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America’s Next Nuclear Reactor Took 8 Years To Get Past Gov’t Red Tape

Moniz: Eight Critical US Nuclear Energy Issues That Should Be Addressed Now

Pro-Nuclear Group Targets Chicago Environmental Organization

Americans More Scared of Clowns than Climate Change

Bloomberg: End of Nuclear in US Seen by Carlyle Group Without Subsidies

Nuclear Plants Leak Critical Alerts In Unencrypted Pager Messages

US Nuclear Secrets Trial Cools Co-Operation With China

WIPP Storage Plan Draws Concern

Feds Endorse Vermont Yankee Fuel, Waste Handling

Nuclear Regulators Schedule Meeting To Review Proposed Cyber Rules

Future of MOX Facility Uncertain But Optimistic

Maintaining Nuclear Energy Supply Will Spare NY Consumers From Power Price Spike


Moniz: US Must Decide Its Nuclear Future In The Next 5 Years


Trending: Activists Embrace #SaveTheNukes

Moniz: Congress Should Authorize Interim Nuclear Fuel Storage

Closing This Nuclear Reactor Will Devastate A Small American Town

DOE Site Tours Attract Visitors From Across US

Waste, Families Left Behind As Nuclear Plants Close


Taps Sound For The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant

Rush Limbaugh Talks Clintons And Uranium One Deal

Analysis: American Experts Hope For Further Cooperation Between US And Russia In Nuclear Field


Professor Writes Paper On Nuclear Physics Using Only iOS Autocorrect

Pro-Nuclear Environmentalists March To Save Illinois Plants

Nuclear And Natural Gas In Tug Of War Over Energy Future

Georgia Power Official Touts Diverse Generation Portfolio

Antis Seek Details NY Guarantee For FitzPatrick Plant Sale To Exelon

After 20 Years Of Nuclear Dormancy, A New Reactor Emerges In The US

What Decades of Failed Forecasts Say About Clean Energy and Climate Change

A Price On Carbon May Be Coming Soon To The US

Natural Gas Industry Sets Its Sight On NY's Nuclear, Clean Energy Plan 

MOX, Plutonium Disposition Featured In Science Magazine

MIT President On Turning Innovative Research Into Real Results

University of Arkansas Receives DOE Funds to Demolish Former Nuclear Reactor Site

Bloomberg: Fate Four Midwest Nuclear Plants Hinge On Results Of 2017 PJM Power Auction

WIPP: Plans Call For Controlled Withdrawal From South End Of Underground

Russian Parliament Approves Suspension Of Plutonium Accord With US

Moniz: The Scientist Who Cracked Iran Has A Plan For Climate Change

US Energy: California’s Cleaner Dream

Lawsuit Seeks To Halt New York Clean Energy Nuclear Deal

USNIC leads UK Industry Mission on SMRs, Advanced Reactors

Illinois Exelon Legislation Still In Play

Could The World’s Biggest Nuclear Fusion Experiment Lead To Endless Clean Energy?


Russia 'Rocketing Past' US In Nuclear Energy

Local Boy Makes Good: Takes Helm At Entergy's Indian Point Plant

EIA: Hurricane Matthew Interrupted Power To Millions, But Grid Largely Stood Firm


EDF CEO: Future Lies In Combination Of Nuclear Energy And Renewables

USGS: Eagles From Across The Continent Killed By Calif. Turbines

Watchdogs Concerned About Readiness Of WIPP

Nukes Look To Get Their Share Of The Tax-Break Pie

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant Rescues Bald Eagle

Hurricane Matthew Caused Millions Of Customers To Go Without Power


Power Plants Seek Nuclear Option To End Jellyfish Raids

Sniper Attack On Utah Substation Highlights Grid Vulnerability


Legislators Consider Uranium Conversion Potential For Wyoming

Nuclear Industry Reborn After Fukushima’s ‘Overstated Effects’

Vermont Yankee Report Gives Lessons Learned For Other Nuclear Shutdowns

Scientists Look At Bacterial Factor In Nuclear Waste Repositories

Why Don’t We Send Nuclear Waste to the Sun

WIPP To Abandon South Area Of Salt Repository 

Exelon CEO: Nuclear Plants Not Compensated For Environmental Benefits

Moniz: Russia Is 'Stimulating' US Thinking On Nuclear Security

NNSA Disses SC Nuclear Advisory Council Meeting

Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Nuclear Fusion Reactor Sets World Record


DOE Proposes Sealing Off Part Of Beleaguered WIPP Complex In Response To Repeated Rock Falls

No, You Shouldn’t Fear Nuclear Energy

Spacecraft 'Nuclear Batteries' Could Get A Boost From New Materials

Dog Rescued From 30-Foot Hole At Old Nuclear Plant


Key US Target In Chinese Nuclear Secrets Espionage Case Deemed Flight Risk

WIPP: Updates On Ground Control Activities―Additional Rock Falls In Panel 3 Access Drift

Judge: Chinese Nuclear Espionage Suspect Hiding Cash

Washington State Seeks to Protect Nuclear Site Workers

Upstate Nuclear Plants' Financial Package Among Biggest In NY History

Antis Urge FERC To Block FitzPatrick Sale To Exelon


Russia's Sergey Kirienko: From Rosatom Nuclear Tsar To Kremlin Power Broker

Militant Interest In Attacking Nuclear Sites Stirs Concern In Europe

New York Brouhaha Continues Over Nuclear Energy Deal

How A Cyberattack Against Nuclear Plant Almost Gave Terrorists A Dirty Bomb

IAEA Chief: Nuclear Plant Was Disrupted By Cyber Attack

St. Lucie Nuclear Plant To Restart After Hurricane, Routine Review

Did We Really 'Almost Lose Detroit' In Fermi 1 Mishap 50 Years Ago?


More Than a Million Remain in the Dark After Hurricane Matthew

A New Molecular Structure Could Help Us Deal With Nuclear Waste

Documents Reveal Stranger Things Really Freaked Out the Department of Energy

WIPP Sees Third Ceiling Collapse

One Young Engineer Wants To Convince You That Nuclear Energy Is Just What The Climate Needs

Vermont Yankee Kicks Off $143 Million Project For Fuel Storage

Campaign 2016: Meet Trump's 'Token Nuke Guy'

No Longer #1 But NRC Remains A Top Performer In Government Survey

Why Hillary’s ‘Half A Billion’ Solar Panels Plan Will Increase Energy Prices

Study: Gov’t Red Tape Is Strangling American Nuclear Energy

US Residential Electricity Prices Decline For The First Time In Many Years


How US Nuclear Plants Are Handling Hurricane Matthew

NRC Preps For Hurricane Matthew: Dispatches Staff To Florida Plants


UK Nuclear Doyenne Hosts Hillary Fundraiser


Trump Dodges Yucca Question

Coalition Forms To Fight NY Nuclear Energy Package 

Feds Seek Balance In Converting Rocky Flats To Wildlife Haven


Florida Nuclear Fleet Braces For Hurricane Matthew

Second Ceiling Collapse at WIPP Raises Readiness Questions

Second Rock Fall Discovered At WIPP: DOE -- No Threat

WIPP Cave-In Adds To Safety Questions

New Ground Fall At WIPP Puts Spotlight Back On Safety


Vermont Delegation Clashes With Nuclear Industry

Oak Ridge School of Reactor Technology: Model For University Nuclear Engineering Courses

South Carolina Steamed Over Russian Plutonium Agreement Suspension 

NRC: Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant Security Guard Lied, But Explosives Detector Functioned

European Union Pushes Paris Climate Change Agreement Into Force

Massachusetts' Rowe Seeks Federal Compensation For Hosting Nuclear Waste

WP Fact Checker: Clinton, Kaine Go Too Far In Touting A Nuclear Deal With Russia

Senator Graham: 'Gross Incompetency Of This Administration Leaves The Fate Of 34 Metric Tons Of Russian Weapons Grade Plutonium In Doubt.'

Chalk River Waste Shipments To SRS Delayed

IAEA Report: Nuclear Industry’s ‘Strong Focus’ On Security Should Be Adopted By Other Sectors

Senator Graham Slams Obama On Plutonium Pact Breach: Leaving The World 'A Much More Dangerous Place'

US Wants to Build Idaho Facility for Warships' Nuclear Waste

MIT Predicts Huge Advances In Nuclear Power In The Next 15 Years

Benoit Forget: Unraveling Complexities Of Nuclear Reactors


Top Dem Calls For NRC Overhaul Of Licensing For Radioactive Materials

Savannah River Site Begins Down-Blend Plutonium Operation In K Area

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Wins 2 Safety Awards


Another Drone Sighting Over DOE Savannah River Site

Massachusetts Delegation Pushes Back On Alternative Pilgrim Fukushima Upgrade

Lawmakers Press Moniz, DOE To Prevent Chalk River Shipments To SC

NY Governor Tours Indian Point After Oil Spill — No Reason For Concern

Aiken SFR Group Wants To Bring Nuclear Waste And Solutions

EU To Approve Paris Climate Pact

Critics Question Plans For Nuclear Waste Storage At San Onofre

Student's Surprise Finding Could Improve Future Handling Of Nuclear Waste

Anti Lawsuit Over Chalk River Shipments Into Savannah River Craters

Nuclear Energy's Future In a Low-Carbon World

NRC Meets With Westinghouse On Wilmington Fuel Plant Issues

What's the Difference Between Thorium and Uranium Nuclear Reactors?

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Braces For Sweeping Inspection

Vermont Delegation Clashes With Nuclear Industry

Report Says Columbia Nuclear Plant Not ‘Chilled’ Workplace But Still Has Issues

Judges Probe Legality Of Obama’s Climate Rule

Protests Spur Rethink On Deep Borehole Test For Nuclear Waste

DOE Advisory Board Approves Draft Report on the Future of Nuclear Energy

Greenland's Receding Icecap To Expose Top-Secret US Nuclear Project

Could Small Nuclear Fusion Reactors Provide The Clean Energy Safety Net The World Needs?

Obama Power Plant Rules Face Key Test In US Court


Plan Surfaces For New Nuclear Storage Ground In SC

SMRs May Lead The Way To Nuclear Standardization

Senators Draft Bill To Protect Nuclear Whistleblowers

‘Too Free to Meter’ Nuclear Energy Revisited

Moniz: US Has Met Its Side Of Iran Nuclear Deal

New Nuclear-Imaging Tests Show Promise in Locating Cancer

Daily Caller: Hillary Just Flip-Flopped On Nuclear Energy For The 9th Time

Heritage Foundation: New President Should Gut DOE

Former EPA Head: Environmentalists Audibly ‘Gasp’ When I Say I’m Pro-Nuclear


Senate's Odd Couple: Boxer, Inhofe Forge Unlikely Alliance

State Scales Back Emergency Plan For Shuttered Vermont Yankee Plant

Obama’s Clean Power Plan Heads to Court: What to Know

At VC Summer, A Portrait Of An Industry In Transition

Why The Controversial Science Of Cold Fusion Is Getting Hot Again


How Democrats And Republicans Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Nuclear Energy

IAEA Sees Global Nuclear Power Capacity Growing Through 2030

IAEA Reaches Funding Milestone For Peaceful Uses Initiative


Refinancing of VC Summer Nuclear Station Construction Saves Money

The Importance of Being Ernest Moniz: A Q&A With 'Idiosyncratic' Coiffured, Self-Deprecating Energy Secretary

House Ways and Means Committee Votes To Extend Nuclear Energy Tax Credit

Inhofe, Whitehouse Eye Defense, Energy Bills for Nuclear Legislation

Recognition Sought For Nuclear's Unique Attributes


Key Labor Union Urges Clinton To Back MOX Project

Reporters Get Rare Look At SC VC Summer Reactor Project

Visit Hanford's Nuclear Processing Facilities, Virtually

Nuclear Fusion: What's Taking So Long?


Shimkus Raises Big Money as Energy and Commerce Fight Looms


Idaho Predicts Economic Boom From First SMR

Moniz Open To Private Storage As Bridge To Expanded Options 

British Project May Clear Way for China's Nuclear Exports to the West

DOE Advisory Committee To Meet On Draft Report Recommendations On Nuclear Energy Markets 

DC Circuit Primer: All You Need To Know Ahead Of The Clean Power Plan's Pivotal Court Date

China To Build 60 New Nuclear Plants In The Next Decade. Is The US Falling Behind?

Local Mayors, Nuclear Backers Urge CPUC To Deny PG&E's Diablo Canyon Closure Plan

Platts: An Uncertain Gateway For New Nuclear


Storing Nuclear Waste: Is 'Consent' OK When Future Generations Can't Weigh In?

IAEA: Nuclear Energy Use Could Grow By 56% By 2030

Energy Secretary Urges Congress To Pass Sweeping Climate Policy

Radioactive Waste Flown To US From Scots Nuclear Plant

Exelon's Von Hoene Talks Legal Challenges To NY Nuclear Subsidy, Power Plan's Legal Future

Can Reusing Spent Nuclear Fuel Solve Our Energy Problems?

$20M Auction Of Spare Parts From Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Includes Welding Equipment, 420 Pounds Of Baking Soda

IAEA Chief Will Seek A Third Term

IAEA’s Amano Tells Board Of Governors That Nuclear Could Grow By 56%

US Deal Would Send Bomb-Grade Uranium to Belgium

Paducah Leaders Urge DOE For 10-Year Cleanup Contract

Sinkhole At Florida Fertilizer Plant Leaks Radioactive Water

East Coast Faces Gas Shortages, Price Hikes After Pipeline Leak

Cities Ask State To Require PG&E To Address Impacts Of Diablo Canyon Closure 

LANL Report Details Scope Of Nuclear Waste Cleanup

Video: Michael Shellenberger — How Fear Of Nuclear Energy Is Hurting The Environment

Nuclear Secrets: The Ex-Westinghouse Employee Accused Of Espionage for China

Yankee Rowe Was A Powerful Piece Of History


Alexander Sounds Alarm: Us Could Lose Half Of Its Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy In 20 Years

Federal Regulators Solicit Comments On Proposed FitzPatrick Nuclear Sale

Report: Future Nuclear Supply Chain Worth Billions

Can a 70s-Era Nuclear Plant Work For The 21st Century?


Amazon's Jeff Bezos Talks Nuclear Reactors In Space


Moniz: Nuclear Storage Site Needed For Obama's Climate Goals

Sec. Moniz Bullish On Nuclear To Help Solve Carbon Dilemma

Sen. Feinstein: Progress On Waste Issue Key To Support For Nuclear

Senate Looks Into Unconventional Nuclear Energy

Moniz, Others Discuss Nuclear Energy And NRC Oversight At Senate Energy Appropriations

GOP Mega-Donor Ducks Fossil Attacks With Nuclear Pitch

What's Driving Down Industry Emissions? The Market

House Passage Of Advanced Nuclear Bill Lauded


Video: Ohio Congressman Backs Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Act

Deputies Investigating Theft Of Gauge Containing Radioactive Materials In West Virginia


The Towns That Say ‘Yes In My Backyard!’ To Nuclear Waste

EPA Proposes New Water Rules for Nuclear Emergencies

Can Our Need For A Carbon-Free Future Override Our Fears Of Nuclear Energy?


PSC Chair Hits Back At Gripes Over Cost Of Ny Nuclear Energy Deal

Antis Challenge Cost Of New Reactor At North Anna 

Nuclear Gauge Reported Stolen in West Virginia; Recovery is Sought

How Does America Keep Finding Vast Stores of Energy?

Feds May Have Made A Huge Breakthrough In Cold Fusion

Nevada Officials Hand-Wring Over NRC Transport Safety Brochure 

National Academies Panel Urges Climate Carbon Scheme, Overhaul Of Nuclear, Energy Policies

Can Molten Salt Reactors Lead The Way?


Scientists Hope To Calculate Nuclear Fuel Peak

Sen Graham: DOE Abandoning MOX Plant Will Lead To The 'Permanent Orphaning' Of 34 Metric Tons Of Weapons-Grade Plutonium – 'Enough For Thousands Of Warheads'

5 Lawmakers, Generator Challenge New York's Nuclear Supports

Pro-Nuclear Environmental Group Wants California Legislature To Decide Future Of Diablo Canyon

NRC Finds 97 Percent Of Nuclear Plants Perform In Top Tiers Of Safety

California Senate Race Heats Up As Sanchez Rips Harris Over Actions On San Onofre

Report: Red-Tape Is Keeping Americans From Getting Cheap Nuclear Energy


Photographs From Inside US DOE Defense Nuclear Facilities Show How Buildings Are Falling Apart

Study Shows Uranium Mining Emits Few Greenhouse Gases

9/11 Spurred Nuclear Plant Emergency Preparedness

IAEA Says Iran Sticking To Nuclear Deal

Former EPA Administrators Tout Nuclear Energy In Reducing Carbon Emissions

Groups Sue To Prevent FirstEnergy Rate Approval

Illinois Lawmakers Tour Exelon’s Quad-Cities Plant

Graphic: New Reactors Connected To The Grid

Citing Spills, NRC Halts Uranium Waste Shipments to SE Utah

Congress Ready For Final Stretch On 800-Page Energy Reform Bill

Deadline For Clinton Plant Deal Looms As Negotiations Continue

Quietly, This Idaho Lab Is Keeping US Secure


6 Reasons Why Nuclear Needs To Be A Key Part Of America's Energy Mix

No Small Fry: Decommissioning Research Reactors

Weapons-Grade Nuclear Waste Shipments To US Prompt Concerns 

California’s Subsidized Solar Power Incinerates 2 Birds Per Hour

Japan Wants To Use Pokemon Go To Attract Visitors To Fukushima

Virginia Tech Earns Grant To Produce Nuclear Radiation Energy-Harvesting Device

No Damage Reported To NPPD's Cooper Nuclear Station Following Earthquake

Rare Harmony as China and US Commit to Climate Deal

US, China Agree on Implementing Paris Climate-Change Pact

Hinkley Point C: No Easy Solution To UK Chinese Puzzle

Conversion Of MIT Reactor To Safer Fuel Pushed To 2027


Labor Day Gasoline Prices The Lowest In 12 Years

US Nuclear Energy Outages This Summer Were Higher Than In Summer 2015

A Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of Salem Nuclear Power Plant

IAEA Sees Asia As Driver Of Nuclear Energy

Flurry Of Challenges Attacks NY Nuclear And Renewable Power Subsidies

Sale of Entergy Plant In NY Raises Questions For Pilgrim

Final Five Buildings At Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant Demolished 

New Mexico Seeks To Block Lawsuit Over LANL Cleanup Deal

US, Partners Secretly Agreed To Allow Iran To Evade Restrictions In Nuclear Deal

Debunking Microenergy: The Future Lies With Urbanization

Terrestrial Energy CEO Sees 'Limitless' Market Opportunities For Advanced Reactors

When Nuclear Plants Close, Communities Get Little Help For Their Ailing Economies

Study: The Cost of Slashing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Reach $5.3 Trillion

Antis Asks Regulators To Stop Dominion Work On Plant Expansion

INL Partners With Other Labs To Outline Advanced Reactor Technology Needs

Star in a Jar: Space-Age Fusion Machine Underway

Nuclear Plant’s Closure Leaves Wisconsin Town Fighting For Its Life


After New York Boosts Nuclear Energy Generation Sector, Is Pennsylvania Next?

Celebrating the Architect of the Nuclear Energy Age: Enrico Fermi’s Birthday


Baby Boomer Nuclear Energy Plants Prepare For Old Age

Lessons for Diablo Canyon: Florida County Turns To Manatees, Taxes After Nuclear Plant’s Closure

Obama Will Bypass Senate, Ratify Paris Climate Accord Himself During Trip To China

US Resumes Uranium Separation At SRS First Cycle Facility

Antis Look To Block Canada's Chalk River Waste Shipments Thru US

US Physicists Just Revealed Plans To Build The Most Viable Nuclear Fusion Devices Ever

Lessons for Diablo Canyon: Vermont Region Adjusts To Life Without Its Nuclear Plant

At San Onofre, Spent Nuclear Fuel Is Getting Special Tomb

Virginia Supreme Court Overturns Ruling In Royalty Case Between BWXT, AREVA

Cold Operations at WIPP

Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder: Images From UK's Nuclear Fleet


Uranium One Deal Resurfaces Amid Clinton Foundation Swirl

Florida's Nuclear Energy Plants Prep For Hurricane Season

Environmental Activists Attack TVA's Browns Ferry Uprate

NY Must Approve FitzPatrick Sale Or Pay Owner $35 Million

Geological Report Highlights Wyoming Uranium

China And US To Ratify Landmark Paris Climate Deal Ahead Of G20 Summit


FBI Files Say China Firm Pushed Us Experts For Nuclear Secrets

NY Nuclear Deal Gets First Legal Challenge


MOX Project Responds To NRC Issues

DHS Prototypes Wearable Nuclear Detection Devices


Video: Timelapse Video of Vogtle Unit 4 CA20 Placement

UK Could Be Covered In Small Modular Nuclear Reactors In 10 Years

US Gasoline Consumption On Target For A Record Year


Ex-NRC Chief Macfarlane Defends Status Quo On NRC Licensing

Exelon Prepares For Legal Challenges To New York Nuclear Subsidy

NRC Taps New Spokesman

Nuclear Energy Divides California’s Environmentalists

States Struggle To Deal With Radioactive Fracking Waste


Bill Gates Sceptical Of Solar, Wind Power: Talks Nuclear

Arizona Strip May Soon See Uranium Mine

Fusion Energy’s Greatest Weakness — Its Timeline


Impacts From DOE WIPP Closure Add Up

NY and the UK: A Juxtaposition in Nuclear Financing

Feds Fear Chinese Nuclear Engineer Will Flee US Prosecution


The Granddaddy Of The Climate Change Movement Works To Save Nuclear Energy In California

NRC Makes Yucca Mountain Hearing Documents Publicly Available

Challenge To Pilgrim Nuclear Waste Facility Heads To Trial

The Enormous Scale Of All The Energy That We Never Used


Nevada Senator Sees New Effort To 'Kick-Start' Yucca Post Reid

Moniz: Communication At Hanford Tank Farms Needs Improvement

Analysis: Nuclear's Decline Will Raise Clean Power Plan Compliance Costs

Climate Scientists Urge California To Reconsider Diablo Canyon Closure Plans

Bloomberg QuickTake: The Global Debate on Nuclear Energy

Report: NRC Improperly Stores Classified Info, Jeopardizes Govt Secrets

Massachusetts Town Seeks Money For Nuclear Waste Storage

Video: How Vulnerable Is Our Electric Grid to Cyberattacks?

NRC Keeps an Eye on Gulf Coast Flooding

Anti Groups Aim to Derail Nuclear Waste Shipments

DOE: Energizing the Future at the Inaugural Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp


US Nuclear Energy Plants Weathering Gulf Coast Flooding

Rocky Flats: A Wildlife Refuge Confronts its Radioactive Past

Energy Gurus Take Reins Of Clinton Transition Team


What’s The Future Of Nuclear In The Midwest? A State-By-State Look

Wyoming Lawmakers Warm To Nuclear Waste Storage

DOE Responds To New WIPP Leak Theory

Lawsuit Seeks to Block DOE’s Huge Nuclear Waste Transport from Canada to US

Judge To Decide Pre-Trial Freedom Of Engineer Accused Of Buying Nuclear Know-How For China

How The Greens Are Killing ‘Green’ Energy

Moniz: Fracking Has Been Good For The Environment


Defense Files Motion To Suppress Statements As China Espionage Case Heats Up

Nuclear Industry Pushes Other States To Duplicate NY Policy

Meet the Reactors Accelerating Us Toward Fusion Energy

What's Happening With Bill Gates' Multibillion-Dollar Energy Fund?

US Mulls Long-Term, Bomb-Grade Uranium Exports To Belgium

How Producing Clean Power Turned Out to Be a Messy Business


The Female Spy Who Kept Uranium Out of the Nazis’ Hands

Hillary Flipping And Flopping On Nuclear Energy Campaign Positions 

Is a Little Radiation So Bad?

Nevadans Contemplate Yucca And Life After Harry Reid 


Nuclear Fans Want California Legislature To Vote On Diablo Canyon

Trump or Clinton: No Matter Who's Dealing -- DOE Pick Usually A 'Wild Card'

Why Renewable Power Can Still Be Wasteful

Radiation Can Kill, but Not as Easily You Think

Inside The Hardball Tactics To Save FitzPatrick: NY Threatened To Seize The Plant


US China Espionage Arrest Fuels UK Suspicions Of Chinese Tactics

Australia Blocks Electricity Deal With China For 'National Security' Reasons 

Chart: How All The Energy In The US Is Used

India And Russia Partner To Build Nuclear Plants — Where’s The US?

Consumer Watchdog Says Gov. Brown, California Dems Got $9.8M From Energy Companies For Favorable Legislation


Meet Pokemon Uranium


Trump Pledges to Roll Back Energy Regulations, Bolster Coal Industry

Ivanpah Solar Power Shifts Pollution To The Desert

US Energy Independence Looks 'Tantalizingly Close'

Presidential Energy Plans Long on Contrast, Short on Specifics

Lower Court Rules For DOE, Upholding Obama's Social Cost Of Carbon


Heavy Lifting: New VC Summer Units Mark Construction Milestone

DC Circuit Court Won't Rehear Nuclear Waste Storage Rule Finding

Court Orders DOE To Turn Over Idaho Nuclear Waste Documents

NRC Allows More Tritium Production In TVA Nuke For DOE Weapons Program

Nuclear Plants Safe, New York ISO CEO Brad Jones Readies For A Low-Carbon Grid

Texas Is Drowning in Wind Energy


Moniz: The Once And Future Energy Secretary?

Podcast: Chris Crane, Exelon CEO, On Navigating Shifting Power Markets

Former Nuclear Weapons Site Rocky Flats Refuge Opens Its Gates, But Will People Come?

NRC Names David Nelson as Chief Information Officer

Harry Reid's Final Fight

Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist For Spying For US

Never Mind, Intriguing Hints Of Physics Particle Evaporates At CERN

GAO Faults Energy Department on WIPP Restart Process

Energy Department Improves Whistleblower Protections


DOE 80% Certain WIPP To Open In December

Global Warming Threatens To Release Nuclear Waste From Cold War Base In Greenland


What ‘Stranger Things’ Didn’t Get Quite-So-Right About the Energy Department

New Jersey Unlikely To Follow New York’s Subsidies Of Nuclear Industry

Alec Baldwin, Gregory Jaczko Talk Nuclear Energy

NEI Shakes Up Leadership

Can Environmentalists Learn To Love – Or Just Tolerate – Nuclear Energy?

Sen. Alexander Urges EPA To Ditch Proposal To Offer New Incentives To Big Wind

After 30 Years, Plutonium 238 Has Been Producing For NASA’s Deep Space Explorations

Demolition Work On K-27, Last Of Big 5 Uranium-Enrichment Buildings, To Be Complete This Month

Exelon Finds A Nuclear Ally In New York After Illinois Snub

WIPP Begins Preliminary Work On New Permanent Ventilation System


Congressman Issa And Others Press DOE On Nuclear Waste Disposal At San Onofre

New York Takes A Bite Out Of Carbon By Throwing A Bone To Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy And Renewables Can Get Along Fine. New York Just Showed How.


Wildfire Near Nuclear Waste Storage Site Is Much Bigger Than Thought

Trump: Wind Power ‘Kills All Your Birds’



MIT: China Is Beating America In Nuclear Energy

China Moving Out Ahead In Molten Salt Reactor Race

These Two Huge States Are Both Going Green. But Only One Is Trying To Save Nuclear Energy.

A Real-Life Nuclear Reactor Pulse Looks Like Something Out of a Movie

Nuclear Reactor On WSU Campus Generates Electricity, Curiosity

NRC Terminates License for Omaha VA's Decommissioned Research Reactor

Exelon Recognizes Passage of New York Clean Energy Standard, Continues Discussions on Fitzpatrick Plant

New York State Just Delivered Extremely Good News To The Nuclear Industry

New York Grants Struggling Nuclear Reactors a Reprieve



NY Regulators Approve Clean Energy Standard With $965 Million Nuclear Energy Package

5 Problems With Hillary’s Energy Platform That Could Leave You In The Dark


Current Plant Closures Expected To Increase US Carbon Emission By 46 Million Metric Tons


UN Atomic Agency Helping Guard Rio Olympics From ISIS Terror Attack


US Nuclear Security Effort Faces Uncertain Future

Britain’s Energy Dilemma: If Not Nuclear, Then What?

DOE Estimates Lower Cost For Los Alamos Cleanup


Study: Deep Space Radiation Dangerous for Astronauts

New York Could Show The Way To Rescue US Nuclear Plants

New York to Decide on $500 Million-a-Year Nuclear Energy Lifeline

GOP Activists Plot Strategy To Save Reactors

Video: Greenwire Discusses Nuclear Industry Response To Market Pressures, Plant Closures

Sharp Rise In Estimated Bird Deaths At California ‘Power Tower'

Hinkley Point: Surprise Delay For Nuclear Plant Deal

California Closing Nuclear Plant That Kept Lights On During Summer Heat Wave

Nuclear Industry Seeking Tax Credit Extension

Radioactive Fuel Storage Not Part Of San Onofre Environmental Report


Sen Inhofe: Global Warming Alarmists Are Brainwashing Our Kids

Missing Portable Nuclear Gauge Recovered in Connecticut

Inside Tesla's Gigantic Gigafactory

Nuclear Industry Calls for More Predictable Reviews at NRC

Wind, Nuclear Advance As NY Moves Ahead With Energy Plan

US Energy Independence Loses Luster With Democrats

Hiroshima Unhappy Atomic-Bomb Park Is ‘Pokemon Go’ Site


Dems Offically Slash ‘All Of The Above’ Energy Plan From Platform

US and Mexico Map Out Agreement On Nuclear Energy Issues

Chernobyl May Be Reborn With Solar Energy

Savannah River Board Votes Against German Spent Fuel At Site

Storify: The NRC Stakeholder Meeting

Clash Between State Policies, Power Markets Heats Up In Tennessee 

Life After 60: Dominion Defends Proposal To Keep Surry Until 2053

How Trump vs. Clinton Will Impact American Energy

At What Cost Can Nuclear Energy Survive In Gas-Rich Electricity Markets?

After Going 15 With Yucca, Reid Cornerman Girds For New Bout

Upstate NY Energy Jobs’ Petition In Support of Upstate Nuclear Plants Surges To More Than 3,500 Signatures


Republican Platform Plugs Nuclear Energy, Yucca Mountain, Advanced Reactors


Clinton VP Pick Kaine Supported Nuclear Energy In Senate

DOE Questions $23 million In LLNL Laser Expenses

Former Idaho Gov. Andrus Details His Fight Against Storing Nuclear Waste In Idaho

Focus: Why San Onofre's Spent Fuel Stays On The Beach

US, Mexico To Negotiate Nuclear Energy Deal

Earth On Track For Hottest Year Ever As Warming Speeds Up

US, Mexico Talk Nuclear Energy

Pro-Nuclear Green Group: Bring Back San Onofre

Utah Appellate Court Upholds Water Rights For Planned Nuclear Plant


IAEA Launches New Version of Advanced Reactors Database

‘Indian Point' Sagely Examines The Nuclear Energy Debate From All Sides


DOE Pulls Plug On Deep Borehole Project After Dual Rebuffs

Report: San Onofre Reactor Was Pushed Too Far, Leak Resulted

Atoms For Green Energy: What Role Should Nuclear Energy Play In Decarbonization?

No **** Sherlock: Renewable Energy is a Disaster

Nuclear Energy Baseload Part Of Emerging NY Clean Energy Plan

Renewable Geothermal Pollutes More Than Coal Power Plants

Draft Hillary Dem Platform Leaves Out Nuclear Energy 

Trump's Energy Whisperer

Video: Watch a Centrifuge Separate Nuclear Waste


US, Canadian Supply Chain Organizations Team Up

Wisconsin May Buy Land Once Eyed For Nuclear Plant

DOE Extends EFRC Funding To Four New Centers


Pokémon Go — Not a Go at Nuclear Plants

How Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course


What Will Trump’s Nuclear Energy Policy Look Like?


The Cruel Market — Nuclear Pain And Environmental Loss

DOE Awards $40 Million for Research to Support Waste Cleanup at DOE Nuclear Sites

‘Dream Team’ Chosen To Study Basic Science Of Nuclear Waste

Spend Now Or Later? New Greenfield Reactors Spark A Fight In Georgia

Confidential Text Uncovered That Shortchanges Iran Nuclear Pact Constraints 


Inside The Diabolical Ukrainian Hack That Put The US Grid On High Alert

Vermont Yankee’s shipments of radioactive water raise concerns

US Solar Flagship Under The Microscope


WIPP Seeks Permit Changes Ahead Of Reopening

The Marvel of Electricity

DOE: Demo And Cleanup Date For Hanford Plutonium Plant Pushed Back 1 Year

America’s Confused Energy Politics A Boon For Canadian Power Companies

Illinois Legislators Hopeful On Deal For Clinton, Quad Cities

... But Window Of Opportunity For Illinois Rescues Loom

Anti Groups File Lawsuit Challenging Turkey Point On Clean Water Act

Pokemon Are Taking Over Nuclear Plants and Substations

GAO Report Criticizes Energy Department’s Handling Of Whistleblower Complaints

Drones Over SRS Nuclear Site Prompt Discussion Of No-Fly Zone

Are Fossil Fuel Interests Bankrolling The Anti-Nuclear Energy Movement?

Backlash Against Big Wind: Booing Sierra Clubbers In Pennsylvania

Searching Questions on New Nukes


US House Approves Bill Blocking Nuclear Material Purchases From Iran

US EPA: Clean Air Act Lacks Tools To Save Struggling Nuclear Industry

Nuclear Advocates Eye Former Coal Plant Sites For Small Reactors

Watchdog Faults DOE Over Whistleblower Retaliation

Leading NY Greens Urge State To Preserve Nuclear Plants

US Reactor Closures Raise Urgency Of New Decommissioning Rules


Could This Be The First Nuclear-Powered Airliner?

WSJ: How America Could Go Dark

Nuclear Brinkmanship in New York

State Board Approves $2.5M To Help Nevada Fight Yucca Mountain

Why Does Nuclear Energy Account For Less Than a Fifth of Our National Energy Mix?

Ohio State Secures $2.55M To Advance Nuclear Energy Research

NY Lawmakers Back New State Plans To Support Nuclear Plants

DOE Plans Boise Nuclear Waste Meeting

US Senate Votes To Hammer Out Deal With House On Energy Measure

As Millstone Goes, So Goes The Cost Of Electricity In Connecticut

Yucca Mountain Project History Told From The Inside

House Bill Would Compensate Zion For Storage Of 'Stranded' Nuclear Waste

Challenging Year Ends Well For Richland Nuclear Plant

Senators Strike Deal To Move Forward On Sweeping Energy Bill


How Trump’s Wall Will Hurt US Energy Companies


US Senate: The Future Of Nuclear Energy In The US Is Bright

Are We Too Scared Of Radiation?


NY Regulators Propose $482 Million Annual Package To Keep Upstate Reactors Afloat

Nevadans Split on Yucca as House Members, Gov Square-Off


Where Clinton, Trump Stand on Energy, Climate Change


Top Contender For US House Energy Gavel Shimkus Looks To Jump-Start Yucca

Hanford Vit Plant Planning Layoffs, New Hiring

Accused Nuclear Plant Trespasser Heading To Trial

House Energy Leaders Dialog With Nevada Stakeholders On Yucca Mountain 

...Nevada Republicans Tread Carefully On Yucca

Hearing Video: Federal, State, and Local Agreements and Associated Benefits for Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal


Anatomy Of A Closure: How PG&E Decided To Shutter Diablo Canyon

Can The Modern Environmental Movement Save Nuclear Energy In California?

How The US Department Of Energy Became A Major Taxpayer Liability

Computer Discovery Could Aid Nuclear Fuel Recycling


More Reports Of Drones Over Savannah River Site

Video: The End of a Nuclear Energy Plant

DOE: Fusion Facility May Never Prove Viable

DOE Heads to Idaho for Meeting on Nuclear Waste

Bulgaria's Ex-FM Under Fire over Clinton Email on Bulgarian Plant

Could Molten Salts Nuclear Reactors Become The Energy Technology Of The 21St Century?

Uranium Extraction from Seawater Takes a Major Step Forward

Drone Manufacturer Looks To Help Pilots Avoid Nuclear Plants

A Flagship ‘Clean Coal’ Plant Is A Flailing Mess


Nuclear Waste Acceptance Criteria Updated For WIPP Shipments

The Cyber Threat: Obama’s Green Policies Threaten America’s Energy Security

Material Discovered To Lower Nuclear Fuel Recycling Costs

‘Green’ Investments at $694 Billion Are Much Bigger Than You Think

Pressure Builds On FERC To Address Dysfunctional US Electricity Grid 

Hillary Clinton’s Proposed Climate Plan Avoids Carbon Tax


240 Years Of US Energy Use

WIPP's New Waste Acceptance Criteria Accepted

Can A Nuclear Plant Worker Call Herself An Environmentalist?

Bidding Adieu To NRC Commissioner William Ostendorff

How Supercomputers and the Berlin Wall Made a Nuclear Marvel Possible

Illinois Nuclear Plants Overlooked In Funding Bill

Report: 'Greener' Grid Could Spell Trouble In Cyberspace

FBI Investigating Unidentified Drones Over Savannah River


NRC Down to Three Active Commissioners

SC Lawsuit Over DOE MOX Stall Culminates In Hearing 

House Panel to Hold Hearing on Yucca Mountain

Greens Dispute Article, Decry Nuclear As 'Bridge To Nowhere'

NRDC's Cavanagh Discusses Diablo Canyon Proposal, Next Steps For CA Electric Power Sector

New Push For Yucca Mountain Expected Ahead Of Reid Retirement 


7 Questions About The 'Three Amigos' Energy Deal

NRC Publishes Annual Report to Congress on Nuclear Security Inspections

Obama's 50% by 2025 Clean Energy Goal Fails Without Nuclear


SC, DOE Square Off Over MOX Facility 

How Not To Deal With Climate Change: California's Zero Nuclear Energy Strategy

Hillary Clinton: Drive Less, Reduce Personal Use of Electricity to Help Stop Climate Change

DOE Report Cites Deficiencies In Y-12’s Nuclear Accident Alarm System

California State Lands Commission Extends Diablo Canyon Cooling Lease

Why a West Texas Nuclear Storage Site May Be a Short-Term Fix

Beset By Scandals, The California’s Energy Regulator Is Facing A Massive Reorganization

A Single Senator Stymies the Export-Import Bank

IEA: Global Nuclear Energy Capacity Grew Fast Last Year

NRC To Recover $882.9 Million In Fiscal 2016 User Fees

A Radical Plan To Bailout Struggling Nuclear Plants


A Bad Chart (If You Hate Nukes)

Why Plans to Replace Diablo Canyon With 100 Percent Clean Energy Could Fall Short

How ‘Greens’ Add To Greenhouse Gases


Tour De France Uses French Nuclear Tech To Stop Motorized Doping


Video: White House Chronicle — Cybersecurity And The Electric Grid 

Nuclear Waste Is No Match For Ancient Rock

California Panel Expected To Approve Key Diablo Canyon Land Lease Deal For Operation Until 2025

Brexit: The Impact On UK Energy Policy

Zion, Illinois, Struggling Nearly 20 Years After Nuclear Plant’s Shutdown

Questions Arise On Nuclear Energy In New Mexico


Georgia Power Weighs Building Nuclear Plant In Stewart County

Vermont's Appeal Of Emergency Management Process Denied By NRC

New Mexico, Feds Ink New Agreement For Los Alamos Cleanup


Argonne National Lab Celebrates 70 Years of Cutting-Edge Research


Protesters March Against Diablo Canyon Shuttering

CBO: Senate Bill on Licensing Framework for Updated Nuclear Reactors Would Cost $47M Over 5 Years

Sierra Club: Journalists Are Wrong, We Still Hate Nuclear Energy

Business Leaders Predict Diablo Canyon Shutdown Will Be An Economic Hurdle

The Diablo Canyon Deal Marks The Death Of Nuclear Power In The US — Or Does It?

How The Nation's Largest Nuclear Plant Stays Cool In Arizona's Summer Heat

Nevada’s Ill-founded Opposition to Yucca Mountain

New Director Says VY Decommissioning On Track

Nuclear Waste, Anyone? Feds Look To Willing States

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France's APE Chief Sees No EU Ruling On AREVA Plan Before 2017

Zion Decommissioning Project on Budget and Ahead of Schedule Six Years after the Project Started

NRC Gives Entergy Good Grades

Exelon Profit Falls on Nuclear Energy Plant Closures

Nuclear To Remain Part Of Engie Strategy, NuGen Decision by 2018

EDF Barred From Suspending Power Sales Obligation

MOX Central

CB&I AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Westinghouse, KHNP Sign MOU For Sharing Technology

Entergy, Exelon Defend FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Deal Against Suit

Asian Nuclear Driven By Air Quality And Cooperation

30-Reactor US Super Consortium Plan Hinges On Bellefonte Plan B

Dominion Says Power Usage Broke Records This Summer

KHNP and Westinghouse Agree To Technical Cooperation

CEZ Plans Temelin Unit 2 Outage At End Of Year For More Repairs

Eskom Outlines Importance Of Nuclear Energy

Chesapeake Energy Declares ‘Propageddon’ With Record Frack

GE Order Backlog Grows In Third Quarter, Touts UK Nuclear Contract

Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility Receives US NRC Restart 

Uranium Pain Seen Worsening By Paladin As Glut Extends Slump

DOE To Pay Dairyland $73.5 Million In Nuclear Settlement

EDF Says Making Progress With Nuclear Safety Tests

Ukraine Plans to Use Westinghouse Fuel in 40% of Nuclear Units

Georgia Power, PSC Staff Reach Agreement On Vogtle Costs

NRC To Issue New Reactor Licenses For Duke's Levy County

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Set For 6 Rounds Of Layoffs

Riverstone $1.8 Billion Talen Takeover Gains a US Approval

Investing: Exelon’s Regulated Utilities to Drive Its Earnings in 3Q16

Will We Have $60 Oil Next Year?

KEPCO Signs On To Venture To Operate UAE's 1st Nuclear Plant

Report: AREVA NewCo Minority Shareholder Search Not Turning Up Roses

Workers At Vogtle Nuclear Expansion Top 25 Million Safe Work Hours

Watts Bar Becomes 1st New Nuclear Unit Added To US Grid In 20 Years

NRC Renews Operating Licenses of LaSalle Nuclear Plant in Illinois

EON, Peers Start Counting Cost of Germany's $26 Billion Nuclear Exit

Rosatom Plans to Build 40 Nuclear Plant Units in 15 Countries in Medium-Term

Job Cuts At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Will Come In Six Steps Under Tentative Plan

French Winter Forward Power Prices Rally On Fresh Nuclear Concerns

Xcel: Election May Mean Storage At Yucca Mountain

Georgia Power Gets More Time For Vogtle Nuclear Cost Talks

First Class Of Vogtle 3 & 4 Nuclear Operators Pass NRC Licensing Exam

Diablo Canyon’s Unit 1 At Half Power For Cooling System Maintenance

More Time Sought On Vogtle Cost Talks

Entergy Wins $34.5 Million From Feds In Court Ruling In Nuclear Waste Case

Exelon Hit by Antis Over NY Nuclear Clean Power Deal

TVA still Pushing Browns Ferry Power Uprates 

Japan Anti-Nuclear Candidate’s Victory Punishes TEPCO Shares

NJ’s  Hope Creek Nuclear Plant Shut Down For Refueling, Maintenance

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Restarted After Planned Refueling

CEZ Re-Connects Temelin Unit 2 After Longer Than Expected Shutdown

With Multiple Bidders, TVA Sets Final Auction Round For Bellafonte Sale

TVA Sets Auction Date For Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

NRC To Look At Seabrook Nuclear Plant's Plan For Concrete Degradation

France's Lowest Hydro Levels for 10 Years Add to Nuclear Woes

Canada Launches $12.8 Billion Clean Infrastructure Project With Darlington Plant Renewal

Westinghouse Moving Toward Restart Of Its Columbia Fuel Plant

Ohio Regulators Scale Back FirstEnergy Subsidy Proposal

Investing: Can Cameco Corporation Survive Weak Uranium Prices?

AREVA Investigating 6,000 Nuclear Component Files For Irregularities

CEZ Near Temelin Restart As Nuclear Plant Outages Take Toll

Investing: Why Cameco Is A Good Bet At 52-Week Lows

AREVA To Extend Probe Of Le Creusot Forge Irregularities

NRC Accepts Joint Application For Transfer Of FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

EDF CEO Says Hopes More Nuclear Reactors Will Return Online By Year-End

Foreign Investors Sue Toshiba Over Accounting Irregularities 

Reactor At St. Lucie Power Plant Cleared To Be Restarted Following Hurricane 

Westinghouse Engages UK Center For SMR Manufacturing Study

Sweden's Vattenfall Sues For $5 Billion In Damages From Germany Over Nuclear Phase-Out

US Reactor Output Hits 10-Year Low on Storm, Unplanned Outages

FPL's St. Lucie-2 Nuclear Unit Prepares To Restart After Hurricane Matthew

EDF Express Relief Over Green Light For Hinkley Point Nuclear Project

EDF Says More Reactors To Restart By January, Meet Winter Demand

Eskom Backs Coal, Nuclear to Meet South Africa’s Power Needs

Hearing Against Germany Begins As Investors Seek Damages For Nuclear Phase-Out

Seoul Has Second-Fastest Nuclear Plant Construction Time Worldwide

Utilities Need To Invest Up To $43 Trillion By 2060 As Electricity Demand Expected To Double

Germany’s E.ON Faces Renewed Criticism for Uniper Spinoff

CGN Confident Reactor Can Pass Strict UK Test

Susquehanna Unit 2 Reconnected to Power Grid after Brief Outage

Framework For Candu Reactor Refurbishment Signed

AREVA NP Touts Non-Destructive Reactor Vessel Nozzle Examination

URENCO’s Micro-Reactor: Coming To A Village Near You

Innogy CEO Urges Speed In Talks To Seal German Nuclear Deal Before Year-End

Browns Ferry: Power Increase Request Still Under Consideration

Talen Shareholders Approve $1.8b Takeover By Private Equity Firm

Nuclear Decommissioning Services To Reach $8.55 Billion By 2021

FPL Says Saint Lucie 2 Florida Reactor Shut Ahead Of Matthew

NRC Could OK Permits For Lee Nuclear Reactors By End Of Year

Kyushu Nuclear Reactor Halted For Safety Work

French Nuclear Woes Push Power Prices in Europe to Record

Florida's Utilities On 'New Ground' With Hurricane Matthews

Is Rolls-Royce Moving Into SMRs

US Utilities Warn New Rules Could Impact Reactor Closures

German Spot Power Price Hits Nine-Month High On French Nuclear Worries

Cameco Feels The Heat Of A Weak Uranium Market

Westinghouse Offer For 6 Nuclear Reactors Likely To Meet Modi, Obama Deadline

Uranium Prices Weak – IAEA Remains Bullish on the Future

Feds Seek Comments On Talen's Susquehanna Nuclear Plant License Transfer

Westinghouse Acquires Nuclear Logistics Safety Equipment Supplier

AREVA Announces New BWR Weld Inspection Technique

How Market Forces Are Pushing Utilities To Operate Nuclear Plants More Flexibly

Cameco Feels The Heat Of A Weak Uranium Market

South Carolina Utilities, Westinghouse Still Trying To Iron Out VC Summer Payments

Watts Bar Power Ascension Tests Completed

Rolls-Royce All Set To Unveil British SMR Consortium

Browns Ferry Nuclear Reactor Down For Maintenance

Uranium Miners Switch To Survival Mode Despite Nuclear Rebound

Russian Nuclear Firm Rosatom Eyes Chilean Lithium

FPL Starts Work On Containing Water Boundaries At Turkey Point

DOE Contract Award Signals Westinghouse Return To Government Services Arena

Rolls-Royce: Buy British To Reap Benefits Of Mini-Nuclear Plants

Japanese Utilities May Get Caps On Liability In Time Of Serious Nuclear Accidents

Westinghouse and NAEK Energoatom Release Joint Statement Over Ukraine’s Nuclear Fleet

Fluor-Atkins-Westinghouse JV Lands $318M Contract to Operate DOE’s Nuclear Conversion Sites

Mid-American Conversion To Operate Paducah Processing Plant

TVA’s New Watts Bar Unit Reaches 100 Percent Power

Cameco Corporation: The Longest-Term Investment Possible?

CGN Boss: The UK Is The Perfect Country To Showcase China’s Nuclear Expertise

Japan Nuclear Trio Needs More Than Fuel To Spark Reactor Partnership

OPPD Offers $26 Million In Retention Bonuses For Staff At Shuttering Fort Calhoun

Huntington Ingalls Wins $400Mln Contract to Repair US Nuclear Submarines


PG&E Steps Up Defense Of Plans To Close Diablo -- Claims It Will Seek Renewables As Replacement

Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Facility Continues Path Forward on Confirmatory Action Letter

X-energy and Burns & McDonnell Partner on Deployment of Xe-100 Advanced Nuclear Reactor

UK Signs Long-Awaited Hinkley Point Nuclear Project Behind Closed Doors

Official UK Govt Hinkley Deal Announcement

AREVA Awarded 5 Billion Euros Worth Of Hinkley Point Contracts

UK Government Estimate: Hinkley to Cost Consumers as Much as $27 Billion

Japan Nuclear Utilities Look At Merging Fuel Operations

EDF Says No Unforeseen Nuclear Reactor Outages Planned

No Fanfare: 'Low Key' Signing For Hinkley Point Launch

EDF Will Carry Out Tests On 12 Nuclear Reactors In Carbon Segregation Probe

Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Near Deal On Nuclear Fuel

Uranium Prices May Be Stalled, But EIA Is Still Calling for Massive Nuclear Power Growth

Westinghouse Officials Aim To Have Shutdown Lifted After NRC Review

TVO: Olkiluoto 3 On Track For 2018 Launch

AREVA NP Demonstrates Off-Axis Core Shroud Ultrasonics For BWRs

EDF Board Confirms Approval For Hinkley Point Decision

Talen To Briefly Shut Down Susquehanna Nuclear Plant To Fix Cracks In Turbine Blades

Cost Of NY Clean Energy Plan For Nuclear And Renewables Pegged At $3.4B Over Five Years

AREVA Lays Off 12 Employees In Lynchburg, Part Of 50 In US

Vermont Yankee To Sell Equipment, Supplies Worth $20 Million At Public Auction

AREVA and Synatom Sign a Contract for the Manufacture of Transport and Storage Casks

AREVA’s Le Creusot Investigations Continue

PG&E Files Comments On Diablo Canyon Closure Deal

Vermont Yankee Gets $143 Million Fuel Storage Project In Gear

Ohio’s Davis-Besse Operating After Nearly 2 Week Shutdown

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins New Dounreay Nuclear Design And Build Contract

CGN Power Buys $1.5 Billion Of Parent’s China Nuclear Assets

Electric Bill: ‘Look At Whole Picture,’ Utlity CEO Says Of South Carolina Nuclear Project Costs

Holtec Rectangular Cask For Activated Waste Passes Drop Test

FERC, NRC Review Transfer Of Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant

Uranium Prices Hit 11-Year Low 

Investing: 3 Reasons Cameco Corporation's Stock Could Fall

Davis-Besse Reactor Restarted, Power Nearly At 100 Percent Today

Centrus Inks Contract For Maintenance of American Centrifuge Project

Challenges Linger At Westinghouse's Wilmington Plant

Eskom May Use $11 Billion Cash It Forecasts on South Africa Nuclear

SNC-Lavalin To Build Candu Nuclear Reactor For China

S&P Downgrades EDF After UK Government Green-Lights Hinkley Point Project

Construction Of VC Summer Nuclear Units Moving Forward

EDF Trims Outlook On Lower Nuclear Energy Output

Eskom CEO: Nuclear Over-Reaction? Funders Are Lining Up To Pay For Build

Engie's Kocher Says Decision On UK, Turkey Nuclear Project Not Soon

NRC Wants More Information From Seabrook On License Extension 

Japan signals end for $10 billion nuclear prototype

Decommissioning Debate Continues At Long Shuttered La Crosse Plant 

Fall In Nuclear Energy Output Lifts French Spot

University of Illinois Stellarator Nuclear Fusion Device Receives Million Dollar Grant

Exelon Loses To IRS Over $1.6B Taxable Gain On Plant Sales

Protests Filed Over The Details Of Proposed Diablo Canyon Shutdown

Westinghouse Looks To Balance New And Existing Fleet Needs

Proposed Duke Nuclear Project Timeline Gets Pushed Back

Entergy’s Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Back At Full Capacity After Repairs

Duke Mulls Life After 60

Hitachi Optimistic on UK Nuclear Plans after EDF's Project Approval

China’s CGN to Press With Two Other UK Nuclear Projects

General Dynamics Subsidiary Lands $400M Contract to Help Navy Repair Nuclear Subs

Why Uranium Investments Will Remain Flat

EDF Chief Warns UK New Nuclear Plans Face Major Challenges

NRC Issues Final Environmental Review on License Renewal for Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant‌

Toshiba Unit Set To Start Nuclear Reactor In China

TVA's New Watts Bar Unit Remains Sidelined Over Transformer


Westinghouse To Start First China Reactor In 2017, Sees Tens More

Illinois Nuclear Rescue Package is Alive but Sketchy

How AREVA Became A Key Player In Charlotte’s Energy Hub

EDF Says On Track To Build UK's Hinkley Nuclear Plant By 2025

Hitachi Keeps Faith in UK Nuclear Plan as Green Costs Drop

Rosatom Mining Strategist: Uranium Price Slump Could Reverse After 2020

Westinghouse Expects British Approval For Reactor In First Quarter 2017

GE Wins $1.9 Billion Order From UK's Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant

Toshiba, Engie UK Nuclear Group Says Wants Clarity On Government Special Stake Proposal

Horizon CEO Says New UK Shareholding Rules Won't Impact Its Nuclear Plans

How The Changing Energy Field Is Impacting TVA And Other Utility Companies

Revised Terms Of Hinkley Nuclear Deal Will Enhance Security

Nuclear Sector Aims To Build 1,000 GW Of New Reactors By 2050

Hitachi's UK Nuclear Unit Comfortable With Government Stake In New Projects

TVA to Rebuild Switchyard Prior to Watts Bar 2 Operation

Japan Mulls Requiring Utilities to Sell Cheap Nuclear Energy

Is Uranium Mining in the US Ready to Take Off?

Terrestrial Energy Surpasses $17.2 Million Financing Milestone For IMSR Development

DOE Invites Terrestrial Energy To Submit Part Ii Of Its Application For Loan Guarantee Support

Pilgrim Almost Back Online After Eight Days

Contract in Place For Nuclear Islands Of China’s Fangchenggang Hualong One Units

Hinkley Point: Four Reasons The Nuclear Project Will Go Ahead

Energy Fuels Maps Out A Holding Pattern

Nevada Company Bids $38 Million For Alabama's Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

EON CEO: German Utilities, Merkel Close to Nuclear Deal

Leidos CEO: Lockheed Told DOE Nuclear Site Biz Would 'Transition Ownership'

Duke Energy Joins Terrestrial Energy's Corporate Industrial Advisory Board

FirstEnergy’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Plant Has Unexpected Outage

UK's NuGen:  Exploring A 'Universe Of Options' On Project Financing 

French Spot Rises On Strong Demand, Low Nuclear Output

German Utilities Close To Mega Nuclear Storage Deal

For Sale: Multibillion-Dollar, Non-Working Nuclear Power Plant, As Is

Moody's: Credit Profiles Of KEPCO's Six Generation Subsidiaries Positioned To Cope With Weak Prices

KEPCO Closing In On Multi-Billion Investment In Toshiba-Westinghouse's UK NuGen

J-Company Revises Schedule For Ohma Nuclear Plant

With Clinton Nuclear Plant, No News Is Bad News

EDF Struggles With Long Nuclear Plant Closures

400 To Lose Jobs With Shuttering Of Fort Calhoun Plant

Rolls-Royce Seals Bidder Status To Supply To Delayed Hinkley Nuclear Plant

Fermi License Extension In Final Stages

FirstEnergy May Support New York-Style Solution For Nuclear Plants


For Sale: 2 Unfinished Reactors, With Hope For Jobs

Terrestrial Energy’s $17 Million Bid on a New Reactor Design

Huntington Ingalls Gets $110M Navy Contract Modification to Design, Engineer Nuclear Submarines

Why Cameco Corporation Is Set to Grow

Exelon Nuclear Stations Deliver When Summer Heats Up

Some Workers Transferring Out Of Clinton Nuclear Plant

Georgia Power: New Vogtle Nuclear Units Still Cheaper Than Gas

China’s CNNC to Cooperate More With Other Countries

Decision On Indian Point Relicensing Pushes Into 2017

Maryland-Based GSE Systems Orders Push Backlog Over $6 Million

AREVA’s Richland Test Facility Advances Next-gen Nuclear Fuel

Europe Power: Spot Mixed, Wind And Nuclear Energy Weigh On French Spot

TVA Plans October Decision On Bellefonte Plant Disposition

EDF Workers To Strike On Sept. 14 Over Fessenheim Closure Plan

Source Of Water Leak At Wolf Creek Found

Interactive Map Of The Hinkley Point C Site

Fermi 2’s License on NRC Docket

Pilgrim Shuts Down Because Of Malfunctioning Valve

Investing: Crowd Psychology States Uranium Market Could Be Ready To Soar

Can Britain Keep The Lights On Without Hinkley Point?

OPPD Spending Millions To Retain Some Nuclear Plant Employees

Why EDF’s Hinkley Point Deal Is Potentially So Lucrative

Hinkley Point Offers £100B Revenue Prize To EDF And China Partner

TEPCO Advisor: Treated Fukushima Water Safe for Release

Duke Energy Forecast Shows Slow Demand Growth, More Solar Power, and Nuclear’s Necessity 

AREVA Starts Production On MOX Fuel For Takahama Unit

The True Value Of Yellowcake

EDF Executive Fears Hinkley Nuclear Plant Will Never Be Finished

Fitch: SCE&G's Nuclear Construction Settlement Agreement Reduces Key Credit Concern

Uranium – The Market, Lower Prices And Production Costs

EDF Sees Britain Taking £6B Hinkley Stake

OPPD’s Fort Calhoun Lays Off 55 Workers

TEPCO Urges Dismissal Of $1B US Sailors' Class Action Suit Over Fukushima 

OPG Set For Fall Start On $12.8B Darlington Nuclear Rebuild

VC Summer Reaches Settlement Over Costs, Completion

Southern Co. Executive Sees Plant Vogtle Nosing Out SC Plant

EIA: Nuclear Energy Plant Outages Spiked This Summer

Lloyd's: To Early To Tell On BREXIT Impact On UK Nuclear Industry 

Cameco Agrees to Fix Wyoming Uranium Mine leak After NRC Citation

UK Nuclear Industry Confident Of Its Future Despite Hinkley Delay

No Damage To Nuclear Or Generation Equipment From Watts Bar 2 Transformer Fire 

Exelon Keeps The Faith On Nuclear Energy With FitzPatrick Acquisition

VC Summer Unit 2'S Reactor Vessel Placed Inside The Unit's Containment

Talen Energy Abandons Bell Bend Nuclear Plant Project

Plant Subsidies Blocked, FirstEnergy Floats $9B Plan To Support Ohio Operations, Grid

Uranium ETF: Ready to Break a Long Slumber?

TEPCO Rises Most in Year After Governor Opposing Restart Retires

OPPD Announces Official Closing Date For Fort Calhoun: Oct. 2

Transformer Causes Fire At Watts Bar 

AREVA Restructuring Takes Shape With Assets Transfer To NewCo

Investing: Will Uranium Ever be a Buy?

EDF, Horizon Executives Respond To UK Ambivalence

Rosatom Ready to Help Saudi Arabia Build Nuclear Reactors

Vietnamese Firm To Manufacture Nuclear Energy Equipment For South Korea

The $8 Trillion Fight Over How to Rid America of Fossil Fuel

CGN Power: Guangdong May Cut Electricity Tariffs

NRC Clears LaSalle County Station Nuclear Plant On Environmental Review

Chinese, British Energy Officials Discuss Hinkley Point Nuclear Project

UK Government Could Approve Hinkley Point But Delay Essex Project

Hitachi Wants Reassurance From May Over Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Station

China 'Will Refuse' To Rewrite Terms Of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant Deal

Exelon Purchase of FitzPatrick Will Save Its Jobs, But How Many?

Toro Energy Upgrades Australian Wiluna Uranium Project With Test Work

EDF Chief Urges Britain To Give Go-Ahead To Nuclear Plant

EDF Chief To UK On Hinkley: ‘We Know And Trust Our Chinese Partners’

More Problems Uncovered At Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Plant?

CGN Sees Continued Growth In First Half Of 2016

CNNC President Urges Construction Of HPR1000 Pilot Nuclear Project

NRC Issues Final Environmental Review for LaSalle License Renewal 

Pilgrim Unit Returns To Service

Drax Piles Into UK Hinkley Debate With Biomass Conversion Offer

TVA Rates To Rise 1.5 Percent In October

Vt. Yankee Says It’s Gaining On Infiltrating Water

U-Battery: Could 'Micro-Nuclear' Technology Solve Our Industrial Power Problem?

Irate CB&I Shareholder Ventilates On 2013 Shaw Group Acquisition

Urenco Records First-Half Net Loss, Qualifies Brexit Impact

Is Hinkley Point C Close To Collapse?

Drone Photographs Project Vogtle Progress

Clock Still Ticking for Clinton and Quad Cities Nuclear Plants

TVA Idles Watts Bar Unit After Feedwater Pump Problem

The Ugliest Power Market in the US Is About to Get a Makeover

CGN Power’s Profit Rises 3.4% on Higher China Power Generation

EDF Said to Get at Least 400 Million Euros to Close Fessenheim

Can SMRs Unlock Financing?

Uranium Separation Resumes At Savannah River Site

Two TEPCO Reactors Geared-Up for Japan restart Safety Checks 

Southern Co. Moves Closer To Advanced Reactor Technology

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Powered Down After Discovery Of Problem Valve

Exelon, Entergy Press For Expeditious State Approval Of FitzPatrick Sale

Rio Tinto Buys Into Eclipse Uranium Project

Nuclear Fleet's Future May Be Tied To Market Fix That Includes Coal

Westinghouse Announces Nuclear Fuel Leadership Transitions

2 Million-Pound CA20 Module Safely Lifted Into Vogtle Unit 4 Nuclear Island

X-Energy And Southern Ink MOU On HTGR Development

Uranium ETF: Maybe Not Radioactive

EDF: Challenging The Myths About The EPR Technology Powering Hinkley Point C

Are Solar Firms Too Big to Scale?

GE Continues Restructuring With Sale Of Canadian Nuclear Energy Unit

Canada's Bruce Power Touts Regulatory Report Card

Urenco Signs Ukrainian Contract

Is Uranium Mining in the US Ready to Take Off?

BWXT Acquires GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada Inc.

Investing: Why Cameco Investors Should Remain Patient

NuScale Power Announces Campaign to Select Fabrication Partners

Hitachi Zosen Aims To Help Build US Nuclear Waste Facility

INL’s GAIN Initiative Has a New Leader From Westinghouse

Exelon-Pepco Merger Faces Court Challenge

Pantex Plant To Store More Nuclear Materials Produced At Los Alamos Lab

IEA Reports Energy Production Up 1.5 Percent In 2014

Georgia PSC Approves Latest Plant Vogtle Spending

NRC Sends Action Letter To Westinghouse Fuel Facility

US Quarterly Uranium Production Up

NRC Report Violations, Including Leaks Of Radioactive Waste, at FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

China’s Changjiang 2 Enters Commercial Operation

Could Offshore Wind Replace Hinkley Nuclear in UK at Same Cost?

Dominion's Millstone-2 Nuclear Unit At 100% Capacity After Maintenance Outage

Investing: Potential Uptick in Uranium Demand a Plus for Cameco

PG&E Files Diablo Closure Plan With CPUC As Pro-Nuclear Group Works To Derail It

Xcel Energy's Challenge: Remake Itself And Boost Profits Amid Flat Demand

Uranium Price Forecast: Going Up?

Exelon Reaffirms Long-Term Nuclear Commitment

SMR Plant Projected To Create More Than 1,000 Jobs In Idaho

Exelon Sees More Profit, Growth From Utilities Than From Plants

Entergy Hiring To Fill Job Openings At FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Toshiba Swings To Profit Over Restructuring Effort

Up to 170 Westinghouse Workers Face Temporary Workforce Reduction While Nuclear Fuel Plant In Voluntary Standdown

PG&E Files Plan To Shut Down Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

Lightbridge Updates on Nuclear Fuel Commercialization Plan

Dominion's Millstone-2 Nuclear Unit Shuts Due To Water Pump Problem

Work Voluntarily Suspended At Part Of Westinghouse Fuel Plant

Uamps Taps Preferred 35-Acre Site For SMRs at Idaho

Exelon Unveils $25B Investment Plan, 'Steady Rate Case Diet' For Utilities

GE Hitachi Chief Calls For Fed Action To Support Advanced Reactors

Exelon Battles To Keep Power Plants Open

E.ON Hit By Merkel’s Nuclear Energy Shutdown

Exelon’s Most Infamous Nuclear Plant Is Stuck in Limbo

Bechtel Gets $64 Million US Navy Nuclear Contract Modification

Investing: Why Cameco Corporation Shares Fell 12% in July

FitzPatrick Survives On Its Carbon-Free Power

Centrus Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results — Net Loss Of $2.9 Million

Westinghouse Advanced Safety Systems Established With Latest Module Placements At V.C. Summer

Eskom Probes Nuclear Information Leak Related to Contract Award

Utah-Based Energy Consortium Selects Preferred Nuclear Reactor Site

Exelon to Take Over Entergy’s James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Florida PSC Approves Duke Nuclear Fees

ČEZ Sees Slide In Second Half Results And Ongoing Nuclear Problems

Exelon Statement On Assuming Ownership And Operation Of Entergy’s Fitzpatrick Plant

New York state Just Rescued A Nuclear Plant From Oblivion

Exelon To Take Helm Of Fitzpatrick

EDF Welcomes High Court Decision To Reject Union’s Hinkley Point Request

Customers Could Pay $2.5 Billion for Nuclear Plants That Never Get Built

Entergy and Exelon Negotiations On Sale of FitzPatrick Continue

DOE Extends Savannah River Site Management and Operating Contract through July 2018

New Business In NC Makes Massive Concrete Storage Cases For Nuclear Waste

Westinghouse Advances In Ukraine's Nuclear Fuel Market

Duke Energy Finds Success In The New Energy Economy. Can Other Utilities Learn From It?

Watts Bar Achieves Startup Milestone

Brazil Eletronuclear CEO Gets 43-Year Sentence For Corruption

America’s First New Nuclear Reactor In 20 Years Finishes Testing

EDF Energy’s Heysham B-2 Sets World Record For Continuous Operation

Duke Projects in South Carolina, Florida Clear Early Hurdles

Hitachi-GE To Launch Nuclear Energy Course In Malaysia

Cameco’s Yeelirrie Uranium Mine Rejected by Aussie EPA

Bruce Power Mobilizes Ontario Nuclear Supply Chain

Duke's Proposed Lee Plant Moves Closer To NRC Approval

Reuters: EDF Boss Knew Britain Planned To Delay $24 Billion Nuclear Deal

Exelon Losing in its Own Backyard as New York Rescues Nukes

Alstom Power Wins Turbine Generator Order From Finnish Nuclear Plant

Investing: Does Thorium Play a Role in the Future of Nuclear Energy?

In Wake Of NY Incentives For Nuclear Energy, Debate Shifts Back To Illinois

Nuclear Workers To Be Offered Jobs If Exelon Closes Two Illinois Plants

NIA: Government Need To Make Quick Decision On Hinkley

New Rio Tinto Chief Says Conditions To Remain Challenging

TVA Streamlines Costs, Jobs With More Nuclear Energy

Indian Point Nuclear Plant Maintenance: Shutdowns Boost Local Economy

Amec Foster Wheeler's Moorside Analysis Contract Extended

Sulzer To Supply Feedwater Pumps For Nuclear Reactor In China

Fukushima Legacy Keeps Uranium Prices Depressed

EDF Extends Depreciation Period Of 900 MWe Units

Terrestrial Energy To Sponsor Sustainable Investment Forum In New York

EDF Chief Gave Board Two Days To Read Hinkley Point Deal

NRC Sends Augmented Inspection Team to Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Plant

Georgia Power Can Spend $99 Million To Develop New Nuclear Plant

Japan Nuclear-Energy Jitters Weigh on Global Uranium Market

Rosatom Dismisses Rumors of Accident at Belarus' Nuclear Plant

Hinkley Point: EDF's UK Boss 'Confident' Of Go Ahead

EDF Energy CEO, Vincent de Rivaz, Outlines His Confidence In Hinkley Point C In An Open Letter To All Employees

UK PM Reportedly Concerned Over Chinese Involvement In Hinkley

EDF Extends Nuclear Fleet Depreciation Period, Shares Up 8 Percent

UK Decision To Delay Hinkley Point Plant Catches China By Surprise

EDF Left Reeling As New UK PM Mulls Nuclear Energy Options

EDF Says AREVA Deal To Protect It From Finland, Manufacturing Risks

FirstEnergy Reported An Accounting Loss Of $1.1 Billion In The Second Quarter

Fission Uranium: A Look at a Mammoth Uranium Deposit

New Timetable Will See Hinkley Point Decision In ‘Early Autumn’

Hinkley Gets One Answer But More Questions

UK Govt Delay Casting Doubt On EDF's Hinkley Point Plan

Georgia Power Gets Green Light On New Nuclear Plant

Areva Narrows 1H Loss

Westinghouse CEO Refutes CB&I Charges

GEH Announces North American Implementation Of Enhanced Decontamination Solution

EDF Board Narrowly Approves Hinkley Point Project

Hinkley Point C: EDF’s Board of Directors Approves The Final Investment Decision

NIA: Go Ahead To Build Hinkley Point C Will Provide A Major Boost For UK Nuclear

EDF's Hinkley Point C Nuclear Station Faces £18B Decision Day

Hinkley Point: What Is It And Why Is It Important?

Hinkley: Point Of No Return For Nuclear Project As UK Prepares To Sign Subsidy Deal

Flamanville: France's Beleaguered Forerunner To Hinkley Point C

General Atomics Radiation Monitoring Systems Operating At New US Nuclear Plant

Hinkley C Investment Decision: A New Dawn For UK Nuclear Energy?

EDF Approves Share Sale Before Board Decision on Hinkley Point

Uranium Poised For Price Jump In Nuclear Energy Boom

EDF Investors Agree €4B Hinkley Point Power Station Fundraising

Exelon, America’s Leading Nuclear Generator, Keeps the Faith on Nukes

Horizon Nuclear Power Reacts To Panel Mandates

Panel: Hitachi UK Nuclear Plant Should Get Less Than EDF

EDF Works Council In New Bid To Delay Hinkley Point Decision

Hinkley Point: What To Watch For From EDF

Rosatom Plans to Develop 3D Printing for Nuclear Industry

General Atomics' $40-Million Gamble On Small Nukes

WCS, AREVA TN & GSI Share Latest on Consolidated Interim Storage Progress

Georgia Power Clip Shows Progress On Plant Vogtle Units 3 And 4

EnergySolutions Services gets Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program Contract

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Staff To Operate Abu Dhabi’s Barakah Plant

Are General Electric's Nuclear Ambitions Under Threat?

EDF Raided By French Authorities Ahead Of Hinkley Greenlight

CB&I Sues Westinghouse Over Claims Related To Nuclear Business Sale

Westinghouse Awarded Contract To Remove Radioactive Waste From Tanks At SRS

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project Expected To Get Go-Ahead Next Week

EDF Once Again Calls For Final Decision On Building Hinkley Point Reactors

CGN, China Shenhua Slide as Parents Say They Aren’t in Talks

Talen Energy To Lay Off 53 Workers At Susquehanna Nuclear Plant

Peninsula Energy Increasing Uranium Production

Fitch Ratings Weighs In On New York's Zero Emissions Credit Plan

11 Things to Know About the Solar Sector’s Precarious Future

Paladin To Raise $275M From Project Sales

WCS Submits Clarifying Supplemental To Consolidated Storage Plan License Application

China General Nuclear Power Courted By Shenhua Coal

GE Hitatchi, Rosatom Fuel Alliance Moves Forward

Uranium Prices Hit 11-Year Low

Fessenheim May Remain Shut After Regulator Suspends Certificate

22 Palisades Nuclear Plant Guards On Paid Leave, Over Fire Inspection Allegations

NuScale Taps Overseas Partner For Key Small-Scale Nuclear Reactor Part

EDF Shares Fall After Cutting Nuclear Output Forecast

AREVA Continues Fessenheim Technical Analyses

TVEL Announces Breakthrough In Arktika Icebreaker Fuel

CGN Sees Export Boost From FirmSys Nuclear Control System Sales

Canada’s Bruce Power Hires New President and CEO

SCE&G Defends Extra Money For Nuclear Plant

Auction Of TVA’s Bellefonte Announced

Utility Clean Energy Rankings Reveal 'Unprecedented Shift' In Power Sector Paradigms

Pilgrim Requests Extension From NRC For Post Fukushima Order

TVA: Watts Bar 2 Should Be Fully Online By Summer's End

TVA Completes Key Tests For Newest Watts Bar Nuclear Unit

X-Energy Chief Touts Advanced Reactors In Clean Energy Race

For General Atomics, Smaller Nuclear Plants Are Beautiful

TVA's Nuclear Vision: In with the New, Out with the Old

Westinghouse To Test Laser Printing For Nuclear Components

Blue Castle Announces Contractor Selection Process

Renewable Power Push Threatens Last Two New England Reactors

FPL's Turkey Point Comes Under Fire In New Environmental Lawsuit

Fitch: US Nuclear Retirements Continue Amid Low Power Prices

Power Industry Report Shows CO2 Emissions In Decline

Japan Atomic Power In Partnership Talks With Exelon

JAPC and Hitachi Sign Agreement with British Firm Horizon to Promote Nuclear Project in the UK

Cameco’s a Rare Mining Growth Story

SMR Developers Shrug Off Brexit Fears To Deepen Ties With UK Suppliers

Reprieve for FitzPatrick? Entergy In Talks To Sell, Not Shutter, New York Nuclear Plant

Southern Co. Exec Sees Big Nuclear Comeback On The Horizon

Subsidy For Hinkley Nuclear Station Quintuples To £30B

Entergy In Talks For Potential Sale Of Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant To Exelon

Entergy Wants To Ship Radioactive Water To Idaho Processing Facility

OPPD Says 19 Employees Have Left Fort Calhoun

NuScale Power Eyes UK Small Modular Reactor Opportunity

Westinghouse Awarded $8 Million By DOE To Advance Nuclear Technology

BWXT Canada To Furnish Steam Generators For Bruce Power With $130M Deal

E.ON Fail To Win Compensation For German Plant Closures

Xcel Energy, Employees Celebrate 45 Years At Monticello Nuclear Plant

Exelon Would Save FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant If State OKs Subsidies

Innovative Scaffolding Helps Sellafield Decommissioning Reach New Heights

Bruce Power And BWXT Canada Set To Announce Nuclear Energy Contract

Official: NJ’s Salem 2 nuclear Plant Restarts, Abruptly Shuts Down Again

Edison Trumpets San Onofre Settlement: No Customer Payment for Mitsubishi’s Faulty Steam Generators

Americas Set to Dominate Spent Nuclear Dry Storage Cask Market, Surpassing $1 Billion by 2020

Uranium Hopefuls Make Progress

Holtec Sets Up Campus In New Jersey 

BLM Weighs Expansion Of Energy Fuels' Daneros Mine

Argonne to Work with Small Businesses on Nuclear Technologies

Possible Security Compromise Probed at Palisades Plant

AREVA, BWXT, Bechtel & CH2M  Zone In On Global Nuclear Decommissioning Market

Forced Shut Downs At Cook Unit 2 And Fort Calhoun This Week

Transatomic Power Lifts Veil On Advanced Reactor Design

Mini Nuclear Reactors to Be Built by Sheffield Forgemasters

Forgemasters Set To Play Leading Role In Nuclear Sector

NuScale Forges Links With UK’s Sheffield Forgemasters

Exelon Takes Next Step In Retiring Quad Cities

TVA Watts Bar 2 Nuclear Unit Hits 41% Power Generation

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant: Costs Up To £37B

Japan Atomic Power To Join Hitachi’s Nuclear Plant Business In Britain

Japan Nuclear Parts Makers To Team Up In China Market

Roderick: Westinghouse In 'Exclusive Talks' On New Turkey Units -- Us Orders For AP1000 On The Verge

Utility Chases Profit In Bid To Scrap Diablo Canyon

Daily U3O8 Spot Price Falls 50 Cents Week On Week To $26.40/lb

D.C. Cook Steam Line Ruptures

...NRC Evaluates DC Cook Incident as Unusual Event 

Utah's Blue Castle Project Kicks-Off Selection Process For Construction Contractors

Lightbridge hurdles milestone for European Patent for Metallic Fuel

Santee Cooper Greenlights $831M Bond Sale To Fund VC Summer Construction

German Court Rejects EOn's Compensation Claim

AREVA Completes Sale Of Canberra To Mirion Technologies

EDF Says It Is Ready For Final Investment Decision On Hinkley Point C

$200 Billion Global Nuclear Decommissioning Market Looms Up To 2030

TVA Continues To Reduce Carbon Emissions

German Court To Rule On Eon Claim For Damages From Nuclear Phase-Out

Successful Cold Hydro Test At Haiyang 1 Drives Delivery Certainty For Westinghouse AP1000 Plants

Investing: Illinois Doesn't Value Exelon's Nuclear Energy -- and That's a Huge Climate Mistake

AREVA Signs Several Contracts In The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

EDF Plans To Sell Stake In RTE, Value Seen Above $5.8 Billion

Toshiba Withdraws ABWR Certification Application

At Pilgrim, A Probe Into Whether Backup Generators Were Offline

AREVA Signs Nuclear Fuel Cycle Contracts

Toshiba To Focus On Nuclear, Robotics Industries

Santee Cooper Authorizes $831M Debt Sale To Fund Nuclear Project

TVA Asks 3,500 Employees To Quit Or Retire In Cost-Cutting Move

Is Uranium Ready To Run?

Huntington Ingalls Industries Partners with Westinghouse on Power Plant Projects in Georgia and South Carolina

SNC-Lavalin Wins $20M Contract To Help Extend Life Of Argentinan Nuclear Plant

Entergy Announces Nuclear Fleet Leadership Changes

FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Still Offline After Unexpected Shutdown

NuGen's Plans 'Unchanged' By Brexit

Georgia Power Places CA05 Module For Vogtle Unit 4

Horizon CEO Outlines Fresh Challenge For Nuclear

TVA Nuclear Employees Offered Voluntary Staff Reduction Option

Westinghouse Ready To Build Nuclear Fuel Plant In Ukraine

FPL Customers Could Get Reprieve From Turkey Point Nuclear Charges

World Nuclear Exhibition Addresses Challenging Markets and New Solutions

EDF and MHI Consider Collaboration

Westinghouse Fleet Expands With TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2

SCE&G Files For New Rate Increase To Fund Nuclear Plant Construction

Westinghouse Leverages Global Experience For Construction Certainty At Vogtle Project Site

Who Will Now Invest £100 Billion to Keep Britain's Lights On?

SNC-Lavalin Joint Venture Awarded Two Nuclear Services Contracts

Russia to Sign 4-Year Service Contract for Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant This Year

UBS Analysts: Long-Term Contracted Nuclear Plants Also At Risk Of Shutdown

Ohio's Perry-1 Nuclear Plant Reduces Power Because Of Fluid Leak

EDF Tabs JPMorgan, HSBC for $4.4 Billion Fundraising

BHP: Fukushima Set Uranium Industry Back For Years

Unlike its OPPD Cousin at Fort Calhoun, NPPD's Cooper Nuclear Station Staying The Course

Uranium Prices ‘Set to Double’ on the Back of New Nuclear Renaissance

NuScale Races To Be First To Deploy SMRs

Exelon Sends NRC Notice Of Intent To Close Clinton, Quad Cities Plants

Indian Point 2 Reactor Shut Down Due To Leaking Water Pipe

Duke CEO: 'More About Keeping Plants Operating Today Alive For As Long As We Can' Than Building New Ones

Westinghouse’s Roderick Moves Up, Replaced By Gutierrez On Interim Basis

Utah Energy Co-Op Pushes Small Nuclear Reactor Development

Investing: 3 Uranium Juniors Up Over 100 Percent in 2016

EDF Workers Seek Further Delay To Hinkley Point Project

FPL Offers To Skip Nuclear Fee — But Rate Hike Is Still Looming

Toshiba's New CEO 'Sticks' To 'Ambitious' Nuclear Energy Targets

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Picked for $2 Million DOE Research Project

New Non-Profit To Help Nuclear Industries With Cyber Security

Cost To Replace California Nuclear With Solar: $15 Billion

Antis: Diablo Canyon's Closure A 'Template' For Other States

New Watts Bar Unit Trips On Auxiliary Feedwater Issue

GE Power Closing Recently Acquired Alstom Facilities In Chattanooga

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Milestones Reached At Bulgaria’s Kozloduy And Belene

Singapore To Stay 'Engaged' In Nuclear

But China’s Nuclear Roll-Out Facing Delays

Bulgaria To Pay 600M Euros To Russia Over Cancelled Nuclear Project

Kazakhstan And Saudi Arabia Agree To Nuclear Cooperation

India Renews Talks On Building Nuclear Plants 

Radioactive Fukushima Wood Becomes Power in German Machine


Spinoff Eyed For TEPCO’s Nuclear Energy Business

Costs Are Ballooning For Dismantling Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Bulgaria Completes Upgrade To Extend Life Of Kozloduy Nuclear Reactor By 30 Years

NSG Membership: Not just China, India Must Work On Convincing Other Countries With Reservations

Regulator: Norway Suffered Small Nuclear Leak On Monday

Bulgarian Ex-Energy Minister Cedes Immunity Over Nuclear Project

UAE’s Nuclear Authority Approves Budget For 2017

North Korean Coal Windfall Boosts Nuclear Advance

Ukraine to Start Active Phase of Nuclear Waste Storage Construction in 2017

Belarus Invites Poland To Help Supply Nuclear Plant's Electricity To EU

Underground Cables Planned For Future UK Moorside Nuclear Plant

Abe Party May Lose Next Election If Nuclear Exit Becomes Main Issue

LDP May Lose Next Election If Nuclear Exit Becomes Main Issue

Taiwan To End Nuclear Energy Generation In 2025

Birth Of A Boomer: How India Built Its Nuclear Submarine

Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Seeks Turkish Partners In Early 2017

Residents Who Fled Fukushima Fear Return to Ghost Town

Report: Israel Close To Purchasing 3 Nuclear Submarines From Germany

Ukraine To Stop Paying Russia For Nuclear Waste Disposal

Canadian Watchdog Urges Beefing Up Of Nuclear Plant Inspections 

India Dissatisfied With Costs of Nuclear Power Project With France


Defeat Of Swiss Referendum For 2029 Nuclear Phase-Out Projected Despite Early Polls

Electric Stoves, Heaters Key for Japan’s Nuclear Utility

Japan’s Energy Outlook for Winter: Capacity Reserve Margin to Stay Above 3%

South Korea To Restart Shin Kori No.2 After Maintenance


UAE's Nuclear Energy Project Achieves $24.4 Billion Financing Close

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $325 Million In Eight Months

French Nuclear Watchdog Wants To Shut Down 5 Reactors Over Failure Risk

India Committed to 63000 MW Nuclear Capacity Plan Of 2032

Saudi Arabia to Select Nuclear Power-Plant Site ‘Very Soon’

Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 On Track For Cold Functional Testing In 2017

Russia And Paraguay Agree To Cooperate In Nuclear Energy

Germany Plan To Pay For Nuclear Clean-Up Draws Fire

French Opposition: EDF Reactor Closures Are Reason Not To Phase Out Nuclear

Russia, Egypt Could Sign Dabaa Nuclear Plant Construction Deal in December

Bulgarian Former Energy Minister Charged Over Nuclear Project

Taipower Mulling Undersea Site For Disposal Of Nuclear Waste

Germany Approves Landmark Nuclear Waste Deal With Utilities

Abe’s Nuclear Japan Goals Face More Ballot-Box Battles in 2017

China Opens Chongqing Nuclear Plant To Tourism

Expansion of Slovakia's Mochovce Nuclear Plant Faces Delay

Stop-Start-Stop: Japan's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Plant -- A Poster-Child For Fleet Restart

Finland To Share Nuclear Repository Know-How With Czech Republic

Controversial New Nuclear Plant Ignites Belarus

British Navy's Old Nuclear Submarines 'Will Not Be Finally Disposed Of Until After 2040'

China's First Nuclear-Powered Submarine Decommissioned

French September Nuclear Energy Output Lowest Since Aug. 1998

Anti-Nuclear Mood Prevails In Japan Governor Race

Civil Nuclear Deal Between India, Japan Unlikely During PM Modi's Visit

IAEA Praises Sweden's Progress In Nuclear Security

UK Completes Return Of Swiss Reprocessing Waste

Brexit Could Hurt Hinkley Nuclear Progress

China Says Third Pakistan Nuclear Reactor Connected To Grid

Two Indicted in Bulgaria over Nuclear Plant Deal with Russia


Election Of Anti-Nuclear Governor A Setback For Japan Fleet Restart

Anti-Nuclear Candidate Heads For Win In Japan Local Election, Blow To TEPCO

Seven Nations And Their Paths To Nuclear Energy

China's First Nuclear Submarine To Be Displayed In Museum

Russia to Continue Assisting India in Developing Nuclear Energy Industry

Japan’s Industry Minister Seko Inspects Ikata Nuclear Plant

German Utilities Get Long-Sought Deal on Nuclear Storage

India, Russia Finalize Agreement On Units 5, 6 At Kudankulam

New Life For Ukraine’s Aging Nuclear Plants

Experts: Vietnam Not In Danger From China's Nuclear Plants

German Utilities Can Defer Most Nuclear Waste Costs, Draft Shows

German Utilities To Pay 23.6B Euros Into Nuclear Fund

Japan Election Key To World's Biggest Nuclear Plant And Abe's Energy Policy

Putin, Modi to Sign 18 Deals at BRICS Summit, Eye Nuclear Cooperation

Russia's New Rosatom Chief States Aims In Meeting With Medvedev

Putin: Russia, India Establishing Cooperation in Uranium Enrichment

Germany Takes Steps To Roll Back Renewable Energy Revolution

China is Designing Portable Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear Energy Sector Stirs in India as Liability Fears Ease

The Future Of Russian Nuclear Energy Plants: Rosatom Abroad

Is Time Up For Nuclear Energy In Switzerland?

UAE Ready To Share Nuclear Experience With Turkey

World Energy Council Notes Key Role Of Nuclear Energy

South Korea To Halt Hanbit No.3 Nuclear Reactor For Maintenance

Belarusian Nuclear Plant To Start Installing Reactor Vessel In Late 2016 At The Earliest

Indonesia's First Experimental Nuclear Reactor Held Up by Budgeting Issues

German Cabinet To Agree On Nuclear Storage Deal On Oct. 19

Taiwan Begins Overhaul of Third Nuclear Energy Plant 

Could China Build The World’s Smallest Nuclear Plant And Send It To The South China Sea?

Russia and Turkey Look to Accelerate Nuclear Energy Plans 

Swiss Government Opposes Campaign For Quick Nuclear Exit

Report: Belgium Needs Nuclear And Renewables

China Says Willing To Discuss 'Possibilities' With India On Nuclear Group

Rosatom CEO And Turkish Energy Minister Discuss Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Project

Indian Government To Push For JVs In Light Water Reactor Projects 

India’s Newest Nuclear Reactor To Be Commissioned Next Year

Israel’s Netanyahu To Rename Dimona Nuclear Facility After Peres

North Korea: When Is An Earthquake A Nuclear Test?

Japanese Panel Launches Discussion On Fast-Breeder Reactor Development

North Korea Is ‘Racing Towards The Nuclear Finish Line’

Is SA Playing Russian Roulette With Nuclear Energy?

Study Recommends Nuclear/ Renewables Mix For Belgium

Russia Starts Work On Arctic Dock For 1st-Ever Floating Nuclear Plant

South Africa: Rosatom Still 'Upbeat' About Nuclear Bid

North Korea Activity at Nuclear Site Raises Speculation Over New Test

Japan’s Mihama-3 NPP Clears Compatibility Examination with New Regulatory Standards

Reactor Vessel To Be Shipped To Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant In Late October

Nuclear Fusion Reactor ITER's Construction Accelerates As Cost Estimate Swells

South Korea Is Now World's Sixth-Largest Nuclear-Powered Country

Japan Grapples With Fukushima D&D Costs

Japan Bolsters Reprocessing Work

Putin Appoints Rosatom Nuclear Chief To Key Presidential Post

TEPCO Calls For Govt Help To Curb Impact Of Rising Fukushima Costs

Another Japanese Reactor Passes Safety Checks To Operate Beyond 40 Years

'Keyhole Surgery' Underway For Sellafield Waste Retrieval

Russia Claims End of Plutonium Pact ‘Not Catastrophic’ for Nonproliferation Goals

Moscow Signals Lifeline For Revival of Nuclear Cooperation 'if US Vows Full Commitment'

Russia Suspends A Second Agreement On Uranium Research With US 

Rosatom Expects To Sign Nuclear Plant Contract With Egypt This Year

Canadian Watchdog Raps Nuclear Regulator Over Power Plant Probes

Still Chasing Dream, Japan Rejigs Fast-Breeder Reactor

Russia's First in World Floating Nuclear Plant to Cost About $480M

Former Cash Cow Monju Now Looming As A White Elephant

China Sees Hinkley Position As Giant Springboard For Global Nuclear Energy Market Competiveness

UK Seeks Enhanced Cooperation With Nuclear Partners

IEA Urges Turkey To ‘Proceed Urgently’ With Adoption Of Nuclear Law

Japan Inaugurates New Body For Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

Railways, Energy PSUs May Fund India’s Nuclear Expansion Plans 

White House Disappointed By Russia Withdrawal From Plutonium Accord

Vladimir Putin Exits Nuclear Security Pact, Hits Hostile US Government Actions 

Putin Halts Plutonium Pact, Demands End to Sanctions by US

Putin Suspends Plutonium Pact With US

Putin Scraps Plutonium Disposal Deal With 'Unfriendly' US

Pro Nuclear Mayor Steamrolls Anti In Key Japan Election Test 

Sourh Africa’s Contentious Nuclear Program Faces Yet Another Setback

First Tourists To Visit Fukushima


Castro’s Cuba Is Getting Nuclear Reactors From Putin’s Russia

Construction Of The UK's Four New Nuclear Submarines Set To Begin

UN Atomic Agency Chief Says Iran Sticking To Nuclear Deal


Japan, India To Sign Nuclear Cooperation Deal In November

India Shuns Piecemeal Bargain For Reactors, Opts For Bulk Deal

Hungary’s Paks II Project Gets Environmental License

South African Nuclear Plan On Ice As Eskom May Take Ownership

Spent-Fuel Issues Cloud China's Nuclear Push

South Africa's Energy Minister Delays Nuclear Tenders

Building Two Reactors at Hungary’s Paks NPP Gets Environmental License

China to Submit Homegrown Nuclear Reactor Design for UK Review

Japan's Decision To End Monju's $10 Billion Breeder Reactor Odyssey

CGN Expects the Go-Ahead for Another Plant in Britain

Eskom May Take Charge Of South Africa’s Nuclear Energy Build

Report: Mini-Nuclear Reactors Could Be Operating In The UK By 2030

Finland's Trailblazing Waste Repository Steams Toward 2023 Opening


TEPCO Stock Soars On Japan Nuclear Utility Consolidation Prospects

Cuba, Russia Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Deal

Fins Takes New Legal Action Against AREVA Over Olkiluto

UAE’s Nuclear Program ‘A Model’ For The World

Bulgaria Parliament Approves State Aid Over Cancelled Nuclear Project


Meet The Nuclear Cattle Of Fukushima

German Nuclear Commission Warns Of Delay To Waste Storage Deal

EIA: Recent Increases In Global Nuclear Capacity Led By Asia

Brexit ‘Could Trigger’ UK Departure From Nuclear Energy Treaty

Russia, Finland Sign Protocol on Nuclear Security Cooperation

Site Investigations For UK’s NuGen Nearing Completion

Bid To Store More Nuclear Waste At Bradwell Given Green Light

Concerns Mount Over True Motivations For South Africa’s Planned Nuclear Deal

China Upset As US Sanctions Firm Tied To North Korea Nuclear Program

Rosatom: Russian Nuclear MOX Fuel Plant Arouses Interest Abroad

China Eyes India's Nuclear Projects

IAEA: 30 Developing Countries Mulling Nuclear Energy Programs

Pakistan to join Nuclear Suppliers Group Before India?

Nuclear Woes Push French Power to Biggest Price Jump Since 2010

Russia, Tunisia Sign Nuclear Energy Cooperation Agreement in Vienna


UAE Nuclear Energy Plant Barakah 70% Complete


Fukushima Nuclear Zone To Become World's Next ‘Tourist Hotspot'


China Inc's 'Dauntingly Fast' March To Growth

UN Urges US, China, Others To Ratify Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Is India About to Lease Russia's Best Nuclear Submarine Ever?

A Study In Nuclear Contrast: North Korea Seeks A Bomb While Kazakhstan Leads In Nonproliferation

Permit Represents Decommissioning Milestone At Lithuania’s Ignalina Nuclear Plant

India Could Get Billions In Financing From The US To Build a Nuclear Reactor

Hinkley Point A Boost To UK Steel, But Not A Game Changer

Activists Seek Court Ruling To Bar South Africa Government's Plan To Expand Nuclear Energy

Argentina Looking Forward to Boosting Nuclear Energy Cooperation with Saudi Arabia

India Shops $8 Billion+ US EX-IM Bank Loan For Westinghouse Reactor Project

Finland's TVO Sees Olkiluoto 3 Start-Up End 2018

Unit 4 At Hongyanhe Nuclear Plant In China Reaches Commercial Status

China, France Pledge To Promote Hinkley Point Nuclear Program

India’s Nuclear Transformation — Why The Poor In India Have Hope


TEPCO: Possible Water Leak At Fukushima Plant During Typhoon

Bulgarian Parliament to Discuss Bill on Payment of Debt to Russia's Rosatom

Russian Shipyard Completes Equipping Arktika Icebreaker With Nuclear Reactors

Kazakhstan To Supply Nuclear Fuel To Ukraine?

China Nuclear Developers Must Seek Public Consent

Decommissioning of Soviet Nuclear Plants Faces Significant Funding Gaps

South Africa: Energy Dept Urged to Elaborate On Nuclear Bid List

EU Auditor Sees Nuclear Decommissioning Funds Shortfall

US, China Move Against Chinese Firm Suspected of Aiding North Korean Nuclear Program

Comment Period Extended For South African Nuclear Site License Applications

French Prosecutor Probes AREVA Employee Share Purchase Plan

EDF Has 'No Plans' For UK's Heysham 3

Heysham II, Unit 2, Shatters Continuous Run Record

Hinkley Is No Pointer To Funding For UK’s Sizewell

China To Build 60 Nuclear Energy Plants In Upcoming 10 Years

Kazakhstan Starts Construction Of Low Enriched Uranium Bank

South Korea To Halt Hanul No.4 Nuclear Reactor For Maintenance

Hinkley Point Fires Up Britain's Nuclear Ambitions

Bulgaria To Pay Russia $446 Million For Canceled Belene Nuclear Project This Year

Even If Monju Axed, Japan’s Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plan To Stay

Finland's Repository Project Piques Australia's Interest As It Considers Waste Storage

Satellite Imagery Suggests Pakistan Building Uranium Enrichment Facility

NSG Membership A Priority For India

New Revelations in South African Nuclear Deal

CEO of Russia’s Rosatom: Hinkley Point Good News For Whole Nuclear Industry

China Must Wait Four Years For Decision On Bradwell Nuclear Plant

Industry Official: China To Build At Least 60 Nuclear Plants In Coming Decade

Hungary Expects EU Clearance For Paks Reactors In Weeks

Final Decision On Nuclear Waste Repository In South Australia Could Be Years Away

China's CGN To Submit Design For Bradwell Nuclear Site

Report Calls For Fracking And Nuclear Energy In Scotland

'New Era Of UK Nuclear Power' As Hinkley Point Finally Gets Go-Ahead

Theresa May’s Nuclear Power Play Short Circuits

Business Minister: Foreign Nuclear Investment Is A Vote Of Confidence In Britain

South Africa Nuclear Tender Open To All, Rosatom Not Frontrunner

China Will Own Part Of New UK Nuclear Plant

QuickTake Q&A: Britain and France’s $24 Billion Nuclear Gamble

Theresa Maybe: What UK Nuclear Decision Tells Us About Brexit

Chinese Investor To Submit UK Nuclear Reactor Design Soon

Thousands Work Daily at Japan Nuclear Plant Selling No Power

Japanese Steel For French Nuclear Facilities Found With High Impurity Level

Belarus Rules Out Suspension of Nuclear Plant Construction

Video: Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant Gets Green Light

UK Approves Chinese-Backed Hinkley Point, Sets Tighter Controls

Hinkley Point: What Has The UK Promised China On Nuclear To Date?

Despite Vows To Go Green, Japan Replaces Nuclear With Coal And Gas

Japan Mulls Ending Monju Fast-Breeder Reactor Project 

TEPCO Dismantles Safety Wall Around Crippled Fukushima Reactor Building

UK Said To Approve EDF’s 18-Billion Pound Nuclear Project

Zuma: South Africa's Nuclear Expansion Plan On Despite Tight Funds

India-Russia Bond: Pacts For Two More Nuclear Reactors Likely 

North Korea Could Have Enough Uranium For 6 Nuclear Bombs By 2017

TEPCO Switched Off Alarms At Fukushima No. 2 Plant Years Ago

UK Verdict On Hinkley Project Looms

French Energy Minister Royal: UK’s May Is Right to Take Time on Hinkley Point

India Says Holds 'Substantive' Nuclear Talks With China

Poland Mulling Funding Options For Nuclear Plant As It Dumps UK Blueprint

Experts Divided Over Safety Of South Korean Plants In Case Of Powerful Quakes

South Korea's Biggest Earthquake Triggers Nuclear Safety Concerns

UK Jobs Boost In Nuclear Industry In Sector With 'Growing Role'

VP: Hungary Close To Deal With Brussels On Nuclear Expansion

Iran’s AEOI Chief Arrives In Belgium For Nuclear Talks

Four South Korea Nuclear Reactors Suspended Due To Earthquakes

New UK Hub Opens For Nuclear Energy Research And Education

Namibia Prepares For Nuclear Talks With India

Spotlight On Localization As South Africa Prepares For Nuclear RFP

EDF Energy Advisory Panel: UK Needs Hinkley Point For Energy Security

Germany's 26.4B Euro Nuclear Waste Deal

China's Tianwan New Reactor Undergoes Testing

Iran, Russia Start Construction Of New Iranian Nuclear Plant

Russia Demands Swift Payment For Canceled Bulgarian Nuclear Plant

‘No Harm Done’: Alarm At Chinese Nuclear Plant Accidentally Deactivated For Three Months

Pressure Mounts For Government Decision On Hinkley

China's CGN Takes A Bet On Winds Of Change

South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa: No Deals For Nuclear Energy Have Been Finalized

North Korea Conducts Fifth Nuclear Test

Japan’s J-Power Delays Plan To Begin Operating Oma Nuclear Plant Until 2024

'A Turning Point': Russia All Set to Build Iran's Bushehr-2 by 2019

Jordan And Vietnam Named As Nuclear Growth Hotspots

Special Forces Counterterrorism Units to Guard Belgian Nuclear Plants

The Nordic Experience In Nuclear Energy


IAEA: China Still Needs ‘Further Work’ To Improve Nuclear Safety

India, Canada Broaden Energy Dialogue To Cover Nuclear Energy, Renewables 

South Africa Energy Minister: To Request Nuclear Proposals End September 

Canada Hopes To Supply More Uranium

Russia Offers To Build Saudi Arabia’s $100B Nuclear Industry


Russian Nuclear Inc. Showcases Mobile Reactors At Army-2016 Forum

Russians Push Nuclear-Powered Underwater Drone Carrier

Japan To Start Background Checks Of Nuclear Workers In Anti-Terrorism Effort

Japan’s Ikata 3 Back In Commercial Operation

Former Japan Premier Accuses Abe of ‘a Lie’ on Fukushima Safety

Europe’s Nuclear Club Slows Emissions Cuts

Back On Australia’s Radar: Developing Nuclear Reactors Along With Storing Nuclear Waste

Construction On Vietnam’s Ninh Thuan Plant Delayed Again

Kenya’s Nuclear Energy Plans Receive Major Shot In The Arm From Korea Inc 

Future Of Japan's Monju Plutonium Breeder Reactor Under Review

Turkey, China Strike Nuclear Energy Agreement On Sidelines Of G-20 Summit

Mysteries Of The First Belarusian Nuclear Energy Plant

Safety Concerns Raised Over UK’s Sellafield Staff Shortages And Nuclear Waste Stored In Plastic Bottles

Russia's Rosatom Says Ready To Build 16 Saudi Nuclear Stations

India’s 2nd Nuclear Unit At Kudankulam To Start Commercial Operation From December


China Agrees To Be 'Patient' With The UK Over Paused £18 Billion Hinkley Deal

Japan: India's Membership To NSG Will Help Promote Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Kremlin: Changes in Turkish Legislation to Accelerate Work on Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Philippines May Open Mothballed Marcos-Era Nuclear Energy Plant


Japan’s Kyushu Electric Rebuffs Governor’s Call To Shutter Sendai Plant For Safety Upgrades

UK's May Defends Delay On Chinese-Backed Nuclear Plan

Expert Plays Down TEPCO Ban Of Term 'Meltdown' In Nuclear Crisis

Taiwan's Premier Vows Nuclear Plants To Close On Schedule


UK’s Theresa May To Review Security Risks Of Chinese-Funded Nuclear Deal

No Imminent UK Decision On Chinese-Backed Nuclear Plan As PM May Heads To China

Japan’s NRA Wants High-Risk Nuclear Waste Buried For 100,000 Years

Russia Expects Feasibility Study For Jordan In Early 2017

UAE Nuclear Agency Prepares For Training Review

Steel in Troubled French Nuclear Reactor Used in Japanese Plants

Turkey Formally Announces Nuclear Energy Agreement With China

South Africa's Eskom Extends Nuclear Energy Consultation Period

South Korea and Kenya Make a Deal to Partner on Nuclear Energy

French Government Confirms Support For Hinkley Point

May’s Brexit Diplomacy Brings UK Hinkley Decision to China Trip

G20: China Expected To Press UK PM May On Hinkley 

Typhoons Cause Partial ‘Ice Wall’ Melt At Fukushima 

Report: Could Russian Involvement In Finnish Nuclear Plant Undermine National Sovereignty


US, India Inch Forward On Westinghouse Six-Reactor Deal

Britain's May Heads To China With Assuages Over Hinkley Delay

TEPCO Shares, Japan Restart Fortunes Up With Exit Of Key Anti-Governor 

Sealing the Deal: Turkey, China Launch Nuclear Cooperation Partnership

North Korea Soldiers 'Armed With Nuclear Backpacks' As Tensions Rise Over Us-South Korean Military Exercises

South Korea's Nuclear Operator Signs Pact To Build Reactors In Ukraine

India Powers Past 6,000MW Mark In Nuclear Energy

Russia’s Rosatom Meets With Ghana's Nuclear Energy Team

EDF Union Files Challenge To Annul Hinkley Point Green-Light

Moltex Advanced Reactor Trailblazer Claims Costs One/Third Of Hinkley

CNNC, Saudi's Falih Discuss Nuclear Cooperation

Southeast Asia Declared Free Of Highly-Enriched Uranium 


India US To Advance Talks On Building Six Nuclear Reactors

Ambitious Nuclear Expansion Is Causing Problems For China

First Pour For China's Fuqiing 6 Turbine Building Ahead Of Schedule

China’s CGN Probes Bulgaria’s Stalled Belene Project

Japan Mulls Scrapping Monju Reactor, Restart Requires More Money

Russia Launches New Used Fuel Management Plan

Philippines May Open Mothballed Marcos-Era Nuclear Plant


Japan's 'Hail Mary'? — Fukushima's Underground Ice Wall

Britain’s Nuclear Plants Had 21 Breaches Last Year And Officials Are Looking At China

Contaminated Water Accumulates At Fukushima

India’s Second Nuclear Unit At Kudankulam Connected To Grid 


StopFake Site Battles Russian Misinformation On Ukraine Conversion To US Suppliers

Iran Says 2 Nuclear Power Plants Funded

US State Department: ’Time For NSG To Take Up Case Of India's Membership'

Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant 2nd Unit's Start-Up Planned for October 2024

Brexit Issues Further Complicate Hinkley Decision

Protests Threaten China’s Nuclear Energy Plans

Anti-Nuclear Governor In Japan Asks Kyushu Electric To Suspend Sendai Plant

Bulgaria Seeks Least Worst Outcome For Belene Nuclear Fiasco

French Government, EDF, Finalize Deal To Shutter Aging Fessenheim Plant

Russian Shocker: ‘Breakthrough’ Could Eliminate Nuclear Waste By 2025

UK Officials Examining Exit Strategy From Hinkley Point Deal

Work Starts On China’s Fuqing 6 Turbine Building

Hinkley Point Nuclear Station: Whitehall Officials 'Exploring Ways Uk Could Pull Out Of Deal'

Official: Ukraine To Continue Efforts On Diversifying Nuclear Supplies And Services

Russia Considers Nuclear Energy For Sub-Sea Minerals Exploration

Kuwait Scraps Nuclear Energy Plans

Russians See Future In Fast Reactors 

South Korea Succeeds In Mass Production Of Nuclear Fusion Fuel


Despite Hinkley Pause, Chinese Set Sights On Global Nuclear Energy Market

UAE Submits National Report To International Nuclear Regulator

Russia Notes Progress With Fast Reactor Technology

Law On Turkey’s First Nuclear Plant Comes Into Force

China’s Changjiang-2 Begins Commercial Operation

UAE Steps Up Nuclear Energy Safety

Japan’s Ikata 3 Operating At Full Power Again

TEPCO Panel Considers Fukushima Daiichi Ice Wall Ineffective

Swiss Nuclear Reactor At Leibstadt Extends Outage To Late October

Brexit Worsens UK Energy Supply Risk

India Yet To Start Commercial Import Of Uranium From Australia

Russia, Egypt to Sign Final Contract to Build Nuclear Plant by Year

Russia’s Rosenergoatom Revs Up Fast Reactor, Beloyarsk 4, To Full Power

Emirati Students Gain Nuclear Insight In South Korea

EDF To Make Return On Hinkley Point 'Even If Costs Soar By 25 Percent’

Jordan Seeking Funds For First Nuclear Energy Plant

‘99% Effective’ Ice Wall Fails To Seal Off Fukushima  Plant

Australia Formally Bans Chinese From Leasing Power Grid

China Dismisses UK Nuclear Safety Fears as 'Groundless and Unnecessary'

Japanese Nuclear Regulators Keep Ban On Monju Reactor

UK Plans To Build Six Nuclear Plants Raises Concerns Over Critical Infrastructure Control

UK Bosses Slam Successive Governments On Energy Policy


UK’s Leaders Accused Of 'China-Phobia' Over Delayed Nuclear Deal

Ex-UK Minister: EDF Should Face Penalty For Delay Of Hinkley Nuclear Plant

Rosenergoatom Revs Up Fast Reactor, Beloyarsk 4, To Full Power

Nuclear Developers Have Big Plans For Pint-Sized Power Plants In UK


Russians Unveil Plans For 'Super Reactor'

Russia Plans Low-Capacity Nuclear Plants for the Arctic

Russian Fast Reactor Reaches Full Power

Construction Of UAE’s First Nuclear Plant Now 68% Complete

Nuclear Plant Delay May Shift UK Energy Policy

Russia Expresses Interest In Saudi Nuclear Plans

Japan Still Seeking Nuclear Repository Site

Putin Asks For ‘Coordinated Position’ On Use Of Thorium

Safety Audit Flags Shortcomings By Fennovoima Nuclear Energy Firm

UK's May Reassures China After Nuclear Plant Delay

First Aussie Uranium Shipment To India Flagged For Next Year

Russia's Uralmashzavod To Make Equipment For India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

European Power: Spot Up On Tighter Nuclear

Bulgarian PM Supports Reviving Belene Nuclear Project With Private Investors

Russia Interested In Building Nuclear Reactors In Saudi Arabia

Japan’s Ikata Nuclear Plant's No. 3 Reactor Begins Generating Power

Russia Connects Novovoronezh 6 Reactor To Grid

Hinkley Point Becomes A Diplomatic Flash Point

India Discusses Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership Issue With China

Tehran, Moscow to Construct 2 Nuclear Power Plants in Iran


2020 Deadline Gives UK PM An Out In Hinkley Deal

French August Power Shrugs Off Nuclear Drop On Weak Gas Prices

Obama Admin Gives Green Light for Iran to Build Two New Nuclear Plants?


Ukraine Increasingly Turning To Westinghouse Over Russia For Nuclear Energy

Japan Plans To Identify ‘Multiple Candidate Sits’ For Repository

Bulgaria To Revive Belene Nuclear Power Project With Private Help

Japan’s Ikata Nuclear Plant Restarts

Japan Reactor Restart Signals Latest Step in Nuclear Rebirth

South Australia Eyes Nuclear Waste Storage Projects

Nuclear Espionage Charge For China Firm With One-Third Stake In Uk's Hinkley Point

Chinese Ambassador’s Nuclear Safety Claims Are Open To Challenge

Drone Crashes Into Koeberg Nuclear Station

Turkey To Give Akkuyu Nuclear Project ‘Special Status’

South Africa's Eskom Suspends Two Managers Over Leak Of Nuclear Documents

Russia To Build 11 New Nuclear Reactors By 2030

China City Suspends Search For Nuclear Fuel Facility After Protests

UK’s Former European Trade Commissioner Urges Nuclear Deal With ‘Prize’ Partner China

French Ruling Socialist Party Says Hinkley Point Doubts Must Be Cleared Up

Modi: India Will Build More Nuclear Power Plants With Russia

Britain Defends Decision To Review $24B Nuclear Plant

Modi, Putin to dedicate India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Unit-I

South Australia Mulls Repository For Nuclear Waste

China Cracks Down on Nuclear-Project Protests


India Expects First Uranium Shipment From Australia by March

Construction of 2nd, 3rd Units of Bushehr-2 Nuclear Plant in Iran May Begin by End of 2016

Second India-Russia Nuclear Plant May Get New Reactor Design

Indonesia Looks to China, HTGRs

China Warns UK That Relations Hang on Hinkley Point


Japan’s Ikata-3 Poised To Be Fifth Fleet Restart

Thousands in Eastern Chinese City Protest Nuclear Waste Project

Reseach Center Contracts Signed For Rosatom-Build In Bolivia

Hinkley Point Is A Test Of Mutual Trust Between UK And China

China Warns UK Over £18B Nuclear Energy Deal

China Warns Of 'Crucial Juncture' Over Hinkley Delay

Nuclear Safety Issues Grow Over Purported French Snub of UK Watchdog

Bulgaria May Restore Russian Gas Pipeline, Nuclear Plant

Japan’s Ikata-3 To Resume Operation On 15 August

Technician Shortage In China ‘Threatens Nuclear Plant Safety’

UK China Flap Extends To SMR Competition

Delays During Reopening WIPP Cost US Taxpayers $64M

China Protest Against Nuclear Waste Plant

China Carries Out First Nuclear Security Emergency Drills

Australia To Possibly Start Supplying Uranium To Ukraine In Early 2017

Putin, Modi to Participate in Kudankulam NPP First Unit Inauguration Ceremony On August 10

Russia Connects Novovoronezh 6 Reactor To Grid

Coolant Removed From UK’s Dounreay Fast Reactor

UK Delay on Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant Strains Relations With China

US, Mexico See Nuclear Energy Agreement By Year's End


Putin Says Agreement With Iran Calls For Eight Reactors

Does Potential Hinkley Rebuff Nuke Future Chinese Investment Power Plays?

China – What Are Today’s Issues Influencing The Reactor Plans?

South Korea To Restart Shin Wolsong No.2 Nuclear Reactor 

First Leningrad Unit Now Scheduled For Commercial Operation ‘Mid-2018’

'Hinkley Pointless'?: The Economist Turns On UK Nuclear Project

China: Supply Of Nuclear Reactors To Pakistan Under NSG Norms

China Signs Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker Deal

UK Academics Join Pro-Hinkley Nuclear Project Debate


Westinghouse To Build Nuclear Fuel Production Unit In Ukraine

Japan Agrees on Second Reactor Life Extension Since Fukushima

UK Says It Won’t Pay EDF for Hinkley If Plant Is Scrapped

The UK's Shift on Nuclear Is Making China Nervous

Russia, Bolivia Sign First Contracts On Nuclear Research Center Project

China’s CNNC Says Its Plan to Merge Hualong One Reactor Designs Favored

Rosatom’s Subsidiary, French Firm Sign Supply Contract for Finnish Nuclear Plant

Ukraine Resumes Paying For Spent Nuclear Fuel Processing In Russia

Progress Reported At Unit 1 of Russia’s Leningrad II Nuclear Plant

Rivals: UK New Nuclear Program Not Dependent On Hinkley

Japanese Yamaguchi Prefecture Renews License for New Nuclear Plant

Russia, Ukraine Sign New Contract On Uranium Delivery In 2016

India: In 'Contravention Of NSG', China Continues To Sell Nuclear Reactors To Pak


Poland Revives Nuclear Energy Plant Plan, Ready In 10 Years

Britain’s Unit 2 at Heysham II Takes Record For Longest Continuous Operation

Fresh Threats To Hinkley Point As Opposition Hardens

China Nuclear Reactors Equal Russia as World’s 4th Largest

Fuel Debris at Fukushima Daiichi-2 Mostly Found at Bottom of Reactor Pressure Vessel


Russia May Replace Belarus' Nuclear Reactor Following Construction Incident

UK Resists Chinese Pressure Over Nuclear Deal But Still Wants Close Ties

Amid Britain Nuclear Debacle, China's Xinhua Decries 'Suspicion'

British Decision on Nuclear Plant Angers China and France

Nuclear-Free Zone: Britain Weighs Energy Options Without Hinkley

China Calls For British Nuclear Project To Proceed

Hinkley Decision Threatens UK ‘Golden Era’ With China

British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL) Is To Be Finally Abolished

Wind And A Prayer: The Problem With South Australia’s Power

UK's May Worried By China Investment, Intervened To Delay Hinkley

China's Nuclear Energy Ambitions Sailing Into Troubled Waters

Extra Safety Precautions Balloon Costs To Restart Japanese Reactors

Japan’s Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Likely To Be Delayed

German Grohnde Nuclear Reactor Halted For Fault To Be Examined

India’s Nuclear Energy Plant Tenders Aim to Ease Liability Fears

China General Nuclear: It Respects Britain's Decision To Review Hinkley Project

May Silence on Hinkley Point Said to Feed Nerves on Nuclear Plan

UK Nuclear Agency 'Manipulated' £7B Clean-Up Contract

NPCIL Issues Tenders That Test The Waters On India's Liability Laws

Taiwan Nuclear Energy Shutdown 'Looks Unsustainable'

'I'm Not Scared By Nuclear': Locals Divided Over Hinkley Point C


Simplification Of Licensing In Turkey To Accelerate Akkuyu Project Implementation

Decommissioning Milestone Reached At German Reactor

Locating Fuel Debris inside the Unit 2 Reactor Using a Muon Measurement Technology at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Station

Unit 2 Muon Examination At Fukushima Daiichi Tells Fuel Debris Story

What Do We Know About Hinkley Point C's Technology?

India’s Nuclear Power Plant Tenders Aim to Ease Liability Fears

Could Every UK Town Have A Small Nuclear Reactor?

Parliamentary Committee: Wales Must Maintain Nuclear Industry 

South Korea To Restart Kori No.1 Nuclear Reactor

EDF Set To Give Long-Awaited Green Light For New UK Hinkley Unit

Chinese Gov Media: We Can Put Nuclear Reactors In Disputed Waters By 2019

Russia, Turkey Reach 'Political Decision' On TurkStream, Nuclear Plant

Ambassador: Nuclear Energy Key Focus Of UAE-South Korea Ties

IEEJ’s 2017 Economic and Energy Outlook Says That Restarting Nuclear Reactors Will Boost Japan’s Economy

China's Nuclear Energy Requires Rational Development

MPs: UK's Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant Must Get Less Than Hinkley Strike Price

Australia Considers Banning Wind Power Because It’s Causing Blackouts

IAEA Enhances Cooperation With Russian Radiation Safety Authorities

Welsh MPs: Please Build Mini-Nukes In Wales 

New UK Trawsfynydd Nuclear Reactor Reports Backed

Russia, Turkey Discuss Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project

TEPCO Asks For Removal Of ‘Pokemon Go’ Character From Nuclear Plant

Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Plant: Timeline Of The Story So Far

Parliament Ratifies Egypt-Saudi Nuclear Energy Agreement Despite Criticism


Sticker Shock: The Soaring Costs Of Germany’s Nuclear Shutdown

South Korea To Pick Spent Nuclear Fuel Site By 2028, Eyes Overseas Storage

UK High Court To Rule On £7B Nuclear Clean-Up Contract

Middle Eastern Rush To A Nuclear Energy Future

Eskom’s CEO: South Africa Needs Nuclear Energy

New UK Minister Heads To Tokyo On Nuclear Energy New Build Mission

Russia, China and South Korea 'Should Be Invited To Build UK Nuclear Plants'

Japan Nuclear Cleanup Next Target In Russian Economic Offensive

Report: IAEA Could Benefit From Non-State Funding

India Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership Depends on Signing NPT

China Can Cooperate With India In Nuclear Sector

South Korea shuts Wolsong No.1 Nuclear Reactor; Five Plants Offline

Russia Biggest Support In Creating Uranium Reserve For India

Removing Wylfa Nuclear Plant's Radioactive Fuel 'Priority'

Japan Business Lobby Says Abe Government Can't Rely On Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Hub: India’s Andhra Pradesh to Get US, Russian Nuclear Plants

Fourth Ningde Unit Enters Commercial Operation In China's Fujian Province

UAE Gets Closer to Commissioning First Ever Nuclear Plant

UK NDA Reports Reduced Clean-Up Costs

Czech Utility ČEZ Requests EIA For New Dukovany Units

French Parliament Passes Law On Procedures For Cigéo Repository

India Continues to Push China to Support Its Nuclear Supply Group Bid

Third Reactor Vessel Installed At UAE’s Barakah Plant

UK Could Leave EU Without Withdrawing From Euratom

French Team To Visit Iran For Talks On Nuclear Fusion

EU Probes France's AREVA Financial Package 

French Regulator Suspends Test Certificate At EDF's Nuclear Reactor

IAEA Visit to Russian NPP to Promote State's Nuclear Industry 

Rosatom Signs Contract With US On Russian Nuclear Fuel Testing

UK’s Bradwell’s Deep Clean - A First For Magnox

A Year After Iran Nuclear Deal, What Has Changed?

Russia To Loan Bangladesh $11.4B To Build Nuclear Plant

Japan Pauses For Nuclear Inspections Following Latest Quake

French Unions Walk Out Of Nuclear Sector Meeting With Minister

Grid Connection For China’s Second Fangchenggang Unit

Poland Abandons Gaski As Potential Site For First Nuclear Station

Egypt’s Dabaa Nuclear Plant Final Contract To Be Completed

Iran Looking Into Bulgaria's Nuclear Offer

How China Won The NSG Membership Power Play

Report: Nuclear Energy Important In China's Future Energy Mix

India's Secretive Nuclear Story: A Tale Of Cheers And Tears 

Fiscal Restraints To Keep MENA Nuclear Energy On The Sidelines

UK Chancellor Hammond Hopes for Hinkley Reactor Decision Soon

South African Energy Plan Stalls On Cost Of Nuclear

UK's New Premier Axes Department Of Energy And Climate Change

Political Pressure on EU Countries Using Russian Nuclear Fuel Mounting

Work On Russian-Assisted Nuclear Plant In Vietnam To Begin In 2023

Czech Nuclear Waste Deep Storage Will Only Be Sited Where There Is Local Support

China Media Again Touts Plans To Float Nuclear Reactors In Disputed South China Sea

China Signals Room For Negotiation On India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group Entry Bid

Former Japan Nuclear Regulator Lashes Out Over Earthquake Standards

Work On Russian-Assisted Nuclear Plant In Vietnam To Begin In 2023

EU May Sanction Constructor Of Hungary's New Nuclear Reactors

Rosatom To Work In Crimea Despite Risk Of Western Sanctions

The Fate Of Bulgaria’s Belene Nuclear Plant Is Once More Up For Discussion

Hungary Shuts Reactor At Paks Nuclear Plant Due To Malfunction

UK Regulators Provide Update On Reactor Design Assessments

Taiwan’s First Nuclear Plant To Retire On Schedule

Czechs May Lift Ban On Deliveries To Iranian Nuclear Plant


French Parliament: EDF Can Support Hinkley Point Financial Risk

Kepco Says It Will Appeal Latest Takahama Court Ruling ‘Without Delay’

JAPC To Support Hitachi in UK Nuclear Plant Projects

More Countries Considering Nuclear Energy

Pictures Show Untouched Fukushima 'Exclusion Zone'


New Nuclear Reactor Builds Fall To Zero In H1 2016


Polish Nuclear Capacity Will Not Be Built Before 2030

Iran Says Has Agreed With France To Join Nuclear Fusion Project

Booming Nuclear Industry Creating Opportunities In The UK

Germany Says Forces In Iran Trying To Torpedo Nuclear Deal

Japan Court Upholds Reactor Shutdown In New Blow To Nuclear Industry

The Spanish Nuclear Industry Showcases Its Capabilities In Tokyo


Brexit Political Chaos Matters More For EDF Than Sterling Slump

Japan Elections: Antinuclear Candidate’s Win Poses Risk to Plant Restarts

Bulgaria Does Not Rule Out Revival of Ditched Nuclear Project 


Russia Offers India Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

Russia and Bolivia Strengthen Nuclear Training And Public Acceptance

Who Will Pay For Decommissioning The Fukushima Reactors?

Is Nuclear Storage In South Australia A Growing Prospect?

Germany Votes To Abandon Most Green Energy Subsidies

Accepting Applications: First Nuclear Energy Management School in Russia

Japan Teaches UAE Lessons Learnt From Fukushima

India’s Kudankulam-II Nuclear Plant Will Go Critical On Sunday

Rosatom Completes Engineering Surveys At Paks Nuclear Plant In Hungary

Tougher Safety Rules Fail To Win Over Nuclear-Wary Japan

Bulgaria Secures $80 Million Waste Facility Deal


Georgia: Nuclear Smuggling Cases Raise Concern

Germany Puts Brake on Renewable Energy Expansion

South Korea, France To Discuss Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Brexit Pushes UK Energy Prices Towards Nine-Month Highs

France Submits Fresh Plan For Six Nuclear Plants In Jaitapur 

German Agency Accuses Iran Of Trying To Buy Nuclear Technology After 2015 Deal

India Poised To Ramp Up Nuclear Energy Sector

Brazil Police Arrest 19 In Eletrobras Nuclear-Plant Bribe Probe

U3O8 Corp- MOU Signed For Argentina Nuclear Plant Construction

UK Energy Minister Underscores Importance Of Nuclear Energy


Ukraine’s Energoatom Restarts Payments To Russia’s TVEL For Fresh Nuclear Fuel

South Korea Has High Hopes for Nuclear Energy’s Future and Plans to Build 9 New Reactors

Germany To Dump Nuclear Waste For Good - But Where?

Gearing up to Uranium Mining, Botswana Establishes Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring

Thailand Ponders Nuclear Energy With China

Russia Inc Sees Future In New VVER-1200

Germany May Wait 100 Years For Nuclear Waste Storage Site

German Repository Commission Submits Final Report

Russia, Cuba to Sign Deal on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy

China’s Haiyang Unit 1 Completes CHT, While Fuqing And Fangchenggang Units Reach Milestones

Three New Chinese Nuclear Units Approach Operation

Report: Pacific Ocean Radiation Rapidly Returning To Normal After Fukushima

Thailand Ponders Nuclear Energy With China

IAEA Team Applauds Poland's Progress With Nuclear Program

Jordan Eager for 'Nuclear Cooperation Deal' With US

Hinkley Point ‘Litmus Test’ On Post-Brexit Investment In Big Infrastructure Projects

Tests Carried Out At UAE Nuclear Plant Barakah


Europe Lags In Nuclear Energy Development

Ikata-3 Fuel Loading Completed, with Commercial Operation to Resume in August

Swedish Regulator Endorses Repository Plans

Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Gets India’s First Nuclear Insurance Policy

Russians Hail Latest Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker and Claim Arctic Dominance

Japan, Kazakhstan To Share Nuclear Technology, Resources

China and Argentina Reaffirm Reactor Agreement

Russia's REMIX Nuclear Fuel Enters First Field Trials

Who Pays For Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out?

British Unions Call For Prompt Green Light On Hinkley Point

China’s Idled Wind Farms May Spell Trouble for Renewable Energy

German Energiewoopsie, Or, What Happens When You Dump Nuclear Energy

As Japan Re-Embraces Nuclear Energy, Safety Warnings Persist


UAE’s Barakah Nuclear Plant Is 65% Complete

Trade Unions Press EDF To Delay Hinkley Point C Decision

Will China Bring Nuclear Energy to Moldova?


Russia Says Work On Akkuyu Nuclear Plant In Turkey Should Be Unfrozen

Japan’s Shikoku Electric Looks To Fire Up MOX-Fueled Ehime Reactor Around Aug. 25

Turkey and China Sign Deal On Nuclear Cooperation

India Should Leverage Its Domestic Nuclear Market to Soften China on NSG Membership

Swedish Regulator Approves Repository Application

Brexit's Impact Stretches From Deep Space To Nuclear Fusion

UK’s Bradwell’s Deep Clean - A First For Magnox

China Repays Credit for Tianwan Nuclear Plant to Russia

US, Mexico, Canada Pledge 50% Renewables And Nuclear By 2025 In New Climate Pact

Political Sniping Follows India's Failure to Win Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership    

IEA Chief Fatih Birol Warns About Challenges Facing Nuclear


India Rules Out GE Hitachi Reactors Lacking Working Plant Elsewhere


Economy Minister: France Nuclear Energy Investments Continuing

CEZ Seeks Compensation For Unplanned Czech Nuclear Plant Shutdowns

Russia’s Nuclear Energy Expansion – A Geopolitical Footprint?

France Tells EDF to Switch On UK Nuclear-Power Project Despite Brexit

Japanese High Court Denies Injunction Against MOX Fuel Use At Nuclear Plant

UK’s NIA Comments On The Vote To Leave The EU

Jordan, Saudi Arabia To Cooperate On Nuclear Energy

China Suggests Nuclear Club NSG May Not Open For India Later This Year

Japanese Court Denies Injunction Against MOX Fuel Use In Saga Reactor

German Atomic Forum President: Do Not Follow Germany Down Phaseout Path


Rosatom's Global Nuclear Ambition Cramped By Kremlin Politics

India Irked By China Stalling Its Nuclear Group Membership


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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