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WIPP Underground Evacuated After 'Misaligned' Drum Of Nuclear Waste Discovered

Illinois Congressman Wants Jolt Of Certainty For Nuclear Energy

NASA Looks To Send A Small Nuclear Reactor To The Moon And Mars

Podcast: Radiophobia -- Why Do We Fear Nuclear Energy? 

Senate Panel Again Drops Yucca Mountain Licensing Funding From Budget

NRC, FERC Commissioners Schedule Joint Meeting to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues

Sen. Graham Slams DOE On MOX Abandonment Plans, Plutonium Inaction At Hearing

Trio Of USNRC Nominees Clear Final Senate Hurdle

US And Partners Form International Alliance To Push Nuclear Energy

A Loss For Nuclear In Minnesota, And A Win In New Jersey

Energy Summit Looks At Whether Nuclear Energy Could Work In Wyoming


US Senate Committee Reverses Proposed Cuts To DOE Nuclear Energy, Research Programs

US House Advanced Nuclear Bills Garner Plaudits from Nuclear Energy Industry Panel

US Launches Nuclear Initiative To Cut Carbon With Canada, Japan, UK

Illinois Congressman Seeks Tax Credit For Nuclear Fuel And Capital Expenditures

IEA Warns Nuclear May Miss Long-Term Target

Getting Paid To Charge A Battery Is An Attractive But Limited Opportunity, Analysts Say

North American Nuclear Energy Industry Sounds Confident Note on SMR Deployment, Supply Chain Readiness

Foundations Wary Of Carbon Capture And Nukes In Climate Fight

Small Nuclear Passes a Milestone – But Does it Have a Future?

The Nuclear Battle Between the Earth and Sun

NJ Governor To Sign State Nuclear, Renewables Incentives Bills

South Carolina Mounts Legal Challenge Over ‘Illegal’ DOE MOX Action

Trump's Doomsday Scenarios for Power Grid Undercut by His Agency

Kilauea's Wrath Threatens Power Plant — And Hawaii's Most Powerful Industry


US Supremes Takes Up Challenge To Virginia Uranium Mining Ban


US Deputy Energy Secretary To Denmark To Kickstart Global Nuclear Clean Energy Ministerial

DOE: It’s Time for the World to Recognize Nuclear as a Clean Energy Source

Towns See Gold In Storing Nuclear Waste

WSJ: Bellefonte Developer Retained Michael Cohen To Seek Qatar Investment In Nuclear Plant

Illinois Rep. LaHood Seeks Tax Credits To Boost Nuclear Energy

SC Governor's Nuclear Council Chairman Wants More DOE Transparency

House E&C Committee To Examine Four Bills This Week Aimed At Boosting Advanced Nuclear Technology At DOE 

Two More NRC Public Hearings in Slated in NM on Carlsbad Interim Storage Initiative 

Energy Lab In Oak Ridge Powers Tennessee Economy

Electric Cars Are Eerily Quiet — And US Regulators Are Worried This Could Make Them Dangerous

New Mexico Lawmakers, Up-State Industry Leaders Tangle With Carlsbad Nuclear Waste Site Proponents

Anti-Nuclear Policies Increased Global Carbon By 18% And Added 9.5 Million Air Pollution Deaths

Some INL Funding Boosts In Energy Budget Bill

Ghostly 'Lightning' Waves Discovered Inside a Nuclear Reactor


NY Gov Touts Wind Farm While Turning To Fracking To Close Gap Left By Indian Point Closing

Lawmakers Skeptical Of Southern NM Temporary Waste Storage

USNIC Leads Future New Build Focus at Asia Nuclear Platform

US Deports Tenex Official Convicted Of Russian Nuclear Bribery Scheme

Report: Electromagnetic Radiation From Power Lines And Phone Masts Poses 'Credible' Threat To Wildlife

Yucca Mountain Rises With $267.7 Million Mark In House Appropriations Bill

Nevada Senator Urges Consent-Based Approach In Lieu Of Yucca


Alec Baldwin Rails Against NJ Incentives For Clean Nuclear Energy

House Advances Defense-Heavy 2019 Energy Budget, Good For Oak Ridge National Lab

MIT Researcher Turning Up The Heat To Advance More Powerful Nuclear Energy Technology

Oak Ridge Heavy Element Production Site Receives Historic Designation


Trump Keeps Up Pressure On Perry For Nuclear, Coal Solution

Oregon Congressman Hopes To Fast-Track Yucca Mountain

Trump's Energy 'Dominance' Paradox

FERC To Review Law Promoting Renewable Energy

Vogtle Critics Want More Information In Legal Challenge To Nuclear Expansion

Partial Work Stoppage Ordered For MOX

Hanford: 2 Gallons Of Radioactive Nuclear Waste Done. 56M Gallons To Go

New York’s Green Energy Roulette

Solar Industry Sheds 24,000 Jobs as Coal and Oil Jobs Make Comeback

US House Appropriators Boost Trump Energy Request

Trump Pick For State Department Energy Job Approved By Senate Panel

IEA Warns Of 'Sharp' Oil Price Rise

Electric-Car Era Threatens Firefighters With New Road Risks


WNA - 1000 New Nuclear Reactors Needed To Meet Global Energy Demand By 2050

Trump Said to Mull 2015 Grid Emergency Law to Boost New Nuclear, Coal Baseload 

FBI Sightings at VC Summer Site As Part Of Fed Probe


Bloomberg -- One-Fourth of US Nuclear Fleet Is 'At Risk' of Early Closure

Will NASA Go Nuclear to Return to the Moon?

Alaska’s Only Nuclear Plant Will Be Decommissioned


Renewables Investment Nudged Out Nuclear, Fossil Fuel in 2017

Former US Sen. Harry Reid Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Will Soon Face a Moment of Reckoning

Trump Administration Sends Nuclear Cooperation Agreements With UK, Mexico to Congress

DOE Moving Forward With Key WIPP Upgrades

Coal Allies Call On Trump Administration To Use Emergency Powers To Boost Business


Saudi Nuclear Energy Deal A Good Thing, Says Former GOP Leader Eric Cantor

USNIC: Time for US Senate to Step Up to the Plate on Waste Plan, Funding 

Trump Administration Axes Project To Generate Power From Plutonium

Underground Testing: Robotics Team Prepares For Competition At WIPP


Yucca Mountain’s ‘Lone Ranger’ Corrals 340 Votes In Watershed Bipartisan Advance For Us Waste Plan

Nuclear Waste Storage Projects Receive Bipartisan Boost

New ‘Pit’ Plan May Mean More Waste At WIPP

Coal Plants’ Bailout Request Puts Perry On Spot

Moniz: Iran Nuclear Deal Verifiably Made Sure Iran Had No Nuclear Weapon

New Construction Milestones Reached At Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Nevada Lawmakers Push Back On Effort To Revive Nuclear Waste Site At Yucca Mountain

US House: Hey Canada — No Nuclear Waste Storage Near Great Lakes

SC Delegation United In Pushback At Against Latest DOE MOX Alternative Despite Dangling Of Jobs From NM

Will Scrapping Atomic Fuel Plant Actually Bring Jobs To South Carolina?

Yucca, Consolidated Storage Bill Powers Through House In Bipartisan 340-72 Vote

Zion's Effort To Shed Lakefront Nuclear Waste Backed By US House Vote

US House Passes Bill To Restart Yucca Mountain And Look For Interim Sites For Nuclear Waste

South Carolina Lawmakers Fail To Pass VC Summer Bills

US Plans to Split Work for Producing Nuclear Weapons' Cores

Walden, Shimkus: ‘Long Past Time For The Federal Government To Keep Its 35-Year-Old Promise To Taxpayers, Ratepayers, And Communities’

House Energy Leader Urge The Senate To ‘Quickly Take Up And Pass’ Legislation To Address National Priority’

Everything You Need To Know About The Nuclear Waste Policy Act Amendments (HR 3053)

Nuclear Waste Could Be Headed To West Texas Under House Bill

Tons Of Nuclear Waste Sitting Near Sacramento Finally Might Move

FERC Chief Questions Rick Perry’s Coal, Nuclear Plan

SC Senate Votes To Repeal Nuclear Plant Law

Trump's 'Hail Mary' To Save Coal And Nuclear Plants Draws Skepticism

SC Governor Wants To Talk To President Donald Trump About Protecting MOX

House Bill Would Revive Mothballed Yucca Mountain

Santee Cooper Helped Pay Bonuses For SCANA's Executives, Even As They Complained About Nuclear Project


Perry -- If Saudis ‘Want The Best Reactors In The World, You Have To Come To Us And Use Westinghouse’

DOE Looking 'Very Closely' At Cold War-Era Law To Boost Coal, Nuclear Production

Bipartisan Support for Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Bill — Except in Nevada

One Thing Trump, Some Environmentalists Both Love: Nuclear Energy


Key US Nuclear Groups Urge Strong, Bipartisan Support for Waste Policy Act Amendments Legislation

House Expected To OK Yucca Mountain Bill

Environmental Group: Nuclear Energy Key To Cutting Carbon Emissions

EIA: Future of US Nuclear Fleet Depends Mostly on Natural Gas Prices, Carbon Policies, Operating Costs

Nuclear Energy Agreement Between Mexico, US Could Benefit Arizona

DOE's Latest Bid To Save Coal Calls For Smaller Power Plants

Trump Pulls US from Iran Nuclear Deal, Starts 'Highest Level' Sanctions

What Changes and What Remains in the Iran Nuclear Deal

Self-Learning Robots May Soon Inspect Nuclear Sites

Rick Perry Caught Between Free Market Past And White House On Coal

With A Week Left, SC Lawmakers Haven't Passed Any Bills Addressing VC Summer

House Appropriations Subcommittee Mark Seeks Significant Boast In DOE Funding

NASA’s Decades-Long Quest to Build a Deep Space Nuclear Reactor


US House Proposes Substantial Boost For Yucca Mountain

Trump to Announce Tuesday Whether He Will Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal

Oil Prices Expected To Rise ‘Briskly’ if Trump Pulls Out Of Iran Deal

Former Trump Energy Adviser Joins Conservative Clean Energy Advocacy Group

Oil Surges To Fresh Highs On Growing Supply Worries

Blockchain Use Case? Securing Nuclear Research at Public Universities

Game Pads Proving Handy For Decommissioning Nuclear Plants


Output From Nuclear Plants Rose By 26 TWh in 2017

DOE Letter: Salt Waste Processing Facility Contractor Suffered Performance Issues

John Kerry's Freelancing To Save The Iran Deal

Electric Cars Are Failing To Woo The Average American

Summer Gas Prices Set To Be Highest In Four Years

Robots Get Smarter To Help With Nuclear Decommissioning

A Speck of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Is Missing in Idaho


Will Hollywood Save Nuclear Energy?

Opponents Of Bill Urge NJ Governor To Veto Or Revise Nuclear Subsidy Measure

Vote Likely Next Week On Bill To Resume Yucca Mountain Licensing Process

DOE Steps Up Investments into Electric Generation Technology Research


US House To Vote Next Week To Move Ahead With Yucca Mountain

SC Governor Threatens Legal Action If DOE Abandons MOX

Utilities Warn Rick Perry To Keep 'Thumb' Off The Energy Scale

New York Power Grid Expects Demand To Decline Through 2028

Bill Gates in Search of Nuclear Energy Nirvana

DOE Decision On Site For Ramped-Up Plutonium Parts Production For Defense Weapons Faces Pitfalls

Smaller, Cheaper Nuclear Reactors Are On The Way


NASA -- DOE Demo Proves Nuclear Fission System Can Power Future Space Exploration

The World Is Failing To Hit Its Climate Targets

How The US Navy Plans To Save Its Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers From ‘Killer-Carrier’ Missiles

DOE Report: Proposed Pit Production Expansion Susceptible To Schedule Risks

Most Vulnerable Republican Senator Makes Yucca Opposition Centerpiece Of Re-Elect Campaign

NASA’s Space Nuclear Reactor Could Be A Game Changer For Life On Mars


Reducing The Costs Of Nuclear Energy In Three Steps


New Mexico Waste Storage Plan Draws Packed, Mixed Local Engagement

Tougher Utility Regulations Advance, As Attorneys Argue Over VC Summer

Could Advanced Reactor Technology Save the Nuclear Industry?

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant Is Not The First Of Its Kind

Largest Grid Operator PJM Throws Cold Water On Pending FirstEnergy Plea

Illinois Energy Law Revives Renewables While Aiding Nuclear

USNIC Co-Sponsors Millennial Nuclear Caucus at General Atomics-led Program

As Nuclear Energy Loses Ground To Natural Gas, Environmentalists Are Torn

Proposed Federal ‘Stranded Nuclear Waste’ Payment Could Pump Millions Into Host Communities 

US Inks ‘New Era’ Of R&D Cooperation With France On Advanced Nuclear, Clean Energy

13 Companies Included In DOE’s $60 Million Advanced Nuclear Industry Awards

Nevada Officials Fret Over Yucca Inevitability

This Artist's Designs Aim to Keep Future Humans Away from Nuclear Waste

DOE, CEA Sign Statements Of Intent On Advanced Fast Neutron Sodium-Cooled Reactors And Artificial Intelligence

As Other Administration Officials Stumble, Rick Perry Charts A Course Under The Radar

Q&A: Hanford and The 31-page GAO Report Findings 

Corps of Engineers Officials Visit Fort Greely to Plan for Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

19 Chernobyl Photos 32 Years After Soviet Accident 

Tourists Throng Chernobyl Site — 50,000 in 2017

Perry To Veterans Cabinet Post Buzz Resurfaces After Trump Nominee Exit

House bill Wants Study Of Alternative Uses For Yucca Mountain


Sec. Perry and Chairman Francois Jacq of France’s CEA Sign Statements of Intent on Advanced Fast Neutron Sodium-Cooled Reactors and Artificial Intelligence

The Man Who Helped Design a 10,000-Year Nuclear Waste Site Marker


Argonne, MIT Advance ‘Flexible’ Approaches For Nuclear Baseload In Tandem With Renewables

Energy Secretary Perry Looks At Defense Production Act To Bolster Nuclear, Coal Fleet

With No Permanent Home For Spent Plutonium, Amarillo’s Pantex Plant Continues To Play Host

State Department: US, Russia Have Not Violated Plutonium Disposition Pact

4 Waste Sludge Barrels Rupture At Idaho National Lab; No Injuries Or Threat

GAO Dings Hanford Implementation, DOE Oversight


Mars Settlement Could Use Mini-Nuclear Reactor And Dust-Proof Solar


Keeping The Balance: How flexible Nuclear Operation Can Help Add More Wind And Solar To The Grid

Massachusetts Senator Calls On NRC To Protect Plants Against Rising Seas

Trump Tries To 'Get Ahead Of The Blame Game' On Rising Pump Prices

Energy Sec. Rick Perry’s Son Owns An Energy Investment Company. Is That A Problem?

Al Gore: Trump Won’t Change His Mind On Paris Climate Deal

US Regulators Set Public Meetings For Nuclear Fuel Proposal

Nuclear, Renewables Power UK As It Runs Without Coal For 3 Days

ROSATOM Takes Stage At WNA, NEI Global Meeting: Takes Gavel For WNA Management Board

IAEA: After a Natural Disaster, Nuclear Technology Helps with Recovery


Westinghouse CEO: 2000s Us Renaissance ‘Not Realistic’ — But Upbeat About The Future

NRC Faces Fast-Track Decision On Experimental Reactor Fuels

SC House May Pass Senate's Partial SCE&G Rate Cut Despite Governor's Veto Threat

Report: Proposed US Budget Cuts Threaten Nuclear Energy Innovation Programs

Trump's Revenge: US Oil Floods Europe, Hurting OPEC And Russia

WIPP Official Defends Plant Safety Plans

Nuclear Materials Developed For A Sustainable Future

Trump Administration Faces Conundrum On FirstEnergy

Volcanoes Or Earthquakes. Which One Is A Bigger Threat To Hanford?


Trump Options To Boost Nuclear, Coal Baseload Gather Steam

The Latest State To Get Serious About Climate Change Is ... New Jersey?

Robot Designed For Faster, Safer Uranium Plant Pipe Cleanup

DOE's Walker: National Security Assessment Broader Than Grid Reliability

SC Antis Challenge Constitutionality Of Law That Jump Started VC Summer Expansion

FirstEnergy Needs Up Capitol Hill Lobbying Assets

DOE Deputy Brouillette: Grid Reliability Problem Coming Up

As DOE Fiddles US Plutonium Inventories Mount

Fate of $8 Billion Utility Takeover Hinges on South Carolina Governor

NASA To Make Announcement About Nuclear Energy In Space

State Pushback Of Grid Policy Vexes FERC Commissioners

Two Big Industry Bailouts Roil Washington

Trade Group Eyes FERC, FCC Collaboration To Better Address Utility Communications Needs


Trump May Invoke Defense Act to Boost Nuclear, Coal Plants

Supreme Court Asked To Weigh In On Uranium Mining Debate

Non-MOX Plutonium Downblending Resumes at SRS

Grid Cybersecurity Bills Advanced by House Energy Subcommittee


Seabrook Factors Prominently In New Hampshire Energy Strategy Paradigm Shift

Environmentalists And Nuclear Energy? It’s Complicated

Los Alamos Nuclear Facility Safe After Evacuation Order

MIT Spin-off Faces Daunting Challenges on Path to Build a Fusion Power Plant in 15 Years



US EPA -- Review OF DOE MOX Alternative Will ‘Take Many Years’ — Premature

DOE Justified MOX Project Fee Claw-Back With Bad Reading of Contract, Contractor Says

TMI Supporters Urge Lawmakers To Save Financially Troubled Nuclear Plant

Diablo Canyon Closure Will Cost Schools $8 Million A Year

US Backs Westinghouse To Finish Nuclear Energy Projects In India

Is Trump On A Climate Collision Course With Japan, France?

Perry: Time For India To Shed Fixation With Cheap Energy

US And UK Warn Russia Is Targeting Power Grid

DOE Floats $25M In Cyber Research Funding


Perry Touts Westinghouse AP-1000 Six-Pack For India

SC Governor, Attorney General Recommend Audit Of MOX To Energy Department

With Nuclear Plant Shutting Down, NJ Community Inherits 1.7M Pounds Of Waste

Blowing In The Wind: Plutonium At Former Nuclear Weapons Site


Closure Of Ohio, Pennsylvania Reactors Will Prompt $685 Million Annual Price Hike, 21 Million Tons In New Carbon Emissions

US Under Secretary of Energy Menezes: India Must Look Towards US, Not Russia & China

Perry Moot On FirstEnergy Emergency Order While Airing Affinity With Underlying Issues 

Overheard at Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

Building Lawsuits Instead Of Power Plants: Where South Carolina's VC Summer Saga Stands


Palo Verde Sounds Alarm Over Proposed Arizona Renewable Energy Mandate

Inaugural Strategic Energy Partnership Meeting To Cap Perry India Trip 

Custom-Designed Alloy Enhances Nuclear Safety

Tungsten 'Too Brittle' for Nuclear Fusion Reactors

Perry Pitches American Energy To India

Power Plant Owners Press Trump To Reject Bailout For Coal, Nuclear

Georgia Legislature Sunsets Prepayment Of Future Nuclear Plants

$300 Million Nuclear Package Clears New Jersey Senate: Assembly Action Next

New Jersey Takes a Big Step Toward Renewable Energy (and Nuclear Gets Help, for Now)

New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Raft of Bills Including Nuclear Subsidies

Perry: Emergency Order For Coal, Nukes Is 'Exactly What Has To Happen'

DOE Zeroed Out Millions In Fees For Vogtle Loan Guarantee

Spar Over MOX: US Rep. Jeff Duncan, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Debate Unfinished Facility

House Energy Chair Vows Vote On Yucca Implementation Bill

Perry Lobs FirstEnergy 202 Plea Into Congressional Court

Axios: The Climate Stakes Of Nuclear Plant Retirements

Sludge Barrel Ruptures At Idaho Nuclear Site, No Injuries

Alexander To Perry: Yucca Integral To Waste Solution Along With Private Interim Storage


Down To The Wire: Annual $300 Million NJ Nuclear Energy Package Scheduled For Vote

DOE Open To Emergency Grid Input Amid FirstEnergy Plea

INL Breaks Ground On New Research And Development Facilities

Historically Speaking: Thorium May Be The Key To The Second Nuclear Era

Senate Appropriations Chair Blames White House ‘Gremlin’ For DOE’s Proposed Sale of TVA Transmission Assets

Murray Energy: FirstEnergy Emergency Order ‘Probably Best Option’ To Save US Baseload: ‘Disaster’ If The Government Doesn’t Act

DOE’s McGinnis: Nuclear Energy Will Rise Again

Las Vegas Board To Continue Fight Against Yucca Mountain

Activist Coalition Urges SC Regulators To Consider Temporary SCE&G Rate Cut Before Resolving VC Summer Wake

Nuclear Scientists At CERN Discover Color Of Antimatter, Hope To Learn Much More

Legal Morass Threatens To Put FirstEnergy Request On Ice


Largely Nuclear-Free New England Faces US’s Highest Electricity Bills, Looming Blackout Concerns


First Small-Scale Nuclear Reactor May Be Just Eight Years Away

Environmentalists Split On Letting Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy Die

SRS welcomes Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette

Thursday Vote Expected On NJ Nuclear, Solar, Wind Subsidy Bills

DOE Offers $1.8 Billion to Dethrone China in Supercomputing

FirstEnergy ‘Open To All Potential Policy Solutions That Would Enable Our Plants To Continue To Play Their Critical Role’

What Trump Should -- Or Shouldn't -- Do to Rescue Power Plants

Perry: Economics Not 'The Issue' For FirstEnergy Emergency Evaluation

Perry Airs Doubt On FirstEnergy 202(c) Plea To Save Coal And Nuclear: ‘Not The Only Play’

Four Things on Every Power Nerd Needs to Watch

NRC Schedules Open House to Discuss Mixed Oxide Facility Performance

Why Nuclear Fusion Is Gaining Steam – Again

NRC says Oversight of Nuclear Plants will not be Affected by Shut Down Procedures

How Aluminum Oxide's Liquid-Like Properties Protect Nuclear Plants

Iran Tells Trump He Would Regret Dropping Nuclear Deal

Does The American Centrifuge In Piketon Have A Future?

Activists Protest Holtech's Proposed Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Near Carlsbad

New Jersey Tax Law, Nuclear Proposal Suggest Utility Rate Changes


FirstEnergy DOE Appeal Gains Ground with Trump Comments

Activists Raid Nuclear Submarine Base With Hammers And ‘Baby Bottles Of Their Own Blood’

As Trump Praises EPA Chief, Pruitt Allies Circle Wagons

Moody's: Market Auction Prices Going Up With FirstEnergy Closures 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Adds $24M To Help Schools, Towns Recover From Indian Point Shutdown

Two South Carolina Utility Regulators Leaving; No Shortage Of Potential Replacements


New $300 Million Annual Nuclear Energy Incentive Package Advances Through NJ Legislature

Perry: Innovate Don’t Regulate — Headed To India In Two Weeks

McConnell, Perry Support Clean-Up Efforts at Former Paducah Nuclear Site

Trump Says He’s Looking at Emergency Aid for Battered Power Plants


Trump Says Emergency Aid Sought By FirstEnergy For Nuclear, Coal Plants To Be Examined

New Jersey Lawmakers Advance Bill To Rescue Nuclear Industry

Perry Tours Former Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

At INL, Future Plans Dredge Up Old Debate

NY Congressman Insists On ‘Total Cleanup’ At West Valley Demonstration Project

$10M Secured To Complete Dismantling Of Nuclear Reactor Test Site Owned By University of Arkansas

Hackers Hit Communications System Of Energy Transfer Partners Pipeline

Lawmakers Get Update On NC's Nuclear Capability


‘No Drama’ US Energy Secretary Masters Navigation Of Turbulent Trump Cabinet Waters

India Is Now The World’s Third-Largest Electricity Producer


South Carolina Ups Ante On DOE MOX Delays: Seeks $200M Summary Judgment In Federal Claims Case

Public Sentiment, Utility Contracts Still Hurdles For Vogtle

WIPP Tallied 60 Waste Shipments Through Mid-March

Minnesota Is The Latest Frontier In A Showdown Over Nuclear Costs

How Rick Perry Survives In Trump's Troubled Cabinet

Accident-Tolerant Fuels Could Be a Boon for Nuclear Industry

Nuke Bot To The Rescue? CMU Robot To Detect Nuclear Waste At Government Facility

Colorado Wildlife Refuge To Open at Former Nuclear Plant Site

Pummeled By Low Power Rates, FirstEnergy Files For Bankruptcy

Trump Faces Test On Coal, Nuclear With FirstEnergy Plea For Government Help

FirstEnergy Solutions' Bankruptcy Renews Pressure on Ohio Lawmakers

Coal Group CEO Embraces FERC As Others Prod Rick Perry To Go Around The Grid Watchdog

Could Nuclear Actinide Waste Be made A Thing Of The Past?

US Power Grid Vulnerable To "Devastating" Attack, NERC Finds

FirstEnergy Solutions and FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company File Voluntary Petitions for Chapter 11 Restructuring

FirstEnergy Seeks Emergency Doe Lifeline For Us Nuclear, Coal Plants

Axios: The New But Eerily Familiar Power Market Fight

Perry: Rising LNG Exports A Sign Trump Administration’s Infrastructure Policies Are Paying Off

Grid War Games Crash Social Media

Power Grid Manager PJM To Energy Department: There Is No Emergency

Oil, Renewable Groups Team Up To Slam FirstEnergy’s Plea For DOE Action On Coal, Nuclear Plants


306-Ton Unit 4 Reactor Vessel Placed At Vogtle

DOE: Coal, Nuclear Plant Closures Could Harm Grid

Ohio Power Company Asks Perry To Step In, Save Coal And Nuclear Plants From Closing

Perry Nuclear Plant: Efforts To Save Facility Entering New Phase

Renewables or Nuclear? A New Front in the Academic War Over Decarbonization

Minnesota May Be Next to Support Nuclear Plants

Sandia Researchers Boost Nuclear Fuel Transport Test

Energy Northwest In Richland To Help With New Type Of Nuclear Reactor

FirstEnergy Solutions Will Close Its Nuclear Plants, But Is Silent On Bankruptcy Restructuring

FirstEnergy Solutions Files Deactivation Notice for Three Competitive Nuclear Generating Plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Think Tank: Nuclear Industry Facing Crisis That Trump Must Address

Spent Uranium From ORNL Gets Second Life Powering The Tennessee Valley

Xcel Nuclear Cost Recovery Bill Advances In Minnesota As Governor Opposes

UI Researchers Look To The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Remotely Monitoring Suspect Nuclear Reactors Using Antineutrinos

FirstEnergy’s Davis-Besse Plant Back Online — But For How Long?


In Whataburger vs. In-N-Out war, Has Rick Perry Picked A Side?

Bill Passed In Minnesota's Senate Committee Would Alter Process To OK Xcel's Nuclear Energy Costs

Meet The Government Insiders Quietly Shaping Trump's Energy And Environment Agenda

How to Spot a Nuclear Bomb Program? Look for Ghostly Particles

DOE Hails $1.2 Billion Congressional Appropriations For US Nuclear Energy

WIPP Prioritizes Ventilation, Replacing Aging Infrastructure Priorities in Budget Request

The Daily 202: How A Conservative Think Tank Is Trying To Tackle Climate Change


ITER Nuclear Fusion Project Dodges Cuts As US Doubles Budget


US Senate Confirms Newest DOE Nuclear Cleanup Chief

Perry Fights To Keep US Nuclear Sector Alive

NNSA To Deliver Next Generation Of Nuclear Detection Capabilities

NRC Could Need 6 Months to Get Up to Speed on Yucca Licensing

LANL Awaits Pit Production Announcement

Historically Speaking: Interest In ORNL-Developed Molten Salt Reactor

Scientists Are One Step Closer To Nuclear Fusion

Climate Fight Shift To The Courts


First Solar, Then Steel—Is Trump's Next Trade Target Nuclear?

Science at Department of Energy Gets A Hefty Raise In Final 2018 Budget

FERC: Threat From Cyber Hackers Is Growing

Perry: US Pass On Saudi Reactors Would Benefit China, Russia

Saudi Arabia Has Options If US Walks From Nuclear Energy Deal

Russian Uranium Informant Says FBI Sought New Information From Him About The Clintons

Budget Bill Excludes Money For Yucca 

MOX Construction Afforded $335M In Proposed Federal Spending Bill

Congressional Omnibus Hikes Nuclear Energy Funding

Alexander Says Funding Bill Includes $663 Million For Uranium Processing Facility

INL Director: Modular Reactor Efforts Could Boost East Idaho Economy

University of Iowa Establishes Research Group On Nuclear Energy And Waste


US House Duo Pushes Restrictions On US Civil Nuclear Agreements


Perry Says He’s Open To Reopening Piketon Project

Bill To End Nuclear Plant Surcharge Clears Georgia Legislature

Poll: Perry Positives/Negatives Middling

Hanford Vitrification Plant Leader Says He’s Not A Whistleblower Despite US Senator’s Suspicion

Perry: US Nuclear Energy Business 'Left By The Wayside,' Re-Invest And Lead The World

Markey Demands Oversight Of Nuclear Energy Deal With Saudi Arabia

NRC Commissioners Outline Plans For Yucca, Consolidated Storage

For First Time In 30 Years, Savannah River Dissolving Spent Nuclear Fuel From ORNL Reactor

Perry Suspends Controversial DOE Uranium Barter Program

Perry DOE Uranium Barter Suspension Aimed At Releasing Hold On Environmental Management Nominees Nominee 

Rick Perry's Free Market Energy Strategy

Trump Welcomes Saudi Crown Prince to US as ‘Great Purchaser’

This Father-Daughter Team Says It Has a Cheaper, Safer Way to Bury Nuclear Waste

Dishwasher Too Slow? Rick Perry's Being Pressed To Fix It

US Training For Arctic Nuclear Satellite Disaster Amid Russian Weapons Developments

Perry: Energy Cyber Security Office Ready To Combat Russian Hacks

Energy Chief Rick Perry Emerges As Key Defender Of Research Program That Trump Wants To Eliminate

Energy Secretary Grilled Over Request For Funds To Revive Yucca Mountain


NRC Chairwoman Says Nuclear Energy Problems 'Geographic,' Not Nationwide

Ambitious Saudi Prince Mounts Epic US Charm Offensive

Pipe-Crawling Robot Will Help Decommission DOE Nuclear Facility

NASA To Allow Nuclear Power Systems For Next Discovery Mission

NM Delegation Suggests Los Alamos Name For Nuclear Sub

Nuclear Tops Energy List As Trump Meets With Saudi Crown Prince

South Korea: Trump Tariffs Not Helpful For North Korean Nuclear Talks

Nevada Senators Fight Yucca Mountain Restart On Two Fronts

Nuclear Power, Qatar Crisis and Financial Investment: The Saudi Crown Prince’s DC Wishlist

Gore Travels to Dubai, Warns: ‘Global Warming’ Triggering ‘Flying Rivers, Rain Bombs’

Nuclear Material Meant For $70 Million Sale To Mystery Black Market Buyer Seized In Turkey


With Civil Nuclear Agreement On The Table, Washington Preps For Visit By Saudi Prince

Cask Concern Halts Fuel Move At Vermont Yankee

Spending Bill, Yemen Vote Top Congressional Agenda

Turkey Says Radioactive Haul Seized In Ankara

Japan-Led Turkish Nuclear Plant Project Mired In Cost Overruns

Japan Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Construction Of Nuclear Plant

NASA Considers Building Nuclear Spacecraft To Blow Up Asteroid

California Rep Supports Yucca Licensing Restart Funding For San Onofre Solution

Arkansas Research Reactor Cleanup Awaits DOE Funding

Why A Nuclear Fusion Company Is Lasering In On Cancer

Coal-State Republicans Push Longshot Coal Tax Credit


NRC -- US Nuclear Fleet Not Compromised By Russia Hack

Shimkus Pushes On For Permanent National Nuclear Waste Solution

Antis Urges NRC To Reject Industry Limits On Cyber Protections

DOE Presses Hanford On Steel For $17 Billion Treatment Facility

Hack Attack -- Russians Targeted US Nuclear Fleet

JAMES CONCA, FORBES: Russia Hacks Into US Nuclear Energy Plants

Panel Of Nuclear Experts Assembled To Get Waste Out Of San Onofre

Perry Defends Proposed DOE Cuts

Cabinet Members Struggle To Sell Lawmakers On Trump Plan

DOE: Wind And Solar Play 'Key Role' In Energy Dominance

FBI: Russian Hackers Attacking US Power Grid and Aviation

National Academies To Assess DOE MOX Options

SC GOP Governor Hopeful Says His Rivals Are Tainted By Nuclear Cash

Aiken Leaders Met With NNSA's Chief, Discussed Pit Production At SRS

NJ Nuclear Subsidy Bill Re-Engineered As Three Separate Measures

As Indian Point Shutdown Nears, Towns And Schools Try To Come Up With Plan B

Laser-Heated Nanowires Produce Micro-Scale Nuclear Fusion With Record Efficiency


Fake News -- US Energy Chief Perry Dismisses Cabinet Shuffle Rumor


Roads, Rails And Boats -- Sandia Transport Triathlon Puts Spent Nuclear Fuel To The Test

Nye County NRC Meeting Roils State Officials

DOE Weighs Extension Of Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Plant For Repackaging Of Non-Idaho Defense Waste

Federal Appeals Court Hears Arguments In New York Nuclear Incentives Challenge

With Pompeo's Rise, Uncertainty Deepens For Iran Nuclear Deal

S.Korea Fuel Oil Imports Soar With Retreat From Baseload Power

Saudi Nuclear Deal Presents Diplomatic Dilemma For US

US Scientists Study Impact Of Uranium In Grand Canyon Region

6 Energy And Enviro Bills In Line For Infrastructure Package

Navy Secretary: Cost Of New Nuclear Subs Is 'Eye Watering'

DOE, Pentagon Distrust Bogs Down Nuclear Weapons Program


The Quiet Fight To Finally Send Spent Fuel To Yucca Marches On

2nd Circ. Questions Case Against NY Nuke Subsidy Plan

This Oil Major Just Invested In Nuclear Fusion Energy

SC Legislators Tackle Issues That Plagued VC Summer


Uranium Industry Asks Supreme Court To Review Grand Canyon Mining Ban

Congressional Leaders Aim To Finalize Omnibus This Week -- Yucca Funding Stalemate Likely

Radiation Risk Rises with Polar Air Routes and Ultra-Long-Hauls

Congress Hasn’t Given Up On Nuclear Energy

Oil Industry Falls Out Of Love With Trump

US Miners Seek Reversal of Uranium Mining Ban Near Grand Canyon

CH2M: Radioactive Monitors Failed At DOE Hanford 

Anti-Nuclear Gadfly David Freeman: 'Green Cowboy' Worries The Left Is Lost

Education's Key To Selling Small-Scale Reactors

WIPP Looks To Redefine Calculations For Waste Volume

DOE Wants to Fund ‘Small Modular Coal Plants.’ What Does That Mean?

Saudis Lobby Up With $450K Spend On King & Spaulding

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Framatome To Supply EDF With Reprocessed Uranium Fuel

NorthStar Tries To Reassure NRC On Financial Questions

NorthStar Tries To Reassure NRC On Financial Questions

Competition Drives Nuclear Industry To Look For Millions In Subsidies

Japan's Kansai Electric To Cut LNG Deals As It Boosts Nuclear Energy

Exelon: Record Amount of Nuclear Capacity Failed to Clear PJM Auction

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

US Power Payout Sends Surprise Boost To Coal, Nuclear Plants

Investing: Uranium Price Drops Are Killing Cameco Corp. Today, but Setting Up a Brighter Future

US Power Payout Sends Surprise Boost to Coal, Nuclear Plants

General Fusion Demo Nuclear Fusion Plant Around 2023 And After That Commercial Fusion

Why Southern Company Just Sold Billions In Prime Assets

State Agency: SCE&G Misled Lawmakers About Critical Nuclear Report

No Changes to Xcel Nuclear Cost Recovery After Bill Dies In Minnesota House

Exelon Drags LNG Imports Into Push For Federal Bailout

Energy Fuels To Resume Vanadium Production At White Mesa Mill in 2018

Analysts: PJM Auction Will Not Deter Ohio, Pennsylvania Nuclear Units From Early Retirements 

Subpoena Suggests SEC Investigating Santee Cooper's VC Summer Disclosures 

Nuclear Cost Oversight Of Xcel Stays In Place After Minnesota House Kills Bill To Change It

Global Nuclear Fuel Awarded $250 Million-Plus Contract to Fuel Entergy Nuclear Boiling Water Reactors

FirstEnergy Must Guarantee Nuclear Clean Up, Environmental Groups Tell Feds

Rosatom Ready To Pitch For Bulgarian Nuclear Project

Nuclear Cost Oversight Of Xcel Stays In Place After Minnesota House Kills Bill To Change It

NextEra to Buy Florida Utility From Southern for $5.1 Billion

Storage Will Be Energy’s Next Big Thing

Southern Slims Down After Bets on Big Projects Fail to Pay Off

Dominion Energy to Invest in GE Hitachi’s New BWRX-300 SMR

Hitachi: British Nuclear Plant Decision This Month

Investing: Taking A Closer Look At The Global X Uranium ETF

Small Modular Reactors Offer Great Promise But Face Major Challenges

Problem Triggers Shutdown Of Richland Nuclear Plant

Framatome Wins US Generator Services Contract

Lloyds Bank Launches 100 Million Pound Fund For Hinkley Point

Investing: Systemic Increase Projected For Uranium Market 

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant In Michigan At Lower Power For Repairs

More Secrecy at SCE&G? Utility Won't Give Up VC Summer Records, State Agency Says

Progress for WIPP Infrastructure Upgrade

 Hitachi Weighs $18 Billion UK Support For New Horizon Wales Units

GE Will Take on Alstom Stakes in Energy Joint Ventures for $3.2B

FirstEnergy Units May Pay $150M For Bonuses In Ch. 11

Georgia Power Introduces Incentives To Aid Hiring Efforts At Vogtle

Rosatom Expands Overseas Links With New Agreements

FirstEnergy CEO Jones Addresses Shareholders About Utility’s ‘Eventful’ Year

Rising: Nuclear Surge Builds Sustainable Energy Mix

Moody's: Electric Utilities At Risk From Climate Goals Despite Paris Exit

Investing: Is Potential Russian Law Restricting Uranium Exports to US A Silver Lining for US Producers?

Minnesota Senate Passes Legislation That Would Change Approval Process For Xcel Nuclear Costs

RWE Expects Nuclear Exit Reimbursement From Germany

Rosatom Hopes To Bag Deal For Unit 5, 6 of India's Kudankulam Nuclear Plants

Poland's PGE Not Decided To Withdraw From Nuclear Project

In February, No Fossil Fuels-Based Generation Was Added To US Grid

Green MP Calls For ‘Urgent Debate’ To Clarify Funding For Hitachi’s UK Nuclear Plant

Exelon Generation Cuts Output At Four Illinois Nuclear Units, Two Back At 100% Power

Georgia Power Places Transformers, Other Equipment at Vogtle Expansion

Britain Offers $18B Loan For Hitachi UK Nuclear Project

GE Says May Work With Polish Rafako And Polimex On Ostroleka Plant

Bechtel Sees 'Tremendous Opportunity' In Saudi Nuclear Energy Plans

GE to Buy JV Stakes for $3.1 Billion as Alstom Confirms Exit

Demand for Uranium Expected to Grow With Nuclear Energy

CEZ: Temelín Nuclear Plant Could Operate For 60 Years

Hitachi, UK Negotiating Nuclear Deal Echoing EDF's Hinkley

Confusion Over Financial Backing For Nuclear Project

EDF Says Nuclear Output Down 3.8 Percent In April

EDF First Quarter Sales Up 3.7 Percent As Nuclear Reactors Back On Line

Hitachi's UK Nuclear Project To Get Guarantees From Government

Nuclear Fuel And Safety: Nuclear Fuel Plant Troubles Bring NRC to Columbia

Centrus Reports First Quarter 2018 Results

Merger To Create US In-Situ Leach Uranium Company

Exelon To Continue Push For State Incentives, Market Reforms To Boost Profitability

Foratom Highlights Nuclear’s Load-Following Abilities

Toshiba, Turboatom to Sign MoU for Modernization of Ukrainian Nuclear Energy Sector in June

Energy Fuels to Resume Vanadium Production at its White Mesa Mill in 2018

Following Hiatus, Vermont Yankee Resumes Fuel Storage Move

What Upcoming PJM Capacity Auctions May Mean for Nukes

Investing: Should General Electric Sell Nuclear Business To Please Investors?

BWXT Announces ‘Breakthrough’ Medical Isotope Manufacturing Technology

Post & Courier: Former Westinghouse Managers — SCANA ‘Openly Doubted’ On Time VC Summer Finish 

Cracks In Nuclear Reactor Will Hit EDF Energy With £120M Bill

Investing: Why Uranium Could Soon Be On The Boil And Which Stocks Might Benefit

Dominion's Latest 15-Year Forecast Calls For More Solar, But Draws Fire Over Demand Projections

NRC Terminates Duke Energy’s Levy County Nuclear Licenses

TVA Doubles Net Income As Colder Weather Boosts Power Sales During Winter

CNL Signs Agreement with China’s Largest Nuclear Organization

Uranium Loses Power as US Miners Seek Protection

Hitachi Asks British PM For Nuclear Plant Funding

Santee Cooper Nuclear Turmoil Lands The Utility On Review For Downgrade

NRC Accepts Application for Subsequent License Renewal of Turkey Point Reactors

Investing: Catalysts For Upside In Uranium

Vogtle Hiring Slow, But Progress Made On Construction

Westinghouse Cited Again For Safety Concerns At Nuclear Fuel Plant

Centrus Inks Long-Term Supply Agreement With Orano

Audit Could Add Hundreds Of Millions In Taxes Onto VC Summer's Bill

FirstEnergy Disputes Report That Grid Won’t Be Affected By Nuke Plant Closures

Westinghouse Wins Fuel Contract Extension For Xcel Energy's Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant

Hitachi Seeks To Clear Clouds Over Horizon

Third Class of Vogtle 3&4 Operators Pass NRC Licensing Exam

KEPCO Hoping For Korea Inc. Takeover Of UK’s NuGen Project By Fall.

Piñon Ridge Resources To Seek New Hearing On Permit For Uranium 

NuScale Makes Waves As It Heads Toward 2020s Deployment 

Dominion Energy Foresees Even Greater Growth of Renewable Energy

PSEG - Pending NJ Zero Emission Credits Will Incentive NJ, Pennsylvania Nuclear Plants

Cautious Optimism For Uranium Outlook

BWXT Selected for DOE Cost-Share Program for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development

India’s Larsen & Toubro Agrees to Sell Electrical Division to Schneider for $2.1 Billion

German Giants Swap Assets and Reshape Energy Sector

NuScale Power’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Becomes First Ever to Complete NRC’s Phase 1 Review

General Atomics Awarded DOE Funding to Pursue Advanced Nuclear Research

FirstEnergy Blasts PJM’s Findings On Loss Of Nuclear, Coal Plants — Ignores Fuel Diversity, Zero-Emissions

RWE, Vattenfall Due 1 Billion Euros For German Nuclear Exit

Hitachi Gets Cold Feet Over UK’s $27B Nuclear Scheme

Hitachi Seeks Talks To Slash Shareholding In UK Nuclear Business

Fuel Prices Raise Price Of Gas, But TVA Power Gets Cheaper Next Month

NuScale Scores With $40 Million US Department of Energy Advanced Nuclear Cost-Share Award

Cameco In The Black In 1Q With $55 Million Earnings From Cost-Cutting, Uranium Uptick 

Dominion CEO Insists There's 'No Flexibility' In SCANA Offer As Lawmakers Debate Electricity Rates

Paradox Uranium Mill License Rejected: Company Will Continue Fight

Gov. McMaster's Pick For Santee Cooper Chair Vows To Sidestep Debate Over Selling The Utility

PSEG Will Pay $39M For Bidding Errors To Power Grid Operator

SCANA Tells Investors It Hasn't Decided On The Future Of Its Dividend

Without Rate Increases, FirstEnergy Nuclear Plants Will Start Closing In 2020

SC House Rejects 13% SCE&G Rate Cut, Saying It Does Not Go Far Enough

Mothballed Reactors: Fight Over South Carolina Utility Fees

Xcel Energy Q1 Earnings Top, Revenues Lag Estimates

World’s First Westinghouse AP1000 Begins Fuel Loading

FirstEnergy Solutions Files Certification Letter With NRC Affirming Plans to Deactivate Three Nuclear Generating Plants

FirstEnergy Still Fighting To Shield Power Plants From ‘Uncertainties’ Of Competition

FERC Orders Deadline on NYISO Market Power Reviews

KHNP Projects Big Profit Fall In 2018

SCE&G Wants To Keep Nuclear Documents Secret

Political Games Could Doom Cuts To South Carolina Power Bills

State Electric Generator Subsidies Challenge FERC Markets

Uranium Carry Trade Retains Competitive Edge With Nuclear Utilities

FirstEnergy Is Shielded From Generating Unit's Bankruptcy

New Milestones Reached For Vogtle Unit 3

State Electric Generator Subsidies Challenge FERC Markets

Uranium Energy Corp CEO: US Utility ‘Major Supply Shock’ Possible From Kremlin Sanctions On Russian Uranium

Auditors Warned SC Utilities Were 'Inexperienced,' 'Reluctant To Act' Before VC Summer Collapse 

Bruce Power Signs $1 Million MOU For Sustainable Energy Research Group

Beleaguered FirstEnergy Reaches Agreement With Key Creditors

FirstEnergy Profits Skyrocket Without Drag Of FirstEnergy Solutions Power Plant Subsidiary

NextEra Energy Extends Dividend Hikes, But Can It Beat Earnings Views?

US Nuclear Corp. Achieves Record Annual Sales and Profitability

BWXT Awarded CA$642 Million Contract to Supply Steam Generators for Bruce Power’s Life Extension Program

Framatome Receives Patent Awards For Two Nuclear Innovations

FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy Could Shed Light On Affiliate Dealings

Investing: This Is the Best Way to Invest in Uranium Right Now

Study: Dominion-SCANA Merger Would Have Big Economic Boost

GE-Hitachi Unveils New BWRX-300 SMR

Pilgrim Considers Moving Nuclear Waste To Higher Ground Over Climate Sea Rise

Xcel-Backed Nuclear Costs Bill Passes Minnesota’s House Panel 

Skilled Labor Shortages Hit Vogtle As Georgia Power Reports Progress

FERC Commissioners Defend Competitive Markets Amid Coal And Nuclear Struggles

DTE: Earthquake Not Felt At Fermi II Nuclear Plant

Exelon About-Face: ‘Unequivocally Committed To A Strong And Successful Future For Nuclear Energy’

Strike Cuts Nuclear, Coal-Fired Power Output In France

SCE&G Customers Closer To Lower Power Bills After Senate Votes To Slice Nuclear Payments

Innovation Seen As Key To GE Hitcahi’s Future

Dominion's $8 Billion Scana Merger Dealt Another Blow in SC

Energy For Gas And Nuclear Sectors In North Carolina Flowing In Different Directions

Total, With Energy Industry in Flux, Makes $1.7 Billion Bet on a Utility

Investing: Looking For Opportunity In The Current Uranium Market

FirstEnergy Emergency Request Could Be A Last Chance To Help Coal Power

Canada Invites SMR Vendors For Demonstration Unit

Dominion, SCANA, Say Their Merger Could Add $18.7 Billion To South Carolina Economy

SC Lawmakers Wait To Vote On Electric Rate Cut As Dominion, SCANA Mount Campaign Against It

Feds Seek Financial Data On Sale Of Vermont Nuke To Private Decommissioning Firm

PA Nuclear Plant Closures Expected To Bring Jolt Of $285M In Increased Electricity Costs

Russian Sanctions Could Impact US Uranium Supply

Cameco +6% On Report That Russia Considers Banning Uranium Exports

Could Duke Energy’s Nuclear Plants Run For 80 Years?

Why Santee Cooper’s Customers Pay A Way Lower Nuclear Surcharge Than SCE&G’s

EDF Says Received 24-Hour Strike Notice Starting Wednesday Evening

Petroleum Lobby API Hits Bailout Of FirstEnergy: 'Let The Markets Work'

Investing: Cameco -- A Pure Play on Uranium

FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy Is A Boon For Lawyers, Other Professionals

KEPCO New Chief Vows To Return To Profitability

NRC Seeks More Detail On Entergy Plan To Sell Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility

Did SCANA’s Auditors Warn Of Risks, Problems For Nuclear Construction Project?

Exelon Bearish On New Nuclear

Santee Cooper May Object To SCANA-Dominion Merger

Insiders Doubted SCANA’s Ability to Manage Nuclear Project

Huntington Ingalls Industries Completes Inactivation Of First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Enterprise

MarketWatch: Global Nuclear Energy Still On A Growth Spiral 

Investing: When It Comes To Southern Company, Vogtle Budget/Schedule Doesn’t Factor

DOE Signals One-Year Contract Extension For Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

EDF Reactor Prototype Issues Hit Hinkley Point

France's ASN Imposes Test On More Weldings At EDF's Flamanville Reactor

Bechtel On The Hunt For Saudi Nuclear Market Opportunities

FirstEnergy Will Get Extra Oversight As It Shuts Down Ohio Nuclear Plants

Lockheed Is Not Revealing A Commercial Prototype Nuclear Fusion Reactor In The Next Few Years

Rolls-Royce Inks Control Rod System Contract With Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute

EDF Says Flamanville Weldings Problems May Impact Schedule, Cost

FERC Says PSEG Unit Violated Power Market Rules

US Regulators Consider Proposal for Spent Nuclear Fuel

IP3: Developing A Secure Nuclear Energy Strategy In Middle East

Ads Touting Dominion-SCANA Deal Are Back, Just Ahead Of A Key Vote On SC Power Bills

Southern Co. To Be 'Low To No Carbon' By 2050

Rolls-Royce Signs Control Rod System Contract With CGN

Biggest US Electric Grid Has Plan to Keep Power Plants Afloat

What's Next For South Carolina's Embattled Utilities?

Santee Cooper Secretly Griped For Years About SCANA's 'Ineptitude' In Failed SC Nuclear Project

Grapevine: SCANA Takes Its Time In Disclosing 2017 Executive Pay

Bruce Power, MIRARCO Ink Deal To Explore Mini-Reactors For Northern Canada

Is A Rebound Over For Uranium?

FirstEnergy Solutions' Chapter 11 Case Could Be Long, Complicated Court Fight

Q&A: FirstEnergy Solutions' Bankruptcy Filing Sparks Concern About Future

TEPCO In Talks To Form Joint Venture To Cut Procurement Costs

Toshiba Crosses ‘T’s’, Dots ‘I’s’ On Westinghouse Sale

San Antonio’s SwRI Signs Nuclear Contracts Worth $57 Million

FirstEnergy Solutions Consumer Contracts OK In 'Near Future,' But PUCO Wants Explanation

EDF Says Strike at Penly Nuclear Power Plant Could Impact Output

NRC to Issue New Reactor Licenses to Florida Power and Light for Turkey Point

Dispute Over $5.4 Million In Legal Fees For Aguirre May Sink New San Onofre Deal

Unlike PJM, Grid Operator MISO Not Seeking Coal And Nuclear Supports

EDF Rejects Electricity Price Fixing Allegations

How Hedge Funds Are Suing Nuclear Plant Contractors That South Carolina Utilities Didn't

Agencies Plan For Possible FirstEnergy Layoffs

EDF Says Delayed Fessenheim 2 Restart Over Technical Issue

Duane Arnold Nuclear Plant Holds Open House To The Public

PJM: More Than 3,600 MW Will Retire in 2018

Cameco Breaks Above 200-Day Moving Average

DOE Extends Battelle Management Contract

FirstEnergy Solutions Faces 13,500 Creditors, Gets OK In Bankruptcy Hearing To Pay Bills, Continue Business

SC Lawmakers Vote To Remove Santee Cooper Board, Create New Panel To Study Sale

UK’s Proposed New Sizewell Nuclear Unit ‘In Danger Without Deal On Funding’

Why The Redesigned San Onofre Waste Containers Were Grandfathered By The NRC

Toshiba CEO Promises Turnaround in 5 Years

FirstEnergy Solutions In A Hurry At Bankruptcy Court, Will Keep Power Plants Operating For Now

FirstEnergy's Generation Unit Tries To Hold Off Creditors

How FirstEnergy Used A DOE Lab Study To Boost Bid For Help

Toshiba To Take Control Of Nuclear Fuel Supplier

Vermont Yankee’s Fuel Move Is Still On Hold

Rostec To Create Russian Management System For Nuclear, Oil And Gas Facilities In 2018

Texas Consolidated Nuclear Waste Storage Facility to Be Revived

Dominion Threatens to Leave SCE&G Deal if South Carolina Lawmakers Cut Rates

Top SCANA Official Said Utility Executives Botched Nuclear Project In 2016 Voicemail

Centrus, X-Energy Contract Supports Work On Advanced Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Group Orano Earnings Slide In Grim Uranium Market

Santee Cooper Hired Consultant At $150000 A Month To 'Seek Settlement' From SCANA Over Nuke Project

Why Natural Gas Prices Will Rise This Summer

$9.93 Billion: EDF Bets Big On Energy Storage

Uncertainty On Jobs, Safety As Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Closure Approaches

X-Energy Contracts With Centrus To Support Advanced Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility Work

Feds Extend Funding For Nuclear Fusion Project, General Atomics Breathes Sigh Of Relief

Judge Approves Brookfield’s $4.6 Billion Deal For Westinghouse

Study: SC Power Bills Could Be Cut 13 Percent Without Risking SCE&G Bankruptcy

NRC Makes Available First-Ever Subsequent License Renewal Application

Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant Sediment 'Poses No Risk'

KEPCO And Barakah One To Cooperate Beyond UAE Nuclear Reactor Market

EIA: US January Power Generation Jumps 9.3% On Year

Loose Bolt Sidelines New Holtec Spent Fuel Containers At San Onofre

Utilities Step Into Blockchain To Stay Ahead Of Europe's Energy Shakeup

‘Brutal Competition’, Bankruptcy Restructuring Brings Sale Or Closure Of Perry, Davis-Besse Plants Closer Without State Lifeline

Edison Reveals Design Flaws In New Canisters Storing Nuclear Waste At San Onofre

SCANA Stockholders Were Paid $529M As SCE&G Billed Customers For Failed Nuclear Plant

Asian Prices Slide On Sluggish Demand, Mild Weather And Nuclear Boost

SCANA Shareholders Received $529 Million In Dividends From VC Summer

NRC Makes Available First Subsequent License Renewal Application From Turkey Point Nuclear Plant

Duke Issues Climate Report, Charts Path To Reduce Coal Use By 2030

US Nuclear Corp. Receives New Orders for Replacing Competitor Equipment

EDF Says Started Repair Works On Flamanville 1 Reactor

Under Investor Pressure, Duke Energy Issues Climate Report

Grounded Podcast: NuScale’s New Scale for Nuclear

Utilities Say SCE&G Ratepayers Will Pay $3.8 Billion For Nuclear Project Under Dominion Plan

Terrestrial Energy Receives Industry Innovation Award

Toshiba To Take Full Control Of Westinghouse-Owned Nuclear Fuel Industries

Energy Daily: Southern Co. Seeking To Use China Test Data For New Nukes

As Nuclear Plant Closes, Fears Shift From Contamination to Financial Pain

Advanced Reactors Summit V @ Texas A&M Salutes Terrestrial Energy’s Advanced Nuclear Achievement

Rosatom Says Committed To Timetable For Turkey's First Nuclear Plant

Santee Cooper Electric Rates Will Rise Sharply Because Of Nuclear Project

NJ Leaves Ratepayers Out Of Nuclear Subsidy Deal

Could Westinghouse Help Prove SC Power Customers Shouldn’t Pay For VC Summer?

Thousands Of Records Tell Story Of VC Summer, Could Lead To SCE&G Refunds

Turbine Problem Shuts Down Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit

Energoatom Counts Cost Of Regulatory Changes

Bill Gates’ TerraPower-Led Traveling Wave Design Eyes 2020s Deployment

TEPCO, Other Utilities Eye 1St Joint Nuclear Plant Project

RWE and E.ON's Mega-Deal Could Spell Trouble For UK's Big Six Energy Firms

Georgia Power Seeks Return Of Cash From Westinghouse

Rosatom: Finland's Hanhikivi 1 Reactor On Track, Unaffected By Sanctions

Westinghouse Completes First Major Decommissioning Work at a Nordic Commercial Nuclear Reactor

TEPCO And Other Utilities Eye Joint Nuclear Plant Project In Aomori Prefecture

Investing: Centrus Energy’s Profits Up In 2017 And Fourth Quarter

EDF Confident That Lifespan Of Its Reactors Can Be Extended

Orano-WCS To Team On Private Texas Consolidated Waste Storage

Strike at French EDF's Penly 1 Nuclear Unit Cuts Capacity To 35%

Dominion Energy and SCANA Corp. Merger: What Investors Need to Know

Miami Mayor: FPL's Proposed Nuke Units Unlikely 'In The Foreseeable Future' 

Transportation Logistics International Fined $2M For Bribing Russian Nuclear Official

Xcel Seeking New Way To Charge For Nuclear Energy Costs

Terrestrial Energy Signs Fuel Testing Contract with European Commission Joint Research Centre

General Dynamics Wins $696M Deal for Nuclear Submarines

Focus At Duke Energy Rate Hearing Shifts To Costs Of Abandoned Nuclear Plant

EDF Chief: France Will Supply Nuclear Fuel To India's Jaitapur Project If Needed

EDF Says 24-Hour Strike At Blayais Nuclear Plant Could Hit Output

Energy Fuels Talks Outlook For US Uranium Mining Industry

Lightbridge Receives Japanese Patent Approval for Innovative Metallic Fuel Design

Gas Plant Optimization Offsets Lignite, Nuclear Margin Squeeze For RWE

EDF's Fessenheim 2 Steam Generator Cleared For Service

TEPCO Seeks Early Talks On Joint Nuclear Plant Biz

Areva To Pay $554 Million To Settle Olkiluoto Overruns

Westinghouse-Led Consortium Prepared to Supply Fuel to VVER-440 Reactors in Europe

BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Awarded CA$168 Million Contract Extension for OPG Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

RWE, E.ON Reshape German Power Sector In Innogy Asset Swap Deal

Video: Who Needs Advanced Nuclear Energy?

Areva and Finnish Utility TVO Close To Settling Nuclear Reactor Dispute

EON to Acquire RWE's Innogy, Upending German Energy Industry

SCANA Executives Took Masters, Panthers Tickets From Nuclear Project Contractors

Vermont Yankee Sale Case Will Extend Into Summer

Investing: Uranium Prices to Gain Momentum in 2019, 2020

South Carolina Nuclear Lawsuit Could Lead To Downgrades

Bidders Are Chomping at the Bit to Build Saudi Arabia Nuclear Reactors

Eni Backs US Nuclear Fusion Firm Formed By Ex-MIT Researchers

Saving FirstEnergy Power Plants Before Trump, FERC Again

Consumer Group Challenges PSC Decision On Plant Vogtle Nuclear Reactors

Standard & Poor's: Fight Between Santee Cooper, Electric Co-Ops Could Hurt Finances Of Both

While Structural Issues Persist, US Nuclear Generators See More Competitive Electricity Markets In 2017

Could The Fate Of The SC Nuclear Surcharge Come Down To A 3.5 x 7 Piece Of Paper?

Turbine Table Set For Vogtle Reactor

Investing: 2 Stocks to Gain Exposure to the Uranium Market

Investing: Citadel Advisors LLC Ramps up Shares of Vaneck Vectors Uranium

EDF's French Nuclear Power Output Jumps 8 Percent Yr-On-Yr In February

Energy Northwest CEO Picked To Bring New Nuclear Reactors Online

Eliminating Payments For VC Summer Still An Option

Five Reasons Nuclear Energy Will Rebound In 2018

Tax Savings, Nuclear Trusts Turn Into Multi-Million Dollar Issues In Duke Energy Rate Case

EU Clears Acquisition Of Westinghouse By Brookfield

NRC Identifies Security, Scram Concerns At Some TVA Plants

Richland Plant Under Extra NRC Scrutiny

Plant Hatch Pilots Smart Fuel In Latest Reload

Pilgrim Nuclear Station Shut Down Due To Water Leak After Nor'easter

Successful Westinghouse Equity Sale Could Add $1.8B To Toshiba Net Worth

Report: SC Utilities Knew Of Big Problems 6 Months Into VC Summer expansion But Didn't Tell Customers

NC Regulator Considers Another Duke Energy Rate Hike Request

Rosatom Targets April 2018 Start for Turkey's New Akkuyu Plant 

Vermont Strikes Deal With Entergy And Northstar On Yankee Sale

Rolls-Royce Lands Hinkley Point C Nuclear Deal

CNNC Continues To Expand Overseas Cooperation

New Agreement May Speed Sale Of Vt. Yankee Nuclear Plant

NRC: Pilgrim Workers Lied, ‘Willfully’ Didn’t Follow Procedure

PSEG Canceling Nuclear Plant Spending Due To Stalled State Support

Callaway Nuclear Plant Gets All-Clear In Year-Long Inspection

EDF Energy Shuts 595 MW Torness-1 Nuclear Unit In Scotland

Enec Starts Commissioning Of First UAE Nuclear Unit

BWX Technologies Reports Fourth-Quarter Loss

Holtec Private Waste Storage Application Docketed By NRC

Vogtle Improves Safety and Productivity Following Management Takeover

NRC: Flooding Is Not A Meltdown Risk At Waterford Plant

Georgia Power Announced Wednesday Customers Will Pay Less For New Nuclear Reactors At Plant Vogtle

A New Framatome Emerges From AREVA Roots

BWX Technologies Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Results as It Looks to Another Year of Growth in 2018

Southern Company's Complete Commitment To Completing Plant Vogtle

Westinghouse Being Called To Testify About Its Role In VC Summer

Energy Fuels Wins Approval To Expand Uranium, Vanadium Mines In Utah

MHI Completes Investment in Orano

BWXT Announces $492 Million in Naval Nuclear Reactor Contract Option Awards

How A SCANA Bankruptcy Could Affect Ratepayers, South Carolinians

After Months Of Negotiation, Settlement Days Away On Vermont Yankee Sale

Strike at EDF's Fessenheim Nuclear Plant Ends

SC Electric Cooperatives Will Sue Santee Cooper To Stop Payments For Failed Nuclear Project

French Nuclear Watchdog Raps EDF Over Flamanville Failings

Rosatom Stakes Out Wind Power To Gird Against Blustery Nuclear Futures

FirstEnergy CEO Looks For Lifeline For Ohio Plants

SCANA Reports Major Financial Losses As Nuclear Headache Continues

EDF Says Some Flamanville Weldings Substandard, No Impact On Startup

E.ON Nuclear Workers To Stage Further Action On Monday In German Pay Dispute

How General Electric Gambled On Fossil Fuel Power, And Lost

Dominion, SCANA 'Encouraged' By Bill That Would Pause Utility Merger Until The End Of The Year

FirstEnergy's Bruce Mansfield and Beaver Valley Likely Headed For Bankruptcy Next Month

Centrica Plans Nuclear Asset Sales And Deeper Cost Cutting Drive

Santee Cooper Agrees to $19 Million A Year To Preserve VC Summer Site

Nuclear Inspections Allegedly Faked at Southern's Power Plant

Southern Company's CEO Talks Tax Reform, Nuclear Project Updates

Westinghouse Electric Company to Provide Engineering Support at Vandellós 1 in Partnership with EDF

FirstEnergy Announces Senior Management Changes

Selling Parts From Failed South Carolina Nuclear Project Could Net $861 Million

SCANA Customers Might Be Forced To Pay Another $370 Million Before Utility Regulators Can Act

San Onofre Settlement Would Put Millions In Customers' Pockets But Leave Key Questions Unanswered

TVA Boosts Power Output At Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant With $475 Million Upgrade

Outgoing PSC Chairman: ‘I Wouldn’t Bet My House’ On Plant Vogtle Schedule

More SMR Vendor Design Reviews For CNSC

EDF: UK Nuclear Fuel Supply at Risk Without Euratom Fix

EDF's French Nuclear 2018-19 Targets 'Take Into Account Uncertainties'

French Utility EDF Says Notified Of A Strike At A Nuclear Plant

Powering Up Hinkley Point C With ‘Nuclear Concrete’

NextEra May Want to Take Over a SC Utility, But at What Price?

Non-Nuclear Generator Failure Prompts Indian Point To Automatically Shuts Down Again

Rolls Royce Claims 2030 Target For Start-Up SMR Program

NextEra Floats $15.9 Billion Proposal To Buy Santee Cooper

Two Utilities Offering About $10 Billion Each To Buy Santee Cooper

EDF Promises Nuclear Reactors Cheaper Than Hinkley Point’s

Batteries Set to Compete Against Generators in Power Markets

Safety Problems Again Delay China’s Sanmen Westinghouse AP1000 Nuclear Energy Project

EDF Sees 2018 Rebound But Nuclear Output Lower Again In 2019

GE Hitachi, Holtec Announce Cooperation On SMR Commercialization

Power Bills Are Eating Up Less of Your Paycheck Than Ever

SCANA Executives Could Be Paid Millions If Dominion Deal Is Approved

Westinghouse Awarded 10-Year Contract With Xcel Energy

Dominion CEO To SC: In Vetting SCANA Deal 'All Deliberate Speed'

Holtec EYING Ukraine, India For SMRs

Kobe Steel Firm Suspected Of Nuclear Waste Data Falsification

7 Football Fields Worth Of Nuclear Equipment Gathering Dust In SCE&G Warehouses

Duke Energy Touts High Productivity At Its Nuclear Plants In The Carolinas

Terrestrial Energy Appoints Moniz to Advisory Board

Dominion's Takeover Of SCANA Could Be Delayed By SC Lawmakers Until 2019

Toshiba Tips Return To Black As It Sells Chip, Nuclear Units

Toshiba Gets Outsider CEO to Lead Revamp After Scandals, Losses

EDF Plans New Central Storage Site For Nuclear Waste

Former United States Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz to Join the Board of Southern Company

Dominion's Takeover Of SCANA Could Be Delayed By SC Lawmakers Until 2019

PSEG's Izzo Explains Why They're Asking For Nuclear Subsidy

Westinghouse Wins 10-Year Outage Services Contract with Xcel Energy

Plant Vogtle Opponents Appeal Vote To Complete Nuclear Project

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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UK Nuclear Plans 'Risk Collapse If Hitachi Talks Fail'

Uganda Signs Agreement With China On Nuclear Energy

Philippines Considers Reviving Nuclear Plant To Meet Energy Demand

Pompeo: Saudis Must Not Enrich Uranium If It Seeks Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

IAEA Launches New Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub

Japanese Nuclear Policy In Focus As Campaign Begins In Niigata Governor Race

IAEA: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal, But Could Do Better

Containment Dome Being Installed At China's Hualong One Nuclear Unit

UAE And Chinese Nuclear Regulators Sign MoU

Russia's Rosatom Urges Nigeria to Use Nuclear Energy to Resolve Power Crisis

Kazakhstan To Examine Belarus' Experience In Developing Nuclear Energy


Japan Utility Seeks To Renew Construction On Nearly Complete Shimane Nuclear Plant

Rosatom: Russia, France to Discuss Nuclear Projects in Third Countries at SPIEF

Macron Falls Short On Green Goals

Kazakhstan Supplies Uranium To Brazil

German Cabinet Agrees Compensation For Utilities Due To Nuclear Exit

In Power Hungry Philippines, Some Advocate A Nuclear Revival

Air Duct Corrosion, Holes Found At 7 Nuclear Plants In Japan

Foreign Media Start Marathon Journey To North Korea Nuclear Test Site

IAEA: Who Will Run Nuclear Energy Plants In The Future?

US Moves to Shutter All Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Sites in Major Reversal of Obama Policy

Russia's Floating Nuclear Plant Heads For The Arctic Amid Geopolitical And Environmental Concerns

Bulgarian Government Looks to Restart Belene Nuclear Plant

Foreign Media Arrive In North Korea, Suggesting Nuclear Shutdown On Track

Theresa May Says UK Will Pay To Save Links With EU Nuclear Agency, Prompting Accusations Of Another U-Turn

Russia's First Sea-Borne Nuclear Power Plant Arrives In Arctic

Bulgaria Open To Russian Role In Nuclear Energy Project

UK Power Station Boss Warns Against Reliance On Electricity Imports

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant Arrives In Murmansk For Fuelling

Viewing Stand Set Up For Dismantling Of N. Korea Nuclear Site

Russia Committed To Build More Nuclear Units In India

Spanish Nuclear Power Plants Have To Stay In Use For Forty More Years Says Leading Energy Chief

Storage Capacity Of Radioactive Water At Fukushima Power Plant Nears Limit

World's First Floating Nuclear Barge To Power Russia's Arctic Oil Drive

Europe Reassures Iran of Commitment to Nuclear Deal Without US

Czechs Put Off Decision On Building New Nuclear Plants

Kenya Banks On Nuclear Energy To Sustain Manufacturing, Build The Economy

Japanese Review Of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant Resumes

China To Help Uganda Build Nuclear Plants

The French Stress Test For Nuclear Energy

From Russia: Reactor Will Drive Finnish Nuclear Plant

Bulgarian Gov't Seeking Investor For Unfinished Nuclear Plant

UK Missing Deadlines For Post-Brexit Nuclear Safeguards, Leak Shows

Bulgarian set to Restart Belene Nuclear Plant, China Wants to Invest

Japan Draft Plan Sets Ambitious Targets For Nuclear Energy

North Korea Threatens to Scrap Trump Meeting on Nuclear Demands

Iran To Resume Uranium Enrichment If Nuclear Talks With EU Fail

Officials: Poland Needs Offshore Wind And Nuclear Energy

An Emerging Culture Of Dialogue In Japan? Energy And Environmental Governance After Fukushima And The Citizen Role

Norwegian Gas Exporter Warns Europe May Be on Verge of Blackouts

Satellite Photos Show North Korea Razing Nuclear Test Site

China And Uganda Agree To Nuclear Cooperation

Belarus May Expand Its Nuclear Plant To 4 Power Units

Safety, Verification Questions Hang Over North Korea's Plan To Close Nuclear Site

IAEA Director General in Russia Opens ATOMEXPO and Nuclear Management School, Meets President Putin


20-22% Share of Nuclear Energy at Core of Updated Japanese Energy Policy



NIA -- UK Could End Up With Power Stations With No Fuel After Brexit

Russia Ready to Restart One-of-a-Kind 'Nuclear Lego' Experimental Reactor

How to Trust the Expansion of Uranium Mining In India

US Pressures North Korea To Ship Nuclear Materials Overseas Before Sanctions Lifted

Cracks In British Nuclear Reactor Ring Power Alarm Bells

Remediating Fukushima—'When Everything Goes To Hell, You Go Back To Basics'

Japan, Ukraine To Boost Nuclear Cooperation

Bulgarian Government To Seek Mandate For Talks With Investors Over Nuclear Plant

Plans For Belarusian Nuclear Plant Presentation At Atomexpo In Sochi

France Is Building a New Nuclear Powered Submarine

UN’s Top Nuke Inspector Abruptly Quits Days After US Pulls Out Of Iran Deal

Without Nuclear Deal, US Expects Resurgence in Iranian Cyberattacks

Auditors: Japan Nuclear Research Project Did Not Pay Off

Russia Launches Training Program For Specialists Of Egypt’s Nuclear Industry

Sellafield Nuclear Plant Faces Prosecution After Worker Exposed To Radiation

Washington's Plan for a Nuclear Agreement with Saudi Arabia May Be in Jeopardy

Singapore Will Host US-North Korea Summit, Nuclear Issue To Dominate

China’s Risky Plan for Floating Nuclear Plants In The South China Sea

PGE Picks Baltic Wind Over Nuclear As Poland Embraces Green Power

Britain Plays Down Media Report Of Hitachi Nuclear Deal

Cracks In British Nuclear Reactor Ring Power Alarm Bells

Saudi Arabia Says It Will Build Nuclear Bomb If Iran Does

Saudi Arabia Hails Trump's Decision To Quit Iran Nuclear Deal

Nuclear Reactor In Central Japan Restarted, Joins 3 Units Nearby

Germany Says Vattenfall Has No Grounds To Seek Arbitration Over Nuclear Phase-Out

Could China’s Carriers Go Nuclear?

France: EU States To Stick To Iran Deal Irrespective Of US Decision

Padlocks Stolen From EDF's Flamanville Nuclear Site, EDF Says No Impact On Safety

Verifying the End of a Nuclear North Korea ‘Could Make Iran Look Easy’

UK Labour Party Split Over Nuclear Energy

China Building 'Nuclear' Aircraft Carriers: Could the Navy's Worst Nightmare Come True?

ROSATOM: How Nuclear Energy Is Transforming the Middle East

Russia Starts Advanced Construction on New Iranian Nuclear Plant

Saudis Say South Korea Could Be Shortlisted For Nuclear Plant Project

Complex Choices Await World If Trump Exits Iran Nuclear Deal

Saudi Energy Minister 'Optimistic' About South Korea Being Shortlisted For Nuclear Project

UK In Last Ditch New Nuclear Crunch Talks As Ageing Power Plants Falter

Five Countries Produce 80 Percent of EU Nuclear Energy

Rosatom Has Launched Construction Of The 2nd Kursk Nuclear Plant

France's Orano Can Start Processing Nuclear Fuel From Ukraine

Russian, Jordanian Foreign Ministers Discuss Nuclear Cooperation

Britain's Hunterston B Nuclear Reactor To Remain Offline For Safety Checks

IAEA Launches Technical Working Group on Small, Medium Sized or Modular Nuclear Reactors

IAEA Kicks off Work on a Framework to Analyze Nuclear Energy Costs

The Challenge Of Keeping The UK’s Nuclear Plants In Good Repair

Two Australian Firms In Talks To Export Uranium To India

Fresh Cracks Found At Hunterston B Nuclear Plant

Fuel Supply Contracts Signed For Swedish Reactors

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Closes For Third Time This Year

South Korea To Restart Shin Kori No.2 Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

Parched Jordan Mulls Chinese Nuclear Option For Desalination And Heat

Can China Meet Its Nuclear Energy Goals?

White House: Iran's Nuclear Program Further Along Than Indicated In 2015

Russia Says Its Sea-Based Nuclear Power Plant Is Safe. Critics Call It A ‘Floating Chernobyl.’

Deregulated Japan Utilities Facing Challenge From Low-Cost Nuclear Baseload Generators 

France, India Moving Forward with Massive Nuclear Project

Report: Despite Ban, Foreign Trainees Engaged In Fukushima Clean-up

Chinese Mainland Has 38 Nuclear Units In Operation


Has Fukushima Eclipsed Chernobyl Statistically On Radiation?

Russia Just Launched The World’s First Floating Nuclear Plant

United States May Help Expand Saudi Nuclear Capability

Pakistan: Small Nuclear Plants Could End Power Crisis


Russia's Floating Nuclear Plant Heads Out To Sea

Jordan, China In ‘Serious Talks’ To Build Gas-Cooled $1B Reactor

China Expands Nuclear Facility To Pakistan And Other Countries

Belgian Nuclear Plant Suffers Water Leak in Reactor

China Loads Fuel At World's First AP1000 Nuclear Reactor

TEPCO Footage Shows Deposits Inside Damaged Fukushima Reactor

Jordan in ‘Advanced’ Talks With China for $1 Billion Reactor

The Robot Assault On Fukushima

New Shelter Over Ruined Reactor Of Chernobyl NPP To Be Commissioned In December

Philippines To Draw Up Nuclear Energy Policy

Iran, Russia Discuss Progress In Joint Nuclear Projects

Low-Level Nuclear Waste Might Stay At UK Trawsfynydd Plant

China: North Korea Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed And May Be Out Of Action

Report: China Struggling to Meet 2020 Nuclear Reactor Target

Russia Ready To Return To Plutonium Disposition Agreement With US If Relations Normalize 

Russia, China Call On UN Nuclear Forum To Save Iran Deal

Japanese Itochu ‘Pulls Out Of Nuclear Plant Project In Turkey’

China Fast-Tracks Nuclear Energy Industry

Unplanned Shutdown of Doel NPP's Reactor Takes Place in Belgium

Sub-Saharan Africa And Nuclear Energy


UK Relaunches Repository Sweepstakes With 5 Million Pound Ante

UK ‘Yet To Properly Assess’ Nuclear Plan’s Impact On Ireland

How China Is Buying Its Way Into Europe

German Power Plant Lobby Sees Tighter Supply By 2023

Suspicious Factory Underscores Challenge Of Verifying North Korea’s Nuclear Promises

Iran Threatens To ‘Vigorously’ Resume Uranium Enrichment If US Quits Nuclear Deal

Another Reactor At Japan's Genkai Nuclear Plant To Be Restarted Late May

Taiwanese EPA Minister Puts Career On Line Over Nuclear Energy Issue

China Touts Fusion Progress As New Details On Lockheed Martin's Reactor Emerge

Russian, Saudi Energy Chiefs Hash Over Broad Industrial Cooperation

Belgium To Double Offshore Wind Energy Capacity As It Exits Nuclear Energy

UAE Nears Handover Of First Arab Nuclear Plant To Operator

$60B Worth Of Nuclear Energy Deals Signed Between Egypt And Russia

Russia To Move Floating Nuclear Plant Branded 'Sitting Duck For Terrorists' This Week

Earthquake Rattles Iran’s Only Nuclear Power Plant

Quiet No More, French Village Becomes Centre Of Anti-Nuclear Protest

Will China Beat The World To Nuclear Fusion And Clean Energy?

Japanese Governor Quits Over Sex Scandal, Affects Nuclear Reactor Restart

Russia: Joint Nuclear Energy Deals With Egypt Amounts To $60B

Russia To Move Floating Nuclear Plant Branded 'Sitting Duck For Terrorists' This Week

US Keen On Signing Nuclear Reactor Deal With India


How US-Russia Tensions Could Revive Struggling Uranium Mines

Contamination From A Nuclear Cleanup Forced A Shutdown. Investigators Want To Know Who Is Responsible

India-US Eyes Energy Cooperation Through Strategic Energy Partnership

Japan’s TEPCO Could Restart Reactors Quicker than Expected

US Outlines Its Vision For Strategy Energy Partnership With India

Under Lash Of New Sanctions, Moscow Threatens To Upend Nuclear Energy Trade With US

Russian Nuclear Energy Deals With Egypt Reach Almost $60B

TEPCO Shares Surge After Niigata Governor Says May Resign

Experts Fail To Find Origin Of Nuclear Pollution Cloud Over Europe

US DOE and Indian Department of Atomic Energy Sign Agreement for Neutrino Physics Collaboration

France's Nuclear Plans Under Pressure

Italy's Eni Defies Sceptics, May Up Stake In Nuclear Fusion Project

Iran MP Claims China In Talks To Build It Small Nuclear Reactors

Taiwan: No Timetable For Restarting No. 2 Reactor

Europe, US Reportedly Make Progress in Keeping Iran Nuclear Deal


Russia Moves To Ban All Trade With US Nuclear Energy Companies

Massive Chinese Fusion Reactor Parts End Journey In France

Gender Diversity In The UK Nuclear Industry

New KEPCO Chief Calls For More Effort To Export S. Korean Nuclear Reactors

How Russia Is Seeking To Secure Uranium Deposits

Iran tells France Not To Be Influenced By Saudi Prince On Nuclear Deal

Energy Resources of Australia: Uranium Should Be On Government Agenda

Civil Nuclear Faces ‘Significant Damage’ Outside Euratom

Nuclear Waste From Australia's Only Reactor Ready French Reprocessing 

Reactor Internals En Route To Demo At China's Hualong One Unit

The EU's Nuclear Energy Dilemma

China Begins Fuel Loading At Long-Delayed EPR Nuclear Project

UAE — A Role Model For Nuclear Energy

Final Dome Structure Completed At UAE Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Energy Wildly Popular in Russia, Independent Poll Shows

Atlantic Council Report Analyzes Russian, Chinese Nuclear Energy Competition

Saudi Plans Military Base and Nuclear Dump Near Qatar

Iran Mines Yellowcake To Use In Nuclear Industry

Council Formed To Support Canadian Isotope Production

Perry: American Energy Damaging Russian Influence In Europe

Perry Travels To India For High-Level Energy Talks

Japan Energy Panel Sees Role For Nuclear In 2050 Emissions Targets

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days

Russia Says It Can Pay For Turkey’s First Nuclear Plant By Itself

Plans For Welsh Nuclear Plant Delayed By Concerns Over Seabirds

Could Heat-Only Nuclear Help Us Decarbonize British Cities?

Saudi Arabia To Set Up Military Base, Nuclear Waste Burial Site

Former AREVA Exec Charged Over Alleged Namibia Uranium Corruption

Iran Can Resume Enriching Uranium To 20% Purity In 4 Days

Loading Of Nuclear Fuel Assemblies Begins At Japan's Oi Plant’s No. 4 Reactor

Nuclear Energy Firms Woo Middle East

India's Modi Government Cuts Nuclear Energy Capacity Addition Target To One-Third

Cyprus Expresses Grave Concern Over Turkey's Nuclear Plant Near Its Coasts

The Future of a Nuclearised Middle East

Sudan Looks To Acquire Nuclear Energy By 2031

TEPCO Posts Video Tour Of Damaged Nuclear Plant

Japan's NRA To Remove Most Dosimeters In Fukushima As Radiation Drops

Nuclear Energy Is Not Coming To Turkey Quickly


First Nuclear Icebreaker To Reach The North Pole Ends Her Days

Framatome Moves North American HQ to Virginia

Safety Checks Of Trouble-Prone Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant In Aomori To Resume

Post Fukushima, Japan Now At A Crossroads Over Energy Direction

Akkuyu Nuclear Plant: Turkey And Russia's Atomic Connection

Canadian Isotope Reactor Enters Retirement

Putin Says Akkuyu Nuclear Plant In Turkey To Be Launched In 2023

Japan Sees Opportunity In Southeast Asia's Energy Markets

Turkey Grants Rosatom Construction License For First Unit Of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Putin And Erdogan Put Aside Differences To Formally Launch Turkey’s 1st Nuclear Reactor

Report: Keeping Canada's Pickering Nuclear Plant Open Until 2024 Is Good For Economy

Russia Announces It Will Dismantle One Of Its Nuclear Icebreaking Stars


Belgium Pledges To Ditch Nuclear Energy By 2025

India Aims To Be Self-Reliant In Nuclear Energy Generation

The Small Fishing Town Providing Japan’s Nuclear Litmus Test

Hole Found In Pipe After Steam Leak At Reactivated Nuclear Reactor In Japan

Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Plant To Break Ground Tuesday

Seawater Desalination: Taking Nuclear One Step Further

Britain’s Nuclear Stations ‘Searched For Russian Secret Agents Over Insider Attack Fears’

The Small Fishing Town Providing Japan’s Nuclear Litmus Test

Total Tally For Fukushima Decommission Likely to Reach $75 Billion

Steam Leak Prompts Power Generation To Halt At Japan Nuclear Plant

Brussels Confirms Plan to Close All Nuclear Power Plants by 2025

As China’s Nuclear Energy Industry Flounders, Should India And Pakistan Take Note?

Poland Speeds Up Nuclear Energy Plans

Accident Reported in Romanian Nuclear Plant, Reactor Shut Down

Building Of The First Turkish Nuclear Power Plant Akkuyu Starts In First Week Of April

UK's May Urged To Build 10 More Nuclear Plants To Get Millions Of Electric Cars On The Road

Japan's Nuclear Regulator Approves 30-Year Plan To Scrap Troubled Monju Reactor

South Korea To Send More Scientists To Int'l Nuclear Fusion Reactor Project

Poles Reject ‘Totally Unacceptable’ EU Power Market Reform

First-Ever Nuclear Reactor Monitor Will Boost Neutrino Physics

South Korea To Help UAE Become Nuclear Exporter

North Korea Is Firing Up a Reactor. Why That Could Upset Trump’s Talks With Kim.

Pakistan Defends Nuclear Safety Record After US Sanctions Companies

Chinese Scientists Develop Fusion Reactor Components With 3D Printing Technology

Russia's Leningrad-II Unit 1 Enters Final Stage Of Commissioning

Shikoku Electric Power Co. To D&D Aging Ikata Unit #2 — 9th Announced Post-Fukushima Closure 

UK's NIA: Government Post-Euratom Agreement Pledge 'More Hopeful Speculation'

UK Weighs Tidal Power Contract Matching Hinkley Nuclear Deal

Near-surface Uranium Deposits Offer Best Economics for Argentina’s Nuclear Industry

UAE And South Korea Toast Completion Of Barakah's First Unit: Start-Up Remains Uncertain

UAE Completes First of Four Korean-Built Nuclear Plants

Saudi Arabia’s Controversial Quest For Nuclear Energy

Czech Minister: Decide Nuclear Investment Plan First, Then CEZ

US-Developed No. 2 Pencil-Size Drones To Be Deployed In Fukushima Clean-Up


UAE: Operation At First Nuclear Reactor To Be Delayed To Next Year

Jolt For Islamabad's Dream Of NSG Seat As Trump Sanctions Seven Pakistan Firms For Nuclear Trade

Russia to Introduce Accident-Tolerant Nuclear Fuel to Market

No Prerequisites to Stop Russian-US Nuclear Fuel Project Cooperation

Nuclear Plant Key Pillar Of UAE-Korea Ties

IAEA Reviews Safety At Olkiluoto 3 Ahead Of Start-Up

Southwestern Japan Nuclear Reactor Back Online After 7 Year Hiatus

US-European Division Clouds Effort to Salvage Iran Nuclear Deal

Ukraine Imports $81M Worth Of Nuclear Fuel In Jan

Best Bad Idea Ever? Why Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Is Possible… And Awful

Arab World's First Nuclear Reactor Delayed Again Over Training

European Power Plants Brace For Russian Hack Attacks

Rising: Asia Needs Nuclear For Clean And Reliable Electricity

Japan’s Nuclear Regulator Staffs-up To Respond To Fukushima-Related Lawsuits

China Launches New Uranium Enrichment Centrifuges

Hemispherical Dome Installed For No. 6 Unit Of Fuqing Nuclear Plant In China

French Nuclear Energy Project in India Runs into Major Regulatory Hurdle

World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor Comes Back Online In Switzerland

Floating Nuclear Energy: Will China Pave The Way?

Turkey's Erdogan Says Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Construction To Start In 2018

Brexit: Ministers Suffer Nuclear Defeat In Lords

Israel Confirms Bombing 'Syria Nuclear Reactor' In 2007

Why Oil-Rich Saudi Arabia Is Turning to Nuclear Energy


Rosatom Reportedly Offering Unlikely Floating Nuclear Power Deal To Sudan


Putin to Attend 2018 Inauguration of Turkish Nuclear Energy Plant

Reactor Vessel Installation Under Way At China's Hongyanhe 5

Japan's Saga District Court Rejects Bid To Suspend Restart Of Nuclear Reactors At Genkai Plant

LNG Prices Trending Down As Japan Nuclear Restarts Trend Up

Canadian Nuclear Lab Moves On $370 Million Expansion

India Risks Default on Russian Loan Repayment for NPP Projects Amid Fund Crisis

China To Establish Lead-Based Reactor Industrial Supply Chain

Finnish Olkiluoto-3 Becomes World's Second-Priciest Building

Saudi Energy Deal Push Sparks Nuclear Weapon Concerns

Japan's Latest Supercomputer Is Dedicated To Nuclear Fusion

China Will Build Every Kind Of Energy Including Starting 8 New Nuclear Reactors

India’s Entry into NSG: What it Means for India and Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime

Russia To Start Construction Of Nuclear Energy Station In Sudan Next Year

SCE&G Expects To Build A New Gas-Burning Power Plant In The Next Five Years

Czech Business Boss Says PM’s Position On New Nuclear Reactors Is ‘Fiction’

IAEA Releases Country Nuclear Energy Profiles 2017

Kazakhstan Expands its Role in Nuclear Security Issues

IAEA Offers Guidance On Lifting Nuclear Emergencies

Argentina’s Expanding Nuclear Energy Industry Needs Domestic Uranium Supply

Japan's Nuclear Export To Turkey In Doubt As Costs Estimate Doubles

Philippines Looks To Nuclear Reactors To Power Growth

Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Near Ukraine's Chernobyl To Be Heavily Guarded


France Considers SMR Pivot

Saudi Crown Prince: As Iran Goes On Weapons Nuclearization, So Go We

Minister: Poland Estimates Investment In Nuclear Plant At Up To $22B

Canada To Boost Nuclear Power To Help Meet Climate Target

Regulator: UK Nuclear Project Needs Better Supply Chain Management

On-Time Hinkley Reactor Could Upend UK Need for Gas in 2020s

Japan's Oi No. 3 Reactor Restarted After 4½ Years

Russia Begins Delivery of Equipment for Unit-3 of India's Kudankulam

IAEA Chief: Karachi Nuclear Energy Plants Heavily Protected


Russia, China Team To Corner Uranium Market

Saudi Arabia Turns To Nuclear Energy To Curb Oil Addiction

Kepco Brings No. 3 Reactor At Fukui Plant Back Online

Taipei Presses Button To Restart Nuclear Reactors

How Germany's Energy Landscape Was Reshaped Over Coffee and Cake


Saudi Cabinet Approves Nuclear Energy Program National Policy

South African Pro-Zuma Group Blocks Energy Deals In Blow To Ramaphosa

Uranium Week: India Has Big Plans

Sudan Plans To Sign Memorandum With Russia On Construction Of Nuclear Plant

Arab Countries Leverage Lucrative Nuclear Contracts for Power

IAEA Applauds South Korean Robot For Spent Fuel Inspection

German Power Deal Sets Template For EU Utilities M&A

PM Modi, French Prez Macron Join Hands To Work On World's Largest Nuclear Plant In Jaitapur

Radiation Is Put to Good Use for Once in Chernobyl

Leningrad II-1 Starts Pilot Operation


Turkey's Planned $20B Russian-Built Nuclear Plant Facing Delay

US Fleet Hardened Seven Years After Fukushima

Fukushima's Long Road To Recovery

Russia To Supply Sudan With Floating Nuclear Plant

Taiwan Prez Reiterates Goal Of Phasing Out Nuclear Energy By 2025

Indo-French Deal With Eye On China

Russia's Rosatom Projecting $26B In New 2018 Sales

France, India Pledge to Push Forward on Nuclear Energy Project

UK Government Responds To Report On Brexit Impact

Leningrad II-1 Starts Pilot Operation

China Spreads the Love to All Sources of Energy, Even Coal

Russia To Help With Ethiopia's Nuclear Energy Ambitions

Saudi Arabia Enlists Lobbyists in Quest to Build Nuclear Plants

India Plans Tenfold Uranium Output Growth

TEPCO's 'Ice Wall' Fails To Freeze Fukushima's Toxic Water Buildup

The Philippines Talks With Russia About Nuclear Reactors

An Australian Farming Town Divided: Do We Want a Nuclear Site that Brings Jobs?

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Station Workers End Mass Sit-In


China To Start 6-8 New Reactors This Year

Russian-Built Nuclear Plant In Hungary Faces EU Lawsuits

Nuclear Still Part Of South African Energy Mix, Says Department Of Energy

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station Workers Stage Mass Sit-In

A Hard Sell? Saudi Crown Prince Goes West To Woo Allies

Foratom Calls For Increased EU Nuclear R&D Spending

Argentina Applies Nuclear Technology to Water

EIA: Middle East Countries Intend To Increase Nuclear Electricity Output

World’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor To Restart In Switzerland

China Signals Intent To Build Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers

Nuclear Deal To Top Agenda Of Macron's India Talks

India and Vietnam Enhance Nuclear Cooperation

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Reactor Sets Troubling Run-Time Record

Radioactive Debris Piling Up At Fukushima Interim Facility

UK Energy Grid Warns That Political Risks Threaten Investment

Taiwan's Taipower Request To Restart Nuclear Plant Reactor Approved

In a Laver: Seaweed Shuts EDF’s Torness Nuclear Reactor Again In Bad Weather

The Middle East’s Nuclear Technology Clock Starts Ticking

Japan's NRA Drops Consolidation Initiative For Unwanted Nuclear Fuel After Butting Heads With JAEA

France: Police Battle Protesters Over Nuclear Waste Storage Plans

Taiwan's Taipower Told To Consult Public On Potential Nuclear Waste Site

UK's May To Explore Continuation In EU’s Internal Energy Market

Kraken? Russians Get Mythical In Contest To Name Nuclear Weapons

Saudis Want to Make Their Own Weapons. Russia Is Eager to Help

TEPCO Estimates 'Ice Wall' Reduces Contaminated Water By 95 Metric Tons Per Day

Bulgarian Lawmakers Demand Decision On Fate Of Nuclear Plant By End Of June

Bangladesh, India, Russia Ink MoU for Rooppur Plant Implementation

US-Saudi London Nuclear Talks Open: If Iran Can Enrich, Why Can’t We?

China Remains Guaranteed Uranium Market For Kazakhstan

Report: UK NDA Mismanaged Magnox Contract

US Shrugs At Putin's Boast Of Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile With Unlimited Range

Russia May Produce Certain Nuclear Power Plant Components In India

Iran May Pull Out Of The Nuclear Deal Before The US

India, Russia, Bangladesh Sign Tripartite Pact For Civil Nuclear Cooperation 

Rosatom Briefs Putin On Strategic Goals

Russians In Hunt For Saudi Reactors 

China Plans To Build Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Amid Rapid Navy Expansion

Philippines Considers Activating Long-Dormant Reactor

Ontario's Nuclear Advantage

Polish Energy Minister: Plan To Buy Lotos Without Impact On PKN's Role In Nuclear Project

French Greenpeace Activists Convicted Over Nuclear Plant Intrusion

Tour of Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant Scrubbed As Soon As Experts Show Up To See It

New Evidence Of Nuclear Fuel Releases Found At Fukushima


Emirates Nuclear Says Its First Reactor Is Closer To Start Up

China Remains Guaranteed Uranium Market For Kazakhstan

Key Player Hired To Drive UAE's Nuclear Ambitions

Canada Begins SMR Strategy Roadmap

China Has Plan To Build Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

Wood Secures Framework Contract On UK New Nuclear Energy Project

Saudis Reportedly Seek Parity With Iran In Nuclear Energy Deal With US

S. Korea Hopes To Use UAE Nuclear Project As Stepping Stone To New Markets

Europeans Dig In Against New Iran Sanctions Risking Nuclear Deal

UK Labour Would Keep Britain In EU Internal Energy Market

UK Nuclear Laboratory To Review Canadian Research

Removal Of Spent Fuel From Japan's Fugen Test Reactor Site Pushed Back 9 Years

India's Thorium Dream is True, Critical for Growth of the Technology

Spanish Nuclear Output To Reach Full Power Monday On 1.1 GW Cofrentes Restart

S. Korea's Energy Minister Visits UAE For Nuclear Project

Jaitapur Nuclear Plant: Framework Agreement Likely During Emmanuel Macron Visit 


Uzbekistan, Russia Preparing Road Map For Nuclear Energy Co-Op

Czech Nuclear Regulator Warns Of European Pressure To Close Reactors Early

NIASA: South Africa Needs To Plan For Nuclear

French Nuclear Watchdog Raps EDF Over Flamanville Failings

IAEA Conducts 200th Nuclear Power Plant Operational Safety Review

Czechs Risk Wrath Of EU Over Nuclear Energy Project

Environment Minister: France Does Not Need New Nuclear Reactors

Rosatom Thinks Nuclear Energy Still Has A Future In South Africa

Saudis Recruit US Legal Muscle For Leverage In Nuclear Negotiations

Austria Files EU Legal Challenge To Hungarian Nuclear Energy Plan

Iran Hints At Seaborne Reactors While Respecting Nuclear Deal


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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