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Energy Department Announces New Investments in Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors

Energy Economist: Short Cuts To Energy Fusion

Pre-Election Gas Prices Dip Below $3 Per Gallon


New NEA Chief Magwood on Nuclear Energy’s Present and Future

Anti Groups Sue Over Effects Of Hanford Reactor On Water

Fracking Advocates Urged to Win Ugly by Discrediting Foes

Obama's Triangulation on Nuclear Energy

NRC Staff Brief Leaders On TVA Reactor Installation

IAEA Chief Praises Texas A&M's Nuclear Contributions

Hagel: 'Climate Change Presents Security Issues' For US


NYT: WIPP Morphs From 'Model Of Smooth Operation To Another Troubled' DOE Plant

EIA: The State Of License Renewals Post-NRC Storage Rule

SRS Officials Detail Future Defense Waste Management Plans

Anti Groups Sue NRC Over Nuclear Waste Rules


Poll: Americans See Nuclear Energy as Key to Limit Carbon Emissions

After Two-Year Hiatus, U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Get License Renewals

How Reid Doomed Democratic Senators

Y-12 ‘Is Where The Magic Happens'?

Hidden on Campus: Penn State’s Historic Nuclear Reactor


Drinking a Beer Can Save You From Radiation Poisoning


Will The Bell Toll For Reid On Yucca If Republicans Take Over Senate?

Lawyers The Winners In Long Yucca Court Fight

Anti Group Asks For Court Review Of Diablo Canyon Plant License

Arctic Ice Melt Seen Doubling Risk of Harsh Winter in EU


NRC Ranked #2, 3, Or 4 In Fed Performance

Vermont Appeals NRC's Continued Storage Rule

MOX Leadership Changing if the Guard Promises Construction Progress

Democrats Run From Harry Reid

New Reactors Offers Hope For Waste Disposal

First U.S. On-Site Nuclear Emergency Equipment Facility Completed 


Video: 3Q 2014 Vogtle Timeline Video Highlights Major Milestones


The Nuclear Gap In Obama's Clean Power Plan

Four Found Guilty Of Trespassing At Pilgrim

A Conversation With The U.S. Energy Secretary On Energy Innovation And The Valley’s Role


Report: US Enjoying Its Coolest Year On Record

This Man Wants To Stop America’s Salad Bowl From Being Fracked

The Green Blob Unveiled: How UK Energy Policy is Bought With American Billionaires’ Cash

Greens Grow Into Electoral Powerhouse

Report: U.S. Will Reach Energy Independence In 2025


Safety, Jobs Hot Topics At VY Decommissioning Meeting

Special Session Caps WNE USA Pavilion Activities

Separate Repository For U.S. Military Waste?

Antis Attack Safety Of Three Entergy Nuclear Facilities

NRC Weighs 10-Year Extension for MOX Project

Court Rejects Claim Against NRC For Legal Costs Of Yucca Action

Former EPA Leader: ‘Irresponsible’ For U.S. To Halt Nuclear Energy


Study: People Put Solar On Their Roofs Because Neighbors Do

California Counties Seek Fracking Ban At Ballot Box


US, Russia Rally Against Swiss Plan To Gold-Plate Post-Fukushima Global Safety Harmonization

DOE Funded Research Looks At Pushing Wind Turbines Over 100 Meters Tall

EIA: U.S. CO2 Emissions Drop In Past Five Of Eight Years

The Looming Gas Glut: From Australia to Tanzania Countries Scramble To Start Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas


Rosatom, South Africans Meet on 'Massive' Nuclear Energy Deal — U.S. MIA


DOE Report Recommends Development of a Separate Repository for DOE Waste

As Senate Storm Clouds Loom: Reid — ‘Win or Lose, I’m Staying’

Poland, Eastern Euro block Could Block EU Climate Deal

Wind Energy’s Carbon Footprint


Supremes: SCE&G Wins Key Court Battle With Sierra Club Over VC Summer Cost Recovery

NRC Questions Vermont Yankee's Post-Shutdown Emergency Plans

Pitt Researchers Awarded A Nearly $1-Million Grant For Nuclear Safety Research

Clemson, SRNL Collaborate On Nuclear Waste Research

1980s Nuclear Debate Enters New Hampshire Senate Race

Energy Group: Midterm Voters Dislike EPA Climate Rule


Report: Energy-Producing States Fared Better After Recession

Leadership Scramble Starts In Wake Of Macfarlane Departure

Feds Respond To Y-12 ‘Saboteurs’ Criminal Appeal

Incumbent NH Democrat Shaheen Denies Flip-Flopping On Nuclear Energy 

Macfarlane’s Surprise Exodus Leaves Burns As Odds-On Favorite For Interim NRC Chair

Chief of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Will Leave Job That She Fought to Keep

NRC Chief to Leave Agency With More Than Three Years Left in Her Term

NRC Chairwoman Allison Macfarlane to Leave Agency

Macfarlane, Head Of Nuclear Regulatory Commission, To Step Down

NRC: No Safety Issues At MOX Site

DOE: US Energy-Related Carbon Emissions Rose In 2013


Nuclear-Reactor Ship Headed To Galveston To Be Scrapped

Environmental Issues Become a Force in Political Advertising

NRC Chairman Macfarlane Announces Decision to Leave NRC Jan. 1


Power Industry Experts Await A National Carbon Policy

NRC Renews Operating Licenses of Limerick Nuclear Plant for an Additional 20 Years


Many Former Paducah Nuclear Plant Workers May Be Rehired By Deactivation Contractor

Hanford Contractors Decline To Turn Over Documents In Firing Of 'Whistleblower'

Nuclear Science Week Returns To Georgia And Plant Vogtle

In Tennessee, Time Comes for a Nuclear Plant Four Decades in the Making


Nevadans to Moniz: Get On Board With Yucca Licensing

How Renewable Energy Could Leave You Mired in Blackouts

Fracking Linked To Car Crashes


A Handful Of U.S. Plants Position To Pursue Life After 60

Minerals Could Be Key To Safer Nuclear Storage


Los Alamos Scientist Says Nuclear ‘Needs To Be A Viable Part Of Our Energy Mix’

Don’t Get Too Excited – No One Has Cracked Nuclear Fusion Yet

Ghost Of Yucca Mountain Returns To Haunt Sen. Harry Reid

DOE head of EM Visits WIPP for First Underground Tour Since February Incidents

Electricity Prices Soaring In Top Wind Power States


From the Archives 35 Years Ago: Seabrook Nuclear Plant Sparks Protests

Senator Kirk: NRC Report ‘Marks A Critical Next Step In Moving Yucca Mountain Forward’

With WIPP Closed, Oak Ridge Waste Backlog Grows


Waste Hoist Operational At WIPP

EU Climate Chief Says Energy, Climate Deal Next Week 'Feasible'

Senators Call For Action On Yucca In Wake Of Positive NRC Safety Report

Murkowski: NRC Finding Shows Yucca Is ‘A Safe, Worthwhile Investment’ That Should Be Allowed To Move Forward

Reid: Taking The NRC Conclusions At Face Value ‘Is Like Reading One Side Of A Lawsuit’

USNIC: NRC Report A ‘Watershed Turning Point’ For National Repository & U.S. Program

Economic Development Groups Bid For Entergy Funds

Experts Lack Evidence to Assess Lockheed Nuclear Fusion Project

Why We Will Never Make A Nuclear Fusion Reactor As Good As The Sun

Texas Plant to Capture, and Then Reuse, Carbon

Yucca Deniers Panic: NYT – ‘Calls To Use Yucca Mountain… Now Deemed Safe’

NWSC: Yucca Repository Deemed Safe — Time to Carry Out Nation's Longstanding Policy on Nuclear Waste Disposal

Nuclear Regulator: Yucca Site Meets Safety Standards

NRC Staff: Yucca Mountain Could Meet Safety Needs

Energy Regulator Investigating Polar Vortex Impact On Grid


NOAA: Polar Vortex ‘Unlikely’ This Winter

NRC Staff Issues Volume 3 of Yucca Mountain Safety Evaluation Report

Yucca Mountain SER: Volume 3

Industry Lobby: NRC’s Yucca Mountain Safety Report Is Key Licensing Milestone

House Energy Committee Leadership: NRC Yucca Report ‘Game-Changing’

WNE USA Pavilion Showcases American Supply Chain

Delaware Hearings Added For NJ Nuclear Expansion Plan

40-year Yankee Employee Reflects On His Career


Nuclear Fusion Energy In A Decade? — Lockheed Martin Is Betting On It

New Study Suggests Nuclear Better For Environment Than Wind

EPA Begins Fining Hanford Nuclear Site Over Deadline

Limited Impact On Climate Change From Increased Use Of Natural Gas

Former No. 2 at DOE Poneman Heads to Harvard


Competition Drives Corporate Climate Action, Not Science

U.S.: Global Climate Deal Should Be Legally Binding In Parts

Study Links Wind Power to Gas Generation Pollutants

The Incredible Shrinking Keystone


Jeff Baran Sworn in as NRC Commissioner

Software Aids Grid Operators Struggling With The Vagaries Of Renewable Energy

Vitter: Emails Show Green Collusion With EPA On Climate Rule

Countdown To Dismantling San Onofre


Study: Clinton Power Station Shutdown Could Devastate Local Economy

University of Washington Fusion Reactor Promises ‘Cheaper Than Coal’ Energy

Three Things to Know About Obama's Newest Climate Plan

Pentagon Says Global Warming Presents Immediate Security Threat

Gen IV: The Key To Nuclear's Future Or An Element Of Doubt?


Gen IV 's Six Concepts For The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Venture Capitalists Return to Backing Science Start-Ups

Washington Closure Hanford Pursues An Uneven Restoration Around Reactors

Wyoming Considers Regulating Uranium Industry

Old South Dakota Uranium Mines To Get Closer Look

Layoffs On Hold At Former Piketon Gaseous Diffusion Plant Until December

Congress to Investigate NRDC’s Influence on Carbon Rule

Peter Thiel: We've Seen Innovation in Bits, But Not Enough in Atoms

IHS Study: Diversity of United States Power Supply Could be Significantly Reduced in Coming Decades

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Rosatom Annual Report: Ten-Year Order Portfolio Increases From $66.5 To $72.7 Billion In 2013

Japan's Largest Nuclear Operators Face Fourth Year Of Losses, Uncertainty

PSEG CEO Offers Support For EPA Efforts To Curb Carbon Emissions

Utah Regulator Approves Licence Transfer For Shootaring Canyon Uranium Mill 

SCANA Earnings Rise Amid Hot Weather, Rate Hikes

MOX Central

Shaw AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Aussies Acquire Deutsche Uranium Unit

BNA: Utilities Trying To Have It Both Ways On Production Tax Credit?

Cameco Stock Down on Downgraded 3Q Results

Exelon Behind Pro-Nuclear Website In Illinois

Kansai Electric Likely To Be In Red In FY 2014 Without Nuclear Reactors

Westinghouse Scores With Another Ukraine Contract

Cameco Cuts Forecast on Outlook for Uranium-Trading Unit

H.C.Wainwright Analysts: Uranium Market Is Awakening

Price Of Power Plant Featuring New Emissions Technology Jumps Nearly $500 Million

Exelon Profit Rises On Higher Utility Sales

Uranium Spot Price Climbs On Renewed Buying Interest

China’s Risky Nuclear Renaissance

GE Hitachi Awarded Nearly $300 Million in Outage Services and Fuel Contracts by Exelon Generation

NRC Agrees to Changes in Kewaunee Nuclear Plant’s Emergency Programs

Japanese Reactor Restarts Could Boost Uranium Prices

NRC Probing Leak at Metropolis Conversion Plant

Roderick Talks Westinghouse's Business Model & Global Transformation

Incident At U.S., Uranium Conversion Plant Quelled By Sprays

Calvert Cliffs Faces Increased NRC Scrutiny Over Radiation Alarms

MHI’s European Nuclear Reactor Awarded Compliance Certification

Environment Benefits Touted As Wedge To Stem More U.S. Reactor Retirements

NRC To Meet On Decommissioning San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Perry Nuclear Plant Back In Operation, Electrical Failure Traced To A Circuit Card

Xcel’s Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant Honored By IEDC With Industry Of The Year Award

CGN Power Plans $3 Billion Hong Kong IPO in November

How Much Money Do Exelon's Nuclear Plants Really Make?

As Power Growth Slows, Utilities Turn To Green Businesses

180,000-Pound Key Structural Module Placed At Vogtle Unit 3

Much-Delayed Olkiluoto-3 Claims Ante-Up To $4.4 Billion

PG&E 'Judge -Swapping' Allegations May Impact San Onofre Settlement

UK Nuclear Manufacturing Centre Gears Up


AREVA Taps COO Knoche As Interim CEO

CEZ Would Need Slovak Nuclear Risks Covered To Bid For Utility Stake

Power in Midwest Region Falls as Nuclear Units Start Up

Investing: The Many Pros and 1 Con to Cameco

Ontario Power Generation Re-Asserts Case for Underground Repository

NRC Renews License for Dry Spent Fuel Storage Facility at Calvert Cliffs

Bechtel Receives $819M in Naval Nuclear Propulsion Component Funds

A 'Voracious' Amount Of Capital Headed Into Solar

Investing: Are Uranium Stocks Being Unfairly Punished?

TVO: Olkiluoto 3 Delays Will Cost Over 2 Billion Euros

TEPCO-Chubu Electric Tie-Up Should Lead To Lower Power Bills In Japan

TVO Increases Claim Against Areva-Siemens Over Reactor Delays

Centrus Subsidiary Completes Return of Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant to DOE

Deactivation Project Begins at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

Going Nuclear: Australia's Macquarie Buys Deutsche Uranium Book

European Utility Group Finishes Assessment Of MHI’s EU-APWR

Shares In AREVA Slide As Oursel Exits

Investing: Why Investing In Uranium Makes Sense For You

Lightbridge Inks Deal To Test Its Nuclear Fuel In Canada

TVA's Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Removed From NRC 'Watch List'

Economic Impact Study Outlines Role Bruce Power Plays On Low Prices, Ontario’s Economy


AREVA CEO Oursel Steps Down to Fight Illness

Power Consortium: Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 To Produce Electricity In 2018

Watts Bar Reactor Nears Completion

Vermont Yankee: Shutdown To Cost $1.24 Billion

Entergy Chooses SAFSTOR For Vermont Yankee

Watts Bar May Not Help TVA Meeet EPA Carbon Limits

Nuclear Costs Prompt Santee Cooper To Study Rates

Entergy Vermont Yankee Releases Site Assessment Study Detailing Cost Of Decommissioning

Entergy Issues Downbeat Guidance

Rolls-Royce Says Revenue Falling As Russian Sanctions Hit

AREVA Says Bigger Still Better As Political Shake-Up Looms

Lightbridge and Vietnam Sign Agreement for Comprehensive Consulting Support on Nuclear Research Reactor Development

EDF Profit Seen Sliding on Power Rates Recommended by Regulator

French Utility EDF Gets New Chief as GDF Suez Prepares Shuffle

Assystem Signs Accord On Romanian Radwaste Repository

Investing: Could Cameco Corporation Hit $40?


Lockheed Developing Truck-Sized Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Upgrades to Plant Vogtle Unit 2 Enhance The Production Of Low-Cost, Carbon-Free Electricity

Vattenfall Seeks 4.7 Billion Euros For German Nuclear Phase-Out

EDF Chief's Future Hangs In French Power Balance

AREVA Sees `Long' Talks on Fuel-Recycling Plant for China

Companies Bid To Build Casks For San Onofre’s Spent Fuel

Dominon Officials Reviewing Cause Of Surry 2 Downtime

Blade Falls Onto Cooper Nuclear Station Reactor Core During Refueling Outage

Callaway Nuclear Plant Replacing 30-Year-Old Reactor Part

ENEC Rubs Elbows At Global Nuclear Conclave

UK New Build Financing Deal: Template For Nuclear Expansion

Paris World Nuclear Exhibition Aims to Promote Global Industry 

Is Fusion Power Closer Than We Thought?

New Permit Limits Vermont Yankee’s Water Discharge

Spot Power in Eastern U.S. Climbs on Grid Maintenance

NuScale Executive Says Firm Will Build SMRs at Idaho lab

Clock Ticks on EDF Appointment as Parisot Joins Race for CEO Job

Westinghouse Floats Financing Help For New Czech Plants

LDK to Supply Panels for State Nuclear's China Solar Farm

California PUC Proposal Would Boost San Onofre Refunds To $1.3 Billion

Bechtel Improves Hanford Performance, Earns $3.97 Million Bonus

Entergy Executive Praises VY Staff, Pledges Transparency

Catch the Uranium Rebound

EDF's Prolio: Germany’s Energy Industry A ‘Disaster’

Standard & Poor's Confirms Areva's Investment Grade Rating

Proposed Settlement Over San Onofre Plant Closure Is Revised

Bulgaria Inks Kozloduy NPP Unit 5 Life Extension Deal with Russian-French Consortium

Deadline Extension Averts Costly Shutdown At Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant

Areva And EPZ Sign Transport Cask Contract

Reports: Three Japanese Banks Agree to Refinance TEPCO

Japan’s Kyushu Electric Submits Measures For Volcanic Eruption To Nuclear Watchdog

Urenco's Owners Set Year-End Deadline For Indicative Bids

Ginna NY Reactor On The Rocks Without New Pricing Agreement

Areva Starts Processing Uranium Ore In Northern Saskatchewan

Power Group CEZ Keen To Expand Despite The Risks

Investigation Outlines Lax Oversight At San Onofre

SCANA Given Average Recommendation of ‘Hold’ by Analysts 

Investing: 3 Reasons Cameco Corporation Could Be the Breakout Stock of 2015  

Bechtel To Set Up Global Infrastructure Business Unit

CEZ Probably Won't Buy All Enel Slovak Assets If It Bids

'Cracks' at UK’s Hunterston B Not A Cause For Concern

AREVA To Cut Spending By 200 Million Euros, Dispose Non-Strategic Assets

Survey: Japan Nuclear Restart To Hit Oil Usage Hardest

New Uranium Conversion Facilities Are On The Horizon

TEPCO And Chubu Electric To Launch Global Nuclear Alliance

Mohr Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation Installed at Cook Nuclear Plant, Other Installations Planned

Rosatom Enters Small Reactors Race

Report: Management Change At AREVA Under Consideration

Centrus: Rogers Retiring, Lewis in as American Centrifuge GM 

Millstone Plant Using Warmer Water From Long Island Sound

AMEC Sales Go Nuclear With £336M Sellafield Cleanup

Areva Maneuvers To Avoid Ratings Downgrade

Spot Uranium Price Continues To Nudge Lower In A Quiet Market

Controversial Financier Soros Scoops Up $45 Million In Cameco Shares

Wolf Creek Assures NRC It's Fixing Water Issues

Price Tag For SC Nuclear Plant Could Grow By $1B

Welch Exiting USEC Centrus

Chinese Firms Eye Enel Power Assets In Romania, Slovakia

PSC Orders Duke To Refund To Customers $54 Million For Nuclear Plant Equipment Never Produced

Renewable Energy Spending Hits $175 Billion Globally

Westinghouse, CBI Seek $1.2 Billion More for V.C. Summer Reactors

Analyst: Babcock & Wilcox Worth More Parted Than Combined

US and European Fuel Contracts News

New Watts Bar Unit Clears Pressure Test Hurdle

Exelon Points To Benefits, Uncertain Future At Nuclear Plants

EDF Gets Approval To Restart UK's Hunterston B Reactor

Westinghouse Snags Eight U.S. Nuclear Fuel Contracts

Video: Canada's Terrestrial Energy Makes the Case for Small, Uranium-Fueled Molten Salt Reactor

Warren Buffett-Owned RSCC Scores With $13M Nuclear Cable Sale To South Korea

B&W Considers Separating Power, Nuclear Units

RSCC Completes Delivery of Nuclear Safety Replacement Cables to Korea's Shin Kori 3 Reactor

USEC Emerges from Chapter 11 Restructuring as Centrus Energy Corp. 

Investing: 3 Reasons Why Uranium Prices Will Continue to Surge

Restart Of Kyushu Electric’s Sendai Plant May Be Delayed

CEZ Says EU Approval Of UK Nuclear Project A Precedent

Two Nuclear Fuel Rods Found Damaged During North Anna Power Plant Refueling

French Govt Balks On Fessenheim Closure Pledge In The Face Of Strong Local Pushback

Fukushima Operator, Sellafield To Compare Nuclear Notes

U.S. Sits On Sidelines While Allies Move Forward With Recycling

Westinghouse Continues Challenge To South Africa Areva Contract

Investing: Why Cameco Corporation Stock Has Slumped 14% in 2014

Investing: Time To Buy Uranium? The Best Ways To Play It

South Korea’s POSCO Develops Super Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel For Use In Nuclear Plants

Lightbridge Presses On With New Nuclear Fuel To Boost Power Output

Hinkley Point Likely To Get EC Approval Despite Critics Claim Scheme Breaches Rules On State Aid

Wolf Creek Seeks More Time To Fix Faulty Sensor

Entergy Outlines Post-Shutdown Plans For Vermont Yankee

What Will Happen Next For San Onofre Power Plant?

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $311 Million for Nuclear-Submarine Support Work

Dismantling San Onofre: 5 Things To Know

TVO CEO ‘Baffled’ by Rejection of Extension for Olkiluoto-4 Construction License Application

CEZ:  Slovak Deal Requires State To Share In Risk Of Nuclear Expansion

Exelon Issues Puts Freeze On Illinois Energy Policy

Plant Vogtle Leads The Way With ‘Nuclear Change’

Investing: A Bullish Sign For Uranium Could Send This Stock Soaring

Parties Agree To Revised Settlement Over San Onofre Shutdown, Retirement

Crystal River Nuclear Plant Tools And Equipment Go For 'Pennies On The Dollar' At Auction

China Nuclear Share Prices Leap On Announcement Of Four New Reactor Projects

US Nuclear Operators Push Recognition Of Wider Benefits For Nuclear Fleets

Exelon Puts An Opening Price Tag On Incentive Package For At-Risk Reactors: $580M

Ukraine Gives Green Light For Upgraded Nuclear Fuel Supplies From Westinghouse

Report: France Could Extend EDF CEO Proglio's Mandate

Investing: Take Two — Uranium Prices Set to Surge Long-Term

Navy Nuclear Work Hiccups Over Repeated Equipment Handling Issues

Edison: San Onofre Nuclear Clean-Up Will Cost $4.4 Billion

Pepco Shareholders Approve $6.8 Billion Acquisition By Nuclear Power Giant Exelon

Duke Energy Auctioning $100M Worth Of Crystal River Equipment

Rosatom Seen Ahead in Run-Up to South African Nuclear Bid

Uranium Rally Threatened by Surplus as Mine Strike Eases

Exelon Stresses Critical Role of Illinois’ Nuclear Energy Facilities in Meeting Carbon Reduction Goals

TEPCO Changes Radioactive Water Plan At Fukushima

Westinghouse Completes Mangiarotti Acquisition

DOE Extends AREVA Nuclear Fuel Development Contract

Antis Bemoan EU 'U-Turn' On Hinkley Point

Source: EU Conditions Do Not Jeopardize EDF's Hinkley Point Project

Plant Vogtle Workers Compare Reactor Projects

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Saudi Arabia To Invite South Korea To Take Part In Possible Nuclear Reactor Project

Japan’s KEPCO Submits Revised Takahama Safety Plan

Russia To Begin Supplying Gas To Ukraine As Early As Next Week

Local Governor: Japan's Sendai Nuclear Restart In Final Stage


Sellafield Images Spark Concerns From Experts Over Aging Equipment

Tepco Cracks Open Weather Shield Covering Reactor Building At Fukushima No. 1

Dirtiest Fuel Threatens 700-Year-Old Villages in Europe

Regulator Outlines Review Process For Belgian Reactor Restarts

France Investigates Mystery Drone Activity Over Nuclear Plants

TEPCO Considers U.S. Help to Verify Nuclear Plant Safety

TEPCO To Postpone Nuclear Fuel Removal At Fukushima No. 1 Reactor


After Fukushima, Japan Gets Green Boom And Glut


Sweden's Nuclear Operators Say New Tax Means Earlier Shutdowns

South Korea Plans Advanced Reactor To Burn Spent Nuclear Fuel

Japanese Regulator Accepts Ohi Nuclear Plant Quake Projection

China’s Hongyanhe-3 Nuclear Unit Achieves First Criticality

Initial Reactor Restart Approval Watershed For Japan's Nuclear Energy Industry


Russia’s Far East No Longer Home To Any Spent Nuclear Fuel

Hartlepool’s Nuclear Station To Help Britain Avoid Energy Crisis

Britain Faces Tight Power Supply This Winter

Russia Announces Yet Newer Delivery Date For First Floating Nuclear Plant

China Establishes First Nuclear Safety Support System

Site Studies To Begin For Czech Repository

Japan Vote Risks Split Over Spoils of Nuclear Industry

Adam Smith Institute Study Tears Into Wind Power

Sendai Vote Signals Quicker Pace on Reactor Restarts

Japan's Sendai Plant Clear Another Key Hurdle On The Road To Restart

Restart of Japan’s Sendai Reactor Now in Regulator’s Hands

UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey Insists: 'There Will Be No Blackouts'

French Prompt Power Prices Rise Oct 27 On Nuclear Plant Outages


Fukushima Watch: Decommissioning R&D Could Bear Fruit Elsewhere

China Set To Invest £105 Billion In UK Infrastructure By 2025

Mixed Reaction To EU Climate Change Agreement

First Emirati Nuclear Engineers Graduate

UK Nuclear Plants To Get Warning System... For Jellyfish


Energy Concerns Force BASF, an Industrial Pillar in Germany, To Look Abroad

New Chernobyl Sarcophagus Will Be Two Years Late

Japan METI Minister: Owning TEPCO Shares Will Not Affect Policy

Ambassador: U.S. Willing To Assist Malaysia In Pursuit Of Peaceful Nuclear Energy

Can The U.S. And Russia Make More Progress On Nuclear Security?

French Prompt Power Prices Drop On Mild Outlook; Strike Action Ends


Japan Warns Of Increased Activity At Volcano Near Nuclear Plant

EU Strikes Compromise To Set New Climate Target

IEA: Europe Gas Demand To Stay Weak Until Mid-2030

IAEA Concludes Safety Review at France’s Flamanville Nuclear Plant

US, Europeans Row Over Post-Fukushima Nuclear Safety Step

Strike Cuts French Nuclear Energy Capacity By 6.5 GW


Russian Floating Nuclear Plant To Be Delivered In 2016

Japan Prosecutors Set To Rule On Possible Fukushima Indictments

Japanese Industry Minister To Visit Kagoshima To Seek Nod For Nuclear Restart

China Cuts Forecast for Offshore Wind Power by 60%

Belgium’s New Coalition Government Lays Out Plans For Nuclear

Scrapping Fukushima Reactors Could Take 40 Years

Burden Of Germany's Shift To Renewable Energy Falls On Taxpayers


Russia Completes Testing Of TVS-5 Fuel Assembly With MOX Fuel

Romania Has Invested $1 Billion In Nuclear Reactors 3-4 At Cernavoda

Japan: Power Switch Weighs On Abe

TEPCO Starts Removal Work Of Cover Over Damaged Fukushima Reactor Building


Japan's Power Failure: Bid To Forge National Grid Stumbles

Turkey Plans Third Nuclear Plant By 2018-2019


Japan's New METI Minister Says Will Restart Reactors Deemed Safe

Turkey To Build Third Nuclear Power Plant By National Resources

China’s Fangjiashan-1 Achieves First Criticality

As Russia Starts Studies For Geologic Nuclear Repository, Locals Demand Transparency

South Africa Moving Towards Signing Framework Agreements With China, Japan

TEPCO Boosts Water Decontamination Capacities At Fukushima

Russia To Build 12 Nuclear-Powered Leader Destroyers


City Assembly Approves Sendai Plant Restart

Japan Minister's Quitting A Hitch, But Won't Affect Reactor Restart

South Korean Court Ruling Could Spur Nuclear-Energy Plant Suits

Sweden Proposes Nuclear Waste Fee Hike


Au Revoir, Nuclear Energy? France Eyes Shift

French Watchdog Seeks Plan For New System To Price Nuclear Energy


The ITER Nuclear Fusion Experiment: Who Is Providing The Funding?

India’s Kundankulam Nuclear Plant Facing Major Turbine Problem

IAEA: Iran Acts To Comply With Interim Nuclear Deal With Powers

Construction Of Russia’s BN-1200 Fast Neutron Reactor To Start After 2020

Czech Christian Democrats Want New Dukovany Nuclear Unit

Finnish Demonstrators Gather To Block Construction Of Russian-Funded Nuclear Plant

Indian Nuclear Safety Council to be Led by PM Modi

Russia Welcomes India's Decision To Go For More Nuclear Energy 


In Blow To Abe, Japan Trade Minister To Resign Over Funds Scandal

Ukraine Says Russia Has Agreed To Supply Gas

Japanese Utilities Pressed To Make Quick Decision On Scrapping Aged Reactors

Russian Laboratory To Build Underground Facility To Research Spent Fuel Storage


Boiler Cracks To Marginalize Twin EDF UK Units For Up To Two Years

South Africa: French Nuclear Decoy a Distraction From Russian Done Deal


Heat at UK Reactors Turned Down To Stop Boilers Cracking

Reactors Near Active Volcanos In Japan Called Unsafe As Major Eruption Not Predictable

Installation Begins Of Reactor Dome At Russia’s Rostov-4

Czechs Ready To Back EU Climate Goals, Oppose National Targets

As Japan Eyes Nuclear Restarts, Renewables Get Shut Out Of Grid

China's CGN Files Sole Bid To Build 2 Nuclear Reactors In Romania


Hollande Reassures Greens Aging Nuclear Plant Will Close

Hinkley Point Nuclear Energy Deal Under Investigation By National Audit Office

Iran, US Say Some Headway Made In 'Difficult' Nuclear Talks


Russia to Relaunch Soviet-era Nuclear Battlecruiser in 2018

As Communities Block Nuclear Restart, Japan's 48 Operable Reactors Idle

India, Finland To Cooperate In Civil Nuclear Energy

Japan Could Use Fukushima to Develop Safer Nuclear Technology

Japanese Governor Says It's Too Soon To Restart Nuclear Reactors

Russia Develops Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor, Invites China Participation


EDF Chief Axing: French President Wanted Pro-Nuclear Head


Japan's Nuclear Restart Unlikely This Year, Local Vote Expected In December

South Africa Eyes China Nuclear Accord After France Agreement

Japanese-French Consortium Sees Turkish Nuclear Reactor Ready By 2023

Nuclear Energy Investors Need Clarity On India’s Liability Law

French Government to Oust EDF Chief Proglio

Taiwan Mulls Sending Spent Nuclear Fuel Overseas For Redisposal


Upgrade Ultimatum For Swedish Nuclear Plants

Iran’s President Says a Nuclear Deal With the West Is ‘Certain’

China Inc Contemplates Czech New Build Play

Europe At Post-Fukushima Crossroad

Russia’s Kola 4 Gets 25-Year Life Extension

Deputy Energy Minister: Russia Expects to Build 2 More Nuclear Units in China

South Korea Running Out of Storage Facilities for Nuclear Waste


Russia’s Rosatom Developing Solutions to Ensure Energy Supply for Arctic Exploration

Algeria To Build First Nuclear Reactor Before 2029

South Korea Korea To Take Part In Bid For Czech Nuclear Project

UK Nuclear: Regional Business Leaders Hail Hinkley C Decision

Former UK Enviro Sec: Britain Will Struggle To ‘Keep The Lights On’ Unless Gov Changes Green Energy Policies

Canadian Nuclear Plants Ordered To Give Anti-Radiation Pills To Neighbors

South Africa And France To Sign Agreement On Development Of Nuclear


Turkey To Start Building Its First Nuclear Plant In Spring

China Wishes to Cooperate With Russia on Development of Fast Neutron Reactors

Nuclear Regulators Brief Residents On Sendai Plant

Polish Nuclear Joint Venture Gets Antitrust Approval


Japan Pitches Nuclear Restarts

South Korean City Fights Against Nuclear Plant

Korean Nuclear Power Plants Exposed to 1,843 Hacks over Five Years


French Parliament Votes To Slice Reliance On Nuclear Energy to 50% by 2025

Reports: Germany Mulls Legal Action Over EU's Nuclear Hinkley Ruling

Ex-U.S. regulator: Japan Needs A National Debate On Nuclear Risks

Japanese Nuclear Officers Tour U.S. Industry's Response Center in Phoenix 


Time Is Running Out To Find A Nuclear Waste Site In Australia

Nuclear Deal With Russia Brings Political Storm Clouds in South Africa

Herausforderung: Austria Confirms It Will Challenge UK Nuclear Deal

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