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Why China Is Winning The Clean Energy Race

Ohio House Introduces New Zero Emissions Incentive Bill

Moniz Beats Defunct Consent-Based Drum For Waste

Factory Owners Buck Perry's Plan To Boost Coal, Nuclear Plants

FERC Head ‘Sympathetic’ To Parts Of Proposal To Support Coal, Nuclear

Hot Topics From Perry Hearing, From 'Poo-Poo' To Drudge

Hot Topics From Perry Hearing, From 'Poo-Poo' To Drudge

Nuclear Proponent Weber Seeks End To Loan Guarantee Program

Environmental Groups To Get Hearing On TVA's Clinch River Nuclear Plans

DOE Replaces Savannah River Remediation As Liquid Waste Contractor At SRS

Nuclear Innovation Alliance: Federal And State Policymakers Should Support SMR Development

SC Council Member To NNSA's Raines: 'Frankly, I Don’t Believe Anything You’ve Said' 

SC Gov's Nuclear Council Roasts NNSA Over Lack Of MOX Project Support

Rick Perry Tells Lawmakers Proposal To Boost Coal, Nuclear Power Not The 'Be-All-End-All'

Energy Secretary, Dems Clash Over Plan To Help Coal, Nuclear

Video: DOE Secretary Perry Testifies Before Energy Subcommittee

World’s Largest Nuclear Waste Melters In Place At Hanford

The US Solar Industry's New Growth Region: Trump Country


Perry: Nuclear Energy Incentives Helps National Security

SC MOX Workforce Holds At 2,000 In Face Of DOE Tourniquet 

Odd Bedfellows Fight Trump Bid To Boost Coal, Nuclear Energy

DOE’s Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule Offers Lifeline for Coal, Nuclear Plants

How to Turn Trash Into Energy in 12 Hours

FERC Rebuffs Attempts To Slow Down Perry FERC Action

FERC Seeks Questions On DOE’s Proposed Grid Resiliency Rule


Scientists Still Puzzled As Europe Is Showered In Radioactive Particles: Russia Rising?

Institute For Energy Research Slams FERC Action 

Clean Power Plan Is Doomed. What About Its Sister Rule?

Radioactive Wild Boars In Sweden Are Eating Nuclear Mushrooms


Molten-Salt Reactors Emerging As 'The Next Big Thing'


Bipartisan Yucca Amendments Bill Passes CBO Review

Nuclear Waste Stranded At Indian Point As Feds Search For Permanent Solution

How The United States Plans To Trap Its Biggest Stash Of Nuclear-Weapons Waste In Glass

New Bill Seeks To Pay Reparations To Cities Stuck With Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Plant Closures To Test Sufficiency Of Decommissioning Funds

US Government Requests Dismissal Of SC Plutonium Removal Lawsuit

Industry, National Labs Advance Manufacturing Innovation at Nuclear Apex

University of Texas Explores Bid To Manage Los Alamos Lab

Taxpayer Investment In Renewables Paying Little Dividends 

Rick Perry's Vision Of Hot Tub-Sized Nuclear Plants Isn't So Far-Fetched

SC Gov. Urges South Carolina Lawmakers To Back Sale Of Santee Cooper

It's Official: EPA To Scrap Obama Clean Power Plan


The Hunger Games of America's Electricity

The Permian Boom Is Coming To An End


New Olkiluoto Unit Delayed Again

Indian-American Entrepreneur Offers Fast-Track Mini Nuclear Reactors To India


Rick Perry A Southwest And United Guy

The Long Nuclear History Behind the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

JPMorgan Adds Plan for Nuclear War to Bylaws. But Don't Sweat It


NASA May Run Out Of Nuclear Fuel For Deep-Space Missions In 8 Years

Perry: Coal And Nuclear Should Be 'Part Of Future'

US Energy Secretary Touts FERC Nuclear Initiative: Hits Naysayers

Piketon to DOE: 'We're Not Going To Quit'

CEOs Predict The Challenges And Trends For The Future Of World Energy

Trump Plans To Declare That Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not In The National Interest

Anti-Nuclear Weapons Group ICAN Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Spike In Airborne Radioactivity Detected In Europe

Hurricane Irma Nearly Forced FPL to shut down St. Lucie Nuclear Plant; Should It Have?

New FERC Commissioner: 'Will Not Destroy The Marketplace' In DOE Cost Recovery Rulemaking

Crews Start Injecting Grout Into Collapsed Hanford Tunnel

New ‘Molecular Trap’ Cleans More Radioactive Waste From Nuclear Fuel Rods


Video: Barrasso Grills Baran At Confirmation Hearing 

A Lifting Of Activism Leads To Pro-Activism For Nuclear Energy 

WANO, NEA Enhance Cooperation In Nuclear Safety

Ohio School Losing $4.6M After Nuclear Plant's Value Lowered

Senate Chairman Digs In On Baran NRC Nomination: 'A Big Ask'


Barrasso: Baran's NRC Positions "Deeply Troubling And Outside The Mainstream"

Capitol Hill Mixed On Perry FERC Push

DOE Grant Aims To Harden Microgrids

Key Senator Lays Out a Path for Trump on Iran Nuclear Deal

IAEA Report: 'Nuclear Energy’s Global Potential Up To 2050 Remains High'

Legislators Grill CEO Of Santee Cooper On Failed Nuclear Energy Project


Perry's Proposed Grid Rule Scrambles Energy Alliances


FERC Sets Expedited Timeline For Coal, Nuclear Support

Energy Groups Warn Trump And Perry Are Rushing Major Change To Electricity Pricing

Perry Accused Of 'Crying Wolf' On Grid Threats

Supreme Court Seeks White House View On Virginia Uranium-Mining Ban

Gas, Renewable Groups Oppose DOE's Call To Support Nuclear, Coal

First Payouts In $375 Million Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant Settlement Could Go Out By End Of October

How DOE's Baseload Power Rule 'Would Blow The Market Up'

WIPP Officials Expect Rock Fall Within A Month

New Legislation Would Provide Assistance To Zion, Other Towns With Nuclear Waste

State Troubled By Vermont Yankee Rubble Plan

Illinois-Inspired Congressional Bill Would Give Millions To Communities Storing Nuclear Waste

The Navy Just Took Delivery Of Its Most Powerful Nuclear Attack Submarine Ever

Iran Nuclear Deal May Fetch Nobel Peace Prize

DOE Directs FERC to Issue Grid Resiliency Rules Providing Cost Recovery for Traditional Baseload Generation

Energy Secretary Vows Revived Nuclear Production After Tour Of Piketon Uranium Plant

Upton Expects Yucca Vote Soon

Trump Throws Billion-Dollar Lifeline To Struggling Nuclear Energy  Plant

Nuclear Stocks Up On Perry Move

American Centrifuge Still Part Of Piketon Plant Discussions

Expected WIPP Roof Collapse Raises Anxiety

Nuclear Regulators Debate New Challenges

Trump Hands $3.7 Billion Lifeline to Vogtle Nuclear Project

USNIC On Perry’s FERC Action: 'Bold, Decisive And Proactive'

Perry Proposes Sweeping New Steps To Support Coal And Nuclear Plants

Trump Proposes Higher Payments For Coal, Nuclear Energy

DOE Commits To Additional $3.7 Billion In Loan Guarantees To Support Vogtle Construction

SC’s McMaster Urges Lawmakers To Fight For MOX

WIPP Could See Rock Fall, Operations Unaffected

Secretary Perry Goes To Bat For US Nuclear Energy Baseload: Seeks FERC Action

Lawsuit: SCANA Led ‘Deliberate Misinformation Campaign’ To Pump Up Stock Price

House Probes Russian Ads Seeking to Influence Energy Markets

New Nuclear Lawsuit Goes After SCANA Officials’ Bonuses

Can $46 Billion Buy A Permanent Home For Nuclear Waste Stored At San Onofre, Other Sites?

Group Opposes Bringing German Nuclear Material Through Charleston To Savannah River Site

Trump Speech To Refocus On Rolling Back Energy Regulations

Perry To Visit Piketon Site Friday


SC Governor Still Hopeful Buyer Can Complete VC Summer

Stakeholders Frustrated Over Lack Of Progress On Yucca Mountain

LANL Temporarily Suspends Workers Who Violated Nuclear Protocols

NNSA Says No Safety Impact From Plutonium Violation At Los Alamos

State Criminal Investigation Opened Into SCANA's Role In South Carolina Nuclear Project Collapse

SC House Utility Panel Chairman Slams SCANA's 'Arrogance' In Withholding Information

Video: House Oversight Committee Hearing on Nuclear Waste Management And Storage

Perry Wants The Biggest Energy 'Arsenal'

NM Receives Road Money In Settlement Over WIPP Radiation Release

Improvements Planned For Route Used To Carry Nuclear Waste To WIPP

Puerto Rico’s Power Woes Are Decades in the Making

Trump Bores Down On Global Energy Domination

Study: Current Policy Could Lead To Less Diverse Grid, Higher Prices

Diversity Key To US Grid Resilience

House Oversight Committee Hones In On US Nuclear Waste Impasse

US To Renew Nuclear Pact With Japan

Efforts To Squash Plans For Canadian storage On Lake Huron Escalate

Hotter Than The Sun: JET – Earth’s Biggest Fusion Reactor


Industry Leaders Meet On Next Wave Nuclear Energy Advanced Manufacturing & Delivery

Stamped for Failure: Westinghouse and SCANA Used Unlicensed Workers To Design VC Summer

Ohio Nuclear Credits Push Stalls

Evidence of Hitler’s Secret Nuclear Base Unearthed By Relic Hunter

What Happens When Coal And Nuclear Plants Close?

‘Criticality Safety Event’ Occurs At LANL’s Plutonium Facility


Moniz Talks Threats Of Nuclear Weapons And Climate


MOX Funding Authorization Clears US Senate

USNIC Joins US Industry Delegation at 61st IAEA General Conference

Who Watches WIPP?: Monitoring Center A Watchdog As Facility Recovers

How Have Nuclear Waste Management Procedures Improved Over The Years?

Trump Officials Adopt 'Base'-First Strategy On Nuclear And Coal

MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory Launches Seed Grant Program

INL 3D Prints Safer Nuclear Power Cells

Valuing Nuclear Energy in the USA

The Evolving Scientific and Political Challenges of Nuclear Waste Disposal

US Weighs Whether To Stay In Iran Nuclear Deal

How Much Fuel Does It Take To Power The World?

MOX Project Blessed By Senate Authorizers For $340 Million In New Fiscal Year

US Nuclear Reactors Face Uphill Challenge, Despite Lower Emissions

Hundreds Visit Exelon’s Nuclear Plant In Byron


Georgia Regulators Unanimously Back Vogtle Scope And Schedule


Walden Seeks 'Pragmatic Middle' As He Presses Energy Agenda

What Happens When The Coal And Nuclear Plants Close?

Thunderstorm Turns Into a Nuclear Reactor and Blasts Radiation Everywhere

IAEA: Advanced Nuclear Technologies can Help Achieve a Carbon-Free Energy Future

DOE Labs, Including ORNL, Recognized As International R&D Hub By IAEA

South Carolina Senate Panel Grills SCANA, Santee Cooper Execs Over Nuclear Project Failure

SCE Nuclear Waste Settlement Highlights Growing Problem For Shuttered Plants

Week Ahead In Energy: Senate Panel To Vote On Trump Nominees

US EIA Predicts 28% Increase In World Energy Use By 2040

Energy Industry Joins Forces In Sending Letter On Grid Reliability To Congress


Perry -- Fate Of Iran Nuclear Deal Hangs On Tough IAEA Policing

The Nuclear Heart of Cassini

DOE Announces WIPP Contract Extension

Nevada-based Nuclear Energy Foundation Endorses Yucca

Former NSC Chief Flynn's Embroiled in Mideast Nuclear Sales Deal

Attorney: SC Nuclear Energy Report Should Have Been Released


Zion Skyline In For A Change With Planned Razing Of Nuclear Towers

Nuclear Scientists From Abroad Converge For Conference In Carlsbad

Discovery Could Reduce Nuclear Waste With Improved Method To Chemically Engineer Molecules

EIA Sees Nuclear, Renewables Filling Global Energy Demand Growth


US EPA Chief Hits Merkel On Energiewende: ‘Hypocritical’ On Nuclear Energy

SC House Committee Gets Long-Secret Nuclear Plant Report

FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee Won't Commit To Boosting Coal, Nuclear Energy

WIPP: 60 Shipments In Since April, Planning To Expand Deliveries

Nuclear Energy: The Unsung Hero Of American Infrastructure

Bill Gates On The Biggest Bets In Energy Investing


Carbon Cutters: Can Nuclear Work Alongside Renewables?

Consumer Groups Demand Changes To South Carolina's Utility Laws After Cancellation Of Nuclear Reactors


In-Fighting Breaks Out Among People Hoping To Move Nuclear Waste Off San Onofre

Pete Domenici, Former GOP Senator, Nuclear Advocate, Has Died

Arms Control Experts Urge Trump to Honor Iran Nuclear Deal

Man In Stolen Van Makes Bomb Threat At San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, Is Detained

Ousted National Security Advisor Flynn Backed For-Profit Nuclear Scheme Inside Trump Transition


Nevada Panel OKs $1M To Fight Yucca Mountain Plans

FPL Nuclear Reactors Still Down, But Unharmed By Hurricane Irma

Michiganders Still Trying To Thwart Canada's Lake Huron Intermediate Storage Facility

Hurricane Irma Caused One Of The Largest Natural Disaster Power Outages In US History

Will Trump's Tough Trade Talk Sabotage His Energy Goals?

Gamma Radiation Detectors: Just One Reminder Of Zion's Nuclear Legacy

Legislators: Santee Cooper Should Have Blown Whistle On VC Summer

NuScale Power Submits Part II Of Loan Guarantee Application With US DOE

Senate Picks Up Pace On Trump Energy Nominees

House Expected To Act On Nuclear Waste Policy This Fall

FERC Nominees Pledge Energy Neutral Policies

County Commissioners Urge State Action To Save Three Mile Island, Other Nuclear Plants

Nevada, Nye County Take Opposite Sides In Yucca Mountain Battle

Yucca Mountain Panel Shows Divide Between State, Rural Counties


Western Energy Facilities Targeted By Hackers

Hackers Lie In Wait After Penetrating US And Europe Power Grid Networks

McMaster Hopes To Salvage SC Nuclear Energy Project

McGinnis: Nuclear Waste Disposal a Priority for Trump Administration

Audit Gives South Carolina Lawmakers Ammunition In VC Summer Probe

Hackers Gain ‘Switch-Flipping’ Access To US Power Grid Control Systems


GAO: WIPP Running Out Of Space


House Energy Chairman Greg Walden Eyes New Direction For Energy Department

Survey: More Than One-Third Of Nuclear Energy Industry Workers Affiliated With Labor Unions

Nevada Supporters To Be Featured At Las Vegas Nuclear Waste Meeting

Report Details VC Summer's Woes

Can Nuclear Technology Advance Fast Enough?


San Onofre Nuclear Waste Agreement: An 'Illusion' For Some, Hope For Others

On Opposing Sides, The State, Nye County Prepare For Congress To Act On Yucca This Fall

Interest In Small Nuclear Reactors Growing

South Carolina Gov Battles Santee Cooper For VC Summer Report

Former Hill Staffer Seen As Pick To Lead Nuclear Review

Open House Set For Clinton Nuclear Plant's 30th Anniversary

Storm’s Impact on Oil Industry Is Felt at Gasoline Pumps

FPL: St. Lucie Nuclear Plant Would Weather A Flooding Storm Like Harvey

White House Kicks Up Nuclear Review

McMaster Sends ‘Formal Demand’ For Nuclear Project Report To Santee Cooper

After Summer: Losers, Winners And Those In The Middle


Poll: South Korean Support For Resuming Reactor Construction Rises

Nuclear Engineer Given 2 Years For Transferring Technology To China

NASA Is About To Create A $3.26 Billion Nuclear-Powered Meteor In Saturn's Clouds

USNIC-Led Industry Trade Mission Covers The Map In Canada

Alleged Chinese Spy Sentenced in First Ever Case of Sharing Nuclear Secrets With China

Attorney: Operative Wasn't Trying To Help China Build Weapons With TVA Info


As Harvey Raged, South Texas Nuclear's Storm Crews Stayed At The Controls

Illinois Nuclear Subsidies Unlawful, EPSA, Generators Tell Appellate Court

Empty Seats: Trump’s Top Science Jobs Vacant; Others Tied To Industry

As Historic Flooding Grips Texas, Anti Groups Demand Nuclear Plant Be Shut Down

New Lawsuit Seeks Refunds For Nearly All SCE&G Customers

A US Navy Nuclear Submarine Once Submerged In A River To Ride Out A Hurricane


New DOE Nuclear Point Bullish Despite Challenges

US Nuclear Plants Hum Along While NRC Keeps Close Eye On Harvey

Secrecy Surrounds Sentencing Of Chinese Government Operative In Nuclear Tech Spy Case

If Nuclear Is Not In The Future US Energy Mix, What Will Replace It?


Warren Buffett Backs Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakhstan

Hundreds Visit Exelon’s Nuclear Plant In Byron

South Texas Nuclear Plant Continues At Full Throttle Amid Harvey Havoc

Another Tense Week For US Nuclear Industry

DOE Disposing Of Uranium-233 Waste Stored At ORNL

MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

What Both Sides Are Getting Wrong About Climate Change

Have Physicists Found the Key to Safer Nuclear Energy?

A Brief Explanation of Thorium Reactors

Energy Groups Push FERC To Make Changes Recommended In Perry's Grid Study

So You Want To Decommission A Nuclear Power Plant?

Harvey Throws A Wrench Into US Energy Engine


Energy Secretary Perry Cancels Kazakhstan Visit Due To Hurricane Harvey

At Crystal River, Big Steps In Long Decommissioning Process

Lawsuit Claims Santee Cooper Illegally Hiked Rates To Fund Failed Nuclear Reactors

President Trump Announces Intent To Retap NRC Commissioner Baran

South Texas Nuclear Plant Ready To Weather Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey: Texas Energy Industry Braces For Potential Damage

American Women Step Up as Nuclear Energy Advocates

Science Knows If A Nation Is Testing Nuclear Bombs


CTC Launches US Center For Advanced Nuclear Energy Manufacturing

Thorium Could Power The Next Generation Of Nuclear Reactors

ORNL, TVA, NuScale Power, USNIC Headline Tennessee Nuclear Supply Chain Workshop

Duke Fights $352M Nuke Plant Termination Claim At 4th Circ.

Do Coal And Nuclear Need A Helping Hand? 5 Essential Reads


Fossil Plant Owners Appeal Decision Upholding NY Nuclear Energy Incentives

MIT Researchers Have Discovered a Way to Increase Nuclear Fusion’s Energy Output

Appeals Court Rejects Revived Nuclear Lawsuits

DOWNLOAD: DOE Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability

FERC Chairman 'Carefully Considering' Grid Study's Recommendations

Perry's Policy Review Pivots On Grid Resiliency

DOE Report Avoids Handouts for Coal and Nuclear


Long Odds To Save VC Summer

SC House Speaker Asks Agency Head To Quit Over Failed Nuclear Project; Governor Says No

GOP Lawmakers And Kasich Disagree On Whether FirstEnergy Should Get Bailout

Coal, Nuclear Energy Would Benefit From Energy Department's Power Grid Study

US to Say Power Markets Must ‘Evolve’ to Value Coal, Nuclear

DOE Report Blames Natural Gas For Closures

DOE Study Says More Coal, Nuclear Needed To Secure Grid

Attorney: Failed Nuclear Project Shortchanged Ratepayers

3rd Circuit Rejects Bid to Revive Nuclear Plant Exposure Cases

Is the Power Grid Getting More Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?


HBO Lampoons Nuclear Waste Inaction, Hanford

SC State Senator Promises To 'Protect The Ratepayers' After Nuclear Project Ends

Senators Told Saving VC Summer Project Could Take ‘A Miracle’

DOE Admits Much Longer Time Frame For MOX Alternative

Scientists Develop A New Way To Make Plasma Fuel Hot Enough To Generate 'Significant' Nuclear Fusion Power

Eclipse Tests Growing Power Of Renewable Energy


SCANA CEO Whisked From Hearing Unexpectedly As State Oversight Intensifies

How the US Nuclear Debate Transcends Traditional Party Lines

PPL Nuclear Plant Guard Can't use ADA to Sue Over Firing, Court Rules

Time-Lapse Video Shows Generator Placement At Plant Vogtle


Solar Power States Weather Eclipse Roller Coaster Ride


Ohio Governor Not Backing Subsidies For State's Nuclear Plants

Stanford Scholars Make The Case For Continued Nuclear Investment In Their New Book


Video: Nuclear Waste -- Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Report: Trump Dissolves Climate Change Advisory Panel

Trump Administration’s Nuclear Energy Plans Hanging On By A Thread

HBO’s John Oliver Targets America's Nuclear Waste Problem on Last Week Tonight

What Liberals Get Wrong About Climate Change

Ohio EPA Responds To Piketon's Concerns About Onsite Waste Disposal

What Is Energy? From Wind To Solar And Nuclear, We Explain The Basics Of Global Power


Joe Manchin Quashes Energy Secretary Speculation

Tennessee Site Marks Milestone With Shipment To WIPP

'Inconvenient' Fact: Morgan Stanley Says Electric Cars Create More CO2 Than They Save


US Total Solar Eclipse Is Going To Knock Out A Lot Of Solar Power

SC House, Senate Will Tackle Nuclear Fallout Starting Tuesday

USA Needs 'Robust' Nuclear Industry For Security

With Trump As Dealmaker, Could Coal Be Subsidized?

NRC: Nuclear Plans Sufficiently Addressing Cyber Threats

Building The Next Generation of Nuclear Reactors

Will Utah Counties Fund Thorium Reactor?

How Will California's Solar Grid React To The Eclipse?


Why Georgia Is Standing With Nuclear Energy

The Collapse of VC Summer: An Explainer

How The FERC Might Tackle Compensation For Nuclear Baseload Reliability


TMI At The Heart Of A New Conversation On The Future Of Nuclear Energy

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

Do you think the U.S. Nuclear Renaissance is:

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Boom in American Liquified Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World

Concrete Problems Hit Hinkley Point Tunnels

Members of SCANA Board Lacked Nuclear Expertise

Ties That Bind? How SCANA Pursued SC’s Top Pol As Nuclear Expansion Unraveled

The Biggest Company You Never Heard Of Is Building Plant Vogtle

NextEra Joins Scrum Interested In Santee Cooper Acquisition 

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

BWXT-Led Team Awarded $4.7 Billion Contract For DOE’s Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services

TMI Ends What Could Be Its Last Refueling

Dominion Eyes Santee Cooper Acquisition Post-VC Summer

Westinghouse Seeks to Tap Bankruptcy Loan to Shore Up Global Nuclear Business

Second Steam Generator Placed For Vogtle Unit 3

Exelon's Quad Cities-1 And -2 Nuclear Units At 95% At Request Of PJM

This OPEC Strategy Could Boost Uranium Prices Next Year

Consolidated Figures For New Mexico Uranium Project

If SCE&G Customers Get Refunds, It’ll Be Thanks To These 8 Words

Legislators: SC Utility Won't Be Sold At 'Fire Sale Price'

Walmart Concerned About SC Rate Hikes In Wake of VC Summer Collapse

Pilgrim Nuclear Facility Failed to Identify 23 Cyber Weak Points

OPPD: Faster Fuel Removal Will Keep 100 More Workers At Fort Calhoun

France's EDF Fixing Pipe Problem At 20 Nuclear Reactors

SCANA Turns On Santee Cooper Over VC Summer

VC Summer Phoenix Rising? -- Analysts Wonder: Who Would Buy In

EDF Says Informed Regulator Of Flooding Risks At 20 Nuclear Reactors

AREVA To Cut Jobs In Niger

NRC Probes Leak At Browns Ferry

Risk-Based Assessments Slow Aging Process for Nuclear Plants

Finnish Government Backs Fortum's Uniper Bid Despite Nord Stream II Link

Report: Out-Of-State Utility Submits Bid To Buy Santee Cooper

SCANA Faces More Allegations Of Misleading Investors In Nuclear Project's Final Years

EDF Confirms Flamanville Reactor Budget, Full Start-Up End 2019

Santee Cooper Gears Up For The Fight Of Its Life In Wake Of VC Summer Collapse

Rising Costs Slow The Growth Of UK Nuclear Energy

EDF Prepares For The Next Stage Of System Performance Testing At The Flamanville EPR

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Gains European Approval For Reactor In Boost For Exports

SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh Is At The Center Of The Nuclear Project's Spectacular Failure. Who Is He?

Richland Nuclear Plant OK’d To Ship Radioactive Waste

SCE&G Delayed Budget Request For VC Summer Until Longtime Utility Regulator Re-Elected

Expect More Nuclear Fallout At SC Senate Hearing

Holtec International Opens Nuclear Technology Campus In NJ

Is Holtec Headed for Ukraine to Manufacture SMRs for Europe & Asia?

Santee Cooper Names Retired In-House Lawyer As Interim CEO

Milestones At Vogtle Includes 71-Hour Concrete Pour

How Did The South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant Weather Harvey?

Ex-Santee Cooper Executives In Running For Interim Post At Troubled State Power Company

Japan Nuclear Stocks Down On Opposition Party’s Phase-Out Plans

Aura Energy: Uranium Bounces Back In The Global Market

Beleaguered Santee Cooper To Tap Interim CEO

Investment Missteps Humble Toshiba A Once-Proud Japanese Industrial Leader

Nikkei: Reactors' Safety Approval Is Good Sign For TEPCO Turnaround

Westinghouse Seeks $8.4M In Bonuses To Keep Executive Team In Place

Hinkley Point C Project Powers Ahead

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant In NJ May Close Before Planned 2019 Shutdown

NuGen CEO Notes Delayed Start For UK Moorside Plant

SCANA Stock Has Fallen 33% in 2017: What’s Next?

Investing: Where Will Cameco Corporation Be in 5 Years?

Letters, Emails Highlight Santee Cooper's Concerns About SC Nuclear Reactors And Independent Audit

Legislators Grill CEO of Public Co-Owner of VC Summer

Toshiba To Buy Back Westinghouse Stake From Kazakh Company

Duke, Dominion, Southern Among Power Companies In Talks With Gov. Henry McMaster to Buy Santee Cooper

SCANA Hires Former SC Deputy Attorney General For Help In Nuclear Plant Probe

NuGen To Secure Buyer For UK Moorside Nuclear Project By Early Next Year

Toshiba Buying Back 10 Percent Stake In Westinghouse Unit For $522 Million

Georgia Power Clears Critical Hurdle In Receiving First Payment On New Reactors

4 Potential Buyers For Santee Cooper

Rosatom Sees Success in Latin America

Westinghouse And Turboatom To Increase Nuclear Power Plant Capacity In Ukraine

EDF Says Delayed Penly 1 Reactor Restart Due To Technical Issues

SCE&G, Santee Cooper Stuck With $244 Million Of Unpaid Bills Left Over From VC Summer 

SCANA Shareholders Burned As Fallout From South Carolina Nuclear Project Spreads

Efforts Ramp Up To Save Or Sell Davis-Besse

South Texas Nuclear Plant Granted License Extension

AREVA’s Space-Saving Solution For Used Fuel Storage

EDF Shares Extend Losses As Exane Cuts Rating On Stock

New CEO To Take Helm Of Santee Cooper

Private Equity Sees Play On Westinghouse

SCE&G Calls Request To Roll Back Customer Payments For Failed Nuclear Project 'Illegal And Unconstitutional'

BWXT Joint Venture Awarded Three-Year, $928 Million Contract Extension

Entergy Reversal -- Palisades Extended To 2022

Leak: Internal Westinghouse Document Warned VC Summer Construction Was 'At Risk' In 2011

SCANA’s Future Cloudy As Furor Over Failed Nuclear Plant Intensifies

Price Of Stock In Nuclear-Besieged SCANA Drops Sharply

Toshiba At A Turning Point: What Does The Future Hold?

Blackstone, Apollo Team Up For Westinghouse Bid

SCANA, Santee Cooper Sell Nuclear Guarantee For Quicker Payout

Westinghouse Asks Court To Block Georgia Power From Cancelling Vogtle Contract

Westinghouse Signs Bohunice V1 Decommissioning Contract

BWSR Contract With Bechtel Main Propulsion Is Extended

A Startup Claims to Have Found a Solution to Stabilize Nuclear Fusion

Santee Cooper May Sell Its Share Of Toshiba Settlement

The Good News For Backers Of Plant Vogtle’s Expanded Nuclear Capacity

SCE&G Customers May Get Break On Power Bills To Offset Nuclear Plant Debacle

China National Nuclear, Shenhua Team Up To Develop Gen-4 Reactor

WCS Awarded $19M For Storing WIPP Waste

S&P -- Entire US Nuclear Energy Fleet Could Disappear In 38 Years

Fortum Launches €8B Offer For Uniper After Securing Eon’s Stake

SCANA Hit With New Federal Lawsuit

Nesca To Restart Pebble Bed Reactor Fuel Production

Michigan OKs Consumers Energy Plan To Opt Out Of Buying Power From Palisades Nuclear Plant

South Carolina AG, House leaders Ask State Law Enforcement Chief To Investigate VC Summer Debacle

Anti Group Sues To Block EDF's Flamanville Reactor Approval

Uniper CEO Attacks 'Hostile' Fortum Offer, Rejected Bid in July

UT System Prepares Los Alamos Bid To Manage US Nuclear Facility

Report: SCANA Insiders Sold $3.4 Million In Stock Before Bechtel Report Became Public

...SCANA Stock Sinks On News Of Federal Investigation Into VC Summer

US Agency Claims Huge Hole In Westinghouse's Pension Plan

Bellefonte Developer Says Plant Can Be Finished In Five Years At Competitive Price

Ex-Fed Prosecutor on VC Summer: USG ‘Probing Possible... Fraud’

Westinghouse Deals With Investigations And Tries For Turnaround

Hinkley Point Could Be Delayed After Unions Vote For Strike Ballot

Santee Cooper To Discuss 'Monetization' Of Toshiba Settlement Over VC Summer Nuclear Project

Westinghouse Layoffs Now Projected To Be 1,500

Three Mile Island Fights Once Again For Its Nuclear Survival

Rosatom Outlines Future Of Nuclear In IAEA Address

Uniper's M&A Complications Weigh On Fortum Shares

Scana Says US Attorney Probing Canceled Nuclear Project

Would Bechtel Report’s Release Have Affected Rate Hikes For SCANA Customers?

Feds Subpoena VC Summer Documents From Scana And Santee Cooper

Decision on Vogtle Project May Come in February 2018

TEPCO Promises Safety As It Seeks To Restart Reactors

Key Milestone Looms For The World's Most Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Toshiba Decides On Chip Sale; Disputed Deal Has Nuclear Implications

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Shuts Down For Refueling, Maybe Its Last

NuScale Highlights Non-Power Uses Of Its SMR

French Reactor Review Finds Anomalies, EDF Ordered To Widen Inspections

France's EDF Will Defend Its Business Position In Energy Sector Review

China's CGN Bids For Stake In Toshiba's NuGeneration UK Plant

EDF In Talks With Saudi Arabia, South Africa For Nuclear Deals

San Onofre Preps For Dry Storage

Utility CEO Warns Against Selling Off Failed SC Nuclear Project For Parts

Georgia Commission Set To Vote On Vogtle Scope, Schedule

Santee Cooper Chief: VC Summer Nuclear Expansion Could Be Finished Some Day

Russia-Backed Finnish Nuclear Plant Faces Further Delay

PJM Task Force Heads Into The Next Stage Of Capacity Market Redesign

Will Toshiba Pull Off Deal To Pay For South Carolina Nuclear Settlement?

Westinghouse To Supply Four Reactors In Ukraine With Important Safety Systems

Nuclear Group Fennovoima Sees Finland Reactor License Delayed

Chinese Nuclear Giant Mulls Bid For Toshiba's £15B Cumbrian NuGen Plant

China Targets £15B Cumbrian Nuclear Reactor Project

Future Ownership Of Westinghouse Shrouded In Doubt

Nuclear Waste Partnership Snares Three-Year WIPP Contract Extension

Westinghouse CEO Looks Beyond Bankruptcy

Inspections Of Nuclear Waste Containers At San Onofre May Come Sooner

Uranium Prices: Uranium Demand Growth Will Be Slow

SCANA Chief: 'Sorry They Pulled The Plug' VC Summer

SCANA Execs Broiled On VC Summer Report

Westinghouse Sees End To Bankruptcy Proceedings In 2018

Kyushu Electric Plans To Restart Genkai No. 4 Reactor In March

ENEC CEO Highlights Priorities of UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program at WNA Symposium in London

AREVA NP Chief Highlights Restructuring Progress

Connecticut Senate Approves Millstone Aid, Bill Awaits House Action

Uranium Prices: US Producers Could Quickly Ramp Up Supply

Looming Sale, Big Questions: The Latest From Vermont Yankee

Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor Building's Cracked Concrete Being Replaced 

Westinghouse Sees Progress In Turkey Nuclear Deal

Rosatom Aims To Start Building Turkish Nuclear Plant In Early 2018

EDF Says Will Meet Nuclear Energy Targets Despite Components Review

Wholesale Prices in US Increase On Jump In Energy Costs

Valve Opens Unexpectedly During Cook Nuclear Plant Shutdown

Cracks To Be Repaired At Davis-Besse Shield Building

Class Action Suits Over VC Summer Collapse Pile Up

SCANA, Santee Cooper’s Nuclear Plan Called ‘Fictitious’ And ‘Cash Cow’ In New Lawsuit

Energy Fuels Says It Could Triple US Uranium Production If Prices Increase

Kyushu Electric Eyes Restarting Genkai Nuclear Reactors Next Year

Nuclear Newbuild Projects At Decade Low

Uranium Prices: US Nuclear Plants Pass Major Test

China's CNNP To Partner With Gates' TerraPower To Promote Traveling Wave Reactor

Sellafield Nuclear Plant Strike: Talks Demand Over Pay Dispute

Two Diablo Canyon Hearings Planned; Public Urged To Speak

Financial Hurdles Key To Vogtle Nuclear Project

Cheap Natural Gas 'Key Factor For Nuclear Slow-Down'

Busted Uranium Market Gears Up For Potential Boom

South Carolina's Summer Nuclear Unit Returns To Service

Chain Reaction? NuScale Seeks To Reignite UK Small Nuclear Reactor Plans

Holtec International Intends To Produce SMRs In Ukraine

Toshiba’s Continuing Struggle to Stave off Bankruptcy

Investing: Current Uranium Bear Market Destined To Mother A Bull

Report: VC Summer Was Years And Millions Of Hours Away From Completion

Nuclear Project Costs Drive Downgrades At Oglethorpe And MEAG Power

Entergy Pledges $400K To Help Rebuild After Harvey

Russia's Rosatom Posts First Half 2017 Net Income of US$0.7 Billion

Georgia’s Large Power Users Save Hundreds Of Millions On Plant Vogtle Charges

Swiss Utility BKW Jumps Into Nuclear Plant Dismantling Business

TEPCO Shares Rise After Reports Of Possible Nuclear Restart Approval


Email Release Reveals SCANA, Toshiba, Westinghouse Finger-Pointing

X-Energy And Centrus Energy To Develop Fuel For Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Lightbridge and AREVA NP Sign Binding Agreement for US Joint Venture for Advanced Nuclear Fuel

Amid Nuclear Setbacks, Dominion Pauses on Plans For New North Anna Reactor

Uranium Prices: Optimism Lifts as Summer Lull Period Ends

TEPCO's Niigata Nuclear Plant Set To Clear Screening To Restart Reactors

New Nuclear Plant Remains A Possibility In Duke Energy’s Long-Term Plan

Finland's Fortum Looking To Expand In Nuclear Services

Uranium Week: Not Dead Yet

Sellafield Nuclear Processing Plant Workers To Strike Over Pay

Natural Gas Looks Hurricane-Proof, for Now

Despite Canceling 2 Plants, Duke Won't Rule Out Future Nukes

Columbia Generating Station Up After 13 Days Offline

Will Nuclear Fiasco Cause SCANA Chief To Leave?

The Future Of Uranium As Trump Goes Nuclear

EDF CEO: We Are Looking For Stable Regulation In India

Westinghouse Laud Vogtle Decision

Moody's Warns That Continuing Southern Company's Plant Vogtle Nuclear Project Is Credit Negative

Huntington Ingalls Wins $2.8B to Refuel Aircraft Carrier Nuclear Power System

Urenco Tails Plant To Start Up In 2018

‘Go’ Recommendation For Plant Vogtle Nuclear Plant Heats Up Debate

Bechtel In, Fluor Out As Vogtle Construction Continues


UK's NuGen Gets Boosts With Japanese Loan Guarantees

State-Owned Utility Also Paid Bonuses For Nuclear Project

TVO Gets Good News In Ongoing Dispute With AREVA

Duke Energy Has The Land And The License For A Nuclear Plant. Now What?

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company Announces Changes in Fleet Management

Georgia Power Provides Lifeline For $19Bn Nuclear Plant

Santee Cooper Fire Sale? SC Governor In Talks With 5 Utilities

EDF Eyes Faster India Nuclear Deal As Other Projects Stall

SC Nuclear Reactor Remains Shut Down for 'Non-Nuclear' Issue

Southern Co Plans To Complete Lone New US Nuclear Plant Project

NYT: The US Backs Off Nuclear Energy. Georgia Wants to Keep Building Reactors

Nuclear Energy Gets A Second Chance As Southern Company Reboots Stalled Plant In Georgia

Bechtel Selected To Complete Construction Of Vogtle

It's Official: Southern Co Seeks Approval To Complete Georgia Nuclear Reactors

McMaster: Options Discussed In Potential Santee Cooper Sale

Exelon Begins $20M In New Construction At Quad-Cities Station

Investing: Busted Uranium Market Gears Up For Potential Boom

Southern Co. Decides To Press Ahead With Vogtle Expansion

Uranium Prices Little Changed as Summer Lull Continues

Uranium Miner Berkeley Energia Receives $120M From Oman Wealth Fund

Bloomberg: Southern To Recommend Finishing Vogtle Nuclear Reactors

New Report Calls For Extending Production Tax Credit For Nuclear Plant Construction

Ofgem Challenges National Grid Cost Plan For Hinkley Point Upgrade

Harvey Swamps Texas Oil Industry

Santee Cooper Customers Sue Over Abandoned Nuclear Project

SC Nuclear Debacle, By The Numbers

Duke Hammers Final Nail in Levy County Nuclear Plant Coffin, Proposes Increased Solar

Southern Company Justifies Stockholders' Faith Despite Plant Vogtle

China's $1 Trillion Power Industry Overhaul Is Just Starting

Uranium Prices: Japan Makes Further Progress With Nuclear Restarts

Edison Agrees To $4 Million Deal With Activists To Pursue Relocation Of San Onofre Spent Fuel

Duke Energy Wants No Part Of VC Summer Project, But What About Santee Cooper?

GE Hitachi Nuclear, ARC Nuclear Announce Steps to Commercialize Advanced SMRs

Oil Markets Roiled As Harvey Hits US Petroleum Industry

Sulzer Secures Pump Maintenance Contract At EDF Energy Nuclear Plant

Early Signs Of Trouble Went Unheeded As South Carolina Rushed Toward 'Sexy' Nuclear Future

As Chatham Residents Help Pay For Vogtle Reactors, Georgia Power Weighs Next Steps

Hurricane Harvey Is Wreaking Havoc On Energy Prices

South Texas Nuclear Plant At Full Operation As Harvey Pelts Region

Nuclear Facility On Texas Coast Will Resume Operations Through Harvey

Another New Nuke Project Bites The Dust

Southern Seeks $1.6B More In Loan Guarantees To Finish Vogtle 

Duke Won’t Help Restart VC Summer Nuclear Project

South Carolina Utility CEO Steps Down After Nuclear Project Nixed

Abandoning Another Nuclear Project, Duke Energy Mimics Its Failed Levy Plant

Duke Pulls Plug On Proposed New Lee Nuclear Station

Westinghouse Signs Fuel Supply Contract With New Jersey Plant

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins UK Nuclear Waste Contracts

Santee Cooper CEO Could Be Ousted As Utility's Sale Moving Forward

What Does Duke Energy Plan For Its Lee Nuclear Plant Now That VC Summer Has Failed?

EDF Says New Anomalies Found In Creusot Documentation, No Safety Risk

Legal Battle Continues Over Exelon Nuclear Tax Credit

SCE&G Got State's OK For VC Summer Without Detailed Schedule

Westinghouse to Provide Fuel to PSEG’s Salem Station

More Than 200 TMI, Peach Bottom Nuclear Workers Laid Off

Balfour Beatty Secures Tunneling Contract for EDF’s Hinkley Point C Nuclear

Uranium Prices: Demand Growth Continues

Why Energy Traders Got the Eclipse So Wrong

Santee Cooper Sale Could Leave Taxpayers With $4B of Nuclear Debt

FirstEnergy Power Plant Bailouts Rebuffed By State And Federal Leaders

Santee Cooper: Offers to Revive Summer Nuclear Expansion Not Viable

South Carolina Utility Sees Interest In Reactors; No Cash

Millstone Owner Digs In On Finances, Possible Shutdown

Richland Nuclear Plant Shut Down Over Valve Problem

The Nuclear Tech Breakthrough That Could Make Oil Obsolete

Legal Battle Continues Over Exelon Nuclear Tax Credit

Westinghouse Furloughs Hundreds In SC

Global Solar Capacity Set to Surpass Nuclear for the First Time

Balfour Beatty Appointed As Preferred Bidder For Hinkley Point C Tunnelling And Marine Package

Sweden's OKG To Invest In Independent Cooling For Nuclear Reactor

NRC Approves TVA’s Request To Increase Capacity Of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Vogtle Installs Steam Generator In New Reactor Under Construction


Georgia Commission Approves Expenses For Plant Vogtle Monitoring Report

Uranium Prices: Environmentalists, Scientists Push For More Nuclear Energy

Southern in Talks on Expanded US Guarantees to Aid Vogtle

Ohio Utilities Board Signs Off On FirstEnergy Rate Hike

Georgia Regulators Seek More Information on Vogtle Expansion

Ohio Regulators Reject Challenge to FirstEnergy Grid Subsidy

SCE Asks California To Affirm San Onofre Nuclear Plant Settlement

NRC Issues New Orders For Columbia Fuel Fabricating Facility

Uranium Prices Looking For Reboot

FPL Bid For More Nuclear Units To Face More Scrutiny Today

Westinghouse Cuts Office Space as Firm Reorganizes to Survive

Utilities Up Amid Deal Anticipation

SCANA Unsure When It Will Re-File Plans To Bail On Project

SCANA Sees Little Hope For Reviving VC Summer Nuclear Project Despite Partner Search

SCE&G Will Ask To Charge Customers For Abandoned Nuclear Project, But It's Not Sure When

SCANA Withdraws — For Now — Petition To Abandon $18 Billion Nuclear Project

SCE&G Backs Off Plan That Could Hit Customers For Costs Of Failed Nuclear Plant

SCANA Blinks On VC Summer Decision

Florida PSC Looks At Paying For Nuclear Projects Today

Westinghouse Chief -- 'Cautiously Optimistic' That Vogtle Will Move Ahead

Uranium Week: The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Holtec Completes Main Work At Vermont Yankee

Exelon's Quad Cities-2 Nuclear Unit Operates At 79% After Maintenance

Recent Study Shows Markets Must Properly Credit Nuclear

Investing: Nuclear Energy Fight Could Make SCANA a Buy

Nuclear Industry Warns Of Looming Skills Crisis

Rolls-Royce Sees Big Opportunity In Nuclear Energy In India

German Energy Giant RWE Optimistic For 2017, Boosted By Nuclear Tax Refund

Storm Clouds Surfaced Over VC Summer Years Ago

First-Of-Kind Challenges Continue To Dog Nuclear Construction 

Feds Won’t Fine Westinghouse For Nuke Safety Violations At Richland County Plant

Czech, UK Engineering Firms Join For Decommissioning

870 Westinghouse Employees Furloughed By VC Summer Scuttling

Clean-Coal Plant Debacle Could Fuel Decision To Finish Plant Vogtle

Vogtle Costs Climb As Decision Timeline Slips

Dominion Energy’s Surry Power Station Shut Down For Repairs

Santee Cooper Drops Rate Hike Plans For VC Summer

SCANA Embarks On SC Apology Tour

The Nuclear (Power) War Isn’t Over Yet

Wyoming's Uranium Producers Hunkered Down Till Prices Rise

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Nuclear Energy Issue Unlikely To Be Decisive Factor In Japanese Election

Critical Week For South Korea's Nuclear Energy Industry

Belarus Open To Cooperation With Bangladesh In Nuclear Energy

Hinkley Nuclear Plant Hit By Concrete Flaws Found By Owner EDF

Brexit Is a Game Changer for the British Nuclear Industry

Kobe Steel Scandal Could Rattle Japanese Nuclear Industry

Why Energy-Rich Australia Suffers the World’s Priciest Power

Nuclear Industry Acts On 'No Deal' Brexit As MPs Plot Euratom Rebellion

Austria Considers Legal Action Over Hungarian Nuclear Plant Expansion

Working Group Set Up To Integrate Belarusian Nuclear Plant Into Power Grid

IAEA Flags Half of Norway's Nuclear Reactors

Canada Wants to Solve US Nuclear Woes With Faraway Dams

Nuclear Industry Scrambles To Avoid Euratom Cliff Edge

South Africa's Eskom Gets Nod To Develop New Nuclear Station

Latest North Korea Earthquake A Sign Of Instability At Nuclear Test Site

Jury On Fate Of 2 Unfinished South Korean Nuclear Reactors To Enter Crucial Debate Camp

Trump To Make Iran Deal Announcement Friday

Europe's Nuclear Trade Body Pushes For Swift 'Brexatom' Deal With UK

UK Publishes Nuclear Safeguards Bill for Post-Brexit Period

Japan Nuclear Fuel Skipped Safety Checks At Rokkasho Plant For 14 Years


Greenpeace Activists Light Fireworks At French Nuclear Plant


Kazakhstan To Begin Supplying Uranium To China

Iran's Secret Sites Linked To Nuclear Weapons Development Revealed

Hacking North Korea Is Easy. Its Nukes? Not So Much

UK Accused Of £122M ‘Failure’ In Nuclear Clean-Up Contract

Turkey To Break Ground On Akkuyu Nuclear Plant By Latest Early 2018

Canadian Nuclear Industry Welcomes 'Strong' Federal Government Support

Final Decision Nearing On Ending Construction Of Shin-Kori 5, 6 Reactors

Saudi Arabia To Award Nuclear Reactor Contract By End 2018

India Looking At Granting Indemnity To US Nuclear Energy Suppliers

Russia’s Nuclear Sector Is Surging

Japanese Court Rules Against Government, TEPCO in Biggest Fukushima Class Action

Greenpeace: France's Nuclear Spent-Fuel Pools Major Security Risk

Abe, Koike Set Economic Battle Lines on Tax, Nuclear Energy

South Korea Vows Continued Support For Nuclear Export Push

Senior UK Officials Defend £20B Hinkley Point Nuclear Project

Iran Attempted To Buy Nuclear Technology Illegally 32 Times

Finland’s 10-Year Wait for a Nuclear Reactor Just Got Longer

Iran Names Nuclear Negotiating Team Member Jailed For Spying

Rosatom's Paks Nuclear Project In Hungary Delayed

IAEA Sees Safety Commitment at UAE's First Nuclear Plant Ahead of Planned Operation Start

Japan Turns From Leader To Laggard In Emissions Reduction

France Hit By Further Nuclear Delays, Outages

Rosatom Intends To Finalize Site For New Nuclear Plant Construction In China By Year-End

Russia, Saudi Arabia To Develop Nuclear Cooperation

Putin: Russia Remains Committed To Iran Nuclear Deal

Rosatom Announces New Fueling Dates For Russian Floating Nuclear Plant

Iran Sentences Member Of Nuclear Negotiating Team To Five Years In Jail

Japan Nuclear Panel Plans Reduction In Plutonium Stockpile, But Details Remain Unclear

Tony Abbott Says Nuclear Energy Should Be Part Of Australia’s Energy Mix

European Commission Still Silent On Hungarian Nuclear Contract

TEPCO Shares Up As Milestone Reached Towards Restart Of World’s Largest Nuclear Site 


TEPCO Gets First Preliminary Approval For Nuclear Restart Since Fukushima

Defense Secretary Mattis Suggests Sticking With Iran Nuclear Deal

EDF Says Dike Strengthening Works Started At Tricastin Nuclear Plant

Government To Rethink Hinkley Point Funding Model For Future Projects 

Minister: CEZ Can't Fund Czech Nuclear Expansion on Its Own

Saudi Arabia Drums Up Support For Nuclear Energy Ambitions

Uranium Supply To Power Uzbek-India Growing Ties 

Japan Nuclear Stocks Lukewarm After Tokyo Governor Denies Parliament Run


Tories Told Brexit Threatens UK’s Nuclear Renaissance Dream

Chinese Company Behind New UK Nuclear Plant 'Refused To Give Security Details To British Authorities'

Chinese Firm Behind Essex Nuclear Plant Refuses To Reveal Security Information

Saudi Eyes International Support For Nuclear Project Plans

Nuclear Energy Policy Emerges As Key Difference Between Abe And Koike

Hinkley Point C: Amazing Pictures And Video Show Vast Scale Of Work A Year After It Was Approved

India Plays Major Role In Nuclear Plant In Bangladesh 

UK Nuclear Authority Gives Notice On Ending CFP's Magnox Contract

Putin: Russia Expects To Launch Unit 1 of Turkey Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Soon

Russia May Help Brazil Develop its Nuclear Plant

Largest French Nuclear Training Centre Opens

Restart of Oi Nuclear Reactors Gets Implicit Approval From Fukui Assembly

EDF To Close Temporarily Tricastin Nuclear Plant Over Flooding Risk

What Can Russia Learn From Its Flashy New Nuclear Icebreaker Push?

Tokyo Governor Koike: Will Examine Steps to Exit Nuclear Energy by 2030

Global Nuclear Organizations Enhance Cooperation

Puerto Rico Eyed As Electricity Grid Innovation Testing Ground

Why Nuclear Energy Is The Backbone Of Ontario’s Clean Electricity System

Czechs Can Build Nuclear Unit Without Foreign Money

World Nuclear Association Welcomes Akkuyu Construction

EU Power Generators Warn Plan to Cut Use of Coal May Backfire

Multiple Challenges Remain To Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup

UAE Inks Nuclear Energy Deals With UK, Canada

Another New Country Introduces Nuclear Energy – Turkey

Spent Nuclear Fuel Removal At Fukushima Plant Pushed Back Again

Mayor Gives OK To Restart Reactors At Oi Nuclear Plant

India in Talks with Several Countries to Build Strategic Nuclear Fuel Reserve

UAE Working With Regional Countries On Nuclear Energy

Putin's Latest Arctic Move: Russia Leads World With New Nuclear Icebreaker

Will North Korea Sell Its Nuclear Technology?

Sudan’s First Nuclear Energy Plant Nears Completion

UAE Energy Minister: First Nuclear Reactor To Be Operational Next Year

IAEA Slates Meeting In Abu Dhabi Next Month

Russia Launches ‘World’s Biggest And Most Powerful’ Nuclear Icebreaker Ship

Carmakers, Coal Plants Seen Suffering If Greens Join German Coalition

Iraq Asks UN For Help To Build New Nuclear Energy Reactor

Study: India Third In Nuclear Energy Installations

India In Talks With Countries Like Uzbekistan To Procure Nuclear Fuel To Create Uranium Reserve​

Rosatom Closing The Fuel Cycle Campaign Aimed At Turning 1 Million Tons If Waste To Energy

Russia Eyeing Investment In Brazil's Angra 3 Nuclear Project

Japan Court Orders TEPCO to Pay Residents' Losses Caused by Fukushima 

Tremor Detected Near North Korean Nuclear Test Site

Czech Officials Ask State Controlled CEZ To Look At Spliting The Company

Russia Proposes New Closed Fuel Cycle

Nuclear Agenda In Africa Under Spotlight, As Rosatom Launches Wind Energy Firm

Russia Floats New Ship With Nuclear Reactors

China Made Offer To Rosatom On New Nuclear Plant Site

Canada’s Neutron Scientists Lament Closure Of World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor


China Becomes Test Bed For Us Advanced Reactors

Hinkley Point C: Fresh Strike Threat Over Pay Dispute

Japan's Nuclear Watchdog Chief Retires

French Nuclear Watchdog Flags Low Risk Incident At Chooz 2 Reactor

Reprocessed Nuclear Fuel Returned To Japan For Reactor Use

UK Pushes Ahead With Nuclear Projects

How Merkel’s Green Energy Policy Has Fueled Demand for Coal


Russia Inc. Presses Financing, Contracting Assets Into Strong Order Book

Nuclear Fuel Retrieval Delayed At Fukushima

Earthquake Rocks Japan Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant

India Collaborating With Russia For Nuclear Power Plant In Bangladesh 

Dozens Of States Sign Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty At United Nations

China’s Nuclear Power Appetite to Offset Western Decline

China Eyeing Fourth UK Nuclear Project

Russian Nuclear Giant Joins Scramble to Supply Electric-Car Boom

TEPCO To Make Legal Safety Vow As It Seeks Restart Of Reactors At Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Plant

South Africa: Nuclear Remains a Viable Option

South Korea Eyes Saudi Arabia's Nuclear Plant Deal

China Mulls Moorside Nuclear Rescue Deal To Deepen Roots In UK Plants

UN Atomic Chief Praises China's CAP1400 Nuclear Reactor

Russian-Built Nuclear Plant Revives Chernobyl Fears

Quiet Energy Revolution Underway In Japan As Dozens Of Towns Go Off The Grid

India’s Second Kudankulam 1,000MW Nuclear Plant To Restart On October 7

Belgian and US Research Reactors to Become International Centres for R&D under IAEA Label

Saudi Arabia Says Still Examining Options For Nuclear Energy Plants

Turkey, Russia To Create Consortium For Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Australia Joins International Nuclear Energy Research Group

China Signs Agreement to Provide Training in Nuclear Technology

For Whom The Bell Tolls?: South Korean Nuclear Phase-Out Policy May Hinder Getting Reactor Orders

East China Nuclear Reactor Begins Commercial Operations

Most Britons 'Dislike Prospect Of Living Near Mini Nuclear Station'

Australia Joins International Nuclear Energy Research Group

Japan Weighs Exports Of Safer, Next-Gen Nuclear Reactors

Iran Leader Khamenei Warns Against US 'Wrong Move' On Nuclear Deal

South Korea To Begin Phasing Out Nuclear Plants

UK Government Set To Approve 'Mini' Nuclear Reactors In Coming Months

French Nuclear Regulator Investigations Fuel Winter Supply Doubts

Ministry: Poland Planning Nuclear Technology Tender Early 2018

South Africa Could Restart Nuclear Tender Process Soon

Japan’s Atomic Energy Commission Backs Nuclear For National Energy Mix

Britain Seeks To Smooth Brexit Path For Nuclear Energy

Should Nuclear Inspectors Have Access To Iran's Military Sites?


Saudi Arabia Plans To Launch Nuclear Energy Tender Next Month

Extra Supervision Ordered For French Nuclear Plant After Lapses

Germany Shuttered Nuclear Plants And Is Paying The Price

Japan Commission Supports Nuclear Energy Despite Fukushima

Restart of TEPCO's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Units Conditionally Approved

IAEA Says Namibia Should Consider Nuclear Energy

China, Cambodia Agree To Nuclear Energy Cooperation

UK Plant Operators Sound Alarm On Brexit Entanglement

UK SMR Consortium Calls For Government Support

French Watchdog Places EDF's Belleville Nuclear Plant Under Increased Supervision

AREVA’s Finnish Client Appeals Over French Nuclear Restructuring

Former UK Energy Secretary: No Harm In Leaving Euratom As Germany Has Ruined It Already

Rolls Royce Calls For UK Government To Back British Small Nuclear Plants

Kazakhstan, Islamic Countries To Expand Cooperation In Nuclear Energy

Finland’s Incredible Permanent Nuclear Waste Storage Facility

Nuclear Deal Between India And Japan Opens Up New Vistas Of Cooperation 

Nuclear Waste: Where To Store It For Eternity?

Japan’s NRA Starts Final Checks Of Genkai No. 3 Reactor Before Restart Of Operation

Squiggly Snake Robot Could Help In Fukushima

Kazakhstan, UAE Plan Closer Ties In Nuclear Fuel Cycle


Poland To Treat Coal Addiction By Embracing Nuclear Energy

Offshore Wind Costs Fall Below New Nuclear Plants in UK

Nuclear Chief Dr Sekhar Basu: 'India Is Uranium-Rich Country'

500-Member Jury Formed To Determine Fate Of South Korean Nuclear Reactors

Poland To Treat Coal Addiction By Embracing Nuclear Energy

Iran Atomic Inspections Double With Deal Questioned by Trump

'Mini' Nuclear Reactors Could Help Solve Britain's Energy Crunch And Cut A Third Off Bills

Russia, Sudan's Nuclear Energy Committees Begin Work on Nuclear Plant Project

IAEA Report: Nuclear Energy Expansion To Slow Before Growing Again

Ranked: Largest Uranium Producing Countries In The World


A Rare Inside Look At India's Uranium Mines

Pakistan Prime Minister Inaugurates China-Backed Fifth Nuclear Plant

IAEA Concludes Four-year Research Project on Fast Reactor Safety Features

US: India Takes Three Steps To Implement Nuclear Deal

Is This The Newest Nuclear Player In The Middle East?

50 Years Ago, West Germany Embraced Nuclear Energy

Carbon is #1 Problem World is Facing: How Nuclear, Renewable Energies Can Help


TEPCO Bow Wave: World’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant One Step Closer To Restart

Japanese Nuclear Regulator Takes Favorable Turn On TEPCO Reactor Restarts

UK To Work With The EU On Nuclear Research And Space Travel After Brexit

Kazakhstan Will Decide On Construction Of Nuclear Plant Next Year

French Nuclear Output In August Sees Biggest Monthly Gain In 2017

Russia-Linked Hackers Breached 100 Nuclear and Power Plants Just This Year

Poland May Have First Nuclear Energy Plant By 2029


Egypt Prepares To Break Ground On First Nuclear Plant

China’s Sanmen Unit 2 Completes Cold Hydrostatic Testing

NIA: Brexit ‘Could Trigger Power Blackouts,’ Amid Calls To Stay In Key EU Agency

Leaving EU Nuclear Body Could Have 'Significant Impact' On Hinkley C

Czech Nuclear Envoy Says Decisions On New Units Needed By Q1

UK Told Drafty Homes Ban May Save Power of Six Nuclear Plants

World’s First As Sellafied Cut Hole In World’s Oldest ‘Locked Vault’ Nuclear Store

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Suggests Iran May Be Cheating On Nuclear Deal

Putin Announces Plan To Visit Egypt For Ceremony At Dabaa Nuclear Site

BRICS Nations Vow To Embrace Nuclear Energy

Egypt Signs Agreement With Russia To Build First Nuclear Plant

Brazil and China Enhance Nuclear Cooperation

Vietnam Planning To Crank Up Russian-Subsidized Nuclear Study Center By 2025

Kazakhstan Embarks On Global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Journey

India’s Tryst with Next-Gen Nuclear Energy Systems

Could ‘Swimming Pool’ Nuclear Reactors Help Clear China’s Winter Smog?

TEPCO’s Nuclear Reactors Will Likely Pass Safety Review

Germans In Aachen Get Free Iodine Amid Belgium Nuclear Fears

Australian Organization Calls For End To Nuclear Ban

Japan Eyes Fully Backing Loans For Hitachi's UK Reactor Plan

TEPCO’s Reactors Soon To Clear Major Safety Hurdle To Restart

Al Qaeda Affiliate Mining Uranium To Send To Iran, Somali Official Warns US Ambassador

Finland Doubles Down On Nuclear Energy As Coal Heads Out The Door

China's Legislature Passes Nuclear Safety Law

Australia’s Turnbull Faces New Push For Nuclear Energy

German Region To Hand Out Iodine Over Belgium Nuclear Fears

Minerals Council: Australia Should Add Nuclear To The Clean Energy Mix

IAEA: Iran Is Sticking to the Nuclear Deal

Russia to Fit Newest Destroyer With Nuclear Reactor

Removal Of Nuclear Fuel From Fukushima Plant To Proceed As Planned

Third WWII Bomb Found In Bristol Channel Near Hinkley Point

Russian Nuclear Experts Now Studying Revival Of Philippines Nuclear Plant

Kazakhstan, US Agree To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

Chinese Hinkley Developers Confident About UK Second Plant

The Slow Decline Of Nuclear Energy In Europe

Iran Says Military Sites Are Off Limits For Nuclear Inspections Despite US Pressure

Minister: France Will Need To Close Nuclear Reactors

Argentina OKs Hydroelectric Dams, Halts Nuclear Plan in Patagonia

Bulgaria Launches Construction Of Nuclear Waste Repository

Brazil Looks To China To Finish Nuclear Energy Plant

UN Nuclear Watchdog Opens Uranium Bank In Kazakhstan

Three International Companies Want to Invest in Belene Nuclear Plant

India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Unit Resumes Power Generation After Over Four Months

Two Japanese Utilities Keen To Restart Three Nuclear Reactors In Early 2018

Dutch Researchers Are Kicking Off The First Thorium Fission Tests In 45 Years

IAEA Begins 10-Day Security Review In China

Putin: Work At Hungary's Paks Nuclear Plant Could Begin In Early 2018

IAEA Director General Statement on the Future of Nuclear Energy and the Role of the IAEA

China Approves Merger Of Guodian And Shenhua To Create World's Largest Power Company

Russian Navy Gets Go-Ahead For Design Of New Nuclear Powered Destroyers

India’s NSG Bid Gets Push As US Extends ‘Active Support’

Abe-Backed Candidate Wins Ibaraki Prefecture Election in Nuclear Boost

Egypt's Sisi Meets Russian Energy Giant Head Over Nuclear Energy Plant Deal

Macron’s France: Where Now For Nuclear Energy?

Leading Scientist: Brexit Risks Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Promising Cheap Power Revolution

Nuclear Fuel Bank Readies For Opening In Kazakhstan

China Confident To Get New UK Nuclear Plant Approval After Hinkley

IAEA Bank of Low-Enriched Uranium Launches: International Cooperation Works

Japan's Power Players Are Multiplying

How North Korea Shocked the Nuclear Experts

South Korea To Restart Hanul No.5 Nuclear Reactor After Safety Checks

IAEA: North Korea Steps Up Work On Parts For New Reactor

Three More Japanese Reactors Step Closer To Restart

Bulgaria Needs New Nuclear Reactor Soon

Saudi Arabia Signs Cooperation Deals With China On Nuclear Energy

Japan's TEPCO Sued By US Residents Over Fukushima

Romania's Nuclearelectrica Could Tap Markets To Extend Reactors' Lifespan

Gov Economist: China's Energy Intensity Falls At Fastest Pace

IAEA Assisting Member States in Nuclear Power Human Resources Planning

Here’s How Warren Buffett Bankrolled A Uranium Bank In Kazakhstan

Ukraine To Maintain Nuclear's Share Of Electricity

China Turns to Russia's 'Unique Technologies' to Build New Nuclear Plant

Small Nuclear Reactors Draw Interest In Canada

Czech, Jordan To Cooperate In Use Of Nuclear Energy

New Plasma Fuel To Generate ‘Significant’ Nuclear Fusion Power

Former US Senator: Kasakstan Uranium Bank Will Mitigate ‘Growing Risk’ Of Nuclear Fuel Being Weaponized

What to Do with Contaminated Water from Fukushima?

Australia, India Uranium Sale Talks At Advanced Stage

Fukushima Ice Wall Facing Doubts As Project Nears Completion

Japanese Wind Turbine Catches Fire In Shadow Of Saga Nuclear Plant

UK Eyes Rethink After High Cost Of Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Nuclear Reactor’s Giant ‘Ice Wall Is Almost Finished

Russia Set To Finish Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Licensing By Year-End

Stakeholders Show Interest In Canadian Small Reactor Plans

Russia To Commence Nuclear Plant Construction in Turkey Next Year

North Korea Nuclear Ambition Hikes Threat To Grid

The Strange Rise Of Coal In The Middle East

UAE Nuclear Program Edges Toward 2018 Launch

Japanese Municipalities Near Nuclear Plants Want Say Over Restarts

Taiwan Premier Pledges To Minimize Chances Of Another Power Blackout

Moon's Bold Reforms Weigh Heavily On Korea Inc.

Korean Nuclear Energy Operation Rate Falls To Lowest Level Since 2013

Taiwan Blackouts Cast Long Shadow Over Leader’s Plans For Nuclear-Free Future

These Are China's Plans For Floating Nuclear Reactors


China Pips US In Race To Start The World’s First Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Plant

Energy Minister: US Sanctions Will Not Affect Construction Of Turkish Stream, Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Radioactive Material From European Nuclear Reprocessing Plants Found Near Bermuda

Ukraine Hosts 'Zero-Failure Fuel' Working Group

TVO: Long-Delayed Finnish Reactor OL3 On Track, Fourth Unit Possible

Russia’s Rosatom To Build Nuclear Energy Plant In China

Taiwan, At The Heart Of The World’s Tech Supply Chain, Has A Serious Electricity Problem

Jordan In Talks With Russia On Financing Solutions For Nuclear Reactor

South Korean Commission To Conduct First Opinion Survey To Determine Fate Of Nuclear Reactors

Russia to Help China Build Plant's Nuclear Fuel Loading System by Next Summer

ENEC Installs Major Components at Unit 4 of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, UAE

Mishap Triggers Taiwan Blackout as Power Policies Draw Scrutiny


French Regulator Orders Review Of All Creusot-Made Components On EDF Nuclear Reactors

High-Priced Fukushima Ice Wall Nears Completion, But Effectiveness Doubtful

Restart Delayed For Kyushu Electric's Nuclear Reactors

Bulgaria To Launch Tender To Sell Belene Nuclear Project Next Year

Rouhani Says Iran Could Quit Nuclear Deal In 'Hours' If New US Sanctions Imposed

Canadian, US Nuclear Regulators Enhance Cooperation

China Launches Nuclear Company To Build 20 Floating Reactors

China National Nuclear Energy Launches $150m JV To Build Floating Nuclear Plant

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Sails Off To North Pole

Government Holds Crunch Talks With Industry Giants Over The Future Of British Nuclear Energy


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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