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3rd Circ. Says NRC's Rules Trump ADA In Worker Firing Suit

Energy Department Faces Pressure Over Power Study

Video: Sen. Graham Talks VC Summer

NASA Once Again Considering Nuclear-Powered Rockets for Missions to Mars

Rick Perry Tours Grid Reliability Lab, But Still No Study

Oak Ridge Ships Transuranic Waste After Five Year Suspension

Carnegie: China, Russia  Poised To Capitalize On The Problems That Have Beset Western Nuclear Firms 

Are Court Victories for Nuclear Credits a Win for Renewables?

What Is the Future of US Nuclear Energy Industry?

Sierra Club Sues Energy Department Over Long-Awaited Grid Study


Moniz -- Nuclear Energy’s Woes Imperil US National Security

7 Utah Counties Exploring Experimental Nuclear Energy From ‘Molten Salt’

Job Fairs Held for Thousands Fired From Failed Power Project


New FERC Chair Takes Aim At Proper Compensation For Nuclear And Coal Baseload Value

Graham Urges Extension Of Nuclear PTC: 'Mad As Hell That You Spend All This Money And You Can’t Get It Done'

Trump Administration Stays Mum On VC Summer Collapse

In The Shadow Of DOE's Savannah River Complex, Feds Teach The Locals To Trust Science

Washington State Utility's Nuclear Waste Shipments Suspended


How The Looming Indian Point Closure Is 'Building Blackouts' For The Big Apple


Senator Manchin to DOE, Perry to Homeland?

SC&G Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over VC Summer Exit

Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Plants And Critical Infrastructure

Nuclear Industry Turns To Trump For Help

5 things Trump Did This Week While You Weren't Looking: Yucca Mountain

Work to Start on Idaho Facility for Warships' Nuclear Waste

Solar Eclipse 2017: How The Solar Power Industry Is Prepping For A Huge Sunlight Blip

NYT Admits Its Front Page Climate Change Article Was Wrong


Fanning: Vogtle, Summer 'Apples And Oranges'

Georgia Regulator: 'Not Going To Throw In The Towel Like South Carolina'

New, Cutting Edge Reactors Could Completely Reshape The Way People Think About Nuclear Power Plants

Yucca Mountain Hearings Approach As NRC Tells Staff To Prepare

SC Speaker Asks State Regulators To Halt Utility Rate Hikes

2016 Broke World Records For Temperature And CO2 Levels

McMaster, Wilson Discuss MOX, State Lawsuit

Analysis Highlights Failings In US's Advanced Nuclear Program

Federal Lawsuit Seeks Extra Pay For Laid Off Nuclear Plant Workers

Book Review: ‘Keeping the Lights on at America's Nuclear Power Plants’

Will VC Summer Abandonment Impact Engineering Students?

SC Gov. Talking To 3 Utilities About Investing In VC Summer 

SC Legislators to Separately Study Failed VC Summer Projected 

The Newest Risk to Nuclear Energy May Be the Biggest Yet (Hint: It's Hacking)

Oak Ridge to Cut Up to 350 Jobs in 2017; Will Other Labs Follow Suit?

Nuclear Group Seeks To Block Texas From Nuclear Waste Fund Withdrawal

SC Lawmakers To Review Utilities After Nuclear Project Fails

Plutonium Detected in Air at Washington State Nuclear Site


NRC Votes To Restart Yucca Licensing Process

Sell Santee Cooper? All Options On Table For Nuclear Fix, SC Leaders Say

SC Files $100M Lawsuit Against DOE Over Failed Plutonium Removal


Nuclear Reactors On Rockets May Fuel Future Crewed Trips To Mars

Couples Take Wedding Photos at China's Largest Nuclear Plant

South Carolina Seeks Ways to Salvage Nuclear Project

SC House Speaker Says He Isn’t Ready To Call Lawmakers For A Special Session After VC Shutdown


Nevada Girds For Battle Royal Over Yucca

Trump Nuclear Revival Plans Still Vague 

NMSU Monitoring Near WIPP Allays Public Concerns

‘Political Rewind’ Replay: A November Decision Looms For A Nuclear Energy Project

Fate Of New Nuclear In US Faces Stark Realities, Despite Trump Admin Promises

US to Join Climate Talks Despite Planned Withdrawal From Paris Accord

After Six Month Freeze, FERC Reaches a Quorum

The United States Is Running Out Of Nuclear Options

Senate Confirms Powelson, Chatterjee to FERC

Slow Progress for Fast Reactors

Idaho Nuclear Facility Bans Hunting On Day Of Solar Eclipse


Judge Gives US Government 10 Days To Meet MOX Deadline

Georgia’s Nuclear Crisis Of Confidence

More Setbacks For The Nuclear Energy Industry

A Plant Dies, And Some Ask If Nuclear Can Help The Climate

Senate Confirms Perry's Number 2 at Energy


Photos: DOE Unveils Official Moniz Portrait

Trump's Unconventional Stance On Nuclear Power Could Bigly Benefit The Environment

Researchers Designing An Instrument To Identify Uranium, Atoms At A Time


Perry Under Consideration For Homeland Security Post

Legal Battle Haunts MOX Project 10 Years Later

US Gas Prices For August Could Be The Highest For The Year

Nevada: Texas Can't Force Yucca Mountain Decision

Popular Mechanics: How to Make Plutonium

Plutonium Pitfalls: Nuclear Weapons Contractors Repeatedly Violate Shipping Rules

Failing Nuclear Energy Is Good For Coal, Bad For Earth


Trump’s Interior Secretary May Be The Key To Opening Yucca Mountain

Energy Department Scientists Barred From Attending Nuclear Energy Conference

Senate Energy Bill Could Be Trump's First Big Win

ZECs Appeal: Illinois, New York Nuclear Cases Could Shape Power Market Jurisdiction

Advanced Nuclear Is a Winning Issue in a Tri-Partisan Washington

Could Advanced Nuclear Energy Power America’s Future? Report Suggests Yes.


It's Make-Or-Break Time For US Reactor Projects

University of Oxford: Nuclear Energy is the Safest Major Energy Source

Site of Bellefonte Nuclear Plant was Once Bustling Town

How America Got Its Most Powerful EPA Boss

Why Court Victories for New York, Illinois Nuclear Subsidies Are a Big Win for Renewables

The Battle of Yucca Mountain


Ex-DOE Secretary Abraham: Macro-Trends Harken Increased US Reliance On Nuclear

Nevada Official Says House Vote On Yucca Funding No Shock

Nuclear Plants Emphasizing Cyber Security Amid New Concerns

Lawsuit Aims To Halt Uranium Processing Facility Construction To Review Earthquake Risks

DOE Refutes Errors Contained In A Vanity Fair Report Trashing Trump

Perry to Visit Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant


National Academies Looking at WIPP for Disposal of Plutonium, Tank-Waste

TVA, Regulators Strike Deal On Workplace Issues At Watts Bar

Will Guarantees Be Enough To Save The VC Summer Nuclear Project?

Google's Nuclear Fusion Project Is Paying Off


Attempts To Block Funding For Yucca Mountain Die In House

Perry: ‘Let’s Make Nuclear Cool Again’

Study: Biggest Factor Holding Back Nuclear Power Is ‘Public Perception’

Nuclear Energy Faces Big Hurdle: Public Perception

Democrats Fail To Add Green Energy Funding To Spending Bill

Nuclear Energy Fosters Fleeting Agreement On Hill

Labor Dept: Nuclear Plant Operators Expect High Pay, But Few Openings

Hacker Warns Radioactivity Sensors Can Be Spoofed Or Disabled

House Rejects Nevada Effort To Strip Yucca Funding

House Begins Sorting Through Dozens Of Policy, Funding Fights

Senate Subcommittee Hearing Illustrates Importance of New Energy Tech

Group Will Appeal Ruling That Backs NY Nuclear Subsidies

Nevada Relies On A Mix Of Tactics, People In Yucca Mountain Fight


Aboard the NS Savannah, America’s First (And Last) Nuclear Merchant Ship

Trump Administration Opposes House Measure Funding MOX Nuclear Facility

Vanity Fair: Gripes from the Deep State on Trump and DOE

Connecticut Gov. Malloy Orders Financial Review Of Millstone Nuclear Plant

US Judge Refuses To Halt New York Nuclear Plant Subsidies

House Vote on Nuclear Storage Bill has Illinois Implications

Perry Defends Paris Withdrawal In Russian Prank Call

Nuclear Reactor Operator Ranked Among Best Paying Jobs Requiring No Bachelor's Degree

Video: Senate EPW Subcommittee Holds Here On Advancing Clean Energy Tech

NRC: Nuclear Plant Workers Violated Security Due to Forgotten ID


Court Beats Back Latest Challenge To NY Nuclear Energy Credit Plan


Eagle Scout Rick Perry Joins Trump at Boy Scout Jamboree

Meet the USS Gerard R Ford: America’s Newest, Nuclear Super Carrier

Will The Power Grid Handle Amped Demand From EVs?

Energy Spending Bill Heads To House Floor With 100s Of Amendments Possible

Options Weighed For Remaining Radioactive Hanford Tunnel

New Ideas To Spur Nebraska Growth Include Nuclear Energy Development

US Gas Industry Seeks Attention As Perry Aims To Aid Coal On The Grid

Obama Faulted the Bush Administration for Failing Nuclear Defense Workers in 2008

Axios: The World Needs Clean Coal But Can't Get It

New Airforce Boss Restates Opposition To Rail Shortcut To Yucca Through Nellis 

Salon: Myths And Facts regarding DOE's Study On The Electrical Grid And Renewable Energy

Progress Index: Put Yucca Mountain To Work

Yucca Mountain: High Stakes and High Hurdles

Savannah River Site Reaches Milestone In Supplying Tritium For National Defense

Senator Graham Goes to Bat for Small Modular Reactors in Appropriations Scrum

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Florida PSC Looks At Paying For Nuclear Projects Today

Westinghouse Chief -- 'Cautiously Optimistic' That Vogtle Will Move Ahead

Uranium Week: The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Holtec Completes Main Work At Vermont Yankee

Exelon's Quad Cities-2 Nuclear Unit Operates At 79% After Maintenance

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Recent Study Shows Markets Must Properly Credit Nuclear

Investing: Nuclear Energy Fight Could Make SCANA a Buy

Nuclear Industry Warns Of Looming Skills Crisis

Rolls-Royce Sees Big Opportunity In Nuclear Energy In India

German Energy Giant RWE Optimistic For 2017, Boosted By Nuclear Tax Refund

Storm Clouds Surfaced Over VC Summer Years Ago

First-Of-Kind Challenges Continue To Dog Nuclear Construction 

Feds Won’t Fine Westinghouse For Nuke Safety Violations At Richland County Plant

Czech, UK Engineering Firms Join For Decommissioning

870 Westinghouse Employees Furloughed By VC Summer Scuttling

Clean-Coal Plant Debacle Could Fuel Decision To Finish Plant Vogtle

Vogtle Costs Climb As Decision Timeline Slips

Dominion Energy’s Surry Power Station Shut Down For Repairs

Santee Cooper Drops Rate Hike Plans For VC Summer

SCANA Embarks On SC Apology Tour

The Nuclear (Power) War Isn’t Over Yet

Wyoming's Uranium Producers Hunkered Down Till Prices Rise

SCANA Pays Bonuses To Execs Before VC Summer Exit

Gigantic Toshiba Loss Reignites Uncertainty Over UK's NuGen Project

Toshiba Reports Long-Delayed Earnings, Posts $8.8B Loss

The Eclipse Will Give Us a Glimpse of the Future of Natural Gas

FPL Wants More Nuclear Units; Customers Say Prove They Make Sense

UAMPS CEO Talks Nuclear Plans

Bruce Power, Areva NP Join For Isotope Production

Westinghouse Reaffirms Commitment To Delivering The Nuclear Promise

E.ON Details Forward Sales Of German Nuclear Output

KEPCO Q2 OP Lowest In 3 Years On Reactor Power-Down

UK's Carr Group Snaps Up NuVision To Target US Market

Exelon To Push for PJM Market Reforms To Add To ZEC Wins

'Slow, Deliberate' Fuel Move At Vermont Yankee

BWXT Reports Higher 2Q Profit, Raises Full-Year EPS Guidance

SC Gov. Mulls Sale Of SC-Owned Utility To Revive VC Summer Project

Green Groups Fight Rate Hikes For Abandoned SC Nuclear Project

BWXT's CEO Sees Growth In Years Ahead

Nuclear Energy Stumbles In Its Fight Against Cheap Natural Gas And Renewable Energy

Millstone Still Pushing For ‘Action’ To Save Nuclear Plant

Toshiba May Gain Auditor Sign-Off, Reducing Delisting Risk

GE Snares Contract To Boost Chinese Plants

Duke Energy Customers Could Pay For SC Nuclear Plant Even If It's Not Built

Investment Authority Sells its AREVA Stake

How To Get Over A Nuclear Meltdown, SC Style

Billions Lost In Nuclear Energy Projects, With More Bills Due

SCE&G Customers May Pay Another $2.2 Billion For Abandoned Nuclear Project

How SC Lawmakers Passed A 2007 Law That Failed SC Power Customers

SC Attorney General Says He's Investigating Abandonment Of Nuclear Reactors

State Lawmakers Demand Action Over Cancelled South Carolina Nuclear Reactors; Can't Agree On What Comes Next

Holtec Clear To Start Testing ISF2 at Chernobyl

How Utilities Can Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks

NRC Issues Entergy Letter With To-Do List For Pilgrim Station

Kuwaiti Fund To Sell AREVA Shares In Bid, Stay Away From Nuclear

Uranium Prices Will Ascend Regardless of the Fate of US Nuclear Energy

NASA Boosts Nuclear Thermal Propulsion With BWXT Contract

Bipartisan SC Senate Leaders Call For Special Session In Wake Of VC Summer Abandonment

SCANA Sought Billion Dollar+ Bailout From Feds

South Carolina May Spend 60 Years Paying for Nukes Never Built

South Carolina Nuclear Woes Could Have Impact Outside State

Here Are Answers To Some Common Questions About SC’s Abandoned Nuclear Project

FPL Asks Fla. Judge To Toss Enviros' Suit Over Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy’s New Nuke Plant May Never Be Built. It Could Still Cost Customers $500M.

China Contracts GE To Provide Services To Daya Bay Plants

SCANA CEO: White House Did Not Respond To Pleas For Summer Nuke Support

SCANA Reports $121 Million Profit On Heels Of Nuclear Plant Failure

SC Schedules Job Fair For Former Nuclear Plant Workers

Out-Of-Work VC Summer Workers Storm SC Statehouse

Southern Co.’s Billion Dollar Nuclear Conundrum

Company Update Predicts Longer Start Date For Vogtle Reactors

How Exelon Will Keep Getting Bailout Money In Illinois—Whether It Needs It Or Not

NRC Issues Second Order To TVA To Correct Nuclear Safety Concerns

South Carolina Nuclear Woes Could Ripple To Virginia

SCE&G Customers Will Continue Paying For Nuke Project, Even Though It Won’t Be Built


Even At $7.4 Billion, Southern Sees Value In Finishing Nukes

SC Regulators ‘Blindsided’ By ‘Devastating’ Decision To Abandon VC Summer Expansion

SC Lawmakers Want SCANA Stockholders To Eat Costs Of Two Failed Nuclear Reactors

Lawmaker: 'People Need to be Fired' Over Nuclear Plant Debacle

South Carolina Utility Bonds Trade Heavily After Nuclear Nixed

Tab Swells to $25 Billion for Georgia’s Plant Vogtle

Southern Rises After Q2 Beat

BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada in Peterborough Lands $34M Contract With Bruce Power

Rising Temperatures Bring TVA Net Income Down As Operational Revenues Rise

For Sale: Two Half-Finished Nuclear Reactors (Never Used)

Death of SCANA’s VC Summer Project Puts Industry On Notice

VC Summer Decision Means Less Clean Energy

Sorry, No Customer Refunds For Now-Abandoned Nuke Project

SCANA Draws Fire From State Regulators, Consumers

SCANA Sought Other Partners For VC Summer Plant Before Halting Construction​

For Local Workers And Businesses, Tears Follow VC Summer Construction Shutdown

SCANA Upgraded At Barclays After Nuclear Project Abandoned

High Costs Of Nuclear Projects Could Be Bad News For Uranium

TVA Restarts Watts Bar Unit 2 After Four Months Of Repairs

China Nuclear Power Shares Fall On Fujian Tariff Cuts, Analysts Say Cuts May Spread

Mitsubishi To Acquire Stake In Reorganized AREVA’s Nuclear Business

Fate of Nuclear in the US Now Hinges on One Utility in Georgia

US Nuclear Comeback Stalls as Two Reactors Are Abandoned

The Failure Of Two Nuclear Units Could Leave South Carolina Customers With The Electric Bill

Nuclear Energy’s Growth in US Takes a Hit

Fluor Share Prices Slide On VC Summer News

Video: PSEG's Izzo Talks Policy, Market Changes Affecting Baseload Generation

US Energy M&A Hits Eight-Year High For First Half Of 2017

SCE&G To Cease Construction And Will File Plan Of Abandonment Of The New Nuclear Project 

Utilities Ditch Reactors That Launched US Nuclear Renaissance

SCANA, Santee Cooper Pull Plug On VC Summer

SCANA Abandons Half-Finished Reactors in South Carolina

SCE&G Will Cease Construction of VC Summer Nuclear Plants

Dominion Mulls North Anna Expansion

Japan's Tepco, Tohoku Electric Seek Joint Grid Operation

Transatomic Awarded Second DOE Voucher for Experimental Nuclear Research

Lehman & Company Take Controlling Interest In Northstar Group

Hitachi Eyes Horizon Stake Sale With Multiple Parties

AEC Chairman: Search For New Uranium Deposits To Be Stepped Up

Profits Down at EDF Amid 'Intense Competition' 

Amec Foster Wheeler to Lead £2.9M Nuclear Research

SCANA Stock Plunges As Decision On VC Summer Approaches

Walk Away Or Build It? Decision On SC’s Troubled Nuclear Reactor Project Nears

AREVA NM Poised On Vermont Yankee D&D

Vogtle Expansion Moves Into High Gear Under Seamless Management Transition

Talks Confirmed For Korean Stake In UK Horizon Nuclear Project

Exelon Generation's Byron 2 To Use Westinghouse EnCoreTM Fuel

Miner Cameco Settles US Tax Spat, Bigger Canada Fight Looms

FirstEnergy Earned $174 Million During The Second Quarter

France's EDF H1 Results Impacted By Nuclear Plant Closures And Competition

Amec Foster Wheeler Secures UK Nuclear Contract

Investing: Cameco Corporation — The Bear Case From a Bull

Toshiba Reaches $2.2 Billion Settlement Over Scana's VC Summer Project

Westinghouse Needs More Time In Crafting Bankruptcy Plan

AREVA Says State Subscribed To 2.5 Billion Euro Capital Increase For NewCo

Facing Stiff Competition, Nuclear Energy Industry Seeks New Revenue Streams

State Regulators Grapple With Florida Power & Light Nuclear Plans

What's Next For Palisades Nuclear Plant Shut-Down

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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High-Priced Fukushima Ice Wall Nears Completion, But Effectiveness Doubtful

Restart Delayed For Kyushu Electric's Nuclear Reactors

Bulgaria To Launch Tender To Sell Belene Nuclear Project Next Year

Rouhani Says Iran Could Quit Nuclear Deal In 'Hours' If New US Sanctions Imposed

Canadian, US Nuclear Regulators Enhance Cooperation

China Launches Nuclear Company To Build 20 Floating Reactors

China National Nuclear Energy Launches $150m JV To Build Floating Nuclear Plant

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Sails Off To North Pole

Government Holds Crunch Talks With Industry Giants Over The Future Of British Nuclear Energy

UAE Nuclear Plant One Step Closer To Reality

Zambia Seek Chinese Expertise In Nuclear Energy


China Approves Plan To Promote Unified Nuclear Reactor Brand

Japan’s METI Seeks To Pass Nuclear Buck With Release Of Waste Disposal Map

Chinese Joint Venture To Float New Nuclear Plants

Chinese Institution Completes Converting Ghana's Nuclear Reactor Into An LEU

South Korea’s Energy Policy Could Kill Nuclear Exports

India To Add 7,000MW Nuclear Energy Capacity

Global Nuclear Energy Capacity Could Double By 2050

Turkey To Expand Capacity To Meet Energy Needs With 3 Nuclear Plants In Action

As Election Gears Up, Governor Vows To Block Reactor Restart At Tokai Nuclear Plant

'Unexploded WWII Bomb' Found At Japan Fukushima Nuclear Plant


IAEA Report: Long-Term Potential Of Nuclear Energy Remains High

Poland Speaks Out Harshly Against Belarusian Nuclear Plant

Japan Marks 72nd Nagasaki Anniversary Amid Mounting Nuclear Tensions

IAEA: Nuclear Capacity Could More Than Double By 2050

IAEA: Japan's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Station Has Addressed Safety, Recommends More Work

Taiwanese Cabinet: No Plans To Restart Suspended Nuclear Reactors

Large Nazi WW2 Bomb Found Close To Hinkley Point Nuclear Station

New Plan for Fueling Russia's Floating Nuclear Plant

Inside China’s Fujian Ningde Nuclear Energy Station

Rosatom Agrees Not To Fuel Floating Nuclear Plant In Russia’s Second Biggest City

Egypt, Russia Finish Negotiations On Reactors For Nuclear Power Plant At El Dabaa

An Unforgettable Date With A Russian Nuclear Plant 

Top Nuclear Physicist Calls Theresa May’s Decision To Leave EU Agency ‘Baffling’

China Confident Sanctions Can Block North Korea Nuclear Push

More Seek Slice Of Japan's $27B Reactor Shutdown Efforts

World Faces Russian ‘Nuclear Domination’ As US Stops Building Reactors

Energy Minister: No Decision Yet To Build Poland’s First Nuclear Plant

India Hopes to Bring Light From First US Nuclear Power Plant

Will the West Let Russia Dominate the Nuclear Market?

Fukushima Town Aims To Partially Lift Evacuation Order By 2022

China’s Nuclear Export Ambitions Run Into Friction

Finland Wants To Bury Nuclear Waste For 100,000 Years

Is Nuclear Energy The Solution To Ending The UK’s Energy Crisis?

Fuel Removal, Water Decontamination Complicate Nuclear Plant Decommissioning In Japan

India, Russia Sign 3 Contracts On Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

Amount Of Plutonium Held By Japan Falls Slightly With Reactor Restarts

Japan Rates Severity Of June Nuclear Exposure Accident As Level 2

Finns Not Keen On Russian Nuclear Firm's Summer Camp For Children

Spain Will Shut Down Country's Oldest Nuclear Plant

Japan's Kansai Electric Signs MOX Nuclear Fuel Deal

IAEA Completes External Hazards Review For Turkey

How to Clean Up Hundreds of Tons of Melted Nuclear Fuel

South Korean President Details Phase-out of Coal, Nuclear Energy

China’s CNNC Connects Fuqing Unit 4 To Grid

Britain Risks Losing Out in Race for Mini Nuclear Plants-Rolls-Royce

Finland's Solution To Nuclear Waste Storage May Set An Example For The World

Ukraine Coal Exports Part of Trump Bid to Counter Russian Energy

Japanese Government, Ruling Party Agree To Recalculate Nuclear Energy Costs

TEPCO Study Of Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 Containment Vessel Under Way

US Urges Nuclear Suppliers Group Members to Back India Membership

Report: Nuclear Provides Stable Supply of UK Power

Japan Releases Map of Areas Suitable for Nuclear Waste Disposal

Cold Testing Completed at UAE’s  Barakah 2

Nuclear Energy Will Be An ‘Integral’ Part Of Meeting The UK's Rising Electricity Demand

Indian Supply Chain Benefits From Nuclear Boost

In Ukraine, A Radioactive Nuclear Ghost Town Near Chernobyl Is A Hot Destination

Almost A Quarter Of UK Low Carbon Power Was Nuclear In 2016

Russia Unrivaled In Nuclear Energy Plant Exports

Brexit: Leaving Euratom Will Put UK At Risk Of Losing Access To Vital Medical Treatments

Mayor: TEPCO's Niigata Plant Must Close 5 Reactors

Russian Institute Improves Steel For Nuclear Reactors

UAE Is 'Role Model' For Peaceful Nuclear Energy Says Energy Chief

300 Laymen Will Dictate Nuclear Future Of South Korea

UAE's Enec Completes Key Test On Nuclear Energy Plant

Japan Accepts Nuclear Policy Guidance Document

What Is Euratom And Why Has It Emerged As A Brexit Battleground?

TEPCO Releases Video Of 'Nuclear Debris' At Fukushima Plant

Rosatom Expects Vietnam To Revive Construction Plans For Nuclear Plant

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $175 Million In January-May

'Floating' Nuclear Plants Eyed by Philippines to Meet Energy Needs?

Japan’s NRA To Put Radiation Posts On Tsushima, Yonaguni To Monitor Atomic Plants In South Korea And Taiwan

Three Chinese Reactors Approach Commissioning


UK To Tighten Foreign Investment Reviews

South Korea's New Energy Minister Supports Nuclear Reactor Exports While Curbing Domestic Industry

Japanese Government Paid ¥2.7 Billion In Extra Grants To Communities Hosting Aged Nuclear Reactors

Romania's U2 Nuclear Reactor Reconnected To Power Grid


Fukushima's ‘Swimming Robot’ Captures First Images Of 'Massive Deposits' Of Melted Nuclear Fuel

Japan Captures More Photographs of Likely Melted Fukushima Fuel

Taiwan's Power Supply Under Pressure Amid Nuclear Reactor Problems


UK Horizon Project Drawing Suitors


Australia Ships First Uranium to India for Testing

India Approves Ten Locally Made 700 MW Nuclear Reactors By 2031

Japan Pictures Likely Show Melted Fukushima Fuel for First Time

TEPCO Sacrifices Another ‘Swimming Robot’ At Fukushima: Still ‘No Sign Of Melted Nuclear Core’

Japanese Nuclear Firms Pin Hopes on India As Pact Kicks In

TEPCO Chairman's Remark On Water Release Goes Radioactive

French Nuclear Energy Output Hits Six-Week-High As Reactors Ramp Up

Japanese Court Denies Injunction Against Ikata Nuclear Plant

TEPCO Spots Possible Nuclear Fuel Debris At Another Fukushima Reactor

India Will Decide Site Of Second Nuclear Plant Soon

Eight Months After Signing, India-Japan Civil Nuclear Co-Op Deal Comes Into Full Force

India-Japan Nuclear Energy Pact Comes Into Effect Today

Russia Considering Contract For 6 Nuclear Units With India's NPCIL

Parties Clash over South Korea's Nuclear Energy Policy at Confirmation Hearing

Finns Soothe Fellow Nordics About Floating Russian Nuclear Plant

Burying The Atom: Europe Struggles To Dispose Of Nuclear Waste

China National Nuclear Corporation Interested In Angra 3 Nuclear Plant In Brazil

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Unaffected by New Quake

Nuclear Experts Begin Work To Replace Ghana's 21-Year-Old Reactor

Nuclear Fusion: Has China Usurped Britain In Race For Clean Energy?

Japanese Robot Probes The Radioactive Water At Fukushima's Nuclear Reactor To Find Melted Fuel

Iran Vows to Respond to Any US Sanctions Violating Nuclear Deal

UK Threatens To Return Radioactive Waste To EU Without Nuclear Deal

Nuclear Power Heats Up in Asia, Cools in the West

Australia Quietly Makes First Uranium Shipment To India Three Years After Supply Agreement


Blackout: The Other Russian Hacking Scandal

Hackers ‘Likely Compromised’ UK Energy Targets

France's EDF Cuts Output At Two Nuclear Reactors Due To Heatwave

UAE's First Nuclear Energy Station 81% Complete

US Says Iran Meets Letter, Not Spirit of Nuclear Deal

UK National Grid Report Asserts More Nuclear Must Be Built


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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