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Uranium Week: Biden Condemns Trump’s Nuclear Plans

Biden Vows Reversal As Trump Eyes Mining Near Grand Canyon, Bristol Bay

4 More Workers At WIPP Test Positive For COVID-19

As Domestic Uranium Production Plummets, Conservationists Fight Mining Expansion

Regulators Prep For An Industry Few Want: Nuclear Waste Disposal

Former Apollo Nuclear Site Up For Sale, Again


Amid Safety Allegations, NRC Granting Vogtle License Change

Surviving The Nuclear Bomb At Nagasaki 75 Years Ago Showed Me Nuclear Weapons Shouldn't Exist

Department of Energy to Provide $57.5 Million for Science Computing Teams

Nuclear Free-For-All: The Arms Control Era May Be Ending

How Joe Biden Decided To Go Big On Climate Change


Radioactive SRS Waste to be Disposed of in Texas After Energy Deems it Less Hazardous

Final Canister Of Nuclear Waste Transferred To Storage Facility At San Onofre

Inhofe: ‘Some People’ at DOE Want to Shield NNSA Budget Negotiations From Pentagon

In Texas, Unlikely Alliance Forms Against Nuke Waste Proposal

Mapped: The World’s Nuclear Reactor Landscape

The Successful Cleanup Of Nuclear Waste Sites: Past, Present, And Future


Lawsuit Challenges Trump’s Overhaul of Environmental-Review Law

TVA Backtracks After Trump’s Demand That It Rehire Some Of Its Dismissed Tech Workers

Energy Department Begins Search For Next Savannah River Site Management Team

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: Innovation on Nuclear Waste Must Accompany Advances in Nuclear Power

4 Ohio Operatives Plead Not Guilty In $60M Bribery Probe

Companies Urge Repeal Of Ohio Nuclear Bailout In Light Of Bribery Scandal

After ComEd Bribery Case, Illinois Groups Push For Changes To Clean Energy Bill

7th Case of COVID-19 Reported at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant


770-Ton Load From San Onofre Nuclear Plant Arrives At Utah Disposal Site


Barrasso – The American Nuclear Infrastructure Act is a Blueprint to Revitalize Our Nuclear Energy Industry

UPA President Testifies in Support of Senate Effort to Revitalize the Domestic Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Democrats Fear GOP Going Too Far On Speeding Nuclear Reviews

Smaller Nuclear Plants May Come With Less Stringent Safety Rules

Utah City Council Weighing Investment In Nuclear Power Project

Contractor At Nuclear Regulatory Office Tests Positive For Coronavirus


Senate Votes To Confirm Energy's No. 2 Official

Mark W. Menezes Confirmed by the US Senate to be Deputy Secretary of Energy

Judge Upholds Virginia's Uranium Mining Ban

How A Utility Undermined Climate Policy — Then Got Caught

NC Nuclear Plant In Path Of Hurricane Isaias Loses Power To Unit, Activates Safety System

Senate EPW Committee To Hold A Hearing On A Nuclear Infrastructure Bill

ComEd Bribery Scandal Clouds Picture for Exelon’s Illinois Nuclear Plants


Citing Foreign Workers, Trump Axes TVA Chair and Urges CEO Ouster

Nuclear Bailout Tied To Bribery Scandal Was Years In Making

Trump Fires TVA Chair, Cites Hiring Of Foreign Workers

Feds, SC Seek Pause On Plutonium Fines Lawsuit As Settlement Talks Advance

Report: 'Total Decarbonization' Would Create 25M Jobs

Roughly 35,000 MW Of Nuclear Capacity In Path Of Isaias


Sen. John Barrasso: The Future of Nuclear Energy is American

The World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is Finally Being Built

Why NASA's Mars Rover Perseverance Will Use Nuclear Power To Keep Itself Warm

The COVID Crisis Could Lead To A Green Energy Boom

Mystery At Arizona's Palo Verde Nuclear Plant: Who Flew Drones Over The Reactors?

Smaller Nuclear Plants May Come With Less Stringent Safety Rules

How FBI Says Larry Householder Plotted Return To Power With Utility Company’s Support

No-Melt Nuclear ‘Power Balls’ Might Win A Few Hearts And Minds


3 Years Later: How The Fallout From SC’s $9 Billion Nuclear Fiasco Continues

US Report Highlights Nuclear Export Opportunities

Lack of Yucca Mountain Funds Leads Rep. Duncan To Slam House Spending Package

New Mexico Governor Voices Dissent To President Donald Trump For Nuke Site Near Carlsbad

One NNSA, But Keep Your Branding, If You Like It, Administrator Says


The Senate Is Set To Vote On Menezes As DOE Deputy Secretary

WIPP Reports Rock Fall As Underground Salt Buries Nuclear Waste

Ohio Lawmakers Seek To Repeal Another Bill Benefiting Firstenergy -- This Time, Over ‘Excessive’ Profits

The Long Road To Clean Energy Innovation

US Has 7 Ocean Turbines – Companies See Hundreds Soon


Barrasso Nuclear Bill Latest GOP Effort To Boost Uranium Mining

Can A Hydrogen Makeover Save Nuclear Power?

US Nuclear Agency Workers Say Cost-Cutting Is Hurting Safety

OECD-NEA: Invest In Nuclear To Galvanize Growth

Why NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Uses Nuclear Energy

America’s Big Plan To Bring Nuclear Energy To Space

The Night A Mysterious Drone Swarm Descended On Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant

Firesome Arizona Train Derailment: No Known Radioactive Materials Involved


New Mexico Governor Argues Against Holtec Spent Fuel Storage Facility

GOP Senators Commend NRC On Environmental Impact Statement For Advanced Reactors

GOP Embraces Liberal Environmentalism Skeptic With Radical Plan For Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Fusion Gets Ready For Its Close-Up

They Falsified Their Safety Work At South Florida’s Nuclear Power Plant. Now They’re Fired.

Lawyer: Governments Are Best-Placed To Value New Nuclear


Powering Perseverance: NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Fueled by DOE National Labs

INL Seeks Industry Partners For Lunar Nuclear Power System

US Senate Passes Nuclear Energy Leadership Act

Powering Perseverance: NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Fueled by DOE National Labs

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Rebuts Us Claim That Marshall Islands Nuclear Waste Site Is Safe


How The Nuclear Industry Is Getting Past A Tough US Power Market

DOE Honors SRS Team With National Excellence Award For Coal Ash Cleanup

Mould From Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Tested As Radiation Shield On ISS

In Pandemic’s Wake, Global Support Builds For Hydrogen

US Eyes Building Nuclear Power Plants For Moon And Mars


Ohio's Nuclear Plants Face New Uncertainty As HB 6 Comes Under Attack

Senators Want Updates, Eyes Kept On NNSA Plutonium Modernization Projects

Pending Energy Spending Bill Mixed Bag For INL

Yearslong Spat Over Savannah River Plutonium Fines Could Be Settled In Near Future

US Agencies Agree To Work Together On ISL Regulation

Fusion Has an Efficiency Problem. This Science May Solve It.


US Agency Ends Ban, Will Now Finance Advanced Nuclear Projects Abroad

USNIC: DFC Modernizes Nuclear Energy Policy

US Moves To Streamline Uranium Extraction Rules In Bid To Boost Mining

USA Lifts Nuclear Finance Ban

DOE Asks Private Sector For Ideas On Building Autonomous Nuclear Power Plants On The Moon And Mars

Brouillette: How STEM Drives Business – and Our Futures


Senate Passes Nuclear Leadership Act Provisions

Republicans Seek to Help Clean Energy in Next Virus Aid Package

EPA Effort To Boost Uranium Mining Leaves Green Groups Worried About Water

Ohio Governor Says Nuclear Bill 'Tainted' By Alleged Bribery, Calls For Repeal

LANL To Increase Plutonium Lab Work Ahead Of Pit Production

Going Nuclear: NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Gets Its Power Source For July 30 Launch


Bribery Scandals Taint Efforts To Boost US Nuclear Plants

Ohio Governor Supports Nuclear Incentive Law Despite Scandal

Repeal Effort Announced For House Bill 6, Davis-Besse and Perry Nuclear 'Bailout Bill'

How Much Will the Planet Warm if Carbon Dioxide Levels Double?

6th Case of COVID-19 Reported at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Near Carlsbad

Deep Isolation, NAC Extend Cooperation On Waste Canisters


Ohio House Speaker, 4 Others Charged In $60 Million Nuclear Bailout Bribery Case


Report Shows Advantages Of Nuclear Employment

Nuclear Power Has Been Top-Down And Hierarchical. These Women Want To Change That.

Ohio Leaders React To Nuclear Bailout Corruption Probe

McAdams’ Amendment Barring Spending To Restart Nuclear Weapons Testing Passes House

IAEA, GIF Call For Faster Deployment Of Next Generation Reactors

Is Infinite Carbon-Free Energy Is Closer Than Ever?


"I think it is absolutely critical that we further develop the front end of the fuel cycle," Brouillette said. "We have lost our leadership edge in America with regard to the provision of nuclear power. And today... the vast majority of the fuel purchased by the civilian nuclear fleet in the United Sates is ... primarily from Russia."


DOE Targets End to US Reliance on Russian Nuclear Fuel, Revived Domestic Capability


Revamping Nuclear Reactor Technology with 3D Printing and AI at Oak Ridge

Biden's Climate Plan Tries To Bring Unions Into Clean Energy

Scientists Take Baby-Step Towards Better Storage, Recycling Of Nuclear Fuel


Squeezing Heavy Elements Between Diamonds May Help Recycle Nuclear Waste

In Utah, A Debate Stirs Over Estonian Radioactive Waste

Radioactive Waste Landfill Developers File Complaint In Montana

Energy Dept. Wants License Extension for Unbuilt Spent Fuel Facility in Idaho

Kentucky Man Indicted After Illegally Dumping Nuclear Waste At Landfill

A Forgotten Legacy: How Nuclear Reactors Built for War Transformed Peacetime Science

Energy Cast Podcast: The Future Of Next-Gen Nuclear Technologies


65 Years Ago, Arco, Idaho Becomes First Town In The World To Be Powered By Nuclear Energy

WIPP Routes Could See $10 Million In Improvements If US House Appropriations Bill Passes


Democrats Eye Trump’s Game Plan to Reverse Late Rule Changes

Regulators, Others Fear Plan to Dismantle TMI Reactor

WNN: The Inclusive Route To Low-Carbon Electricity

United States Nuclear Industry Council Elects New Board Members

House Appropriators Request More Details On US Uranium Reserve

State Allows Drastic Reduction In Price Of Importing Nuclear Waste To Texas

Michigan Bill Opposing High-Level Nuclear Waste Dump Languishes In Senate Committee

Coastal Panel Votes 10-0 to Allow Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel at San Onofre


Trump Overhauls Key Environmental Law To Speed Up Pipelines And Other Projects

‘Now I Am Become Death’: The Legacy of the First Nuclear Bomb Test

House Appropriators' Decision To Not Fund Uranium Reserve Is 'Really Bad News'

West Texas Nuclear Waste Facility Could Face Delay Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Sec. Brouillette Testifies On Oversight of Energy Department During COVID-19 Pandemic

Is Biden's 100% Clean Electricity Plan Doable?

Small Lab Makes Big Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Tech


Biden Pledges To Eliminate Carbon From Power Plants By 2035 As Part Of $2 Trillion Clean Energy Plan

On Climate, It's Biden's Green Revolution Versus Trump's War On Red Tape

IEA Summit Urges Global Energy Ministers To Adopt Ambitious Green Recovery Plans


Democrats Split On Trump Plan To Use Development Funds For Nuclear Projects

House Panel OKs Spending Bill Without Funds For Yucca Mountain

House Lawmakers Remain Anxious About Plutonium Pit Production Timing

The Mammoth Magnets That Could Help Make Nuclear Fusion A Reality


New Study By University of Nevada Reno Finds Faster Water Flow at Yucca Mountain

Proposed Emergency Plan Exemption for New Nuclear Designs Raises Concerns

Focus Fusion is the Hottest Idea in Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power Has A Big Role To Play In The Energy Transition. Here's Why

The Biden-Sanders Climate-Change Policy Pact: 8 Key Features

Twenty Three New COVID-19 Cases Reported at NNSA








Aecon Nuclear Applies To Process Nuclear Waste

Lightbridge Provides Business Update and Announces Second Quarter of 2020 Earnings Results

FirstEnergy Tells SEC It Needs Time To File Quarterly Report; Cites Investigation

Ur-Energy Stands Ready To Supply Future US Uranium Reserve

Exelon Stays Promising Due To Nuclear Fleet Generation

South Korea May Let KEPCO Generate Power Directly, But Only From Renewable Sources

US, Americas Power Sector Deal Activity Slumps In H1; May Grow Later In Year

AEP Sees Power Demand Tick Back Up, But Challenges Remain

EDF Energy Prolongs Outages At Dungeness And Hunterston Units

EDF: A Phoenix Or A Value Trap?

AEP Defends Itself For Backing Nuclear Bailout Bill, Denies Ties To Scandal

EDF Agrees To Lower Sizewell Nuclear Plant Output To Help Balance UK Market

Moltex Selects Jacobs For New Type Nuclear Power Reactor Development

Three Mile Island Decommissioning Fight Nears End

Jacobs Selected by Moltex Energy to Help Develop New Type of Nuclear Power Reactor

USNC, Korean Companies To Develop Micro Modular Reactors

NNSA Asking For Bids To Manage Pantex Plant After Not Renewing CNS Contract

General Atomics Nuclear Fusion Project Paves The Way Toward Essentially Limitless Clean Energy

PSEG To Sell Almost 7 GW Of Fossil Fuel Generation, Retain Nuclear Plants

Fermi-2 Reactor In Michigan Starting Up After Pandemic-Delayed Outage

Uranium Week: Canadian Restarts

BWX Technologies Reports Strong Second Quarter 2020 Results

MEAG Power, JEA Settle Disputes Over Plant Vogtle

How to Build an On-Time, On-Budget Nuclear Power Plant

The Role of Virtual Power Plants in a Decentralized Power Grid

Costs of Nuclear Expansion at Georgia Power Plant Spiking

Money & Power: With Sale Off Table, JEA Charts Future

PSEG To Look At Shutting Off Fossil Fuel Operations, Going Nuclear

Pandemic, Mild Weather Weaken Southern Co. Power Demand, Boost Nuke Costs

Santee Cooper Approves 4-Year Rate Freeze As Part Of SC Nuclear Lawsuit Settlement

Xcel Energy Temporarily Stops Load Following At Prairie Island After NRC Inspection

Bechtel Taps New President, COO

Georgia Power Forecasts Increased Costs For Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Southern Records Coronavirus Charge At Georgia Vogtle Nuclear Plant

Georgia Power Forecasts Increased Costs For Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

JEA, City Settle Nuclear Plant Vogtle Lawsuit With MEAG

EDF Sees €1 Billion Impact From Coronavirus, Offset By Higher Prices

Mining Industry Pushes Young People To Embrace Nuclear Power

EDF Plans Cost Cuts, More Asset Sales

Utility EDF Raises French Nuclear Power Generation Outlook

JEA Still On The Hook For $3 Billion In Plant Vogtle Project

Framatome and Lockheed Martin Partner To Modernize US Nuclear Plants

Ratepayer Files Class Action Suit Against FirstEnergy Amid Bailout Scandal

Cameco Reports Q2 Results – Well Positioned Financially With Solid Balance Sheet, Supported By Planned Restart At Cigar Lake

Ukraine Signs Agreement With GE and Receives European Loans

Uranium Week: Potential Export Of US Nuclear Technology

Deep Isolation and NAC Sign Long-Term Agreement

RTE Warns Heat Wave May Take Two French Nuclear Reactors Offline

Actinium-225 Is In Demand – TerraPower Hopes Nuclear Waste Can Supply It

Will Our Power Stations Be Able To Cope With More And More Electric Cars?

Southern Company: Safe, Solid, Utility Stock For Income Investors

CEO: FirstEnergy Acted Properly In Matter Of Ohio Nuclear Bailout Bill

Centrica To Sell North American Energy Business For $3.63 Billion

Battelle Energy Alliance Seeks Industry Partners to Design Nuclear Power System for Moon

FirstEnergy CEO Says Company “Acted Ethically” In Efforts To Pass House Bill 6

Former SCANA Executive Pleads Guilty To Fraud Charges Tied To Failed SC Nuclear Project

Centrica To Sell North American Energy Business For $3.63B


US Department of Energy Extends Amentum-Led Joint Venture Contract at Oak Ridge Reservation for Additional Two Years


“In partnership with the DOE, UCOR has done a superb job in safely cleaning-up the Oak Ridge reservation. The historic milestones achieved by our team in nuclear deactivation and decommissioning provides DOE the confidence in UCOR to safely complete environmental remediation at ETTP and begin major cleanup at ORNL and Y-12.”


–John Vollmer, Amentum Chief Executive Officer

FirstEnergy Was Relentless In Quest To Have Ohio Legislature Bail Out The Utility’s Nuclear Plants

SNC-Lavalin Receives Nuclear Cleanup Contract From US Department Of Energy

Deloitte Wants Investor's Nuclear Energy Project Suit Tossed

TVA’s Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Wins Innovation Award

Amentum Team Selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for Nationwide Deactivation, Decommissioning and Removal Contract


“We’re pleased that our team has been selected and look forward to competing for these task orders to continue the mission of cleaning up the DOE sites at various locations... Our integrated team is uniquely qualified and will continue to support our DOE client in this important mission.”


John Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer of Amentum.

Bruce Power Reaches Agreement With Isogen, BWXT To Advance Additional ‘Made In Ontario’ Life-Saving Isotopes

Investing: US Uranium Output Hit an All-Time Low in 2019. Does It Matter?

Judge Approves Santee Cooper Ratepayer Settlement Over VC Summer Nuclear Project

770-Ton Load From San Onofre Nuclear Plant Finishes Trip To Utah

Perma-Fix Selected by US Department of Energy For 10-Year Waste Clean-Up Contract Team

Morgan Stanley Commits To Tallying Its Climate Impact

Debts of South Korean Public Power Generators Increasing Fast

Will Buffett’s $10 Billion Bet On Natural Gas Go Bust?

Energy Fuels To Benefit as House Committee Reveals Ambitious Climate Plan

Engineering Giant, Jacobs, Invests In Nuclear Decommissing Innovation

Pandemic Drives Plant Operators To Employ Remote Checks

Utilities Face Tough Choices In Meeting Climate Goals After Natural-Gas Binge

TVA Browns Ferry Nuclear Recognized Nationally For Innovation


New Milestone Reached in NuScale’s Push to License Small Modular Reactor

EDF Unveils UK Design Center Focused On Nuclear Engineering Advancements

Vogtle Unit 3 Reaches New Milestones

Costs Key To Commercialization Of Advanced Reactors

GE Hitachi Receives Patent For Very Simplified Boiling Water Reactors

Crews Complete Closed Vessel And Safety Testing On Vogtle Nuclear Unit 3 Reactor

NuScale Completes Next Major Accomplishment for the Vendor Design Review with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

The Post-Pandemic Energy Shift to Nuclear Power

Costs Key To Commercialization Of Advanced Reactors

Dominion Energy Intends To Raise SC Utility Rates For First Time Since Nuclear Fiasco

Latest Round Of Major Tests Completed On Vogtle Unit 3 Containment Vessel

EDF’s UK Nuclear Projects In Doubt After Court Of Audit Report

Uranium Week: Seven Weeks Running

What's Going on at Oyster Creek?

Candu Unit Sets North American Operating Record

Will Covid-19 Hasten The Demise Of Fossil Fuels?

GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Assigned Patent for Very Simplified Boiling Water Reactors

Duke Energy’s Crystal River Deal Needs More Customer Protections, Advocates Say

Here’s Why Carbon Emissions At Utilities Can Fall Even During A Powerful Economy

Doubts Cast on EDF's Ability to Build Power Stations on Time and Budget

Candu Unit Sets North American Operating Record

GoviEx Uranium To Appeal Termination Of Mining License

Federal Judge Approves $192 Million Shareholder Settlement Over Failed SC Nuclear Project

EDF Says French Nuclear Output Tumbled 25% In June Due To Pandemic

EDF’s Ability to Make Nuclear Power Affordable Still in Doubt

Four Decades After Three Mile Island's Nuclear Plant Meltdown, EnergySolutions Plans To Dismantle The Historic Reactor

US Bank Set to Lift Ban on Supporting Nuclear Power

EDF: Storage, Piping and Ventilation Stage of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project Creating 1,500 New Jobs

Rolls-Royce Warned By UK Nuclear Regulator

Indian Firm Completes ITER Cryostat Manufacture

EIA: US Power Use To Drop By Record Amount In 2020 Due Coronavirus

GoviEx Uranium’s Chirundu Mining License Terminated

Westinghouse Awarded US Department of Energy Contract

JRC to Assess Nuclear's Inclusion in EU Taxonomy


MEH Alliance Reaches First Milestone At Hinkley Point C

Dominion Energy and Duke Energy Cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

No Major Issues Found During Callaway Nuclear Plant Inspections

NEA Study Sets Scene For Reducing Nuclear Costs

What Is Driving The Uranium Price Higher?

Uranium ETF Proves Pleasantly Surprising

Tesla Program Aims To Cut Costs, Sell Solar Like A Household Appliance


Xcel, Duke Say Advanced Nukes, Carbon Capture, Hydrogen The Tools To Get To Net-Zero

EDF Raises Nuclear Output Forecast For 2020

X-energy To Supply Fuel For Japan’s HTGR

Loss Of Power At Fermi Nuclear Reactor Along Lake Erie Caused By ‘Mayfly Accumulation’

BWXT Awarded Contract To Expand TRISO Nuclear Fuel Production Line

Uranium Escaped The First Half Of 2020 Drop In The Energy Sector

X-energy and NFI Team Up To Supply HTGR Fuel

Long-Term Operation Essential For Cost-Effective Climate Benefits Of Nuclear

Molten Salt Reactors Are Nuclear's Future. How Do We Get There?

EDF, Other Firms Launch New Nuclear Plans For UK Cumbria Site

Worker At San Onofre Nuclear Plant Tests Positive For COVID-19

Commodities Were Hit by a Perfect Storm This Year – Uranium Has Avoided the Rout

Orano Acquires KSE And Strengthens Its Position in Industrial Maintenance

Temporary Injunction Slows Holtec’s Work at Closed Nuclear Plant

Holtec Project Challenged By Out-Of-State Groups Alleging Dangers In Transporting Nuclear Waste    

Moody's: Late-Stage Changes To Vogtle Nuclear Construction Activities Are Credit Negative

Uranium Week: Issues Of Supply And Demand

OPG Terminates Environmental Assessment Process For Repository

Meet Beth Jenkins: Watts Bar Nuclear’s New Plant Manager

These Power Companies Fought for a $300 Million Nuclear Subsidy. Now They Want a New Deal

Out-of-State Groups Challenge Holtec Project

EDF Faces $11 Million Fine Over Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project

NRC Accepts Crucial Advanced Nuclear Applications from Centrus, Oklo

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



ANS Nuclear Cafe

NEXT 100




French Nuclear Output, Power Demand Reduce Gap To Year Earlier

Low Water Levels May Curb Output At France's Chooz Nuclear Reactors

India's Kudankulam Units 3 & 5 Hit Construction Milestones

Coal Spree Suggests China Might Loosen CO2 Goals

China's Tianwan 5 Achieves Grid Connection

Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation: An Historic Moment for the UAE

Study: China's New Coal Projects Account For 90% Of Global Total In First Half

ITER, The World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Project: A Big Step Forward

How To Build A Nuclear Warning For 10,000 Years’ Time

Nuclear Plant In Belarus Nears Completion

Belarus Begins Fueling Its First Nuclear Power Plant

Canada's Alberta Signs On To Help Develop Nuclear Reactor Technology

UAE Seeks 'New Dawn' For Arab World With Nuclear And Space Program

UK's National Grid Pays Sizewell B Owner For Halving Power Output

First Criticality for First Chinese ACPR-1000 Nuclear Reactor at Tianwan

Rosatom: Belarus Begins Fuel Loading At Astravets Nuclear Power Plant

UK Launches RSO To Support Research Into Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal

The Adventures Of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride In Russia

US Examines Whether Saudi Nuclear Program Could Lead to Bomb Effort

China Tensions Raise Doubts Over UK Nuclear Projects 

Japan's Stalled Nuclear Fuel Cycle Policy

UK National Grid Prepares For First T-Pylon At Hinkley Point C

Feasibility Study Sought For Romania's Cernavoda Expansion Project

Saudi Arabia, With China’s Help, Expands Its Nuclear Program

Russia Plans To Remove Radioactive Subs, Reactors From Its Arctic Sea Floor

Kenya on Course for $5 Billion Nuclear Plant to Power Industry

Construction of the World’s Biggest Nuclear Fusion Plant Just Started in France

France's Revolutionary Nuclear Reactor Is a Leaky, Expensive Mess

Brexit Britain Not Involved In World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Project

EU Taxonomy Leaves Low-Carbon Nuclear 'In Limbo'

District Disputes DOE Report On Radiation Threat Near Piketon Middle School

WNA Director-General: UAE A Role Model In Nuclear Energy Field


UAE Becomes First Arab Nation to Open a Nuclear Power Plant

New Head Of Chinese Investor In Hinkley Nuclear Plant Brings Military Links

Controversial Russian-Built Nuclear Plant To Start Up In Belarus

UAE Starts Operation of Arab World’s First Nuclear Power Reactor

UAE's Nuclear Power Plant: Energy And Politics

A Look Inside Britain’s Biggest Construction Site

Japan’s Rokkasho Plant Clears Safety Checks But Future Still Uncertain

Ministers Challenged On Future Of UK Nuclear Energy

UK Seeks Innovative Methods For Waste Segregation

Trawsfynydd: Nuclear Reactors To Go Under New Decommissioning Plan

Canadian Uranium Production Set For September Restart

China's Tianwan 5 Achieves Criticality

Chinese President Xi Jinping Praises ITER Nuclear Fusion Experiment

Philippines Takes 'Major Step' Toward Using Nuclear Power

Japan's Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant Clears Safety Screening

Iter: World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Project Begins Assembly

Philippines Takes 'Major Step' Toward Using Nuclear Power

CEZ Signs Framework Deal With Czech State For New Nuclear Unit

UK Net Zero Needs 'Immediate Action' Across Technology, Policy, Behavior

World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Project Begins Assembly In France

China's Second Hualong One At Fuqing Gets Its Outer Dome

EDF Denies Rising Chinese Influence at UK Nuclear Site

Why Is The Gulf Going Nuclear?

South Korea's Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant Unlikely to Be Shut Down

UK China Threat: MPs Demand Answers On Beijing's Role In British Nuclear Power Plant

China Takes A Bigger Role At Hinkley As Nuclear Reactor Pressure Rises

Canada Looks To Robotic Solutions

Czech Government To Provide Loan For CEZ’s Nuclear Power Station

EU Recovery Fund Includes R&D and Nuclear Decommissioning

Will China Use Its Nuclear Option As Tensions With The US Escalate?

Pivot To ‘Green’: Russian Gas & Nuclear Energy Giants Gazprom and Rosatom to Start Producing ‘Clean’ Hydrogen

France Plans EU30B in Stimulus Funds for Energy Transition

Russia Establishes RBMK Decommissioning Technology Centre

Reloaded MOX Fuel Ready For Russia's BN-800 Fast Reactor

India To Accelerate Domestic Uranium Mining

Czech Government Approves Financing Model For New Dukovany Unit

Vice-Premier Demands Answers On Brain Drain From Chinese Nuclear Institute After Over 90 Researchers Quit

New Canadian Radioisiotope Partnerships Announced

Coal Retains Its Grip On Japan’s Energy Mix

Nuclear Gulf: Is Saudi Arabia Pushing Itself Into A Nuclear Trap?

EU Commission Criticized For Its Reporting On Nuclear Energy’s Sustainability

Debts Force Ukraine To Adjust Fuel Supply Schedule

Russia Starts Construction Of Two More Nuclear-Powered Super-Subs

Fuel Loading Starts At Leningrad II-2

After Huawei, the Nuclear Question Looms Large for China-UK Relations

Tory Hawks Press Button On Nuclear Power Battle With China

Czech Government Approves Interest-Free Loan To Push Down Cost Of Planned Nuclear Plant

Mexico's Energy Ministry Approves 30-Year License Extension For Nuclear Unit

A Cheaper, Faster Way To Nuclear Fusion?

EU Commission Criticized For Its Reporting On Nuclear Energy’s Sustainability

UK’s U-Battery Awarded £10M To Deliver Innovative Nuclear Technology

Canada's Bruce Power Partners With University To Advance Nuclear Technologies

Team Hired To Keep Hinkley C Nuclear Build 'On Track'

Brazil's Eletrobras Brings Forward Investments In Angra 3 Nuclear Plant

Next Generation Nuclear Reactors: IAEA and GIF Call for Faster Deployment

Azerbaijan Threatens Missile Strike on Armenian Nuclear Power Plant

Bangladeshi Rooppur Unit 1 Hydraulic Tests Completed

UK Premier Reiterates Support For Nuclear

Tory Rebels Who Forced UK U-Turn On Huawei Deal Turn Their Sights On Plan For Chinese-Designed Nuclear Power Station

Romania Restarts Approach To New Cernavoda Units

A Tory Pressure Campaign Is Forcing Chinese Firms Out of Britain

French Auditor Calls For Financing Guarantee For Future EPR Projects

With US Backing, UN Confronts Tehran Over Nuclear Work

UAE Completes Construction Of Barakah 2

Barakah: UAE Completes Construction Of Nuclear Plant's Second Unit

France's EDF Opens Nuclear Design Centre In Britain

UK Government Support For Modular Reactor Deployment

Senior UK MP Calls For Safeguards Over Proposed Chinese-Built Nuclear Power Station

Turkey's Akkuyu Unit 1 Hydraulic Tests Completed

Nuclear Gulf: Experts Sound The Alarm Over UAE Nuclear Reactors

UK Government Urged To Commit To Nuclear Project To Help Supply Chain

UK Gov Announces £30M Investment To Develop Small Nuclear Reactors

Fuel Loading Completed At China's Fifth Tianwan Unit

New Minister: Nuclear Power To Endure In French Energy Mix

EDF Backs Indian Start-Ups Via Competitive Program

Nuclear Icebreaker Gets Six Years Prolonged Lifetime

Britain's Nuclear Future Uncertain As Relations With China Fray

Vietnam Mulls Return To Nuclear Energy After 2035

Indonesia and Philippines Are Smart To Make Nuclear Power Plans

Deep Yellow Advances Uranium Exploration In Namibia

Jobs Boost as Hinkley Point C Construction Enters Next Phase

UK Nuclear Plant And Scientists Fight Over Acoustic Fish Deterrent In The Severn Estuary

Long-Planned and Bigger Than Thought: Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Russia Plans First Dedicated Medical Isotope Facility

French Auditor Says EDF Must Ensure Financing to Build New Nuclear

Nuclear Industry Could Play Vital Role In UK’s Economic Recovery

China's Role in UK Nuclear Power Comes Under Scrutiny

Russia Develops Robot Linked With Virtual Reality For High Radiation Environments

UK Sees No Transboundary Issues With Sizewell C

China To Build 6-8 Nuclear Reactors A Year From 2020-2025

Nuclear Power To 2030: Key Countries

Nuclear and Radiological Safety: Review of the UK Framework 2019

Chinese Involvement in UK Nuclear Power May Be Reviewed

Russia, Germany Plan To Increase Cooperation On NICA

Signs Increasingly Point To Sabotage In Fiery Explosion At Iranian Nuclear Complex


China-UK Feud Could Spill Over Into Nuclear Power

China-UK Feud Could Spill Over Into Nuclear Power

Chinese Work On Nuclear Plants ‘Will Be Next Flashpoint’

EU Lawmakers Ban Nuclear From Green Transition Fund, Leave Loophole For Gas

UK Regulator Seeks Feedback On Sizewell C Environmental Permits

Iran Confirms Damaged Nuclear Site Was Centrifuge Facility

Fire At Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility Caused Significant Damage

Views Sought on UK's Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station Permits

China’s Era of Mega-Dams Is Ending as Solar and Wind Power Rise

Atomic Quandary for UK Ministers After Years of Dallying Over Nuclear Power

EU Experts To Assess Nuclear Power’s Green Credentials

Russia Develops VR-Based System For Operation At Nuclear Plants


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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