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House Races To Watch On Energy, Environment

ORNL Supporting Development Of New Advanced Nuclear Reactors

This Molten Salt Reactor Is the Next Big Thing in Nuclear

Ohio GOP Lawmakers Favor Remake Of Energy Bill

Will California Ever Again Embrace Nuclear Energy?

The Pandemic Is Destroying Energy Efficiency

Ex-Ohio House Speaker Runs For Reelection Despite Federal Charges

This Radiant Model is the World’s First Nuclear Energy Influencer

Biden Dances Around Green New Deal

Nuclear Reactors and Clean Energy: The Perfect Work For Idaho National Laboratory

South Carolina Plutonium Settlement Drama: Judge Rules In Favor Of Attorney General

West Texas Nuclear Waste Plan Prompts Fears Of Radioactive Trains In Fort Worth


NuScale's Small Nuclear Reactor Project Gets Shot In The Arm From Trump Administration

US Awards $1.4 Billion To Help Build Small Nuclear Reactors In Idaho

Energy Secretary Returns to DC After Security Staffers Test Positive for Coronavirus 

US Rep. Newhouse Commends DOE Selection Of Home-State Nuclear Reactor Award Recipients

Feds Subpoenaed AG Dave Yost’s Office As Part of HB6 Bribery Investigation

Where Does US Energy Security Stand Ahead of the Election?

Natural Gas Generators Make Up Largest Share of US Electricity Generation Capacity


US NRC Chairwoman Pushes Nuclear Energy As Economic, Environmental Boost

Energy Leaders Hail $160M Allocation As 'Huge' Step For US Nuclear Leadership


FERC Signs Off On State Carbon Pricing

FERC Proposes Policy Statement on State-Determined Carbon Pricing in Wholesale Markets

Sen. Lamar Alexander Says Oak Ridge Corridor to Support New Advanced Nuclear Reactors

New Report Studies Socioeconomic Impacts Of Plant Closures

EDF Plans To Announce New EPR Nuclear Reactor By mid-2021

Xcel Gets $10.5M Federal Grant For Pilot Project On Hydrogen

NRC Commissioner Svinicki: Nuclear Energy Can Attract More Supporters

Bribery Probe Into a Nuclear Plant Bailout Examines Facilities’ Owner

Columbia law Firms Can Keep $75 Million State Payout for Giant Nuclear Waste Settlement

How Trump Grid Orders Ran Aground


US Department of Energy Announces $160 Million in First Awards under Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program

US Department of Energy Announces $160 Million in First Awards under Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program

Trump Administration Gives $160M To Two Companies Seeking Nuclear Breakthrough

SMR Projects Move Ahead, But TVA's Oak Ridge Project Isn't Picked In Initial Competition

Ohio Gov. DeWine Expects Bill to Repeal Bailout of Nuclear Power Plants to Come During Lame Duck Session

IEA Report Highlights Need For 'New Momentum' Behind Nuclear Power

Developing Story...


Nuclear Townhall has just learned that DOE Secretary Brouillette announced today that the DOE has selected Terrapower and X-Energy as the two finalists in the DOE Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program. In announcing the finalists, the Secretary stated explicitly that this was not a design program but in fact a bricks and mortar program. We wanted an advanced design, we wanted companies that wanted to partner with us, and the ability to deliver in 7 years. These reactors will be smaller, have the ability to load follow and complement renewables.

US Energy Sec On Foreign Grid Threats, Next-Gen Nuclear And LNG Diplomacy

IEA and IAEA Chiefs Stress Role Of Nuclear In Climate Emergency

New Mexico Governor Urged To Take Stand Against Nuclear Plan

Report: LANL Nuclear Waste Mix Potentially Explosive

Los Alamos County Looks To Nuclear For Carbon-Free Power

The Battle Between Renewables And Nuclear Is Heating Up

Trump Hoping To Strike Last-Minute Nuclear Arms Deal With Putin Before Election

Nuclear Weapon Transporter Truck Undergoes Rocket Crash Test

Hurricane Delta Leaves Over Half A Million Customers Without Power In Louisiana

A Legacy: Savannah River Site The Product Of Decades Of Dedication, National Defense

America's First Nuclear Fusion Reactor Could Go Online in 2025

A 12-Year-Old Kid Built a Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor (and Broke an Epic Record)

White House Candidates Set Divergent Trajectories For Energy, Commodity Sectors

WIPP Gets Millions In COVID-19 Relief Funding

US and Romania Announce Initial Agreement on Cooperation for the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Projects and Civil Nuclear Power Sector in Romania

Trump Aiming For Nuclear Arms Deal With Russia Before Election Day

US Upbeat About Nuclear Freeze With Russia as Moscow Balks


DOE Has Chosen Advanced Nuclear Reactor Demonstration Winners

US DOE Provides Funding For $26 Million In Nuclear Plant Hydrogen Projects

Rosatom and US DOC Welcome Change To Uranium Agreement

Georgia PSC Candidates Compete In Two Races That Impact Consumer Bills


Nuclear Townhall has learned that last night DOE made the required congressional notifications of its selections for awards for the NE FOA advanced reactor demonstrations. DOE Secretary Brouillette is expected to make the official announcement sometime next week.


Strengthening Cooperation With Allies Could Help The United States Lead In Exporting Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy

Video: US Extends Deal to Limit Russian Uranium Imports

Harris, Pence Spar Over Climate Science, Fracking, And The Green New Deal

Activists Decry Feds’ Plans To Ramp Up Nuclear Work At LANL


Agreement Finalized To Reduce US Reliance On Uranium From Russia

US DOC, Rosatom Finalize Uranium Agreement, Says Law Firm

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Joins Opposition To Nuclear Waste Project In New Mexico

Kremlin Says No Cause For Optimism In Nuclear Arms Talks With US

A New Study Says Nuclear Energy Is Pointless. Don't Believe It.

Could Argonne’s Mini Nuclear Reactor Solve The E-Truck Recharging Dilemma?

US, Russia Move Toward Outline of Nuclear Deal, Administration Says

US Cybersecurity Agency Urges Utilities To Increase Protections, Warns Of Potential Attacks From China

Biden Could Pursue 'Easy' Climate Solutions, Elements Of The Green New Deal If Elected

Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Powered By A ‘Nuclear Reactor’?


A Carbon-Free Future Is A Nuclear Future

Waste Contract At Savannah River Site Could Be Worth $21B

The US To Fulfill Energy Interest In The Arctic With Office Reestablishment

Lawsuit Seeks Ruling On DOE Plutonium Payment

Certifying Nuclear Reactors: How The NRC Approved Its First Small Modular Reactor Design

Elon Musk: Fusion Will Probably Be More Expensive Than Wind, Solar


Nuclear Fusion Reactor Could Be Here As Soon As 2025


Energy Department Unveils Final Request For $21B Radioactive Waste Contract At SRS

WIPP Resumes Nuclear Waste Shipments California National Laboratory

The State Of Zero-Carbon Power

What Wobbling Rocks Can Tell Us About Nuclear Safety


South Carolina Judge Orders $600 Million For Plutonium Settlement with DOE Frozen and Can’t Be Spent Yet, Including $75 Million To Lawyers

Trump Declares Mineral Supply Chain 'National Emergency'

Gov. Mike DeWine Wants Energy Harbor, FirstEnergy To Prove Nuclear Plants Need A $1.3B Public Bailout

Texas Governor Urges Trump to Oppose Nuclear Waste Plans


Texas Gov Sends Letter to Trump Opposing Interim Storage Facility

Critical Minerals And Nuclear Energy Are Key To House GOP Strategy To Combat China

US Regulator Issues First-Ever SMR Design Approval

Ohio AG: Energy Harbor, FirstEnergy Officials Should Testify Before Ohio Lawmakers About Nuclear Plants' Profitability

Gryphon Technologies To Develop Nuclear Rocket Engine For DARPA

Greenland Ice Sheet Will Melt At Fastest Rate In 12,000 Years This Century


Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work,’ Studies Suggest

Trump, Biden Spar Over Climate Change At Debate

Nuclear Energy In Biden Energy Plan

Radioactive Wastewater Coming To West Texas Under DOE's New High-Level Waste Definition

Two Cities Just Pulled Out of the Tiny Reactor Nuclear Revolution

NASA Doubles Down On Nuclear Fusion Ambitions

Radioactive Wastewater Successfully Taken From SRS, Sent To Texas For Disposal


Sen. John Barrasso Introduces Legislation To Give Wyoming Uranium Producers A Boost

Energy Secretary Slams ‘Radical Environmentalists,’ Touts Gas And Nuclear As California’s Energy Future

McMaster: ‘A Good Majority’ Of $600M Plutonium Settlement Ought To Serve SRS Region

Can A 20-Person Startup With $25 Million Get Oklo’s Fast-Fission Micro-Reactor To Market?

Joe Biden Wants to Make Almost Every Policy a Climate Change Policy

Cities Snub UAMPS Plan to Save Nuclear Power With Mini Reactors

IAEA 64th General Conference Concludes: Resolutions Adopted

Nuclear Power: Are We Too Anxious About The Risks Of Radiation?

How the Tragic Sinking of Two Nuclear Submarines Transformed the US Navy


Ohio Attorney General Sues To Block $1.3B Bailout Of Former FirstEnergy Nuclear Plants

Radioactive Wastewater Successfully Taken From SRS, Sent To Texas For Disposal

Illinois Community Forms Panel to Stop Nuclear Plant Closure

How Nuclear Industry Could Revive Dying Reactors With The Hottest New Fuel

Corporations Roll Out Climate Goals Amid Growing Pressure

Crashing a 100-MPH Train Into a Nuclear Fuel Container

Report Highlights Need For Nuclear Flexibility In Clean Energy Systems


Billions of Dollars Expected to Be Spent on Pit Production at Savannah River, Los Alamos

WIPP Utility Shaft Faces Delay While Legal Challenge Seeks To Halt Construction

Idaho’s Two Congressmen Introduce Nuclear Research Bill

South Carolina Utility Commission Overhauled Three Years After Nuclear Project Fiasco

Texts Show Ex-Ohio House Speaker Pushed Lawmaker To Pass Bailout

House Passes Sweeping Clean Energy Bill

Amid Debate Over Repealing House Bill 6, Energy Harbor Still Won’t Say Whether Its Nuclear Plants Are Profitable

New Mexico Objects To License For Nuclear Fuel Storage Plan

Door Opens For Nuclear To Enter Sustainability Debate

The US Government Made a Powerful New Kind of Nuclear Fuel

Department of Energy Announces Release of Annual Technology Commercialization Fund Solicitation


DOE Green Lights Versatile Test Reactor

Holtec Nuclear Waste Storage Plan Faces ‘Grave Concerns’ in New Mexico

New House Legislation Would Create Spent Nuclear Fuel R&D Program

House Energy Package Sparks Criticism From Left And Right

DOE Re-Opens Arctic Energy Office with Emphasis on Advanced Nuclear

California Plans to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars in 15 Years


ANEEL – Thorium-Based Reactor Fuel Could Support A New Wave Of Nuclear Power

Movement on US House and Senate Energy Packages 

LANL Could Put Weapons-Grade Waste In WIPP

US Energy Secretary Promotes Energy Versatility In Pittsburgh Visit

Former SpaceX Engineers Tout New Microreactor

World Nuclear Association: World Needs Large And Small Reactors

Clean Energy Push Caught In Congressional Chaos

White House Opposes House Energy Bill As Democrats Promise Climate Action

Dems on NRC Split Over Generic Review to Speed Advanced Nukes

US Bill Would Create New Federal Research Program For Nuclear Waste Disposal

NASA Found Another Way Into Nuclear Fusion

Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks To Second-Smallest Amount On Record

House Readies Energy Package Vote

Environmental Gains During Pandemic Prove Short-Lived

Proposed Nuclear Decommissioning Bill Carries Big Bonus For Vernon


Davis-Besse's Future In Ohio Lawmakers' Hands With House Bill 6 Measures

US Energy Department Reopens Arctic Office with Focus on Methane Hydrates, Microgrids and Nuclear

Utah Lawmakers Seek Details On Planned Nuclear Plant In Idaho

NASA and Energy Department Step Up Cooperation

UT Teams Up With Texas A&M To Bid For Contract To Manage Y-12 and Pantex Plant


Byron Residents Pull Together In Hopes Of Saving Nuclear Plant

New IAEA Publication Illustrates Nuclear Power’s Vital Role in Mitigating Climate Change

COVID-19 Infections Continue At Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Total Cases At 36

$525M From Plutonium Settlement Must Go To SRS Neighbors, Say Aiken Commissioners


Nuclear's Flexibility Is The 'Magic' To Create A Clean Energy Future

IAEA Forecasts Doubling Of Nuclear Capacity By 2050 In 'High Case'

Inhofe: Energy Dept. Officials Are ‘Trying To Undermine’ Nuclear Weapons Agency

Holtec Blasts NJ Town's 'Unfounded' Nuclear Plant Paranoia

NASA Lands On A Middle Path To Nuclear Fusion

Business Roundtable Endorses Market-Based Climate Policy

Business Roundtable: Market-Based Solutions Best Approach to Combat Climate Change


The Five Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

Policymakers Should Act Now On Nuclear, Urges New Report

WIPP: 34 Workers Infected With COVID-19, Cases Appear To Decline In Southeast New Mexico


House Democrats Tee Up Vote On Climate-Focused Energy Bill Next Week

How the Private Sector Is Shaping the Future of Nuclear Energy

New Report Highlights Nuclear Flexibility in Clean Energy Systems

Department of Energy: Waste Isolation Pilot Plant To Receive More Weapons-Grade Plutonium

Illinois Unions Form Nonprofit To Push Green Jobs, Could Seek Help For Nuclear Plants

World Nuclear Association Appoints New Director General


Commerce Reaches Deal With Russia To Cut Uranium Exports To US Market

Senate Energy Package Gasps For Air In COVID-19 Stalemate

Google May Tap Nuclear And Green Hydrogen To Hit Zero-Carbon 2030 'Moonshot'

Urgent Need For Nuclear In Global Energy Transition

The Next Generation Of American Nuclear

Investor Confidence Relies On Public Acceptance Of Nuclear

Preparing for Launch: INL’s Space Power Systems Team Supports the Mars 2020 Launch

How Bad Relations With China Could Mess With the Energy Transition

Climate Change Could Upend Progress From Environmental Regulations

3D Printing Goes Critical with Nuclear Reactor Core

FUN FACTS: The iPhone 16 Could Be Powered By Nuclear Waste Diamond Batteries


Global Energy Transition Already Well Underway

International Energy Agency Calls For Green-Led Recovery


The New Geopolitics of Energy

Biden's 2035 Carbon-Free Power Goal Requires 'Supercharged Innovation Decade'

Ohio Utilities Watchdog Wants Investigation of Funding for Nuclear Bailout Scheme

For Nuclear Plants Operating On Thin Margins, Growing Climate Risks Prompt Tough Choices

FUN FACTS: Ever Hear of Irradiated Golf Balls?

A Nuclear Solution to Climate Change?

Federal Ruling Will Require Closer Monitoring Of Seabrook Nuclear Plant's Concrete Cracks

Ohio House Holds Hearings On HB6 Repeal Proposal

Export-Import Bank Fireside Chat Virtual Remarks by Secretary Dan Brouillette

NTH: Developing Story...


Today, DOE Assistant Secretary Rita Baranwal, spoke at an afternoon panel of the 2020 RadWaste Summit.


In the Q&A session following her prepared remarks, Assistant Secretary Baranwal stated in response to a question that an RFI/Draft RFP intended to be issued together on spent fuel storage has been prepared by her team and “is in the building and ready to go.” She hopes to get it out in the “very near future.” She said that this would allow the DOE to have the support it needs to move forward in defining alternatives to Yucca Mountain as well as finding a willing host and making progress on consolidated interim storage and final disposition.


Deputy Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes to Visit SHINE Medical Technologies Facilities and NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

Ohio Lawmakers Set First Hearing On Repeal Of Nuclear Bailout Legislation



Coronavirus Drives US Power Usage Down Over 2% – Nuclear Generation's Share Set to Increase YoY

California Solar Generation Drops One-Third From Summer Average as Fires Sweep the State

New Mexico Oil And Gas Company Opposes Nuclear Spent Fuel Storage

New Mexico Frustrated With Slow Cleanup Of Radioactive Waste

Post-WIPP Disposal ‘Far and Away’ Biggest TRU Waste Challenge for NNSA Pit Mission

Did FirstEnergy Spend Ratepayer Money To Secure Nuclear Bailout?

Polling Shows Nuclear Energy Among The Least Popular Sources Of Power In The US

Drones Love To Fly Over Nuclear Power Plants, Documents Reveal

As Energy Secretary, Rick Perry Mixed Money and Politics in Ukraine


California – Record Heat, Fires, Planned Blackouts Sweep State

Judge Dismisses MOX Fraud Lawsuit Brought By Former Worker, Energy Department

US Utilities Say Biden Plan To Cut Carbon Dioxide Hinges On Breakthroughs

First US Small Nuclear Reactor Design Is Approved

All-Time Record Heat Across Southern California Threatens Power Supply

International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies 2020: How Nuclear Technology can Help Ensure Clean Air for All

Study: Climate Change Is Number One Worry For Canadians


Dozens More Mystery Drone Incursions Over US Nuclear Power Plants Revealed

New Mexico Senators Want NRC To Pause Spent-Fuel Storage Application Review

Secret Sites in the Desert: The Dangers of Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Hedging

The Power Interview: Technology Can Solve Problem of Nuclear Waste

New Partnership to Revolutionize Nuclear Industry with AI Technology


Nuclear Industry Leaders Discuss Game-Changing Issues

NASA to Seek Proposals for Lunar Nuclear Power System

Former Employees, Families Sue Companies Working on Piketon-Area Nuclear Plant

US Regulators Take Public Comments on New Mexico Nuclear Fuel Plan

TerraPower: Why Bill Gates Thinks Nuclear Energy is the Future

Nuclear Workers Sue Over ‘Creeping Chernobyl’ in Ohio

WIPP Manager Pulls Plug on Ventilation Contractor, Will Seek Replacement

IRS Largely Adopts Nuclear Decommissioning Proposed Rules

'I Have No Regrets': AG Wilson Defends Plutonium Deal After Gov. McMaster's Rebuke

Illinois Faces (Another) Nuclear Power Standoff

Ohio Senate President Says He Favors "Straight Repeal" Of Nuclear Bailout Law

Work Starts On WIPP's Biggest Ventilation Shaft


New Mexico Project Gets Mixed Response In Final NRC Public Hearing

Two Cities Back Out As Critics Line Up Against Utah-Supported Municipal Nuclear Power Project

US Officials: No New Environmental Study For Nuclear Lab

The Energy Jobs That Gen Z Wants

The US South Could Save Money By Cleaning Up Its Power Grid


New Mexico US Senators Oppose Virtual Meetings On Nuclear Waste Site Near Carlsbad

Sen. Lindsey Graham Continues To Mourn MOX

Without Nuclear Plant Money, Two Illinois Towns Could Face Tough Decisions

What's Going on at Miami's Turkey Point Nuclear Plant?

Nuclear Power Could Win Big In US Elections


Feds, SC Reach Historic $600M Plutonium Settlement; Tons to be Removed from SRS by 2037

How Nuclear Power May Become a Reality for Cities in Utah, 5 Other States

Ohio House Begins Process of Repealing House Bill 6, Nuclear Bill Tainted by Corruption Probe

Analysis: Nuclear Operators Face Growing Climate Risks

Are Radioactive Diamond Batteries a Cure for Nuclear Waste?

Feds to Ship Radioactive Metal out of SC After Years OF Disputes with the State

Mini-Reactors Are Gaining Traction in the Push for Greener Grids

The Future of Small-Scale Nuclear Power for Commercial Ship Propulsion


Powerful Differences: Alexander Touts TVA's Atomic Advantage Over California

Some Ohio Lawmakers Demand Action on Nuclear Bailout Bill Amid Corruption Scandal

Energy Firm Says Its Nuclear-Waste Fueled Diamond Batteries Could Last Thousands of Years

A Simpler, More Useful Way To Tax Carbon?


NuScale Makes History as First SMR to Receive NRC Design Approval

State Environmental Agency Requires Stricter Monitoring of Uranium Mine Near Grand Canyon

Worldwide Denial-of-Service Cyberattacks on Utilities Up Five-Fold This Summer, Data Shows

Historic Nuclear Power Plant At Fort Belvoir To Be Dismantled


Without Another Bailout, Exelon Plans to Close Two Illinois Nuclear Plants Next Year

Bill Gates' Nuclear Venture Plans Reactor to Complement Solar, Wind Power Boom








Fluor and NuScale Power Poised for UAMPS Carbon-Free Power Project Next Steps

Georgia Power Completes Cold Hydro Testing on Vogtle Unit 3

EDF Spending GBP300 Mil/Month On Hinkley C Nuclear Plant

Ultra Safe Nuclear Technologies Delivers Advanced Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Design To NASA

Uranium Week: Restart For Tsunami-Hit Reactor

COVID-19, Weather Drive FERC Winter Outlook

Analysts: NextEra Merger May Be Too Attractive For Duke, Regulators To Ignore

Jacobs To Lead EU-Funded Nuclear Power Plant Research


DOE Cost-Share Award of $1.355 Billion is Approved for UAMPS’ Carbon Free Power Project

PSEG Takes New Jersey Nuclear Power Unit Offline For R&M Outage

AECOM Sells Power Unit to PE Firm, Shifts Design Unit Leadership

Framatome Opens $20M Uranium Recovery Facility

PSEG Nuclear's Salem Unit 1 Conducts Planned Refueling and Maintenance Outage

Bruce Announces Net-Zero Strategy

Bechtel-Affiliated Team Selected For Advanced Nuclear Reactor Demonstration Project

TerraPower Gets $80 Million Federal Grant to Develop Next-Generation Nuclear Power Plant

Framatome and GA Team Up On Fast Modular Reactor

Uranium Price Set To Triple On Growing Supply Deficit


General Atomics and Framatome Collaborate to Develop a Fast Modular Reactor

DOE Awards TerraPower, X-energy $80 Million Each For Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Ultra Safe Nuclear Seeks to Deploy Next Generation Micro Modular Reactors in Idaho and Illinois by 2026

Exelon Could Sell or Spin Off Its Nuclear Plants. CreditSights Doubts There Would Be a Buyer.

Nuclear Comeback Could Fuse Together Uranium Producers

Jacobs to Lead European Union-Funded Nuclear Power Plant Research

Tvel Completes Development Of New Fuel For Paks Nuclear Plant

Exelon Weighs Shedding Nuclear Plants, Other Non-Utility Assets

Terrestrial Energy USA and Centrus Energy Partner on Fuel Supply for IMSR Generation IV Nuclear Plants

Uranium Week: US Reduces Reliance On Russia

AEP's D.C. Cook 2 Nuclear Plant In Michigan Shut After Trip

Ultra Safe Nuclear Seeks to Deploy Next Generation Micro Modular Reactors in Idaho and Illinois by 2026

FuelCell Energy Gets $8M from Dept. of Energy For Nuclear Power Project

Entergy Crews Restore Power to More than 50% of Customers Following Hurricane Delta

Fusion Energy Can Be The Most Cost Competitive Source Of Baseload Power, At The Same Level As Renewables


TerraPower Selects Bechtel As Natrium Reactor Partner

PJM Monthly Tracker: Power Prices, Loads Down In September Shoulder Season

Xcel Reports On Prairie Island, Carbon-Free Plan


AECOM To Coordinate $8B Romanian Nuclear Reactors Project

NRC: Hurricane Delta Not Expected To Significantly Impact Gulf Nuclear Plants

Hurricane Delta Power Outages Expected To Bring Lower Demand, Power Prices

Bruce Power & Westinghouse Electric To Pursue Applications For Micro Nuclear Reactors In Canada

Uranium Market Is Coping With Impact Of The Pandemic

Bechtel Leading EPC Work On TerraPower Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Demonstration Bid

TerraPower Chooses Bechtel As Engineering, Construction Partner For Natrium Reactor And Energy System Demonstration Project

FuelCell Energy Announces US Department of Energy Project Award

GE Hitachi Collaborates With Five Canadian Firms On SMR Designs


Ontario Power Advances SMR Deployment Selecting GE Hitachi (GEH), Terrestrial Energy and X-Energy

Coal, Nuclear Retirements In US Midwest Might Boost Gas-Fired Power Demand

After Heavy Lobbying, A Memphis City Council Vote Puts Memphis Leaving TVA In Limbo

GE Hitachi Working with Ontario Power Generation on SMR Technology Options for Ontario

Build Back Better: Making Small Modular Reactors Stack Up

Fortum and MIT Launch SMR Modeling Project

EIA: US Power Use To Drop Over 2% In 2020 Due Coronavirus

Duke Nuclear Plant Demolition Timeline Cut From Half-Century To 7 Years

US Nuclear: Tritium Monitor Market Soars Due to Construction of $20+ Billion ITER Fusion Energy Project

Kepco E&C Teams Up With Shipbuilder For Floating Reactors

OPG Advances Towards SMR Deployment

Nuclear Plants At Center Of Ohio Subsidy Fight Operating Above Wholesale Prices

Westinghouse Signs Engineering Contract To Extend The Life Of Angra 1 

Duke Energy's $540M Contract for Takedown of Florida Nuclear Plant Gets Underway

Gas and Power Markets Tighten at Start of Peak Demand Season

10 Big Things: A VC-Backed Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion

Duke Energy Signs $540M Contract for Takedown of Florida Nuclear Plant

Uranium Is at a Key Inflection Point 

Jacobs Selected by United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority to Support Nuclear Fusion Research

EIA: US Nuclear Power Plants 9 Of Top 10 Generators in 2019

PSEG Applies To Keep $300M Annual Subsidies For South Jersey Nuclear Plants

PSEG Seeks Nuclear Plant ZEC Payment Extension Amid Power Market 'Deterioration'

Westinghouse CEO: No Reasons That Could Prevent The Contract With Energoatom From Being Extended After 2025

Illinois Nuke-Plant Exits Poised to Gut Small-Town Budgets

Analyst: NextEra's $60B Duke Merger Proposal Has Some Strong Upsides But Significant Obstacles

Orano Wins Several Service Contracts With EDF

L3Harris To Develop Simulator For Terrestrial Energy's IMSR

PSEG Applies To Keep $300M Annual Subsidies For South Jersey Nuclear Plants

Westinghouse Signs Expanded Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Deal

NextEra Energy Made Takeover Approach to Duke Energy

Infographic: Gas And Power Markets Well Supplied But Nuclear A Worry - Q4 2020

Terrestrial Energy, L3Harris To Develop Simulator For IMSR

Westinghouse-Energoatom Contract Signals Full Diversification For Ukraine's Nuclear Fuel Supply

Jacobs Selected by United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority to Support Nuclear Fusion Research

Rosatom Explains The 'Multiplier Effect' Of New Nuclear

SNC Lavalin JV to Decommission Nuclear Assets at Hanford in US

What's Next For Duane Arnold Nuclear Plant?

Southern Company Is Being Ignored By The Market

PSE&G's $1 Billion New Jersey Energy Efficiency Plan Approved

Nuclear Power Wants to Hitch Fortune to the Hottest New Fuel

NRC Commission Approves GEIS for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

The Outlook For Uranium Is Improving


Mitsubishi Power and Entergy to Collaborate and Help Decarbonize Utilities in Four States

In 2019, 9 of the 10 Highest-Generating US Power Plants Were Nuclear Plants

A Look At Exelon's 4 Economically Challenged Nuclear Plants In Illinois

OPG and BWXT Make Significant Progress in Production of Life-Saving Medical Isotope at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station

Mitsubishi Power Working With US Utility Entergy On Hydrogen, Batteries And Nuclear-Plus-Storage

World’s Operating Nuclear Fleet At 30 Year Low As New Plants Stall

Report Sees Opportunities For Nuclear Supply Chain

Entergy Moves Heavily on Hydrogen for Gas Turbines, Nuclear

Fitch Affirms China General Nuclear Power at 'A'; Outlook Stable

Nuclear Plant May Cost JEA Customers, But Not For A Few Years

Exelon Nuclear Plants Put To Test By Hottest Illinois Summer On Record

Fluor, Atkins To Begin $10Bn Hanford Nuclear Clean-Up

GE Plans To Stop Making New Coal-Fired Power Plants

Palisades Nuclear Plant On Lake Michigan Seeks Approval For Repairs

Uranium Energy Flags Raising

US and European Oil Giants Go Different Ways on Climate Change

US Nuclear Capacity Outages Were 35% Higher In Summer 2020 Than 2019

Holtec Files Two Lawsuits In Dispute Over Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant

Why Are Oil and Gas Companies Investing in Nuclear Fusion?


GA Delivers HALEU-Fuelled Reactor Concept For Mars Mission

SNC-Lavalin Joint Venture To Decommission US Federal Nuclear Assets At Hanford Site

Hitachi Out of UK Nuclear Business

Russian Nuclear Giant Rosatom Eyes 10% Of Lithium Market By 2030

Cost-Competitive SMRs Will Find Place In Electricity Ecosystem

TerraPower and Centrus Team Up For HALEU Production

Georgia Utility Sees Credit Boost By Winning Dispute With Partner At Plant Vogtle

CNL To Help Develop IMSR Fuel Monitoring Technology

Uranium Energy Corp Applauds the US Department of Commerce on a Historic Agreement to Reduce US Dependence on Russian Nuclear Fuel


US Department of Energy provides Notice to Proceed to Amentum- led Joint Venture on the Central Plateau Cleanup Contract at the Hanford Site

Centrus At 'Center Of Re-Emerging Nuke Industry' 

Hitachi Scraps Plans For British Nuclear Plant

TerraPower Plans To Invest In Domestic Advanced Nuclear Fuel Production

TVEL Supplies Fuel For Hungarian Research Reactor

Hitachi To Exit Stalled British Nuclear Power Project 

TerraPower To Invest In Domestic Advanced Nuclear Fuel Production To Ensure US-Based Fuel Supply For Advanced Reactors

Uranium Week: Spot Price Down -12% Since May

Florida Power & Light's 885-MW Turkey Point-4 Nuclear Reactor In Florida To Begin Refueling Outage Oct. 4

Markets Lack A Price Signal For Nuclear Investment

NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Issues Seabrook Decision; Adds Conditions to License Amendment

NRC To Review North Anna’s Subsequent License Renewal Application

$55M Work Contract Awarded to BWXT Canada

Rosatom Sees Wider Financing Options For New Build

Strategic eForum 2020: Future Energy System Must Include Nuclear

Southern Cut to Sell Equivalent at Mizuho on Vogtle Concerns

Westinghouse EnCore Fuel loaded at Belgium’s Doel 4

First European Reactor Loads Encore Accident Tolerant Fuel

South Africa's Eskom Expects 2021 Replacement Of Generators At Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy Advances Climate Strategy With Aggressive Pledge To Electrify Vehicle Fleet By 2030

SNC Lavalin Unit Supplying Pump Seals For Ontario Nuclear Plant

Uranium: COVID-19 Brings Supply Deficit To A Head

Exelon: The Nuclear Option

US Energy Storage Posts Second-Largest Quarter, With More Growth Expected As COVID-19 Recedes

Westinghouse And ENUSA Continue Expansion Of EnCore Fuel Program With First Insertion At European Utility

Uranium Week: 2019 Nuclear Generation Near Record Highs

Dominion Applies for 20-Year License Extension for North Anna Power Station

Georgia Power: Plant Vogtle Expansion Still On Schedule

CNL Announces SMR Research Partnership With Kairos Power

TVO's Latest OL3 Delay Is Credit Negative; Financial Impact Unclear


Duke Sees Valuable Role For Nuclear In Carbon Reduction

Rolls-Royce Wins Contract For China's Zhangzhou Units

Nuclear Industry Collaborates to Meet Cost Reduction Targets

US Energy Transition Unfolding Amid Low Power Demand, Gas Prices

USNC Opens SMR fuel Development Laboratory

Unison is Awarded a New Task Order by US NRC

EDF Allowed Operating Scottish Nuclear Plant Despite 2022 Retirement

Santee Cooper, Westinghouse Bury Nuclear Hatchet

NuScale’s Federal Safety Approval Moves US Modular Nuclear Reactors a Step Closer to Reality

USNC Opens Facility to Support Development of Fully Ceramic Micro-Encapsulated Fuel

Early Closure of Reactors Pressures Uranium Price

How Santee Cooper and Electric Co-Op Customers Will Get Their SC Nuclear Plant Refunds

Santee Cooper Finalizes Settlement Over Leftover Material at Failed SC Nuclear Project

Georgia Power's New Vogtle Units Approximately 87% Complete

After 3 Unplanned Shutdowns at Turkey Point Nuclear plant, Feds Launch ‘Special Inspection’

Exelon to Pay up to $500 Million for Byron Cleanup if Nuke Closes

Rolls-Royce Embraces DevOps Approach to Drive Nuclear Power Project

Global Nuclear Generation in 2019 Close to Record High

NRC Bans TVA Executive Over Whistleblower Retaliation

Duke's Crystal River Passes Final Decommissioning Hurdle

Southern Co. Down 5.1% Since Last Earnings Report: Can It Rebound?

Analysts: Exelon Likely To Keep Two Illinois Nuclear Plants Open

TerraPower Advances Plans For Next-Gen Nuclear Plants, Earning Bill Gates’ Praise

EDF Delays French Bugey Reactor Returns to End-Nov, Q4 Prices Rise

FirstEnergy Had Big Stake in Tainted Nuclear Plant Bailout

Bechtel Leading Team Designing, Building Advanced Nuclear Reactor R&D Project for Idaho Lab

NRC Nears Completion of NuScale SMR Design Review

High Profile Nuclear Reactor Rollout Faces 3-Year Delay

Derecho Damage Results in Early Retirement of Duane Arnold Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Generation In 2019 Close To Record High

Storm Damage Prompts NextEra Energy To Shut Duane Arnold Nuclear Plant Early

Charah Solutions Extends Contract With Largest Nuclear Operator In The Country

TVA Fined $600,000 For Discriminatory Actions At Nuclear Plants

Holtec's SMR-160 Completes First Phase Of Canadian Review

Duane Arnold Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Early After Damage From The Derecho

Uranium Week: Prices Continue To Slide

Lawsuit Settlement Document Shows JEA tried to Become Part-Owner of Plant Vogtle in 2019

Xcel Looks At New Nuclear Options As It Moves To Carbon-Free Power Goals

Bruce Power, Cameco Join Nuclear Innovation Effort

Florida PSC Approves Plan To Decommission Crystal River Nuclear Plant

Cameco and Bruce Power Support Launch of Centre for Next Generation Nuclear Technologies and Announce Contracts That Support Innovation and Isotope Production

Georgia Public Service Commission Balks At Speeding Up Review Of Plant Vogtle Cost To Customers

State Regulators Approve Duke Plan To Decommission Crystal River Nuclear Plant

Uranium Week: Consumers May Finance UK Reactor

FirstEnergy Filing Discusses Potential Financial Harm As Result Of Householder Investigation

Hitachi To Revive Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Power Plant Plans

European Spot Prices Rise On Lower Renewable, Nuclear Generation

Hitachi Seeks to Revive UK Nuclear Plant Plans

JEA Will Pay $1 Million More Per Year for Plant Vogtle Electricity in MEAG Settlement

Chevron's Venture Capital Arm Buys Stake In Nuclear Fusion Startup Zap Energy

Dominion Reveals Plan To Raise Customer Rates For The First Time Since Acquiring SCE&G

SMR Developer And Engineering Firm To Collaborate On Helium Technology

KEPCO Posts Second Consecutive Quarterly Profit In Q2 On Low Oil Prices

Staff: Duke Energy Should Begin Crystal River Plant Demolition

SMR Developer And Engineering Firm To Collaborate On Helium Technology

Eletrobras Presents Schedule For Angra 3 Nuclear Unit

Tesla Begins Construction Of World’s Largest Energy Storage Facility


X-Energy Submits its SMR for Canadian Vendor Design Review

Oil Major Chevron Invests In Nuclear Fusion Startup Zap Energy

Investors Get Charge Out Of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

RWE Details Hedge Sales For Coal, Nuclear Power

NextEra Energy's 647-MW Duane Arnold Energy Center in Iowa Remains Shut Because Of Bad Weather

Bribery and Blackouts: Inside an Ohio Utility's Troubled Past

X-energy Makes Canadian SMR Review Submission

New Detection Technology To Help Decommissioning

Aecon Nuclear Applies To Process Nuclear Waste

Lightbridge Provides Business Update and Announces Second Quarter of 2020 Earnings Results

FirstEnergy Tells SEC It Needs Time To File Quarterly Report; Cites Investigation

Ur-Energy Stands Ready To Supply Future US Uranium Reserve

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



ANS Nuclear Cafe

NEXT 100




US Sees $18 Billion From Purchases In Nuclear Power Agreement With Poland

US, Poland Reach Nuclear Technology Deal To Loosen Russian Pipeline Gas Grip

IAEA's Grossi Predicts A Dozen New Nuclear Countries By 2030

Shift From Nuclear Could Limit France's Energy Options

South Korean Gov't to Continue Pursuing Policy on Phasing out Nuclear Reactors

Germany's Nuclear Power Regions Fear For The Future 

South Korean Watchdog Concludes Controversial Reactor Audit, Announces Tuesday Release



Canada Supports SMR Development With Funds For Terrestrial Energy

China Passes New Law Restricting Sensitive Exports Including Nuclear Materials


US To Support New Nuclear Power Project In South Africa

Why Japan Isn’t Rushing To Reform Its Energy Mix

Poland, US to Sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement Monday

US Agency to Support 2,500MW Nuclear Project in South Africa

Canadian Government Invests In SMR Technology

EDF Sees Progress In Plan To Reinvigorate French Industry

Berkeley Opposes Move To Ban Uranium Mining In Spain

Canada Invests In Small Modular Nuclear Technology, Eyes Net-Zero Future

Japan To Release Radioactive Fukushima Water Into The Sea

Court Ruling In Japan Holds Government Accountable For Fukushima

Safety Upgrade Plan Approved For Japan's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Unit

Russia’s Rosatom Wraps Up New VVER-440 Fuel Development For Hungary’s Paks Nuclear Plant


Swedish Municipality Gives Approval For Fuel Repository

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Site Cleans Up 75-Year Waste Legacy

10th Nuclear Reactor In Japan To Restart 

Bulgaria To Hold Talks With US Companies Over New Nuclear Reactor

Trump Thought He Had a Nuclear Deal With Putin. Not So Fast, Russia Said.

French Nuclear Ramps Up To 40 GW As Penly Returns

Russia Rules Out Nuclear Deal With Trump Before US Election

Bulgaria To Hold Talks With US Companies Over New Nuclear Reactor

Japan Launches Energy Policy Review Amid Global Push For Greener Power

UK Plans New Law to Undo Foreign Deals on Security Grounds

EDF Upgrades Its Nuclear Output Estimate In France For 2020

Chinese Increasing Nuclear Submarine Shipyard Capacity

This German Amusement Park Is Inside A Nuclear Power Plant

WNN: Why Research Reactors Are So Important For Africa


First Reactor of Belarus’ Controversial Astravets Nuclear Power Plant Achieves Criticality

Are Belgium’s Greens Wavering Over End To Nuclear Power?

US and Romania Announce Initial Agreement on Cooperation for the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Projects and Civil Nuclear Power Sector in Romania

China's Tianwan Unit 6 Enters Commissioning Phase

Large Components In Place For Argentinean Research Reactor

EU Project Aims To Reduce Combustion Risk During Accidents

Nuclear Plants, Cannabis Seen Spurring South African Revival

2 Remote Japanese Towns Seek To Host Nuclear Waste Storage Site

Construction Of Poland's First Nuclear Power Plant To Start In 2026

Belarus Postpones Launch Of Nuclear Plant Near Lithuania To 2022

Romania, US To Sign Cooperation Agreements Over Nuclear Reactors

Why Britain Could Soon Be Building Mini Nuclear Reactors

UK Report Highlights Benefits Of Nuclear Cogeneration

South Korean Power Company Partners With DSME To Develop Offshore Nuclear Power Plants

Canadian Green Ribbon Panel Provides Roadmap For Policymakers

UK's Hinkley Point C Reaches Major Milestone

Japanese Regulator Approves Ikata 2 Decommissioning Plan

UK Weighs $2.6 Billion Investment in Small Nuclear Reactors

Downing St Considers £2B Support For Mini Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Power: Hitachi Pull Out Of Wylfa Newydd Leaves Family 'Bitter'

MOX Fuel Plant in Aomori Meets Safety Standards

French Nuclear Output Fell 20.9% In September On Pandemic, Outages


UK Government Weighs Equity Stake in New Nuclear Plants

Polish Government To Take Over PGE Nuclear Company

President: Ukraine Must Expand Nuclear Energy

It's Costing A Fortune But Australia's Ranger Uranium Mine Is Gradually Being Cleaned Up

China Doubles Down On Nuclear Energy To Cut Carbon Emissions

Russia Completes Steam Generators For Akkuyu And Bangladesh Units

Federal Labor Divided Over Plans To Block South Australia's Nuclear Waste Dump Facility

Russia’s New Giant Icebreaker Sailed Straight To The North Pole

India, Russia Partner On Nuclear Energy

Brazil Plans Uranium-Phosphate Extraction Plant In Santa Quitéria

New Nuclear Regulations Proposed In Sweden

Experimental Nuclear Reactor Powers China's Dream Of Limitless Energy

Three Gorges Dam Endangers China’s Nuclear Power Plants

Ukraine Inks Deal To Fuel Older Reactors With Westinghouse Fuel

Hokkaido Village To Apply For Nuclear Waste Site Survey

EDF Expects French Nuclear Regulation Reform Is Imminent

Wylfa: Fresh Talks To Save £20bn Nuclear Plant Revealed

Polish Government To Take Over Nuclear Development Firm

CANDU Owners Group, Nuclear Energy Agency to collaborate on PHWRs

US Interest In Reviving Wylfa Nuclear Plant With Westinghouse 'Believed' To Be Involved

Nuclear Key to the Clean Energy Transition – Conclusions of the 2020 IAEA Scientific Forum

French Nuclear Supply Hits 4-Month High As Reactors Return

Philippines Taking New Look at Nuclear Power

How GE Completed Romania Nuclear Plant Outage Despite COVID-19

China Launches CAP1400 Reactor Design

US Looking Forward To Polish Partnership On Nuclear Energy Development

Russian Minister of Energy: Nuclear Is Environmentally Friendly Energy

Ukrainian President Zelensky Orders Parliamentary Debate On Nuclear Sector

Dutch Minister Presents Report On New Nuclear

Mini Nuclear Reactors With Key South Korean Parts Cleared By US

China Says It Has Completed Development Of CAP 1400 Third-Generation Nuclear Technology

Belgium May Extend 2 Nuclear Reactors Beyond 2025

Netherlands Considers More Nuclear Power

New Iraqi Committee To Build Nuclear Reactors, Combat Electricity Woes


Germany Launches New Search For Nuclear Waste Storage Site

Germany Publishes Nuclear Storage List, Gorleben Dropped

China’s Top Climate Scientists Map Out Path to 2060 Goal

Netherlands Contemplates Ambitious Nuclear New-Build Program

South Korea Bucks Trend By Turning To LSFO After Typhoon-Led Nuclear Shutdowns

France’s EDF Demands Clarity On British Nuclear Power Plans

UK Launches Energy Transition Council For COP26

Japanese PM Suga Makes 1st Visit to Fukushima since Taking Office

Why Russia Is Pushing Unneeded Nuclear Power Plants On Egypt

China Wants to Be Carbon Neutral By 2060. Is That Possible?

Old Green Power Plants Seek To Regenerate As Germany Turns Off Subsidies

Russia’s New Nuclear Icebreaker Sets Sail For Arctic At Half Steam

Arctic Race Heats Up As Russia Launches Flagship Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker

Foundation Slabs Completed At Turkey's Akkuyu 2 Reactor And Turbine Buildings

Ukraine’s President Orders Draft Bill On Development Of Nuclear Energy

EU Court Backs Public Subsidies for UK Nuclear Station

Austria Fails In Attempt To Block Hinkley Point C

Energy Authority Clears TEPCO To Restart Niigata Nuclear Plant

Russia Touts Huge New Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker As Proof "The Arctic Is Ours"

UAE Nuclear Energy Plant Unit 1 Reaches 50% Power Capacity

Austria Loses Court Fight Against UK Hinkley Nuclear Plant

Russia Says World's Largest Nuclear Icebreaker Embarks On Arctic Voyage

Canadian Project To Focus On Recycling Of Heavy Water


UK Nuclear Fleet Plans Disappear Amid Economic, Political Problems

Nuclear Associations Of South Africa Demand Construction New Plants

Polish, US Ambassadors To EU Discuss Nuclear Energy Policy In Brussels

Study: A Carbon Neutral Nordic Region Would Need 75% More Electricity

Fukushima Daiichi Workers Use 'Smart Glasses'

Japan's Kansai Completes Upgrade Work At Two Reactors

Canadian Minister of Natural Resources: There's No Path To Net-Zero Without Nuclear Power

Swiss Mühleberg Plant Enters Permanent Decommissioning Stage

Poland Looks To Renewables And Nuclear To Wean Itself Off Coal

UK Nuclear’s Future Left in Limbo as Investors Walk Away

UAE May In The Future Construct More Nuclear Power Reactors

Ambitious EU Emissions Target Needs Nuclear, Says Foratom

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Has Enough Uranium To Start Nuclear Fuel Production

Polish, US Ambassadors To EU Discuss Nuclear Energy Policy In Brussels

UK Nuclear’s Future Left in Limbo as Investors Walk Away

Saudi Arabia May Have Enough Uranium Ore To Produce Nuclear Fuel

Costs of Nuclear: Russia Sees Greater Opportunities for Private Financing

Poland: 10 GW Nuclear, Offshore Wind Playing Huge Role In Powergen Future

Sask Premier Asks Trudeau To Support Nuclear Reactors In Upcoming Throne Speech

UN Nuclear Watchdog, China Reportedly Helping Saudi Arabia Develop Uranium

NIA: UK Nuclear Industry Jobs Robust Despite COVID-19 Impacts

IAEA In Wide-Ranging Talks With Saudi Arabia On Tougher Nuclear Checks

Japan Struggles to Secure Radioactive Nuclear Waste Sites


China Ditches US Nuclear Technology In Favor Of Home-Grown Alternative

China Ditches US Nuclear Technology In Favor Of Home-Grown Alternative

Tackling the UK’s Plutonium Stockpile Problem

Nuclear Power and Hydrogen ‘May Cut Climate Change’

UAE's Abu Dhabi to Produce 1/3 of Power From Clean Energy in 4 Years

Nuclear Fusion: The Global ITER Project and India’s Contribution (or lack of it)

No New Climate Plan If Nuclear Plants Close In Flanders

China Readying For Nuclear Expansion

Fukushima Still Looms Over Japanese Energy Decisions

UK Government Investment To Help Build Robots For Nuclear Plants And Batteries For Electric Aeroplanes

UK Spending Watchdog Warns On Costs Of Cleaning Up Old Nuclear Plants

Second Site In Hokkaido Considers Hosting Nuclear Waste

Permit Issued For Commissioning Chernobyl ISF-2 Used Fuel Storage

EDF Energy Says UK's Hinkley Point B Nuclear Plant Could Close Earlier Than Planned

After 2011, Fukushima Embraced Solar Power. The Rest Of Japan Has Not

UAE’s Nuclear Power Pivot Comes At A High Cost

Refurbishment Work Gets Underway At Canada’s Darlington 3

Fifth Tianwan Unit Starts Commercial Operation

The Czech Republic Is Caught in a Nuclear Tug of War

Saudi Arabia Advances Nuclear Power Agenda

Africa Commits To Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy

France Cranks Up Hydrogen Plans With 6.5-GW, 2030 Target, Plays Down New Nuclear


Poland To Accelerate Coal Phase-Out, Spend Billions On Renewable And Nuclear Energy

IAEA Providing Support For Saudi Arabia As It Plans To Adopt Nuclear Energy

French Energy Minister Plays Down New Reactor Construction

Court Backs Belgium's Tihange 2 Restart Decision

Low Water Flow May Cut Output At France's Saint-Alban Nuclear Plant

Hot Tests Completed At Pakistani Hualong One

China’s First Homegrown Nuclear Reactor Begins Loading Fuel

Spain's Asco 1 Nuclear Plant Taken Offline for Three-Day Halt

French Nuclear Weekly Generation Falls Below 30 GW to 9-Week-Low

China Turns Back to Nuclear Power as Concerns Over Energy Security Rise

Vietnam Advised To Restart Nuclear Energy Program

Canada’s Nuclear Industry Rolled with the COVID-19 Pandemic Punch

China Loads Fuel At First Nuclear Unit With Home-Grown Reactor

IAEA Inspects One Of Two Sites In Iran After Long Stand-Off

Iran’s Uranium Stocks Grow as UN Monitors Visit Suspect Site

Why US Wants Saudis to Follow UAE’s Path to Nuclear Energy

Why Germany's Energy Market Is Ready for a Shake Up

Belgium Does Not Have To Shut Engie Nuclear Reactor, Court Rules

Baltic States Agree to Block Nuclear Power from Belarus

Low Water Flow May Halve Output At France's Saint-Alban Nuclear Plant

China Cabinet Approves Two Nuclear Power Projects

Britain’s Nuclear Industry Faces Sharp U-Turn

UK Nuclear Industry Says Costs Could Be Slashed By 30% by 2030

Belgium Does Not Have to Shut Engie Nuclear Reactor, Court Rules

French Nuclear Output Falls 18% to 22.8 TWh in August

Saudi Arabia May Be Building Uranium Facility

IAEA: No Sign North Korea Reprocessed Plutonium in Past Year, Still Enriching Uranium

Japan Atomic Energy Commission Fears Nation May Run Short Of Nuclear Experts

South Korea's 9 Nuclear Plants Restarting Sep-Oct To Pressure LNG Demand

Russia's Leningrad II-2 Reaches Minimum Controlled Power

Scotland’s Nuclear Hunterston B Getting Reactor Restart Prior to Eventual 2022 Retirement

China Poised to Overtake US in Nuclear Power by 2030

Gas and Nuclear Industries Fight to the End for 'Green' EU Investment Label

Further Delay in Commissioning of Finnish EPR

Finnish Working Group Calls for Reform of Nuclear Legislation

Holtec SMR-160 Passes Phase One of Canadian Vendor Design Review

Rosatom Plans REMIX Fuel Fabrication at Seversk Facility

Iran Relents on IAEA Inspections at Two Sites, Ending Standoff

Poland’s Plans For Nuclear Power

Rosatom Keeps To Overseas Schedule Despite Pandemic

Russia to Make Uranium-Plutonium Fuel for VVER-1000 Reactors


Japanese Reprocessing Plant Delayed By Another Year

Drought Provokes Shutdown Of Nuclear Reactors In Northeast France

French Nuclear Drops Below 30 GW, Low River Warnings Extended

Iran Says It Will Cooperate With International Nuclear Watchdog

Report: China Helped Saudi Arabia Build A Nuclear Facility To Process Yellowcake Uranium

Japan Urged to Boost Green Power to Achieve Paris Climate Goals

Iran Says July Blast at Nuclear Facility Was Act of Sabotage

South Korean Gov’t Okays Additional Spent Fuel Storage Facility at Wolseong Nuke Complex

Rosatom Marks 75th Anniversary Of Russian Nuclear Industry

Australia Would Be ‘Silly’ Not To Have Nuclear Power In The Energy Mix

Brazil To Choose Angra 3 Nuclear Partner By Year-End

UK Invites Comment On Decommissioning Strategy

IAEA Chief To Visit Iran This Week Seeking 'Concrete Progress' In Inspections Standoff

After Huawei, Spotlight On China's Role In UK Nuclear Power

UK Nuclear Power: The Next Huawei?

South Korea Wishing to Join Nuclear Power Plant Construction Project in Czech Republic

Europe’s Biggest Coal Nation Could Soon Go Nuclear

Low Flow Rate May Halve Output At France's Saint-Alban Nuclear Plant

South Korea Eyes Czech Nuclear Project, Broader Cooperation in Energy Sector

South Korea Moving to Build Additional Used Nuclear Fuel Storage

Construction of Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant to Begin Next Year

New South Wales Uranium Mining Ban Set To Be Lifted After 30 Years

UAE’s Nuclear Plant Connects To The National Grid In A Major Regional Milestone


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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