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Can Nuclear Energy Help Save Us From Climate Change?

Internal Reports Contradict Regulators’ Public Findings Over Spent Fuel At San Onofre

Local, State Leaders In Pennsylvania Rally To Support Nuclear Energy

Energy And The Democratic Primary: No More 'All Of The Above'

DNFSB Renews Concerns About WIPP Ventilation System

TMI-1 R.I.P. — Three Mile Island Heads To Early Retirement Today

As Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Shuts Down, Questions Remain Over Long-Term Impact

Potent Mix Of Solar, Wind And Batteries Is Threatening The Future Of Nuclear

Big Plans For Small Nuclear Plants

For Green Energy, MIT Aims To Build 'A Star On Earth'

Tesla Installs A Supercharger Station Powered By Diesel Generator At Nürburgring


INL Researcher Builds Reactor Out Of Legos, And She Wants You To Build One Too

615 Jobs, State And Local Tax Base, Zero-Emissions Energy Gone With TMI Closing 

Three Mile Island Shuts Down Friday

Cory Booker Compares Anti-Nuclear Democrats To Republican Climate Deniers

Chatterjee Warns US Needs To Improve Energy Security After Saudi Attack

NRC Staff Expects to Complete Decommissioning Rulemaking in 2021

NRC and FERC Commissioners to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues

US Senators Urge Trump Administration To End Nuclear Talks With Saudis

US Says Saudis Must Forgo Enrichment for Nuclear Sharing Deal

Bill Gates: R&D Is the Key to Ending Climate Change

Virginia Governor Puts State On Path To 100% Carbon-Free Power By 2050


Saudi Arabia Pressed By Trump Envoy To Allow Nuclear Inspections

Dan Brouillette: ‘Impossible’ to Reduce ‘Carbon Emissions’ Without ‘Nuclear Energy’

Nuclear Industry Urges Trump To Open Public Land, Including Grand Canyon, For Uranium Mining

Big Plans For Small Nuclear Plants

Texas' New TCEQ Commissioner An Abbott Aid With Nuclear Waste Experience

A Changing Nuclear Industry Creates Opportunities for Attracting Women

Nuclear Power Pack: 3 Can’t Miss STEM Resources On Nuclear Energy

Perry Blasts Iran In IAEA Speech

Rick Perry Says It’s Premature To Say Whether Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is Needed

Energy Sec Perry: Argentina's IAEA Hopeful Sounds 'Perfect'

CNN: Nuclear Could Be The Clean Energy Source The World Needs

Officials Say Nuclear Regulatory Commission Panels Need Funding

US Senate Bill Could Fund WIPP, Other Energy Projects

Three Mile Island Debris From 1979 Could Remain In Idaho

Meet The Nuclear-Powered Self-Driving Drone NASA Is Sending To A Moon Of Saturn

US Energy Secretary Says Oil Market Robust After Attack On Saudi Plants

US Energy Sec. Perry: Iran Was Behind The Saudi Attacks And Must Be Held Responsible

WIPP: DOE’s Four Goals For The Next Five Years

IAEA Acting Director General: Statement to Sixty-Third Regular Session of IAEA General Conference

US Won't Rule Out Trump-Rouhani Meeting After Blaming Iran For Saudi Attacks


US Energy Secretary To Discuss Nuclear Energy Deal With Saudis At IAEA Conclave

Saudis Race to Restore Oil Output After Aramco Attacks

US ‘Ready’ To Deploy Resources From Strategic Oil Reserves

Shinjiro Koizumi: Rising Star In Japanese Politics ‘Man In A Hurry’ — Anti-Nuclear

Senate Bill Could Provide $403 Million To WIPP, Fund Other Energy Projects In New Mexico

IAEA's Annual Conference To Begin Monday

Perry Heads US Delegation to IAEA General Conference

Fed Shock Claim: Ending MOX’s 2,000 Jobs Better For SC Than Finishing It

Obama Alums: Perry's Not That Bad

Hanford Officials Move Nuclear Waste From Near Columbia River


US Senate Appropriators Plus-Up DOE Nuclear Energy Funding with $300 Million for Advanced Nuclear Deployment

A 32-Ton Anchor From America's First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Is Finding New Life

No Money For Yucca Mountain Project In Senate Budget

DOE Undersecretary Puts Nuclear Waste Disposal Onus on Congress

The Fight Over Ohio’s Nuclear Incentives Law Boils Over

Former SC Chief Justice Put In Charge Of Lawsuits Over VC Summer Nuclear Project

INL, US Utilities Pursue Hydrogen Production Using Nuclear Energy

Utah Cities Push Development Of Next Generation Of Nuclear Reactors

DOE Selects Three Industry-Led Teams for Nuclear Tech Project Funding Opportunity

NS Savannah, Nation’s First Nuclear-Powered Merchant Ship, Brought To Philadelphia For Dry Docking

US Department of Energy Awards $15.2 Million for Advanced Nuclear Technology

IAEA Releases New Projections for Nuclear Energy Through 2050

Ohio Nuclear Bailout Defenders Deploy Ground Troops To Thwart Repeal Effort’s Signature Collection

Judge Lays Out Schedule For San Onofre Nuclear Waste Lawsuit

How Do You Leave A Warning That Lasts As Long As Nuclear Waste?


The Climate Crisis Deserves Everything We've Got. Nuclear Energy, Too

Federal Grant To Help Pilgrim Nuclear Station Employees Laid Off After Shutdown

Facing Restraining Order, Public Pressure, Santee Cooper Drops Deal With Utility

NRC To Check On Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Progress


IAEA Chief -- 450 Nuclear Reactors In The World, 52 More Coming

Warren Raises 2020 Stakes By Vowing To Ban Fracking 'Everywhere' On First Day As President


Nevada’s Nye County On Yucca Mountain -- ‘Let’s Sit Down And Talk’


DOE Nuclear Energy Chief Backs 'Parallel Paths' for Rad Waste Management

Dem Prez Candidate, Sen. Booker: Working Partnerships Needed For Nuclear Waste Storage

Ted Cruz Slams Elizabeth Warren’s Opposition To Nuclear Energy: ‘It’s Empty Politics’

'Simply Priceless' Waste: SRNL Shows Off Facility To Harvest Plutonium-224


What Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Get Wrong About Nuclear Energy


Energy Fuels Chief -- White House Considering Direct Purchases Of US Mined Uranium


Latest DOE Dorian Update

Weakening Dorian Moves North

Aussie Labor Pressures Coalition To Rule Out Nuclear 'Fantasies' Or Name Sites For Reactors

NEI Urges Trump To Revive Uranium Mining With Cold War-Era Rule

FirstEnergy Solutions Asks Ohio Supreme Court To Block Proposed Referendum On Nuke Support Law

FERC Chair Chatterjee: No 'Politicization' With GOP Majority

A Beginner’s Guide To The Debate Over Nuclear Power And Climate Change


Dem Senator, Prez Candidate Cory Booker Talks About Why He Warmed To Nuclear Energy

Duke Shuts Brunswick Nuclear Plant In North Carolina Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian

DOE Hurricane Dorian Update

More Than 270,000 Power Outages Reported Across SC As Dorian Travels Up Coast

Lawsuit Filed To Block Ohio Referendum On Nuclear Bailout

Nuclear States Weigh What-Ifs On Subsidies

How America's First Digitally Operated Reactor Could Push Nuclear Technology Forward


TVA Seeks Federal Partnership To Build Small Modular Reactors


DOE Hurricane Dorian Update

Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against Nuclear Energy

Nevada Calls Plutonium Shipment ‘Nuclear Incident;’ Seeks Removal, Ban

Washington State Nuclear Site Study Considers Waste Options

Argonne Discovery Offers New Way To Coat Nuclear Materials

Hurricane Dorian Causes Power Outages As It Advances On US Southeast

DOE Hurricane Watch

Florida Power & Light's Nuclear Reactors Operate At 100% Of Capacity As Dorian Approaches

Downgraded Dorian Has US Utilities Guessing, Demand Under Pressure

Dem Prez Hopefuls Split Over Nuclear Energy Amid Climate Fight

US-Poland Hold Second Dialog On Energy Cooperation, Nuclear Energy Development

Yucca Mountain Unlikely To Get Funding Amid Focus On 2020 Election

DOE Lauds Nuclear Energy Initiatives

Wyoming Committee To Mull Nuclear Storage Thursday

Nation's First All-Digital Nuclear Reactor Dedicated At Purdue

Hurricane Dorian: FPL Warns Customers On East Coast To Prepare For Potential Major Power Outages

SC Utilities Braces For 'Significant Threat' To Power Supply As Hurricane Dorian Looms

Duke Energy Has Nearly 6,500 Workers Ready To Respond To Hurricane Dorian In Florida

Congress Called On To Solve Yucca Mountain Nuke Waste Issue

Key Shaft At US Nuclear Waste Facility May Be Built By 2020

Democrats To Duke It Out For Top Climate Candidate Title

Florida Nuclear Plants Brace For Dorian: ‘Built To Withstand Hurricanes’

NRC: ‘Expertise Is Now Focused’ On Dorian

‘Devastating’ Dorian Hits Bahamas With Record-Strength Winds

Ohio Referendum Group for Energy Bill Begins Collecting Signatures

9 LANL Waste Containers Denied Shipment To WIPP

A Path From The Left To Nuclear Energy

First Responders Are Training To Deal With The Fallout Of A Nuclear Incident

Florida Nuclear Plants Ready To Shut Down As Dorian Threat Looms

Dorian Is Now a ‘Catastrophic’ Category 5 Hurricane

Have You Seen Any Nazi Uranium? These Researchers Want To Know

Lab Sciences: Welcome To Nuclear Inspector School

How Nuclear Scientists Are Decoding Russia’s Mystery Explosion

Forget Russia: America Nearly Built Its Own 'Skyfall' Nuclear Powered Cruise Missile


Ohio Nuclear Energy Proponents Play China Is ‘Invading’ US Grid Card In Referendum Fight

Hurricane Dorian Could Be A Test For Nuclear Plant On Florida’s Treasure Coast

Yucca Mountain Advocate John Shimkus Retiring From Congress

Inside Ohio’s Bitter Fight Over China’s Influence On A Nuclear Energy

NRC Board Approves Limited Sierra Club Intervention in Texas Spent Fuel Storage Licensing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Unveils Green New Deal Art Posters

A Story Of Nazi Uranium

How Nuclear Scientists Are Decoding Russia’s Mystery Explosion


California Bill Introduced To Allow Nuclear Energy To Qualify As A Renewable Energy Source

Hurricane Dorian: CEO Of FPL Explains What The Power Company Is Doing To Prepare

Local Power Companies Ready To Call In Out-Of-State Linemen Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian

Ohio Effort To Put Nuclear Plants' Rescue To A Vote Clears Initial Hurdle

NRC Holds Hearing On Disputed Powertech South Dakota Uranium Mine

Judge Denies Nuclear Weapons Protestors’ Religious Freedom Defense For Incursion On US Sub Base

Nuclear Operators Enhance Safety Through IAEA Peer Reviews

NRC Drops Bid To Allow More Industry Self-Inspections

IG: NRC Decommissioning Guidance Outdated Amid New Business Model

Energy Department: Progress At Idaho Nuclear Waste Plant

Kilopower: NASA’s Offworld Nuclear Reactor


Santee Cooper In Talks With South Korean Consortium About Reviving VC Summer Nuclear Project

Experts, Scientist Renewal Call For Yucca Funding

WIPP: $75 Million Contract Awarded For Utility Shaft, Airflow Addressed

South Dakota Uranium Hearing  Pits Tribe Against Regulators And Mining Company


Yang: Another High Tech Dem Prez Candidate Endorses Nuclear Energy

Amazon Is The Second Company To Report Tesla Solar Panel Fire

NRC Board To Review Species Habitat Concern For Texas Nuclear Waste Site

Army Releases Solicitation For Decommissioning Of Fort Belvoir’s Old Nuclear Reactor

Why Nuclear Bombs And Hurricanes Don’t Mix

Trump Slams Suggestion He Wants To 'Nuke' Hurricanes As 'Fake News'


Pro-Ohio Nuclear Bill Advocates Go On Offense Against Anti-Referendum Petition

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Holtec-led New Mexico Coalition Optimistic On Nuclear Waste Storage Plan

Dominion Energy to Build Largest Offshore Wind Project in US

FERC-PJM Capacity Market Impasse Persists

Duke Energy Goes All In On Extension Of Its 11-Unit Nuclear Fleet

FirstEnergy Solutions Rang Up $1 Million Legal Bill To Pass House Bill 6

No Safety Issues So Far In Vermont Nuclear Plant Demolition

Deal Reached To Keep Millstone Nuclear Plant Afloat

Duke Energy To Seek Longer Working Lives For Carolinas Nuclear Plants

Former Oyster Creek Nuclear Site In NJ Set To Become Key Part Of New Offshore Wind Farm

NorthStar Gets Good Decommissioning Review

EDF Rises on Relief French Nuclear Giant will Not Have to Close Troubled Reactors


EDF And Westinghouse In Talks To Develop SMR Nuclear Reactor

EDF Says No Need To Close Nuclear Reactors Over Welding Problems

EDF Unions Plan Massive Strike To Stop Proposed Restructuring

EDF Climbs After Saying Faults In Nuclear Components Won't Require Immediate Action

Rolls-Royce’s Small Modular Reactor Project Delayed by Brexit Uncertainty

Uranium Week: Ups And Downs

Oil Prices Spike After Attack On Saudi Facilities Hits Global Supply

Bellefonte Revival Proponents Still ‘Very Optimistic’ — Can Be As Big As’ Mazda Toyota’

Investing: The Uranium Sector Can’t Catch A Break

Xcel Part Of Study On Using Nuclear Plants To Produce Hydrogen

Critics Say Pilgrim License Transfer Process Was Insufficient, Lacked Public Involvement

Enec Extends MoU With Russia's Tenex To Boost Nuclear Fuel Cycle Ops

Exelon’s Byron 2 Completes First Insertion of Westinghouse Accident-Tolerant Fuel

Santee Cooper Unveils Strategy To Pay Off Nuclear Debt

US Surpassed Saudi Arabia, Russia To Become World's Top Oil Exporter

As SMRs Near Deployment, They Emerge As Elixir For Nuclear Energy Future

CEO: EDF Interested In Saudi Nuclear Energy Program

Westinghouse-Developed Nuclear Fuels Reach Commercial Testing

Fed Regulators Hear Concerns On Pilgrim Nuclear Plant's Transfer And New Owner

Xcel Energy Wants To End All Carbon Emissions From Its Power Plants By 2050

Holtec Diversifies Into Renewable-Energy Battery Systems

EDF Warns of Substandard Reactor Parts

EDF Stock Falls After Reporting Reactor Problems

Uranium Week: Positive Outlook

Fusion Energy Does Exist and US Nuclear Holds the Key

Nuclear Energy The ‘Silent Giant’ Being Invited Finally To Speak

New Orano Canada CEO To Spend More Time Making The Case For Nuclear Energy

CGN Power Updates On Unit 2 Of Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co

EDF: French Nuclear Energy Output Rose 1.8% In August

EDF: Second EPR Reactor At China’s Taishan Nuclear Plant About To Enter Into Commercial Operation

Westinghouse's EnCore Fuel Inserted In Exelon Generation's Byron Unit 2

2018 Exceptional Year for Nuclear Power Firsts

Xcel Files NLRB Complaint Against Locked-Out Security Guards At Nuclear Plant

Plant Vogtle On Track For 2021 Start, But Challenges Loom

Massachusetts Digs In Against Pilgrim Entergy Plant Sale

Doosan Babcock Joins UK Nuke Power Project With $167 Million Order

Investing: A Simpler Way To Play The Uranium Bull Market

Paladin Remains Optimistic About Uranium Market Potential

Union Guards At Xcel's Monticello Nuclear Plant Locked Out By Employer

Exelon's Three Mile Island-1 Nuclear Unit Reducing Output Before Permanent Shutdown

Restart Of Scotland Nuclear Reactor Where Cracks Found Delayed Again

Uranium Week: Doldrums Again

EDF Energy Extends Hunterston B-7 Nuclear Reactor Outage To Jan. 15

'Still Reeling' From Shuttered Nuclear Site, Zion Receives Enterprise Zone Status For State Redevelopment Incentives

Georgia Power’s New Vogtle Units Approximately 79 Percent Complete

Georgia Power: Plant Vogtle Still On Budget And On Schedule

Georgia Power's New Vogtle Units Approximately 79% Complete

Plant Vogtle: Fairly Strong Credit Rating Awarded $275 Million In Construction Bonds

Global Nuclear Energy Capacity Rises For Sixth Straight Year

Exelon Is Exploring Nuclear Energy Plant Hydrogen Production

Union Guards Could Be Locked Out At Xcel's Monticello Nuclear Plant

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant: Lightning Strike Cuts Power To Cooling Towers

EIA Updates Its US Energy Consumption By Source And Sector Chart

Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Has Partnered with AMS Corporation

Tesla's 'Relaunch' of Solar Is Another Swing and Miss

Entergy Completes Sale Of Pilgrim Nuclear Station To Holtec

Santee Cooper Officially Cancels Contract To End Dispute Over Nuclear Parts

South Korea's Home-Made Reactor Obtains Certification From American Regulators

CGN Shares Rise On Shenzhen Debut

Sometimes, A Greener Grid Means A 40,000% Spike In Power Prices

Motley Fool: Cameco A ‘Tumbling Stocks to Stay Away From’

Investing: 3 Energy Stocks to Watch in 2020

Small Modular Reactor Backers Take Aim At Coal Replacement

Judge Says FirstEnergy Solutions' Bankruptcy Plan Needs Work

TEPCO Weighs Retiring Some Reactors At Massive Plant

No Ready Spark Seen For Lagging US Energy Shares



Japanese Utilities Selling Uranium Reserves Into Flat Uranium Market As Restarts Plateau

Markey Hits Holtec Math, Stakeholder Engagement On Pilgrim

FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy Case Held Up By Labor Dispute

NRC Approves License Transfer for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Investors Showing Quiet Confidence In Trump’s Revival Of The US Uranium Industry

ASLB Admits One Contention in Proceeding on Texas Spent Fuel Storage Proposal

Judge Delays Confirmation of FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy Reorganization

A Look At The NuScale Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Project

Lightbridge Corporation: Next Steps To Achieve Nuclear Fuel Success

Storm Temporarily Cuts Power Output At TVA Nuclear Plant

Energy Services Giant Wood Pulls Out Of UK Nuclear

Rolls-Royce Declines To Comment On French Nuclear Business Sale Rumors

KEPCO’s Losses Pile Up Amid Debate Over Anti-Nuclear Energy Policy

Developer Blasts Ohio Nuclear Deal, Pulls Plug on Gas Plant Project

Michigan Residents Want To Be Involved In Closing Of Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Rolls-Royce In Talks To Sell French Nuclear Business To Framatome

EDF Gets OK To Restart Scottish Nuclear Plant Where Cracks Found

Q&A with Southern Co.'s Tom Fanning, 2019 Most Admired CEO


Wood Cuts Debt With $305 Million Nuclear Unit Sale

Jacobs to Acquire Wood's Nuclear Business

Darlington Nuclear Energy Plant Refurbishment Hits Delay

Korea’s Energy Reliance On Coal Power Down, Reactors Go Up Amid KEPCO Losses

Uranium Week: One Is The Loneliest Number

FirstEnergy Solutions Seeks To Formally Emerge From Bankruptcy

Russia's Rosatom Interested In Bulgaria Nuclear Plant Tender

Investing: Is Denison Mines a Buy?

Exelon Countdown On TMI Shutdown — T -13

Plymouth, Pilgrim Watch Plan To Protest Pilgrim Sale Approval

Auto Bust At Heart Of Global Downturn Hits Oil Demand

Nuclear Waste Plagues Edison -- Utility Stymied In Bid To Dispose Of Spent Fuel

Idaho Falls Power, NuScale Reps Outline Reactor Project

Keeping Watch At Seabrook Nuclear Energy Plant

KEPCO: For Now, Direction Of Earnings Is The Key

TerraPower Bullish On Nuclear Energy Leadership Act

NuScale Announces Grant To Build Reactor Simulators

CEO: OPG's Multi-Billion-Dollar Gas-Plant Buying Spree Partly Prompted By Shifting Nuclear Landscape

Three Mile Island Nears Closing

NRC Staff Approves Sale Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Uranium Giant Cameco Can’t Catch a Break

Texas Power Grid Operator Declares Level 1 Emergency Amid 'Extreme Heat'

Replica Simulators Completed At Southern Plants

Cleanup Contracts Extended At Washington State Nuclear Site

Lawsuit: Santee Cooper An Accomplice, Not A Victim In VC Summer Nuclear Case

Energoatom Tests Holtec Used Fuel Casks At Rovno Plant

Investing: Southern Company Stock Looks Strong After Q2 Earnings

Uranium Week: Complete Standstill

Uranium Falls - Cameco Vs. Energy Fuels

Nuclear Reactor for Mars Outpost Could Be Ready to Fly by 2022

NuScale Project Aims To Power Idaho Falls With Nuclear Energy By 2027

KSB is First Reactor Coolant Pump Manufacturer to be Certified for Modern Nuclear Plants in China

Investing: Centrus Energy Corp Class A Has Increase in Shorts

Why Some VC Summer Refund Checks Are ‘Not Worth The Postage’

NRC Invites Comment On Peach Bottom License Renewal

Pilgrim No Longer Required To Pay State For Regulatory Costs

Centrus Reports Second Quarter 2019 Results

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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South Korean Gov’t to Revamp Nuclear Power Export Strategy

Make Climate Fight ‘Sexy,’ Says Japan’s New Environment Minister

The Ultimate Weapon: Could China Build a 'Nuclear' Aircraft Carrier?

Water May Be Scarce For New Power Plants In Asia

Energy Is The New Bridge In US-India Relationship

Russia and America Wanted 'Nuclear Reactors' with Wings

Bulgaria Shuts Nuclear Reactor For Annual Maintenance

Did a Russian-Made Submarine 'Sink' A US Navy Nuclear Attack Sub?

Preserving the Past: Nuclear Techniques Support the Conservation of Cultural Heritage around the World

Hinkley Point C: Building The UK's New 'Epic' Power Plant

Uganda To Use Its Uranium Deposits For Nuclear Energy

French Power Output Down 10% As Over A Third Of Workforce Strikes

Court Rules TEPCO Execs Not Guilty Of Professional Negligence Over Fukushima

Protecting Hinkley Point C: UK’s First New Nuclear In A Generation

Ambassador: UAE Is A 'Model' Nuclear Energy

Dominican Republic, Russia To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

Holy See Calls For Boosting Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy

France Gives More People Iodine Pills In Case Of Nuclear Accident

IAEA Reviews UAE’s Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response

Romanian Power Producer Nuclearelectrica Shuts Down Unit 1 For Works

China Will Soon Have Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers

Nuclear Energy To Ensure Poland's Energy Security

Rosatom: Nuclear Science Center In Bolivia May Be Launched In 2020

Egypt Seeking To Develop Peaceful Nuclear Energy Capabilities


Infrastructure Fund Consortium Bidding For $1.5 Billion Stake In UK's Nuclear Stations


Australian Mining Industry Renews Push For Nuclear Option

Fukushima Fishermen Concerned For Future Over Release Of Radioactive Water

Russia's First Sea-Borne Nuclear Energy Plant Arrives To Its Base

UAE’s Barakah One Company, Korea’s Kepco Eye New Nuclear Power Deals

China Has Big Plans For Nuclear Energy

Secrecy Fuels Lingering Mystery of Russian Nuclear Blast

World’s First Floating Nuclear Plant Starts Mooring In Russia’s Chukotka

Turkey’s Nuclear Bluff Unsettles Neighbors

UAE Expert: HBO Hit 'Chernobyl' Spread Myths About Nuclear Energy

World’s Biggest Crane Gets to Work at British Nuclear Plant

South Korea and UAE Sign Nuclear Know-How Export Deal

Egypt Stresses Nuclear Safety Standards in Power Plant Project

Bosnia Protects Una River To Try To Block Croatian Nuclear Waste Plan

New Environment Minister Says Japan Should Stop Using Nuclear Energy

Disputing Colleague, New Japan Industry Minister Calls No-Nukes Policy 'Unrealistic'

Korea and UAE Join Hands to Enter Overseas Nuclear Power Markets

Kazakhstan Eyes Cooperation With European Organization for Nuclear Research


Nuclear Regulator Puts EDF's Flamanville Plant Under Heightened Surveillance

European Power and Gas Markets Go Crazy on French Nuclear

Saudi Arabia Wants To Enrich Uranium But The US May Not Like That

Japan Regulator To Launch New Investigation Into Fukushima

Minister: Japan Has To Dump Water From Fukushima Nuclear Plant Into Pacific

Partners Behind UAE’s Nuclear Plant To Collaborate On New Projects In Other Countries

Saudi Arabia Flags Plan To Enrich Uranium As US Seeks Nuclear Pact

Saudis Look To Enrich Uranium For Nuclear Energy Program

Top Ten Biggest Nuclear Energy Plants In China

UAE Regulator: Operating License For Barakah Nuclear Plant Still Under Review

Multiple Nuclear Reactors Stopped in South Korea

Uranium Found at Iranian 'Secret Atomic Warehouse' As Iran Continues to Violate Nuclear Deal

Russian Emergency Services Make Final Check on Floating Nuclear Plant

As Macron Fights for the Amazon, France’s Green Policies Falter

Fukushima Weighs Dispersing  Water Into Ocean As Storage Runs Out'

Russia's Rosatom Wins License To Build Second Nuclear Reactor In Turkey

No More Room For Belgium’s Nuclear Waste?

Russia's Rosatom Close To Signing Contract For Uzbekistan Nuclear Reactors

8 Years Since Fukushima: ‘Capacity To Generate Nuclear Energy Rises’

Iran Accelerates Nuclear Research, Threatens to Boost Uranium Stockpile

China Plans Giant Underground Lab To Research Nuclear Waste

Pressure On Australian PM To Rule Out Nuclear Energy

UK's Hinkley Point A Nuclear Waste Transport Plans Refused

Test-Ban Body Chief Enters Race To Lead UN Nuclear Watchdog

Iran Will No Longer Honor Nuclear Deal’s Limits on Research

China Scolds US For Nuclear Business Ban

China's Nuclear Energy Growth To Displace Thermal Coal By 22 mil mt in 2019

Major Milestone For UK's Sellafield As Final Fuel Leaves Nuclear Plant

UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Takes Over Magnox Ltd.

Putin: At Least 12 Nuclear Power Units Of Russian Project To Be Constructed In India

China Condemns US Blacklisting Of Nuclear Firms And Says American Companies Could Be Hurt As A Result

Chinese Nuclear Giant Unfazed By Blacklisting

China Still Pursuing Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant With France

Japan Briefs Diplomats On Fukushima Nuclear Water Concerns

City Where Chernobyl Was Filmed Fears Real-Life Nuclear Disaster

World's First Commercial Nuclear Reactor Defueled

China's Nuclear Energy Development Maintains High-Level Safety

Expert Says Japan’s Nuclear Decommissioning Relevant For China’s Future

New Report Warns Japan That Era Of Nuclear Decommissioning Looms

Finland May Allow $2.9 Billion Nuclear Waste Fund To Invest In Stocks

Iran Reportedly Stonewalling IAEA On Secret Nuclear Facility

Japan Urges Nuclear Plants To Prepare For Decommissioning Era

Section Of Exhaust Stack At Fukushima Nuclear Plant Removed

South Korea's Shin Kori No.4 Nuclear Reactor Starts Commercial Operations

Iran Envoy Heads to France as Paris Leads Fix to Nuclear Crisis

Mystery Russia Explosion Reportedly Happened During Mission To Recover Nuclear-Powered Missile From Ocean

France Drops Plans To Build Sodium-Cooled Nuclear Reactor

UN Atomic Watchdog: Iran Further Exceeds Nuclear-Deal Limits

Russia Spreads Influence in Africa Using Nuclear Energy

88-Year-Old Pioneer Has Played Pivotal Role In China’s Nuclear Industry

Energoatom, Turboatom Sign Contract For Modernizing Ukraine’s Nuclear Plants

India To Get Atomic Boost -- Six More Nuclear Plants To Be Built By Russia

Russia to Launch Nuclear-Powered Fish Shipping Around Scandinavia

Is There A Role For Nuclear Energy In Australia?

Germany Announces $44.4 Billion Plan to Lessen Impact of Coal Plant Closures

Japan's Tepco, Chubu, Hitachi, Toshiba To Collaborate On Nuclear Plants

In Poland, The Nuclear Option Is Still On The Table

Critics: Russia Pushing 'Unsuitable' Nuclear Power In Africa

France Is Still Cleaning Up Marie Curie’s Nuclear Waste

Decision To Restart Scots Nuclear Reactor Draws Criticism

Japan May Decommission Reactors At World's Biggest Nuclear Plant

India PM To UN Chief: NSG Membership Crucial For Growth Of Nuclear Energy

IAEA: Nuclear Newcomers Tackle Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management

Jordan And Iraq Sign Nuclear-Energy Agreement

Russia Says Nuclear Accident During Suspected Missile Engine Test Released Radioactive Gas Cloud

Tepco Wins Rare Nuclear Test As Mayor Accepts Tepco Kashiwazaki Plant Restart Plan

Tepco Restart Deal At Kashiwazaki May Include Gradual Phase-Out Of Older Reactors

18 Nuclear Plants In The EU Are Operating Without A Valid License

Ukraine Further Diversifies Nuclear Fuel Supply With Canadian Deal

Nuclear Energy Policy Emerges As Australian Election Issue


Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant: Featuring A Gym, Bar, And Pool

Russian Health Officials Blame 'Fukushima Crabs' for Cesium-137 Exposure After Mysterious Accident

Nuclear Energy Funding Plan Worries UK Cumbria Councillors

Jordan, Iraq Sign Deal On Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy

UK Government Urged To Back 'Value For Money' New Nuclear

Spotlight Shines On Next Generation Of UK Nuclear Workforce

Barakah Nuclear Plant In UAE To Start Testing Third Reactor

Russia’s Last Nuclear Mishap Shows Cover-Ups Are Becoming Harder

Japan Expects No Nuclear Reactor Restarts This Year

Japan's TEPCO To Submit Decommissioning Plan Regarding Five Reactors

Russia Floating Nuclear Energy Station To Set Sail Across Arctic

Slovenia PM Pushes For Construction Of New Nuclear Reactor

Uranium: Canada’s Nuclear Waste Body Develops Safer Fuel Containers

Ukraine: Crypto Miners Arrested for Compromising Nuclear Plant Security

Ukraine Able To Cover Nuclear Fuel Demand Without Russia Supplies

Chinese Mainland Operates 47 Nuclear Reactors, World's Third Most

Russia Tells Nuclear Watchdog: Radiation From Blast Is ‘None of Your Business’

UAE's Third Nuclear Plant Hits Key Power Testing Milestone

Russia, China and South Korea Vie For Bulgarian Nuclear Project

Russia's Sberbank Loans $400M For Turkish Nuclear Station

Russia Says It Won't Share Rocket Explosion Data as Suspicions Swirl

South Africa To Take 'Affordable' Approach To Nuclear

Bulgaria Nuclear Project Attracts China And South Korea Interest

Putin Says Russian Nuclear Accident Poses No Risk

More Russian Nuclear Monitoring Stations Went Silent Days After Blast

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Power Station Expected to Change the Arctic

PM Modi To Visit France; Defense, Nuclear Energy To Top Talk


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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