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The World Of Energy In 2017 By The Charts

WIPP Waste Rules Face More Scrutiny

Employee Suffers Radiation Exposure At Idaho Waste Site

New Report Highlights Grid Threats From US Retirements

The Promise And Peril Of Carbon Pricing

IAEA Tool To Help Roadmap Nuclear Programs


US Nuclear Engineering Grads Surge As Millennials Look To The Future

NNSA’s Y-12 To Pilot Unauthorized Drone-Killing Technology

Maverick FERC Commissioner To Consider Broad Climate Impacts Of Gas Pipelines

WIPP: Volume Tracking Change Could Be Delayed By NMED

Dem National Committee To Redline Fossil Fuel Company Donations

Senate Eyes Floor Action On Energy-Water Bill, Rescissions

Rick Perry Jets Off To G20 Summit

Work Begins To Boost Airflow At WIPP

IAEA Project Develops Roadmapping Tool for Future Nuclear Energy Systems

Nuclear Industry Delegation Briefs Capitol Hill on Commercial Exports

Court Upholds Lease Extension for California's Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

Cost-Effective Method Of Extracting Uranium From Seawater Promises Limitless Nuclear Energy

NYT: Trump Wants to Bail Out Coal and Nuclear Energy. Here’s Why That Will Be Hard.

NM’s Delegation Fights To Keep LANL’s Plutonium Pit Plan On Track


Fate of Nation's Largest Nuclear Plant Palo Verde at the Heart of Clean Energy Battle

Nuclear Fusion Reactor Reaches Temperatures Hotter Than Sun’s Core

DOE Scorched Again On MOX Exit Plan: Judge Orders $21.6 Million Payback To MOX Contractor

FERC Commissioners: ‘No Immediate Calamity Or Threat’ From Premature Plant Closures

Deja Vu: Las Vegas Officials Vote Against Reviving Yucca Mountain

Plan To Save Coal, Nuclear Power Plants 'Difficult To Stomach' For Former House Energy Chair

Five Questions on Trump’s Coal, Nuclear Plant Plan

The Nuclear Industry Is Making A Big Bet On Small Power Plants

SC Injunction Upends NNSA Plan To Split Plutonium Pit Production


Nevada Wants NRC Commissioner Recused From Yucca

Foes Of Trump Coal Plan Worry It Will Work

Uranium Enrichment Will Be A Key Point In Talks With North Korea. Here’s What It Is.

You Can Also Buy A Smaller Version Of Oak Ridge National Labs Most Powerful AI Supercomputer

Perry -- US Energy Department Will Play A ‘Lead’ Role If Summit Successful

How A Uranium Hunter Sniffs Out Nuclear Weapons

Nothing But Flowers? Debate Rages As Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge Prepares To Open

WIPP Operations Resume After ‘Misaligned’ Drum Found

New Nuclear Medicine Method Shows Promise For Better Detection Of Tumors


Senator Graham Hails Injunction Against DOE’s MOX Termination: ‘Stop This Madness’

Pro-MOX Injunction Signals Start Of Longer Legal Battle

Trump's Nuclear, Coal Boost And The Legal Showdown To Come

Y-12 Manager Seeks Business Partnerships As Site Modernization Progresses

Electric Power Sector Consumption Of Fossil Fuels At Lowest Level Since 1994

200,000 Trillion Calculations Per Second: US Launches The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

Federal Judge Approves MOX Injunction, Halting Full Project Stoppage

Nevada Move to Strip $267 million in Yucca Mountain Funds From House Energy Spending Bill Fails

House Spending Bill Strikes at Piece of Trump Infrastructure Plan

White House Fires Shot Over FERC Bow On Grid Security

Natural Gas Industry Says Trump Is Using Them As A 'Scapegoat' To Bail Out Coal And Nuclear Plants

In Trump’s Power Moves, It’s Coal First, Nuclear Energy Second

Trump Praises US Secretary Perry For ‘Doing A Fantastic Job At Energy’

SC Judge Poised To Rule On Injunction Motion To Freeze DOE MOX Termination 


Researchers Push Envelope On Artificial Intelligence Control Systems For Nuclear Plants


Floor Chat Between Ryan And Shimkus over Yucca 'Got A Little Heated'

US Subsidies May Not Save Some Coal, Nuclear Plants Slated For Closure

Utilities Uncertain On Impacts Of Trump Plan On Projected Closures

Exelon CEO: ‘We Need Federal Intervention’ on Grid Resilience

Exelon Cool On Trump Grid Directive: ‘No Emergency’

Murkowski Airs 'Great Deal Of Hesitation' On Trump Grid Plan

Future of MOX, Jobs, SC Plutonium Argued In Federal Court Tuesday

NRC Taking Opinions On Potential SMR Near Tennessee's Oak Ridge

US Uranium Production Down 16% As Imports Soar To 93%

FERC Could Have Role In Trump's Plan For Coal, Nuclear

The Climate Stakes Of Trump's Power Move

Y-12 Part Of Extending Life Of Nation’s Oldest Nuclear Weapons

Secretary Perry: Coal, Nuclear Closures Could Hurt Ability To Recover From Grid Cyber Attack

House To Vote On Energy Spending Bill With Yucca Mountain Funds

USNIC: Welcomes President's 'Continued Recognition Of The Geostrategic Importance Of American Nuclear Energy Leadership'

More Groups Weigh-in on Trump Move to Save Coal, Nuclear—Including Supporters

More Questions Than Answers For FERC, RTOs On Trump Directive

Officials May Revisit Uranium Processing Facility's Environmental Impact

Pipeline Vulnerabilities, National Security Anchor Trump's Coal, Nuclear Push

DOE’s ARPA-E Awards $24 Million To 10 Nuclear Energy Innovation Projects

Historian Richard Rhodes Talks Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

Trump Nuclear And Coal Directive Draws Fire: Legal Challenges Expected

Congress Works To Revive Long-Delayed Plan To Store Nuclear Waste In Yucca Mountain

DOE Prepares New Plan To Implement Initial 24-Month Nuclear, Coal-Fired Power Plants Stop-Gap

Trump's Coal, Nuke Push Pegged to Security Threats to Gas Pipes

FirstEnergy's Request For Trump Relief Draws More Critics

Grid Operator PJM Says Federally-Imposed Power Plant Subsidies Not Needed

Trump Orders 'Immediate Steps' To Boost Coal, Nuclear Plants

Trump Order A Lifeline For Market Challenged Plants

Coal Stocks Pop

Schwarzenegger Blasts: ‘I Eagerly Await The Administration’s Regulations Protecting Pagers, Fax Machines, And Blockbuster.’

Trump Plan Leans On National Security, Defense Production Act

DOE Backgrounder On Presidential Directive

Will Advanced Nuclear Lead To Reversal Of Fortune For US In Global Nuclear Energy Markets?

Texas’ Lawsuit To Force Yucca Mountain Dismissed

Phasing Out Nuclear Energy Could Affect Safety

Nuclear Battery Could Power Spacecraft For 100 Years

DOE, Perry Take Lead On Presidential Directive To Stem Coal, Nuclear Baseload Erosion

Bloomberg: DOE Weighing ‘Strategic Electric Generation Reserve’ As Stop-Gap For Nuclear, Coal Baseload

South Carolina Seeks Injunction Against DOE MOX Termination: State Antis Rail Against NNSA Pit Plan

One Year Later: Officials Still Torn Over Whether To Save TMI From Shut Down

Deadly Attacks Feared As Hackers Target Industrial Sites

Pompeo Cites Progress Toward Salvaging ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Nuclear Summit

FERC, DOJ Support For Illinois Nuclear Zero Emissions Credit Could Embolden Other States

USNIC: Applauds Return to Full NRC Commissioner Complement After Unprecedented Hiatus

Department of Energy Touts Two New Green Initiatives

What Does Shakespeare Have To Do With 'Energy'? (Trust Us, There's A Link)

New US NRC Commissioners Caputo And Wright Sworn In

Cure For Some Cancers Found In A Nuclear Waste Container In Tennessee

Hundreds Of Industry Leaders Gather In Oak Ridge for Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit


Pennsylvania Legislators Rally To Save Beaver Valley Plant

US Says Illinois Zero Emissions Nuclear Credits Do Not Preempt Federal Law

Trump Abandons Plan To Sell Off BPA Power Assets

Yes, You Can Take Electric Cars On Long Road Trips

Two New NRC Commissioners To Join Veteran Incumbents On NRC Five-Member Panel 

US: Six Decades Of Nuclear Waste To Deal With And Counting

New Mexico To Decide This Week On WIPP Permit Changes

With No Permanent Repository For Commercial Nuclear Waste, NM Is In The Spotlight

Debate Breaks Out Over Nuclear Waste Shipments In NM

Savannah River Remediation Training Next Generation Of Nuclear Workers

Visualizing US Energy Consumption In One Chart

US Will Decide Whether Uranium From Countries Like Russia Pose National Security Risk

Udall Pushes To Keep Nuclear Pit Production In New Mexico

Hundreds Of Parts To Be Replaced At SRS's Salt Waste Processing Facility

Carbon Capture Momentum Keeps Up

Countries Launch A Nuclear Innovation Initiative Under The Clean Energy Ministerial

Senate Armed Services Committee Moves To Block DOE MOX Retreat

SC Attorney General Seeks Injunction To Put DOE MOX Shutdown On Ice

WIPP Underground Evacuated After 'Misaligned' Drum Of Nuclear Waste Discovered

Illinois Congressman Wants Jolt Of Certainty For Nuclear Energy

NASA Looks To Send A Small Nuclear Reactor To The Moon And Mars

Podcast: Radiophobia -- Why Do We Fear Nuclear Energy? 

Senate Panel Again Drops Yucca Mountain Licensing Funding From Budget

NRC, FERC Commissioners Schedule Joint Meeting to Discuss Grid Reliability, Reactor Issues

Sen. Graham Slams DOE On MOX Abandonment Plans, Plutonium Inaction At Hearing

Trio Of USNRC Nominees Clear Final Senate Hurdle

US And Partners Form International Alliance To Push Nuclear Energy

A Loss For Nuclear In Minnesota, And A Win In New Jersey

Energy Summit Looks At Whether Nuclear Energy Could Work In Wyoming


US Senate Committee Reverses Proposed Cuts To DOE Nuclear Energy, Research Programs

US House Advanced Nuclear Bills Garner Plaudits from Nuclear Energy Industry Panel

US Launches Nuclear Initiative To Cut Carbon With Canada, Japan, UK

Illinois Congressman Seeks Tax Credit For Nuclear Fuel And Capital Expenditures

IEA Warns Nuclear May Miss Long-Term Target

Getting Paid To Charge A Battery Is An Attractive But Limited Opportunity, Analysts Say

North American Nuclear Energy Industry Sounds Confident Note on SMR Deployment, Supply Chain Readiness

Foundations Wary Of Carbon Capture And Nukes In Climate Fight

Small Nuclear Passes a Milestone – But Does it Have a Future?

The Nuclear Battle Between the Earth and Sun

NJ Governor To Sign State Nuclear, Renewables Incentives Bills

South Carolina Mounts Legal Challenge Over ‘Illegal’ DOE MOX Action

Trump's Doomsday Scenarios for Power Grid Undercut by His Agency

Kilauea's Wrath Threatens Power Plant — And Hawaii's Most Powerful Industry


US Supremes Takes Up Challenge To Virginia Uranium Mining Ban


US Deputy Energy Secretary To Denmark To Kickstart Global Nuclear Clean Energy Ministerial

DOE: It’s Time for the World to Recognize Nuclear as a Clean Energy Source

Towns See Gold In Storing Nuclear Waste

WSJ: Bellefonte Developer Retained Michael Cohen To Seek Qatar Investment In Nuclear Plant

Illinois Rep. LaHood Seeks Tax Credits To Boost Nuclear Energy

SC Governor's Nuclear Council Chairman Wants More DOE Transparency

House E&C Committee To Examine Four Bills This Week Aimed At Boosting Advanced Nuclear Technology At DOE 

Two More NRC Public Hearings in Slated in NM on Carlsbad Interim Storage Initiative 

Energy Lab In Oak Ridge Powers Tennessee Economy

Electric Cars Are Eerily Quiet — And US Regulators Are Worried This Could Make Them Dangerous

New Mexico Lawmakers, Up-State Industry Leaders Tangle With Carlsbad Nuclear Waste Site Proponents

Anti-Nuclear Policies Increased Global Carbon By 18% And Added 9.5 Million Air Pollution Deaths

Some INL Funding Boosts In Energy Budget Bill

Ghostly 'Lightning' Waves Discovered Inside a Nuclear Reactor


NY Gov Touts Wind Farm While Turning To Fracking To Close Gap Left By Indian Point Closing

Lawmakers Skeptical Of Southern NM Temporary Waste Storage

USNIC Leads Future New Build Focus at Asia Nuclear Platform

US Deports Tenex Official Convicted Of Russian Nuclear Bribery Scheme

Report: Electromagnetic Radiation From Power Lines And Phone Masts Poses 'Credible' Threat To Wildlife

Yucca Mountain Rises With $267.7 Million Mark In House Appropriations Bill

Nevada Senator Urges Consent-Based Approach In Lieu Of Yucca


Alec Baldwin Rails Against NJ Incentives For Clean Nuclear Energy

House Advances Defense-Heavy 2019 Energy Budget, Good For Oak Ridge National Lab

MIT Researcher Turning Up The Heat To Advance More Powerful Nuclear Energy Technology

Oak Ridge Heavy Element Production Site Receives Historic Designation


Trump Keeps Up Pressure On Perry For Nuclear, Coal Solution

Oregon Congressman Hopes To Fast-Track Yucca Mountain

Trump's Energy 'Dominance' Paradox

FERC To Review Law Promoting Renewable Energy

Vogtle Critics Want More Information In Legal Challenge To Nuclear Expansion

Partial Work Stoppage Ordered For MOX

Hanford: 2 Gallons Of Radioactive Nuclear Waste Done. 56M Gallons To Go

New York’s Green Energy Roulette

Solar Industry Sheds 24,000 Jobs as Coal and Oil Jobs Make Comeback

US House Appropriators Boost Trump Energy Request

Trump Pick For State Department Energy Job Approved By Senate Panel

IEA Warns Of 'Sharp' Oil Price Rise

Electric-Car Era Threatens Firefighters With New Road Risks


WNA - 1000 New Nuclear Reactors Needed To Meet Global Energy Demand By 2050

Trump Said to Mull 2015 Grid Emergency Law to Boost New Nuclear, Coal Baseload 

FBI Sightings at VC Summer Site As Part Of Fed Probe


Bloomberg -- One-Fourth of US Nuclear Fleet Is 'At Risk' of Early Closure

Will NASA Go Nuclear to Return to the Moon?

Alaska’s Only Nuclear Plant Will Be Decommissioned


Renewables Investment Nudged Out Nuclear, Fossil Fuel in 2017

Former US Sen. Harry Reid Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Will Soon Face a Moment of Reckoning

Trump Administration Sends Nuclear Cooperation Agreements With UK, Mexico to Congress

DOE Moving Forward With Key WIPP Upgrades

Coal Allies Call On Trump Administration To Use Emergency Powers To Boost Business


Saudi Nuclear Energy Deal A Good Thing, Says Former GOP Leader Eric Cantor

USNIC: Time for US Senate to Step Up to the Plate on Waste Plan, Funding 

Trump Administration Axes Project To Generate Power From Plutonium

Underground Testing: Robotics Team Prepares For Competition At WIPP


Yucca Mountain’s ‘Lone Ranger’ Corrals 340 Votes In Watershed Bipartisan Advance For Us Waste Plan

Nuclear Waste Storage Projects Receive Bipartisan Boost

New ‘Pit’ Plan May Mean More Waste At WIPP

Coal Plants’ Bailout Request Puts Perry On Spot

Moniz: Iran Nuclear Deal Verifiably Made Sure Iran Had No Nuclear Weapon

New Construction Milestones Reached At Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Nevada Lawmakers Push Back On Effort To Revive Nuclear Waste Site At Yucca Mountain

US House: Hey Canada — No Nuclear Waste Storage Near Great Lakes

SC Delegation United In Pushback At Against Latest DOE MOX Alternative Despite Dangling Of Jobs From NM

Will Scrapping Atomic Fuel Plant Actually Bring Jobs To South Carolina?

Yucca, Consolidated Storage Bill Powers Through House In Bipartisan 340-72 Vote

Zion's Effort To Shed Lakefront Nuclear Waste Backed By US House Vote

US House Passes Bill To Restart Yucca Mountain And Look For Interim Sites For Nuclear Waste

South Carolina Lawmakers Fail To Pass VC Summer Bills

US Plans to Split Work for Producing Nuclear Weapons' Cores

Walden, Shimkus: ‘Long Past Time For The Federal Government To Keep Its 35-Year-Old Promise To Taxpayers, Ratepayers, And Communities’

House Energy Leader Urge The Senate To ‘Quickly Take Up And Pass’ Legislation To Address National Priority’

Everything You Need To Know About The Nuclear Waste Policy Act Amendments (HR 3053)

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Hitachi Seeks Japanese Partners In Building $27B UK Nuclear Plant

Engie Extends Tihange 3 Reactor Outage As Concrete Deteriorates

Rolls-Royce Takes Wing As CEO Sets Ambitious Goals

SNC-Lavalin With Joint Venture Partners Aecon and AECOM Awarded FCFR Contract From Bruce Power 

Centrica Aims To Sell UK Nuclear Stake By End Of 2020

Can SMR Technology Revitalize the Business of Nuclear Energy?

CB&I AREVA MOX Services has designed and is constructing the MOX Facility. Upon completion, this facility will be key in fulfilling the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Firm Studies Impact Of Rate Cuts On SCE&G, Avoids Bankruptcy Question

Q&A with Orano Chief Executive Philippe Knoche

Who is Holtec? International Company Touts Experience In Nuclear Storage

Silex Bails On Majority Stake In GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment

DTE Energy Seeks Property Tax Reduction for Nuclear Plant

BP: Coal Comeback Spurs New Carbon Emissions Growth

Westinghouse Wins Competitive Bid for Delivery of Nuclear Fuel to Spain

Dominion Sues DOE Over Spent Nuclear Fuel Deal For Kewaunee

Four SMR Developers Queue Up For New Reactor Build At Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

A New Era Of Uranium Mining Near The Grand Canyon?

SCE&G Rips SC Agency For Seeking 'Irrelevant' Records In Case To Cut Customers' Rates

Investing: Why Uranium Looks Set To Continue Upwards

US Nuclear Reactors Need Digital Upgrades For Instrumentation, Control Systems

Investing: Time To Buy Uranium’s Next Move

TEPCO Shares Rally As Gubernatorial Election Result Sparks 7-Unit Plant Restart Hopes

Rosatom Deal To Build China Power Units Worth $3.6 Billion

Rosatom Nuclear Company Sidesteps Its US Rival Westinghouse In China

Vogtle Project Hitting Milestones, Still Walking A Tightrope

Investing: Uranium Miner Berkeley Energia Digs In Before A Nuclear Boost

Premier Technology Launches Major Expansion

Battelle, Texas A&M Consortium Scores with New $2.5B Contract For Los Alamos

The Nuclear Industry Is Making A Big Bet On Small Power Plants

US DOE Extends AECOM-Led Joint Venture Contract At The Savannah River Site

Xcel CEO — Retiring US Coal Fleet Is 'Just A Matter Of Time'

Hitachi To Keep Schedule For UK Nuclear Project

SNC-Lavalin Signs Agreement On Bellefonte Completion

Westinghouse Seeks Bigger Share Of Ukrainian Nuclear Fuel Supply

Santee Cooper Wants To Settle Legal Fight With Electric Co-Ops Out Of Court

GE Power Sells Former Alstom Manufacturing Site In Chattanooga For $30 Million

IP3 National Security Experts Call for Support of US Nuclear Industry

Investing: Are Uranium Miners a Safe Bet?

3 Innovations Transforming the Nuclear Industry

Dominion Makes Push To Prove Millstone ‘At Risk’ Of Closure

A Mini Fusion Reactor Just Reached Temperatures Hotter Than The Sun

Battelle, BWXT Get 5-Year Extension For Idaho National Lab Management

Oyster Creek D&D Could Take 60 Years Under Preliminary Plan

EDF Says First Nuclear Chain Reaction Carried Out At Taishan EPR

EDF Agrees To Nuclear Energy Cooperation With Brazil

Could Pilgrim Station Remain Open?

Breakthrough for NuScale Power -- Increase in its SMR Output Delivers Customers 20 Percent More Power 

Hitachi's UK Nuclear Project Shows Heavy Risks For Private Sector

Eletrobras and EDF to Study French-Brazilian Nuclear Cooperation

Charah Solutions IPO: 5 Things To Know About A Company Serving Coal And Nuclear Energy

Investing: Is This Uranium's Breakout Moment?

A Meltdown Didn’t Kill Three Mile Island, But Shale Probably Will

The Nuclear Reactor That Makes Its Own Fuel

SCE&G Ratepayers' Lawsuit Over Failed Nuclear Project Can Proceed, SC Court of Appeals Says

PSEG Proposes More Than $5B In Efficiency, Grid Upgrades

Turkey Point Agrees To Disagree On Sea Level Rise Impacts On Proposed Plant Extension

Duke CEO Reaffirms Commitment To Natural Gas

First Drone Inspection Completed for a Live Nuclear Asset

FPL, Detractors Clash On Plan To Run Turkey Point Nuclear Plant To 2053

French Rivals Request Additional 1.8 TWH of EDF's Nuclear Power For 2018

Texo DSI Completes Drone Inspection Of Urenco Plant

Tennessee, Alabama Congress Urge Completion Of Bellefonte Plant

How General Atomics Developed Its Revolutionary Nuclear Fuel Solution

FirstEnergy Critics Say PJM Auction Shows Its Nuclear Plants Aren’t Needed

Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Boasts Major Renewable Push

Surviving US Power Generators Bring Home The Cash

PSEG Plans To Spend More Than $5 Billion On Power Grid Upgrade, Clean Energy

Toshiba Scraps Project To Build ABWRs in Texas

New £20B Hitachi Nuclear Plant Looks Set To Be Built In Wales

Energoatom Plans To Load Westinghouse Fuel To Four Reactors Of Zaporizhia NPP in 2019-2021

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Submits 60-Year, $1.4 Billion Closing Plan

Uranium Prices Trending Up As Japan Fleet Throttles Up, State Initiatives Take Hold

Williams Plant Services Hit With $4.4 Million in Overcharges at TVA’s Watts Bar Plant

SCANA Delays Action On Dividend; Stock Price Drops, Then Recovers

Kansai Cuts Power Rates As Reactors Restart

SEC Probe of VC Summer Collapse Continues

NJ's Oldest Nuclear Plant, Oyster Creek, Is Closing; Begins Booting Workers

Three US Nuclear Plants Get Poor Marks from NRC

PJM Urges FERC to Act on ‘Jump Ball’ Despite Criticism

Exelon Statement On DOJ, FERC Filing In Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act Lawsuit

Security Incident At Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Brings Extra Plant Oversight

GE Power Plans To Sell 90-Acre Alstom Site In Chattanooga

Decarbonization Hindered By Rising Cost Of Nuclear New Build

Framatome To Design Fuel For EDF Using Reprocessed Uranium

Hitachi Board Agrees To Continue Talks On Wylfa Nuclear Plant

Japan’s State Bank Resists Call To Fund Hitachi Project

Hitachi Discusses Its Nuclear Options For Wylfa Site In Wales

Oil Could Skyrocket To $100 As Summer Gets Into Full Swing

Framatome To Supply EDF With Reprocessed Uranium Fuel

NorthStar Tries To Reassure NRC On Financial Questions

NorthStar Tries To Reassure NRC On Financial Questions

Competition Drives Nuclear Industry To Look For Millions In Subsidies

Japan's Kansai Electric To Cut LNG Deals As It Boosts Nuclear Energy

Exelon: Record Amount of Nuclear Capacity Failed to Clear PJM Auction

US Power Payout Sends Surprise Boost To Coal, Nuclear Plants

Investing: Uranium Price Drops Are Killing Cameco Corp. Today, but Setting Up a Brighter Future

US Power Payout Sends Surprise Boost to Coal, Nuclear Plants

General Fusion Demo Nuclear Fusion Plant Around 2023 And After That Commercial Fusion

Why Southern Company Just Sold Billions In Prime Assets

State Agency: SCE&G Misled Lawmakers About Critical Nuclear Report

No Changes to Xcel Nuclear Cost Recovery After Bill Dies In Minnesota House

Exelon Drags LNG Imports Into Push For Federal Bailout

Energy Fuels To Resume Vanadium Production At White Mesa Mill in 2018

Analysts: PJM Auction Will Not Deter Ohio, Pennsylvania Nuclear Units From Early Retirements 

Subpoena Suggests SEC Investigating Santee Cooper's VC Summer Disclosures 

Nuclear Cost Oversight Of Xcel Stays In Place After Minnesota House Kills Bill To Change It

Global Nuclear Fuel Awarded $250 Million-Plus Contract to Fuel Entergy Nuclear Boiling Water Reactors

FirstEnergy Must Guarantee Nuclear Clean Up, Environmental Groups Tell Feds

Rosatom Ready To Pitch For Bulgarian Nuclear Project

Nuclear Cost Oversight Of Xcel Stays In Place After Minnesota House Kills Bill To Change It

NextEra to Buy Florida Utility From Southern for $5.1 Billion

Storage Will Be Energy’s Next Big Thing

Southern Slims Down After Bets on Big Projects Fail to Pay Off

Dominion Energy to Invest in GE Hitachi’s New BWRX-300 SMR

Hitachi: British Nuclear Plant Decision This Month

Investing: Taking A Closer Look At The Global X Uranium ETF

Small Modular Reactors Offer Great Promise But Face Major Challenges

Problem Triggers Shutdown Of Richland Nuclear Plant

Framatome Wins US Generator Services Contract

Lloyds Bank Launches 100 Million Pound Fund For Hinkley Point

Investing: Systemic Increase Projected For Uranium Market 

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant In Michigan At Lower Power For Repairs

More Secrecy at SCE&G? Utility Won't Give Up VC Summer Records, State Agency Says

Progress for WIPP Infrastructure Upgrade

 Hitachi Weighs $18 Billion UK Support For New Horizon Wales Units

GE Will Take on Alstom Stakes in Energy Joint Ventures for $3.2B

FirstEnergy Units May Pay $150M For Bonuses In Ch. 11

Georgia Power Introduces Incentives To Aid Hiring Efforts At Vogtle

Rosatom Expands Overseas Links With New Agreements

FirstEnergy CEO Jones Addresses Shareholders About Utility’s ‘Eventful’ Year

Rising: Nuclear Surge Builds Sustainable Energy Mix

Moody's: Electric Utilities At Risk From Climate Goals Despite Paris Exit

Investing: Is Potential Russian Law Restricting Uranium Exports to US A Silver Lining for US Producers?

Minnesota Senate Passes Legislation That Would Change Approval Process For Xcel Nuclear Costs

RWE Expects Nuclear Exit Reimbursement From Germany

Rosatom Hopes To Bag Deal For Unit 5, 6 of India's Kudankulam Nuclear Plants

Poland's PGE Not Decided To Withdraw From Nuclear Project

In February, No Fossil Fuels-Based Generation Was Added To US Grid

Green MP Calls For ‘Urgent Debate’ To Clarify Funding For Hitachi’s UK Nuclear Plant

Exelon Generation Cuts Output At Four Illinois Nuclear Units, Two Back At 100% Power

Georgia Power Places Transformers, Other Equipment at Vogtle Expansion

Britain Offers $18B Loan For Hitachi UK Nuclear Project

GE Says May Work With Polish Rafako And Polimex On Ostroleka Plant

Bechtel Sees 'Tremendous Opportunity' In Saudi Nuclear Energy Plans

GE to Buy JV Stakes for $3.1 Billion as Alstom Confirms Exit

Demand for Uranium Expected to Grow With Nuclear Energy

CEZ: Temelín Nuclear Plant Could Operate For 60 Years

Hitachi, UK Negotiating Nuclear Deal Echoing EDF's Hinkley

Confusion Over Financial Backing For Nuclear Project

EDF Says Nuclear Output Down 3.8 Percent In April

EDF First Quarter Sales Up 3.7 Percent As Nuclear Reactors Back On Line

Hitachi's UK Nuclear Project To Get Guarantees From Government

Nuclear Fuel And Safety: Nuclear Fuel Plant Troubles Bring NRC to Columbia

Centrus Reports First Quarter 2018 Results

Merger To Create US In-Situ Leach Uranium Company

Exelon To Continue Push For State Incentives, Market Reforms To Boost Profitability

Foratom Highlights Nuclear’s Load-Following Abilities

Toshiba, Turboatom to Sign MoU for Modernization of Ukrainian Nuclear Energy Sector in June

Energy Fuels to Resume Vanadium Production at its White Mesa Mill in 2018

Following Hiatus, Vermont Yankee Resumes Fuel Storage Move

What Upcoming PJM Capacity Auctions May Mean for Nukes

Investing: Should General Electric Sell Nuclear Business To Please Investors?

BWXT Announces ‘Breakthrough’ Medical Isotope Manufacturing Technology

Post & Courier: Former Westinghouse Managers — SCANA ‘Openly Doubted’ On Time VC Summer Finish 

Cracks In Nuclear Reactor Will Hit EDF Energy With £120M Bill

Investing: Why Uranium Could Soon Be On The Boil And Which Stocks Might Benefit

Dominion's Latest 15-Year Forecast Calls For More Solar, But Draws Fire Over Demand Projections

NRC Terminates Duke Energy’s Levy County Nuclear Licenses

TVA Doubles Net Income As Colder Weather Boosts Power Sales During Winter

CNL Signs Agreement with China’s Largest Nuclear Organization

Uranium Loses Power as US Miners Seek Protection

Hitachi Asks British PM For Nuclear Plant Funding

Santee Cooper Nuclear Turmoil Lands The Utility On Review For Downgrade

NRC Accepts Application for Subsequent License Renewal of Turkey Point Reactors

Investing: Catalysts For Upside In Uranium

Vogtle Hiring Slow, But Progress Made On Construction

Westinghouse Cited Again For Safety Concerns At Nuclear Fuel Plant

Centrus Inks Long-Term Supply Agreement With Orano

Audit Could Add Hundreds Of Millions In Taxes Onto VC Summer's Bill

FirstEnergy Disputes Report That Grid Won’t Be Affected By Nuke Plant Closures

Westinghouse Wins Fuel Contract Extension For Xcel Energy's Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant

Hitachi Seeks To Clear Clouds Over Horizon

Third Class of Vogtle 3&4 Operators Pass NRC Licensing Exam

KEPCO Hoping For Korea Inc. Takeover Of UK’s NuGen Project By Fall.

Piñon Ridge Resources To Seek New Hearing On Permit For Uranium 

NuScale Makes Waves As It Heads Toward 2020s Deployment 

Dominion Energy Foresees Even Greater Growth of Renewable Energy

PSEG - Pending NJ Zero Emission Credits Will Incentive NJ, Pennsylvania Nuclear Plants

Cautious Optimism For Uranium Outlook

BWXT Selected for DOE Cost-Share Program for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development

India’s Larsen & Toubro Agrees to Sell Electrical Division to Schneider for $2.1 Billion

German Giants Swap Assets and Reshape Energy Sector

NuScale Power’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Becomes First Ever to Complete NRC’s Phase 1 Review

General Atomics Awarded DOE Funding to Pursue Advanced Nuclear Research

FirstEnergy Blasts PJM’s Findings On Loss Of Nuclear, Coal Plants — Ignores Fuel Diversity, Zero-Emissions

RWE, Vattenfall Due 1 Billion Euros For German Nuclear Exit

Hitachi Gets Cold Feet Over UK’s $27B Nuclear Scheme

Hitachi Seeks Talks To Slash Shareholding In UK Nuclear Business

Fuel Prices Raise Price Of Gas, But TVA Power Gets Cheaper Next Month

NuScale Scores With $40 Million US Department of Energy Advanced Nuclear Cost-Share Award

Cameco In The Black In 1Q With $55 Million Earnings From Cost-Cutting, Uranium Uptick 

Dominion CEO Insists There's 'No Flexibility' In SCANA Offer As Lawmakers Debate Electricity Rates

Paradox Uranium Mill License Rejected: Company Will Continue Fight

Gov. McMaster's Pick For Santee Cooper Chair Vows To Sidestep Debate Over Selling The Utility

PSEG Will Pay $39M For Bidding Errors To Power Grid Operator

SCANA Tells Investors It Hasn't Decided On The Future Of Its Dividend

Without Rate Increases, FirstEnergy Nuclear Plants Will Start Closing In 2020

SC House Rejects 13% SCE&G Rate Cut, Saying It Does Not Go Far Enough

Mothballed Reactors: Fight Over South Carolina Utility Fees

Xcel Energy Q1 Earnings Top, Revenues Lag Estimates

World’s First Westinghouse AP1000 Begins Fuel Loading

FirstEnergy Solutions Files Certification Letter With NRC Affirming Plans to Deactivate Three Nuclear Generating Plants

FirstEnergy Still Fighting To Shield Power Plants From ‘Uncertainties’ Of Competition

FERC Orders Deadline on NYISO Market Power Reviews

KHNP Projects Big Profit Fall In 2018

SCE&G Wants To Keep Nuclear Documents Secret

Political Games Could Doom Cuts To South Carolina Power Bills

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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No Headway In India’s Push For NSG Entry

Down For Over 2 Years, Northern Taiwan Nuclear Reactor Back At Full Capacity

Reactor At Japan's Genkai Nuclear Facility In Saga Prefecture Comes Back Online

Russia Floats New Nuclear Power Station—And New Risks

Japanese Utilities Aim To Curb Plutonium Stockpiles

South Korea Nuclear Operator To Close 2nd-Oldest Nuclear Plant Early

Blowback Over Japanese Plan to Reuse Tainted Soil From Fukushima

Jordan Turns Down A Rosatom Plant, But Dangles Possible Small Reactor Collaboration With Russia

Turkish Government Outlines Plans for Third Nuclear Energy Plant


Russia’s Rosatom Claims 2017 Net Income Of US$2 Billion

TEPCO to Consider Decommissioning Fukushima No. 2 Nuclear Plant

High Costs, Renewables Challenge The Case For UK Nuclear Energy

Only Cthulhu Can Solve Sellafield's Sludgy Nuclear Waste Problem

Russia Looks To Expand Nuclear Plant Projects Abroad

Trump Reups Attacks On OPEC

New Olkiluoto Unit Faces New Delay

Ukraine Bolsters Energy Independence From Moscow With US Nuclear Fuel

China Claims Passive Safety Feature For New CAP1400 Reactor 

Russia-China Agreement Includes Nuclear Components For Space Exploration And Cooperation On Fast Reactor

Taiwan's No. 2 Reactor At 2nd Nuclear Plant Resumes Power Generation

China's CGN Expects To Get More Reactor Approvals In The Second Half

Brexit Without Trade Deal Is ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ For Nuclear Industry

Sweden Nuclear Waste Firm Revamping Storage Plan, Sees Decision By Mid-2020

In A Country Long Wary Of Nuclear, An Indonesian Chases The Thorium Dream


CNNP Targets November For Commercial Power Rollout Of World’s First AP1000

Jordan Atomic Energy Commission: Funding Issues Behind Scrapping Nuclear Deal With Russia

Tokyo Urges Power Companies To Reduce Plutonium

IAEA Launches Challenge On Materials For Fusion

UK Rolling The Dice For A Nuclear Renaissance

No Brexit For Energy As UK Set To Draw More Power From EU

Abu Dhabi’s First Nuclear Energy Plant To Set Blueprint For Middle East

Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Producing 1000 MW A Year


US Demands Japan Reduce Its Plutonium Stockpiles

Can Japan-France Cooperation Help Open New Vistas For Fast Nuclear Reactors?

Russia To Supply New Safe Fuel To Kudankulam Nuclear Plant In India

Russia Joins Race for Next-Generation Nuclear Reactor

Chinese Nuclear Plant Developer Will Not Seek UK State Investment

UK Government Moves Closer To Nuclear Safeguarding Post-Brexit


Russia's Rosatom Signs Deals To Build 4 Nuclear Units In China

World's Biggest Nuclear Plant Is Center Stage in Rural Japanese Election

Japanese Reactor Exports Hitting Walls

Reactor Business Chance To Feed Asia’s Energy Appetite

Hungary's Paks Nuclear Plant To Power Back To Normal By Friday

World First EPR Nuclear Reactor Begins Work In China

Finnish Reactors Meet Preconditions For Life Extension

Bulgaria Resumes East Europe's Biggest Nuclear Project in Decades

Iran Stands Ground On Nuclear Inspections As France Warns Of Red Line

Bulgaria Set To Restart Belene Nuclear Plant Project

Nuclear Energy Finance Model Emerges From London’s Sewer Project

Wildfire Breaks Out At Chernobyl But No Radiation Increase Seen

TEPCO Frees Up Fukushima Daiichi Fuel Storage Space


South Africa To Russia: No Dice On Nuclear Plant Deal

UK Takes £5B Stake In Welsh Nuclear Power Station In Policy U-Turn

Taiwanese Fuel Rods From Mothballed Plant To Be Sent Back To US Supplier Next Month

Bulgaria to End Belene Nuclear Plant Moratorium


South Korea’s Doosan Heavy Stands-up Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Business


UK Reaches Draft Deal to Ensure Nuclear Supply After Brexit

Russian Scientists Pack More Power Into Nuclear Battery Prototype

As Trump Riles Europe on Trade, Putin Offers More Natural Gas

Russian, Turkish Prime Ministers Discuss Construction Of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Trump: North Korea Nuclear Summit Is Back On

Russia Hopes For Restoration Of Cooperation With US In Nuclear Energy

EU, China Vow To Uphold Iran Nuclear Deal

UK Offers Hitachi Support for Wylfa Nuclear Energy Project

Europeans Push For Nuclear Technology In Space

China’s Plans To Build Nuclear Carrier Are Still A Long Shot

Scaling Back of French Reactor A Blow For Japan's Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

US Withdrawal May Halt Nuclear Nonproliferation Work In Iran

Fukushima Tells World Radiation Is Down, Exports Up

Finland's Olkiluoto EPR Prepares For Fuel Loading

Rosatom: How the World’s First Generation 3+ Nuclear Plant Is Changing Lives Through Technology

Latin American Land Owners Are Fighting to Keep Power Lines Out

Putin Happy To Sponsor Ankara’s Nuclear Ambition

France, Russia Extend Nuclear Energy Cooperation

IAEA: New Project Aims to Enhance Sustainability of Nuclear Institutions in Asia


UAE To Delay Start-Up Of First Reactor At Barakah Nuclear Plant To 2019-2020

CNL Joins World Leaders at Clean Energy Ministerial

Russia-IAEA Joint School Strengthens Capacity Building for Nuclear Energy Management


Nuclear Energy To The Rescue As Traditional Energy Sources Plateau In Africa

UK's Bradwell Nuclear Plant Boosted By Chinese Dome Lift


TEPCO Prepares To Remove Fuel From Damaged Fukushima Reactor

Jordan: Small Modular Reactors Does Not Cancel Large Nuclear Plant Option

UK Nuclear Industry Aims To Address Staff Shortage

UAE's First Nuclear Reactor Start-Up Delayed

Jordan To Replace Planned Nuclear Plant With Smaller, Cheaper Facility

UK Nuclear Plans 'Risk Collapse If Hitachi Talks Fail'

Uganda Signs Agreement With China On Nuclear Energy

Philippines Considers Reviving Nuclear Plant To Meet Energy Demand

Pompeo: Saudis Must Not Enrich Uranium If It Seeks Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

IAEA Launches New Nuclear Energy Capacity Building Hub

Japanese Nuclear Policy In Focus As Campaign Begins In Niigata Governor Race

IAEA: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal, But Could Do Better

Containment Dome Being Installed At China's Hualong One Nuclear Unit

UAE And Chinese Nuclear Regulators Sign MoU

Russia's Rosatom Urges Nigeria to Use Nuclear Energy to Resolve Power Crisis

Kazakhstan To Examine Belarus' Experience In Developing Nuclear Energy


Japan Utility Seeks To Renew Construction On Nearly Complete Shimane Nuclear Plant

Rosatom: Russia, France to Discuss Nuclear Projects in Third Countries at SPIEF

Macron Falls Short On Green Goals

Kazakhstan Supplies Uranium To Brazil

German Cabinet Agrees Compensation For Utilities Due To Nuclear Exit

In Power Hungry Philippines, Some Advocate A Nuclear Revival

Air Duct Corrosion, Holes Found At 7 Nuclear Plants In Japan

Foreign Media Start Marathon Journey To North Korea Nuclear Test Site

IAEA: Who Will Run Nuclear Energy Plants In The Future?

US Moves to Shutter All Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Sites in Major Reversal of Obama Policy

Russia's Floating Nuclear Plant Heads For The Arctic Amid Geopolitical And Environmental Concerns

Bulgarian Government Looks to Restart Belene Nuclear Plant

Foreign Media Arrive In North Korea, Suggesting Nuclear Shutdown On Track

Theresa May Says UK Will Pay To Save Links With EU Nuclear Agency, Prompting Accusations Of Another U-Turn

Russia's First Sea-Borne Nuclear Power Plant Arrives In Arctic

Bulgaria Open To Russian Role In Nuclear Energy Project

UK Power Station Boss Warns Against Reliance On Electricity Imports

Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant Arrives In Murmansk For Fuelling

Viewing Stand Set Up For Dismantling Of N. Korea Nuclear Site

Russia Committed To Build More Nuclear Units In India

Spanish Nuclear Power Plants Have To Stay In Use For Forty More Years Says Leading Energy Chief

Storage Capacity Of Radioactive Water At Fukushima Power Plant Nears Limit

World's First Floating Nuclear Barge To Power Russia's Arctic Oil Drive

Europe Reassures Iran of Commitment to Nuclear Deal Without US

Czechs Put Off Decision On Building New Nuclear Plants

Kenya Banks On Nuclear Energy To Sustain Manufacturing, Build The Economy

Japanese Review Of Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant Resumes

China To Help Uganda Build Nuclear Plants

The French Stress Test For Nuclear Energy

From Russia: Reactor Will Drive Finnish Nuclear Plant

Bulgarian Gov't Seeking Investor For Unfinished Nuclear Plant

UK Missing Deadlines For Post-Brexit Nuclear Safeguards, Leak Shows

Bulgarian set to Restart Belene Nuclear Plant, China Wants to Invest

Japan Draft Plan Sets Ambitious Targets For Nuclear Energy

North Korea Threatens to Scrap Trump Meeting on Nuclear Demands

Iran To Resume Uranium Enrichment If Nuclear Talks With EU Fail

Officials: Poland Needs Offshore Wind And Nuclear Energy

An Emerging Culture Of Dialogue In Japan? Energy And Environmental Governance After Fukushima And The Citizen Role

Norwegian Gas Exporter Warns Europe May Be on Verge of Blackouts

Satellite Photos Show North Korea Razing Nuclear Test Site

China And Uganda Agree To Nuclear Cooperation

Belarus May Expand Its Nuclear Plant To 4 Power Units

Safety, Verification Questions Hang Over North Korea's Plan To Close Nuclear Site

IAEA Director General in Russia Opens ATOMEXPO and Nuclear Management School, Meets President Putin


20-22% Share of Nuclear Energy at Core of Updated Japanese Energy Policy



NIA -- UK Could End Up With Power Stations With No Fuel After Brexit

Russia Ready to Restart One-of-a-Kind 'Nuclear Lego' Experimental Reactor

How to Trust the Expansion of Uranium Mining In India

US Pressures North Korea To Ship Nuclear Materials Overseas Before Sanctions Lifted

Cracks In British Nuclear Reactor Ring Power Alarm Bells

Remediating Fukushima—'When Everything Goes To Hell, You Go Back To Basics'

Japan, Ukraine To Boost Nuclear Cooperation

Bulgarian Government To Seek Mandate For Talks With Investors Over Nuclear Plant

Plans For Belarusian Nuclear Plant Presentation At Atomexpo In Sochi

France Is Building a New Nuclear Powered Submarine

UN’s Top Nuke Inspector Abruptly Quits Days After US Pulls Out Of Iran Deal

Without Nuclear Deal, US Expects Resurgence in Iranian Cyberattacks

Auditors: Japan Nuclear Research Project Did Not Pay Off

Russia Launches Training Program For Specialists Of Egypt’s Nuclear Industry

Sellafield Nuclear Plant Faces Prosecution After Worker Exposed To Radiation

Washington's Plan for a Nuclear Agreement with Saudi Arabia May Be in Jeopardy

Singapore Will Host US-North Korea Summit, Nuclear Issue To Dominate

China’s Risky Plan for Floating Nuclear Plants In The South China Sea

PGE Picks Baltic Wind Over Nuclear As Poland Embraces Green Power

Britain Plays Down Media Report Of Hitachi Nuclear Deal

Cracks In British Nuclear Reactor Ring Power Alarm Bells

Saudi Arabia Says It Will Build Nuclear Bomb If Iran Does

Saudi Arabia Hails Trump's Decision To Quit Iran Nuclear Deal

Nuclear Reactor In Central Japan Restarted, Joins 3 Units Nearby

Germany Says Vattenfall Has No Grounds To Seek Arbitration Over Nuclear Phase-Out

Could China’s Carriers Go Nuclear?

France: EU States To Stick To Iran Deal Irrespective Of US Decision

Padlocks Stolen From EDF's Flamanville Nuclear Site, EDF Says No Impact On Safety

Verifying the End of a Nuclear North Korea ‘Could Make Iran Look Easy’

UK Labour Party Split Over Nuclear Energy

China Building 'Nuclear' Aircraft Carriers: Could the Navy's Worst Nightmare Come True?

ROSATOM: How Nuclear Energy Is Transforming the Middle East

Russia Starts Advanced Construction on New Iranian Nuclear Plant

Saudis Say South Korea Could Be Shortlisted For Nuclear Plant Project

Complex Choices Await World If Trump Exits Iran Nuclear Deal

Saudi Energy Minister 'Optimistic' About South Korea Being Shortlisted For Nuclear Project

UK In Last Ditch New Nuclear Crunch Talks As Ageing Power Plants Falter

Five Countries Produce 80 Percent of EU Nuclear Energy

Rosatom Has Launched Construction Of The 2nd Kursk Nuclear Plant

France's Orano Can Start Processing Nuclear Fuel From Ukraine

Russian, Jordanian Foreign Ministers Discuss Nuclear Cooperation

Britain's Hunterston B Nuclear Reactor To Remain Offline For Safety Checks

IAEA Launches Technical Working Group on Small, Medium Sized or Modular Nuclear Reactors

IAEA Kicks off Work on a Framework to Analyze Nuclear Energy Costs

The Challenge Of Keeping The UK’s Nuclear Plants In Good Repair

Two Australian Firms In Talks To Export Uranium To India

Fresh Cracks Found At Hunterston B Nuclear Plant

Fuel Supply Contracts Signed For Swedish Reactors

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Closes For Third Time This Year

South Korea To Restart Shin Kori No.2 Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

Parched Jordan Mulls Chinese Nuclear Option For Desalination And Heat

Can China Meet Its Nuclear Energy Goals?

White House: Iran's Nuclear Program Further Along Than Indicated In 2015

Russia Says Its Sea-Based Nuclear Power Plant Is Safe. Critics Call It A ‘Floating Chernobyl.’

Deregulated Japan Utilities Facing Challenge From Low-Cost Nuclear Baseload Generators 

France, India Moving Forward with Massive Nuclear Project

Report: Despite Ban, Foreign Trainees Engaged In Fukushima Clean-up

Chinese Mainland Has 38 Nuclear Units In Operation


Has Fukushima Eclipsed Chernobyl Statistically On Radiation?

Russia Just Launched The World’s First Floating Nuclear Plant

United States May Help Expand Saudi Nuclear Capability

Pakistan: Small Nuclear Plants Could End Power Crisis


Russia's Floating Nuclear Plant Heads Out To Sea

Jordan, China In ‘Serious Talks’ To Build Gas-Cooled $1B Reactor

China Expands Nuclear Facility To Pakistan And Other Countries

Belgian Nuclear Plant Suffers Water Leak in Reactor

China Loads Fuel At World's First AP1000 Nuclear Reactor

TEPCO Footage Shows Deposits Inside Damaged Fukushima Reactor

Jordan in ‘Advanced’ Talks With China for $1 Billion Reactor

The Robot Assault On Fukushima

New Shelter Over Ruined Reactor Of Chernobyl NPP To Be Commissioned In December

Philippines To Draw Up Nuclear Energy Policy

Iran, Russia Discuss Progress In Joint Nuclear Projects


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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