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Illinois Gov. Rauner: Law Signed Year Ago Saved Clinton Nuclear Plant

The Lab Report: Students Design A New Generation Of Nuclear Reactors

Trump Administration Looks At Streamlined Saudi Civil Nuclear Pact

Barrasso: Obama Administration Mislead On Uranium One, Yellowcake Exports

High Power Bills Due To VC Summer Spark Showdown At South Carolina PSC


Decision On The Fate Of Plant Vogtle Could Come As Early As Next Week

North Dakota Legislature Looking At Changes On Permitting For Out-Of-State Nuclear Waste Disposal

Firm Denies Flynn Sent Text On US-Russian Nuclear Project In Middle East

Barrasso to Press NRC On Uranium One Exports


Key US Senate Chair Opens Probe Into Uranium One Deal

FERC Commissioner Cautious On ‘Lifeline’ To Coal And Nuclear

Mining To Resume At WIPP for 1st Time Since Leak


Uranium Interests Behind Trump Trimming Of Utah Wilderness?

Perry Agrees To Extension On Pro-Coal, Nuclear Rulemaking

In North Carolina, The Race For New Nuclear Energy Never Took Off

The Power Of Love: 94% support Nuclear in Tri-Cities

New Jersey Isn't Waiting for Washington to Come Up With a Nuclear Fix

New York Town Seeks To Reinvent Itself For When Indian Point Is No More

Your Next 'Renewable' Energy Source Is Basically Black Sludge


SC Governor Fires Santee Cooper Chairman Over VC Summer Stonewalling

Nuclear, Solar And Wind's Amazingly Low Carbon Footprint

NJ Governor Christie Eyes Nuclear Energy Subsidies, Sparks Criticism

Los Alamos Resumes Waste Shipments To WIPP

DOE to Fill in Second Radioactive Tunnel at Hanford


Georgia Regulators May Move Up Decision On Plant Vogtle

An American Energy Plan Straight From Coal Country

Mayors Oppose Proposed Canadian Nuclear Waste Plan

Official: WIPP Deficiencies Stem From Lack Of Funds

WIPP Air System To Cost About $400M, Complete By 2022

Activist Group And Coastal Commission Spar Over Nuclear Waste At San Onofore

Document: DOE Considering SRS As Site To Build Nuclear Weapons Components


New FERC Chair Seeks Delay Of Coal, Nuclear Rule

FERC Gets New Chairman As Nuclear, Coal Vote Looms

NJ Gov Hints He Might Sign Bill To Subsidize PSEG’s Nuclear Plants

DOE Unveils $30 Million Investment In Advanced Nuclear Technology

Spate of VC Summer Bills Await SC Legislature

ITER Nuclear Fusion Project Faces Delay Over Trump Budget Cuts

SRS Advisory Board Could Ask DOE To Examine Nuclear Waste Classes


Perry: US, Saudis 'Agreed To Move Forward' On Negotiations For Civil Nuclear Pact

Whistleblower: At Inauguration, Flynn Texted On Nuclear Plan

Energy Daily: Powelson, LaFleur Teaming On Plan For Grid Operator Resiliency Reports

$700 Billion Power Trade, Coal, Nuclear Hinge On The Word Resiliency

LANL Competing With SRS For Pit Production Beyond 2026

Officials Talk WIPP's Future At Town Hall Meeting

Electric Cooperatives Also Want Recognition From SC Lawmakers On Nuclear Plant Failure

Perry and Saudi Leaders Link Arms On Strategic Energy Partnerships And Investment

NJ Lawmakers Start To Hash Out Granting Nuclear Subsidies To PSEG

On 75th Anniversary Of First Nuclear Fission Reactor, MIT Re-Enacts Seminal Experiment

Georgia PSC Staff Analysis Suggests Pulling The Plug On New Vogtle Reactors

PSC Staff: Vogtle Costs Too Much For Customers To Bear

NASA Testing Ultra-Simple Small Nuclear Reactors That Will Power Missions To Mars And Beyond

Nuclear, Coal Fleets Open New Front In Hunt For Federal Tax Incentives

Mars And Beyond: Modular Nuclear Reactors Set To Power Next Wave Of Deep Space Exploration

DOJ Failed To Interview FBI Informant Before It Filed Charges In Russian Nuclear Bribery Case


The Science Of The First Nuclear Chain Reaction 75 Years Later


Morningstar's Sunny Outlook For US Nuclear Energy Clouds Over

Remembering the Chicago Pile, the World’s First Nuclear Reactor

Reckoning With the Legacy of the Nuclear Reactor, 75 Years Later

NJ Environmentalists Prepare for Pro-Nuclear Move

Uranium To Replace Plastic? Chemistry Breakthrough Could Pave The Way For New Materials

Do Saudis Want Same US Deal As Iranians On Enrichment?

DOE IG: Agency Struggling With 11,300 Contracts And Mounting Liabilities On Weapons Cleanup

It Was One Of Hanford’s Toughest Challenges. The Risk Is Gone Now

Pro-Nuclear Environmentalist Shellenberger Launches California Gubernatorial Bid

Last Witness Revisits Dawn Of Nuclear Age

Defense Bill Including MOX Funding Authorization Awaits Trump Signature

New Mexico State Auditors Challenge WIPP Leak Settlement

Richard Glick Sworn In As Fourth Commissioner At FERC

IAEA Sounds Mixed Growth Scenario With Net New Global Capacity Hinging On Retirement Decisions/a>

Hanford Spikes Ball On Key Burial Ground Clean-Up

New Vogtle Video Offers Bird's-Eye View Of Nation's Only New Nuclear Units

Millennial Nuclear Caucus Slated for AR Summit V @ Texas A&M

Senate Committee Advances Controversial EPA, White House CEQ Nominees


US Energy Secretary Heads To Middle East


White House Opens Discussions With Saudis On Nuclear Energy Cooperation


SC Officials Ponder Santee Cooper Sale in Wake of VC Summer

FERC Adds Fourth Member As It Faces Crucial Vote

Gas-Led NJ Coalition To Oppose Nuclear Energy Plan 

Is Showdown In Offing Over state Nuclear Incentives In New Jersey?

New Director Announced To Lead Los Alamos National Laboratory

Clinton Foundation Understated Support From Firm Hired By Russian Nuclear 

75 Years Ago, Scientists Conducted An Unprecedented Nuclear Experiment

Senators Quiz Trump's TVA Board Nominees On Clean Energy, Nuclear Fleet, Company Finance

10 Central Coast Groups Lobby To Save $85 Million Diablo Closure Impact Settlement

Hanford Reports Progress On Emptying Some Nuclear Waste Tanks


US Energy Under Secretary Warns: Inaction On Nuclear, Coal FERC Proposal Will Make Problem 'Worse'

FERC Chair Denies 'Conspiracy' To Delay Addition Of New Commissioners

Senate Considers Trump Appointees for Tennessee Valley Authority

International Robotics Competition Pursues Enhanced Nuclear Safeguards And Security

Cold Case Files? -- IAEA Focuses on Nuclear Techniques in Forensic Science

DNFSB: Safety Concerns Remain At Los Alamos Nuclear Waste Storage Site

Fed Court Rebuffs Antis In Backing NRC Approval Of New Fermi Unit


USNRC Preparing New Rules For Nuclear Decommissioning

WIPP Passes 12,000 Shipments Milestone

Oak Ridge Weighing Entombment For Shuttered Experimental Molten Salt Reactor 

Oil And Gas Industry Is Causing Texas Earthquakes, A ‘Landmark’ Study Suggests


California Surfers Taking Stand Against San Onofre Waste Plan


NASA, Department of Energy Testing ‘Kilopower’ Space Nuclear Reactor

SC Proposal Would Cut SCANA Executive Compensation Packages


Ex-US Energy Chief Hits South Koreans On Nuclear Energy Stonewalling: 'Not A Viable Solution'

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Nuclear Reactors Safer

Closing Indian Point Nuclear Plant Could Be Costly For Surrounding Communities

NY Says There's Nothing Unlawful About Nuke Subsidy Plan

FERC Chairman Chatterjee Talks Future Of US Power Markets, Coal, Nuclear And Gas

DNFSB Warns Of Trouble Ahead At Hanford

DOE IG: Agency Fumbled It Owns Conservation Plan

Confirmed: Lightning Causes Nuclear Reactions in the Sky

Weakest Link: The Small Components That Keep Nuclear Safe

SC Lawmakers Advance Reforms, Halting Charges For VC Summer

SC County Officials Vote To Sue SCANA, Saying Power Company Broke Contract

DOJ Slammed for Discrediting FBI Informant And Stonewalling Uranium One Investigation

Chatterjee: Sympathy 'Doesn't Factor In' To Baseload Support Plan

Axios: Nuclear Energy's Climate Snubs

FBI Informant Gathered Years Of Evidence On Russian Push For US Nuclear Fuel Deals, Including Uranium One

Judge: Water Pollution Lawsuit Against Florida Nuclear Plant Can Proceed

Massive Infrastructure Projects Are Failing at Unprecedented Rates

South Carolina Has 6 Weeks To Answer A $2B Question About The Future Of Its Nuclear Project

FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian With Briefcases Of Money In Uranium One Scandal

The US Is Crushing Its Clean Energy Forecasts

California Activists Want To Send Nuclear Waste To Palo Verde

Sea Level Rise Factors Into Plymouth Nuclear Waste Discussion

Investigation: Radioactive Leaks At Illinois Nuclear Plants


COP23 Spotlights How Nuclear Energy Can Contribute to Climate Change Mitigation

Could Rick Perry's Grid Plan Spur 'Utility Death Spiral'?

Chatterjee: ‘We’ve Moved Past’ DOE NOPR

Public Watchdogs Files Lawsuit to Stop Burial of Spent Nuclear Waste at SONGS

Nuclear Safety Board Warns Of Trouble Ahead At Hanford, But Could Lose Role Under Trump


Continued Funding For MOX Project Clears Congress In Defense Authorization Measure

EIA: Decommissioning Reactors A Long-Term And Costly Process

Nuclear Oversight Included In Defense Spending Bill

Trump Uncertainty Chills Solar As Tariffs Loom

NRC Looks To Streamline Design Basis For Small Reactors

SC Lawmaker Targets SCANA Executives’ ‘Golden Parachutes’ After VC Summer

Secret Witness In Uranium One Probe Is Ex-Lobbyist For Russian Firm

University Of California To Bid On Managing Nuclear Lab

Interim FERC Market Plan Could Propel Nuclear, Coal Plants For Years


Russian Hackers Go Global On Nuclear Energy Facilities

US Restarts Nuclear Testing Facility In Idaho After 23 Years

Millions Of Miles Logged To Deliver Waste To WIPP

'Criticality' Experiments Enhance Nuclear Safety, Security And Effectiveness

Key US Electrical-Grid Operator Floats Market Plan To Benefit Baseload Generators

Trump’s Budget Chief Strong On Funding For Yucca Mountain

Could NERC Report On Gas Reliability Undercut Perry FERC Pricing Rule?

USGS: 40 Million Pounds of Potential Uranium Resources in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma


NASA Reveals 'Nuclear Engine' That Could Provide Power To The First Humans On Mars

Trump Nuclear Coal Alliance 'Marriage Of Convenience' Not Love

DOE Confident FERC Will 'Dutifully' Finalize A Nuclear Resiliency Pricing Rule

DOE's Resilience Proposal: The Looming Legal Assault

A Helium-Resistant Material Could Usher in the Age of Nuclear Fusion

Another Sentencing For Role In Rosatom Uranium Bribe Scheme

South Carolina Lawmakers Aim To Reform Utility Regulatory Model In Wake Of VC Summer

USNIC Opines at ClearPath-led Capitol Hill Colloquy on China and the Clean Energy Innovation Race


USS Kentucky: Tour Aboard America's $2 Billion Nuclear Submarine

Trump Officials Defend Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Energy At UN Climate Conference


Bellefonte Consortium Actively Shopping For DOE Loan Guarantee

Radioactive Waste Shrinks To One-50th The Size With New Tech

Trump's Conflicting Climate Agenda

CO2 Emissions Were Flat for Three Years. Now They're Rising Again.

US To Promote 'Universal Access' To Fossil Fuels At Climate Talks

Wind & Solar Can NOT Replace Coal & Gas — But Nuclear Is the Answer

IAEA -- Nuclear Innovation Can Help Achieve Climate Goals

South Carolina House Speaker: Change Laws After Nuclear Plant Failure

Entergy Objects To Conditions On PUC Consultant For Vermont Yankee Hearings

Energy Groups Tout High Percentages Of Veterans Working In Their Industries

EIA: Non-OECD Countries To Lead Nuclear Growth

Nuclear Watchdog Chief Gains US Envoy Nikki Haley's Support

US Energy Regulator Lays Out Plan to Keep At-Risk Coal, Nuclear Online

Future Of Nuclear Energy Is In Local Lab

The More You Know: 8 Essential Facts About Uranium

IAEA COP23 Side Event: Nuclear Innovation Can Help Achieve Climate Goals

Nuclear Energy Programs Rarely Lead to Nuclear Weapons


SC Ratchets Down On VC Summer: Halt Payments To SCANA, Replace Regulators And Fire Santee Cooper's Board

USA Today: NNSA Czar Klotz In Hot Water Over Public Safety Reports For DOE Weapons Complex 

The Nuclear Waste Fund, Scoring, Historical Context, and Legislative Fix

Exclusive Access Inside The Gates Of The Limerick Nuclear Power Plant


Congress' Plan To Kill The Electric Car Tax Credit Could Kill Electric Cars


New US Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing Center To Prototype NuScale Steam Generator

Fate Of Georgia Nuclear Reactor Project Lies With State Commission

China Outpacing US In Nuclear Energy Growth

New AI System Finds Cracks In Nuclear Reactors

WIPP Receives 100th Shipment As Program Gets Back On Track

DOE Completes Remediated Nitrate Salts Treatment At Los Alamos National Laboratory


US EIA Projects Solid Global Nuclear Capacity Growth Through 2040: US Capacity 'Decline'


'Stranger Things': ORNL Nuclear Physicist Kelly Chipps Talks Fiction vs. Reality

New System Uses 'Deep Learning' To Detect Cracks In Nuclear Reactors

The Subatomic Discovery That Physicists Considered Keeping Secret

More Public Outreach Needed to Gain Needed Support For Nuclear 

SC Gov Picks Former Counsel For State PSC 

COP-23 Launches: Here's What's Happening 

Study: Nuclear Energy Programs Do Not Increase Likelihood Of Proliferation

Did McConnell Inadvertently Undercut Perry FERC Rule?

SC Gov Gets To Pick New VC Summer Watchdog Commissioner

WIPP: Small Businesses 63 Percent Of Subcontract Budget

Melting Quarks Can Produce 10 Times The Energy Of Nuclear Fusion

The Boy Genius Tackling Nuclear Fusion

Can US Renewables Catch Up With Nuclear?

Why The Upcoming Nuclear Hearings In Atlanta Are A Big Deal

Nuclear Community's Message To UN Environment

Indian Point Forum Highlights: What's The Future For 1,000 Workers And Nearby Towns


US Marines And Navy Want San Onofre Fuel Out

DOE's Perry Sees Storage As Potential 'Holy Grail', Sings Fossil Fuels' Praises

South Carolina PSC Commissioner Quits As Nuclear Debate Heats Up

Tesla's Having The Worst Day Ever As GOP Tax Plan Calls For Axing Electric Car Credit

South Carolina Official Proposes Independent Money Holder For Nuclear Plants

Energy Winners And Losers In House GOP Tax Reform Proposal

FERC Chair: To Keep Coal, Some May Pay Higher Bill

McIntyre and Glick Confirmed to FERC Along With Two DOE Under Secretaries

Georgia Tea Party Supports Finishing Plant Vogtle

Policy Support Needed For Nuclear Growth, Conference Concludes

Trump Team to Promote Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy at Bonn Climate Talks

Nevada Official Sees More Than 300 Votes For House Yucca Bill

Scientist vs. Scientist: An Escalating Fight Over Renewable Energy


New US House Tax Bill Hits Wind Tax Credit, Extends Nuclear Provision


US Takes Step To End Ban On New Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon

FERC Chairman: Reliability, Resiliency and Security 'Not a Zero Sum Game'

US Environmental Proponent Tells Australia To Get Over Their ‘Nuclear Hang-up’

Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania Make Substantive Gains for State Nuclear Subsidies

IAEA Says Growth Of Nuclear Energy Too Low To Curb Climate Change

WNA: Governments ‘Must Remove Barriers To Nuclear Generation’

Appeals Court Orders State Regulators To Submit Key San Onofre Emails For Possible Public Release

EPA to Bar Some Scientists From Advisory Panels Over `Conflicts'

FERC Denies Rehearing on FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Sale


Connecticut Gov Signs Bill To Boost Millstone Nuclear Plant

Rosatom To Offer New Reactor Technologies In Next 10 Years

Centrus, ORNL Contract Continues Uranium Enrichment Technology Work In Oak Ridge

Coalition Urges Congress To Address Used Fuel Issue

SC Lawmakers Seek To Stop SCANA From Taking $37M A Month From Customers For VC Summer

As Lawmakers Study SC's Nuclear Fiasco, Here's What They Want To Fix

Could This Young Physicist Finally Crack The Code To Nuclear Fusion?


UN Environmental Program Rejects Nuclear Energy At COP23 Innovation Forum

Extension On Nuclear Tax Credits Sought For Vogtle

Going Nuclear: A Crash Course

IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century Opens in Abu Dhabi

New Study Investigates Effectiveness Of Nanoscale Nuclear Waste Filter


Nevada Senator Says He’s Only Person Keeping Yucca From Happening


Amano -- Pace Of New Nuclear Construction Needs To Be Accelerated To Meet Need

More Flexible Operations No Panacea For US Nuclear

SC State House Committee To Hold Fifth Hearing In Columbia On VC Summer

Iran Skips UN Conference On Nuclear Energy In Abu Dhabi

Federal, Local Officials Stress County-Wide Economic Impact Perry Plant Closure Would Have

Tale Of Four Reactors: Vogtle And VC Summer

British Royal Navy's Nuclear Sub Pelted by Drugs, Sex Allegations

New Study Investigates Effectiveness of Nanoscale Nuclear Waste Filter

'Darknet' And Quantum Communications Could Enhance Grid Cybersecurity

Grassley: Separate Special Counsel Needed for Russia-Obama Probe

'Power Struggle' Documentary Chronicles Efforts To Close Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant

Video: Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century


New FERC Chair Extols Nuclear, Coal Resiliency, Reliability Attributes

National Engineering Association Calls For Federal Investigation Into Canceled VC Summer Units

Latest US State to Offer Nukes a Lifeline Is Connecticut

SC House May Block SCE&G From Charging Customers More For VC Summer

Career Fair Featured at Advanced Reactors Summit at Texas A&M

6 Leading Organizations Urge Funding For Yucca, Nuclear Waste Priorities 

More Things You Need To Know About The Uranium One Deal

Sweepstakes Open For Los Alamos Prime Contract 

DOE NOPR Opponents Dig In For Fight Against Perry Initiative

NRG CEO Likes Perry's Push for Power Reform—Just Not His Plan

Senate EPW Committee Advances Reappointment of Baran to NRC

Trump Compares Obama-Era Uranium Deal With Russia To ‘Watergate’

Nuclear Industry Backs Perry FERC Baseload Pricing Initiative: Market Not Valuing Resiliency 

PolitiFact: What You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton, Russia and Uranium

PBS: Should States Rely On Nuclear Power To Combat Climate Change?

How Energy Recovered From Harvey


Perry -- Obama Discriminated Against Coal, Nuclear

Nuclear Energy Market to Gain From Augmented Demand for Clean Energy Globally 


Clinton Pushes Back On Russian Uranium Deal Reports: 'Baloney'

Gas, Wind, Solar Join To Oppose Department Of Energy's Proposal To Save Coal, Nuclear Plants

DOE, NNSA Deny Alleged Risk Of ‘Catastrophic Collapse’ Of Old Y-12 Buildings


Homeland/FBI: ‘Rare Warning’ -- Hackers Targeting Nuclear Energy

Perry's Power Grid Proposal Scores with Union Backing

Post-Vermont Yankee: When A Town Loses Its Economic Center

Hackers Are Attacking Power Companies, Stealing Critical Data: Here's How They Are Doing It


DOE's Advanced Research Program Dives Into Nuclear Energy Waters

Trump’s Electricity Shakeup

Rep. Amodei Expects Yucca Mountain Bill To Pass Before Thanksgiving

Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Launch Project To Preserve History Of Old Nuclear Plant

House Also Probing Obama-Era Uranium One Deal

Rick Perry Rules Out Senate Run Against Ted Cruz In 2018

US Warns Public About Attacks On Energy, Industrial Firms

SC State Enforcement Investigating VC Summer Collapse 

Hillary Clinton, Uranium, And A Russian Spy Ring

Forecasters Predict Warmer-Than-Average Winter In Majority Of US


FERC Faces Barrage of Comments on DOE’s Coal, Nuclear Cost-Recovery Rule

New Mexico Senators Move To Support Independent DNFSB

What Will SC State House Do About Nuclear Fiasco?

NR: How Uranium One Is An All-Of-The-Above Obama Administration Scandal

Emails Show Bill Clinton Met Putin After Asking To Meet Top Nuclear Industry Official

Energy Regulators Look To Guard Grid From Cyberattacks

Bloomberg: Nuclear Fusion Unlikely to Challenge Solar, Wind Power?

WIPP: Airflow Adequate To Resume Mining Underground

A&M System To Compete For Los Alamos Contract Against UT System

Bill Clinton Sought State’s Permission To Meet With Russian Nuclear Official During Obama Uranium Decision

2015 Flashback: Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

New Mexico Senators Advocate for Nuclear Oversight Board


Trump: Obama-Era Uranium Deal Is 'Real Russia Story'


Perry Meets With Millennial Leaders in Nuclear

Blockchain: A New Aid To Nuclear Export Controls?

Las Vegas Lawmaker Makes A Last-Minute Plea To Derail Yucca Mountain Bill

DNFSB Chair Proposes Elimination Of Nuclear Oversight Agency

Moniz: US Should Incentivize The Development Of Small Modular Reactors

Ex-Energy Honcho Dings Trump on Paris And Iran Pullbacks

Millennials for Nuclear Launch Initiative on Human Capital and Nuclear Energy 

Timeline: the Russians, the Clintons and Uranium

Senate Opens Probe Into Russian Nuclear Bribery Case

Ernest Moniz 'Not There Yet' On Rick Perry's Grid Plan

WIPP Will Get More Space

Sessions Says Justice To Review Russian Uranium Deal

FERC Chairman Presents Ambitious Priorities List

Shimkus Makes Case For Why Yucca Mountain Project Should Proceed

FBI Informant Blocked From Telling Congress About Russia Nuclear Corruption Case

Research: Loops Of Liquid Metal Can Improve Future Fusion Power Plants


FERC Head Hints At Changes To Perry Plan Boosting Coal, Nuclear Plants

FBI Found Russia Bribery, Extortion Plot In US Nuclear Industry — In 2009

New Russian Nuclear Scandal Raises New Questions About Clinton Foundation

National Lab Is Cheerleader And Umpire For Reactors' Future

New Ohio Bill Reintroduces Nuclear Subsidy Program As DOE Pushes Cost Recovery NOPR


Shimkus Makes Pitch For Yucca In Nevada

EPA Says Higher Radiation Levels Pose ‘No Harmful Health Effect’

Joe Manchin Backs Rick Perry's Plan To Subsidize Coal, Nuclear Plants

Life after Palisades: Despite Extension Locals Brace For Economic Impact

Gold, Platinum And Uranium Forged In Nuclear Furnace As Stars Collide

NRC Still A 'Top Place To Work'


Why China Is Winning The Clean Energy Race

SC Legislator: '50/50' Chance VC Summer Will Be Revived

Ohio House Introduces New Zero Emissions Incentive Bill

Moniz Beats Defunct Consent-Based Drum For Waste

Factory Owners Buck Perry's Plan To Boost Coal, Nuclear Plants

FERC Head ‘Sympathetic’ To Parts Of Proposal To Support Coal, Nuclear

Hot Topics From Perry Hearing, From 'Poo-Poo' To Drudge

Hot Topics From Perry Hearing, From 'Poo-Poo' To Drudge

Nuclear Proponent Weber Seeks End To Loan Guarantee Program

Environmental Groups To Get Hearing On TVA's Clinch River Nuclear Plans

DOE Replaces Savannah River Remediation As Liquid Waste Contractor At SRS

Nuclear Innovation Alliance: Federal And State Policymakers Should Support SMR Development

SC Council Member To NNSA's Raines: 'Frankly, I Don’t Believe Anything You’ve Said' 

SC Gov's Nuclear Council Roasts NNSA Over Lack Of MOX Project Support

Rick Perry Tells Lawmakers Proposal To Boost Coal, Nuclear Power Not The 'Be-All-End-All'

Energy Secretary, Dems Clash Over Plan To Help Coal, Nuclear

Video: DOE Secretary Perry Testifies Before Energy Subcommittee

World’s Largest Nuclear Waste Melters In Place At Hanford

The US Solar Industry's New Growth Region: Trump Country


Perry: Nuclear Energy Incentives Helps National Security

SC MOX Workforce Holds At 2,000 In Face Of DOE Tourniquet 

Odd Bedfellows Fight Trump Bid To Boost Coal, Nuclear Energy

DOE’s Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule Offers Lifeline for Coal, Nuclear Plants

How to Turn Trash Into Energy in 12 Hours

FERC Rebuffs Attempts To Slow Down Perry FERC Action

FERC Seeks Questions On DOE’s Proposed Grid Resiliency Rule


Scientists Still Puzzled As Europe Is Showered In Radioactive Particles: Russia Rising?

Institute For Energy Research Slams FERC Action 

Clean Power Plan Is Doomed. What About Its Sister Rule?

Radioactive Wild Boars In Sweden Are Eating Nuclear Mushrooms


Molten-Salt Reactors Emerging As 'The Next Big Thing'


Bipartisan Yucca Amendments Bill Passes CBO Review

Nuclear Waste Stranded At Indian Point As Feds Search For Permanent Solution

How The United States Plans To Trap Its Biggest Stash Of Nuclear-Weapons Waste In Glass

New Bill Seeks To Pay Reparations To Cities Stuck With Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Plant Closures To Test Sufficiency Of Decommissioning Funds

US Government Requests Dismissal Of SC Plutonium Removal Lawsuit

Industry, National Labs Advance Manufacturing Innovation at Nuclear Apex

University of Texas Explores Bid To Manage Los Alamos Lab

Taxpayer Investment In Renewables Paying Little Dividends 

Rick Perry's Vision Of Hot Tub-Sized Nuclear Plants Isn't So Far-Fetched

SC Gov. Urges South Carolina Lawmakers To Back Sale Of Santee Cooper

It's Official: EPA To Scrap Obama Clean Power Plan


The Hunger Games of America's Electricity

The Permian Boom Is Coming To An End


New Olkiluoto Unit Delayed Again

Indian-American Entrepreneur Offers Fast-Track Mini Nuclear Reactors To India


Rick Perry A Southwest And United Guy

The Long Nuclear History Behind the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize

JPMorgan Adds Plan for Nuclear War to Bylaws. But Don't Sweat It


NASA May Run Out Of Nuclear Fuel For Deep-Space Missions In 8 Years

Perry: Coal And Nuclear Should Be 'Part Of Future'

US Energy Secretary Touts FERC Nuclear Initiative: Hits Naysayers

Piketon to DOE: 'We're Not Going To Quit'

CEOs Predict The Challenges And Trends For The Future Of World Energy

Trump Plans To Declare That Iran Nuclear Deal Is Not In The National Interest

Anti-Nuclear Weapons Group ICAN Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Spike In Airborne Radioactivity Detected In Europe

Hurricane Irma Nearly Forced FPL to shut down St. Lucie Nuclear Plant; Should It Have?

New FERC Commissioner: 'Will Not Destroy The Marketplace' In DOE Cost Recovery Rulemaking

Crews Start Injecting Grout Into Collapsed Hanford Tunnel

New ‘Molecular Trap’ Cleans More Radioactive Waste From Nuclear Fuel Rods


Video: Barrasso Grills Baran At Confirmation Hearing 

A Lifting Of Activism Leads To Pro-Activism For Nuclear Energy 

WANO, NEA Enhance Cooperation In Nuclear Safety

Ohio School Losing $4.6M After Nuclear Plant's Value Lowered

Senate Chairman Digs In On Baran NRC Nomination: 'A Big Ask'


Barrasso: Baran's NRC Positions "Deeply Troubling And Outside The Mainstream"

Capitol Hill Mixed On Perry FERC Push

DOE Grant Aims To Harden Microgrids

Key Senator Lays Out a Path for Trump on Iran Nuclear Deal

IAEA Report: 'Nuclear Energy’s Global Potential Up To 2050 Remains High'

Legislators Grill CEO Of Santee Cooper On Failed Nuclear Energy Project


Perry's Proposed Grid Rule Scrambles Energy Alliances


FERC Sets Expedited Timeline For Coal, Nuclear Support

Energy Groups Warn Trump And Perry Are Rushing Major Change To Electricity Pricing

Perry Accused Of 'Crying Wolf' On Grid Threats

Supreme Court Seeks White House View On Virginia Uranium-Mining Ban

Gas, Renewable Groups Oppose DOE's Call To Support Nuclear, Coal

First Payouts In $375 Million Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant Settlement Could Go Out By End Of October

How DOE's Baseload Power Rule 'Would Blow The Market Up'

WIPP Officials Expect Rock Fall Within A Month

New Legislation Would Provide Assistance To Zion, Other Towns With Nuclear Waste

State Troubled By Vermont Yankee Rubble Plan

Illinois-Inspired Congressional Bill Would Give Millions To Communities Storing Nuclear Waste

The Navy Just Took Delivery Of Its Most Powerful Nuclear Attack Submarine Ever

Iran Nuclear Deal May Fetch Nobel Peace Prize

DOE Directs FERC to Issue Grid Resiliency Rules Providing Cost Recovery for Traditional Baseload Generation

Energy Secretary Vows Revived Nuclear Production After Tour Of Piketon Uranium Plant

Upton Expects Yucca Vote Soon

Trump Throws Billion-Dollar Lifeline To Struggling Nuclear Energy  Plant

Nuclear Stocks Up On Perry Move

American Centrifuge Still Part Of Piketon Plant Discussions

Expected WIPP Roof Collapse Raises Anxiety

Nuclear Regulators Debate New Challenges

Trump Hands $3.7 Billion Lifeline to Vogtle Nuclear Project

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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TVA Watts Bar-2 Nuclear Unit Still Shut After Control Rod Problem

Top EnBW Shareholder Files Complaint Against German Nuclear Liability Law

Santee Cooper Will Slash $1 Billion And Won't Fill Some Jobs In VC Summer Recovery 

Investing: Uranium Investing Is a Long-Term Game

North Anna Nuclear Reactor In Louisa County Shuts Down After Water Leak

Paladin Creditors Agree To Proposed Restructuring

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Utility Offers Abandoned SC Nuclear Site To Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper Chairman Says He Won't Leave Voluntarily After Gov. McMaster Fires Him

CEO: EDF Wants to Take Part in Saudi Nuclear Plans

Ohio Nuclear Generators To Face More Competition With New 955-MW Gas Plant

Amid Privatization Talks, JEA Gets Knocked For Nuclear Energy Investment

Hitachi's Chairman Held Talks With The UK Chancellor Over A Deal For The Horizon 

SC Utility Regulators Could Cut Bills For SCE&G Customers Before Legislature Returns To Columbia

Questions Still Linger About San Onofre Shutdown Costs

Hitachi Boss Hiraoki Nakanishi Ups The Ante Over £10B Wales Nuclear Site

KHNP Seeks To Lead Nuclear Decommissioning Industry

SCANA Offers To Give VC Summer Expansion Site To Santee Cooper

Will the Uranium Market Ever Recover?

Confidential Westinghouse Report Details Early Faults With Nuclear Projects

Fitch: Funding Nuclear Project Could Hit Polish Utilities' Ratings

SCANA, Regulators Trade Jabs Over Whether Second Critical Report Was Kept Secret

Hitachi Will Stop Anglesey Nuclear Plant Funds Without Deal

Fennovoima To Spend 500M On Infrastructure Even Before Nuclear Plant Building Permit Issued

Uranium Suppliers Respond To Production Cuts

Vogtle's Fate Tied To Federal Tax Package

Biggest US Nuclear Owner Exelon Invests in Storage Startup

New Jersey Considers Nuclear Subsidies for PSEG Plants

Fluor Wins Contract For Darlington Nuclear Station Refurbishment

Baupost Expected To Make Quick Profit In Westinghouse Bankruptcy

Toshiba to Speed $1.5 Billion Payment to Southern on Nuclear Plant

Westinghouse To Put Portion Of Headquarters Office Space On The Market

EDF Gets Regulator Approval To Restart Tricastin Reactors

EDF Faces Forked Path To Renewable Future

Regulators: It Would Have Cost $4.7 Billion More To Complete SC Reactors

Kazakhstan Puts A Rocket Under Uranium Markets

PSEG Warns That Three NJ Reactors On Edge Without State Incentives

PSE&G Wants Rate Increase To Support Nuclear Energy

Investing: Here's Why Uranium Stocks Are Soaring Today

Xcel Learns To Forecast Wind, Then Shuts Coal Plants

Saudis: Door Open To US On Nuclear Energy Start-Up

UK SMR Report Imminent

South Texas Project Nuclear Plant Faces Possible Retirement

Nuclear Industry Wants Power To Self-Assess Plants

South Koreans On The Verge Of Stake In UK's NuGen Project 

EDF Eyeing Big Saudi Nuclear Projects

SCE&G Workers Face Heckling, Lose Millions In Savings After VC Summer Fail

Utility Regulators Revise Down The Number Of Emails Withheld On San Onofre Matter

2nd Undisclosed Report portrays Doomed VC Summer Project

Westinghouse Still Sees Wrapping Up Ch 11 Bankruptcy Plan By Spring

UAE Says First Of Four New Units At 96% Completion

Kansai Electric, Kyushu Electric Delay Nuclear Plant Restarts For Kobe Steel Checks

Enerpac SPMT To Move Spent Nuclear Fuel

More Questions On UK Hinkley Point

EDF To Bid On Saudi Nuclear Tender

Nuclear Waste, With Nowhere Else To Go, Languishes At NPPD's Cooper Plant

Study: Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Safe From Extreme Flooding

Lightbridge: World Nuclear Market Hinges on Innovation

SCE&G’s Move To Natural Gas Could Soak Customers

California PUC Will Rule Soon on Diablo Canyon’s Future

Investing: Exelon's Stealth Excellence

Centrica Chief Admits Interest In Selling Nuclear Stake

South Africa's Eskom: No Rush Ahead With Nuclear

Brazil, Rosatom Sign Nuclear Energy Deal

French Nuclear Output Hits 48 GW As EDF Returns More Reactors

Centrica Open To Bids For Stake In UK Nuclear Fleet

New Areva Pins Hopes On Reopening Of Japanese Reactors

Rosatom Holds Media Event to Discuss Social and Economic Aspects of Nuclear Energy

Toshiba Targets Westinghouse Sale By End Of March


EDF Faces Split

Life-And-Death Regulatory OK Elusive For Japan Atomic Power

France Weighs EDF Restructuring Scenarios, Nuclear Spinoff

Findings From VC Summer Bechtel Audit Allegedly Scrubbed

Seabrook Tax Rate Surges 9.9%

Investing: Stage Set For Uranium Bull Market After November 2016 Bottom

South Carolina Utilities Debate VC Summer Fate As 6-Week Deadline Looms

Federal Judge Awards Duke $68.5M For Spent Nuclear Fuel Costs In DOE Lawsuit

Audit: Bechtel Overcharged TVA For Labor At Watts Bar

Spent Vermont Yankee Fuel Faces An Uncertain Future

Westinghouse, NuGen Sale Accelerates With Toshiba Capital Call

Building Nuclear Connections At MIT's Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

US Q3 Uranium Production Falls By 17%

EDF Reports Quality Control Failings Regarding Some Rods At Nuclear Reactors

EDF Informed By AREVA Of Flawed Quality Control In Fuel Rods

Vattenfall To Upgrade Two Reactors At Ringhals Nuclear Plant In Sweden

Water Seeping Into Vermont Yankee Turbine Building Slows

TVA Reports Strong Financials For 2017

Toshiba Seeks $5.4 Billion Cash Injection To Avoid Delisting

Faulty AREVA Fuel Rods Sent To Nuclear Reactors, Swiss Plant Closed

Duke Awarded $68M In Spent Nuclear Fuel Suit Against DOE

SCE&G Proposes Gas, Solar For Summer Replacement

NRC Approves 1.66% Uprate For Exelon's Peach Bottom Nuclear Units

NuVision Engineering Wins UK Nuclear Waste Contract

BWX Technologies Names Nuclear Services Group President

Swedish Utility Vattenfall To Invest In Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Business Consortium Touts North American Advanced Reactors Alliance At Energy Ministerial 

SCE&G To Cut Electricity Rates After VC Summer

Pilgrim Faces More Scrutiny Of Spent Fuel Panels

Perry Nuclear Plant Marks 30 Years of Safe and Reliable Operation

Capital Infusion to Accelerate Growth Strategy for Waste Experts: 'Best Management Team In The Industry'

SCE&G To 'Propose Solution' On Issues Tied To VC Summer

Workers Repair Hydrogen Leak at Cooper Nuclear Plant

Lightbridge and AREVA NP Sign Agreements to Immediately Advance Fuel Development

Congress Make First Evidence Requests In Uranium One, Rosatom Bribery Investigations

SC Governor Reaffirms Vow To Keep VC Summer Expansion Option Open

Customers Could Get $1.7 Billion Utility Refund If Some SC Lawmakers Get Their Way

EDF Nine-Month Revenue Fell on Lower Nuclear Prices

Texas Uranium Deposits Could Meet Us Nuclear Energy Demand For Almost A Year

Finland's Olkiluoto May Seek Further Compensation from AREVA, Siemens For Delays

Sessions Mulls Special Counsel To Probe Uranium One Deal

Rolls-Royce, Jordan To Collaborate On SMR Development

Dominion Announces Intent To Renew North Anna Licenses Beyond 60 Years

French Nuclear Output Keeps Trailing 2016 As EDF Again Delays Two Reactors

NRC Wants Indian Point To Fully Resolve Water Leaks

EDF Lowers 2018 Earnings, Cash Flow Guidance

Entergy Slams State Plan To Hire Vermont Yankee Adviser

Cameco Corp. Stock Jumps 11% in 5 Days: Is This the Bottom?

Westinghouse Eyes More Chinese Cooperation In Nuclear Projects

The Moment That Helps Explain How South Carolina Lost Its $9 Billion Nuclear Bet

Georgia Power CEO: Vogtle Delays And Cost Overruns Not Our Fault

Vogtle Critics Press Georgia Power On Nuclear Costs

Investing: Nuclear Energy Explodes Back Into The Spotlight

Indian Point Reactor Back Up And Running After Six-Day Shutdown

Rosatom Hopes To Win Saudi Nuclear Plants' Tender

TVA Raises CEO Pay After Utility Cuts Costs, Rates, Pollution And Injuries

SCANA Abandoning Unfinished Nuclear Reactors By Years End For $2 Billion Tax Deduction

SCANA Lays Out Its Plans To Walk Away From VC Summer

Uranium Miner Cameco Not Planning More Output Cuts 'Right Now'

Consultant: Cameco Job Loss Linked To Fukushima

End May Be Nearing For Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Judge Denies PG&E Plan For Ratepayers To Fund Diablo Canyon Community Support Program

Cameco Blames Low Uranium Prices As It Suspends Production At McArthur River And Key Lake

Terrestrial Energy IMSR First Commercial Advanced Reactor Assessed by Canadian Regulator

Corporate Jets And Hooters: How SCANA Tried To Bill You For Its Nuclear Expenses

EDF: Extended Safety Checks And Suppliers Constraints Have Led To High Nuclear Outages

Officials Stress 'All Areas Are Safe' After Fire At McGuire Nuclear Station

South Dakota Uranium Project Inches Ahead As Powertech USA Eyes Satellite Mine

2016 VC Summer Audit Raising Questions for Vogtle 

E.ON Shows Forward Sales Of German Nuclear Output Below Market Prices

Radiation From Damaged Fuel Rods Leads FitzPatrick To Power Down

Georgia Power Team Makes Case For Completion Of Plant Vogtle

Duke Doubles-Down On No Interest In VC Summer Completion

$25 Million A Year Decommissioning Fee Proposed For Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Investing: Gearing Up for a New Uranium Boom

NRC: Exelon's FitzPatrick Nuclear Unit In New York At Reduced Power

Is There A Silver Lining For Cameco In October Plunge?

Bill Gates And China Bond On New TerraPower Advanced Reactor 

Georgia Power: Vogtle Worth Doubling Down

Westinghouse's Projected Exit From Bankruptcy Seen Facilitating India Project

Rolls Royce’s Nuclear Division To Expand And Create 80 Jobs

SC Cooperatives Open To Santee Cooper Sale After VC Summer Fiasco

Georgia Regulators Begin Series Of Hearings Over Vogtle

Indian Point Reactor Shuts Down Unexpectedly, NRC Investigating

Unified Vogtle Team Files Recommendation To Finish Two New Georgia Reactors

Kinetrics Picks Up Amec Foster's North American Unit

Post-Courier: 'Waste And Extravagance Plagued' VC Summer

New SCE&G President Wants To Restore 'Trust And Credibility' Of Embattled Utility

Connecticut Almost Allows Dominion Energy Assistance

Moody's: US Unregulated Power Sector Outlook Remains Negative

Energy Fuels-Uranium Energy Sale Consolidates Uranium Assets

EDF: French Regulator's Clears Two More  Reactors 

TVA Leaders Say Safety Culture Improving At Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

NextEra Early Leader In Santee Cooper Bidding?

SCANA Stock Continues Free Fall, Trades Near Its Six-Year Low

Game On: Russians In Play For Saudi Nuclear Tender

Westinghouse To Install First 3D Printed Nuclear Reactor Fuel Part By 2018

Buy A South Carolina Power Company? Southern Co. Calls It 'A Long Putt'

Southern To Sell Solar Assets, Nuclear Settlement To Raise Cash

Nuclear Plant Construction: A Trial of Patience

SDG&E Proposes Customer Rebates For San Onofre Failure

Paducah Plant Cleanup Employment Now Stands At About 1,300

Scana CEO Marsh Out: Latest VC Summer Project Victim 

KHNP: Korean Firms To Bid For Saudi Nuclear Power Plant Project

EDF Would Bid In South African Nuclear Tender

How Eight Major Power Companies Are Dealing with Market Turmoil

NRC Approval Improves Access to Studsvik's CMS5 Software

KEPCO KPS, Westinghouse to Cooperate for Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

EDF Told Must Fix Anchors On Back-Up Generators At Nuclear Plants

TVA Shuts Down Its Newest Reactor For Refueling

Compensation Costs For South Korea's Shin Kori Reactors Could Rise To 138 Billion

Strike Averted At EDF's Hinkley Point Nuclear Project

EDF: Sizewell C Nuclear Plant To Come On Stream In 2031

SCANA, Santee Divide Over Whether To Preserve VC Summer Or Take Write-Offs

FirstEnergy To Sell Coal And Nuclear Generation Regardless Of What Feds Do 

Exelon Illinois Nuclear Units At 100% After Output Cuts Requested By PJM

CEO: US Ruling On Vattenfall's German Nuclear Case Expected Next Year


Uranium Giant Cameco Hunkers Down As Losses Pile Up

Westinghouse: Bankruptcy In US Won’t Impact India Nuclear Energy Project

France's EDF Trims Forecasts With New Delay In Restart Of Nuclear Reactors

Investing: Why Cameco Corp Dropped as Much as 13% Today

SCANA Expects To Cover More Than $200M Of Its Nuclear Project, Hammering Profits

Kobe Steel Sent Products With Tampered Data To JNFL

Japan Atomic Power Co. Set To Request 20 Years Extra For Tokai Nuclear Plant

Report: Nuclear Market To Show Significant Growth By 2022

Dominion Jumps As Connecticut Offers Lifeline For Millstone Nuclear Plant

Will Trump Trigger A Coal And Nuclear Buying Spree?

SCANA Reports Huge Hit To Profits In Wake Of VC Summer Mishap 

Florida Regulators Vote To End Duke Energy Nuclear Power Fee

Finnish Mining Company To Apply To Extract Uranium

SCANA Draws Fire Over VC Summer Stand Down

South Carolina Lawmakers Told Utilities' Neglect Could Ruin Parts Of Abandoned $9 Billion Nuclear Reactors

Regulators Absolve Duke Energy Customers Of Lingering Levy Costs

Westinghouse Makes Acting CFO Permanent

SCANA, Santee Cooper Ratepayers Want Receiver To Control Money From VC Summer Deal

French Regulator Ruling On EDF Reactors Life Extension Delayed

Leak at Westinghouse Columbia Site Sends Worker Fleeing To Shower

Pushing Risk Off A Cliff: How Westinghouse Ended Up In Bankruptcy

Hedge Fund Baupost Snaps Up Claims Against Toshiba

EDF Restarts French Paluel-4 Nuclear Reactor, Delays Others Couple Of Days

Rosatom Chief Sees No Impact From Sanctions

EDF Poised For £9B Boom As Carbon Market Recovers

Week-Ahead Power Prices Mixed In Europe, France Up On Nuclear Tightness

UK Govt Tilting To Rolls Royce On SMRs?

French Utility EDF Delays Restarts At Three Nuclear Reactors

Saving Coal, Nuclear Plants Pits FirstEnergy Against PUCO Before Federal Regulators

NRC Approves Two Steam Supply Upgrade Evaluation Systems

GE Vows $20 Billion Asset Sales, 'Sweeping Change' As Profit Falls

AREVA NP Installs A System Allowing Flexible Electricity Generation At Swiss Goesgen Nuclear Plant

Formal Complaint Filed With SC Agency Over Unlicensed Engineering At Nuclear Plant

CNL: Wide Interest In Small Reactor Plan

ABB Wins $130 Million Power Order For UK Nuclear Plant

Gov. McMaster to SCANA: ‘Immediately Cease’ Collecting Funds

SCANA Says It Shouldn't Be On The Hook For Laid-Off Workers' Claims After Cancelling Nuclear Project

Changes Could Endanger Vermont Yankee Sale

Ameren Making $130M of Repairs to Missouri Nuclear Plant

French Nuclear Giant EDF Seeks Business In Asia

Toshiba Under Investigation By Japan's Securities Watchdog

Lightbridge Receives Approval for Key Patent in China for its Innovative Fuel Design

South Carolina Agency Wants Nuclear Cost Customer Refunds

Maine Yankee Panel Continues Work Toward Fuel Removal

In A Rare Rebuke Of FPL, State Utility Regulators Reject Request For Nuclear Cost Recovery

FirstEnergy Nuclear Charges Still Before Lawmakers, Opponents Fight Earlier Increases At Supreme Court

US Uranium Producers Plagued By Low Prices, Scant Utility Purchasing

Scana Gets SEC Subpoena Related to Canceled Nuclear Project

PSC Regulators Say No To FPL Nuclear Fees Without Financial Analysis

SEC Seeks Documents From SCANA After VC Summer

Exelon's Dresden-3 Nuclear Unit Returns To Normal NRC Oversight

EnBW Selects AREVA Consortium For Reactor Dismantling

Bechtel Selected to Help Radioactive Waste Cleanup at South Carolina Site

Uranium Week: Revived, Not Reviled

Kapow! SCE&G Punches Back At Santee Cooper Criticisms

General Dynamics Wins $29M Contract for Nuclear Submarines

EDF Widens Backup Power Source Probe To Bugey And Fessenheim Nuclear Plants

Lightbridge Reports Progress Towards Fuel Sample Irradiation Testing

Boom in American Liquified Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World

Concrete Problems Hit Hinkley Point Tunnels

Members of SCANA Board Lacked Nuclear Expertise

Ties That Bind? How SCANA Pursued SC’s Top Pol As Nuclear Expansion Unraveled

The Biggest Company You Never Heard Of Is Building Plant Vogtle

NextEra Joins Scrum Interested In Santee Cooper Acquisition 

BWXT-Led Team Awarded $4.7 Billion Contract For DOE’s Savannah River Site Liquid Waste Services

TMI Ends What Could Be Its Last Refueling

Dominion Eyes Santee Cooper Acquisition Post-VC Summer

Westinghouse Seeks to Tap Bankruptcy Loan to Shore Up Global Nuclear Business

Second Steam Generator Placed For Vogtle Unit 3

Exelon's Quad Cities-1 And -2 Nuclear Units At 95% At Request Of PJM

This OPEC Strategy Could Boost Uranium Prices Next Year

Consolidated Figures For New Mexico Uranium Project

If SCE&G Customers Get Refunds, It’ll Be Thanks To These 8 Words

Legislators: SC Utility Won't Be Sold At 'Fire Sale Price'

Walmart Concerned About SC Rate Hikes In Wake of VC Summer Collapse

Pilgrim Nuclear Facility Failed to Identify 23 Cyber Weak Points

OPPD: Faster Fuel Removal Will Keep 100 More Workers At Fort Calhoun

France's EDF Fixing Pipe Problem At 20 Nuclear Reactors

SCANA Turns On Santee Cooper Over VC Summer

VC Summer Phoenix Rising? -- Analysts Wonder: Who Would Buy In

EDF Says Informed Regulator Of Flooding Risks At 20 Nuclear Reactors

AREVA To Cut Jobs In Niger

NRC Probes Leak At Browns Ferry

Risk-Based Assessments Slow Aging Process for Nuclear Plants

Finnish Government Backs Fortum's Uniper Bid Despite Nord Stream II Link

Report: Out-Of-State Utility Submits Bid To Buy Santee Cooper

SCANA Faces More Allegations Of Misleading Investors In Nuclear Project's Final Years

EDF Confirms Flamanville Reactor Budget, Full Start-Up End 2019

Santee Cooper Gears Up For The Fight Of Its Life In Wake Of VC Summer Collapse

Rising Costs Slow The Growth Of UK Nuclear Energy

EDF Prepares For The Next Stage Of System Performance Testing At The Flamanville EPR

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Gains European Approval For Reactor In Boost For Exports

SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh Is At The Center Of The Nuclear Project's Spectacular Failure. Who Is He?

Richland Nuclear Plant OK’d To Ship Radioactive Waste

SCE&G Delayed Budget Request For VC Summer Until Longtime Utility Regulator Re-Elected

Expect More Nuclear Fallout At SC Senate Hearing

Holtec International Opens Nuclear Technology Campus In NJ

Is Holtec Headed for Ukraine to Manufacture SMRs for Europe & Asia?

Santee Cooper Names Retired In-House Lawyer As Interim CEO

Milestones At Vogtle Includes 71-Hour Concrete Pour

How Did The South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant Weather Harvey?

Ex-Santee Cooper Executives In Running For Interim Post At Troubled State Power Company

Japan Nuclear Stocks Down On Opposition Party’s Phase-Out Plans

Aura Energy: Uranium Bounces Back In The Global Market

Beleaguered Santee Cooper To Tap Interim CEO

Investment Missteps Humble Toshiba A Once-Proud Japanese Industrial Leader

Nikkei: Reactors' Safety Approval Is Good Sign For TEPCO Turnaround

Westinghouse Seeks $8.4M In Bonuses To Keep Executive Team In Place

Hinkley Point C Project Powers Ahead

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant In NJ May Close Before Planned 2019 Shutdown

NuGen CEO Notes Delayed Start For UK Moorside Plant

SCANA Stock Has Fallen 33% in 2017: What’s Next?

Investing: Where Will Cameco Corporation Be in 5 Years?

Letters, Emails Highlight Santee Cooper's Concerns About SC Nuclear Reactors And Independent Audit

Legislators Grill CEO of Public Co-Owner of VC Summer

Toshiba To Buy Back Westinghouse Stake From Kazakh Company

Duke, Dominion, Southern Among Power Companies In Talks With Gov. Henry McMaster to Buy Santee Cooper

SCANA Hires Former SC Deputy Attorney General For Help In Nuclear Plant Probe

NuGen To Secure Buyer For UK Moorside Nuclear Project By Early Next Year

Toshiba Buying Back 10 Percent Stake In Westinghouse Unit For $522 Million

Georgia Power Clears Critical Hurdle In Receiving First Payment On New Reactors

4 Potential Buyers For Santee Cooper

Rosatom Sees Success in Latin America

Westinghouse And Turboatom To Increase Nuclear Power Plant Capacity In Ukraine

EDF Says Delayed Penly 1 Reactor Restart Due To Technical Issues

SCE&G, Santee Cooper Stuck With $244 Million Of Unpaid Bills Left Over From VC Summer 

SCANA Shareholders Burned As Fallout From South Carolina Nuclear Project Spreads

Efforts Ramp Up To Save Or Sell Davis-Besse

South Texas Nuclear Plant Granted License Extension

AREVA’s Space-Saving Solution For Used Fuel Storage

EDF Shares Extend Losses As Exane Cuts Rating On Stock

New CEO To Take Helm Of Santee Cooper

Private Equity Sees Play On Westinghouse

SCE&G Calls Request To Roll Back Customer Payments For Failed Nuclear Project 'Illegal And Unconstitutional'

BWXT Joint Venture Awarded Three-Year, $928 Million Contract Extension

Entergy Reversal -- Palisades Extended To 2022

Leak: Internal Westinghouse Document Warned VC Summer Construction Was 'At Risk' In 2011

SCANA’s Future Cloudy As Furor Over Failed Nuclear Plant Intensifies

Price Of Stock In Nuclear-Besieged SCANA Drops Sharply

Toshiba At A Turning Point: What Does The Future Hold?

Blackstone, Apollo Team Up For Westinghouse Bid

SCANA, Santee Cooper Sell Nuclear Guarantee For Quicker Payout

Westinghouse Asks Court To Block Georgia Power From Cancelling Vogtle Contract

Westinghouse Signs Bohunice V1 Decommissioning Contract

BWSR Contract With Bechtel Main Propulsion Is Extended

A Startup Claims to Have Found a Solution to Stabilize Nuclear Fusion

Santee Cooper May Sell Its Share Of Toshiba Settlement

The Good News For Backers Of Plant Vogtle’s Expanded Nuclear Capacity

SCE&G Customers May Get Break On Power Bills To Offset Nuclear Plant Debacle

China National Nuclear, Shenhua Team Up To Develop Gen-4 Reactor

WCS Awarded $19M For Storing WIPP Waste

S&P -- Entire US Nuclear Energy Fleet Could Disappear In 38 Years

Fortum Launches €8B Offer For Uniper After Securing Eon’s Stake

SCANA Hit With New Federal Lawsuit

Nesca To Restart Pebble Bed Reactor Fuel Production

Michigan OKs Consumers Energy Plan To Opt Out Of Buying Power From Palisades Nuclear Plant

South Carolina AG, House leaders Ask State Law Enforcement Chief To Investigate VC Summer Debacle

Anti Group Sues To Block EDF's Flamanville Reactor Approval

Uniper CEO Attacks 'Hostile' Fortum Offer, Rejected Bid in July

UT System Prepares Los Alamos Bid To Manage US Nuclear Facility

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Japanese Court Overturns Ikata Plant Restart Decision 

French Nuclear Delays Escalate as Contractors Fumble in Dark

British MPs Seek Close Ties To Euratom Post-Brexit To Avoid Nuclear Disruption

Poland's New PM Voices Backing For Nuclear, Green Energy In Future

High Support For Nuclear Among Polish Citizens

Brazil's Eletronuclear Woes May Lead To Supply Interruption

Russian Atomenergomash Ships Reactor Lid For Second Unit Of Belarusian Nuclear Plant

Japan Says Its CO2 Emissions Inched To 6-Year Low In Last Financial Year

Tests Reveal Crack In Key Component Of Chinese Nuclear Energy Plant

If Renewables Aren’t Growing Fast Enough to Replace Nuclear, What Are Europe’s Options?

Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Construction Begins In Turkey Under Limited License

Putin and Sisi Set to Finalize Egyptian $30 Billion Nuclear Plant Deal

Argentina Invests Billions Of Dollars In Nuclear Energy

Screenings For Restart Of Japan's Tomari Nuclear Plant Likely To Be Prolonged

China Considers Nuclear Option To Solve Winter Heating Woes

Is The Future Bright For Britain's Nuclear Energy Industry?

Jordan, Russia Sign Memo Over SMRs

Russia, Egypt Set To Sign Nuclear Energy Plant Deal

Nuclear Plant Construction In Finland Goes Ahead While Awaiting Final Permit

Russia Blames Radioactive Cloud On Falling Satellite

Russia's Nuclear Industry Tries To Dispel Fears Over Mysterious Radioactive Cloud

Russia: Spike In Radioactivity Unrelated To Nuclear Plant

UK Nuclear Sector Vows To Cut Construction Cost By 30%

Business Federation: Japan Needs More Nuclear Plants

UK Nuclear Sector Vows To Cut Construction Cost By 30%

UK Sees Nuclear Windfall For New Technologies - But Concerns Over Cost Persist

Energy Minister: South Africa To Proceed With Nuclear Energy Expansion

UK To Fund Further Review Of Small Reactors Potential 

‘Reactors For Future Chinese Nuclear Carriers’ Put On Show

Russia Mulls Additional Two Nuclear Icebreakers

Reps. Upton, Johnson Request Reform Of International Civil Nuclear Trade Authorizations Speed

South Korea’s KEPCO Beats Chinese in UK Nuclear Race

UAE, US Join Hands In Strategic Energy Use

Iter Nuclear Fusion Project Reaches Key Halfway Milestone

Operator Submits 30-Year Plan To Scrap Japan's Monju Fast Test Reactor

Smoke At French Nuclear Site Forces 200 To Evacuate

South Korea's KEPCO Snares Preferred Bidder Status For Stake in UK's NuGen

China Hopes Cold War Nuclear Energy Tech Will Power Warships, Drones

In India's First, KKNPP-I, II Achieves Record 2000 MW Mark In Power Generation


French Environmental Minister Sounds Nuclear Retreat -- ASAP

France To Reduce Share Of Nuclear In Power Mix 'ASAP'

Nuclear Has 'Clear Role To Play' In UK Industrial Strategy

New Report Highlights Civil Nuclear’s Contribution To UK Economy

Units 1,2 of India's Kundankulam Nuclear Plant Generates Full Capacity Of 2000 MW 

Lifetime Extension Of Nuclear Plants Is Big Problem Of EU’s Nuclear Energy Sector

Nuclear Energy 'Contributed £1bn' To Scottish Economy In 2016

Russia to Get New Fifth-Generation Nuclear Attacks Sub in 2030s

French Nuclear Output Above 50 GW For First Time Since February

AEOI Advisor: Iran Acquires Technology To Produce Nuclear Batteries


Uranium Producers Surge After Kazakhstan's Output Cut

Fukushima Dome Roof Takes Shape, But Radiation Remains High

UAE Dismisses Reports Of Yemen Rocket Attack On Barakah Plant

South Korean Minister Meet's Next Czech PM To Help Win Support For Nuclear Plant Deal

Russia Takes Action To Clean Up Soviet Era Nuclear Waste

Jordan Opens Door To Building US Gas-Cooled Reactor

Extending A Plant's Life Tied To Japanese Nuclear Policy

Decommissioning Of Canada's Candu Protoype Moves Forward

In Germany's Appalachia, The Last Coal Mine Is Closing

Austrian Parties Plan To Use Brexit To Reopen EU Nuclear Energy Pact

Sweden Needs To Further Add Power Capacity Or Face Shortages

President Zuma Assures South Africans Of Transparent Nuclear Program

Ontario Power's Proposed Low-Level Waste Facility Draws More Fire From Lake Huron Neighbors 

Bangladesh Starts Constructing its First Nuclear Energy Plant

Australia Testing Robots To Track Spent Nuclear Fuel

France Clamps Down on Radioactive Belarus Mushrooms

Russia Extends Advanced Nuclear Energy Technology In Bangladesh, India 

Australian SMR Feasible By 2030

South Korea's Nuclear Reactor Surge To Hamper Moon's Renewable Push

IAEA Mission Sees Safety Commitment at Russia’s Leningrad Nuclear Plant, Areas for Improvement

IAEA’s INPRO Fosters Innovations for Sustainable Nuclear Energy

Kazakhstan, China To Build Nuclear Fuel Assembly Plant

China's First Marine Nuclear Reactor Will Be Ready By 2020

South Korea, France Agree To Expand Energy Cooperation

EU's Energy Union Becoming A Reality, Says Commission

Japan's Kyushu Electric Likely To Delay Nuclear Plant Restart Due To Kobe Steel Checks

UK, South Korea To Extend Nuclear Cooperation

Report: Ontario Nuclear Refurbishment Good Way to Supply Low- Emission Power

X-energy Signs MOU with Jordan Atomic Energy Commission

Fukui’s Push For Reactor Restarts Reflects Local Economy’s Reliance On Nuclear Energy

Why Russia Wants to Control the World’s Uranium Supply

South Korea Stepping Up Efforts To Build Nuclear Reactors In Britain

EDF Says Individuals Detained After Breaking Into Cruas Nuclear Plant

Egypt's Parliament Approves Laws Creating Nuclear Energy Regulatory Bodies

UK Industrial Strategy Highlights 'Vital Part' Of Nuclear Energy

UK Government Prioritizes Clean Growth In Key Industrial Strategy Document

Russia Taking Action to Address Nuclear Waste Hazards in Far North

China’s CNNC To Build Fifth Reactor Unit At Chashma Plant In Pakistan

CNA Hails Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Policy on Nuclear Energy

Chernobyl Goes Solar as First Panels in Nuclear Zone Near Finish


Kansai's Ohi 3 & 4 Units Clear Hurdles For Restart

Japanese Governor Opposes Restarting Reactors At Oi Nuclear Plant

Egyptian Parliament Approves Draft Law On Regulating Nuclear Activities

Fukushima Face-Lift Masks Morass Inside

China Signs Deal To Build New Nuclear Reactor In Pakistan

Lithuania Given EU Backing In Nuclear Plant Dispute With Belarus

Fukushima: A Million Tonnes Of Radioactive Water Still In Storage After Nuclear Disaster

A Swedish Power Plant Is Burning H&M Clothes Instead Of Coal

Russia Opens Commission Into 'Nuclear Incident' Report

The Town At The Center Of Russia's Secretive Nuclear Complex

Rosatom: Nuclear Specialists To Set Up Commission To Find Source Of Ruthenium-106


Plucky Rugged Robot Survives Fukushima, Finds the Last of the Melted Uranium

China And The UK To Bolster Energy Cooperation

Turbine Island Construction Proceeds For China's Hualong One


Westinghouse Eyes Saudi Tender


A Radiation Cloud, And A Continued Mystery, From Russia

Amid Radiation Scare, Russian Atomic Agency Finds ‘No Violations’

French Parliament Plans Investigation Into Nuclear Security

Rosatom Drafts Law Giving Itself Control Of The Russian Arctic

Crowded At Russia's Port For Arctic Nuclear Vessels

Russia Admits Nuclear Leak Near Mayak Fuel Cycle Complex

FT: UK Made ‘Grave Strategic Errors’ In Hinkley Point Project

South Korea’s Industry Minister Embarks Trip to Europe for Nuclear Plant Sales

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Develop Nuclear Energy

EU Donates €20 Million For Safe Nuclear Energy In Iran

Qatar Stresses Peaceful Use Of Nuclear Energy

Inside The Caribbean’s Only Nuclear Reactor

Russia, in Reversal, Confirms Radiation Spike

Here's What You Need to Know About That Mysterious Radiation Cloud Over Europe

Rosatom Denies Leak At Mayak -- A Mystery

Russia Confirms ‘Extremely High’ Radiation in Ural Mountains

Russia Reports Radioactivity 986 Times The Norm After Nuclear Accident Claim

Japan Atomic Power To Seek Lifespan Extension For Tokai #2

Swiss Nuclear Plant Supplied With Defective Tubes

Mystery Persists Over Where Rosatom Will Fuel Its Floating Nuclear Plant

Russia Confirms 'Extremely High' Readings Of Radioactive Pollution

Ernest & Young: UK's Nuclear Sector Needs Support And Clarity From Government

Nuclear Energy For The Arctic: Solutions From Russian Engineers

The Fukushima Cleanup Is Progressing, But at a Painstaking Pace

Six Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors' Melted Uranium Fuel

Israel Wants to Keep Aging Dimona Nuclear Reactor Operating Until 2040, When It Will Be 80

Russia's Rosatom to Take Over Arctic Development

New Theory Rewrites Opening Moments Of Chernobyl Disaster

Clues In That Mysterious Radioactive Cloud Point Toward Russia

Civil Nuclear Cooperation 'Important Pillar' Of India-France Engagement

Turkey's Erdogan Says Wants Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Foundations Laid By End-November

China’s Nuclear Spaceships Will Be ‘Mining Asteroids And Flying Astronauts To The Moon’ As It Aims To Overtake Us In Space Race

UK Regulators Start Assessment Of Chinese Nuclear Reactor Design

Design For Planned UK Nuclear Plant In Essex Unveiled

Korea's KHNP Halts Work In Four New Reactors Amid Government Doom-And-Gloom

Japanese Institute Will Try To Extract Precious Metal From Nuclear Waste

Disposal Of Low-Level Radioactive Waste From 2011 Fukushima Begins

Report Describes Bulgaria's Belene Nuclear Plant Project as Vital

Global Coal Pledge Puts Merkel on the Spot – Again

China-Designed UK Nuclear Reactor Plan Clears First Assessment Stage

China Wants To Build A Nuclear-Powered Space Shuttle By 2040


Nuclear For Climate Goes Bananas In Bonn

Nine Nuclear Reactors In Japan Use Products Manufactured By Steelmaker That Admitted Faking Quality Data

A Russian Nuclear Power Play in Belarus


NYT: A Radioactive Cloud Wafts Over Europe, With Russia as Chief Suspect

Carbon Tax Thrusts Britain Towards The Top Of Low Carbon Energy League Table

Russia To Float Out Next-Generation Strategic Nuclear Submarine On November 17

South Korean Nuclear Reactors Unaffected By Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake

Philippines, Russia Sign Pact On Nuclear Energy Cooperation


IEA -- Global Nuclear Capacity To Spiral To 516 GW By 2040


Heat On 'Climate Chancellor' Merkel Over Nuclear Mothballing, Coal Growth

IAEA Confirms Iran Is Meeting Its Commitments Under Nuclear Agreement

First Steam Generator Installed at China's Fuqing 5

Antis To Appeal New South African Nuclear Plant Decision

In Shadow Of Germany’s Climate Conference, A Village Disappears To Make Way For Coal

China And Vietnam To Cooperate On Nuclear Safety

Belarus Interested In Further Constructive Cooperation With IAEA

Eskom Mum On Whether Nuclear Energy Has Been Given The Green Light


TEPCO Starts Installing Device To Remove Fuel Assemblies At Fukushima

Russia Eyes Over 50% Localization For India's New Kudankulam Nuclear Reactors

Russia, Kazakhstan Non-Reactor Incident Fingered As Source Of 'Harmless' Radioactive Cloud Over Europe

Ukraine Starts Building Centralized Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facility

China's Appetite for US Energy Falls Shy of Binding Deals


FERC Chairman Proposes 'Interim' Plan To Keep Coal And Nuclear Energy Plants 'Afloat'

French Institute Suspects Nuclear Accident In Russia Or Kazakhstan In September

China Investments May Shape Future Of CEE Energy Markets

Zuma's Last Ditch Effort To Secure A South African Nuclear Energy Deal

In Focus: Hualong One Nuclear Project In SE China's Fujian

UK's Wylfa Newydd: Archaeological Dig Ahead Of Nuclear Station Build

Lithuania Worries That A Russia-Funded Nuclear Reactor In Belarus Is Part Of A Push For More Power


Advanced Nuclear Finds A More Welcome Home In Canada

French Nuclear Safety Authority To Rule On EDF Reactor Lifespan In 2020-21

Robots Replacing Man to Test Eddy Current at Indian Nuclear Plants

UN Nuclear Chief Rejects US Claim That Enforcement Of Iran Deal 'Weak'

South Africa's Gigaba Meets With World Bank on Nuclear Plan

Taiwan's Uranium Reserves To Be Disposed Of In 2 Years


France Kicks Can On 2025 Target To Reduce Nuclear Electricity Mix: 'Not Realistic'

UK SMR Report Expected To ‘Challenge’ Industry 

Japan Nuclear Regulator Says Restart Approval Pace Unlikely To Speed Up

Hungary To Tap Russian Loan To Finance Paks Nuclear Costs

South Korea Toughens Seismic Safety Regulations For Nuclear Reactors

IAEA to Lead Events at Climate Change Talks on Energy Policy, Nuclear Energy, Ocean Acidification

South Africa's Zuma Remains Committed To Nuclear Project And Russia

UAE's ENEC Holds Public Forums As Reactor Construction Progresses

South Africa's Zuma Slams Critics Of Nation's Nuclear Energy Proposal

Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Waste Permit Consultation Starts


Chinese Premier Calls For Stronger Co-Op With US In Next-Generation Nuclear Technology

A Rare Inside Look At Earthquake Stress Testing Of Indian Nuclear Reactors

The Next Big Cyberattack Could Turn America’s Lights Off

Japan’s Nuclear Energy Program: A Strategic Paradox?

The Post-Fukushima Legacy: Nuclear Energy in Asia, South Korea’s Nuclear Energy Industry

China, UK Team Up To Train Nuclear Engineers

Russia Nuclear Chief Asks Global Community To Develop Nuclear Fuel Cycle Tech Crucial To India’s Energy Program

Uranium-Endowed South Africa Stands To Benefit From Ambitions To Improve Electricity Access In Africa

The UK's Race To Get Its Own Nuclear Inspectors

President Zuma: South Africa Considering Best Time For Nuclear Energy Expansion

Pakistan Plans New Nuclear Reactors, 9,000MW of Energy by 2030

UAE Nuclear Program Celebrates Diversity

South Korean Nuclear Energy Stop and Go Perplexes

Russia Starts Construction on New Iranian Nuke Plant

Brexit Visas Needed For New Nuclear Plant On Anglesey

Report: UK State Should Invest In Nuclear

Bangladesh To Start Work On First Nuclear Reactor Next Month

Russian Expert: Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Is The Future Of The Global Industry

China Close To Completing 1st Nuclear Reactor In Northern Sea

Poland Will End Coal Investments, Move Toward Nuclear

Egypt Expects To Finalize Contracts For Nuclear Power Plant By End-2017

Dysfunctional German Grid Forces Utilities To Pay Consumers For Energy They Don't Need 

Saudis -- Tender Launched, 17 Reactors, Fuel Self-Sufficiency


Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia Plans Dramatic Shift To Nuclear Energy

Saudi Arabia Takes First Step Towards Nuclear Plant Tender

UAE Nuclear Regulator Inspecting Barakah Nuclear Plant Reactor, Not Planning Delays

Argentina To Start Building Two New Nuclear Reactors In 2018

Pakistan Plans To Build Several New Nuclear Reactors 

China Close To Completing First Offshore Nuclear Reactor

Does A Nuclear Saudi Arabia Risk Inflaming Middle East Tensions?

South Korea Will Enter Bid For Czech Nuclear Project

Tunnel Collapse May Have Killed 200 After North Korea Nuclear Test

Russia Signs Agreement With Nigeria to Build Nuclear 

Saudi Arabia To Extract Uranium For 'Self-Sufficient' Nuclear Program

US Pursuing Rigorous New Nuclear Inspection Regime in Iran

South Korea Set For Record Coal Imports On Nuclear Outages As Winter Looms

South Korea Expresses Interest In Czech Nuclear Project

China Growing Fastest in Nuclear Energy Production

1st Meeting Held In Japan To Explain Map For Final Disposal Of Nuclear Waste

France To Decide Nuclear Shutdown Numbers Next Year

Russia: Why Old Chinese Nuclear Reactors in Africa Must Be Upgraded

Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant Output Hits 25 Billion kWh

Ukraine, CNNC Discuss Organization Of Nuclear Fuel Production

Unit 2 of India's Kudankulam Nuclear Plant To Be Operational Soon 

French Nuclear Regulator Says EDF's Tricastin Dike Repairs Not Complete

UK Study Aims To Identify Nuclear Cost Reductions

Indian Navy's Dream of Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Suffers a Hit

Russian Scientists Develop Software for Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Technology

South Korea Pressed by Urgent Construction of Spent Nuclear Fuel Treatment Facilities

Russia's Atomflot To Get New Storage Vessel For Spent Nuclear Fuel


Putin Calls NNSA Bluff On MOX Dilute And Store: Violates Non-Proliferation Treaty

South Korea Intent On Joining Bid For Saudi Arabia Nuclear Energy Despite Domestic Downturn 

Ex-US Senator Blasts US-India Nuclear Deal: 'Dead At The Very Beginning' 

South Korea's Nuclear Energy Debate

French Nuclear Energy Output Hits 40 GW On Reactor Ramp-Up

Finance Minister: South Africa To Consider Nuclear Energy When Economy Recovers

Perry Offers Help To Spread Electricity, Development In Africa 

Saudi Minister Says Global Energy Demand Expected To Jump 45% By 2050

How China has Become the World's Fastest Expanding Nuclear Power Producer

UN Nuclear Chief To Visit Iran This Weekend

Toshiba To Help Enhance Ukraine's Nuclear Fleet


Rosatom In The Hot Seat On Renewed Uranium One Investigation

South Korea to Cut Number of Nuclear Reactors to 14 by 2038

Preparing The Ground For Russia’s First Floating Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Debris Heading To Intermediate Storage Facility

Encouraging Careers in Nuclear: The UK’s Strategy for a Sustainable Nuclear Workforce

Asia Remains Biggest Area For Nuclear Growth

South Korea To Resume Building Two New Nuclear Reactors, But Scraps Plans For 6 Others

UK On Track To Approve Construction of 'Mini' Nuclear Reactors

IAEA Conference on Nuclear Plant Life Management Opens

UAE Celebrates International Collaboration

South Korea Does A Sudden U-Turn On Nuclear Energy

'Tired Mountain Syndrome'? North Korea's Nuclear Test Site May Have It

Moon: Korean Vote To Complete Reactors 'Wise And Intelligent' But Nuclear Phaseout To Continue

Evacuations After Non-Nuclear Emergency At UK's Sellafield Plant


The 'Super Hero' Swimming Robot That Could Help Clean Up Fukushima

Moon Bounce: Vote To Resume Nuclear Build A Blow For New South Korean Prez

Japan's Aging Fleet Of Reactors Spell Trouble For Energy Blueprint

Russian Envoy: Austria Most Ill-Disposed Towards Nuclear Energy In European Union

South Korea Will Resume Reactor Work, Defying Nuclear Opponents

Rosatom Obtains First License On Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Construction In Turkey

The UAE’s Nuclear Path: Q&A with Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi

South Korea Survey Backs Restarting Construction Of Two Nuclear Reactors

South Korea's Moon Will Resume Building Nuclear Reactors

Stalled Korea Reactors Show Risks to Betting on Moon

Icy, Dark Finland Turning on Nuclear Energy

Beyond the Nobel Prize: The Rise of Nuclear-Powered India

India Seeks To Buy More Than 2,000 Tons Of Uzbek Uranium

South Africa To Enhance Nuclear Energy Use

South Koreans Evenly Divided Over Future Of Shingori Nuclear Plant

What's Behind China's Breakthrough in Nuclear Energy Production?

Chinese-Built Steam Generator On Route To Fuqing Unit 5

Russian Officials Admit That Sanctions Are Throwing Nuclear Icebreaker Plans Behind

Japan’s Nuclear Watchdog To Require New Cooling System For Boiling Water Reactors

Impact of Hanhikivi 1 Licensing Delay Remains Unclear

Canadians Move on SMRs

DOE Deputy Secretary: Civil Nuclear Agreement With Japan To Be Extended

Post-Hinkley Point, UK Aims To Tighten Takeover Rules On Smaller Defense Companies

IAEA Helps Strengthen Member States' Capacity to Manage Nuclear Information

South Africa’s Zuma Targets Nuclear Revival

South Korean Gov’t to Support KEPCO in Winning British Nuclear Power Plant Projects

China Focus: Domestic Steam Generator Headed For Nuclear Plant

India to Launch 2nd Strategic Nuclear Sub by End of 2017

Japan's Kansai Electric To Shut Down 2 Major Nuclear Reactors

Canada Hydro Looks To Snare US Market Share 

China Sees Nuclear Advance -- Faster Growth Expected As Global Recognition Grows

French Regulator Highlights Safety Risks At Nuclear Reactors Globally

SNU, Harvard, MIT Scholars Take Issue With South Korea's Anti-Nuclear Policy


UK Leaning Toward Government Magnox Subsidiary For D&D

Nuclear Energy Issue Unlikely To Be Decisive Factor In Japanese Election

Critical Week For South Korea's Nuclear Energy Industry

Belarus Open To Cooperation With Bangladesh In Nuclear Energy

Hinkley Nuclear Plant Hit By Concrete Flaws Found By Owner EDF

Brexit Is a Game Changer for the British Nuclear Industry

Kobe Steel Scandal Could Rattle Japanese Nuclear Industry

Why Energy-Rich Australia Suffers the World’s Priciest Power

Nuclear Industry Acts On 'No Deal' Brexit As MPs Plot Euratom Rebellion

Austria Considers Legal Action Over Hungarian Nuclear Plant Expansion

Working Group Set Up To Integrate Belarusian Nuclear Plant Into Power Grid

IAEA Flags Half of Norway's Nuclear Reactors

Canada Wants to Solve US Nuclear Woes With Faraway Dams

Nuclear Industry Scrambles To Avoid Euratom Cliff Edge

South Africa's Eskom Gets Nod To Develop New Nuclear Station

Latest North Korea Earthquake A Sign Of Instability At Nuclear Test Site

Jury On Fate Of 2 Unfinished South Korean Nuclear Reactors To Enter Crucial Debate Camp

Trump To Make Iran Deal Announcement Friday

Europe's Nuclear Trade Body Pushes For Swift 'Brexatom' Deal With UK

UK Publishes Nuclear Safeguards Bill for Post-Brexit Period

Japan Nuclear Fuel Skipped Safety Checks At Rokkasho Plant For 14 Years


Greenpeace Activists Light Fireworks At French Nuclear Plant


Kazakhstan To Begin Supplying Uranium To China

Iran's Secret Sites Linked To Nuclear Weapons Development Revealed

Hacking North Korea Is Easy. Its Nukes? Not So Much

UK Accused Of £122M ‘Failure’ In Nuclear Clean-Up Contract

Turkey To Break Ground On Akkuyu Nuclear Plant By Latest Early 2018

Canadian Nuclear Industry Welcomes 'Strong' Federal Government Support

Final Decision Nearing On Ending Construction Of Shin-Kori 5, 6 Reactors

Saudi Arabia To Award Nuclear Reactor Contract By End 2018

India Looking At Granting Indemnity To US Nuclear Energy Suppliers

Russia’s Nuclear Sector Is Surging

Japanese Court Rules Against Government, TEPCO in Biggest Fukushima Class Action

Greenpeace: France's Nuclear Spent-Fuel Pools Major Security Risk

Abe, Koike Set Economic Battle Lines on Tax, Nuclear Energy

South Korea Vows Continued Support For Nuclear Export Push

Senior UK Officials Defend £20B Hinkley Point Nuclear Project

Iran Attempted To Buy Nuclear Technology Illegally 32 Times

Finland’s 10-Year Wait for a Nuclear Reactor Just Got Longer

Iran Names Nuclear Negotiating Team Member Jailed For Spying

Rosatom's Paks Nuclear Project In Hungary Delayed

IAEA Sees Safety Commitment at UAE's First Nuclear Plant Ahead of Planned Operation Start

Japan Turns From Leader To Laggard In Emissions Reduction

France Hit By Further Nuclear Delays, Outages

Rosatom Intends To Finalize Site For New Nuclear Plant Construction In China By Year-End

Russia, Saudi Arabia To Develop Nuclear Cooperation

Putin: Russia Remains Committed To Iran Nuclear Deal

Rosatom Announces New Fueling Dates For Russian Floating Nuclear Plant

Iran Sentences Member Of Nuclear Negotiating Team To Five Years In Jail

Japan Nuclear Panel Plans Reduction In Plutonium Stockpile, But Details Remain Unclear

Tony Abbott Says Nuclear Energy Should Be Part Of Australia’s Energy Mix

European Commission Still Silent On Hungarian Nuclear Contract

TEPCO Shares Up As Milestone Reached Towards Restart Of World’s Largest Nuclear Site 


TEPCO Gets First Preliminary Approval For Nuclear Restart Since Fukushima

Defense Secretary Mattis Suggests Sticking With Iran Nuclear Deal

EDF Says Dike Strengthening Works Started At Tricastin Nuclear Plant

Government To Rethink Hinkley Point Funding Model For Future Projects 

Minister: CEZ Can't Fund Czech Nuclear Expansion on Its Own

Saudi Arabia Drums Up Support For Nuclear Energy Ambitions

Uranium Supply To Power Uzbek-India Growing Ties 

Japan Nuclear Stocks Lukewarm After Tokyo Governor Denies Parliament Run


Tories Told Brexit Threatens UK’s Nuclear Renaissance Dream

Chinese Company Behind New UK Nuclear Plant 'Refused To Give Security Details To British Authorities'

Chinese Firm Behind Essex Nuclear Plant Refuses To Reveal Security Information

Saudi Eyes International Support For Nuclear Project Plans

Nuclear Energy Policy Emerges As Key Difference Between Abe And Koike

Hinkley Point C: Amazing Pictures And Video Show Vast Scale Of Work A Year After It Was Approved

India Plays Major Role In Nuclear Plant In Bangladesh 

UK Nuclear Authority Gives Notice On Ending CFP's Magnox Contract

Putin: Russia Expects To Launch Unit 1 of Turkey Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Soon

Russia May Help Brazil Develop its Nuclear Plant

Largest French Nuclear Training Centre Opens

Restart of Oi Nuclear Reactors Gets Implicit Approval From Fukui Assembly

EDF To Close Temporarily Tricastin Nuclear Plant Over Flooding Risk

What Can Russia Learn From Its Flashy New Nuclear Icebreaker Push?

Tokyo Governor Koike: Will Examine Steps to Exit Nuclear Energy by 2030

Global Nuclear Organizations Enhance Cooperation

Puerto Rico Eyed As Electricity Grid Innovation Testing Ground

Why Nuclear Energy Is The Backbone Of Ontario’s Clean Electricity System

Czechs Can Build Nuclear Unit Without Foreign Money

World Nuclear Association Welcomes Akkuyu Construction

EU Power Generators Warn Plan to Cut Use of Coal May Backfire

Multiple Challenges Remain To Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup

UAE Inks Nuclear Energy Deals With UK, Canada

Another New Country Introduces Nuclear Energy – Turkey

Spent Nuclear Fuel Removal At Fukushima Plant Pushed Back Again

Mayor Gives OK To Restart Reactors At Oi Nuclear Plant

India in Talks with Several Countries to Build Strategic Nuclear Fuel Reserve

UAE Working With Regional Countries On Nuclear Energy

Putin's Latest Arctic Move: Russia Leads World With New Nuclear Icebreaker

Will North Korea Sell Its Nuclear Technology?

Sudan’s First Nuclear Energy Plant Nears Completion

UAE Energy Minister: First Nuclear Reactor To Be Operational Next Year

IAEA Slates Meeting In Abu Dhabi Next Month

Russia Launches ‘World’s Biggest And Most Powerful’ Nuclear Icebreaker Ship

Carmakers, Coal Plants Seen Suffering If Greens Join German Coalition

Iraq Asks UN For Help To Build New Nuclear Energy Reactor

Study: India Third In Nuclear Energy Installations


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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