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DB: Wine Country’s Defense Waste Threat

Solar Market Pitfalls And Opportunities Ahead

Moniz: Obama's Big Brain On Iran


U.S. To Submit Plans To UN on Global Warming While Most Other Nations Delay


Moniz In Full In Geneva: Technical Expertise And 'Political Cover' For Nuclear Deal With Iran

Vermont Radiological Monitoring Could End Next Year At Shuttered Yankee Plant


TMI: 36 Years Later

Idaho’s St. George Postponed Trigger for SMR Project, For Now

Slovakia Against Enel Utility Stake Sale Until Nuclear Units Online

It's Official: Mix Of Cat Litter The Culprit For WIPP Mishap

Video: The Five-Minute Nuclear Energy Primer

As World Expands Nuclear Energy, US Grapples With Decades Of Waste


Moniz Reiterates Priority Of Reopening WIPP Facility

Sen. Murray: DOE Appears To Be Pulling Plug On Some Hanford Cleanup

Report: Feds Probe PG&E Report On California Nuclear Plant Safety


Graham Dismisses DOE Review of MOX Alternatives

'Corporate Crime Reporter': Antis Rant Over Defection Of NYT Reporter To Nuclear Lobby Post

New Mexico Group Questions WIPP Repository Schedule For Full Operations


Bracing For A Big Power Grid Attack: 'One Is Too Many'

Senator Cantwell: No Linkage Between Timing Of Senate, DOE Waste Announcements

Anti Confusion: Drones At Nuclear Plants — Enemies Or Helpers?

Former DOE Waste Deputy Director: New DOE Plan 'Political Obstruction Of The Current Law With An Illusion Of Progress'

House Energy Chair: 'Real Concerns' With Secondary Site For Military Waste

Nuclear Institute Chief: Yucca 'Needs To Go First'

States Look At Policies To Prod Along Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Senators Push Bipartisan Bill To Break Decades-Long Waste Standoff

Obama Moves To Separate Defense, Civilian Waste In New DOE Memorandum

States Could Compete For Right To Store Nuclear Waste

A Look Back On The Blue Ribbon Commission On America’s Nuclear Future

House Energy Leaders Slam DOE Nuclear Waste Delay


Obama Clean Energy Executive Order For Fed Complex Opens Door For SMRs


Nevada Poll Shows Majority In Favor Of Negotiations On Yucca Opening

Report: Feds To Exceed Costs For Cleaning Up Los Alamos Nuke Waste

NNSA: Tensions Impede US-Russia Nuclear Security Cooperation

Nevada Republican Opens Door To Yucca 

Reid Slams Rep. Hardy Call to Reopen Yucca Debate


New York Times Energy Reporter Joins Nuclear Industry Lobbying Group

DOE Presents Strategic Plan To Reduce Global Nuclear Threats

Graham: Climate Change Is Real — ‘The Problem Is Al Gore’


Litigation Awaits New EPA Emissions Rules

CPS: UK Govt Hiding Real Costs Of Renewables

The Beat Goes On: Nevada Congressman Calls For Nevada To Explore Options On Yucca

Nuclear Deal: ‘India, U.S. Exchanging Texts Of Administrative Arrangements’

US, Iran Cite Progress In Nuke Talks, Though Deal Is Unclear

Obama's New Federal Fracking Laws Hit With Flak From All Sides


Q&A: Shimkus to Move Bills on Yucca

Washington House Public Hearing Planned On State Nuclear, Hydropower Bills

Michigan Senate Resolution: Move On Yucca Or Refund Waste Fund Money

Y-12’s Really Big Challenge: Double Production

Scientists: US Navy Should Phase Out Use of HiEU


India, U.S. Move Forward On Implementation Of Nuclear Deal

NRC Rules On Contentions Raised For Indian Point Relicensing: Entergy 'Pleased'

China-U.S. Cooperation Creating ‘Momentum’ For Climate Talks

Nuclear Trails Energy Pack In U.S. Fed Subsidies: Wind, Solar Lead

Shimkus: Reid Can't Block Yucca Progress

Former IAEA Czar Blix: The Future Is Nuclear


The Fizzling of the Nuclear-Powered Artificial Heart

Obama To Unveil Fracking Rules

SC Gov: ‘Additional Nuclear Waste Would Be A Step Backwards For The State’

New Survey Shows Strong American Support for Nuclear Energy


Infographic: Nuclear’s Continuing Evolution

Obama To Seek 40 Percent Cut In Federal Greenhouse Gases

State Nuclear Plant Moratorium Debated In Minnesota


Researchers Make Progress In Controlling Fusion Heat Bursts

Nevada Reps To Join Yucca Mountain Congressional Tour

House Leaders Set To Tour Yucca Mountain In April


‘Where’s Waldo’ Tour Picks Hanford As Washington Site To See

WIPP Resolution Gets Commissioner Approval

Two MIT Alums Continents Apart Square-Off On US-Iran Nuclear Talks


Indian Point Plant Dunned Over Sleep Apnea

USNIC Named American Pavilion Sponsor for Asia Nuclear Business Platform 2015


Jeb Bush Reserves Judgment on Yucca Opening Pending Homework

Obama On Inhofe Snowball Stunt: ‘That’s Disturbing’

Florida House Rejects Effort To Repeal Nuclear Energy Fee


What’s The Current Design Status On UPF? (Hint: It’s Somewhere Between 0% And 100%)

Hanford Defense Cleanup Landfill Reaches Disposal Milestone

After A Long Run In Oak Ridge, Stimulus Funds Coming To An End

Fossil Fuels Will Save the World (Really)

NRC Eyes September Public Meetings In Nevada On Yucca EIS


Al Gore: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’ and ‘Put a Price on Carbon’

Moniz Joins Kerry For Iran Talks: Closing In On Nuclear Deal

Oil Plunges To A 6-Year Low. Is $30 A Barrel Next?

Is Coal Peaking Globally?

Poneman’s New $1.7M Role As CEO Of Centrus Draws Fire

The Secret To Longevity: Wine And Radioactivity


Boston Sets New Record For Seasonal Snowfall With 108.6 Inches

Idaho Laboratory Makes Its Case For Commercial Spent Fuel Shipments

U.S. Nonproliferation Efforts Take Aim At South African HEU Vault 


Defense: Convicting Nun, Others In Y-12 Case Was Overreach

Anti-Climate Sceptic Film 'Merchants of Doubt' Bombs at Box Office


Alexander Shellacks DOE Wind Vision: U.S. Needs 'More Nuclear Reactors—Not More Windmills’


'Inappropriate': Wyoming Senator Calls For Review Of Uranium Sale To Centrus In Light Of Poneman Hiring

Energy Department Issues RFP For Billion Dollar Idaho Cleanup Project

UN Head Urges Better Safeguards For Climate Disasters

NRC Chair: Most Safety-Significant Improvements On Target For 2016 Completion

Carlsbad-Area Leaders Weigh In On WIPP Fine

US Submariners In Legal Hot Water Over Exploiting New Coed Fleet-Mates

Burns: No Mid-Life Crisis For NRC


Sound Waves Could Detect Cracks At Nuclear Plants


Why The Nuclear Energy World Is Thinking Small

NRC to Prepare Supplement to Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement


DOE Puts A Fork In Rumored DTRA Affair With Yucca: No Dice

Alexander Draws Line In The Sand Over Defense Uranium Facility: $6.5 Billion And 2025 Or Bust

Court to Hear Appeal of Nun, Activists Who Broke-in at Y-12

Anti Group Wants Approval Withheld For New TVA Nuclear Unit

Wash. Senate Republicans Move Nuclear Agenda Forward


Sen. Vitter: State Dept Reinterpreted Law by Allowing Iranians to Study Nuclear Engineering at US Universities

Nevada Energy Foundation Dismisses Reid Yucca Veto Bill: Head In The Sand

Antis Chide NRC For Safety ‘Sluggishness’

Investigation: Exports of Highly Enriched Uranium not ‘Definitively Reconciled’

Centrus Responds To Poneman Drama


NASA Plutonium Stockpile Good for Two More Nuclear Batteries after Mars 2020

US Department of Commerce Queries Some Imports Of French Low-Enriched Uranium

New Legal Conflicts Emerge In Battle Over Vermont Yankee


US Solar Industry Warns Of Peril But Posts Record Growth In 2014

Resale Prices Tumble on Electric Cars

A Bottom For U.S. Natural Gas Producers Is In Sight

Nevada Reps Seek New State Veto Over Yucca


New NRC Chair Sounds Call For Timely Renewal: NRC At 40

Poneman’s Centrus Job 'Raises Flags' On Capitol Hill

On Nuclear Energy, Abe And Merkel Remain Far Apart

Solar Power Propaganda vs. The Real World

Levels Of Contamination In WIPP Underground Show Exposure Risk Is Unlikely

Key SRS Safety System Down And Unnoticed For A Month


Ready, Set, Go: Registration For Hanford, B Reactor Tours Opens

Does Daylight Savings Actually Save Energy?

Think This Winter Was Cold? Try It with Only Renewable Energy


New Yorker: How Three Pacifists Breached Security For The DOE's 'Fort Knox' of Defense Uranium


NM WIPP Locals Urge State To Settle Differences With Feds

Unique Low-Level Waste, Coal Ash Pond Raises Concern

Antis Web Ad Hits Nuclear Waste Achilles


'Make Nuclear History'?: Antis Launch New Campaign To Shutter US Fleet


Nevada Prepares For A Renewed Battle Over Yucca Mountain

Nuclear Education, Small Reactor Bills Passed By Washington Senate

Vermont Presses Concerns Over Yankee Decommissioning

US Scientists Outline Research Wish List For Nuclear Energy

This Nuclear Reactor Eats Nuclear Waste


Revolving Door?: Poneman Move to Centrus 'Already Raising Eyebrows'

NRC Renews Operating License of Callaway Nuclear Plant in Missouri

Idaho Gov Slams Ex-Govs on Waste: Defends National Lab

Kentucky Senate Votes To End Moratorium On Nuclear Energy

Ex-DOE Deputy Secretary Poneman Tapped as Centrus CEO


Powerful Senate Chair Alexander Aims To Break Reid Grip On Yucca While Expanding Options

Illinois Lawmakers Weigh Whether Nuclear Energy Is Worth $2 A Month

DEQ Reaches Agreement With Energy Over Idaho Lab Violation

DOE Says WIPP Better Able To Deal With Emergencies

Large Hadron Collider Restart: 'We Want To Break Physics'


Former Idaho Governors Threaten To Sue DOE Over Waste Shipments To State

Illinois' Congressional Delegation Rallies In Support Of Exelon Incentive Package 

NRC Begins Review Of Korean APR1400 Reactor Design

With Clock Ticking, EPA Administrator Races To Finish Climate Rules

Sen. Alexander Pushes NRC On Funding For Yucca Review

Senate Fails to Override Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Veto


Zwentendorf: The Power Plant Completed Just in Time to Be Abandoned

Minnesota Nuclear Energy Debate Returns; Bill Would End Moratorium

SSailor Litigants Rail Over GE in $1 Billion Fukushima Law Suit


Fukushima Wants To Host 2020 Olympic Baseball

Study Looks To Reduce Radiation Impact From Nuclear Fuel

Beleaguered DTRA Distances From Yucca Faux Pas: No Intent, No Plan

DTRA Spokesman: We Like To Look At Underground Facilities

Pentagon Agency Fesses Up: Visited Yucca — 'One-Time Deal'

Now in Arms Talks, Energy Secretary Moniz Once Warned of Nuclear Iran

February Was One Of The Most Extreme Months In U.S. Weather History

Scientists Link Climate Change to Syrian War


Warren Buffett Slams Keystone Delay

Wyoming Governor Signs Legislation Giving State Authority Over Uranium Permitting

Support Grows For Lifting Monticello Construction Moratorium

DOE Dunned For $22.5M More For SMUD Spent Fuel Costs

Report: SMR Question — Not 'If' But 'When'?


Check Out a Nuclear Plant Site Turned Amusement Park

NRC Rejects Continued Storage Rule Licensing Suspension Petitions

FERC Taken To Task On Potential Nuclear Plant Closings

Transportation Budget Has $3 Million For Nuclear Ship


Senate EPW Chair Hurls Global Warming Snowball On Senate Floor

U.S. EPA Reconsidering Treatment of Nuclear in Obama Clean Power Plan Rule


Report: Chinese Agents 'Responsible For Break-Ins' At South African Nuclear Site

Medical Exams Being Offered To Former WIPP Employees

Pentagon: No Plans To Use Yucca Site For Testing

VT AG Pushes NRC To Look Into Entergy Finances in Yankee Plant Dispute

Byron Community Rallies To Preserve Nuclear Plant

Accountability For Protected Golden Eagle Wackings At Nevada Wind Farm Demanded

House Energy Leaders Hit Defense Agency On Possible Yucca Land Grab

Washington State Tells Washington DC To Get On With Waste Repository, SMRs


Reid Watch: Bruised Senator Sports Sporty Sun Shades

NRC Takes Comment On VY Decommissioning Report

Mayors Pen Letters Supporting Exelon Nuclear Plants

Proposals Push Nuclear Energy In Washington State


Obama Vetoes Keystone XL

U.N. Climate Panel Chief Quits Amid Harassment Case

Upton Responds to Keystone Veto: ‘Disappointing But Not Surprising’


Bill Gates Urges U.S. to Increase Energy Research

Vermont Demands Hearing In Entergy Emergency Plan Reductions

Manufacturers Decry Clean Power Plan, Threaten To Take Flight

DOE Revises Regulations on Nuclear Technology Exports

NRC Begins Special Inspection at Summer Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Construction Site


Obama's Climate Change Wonk

WH: No 'Drama Or Fanfare' For Keystone Veto

DOE: EM Cleanup Fund Will Pay WIPP Fines


NV Solar Plant Test Run Sets 130 Birds On Fire

Q&A With U.S. Energy Head Honcho Moniz: 'All Of The Above Means Nukes...'

Solar Experts Claim Multi-Billion Dollar Subsidies Wasted On Cheap And Dodgy Panels


Reid Maneuvers To Block Yucca Railroad Through Federal Lands Bill

Opposition To Canada's Lake Huron Nuclear Storage Facility Grows

UMass Amherst Reverses Policy on Nuclear Studies Ban for Iranians

U.S. Polar Vortex II: Great Lakes To Shatter All-Time Ice Record


U.S. Energy Chief Moniz Joins Iran Nuclear Bilateral In Geneva


Georgia PSC's Echols: State Taking Wait-And-See Approach On Clean Power Rule-Making

Lawmakers Want Monticello Nuclear Plant Construction Moratorium Lifted

Until 2013, 10% of U.S. Electricity Came From Disassembled Russian Nuclear Warheads

DOE, State Argue About Scope Of Hanford Consent Decree Changes

Wyoming Moves Forward In Effort To Regulate Uranium

NNSA: Defense Uranium Processing Facility Gaining Momentum


Electric Groups Warn Of Power Shortages With Power-Plant Rule

Electricity Officials Push For More Time On EPA Rule


Jelly Fish Assaults On Nuclear Plants On The Increase

Special Commission Report: DOE Lab Issues Linger

Video: Westinghouse’s Roderick talks Global Markets, India 

White House Sees Wide-Ranging Benefits In Energy Boom

Polar Vortex To Unleash Record-Breaking Cold In Eastern U.S. On Thursday, Friday

Cloudy Prospects for Rooftop Solar’s Growth in Florida

The Sixty-Year Pitch: The Long Grind To Sell Nuclear Energy To The Public


NRC Releases Project Aim 2020 To Right Size Agency

State Regulators Knock Clean Power Plan For Nuclear Energy


NASA Eyes Nuclear Space Submarine For Saturn Exploration

U.S. Regulators Muse Over Carbon Pricing, Grid Reliability, Solar Financing, And Nuclear Ambitions

Report: Los Alamos Lab Failed To Keep Some Information Classified

More Electric Car Charging Points In Japan Than Gas Stations

Burns Signals NRC To Slim, Right-Size


New NRC Chair: NRC To Complete Yucca Environmental Review Milestone


US Nuclear Market Reforms Begin To Take Shape

EU Policy Mash Roils Markets Before Paris Climate Deal


Oil Train Derails and Ignites Forcing West Virginia Evacuations


Antis Mount Opposition To Third Dominion Reactor At North Anna

EPA Hints It May Change Carbon Rule's Time Frame

New Mexico To Fight DOE’s Refusal To Pay WIPP Fines


Arctic Blast Across U.S. Will Make The 'Polar Vortex' Winter Look Tame

Pilgrim Sidelined Again by New England Storm

Why Tesla's Battery For Your Home Should Terrify Utilities


Claim: Worst ‘Megadrought’ in 1,000 Years in U.S. Due to Global Warming

Counterpoint: New England Smashing Snow Fall Record

U.S. Blizzard: The Alps of MIT

The Case For Obama's Proposed $907M Nuclear Energy Investment

Energy Industry Fights Back On Divestment Day

New Ranking Senate Energy Dem Brings Fresh Questions To Waste Debate


Congressional 'Yucca Zealots' To Tour Site

DOE: Video Points To Single Drum Breach At WIPP

NRC IG Report on Spent Fuel Pools Makes Recommendations To Improve Oversight


Bill Gates to China: Discusses Reactor Development Cooperation

Investigation Board: No Additional Breached Containers Contributed to WIPP Radiological Release


Tesla Wants to Build a Battery for Your House

Can Technology Save Fracking?

EU Shutters Most Coal, Natural Gas Power in Six Years

Reid Says He Will Seek Sixth Term In Senate

DOE Announces New Office of Technology Transitions

Republicans Go Full Steam at Obama's Energy and Climate Agenda

The Next Energy Fight: Exporting Natural Gas

Accident-Tolerant Nuclear Fuels Prepare For Testing

Diplomats: U.S. Derails Amendment To Toughen Nuclear Safety Pact


Heavyweights Gather At Davis-Besse To Support Ohio Nuclear

What’s Inside The First New U.S. Nuclear Plant In Two Decades

Study: Emotions, Not Science, Rule U.S. Climate Change Debate

House Republicans Set To Flesh Out Sweeping Energy Plan

Reid Watch: Dem, GOP Insiders Say Reid Is Toast For 2016

Uranium Enrichment Clause to be Included in Amended Korea-US Nuclear Energy Agreement


Trio of Washington State Nuclear Bills To Be Heard Thursday

WP: NRC Report’s Conclusions Show That Intense Opposition To The Yucca 'Is Unreasonable, Unambiguously Harmful To The Country'

WP: 'Back To Yucca' — Nevada Opposition 'Harmful...And Should End'

Report: Seoul, Washington 'Virtually' Wrap Up Nuclear Accord

Seoul To Gain Some Autonomy With Revised Korea-U.S. Civilian Accord

Senators Seek Boost in Long-Running Nuclear Cleanup Program’s Funding

Lawmakers, Industry Look to Expand Nuclear Energy Options


WIPP Woes Due To Wrong Word?

Energy Department Slow To Take On New Tech, Including SMRs

House Poised To Unveil Comprehensive Energy Plan

Wind And Solar Are Getting Cheaper But... Caveats Galore

GOP Must Overcome Reid To Get To Yucca Nuclear Storage

NRC Deflects Queries On Yankee Costs


Murkowski Sees Path For Energy Bill That Could Include Climate Provisions

The Next Keystone: The Battle Over Yucca Mountain


Key New Senate Chair To Push Nuclear Energy Platform, Yucca

Senator Alexander Looks To End Nuclear Waste Stalemate

Cold War Redux? U.S., Russia At Odds Over Energy

International Experts To Debate SMRs’ Role In Nuclear Co-Generation And Hybrid Systems

DOE Probe Faults FERC Handling Of Hot-Button Security Assessment


So About That Goal of 1 Million Electric Cars by 2015

Judge Allows Hearings On Summer Closings Of New York Nuclear Plant

Can Nuclear Succeed In Liberalized Power Markets?


Influential Chicago Mayor Lines Up With Anti-Exelon Crowd On State Energy Mix

Reid Watch: Senator’s Brother Arrested on DUI, ‘Battery’ Charge

Will Solar Cause A 'Death Spiral' For Utilities?

Russia Blames U.S. Politics For Demise Of Nunn-Lugar Nuclear Security Program

Scrutiny of NRC 's FY2016 Budget Request For Operations Urged

DOE Looks To Move Beyond Yucca Mountain


NRC Mulls What To Do With Remaining $4 Million In Yucca Bucks

Moniz: Nuclear Energy Consortium to Continue Support Toward Low-Carbon Economy

Proposed U.S. Budget Request Reflects Nuclear Commitments


Budget Proposal For MOX Facility Remains Level While Study Is Underway

San Onofre Group Calls For California Activism On National Nuclear Storage Impasse 

Obama’s Budget Proposal Would Slash Funds For WIPP, Keep LANL Level

Arizona Moves One Step Closer To Declaring Nuclear Energy A Renewable


Reid Back In Action: Promises Yucca Won't Receive A Dime In New Fed Funding

DOE Rolls Out $29.9B New Budget Request

NRC Spending, Staffing Declining In New Budget Request

Obama's Budget Goes All-In on Climate Change

Is Surging US Wind Power Headed off a Cliff?


Advanced Reactors Super Bowl Summit Slated: Ten Gen IV Developers Converge

Obama 2016 Budget Request Embraces Initiatives To Accelerate Emissions Cuts

Like It Or Not, Coal Isn't Budging From Global Energy Mix

PG&E Releases Thousands Of Emails With State Regulators


Now-Closed Vermont Yankee Maintains Emergency Plan, Security Measures


Ex-U.S. Energy Secretary Richardson: Finish MOX Facility To Enhance Global Security

Nuclear Energy Needs to Double to Curb Global Warming

DOE Approves $121M Extension Of ORNL-Led Virtual Reactor Project

Cheap Gasoline Muddles Obama's Climate Agenda: Plug-Ins Out, SUVs Up


Exploring the Universe with Nuclear Energy

Poll Shows Giant Gap Between What Scientists, Public Think On Nuclear, Climate

Study Finds Wyoming Uranium Project Viable

Reid Reacts to Yucca NRC Safety Sweep: ‘This Project Will Never See The Light Of Day’

Yucca Safety Evaluation Complete: Still No Good Reason for Federal Government Delay

Savannah River Site Clean Up Pushed To 2065, Costing Extra $25 Billion

NRC Publishes Final Two Volumes of Yucca Mountain Safety Evaluation Report

The Yucca Mountain Safety Evaluation Report: One Step of a Long Journey

New Senate Environment Committee Chair Lauds Yucca Review Results – Calls for More Funding

Yucca Sweeps NRC Safety Review

US House Submits Bill To Reform, Renew U.S. Export Credit Agency Charter

EPA Chief Seeks Vatican Support On Climate Protection


3D Printed, Radioactive Tritium Flashlight — Runs for 20 Years Without a Battery

California’s High Cost of 'Sustainable Power' Kills Jobs


NRC to Publish Final Two Volumes of Yucca Mountain Safety Evaluation Report

Ex-Los Alamos Scientist Gets 5 Years In Nuke Spy Sting

Longest Streak Of Falling Gas Prices Ends


Hearing Draws Varied Crowd On Rate Plan For Davis-Besse

Ex-Los Alamos Scientist To Be Sentenced For Offering To Make Venezuela A Nuclear Weapon 

New MIT Study Could Deflate Hopes For Coal Plant Carbon Capture And Storage

U.S. Shale Boom May Come To Abrupt End

Worry for Solar Projects After End of Tax Credits

Pilgrim Transmission Lines Falter

New England Bears Brunt Of U.S. Snowstorm As Thousands Left Without Power

Pilgrim Shuts Down During Snowstorm

NRC Rejects Petition To Have Fukushima-Type Reactors Shut Down

Obama Ends Visit With Challenge to India on Climate Change


Congressional Tech Chair: Time For US To Live Up To Its Nuclear Energy Potential

Y-12 Planning To Acquire Thousands Of Tons Of Uranium

Obama Administration Proposes Making ANWR Coastal Plain Wilderness

Will the India-US Nuclear Deal Work?

Westinghouse CEO: India-U.S. Nuclear Deal Could Help Clear Project Logjam

U.S. Suppliers Keeping Champagne On Ice On Obama-Modi Deal

A Crucial Juncture For World Energy: IEA Outlook For Renewables, Coal, Gas And Nuclear


Area Near Hanford’s Reactor Returning To Plants And Animals As Cleanup Concludes

Pope's Visit To U.S. Stokes Climate Fight

Low Gas Prices Could Spike Obama’s Climate Plan

‘We Have A Deal’ – Insurance May Unlock India-U.S. Nuclear Trade

Obama, Modi Move Closer With Breakthrough on Nuclear Liability

Portman, Brown and Wenstrup Push For Piketon Cleanup Funding

When You Wish Upon A Star: Nuclear Fusion And The Promise Of A Brighter Tomorrow

Promising, Pricey Technology Stalls At Hanford


Senate Says Climate Change Real But Not Our Fault

Davos: Quick Action On Climate Urged

Activists Line Up To Attack Proposed Pepco-Exelon Merger

Florida Lawmaker Joins Calls For Repeal Of Nuclear Advance Fee With New Bill

Obama's India Visit May Be Nuclear Power Trip

Resurrecting a Meltdown-Proof Reactor Design

Climate Change Inaction Pushes 'Doomsday Clock' Closest To Midnight Since 1984


WIPP Discovers Fallen Roof During Inspection

India, U.S. Trying To Get Nuclear Deal Over Line During Obama Trip

Reid To Undergo Surgery To Restore Vision In Injured Eye


Nuclear Energy Logjam Emerges As Key Issue For Obama India Swing

MIT Climate Scientist: Global Warming Believers a 'Cult'

India, U.S. Huddle In London On Nuclear Liability Deal


Georgia Power Releases 4th Quarter Timeline Video For Vogtle Construction

Moniz SOU Appearance Goes Viral

Obama SOU: Less Words On Energy Than Last Year


Reid Watch: Bruised and Bandaged Senate Dem Leader Returns to Action


Landmark Westinghouse Atom Smasher Comes Down - For Now


Why It's Taking The U.S. So Long To Make Fusion Energy Work?

U.S. House Passes Low-Dose Radiation Bill

Idaho Nuclear Facility No Longer Accepting Driver's Licenses As ID


Antis Challenging Re-Licensing Of Exelon Nuclear’s Limerick Generating Station

Jumbo Global Market for Nuclear Spent Fuel Dry Storage Looms

Amid U.S. Oil Price Crash, Cost Cutting Ripples Through Industry

Will Obama Go Nuclear In The State Of The Union?

Russia Ends U.S. Nuclear Security Alliance


Report: Harry Reid 'Most Vulnerable' In 2016, May Retire

U.S. Nuclear Cleanup Specialist Goes From Hanford To Fukushima

Transparency Motivates Longtime Nuclear Activist

A Closer Look at the Global Warming Trend, Record Hot 2014 and What’s Ahead

Brookings Institute Report: ROK-U.S. Civil Nuclear and Nonproliferation Collaboration in Third Countries

Pennsylvania Sees Little Radiation Threat In Fracking Waste


1-in-27 Million Chance That Earth's Record Hot Streak Is Natural

Scientists Balk At ‘Hottest Year’ Claims: Ignores Satellites Showing 18 Year ‘Pause’


US Nuclear Navy Pursues Life-of-Sub 40-Year Reactors

Report: Los Alamos Changed Rules On Handling WIPP Waste; Red Flag On Nitrates Removed

2014: Earth’s Hottest Year On Record?


Hinkley Point Excavations Unearth Bones From The Dark Ages

New Pew Survey: Americans Might Finally Be Getting Serious About Global Warming


Pope: Global Warming 'Mostly' Man Made

Strong Words for Otter's New Nuclear Waste Deal

Otter Agrees To Take Commercial Fuel For Research Project

Idaho Gov Shellacked by Ex-Govs Over Deal With DOE On Spent Fuel

Anti Group Pans MOX

Feds Clear Texas Plant To Store Nuclear Waste

Former BRC ED Tabbed For DOE Energy Post

Vermont Yankee Closing Triggers Studies Of Impact On Region’s Economy

Report: WIPP Won't Reopen Until Mid-2018


EPA Proposes Expanded Oversight Of Uranium Mining

Kerry Pressing Bulgaria to End Its Dependence on Russian Energy

President Obama's Gas-Drilling Dance

Feds Seek To Bring Nuclear Waste To Idaho For Research

Obama Targets Oil And Gas Industry, Demands Massive Reduction In Methane Emissions

Elon Musk: Tesla May Be Profitable By 2020

House GOP Looks To Revive Yucca Mountain


Video: A Year Of Accomplishments At V.C. Summer


Key U.S. House Proponent Shimkus Readies Bill To Put Yucca Back In The Agenda

WIPP Officials Share Continued Progress In The Recovery Stage

White House Environmental Adviser To Resign


U.S. Energy: Off The Grid

Supreme Court Appears Split Over FERC's Regulatory Reach

New Energy Goes Into Conserving Power Use

U.S. Lawmakers Looking To Intensify DOE’s Low-Dose Radiation Research

With Low Oil, Gasoline Prices, Is Keystone Still Necessary?

Running Or Not, Harry Reid Ramps Up Fundraising

Energy Department Contests $54M In Fines For WIPP Leak

Court, Not Congress, Raises Keystone Pressure On Obama


NRC Schedules MOX Facility Regulatory Oversight Public Meeting

Minnesota's Prairie Island Indian Community Hopeful For Action On U.S. Waste Plan

Reid Watch: Not Many People Can Do 250 Push Ups Like Me


New NRC Chair: Structure, Safety, Regulation Among Priorities For 2015

Murkowski Plans For Comprehensive Energy Bill


Temperatures On Mars Warmer Than 14 U.S. States

Obama Can’t Avoid Keystone XL Anymore

India Scientists: ‘Fears Of Man-Made Global Warming Exaggerated’

Cold Air Jump-Starts Fat Burn


U.S. Cold Wave Tests Nuclear Energy Baseload

Post-VY Report Warns Of Grim Consequences To Region’s Economy


Study: Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant Generates Over $1B A Year For Ohio

DOE Fined For Missing Idaho Waste Cleanup Deadline

New Senate Energy Chair Murkowski Announces Slew of Upcoming Hearing Topics Including Nuclear Waste Policy


Nuclear Opponent Sen. Boxer Won’t Run Again In 2016

Nuclear Fusion Pioneer Norman Rostoker Has Died At 89

Vernon, State Clash On Grant Request Post-Yankee


Video: Vogtle Unit 3 Cooling Tower Reaches Final Height Of 600 Feet

South Carolina Banned, Fined Vogtle Over Waste Shipment

DOE's ARPA-E Floats $125M For 'Transformational’ Projects

Reid Watch: Demoted Leader Shakes Up Staff

EPA to Issue Power-Plant Emissions Rules This Summer

PacifiCorp Pleads Guilty To Wyoming Wind Farm Eagle Deaths

Obama Says Cheap Gas Won’t Last


Reid Watch Video: Down But Not Out


Carlsbad Rebuts: WIPP Issues Being Addressed

New Fed Report Riddles WIPP

All-Star Global Cast to Gather at 30th Spent Fuel Management Conclave

New Congress Grapples With Energy Issues


U.S. Nuclear Waste on the Docket as New Congress Convenes

Vermont Yankee Retirement Leaves ISO-NE More Dependent on Gas

Keystone Bill Said to Be Four Votes Shy of a Veto-Proof Majority

Why Oil Prices Are Still Dropping — In One Simple Chart


Google Scientists Admit Renewable Energy Can't Work

Oil Below $60 Tests U.S. Drive for Energy Independence

States To Challenge Obama's Climate Rules

Keystone XL Bill Hits Fast Track On Senate

Top Scientists: Nuclear Energy Is The Greenest Option

Expect Nonstop Energy Drama In 2015


Nuclear Liability Logjam: India, U.S. To Work On New Proposals

IEA: United States Must Grasp Opportunity To Build Sustainable Energy System

Utilities Face New State Renewable Energy Mandates

Reid Watch: Outgoing Senate Leader, Yucca Opponent Suffers Exercise Mishap

Is An Energy Crisis Coming As Early As 2016?


Shock Claim: Program That Backed Solyndra Now Showing Successes

What Can a Popular Pope Do About Climate Change?

Oil and Gas Regulatory Push Coming from Obama Administration


Burns Takes Crown At NRC

Tracking The Fukushima Radioactivity Plume Across The Pacific

Which Environmental Stories From 2014 Were Actually Important?

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Just Shut Down; U.S. Still Has No System for Disposing of Nuclear Waste


Feds Slash Performance Pay To WIPP Team

What's Next For VT Yankee's Site? Who Knows


Top Five Stories: Energy And Environment

Vermont Goes Non-Nuclear

At Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Funding Fears Follow Reprieve

US Energy Policy Review Reveals US Doesn’t Have An Energy Policy

The Absurd Gridlock Over Spent Fuel


New Mexico Delegation Tours Shuttered WIPP 

Former U.S. Energy Secretary Edwards Laid To Rest

Fukushima Radiation Likely To Peak In U.S. Next Year At Safer Than Drinking Water Levels

Anti Group Awaits NRC Decision On Its Callaway Petition

Energy Politics: Remembering 2014 While Looking Forward To 2015

Portman's Energy Bill Has Brighter Future

Sen. Inhofe: Environmental Regs Won’t Be Top Priority

More Than 171 Billion Kiilowatt-Hours Generated Over 42 Years

Mixed Reaction As Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Shuts Down

Nuclear Matters: Premature Shutdown Due To Market Structure, Government Policies

Cyber-Attacks On South Korean Nuclear Operator Continue

Idaho Reactor Museum: Interesting To The Core

The Hill: Reid Most Endangered Dem Senator


Pope Francis: Climate Change Action Apostle

Envoy: U.S. Hopes To Seal Nuclear Accord With Seoul Early Next Year

Multiyear Fuel Processing Project Begins At Savannah River Site

The Top Energy Stories of 2014


UMass-Dartmouth Report Details Impact Of Vermont Yankee Closing

2014 Was Time Of Big Changes At Government's Oak Ridge Operations

Oil’s Swift Fall Raises Fortunes of U.S. Abroad


US E.P.A. Wrestles With Role of Nuclear Plants in Carbon Emission Rules


Gas Down 90 Cents From Last Christmas Eve

Myth Busted! Nuclear is Actually Second-Cheapest Source of Electricity

WIPP Gets $324 Million In Cleanup, Operations Money

Idaho Nuclear Waste Removal Deadline Could Be Missed

Senator Alexander On New Yucca Report: ‘More Evidence That We Need To Move Forward’


Moniz, Sandoval Strike Deal for Tennessee Defense Nuclear Waste to Nevada

Obama Names Burns as NRC Chairman — Effective Jan. 1

South Korea Prosecutors Seek US Help In Probe Of Nuclear Cyber Attack


WIPP-Less: Idaho Nuclear Waste Shipments In Limbo Land

114 Groups Warn Energy Secretary Moniz of LNG’s Dire Climate Impacts

Vermont Yankee Preps For Shutdown

Taps for Vermont Yankee's Carbon-Free Baseload Electricity

Energy-Storage Plans Gain Ground in California

U.S. Plans To Shut Royalty Loophole On Coal Exports


Oil Clogged U.S. Railroads Lead To Higher Electricity Costs

Is Carbon Dioxide Is Good For Us?

DOE Lags On Plan To Remove Nuclear Waste They've Long Known About

But Wait, Advanced Fast Reactors Are Already Here

Obama Signs Bill Creating B Reactor National Park

SNL Energy's 10 Most Influential People Of 2014


Reid: Yucca Mountain Project Will Never Be Built

Is Nuclear Energy Key To Biodiversity?

Laguna City Council Will Ask Feds To Remove San Onofre Nuclear Fuel

Obama: Keystone 'Not Even Nominal Benefit' To U.S. Consumers

The Top 5 Energy and Climate Stories of 2014

DOE Meets Most Requirements For Yucca Repository, Report Finds

Land, Water Rights Needed For Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository


House Cybersecurity Chairman Warns: First Sony, Next The Electric Grid, Wall Street

White House Proposes Vetting Projects for Climate Change

NRC Releases New Court-Ordered Yucca Safety Report Volume


Pew Poll: U.S. Public Support For Promotion Of Increased Utilization Of Nuclear Energy Under Water

Upton, Vitter: GAO Report Confirms NRC’s Unreliable Estimates

Vermont Officials Consider Vermont Yankee Replacement


IEA Report: U.S. Should Save Nuclear Industry From Fracking Peril

WIPP Recovery Secures funding in FY2015 Omnibus


NRC To Release Another Yucca Mountain Safety Report Volume 

Nevada’s Heller Pledges Yucca Mountain Will Stay Dead Despite Leaving Energy Committee

New York Bans Fracking Following Health Report

DOE Floats New Nuclear Damage Liability Payment Plan


Top 6 Things The DOE Thinks You Don't Know About Nuclear Energy

GAO Report Sounds Alarm On Hanford's Defense Waste Tanks

Oak Ridge National Lab Says Eight Workers Exposed To Radiation, No Health Threat

Third Way's Freed Says Government Support Essential To Commercializing Advanced Nuclear Technology

ITER International Fusion Project Gets Omnibus Funding After Compromise

Spill Contained at Y-12 Nuclear Security Complex in Oak Ridge — No Injuries


McConnell: Approving Keystone XL Is First Order of Business Next Year

Why Climate Change Is Wedging Enviros To Back Nuclear Energy


Betting on the Need, Trailblazers Work On Better, Faster, Cheaper Reactors

Does America Really Need A New Nuclear Weapons Plutonium Production Line?


Nuclear Navy Godfather Rickover Gets His Due In New Film

GAO: NRC Needs to Improve Its Cost Estimates by Incorporating More Best Practices

Five Hundred Nuclear Plants Across The World By 2030?

Will Cheap Oil Kill Keystone?


DOE: Yucca Opposition Still 'Unwavering'

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Begins Spent Fuel Processing


Records Tell Story Behind Kewaunee's Reassessed Value

Safety Chief: No Reason To Fear Nuclear Repository By Lake Huron

WIPP Fire Photos, Video Released: Charred, Soot-Covered Truck Depicted

Even Before Long Winter Begins, Energy Bills Send Shivers in New England

Climate Deal Would Commit Every Nation to Limiting Emissions

Vogtle Gets Key Permit For Savannah River Water


Poll: Only 1 Percent of Americans Cite Global Warming as Top Concern

Like Low Gas Prices? So Does The Station Owner

Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Layoffs Suspended Temporarily

Video: Energy Subcommittee - The Future of Nuclear Energy


How Do Americans Spend Their Energy Savings? On More Energy


Finland’s Fennovoima Allowed Compulsory Land Purchases Near Nuclear Site

Senate Confirms TVA Directors In Rare Roll Call as Dems Pack Board

U.S. MOX Project Scores With $345 Million In Congressional Funding Package


NRC Q&A Series: Three Minutes with and NRC Expert on the ACRS

American Centrifuge Gets Another Congressional Funding Lifeline

Outlook Dims for U.S., South Korea Civil Nuclear Accord By Year's End

NM Senator Udall: ‘Disappointed’ Over DOE, WIPP Management

DOE Advances $12.5 Billion Advanced Nuclear Loan Guarantee Sweepstakes

Antis Press NRC On Revised Cost Benefit Of Human Life 


Perennial Leader NRC Drops to 6th in Best Places in Govt Ranking

Chronic Also-Ran DOE Lags Behind At 21 Out Of 25

Poll: Slim Majority Favor Expansion Of U.S. Nuclear Energy — Strong Support For Current Fleet


The Secret Deal with China to Save the Planet: Nuclear, Wind And Solar Galore

Nuclear Energy Publisher & Pioneer Edward Helminski Passes

Congressional Funding Package Gives Shout-Out To Yucca But No New Funding

Argonne National Lab Director: No Utility Executive Could Propose Nuclear Reactor ‘In Good Conscience’

Y-12 To Help Create Fuel For NASA's Long-Range Space Exploration Missions

Activist Group Wants San Onofre Nuclear Fuel Rods Moved Faster

Daredevils Film Video Climbing A Russian Nuclear Reactor’s 150m Cooling Tower


Baran Granted Commissioner Life Extension By Narrow Senate Margin Along Party Line Vote

Obama Has Promised To Cut U.S. Emissions 17% By 2020. Is That Still Possible?


Moniz, Nevada Gov Agree To Agree That Yucca Still Not Workable

Florida Bill Filed To Repeal Duke Energy's Nuclear Advance Fee And Force Refunds

DOE Says State Hanford Requirements Would Cost $18 Billion


Former Energy Chief Chu Aussie Push-Back On Nuclear Energy ‘Terribly Strange’

Fuel To The Fire? Fuel Exports Soar Under Obama

The US-China Climate Agreement Hangover


GOP Gains Put Nuclear Energy Back On The Table

New Mexico Fines DOE $54 Million for WIPP Leaks

Senate Energy Chair Landrieu Trounced In Run-off Election Bid

NY Commission Vote Gives Ginna Nuclear Plant A Path To Stay Open

NRC: Six Workers Inhaled Uranium At Wyoming Mine After Yellowcake Spill

Feds: Navy Engineer Tried To Steal Schematics For New Carrier Class

ISIS Claims They Have Created 'Dirty Bomb'

U.S. Shale Under Pressure From More Than Just Low Prices


NRC Ranks As 14th Most Cursed At Government Agency: IRS Runaway #1

Judge Puts Injunction Against AEHI Nuclear Developer On Hold

Missing Its Own Goals, Germany Renews Effort to Cut Carbon Emissions


House Bill Authorizes Funding For Continued U.S. MOX Plant Construction


Washington State Task Force Will Continue Look At SMRs

Senate Confirms New DOE Under Secretary, CFO

Senate Paves Way For Lame Duck Vote On Baran NRC Nomination Extension

Senators Clash Over Nuclear Regulator’s Confirmation

Boxer, Nuclear Regulator Go Head-To-Head

First U.S. Gas Station Drops Below $2 a Gallon


Former AREVA CEO Oursel Dies At 55

Saudi Arabia Can't Stop the U.S. Fracking Boom


Outgoing Senate Oversight Chair Pounds NRC On U.S. Fukushima Follow-Up


Senate Panel To Review Quake Safety At Nuclear Plants, Including California's Diablo Canyon

FERC Commissioner Blasts EPA Climate Rule: Deeply Flawed


Proposed Obama EPA Carbon Rule Pilloried By Nuclear Groups

Upton Eyes the ‘Architecture of Abundance’ for Energy

The Navy Once Tried Using Nuclear-Powered Wetsuits To Keep Divers Warm


Build Your Own LEGO Particle Collider

Hotter, Weirder: How Climate Has Changed Earth

EPW Moves On NRC Nomination, And GOP Not Happy

Senate Republicans Boycott Hearing-Less Vote On Baran NRC Term Extension

Russia-U.S. Face Off Against Europe on Nuclear Safety

Old Dog Learning New Tricks: Integral Molten Salt Reactors and How They Can Change Nuclear Energy

USNIC: ‘Lame Duck’ Push To Move NRC Nomination Without A Full Hearing Is ‘Troubling And An Unsettling Precedent’


Rising Senate Chair Murkowski’s Energy Manifesto Hiding in Plain Sight

Senate Chair Moves To Fill Macfarlane NRC Term In Lameduck Session Without A Hearing

GAO: Nuclear Disposal Is At A Critical Stage


How Long Will The American Oil Boom Last At $65 Per Barrel?​

Optimism Faces Grave Realities at Climate Talks

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Energy Deregulation Threatens To Break Up Japanese Monopolies

Musk Reboots Tesla's China Strategy

Westinghouse To Appeal South African Court Ruling On Generator Contract

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Restarted After Repairs Completed

MOX Central

Shaw AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

South African Court Rejects Westinghouse's Challenge To Eskom Nuclear Contract

SC Rep Files Bill To Curb Energysolution's Barnwell Facility

AP's Take On Exelon: US's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play for Green Money

Uranium To Dip Before Long-Term Rally

DOE Extends Paducah Infrastructure Support Services Contract

EDF May Take Stake In Areva Activities; Proposals Soon

Westinghouse and HOCHTIEF Team to Provide End-of-Life Services for German Nuclear Plants

Regulators Approve Rate Hike For Xcel Electric Customers

Worker Exposed To ‘Minor Amount’ Of Radiation At TVA Nuclear Plant In Alabama

Bulgaria Asks Westinghouse To Take 49 Percent Stake In Nuclear Unit

Investing: Should You Buy Cameco?

Perry Refuels Its Nuclear Reactor, Critics Concerned About Storage

Illinois Low Carbon Portfolio To Boost Exelon Fleet Clears State Senate Committee Hurdle

Fluor Looking To Hire Local Sub-Contractors At Former Gaseous Diffusion Plant

Three Technology Schemes to Revolutionize Nuclear Energy

2015 SMR Report Ranks Leading Designs Based On Commercialization

Lightbridge Touts 2017 Test of New Nuclear Fuel: Reports Loss Of $4.8M In 2014

AREVA Federal Services Nearing Final Design of Battelle Energy Alliance INL Disposal Project

Sheffield Forgemasters Signs Nuclear-Focused MOU With Turkish Giant

GE Hitachi Innovates New Remote Control Rod Uncoupling Device

NuScale Adds Execs To Prepare For Regulatory Push

New GE Hitachi Technology Aids Nuclear Power Maintenance Work

AREVA Delivers Vessel Head To Belgium’s Tihange 3

CEZ to Grow Through Acquisitions as Investment Program Ends

Nuclear Renaissance, Redux: Nuclear Is All The Rage Again — But Challenges Remain

Salem 1 Nuclear Reactor Back In Service After Cooling Unit Fixed

Midwest Power Gains as Michigan Nuclear Reactor Cuts Output

Oyster Creek Sidelined Over Electrical Issue

U.S. Upgrades Continue In Response To Fukushima

Tentative Deal In Labor Dispute At Honeywell Conversion Facility

Northeast Power Advances as Late Winter Storm Boosts Demand

Water Leak Shuts Down Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant

Rosatom Sees Brazil As Gateway To Latin America Nuclear Growth

Kyushu Electric Plans Commercial Restart of Reactor From August

Navy’s Next Generational Nuclear Submarine Fund Has No Money

CEZ Chief Says Has Financial Resources For German, Slovak Buys

SCE&G Rating Holds In The Wake Of Revised VC Summer Schedule, Costs


NRC: Urenco Expansion Poses No Environmental Impact

TEPCO and JAPC Sign Cooperation Agreement For Fukushima Decommissioning

Large Energy Customers In New York Want Ginna Nuke Plant Deal Revoked

China’s CGN Power Plans More Asset Acquisitions From Parent

Taipower Eyes Disposition Options For 1,200 Nuclear Waste Containers Abroad

Investing: Uranium Energy Corp. Could Very Well Have Nuclear Growth In 2015

Babcock & Wilcox Begins Process to Split Into Power, Nuclear Companies After Strong 2014

Bechtel Praises Completion of First Step toward Building Vital National Security Facility

AREVA Awarded Contract For U.S. Reactor Vessel Head Replacement

Babcock & Wilcox Spin-Off: A Diamond In The Rough

Uranium Spot Price Holds At Middling $39.10/lb As Trading Activity Slows

PUC Chief Says He Had Qualms About San Onofre Cost-Apportioning Deal

UK re-Powering A New Gen Nuclear Energy Workforce 

Westinghouse Advances SMR Design Certificate With NRC Approval For Safety Testing Program

Centrus Files First Results Since Emerging From Restructuring: $18M 4Q Loss

Fitch: SCE&G Updated Nuclear Cost Estimate Captured in Current Negative Rating Outlook

GE Wins Time To Address EU Fears Over Alstom Deal

Southern's Fanning Hails Vogtle: Will Be One Of The 'Greatest Success Stories Of Any Megaproject In American Industrial History'

How Big Data Is Taming The Growing Cost Of The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Liabilities

Aussie Uranium Mining Ban Will Drive Uncertainty, Investors Warn

Germany's EnBW Struggles Amid Energy Transition

Report: AREVA Studying Chinese Capital Investment

B&W’s Nuclear Fuel Services Awarded $169M Contract Options for Naval Reactors Fuel and Materials

Salem 1 Reactor Shut Down By PSEG Nuclear After Failure To Meet Deadline To Fix Cooling Unit

New Watts Bar Unit Still Tracking For 2015 Debut

New AREVA Chief: Company To Re-Focus On Nuclear Supply Chain Components

Fortum Flush With $6.6 Billion Gain for Deals on Grid Sales

San Onofre D&D Plan Details Under Scrutiny

OPPD Offers Look At Prep Work For Refueling Of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Reactor

Scana, Contractors In Discussions On Costs For VC Summer New Build

EnergySolutions Moves to Reopen Barnwell SC Low-Level Waste Site

Mid-Atlantic Power Rises as New Jersey Nuclear Unit Cuts Output

Fortum Sells Last Power Distribution Unit to Focus on Generation

PG&E: Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Can Withstand 10,000-Year Quake

Regulators Cool To Vogtle Budget Increase

Vogtle Overrun Dispute To Be Heard In Georgia

Areva Says German Job Cuts To Total 1,500

Eskom Suspends CEO as South African Power Blackouts Persist

Westinghouse: AP1000 UK Review Advancing Toward Closure

AREVA Turnaround May Pivot On Escaping The Long Shadow Of The French State

NRC To Fine TVA $70,000 For Violations At Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

Report: EDF Should Consider Capital Hike To Finance Nuclear Fleet Upgrades

Third Nuclear Reactor Plans For Calvert Cliffs Again At A ‘Standstill’

E.ON Paves Way For Spin-Off Following Record Loss

Duke Energy Proposes $146 Million To Settle Progress Energy Merger Lawsuit

Xcel Sees One-Time Impact Of $125 Million From Nuclear Plant Costs

PG&E Confirms Diablo Canyon Can Withstand Major Earthquake

TVA Restarts Sequoyah Nuclear Unit One Week After Electric Fault

RWE CEO: Urenco Sale Not Imminent

Kurion Tabs Former AREVA US CEO Besnainou as President

RWE Full-Year Profit Declines 45% on Slumping Power Price

Fluor’s NuScale Emerges As Clear Frontrunner In US SMR Race

AREVA May Source Locally For India’s Jaitapur Nuclear Project

Powertech's South Dakota Uranium Mine Permitting Cluttered by Ethics Charges

Swiss Utility Alpiq Sets Up Nuclear Decommissioning Unit

New TVA Strategic Plan Opts For More Natural Gas Over Nuclear, Coal

£5bn Added To Sellafield Nuclear Plant Clean-Up Bill

Rio Tinto To Cut Hundreds Of Jobs

EDF Slides In Early Trading On Rumors Of AREVA Merger

US Utilities Hone In On Dysfunctional Pricing Schemes For Rooftop Solar

Regulators Say Xcel Can't Profit From Cost Overruns At Monticello Nuclear Plant

Tesla Says Battery Factory Construction Remains on Schedule

AREVA Debt Rating Downgraded Further

Areva Suspends U.S. Plans For EPR Design Certification 

Urenco's Results 'Good, Despite Challenging Market'

Uranium Prices Climbing Due to Increased Demand for Nuclear Energy

Alarm Prompts Reactor Shutdown At Prairie Island Nuclear Plant

NRC: 94 of 100 U.S. Plants In ‘Two Highest Performance Categories’ In 2014

U.S. Nuclear Energy Companies Feel The Squeeze

GDF Suez Says Areva Still Committed To Four-Reactor Project In Turkey

EDF: Areva Investment 'Not Existential' For Hinkley Point

Westinghouse Fuel Performs Well At South Ukraine

NuScale's Cutting Edge Nuclear Energy Technology Putting Oregon On The Map

Fire Alarm Prompts Unscheduled Shutdown Of Prairie Island Nuclear Unit

AREVA Bets On Cost Cuts, EDF Cooperation, China

$3.3 Billion Loss To Be Posted By E.ON

Fission Uranium Eyes Minority Investor as Patterson Lake Discovery Blossoms

NuScale Named Lead SMR Sponsor at ASIA Nuclear Business Platform

NRC Will Continue Increased Oversight of Monticello Nuclear Plant


New AREVA Brass Outlines New Strategy

Report: Areva May Assets In Bid To Return To Profit

Ice Chunks Sideline Byron Plant Unit

Canada's General Fusion Aims To 'Save The World' With $50M Investment To Date 

Sequoyah Shuts Down Triggered

Russia's TVEL Signs Fuel Pellet Supply Contract For India's Tarapur Reactor 

FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co. Elects Samuel L. Belcher As President, Chief Nuclear Officer

Uranium Standard Acquires Aurora Uranium Deposit

Georgia PSC Could Decide On Vogtle Costs Soon

Exelon: The Utility of the Future Views Change as Enabling, Not Disruptive

Duke Energy Will Drop Nuclear Fee Off Florida Bills

EDF: Britain's Hartlepool 2 Nuclear Unit In Unplanned Outage

Advanced Reactors: 1 of 3 Ways GE Will Power The Energy Future

Rio Tinto Energy Chief Harry Kenyon-Slaney Set To Depart After Restructure

Shift In What Powers The Grid Raises Concerns About Fuel Diversity

Paladin Offers Stakes To Nuclear Utilities For Undeveloped Uranium Reserves

Vogtle Expansion Costs Detailed to State Commission

Babcock To Demand More State Money For Nuclear Clean-Up

Vermont Yankee Official Expects Enough Money To Clean Site

Three Takeaways From Babcock & Wilcox’s Latest Earnings

B&W: mPower SMR Future 'Up In The Air'

AREVA Cuts 2030 EPR Reactor Sales Forecast in Half

NRC Increasing Oversight of Palisades Nuclear Plant

Illinois Exelon-Backed Bill Seeks $2 More A Month For Nuclear Plants

Exelon Applauds Low Carbon Portfolio Standard As Lifeline For Illinois Fleet

Investing: A Stock to Play China’s Nuclear Boom

How Drones Are Changing The View Of Power And Utility Inspections

GDF Suez Says AREVA Guaranteed Turbine, Reactor Projects

Westinghouse Gets Behind European Commission's Energy Union


Fuel Prices Heat up as Temperatures Drop

South Africa Readies Eskom Bailout, Lifts Tax to Stem Blackouts

CB&I Pushes Back On Liability For Vogtle Expansion Costs

Palo Verde Nuclear Plant Sets 2014 Power Production Record

Valve Leak Shuts Down Limerick Nuclear Plant

EDF Pushes Back Decision On Hinkley Point C

San Onofre Asks To Expand Used Fuel Storage Facility

Nine Mile Point 2 Nuclear Plant Returns To Service After Shutdown

Palisades Nuclear Plant Denies Wage Lawsuit Claims 

Southern's Fanning Still Confident on Vogtle Expansion Despite Delays

NRC Begins Special Inspection at Summer Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Construction Site

EU Launches Full Investigation Into GE's £9bn Bid For Alstom

Uranerz Expands Wyoming Uranium Project

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Shut Down Over Condenser Issue

Cracks In The Belgium Reactors Raise Eyebrows Among Some Experts

AREVA Warns of $5.6 Billion Loss

Energy Fuels, Uranerz Talk Uranium Price and Acquisition

Analysts Expect Big Moves for Uranium Price

Switzerland's Leibstadt Plant Parts Order Has GE-Hitachi Humming

Utilities Push Into Fuel Stations for Electric Cars

TVEL Sending Secondary Neutron Sources To Temelin In April

Say Goodbye To $2 Gasoline

Energy Fuels Touts ‘Staying Power’ And ‘Scalability’ In U.S. Uranium Market Through Acquisition


Regulators Approve Latest Spending On New Vogtle Units

Exelon Wins Nuclear Subsidies In New York; Illinois Next On The List

Edison Looking Into Best Dry Storage For Onofre's Spent Fuel

NRC Says Pilgrim Shutdown Was Prudent, Precautionary Plan

FirstEnergy CEO Chuck Jones Is Poised To Remake The Company

Electrabel Continues To Look To Science For Answers To Reactor Vessel Damage

Emissions Up: San Diego Opts To Replace Shuttered San Onofre Nuclear With Gas

Florida Power & Light Spars With National Park Over Water Needs For Nuclear Plant

GE-Alstom Deal Under The Microscope Once More

PSEG Names New Leader At Nuclear Division In Lower Alloways Creek

Nine Mile Point Plant Shuts Down Over Rising Water

Analysts: Uranium Spot Price Expected To Push Through $40/Lb This Week

Executive: ‘Distortions’ In Energy Markets Hurting Firstenergy’s Nuclear Fleet

North Anna, Surry Rated Lowest-Cost Nuclear Stations

Alstom Cutting 100 Jobs At Chattanooga Boiler Plant

Terrestrial Energy Taps Former NRC Commissioner Merrifield as Legal advisor

NuScale Expands Supply Chain to Include AREVA Fuel Design and Nuclear Testing Capabilities

Uranium Demand To Outstrip Supply, Fueling Prices

Grid Operators Push For More Time On EPA Plan

TEPCO To Mull Rate Hike If It Can’t Restart Niigata Nuclear Complex

U.S. Firms Watching China's Progress On New Build Closely

Exelon Seeks FERC Approval For Life-Support Deal For Ginna Nuclear Plant

Pepco Merger with Exelon Moving Forward

TVA Nears First Large-Scale Solar Power Buy

Exelon Anticipates Illinois Incentives Package Soon

Westinghouse: Czech Nuclear Fuel Plant Unnecessary

Deal Reached Over Ginna Nuclear Plant

CEZ CEO: Low Energy Prices Force Company to Look at Acquisitions

Startup Transatomic  Makes Core Change To Reactors

Monitors: Southern Co. Might Spend $8 Billion On Nuclear Plant

Rolls-Royce Profits And Sales Drop In 2014 Results But Order Books Grow To Record Level

Watts Bar Unit 2 Passes Key Milestone on Path to Operating License

Fermi 3 License Moves A Step Closer

Georgia Power Adding Up Costs Of Nuclear Reactors' Delay

EDF's UK Profits Are Hit By Unplanned Nuclear Station Outages

TVA Board Discusses Improved Performance, Generation Additions

Roderick: Westinghouse Projecting Contracts For 12 Chinese Reactors

B&W Announces $535 Million in Contracts for Naval Nuclear Reactor Programs

Germany May Impose Conditions On Urenco Stake Sale

Westinghouse Moves To Lay Groundwork For India Reactor Sales

Entergy: No Guarantee It Will Pay Costs To Close Vermont Yankee If Work Extends Past 60 Years

EDF 2014 Profit Rises as Power Production From Reactors Gained

Westinghouse CEO On The Impact Of Oil’s Decline

Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant Closer To Exiting Government Oversight

NuScale Nuclear SMR Component Undergoes Testing In Italy

N.J. Approves $6.8-Billion Merger Between Pepco Holdings And Exelon Corporation Utilities

Veolia Eyes Acquisition Of AREVA's Canberra Subsidiary

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Weighs Callaway License

Investing: How To Catch Uranium's Rebound

Peter Thiel Fund Backs MIT Nuclear Startup Transatomic Power

Edison Notifies Utilities Commission Of Conversation Between Ex-Execs On Shuttered Nuclear Plant

Energy Fuels Prepares For Canyon Resurrection

GE Hitachi Signs MoU with Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety

Texas Company Rolls Out Plan For Private Spent-Fuel Storage Site

IEA Sees Oil Price Recovery But No Return To Highs

Will Westinghouse Pay For Another Nuclear Delay?

$3.3 Billion Losses To Prompt AREVA Assets Sale

Cameco Claims Strong 2014 Performance

As Customers Disconnect From Grid, Wind And Solar Energy Are Threatened

Areva's Losses Last Year Could Be Over 3 Billion Euros

U.S. Gas Prices Jump 13 Cents A Gallon; Could Go Higher

Firstenergy Seeks To Push Davis Besse Risk To Customers

Waste Control Specialists Ready to Store Reactor Waste

Dallas Company Seeks To Store Nation's Spent Nuclear Fuel At West Texas Site

TVA Says Tritium Releases Rise Within Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

New Toshiba Subsidiary CEO Says Charlotte Should Count On More Jobs From His Company

SC's Santee Cooper Utility To Sell Up To $1.2 Billion In Bonds For New VC Summer Units

Tracking India’s Imported Uranium

TVA Profits Up $148M Despite Power Sales Dip

Utility Business Not As Usual

AREVA Drafts Plan To Let EDF Take Stake In Some Businesses

What’s Inside The First New U.S. Nuclear Plant In Two Decades

Fanning: Southern Expects To Recover At Least $240M If New Vogtle Units Delayed

AREVA Conducts Fuel Tests For Bill Gates’ Prototype Reactor

New TVA Watts Bar Reactor On-Budget, On-Schedule For 2015 Debut

TVA To Cut O&M Costs By $500M As Obama Administration Backs Away From Sale

Grid Sensors Could Ease Disruptions of Power

Nuclear Services Startup To Put Six-Employee Office In Charlotte

Report Blames Xcel For Nuclear Plant's Doubled Upgrade Cost

Energy-Pinching Americans Pose Threat to Power Grid

DOE Cites Fluor B&W Portsmouth For Nuclear Safety Violations

U.S. Nuclear Fleet Unfazed By Winter Storm Juno

Investigation: Xcel Failures Led To Reactor Cost Overruns

RWE, EON Fall as Court Aide Backs German Nuclear-Fuel Tax

Dry Cask Storage Booming for Spent Nuclear Fuel

AREVA Completes Fuel Testing Services For TerraPower

New England Fuel Mix Shifts, Emissions Up In Wake Of Yankee Closure

Sophisticated Hackers Target The Electric Industry

AREVA Cautions On Write-Downs, Extra Provisions For 2014

Investing: A Bullish Future for Uranium

Vermont Yankee's Premature Closing Leaves 'Circles Of Pain' — Job And Economic Losses Sink In

Fate Of Some Exelon Plants In Hands Of Illinois Legislature

Feds To Investigate Storm Shutdown At Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

The Mind-Boggling Statistics Around Wasted Natural Gas

Cost Pressure Intensifies for Southern Co. Nuclear Plant

Comparing TVA’s Watts Bar Reactors and Southern’s Vogtle Reactors

$45M: Duke Spending On New Lee Plant In 2014

Exelon Touts Nuclear Fleet Performance During Northeast U.S. Blizzard

Timeline For New Vogtle Units Stretches Into 2019

CB&I Stock Falls on Vogtle News

Areva Signs Nuclear Transport Deal With China's CNNC

EDF and China's CGN to Share Nuclear Experience

Southern Signals Possible 18-Month Delay for New Vogtle Units

IEA Advocates Doubling Of Nuclear Energy By 2050

NRC Board Denies Vermont's Petition To Force Entergy To Maintain ERDS

Video: Westinghouse CEO Danny Roderick — 'Cautiously Optimistic About India-US Nuclear Deal'

EDF Exec: First Taishan Nuclear Plant To Be Completed By Year End

EnergySolutions Facing Shortfall on Zion Plant Decon But 'on Track'

Westinghouse May Bypass Toshiba For India's Gujarat Plant Order

Massive Uranium Numbers Re-Ignite Makena Resources Buy-Out Rumors

Larsen & Toubro Hopes To Build Nuclear Reactors With Westinghouse As India Logjam Ends 

How Nuclear Subs, CEO Jets Drive General Dynamics Profit

B&W To Consolidate Tennessee Operations

UK Horizon Project Moves Forward With Green Light For First Phase

Power Prices Sink as Winter Storm Leads to Closings

RWE Sticks With Planned Date Of German Nuclear Reactor Closure

Indian Nuclear Deals Still Complicated For U.S. Firms

Investing: Top Nine Stocks Likely To Benefit From Indo-US Nuclear Deal 

Westinghouse Lauds US-India Nuclear Energy Initiative

Emergency Christmas Shutdown Of Entergy River Bend Nuclear Plant Prompts Special NRC Inspection

Edison Convenes Panel To Focus On Government’s Role in Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel

Nebraska’s Cooper Station Awards Contract To GE Nuclear Fuel Unit

Vattenfall Halts New Nuclear Plans As Sweden Shifts To Renewables

Ukraine’s Energoatom Signs Amendment To Holtec Contract

Westinghouse Needs Break In India Nuclear Stalemate

Report: Small Modular Reactors Making A Comeback

Hearing Draws Varied Crowd On Rate Plan For Davis-Besse

TVA President and CEO Bill Johnson: Crossroads Nearing On Nuclear Energy

Hinkley Point B Goes Offline For 'Major' Maintenance Program

Investing: Southern Company Retains Appeal For Long-Term Investors

DOE Extends American Centrifuge Contract

CEO: CEZ Not Ready To Launch New Nuclear Expansion Tender

U.S. Nuclear Fleet Sets Capacity Record In 2014

Westinghouse CEO Stands By Nuclear Fuel Being Used In Ukraine

NuScale Hails Banner Year — Targets 2016 SMR License Submittal

Toshiba, Westinghouse Negotiating 6-8 China Reactor Order

Cavendish Nuclear Signs ‘Lifetime’ Deals With EDF Energy

Industry Project Aims To Improve Prediction Software For Emergency Response

Decommissioning Progress At Dungeness A With Demolition Of Turbine Hall

NRC Inspectors Find No 'Chilled Work Environment' At Palisades Nuclear Plant

Germany’s EON Facing Off With Merkel Over Capacity Market

RWE Pushes Back Expectations for Urenco Sale to 2016

China General Nuclear To Launch 5 New Reactors In 2015

U.K. Nuclear Authority May Plan Smaller Sellafield Contracts

Babcock Signs Nuclear Plant Support Deal Worth £40 Million Annually

Idaho Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant Passes Test

EDF Energy To Extend Lifespan Of UK Dungeness B Nuclear Plant To 2028

RWE Could Yet Follow E.ON Break-Up Example

Russia Approves $2.3 Billion Funding For Finland’s Hanhikivi 1

RG&E Submits Alternate Proposal For R.E. Ginna Nuclear Plant

UniStar Seeks Delay In Safety Report For Calvert Cliffs Unit 3

Uranium Buyers Expect Prices To Rise

Next Closure Issue: San Onofre Waste

Uranium Rally Running Low on Juice

Investing: Cameco Positioned For Long-Term Growth

U.S. Demand Slipping, Pacific Market Still Strong For Coal

Federal Nuclear Regulators Cite Millstone For 'Very Low' Safety Issues Related To Water Pump

Westinghouse Electric Signs Deal To Train Vietnamese Technicians

Exelon-Pepco Merger Worth $6.8B Takes One Big Step Forward

Vattenfall Moves To Cross-Border Business Structure

French Power Narrowing Gap With Germany After Breaking EDF Floor

Hinkley Point Nuclear Agreement Expected In March

Levy: German Consumers Subsidizing French Power Users

New EDF Chief Confident In Extending Life Of French Nuclear Energy Fleet

Investing: A 2015 ‘Nuclear Renaissance’ Could Fuel Solid Gains For Uranium Stocks

Cigar Lake Uranium Output Seen At 6-8 Million Pounds In 2015

Exelon and Pepco Reach Settlement Agreement with NJ Board in Proposed Merger

Rio Tinto Flags Interest In Uranium Exports To India

Kurion Robotics Manipulator Aims For Mid-2016 Deployment At Fukushima 

Cameco Provides Production Update for the Cigar Lake Mine

Pilgrim Nuclear Station Dry Cask Transfer Begins

Negotiations To Extend Ginna Plant Life Near Closure

Amec: UK Govt Take-Back Of Sellafield Contract 'Not Performance Related'

Rio Tinto: Australia To Export Uranium To India By 2017

SPX Receives Pump Order For China’s Fuqing 5&6

Oil Drops Below $45

Entergy: Fuel Removed From Vermont Yankee Reactor

Sandvik Trail-blazes 3D Printing For Nuclear Fuel Tubes 

Debt-laden RWE Cuts Spending On Renewable Business

GM’s Plan to Gain on Tesla Rides on Two Electric Cars

Report: UK Govt To Axe Sellafield M&O Consortium

Exelon: Illinois Nuclear Report Highlights Need To Help challenged Plants

Shanghai Electric Boosted By Nuclear Unit

U.S. Wholesale Power Prices up In 2014

Reported Tritium Leak At TVA's Browns Ferry 'Contained' — 'No Public Risk'

Exelon: Company Dismantling Zion Nuclear Plant Is Running Out Of Money

Report: Quad Cities Power Plant Least Profitable On Possible Closure List

SRS Contractor Docked A Quarter Of Its Fiscal 2014 Performance Fee

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Closure Could Add Gas Demand

Market Reforms Needed To Prevent U.S. Reactor Closures

Can An Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design Ever Be Approved In The U.S.?

Nuclear Energy Facilities Going Strong to Counter Arctic Deep Freeze

Spot Price Falls As French Nuclear Output Nears Max

Rebound In Clean Energy Investment In 2014 Beats Expectations

ThorCon Claim: Mass Produced New Nuclear Plants By 2020

Menu Of Options To Support Exelon Nuclear Fleet Gains Steam

Westinghouse To Supply Next-Gen Nuclear Fuel For Palo Verde Under $250M Contract

TVA To Proceed With SMR Plan – With or Without B&W mPower

Westinghouse Gets Nuclear-Fuel Renewal Contract With Arizona Utility

Terrestrial Energy And Oak Ridge National Lab To Advance Molten Salt Reactors To Blueprint Stage

Duke Energy Asks Carolina Customers to Curb Power Use During Deep Freeze

Areva Shareholders Vote In New CEO, Chairman

Illinois Plan Would Help Nuclear Plants By Punishing Carbon-Based Providers

Plunge: Natural Gas Plunges To Historic Lows Testing Coal, Nuclear Baseload

Terrestrial Energy Announces Initial Collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Fitch: Premature US Nuclear Closures 'Eroding' Capacity, Carbon-Free Generation

Cape Wind Plan Dealt Major Setback As Two Utilities Opt Out

China Nuclear — Buy Or Sell?

Westinghouse AP1000 Slated For Kazakhstan?

West Coast Power Falls on Output Boost, East Coast Rises on Use

Interview with Uranium Expert and Chairman of Azarga Uranium

Entergy Hits Feds with New Suit Over Spent Fuel Storage Costs At Pilgrim

Oil Price Crash Claims First U.S. LNG Project Casualty

Exelon's Ginna: Survival Test For Clean Nuclear Economics

Westinghouse, Bechtel Form Alliance On Nuclear Decommissioning Services

Energy Had Larger Price Declines Than Most Non-Energy Commodities In 2014

Vermont Yankee Begins Closing Process

Energy Fuels to Acquire Uranerz Energy

Turnover At The Top: TVA Executive Ranks, Turnover Costs Grow Even Staff, Operating Costs Drop

To Test Melty Nuclear Fuel, Levitate It First

DC Cook Plant Reports 2-Month Oil Leak Into Lake Michigan

Pilgrim Nuclear In Plymouth To Move Spent Fuel Into Dry Cask Storage


Uranium Spot Price Finds Stability Amid Market Volatility

Another Reactor Closes, Punctuating New Reality for U.S. Nuclear Energy

NRC, PG&E to Discuss Apparent Safety Violation At Diablo Canyon

Nuclear Faces Continuing Competition With Subsidized Renewables In 2015

Los Alamos Contractor Fee Dunned $57M Over Performance Issues

B&W Gets 90 Performance Score For Final Nine Months At Pantex; Fee of $26.3M

Ukraine Eyes Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Deal

Westinghouse Significantly Expands Fuel Supply In Ukraine

Uranium Regains Its Glow

Vermont Yankee Becomes History As Industry Evolves

NRC: VY Decommissioning Roadmap Lays Out Future Steps

Funding Sought For New Mexico Uranium Deconversion Plant

UK-based Cape Wins Five-Year Nuclear Contract Extension With EDF Energy

Vermont Yankee Completes Final Operating Cycle

Vermont Yankee Community Prepares for Economic Dislocation: Antis Celebrate As Shut-Down Nears

Audits Claim Contractor Overbilled TVA For Nuclear Work

Callaway Nuclear Plant Marks 30 Years

Judge Recommends Trimming Xcel's Latest Rate Increase Request

Entergy Louisiana River Bend 1 Reactor Shutdown

Vermont Yankee Goes Through Final Paces For End Of Its 42-Year Run

Toshiba Boss Expresses Interest in India Nuclear Plant Insurance Pool

India: Uranium Mines Closure Causes Nuclear Fuel Loss Of Over 19 Tonnes 

EnBW Joins Legal Fight Over German Nuclear

South Africa’s Nuclear Project: Politics, Not Economics, Will Determine Winners

Low Gasoline Prices Hammer Electric Cars

Uranium Miners Upbeat On China Growth

Vermont Yankee Predicts $1.24B Decommissioning Cost

Uranium ETF Powers Back Up

Job Losses Hit All But Renewable Energy Across Power Sector

Alstom Shareholders Back 12.35 Billion Euro Sale Of Power Arm To GE

Callaway Nuclear Plant Fired Up Three Decades Ago Today

The Big Drop: Cheap Oil Burns Green Energy

NRC Puts Callaway License Renewal On Hold

Vernon, Entergy Reach Vermont Yankee Tax Deal

Westinghouse and EDF Sign Long-Term Fuel Contract

Uranium Rallies as Asia Warms to Nuclear Energy

Westinghouse Hails Higher Fuel Reliability

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Taken Offline After Generator Failure

E.ON Plays Down Rouble Effect On Russian Business

WSJ: Asia’s Nuclear Energy Plans Sends Uranium Up

Hinkley Point C Construction Work Still In Track For Early 2015

TEPCO Net Income to Rise 19%; Plans to Forgo Rate Increase

Vogtle Watchdogs: Additional Year Of Delay Possible

How Will Technology Shape The Future Of Energy?

Pipeline Shortage And Nuclear Energy Wrongheadedness Soars New England's Utility Bills

Georgia Utility Regulators To Consider Vogtle Nuclear Plant Costs

UK Nuclear Industry future Relies On Small Businesses

AREVA Delivers 4,000th MOX Fuel Assembly To EDF

Nuclear Projects Feature On EC List Of ‘Priority Investments’

Richland’s Columbia Nuclear Plant Turns 30 Years Old

U.S. Energy Boom's Other Winner: Utilities

Utah Power Operator Sees Future In SMRs

Fluor, CNNC Ink Agreement On Nuclear Project Cooperation In Europe

SCE&G Places 180,000-Pound CA05 Module at Nuclear Plant

Court Says Indian Point Nuclear Plant Exempt From State Program

Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Nuclear Reactor Shut Down After Water Leak

Unit 1 at Susquehanna Shutting Down to Repair Small Water Leak Inside Containment Structure

U.S. Energy Flagship Vogtle Expansion Marks Year Of Progress

Exelon Would Profit From Reforms Proposed By Operator Of Electric-Grid

How Crude Oil’s Global Collapse Unfolded: Tracing the Plunge In Oil Prices Back to Texas

Exelon 'Shrugs Off' 'Doomsday' Warnings About EPA Rule

Areva and B&W Square Off Over Royalties From Commercial Services Agreement

Russia's Rosatom: $100 Billion New Nuclear Order Book

Power Jumps in Midwest as Xcel Shuts Minnesota Nuclear Reactor

U.S. Oil Prices Drop Below $60

FERC Gives Final Blessing To Duke For $1.2B NCEMPA Deal involving Brunswick, Harris Reactors

New Westinghouse Fuel To Be Loaded At South Ukraine-3

Kurion Delivers Second Processing System to Fukushima Nuclear Site

B&W Trims More Jobs At mPower Unit

Officials Mull Two Eastern Idaho Power Plants, One Nuclear, One Solar

Exelon Seeks OK To Operate LaSalle Nuclear Plant Until 2040s

SCANA Advances VC Summer Construction Amid Challenges Over Costs

China Nuclear Generator CGN Power Surges on Hong Kong Debut

Hopes Dim for Renewable Power From Ocean Waves and Tides

CGN Power Listing Taps into Expected Nuclear Sector Growth

GEH Robot Completes Buried Pipe Inspection At Texas Nuclear Plant

Gas Could Hit $2.50 By Christmas

Entergy Taps $145 Million Line To Accelerate Vermont Yankee Dry Fuel Storage Transfer

TVA Nominees Agree To Recuse Themselves On Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Vote

Ginna, With A Reprieve, To Enter RSSA With RG&E

Nuclear Energy Companies Increasingly Being Asked To Shoulder Equity Share In Global Projects

E.ON Chief Open To Nuclear ‘Bad Bank’ Idea

Global Shale Ambitions Wane as OPEC Price War Deepens

EIA Report: Current U.S. Fleet Out Of Business By 2050 Without License Extension

Why Illinois Will Race to Save Exelon's Nuclear Fleet in 2015

Vogtle Watchdog Send 'Betwee -the-Lines' Caution On Cost

E.ON Chief Backs Public Fund For Decommissioning Germany's Nuclear Plants

Kurion Ramps-up Global Market Footprint

E.ON Open To Talks Over Nuclear-Decommissioning Fund

New Math To Help Exelon's Nuclear Fleet

AREVA Trimming 45 Jobs From North American Operations

Czech Utility CEZ's CEO Sees Lower Profits As Sector Changes

Toshiba To Take Small Chunk Of Westinghouse For New Generator Unit

China General Nuclear's Uranium Unit Chief Says Looking To Invest In Canada

New EDF Chief de Rivaz: Full Speed Ahead On Hinkley Point C Project Despite Franco Hiccups

Palisades, Entergy Respond To Activists' Efforts To Close Nuclear Plant

Fluor Partners With Chinese Company On Nuclear, Wind And Solar Projects

Toshiba Reinforces Power Systems Business in North America

Rosatom May Invite Chinese Firm To Nuclear Plant Construction

GDF Suez: EDF Should Double Nuclear Energy Sales To Competitors

EDF Energy To Press On With Hinkley Nuclear Reactor Project

Utilities Say EPA Carbon Plan May Put Reliable Power at Risk

Huntington Poised for $4 Billion U.S. Naval Carrier Order

Xcel Says It Doesn't Owe Nuclear Contractor

Safety Systems Shut Down Callaway Nuclear Plant

TVA Shifts SMR License Application Strategy For Oak Ridge To Generic Design

AREVA Wins Two Multimillion-Dollar Nuclear Contracts

Westinghouse Electric Re-Awarded Fuel Supply Contract

Fortum Plans Significant Investment In Hanhikivi Nuclear Project

U.S. Energy Exports to Top Imports by 2025

China’s CGN Power Raises Over $3 Billion in Hong Kong IPO

Russia To Supply LEU Fuel For Dutch Petten Research Reactor

Germany's $132 Billion Green Energy Lead Is Fortified by EON's Split With Fossil Fuels 

U.S. Says Civil Nuclear Deal To Address South Korea's Energy Priorities

U.S. Nuclear Plants Squeezed by Cheap Gas, Uranium Costs

Finland's Fortum To Invest In Fennovoima Nuclear Plant

E.ON Says Spun-Off Nuclear and Coal Plants Will Be Well-Funded

NRC Issues Final EIS for Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant License Renewal

NuGen Agreement To Promote Financing For New West Cumbria Nuclear Station

NIA: NuGen Powering Ahead Into 2015

Yellowcake Roller Coaster: Wyoming Uranium Miners Ride Rapid Rise And Fall In Price

Fortum May Buy Part of Nuclear Plant After Russian Restructuring

Germany Worries E.ON Plan Could Saddle Taxpayers With Nuclear Costs

Rio Pushes For Nuclear In Australian Energy Debate

B&W Signs Support Services Agreement Worth $263M With Canada’s Bruce Power

E.ON To Quit Gas And Coal And Focus On Renewable Energy

Utility And Regulators Push Back On Carbon Cutting Plan For Georgia

OPEC’s Weapon of Mass Inaction

Nuclear Energy Returning To Japan Forces Uranium To Step Up

Exelon Diversifies Generation Mix; Focus on Growth Programs

Mid-Atlantic Wholesale Power Falls Amid Boost in Supplies

Sweden's Vattenfall Puts Nuclear Plans On Hold On Government Orders

AREVA Continues North American Focus on Customer Projects and Nuclear Expertise

French Day-Ahead Power Prices Plunge As Nuclear Hits High, Demand Stays Low

Ontario Energy Board Won’t Probe Multi-Billion-Dollar Bruce Nuclear Overhaul

AREVA Says It May Consider Recapitalization To Reduce Debt Load

New AREVA Chief Takes Aim At Cycle Of Chronic Debt

Uranium Best Energy Performer On Rebound From Fukushima Drop

Kepco Wants To Extend Lifespan Of 40-Year-Old Takahama Reactors To 60 Years

Westinghouse, AREVA, Korea Inc. Among Line-Up Of Five For New Czech Tender

Changing Of The Guard At The Top Of The French Energy Sector

Uranium Spot Price Plummets As Buyers Exit Market

Rosatom Targets Construction Work Efficiency

Westinghouse-Sino Turkey Partnership Eyes First Project Outside China

Georgia’s Vogtle Watchdog Cautions on Schedule:  Southern — Still on Target

Uranium Spot Price Falls $5 To $38.75/lb In Volatile Week

Will A Bump In Prices Boost Nuclear 

EDF’s New CEO Pleads for Higher Tariffs to Improve Finances

Exelon Re-Confirms Three Plants Ar Risk: Not Looking For Bailout 

Siemens Exits Tidal Power Industry Blaming Slow Development

Westinghouse Turkey Talks Focus On Third Nuclear Plant

Horizon & UK Authorities Sign Agreement For Procurement Of Wylfa Development


Moody's: Nuclear Energy Expands in Asia But Slows Down In Europe And U.S. On Lower Gas Prices

China Nuclear IPO Risks Fading Afterglow

Paladin Looks To Raise $205 Million

NuScale Widens Lead In Quest For SMR Commercialization 

Westinghouse Multi-Party Agreement Lays Framework For Turkey Nuclear Energy Development 

Westinghouse Signs ‘Exclusive Negotiations’ Agreement For Four Reactors In Turkey

CGN Power to Raise Up to $3.16 Billion in Hong Kong IPO

Amid Industry Uncertainty, Utilities Chart Path Toward Growth At EEI

Rosatom CEO: Russia Ready to Continue Nuclear Cooperation With U.S.

Uranium Price Rally Fuels Hopes For A Sustained Rebound

Q&A with Exelon President and CEO Chris Crane

Enel’s Slovak Nuclear Project Budget Swells to 4.6 Billion Euros

Rosatom: Russia Signs Deal With Ukraine to Deliver Nuclear Fuel for 2015

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Inside Hungary's $10.8 Billion Nuclear Deal With Russia

Hungary's Nuclear Deal Under EU Scrutiny

India May Lease Another Nuclear Submarine From Russia

Iran Backs Away From Key Detail in Nuclear Deal

Inspection Underway After Leak At Scottish Nuclear Plant

Austria, Slovenia, Croatia Discuss Energy Cooperation Amid Row Over Nuclear Energy

IAEA: India’s Nuclear Insurance A Positive Step


Modi: Nuclear Energy Vital For India's Economic Development

Technology To Look Inside Fukushima Reactors Faces Challenge

Trawsfynydd Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Moves To New Stage

Cutting-Edge Tech To Scan Fukushima For Nuclear Fuel Flops In Front Of Reporters


Nurlan Kapparov, Harvard-Taught Kazakh Uranium Chief, Dies at 44

IAEA Chief Hails India's Commitment To Nuclear-Safety

IAEA Urges India to Take Further Action for Nuclear Regulation


UAE’s ENEC Seeks Operating License For Nuclear Plant

Japan Makes A Start On Sharing Lessons From Fukushima

Nuclear's Share Of UK's Power Production Dips To 19%

Russia, Myanmar Agree To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

China's Shanghai Electric To Manufacture Equipment For South Africa’s Koeberg

Bulgaria Energy Minister: Nuclear Energy Is Highly Important Sector

7 Countries Close to Joining the Nuclear Energy Club

Hungary Reaches Deal With EU On Russian Fuel Supply For Expanding Nuclear Plant

Finland’s Russian Nuclear Dilemma


Report: Kansai Open To Foreign Companies Decommissioning Reactors

Hungary Reaches Deal On Russian Nuclear Fuel Supply With Euratom


TEPCO Completes Fuel Removal At Fukushima Daini Plant

India's Fast Breeder Reactor To Start Generation In September

South Africa Moves Ahead With Nuclear New Build Plans

Jordan, Russia Sign $10 Billion Deal On Nuclear Reactors

Northeast China’s Latest Nuclear Station Now Operational

Report Warns Of ‘Substantial Challenges’ Facing UK On Nuclear Workforce

Turkish Uranium Project Moves To Permitting


The $6.8 Billion Great Wall Of Japan: Fukushima Cleanup Takes On Epic Proportion

South Africa Moves Ahead With Nuclear New Build Plans

UN Nuclear Agency Regrets Slow Pace Of Iran Cooperation


Turkey's First Nuclear Plant Delayed, 'Not Ready Before 2022'

Germany Outlines Plans For Reserve Power Capacity

Ukraine and Poland Agree To Push For Integrated Grids


Made-in-China Nuclear Energy Plants Coming to a City Near You

Report: Germany’s Energy Companies Can't Shoulder Premature Nuclear Shut-Down Costs


Ex-India AEC Chair: Liability Break-Thru Puts India, US Cooperation 'Back On The Rails'

UAE Preparing For The Era Of Nuclear Energy Supply

South Africa In Nuclear Tender Talks With Canada, Japan


EU Leaders Likely To Reinforce Inconsistencies Of Energy Union Plan

Dismal Outlook For LNG in South Korea's Power Market As Coal, Nuclear Gain Favor

Canadian Mills Implement Lessons Learned From Uranium Dust Release

German Gov Report: Nuclear Plant Closure Money Insufficient

Taiwan Suspends Tender For Reprocessing Of Used Nuclear Fuel

Turkish Companies To Gain $16 Billion From Nuclear Projects

Accelerating Use Of Nuclear, Solar Energy Key For India's Growth 

South Africa Celebrates 50 Years of Nuclear Energy

China State Council Likely To Give Nod For Nuclear Merger Soon


Austrian Lawsuit Over Hinkley Has Two Months To Be Filed

Japanese Court Denies Injunction Against MOX Nuclear Fuel Use

Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Makes Formal Start In South Australia

TEPCO: Nearly All Fuel In Fukushima Reactor Has Melted

Japan's Kyushu Hopes To Restart Reactor In July

EU Energy Union: Nuclear Energy Is The Way Forward

Export Of Homegrown Nuclear Energy Technology Part Of Rebranding 'Made In China’

Jordan Will Sign Agreement With Russia to Build Nuclear Reactor


IAEA Director General: Nuclear Technology is Key to Africa's Development

South Australian Senator Believes There's Value in ‘Nuclear Waste’

Japan Inches Closer to Final Approval for Nuclear Reactor Restart


Containing Chernobyl: The Largest Moveable Structure Ever Created On Land

Hungary To Sue The Financial Times If It Fails To Correct Paks Story

Westinghouse Bullish On Polish Nuclear Energy Future

Bloomberg: China To Spend $370 Billion On Nuclear Energy Over Next Decade

Will Australia’s Uranium Miners Benefit From China’s Tilt To Nuclear?


Chernobyl Containment Funding Talks Look Close $652M Funding Gap


South African Nuclear Corp: US Concern Over HEU 'Unfounded'


South Korean Investigation Fingers North Korea For Hack On Nuclear Operator

Finnish Official: European Power Subsidies Not Sustainable

Burying Nuclear Waste Big Issue For Ontario Now

Hungary’s Paks Nuclear Expansion Needs New Fuel Terms

Study: Turkey Must Develop Comprehensive Policies On Nuclear Station Security

South Australian MP Says Pro-Nuclear Debate 'Getting Easier'



2007 Break-In At South African Nuclear Research Site Still Disturbs Washington

German Energy Companies May File 22 Billion Euros Suit Over Nuclear Phase-Out

Work For Third And Fourth Units At India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Project To Begin In April 2016

TEPCO: More Than 90 Percent Of Water To Be Treated By End Of May

Chinese Premier Vows Tougher Regulation on Air Pollution

Nuclear Energy A Strong Option For Qatar

First Nations Demand Northern Chief's Removal Over Canadian Nuclear Study Deal

Solar Eclipse Will Test Germany's Green Power Grid


Food In Fukushima Is Safe, But Concerns Linger

Anti-Nuclear Protests Staged Around Taiwan


China Showing Interest In Russian Floating Nuclear Plants

South China Nuclear Plant Seeing Second Unit Go Operational

Fukushima Has Cost $13 Billion And Counting


At Fukushima It’s Inspector Gadget, But For Nuclear Waste

Brazilian Nuclear Reactor Back In Operation

Hungary Says Solution Near On Nuclear Fuel Dispute With EU

Rosatom Says Nuclear Deal With Hungary Backed by EU

EU Energy Chief Declines To Comment On Hungary-EU Nuclear Talks

China ‘In Talks’ With UK And France On ACP-1000 Agreements


Saudi Nuclear Deal Raises Stakes for Iran Talks

Kazakhstan Aims For 22,800 tU Output In 2015

EU Blocks Hungary’s €12 Billion New Build Deal With Russia

NYT: Fukushima Four Years Later

Hacker Demands Money For Information On South Korean Nuclear Reactors


Cost Of Cleaning Up UK Sellafield Nuclear Site Still Uncertain

Australian Royal Commission Is Set The Debate Proposed Plan To Expand Nuclear Industry

Ukraine Delivers Nuclear Energy Equipment For Belgian Project


France's Nuclear Love Affair Too Strong To Let AREVA Fail


China's CGN Says Country Needs 100 New Nuclear Reactors

It's Official: China Approves two New Nuclear Reactors 

Japan Pushes Ahead With Plans To Reopen Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Energy Gains Traction in China With New Reactor Approvals


Fukushima Residents Mixed Over Nuclear Waste Storage Plan

Wylfa Nuclear Reactor Shut Down For Fuel Element Investigation

Energy Minister Royal: Areva-EDF Merger Is Possibility

Luxembourg To Join Austria In Opposition To Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant Deal

UK Government Looks For Golden Share In Hinkley Point C Project


Japanese Regulator Outlines Measures To Reduce ‘Mid-Term Risks’ At Fukushima

Saudi Arabia and Argentina Form Nuclear R&D Joint Venture

Japan Still Dealing With Fukushima Aftereffects Four Years Later

China’s Sanmen 2 Steam Generators Arrive On Site

Sweden's Forsmark-1 Nuclear Reactor To Restart On March 23

How Will South Africa’s New Nuclear Stations Be Paid For?

Police Break Up Anti-Nuclear Stunt By Greenpeace In Paris

Japan Ramps-Up Efforts To Develop Permanent Waste Storage Option

After Talks, Nuclear Deal on Iran Is Seen as Close

The Myth of Russia’s Energy Strength

Merkel To Discuss Germany's Nuclear Exit, Cooperation On Renewable Energy During Japan Trip


China Faces Challenges In Meeting 2020 Domestic Nuclear Energy Targets


E.ON Preparing For May Closure Of Germany’s Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Plant

South Australia To Tap Canada’s Nuclear Know-How

Taiwan Looks Globally For Help Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel


‘Made in China’ Nuclear Reactors A Tough Sell In Global Market

UAE, South Korea To Boost Bilateral Ties In Nuclear Energy

TEPCO Begins Transfer of Fuel to Spent Fuel Pool at Fukushima Daini

Executive Order On Safe Construction Of Belarusian Nuclear Station Passed

EDF Sees U.K. Backing for Nuclear No Matter Who Wins Election

Chinese Resume Talks For Romanian Nuclear Plant Investment


Outcry And Fear As Pakistan Builds New Nuclear Reactors

Cameco's Kintyre uranium mine in Pilbara conditionally approved by Western Australia Government

EDF Play Emerges As Option To Power Up AREVA


Germany Says Using Tax Money For Nuclear Energy 'Out Of The Question'

Toro Energy: Australia Can Leverage Its ‘Doorstep’ Position With Asia To Drive Uranium Exports

Japan Court Battles Could Delay Nuclear Restarts Further

China’s Largest Uranium Mine Reports More Deposits


UK Joins Romanian Push For New EU Nuclear Aid Package

Bill for Sellafield Nuclear Clean-Up Jumps 10% Says Audit Office


China Re-Kickstarts Nuclear New Build With Approval Of Two New Reactors

German Energy Cooperative Plans Legal Action Over UK Nuclear Plan

Japan’s Growth in Solar Power Falters as Utilities Balk

Transfer Of Fukushima Clean-Up Waste Gets Go-Ahead

French Senate Throws Cold Water On Hollande Nuclear Reliance Reduction Bill

Compromise On Holland Shrinkage Pledge Expected After French Senate Watering Down 


South Korea Looks To Export Homegrown Reactor To Saudi Arabia

Hungary Makes Nuclear Energy Deal With Russia A 30-Year Secret

IAEA Mission Concludes Peer Review of Malta’s Radiation Safety Regulatory Framework


Mongolia Ordered To Pay $100 Million For Expropriating Uranium Asset

Australia Has ‘Welcome Mat’ Out For Uranium Investments

Study: Europe Unlikely to Meet Climate Goal

Investment In Nuclear R&D Key To UK Success


Iran Shuts Down Bushehr Nuclear Plant For Two Months

IAEA Mission Concludes Review of Slovakia Regulatory Framework for Nuclear Safety

Should Australia Consider Thorium Nuclear Energy?


Austrians Getting Cold Feet On UK Nuclear Project Challenge?

Non-Nuclear Pipe Issue Sidelines Unit At Fessenheim 

Japan’s Nuclear Watchdog Takes TEPCO To Task For Delay In Leakage Report

Unit 2 of India’s Kudankulam Reaches Important Milestone With Reactor Hot Run

French Senate Battles Hollande’s Pledge To Curb Nuclear Energy Reliance

China Denies Being Behind Pelindaba Nuclear Break-In

Russian Delegation Visits Site of Egypt Nuclear Facility


Rosatom Eyes Nuclear Industry In Egypt

Fukushima Data Show Rise And Fall In Food Radioactivity

Q&A: China Looks To Renewables, Nuclear Power To Reduce Pollution

Takahama Assembly To Vote On Restarting Nuclear Reactors

EU’s Plan For An Energy Union Would Call Putin’s Bluff


Controversial Nuclear Waste Transportation Plans Scrapped At UK’s Oldbury Station

Kyushu Electric Submits Papers To Restart Japanese Nuclear Plant

Finland's Waste Fund Grows To €2.4 Billion

Can Latin America Lead A Global Nuclear Energy Rebirth?

EC Vows To Continue Support For Nuclear Research Under Plans For Energy Union

IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Review Mission in Japan

German Government Tensions Over Energiewende Progress

South Korea's Nuclear Watchdog Approves Restart Of Second-Oldest Reactor


Inside The Race For Canada’s Nuclear Waste: 11 Towns Vie To Host Deep Burial Site

Fuel for Thought: The Importance of Thorium to China

Horizon: Wylfa Newydd Will Be Delivered Safely, And To The Benefit Of The Community


Launch of India’s Kudankulam Units 3 & 4 Project In 2015-16

Hungry’s Paks Nuclear Plant Joins EPRI Nuclear Research Program

The Odd Reality Of Iran's Centrifuges: Enough For A Bomb, Not Power

European Leaders Push for Energy Union

EU Directive Heralds Sweeping Changes In Emissions Monitoring

Capacity Utilization Of India's Nuclear Reactors Rises To 83%

Official: Radioactive Fukushima Water Leak Was Unreported for Months

TEPCO Finds New Source Of Radiation Leak Into Sea


TVO: Renewable Subsidies Undermining Profitability Of Nuclear In Finland

A New Approach To Decommissioning Magnox & RSRL Sites

Liquid Waste Removal Progress At UK Sellafield Silos

Solar Eclipse Threatens European Power Supplies

German Heavy Industry Chiefs Unhappy With EU Carbon Market Decision

French Authorities Hunt Pilots as Drones Seen Over Paris Landmarks


Energy Minister: Reducing French Nuclear Share Not Most Important Issue Of New Energy Law

EU Examines Hungary’s Nuclear Deal With Russia

U.S. and Iran Make Some Progress in Nuclear Negotiations

New Canadian-U.S. Partnership To Create A ‘Reliable Supply’ Of Medical Isotopes For Use Worldwide

French Energy Minister Warns of Nuclear Industry Shake-Up After Areva Loss


European Commission May Axe Hungary-Russia Nuclear Plant Deal

Ireland’s Energy: Should A Small Nuclear Reactor Be Built?

China’s Anti-Pollution Strategy Drives Increased Renewable Power Demand

Report: New Radioactive Water Leak Detected At Fukushima Plant

Fukushima Tracking Radioactive Spikes


Japans Spends ¥99.4 Billion On MOX Fuel Imports

India To Spend $16 Billion On Nuclear Subs


UK Nuclear Sites Warned Over Drone Terror Attack

ČEZ Dismisses Austrian Doubts About Nuclear Plant


MIT Head: Japan’s Adherence To Nuclear Energy Critical At Home And Overseas

IAEA: Iran Has Stopped Questionable Nuclear Centrifuge Testing

Hungarian PM: Terms Of Paks Nuclear Project 'Are In Order'

Eight EU States Ask For Recognition Of Nuclear In Energy Union Policy


Tensions Rise in Central Europe Over Use of Russian Nuclear Technology

Brazil Takes Nuclear Plant Offline Due To Technical Fault

Highway to Open Near Fukushima Nuclear Plant; No Exits Allowed

Belgian Regulators Call For Worldwide Plant Inspections

More Countries Interested In Bid To Build South Africa Nuclear Energy Program

Taiwan Unveils $356 Million Plan To Recycle Spent Fuel


UK Magnox Site Declared Fuel Free

Japan Nuclear Regulator Advisers Fear Loss Of Its 'Essential' Independence

More Russian Hand-Wringing over Use of US Fuel at Ukrainian Plants

Turkish Uranium Project Shows Strong Economics

IAEA: Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Still Remains a Challenge

IAEA Hails Significant Progress At Fukushima Since 2013

Uncertainty Remains As To Potency Of Austrian Challenge To Hinkley


Rosatom on Schedule to Deliver New Units for Hungary’s Paks Nuclear Plant

Japan Explores Options On How To Store Nuclear Waste In The Long Term

Russia Develops Mobile Unit For Low-Level Waste Processing


India Seals Nuclear Energy Pact With Sri Lanka, Hopes To Push Back Chinese Influence

From Russia With Love: An Energy Deal For Hungary

IAEA Team Completes Third Review of Japan’s Plans to Decommission Fukushima

More Flaws Discovered On Belgium’s Doel-3 And Tihange-2 RPVs


Japan's NRA Approves Two Nuclear Reactors For Restart

Japanese Firms Struggle With Electricity Rates

South Korea's Wolsong 1 Reactor Continues To Await Permission To Restart

Project Chief: Leningrad II May Be Delayed By A Year

British Plans for Nuclear Energy Spark European Fight


India Signs Nuclear Energy Pact With Sri Lanka, Countering China’s Sway

Australia Eyes Economic Benefits Of Nuclear Waste Repository

Belgium’s Doel-1 Taken Offline As Negotiations Continue


Australia PM Tony Abbott: South Australia's Nuclear Inquiry Is 'A Gale Of Commonsense'

Unit 1 of Belgium’s Doel Nuclear Plant To Be Permanently Disconnected From The Grid

Russia, China to Enhance Cooperation in Nuclear Energy Sector


Seal Stuck In Sweden's Oskarshamn Intake Pond Released

Illinois Legislator Leads Charge To Keep Clinton Operating

South Africa Plows Ahead With $85 Billion Nuclear Energy Plan


Fate of South Korea’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor Up In The Air

New Nuclear Reactor In South Africa Delayed Two Years

Belgian Reactor Shutdown Imminent

Finnish Regulator Approves Posiva's Waste Repository Plan

Watch: Animation Of What Hinkley Point Power Plant Might Look Like


Hinkley Point New Nuclear Power Plant: The Story So Far

Zuma Seeks Nuclear Energy to Solve South Africa’s Power Crisis

EDF Delays Investment Decision On UK Nuclear Reactor Plans

Austria Says It Won’t Be Intimidated by U.K. in Nuclear Dispute


Two More Japan Nuclear Reactors Get Safety Clearance


UK Threatens Diplomatic War On Austria Over Nuclear Energy Lawsuit

Austria Fears UK Retaliation Over Nuclear Challenge

Fukushima Ice Wall Plan Delayed By Two Weeks

Czech Republic And Jordan Agree To Cooperate In Nuclear Energy


UK’s Horizon Nuclear Deal Creating Thousands Of Jobs

Chinese Merger Helps Nuclear Energy Grow Globally


France Debates Energy Law That Would Cut Nuclear Reliance

Eurostat: Nuclear Accounted For Largest Share Of EU Energy Production In 2013

Putin's Visit to Egypt Nets Plan to Build Nuclear Plant


TEPCO Hopes To Look Inside Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1


The Drone Catcher: Flying Net Designed To Protect Nuclear Plant Airspace

Wildfires In Ukraine Could Revive Chernobyl's Radiation

AREVA and Hungry’s Evopro Agree to Cooperate

Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety Is Adopted at Diplomatic Conference


Swiss Abandon Nuclear-Safety Push Amid U.S.-Russian Opposition

Regulator: Germany May Need Power Back-Up Scheme Beyond 2017

Wylfa Newydd Project Given Full Backing By Shadow Secretary Of State For Energy


Wylfa Newydd Project Given Full Backing By Shadow Secretary Of State For Energy


International Experts Commend UAE’s Nuclear Framework

China Reports Safe Operation Of Nuclear Stations In 2014, Generation Up 19%

Business Groups Embrace Nuclear Industry Debate In South Australia

China Investing In Six Nuclear Projects In Pakistan


Uranium-Rich Australian State To Examine Possible Nuclear Industry

South Australia Announces Nuclear Energy Royal Commission

South Africa’s Eskom Implements Power Blackouts for a Sixth Day

Bulgaria Nuclear Plant Reconnects Reactor After Fixing Glitch


Canada Seeks To Avoid Medical Isotope Shortage, Extends Nuclear Reactor

Bulgaria Nuclear Plant Shuts Reactor After Glitch

Crawler Robot To Inspect Fukushima Reactor Vessels


Japan Restart For Two Sendai Units Tracking For June Green Light 

Kyushu Electric Still Preparing Sendai Nuclear Reactor Papers

Fukushima Watch: Robot to Provide First Glimpse of Reactor Fuel, Debris

German-UK Consortium Wins £150 Million Sellafield Waste Facility Contract

Work Begins On Interim Storage Facilities For Nuclear Waste In Fukushima

New IAEA Project Focusses on Decommissioning and Remediation of Damaged Nuclear Facilities

Obama's India Nuclear Agreement 'Breakthrough' For U.S. Reactors — 'Sketchy' So Far


Russia and U.S. Go Toe-To-Toe for India’s Nuclear Industry

China, Argentina Agree on Work for New Nuclear Plants

France Keen On Details Of India-U.S. Nuclear Deal

UK’s Sizewell B Cleared For Continued Operation

South Africa's Eskom To Implement Rolling Blackouts

EU Adviser: German Nuclear-Fuel Tax Is Legal

China to Merge Power Firms as Nuclear Ambition Grows


China Nuclear Energy Firms To Merge In Bid To Boost Global Clout

From Consideration to Construction: The United Arab Emirates' Journey to Nuclear Energy


Argentina And China Plan Fourth Reactor

IAEA Experts to Review Japan’s Decommissioning Work at Fukushima Daiichi Site

Spanish Nuclear Station Vandellos II Goes Off Grid


U.S.-India Nuclear 'Breakthrough' Could Be Finalized Within Year

Czech Power Firm CEZ: No Nuclear Plant Tendering In 2015

Japan To Encourage Robotics With Fukushima Economic Zone


DOE Rallies To Build A Molten Salt Reactor... In China

South Africa's Eskom Says Power From Nuclear Plant To Be Restored By End Of Week

Newcomer, Expanding Nuclear Energy States to Gather at Annual IAEA Meeting

Hurdles Stack Up On Iran Nuclear Deal


EU Said to Bow to U.S. Resistance on Nuclear Safety Fixes

Market Uneasy As Nuclear Plants In China Fail To Get Go-Ahead

South Africa’s Power Grid Is ‘Stable’ Even as Nuclear Unit Lost

No Plan To Finance South Africa’s Nuclear Program

UK Reactor Decision Could Pave Way For New Plant At Wylfa

Looking at Russia's Civil Nuclear Workforce Model


Compromise Convention In Nuclear Safety Gains Steam


Photo Tour: Inside EDF's Nuclear Energy Station At Torness

Finland’s Olkiluoto Selects Alstom for Maintenance Contract

Japan Looks At 2030 Energy Targets In Shadow Of Fukushima Cleanup


EDF Pushes Alternatives To Closing Fessenheim Plant

Japan Atomic Power, Reeling From Nuclear Shutdown, Eyes Major Restructuring

Hinkley Point Deal Likely To Be Sidelined Until UK General Election

Swiss Regulator Approves Mühleberg Upgrades


The Middle East’s Next Nuclear Power?

North Korea May Be Trying To Restart Nuclear Reactor

Plant-Based Molecule May Be Key To Fukushima Cleanup


UK’s Hinkley Point Nuclear Deal Faces Fresh Delay

Is the US-India Civil Nuclear Breakthrough 'More Symbolism Than Reality?’

Pakistan Criticizes Obama's Nuclear Deals With India

Heysham Nuclear Plant: Reactor Taken Offline Due To Water Leak

Report: Japan Likely To Prosper From Nuclear Restarts

IAEA Experts In Ghana To Offer Advice On Adoption Of Nuclear Energy


Chinese Inc. Mounts Full Court Press On Global Nuclear Energy Market


German Court To Decide On Nuclear Exit Complaints This Year

Factbox: German Utilities Seek Billions In Nuclear Lawsuits

IAEA Chief Urges Govts To Ensure Safety Of Respective Nuclear Facilities After French Attacks

Iran Nuclear Deal Prospects Fade

China Urges India To Take Steps To Satisfy Standards Of Nuclear Group


Nuclear Winter: Asia Once Promised To Be The Richest Source Of Orders For New Nuclear Reactors

Sweden's SSM Says It Has Stopped Processing New Nuclear Plant Plans

Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Indecision

Hinkley Point B Reactor Four Off-line For $60.1 Million Maintenance Outage

French Prompt Power Prices Up As Cold Boosts Demand On Reactor Maintenance

India’s Modi Shifts on Climate Change With Renewables Goal


TEPCO Says Water Clean Up Is Two Months Behind Schedule

Swiss Regulator Orders Increased Hydrogen Control At Nuclear Stations

U.S. Researcher: Nuclear Fuel Exports May Be Led By China By 2020

Japan’s Sendai Nuclear Plant's Restart Delayed To April

Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal: India May Throw In Sovereign Guarantee


IAEA’s Amano Wants Nuclear Development Recognition

National Security: UK Govt To Take stake In New Hinkley Point Plant

Vietnam’s Slowing Growth and Safety Concerns Delay Nuclear Plans

Environmental Group Welcomes French Energy Minister’s Nuclear Plans

Belgium Nuclear Restart Delayed But Markets Unfazed


Director: UFO, Not Drone, Over Nuclear Power Plant In France


Saudi Arabia's Abdullah Leaves Behind Unrealized Nuclear Ambitions

No Charges For TEPCO Executives Over Fukushima

Japanese Regulators Sign Off On TEPCO Plan To Release Decontaminated Groundwater Into Sea

IAEA’s Amano Promotes Importance Of Nuclear For Development


Czech Nuclear Plant Expansion Likely To Be Handled Via CEZ Subsidiary

Rosatom: Russia, U.S. Nuclear Cooperation To Continue In 2015


Japanese Govt Mulls 15%-20% Target For Nuclear Energy By 2030


Anti Claim: UK Nuclear Ambitions Derailed by Austrian Legal Challenge

Global Nuclear Majors Double-Down On China Market

IAEA: Japan's Reports on Conditions at TEPCO's Fukushima

U.K.’s Davey Rebuffs Fears on Chinese Nuclear Investment

Austria Again Pledges To Sue Brussels Over UK Nuclear Plant Plan

French Regulator Warns EDF Plant Extensions Are Not ‘A Given’

Obama's India Visit: What Can India And The US Do About The Civil Nuclear Deal?

Czech Government Outlines Three Options For Future Nuclear Development

First French Ruling On Nuclear Reactor Lifespans Due End 2015

Gov Report: CEZ Should Fund New Reactor Projects

First of 250 'Exceptional Loads’ Delivered To Iter


Paris Terror Spurs Plan for Military Zones Around Nuclear Plants

Saudi Arabia's Nuclear, Renewable Energy Plans Pushed Back

Fall Kills Worker At Fukushima Daiichi; Clean Up Crew At 7,000 Strong


TEPCO Racing Against Clock To Process 280,000 Tons Of Fukushima Water

PM Modi Government To Re-Engage US On Nuclear Deal

Public May Share Costs Of Germany's Nuclear Afterlife

Japan Joins Nuclear Damage Convention


Global Nuclear Decommissioning Cost Seen Underestimated, May Spiral

Nuclear Waste Returning To Sydney From France

U.S. Think Tank Flags Readiness Of Pakistan Nuclear Reactor

India Cracks Down On Greenpeace, Other Activist Groups

CNNC: China Ready To Sell Nuclear Fuel For Nuclear Plants In Ukraine And Eastern Europe

Japan Considers 20% Target For Nuclear Energy Output In 2030

India Advisor: 'Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel Key to Tackling Climate Change'


President Rouhani Introduces Iranian Plans To Become A Builder Of Nuclear Plants

New Nuclear Projects Expecting Approval By Year End In China

Work Underway To Restart Unit-I Of India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

Kazakhstan Presents Draft Nuclear Energy Law Amendments

China's Premier Urges Nuclear Firms To Boost Overseas Presence


China-UK Nuclear Energy Deal Details Hidden For ‘National Security’

Nuclear-Accident Fund Opens as Japan Signs After 17 Years

Fukushima Case May Impact Global Nuclear Liability Law

UK Nuclear Waste Train Operator To Carry Passengers

South Korea’s Nuclear Watchdog Shelves Decision On Fate Of 32-Year-Old Reactor

Specifications Of Russia’s BN-1200 Fast Neutron Reactor Developed


China’s First Advanced Nuclear Reactor Faces More Delays

China Forecast to Start Building Five Nuclear Reactors This Year

Questions About UK Scrutiny Of Chinese Nuclear Tie-Up

Japan Injects Additional Funds To Expedite Fleet Restarts


Fukushima Pervades Korea Debate on Longer Reactor Life

'U-turn' Over Move To Axe EU Chief Scientist Role

New UK Funding Improves Small Firms’ Chances Of Winning Nuclear Contracts

Four Japanese Utilities To Decide On Shuttering Five Older Reactors By February

Construction Of New Power Unit Of Armenian Nuclear Plant To Begin In 2018

South Korea Launches World's Second-Biggest Carbon Market

French Prompt Power Prices Climb On Reduced Nuclear, Wind Output


UAE Says Nuclear Energy Program Progressing ‘On Schedule’ — Concrete Dome Complete

Russia To Use VVER-600 As Reference Unit For Kola Phase 2


French Energy Minister Wants New Nuclear Reactors


Canada’s Bruce Power Produces Record Amount Of Energy In 2014

Remediation Of Czech Uranium Mining Legacy Gets Funding Boost


Australia Confident Of Early Nuclear Cooperation Agreement With India

Report Projects $1.2 Trillion In Nuclear Industry Investment Through 2030


Hacking of Korean Fleet Raises Risk Of Aging Reactor Closures

Five Old Japanese Nuclear Reactors Headed For Decommissioning Scrap Heap

Sweden's Ringhals-1 Nuclear Reactor Shut Unexpectedly

Kerry To Push India To Give U.S. Companies Greater Access


Nuclear Energy Issues On Obama India Visit Agenda

Report: Intelligence Indicates Assad Building Nuclear Plant

Finland’s TVO To Restructure As Pressure Mounts From Subsidized Energy And Olkiluoto-3

South Africa, Struggling With Power Shortages, To Expand Nuclear Generation


Can Safe Nuclear Tech Straddle Russian Tensions?

French Power Exports Jump To 10 GW As Nuclear Output Reaches Near Record Levels

TEPCO Chairman Pledges Intensified Fukushima Recovery Efforts

Asia To Lead $1.2 Trillion Nuclear Investment To 2030

Finnish Utility Plans Job Cuts Following Nuclear Reactor Delay

To Get Around Nuclear Liability, India Mulls An Insurance Fund


Final Shipment From UK Of Waste From Reprocessing Belgian Research Reactor Fuel

Supreme Court To Hear Case That Could Alter Scope Of FERC

Record Production In 2014 From Columbia Generating Station

Japan’s Nuclear Plants To Be Assessed For Antiterrorist Measures

Work Begins On India’s First Light Water Reactor After Smaller Iteration


Restart Of Tepco's Largest Nuclear Complex Still Up In The Air

France Seeks Tech to Stop Drone Flights Over Nuclear Plants

Russia Still Wringing Hands Over Westinghouse Ukraine Fuel Agreement


Westinghouse Slams Russia On Ukraine Fuel Deal Critique: 'Ridiculous And Inaccurate'

Toshiba To Win $1.6B Nuclear Deal From China

AREVA Wins $89M Contract For Nuclear Project In Brazil


Global Nuclear Generating Capacity Up In 2014

Last Load Of Scottish Nuclear Fuel Arrives In Belgium

Japanese Utilities Balk At 'Wasted Investment' Spent Fuel Storage

Kazakhstan May Buy Reactor For Its Nuclear Plant From Japan’s Toshiba


All Rice Grown In Fukushima Pass Radiation Safety Checks For First Time

Iran: No Dice on Deal With U.S. To Ship Enriched Uranium To Russia

Kazakhstan To Buy Toshiba Nuclear Reactor

India to Complete Process Of Placing Reactors Under Safeguards

Russia To Take Used Nuclear Fuel Out Of Uzbekistan

India Has Uranium Ore But Quality Isn’t Good

Are Jordan's Nuclear Energy Ambitions A Mirage?

Western Australia Attracts Cash For Uranium Projects As Outlook Improves

Russia Campaigns Against European Use Of U.S. Nuclear Fuel


License To Build Second Unit Of Belarusian Nuclear Station Issued

TEPCO's Sloppy Handling Of Suppressant Led To Spread Of Radioactive Dust In 2013

How Putin Forged a Pipeline Deal That Derailed

South Korea Nuclear Operator Issues Tender For Main Facility Of 2 New Reactors

South Korea To Restart Hanul No.5 Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

Ireland Energy Minister: We Cannot Rule Out Use Of Nuclear Energy

Russia Reacts To Westinghouse Electric Deal With Ukraine's Energoatom

Ukraine to Boost Use of Nuclear Fuel From Westinghouse Electric

No Harmful Virus Found in South Korean Nuclear Hack

Moscow Says Ukraine’s Switch To US Nuclear Fuel Threatens European Safety

Kudankulam Nuclear Project's First Unit To Start Commercial Operation 

Ukraine Denies Radioactive Leak At Zaporizhzhya Plant

Report: Radioactive Leak At Major Ukrainian Nuclear Plant


Russia's PM Medvedev Endorses Nuclear Deal With Jordan


China Forms $32 Billion Energy Company to Help Clean Up Beijing


Low-Risk 'Worm' Removed At Hacked South Korea Plant

Ukraine Reconnects Zaporizhia Unit 6 to Network After Fault Correction

Ukraine Turns Off Zaporozhiya Reactor After Generator Problems


Turkey Set To Get Its Nuclear Reactors

India To Have All Civilian Reactors Under IAEA Safeguards


Ukraine Separatist Leader Warns Against Using U.S. Nuclear Fuel

South Korea Nuclear Operator Says Cyberattacks Continue, Reactors Safe

North Korea Denies Involvement In Hacking Of South's Nuclear Operator

Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Takes Unit Offline Because Of Generator Problem

House of Commons: SMRs May Be The Way Forward

South Korea: 3 Die at Nuclear Plant’s Construction Site After Gas Leak


Replacing Old Reactors With New Ones May Be Option For Japan

China To Beat Energy Intensity Target In 2014

Russia To Provide Armenia With $270M For Extending Nuclear Plant’s Operation

South Korea Extends Cyberattack Emergency System For Nuclear Plants

Japan’s METI May Seek To Replace Aging Reactors Despite Abe Pledge

Prosecutors Won't Indict Former TEPCO Executives Over Fukushima

Romania Reconnects Nuclear Reactor To The Power Grid

Japan’s Kansai Electric Power to Raise Power Rates Again — Restarts Are Key


Russia To Build First Nuclear Power Plant In Jordan

South Korea Says North May Be Behind Nuclear Plant Cyber-Attack

India Nuclear Energy Sector Saw Some Steady Progress In 2014


Japan Utilities Likely To Decommission Five Small Old Reactors

South Korea Seeks China's Cooperation In Probe Into Cyberattack On Nuclear Operator

South Korean Power Supplies To Be Stable Even If Hackers Sideline Reactors

It's Official: South Korea Nuclear Plant Hacked Raising Alarm

South Korea Official Says Cannot Rule Out North's Hand In Hack Of Nuclear Operator


South Korea's Park Says Leak Of Nuclear Plant Data A ‘Grave Situation’

UAE Set To Complete Nuclear Reactors By 2020

UK Greens In Row Over Anti-Fracking Report

South Korea Preps for Cyber-Attack After Nuclear Reactor Data Leaks


India’s Nuclear Ambitions Rattle Tsunami-Hit Coast

Geopolitics Key to South Africa’s $100 Billion Nuclear Plan

China's Prototype Fast Reactor Is Running At Full Capacity


New Czech Energy Strategy Seeks To Speed Nuclear Expansion

Drone Spotted Over Belgium Nuclear Plant

Report: Britain's Nuclear Plants Vulnerable To Drone Attacks

Fuel Rods Are Removed From Damaged Fukushima Reactor


South Korea Prosecutors Investigate Data Leak At Nuclear Plants

Six Tons Of Contaminated Water Leak At Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Chinese Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) Completes Full-Power Test Run


India Looks To Sway Americans With Nuclear Energy Insurance Plan


New Poll Finds 58% Support For Nuclear In UK

Belgium Nuclear Plant Restarted After Sabotage

UK Energy Auction Boosts Coal And Nuclear Energy Generation

Belgium Seeks To Push Back Closure Of Two Nuclear Plants

South Africa Forges Ahead With Nuclear Stations


DIA: North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants

Sweden Doubles Waste Fee For Nuclear Plant Operators

Russia's Power Grid, Held Together With Spit And Grit

Austrians Continue Protests Over EU Funding For Hinkley Point

Ghana Prepares for Nuclear Energy Program

South Korea Sees Stable Winter Power Supply On New Capacity Addition

India Releases Statement On Meetings With U.S. Delegation Over Liability SNAFU

India: Meetings With U.S. On Liability Impasse ‘Positive And Forward Looking’


South Africa To Launch Nuclear Energy Tender Process

TEPCO Pushes Back Timeline For Restart Of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Reactors

Units 3, 4 of India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant To Be Commissioned In 2020-21 

Germany Wants To Ringfence Nuclear Plant Closure Money


Ukraine’s Energoatom Mulling Use Of Westinghouse Fuel At 13 Units


Kansai Reactors Clear Regulatory Safety Hurdle For Restart

Germany Wants 17 Billion Euros From Nuclear Firms For Decommissioning Fund

China Ready To Boost Czech Nuclear Energy Development

UK Government Report Bolsters Case For SMR Viability 

CGN, Kazakh Nuclear Firm Sign Uranium Pact

$470M Of Russian Loan Spent On Belarusian Nuclear Station Construction In 2014


UAE Nuclear Program Reaches Out To Public

Japan’s Takahama Plant Set To Pass New Rules For Restart

Kazakhstan And China Agree On Nuclear Energy Cooperation

South Korea To Restart Hanul No.2 Nuclear Reactor After Shutdown

Sweden Sets Deadline For Introduction Of Independent Core Cooling

China Moves to Keep Nuclear Work Local

AREVA To Equip Four Chinese Nuclear Reactors

Chinese Nuclear Group To Buy UK Wind Farms


With Election Mandate, Japan PM Abe Ready To Boost Fleet Restart

Japan’s Ruling Party Heads For Election Landslide

Former Australian Governor Calls For Mature Debate Around Nuclear Energy

Pakistan Court Extends Stay Against Construction Of Nuclear Plants

CERN's Large Hadron Collider Turns Back On At Record Power In March

German Consumers Still Hot For Nuclear Energy


Japan’s NRA Chief: Cementing Fukushima  Tunnels Will Stop Inflow

South Korea Increases Nuclear Liability

IAEA Completes Corporate Review Of EDF

GE, Hitachi Nuclear Reactor Design Advances Towards Approval In Britain 

IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Review Mission in Armenia


EU Investment Program: € 100 Billion For Nuclear Energy?

As Japan Burns More Coal, Climate Policies Under Pressure

CGN Power Primed for China’s War on Pollution

Russia Agrees With India To Construct 12 Nuclear Reactors


Australian PM Talks Uranium Sales To Ukraine

Kazakhstan and China Discuss Nuclear Fuel Assembly Production

IAEA Chief Asks Member States For More Funds To Monitor Iran Nuclear Deal

Russian Defection leaves U.S. As Prime Opponent To New Global Nuclear Safety Proposal 


Putin: Nuclear Projects Core Of Cooperation Between Russia And India

Germany’s Costly Nuclear Pullout - Aging Power Plants And Crumbling Companies

Nuclear Poised to Be Winner as Abe Eyes Broader Japan Majority


External Monitoring Committee Finalizes Proposals on TEPCO’s Nuclear Reform

India Counts Climate Costs Above $100 Billion at UN Talks

Confidence In New Nuclear Grows In UK But Women Remain Skeptical

Russia, Hungary Sign Agreement On Paks Nuclear Project

Bill In Canadian Senate Would Create New Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act

India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant's Unit-1 Generates 750MW 


France Backs Anti-Drone Research After Mystery Nuclear Flights


Russia, India To Expand Number of Nuclear Energy Units

Eurelectric Warns: Restrictions On Boric Acid Could Hit New Nuclear Investment

IAEA Concludes Operational Safety Review Mission at EDF France

France Interested In Developing Czech Nuclear Energy

Westinghouse Dismisses 'Link' Between Fuel And Ukraine’s Zaporozhiya Fault

RWE Chief: Germany Can’t Scrap Coal And Nuclear At Same Time

New Doubts Over Uranium Deal Between Australia And India

Russia Eyeballing 20-24 Nuclear Energy Units In India

Japan Enthusiasm for Nuclear Energy Warms as Enthusiasm for Renewables Cool


First Reactor Of UAE Nuclear Plant On Track For 2017 Start

China’s Generation III ACP-1000 Nuclear Reactor Passes IAEA Review

Swedes Unhappy With Finland's Nuclear Plans

Britain's National Nuclear Laboratory Study Urges UK investment in SMRs


Putin To Discuss Nuclear Energy During India Trip

Nuclear Incident Leaves Doubts Over Ukraine’s Energy Security

China Launches Nuclear Energy Expansion Scheme

Finland Approves Russian-Supplied Nuclear Plant


Australian Nuclear Energy Debate Is Poised For A Revival

Jordan Says Able To Export Uranium By 2020

Indonesia to Build Mini Nuclear Energy Plants

China, South Africa Sign Nuclear Pacts as Plant Bid Battle Looms

The Economist: Nuclear Energy in China—Make Haste Slowly

Nuclear Failure Was The Last Thing Ukraine Needed


Regulator: Ukraine Incident ‘INES Level 0’ And Of No Safety Significance

China Considering Merger Of Top State Nuclear Firms


China’s New Nuclear Tech Not Yet Completely Up To Standard

France’s IRSN To Investigate Aging In Reactor Containment Buildings


Ukraine Premier Roils Bonds With Nuclear Plant False Alarm

Survey: Severe Business Environment For Japanese Nuclear Industry Persists

China Goes Nuclear Fast

Germany Offers New Plan to Reduce Carbon Emissions


What Will Japan Do With Its Plutonium Stockpiles?

Incident At Ukraine Nuclear Plant Forces Reactor Shutdown

Survey Shows Industry’s Concern Over Prolonged Shutdowns In Japan

Belgian Nuclear Reactor To Return To Full Capacity On Tuesday

South African Nuclear Deal Is Zuma's Farewell

Iran To Turn Uranium Into Reactor Fuel Under Extended Deal

UK Agrees To Finance Guarantee Deal For NuGen Nuclear Project


Adviser: Japan's TEPCO Needs Safety Review From Foreign Nuclear Operators

China’s First I&C System Receives Independent Verification

Reactor Vessel Head Delivered At China’s Sandmen 2

Report: All But One British Reactors 'Will Need To Close In 15 Years'

IEA: Europe Will Struggle to Raise Decarbonization Cash


First Nuclear, Now Coal: Germany Eyes Expanded Energy Transition

Turkey Clears Way For First Nuclear Energy Plant


Finland Set To Approve Joint Nuclear Venture With Russia’s Rosatom

IEA Calls For ‘Appropriate Incentives’ For Nuclear

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