Nuclear Is Not Dead, Uranium Supply Deficit Could Be On The Horizon

Report: IAEA Bullish On Long-Term Role For Nuclear

UK Industry Veteran: SMRs The Smart Way To Go For China

SCE&G Places Reactor Vessel Cavity, Receives Reactor Vessel for V.C. Summer Unit 3

Lightbridge, Norway's IFE Enter Advanced Nuclear Fuel Testing Under Halden Reactor Conditions

International Isotopes Amends Agreement With NM County After Delay In Uranium Conversion Facility Construction

AREVA Begs To Differ On Kiggavik Uranium Project Recommendation

Report Claim: AREVA Aware 'As Early As 2006' Of Fault In EPR

Malfunctioning Pump Shuts Down Indian Point Reactor

CEO: Talen Energy Wants To Buy More U.S. Power Plants

Toshiba Weighing Sale of Westinghouse Shares

Flamanville EPR Reactor Vessel: Chronology Of Events Confirm AREVA’s Transparency

AREVA Opens New UK Office In Westlakes

Report: EDF Takeover Could Hit AREVA Order Book

VIDEO: Entergy Updates Cause Of Indian Point Transformer Fire

French Contractor Fined For Hiring Undeclared Workers At French Nuclear Plant

Merger Creates New Canadian Uranium Giant

Politics Helps Commerce For Westinghouse

TVA Readies Watts Bar 2

Investing: Stocks to Watch in Uranium

CB&I Announces Nuclear Plant Services Contract With Omaha Public Power District

Russia's Atomproekt Records Revenue Shortfall In First Accounts

Investing: Can Cameco Corporation Meet Analyst Targets?

How Startups Can Save Nuclear Tech

Toshiba Share Price Slides As Profit Writedown Said To Double

Power Company Says Drones Could Soon Scan Lines For Trouble

Rosatom Seeks EU Nuke Partners For Emerging Markets

BWXT Leader Explains What Company Split Will Mean For Lynchburg

Europe: Heatwave, Tighter Nuclear Boost Monday Spot

Dominion Nuclear Plant Value Dispute Likely Headed To Court

Bond Technologies Is Part Of Finland's Permanent Nuclear Waste Solution

GE Points To Chinese Competition In Persuading Eu Regulators on Alstom Deal

NuScale SMR Licensing Schedule Outlined

V.C. Summer Cost Issues To Go To Public Services Commission

Toshiba And AREVA Unveil New Robots For Nuclear Sites

Russia's Tenex Targets 40% Market Share By 2030

SEC Blocks AEHI’s Securities After Fraud

BWXT Completes Spin-Off of Power Generation Business

BWX Technologies Opens (Again) As Nuclear Company Headquartered In Lynchburg

Faulty Insulation Caused Fire, Oil Spill At NY’s Indian Point

Engie Mulls Belgian Nuclear Partnerships Amid Uncertainty

Fennovoima Seeks Approval For Construction Of 1,200MW Finnish Nuclear Facility

EDF's AREVA Deal To Shake Up UK Hinkley Point Ownership

Westinghouse-Led Group Wins Funding For Nuclear Fuel Project

NJDEP Draft Permit Doesn't Require Cooling Towers At Salem 1, 2 Nuclear Reactors

Watts Bar Is First Nuclear Plant To Meet Post-Fukushima Upgrade Requirements

France-China : AREVA Signs Three Agreements With Its Partners CNNC, CGN, And EDF

AREVA Delivers Radiation-Mapping Robot To CEA

Video: Southern Co. CEO — Energy... Into The Future

NuGen's New Chief Exemplifies Global Nuclear Learning

AREVA Signs Agreements with Its Chinese Partners, EDF

Exelon: EPA Plan Will Get Nuclear Issue ‘Half Right’

Report: Thorium Can Improve Long-Term Sustainability Of Nuclear

China Mulling Delay in CNEC Nuclear IPO Amid Stock Market Slide

At Babcock & Wilcox, Big Risks Go Up in Smoke

China's CNNC: May Bid For Enel's Slovak Power Firm Stake But No Decision Yet

EDF Energy: Austrians' Legal Challenge Not Robust

SNC-Lavalin Consortium Named Preferred Bidder For Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Contract

Colorado’s Energy Fuels Set For Bounce In Uranium Market

Westinghouse And Partners Get EU Funding For Russian Reactor Fuel Project

AREVA Puts U.S. Nuclear Radiation Business Canberra Up For Sale

FPL’s Turkey Point Cost Estimate Rises To Top Range Of $20 Billion

Holtec: Vermont Yankee Nuclear Fuel Casks Will Last 300 Years

Westinghouse Wins Safety Upgrade Contract At Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station

GE To Defend Alstom Power Unit Buy At EU Hearing

Investing: Cameco Shares Enter Oversold Territory


EDF Firm Offer For AREVA Unit Still Months Away

Babcock & Wilcox Gets New Name As Part Of Company Split

Falling Prices Hit Uranium Production

EDF Reactor Seen Facing ‘Difficulties’ by Nuclear Safety Chief

CGN Signs Deal With Belgium's Sarens On Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

Russia’s Rosneft and Rosatom Sign Co-Operation Agreement

BWXT Preps For Starring Role

Building Vogtle: Here Comes America's First New Nuclear Plant in 30 Years

Fortum Says Talks With Russian Firms Over Fennovoima Stall

Exiting Chairman: ERA Not Seeking Investors To Replace Rio Tinto

Uranium Energy Corp Announces A $10 Million Financing

Google Chooses Repurposed TVA Coal Generation Site for Next Data Center

Analyst: Vogtle Contingencies Erode As Schedules Protract

Fortum Says Talks With Russian Firms Over Fennovoima Stall

Owners Clash On Oskarshamn Closure Plans

E.ON Proposing Shuttering Of Two Swedish Units Over Minority Partner Objections In Wake Of Tax Hike

Video: Southern Company CEO — How To Run An Energy Company In 2015

NRC Steps Up Oversight Of Susquehanna Nuclear Plant

Bloomberg: $1.3 Trillion Investment Projected in Nuclear Energy Between 2015-2040

Exelon's LaSalle-2 Nuclear Unit At 89% Capacity After Maintenance

ERA Chair Peter Mcmahon Quits Over Ranger Uranium Disagreement

Paducah Contract’s Potential Value $177.2M

Canada Lets Australia's Paladin Be Majority Owner Of Uranium Mine

Day & Zimmermann Signs Southern Co. Nuclear Maintenance Contract

CEOs Grapple With An Elephant In The Room —The Future Of Electricity

Global Nuclear Performance Resurges For First Time Since Fukushima

Japan’s Taisei, Obayashi To Build Nuclear Plant In Turkey

ERA Stock Plunges, Board Defects After Rio Shelves Project

Leader: ABV Has A Nuclear Energy Development Strategy

Energy Fuels’ Uranerz Acquisition Now Closed

Vogtle 'Monitors' Point to Schedule Slippage Risks

64,000-Pound CA04 Module Placed Into Vogtle Unit 4 Nuclear Island

Westinghouse Electric Signs MOU With Nuclebras Equipamentos Pesados Of Brazil

Investing: Is Uranium Set To Power Up?

Enel Says Selling Slovak Assets at Once May Destroy Value

South African Advisory Panel Eyes Westinghouse, Rosatom Reactors

FirstEnergy Joins Nuclear Fabricator To Repurpose Pennsylvania Facility

Ur-Energy Announces Updated Technical Report for Lost Creek Property 

Swift & Staley Awarded Contract For Paducah Infrastructure Support Services 

EBRD Launches Uranium Mining Clean-Up Fund For Central Asia 

Russia's Atomstroyexport Pulls Out Of Ukraine

Investing: Are Uranium Stocks About to Break Out?

RWE Race to Catch Up on Renewables Seen as Too Little, Too Late

Investing: 93 Reasons Why Cameco Corporation Is a Buy

Diakont to Offer BWR Torus Inspection Services Using Underwater ROVs

Regulators: No Decision On French EPR Vessel Issue Until 2016

Vogtle Nuclear Plant Unveils Its New FLEX Dome

Studsvik Changes Presence In US Department of Energy Market

New York On-Peak Power Slides as Nuclear Unit Boosts Supplies

Kurion, AREVA Team Garners Hanford Work

Tohoku: Restart Safety Measures at Onagawa-2 and Higashidor-1 to Be in place by April 2017

GE Hitachi Holds Rally To Sway Upcoming Ex-Im Bank Vote

NuScale Power Highlights SMR Cost Competitiveness In WH Clean Energy Investment Summit

Uranium Energy Corp Poised To Ride Yellowcake Bull

Report: More Than 40 US Companies Eyeing Advanced Reactor Designs

Concrete Dome Built At Plant Vogtle To Shield Backup Power Equipment For Emergency

Curtiss-Wright Awarded $480 Million In Contracts For Navy Submarines

Investing: Stocks to Watch in Nuclear

China's Nuclear Energy Firm Sees No Threat From Merger Of Rivals

Uranium Miners Feeling Confident About The Future, Even If Prices Keeping A Lid On Current Growth

The Front-Runners In Fusion Energy

Wileman Poised To Take Helm At GE Hitachi

Investing: 3 Asian Nuclear Energy Stocks to Buy Now

TVO Power Consortium Proposes Shelving Fourth Olkiluoto Reactor In Finland

Westinghouse Opens New U.K. Office In West Cumbria To Support Sellafield Contract Wins

Workers at Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Inc. Accept Contract Offer

Enel CEO Says China's CNNC Likely To Bid For Slovakia Stake

Exelon's Moat Narrows: Competitive Advantage Degrades As Nuclear Generation Returns Come Down

1.3 Million-Pound Vogtle Unit 3 Steam Generator Arrives

DTE Energy Gets NRC Nod for Building Fermi Unit 3

Rio’s ERA Hits 34-Year Low After Halting Uranium Mine Expansion

Investing: 3 Asian Nuclear Energy Stocks To Keep An Eye On

French Nuclear Watchdog Urges Quick Resolution Of AREVA Rescue Plan

Feds Sound 'All Clear' At San Onofre: With Generator Switched Off, Emergency Plans Are Scaled Back

SpiralGen To Tackle CyberSecurity For Nuclear Plants

Duke Energy Consolidating Ownership Of Crystal River Nuclear Plant

INL Selects Energy Efficient SGI Supercomputer to Power Nuclear Energy Research

Utilities Jump as U.S. Approves Biggest Grid’s Power Plan

Mitsubishi Heavy Open to AREVA Stake

AREVA, EDF Merger Could Signal Big Changes In Nuclear Energy

DTE Energy Nuclear Unit License Expands Midwest Power Generation Options

FirstEnergy's Power Plants Prepared to Operate Reliably through High-Demand Summer Months

EDF Nuclear Energy Struggles to Compete With Falling Market Price

Steam Generator Latest Large Delivery To Plant Vogtle Nuclear Construction Site

Nuclear Generator CNNC Unit Shares Surge in Shanghai Debut

Return To Sender?: AREVA Chair — EDF Offer, Relations Need Improvement

French Nuclear Adviser Raises Questions Over AREVA’s Flamanville Reactor

Global Nuclear Fuels Gets $100 Million Contract Extension

B&W Company Board of Directors Approves Spin-Off of Power Generation Business

Westinghouse Announces Main Control Room Declared Operational At China’s Haiyang Unit 1

Two Japanese Companies Aim To Fund 30% Of Turkish Nuclear Project

Atkins To Provide Fire Hazards Analysis At Fukushima

Nuclear Physics: Pull Together For Fusion

Energoatom: AREVA to Enrich Uranium Of Ukrainian Westinghouse Fuel Assemblies In 2016

Oakbay Plans to Link Share Sale With Uranium-Supply Contracts

Exelon Plans Six-Part Bond Sale For $6.8 Billion Pepco Takeover

U.S. Nuclear Plants Gear Up With Post-Fukushima FLEX Preparedness For Natural Disaster Response

Once-Lauded Eskom Now Derided Over South African Power Cuts

TEPCO Owners At A Loss Over Plan To Terminate Compensation

Lights On: Future Brings Major Changes To Nuclear Energy Industry

Fluor Talks Paducah Clean-Up

Decommissioning Work Progresses at San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Less-stringent Plan For San Onofre's Nuclear Waste Approved

US Nuclear Corp. Ships Over $493,000 in Advanced Tritium Monitor Equipment Orders for Next Gen MSRs in China

PNNL Shares Nuclear Expertise with Neighbors to the North

AREVA Loses Its Reactor Heart To EDF Under French State Plan

Exelon Considers Options With Illinois Incentive Package In Limbo

At EDF, Lévy is Handed His Toughest Business Task Yet

Xcel Resolves Differences With B&W Over Prairie Island Generators

GA PSC's Echols: Vogtle Construction Making Progress, But Deadline Issues Loom

RWE, EON Fall After Top EU Court Backs Nuclear-Fuel Tax

South Korea Grants Lightbridge Patent for Metallic Nuclear Fuel Design

Cameco: Looming 15% Uranium Market Supply Gap Could Spur Price Revival

Westinghouse To Manage Swedish Nuclear Fuel Operation

Rescued AREVA Faces Uncertain Future As Nuclear Fuel Group

France Grapples With a Knotty Nuclear Problem

BREXIT: EDF And Hinkley Point Rumors Fly On Possible UK EU Exit

Switchyard Redesign Complete At Vogtle

Uranium Resources and Anatolia Energy Announce Merger with Aim to Fast-Track Uranium Production

EDF, French Government to Invest in AREVA to Fund Turnaround

French Gov Backs AREVA Reactor Unit Sale, Recapitalisation

China National Nuclear Power Soars with $273 Billion IPO -- Seven-Year High

B&W Gets $36M In Settlement Over Xcel Nuclear Plant Work

Fluor, AECOM Bid For $1 Billion Cleanup Contract At INL

Rosatom Strengthens Cooperation With Russian Foreign Ministry

French Government Orders AREVA and EDF To Merge Reactor Businesses

France Announces Plan To Merge Nuclear Reactor Businesses Of State-Owned Nuclear Energy Giants

EDF, AREVA To Merge Nuclear Units

AP: Growing 'Tension' Between Vogtle Owners, Builders

Korea Hydro & Nuclear picks Samsung C&T Group For $1 Billion Project

Nuclear Energy’s Share Of Global Power Generation To Rise

New CEO Samson's Arrival Sets Stage For 2018 Decision On NuGen

Russia's Rosatom Not Looking To Increase Stake In Finland's Hanhikivi Project

Talen Energy Corp. Established as PPL Corp. Energy Generation Spinoff

Vattenfall to Boost German Investment Despite Losing Billions Abroad

Kurion, AREVA Ink Pact on D&D Alliance for DOE Market

Video: AREVA Manufacturing Of Fuel Rods In 60 Seconds

‘Cost is Priority’ For Russia’s Rosatom Nuclear Plants

Peach Bottom Ramps Up To 1,320 Megawatts

Paladin To Acquire Carley Bore Uranium Project From Energia Minerals

CEO Levy: EDF Will Become A Nuclear And Renewables Power Utility

Rosatom Aims To Be Among Top 3 Global Nuclear Players

Russia's OMZ's Skoda JS Wins Nuclear Container Deal With CEZ

New KEPCO Rate Hikes Point To Need For Bringing Nuclear Generation Back Online

Westinghouse, GE-Hitachi Rush Against Clock to Salvage U.S. Export-Import Bank

Barron’s: Why Nuclear Energy Mergers Make Sense In China

Emirates Nuclear Energy Chief Tabbed for UK’s NuGen CEO Post

Russia Inc. Restructures Rosatom’s Global Operations

Frenemy: Exelon's Nuclear Partner Is Also A Rival

Why Are China's Nuclear Energy Firms Going Public?

EDF Seeks 2.5 Percent Annual Rise In Power Tariffs

Westinghouse Dedicates New Office in United Arab Emirates

SCE&G Seeks Rate Increase For New Nuclear Units

Sellafield Awards £47 Million Storage Container Contract To Metalcraft

Crane: Exelon Decision On Shuttering Quad Cities, Bryon Plants In September

Utilities File Complaint Citing Midwest Grid Operator's 'Massive, Unlawful' Costs

Vattenfall, EOn Team Up On German Decommissioning

The Business Case For Why Long-Term Uranium Use Will Grow

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Renews Bruce Power’s Operating License For Five Years

Terrestrial Energy To Collaborate With UK’s Dalton Nuclear Institute

German Utilities Have 'Set Aside Too Little' For Nuclear Exit

French Watchdog Reports Incident At EDF's Cattenom 1 Reactor: No Threat

Hitachi Looks To Recycling Nuclear Waste Via Advanced Reactor Design

Energy Fuels to Acquire Uranium Resources New Mexico Reserves

New York Power Prices Drop To 5-Month Low On Indian Point Startup

Canada's Bruce Plant Taps UK Firm For Project Management Services

Pilgrim Station’s Winter Storm Shut Down Critiqued by NRC

Duke, NRC Meet On Oconee Nuclear Station's Preparedness

NRC Moves Toward Operating License For Watts Bar Unit 2

Fate Of Illinois Nuclear Plants At A Fork

Long Slog to Build Power Lines May Imperil Obama’s Carbon Cuts

Hitachi Aims to Cut Time Needed to Make Nuclear Waste Safe

As Nuclear Grows, China Looks For Overseas Uranium Opportunities

The Play For Areva: All in

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Back Online After $70M Upgrade

Cameco’s Cigar Lake Goes Commercial

EDF Expects Resistance As It Tackles Generous Staff Perks

Indian Point Back On-Line After Transformer Replacement

China Gives Go-Ahead For CNNC IPO

EDF Seeks To Cut Workers’ 10-Week Holiday Quota

CNNC IPO Earmarks Funds for Westinghouse AP1000 Reactor

Leaking Reactor Pool At ORNL Gets Attention; AREVA Wins Support Contract

Nevada Company Hopes To Revolutionize Moly-99 Process

Investing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back For Uranium Drivers

NAC Joins AREVA's Texas Storage Team

EDF Closes in on AREVA’s Reactor Unit

Engie CEO Says AREVA Stake Back in Play

Report: EDF Offers $2.2 Billion For AREVA's Reactors Business

Entergy: About 3,000 Gallons Of Fluid Spilled Into Hudson River From Indian Point

Cameco Declares Commercial Production At Cigar Lake

China Approves China National Nuclear Power Corp Flotation

More Layoffs at Babcock & Wilcox in Lynchburg

Magnox Job Cuts: Vow To Safeguard Anglesey Nuclear Workers

Regulators Deny Request To Idle California’s Diablo Canyon

Engie Opts Out On AREVA Acquisition

AREVA in Talks With France’s EDF, Other Investors on Asset Sales

China Inc. Takes Stake In AREVA: Eyes Joint Venture

AREVA Signs Up For Texas Waste Control Specialist Storage Facility

Exelon Accepts PSC Conditions To Merge With Pepco

UK To Cut Up To 1,600 Jobs At Magnox Sites

Vattenfall’s Bond Investors Feeling The Chill With Phase-Out On The Docket

Uranium Industry Poised For Promising Future

Crews At Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Deal With Sewer Line Leak

GE Sweetens Pot For Alstom Deal

Japan's Tepco Forced To Revise Business Plan Again As Reactor Restart Delayed

Income-Guarantee Request Envelops Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant In Controversy Again

Uranium Daily Spot Price Down 35 Cents From Week Ago To $35.65/lb

SCE&G Fine Tunes VC Summer Completion Dates, As Ratings Drop

NRC Opens Probe at Indian Point Following Transformer Fire

Why a New Age of Nuclear Energy Is About to Dawn

Mid-Atlantic Power Dips on Surge in Nuclear Energy, Weakening Use

Formal Expression of Interest in Lightbridge Metallic Fuel Submitted to NRC by Four Major U.S. Utilities

Where Will Nuclear Plants Of The Future Be Built?

CGN and Kazatomprom Extend Nuclear Fuel Collaboration

EDF Plans Imminent Bid for Areva’s Nuclear-Reactor Business

EDF’s Chief Says It Will Bid for Areva’s Reactor Business

EDF Chief Outlines Full Takeover Of AREVA’s Nuclear Reactor Arm

EDF Mounts Full Court Press To Acquire AREVA Reactor SBUs

SCE&G Expects A Further Delay To The 'Substantial Completion' Date For VC Summer Unit 2

Entergy Nuclear Gets Good Marks For Hostile-Action Drill

TVA Completes Refueling At Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

The Economics of Hinkley Point C and the UK Nuclear Renaissance

Consultation Begins For What Would Be ‘EU’s Largest Nuclear Power Site’

Kurion Awarded Contract to Treat Radioactive Groundwater at Oklahoma Decommissioning Site

China General Nuclear Group Tests Commercial Waters In Kazakhstan

Toshiba Widens Accounting Probe To Include Westinghouse

Uranium One to Restructure Toronto Head Office By Mid-2015

Westinghouse To Continue Nozzle Inspections At Swiss Nuclear Plant

Russia's MBIR Sodium-Cooled Fast Neutron Research Reactor Gets Construction License

Analyst Consensus Price Target on Cameco Corporation

NRC Gives Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant High Marks For Safe Operation

U.S. Energy Executives Are Changing Their Business Models To Cut Costs

Exelon-Pepco Merger Approved Narrowly By MD Regulators

Exelon’s Pepco Takeover Fuels Fear That Nuclear Will Trump Solar

China's CNNPC Nuclear IPO Poised To Be Largest In Domestic Rollout

Oregon Regulators Push closure of Columbia Plant Until Crack In Cooling System Repaired

EDF’s Dungeness B: Extending Operations Until 2028

Entergy CEO Says Indian Point Can Be Safely Run Through 2035

Entergy Exec: Viability Of Nuclear Energy Threatened Without FERC Changes

Davis-Besse Resumes Operations After Steam Leak

UK National Nuclear Laboratory signs Agreements with Three Major French Nuclear Organizations

Regulators: More Delays Possible For Georgia’s Vogtle Nuclear Plant

Westinghouse Awarded Long-Term Inspection Contract for Switzerland’s Leibstadt Nuclear Station

Next Generation Nuclear Fuel Design Revealed

Engie Cuts 2015 Earnings Target on Belgian Nuclear Flaws

Utility Says Belgian ‘Cracked’ Reactors Unavailable Until Nov 1

TVO Board Postpones OL4 Construction License Application Submittal

EDF Confirms 2015 Targets as Sales Rise on Dalkia, Currencies

Why It Taken 40 Years To Get The New Watts Bar Unit Into The End Zone

Jacobs Awarded Contract From EDF Energy For All Its UK Nuclear Stations

Metalcraft of Chatteris Secures Contract Potentially Worth £47 Million To Produce Sellafield Nuclear Waste Containers

OPG Welcomes Federal Seal Of Approval On Canadian Kincardine Nuclear Waste Site

EnergySolutions’ Plan To Bury Uranium In Utah Scrutinized As Decision Nears

Chinese Nuclear Energy Firm Picks Siemens For Design

Sellafield Awards ILW Container Contract

Steam-Leak Repairs Keep Davis-Besse Shut Down

GE Hitachi To Compete In PWR Services Market

Hinkley – First-Of-A-Kind EPR Technology 'A Mistake?’

Small Firm Wins Big Sellafield Container Contract

Watts Bar 2 Nears Completion

China Nuclear Energy Firm Picks Siemens For Design

Amec Foster Wheeler Bags ITER Robotics Contract

Cameco Corporation's Asian Nuclear Deal Is Bigger Than You Think

Ohio’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant Shut Down Over Steam Leak

In New York, Fate Of R.E. Ginna Deal Is In Public Service Commission's Hands

Denison Focuses On Wheeler River Uranium Project In Canada

Uranium Miners In Australia Poised For Price Triggers

Regulators: Electrabel Must Prove Integrity Of Doel-3 And Tihange-2 RPVs

NRC To Investigate Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Incidents

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Again

Ex-AREVA Boss Lauvergeon Feeling 'Unfairly Tarred': Distances From EPR Decision

Lightbridge Posts $1.1M 2015 Q1 Loss

AREVA, EDF Alliance Talks Stall Over Valuation

France Looks To Reboot Nuclear Industry Champion AREVA

French Nuclear Model Falters

Report: EDF Poised To Buy AREVA Reactor And Engineering Units

French Nuclear Dynamo, AREVA, Stalls

FPL Is Seeking $34M In Nuclear Costs

Exelon Nuclear Fleet Supporters Rally In Illinois Capital

B&W Q1 2015 Results: Nuclear Operations and Power Generation Strong 

Ur‐Energy 2015 Q1 Results: Premium Price 28% Higher Than Spot 

Profit Drops Recorded For Siemens And Alstom

AREVA In Talks With Union To Cut Up To 6,000 Jobs

Tesla's New Battery Doesn't Work That Well With Solar

First European-Supplied Parts Delivered To Iter Project

Rolls-Royce to Frack

Clinton Cash Caper Aside, Uranium One Gives Russia Nuclear Energy Power And Influence

Areva's La Hague Nuclear Recycling Plant Challenged As International Customers Diminish

Video: Exelon's Dominguez Discusses Nuclear Outlook, Reliability Concerns With Power Plan Proposal

Callaway Dry Cask Fuel Storage Site Nears Completion

Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Eye Polish Nuclear Plant

Westinghouse Applauds Brazilian Government’s Nuclear Energy Plans

AREVA TN Awarded Contract By Exelon To Manufacture Used Fuel Storage Modules

Investing: Cameco -- Tale Of A Depreciated Uranium Company?

Westinghouse Delivers Reactor Vessel Components To Vogtle

Duke CEO On New Lee Plant: Watching Vogtle, VC Summer, China Construction; State Cost Recovery Plan

Exelon Advocates For Standardized Cost For Carbon Emissions

Xcel Earnings Fall On Weather, Nuclear Costs

French Gas and Power Group Confirms Interest in Parts of AREVA

Four Takeaways From Duke Energy’s Strong Quarter (And One Drag On It)

Restructuring AREVA Attracts Chinese Interest

CB&I Announces Additional Nuclear Work for its Lake Charles Fabrication Facility

Fluor Misses Earnings on Revenues Shortfall

TVA Reports Higher Net Income on Lower Operating Costs for the First Half of Fiscal Year 2015

GE Said to Face EU List of Concerns on Alstom Bid Next Month

Edison Denies Misconduct In San Onofre Settlement Process

The Long Path To Nuclear Generation: TVA Readies 'New Nuclear Unit' 42 Years After Its Start

Cameco Corp Upgraded To Outperform At Raymond James As Cigar Lake Uranium Project Turns The Corner

With New Factory, Tesla Ventures Into Solar Power Storage for Home and Business

Amec Foster Wins Contract To Analyze Nuclear Waste At Sellafield

Exelon: 'We Have To Have An Answer' On Illinois Nuclear Plants By Summer's End

NRC Approves DTE Energy's Fermi 3 COL: Hurdles Ahead

GE-Hitachi Applauds Fermi COL: U.S. First for ESBWR

TVA Prepares To Test New Reactor At Watts Bar

Exelon Reports Adjusted Operating Earnings Of 71 Cents/Share: Up Over 2014

Bechtel National Gets Earful From Senator Wyden Over Hanford: Probe Demanded

Diablo Canyon's Seismic Safety Reaffirmed

Edison Releases Emails In San Onofre Probe

Cameco Raises 2015 Capital Spending Budget Nearly 10% to $405M

AREVA Sales Fall As Reactor Services and Fuel Sales Sectors Remain Flat

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Belgian Nuclear Reactors Earn Ten Year Reprieve 

West African States Prepare MOU On Nuclear Cooperation

Belgium, Engie Unit Reach Deal On Nuclear Tax, Plant Life Extensions


Regulator: Villar de Cañas Site Suitable For Spain's Radwaste Storage Facility

Russia's Sevkabel Supplies Cable For Belarusian Nuclear Plant

TEPCO Begins Removing No. 1 Reactor Building Covers


Chernobyl Confinement Arch Joined Together

Egypt To Build 1st Vocational School Of Nuclear Science

Japan Two Weeks From Return To Nuclear Energy


BBC Documentary To Tell The Sellafield Story

Vessel Head For China’s Haiyang 2 Lifted Into Place

Japan's Sendai NPP Could Return To Commercial Operations Aug 10

China Will Soon Leapfrog Traditional Leaders in Nuclear Energy

Poland’s PGE EJ1 Rejects Greenpeace Suggestion Of Further Delay To Plant Project


TEPCO Prepares to Lift 20-Ton Debris From Fuel Pool

UK Regulators Question Horizon Safety Risk Plans

UK’s NDA: Sellafield Has Seen Record Levels Of Investment

Nuclear Commission Takes Overseas Experiences On Board As South Australia Considers Uranium Industry Expansion

Jamaica Approves Bill To Regulate Nuclear Technology

Russia to Build 5th-Gen. Nuclear Subs by 2020 in Push to Modernize Military

UAE’s Enec Installs New Nuclear Plant Training Simulator

China Starts Largest Expansion Of Nuclear Energy In The World


Russia Receiving Ship Capable Of Lifting Nuclear Waste From Arctic Waters From Italy

South Korea’s Shin-Wolsong-2 Enters Commercial Operation

The Middle East Nuclear Energy Play No One Is Talking About

Finnish Nuclear Energy Plant Site Vandalized

South African Nuclear Storm Brews As Board Tries To Oust Energy Chief

China Sees Slowest Increasing Rate of Power Consumption in 30 Years

First Criticality Achieved For China’s Fuqing 2

South African Nuclear Plant To Shut Unit For Refueling, Maintenance

Armenia Confirms Ongoing Role For Nuclear Energy


China Spends Big On Nuclear Fusion As French Project Falls Behind

India's Nuclear Energy Capacity Expected To Reach 10080 MW by 2018-19

Former UK Energy Secretary Berates Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project

Australian PM’s Fight Against Solar And Wind Power

French Energy Law Dodges Decisions On Nuclear Cuts

China’s Anti-Pollution Drive Starts to Bite on Sales of Coal


France to Adopt Law to Cut Nuclear Dependency, Carbon Emissions

China To Build Two Nuclear Energy Plants In Iran

Slovenia And Croatia Agree On Life Extension For Krško Nuclear Plant 

Flaw Indications Found In RPV At Switzerland’s Beznau

China Aims At South Africa's US$80B Nuclear Energy Project


Japan Nuclear Refugees Face Dilemma Over Returning Home

Ukraine's Nuclear Fuel Concern, China's CNEIC Plan To Cooperate In Nuclear Sector


U.K. Energy Secretary: ‘Very Good Prospect’ of EDF Hinkley Deal This Year

African Countries Agree to Cooperate on Nuclear Development

Quebec Uranium Commission Makes Recommends Against Hasty Progress

China Will Soon Surpass South Korea, Russia, And Japan In Nuclear Generating Capacity

Japan May Soon Restart A Nuclear Plant — Or Several

More Fukushima Radioactive Water Leaks

Lasers To Aid Fukushima Daiichi Fuel Removal


Apocalypse No! Why Artists Should Not Go Into The Fukushima Exclusion Zone

The Middle East Nuclear Energy Play No One Is Talking About

Nuclear Submarine Reactors Could Be Used To Make Mini Power Station At UK’s Trawsfynydd

China's Nonproliferation Track Record Draws Scrutiny As Congress Weighs Civil Nuclear Agreement Extension

Despite Pressing Need, Japan Continues To Grope For Nuclear Waste Site

JAEA, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy and Sugino Machine to Develop Laser Technology to Remove Nuclear Fuel Debris

India to Build 'Strategic Uranium Reserve' to Counter Shortage of Nuclear Fuel


The Question Of Nuclear Waste In The UAE

Japan’s NRA Still Antsy About Fault Lines Under Shika Nuclear Plant

Canadian Nuclear Plants Completing Upgrades Prompted By Fukushima


Iran's Nuclear Energy Rap Video Goes Viral: 'Peaceful Nuclear Energy For Everyone'

Further Inspections For Reactor Vessels At Switzerland's Beznau Nuclear Plant

Second Regulatory Issue Raised With UK ABWR Design

Iranian Researchers Welcome Nuclear Deal—Could Boost International Scientific Collaboration

The 6 Biggest Myths About The Iran Nuclear Deal

Europe Divided Along Former Iron Curtain Over Nuclear Energy

How China Hopes To Solve Nuclear Waste Issue With Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor At Top Secret Facility


Finland Kills Nuclear Bid With Mysterious Investor

Rosatom Promises It ‘Will Play By Rules’ In South African Deal

Russian Nuclear Project In Finland Stalls Over Croatia Investor

As India Announces Plans For Four New Reactors, Kudankulam-1 Gets Go-Ahead For Regular Operation


Report Backed Suggesting SMR Placement at UK’s Trawsfynydd Nuclear Station

Fukushima Team Studies Swiss Nuclear Experience

UK Accused Of ‘Ill-Thought Energy And Climate Policies’

Japan Confirms Nuclear Energy to Supply a Fifth of Power by 2030

Deal Reached on Iran Nuclear Program; Limits on Fuel Would Lessen With Time

Interview: Charting A Nuclear Future For The Czech Republic


Japan’s Plutonium Stockpile Creates a Nuclear Headache

Japanese Nuclear Watchdog Says Safety Culture Not Good Enough After Documents Falsified

Russian’s Rosatom Dismisses South Africa Nuclear Build Fears

The Long And Controversial History Of Uranium Mining In Australia


New £10B Sellafield Nuclear Plant Set To Create 21,000 Jobs

Japan’s Ikata Reactor In Ehime Wins Safety Approval As Nuclear Plants Inch Closer To Restart


10 Years After India-US Nuclear Deal: ‘Manmohan Singh Wanted To Pull Out After US U-turn’ 

South Africa Remains Tight-Lipped Over Nuclear Build Costs

First Radioactive Waste Disposal At South Korean Repository


Lawsuit Launched Against Hinkley C Nuclear Plant

South Africa To Finalize Nuclear Build Requirements By End Of July

NuGen Signs Deal To Buy U.K. Site For Nuclear Project

IAEA Director General Amano’s Remarks To The Press On Agreements With Iran


Iran And IAEA Sign Roadmap For ‘Clarification’ Of Nuclear Issues

CEO of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy N-Plant Decries Impact of Power Tariffs Uncertainty

Luxembourg Government Working On Hinkley Point C Legal Objection

India Extends Uranium Deal With Kazakhstan Through 2019

Australian Nuclear Inquiry Chief Meets with US Regulators

Australia Blocks Government Funding For Wind Farms

Nuclear Plant Closing Reflects Overhaul of German Energy Production


Finland’s Mysterious Nuclear Investor

Russia Offers India A Role In New Nuclear Plants

IAEA Reviews Operational Safety at Japanese Nuclear Station

Diplomats: Iran Nuclear deal expected Sunday

Rosatom Confident Of Clinching South African Nuclear Deal


ČEZ Dismisses Austrian Criticism Of Temelín

Japan’s NRA Hears from Power Companies on BWR Countermeasures


Spending Big: Saudi Arabia Works Towards Building Nuclear Capabilities

Russia Disputes Criticism Of Its Role In Ukrainian Projects


Japan’s 17,000 Tons of Nuclear Waste in Search of a Home

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Finishes Loading Fuel Into Nuclear Reactor

Czech Republic Plans To Build Two New Nuclear Reactors


Emerging Market Power: Russian, Brazilian Presidents Discuss Nuclear Energy

Green Energy Companies Hit As UK Chancellor Slashes Renewables Subsidies

South Africa, Russia Sign Agreements On Nuclear Energy Cooperation At BRICS Meeting

Nuclear Fuel Loading Process At Kyushu Reactor Nears Halfway Point

Austrian Legal Action Could Delay Hinkley Point Nuclear For Three To Four Years

Russia Prepares Technology Details For Tritium Removal At Fukushima

Taiwan Gets Help From Swedish Nuclear Waste Experts

French President Holds Nuclear Industry Talks With Ministers


India, Russia To Accelerate Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Ukraine Mulls Withdrawing From Nuclear Construction Deal With Russia

Russia to Construct Fukushima Water Decontamination Plant in 2016

Photos: Japan Takes Step Toward Nuclear Reactor Restart


Containment Dome Installed At China’s Sanmen 2

Temelín-2 Offline Until End Of July For Steam Generator Repair

Finnish Nuclear Plant Construction Site Vandalized

India In Talks With Russia For Leasing A New Nuclear Submarine

Green Austria On Warpath Against Nuclear Energy In Europe


More Emiratis Needed For UAE Nuclear Industry

Westinghouse To Play Key Role In Mexico’s Energy Future

India To Renew Contract With Kazakhstan For Uranium Supply 

EU Supports Radioactive Waste Management In Ukraine


UAE Nuclear Project Enters Critical Phase

Fuel Loading Starts at Sendai-1 on July 7

Armenia, Russia to Exchange Informatiion On Nuclear And Radiation Safety

Fuel Loading Begins For Japan’s Sendai Reactor Restart

Austrian Legal Challenge Could Hang Over The £24.5B Hinkley Nuclear Project For Years

WNA Director: Austrian Legal Action ‘Damaging To Efforts To Address Climate Change’

China Is Building Two Untested Nuclear Reactors On Pakistan's Coast


Will Putin Pay for $100 Billion South Africa Nuclear Plan?

Kyushu Electric Edges Closer to Nuclear Restart With Refueling

South Korea May Obtain Order for Dutch Nuclear Research Reactor Project

UK Green Energy Subsidies Spiral Out Of Control

Move To Nuclear Energy Needed If Singapore Wants To Cut Emissions

Russia To Receive 5th-Generation Nuclear Subs

Sendai Plant Moves Toward Fuel Reload As Japan Fleet Restart Looms

Radioactivity Unexpectedly Detected In 2 Places At Czech Temelin Nuclear Plant, No Safety Risk


Ukraine Gov't Approves Pilot Project to Transfer Electrical Energy to EU

German Nuclear Availability Hits Year-Low Amid Heatwave

Russia Inc. Claim: We're #1 in Nuclear Energy Technology Design

Berlin Says Utilities Can't Dodge Responsibility For Nuclear Waste

IAEA Says Iran Uranium Stockpile Reduced, But Questions Remain

MOU Promotes Stronger Ties Among Canadian And Romanian Nuclear Suppliers

Japan Power Group Aims For 35 Percent CO2 Emissions Cut By 2030

Tunisia, Russia to Sign Nuclear Energy Agreement in October

Japan’s TEPCO Seeks Global Seal Of Approval To Restart Nuclear Plant

Niger Becomes the World’s Fifth Largest Uranium Producer

Higher Radioactivity Detected at Chernobyl Amid Forest Fires


Study Warns Germany’s Green Energy Transition May Be Running Out Of Money

Weak Power Grids in Africa Stunt Economies and Fire Up Tempers

ConverDyn Mentors Ukraine's Hopes Of Producing Its Own Enriched Uranium

Why is UK Expanding Nuclear As US Tries To Get Out?


Greenpeace And Utilities Launch Suit Against Hinkley Nuclear Plant

German Econ Minister: Taxpayers Wont Pay For Nuclear Phaseout Provisions

South Korea See Stable Power Supply In Summer On New Capacity

Andra: French Nuclear Waste Will Triple After Decommissioning


Space Particles Are Helping Map The Inside Of Fukushima

Finnish Nuclear Investor Faces Scrutiny Over Russia Link

Container Lid Bolts For Low-Level Nuclear Waste Might Be Failing In Japan


Russia’s Rosatom Says It Offers Reliable Nuclear Supplies To Europe

Iran Meets Key Obligation To Cut Enriched Uranium Stockpile

From Opposite Directions, France And Germany Converge On Climate Change

UK Gov And EDF In Talks Over Liabilities If Austria Wins Nuclear State Aid Appeal


Wildfires Once Again Rage Nearby the Chernobyl Nuclear Site

Fennovoima Submits Construction Licence Application For Finland's Hanhikivi

Russia Extends Generation IV Reactor Cooperation By Ten Years

Toshiba Readies Scorpion-Like Robot For Fukushima Nuclear Plant

IAEA Urges Independent Regulatory Body For Nigerian Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Fusion Reactor Prototype To Be Unveiled In The UK

AREVA: Work Slows At Brazilian Nuclear Plant


Why The French Are Losing Enthusiasm For Nuclear


Austria Postpones Filing Complaint On Hinkley Point C

Can Nuclear Energy Warm Russian-Saudi Relations?

Shuttered Taiwanese Nuclear Plant Overrun With Stray Dogs And Deer

Britain, Canada To Strengthen Cooperation On Nuclear Energy


Hinkley Point C Nuclear Center: First Phase Completed

South Korea To Begin Preparation For Disposal Of Spent Nuclear Fuel

South Africa Ready To Call For Nuclear Bidders

Germany's Oldest Nuclear Plant Goes Offline

South African Nuclear Deal With Russians ‘Not In Bag’


Disputes Linger As Iran, Powers Push For Nuclear Deal

AREVA: Work Slows On Brazil’s Angra 3 Reactor Due To Finance Delays

Shareholders Of 9 Japanese Utilities Reject Proposals To Abolish Nuclear Reactors

Canada Selects Engineering Group To Operate Nuclear Labs


Saudi Seeks Nuclear Deals, Alliances To Counter Iran

Preliminary Findings Positive For Swedish Repository

Latest 'Nuclear Deal' Sweetener for Intransigent Iran: Nuclear Reactors

German Reactor Closure Leaves Grid More Vulnerable

German Nuclear Phase-Out Starts Final Stage With Grafenrheinfeld Closure

Turkey's First Nuclear Plant Gets Preliminary License To Start Investment

Fortum's Role In Finland’s Hanhikivi Project Still Uncertain

Swedish Regulator Cautiously Positive About Repository Licensing

Kazakhstan: China May Act As Transit Route For New Fuel Bank


Trouble Ahead For UK’s Nuclear Energy Hopes?


France, Saudi Arabia Inch Closer To Civil Nuclear Deal

Ukraine Prepares To Cancel Khmelnitski Nuclear Unit Agreement With Russia

Berlin Set To Scrap Plans For Climate Change Levy On Power Sector

Finland's TVO Scraps Plans For Fourth Nuclear Reactor


Finland's Fennovoima Says To Meet Terms For New Nuclear Reactor

EU Grid Chief: Scandinavia Is Model For Europe's Power Market

Vietnam, Russia Cooperate In Developing Nuclear Power Infrastructure

Australia’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Giving Indigenous Communities A Voice


Austria Persisting With EU Complaint Against UK Hinkley Deal

Amano Looks To Future Of International Fuel Reserves

Dosage Limit for Fukushima Emergency Workers to Be Set at 250mSv

IAEA Reviews Nigeria’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Framework

Minister: Bavaria Can't Dodge Nuclear Waste


Canada Grants ‘Historic’ Exemption Under Uranium Policy

Pakistani Nuclear Power Plant Clears Another Hurdle

Report: Turkey’s Sinop Nuclear Plant To Cost $16.3B


Japan's Sendai Plant Refueling Slips But Still Tracking For August Restart

French Nuclear Regulator Riles Establishment With Outspokenness

Egypt Faces $200B Losses Due To Nuclear Project Delay


Nigeria Flirts With The Nuclear Age, Dancing To A Russian Beat

UK Regulators Raise Issue With ABWR Design

Pravda Claim: Russian Navy to Modernize Ten Nuclear Submarines

Low-Enriched Uranium Might Be Transited Across China To Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakhstan


IAEA Assures Kazakh Public Uranium Bank Will Be Safe, Secure Facility

UK Analysis Says German Wind Chief’s Assertion Doesn’t Stand Up

Korea to invest $135M To Dismantle Gori-1 Nuclear Reactor

India's Research Reactors Not Under Nuclear Insurance Pool

EU Energy Union: Turkey Should Develop Nuclear Safety In Line With EU

Japan May Allow India To Reprocess Spent Nuclear Fuel From Japanese-Made Reactors

Nigeria Selects Two Sites For Nuclear Plants

Germany Plods The Way To A Low-Carbon World, Closing Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Plant


UK Councillors Back New Nuclear Station Plea In Romney Marsh

German Govt Clashes With Bavaria Over Nuclear Storage Site Plan

China's Third-Generation Nuclear Reactors to Compete Against American, Russian Counterparts

After A Four-Decade-Long Nuclear Discord, Energy-Hungry India To Receive Uranium From Canada

NRA Confirms Additional Effective Dose Reduction at Fukushima Daiichi Boundaries


French Regulators to Test Hinkley Point Reactor


Saudi Arabia, Russia Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Deal

JAEC Advises Securing Long-term, Stable Financing for Nuclear Energy

IAEA and Russia Sign Transit Agreement for IAEA Fuel Bank

Japan Faces Dilemma Over Plutonium Stored In France

India’s Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor To Begin Operations This Year

Russia, Myanmar Sign Agreement on Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Unions, Govt Adviser Attack Chinese Role in UK New Build


Indian Ambassador: India-U.S. Civil Nuclear Pact A Done Deal

Russia Inc Seeks to Tighten Grip On Global Nuclear Market With Standardized Reactors

UAE One Step Closer To Viable Nuclear Energy

US DOE Advises Ukraine On Winter Fuel Crisis Plan

EDF: Not Sitting On Our Hands Over UK Sizewell C Investment Plans

French Spot Up Following EDF Nuclear Reactor Outages

Romania Expects to Finalize Agreement on Units 3,4 of Cernavoda Nuclear Plant by end-2015

China Plans Big Nuclear Export Push Buoyed By The $20 Billion Deals 


EU Disburses $20M for New Nuclear Waste Repository in Chernobyl

India's Fast Breeder Reactor Project To Start By September

Nigeria Picks Sites to Build 2,400MW Nuclear Plants


Ningde 3 Nuclear Unit Begins Commercial Operation In China

IAEA Urges Nigeria To Ensure Safety Of Its Nuclear Energy Program

New Round Of Iran Nuclear Talks This Week

Supporting Nepal with the Help of Nuclear Applications


South Korea's Nuclear Reactor Operator To Shut Oldest Unit Permanently

Russia Ready to Cooperate on Building Finnish Loviisa Nuclear Plant

Premier Li Keqiang: Time for Chinese Equipment Makers To Explore Overseas Markets

Power Gen Europe Conference: SMRs Could Be The Way Forward For Europe


Flash Drives Containing Data On Hungary's Nuclear Expansion Stolen

Nuclear Science Helping Fruit Growers In Croatia

IAEA Chief Encourages ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ Plans For Managing Spent Fuel

Czech Minister Sees New State Company As Best Nuclear Option

India To Receive Nuclear Fuel Supply From Canada In Autumn 2015 

India Establishes Insurance Pool To Cover Nuclear Liability

Fukushima Evacuation Orders to Be Lifted for 70 Percent of Affected Residents by March 2017

French Reactor Problems Cast Doubt On UK Nuclear Plant

Japan OKs Long-Term Fukushima Cleanup Plan Despite Unknowns

Armenian Nuclear Plant To Shut Down For 6 Months In 2017

Lithuania’s Ignalina Nuclear Plant Applies For Radwaste Repository License

Russia Expresses Interest In Building Nuclear Power Plant In Indonesia

IAEA Expresses Concern Over Lack Of Progress On Armenian-2 Licence Extension


Japan Lifts Fukushima Evacuation Ban: Accelerates Infrastructure Improvement

What's Ahead For Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant?


Autonomous Drone Developed For Fukushima Reactors

Kazakhstan to Host International Uranium Fuel Bank

Researchers: South Australia Should Look Beyond Wind To Nuclear For Clean Energy

Hungary Challenged On Nuclear Choice With Russia

Revised Roadmap For Decommissioning Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Industry Minister: Japan Needs 35 Nuclear Reactors Operating By 2030


Rosatom Promises To Destroy More Derelict Nuclear Service Ships

South Korea Panel Backs Closure Of Oldest Nuclear Reactor


Nuclear Safety Concerns As China To Build Nuclear Reactor In UK Using Imported Parts

Research Paper: China Can Meet Even Most Ambitious Uranium Needs

South Korea Needs New Facility For Spent Nuclear Fuel-Advisory Group

Nuclear Fuel Tax Case Reverts To German Courts


Survey: Only One in Twenty Japanese Would Choose Renewable Energy Exclusively

A Nuclear Plant In Political Crosshairs In Crimea

Indian Government To Contribute Rs 600 cr To Nuclear Pool


CGN-CNNP/2: Investors Splitting Their Chinese Nuclear Energy Love

Japan’s NRA to Partially Redo Pre-service Inspections at Sendai-1

U.N. Nuclear Agency Backs Report Despite Russian Protest Over Crimea

Russia, Indonesia To Cooperate In Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy

China’s Haiyang 1 Control Room Declared Operational

Japan To Restart Nuclear Reactors, Despite Political Opposition


IAEA Board Considers Fukushima and LEU 'Bank'

CNNC Signs Framework Agreement With Sichuan Province

EU, China Said to Ready Climate Pact in June Before Global Deal

Russia Informs IAEA That Crimean Nuclear Facilities Not Part of Ukraine

Cairo Says Russia’s Rosatom Submits Bid to Build Egypt’s Nuclear Plant

South Korea Plans to Increase Number of Nuclear Reactors to 36

Energoatom Head Predicts Bankruptcy Of Ukrainian-Russian JV Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant

Czechs Look To Nuclear Over Gas For 2040 Strategy


Russia to Introduce New Nuclear Arctic Icebreaker Project by End of 2015

IAEA Governors Asked To Approve Kazakhstan LEU Bank Agreement

South Korea Axes Four Coal Plants, Plans Two New Nuclear Units

South Korea Plans To Run 36 Nuclear Reactors In 2029

Is Russia Postponing Reactor Builds Over Power Surpluses Or Financial Deficits?

Bolivia Set to Sign Cooperation Deal With Russia's Rosatom

Five Japanese Utilities Still Booking Costs For Retired Reactors

At G-7, Japan's Energy Plan Is Not All That Green

Finland Exports Electricity To Russia For First Time

Revenues of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Plant To Increase After Upgrade

Global Nuclear Energy Sector Rebounds


The Great Iranian Low-Enriched Uranium Stockpile Panic of June 2015

Sydney's Lucas Heights Reactor To Ramp Up Nuclear Medicine Production To Meet World Demand

EU Moves Against Three Chinese Solar Panel Makers


Rosatom's BOO: An Offer You Can't Refuse?

Tunisia, Russia Sign MoU On Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy


UK Energy Czarina: 'Beautiful' Nuclear Energy Stations Can Win Over Skeptics

Japan To Start Fukushima Fuel Debris Retrieval In 2021

Turkey And Jordan To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

China Supports Adding Pakistan To Nuclear Suppliers Group

Cuba And Russia Jag On Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Top EU Court Rules German Nuclear Fuel Tax Is Legal


Four Years On, Fukushima Workers Get Own Rest Area

Russian Nuclear Industry Surviving Sanctions

Kazakhstan Banks on Nuclear Energy

Finnish-Russian Nuclear Project Seeks More Investors As Deadline Looms

Czechs Back Nuclear Development Plan Without Decision on Funding

Deputy Minister: Bulgaria On Track To Extend Nuclear Units' Lifespan

South Africa’s Nuclear Program Set To Receive New Financing Model

Lavrov: Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Rosatom To Continue Cooperation With IAEA

‘Too soon’ To Assess South Africa On Funding Nuclear

Russia and Tunisia Sign Nuclear MOU

TVEL to Deliver, Load Modernized Fuel into One Reactor of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Plant


Sendai: Japan’s First Reactor Restart Slides To Mid-August

Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Japan Too Bullish on Nuclear 2030 Goals

South Africa Energy Department to Lead Nuclear Build Program

Argentina Hopes to Obtain Russia-Designed Nuclear Reactors

China's State Council Approves SNPTC and CPIC Merger

Russia In Talks With India For Transfer Of Nuclear Technologies In Various Fields

BRICS Nations, A Global Driver For Nuclear Energy


EU Unable to Prove Claims Russia Uses Nuclear Energy as Political Tool

Rosatom Says Ukraine Paid Off 2014 Russian Nuclear Fuel Deliveries

Foreign Insurers May Soften Stand On Operator's Liability In India

UAE Has More Women Nuclear Professionals Than Global Average

Japan Government Stakes Out Goal for Nuclear Energy of 20% in 2030

Czech Nuclear Development Plan Sees Time Out On Key Reactor Decisions

Korea To Add Two More Nuclear Reactors

Work On India’s Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Project Likely To Begin In 2 Years

Vietnam Plans Nuclear Energy Expansion


Nothing 'New' Or 'Happening' On US-India Nuclear Energy Deal After 'Breakthrough'

China Nuclear Energy Firms Merge To Fuel Global Clout

RWE Ready To Discuss German Nuclear Decommissioning Fund


Russia's Eyes Massive Nuclear Submarine Deal with India

China Competing In Egypt's Nuclear Energy Market

IAEA Blames TEPCO's Poor Preparations For Fukushima

Iran Boosts Cooperation With Nuclear Inspectors Before Talks

China Is Hunting For Uranium Assets

Hungary, China agree to Cooperate In Training Nuclear Staff

China, Egypt Agree To Nuclear Cooperation

Australia Determined To Conclude Nuclear Deal With India


Vessel Installed At Third Tianwan Nuclear Unit

Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belarus To Outline Areas Of Cooperation In Nuclear Safety

Japan Govt Report: Nuclear Energy Crucial As Renewable Energy Too Costly

Russia's Ministry Approves Postponement Of Commissioning Of New Nuclear Units 

Prague Ready To Negotiate Nuclear Power Issues With Vienna

Vietnamese To Take Part In Design Of New Nuclear Reactor

Brazil Sees Expanded Private Role In Nuclear Energy

TEPCO Announces Fukushima Water Treatment Milestone

IAEA Director General: Role of Nuclear Energy Key in Combating Climate Change

Minister: Austria Still Ready To Sue Over UK Nuclear Deal

Japan’s Sendai Plant Clears Final Permit Paving Way For First Restart

Report: China Eyes Canadian Uranium Miners


French Bill Seeks To Boost Renewable Energy, Cut Nuclear Use

Chinese Science Skeptic Warns Over 'Insane' Plans For New Nuclear Plants

Feasibility Study For Greenland Uranium Project Complete

Nuclear Energy: The Middle East's New Gold Rush


Federal States Applying Pressure On Merkel Government Over Subsidies To Nuclear

Spent-Nuclear Fuel Issues Complicates Japanese Reactor Restarts

South Australians Debate The Role Of Nuclear Fuel In The State's Future

Steady Progress Needed To Get Japan’s Ikata Nuclear Plant Back Online


First Look In Japan's Sendai Nuclear Plant

Quake Hits Tokyo Days After Japan OK's Third Nuclear Restart


Poll: Japan Inc Not As Keen As Abe Government On Nuclear Energy

Czech Nuclear Plant to Announce New Unit Construction Tender by 2016

Turkey And Japan To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy


China’s CNNC International Eyes Uranium Projects In Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia

Japanese Government To Lead Work To Select Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites

First Japanese Reactors Prepare For Restart

Bellona’s Experts Oppose Building A Second Nuclear Plant In Russia’s Kursk Region

UK Regulator Highlights ‘Significant Progress’ On AP1000 GDA


Star Power: Troubled ITER Nuclear Fusion Project Seeks New Path


Rosatom Nuclear Ambassador Sings The Praises To Mother Russia's Technology

Japan To Raise Worker Emergency Radiation Exposure Limits

IAEA Reviews Nuclear Safety Progress at ČEZ in Czech Republic

Beijing Promises Coal-Free Power By 2017 To Fight Pollution

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $54.7 Million in Q1, 2015

Czech Republic Makes Controversial Move to Reshape its Power Market


Video: China’s Sanmen AP1000 PWR site progress: 2009 - 2015

Ontario First Nations Demand A Say Over Nuclear Waste Storage

Commission Calls For Tighter Monitoring Of German LLW/ILW Waste

Helsinki Votes To Continue Support For Fennovoima Nuclear Project

China's Nuclear Energy Capacity To Reach 30 Million Kilowatts By Year End

Japan Court Upholds Nuclear Power Plant Injunction


Fukushima Nuclear Plant Ordered To Upgrade Its Computers From Windows XP

Romania Could Sign With Chinese Group For Nuclear Plant

Regulator Vouches for Safety of Third Nuclear Plant in Japan

Coal Row Takes Shine Off Germany's Green Image

China, India Back Global Climate Deal

Energoatom Rejects Media Reports About South Ukraine 2 License

China Smog War Seen Dooming Coal on ‘Cheap But Dirty’ Purge


Get Ready for Solar Boom From China Plants as Asia Demand Swells

South Africa To Start 9,600 MW Nuclear Procurement Process This Year

Minister: South Africa to Start Nuclear Buy From July

Fukui Court Rejects Kansai Electric Appeal of Nuclear Ruling

Chinese Inland Nuclear Projects Likely To Get Fresh Impetus

German Ministry Softens CO2 Emission Demands For Power Plants

Fuel Loading Completed At China's Fuqing 2 Nuclear Plant


Czech Long-Term Energy Plan Continues to Rely on Nuclear Energy


Official: China's Nuclear Approval Process Now Back To Normal

Nuclear Energy in the Year of Modi

Czech Govt OKs Energy Strategy, Nuclear As Main Source

Despite Rumors, Fukushima Food Safety Concerns Ease Inside Prefecture

Fukushima May End Free Housing For Voluntary Nuclear Evacuees In 2017

Indian Nuclear Insurance Pool: Foreign Firms Interested To Pitch In 

Spiegel: Germany To Decide On Public Nuclear Fund By Summer

Japan’s NRA Announces Plan to Examine Takahama-1 and -2 for Lifetime Extensions

Ikata Reactor To Effectively Clear NRA Screening

Canadian Nuclear Waste Site Is One Step Closer To Reality

IAEA: Handling Radioactive Waste At Fukushima Plant Could Be Improved


TEPCO Starts Prep Work To Take Cover Off Damaged Fukushima Reactor

Rosatom Confirm Work at India's Kudankulam Nuclear Energy Plant On Schedule

Romanian Nuclear Energy Producer Increases Net Profit By 11%

India, China Commit To Work Together On Climate Change

Kazakhstan Signs IAEA 'Fuel Bank' Agreement

Hungary To Draw From Russian Loan For Nuclear Expansion In 2016

Russian Atomenergomash Welds Reactor Vessel For Belarusian Nuclear Plant


IAEA Delivers Major Report on Fukushima Accident to Member States

Report: Czechs Stopped Potential Nuclear Technology Purchase By Iran

Rosatom Delays New Nuclear Plant Construction Projects In Russia

Third IAEA-led Expert Visit to Collect Marine Samples Offshore Fukushima

CNNC Gets Approval to Raise $2.6 Billion in China Nuclear Push

Nuclear Waste Stored In 'Shocking' Way 120 Miles From Ukrainian Front Line

Japan Struggles to Find Balanced Energy Strategy

China Sets Up Three Nuclear Emergency Response Teams

India’s Fast Breeder Reactor To Start Power Production From Sept

Belgium Parliament Committee Approves Doel-1 And -2 Lifetime Extension

Why Australia's Nuclear Waste Legacy Will Cost $27 Million


TEPCO: Handling And Challenging The State-Of-The-Art Technologies At Fukushima Daiichi

Germany’s Powerhouse Feels Pinch of Shift to Renewables

Turkish Utility Eyes Large Stake In Sinop Nuclear Project

Foundation for China’s Fuqing 5 in Place


French Investigate Fires Near Three Nuclear Energy Sites

No Mention Of Nuclear Stations As Zuma Meets Putin Again

Knots and Glitches Remain in Indo-Aus Nuclear Deal

Russia Expands Its Nuclear Energy Solutions To Far East And Middle East

Prospects For New Nuclear In Europe

IEA Chief Economist: Nuclear Energy ‘A Must’ For Turkey

Indonesia Plans To Build Nuclear Plant Within 10 Years


Nuclear, Fracking Decisions on Tap for New U.K. Energy Secretary

Nuclear Suppliers Group Ends Ban On Trade With India


Nuclear Seen as Cheapest Energy Source for Japan

Prospects For New Nuclear In Europe

UK Names New Energy Secretary

India’s Kudankulam Nuclear-Plant Reactor Trips, Stops Generation

Indian Foreign Secretary: Steady Progress On Indo-Russia Civil Nuclear Cooperation

Nuclear Boom in Asia Could Reboot Uranium Mining in Australia

Saudi Arabia's Quest For Nuclear Energy In League With Pakistan


Russian, Chinese Leaders Discuss Expanding Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Opposition Mounts as Taiwan Plans to Ship Nuclear Waste Offshore

Asia’s $800 Billion Nuclear Splurge to Unlock Uranium Motherlode

Austrian PM Confirms Lawsuit Against Hinkley Decision Ready In Weeks

Environmental And Health Impacts Of A Policy To Phase Out Nuclear Energy In Sweden: A Retrograde Step For Climate, Health And Economy

Turkey’s Energy Ministry Refuses To Deliver Report On Akkuyu Nuclear Plant To Court

Energy Deals Featured in U.K. Election


Canada's Proposed Lake Huron Repository Jumps Key Hurdle

Japan Nuclear Energy Proponents, Foes Preach To The Converted Over Restart

Does Russia Really Own 20% Of The US’ Uranium Reserves?


Germany’s Nuclear Cutback Is Darkening European Skies

German Atomic Forum President Calls For Progress On Final Repository

Undersea Electricity Cable Generates Friction Between Russia and Baltics

India, Russia To Discuss Nuclear Energy, Defense Cooperation

Russia Hopes To Participate In Nuclear Industry In Malaysia

Africa’s Nuclear Boom

China Inc Touts Homegrown CNP-1000 Reactor As Construction Begins

Old World Cheap Electricity Key To Nuclear Enrichment Industry In South Australia

Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant's New Boss Will Build 1,000 Strong Team To Operate Station


Russia-Hungary Nuclear Deal: Putin Says Refusal Of Energy Agreement Would Damage Hungarian Economy

Construction Of Egypt’s Nuclear Plant To Start In Mid-2016

Expert: India Needs To Accelerate Growth Of Nuclear Energy


Hungary Confirms Paks Nuclear Plant Deal With Russia

Plaintiffs Soon To Exceed 10,000 In Lawsuits Against TEPCO Seeking Extra Compensation

Bulgaria's Kozloduy Nuclear Plant Reports A Profit


Canadian Report On Lake Huron Nuclear Waste Burial Expected This Week

Turkey Starts Building First Nuclear Energy Plant

TEPCO: Radioactive Water Leaked From Fukushima Storage Tank

Minister: Canada Eyes More Nuclear Cooperation With South Korea

Britain's Royal Navy Has Just One Nuclear Powered Submarine On Active Patrol — Other Five Out Of Service Being Repaired

Global Body Gives India Poor Rating On Nuclear Safety, May Stall Entry Into NSG

Kepco Seeks Permission To Run Takahama Reactors For 20 More Years

Indian Government Okays 10 Sites For Nuclear Projects

Kansai Electric Files To Extend Use Of Reactors


In India, Land Acquisition Woes May Stall Nuclear Energy Blitz 

North Korea 'May Have Restarted Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor'

U.S. Government To Pay New Mexico $73 Million Over Radiation Leak

Finland Signs Nuclear Construction Deal With Russian Firm

China Nuclear Official Removed From Post For Misappropriating Government Funds

India Gears Up For Nuclear Energy Projects With Foreign Collaboration

Austria To Press On With UK Nuclear Deal Complaint

Conference Secures Funding For Completion Of Chernobyl New Safe Confinement

Slovakia Push For Nuclear Plant, Utility Control Throws Enel Stake Sale Awry


EU Nations Agree Carbon Market Reforms Should Start In 2019


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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