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Obama Faulted the Bush Administration for Failing Nuclear Defense Workers in 2008

Axios: The World Needs Clean Coal But Can't Get It

New Airforce Boss Restates Opposition To Rail Shortcut To Yucca Through Nellis 

Salon: Myths And Facts regarding DOE's Study On The Electrical Grid And Renewable Energy

Progress Index: Put Yucca Mountain To Work

Yucca Mountain: High Stakes and High Hurdles

Savannah River Site Reaches Milestone In Supplying Tritium For National Defense

Senator Graham Goes to Bat for Small Modular Reactors in Appropriations Scrum

Senate Panel Votes To Boost Budget For National Labs, WIPP

Plutonium Oxide Shipments To SRS On Hold

Who Can Solve Global Energy Crisis? Brains Behind Nuclear Fusion Plan Will Shock You


US Senate Spending Bill Hits SMRs, Loan Guarantees, Yucca

Nominee for Department of Energy’s Undersecretary For Science Draws Praise

Illinois' Nuclear Waste Conundrum

Two Nevada Representatives Propose Nixing Yucca Funding From House Bill

Perry Urges Canada, Mexico On North American Energy Strategy

Could Aging NJ’s Oyster Creek Be Target For Cybersecurity Attack?


Perry Touts Energy Exports, Awaits Study On Electric Grid

Senate Appropriations Panel OKs Spending Bill Ignoring Funds For Restarting Yucca

How America Makes Electricity

US Gas Industry Worries Trump Coal Push Leaves Them in the Dark


Yucca Backers Alarmed By Senate Approps Language

Senate Panel Begins Moving $38.4b Energy, Water Spending Bill

Sen. Alexander Wants To Move Nuclear Waste Out Of Tennessee

Rick Perry Says Coal, Shale and Liquid Natural Gas are Priorities for Trump

The Next Big Engineering Tool Of The 1960s? Nuclear Bombs

4.1 Earthquake Rattles Nevada Security Site Near Yucca Mountain

Nuclear Agency Planning To Cut 20 Jobs

NRC Steps Up Inspections As Cyberthreat Grows

Neutron Beam From Nuclear Reactor Used To Produce Safer Cars

Draft DOE Study Blames Low Demand, Not Regs, For Power Plant Closures

NASA Closer to Using Nuclear Reactors for Powering Space Missions


US Big Oil Takes Gloves-Off In Its Fight Against State Nuclear Initiatives

Rick Perry: We Aim For Energy Domination

Lloyd's of London: Global Cyber Attack Could Spur $53 Billion In Losses


NuScale Moves To Kick-Start The Next Wave Of US Nuclear Plants

Questions Surround Nuclear Plants' Cybersecurity Amid Hacks

US MOX Project Passes Key Test With $340 Million From House Appropriators

Draft DOE Grid Report Leak: Renewable Energy Not a Threat to Grid

Trump Says He Wants A Solar Border Wall — Here's How Many Homes It Could Power


A Solar Eclipse Could Wipe Out 9,000 Megawatts of Power Supplies

Video: Hazardous Cargo Moves Through Nevada

DHS Sorts Through 'Mountain' Of Data On Energy Cyberthreat


Moniz 'Steamed' As Perry Team Overhauls DOE

Bloomberg: Why Nuclear Energy, Once Cash Cow, Now Has Tin Cup

Will Trump Stop The 10 Chinese Companies Supplying North Korea's Nuclear Program?


House Appropriators Beef Up Trump Energy Budget Request

US Nuclear Agency Sets Expectations for Los Alamos Contract

Nuclear Energy Without The Meltdowns?

Trump Set for Climate Confrontation in Paris

Pentagon Climate Work in the GOP Crosshairs

Simpson Claims New Budget Will Protect INL

US Environment Boss Pruitt Blasts EU, Merkel For Climate ‘Hypocrisy’

Schumer: $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Can Protect NY Power Plants From Cyber Attacks

Revitalized US Nuclear Waste Policy Focus Lauded

Senate Eyes Clock On Extension Of Nuclear Production Tax Credit

Zion Still Struggling 19 Years After Nuke Plant Shut Down

Nuclear to Coal to Hydrogen: Sheldon Station Blazes a Trail


Senate Committee Blesses Trump NRC Nominees

NNSA Documents: Major Challenges For MOX Alternative -- Unchartered WIPP Expansion, NM Opposition

Nuclear Plant Shutdowns A Crisis For Small Towns Across The USA

Crystal River Nuclear Plant Troubles Sapped Jobs, Tax Base

2nd Circ. Ruling Backs Nuclear Subsidies, NY Regulator Says


US Govt 'Red Tape' Costs Every Nuclear Plant $63 Million Annually

Rick Perry: Cyber Threat To America’s Nuclear Facilities Is Real

Los Alamos National Lab Makes Changes In Wake Of Botched Nuclear Shipments


NRC Finalizes Guidance For Subsequent License Renewals

Hitler Came Within A 'Whisker Of Making A Nuke'

Nuclear 'Who Did It?' Zeroes In On Russian Hacking

Obama’s Energy Secretary Addresses Trump’s Attacks on His Legacy

Senators Want Answers On Risk Of Nuclear Plant Hacks

Moniz Tweets on Plant Hacks: Unified Response To Cyberattacks Challenging

Anti's Slam Senate’s Energy Policy Bill

Senate Committee To Move On Trump NRC Nominees

NNSA: Y-12 Funding Would Be Up 25 Percent Under President’s Budget Request

LNG A Test Case For Trump's Energy 'Dominance'

Rooftop Solar Dims Under Pressure From Utilities

Regional Utilities, Including MidAmerican, Report No Breaches In Power Plant Hackings


Fate of VC Summer Project Worries South Carolinians


Perry Draws Fire On New Supply And Demand Doctrine

Is DOE Mulling Order For Coal, Nuclear Power Purchases?

US Energy Department Helping Power Firms Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Feds Suspect Russians Behind Cyber-Attacks on Power Plants

DHS and FBI: Nuclear Facility Hacks Remain Fairly Superficial For Now

Is Hacking Nuclear Energy Plants Something We Should Be Afraid Of?

House Subcommittee Prioritizes Yucca Mountain, R&D In Budget

NRC Shares Takeaways From Security Stress Tests

Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Facilities -- Homeland Security Dept. And FBI Report

Trump Administration Swats at Texas in Yucca Inaction Legal Fight

Nevada Repositions To Fight Yucca Momentum


Latest Budget Proposal Preserves MOX Funding

Energy Boom Could Propel Trump And The GOP In 2018

National Experts: San Onofre's Nuclear Waste Poses No Special Dangers

Trump Nuclear Energy Platform Takes Shape

Trump Pushing To Restart Yucca Mountain But Hasn’t Said Why

Nevada Expected To Boost Contract To Aid Yucca Mountain Fight

What Makes a Nuclear Reactor 'Fail-Safe?'

NASA Plans To Put Nuclear Reactors On Mars To Power A Human Colony

Scientists Prepare To Debate Danger Of Yucca Mountain’s Volcanic Neighbors

A Look at Energy Markets After the First Five Months of Trump

Nuclear Industry Says No Impact Seen From Hacking Campaign

House Energy Bill Softens Trump Cuts

1,800 Tons Of Radioactive Waste Has An Ocean View And Nowhere To Go


How Trump's 6 Energy Initiatives Will Impact The Industry

Trump Announces Efforts To Revive Nuclear Energy, Export More American Coal

House Strikes Compromise on Yucca, Interim Nuclear Storage

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Could Face Massive Layoffs Under Trump Budget Request

Tests Making Progress for Idaho Nuclear Waste Treatment

GAIN Announces Second Round of Nuclear Energy Voucher Recipients

Trump Vows to Unleash the ‘Vast Energy Wealth’ of the US

Senators Introduce New Bipartisan Energy Bill

Trump To Announce Steps To Aid Nuclear Industry


Perry Introduces The 'Three Musketeers' Of Energy

Carbon-Free Nuclear Fusion Is Coming, if It Survives Trump’s Budget Cuts

Bright Thinking Leads To Breakthrough In Nuclear Threat Detection Science

Trump Vows To Create 'American Energy Dominance’ — Announces Review Of Energy Policies To Help Nuclear Energy Prosper

Trump’s Plans For A Nuclear Revival Will Begin With A Study

Pro-Yucca Mountain Bill Would Keep Nuclear Waste Out Of Great Lakes Basin

Coal, Nuclear Vie For Supremacy In Key Energy Department Study

MOX Funding Still Mixed In Washington


Cheapest Fuel Since 2005 Brings US Drivers ‘Christmas in July’


ICYMI: Energy & Commerce Members Highlight Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act

What's Really Killing Nuclear Energy?

House Energy Bill Spends $3.6B More Than Trump Budget

House Bill Would Slash DOE Programs


House Panel OKs Nuclear Waste Storage Bill Tied To Yucca Mountain

House Bill Cancels Most Of Trump's Clean Energy Cuts

Trump Hails 'Energy Revolution' As Exports Surge

FERC’s Colette Honorable Says Goodbye

Energy Department Thinks Rick Perry's Briefing Appearance Was A Win

Perry Calls For Climate Change Debate, Says He Doesn't Know Trump's Stance

Video: White House Press Briefing June 27, 2017. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sec Rick Perry


Report: At Least 1 US Nuclear Plant's Computer System Was Hacked

Perry Says Obama Policies ‘Threatened The Reliability’ Of The Electric Grid

House E&C Committee Set to Mark Up Legislation Aimed at Reviving Yucca Mountain

Deputies Respond To Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Report Of Suspicious Person As Precaution

Perry: Trump Is Revving Up US Energy Potential

Perry Eyes Energy Pact With Mexico, Canada Amid NAFTA Change

Perry Defends Energy Grid Study

Secretary Perry Wants To ‘Make Nuclear Energy Cool Again’

GAIN Announces Second Round of Nuclear Energy Voucher Recipients

Quorum Assured at NRC as Senate Approves Svinicki

Senate Votes To Confirm NRC Chair Svinicki 88-9

10 Things You Didn't Know About Kristine Svinicki

Trump Administration Marks ‘Energy Week’

Solar Panel Makers Surge After Trump Proposes Solar on Border Wall

NERC: Cyberattacks A Top Risk For Grids

Trump to Call for US ‘Dominance’ in Global Energy Production

US Regulators To Investigate After Los Alamos Lab Improperly Shipped Nuclear Material


WCS -- No Appeal Of Merge Rebuff, Mulling Restart Of Interim Waste Storage Licensing

Anti Groups Challenge TVA Plans For SMRs In Oak Ridge

Fusion Breakthrough: A Half-Century-Old Puzzle Comes Together

IEA Official: Nuclear Must Remain In The Mix To Meet Global Carbon Goals

IEA Official Says Green Goals Doomed Without Nuclear

LANL Ships ‘Special’ Nuclear Material By Air Cargo

Summer Program Turns Teachers Into Nuclear Students

Secretary Perry Touts Small Nukes In Hearings

Sen. Tom Udall Questions Energy Secretary On Safety And Future Of Plutonium Mission At LANL

LANL Defends Plutonium Facility After Critical Report

Trump Confirms He Wants a Solar Border Wall: ‘We’re Working It Out’


Courts: Sailors Can Sue In US Over Fukushima

Perry Tells Senators He Did Not Write Trump Energy Budget

Nuclear Can Be Friends With Renewables, If It’s Modular

BBC: How Should We Manage Nuclear Energy?


Sen. Alexander On Trump's DOE Cuts: National Labs Are Country's 'Secret Weapon'

In Renewed Yucca Mountain Effort, Nevada Battles On Multiple Fronts

Energy Official: Rick Perry's Grid Study Is 'Not A Conclusion,' But 'A Beginning'

DOE Grid Study Deadline Delayed As Perry Defends Budget Proposal

Trump Takes On Wind Energy, Talks Solar-Powered Border Wall

US Carbon Emissions Increase From Last Year, but Still 28% Less Than in 2005


Five More Years: NRC Chair Svinicki Sails Through Senate Vote

Perry Walks Back Interim Storage Plans

Senators Grill Perry On Yucca Nuclear Storage Plans

Sen. Alexander Urges Administration to Support Private Nuclear Waste Storage

House Dems Probe Into Reported Flynn, Saudi Russia Nuclear Energy Deal

Trump Administration Leaders Send Mixed Messages About Fuel Diversity

Michigan Regulators Consider Ending Nuclear Purchase Contract

Ohio Nuclear Energy Summit Attendees Express Worry Over Plant Closures

IEA: Rapid Nuclear Decommissioning Threatens Climate Targets


Moniz's Next Act: Going To Bat For A Low-Carbon Economy

Scrutiny Intensifies Over Safety at US Nuclear Weapons Lab

Moniz: Perry Climate Comment ‘Flies In The Face Of Science’

Perry Invokes Fukushima In Reviving Yucca Nuclear Waste Fight

Proposed Interim Storage Sight Could Face Legal Hurdles


DOJ Win Blocks $367M Merger of EnergySolutions and WCS

House Passes Nuclear Energy Tax Bill

A Reactor In Idaho Could Change The Future Of Nuclear Energy — If It Survives Trump’s Budget

Energy Secretary Disputes Potential 1,000 PNNL Job Cut

Antis Ask Regulators To Kill Two Nuclear Plants

EPA Set to Eliminate Over 1,200 Employees By September

Perry Floats Interim Storage Site In Nevada

Nevada Gov Calls Foul: Blindsided


White House Backs US House-Passed Nuclear Energy Tax Credit Fix

Trump Power Study Riles Trade Groups Before It's Released

Yucca Mountain Funding A Bright Spot For Republicans Trump's Budget

Energy Sec Rick Perry Warns Fukushima Could Happen Here If Us Doesn't Deal With Its Nuclear Waste

Perry Defends Cuts To Energy Research, Cites ‘Fiduciary Responsibility’

Perry Cites ‘Moral Obligation’ To Build Yucca


New York Senate Narrowly Passes Bill To Reallocate Funds For Nuclear Subsidies

Sen. Alexander: Oak Ridge Uranium Processing Facility Project On Track And Budget

Judge To Decide On NY Nuclear Subsidy Lawsuit

When 'Baseload' Energy Becomes A GOP Talking Point

Notre Dame Researchers Work To Improve Nuclear Waste Recycling

Energy Chief: Carbon Dioxide Not Prime Driver of Warming

Zinke, Perry On Hill This Week As Spending Talks Advance

Media Take Aim At Rick Perry’s Global Warming Views After DOE Nixes Climate Office


Push To Lift Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ban Revives Tension Over Nuclear Activities

Perry: Nuclear Energy On The 'Front Burner'

Spate Of Nuclear Energy Plant Closures Could Be Start Of Full-Fledged Crisis

Bill To Expedite Yucca Mountain Licensing Clears 1st Hurdle

‘Cuomo Tax’: Repeal Is Uncertain For A Utility Customer Bill Surcharge That Subsidizes Upstate Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Industry Scrambles On Tax Credits

Moving Nuclear Waste Out of San Onofre: When and How?

Q and A with Bruce Covert, New Leadership at WIPP

Natural Gas Looks For Nuclear Road Kill

Despite Nevada’s Objections, Yucca Legislation Clears House Subcommittee

Suspicious Package Found Near Nuclear Reactor On Missouri S&T Campus

NEA and EPRI To Cooperate On Nuclear Research


Bipartisan House Subcommittee Action Puts Yucca Mountain Back In Limelight

Week Ahead: It's Perry's Turn In The Budget-Defense Barrel

Nuclear Option: Kentucky Hopes Old Paducah Complex Can Fuel Growth

State Sees 'Significant Risk' In Vermont Yankee Sale

House Subcommittee Chairman, Democrats To Work On Nuclear Waste Bill Issues

Nevada Moves To Dismiss Lawsuit That Could Restart Yucca Mountain Licensing

Vermont Leads Coalition Of States To Challenge NRC's Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Rules

Are ‘Nuclear Batteries' the Future of Electricity?

House Panel Votes To Extend Tax Credit For Nuclear Energy


House Panel Advances Yucca Mountain Bill

Paris Exit Doesn’t End US Nuclear Industry’s Carbon-Free Argument

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Consolidated Nuclear Security LLC Honored For Small Business Achievement

Uranium Markets Are Moving Into A Deficit And The World Is Still Building New Nuclear Power Plants

SCE&G To Provide Interim Report In VC Summer Assessment 

Court Affirms Exelon's Merger With Pepco Holdings

State Hit For Fighting Vermont Yankee Sale

Lawmakers Urge DOE to Jumpstart Naval Bomb-Grade Uranium Program

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

City of Miami Nears $27M Settlement with FPL to Bury Turkey Point Transmission Lines

Southern Takeover Of Vogtle Project Approved


SCE&G Moves To Throw Out Anti Effort To Halt VC Summer Construction

AREVA: Disappointed By Favorable ICC Ruling For Finland's TVO

Santee Cooper Will Be Awash In Power If VC Summer Project Is Completed

CNNC Interested In Angra 3 Nuclear Plant In Brazil

Finland's TVO Wins Partial Ruling In Nuclear Reactor Dispute With AREVA

Lightbridge Advances on Patent for Metallic Fuel in South Korea

Waiting Game Resumes Over Southern's Vogtle Takeover

Toshiba Troubles Loom Large Over Vogtle Proceedings

TVA Posts Final Environmental Assessment For Selling Of Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Panel: FPL’s Plan To Inject Wastewater Into Ground Is Okay

Uranium Miners Cameco, Denison Downgraded At Credit Suisse

Holtec, SNC-Lavalin To Partner On SMR Development

CNNC Begins Production Run Of HTGR Fuel

Meeting Minutes Show Debate On Details Of Suspending South Korean Reactor Construction

USNIC Helms Nuclear Energy Industry Mission to Canada

Uranium Week: Up By The Stairs

New Uranium Company Joins The Industry, Despite Historic Price Lows

General Atomics, Westinghouse, Launch Ceramic Matrix Cladding

US Center For Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing Kicks Off

Vogtle Unit 2 To Get Fuel Pellets Company Officials Calls ‘Game Changing Technology’

EDF Looks For Larger Role In India’s Jaitapur Nuclear Plant

Suit Challenging Exelon Plants' Zero Emission Credits Dismissed

Concurrent Technologies Corporation to Launch New Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing

Westinghouse Launches New Accident Tolerant Fuel EnCore Featuring General Atomics Technology

Rosatom's Overseas Contract Value Rises 20% In 2016

Exelon's Nine Mile Point-2 in New York At Reduced Power For Repairs

EnergySolutions Hits Fed Rebuff Of WSC Acquisition But Will Not Appeal

High Lake Ontario Levels Nearly Pushed Nine Mile Nuclear Plant Into Emergency Action

Investing: Forecasts For Uranium Price All Point Up

Which Utilities Are Most Exposed to Troubled Nuclear Generation?

Westinghouse, Partners Win $7.5 Million For Nuclear Innovation From DOE

Japan's TEPCO To Speed Up Post-Fukushima Decisions

AREVA Implements Capital Increases

Dominion Fights To Get Nuclear In Connecticut Power Procurement Plan

TEPCO Chair: Nuclear Plant Must Release Contaminated Water

EDF Says Flamanville Timeline Little Changed

AREVA Says French State Completes Two Billion-Euro Capital Increase

EDF Confirms Flamanville EPR Start-Up Schedule

Hot Weather Pushes TVA Power Demand to Summertime High

Investing: 2 Top Uranium Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2017

Fanning -- Completing Vogtle 'Central To National Security Interests' 

Utilities, Illinois Spar Over Allco Ruling In Subsidy Fight

When A Nuclear Plant Shuts Down, Who Pays?

South Korea's Anti-Nuclear Push Casts Cloud Over KEPCO's Reactor Exports

AREVA Signs Deal To Dismantle Vermont Yankee Reactor

E.ON's Nuclear Unit To Cut At Least Half Its Workforce By 2026

IEA: Global Energy Investment Drops 12 Percent

Euro Fusion Energy Pushed Back Beyond 2050

Kewaunee Dry Fuel Storage Campaign Sets Records

Exelon's Clinton Nuclear Unit In Illinois At 85% Power After Pump Maintenance

Exelon's Clinton Nuclear Unit In Illinois At 85% Power After Pump Maintenance

Uranium One Applies To Suspend Mkuju River Project

Energoatom Gets Approval To Build Used Fuel Facility

Southern Grapples With Forks On 2 Big Projects

Nuclear Fusion Startup Tri Alpha Energy Hits a Big Milestone

EDF Not Involved In French Government Stake Sales

Mitsubishi Heavy Takes 15% Stake In Areva New NP

EIA: US Hydro, Wind, Solar Outstrip Nuclear Briefly in Seasonal Anomaly

Duke Energy Carolinas Eyes Charges For Lee Nuclear Plant In Coming Rate Case

NRC To Inspect BWXT facility After Uranium Found In Plant System

Russians Are Suspects In Wolf Creek Hackings

Entergy Applies For 20-Year License Extension For River Bend

WSJ: Coal, Nuclear on the Losing End of Power Shift

Investing: Could Trump Be Good for Cameco Corp.?

Uranium Company Will Not Be Fined For Violations That Led To Leaks

Denison Announces 22.5% Owned McClean Lake Operations Granted 10-Year License Renewal by CNSC

Mersey Shipbuilder Explores Engineering For Nuclear Plants

Debt Forces Paladin Into Restructuring

PSC: Vogtle Work Farther Behind, But Improving

Ga. Utilities Prepare To Take Over Embattled Nuclear Project In Possible Model For SC Reactors

US Uranium Production, Prices And Employment Decreased In 2016

Amec Drops Planned Sale Of European Nuclear Business

SCE Commends Congress for Advancing Off-Site Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel

AREVA’s McClean Lake Operation Granted 10-Year Licence Renewal By CNSC

White House Leaves Option Of Westinghouse Aid Open

Vogtle Agreement Puts More Risk On Plant's Backers

AREVA NP CEO Says Paris Accord Opens Door For Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Reactor Performance Improves, But More New Build Required

Georgia Power, Southern Nuclear Prepared To Assume Vogtle Project Management By Late July

South Korea's KEPCO In Talks For Stake In UK Nuclear Project

Regulator: EDF Must Replace Flamanville Reactor Cover By 2024

Westinghouse’s Andhra Pradesh Nuclear Reactors To Be Built By Indian Partner

KEPCO Confirms Talks With Toshiba Over UK Nuclear — But Only With Its Own Reactors

Former TEPCO Executives To Stand Trial In Connection To Fukushima

Contracts Signed For AREVA Advanced Fuels

Porvair Wins US Nuclear Waste Clean-Up Contracts

Rosatom Powers Through Nuclear Industry Woes

Court Rules Against Westinghouse In Nuclear Acquisition Deal

Arguments Continue Over Future Status Of Connecticut’s Millstone Nuclear Plant

Delaware Top Court Rules For CB&I In Westinghouse Dispute

Millstone Owner To Assess Shutting Down Nuclear Plant

Japan Power Utilities Firing Up Decades-High Debt Offerings

SCANA Extends VC Summer Assessment By Six Weeks

Exelon Notifies NRC of Intent to Shut TMI

Utility Rates Could Rise To Pay For VC Summer Nuclear Plant

Uranium Prices: Russia Busy With Nuclear Energy Expansion, Technology Development

Hinkley Nuclear Costs Climb As Deadlines Slip Again

France's EDF Says Still Reviewing Hinkley Point Costs

AREVA Touts Safety, Experience In Decommissioning

Report: France's AREVA NP Eyes Higher Sales, Profits In Next Five Years

'Claims Traders' Play The Margins In Westinghouse's Chapter 11

VC Summer D-Day Deadline Likely To Be Extended 

Missing Documentation Throws Santee Cooper, SCE&G Nuclear Project Timeline, Costs In Doubt

Regulator Advises EDF's Flamanville Reactor Fit For Purpose

EDF Nuclear Plant Passwords Sold By Hackers

New TEPCO Chief Seeks To Reorganize Nuclear Ops

Toshiba Stock Knocked From Top-Tier Listing As Financial Woes Deepen

RWE Uses Nuclear Rebate To Give Investors Special Dividend

US Uranium Production, Prices Fall

Oil Prices Have Been Nose-Diving, And One Chart Explains Why

Toshiba Delays Results Again Citing US Nuclear Unit

Terrestrial Energy Begins Siting Study For Commercial Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor

New TEPCO Chief Reaffirms Fukushima Commitment, But Underscored Need For Plant Restarts

Spent Fuel Storage Completes Jobs At Kewaunee Nuclear Plant

Amid Texas Nuclear Waste Site's Financial Woes, Judge Blocks Merger

Certification Of NuScale’s Reactor Design Continues But Major Funding Source In Doubt

Dominion Energy Completes Decommissioning Milestone At Kewaunee Power Station

Westinghouse Subsidiary Receives Notice Of Non-Conformance

Hold 'Em Or Fold 'Em: New Nuclear Build Permits Hold 'Option Value' For Five Utilities

KEPCO Nuclear Chief To Meet NuGen CEO

How Suppliers Can Help Deliver the Nuclear Promise

Platts: Cheap Gas, Nuclear Energy Depress NYISO Prices

Report: Lawmakers Aim To Save $800 Million Tax Credit For Plant Vogtle

Oil And Gas Industry Technologies Could Aid Nuclear Work

How Much Of The Summer Nuclear Plant Will SCANA End Up Owning?

SSE CEO: Hinkley Point Likely to Be Only New UK Nuclear Plant

Future Brightens A Bit For Vogtle Nuclear Project

Westinghouse Collapse Sparks a Nuclear Bond Buying Opportunity

Korea Electric Power Corp. At A Cross Roads

Investing: Why Cameco Corp. Remains a Strong Long-Term Buy

Ohio State Gets $1.5M In Federal Money To Study Nuclear Energy

Antis Charge Vogtle Costs Rise To $29 Billion

Blue Castle CEO: Proposed Nuclear Plant Unaffected By Westinghouse Bankruptcy

Fate Of Collapsed Vogtle Project 'Could Have Been Known'

Utility CEOs to DOE: Hands Off State Energy Policies, Grid Planning

TEPCO’s New President Vows To Shake Up Japanese Utility’s Culture

Investing: Vogtle Or No Vogtle, Southern Company Is A Buy

Rolls Royce Has 450 MW Modular Nuclear Reactor Design

CB&I Looks For A Nuclear Rebound

Investing: FirstEnergy -- Forgotten, But Not Gone

Anti- Group Plans Legal Challenge to TVA Plans For Clinch River SMR

Rolls-Royce Elaborates On Its SMR Plans

France's EDF Picks New Head Of UK Unit Overseeing Nuclear Project

First Rule of Dismantling a Nuclear Energy Plant: Check the Exits

Westinghouse Launches EnCoreTM Fuel

New Leadership Takes Over at WIPP Industry Team

EDF Energy's Vincent de Rivaz To Step Down After Winning Hinkley Battle

EDF Chief Who Ran Hinkley Nuclear Project Makes Surprise Exit

Southern Company Pleased With Toshiba's Backing

Hitachi Stresses Joint Responsibility Of UK Project

Dominion Energy Reacts To New License For Third Nuclear Reactor

Fluor JV Wins $1.5 Billion Nuclear Contract

EnergySolutions-WCS Deal Hinges On ‘Failing Firm’ Viability In Antitrust Case

With $8.6 Billion Spent, Fate Of South Carolina Nuclear Reactors Still Unknown

Toshiba Shares Gain 8.2% Following Southern Nuclear Deal

Cramer Looks At CB&I Stock Trajectory

Toshiba Shareholders Will Have To Wait For Earnings Report

Toshiba To Cough Up $3.68 Billion To Finish Vogtle Nuclear Plant

Georgia Power Enters New Agreements For Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Talen Investigating Automatic Shutdown Of Unit 1 At Susquehanna Nuke Plant

Rolls-Royce and Schneider Electric Win Nuclear Automation Deal

Uranium Prices: Japan’s Plant Restarts Show Nuclear Energy’s Staying Power

FirstEnergy's Nuclear Zero Emission Credits May Have Stalled

AREVA-EWN Consortium to Dismantle the Reactor Pressure Vessel Internals of the Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant

Rolls-Royce To Supply Hanhikivi 1 Nuclear Plant’s Main Automation


EPR Clears Crucial Early Hurdle On Steel Integrity Concern

Hitachi Looks To Lower Its Equity Position In UK's NuGen

Dominion Weighs Future of Connecticut Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

Filing Timeline Shows Toshiba Unaware Westinghouse Was Preparing For Bankruptcy

Washington Weighs In On Westinghouse Bankruptcy

Dominion Energy Undecided On Plans For Third Reactor At Lake Anna

RWE, E.ON: Analysts Upgrade Following Nuclear Tax Ruling Win

Report: French Regulator Set To Clear Safety Of EDF's Flamanville Reactor Vessel

Uranium Prices: Spot Prices Tick Higher as Bargain Hunters Come to Market

Clinton Reactor At Full Power A Year After Closing Threat

PSEG CEO Izzo Calls For Efficiency, Rate Reform And Nuclear Supports In New Jersey

Amec Foster-Led Alliance To Offer Safety Services For UK Nuclear Sites

Exelon's Braidwood-1 Nuclear Unit In Illinois At 100% Capacity After Output Cut

Union Deal Averts Delays For VC Summer But New Issue Looms

US Watchdog Plays National Security Hand On Possible Westinghouse Sale

Georgia Power May Take Over Vogtle, But Deal Not Yet Reached

'We, Westinghouse, Cannot Fail': CEO Gives Fuller Picture Of Business In New Documents

Dominion To Reconsider Keeping Millstone Open If Legislation Fails

EDF Calls For Support Mechanism For Nuclear


Market Watch: Forget Oil — It’s Time To ‘Nuke’ Your Portfolio

PJM Auction Results Could Push Nuke Operators To 'Double Down' On Subsidies

Uranium Prices: Will the US Dominate Global Uranium Supply Again?

US Nuclear Agency Sets Expectations for Los Alamos Contract

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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South Korea's New Energy Minister Supports Nuclear Reactor Exports While Curbing Domestic Industry

Japanese Government Paid ¥2.7 Billion In Extra Grants To Communities Hosting Aged Nuclear Reactors

Romania's U2 Nuclear Reactor Reconnected To Power Grid

Japan Captures More Photographs of Likely Melted Fukushima Fuel

Taiwan's Power Supply Under Pressure Amid Nuclear Reactor Problems


Australia Ships First Uranium to India for Testing

India Approves Ten Locally Made 700 MW Nuclear Reactors By 2031

Japan Pictures Likely Show Melted Fukushima Fuel for First Time

TEPCO Sacrifices Another ‘Swimming Robot’ At Fukushima: Still ‘No Sign Of Melted Nuclear Core’

Japanese Nuclear Firms Pin Hopes on India As Pact Kicks In

TEPCO Chairman's Remark On Water Release Goes Radioactive

French Nuclear Energy Output Hits Six-Week-High As Reactors Ramp Up

Japanese Court Denies Injunction Against Ikata Nuclear Plant

TEPCO Spots Possible Nuclear Fuel Debris At Another Fukushima Reactor

India Will Decide Site Of Second Nuclear Plant Soon

Eight Months After Signing, India-Japan Civil Nuclear Co-Op Deal Comes Into Full Force

India-Japan Nuclear Energy Pact Comes Into Effect Today

Russia Considering Contract For 6 Nuclear Units With India's NPCIL

Parties Clash over South Korea's Nuclear Energy Policy at Confirmation Hearing

Finns Soothe Fellow Nordics About Floating Russian Nuclear Plant

Burying The Atom: Europe Struggles To Dispose Of Nuclear Waste

China National Nuclear Corporation Interested In Angra 3 Nuclear Plant In Brazil

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Unaffected by New Quake

Nuclear Experts Begin Work To Replace Ghana's 21-Year-Old Reactor

Nuclear Fusion: Has China Usurped Britain In Race For Clean Energy?

Japanese Robot Probes The Radioactive Water At Fukushima's Nuclear Reactor To Find Melted Fuel

Iran Vows to Respond to Any US Sanctions Violating Nuclear Deal

UK Threatens To Return Radioactive Waste To EU Without Nuclear Deal

Nuclear Power Heats Up in Asia, Cools in the West

Australia Quietly Makes First Uranium Shipment To India Three Years After Supply Agreement


Blackout: The Other Russian Hacking Scandal

Hackers ‘Likely Compromised’ UK Energy Targets

France's EDF Cuts Output At Two Nuclear Reactors Due To Heatwave

UAE's First Nuclear Energy Station 81% Complete

US Says Iran Meets Letter, Not Spirit of Nuclear Deal

UK National Grid Report Asserts More Nuclear Must Be Built

Russia To Help Zambia Develop Nuclear Energy Plant

Abu Dhabi To Host IAEA Nuclear Energy Conference

Russian Hackers Linked To Putin's Spies Attack Energy Network Running Electricity Supply In UK And Ireland

Minister: France Must Define Possible Scenarios To Reduce Nuclear

Jaitapur Nuclear Energy Plant: French Firm EDF Makes Fresh Proposal To NPCIL

North Korea May Have More Nuclear Bomb Material Than Thought

IAEA Says Safety at Nuclear Energy Facilities in Russia at High Level

IAEA Praises Italy's Decommissioning Efforts

Report: UK Needs More Nuclear For Low-Carbon Future

India Must Achieve The Target Of 63GW Nuclear-Installed Capacity By 2032

TEPCO To Speed Up Post-Fukushima Decisions, Including Release Of Low-Toxic Tritium

South Korea’s KHNP's Board Decides to Suspend Construction of Shin Kori 5 and 6

Nuclear Scientist Predicts China Could Be Using Fusion Power In 50 Years

Rosatom Helps Vietnam Build Nuclear Energy Technology Centre


UK Takes Step Toward EU Divorce Payment In Exit From Euratom

Britain Fleshes Out Brexit Stance On Nuclear, Justice

Brexit: UK Could Be 'Associate' Of EU Nuclear Body

Protesters Foil KHNP Vote On Nuclear Plants

May to Avert Nuclear Fallout Ahead of Brexit Repeal Bill

UK Plan to Quit European Nuclear Treaty Stirs Alarm

How Beijing Plans To Transform Shanghai Into World’s Top Nuclear Energy Innovation Hub

'No Problem' For Turkey To Have Nuclear Energy Plants

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South Korea Retreat From Nuclear Energy Lambasted 

IAEA Completes Review Of Hungarian Nuclear Security

EDF's Fessenheim 2 Nuclear Reactor Restart Delayed Until Jan 2018

French Ecology Minister Hopes To Cut Down On Nuclear Energy By 2025

First Loading Campaign Completed At UK Dry Fuel Store

Global Nuclear Renaissance Takes Shape As China, India And Russia Race To Expand Capacity

Sixth MOX Nuclear Shipment Leaves France For Japan

Greens Urge South Korea’s Moon To Reconsider Scrapping Nuclear Energy

India Ramps Up Thorium-Based Nuclear Pursuit

UK Launches 2017 Nuclear Workforce Assessment

Emmanuel Macron Aboard France's Le Terrible Nuclear Submarine

IAEA Chief: Bangladesh On Right Track With Nuclear Energy Project

Hinkley Nuclear Delay Unlikely To Impact UK In Short Term

Environmentalists Appeal To Macron For Nuclear

Pakistani Nuclear Plants Faced Funding Cuts In Bid To Contain Budget Deficit

Russia To Move Floating Nuclear Power Station Through Baltic Sea

EDF Raises Cost Estimates For UK's Hinkley Point After Review

China’s Nuclear Energy Moves Into A New Era

Trial Of Three Former TEPCO Execs Begins In Tokyo

India Nearing Completion of 500 MW Commercial Fast Breeder Reactor

Ex-TEPCO Leaders Plead Not Guilty In Fukushima Nuclear Trial

Is The UK Nuclear Program In Disarray?

India-Israel Nuclear Cooperation: It’s A Radical Idea But One That’s Worth Exploring

Japanese Utilities Reject Shareholders’ Calls For Nuclear Energy Phase-Out


Eco-Activists Interrupt Nuclear Waste Removal By River In Germany

Former PM Tony Abbott Regrets Not Challenging Australia's 'No-Go' Mindset On Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Experts Say EDF's Flamanville Reactor Safe To Start 

India’s $20-Billion Nuclear Plant Deal With Westinghouse To Be Reworked

Nuclear Waste-Carrying Ship Sails For First Time On German River

Nuclear Waste Containers Shipped On River In Germany

Cyberattack Under Way On Europe’s Energy And Transport Companies

Korea Power Stocks Drop As Moon Halts Nuclear Plants

White House: India, US Committed To Achieving Full Potential Of Nuclear Co-Operation

Energy Minister: Nuclear Energy Still Has A ‘Key Role’ In UK Energy Mix

UK Funds Off-Site Nuclear Module Construction Project

UK Will Continue Funding EU Nuclear Fusion Project If Remains As Host

South Korea To Suspend Construction Of Two Nuclear Reactors While Decides Fate

Russia May Build New Fast Fission Nuclear Reactor Within 10 Years

Second Nuclear Plant At India’s Kudankulam To Restart Generation Soon


Middle East Turmoil Is Disrupting A Vital Resource For Nuclear Energy, Space Flight And Birthday Balloons

Wylfa: New Nuclear For Britain On The Horizon

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland Sign Russian Nuclear Reactor Memo

Massive Human Chain Protests Ageing Belgian Nuclear Reactors

Experts Warn Of Chaotic Fallout From Post-Brexit Nuclear Plan

Czech Nuclear Plant Forced To Apologise For Using Bikini Contest To Choose Intern

India Should Aim To Get 40 Percent Electricity From Nuclear Energy By 2050

Here Is Why Narendra Modi Government Adding 7000 MW To India’s Nuclear Capacity Is Good News


Czech Nuclear Energy Station Hosts Bikini Contest To Choose Interns

NSG Still Unsure On India’s Membership


White House Signals Support For US-India Nuclear Sales Deal

India’s Inclusion In NSG Remains In Limbo, China Continues To Be Stumbling Block

Rosatom, Ethiopia, Sign MOU On Nuclear Energy

UK Watchdog Hits Out at Planned Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal

Third-Gen Chinese Nuclear Technology Arrives In Karachi

China Still Says No To India's NSG Membership 

Feasibility Study On IMSR Site In Canada Commences

Going Nuclear: How Australia Can Become A ‘Global Energy Superpower’

President Zuma: South Africa Committed To Nuclear Power Expansion, Process To Be Open

China Unveils First Nuclear Emergency Response Robots

IAEA Meeting Highlights Public Trust Crucial in Nuclear Energy

Uranium Mining Ultimatum In Western Australia Sparks Nuclear Debate

Rosatom Signs MOU With Sudan And Uganda

US Spy Satellites Detect Activity At North Korean Nuclear Test Site

UK To Propose New Law For Nuclear Industry After Brexit

South Africa To Review Nuclear Plans In Response To Recession

Rosatom May Start Building New Nuclear Power Plants In India And Bangladesh

Japan Eyes US Nuclear Pact That Renews Automatically Amid Trump Administration Vacancies

Russia To Deliver Test Batch Of Nuclear Fuel To US Reactor In 2019

Nuclear Energy ‘Vital’ To Meet Middle East’s Water Demand

Russia's Rosatom To Review Opportunity Of Nuclear Energy Plant Building In Zambia

EDF: Fire At French Nuclear Reactor Extinguished

Fire At French Nuclear Reactor Extinguished, No Radiation Leak Reported

NSG At Forefront Of PM Narendra Modi’s Three-Nation Trip

South African Energy Minister: Nuclear Energy Legal Battles May Have Damaged Russia Ties

South Africa Aims To Choose Company For Nuclear Project By Year-End

Russia To Sign Contract With India For Two Nuclear Plants

India, Russia May Join Hands For Providing Nuclear Energy To Third Country

Damaged Fuel Rods Soon To Be Extracted From Russian Nuclear Service Vessel

South Korea Is Powering Down Its Nuclear-Energy Industry

Russia's Rosatom To Offer 49 Percent In Turkey's Akkuyu Plant To Investors

Rosatom Says It Has Plans To Develop Nuclear Cluster In South Africa

Russia, Philippines' New Partner, Showcases Nuclear Energy

New Korea President Signal Retreat From Nuclear Energy

With Eye To Grabbing Slice Of Market, China Focuses On Developing Small Nuclear Reactors

South Korea’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor Ceases Operation

Nuclear Energy May Be Solution For Arctic

India To Keep Outreach To NSG Members Low Key

Belgian Reactor Vessels Show No New Inclusions

Restart Of World's Oldest Nuclear Plant Delayed

EU Approves German Fund For Managing Radioactive Waste

Canadian Government Called On To Reaffirm Nuclear Support


China Inc Powers Up With Big UK Push

South Korea Retires Oldest Nuclear Reactor On Its 40th Birthday

'Homegrown' Power Plan Will Boost Indian Nuclear Industry

Construction Of First Nuclear Energy Plant In Turkey To Begin In 2018


Nuclear Boom In Asia Entices And New Reactor Ideas Flourish In US At Industry Summit

Turkey Gives Rosatom Go Ahead To Build Nuclear Plant


Swimming Robot To Probe Damage At Japan Nuclear Plant

China’s Consolidation Push Turns To Sprawling Power Sector

TEPCO to Work With Local Government on Nuclear Plant Review

Enter the Nimble Dragon: China Looks To Small Reactors For Nuclear Edge

Ukraine In Talks With Another Nuclear Fuel Supplier

Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 EPR Project Reaches A Major Milestone

IAEA Fuel 'Bank' On Course

Experts Say France’s Plan To Shut Down Nuclear Reactors Makes No Sense

France Follows Germany In Nuclear Shutdown


Japanese Court Clears Way For Restart Of Two Genkai Units

Ecology Minister Hulot: France To Close Some Nuclear Reactors

South Korea's KHNP To Close The Country's Oldest Commercial Reactor June 19

Why Japanese Locals Rejoice About a Restart for Nuclear Plant

Taiwanese Cabinet Reaffirms Goal Of Phasing Out Nuclear Energy By 2025

GE, Westinghouse Keen To Take Nuclear Insurance From India’s Pool 

New Cracks Found In Tihange 2 Belgian Nuclear Plant

Activity Around North Korean Test Site May Foretell 6th Nuclear Test

JAEA: Nuclear Workers Were Quarantined In Plutonium-Tainted Room For Three Hours After Accident

Japanese Nuclear Reactor Workers To Receive A Robotic Helping Hand

Chinese Researchers Achieve Breakthrough In Nuclear Energy

Finland Works, Quietly, to Bury Its Nuclear Reactor Waste

South Korea's Nuclear Operator Urges Careful Approach On Energy Policy

Russia To Take Back 45 Tonnes Of Spent Fuel Every Year

India’s Answer to Trump on Climate Is Nuclear Energy

Japan Minister Denies Government Considering New Nuclear Plants

Niigata Governor's Plans May Upend TEPCO's Nuclear Restarts, Restructuring

Ibaraki Plutonium Exposures Baffle Japanese Nuclear Experts

South Korea, UAE to Share APR1400 Operating Experience

Expert: 5 Japanese Nuclear Workers Inhaled Plutonium, But This Used To Be Fairly Common


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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