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Hunt for Nuclear Reactors in the First Global Antineutrino Map

The ‘Alien’ Found In A Russian Nuclear Energy Plant Is Not An Alien, Guys

Audit Shows Security Gaps Persist At Y-12 Complex

DOE Improves Equipment for Workers at Hanford

Brazilian Judge Accepts Charges Against Ex-Head Of Nuclear Energy Firm

Nevada County Fights for Opportunity to Host Yucca

Cuomo May Need To Keep NY’s Nuclear Plants Alive

NRC Issues Mid-Cycle Assessments for Nation's Nuclear Plants


Wind Industry Aims To Cut Bat Killings


U.S. Nuclear Retirements Could Scuttle Obama Clean Power Plan Climate Goals

Rand Corp. Report: Overcoming Obstacles to Advanced Reactor Technologies

Will the Clean Power Plan Give Nuclear Its Due? A Q&A with Energy Northwest CEO Mark Reddemann

Washington Sues Feds Over Safety of Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks


New $40 Million Project Supposed To Ease Uranium Risks At Y-12

NRC Management, Post-Fukushima Response, Back-End Issues On Docket For House Energy Hearing

Anti-Nuclear Activist Endorses MOX WIPP-Based Option: 'People Living In Carlsbad Would Not Mind If Excess Plutonium Was Sent There'

DOE Names Field Office Manager At WIPP Nuclear Repository

Chinese Scientists Create Lightest Uranium Isotopes Ever

Nuclear Cleanup Project Haunted By Legacy Of Design Failures And Whistleblower Retaliation

Washington Attorney General Blasts Hanford Nuclear Cleanup Report


Trial Dates Set For Virginia Uranium Complaint

US Co-Conspirators Paid Over $2M To Influence Russia Inc. Uranium Business Prospects

Tenex Official Pleads Guilty in Russian Uranium Sales Bribery Case

Obama Claims Climate Changing Faster Than Efforts to Address It


Rep. Wilson Denounces MOX Studies, Request Documents

Moniz: US Has Ability To Monitor Iran Nuclear Program

Is Europe The New Frontier For US Energy Exports?

U.N. Chief Urges World Leaders to Speed Up Climate Talks

Faff & Fallout: The Next President Will Have To Decide What To Do About Nuclear Waste

Mass Layoff Possible In Portsmouth Uranium Cleanup

Missouri Anger Builds At EPA Over Simmering Manhattan Era Radioactive Landfill

DOE to Crank Out New Plutonium-238 in 2019

Women in Nuclear Meet Atoms for Peace

1,100 Union Workers To Strike At DOE Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant


NASA's Next Nuclear-Powered Mars Rover: Building the Beast

US Nuclear Reactors Post Another Month of Reliable Electricity Production

California Utilities Overseer Says It’s Too Poor To Release San Onofre E-Mails Promptly

Richardson: DOE MOX Alternative Studies 'Made-To-Order’—‘Vastly Defy' Estimates


Warren Buffett Antes Up To Jumpstart World's First Fuel Bank

Government Lab Researchers Develop Radioactive Waste Tracker

Moniz Sees End To Subsidies For Solar

Looking for a Commodity That's Rising? Try Pollution Permits

Ex-NM Gov, Energy Secretary Richardson: MOX Switch 'Reckless', Violates Nonproliferation Treaty

Moniz Explains The Science Of The Iran Deal

How Close Are We To Nuclear Fusion?


Bipartisan Policy Center: U.S. Nuclear Waste Management 'Largely Paralyzed' By Obama Yucca Stop

Ex-Energy Secretary Richardson Blast: MOX Project Naysayers ‘Have Fantasies And Nothing Real, Apart From MOX’

Report Finds Design Flaws At Hanford Nuclear Waste Facility


Nevada Congressman Predicts House Will Revive Yucca With Sweeping Vote


Investigators: Solyndra Lied To Get Loan Guarantee

Vermont Yankee Spent Fuel Storage Issue Comes Before PSB

Proposed NJ Permit For Salem Plant Sans Cooling Towers Irks Antis

Guns Stolen From Illinois’ LaSalle Nuclear Plant


Nuclear Waste Showdown Between Idaho And DOE Reaches A New Level
Energy, Enviro Agencies Grapple With Cheating Site Fallout


Locals Slam Feds For WIPP Re-Opening Delay

Obama To Traditional Energy Producers: Get With The Program
Lockheed Martin Nuclear Subsidiary Fined for Paying Lobbyists with Federal Funds
Moniz Optimistic For Paris Climate Pact
Keel-Laying For New US Nuclear Ship
Obama Orders Boost To Clean Energy Programs
Ex-Duke CEO: Here's How To Power The World


Russia's Natural Gas Pipeline Power Fades In Potency As Dependency Falls


25 Years After Raucous Protests, Seabrook Station Remains Pivotal Figure In Nuclear Debate
Interactive Tool Lifts Veil On The Cost Of Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Waste Site Planned for Lake Huron is Drawing Mass Ire Across Border
DOJ: Sandia Corp To Pay $4.8M To Resolve Lobbying Allegations
Nuclear Waste Site Bid Makes Waves In Lake Huron
General Fusion Successfully Crowdsources Technical Solution to Reactor Development
Chicagoans To Be Charged More For Electricity In Coming Years


EPA Knew Of 'Blowout' Risk For Tainted Water At Gold Mine
NRC Slates Meetings On Yucca Mountain EIS Report

WSJ: The Power Revolutions

Utility-Scale Wind Turbines Banned In Los Angeles County

IAEA Hosts International Conference to Promote Women in Nuclear Science

Red Team Shock Claim: Not-Yet-Started MOX Downblending Option Could Be Cheaper Than 70% Completed MOX Plant

Proposes Doubling MOX Budget

DOE Red Team Weighs Sending Plutonium To Shuttered WIPP Facility

NRC: Indian Point Followed Protocol In Response To Transformer Fire


New York State Assembly Leader Differs With Cuomo In any Indian Point Closure

Deputy Energy Secretary to Visit PNNL, Hanford

Mark Peters Named Idaho National Laboratory Director


Fitch: US Nuclear Energy Growth Prospects Remain Uncertain

Underground Radiological Decontamination Moves Ahead At WIPP

Senator Risch Urges Idaho Officials To Move On Commercial Waste R&D Shipments

One Chart Shows Why Nuclear Energy Has Such A Promising Future

Trying to Break the U.S. Energy System for Its Own Good


Wind Cusinarts V. Bald Eagle: Setback As Judge Sides With Bird

Former Governor Raises Ante In Idaho Spent Fuel Fight: Appeal Filed

Video: White House Chronicle — Innovations In Nuclear Energy

The Truth Behind The EPA’s Animas River Spill Is Messier Than You Think

Brazil's Eletrobras Sued In U.S. Court Over Corruption Scandal

Lockdown Lifted At SRS After Sniffer-Dog False Alarm


House E&C Committee Letter Drills NRC On Use Of Qualitative Factors In Rulemaking

NRC Prepares To Vote On 'Centerpiece' Of Post-Fukushima Nuclear Plant Regulations

Idaho AG Digs In Against Commercial R&D Spent Fuel Shipment To Idaho Lab

Congress Hones In On ‘Catch-22’ In NRC Licensing Framework For Advanced Reactors

PG&E, Former Employee To Hold Talks On Nuclear Plant

State Challenges NRC In Federal Court Over Yankee Decommissioning Funds

Why China Is Embracing Nuclear Energy


Atomic Sublime: How Photography Shapes our View of Nuclear Warfare and Energy

Idaho National Laboratory Speaks Out About Diversity

What's More Radioactive Than A Nuclear Energy Plant: Lots Of Things

Report: Yucca Could Have ‘Small’ Groundwater Impact

Waiting on NRC: Will NM See Interim Nuclear Storage?

Hanford Whistleblower Moving On With Life After Settling For $4.1 Million

NRC EIS Another Log On Yucca Fire: Risk Only 'Negligible'

California Energy Regulators Eye Backup Power-Plant Projects

Al Gore Advisors Dispute Interest In 2016 Presidential Race


South Carolina Nuclear Waste Cleanup Delayed Again As Costs Double

Could This Innovation Signal A Breakthrough In Fusion Energy?

NRC Issues Draft Supplement to Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement

US New-Build Moves Forward With Milestones at Watts Bar and Vogtle

US Labor Department: Savannah River Nuclear Contractor Discriminated Against Blacks, Women

No Nukes = No Jobs: Brattleboro Housing Market Dives As Vermont Yankee Exits Region

Taking The Pulse Of Nuclear Energy


Buzzfeed: 16 Things To Know And Like About Nuclear Energy

MOX Red Team Review To Surface Next Week

Regulators: Indian Point's May 9 Fire Response OK


EPA Chief Apologizes For Spill as Anger Mounts

Idaho Commerce Secretary, AG Squabble 

Use It Or Lose It: Feds Give Two-Month Warning To Idaho On Commercial Research Shipment


Rural Wisconsin Community Laments Nuclear Energy Plant’s Closure

NEI's Fertel Talks Nuclear Industry Growth Following Power Plan Changes

State Consumer Advocate To Pull Out Of San Onofre Nuclear Plant Settlement

Obama to Host Washington Summit on Nuclear Proliferation

Uranium Operation Removed From Old Building At Y-12

Sen. Debbie Stabenow To Introduce Legislation For Nuclear Waste Site Near Lake Huron

NRC Panel Rejects Challenges To Diablo Canyon 

NRC To Develop New Emergency Planning Zones For Smaller Nuclear Units


Nuclear Plants 'Could Become More Open To Cyber Attacks' As Police Consider Cloud Storage

Antis Want Georgia Power Profits Trimmed Over Vogtle

Spent Nuclear Fuel Facility At INL Discussed

Industry, States Set to Fight EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules

WIPP Won't Commit To New Opening Date

How Comic Books Helped Fuel Japan's Love For The Atom

Clean Air Plan To Push Georgia Toward Solar, Nuclear Alternatives

Why Did The US Abandon A Lead In Reactor Design?


At Y-12, It's Not The Sky That's Falling

Judge Wants Deadlines In Hanford Cleanup

Will The Clean Power Plan Actually Change Anything In The Power Sector?


Vogtle's New Units Soar: A Sky's Eye View

California’s PUC Hit With Fresh Criticisms Over Dealings With Edison

Despite Glut of Oil, Energy Firms Struggle to Turn Off the Tap

Heritage: Senate's Nuclear Waste Administration Act Preserves Futile Status Quo

Bill Might Give Nevada A Seat At The Nuclear Waste Negotiating Table

Distrust Of Nuclear Energy Is A Post-Hiroshima Hang-Up We Can Fix

A Robotic Future For Nuclear Fusion


NY Officially Bans Fracking With Release of Seven-Year Study

Obama Plan Strikes Out On Keeping US Nuclear Energy Plants Open

After Legislative Inaction, US-China Civil Nuclear Cooperation Is Set for Renewal

IAEA Chief Speaks To Senate Committee On ‘Secret’ Deal with Iran

The Woman Helping To Fuel Nuclear Innovation

Ginna Nuclear Power Plant Gives Residents Inside Look At Training Center

Virginia Uranium Sues Over The Right To Mine Huge Deposit

Republicans Tee Up Their Attack on Obama’s Climate Plan

Campaign 2016: Where Are The Candidates on Energy?

Senate Waste Hearing Scotched After Kerfuffle Over Trade Association Policy Paper


Calculation Error Prompts False Positive, Short-Lived Alert at WIPP

Nuclear Energy Deal: High Time India, US Tied Up

Emails Appear To Show Coordination Between EPA, Environmental Groups On Power Plant Rules

DOE and U.S. Navy Take Public Comment On New Nuclear Facility

Scientists are Calling for Nuclear Energy to Save Biodiversity


GE Swimmer Robot Keeps Tabs On Nuclear Reactors

Cautious Nuclear Welcome For Obama’s Clean Power Plan

New Nuclear Plants Could Help SC Meet Carbon Pollution Rules

Final Clean Power Plan Drops Incentives for Existing Nuclear Plants

Antinuclear Bias in Clean Power Plan Could Allow Emissions to Rise


Yucca Linkage Maneuver Roils Allies

US-China Nuclear Agreement Passes Congressional Review


The Onion: Obama’s Climate Change Plan Includes Rooftop Nuclear Reactor Tax Credit

New Nuclear Energy Seen Gaining In Obama’s Energy Plan

Obama’s New Climate-Change Regulations to Alter, Challenge Industry

Obama Reaches For Green Legacy, But Will History Books Agree?

New Expectations for Electricity Consumers

Obama to Unveil Tougher Climate Plan With His Legacy in Mind

What Changes To Expect From Obama's Final Clean Power Plan


Mapping How The United States Generates Its Electricity


WIPP Will Not Meet Target Re-Opening Date Of March 2016


Emails Show PG&E May Have Overstated Earthquake Safety Claims At Diablo Canyon

Demolition Plan OK’d In Southern Ohio Uranium Plant Cleanup

TN Warns DOE Of Ramifications Of Oak Ridge Cleanup Funding Concerns

DOE to Invest in Advanced Reactor Concept Development

IAEA Director General To Meet U.S. Senators On Iran


EPA Emissions Rule Sticks to Tough Targets

Clean Energy Is A Juggernaut —Should It Leave Climate Change Behind?

GAO Report: Nuclear Reactors — Status and Challenges in Development and Deployment of New Commercial Concepts

DOE Red Team In Town Assessing MOX Cost, Alternatives

SRS Citizens Advisory Board Debates, Opposes Spent Fuel Storage

Obama's Clean Power Plan Faces Tough Legal Scrutiny


Obama Clean Power Plan May Offer Lifeline To Economically Challenged Exelon Plants

Idaho Governor Supports Nuclear Fuel Shipment

What The World Thinks Of Climate Change

Tour the World’s First Nuclear Energy Plant


11 Maps That Explain Energy In America


Congress Just Can't Help But Fall In Love With a Nuclear Physicist

Later Deadline Expected in Obama’s Climate Plan

As True Costs Of Renewables Emerge, Nuclear Energy Poised To Compete In Clean Energy Arena

PBS Series Looks To Unlock The Mysteries Of Uranium

Duke CEO Lynn Good Stands Out In Male-Dominated Field

Big U.S. Corporations Commit To Invest In Clean Energy, But Not All Of Them Buy Obama's Clean Power Plan


Comic: Nuclear Energy Explained in Layman’s Terms

SEC Drops Remaining Claims In Idaho Nuclear Energy Co. Suit

ORAU's Role In Jeopardy As DOE Seeks Bids On Contract


Former Exelon CEO Rowe: Shutting Down Struggling Nukes Is 'The Proper Market-Driven Answer'

Federal Judge Wants Deadlines In Cleanup At Hanford


Physicists Restart Souped-Up Hadron Collider

Japan Nuclear Expert Ogawa Tasked With Leading New Fukushima Decommissioning Center

Hillary Clinton Outlines Climate Change Plan

Former LANL Chemist Blogs On All Things Nuclear

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Vattenfall and E.ON Clash Over Plans To Shut Nuclear Plants

Vattenfall Confirms Early Closure Of Sweden’s Ringhals Units

Investing: Gauging the Uranium Market's Recovery

Japan's Kyushu Electric Eyes First H1 Profit In Five Years With Nuclear Restart

MOX Central

CB&I AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

EDF Chief Admits UK’s Hinkley Point C To Be Delayed

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Passes Critical Tests To Ready Unit 2 For Power Generation

Eletrobras Suspends Angra Nuclear Contract As Contractors Quit

South Carolina Commission Okays Cost For VC Summer

No New Cost Overruns At Vogtle Nuclear Plant

EDF Revamps Flamanville Project Management: Targets 2018 Completion

Toshiba Agrees To Extend Early Redemption Right Of GoviEx Uranium Bond

NRC Board Agrees To Hold Hearing On Vermont Yankee's Use Of Decommissioning Fund For Waste

NRC Boosts Oversight of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Exelon Plans Cost Cuts, Won't Rule Out Layoffs

GE Hitachi Pumps Improve Nuclear Plant Safety

Exelon Announces All Illinois Nuclear Plants Cleared 2016-17 PJM Transition Auction

Report: Nuclear Costs Remain Competitive

Rosatom sells Australian Mining Arm To Boss Resources

Exelon, Pepco To Push For Merger, Despite Roadblock

Duke's 1,305MW McGuire-2 Nuclear Reactor In North Carolina Prepares For Outage

Toshiba CEO Discounts Newfound Accounting Errors

Exelon-Pepco: Regulators Failed To See Merger's 'Substantial' Customer Benefits

Former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers Says Power Companies Doing It All Wrong

US Patent Issued For Russian SVBR Fast Reactor

Fossil Fuels Losing Cost Advantage

Exelon Mulling Closure Of Unprofitable Quad Cities Nuclear Plant, Decision Due By Oct. 1

Toshiba Delays Earnings Report on Further Accounting Probe

Edison Plays Matchmaker To Find The Right Skills For $4.4B Dismantling Of San Onofre Plant

NuScale Looks To Reboot The Conversation On Nuclear Energy

Gas Deal Could Signal Southern’s Drift From New Nuclear Projects

Construction Budget For Plant Vogtle Keeps Level, But Uncertainty Remains

NRC Announces Settlement With Dominion Resources Inc.

Dominion Institutes Corrective Actions At Millstone

Paladin Narrows Its Loss, Continues To Cut Costs

Southern: Plant Vogtle New Build Schedule Holding

Hundreds Of Layoffs Back On The Table At Piketon Nuclear-Cleanup Site

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Being Considered For Closure?

Why The Solyndra Mistake Is Still Important To Remember

TVEL Ready To Deliver Fuel For Iran's Bushehr September Outage

Peninsula Energy Secures Sales Contracts Above Current Uranium Spot Price

Rethinking Steel-Plate Composite Construction for Improved Sustainability and Resiliency of Nuclear Plant Structures

TEPCO Nuclear Safety Reformer Says Industry Needs Peer Reviews

Brief Emergency Alert Over Smoke At France's Flamanville Nuclear Plant 

Spot Uranium Price Rises In Thin Market, Traders Eye End Of Summer Doldrums

Callaway Nuclear Plant To Shift Some Waste To Dry Storage — But Not All

SCE&G Seeks Rate Hike To Aide V.C. Summer New Build

Over 230 Attend NuScale Power’s “NuEx” – NuScale Exposition

DC Regulators Reject Exelon-Pepco Merger
Electrical Fault Causes Temporary Outage At Vogtle Nuclear Site
Vattenfall Applies To Decommission Krümmel Plant In Germany
GEH Shipping Nuclear Reactor Pumps To Japan

Exelon, Pepco Weighing Options After Regulators Rebuff Merger Bid

Exelon Tells Staff To Look Past Unsuccessful Energy Auction
Byron Nuclear Plant Clears Capacity Auction For 2018-2019
Southern Turns Meltdown Monday Back to Merger Monday
PJM Auction Sees Power Prices Soar Under New Reliability Rules
Three Exelon Nuclear Plants Fail to Clear Capacity Auction
Kyushu Suspends Power Build-Up At Restarted Sendai Nuclear Plant Over Pump Issue
Enec CEO Joins World Nuclear Body Governing Board
Exelon Pulls Back Curtain On The Economics Of Its Nuclear Energy Fleet
Will Markets Welcome Smaller And Less Costly Nuclear Reactors?
TVA Boosts Rates As It Moves To Add More Nuclear, Gas And Renewables
SCANA's Business Model Promises Growth, High Debt a Drag
NRC Hearing Brings a Private Sector Solution To Nuclear Storage One Step Closer

Urenco To Complete New Mexico Expansion By Year-End

Southern California Edison Says CPUC Ruling Is Flawed

TVA Board Votes to Continue Power System Investments

UAE's Nuclear Operator Says $2.5B Deals Awarded To Local Firms

Power-Grid Operator's Auction Aims To Ensure Reliable Electricity Supplies

Exelon Says Revamped PJM Auction Won't Spare Quad Cities Plant

FPL Favors Natural Gas, But Wants More Nuclear At Turkey Point

Georgia Public Service Commission Approves New Vogtle Construction Costs

Westinghouse Innovation Doubles Life Of Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump Seal O-Ring

Costs and Deadlines Continue to Challenge V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant Project

TEPCO Announces Restructuring Spinning Off Non-Nuclear Businesses 

AREVA Delivers Ventilation Systems For Japanese Reactor

Bechtel Salutes TVA, Workforce on Major Milestone for New U.S. Nuclear Reactor

Regulators Asked To Reject FPL Nuclear Request

Toshiba Shakes Up Board, Cuts Profit Forecast: Not Enough Details, Says Goldman

OPEC's ‘Fragile Five’ Face Rising Cost in the Fight for Oil Market Share

FPL Seeks Another $34 Million For Proposed Nuclear Reactors

Little Short-Term Upside Seen For Uranium Despite Japan’s Restart

Toro Energy: Encouraging Results from Wiluna Uranium Probe

Uranium News: Peninsula Hits High-grade Uranium During Production Drilling

Exelon Warns Quad Cities Plant Could Close In 2017 Without State Package

Local Officials Voice Support For Quad-Cities

Toshiba: Interim President to Stay, Expects Fiscal 2014 Loss

BWXT To Design Steam Generator For China Nuclear Energy Project

US Nuclear Capacity Hits A High

Plasma Furnaces Could Save Nuclear Industry Billions

TEPCO’s Mounting Legal Woes To Fuel Nuclear Opposition

AREVA Delivers Venting Systems To Japanese Plants

Investing: China's Nuclear Plans Are Why You Want to Own Cameco Corp.

TVA Says First U.S. Nuclear Reactor Built In 21St Century Nearly Ready

Investing: China's Nuclear Plans Are Why You Want to Own Cameco Corp.

Watts Bar Unit 2 is Substantially Complete, TVA Requests Issuance of License

Brazil Contractors Leaving Nuclear Plant Face Penalties

E.ON Seeks Compromise Over Cost Of Nuclear Plant Closures

New Used Fuel Storage Casks For South Africa’s Koeberg Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Revival Sparks Cameco Rally as Uranium Demand Is Growing

Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant Celebrates 25 Years of Powering Texas

Is It Finally Time for Another Uranium Boom?

Holtec International Lands Spent Fuel Dry-Storage Cask Contract In South Africa

Brazil's Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvao Quitting Angra 3 Project

RWE Loss Widens as Conventional Power Margins Shrink

Cameco Says Japan’s Nuclear Reactor Start Positive News For Industry

New Paladin CEO Eyes Cost Cuts

E.ON Offers To Work With German Government On Nuclear Shutdown

South Africa's Eskom In Deal To Boost Nuclear Waste Storage

Columbia Generating Station Increases Electricity Output Capacity

Energoatom Chief Recalls Highs And Lows Of First Half-Year

TVA A Step Closer To The Newest U.S. Nuclear Plant Operating License

Consumer, Business Groups Want Independent Study Of SCE&G’s Nuclear Plant Financing Method

Edison Falls After Second Group Opposes Nuclear Settlement

Eon Profits Fall Amid Big Restructuring

New TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor Passes Hot Functional Tests

Moody's: PJM Capacity Auction Could Pit Gas Plants Against Coal, Nuclear

Toshiba To Write Down Over $800 Million After Accounting Probe; Westinghouse Value Questioned

Dominion Executive 'Would Not Hang My Hat' On Legal Challenge To EPA Carbon Rule

Plant Vogtle Moves 1,140-Ton Steel Component Into Place For Nuclear Reactor

Funding Decreases For Some Generation IV Reactor Systems

A Small, Modular, Efficient Fusion Plant

Exxon and Chevron Report Worst Quarterly Results of Current Decade

EON’s Russian Slump Bodes Ill for Uniper Fossil-Fuel Spinoff

Kyushu Electric Eyes Tuesday Restart For Sendai Reactor

Nuclear Unit Outage Plus Wind Not Blowing Equals Power Gains

Nuclear Projects Lead Top 10 U.S. Counties for Power Industry Spending

Centrus Energy Sees Gross Profit Increase

Mitsubishi Partners with Holtec On SMR Systems

Companies Eager To Be Suppliers For China-Funded Nuclear Energy Complex In Argentina

Salem 2 Nuclear Reactor Shut Down Over Electrical Circuit Failure On Pump

The $20 Billion in Bets Threatening to Sour Southern’s Ties

Duke Energy Misses Earnings, Spending On New Nuclear Plant Remains Slow

AREVA Awarded Contract For Integrated Head Assembly Fabrication And Installation At V.C. Summer Nuclear Station

Elon Musk’s Tesla Has a Production Problem

Judge: California’s Edison Held Improper Nuclear Plant Talks

Brazil's Eletronuclear CEO Steps Down Amid Scandal, Probe

Liquefied Natural Gas Makes Qatar an Energy Giant

Entergy: NRC Approves Step In Eliminating EPZ at Vermont Yankee

EDF's $39 Billion Deal for UK’s New Hinkley Plant Slated for October

TVA Quadruples Its Income After Starting Program To Cut Operating Expenses

Crane Places Nuclear Module At V.C. Summer Site

AREVA Chief: Deal With EDF Can End Rivalry

Duke Energy Spending On Lee Nuclear Plant Remains Slow

NRC Inspecting Honeywell Uranium-Conversion Plant After Leak

Ameren Decision To Scrap Plans For New Missouri Unit Shows Hurdles For Nuclear

Rolls-Royce Wins Leading Role In Multi-Billion-Dollar Nuclear Decommissioning Contract In Canada

TVA Stands To Gain From New Carbon Controls With Reliance On New Reactors

NRC Launches Special Inspection at Honeywell Plant After Leak

Report: HSBC Raises Concerns Over Hinkley Point Nuclear Subsidies

TVO and AREVA-Siemens Consortium Update Claims In Olkiluoto 3 Delay Arbitration

Finland's TVO Raises Claim Against AREVA Over Nuclear Reactor Delays

Enel Confirms Planned Sale Of Slovenske Elektrarne

Bears Pounce on China Solar Makers as Consumption Growth Slows

AREVA Will Explore Bringing In Chinese Investors

Investing: Why You Should Be Looking At The Uranium Sector

Plant Vogtle Hits Halfway Mark With Federal Loans

One Hurdle Left For New Wyoming Uranium Mine

San Onofre: Regulators Close Case Questioning Nuclear Reactor Repairs

Ameren Pulls Plug On New Callaway Plant Addition

U.S. Nuclear Operators Try To Save Plants With Carbon Emission Rule

Edison CEO 'Disappointed' San Onofre Deal May Be Reopened

Duke Energy Applies For $1.3B In Bonds To Cut Crystal River Closing Costs In Florida

Uranium Producer Cameco Raises 2015 Revenue Forecast

EDF Energy Readies Hinkley Point C Suppliers For Contract Signings Subject To A Final Investment Decision

NG Bailey and Balfour Beatty in £460m Hinkley Point Nuclear Project Win

Sharp Has Loss At Energy Business As Solar Boom Falters

Cameco: Uranium Market Flat, But Nuclear Outlook Remains Positive

Holtec To Start Regulatory Process For New Mexico Used Fuel Store Soon

Duke Energy Seeks OK For Crystal River Nuclear-Plant Financing

NRC Mulls Xcel Penalties Tied To MN Nuclear Plant Violation

Denison Sells Mongolian Interests Czech Uranium Group

CEO: Slimmed-Down AREVA Will Need Large Capital Increase

EDF Profit Holds Steady as AREVA Partnership Takes Shape

Exelon Sees Little Hope Of Saving Quad Cities Nuclear Plant

EDF Buys Majority Of AREVA Reactor Unit, Seeks Partners

Lossmaking AREVA Needs €7B Capital Injection

AREVA Agrees to Sell Majority Stake in Reactor Unit to EDF

Exelon Reports Profit Increase on Higher Sales, Hedging Gain

Investing: Chinese Demand For Uranium Good News For Cameco

Oil Glut Sends Crude Prices Tumbling and Hammers U.S. Producers

Mitsubishi Heavy Shares Slide On San Onofre Claim

Bechtel To Pay $800,000 To DOE in Hanford Settlement

New U.S. Nuclear Plant, Watts Bar Unit 2 Is One Step Closer to Startup

Investing: Is SCANA Corp Poised to Surprise Earnings in Q2?

Brazil Corruption Scandal Spirals With Detention of Eletrobras Termonuclear SA, CEO

Verdict On Modular Assembly Cost Savings At New U.S. Plants Still Out

French Government Ponders €5B Rescue For AREVA

NRC Alleges TriVis Falsified storage Cask Weld Tests At Monticello

Investing: Cameco Price Target Cut to C$22.50 by Analysts

Sequoyah Nuclear Energy Plant's Unit 1 Trips Again

Edison Claiming $7.57 Billion In Damages Against Mitsubishi Heavy Over San Onofre

NRC Issues Final Environmental Report On Byron Station Nuclear Plant

Rooftop Solar Is Booming But Its More Vulnerable Than You Think

Companies to Pledge $140 Billion in Efforts to Cut Carbon Emissions

NRC Sets 'Pivotal' Audit Of Arkansas Nuclear One

Boeing's Laser-Powered Nuclear Engine Could Blast Aerospace Into Next Chapter

What Miniature Nuclear Reactors Could Mean For The World

Missouri’s Callaway Nuclear Plant Expected To Reopen Soon

Dominion’s Surry Nuclear Reactors Repaired, Restarted

Economics Forces UniStar Hand In Retreat From New Calvert Cliffs Unit

San Onofre Owners Receive Permission To Tap Nuclear Demolition

Toshiba Can Tap $4.6 Billion in Holdings to Cushion Accounting Reset

Is the Nuclear Energy Industry Ready For 11,000-Kilowatt Customers?

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Czech Counter-Intelligence Agency: Russian Spies Are Focusing On Czech Nuclear Energy Sector

KEPCO Completes Concrete Forming of UAE Power Plant Unit 4

Canadian Nuclear Organizations Look To Korean Opportunities


South Africa Is Waiting For Rosatom’s Money

Meltdown-Proof Nuclear Reactors Get a Safety Check in Europe

Vietnam Discusses Nuclear Energy’s Role In National Energy Security

IAEA Issues Detailed, Comprehensive Report On Fukushima Daiichi

South Africa Presses Interest in Nuclear Energy To Cut Reliance On Coal

Nuclear Energy Likely To Generate 12 Percent of UAE's Energy Needs

More Russian Equipment For China’s Tianwan Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Daiichi Drainage System Enters Operation

Abu Dhabi Said to Revive Debt Plan for First Nuclear Plant


Saudi Arabia, South Korea Sign SMART Nuclear Reactor Deal

UK Energy Minister In Nuclear New Build Talks

Kazatomprom To Transport Uranium To North America Through China

UAE's Fourth Power Reactor Under Construction

The Path Forward For The Reopening Of The Japanese Nuclear Energy Fleet


After Delays, Finland's Showcase Nuclear Reactor To Face Tests 

South Africa May Increase Nuclear Energy

Germany Proposes Changes To Nuclear Liability Law

Will Nuclear Energy Ease Kenya's Power Shortages?


South Africa Curbs Nuclear Plan Enthusiasm as ANC Concerns Mount

South Africa's Government Pledges Transparency On Nuclear Agreement

IAEA's Final Report On Fukushima Disaster Slams Safety Myth, Downplays Thyroid Cancer Fears

IAEA Fukushima Report: Japan Thought Major Nuclear Accident Was ‘Simply Unthinkable’

Japan Nuclear Energy Outlook Bleak Despite First Reactor Restart


Russia’s Rostov Nuclear Plant May Supply Electricity To Crimea

TEPCO: Progress Made On Water And Working Conditions at Fukushima

IAEA Reviews Kenya’s Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Development

Sendai Nuclear Energy Plant Achieves 100% Output

Egypt: Dabaa Nuclear Station Agreement to Be Signed Next Week

South Africa's Energy Minister: ‘No Deal Struck On Nuclear Expansion’

Kazakhstan To Remain Top Of Uranium Heap For Next Decade

Japan’s Sendai Reactor To Resume Commercial Operations Sept. 10


Processing Spent Nuclear Fuel Becoming An Urgent Issue For China

China Is Taking Charge Of A Key Element In Iran's Nuclear Deal

Sendai Nuclear Plant Resumes Output Increase

Police Ask That Charges Be Filed Against Former Head Of Brazil's Nuclear Energy Company

Finnish Nuclear Reactor To Enter Test Phase In 2016

Conditions And Safety The Focus At Fukushima Site

Russian Nuclear Station Offers Discount Prices As Demand Sags – With A Few Ecological Pitfalls

South Korea To Restart Hanbit No.2 Nuclear Reactor

Sweden To Begin Spent Fuel Repository Construction In 2019

Sweden’s Nuclear Shutdown A Sign Of What’s To Come


Ground Broken On China's First National Nuclear Industrial Park

Fuel Loading Begins At First Changjiang Unit In China

Opposition Grows to South Africa’s $100 Billion Nuclear Plan

India’s Surplus Uranium And An Expanding Sophisticated Nuclear Reactor Base


Radioactive Banking: Kazakhstan Prepares To Take Deposits Of Nuclear Fuel

Tehran, Beijing Explore Ways For Building Nuclear Plants In Iran

Russia Plans To Supply Fuel To Iranian Nuclear Plant This Month

Kazakhstan Encouraging Civilian Nuclear Energy, With Security In Mind


China’s Evolving Nuclear Landscape

Hamburg Nuclear Plant On Road To Demolition

Federal Government Backs South Australian Inquiry Into Nuclear Energy

IAEA Starts Reviewing Kenya's Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Development

Japan’s Sendai-1 To Continue With Power Increases After Pump Issue Solved
Japan Cuts Oil Usage Following First Nuclear Reactor Restart
India's Fast Breeder Reactor To Go Critical Soon
  Fishermen OK TEPCO's Plan To Dump Fukushima Plant Water Into Sea
French Foreign Minister: EDF To Consider Participating In Building New Czech Nuclear Reactors
Planned Power Increase at Japan’s Sendai Still Delayed
Bild Outlines Extent Of Struggle For German Power Generators
Kenya Edges Closer to Adoption of Nuclear Energy
Enel Picks EPH For Exclusive Talks On Slovakia Sale
France To Consider Helping Czech Nuclear Program
Ukraine Looks To Reduce Nuclear Fuel Supplies From Russia
TEPCO Bid to Restart Niigata plant Stymied by Governor


Will Vietnam Have The First Nuclear Plant In Southeast Asia?
Pakistan Breaks Ground For New Karachi Nuclear Units
Evacuation Advisory Lifted For Japan Volcano Near Nuclear Plant
Saudi Nuclear Energy Talks With South Korea Under Way


Rosatom To Provide Reactor Equipment For India’s Kudankulam Unit 3 

Russian Power Machines Delivers Condenser To Belarusian Nuclear Plant

Gas Golden Age Fades as Supply Boom Meets Japan Nuclear Rebirth

$10 Billion Pakistan Nuclear Energy Plant To Be Built By China 

Chinese Policy Highlights Opportunities In Nuclear Plants

Russia Plans to Build Nuclear-Powered Battlecruisers

EDF-AREVA To Take On The Cost Of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Overruns

Construction Halted At Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project Site

Ukraine Buys Over $208M Worth Of Nuclear Fuel In Q1


EU Debate On Green Energy Targets Pitches UK Against Germany

All Swiss Nuclear Plants Are Offline

Ukraine's Energoatom Looks Ahead To Rovno 3 Life Extension

Nuclear Restart To Trim Kyushu Electric's Summer Oil Demand By 30%


Study Claims China Emissions Much Lower Than Expected

When Nuclear Ends: How Nuclear Retirements Might Undermine Clean Power Plan Progress

Former Russian Nuclear Official to Plead Guilty to U.S. Money Laundering

UAE To Take Part In Launch Of Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakhstan

TVEL Fuel Company Supplies Nuclear Fuel To The Bushehr Nuclear Plant Until The End Of August

South Australian Senator 'Encouraged' Despite Defeat Of Nuclear Energy Proposal In Parliament

India Quietly Helping Build World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Reactor


South African Congress Voices Caution on Nuclear Energy Plan

Push To Scrap Nuclear Energy Plant Ban In Australia


Pre-Restart Check For Japan’s Takahama Reactor Begins

NRA Says Sakurajima Volcano No Threat To Newly Restarted Sendai Reactor

Decision Time Looms For Saudi On Nuclear Energy


Japan Industry Sector Applauds Fleet Restart

Unit 3 At China’s Hongyanhe Nuclear Plant About To Start Commercial Operation

Ghana Establishes Nuclear Regulator


UK Resumes Search For Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

Japan Nuclear Utility Says No Special Precautions Over Volcano

Brazilian Companies Pull Out Of Angra 3 Nuclear Project

Fast Nuclear Reactor To Start Construction In Fujian In 2017

Russia Ready to Take Part in Reconfiguration of Iran's Arak Nuclear Reactor


Japan Raises Eruption Alert for Volcano Near Nuclear Plant

North Korea's Uranium Activities Seem To Be Growing, Satellite Images Show

French Scientists To Train Saudis In Nuclear Energy

Power Companies In Japan Expected To Spend $24B On Nuclear Plant Upgrades

Russia to Launch Construction of Nigeria's First Nuclear Plant in 2016


Russia Makes Progress With Nuclear Icebreaker Arctica

Judge Will Require New Hanford Tanks If Deadlines Missed

5 Things To Know About Nuclear Energy In Japan

South African Nuclear Energy Plan Stirs Fears Of Secrecy And Graft


Russia Seeks Nuclear Cooperation With Iran Beyond Bushehr Plant

Power Up: Japan's Trailblazing Sendai Plant Starts generating Electricity

Japan’s Nuclear Restarts Seen as Long-Term Drag on LNG Prices

Brazil’s Angra 3 Nuclear Reactor May be Delayed

China's Nuclear Contractors Looking Forward To UK Deal

Australia’s Uranium Sector to Benefit from Japan’s Reactor Restart


TEPCO Readies To Install Unit 3 Cover At Fukushima

Finnish Sub-Contractor Selected To Prepare Hanhikivi Site

Germany Has No Plans For Talks On Nuclear Shutdown

Progress Continued Throughout July And August On China's Domestic Nuclear Build Program

Australia Has ‘Great Opportunity’ To Expand Uranium Industry

TEPCO Calls Water Containment And Treatment At Fukushima Daiichi Much Improved

Belgian Nuclear Reactor Tihange 3 Halted After Technical Issue

Why Japan Is Bringing Back Nuclear Energy — Four Years After Fukushima

Germany Draws Up New Plan To Dispose Of Nuclear Waste

Decommissioning Milestones Reached At Magnox Sites

How Japan Pushes Coal On The World

Ghana Embarks On Nuclear Energy Project

Russia Begins MOX Fuel Production For BN-800


Containment Pressure Tests Successfully Completed at China's Fuqing 3 


Zuma: South Africa's Nuclear Build Plan At ‘Advanced Stage’ 

China Advised to Double Solar Goal to Fill Nuclear, Hydro Gap

British Ambassador Backs Japanese Nuclear Restart

Japan Reactor Restart A Step On Slow Road To Fleet Rebound: 11 More Projected In 2016

Kyiv Expecting Significant Rise In Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Supply In 2016

Uranium Industry Set To Become Major Player In Mongolia

How Sellafield's Radiation-Proof Robots Do Our Dirty Work

Japan Restarts Sendai Reactor, Lifting 2-Year Ban Prompted by Fukushima

Kyushu Electric Confirms Sendai-1 Becomes First Reactor To Restart In Japan

Japan Restarts Nuclear Energy After Two-Year Shutdown

Will China Rescue Europe’s Nuclear Energy Industry?

Japan’s Yucca Mountain: Nuclear Reboot Raises Questions on Waste Storage


Inside Britain’s Sellafield Nuclear Energy Plant

Russia Is Reportedly Building A Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier

Hope For a Uranium Rebound As Japanese Fleet Sets Restart

Japan Poised For Nuclear Restart

Planned Hinkley Point Nuclear Station Under Fire From Energy Industry

Finnish Companies Plan To Invest In 1,200MW Nuclear Plant

Japan To Restart Reactor In Test Of Abe's Nuclear Policy


4 Years After Fukushima, Japanese Divided on Whether to Return

Spent Fuel Storage Issue May Cause Taiwan Power Shortage

How Russian Energy Giant Gazprom Lost $300B

Japan's Nuclear Regulator Says No Repeat Of Fukushima Under New Safety Rules

Ukrainian Uranium: ‘Nightmare’ Situation Brewing


Kazakhstan Nuclear Fuel Bank Aims to Avoid Politics, Deter Proliferation

South Australia’s Future Role In The Nuclear Industry

How Sellafield Stores Pieces Of A Decommissioned Nuclear Reactor


Petrobras Oil Scandal Leaves Brazilians Lamenting a Lost Dream

China Reports Rush Of Interest In Nuclear Energy Project In Argentina

UK Invests In Advanced Nuclear Fuel Research

First Reactor Restart In Japan May Be Delayed A Day To Aug 11

Fennovoima Oy Nuclear Plant Gets Domestic Backing In Finland

German Liability Law Change Would Challenge E.ON's Spin-Off Logic

Viet Nam To Boost Nuclear Energy Use

Fennovoima Could Be Finland's Last Nuclear Project

Sale Of Uranium By Ukrainian Gang Reportedly Thwarted By Security Service

China’s Latest Nuclear Unit Connected To The Grid


Japan Faces Historic Restart Challenge As Fleet Re-Launches After 4 Years

Russian, Egyptian Companies Prepare Contracts for Nuclear Plant Project

Mining Experts: Australia Is Well Placed To Cash In On Uranium Boom


Japan’s NRA Approves Long-Term Operating Plan For Sendai Nuclear Plant

India to Build New Nuclear Fuel Production Complex

Mixed Reactions To Finnish Nuclear Plant As Claims Emerge Russia's Stake Could Increase

Probe Into Fukushima No.2 Reactor Hits Snag

Fortum Steps In To Rescue Finnish-Russian Nuclear Project

Finnish Ministers: Fennovoima Reactor Will Go Ahead


Deal To Build UK Hinkley Nuclear Plant Should Be Finalized Within Weeks

French Nuclear Waste Plan Irks Germans Near Site

Public Support For UK Nuclear And Shale Gas Falls

Russia's BN-800 Unit Brought To Minimum Controlled Power

Head of China's Nuclear Plant Company Commits Suicide Amid Anti-Graft Probe

Removal Of Fukushima Unit 3 Fuel Handling Machine Hailed As Major Milestone


Junking Nuclear Energy Is Creating Problems For Germany's Neighbors

China Wants To Build Hybrid Fusion-Fission Reactor By 2030

Moscow & Hanoi Take Key Step In Construction Of Vietnam’s First Nuclear Plant


20-Ton Debris Removed From Fukushima Daiichi Fuel Pool

CGN: Ningde-5 And -6 Will Use Hualong One Design

UK’s Dounreay Control Room To Be Museum Piece

In Wake Of Iran Deal, Israel Moves To Thwart IAEA Monitoring Of Nuclear Program

South Austalia Nuclear Royal Commission: Waste Repository Best Economic Option For State

Kyushu Electric To Restart Sendai Reactor In Southwestern Japan On Aug. 10

TEPCO Completes Removal Of Highly Contaminated Water From Seawater Piping Trenches At Fukushima

Russian Hydropower Key To Finnish Nuclear Plant Deal

China's First Self-Built Carrier Likely Nuclear-Powered


Russia Races to Outflank China in Middle East Nuclear Energy Market

Is France Ready To Move Away From Nuclear Energy?

Russia To Open First Repository For Radioactive Waste, But Experts Have Doubts

Brazil Nuclear Leader's Arrest May Stymie Its Energy Ambitions

Tokyo Electric Executives To Be Charged Over Fukushima


Report Warns of Huge Risks in German Nuclear Decommissioning Costs

Nuclear Fuel Bank In Kazakh Site Under International Control

Canadian Regulator Dismisses Québec Uranium Report

UK’s Cumbria To Fuel Space Travel

In Saudi Arabia, Nuclear Energy For Nuclear Energy’s Sake

Russia Signs Nuclear Deals With Traditional U.S. Allies in Middle East

Changing Attitudes Towards Uranium In Australia

More Delays To Polish Nuclear Plans

Belgian Nuclear Reactors Earn Ten Year Reprieve 

West African States Prepare MOU On Nuclear Cooperation

Belgium, Engie Unit Reach Deal On Nuclear Tax, Plant Life Extensions


Regulator: Villar de Cañas Site Suitable For Spain's Radwaste Storage Facility

Russia's Sevkabel Supplies Cable For Belarusian Nuclear Plant

TEPCO Begins Removing No. 1 Reactor Building Covers


Chernobyl Confinement Arch Joined Together


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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