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Gen IV Nuclear Reactors On The Rise As New Clean Energy Alternative

Ohio Nuclear Bill Still In Senate Committee As Utility’s Deadline Looms

Foes Pledge Ballot Fight If Ohio Nuclear Bill Is Approved

WIPP Upgrades Makes Progress

As Coal Fades in the US, Natural Gas Becomes the Climate Battleground

Energy Chief Perry Details DOE's Cybersecurity Progress At House Science Hearing

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Propels Tourism In Nuclear Disaster Zone


White House Deadline Approaches On Uranium Imports Verdict

Perry: Saudi Arabia Must OK Nonproliferation Standard For US Nuclear Tech

Perry Assures Congress Of Commitment To Energy Research

Ohio Senate Struggles To Revise Nuclear Subsidy Bill Amid Intense Political Maneuvering

Deadline Nears On Ohio Nuclear Plant Bill


Survivor -- Somehow, Energy Secretary Perry Is Trump’s Most Successful Cabinet Member

'It's The Future': How Going Small May Fuel Nuclear Energy's Comeback

'The Next Wave Of Innovation': Nuclear Reactors Of The Future Are Small And Modular


DOE Under Secretary -- Ireland Should Dump Peat And Coal For Nuclear Energy

Biden Pushes Climate Plan That Leaves Both Progressives and Conservatives Skeptical


Where 2020 Dem Candidates Stand On Nuclear Energy

In Interview With Sun, Sanders Talks Yucca Mountain

Could Small Nuclear Reactors Be The Answer To Powering Off-Grid Mines?

Massive Solar Farms Divide Neighbors In Rural Areas

Australian Nuclear Association Ramps Up Campaign For New Energy Mix


Decades After Closing, Maine Yankee Is Now Home To The US’s Most Expensive Waste Storage Facility

NM Congressional Representative Hits Transportation To NM Waste Facility In Latest State Salvo

Munitions Derailment Stirs Fears Of Bringing Nuclear Waste To Yucca Mountain

Bipartisan Bill Targets Federal Nuke PPA by 2024, Advanced Reactor Demos By 2025

Weather, Maintenance Slow WIPP Waste Emplacement in Early 2019

House Sends 2020 Energy Spending Bill to Senate on Party Line

Senate Confirms New DOE Energy Chief

SC Governor, NNSA Chief Discuss Pit Production, Plutonium Removal At Wednesday Meeting


US Holds Leads World In Nuclear Energy Consumption: France, China Trail, Japan Up


Trump Weighs Limits On Uranium Imports After Commerce Cites Security Risk

Bloomberg Report: Coal, Nuclear Will Have 'Almost Disappeared' From US Power Mix By 2050

Senate Confirms Baranwal to Serve in DOE Nuclear Leadership Role

Forum Examines Nuclear Challenges, Innovation Opportunities


Fake News -- Cooper Station Not Breached By Cyberattack



New Mexico Land Czar Lobs Another Grenade At Proposed State Waste Storage Project

...NM Land Commissioner Claims Waste Project Has ‘Misrepresented Its Ownership Of 1,000 Acres Where The Project Would Be Built’  

WIPP Takes On Several Summer Construction Projects

A Look At Indian Point Through The Years

Call For Innovation In Nuclear Energy Plant Operation

US-Russia Power Grid Attack Escalations Could Lead To A Full-Blown Cyber War

Udall, Heinrich Seek To 'Protect' Federal DOE Cleanup Oversight Board With Amendments

Federal Agents Continue Probe Into VC Summer Nuclear Reactor Project

The Economist: Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste Is An Obvious Task For Robots

New York to Approve One of the World’s Most Ambitious Climate Plans


Bipartisan House Members Introduce Nuclear Energy Leadership Act

Georgia Appeals Court Hears Argument On Vogtle Nuclear Plant Decision

What Nuclear Plant Shutdowns Mean For Your Wallet And Your Safety

Trump To Toss Lifeline To Coal Plants. Will It Work?

Trump Could Revive Utah’s Uranium Mines Any Day

Former Santee Cooper CEO In Secret Talks With Feds Over Failed VC Summer Project

INL Researcher Thinks Inside The Lego Box


Virginia Ban On Uranium Mining Upheld By US Supreme Court

You Wouldn’t Download A Nuclear Reactor, But Could You?

Fusion-Powered Spacecraft Could Be Just a Decade Away

Trump Aims To Kill Advisory Panels. Will DOE Take A Hit?

Navy Continues To Work On Plan To Dispose Of World’s First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier


America Has Enough Uranium To Power Country For 100 Years

Interim Nuclear Waste Storage Challenge Puts Pressure On Yucca Talks

Rep. Peters Calls for Federal Plan to Move, Store Spent Nuclear Fuel From San Onofre, Other Plants

Congressman Hopes Taking DOE Out Of Yucca Process Will Bring Nevada To The Table

INL Celebrates 70 Years, Looks To The Future

Google Ran A Secret Experiment To Search For Cold Fusion. Did They Find It?

New Bosses Take Over at DOE Nuclear Cleanup Office

US DOE Breaks Ground For Mega Disposal Units

Department Of Energy Change Could Send Radioactive Waste To Utah And Texas

Atomic Bomb Factory Could Produce More Than 1,000 Jobs For SC

US House Opens Dialog On Nuclear Waste Options

Americans Are Paying More Than Ever to Store Nuclear Waste as Plants Shut Down

Old Rule Obstructs Trump Nuclear Energy Agenda

More Waste Coming To WIPP? DOE Looks To Redefine 'High-Level' Nuclear Waste

Oil, Nuclear Technology Firms Visit New Mexico Governor


Officials Make Last-Ditch Plea To US Supreme Court to Save MOX Nuclear Fuel Facility

NRC Spent $939 From Nuclear Waste Fund in April

House Appropriations Minibus Debate Opened to Nuclear Amendments Thursday

Boing Boing: Enjoy This Video Featuring An Enormous, Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker

Instagram Influencer: 'Really Sucks' To be Attacked for Posting From Chernobyl 

Allies Clap Back At New Mexico Gov's Resistance To Nuclear Site Near Carlsbad

Perry A 'Fan Of States Making Their Own Decisions'

Trump Administration: Energy Storage Boosts Renewables, National Security


DOE Secretary -- No 'Regulatory Or Statutory Ability' To Create Coal, Nuclear Incentives

DOE’s Perry: Coal, Nuclear Must Be Saved

House Committee Rejects Another Shot at Yucca Mountain Funding

DNFSB Reschedules Hearing on WIPP, Idaho Incidents


Trump Administration Signals Support For Uranium Mining That Could Touch Grand Canyon

Perry: No Progress On Coal, Nuke Supports

Democrats Block Debate On Yucca Mountain

New Bipartisan Agreement on Climate Change Only Goes So Far

Ohio Senate Committee Facing Deadline On Nuclear Bill


Key Nuclear Legislation Gaining A House Version

Perry: FERC Responsible For Supporting Nuclear, Coal Plants

Opposition Grows to New Mexico High-Level Nuclear Waste Site

US Navy Examines Hanford Site for Carrier's Nuclear Reactors

Congress Worries That Climate Change Will Force The US To Pay Foreign Governments Millions. Here’s Why.


New Jersey Clean Energy Goals Include Nuclear In Long-Awaited Master Plan

New Jersey 'Master Plan' To Reach 100% Clean Energy By 2050, Hit Other Targets

DOE Plan to Reclassify Radioactive Nuclear Waste Spurs Hanford, Anti Angst

Feds Will Do ‘Supplement’ Environmental Review For Pits At LANL

Energy Department Bans Scientists From Lucrative Foreign-Recruitment Programs


US Congress Minibus Fight Looms Over Yucca, Paris Pullout

CBS: A Rare Tour Of The Tunnel That Is Ground Zero For A Nuclear Waste Controversy

NJ Gov's Clean Energy Goals Include Nuclear In Long-Awaited Master Plan

US Moves To Use Only Locally Produced Uranium

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan: 'Never Give Up On Nuclear'

As Ohio Senate Nears Vote On Nuke Subsidy Bill, PJM Finds Closing Plants Could Save $1.6B

Full House to Take Up Yucca-Free Spending Bill Starting Wednesday

$2.35 Million ARPA-E Award Will Help Develop Safer Nuclear Energy


All The World’s Carbon Emissions In One Chart

NM Gov Piles On: Slams Planned Interim Waste Storage Site

...Holtec Hits Back: Responds To NM Gov

US State Department Energy Envoy: Russia 'Fearful' Of America’s Rising Energy Exports

SRNS Surpasses 25M Safe Work Hours, Marking New Record

Emissions, Tempers Rise In Bernie Sanders' Home State


New Mexico Governor Says No To Proposed State Interim Waste Storage Site

House Government Oversight Panel Holds Field Hearing On On Waste Disposal Options

...House Panel Highlights Risks Over Nuclear-Storage Stalemate

NRC Identifies 11 Events in FY 2018 Annual Report on Abnormal Occurrences

Meet 9 State Regulators Who Are 'Shaking Things Up'

Environmental Effects Of Proposed SRS Plutonium Pit Mission Will Soon Be Studied

Nuclear Disaster Site Chernobyl Sees Spike In Tourism Thanks To HBO Miniseries


US Commerce Departments Out Strategy For Crucial Commodities Including Uranium

NRC Inspector General: Nuclear Energy Regulators Need to Bring on More Cyber Experts

AI Technology Improves Critical Crack Detection In Nuclear Reactors, Bridges, Buildings

Energy Fears Rise Over Trump's Mexico Tariffs Threat

FERC's Chatterjee Rekindles Grid Resilience Debate

Nuclear Waste Will Be Classified As Safer Under A Controversial Trump Administration Change

Environmentalist Groups Appeal Federal Licensing Of Nuclear Waste Facility Near Carlsbad

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Davis-Besse

Senators Hear About Reactors' Clean Energy Creds

Export-Import Bank Boosters Plead For Long Reauthorization

Feds Say New Rules Will Speed Cleanup At SC Nuclear Site

East Idaho Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant Reports Success

Former Nuclear Carrier May Be Headed To Texas


Nation’s Most Ambitious Project To Clean Up Nuclear Weapons Waste Has Stalled At Hanford

New England’s Electric Power Grid Is Undergoing A Transformation

INL Scientists Preparing Power Source For The Next Mars Rover

Energy Dept. Outlines Justification for Non-Compete Centrus Contract for HALEU

Senate-Confirmed Successor Unlikely at DOE Cleanup Anytime Soon

Sen. Kaine: Trump Approved Nuclear Tech Transfer To Saudis After Khashoggi's Murder

Biden's Climate Plan Aims For 'Net-Zero' Emissions By 2050

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Gives Voice To Ordinary Soviets’ Horror Of Socialism

Navy Sentences Sailor To 3 Years Confinement For Attempting To Give Russia Classified Nuclear Warship Intel

How Arizona's Palo Verde Nuclear Plant — The Largest In The US — Is Different From Chernobyl

New England’s Electric Power Grid Is Undergoing A Transformation

EIA -- US-Origin Uranium Purchases Flat At 10% In 2018

Nuclear Energy Era Closes Out In Massachusetts

Antis Will Protest Ohio's Alternative Energy Bill

Departing Nuclear Cleanup Chief Praised by DOE Brass

House Appropriations Spending Plan Reaffirms Resale of Old DOE Equipment

A Tale Of Lost WW2 Uranium Cubes Shows Why Germany’s Nuclear Program Failed


DOE Inks $115M Contract With Centrus Energy For Uranium Fuel Production

Small Nuclear Reactors Are Powering Ships Worldwide

A Look Back At The Shoreham Nuclear Plant Protest, 40 Years Later

Chernobyl Has Become a Refuge for Wildlife 33 Years After Nuclear Accident

Battle Lines Drawn In Latest Ohio Fight Over Nuclear, Coal Baseload Incentives

‘Freedom Gas,’ the Next American Export?

How Chernobyl Quietly Became A Huge TV Hit

Going Nuclear On Flies Saves Africa's Cows


Taps For Pilgrim As US Plant Closes After 47 Years

Ohio House Speaker Defends Nuclear Bill As Key To Saving Jobs, Avoiding Energy Dependency

DOE Environmental Clean-Up Leadership Out With Resignation, Reassignment

Renewables Are Set To Outprice Oil & Gas By 2020, Report

Falling Meteor Breaks Up Over Australian Bay Releasing As Much Energy As 1.6 Kiloton Nuke

San Onofre Rep Hails Congressional Action On Interim Storage

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US Electricity Is Shifting, But Not Exactly Going Green

Decommissioning Method Shift At Fort Calhoun Station Picks Up Speed, Lowers Price

Graham Sells Commercial Nuclear Biz To Hayward Tyler

France Wants EDF To Sell More Nuclear Energy To Rivals

Bechtel, Deep Isolation Seal Cooperation Agreement

DOJ: Lockheed Nuclear Cleanup Kickback Suit Is Sound

Judge Stays MOX Plant Lawsuit as Settlement Nears

Action Plan To Enhance Global Nuclear Fleet Performance Outlined At South Korea Conclave

Indiana Michigan Power Plans $478 Million In Infrastructure Improvements At Cook Nuclear Plant

Russia's Rosatom Sees Foreign Revenues, New Products Fuelling Rapid Growth

South Korea, Inc. Reduced to a Subcontractor for Maintenance of UAE Nuclear Plant

France Wants EDF To Sell More Nuclear Power To Rivals, Price Could Increase

Investing: Why This Tiny Uranium Stock Jumped over 700% Yesterday

5-Year Nuclear Plant Maintenance Deal In UAE Disappoints Korea, Inc

Paladin Energy Agrees To Sell Malawi Uranium Mine

EDF: French Heatwave Won’t Curb Nuclear Output

South Korean Consortium, UAE's Nawah Sign Maintenance Deal For Barakah Nuclear Plants

EDF Seeks Guarantee For Nuclear Project

Up Side For Monster Uranium? 

GE To Scrap California Power Plant 20 Years Early

Critics Hit Proposed Sizewell Financing Scheme 

Anti Groups Attack Plans For New Nuclear For Utah's Municipal Utilities

Eon, Vattenfall Agree Transfer Of 10 TWh Nuclear Quotas

EDF Mulls Separating Non-Hydro Renewables From Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Utilities Scramble To Stave Off Trump Uranium Quotas

NRC Approves Oyster Creek Sale To Holtec

EDF Energy Extends Outages At UK Nuclear Plant Where Cracks Were Found

EDF Reviews Costs Of Delayed Nuclear Project

Court Tosses FirstEnergy 'Modernization' Surcharge

Oyster Creek Shutdown In NJ Could Leaves Lost Jobs, Local Tax Vacuum, Giant Casks

Investors See Huge Profits From Old Nuclear Plants

Decades Later, Maine Yankee Plant Stuck With Spent Nuclear Fuel As Feds Pick Up $10M Tab

Decommissioning Of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Speeds Up, Saving Time And Money

NRC Finds No Safety Concerns For TVA's Clinch River SMR Nuclear Site

Toshiba and AECOM Cement Collaboration On Decommissioning Teaming In Japan Market

EnergySolutions: ‘No Funding Issue’ With Zion Decommissioning

Investing: Yellowcake Benefits From Higher Uranium Price

Bitcoin Carbon Emissions Not A Problem — For Nuclear Power Fans

Kazatomprom Chief: Uranium Tariffs Could Be Grim For US

PSEG Holds One of Lowest Carbon Emissions Rates Among Largest US Power Producers

NRC Completes Clinch River Site Safety Review

Hanford Could Be Resting Place For Vessel’s Nuclear Reactors

Critics Blast Plutonium Pit Production Pitch At Aiken Forum

Semi-Autonomous, Nuclear Decommissioning Robot Sees With Microsoft Kinect

Brad Pitt And Laurene Powell Jobs Are Reportedly Invested In A Mysterious ‘Cold Fusion’ Energy Company

French Nuclear Power Producer EDF Plans a Turnaround

Blue Sky Sees First-Mover Advantage In Argentina Uranium, Vanadium Market

Russia's VVER-TOI Reactor Certified By European Utilities

Terrestrial Energy’s Gen 4 Nuclear Molten Salt Reactor Project Adds Firepower to C-Suite

Lightbridge Announces Award of New Patent Covering Territories Across Eurasia

Investing: The Forgotten Energy Play -- Uranium

Nuclear New Build 2019: The Future Of The Nuclear Industry

Wood Wins Another Project Within Hinkley Point C Nuclear Build

Terrestrial Energy USA Appoints Former TVA, Exelon COO as President

Investing: Uranium, Argentina? Blue Sky Is The Limit…

Utilities Ask Congress To 'Come To Grips' With Clean Energy Requirements By Setting Nationwide Rules

Consortium Established For SMR-160 Deployment In Ukraine

SCE&G Customers To Get Between $121M And $146M After Judge Finalizes Settlement

NRC Says Fuel Removed From Pilgrim Reactor

Holtec Sign Partnership Agreement With Ukraine On Small Modular Reactors

Westinghouse Wants $300M Nuclear Equipment Row Kept In NY

EEI Elects New Leadership With Exelon’s Crane Named Chairman Of Board

Nuclear Parts Makers Suffer from Phaseout

Finnish Regulator Positive On Terrafame's Uranium Mining Application

Finnish Regulator Positive On Terrafame's Uranium Mining Application

Wood Wins Multi-Million-Dollar Hinkley Point C Contract

US Uranium Industry Holds Its Breath Over The Result Of Proposition 232

MHI Develops Explosion-Proof Robot

Cheap Gas To Fuel New Global Demand Boom

Caution Urged Over Modular Nuclear Reactors

Floating Nuke Power Plants Get Backing From Quant Investor

Investing: Goldman Upgrades Exelon, Says It's Otherwise Cautious On Energy Group

Urenco Completes Construction Of UK Tails Plant

PJM: Nukes Keep Energy Costs Down, In Theory

EDF Energy Expects UK Nuclear Plant Where Cracks Found Will Reopen

PJM, Utility Clash Over Cost Of Reactor Closures

Analysts: Utility Stocks Aren’t Too Expensive to Keep Rising

GE, Duke Energy Look To Nuclear, Renewables To Address Climate

World’s Top Uranium Producer Is Gloomy About Nuclear Energy

US Uranium Miners See Boost From Commerce Report

CB&I Says No Class For Investors Over Nuke Biz Disclosures

Babcock Moves Submarines To Nuclear Division In Bid To Restore Credibility

NuScale Brings On Legacy Firms For Small Nuclear Reactor

France's LREM May Force EDF To Sell More Nuclear Energy To Rivals

Oak Ridge Announces MiniFuel Targets To Accelerate Testing

NAC Dry Storage System Selected For Three Mile Island

EIA Process Begins For Wheeler River Uranium Project

China General Nuclear Power Sets Up US$2bn MTN

Power District Reports False Alarm At Nebraska Nuclear Plant

Are Ohio’s Two Nuclear Energy Plants Profitable?

NRC: Scratches On Nuclear Storage Canisters At San Onofre Pose No Problems

NRC: Nuclear Fuel Transfers At San Onofre Are Now Safe

NorthStar Expands Decommissioning Work To Florida

Uranium Hits 11-Month Low Amid Trade Tensions

Westinghouse Deal Garners Awards For Three Consultancies

Denison Mines Begins Environmental Process For Wheeler River Uranium Mine

VW CEO Diess Under Fire For Suggesting Postponing Nuclear Exit In Germany

Entergy: Pilgrim Closure Resulted From ‘A Number Of Financial Factors’

PJM Looks To Plug ‘Leaks’ Sprouting From Patchwork Of State Carbon Policies

Investing: Is Uranium A Hot Stock?

Shorter Decommissioning For Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Looks On Track

UCIL To Take Up 13 New Uranium Mining Projects

Uranium Explorer Plans Drill Program On Canadian Prospects

GE Says French Plant Set For Layoffs Will Not Close Down

CEO: TVA To Cut Carbon Emission By 70 Percent By End Of Next Decade

State-Level Green New Deal Goals Will Challenge Northeastern US Power Markets

Fermi Energia Starts SMR Feasibility Study

Vimy Resources Eyes US Uranium Fix

OPPD Works To Protect Power Stations From Flooding

Framatome GAIN Voucher To Support Development of Lightbridge Fuel

US Northeast Power Markets Try To Balance Changes To Capacity Markets, Valuation Mechanisms

San Onofre Task Force Questions Edison About Nuclear Waste Canisters

Duke Energy Will Decommission Crystal River Nuclear Plant by 2027

PSEG Executive Confident NJ ZEC Decision Will Be Upheld; Some Support Seen From Market Changes

Xcel Energy on Path to Achieve Carbon Vision

EDF Wants Lower Power Tax, French Government Says Cut Your Costs

'Stranded Costs' Mount As Coal Vanishes From The Grid

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Workers Prep For Shutdown After 47 Years

Closure of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Is Part Of A Shifting Energy Industry


Exelon Poses Challenge To KHNP In Bid To Win UAE Reactor Maintenance Project

Google’s $10 Million Cold Fusion Project Has Failed

Simulating The Decades-Long Process Of Decommissioning Nuclear Plant

Spokesman: ‘No Adverse Effects’ Expected For Arkansas Nuclear One In Floods

Investing: Southern Company's Earnings Drop Is a Good Thing

South Korea, Inc. Likely to Have to Vie for Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance

Sargent & Lundy Buying Into NuScale SMR Nuclear Design Efforts

Closed Vermont Yankee Nuke Plant Cooling Towers To Come Down

Dayton Power & Light Endorses Ohio Nuclear Bill

As Trump Talks Infrastructure, Power Lines Remain A Hard Sell

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Struggles With Cooling Reactor And Turbine

New Savannah River Site Cleanup Contract Targets Liquid Waste, Nuclear Materials

Lobby Groups: EDF Must Sell More Nuclear Energy At Fixed Cost To Protect Consumers

Finland's TVO Starts Work To Resolve Olkiluoto 3 Vibration Issue

CEO: Xcel Will Likely Need Gas Or Nuclear Energy To Reach Carbon-Free Goals

Southern Company’s Tom Fanning Talks Carbon Emission Reduction, Plant Vogtle At Annual Meeting

Investing: Southern Company Hits 52-Week High -- Is Further Upside Left?

Reason: This Environmentalist Says Only Nuclear Energy Can Save Us Now

Southern CEO Says A No-Carbon Future Must Include Nuclear

Investor: Dominion Tie-Up Can't Stop SCANA Nuke Suit

NRC OKs Resuming Transfers Of Nuclear Waste At San Onofre

SC Lawmakers Set Decision On Santee Cooper Sale For 2020, Leaving Employees In Limbo

US Nuclear Is Struggling, And These Companies Are Profiting From It

Largest-Ever TVA Upgrade Underway At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

FirstEnergy Solutions Takes Next Step In Bankruptcy Proceedings

NorthStar Nuclear Decommissioning Receives High Marks For Vermont Yankee Shut Down

Cracks Appear As Centrica Sells Stake In Nuclear Energy Plants

Reactor Shut Down After Electrical Cable Fails At Plymouth Nuclear Plant

Wind And Nuclear Output Weighs On Spot Power Prices

New US Uranium Production And Resource Data Released

FirstEnergy Solutions Clears Major Bankruptcy Hurdle

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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UAE's First Nuclear Energy Plant Set To Begin Ops By Early 2020

Nuclear Industry Calls For Teamwork In Meeting EU Climate Targets

India's $14.4B Nuclear-Powered Sub Project Kicks Off

Experts Fear ‘Snowball Effect’ As Iran Abandons Nuclear Deal

China's CGN Enters South America's Lucrative Clean Energy Market

Industry Groups Join Chorus Urging Australia To Consider The Nuclear Energy Option

World's First Underground Nuclear Waste Storage Moves Forward In Finland

Argentine Official, In China, Talks Nuclear Deal

French Nuclear To Suffer After Exclusion From EU’s Green Investment Label

UK And China Team Up On Environmental Protection

Construction Of Hungary’s Paks-2 Nuclear Plant Base Begins

South Korea's 26th Nuclear Reactor Gearing Up to Launch Service

Sweden Says Two Nuclear Reactors Safe To Run Till 2028

Energy On The Agenda When Saudi Crown Prince Visits South Korea This Week

Can Russia's Floating Nuclear Plant Help Avert Energy Shortage In Philippines?

UAE's First Nuclear Energy Plant Set To Begin Ops By Early 2020

Energy On The Agenda When Saudi Crown Prince Visits South Korea This Week

Europe's Largest Insurers Look at Ending Cover for Gambling, Arms, Nuclear Energy

UK Low-Carbon Power To Outstrip Fossil Fuels This Year

Iran's Nuclear Standoff Is About to Enter a Perilous New Phase

US Environmentalist Criticizes South Korea's Nuclear-Phase Out Policy

Ambitious 2050 Climate Goal Relegated To Footnote At EU Summit

Could Hydrogen Storage 'Displace' UK Nuclear Sector?

Weld Repairs To Delay France's Flamanville EPR Start-Up

IAEA And ITER To Collaborate On Nuclear Fusion Research

Australians Urged To Adopt Nuclear Energy

China Could Build 30 'Belt And Road' Nuclear Reactors By 2030

Report: UK’s Low-Carbon Transition Needs Nuclear Technologies

Iran Claims To Shoot Down US Spy Drone As Nuclear Dispute Escalates

Get Your Fax Right: Bungling Sparks Japan Nuclear Scare

French ASN Orders EDF To Fix Weldings On Flamanville Nuclear Reactor

Fuel Loading Delayed At Finnish EPR

Ukraine Will Be Able To Prolong Life Of Nuclear Power Plants With Their Own Forces More Than 60 Years

China Completes Outer Dome On Overseas Hualong One Reactor In Pakistan

South Korea's Wolsong No.4 Nuclear Reactor To Restart After Maintenance

Russia Unveils A Floating Nuclear Energy Plant


Flap Blooms Over Alleged Leak Of South Korean Reactor Technology To UAE, US


IAEA: Current and Future Nuclear Energy Leaders 'Call to Action' for Innovation

Outer Dome Installed At Pakistan's Karachi 2

President Moon Blamed For Nuclear Tech Leak To US, UAE

South Korea Unlikely to Win Barakah Nuclear Plant Maintenance Project

Scotland Faces ‘Hard And Costly’ Energy Choices

Russia’s Novovoronezh Nuclear Plant Starts Up A New Reactor

Chinese Nuclear Energy Plants Open Up To Public To Prove Confidence In Safety

At G-20, Climate Tensions And A DOE Pledge On Fukushima

Australians' Support For Nuclear Plants Rising

Scotland Urged To Invest In Nuclear To Hit Climate Goals

Poland And The US Ready To Cooperate In Nuclear Energy Program

China Plans Pilot Nuclear Reactor For Heating In Northeast

Iran Says It Will Break Uranium Stockpile Limit Set By Nuclear Deal

Japanese Court Finds No Illegality In Safety Clearance Of 2 Operating Reactors


Hinkley C, Wylfa Tour Caps Joint US-UK Advanced Nuclear Mission

G20: Japan Proposes Framework For Nuclear Waste

Cement Pouring At Iran's Bushehr-2 Nuclear Reactor To Proceed As Planned - Rosatom


Chernobyl, With Helping Hand From TV, Becomes An Unlikely Tourism Magnet

US Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

How Dangerous Is It To Visit Chernobyl? We Asked A Nuclear-Waste Expert Involved In The Cleanup.

New Robots Can Safely Decommission Nuclear Reactors

‘Artificial Sun’ In China Holds Promise For Clean Energy Technology

Japan's Sendai Reactor To Stop Due To Delay In Anti-Terror Upgrade Work

Riyadh Meeting Reviews Enhancing Saudi-French Nuclear Cooperation

India's KKNPP Dismisses Rumors On AFR Spent Fuel Storage Facility

UK Urged To Work With US And Canada On SMR Development

Safety Upgrade Delays Could Take Japanese Units Offline


Poland And US Sign Memorandum On Cooperation In Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Exits Australia’s Energy Debate, Enters Culture Wars

Finland Moves Closer to First Uranium Production

Egypt Prepares Site Of Dabaa Nuclear Energy Station To Start Executive Work

Kazakhstan To Chair Nuclear Suppliers Group In 2019-2020

Russia, China Ink Deal For Chinese Nuclear Plant

Australian Energy Minister Won't Rule Out Reversing Nuclear Energy Ban If Business Case Stacks Up

Chernobyl Writer Urges Instagram Tourists To 'Respect' Nuclear Disaster Site

Thanks To HBO, More Tourists Are Flocking To Chernobyl

Belgian Nuclear Reactor Set To Restart On July 1 After Repairs

Japan Aiming to Take Lead in Nuclear Energy Industry

New Sizewell Power Station Could Add £6 To Energy Bills

Russia’s Rosatom Opens Subsidiary In Saudi Arabia

Egypt- Rosatom Signs Contract To Build 2 Nuclear Reactors In China

Nigeria Engages Rosatom On Nuclear Development

Inspectors Say Iran Is Increasing Production Of Nuclear Fuel

Russian Reactors In China: Rosatom Signs Deal To Deliver Two VVER Units In Liaoning

UN Nuclear Watchdog: Iran Uranium Production Up, Can’t Confirm Compliance


Japan Plans Carbon Emission Cuts, More Nuclear Energy

Report: Nuclear Shutdowns Could Scupper UK Carbon Targets

German Minister Lands In Iran In Bid To Save Nuclear Pact

Russia Making Their Own Chernobyl Film

Romania's Nuclearelectrica Says Reactor Back At Full Capacity

Putin: Moscow, Beijing Agree On Building Several More Russia-Designed Nuclear Energy Units

Japan Plans Carbon Emission Cuts, More Nuclear Energy

Merkel Under Pressure To Delay Nuclear Energy Ban

New Technology To Delay Jaitapur Nuclear Plant, Once Again


Germany Faces Growing Calls To Delay Phase-Out Of Nuclear Energy

Japan Plans Carbon Emission Cuts, More Nuclear Energy

UK Energy White Paper To Detail Nuclear RAB Funding Model

Ex-IAEA Deputy General Warns Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb in Six Months

Nuclear Energy, Gas And Oil: Key Projects In China-Russia Energy Ties

Finland Sets Out Roadmap To Carbon Neutrality

North Korea Active At Uranium Plant

US Energy Secretary in Slovenia, Interested in Selling Nuclear Reactor Tech

Russia, Slovakia Agree On Supplies Of Russian Fuel To Slovak Nuclear Plants In 2022-2030

Tamil Nadu May House India’s 1st ‘Away From Reactor’ Unit For Spent Nuclear Fuel 

The Argument For Nuclear Energy In Australia

Nuclear: UK Energy Bills 'Used To Subsidize Submarines'

Ukraine, Norway To Cooperate On Nuclear Security


China Eyes Argentina In Global Nuclear Roll Out

Seoul Stays Committed To Nuclear Phase-Out, To Raise Renewable Share To 35%

Diving Gas Costs Spark Potential Rare Switch Away From Coal in Japan

Russia's Novovoronezh II-2 Starts Pilot Operation

Ukraine, Norway To Cooperate In Reducing Risk Of Nuclear Incidents


Germany Is Wrong About Nuclear Energy

South Korea, Russia To Expand Cooperation In Cutting-Edge Nuclear Tech

KHNP Head Visiting Kazakhstan to Win Nuclear Power Plant Project

Australian Nuclear Association: Nuclear Energy Doesn't Stack Up Without A Carbon Price

Argentina's Embalse Nuclear Plant Returns To Service

Rosatom: Russia’s Mideast Nuclear Projects Help Build Trust With Allies

Leningrad Nuclear Plant Gets A Clean Review From The UN Nuclear Watchdog

Rosatom Chief: Russia's Mideast Nuclear Projects Help Build Trust With Allies

Japan’s LNG, Coal Demand To Rise Amid Nuclear Uncertainties

10 Chernobyl-Style Reactors Still Operating Across Russia. 

North Korea's Former Top Nuclear Envoy Reappears Days After Purge Report


Aussies Push For To Lift Australia's Nuclear Energy Ban


Canada’s Controversial Solution For Storing Nuclear Waste

Rosatom To Start Building Nuclear Power Plant In Uzbekistan's Aydarkul Lake In 2020-2021

Report: North Korea Executed and Purged Top Nuclear Negotiators

Regulator To Tell KEPCO To Do More To Protect 3 Nuke Plants In Japan Over Volcano Fears

Russia Calls US Proliferation Accusation 'Smear'

South Korea Joins Bidding For Kazakh Nuke Reactor Project

Russia Has Restarted Low-Yield Nuclear Tests

IAEA Safety Mission Sees Strengthened Operational Safety at Russia’s Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Encourages Continued Improvement

Namibia Says China Can Buy Rio's Uranium Stake If It Respects Laws

Canada’s Nuclear Waste To Be Buried In Deep Underground Repository

China Expects To Hit 2020 Coal Cap Targets; Demand Overshadows

World's Second EPR Nuclear Reactor Starts Work In China

Argentina, Russia Work On Nuclear Plant Construction Project

Growing Crops In The Shadow Of Fukushima

Open Hatch Nearly Sunk India's New $3 Billion Nuclear Missile Submarine

Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organisation Tests Waste Management Materials

Rosatom's Institute To Assist China In Implementing Nuclear Energy Projects

Rosatom Launches Nuclear Icebreaker To Open Arctic Route

Minister for Human Rights: Pakistan Determined On Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Technology


At Vancouver’s Clean Energy Summit, Nuclear Is Making A Play

South Korea’ s Homegrown Nuclear Reactor Virtually Allowed in US

India Is Contributing A Tenth Of The Tech Going Into The Largest Nuclear Reactor Of Its Kind

The Dance of Nuclear, Coal, & Renewables in South Africa

Japanese Utilities Unlikely To Face LNG Shortages, Analysts

Russia Mulls Processing Germany's Used Nuclear Fuel


Canada’s Oil Hotspot Considers Going Nuclear

China Eyes Argentina In Global Nuclear Roll Out

Russia, Vietnam Progress With Nuclear Research Centre Project

Bulgaria Starts Formal Process To Find Investor For Belene Project

China: Nation’s Nuclear Energy Safe With Tech Breakthrough

Finland's Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Reactor Begins Work To Fix Vibrations

Final Trials Begin On A Facility To Store Chernobyl’s Spent Nuclear Fuel

Canadian Pre-Licensing Review Starts For BWRX-300

Compact Nuclear Reactors Could Help Cleaning Up Alberta’s Dirty Oilsands


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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