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Nuclear's Role Recognized in US Decarbonization Plan

Senate Nixes Proposal Limiting Energy Department's Control On Nuclear Agency Budget

Fluor Idaho Completes Treating Liquid Wastes

The Economist: What If Nuclear Power Had Taken Off In The 1970s?

'Radioactive Gobstoppers' Could Stop the Next Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

House Armed Services Chairman Casts Serious Doubt On Pit Production At SRS

Here's The Skinny On The Democrats' Jumbo Climate Plan

US Says Leaking Nuclear Waste Dome Is Safe

Defense Bill Would Give Pentagon Power Over Energy’s Nuclear Arms Budget

NNSA Administrator Recruits A Workforce For The Future


Feds, Nevada Settle Savannah River Site Plutonium Lawsuit

How 2 Nuns Helped Southern Co. Wake Up To Climate

Nuclear Facility Used for Fighting COVID-19

California Developer Of 'Micro' Nuclear Reactor Aims To Prove Environmentalist Doubters Wrong

2.4M-Pound Nuclear Reactor Load Sets Off On Nevada Roads

Dems' 'Action Plan': Carbon Prices, Net-Zero Emissions

Nuclear ‘Power Balls’ May Make Meltdowns a Thing of the Past

Nuclear Energy Allies Back Advanced Reactors In NDAA

New Management Contract At Savannah River National Lab Expected In Fiscal Year 2021

State of Nevada Agrees To Settlement With Department Of Energy Over Plutonium Shipments

Code Breakthrough Could Greatly Improve Design Of Nuclear Fusion Reactors

Neutrinos Reveal Final Secret Of Sun’s Nuclear Fusion


IAEA – Global Nuclear Power Capacity Falls 4.5 GW In 2019

DOE Investing More Than $800,000 In Idaho To Advance Nuclear Technology

WIPP: DOE Awards Contractor 83 Percent Of Available Funds In Annual Performance Evaluation

New Management Contract At Savannah River National Lab Expected In Fiscal Year 2021


Decommissioned Nuclear Reactor To Hit Nevada Roads Monday


Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Prez Warns Nuke Industry On Push To 'Relax' NRC Rules

Compact Fast Reactor Proposed For Eastern Idaho Nuclear Site

World Nuclear Association Launches Fuel Report Summary

Feds Dissatisfied With Y-12 Management, Will Let Contract With CNS Expire In 2021

Coronavirus: Incentives For New Nuclear Will Help Recovery, Says NEA

California Congressman Looks To Use Report To Accelerate Efforts To Move San Onofre Spent Nuclear Fuel

WIPP Sees 4th Case of COVID-19 Infection as Operations Ramp Up

State of New Mexico Says Nuclear Waste Project Poses Disproportionate Risk, Locals Supportive

Nuclear Waste Site Near Carlsbad Delayed By Another 2 Months amid COVID-19

Federal Action Vital To Get Nuclear Waste Off San Onofre’s Beach

Nuclear Energy Agency Unveils Plans For Post-Pandemic Recovery

The US is Considering Revamping Its Nuclear Weapons Program. What Does This Mean For WIPP?

Federal Judge Suspends Fraud Lawsuit Involving MOX Contractors, Former Worker

Canadian Utility Formally Drops Underground Radioactive Waste Storage Next To Lake Huron

NRC Identifies Nine Abnormal Occurrence Events in FY 2019 Annual Report to Congress

Researchers Pioneer Revolutionary Keg-Sized Nuclear Reactor With A 3D Printed Core

The COVID-19 Impact On The Energy Market So Far

Inside The New US Policy On Financing Nuclear Abroad

DOE: Trump Called For Killing Advisory Panels. What Happened?

WIPP Sees 4th Case of COVID-19 Infection As Operations Ramp Up

Nuclear Waste Site Near Carlsbad Delayed By Another 2 Months Amid COVID-19

Bruce Willis to Hold Nuclear Power Plant Hostage in Action Thriller 'Reactor' 

Could Disagreements With China Scuffle Steps Towards Reducing Carbon Emissions?

Supreme Court Unleashing Power Over Pipelines, Natural Gas

Arctic Town Records Highest Temperature Ever

Recession Likely To Hinder Rebounding Emissions Levels


NRC Staff Proposes to Cut Operational Inspections of New Vogtle Reactors

NRC Amends Licensing, Inspection and Annual Fees for FY 2020

Defense Bill Would Boost Funding For NM’s National Labs


Nuclear Reactor Bacteria May Be The Key To Better Vaccines


FERC To Examine Carbon Pricing, As Climate Pressure Ramps Up

A Heavy Chunk Of The San Onofre Nuclear Plant Is Slowly Moving To Utah

IEA Calls For $3 Trillion Global Investment In COVID-19 Recovery

Dept. Of Energy Accepts Bay Area Company’s Application To Build New-Design Nuclear Reactor


Department of Energy Invests $65 Million at National Laboratories and American Universities to Advance Nuclear Technology

IEA Recovery Plan Says Investing In Nuclear Will Generate Jobs And Help Secure A Sustainable Clean Energy Future

Costly US Nuclear Project Ends With Online Fire Sale For Parts

Estonia Doesn’t Want And Can’t Safely Store Radioactive Powder, So 2,000 Drums Of It May Be Coming To Southeastern Utah

NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board to Hold Oral Argument on Vogtle 3 New Reactor License Amendment

IEA Outlines Three-Year Plan For Sustainable Recovery

Secretary of Energy Making Announcement Thursday As He Tours INL

WIPP: US Department of Energy Hires Manager For Carlsbad Field Office

Molten Salt Solutions May Supply Scientists With New Insights Into Nuclear Energy

Energy Dept. Changes to Main Nuke Safety Management Reg in ‘Draft Final’ Form

WIPP, New Mexico National Labs To See Increased Funding In Bill On US Senate Floor

Sens. Murkowski, Manchin Commend Decision On Nuclear Energy Projects

NRC To Begin First-Of-A-Kind License Review

Unneeded MOX Property, Equipment Hits Online Auction Block

IAEA Works To Bolster Preparedness For Pandemics


NRC Accepts License Application For Oklo Advanced Reactor

Secretary of Energy Visiting INL Thursday For Nuclear Announcement

MIT Explores New Ways to Make Nuclear Energy Cost-Competitive

The US Military Is Getting Serious About Nuclear Thermal Propulsion

Utility Ransomware Attacks Becoming More Sophisticated, New 'Honeypot' Operation Finds


Decommissioned Nuclear Reactor Coming To Nevada Roads

Watchdog Files Appeal Over Planned NM Nuclear Storage Complex

Why Electricity Will Remain the Essential Ingredient for Human Flourishing

US Weighs End To Foreign Nuclear Power Finance Ban, Potentially Boosting Advanced Reactors

NRC Outlines Role in Evaluating On-Site Disposal of Certain Hanford Waste

Los Alamos County Seeks Over 3,000 Acres From Energy Department


Nuclear Power System Delivered For Mars Rover Launch

Trump Policy Change Could Be Game Changer For Small Nuclear Reactors

US Lawmakers Propose A Major Clean Energy Stimulus

DNFSB Says WIPP Should Not Rely Too Heavily on Waste Criteria

Why Cracking Nuclear Fusion Will Depend On Artificial Intelligence

How Oil & Gas Majors Could Turn The Tide Against Global Warming


Trump Orders Coast Guard To Look Into Building Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers Like Russia

Trump Administration Seeks To Use Global Aid For Nuclear Projects

NY Lawmakers Pass Bills To Help Indian Point Towns

US NRC Proposed Ruling On SMRs Supported By DOE

Nuclear Power Plant Operations: Challenges Faced During COVID-19 Pandemic


Nuclear Power Now ‘Off Track’ In IEA's Sustainable Development Scenario

Legal Battle Continues Against Proposed Nuclear Waste Site Near Carlsbad

Activists Say Holtec Filing Violates Nuclear Waste Law

Trump Advisers Foresee Big Energy Moves In Second Term

US Agency Plans To Lift Nuclear Power Plant Financing Ban


Trump Administration Moves To Reverse Obama-Era Ban On Financing Nuclear Energy Overseas

Trump Orders Coast Guard To Look Into Building Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers Like Russia

Another Court Challenge for Nuclear Waste Storage Site

NY Rep. Tonko Sees Role For Nuclear In Net-Zero Emissions Push

Senate Advances Deputy Energy Secretary Nominee

NEI Commits To Change In Response To George Floyd's Death


Ex-SCE&G Executive To Plead Guilty For Defrauding Customers Over Failed $9B Nuclear Project

NRC Commissioner Wright Sworn in for Second Term

Christopher T. Hanson Sworn in as NRC Commissioner

US DOE Amends UF6 Sale Agreement, Outlines Disposal Plans

Coronavirus Impeded DOE Solicitation Process For Future Savannah River Site Contract


Brouillette: Time To Restore America’s Nuclear Energy Leadership

Transformational Challenge Nuclear Reactor: Microreactor Built Using 3D Printing

EPA Water Rule Won’t Speed Up New Oil, Gas Pipeline Construction

Can The Nuclear Industry Survive COVID-19?

US Department of Energy Backs Proposed SMR Regulation

Most DOE Nuclear Cleanup Sites Entering Phase 1 of Operations Ramp-Up

Vulnerable Republicans Embrace Green Issues In Battle To Save Seats

The Big Boy Fusion Reactor Takes a Big Boy Step


After Public Outcry, Feds Will Conduct Extensive Study Of SC Nuclear Fuel Plant

NRC to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for Westinghouse Fuel Fabrication Facility License Renewal

Climate Agency Reports May Was Hottest On Record Worldwide

NNSA Reports 10 More COVID-19 Cases This Week


New Mexico State Officials, Communities Scramble To Fight A Proposal To Store Spent Fuel In New Mexico

ANS Calls For US Regulatory Action On Reprocessing

NRC To Streamline Advanced Light Water Licensing

Trump Expected To Sign Order Lifting Environmental Review For Big Projects

Argonne's Mitch Farmer Honored For Addressing Challenges To US Nuclear Energy Industry

Bill Would Prevent the President from Nuking Hurricanes

Nevada, NNSA Get Another Month To Settle Plutonium Suit

Climate Experts Predict 'Grim Future' For Nuclear Power


Bill Gates And Big Oil Are Chasing The Nuclear Fusion Dream

WIPP Enters Phase 1 of COVID-19 Remobilization

The Growing Focus On Environmental Justice


US Energy Department Headquarters To Reopen Next Week

Savannah River Site Logs 23 Cumulative Coronavirus Cases

Panel Vets US Plutonium Disposal Plan

Terrawatch: Could Granite Solve The Hard Problem Of Nuclear Waste Storage?

National Academies Wants Experts for Studies on Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Waste

For Better Fusion Reactors, We Must Stop the Blobs


China To Dominate Nuclear As Beijing Bets On Homegrown Reactors

NRC, DOE, and Congress Move on Advanced Reactors in May

Will America Win The Race For Nuclear Fusion?

GAO Seeks Light on Nuclear Cooperation Talks

Funding, Authorizations The 'Biggest' Risks Pit Production Faces, Defense Official Says

Nevada, Federal Government Readying Settlement For Savannah River Plutonium Lawsuit

Deadlines Loom For States Mulling Exit From FERC Grid Order


Hydrogen Pilot Projects Could Eventually Boost Nuclear Plants’ Bottom Lines

Industry to Explore Decentralized Nuclear Waste Disposal

NASA Wants to Go Nuclear on the Moon and Mars for Astronaut Settlement

Axios: Your Guide To Comparing Climate Change And Coronavirus

Decommissioned Nuclear Reactor Heavy Haul For Nevada Roads

DOE: Department of Energy or Department of Exploration?

Moscow Sees Few Prospects For New Start Nuclear Disarmament Treaty with US


Trump Administration Aims To Buy Uranium For Reserve 'As Soon As Possible'

Approval Of New Framework ‘Paves Way For Next Generation Reactors’

Oil Giant Joins Bill Gates-Backed Nuclear Fusion Plan For 'Game-Changing Zero-Carbon Energy'

Judge Gives MOX Contractor Until 2021 to Settle Federal Fraud Claims

Electric Cessna Lifts Off As The World's Largest Zero-Emission Aircraft

Trump Administration Aims To Buy Uranium For Reserve 'As Soon As Possible'


Energy Sec. Dan Brouillette – Our National Security Requires A Stronger Nuclear-Energy Industry

House Republicans Introduce Bill To Speed Mining Projects For Uranium, Critical Minerals

Wanna Buy A Control Panel From A Nuclear Power Station?

Nuclear Regulators Examine Response To Pandemic

Train Carrying Decommissioned Nuclear Reactor Passes Through Las Vegas


Old Reactor Vessel From San Onofre Nuclear Plant Heads To Utah

US to Stop Allowing Foreign Companies to Facilitate Iran’s Civil Nuclear Program

Robert J. Feitel Sworn in as New NRC Inspector General

Mobile Nuclear Microreactor Development: A Military-Civilian Symbiosis

MIT: Making Nuclear Energy Cost-Competitive

Decommissioned Nuclear Reactor Will Be Heavy Load For Nevada Roads

As ORNL Builds Novel Reactor, Nuclear Industry Benefits From Technology

Another Step Toward Making Nuclear Fusion Power Plants A Reality?

Final RFP For Standalone Savannah River National Lab Contract Could Come Next Month


DOE Eyeing Spent Fuel Reprocessing Overseas As Industry Interest Mounts

Nuclear Fusion Startup Gets $84 Million to Enter Next Phase

The US Government Just Invested Big in Small-Scale Nuclear Power

Battle Lines Being Drawn Over NJ’s Response to Federal Ruling on Energy Market


Green Group Calls For Energy Secretary Resignation After He Accuses Banks Of 'Redlining' Oil And Gas Industry


Scientists Want To Build Nuclear Reactors To Power Moon Colony

Report Says Removing State Energy Mandates Would Save Consumers Money

Energy Department Outlines Goals for Savannah River Lab Contract

Energy Department Evaluating Impact Of Coronavirus Pandemic On SWPF, Other Projects

Senate Committee Holds Hearing On Menezes Nomination For DOE Post

Chatterjee: Upcoming Technical Conference To Help Chart Post-Pandemic Path Forward

GE, Japan's TEPCO Defeat US Servicemembers' Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Claims

Reduced Demand for Electricity Leads to Power Giveaways

NRC Tells Pence Nuclear Plants Remain Safe During Pandemic

Trump Administration Weighs First Nuclear Test in Decades

DOE Nuclear Sites Still Resolving Subcontractor Reimbursement for COVID-19 Costs


Senate Confirms David Wright & Christopher Hanson to Serve as NRC Commissioners

Nuclear Waste Disposal At Yucca Mountain A No-Go For Trump, Energy Exec Affirms

US Senators Urge Extension To Uranium Import Quota

Remarks as Prepared for Secretary Brouillette at the National Space Council

US Government to Demolish Buildings at Contaminated California Nuclear Test Site

The Economist: The World’s Energy System Must Be Transformed Completely

New Nuclear Talks Begin Between US, Russia


Senators Pleased With Trump's Pick For Deputy Secretary Of Energy

Energy Department Nominee Shifts On Yucca Mountain Question

Crapo, Other Senators Urge NRC To Speed Up Reactor Rulemaking

US, California Strike Deal to Clean Up Nuclear Site Near LA

Coalition Pursues Extra $7.25B For DOE Nuclear Cleanup, Job Creation


Energy Nominee Likely To Face Questions On Yucca

Quake Gives Nevada Lawmakers New Ammo Against Yucca Mountain

America Just Made a Huge Investment in Next-Gen Nuclear Power

Final RFP For Savannah River Nuclear Waste, Materials Contract Could Come In September

Study: Daily Carbon Emissions Drop 17 Percent Compared To Last Year

US Department of Energy Selects Fluor Team for Hanford Site Tank Closure Contract

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Worker Tests Positive For COVID-19, Crew Quarantined

DOE Nuclear Energy Chief Reaffirms Interest in Foreign Reprocessing for US Spent Fuel

Groups Demand Relief for Nuclear Frontline Communities

NRC Halves Time for Spent-Fuel Storage License Reviews

Coalition Pursues Extra $7.25B For DOE Nuclear Cleanup, Job Creation

Recent Quake Used to Bolster Nevada’s Case Against Yucca Dumpsite

Trump’s Energy Chief: Banks Are "Redlining" Oil And Gas Investments

Will ‘Pit Production’ Save SRS?

S. David Freeman, 94, Tireless Advocate for Clean Energy, Dies

Trump Administration Slaps Solar, Wind Operators With Retroactive Rent Bills

Plutonium-Disposal Construction Resumed at Savannah River After Two-Week COVID-19 Scare

NRC Halves Time for Spent-Fuel Storage License Reviews

NRC Urged to Reject Pennsylvania Intervention in TMI-2 License Transfer

IEA Sees Unique Opportunity For Clean Energy During Covid-19 Crisis


DOE’s Baranwal – As Foreign and US State Carbon Goals Come Due, US Pushes Nuclear Energy Development

Energy Daily: BWXT-Fluor Team Wins Hanford Tank Waste Operations Contract

DOE Official: Country’s Ability To Produce Nuclear Fuel ‘On Verge Of Collapse’

NNSA Reports Just One New COVID-19 Case for Week; Two Labs Able to Test Personnel

Coming Soon: A Nuclear Reactor—With a 3D-Printed Core

Hanford Strategy For Worst Nuclear Waste Criticized. Plant Estimates Skyrocket To $41 Billion

New Composite And Curing Method Yield Lightweight Radiation Shielding

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Co-Chair Biden-Sanders Campaign Climate Task Force

US DOE Launches Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program

SRS Plutonium Project Prep Paused For 14 Days After Coronavirus Concerns

Illinois Opens Narrow Window for Critical Solar, Nuclear Relief Bills to Pass

DOE  Launches Program to Demonstrate Advanced Nuclear Reactors Within 5 Years

Advanced Nuclear Reactor Designs to Get Digital Twins

Coronavirus Report: The Hill's Steve Clemons interviews Ernest Moniz


DOE Announces $27 Million for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems Operational Technology

NRC Commissioner Blasts Proposed Emergency Preparedness Rules For SMRs As A 'Radical Departure'

Radioactive Muck Found In Pond; Liner May Be Leaking At SC Nuclear Fuel Plant


The Atom: A Love Affair Review – Changing Reactions To Nuclear Power

Nuclear Reactor with 3D-Printed Core Slated for Operation in 2023


Integrated Head Package For Vogtle Unit 3 Placed Atop Reactor Vessel

With Ohio Law Secured, FirstEnergy Solutions Successor Moves To Increase Share Buybacks By $300 Million

NRC Seeks Comment on Proposed Rule for Emergency Preparedness for Small Modular Reactors and Other New Technologies

Energy Dept. to Release Idaho Cleanup Procurement Notice This Month

ORNL Developing 3D-printed Nuclear Microreactor

NRC Requests Info on Commercial Inspector General Applications

WIPP Monitoring Center's Funding Renewed For Five Years

NRC Moves On Emergency Plans, Licensing For Advanced Nukes, SMRs – Federal Register Notice Issued

DOE: Building a Uranium Reserve: The First Step in Preserving the US Nuclear Fuel Cycle

NNSA Chief: Pit Production Must 'Press Forward' Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

Oak Ridge Developing 3D-Printed Nuclear Reactor Core

3D-Printed Nuclear Reactor Promises Faster, More Economical Path To Nuclear Energy


Nuclear Power Plants Set Performance Records In Spite Of Pandemic

'New Normal': Inside The Struggle To Keep Reactors Running

Historic Reactor Dome Gets Facelift Nearly 60 Years After It Began Operation

America Really Wanted A Nuclear-Powered Fighter


TVA Refuels Nuclear Plants; Workers Screened And Work Limited Due To Pandemic

South Carolina Wants Full Environmental Impact Statement on Westinghouse Plant License Renewal

WIPP Monitoring Center's Funding Renewed For Five Years

Researchers Make Nuclear Fusion Safer and More Stable in Groundbreaking Discovery

DNFSB Gives Energy Dept. More Time to Reply to Recommendation on Nuke Safety Reg

White House Nominations Include Two for DNFSB

Trump's Security Order Could Have 'Chilling Effect,' Slow Smart Grid Deployment

Uranium Exclusive: Interview with Former Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham

WIPP Facility Near Carlsbad Ideal For Plutonium Disposal, Federal Regulators Say

Developments in Advanced Reactor Licensing and Nuclear Export Controls


Federal Officials Recommend Storage Of Nuclear Waste In West Texas

SC, Federal Government Wrestle Over Savannah River Site Plutonium Payments

DOE Plans To Again Extend Savannah River Remediation's Contract


Solyndra vs. Tesla: Lessons From The Last Recession

IEA Warns Coronavirus Could Impact Supply Chains For Clean Energy Materials

Tracking The Carbon Emissions From The World's Coronavirus Stimulus

Menedez, Rubio Will ‘Explore’ Changes to Atomic Energy Act to Tighten Oversight on Nuclear Exports

Federal Regulators: WIPP Facility Near Carlsbad Ideal For Plutonium Disposal

DNFSB Gives Energy Dept. More Time to Reply to Recommendation on Nuke Safety Reg

How COVID-19 Relief Reached A Uranium Firm In Wyoming

An Atomic Catch 22: Climate Change and the Decline of America's Nuclear Fleet


Trump's Push To Use Global Aid For Nuclear Projects Alarms Development Groups

Two Additional Coronavirus Cases Confirmed At Energy Department Headquarters

US Regulators Grant More Time to Consider Nuclear Fuel Plan

Earthquake Threat, Radioactive Pollution Spark DHEC Concerns About Nuclear Fuel Plant Near Columbia

Trump Backs Putin’s Nuclear Powers’ Summit

About $43B Set Aside For Clean-Energy Loans 'Being Withheld By Trump Administration'

SC Earthquake Strikes A Mile From Nuclear Plant Outside Columbia

GAO: US Should Keep Congress Informed About Nuclear Talks With Saudis

Senate Confirms NRC Inspector General In First Non-Coronavirus Vote Since May

Feds Renew $14.4M Grant for WIPP-Area Environmental Monitoring by New Mexico State University

New Material Finally Makes It Into the Almighty Nuclear Code

Study Reveals Single-Step Strategy For Recycling Used Nuclear Fuel


Nuclear Is Getting Hammered By Green Power And The Pandemic

At Hanford The Biggest Fear Isn’t Radiation, But Coronavirus








EDF Raises Nuclear Output Forecast For 2020

X-energy To Supply Fuel For Japan’s HTGR

Loss Of Power At Fermi Nuclear Reactor Along Lake Erie Caused By ‘Mayfly Accumulation’

Uranium Escaped The First Half Of 2020 Drop In The Energy Sector

X-energy and NFI Team Up To Supply HTGR Fuel

Long-Term Operation Essential For Cost-Effective Climate Benefits Of Nuclear

Molten Salt Reactors Are Nuclear's Future. How Do We Get There?

EDF, Other Firms Launch New Nuclear Plans For UK Cumbria Site

Worker At San Onofre Nuclear Plant Tests Positive For COVID-19

Commodities Were Hit by a Perfect Storm This Year – Uranium Has Avoided the Rout

Orano Acquires KSE And Strengthens Its Position in Industrial Maintenance

Temporary Injunction Slows Holtec’s Work at Closed Nuclear Plant

Holtec Project Challenged By Out-Of-State Groups Alleging Dangers In Transporting Nuclear Waste    

Moody's: Late-Stage Changes To Vogtle Nuclear Construction Activities Are Credit Negative

Uranium Week: Issues Of Supply And Demand

OPG Terminates Environmental Assessment Process For Repository

Meet Beth Jenkins: Watts Bar Nuclear’s New Plant Manager

These Power Companies Fought for a $300 Million Nuclear Subsidy. Now They Want a New Deal

Out-of-State Groups Challenge Holtec Project

EDF Faces $11 Million Fine Over Hinkley Point C Nuclear Project

NRC Accepts Crucial Advanced Nuclear Applications from Centrus, Oklo

SONGS Task Force Announces Findings and Recommendations for Spent Fuel Storage

NNSA Pushing Consolidated Nuclear Security Out at Pantex, Y-12

Report: Holtec Under Criminal Investigation 

A COVID-19 Hit To Public Power? For Some, It's Not All Bad

Three Big Players Work Together on Bulgarian Nuclear Plant

Judge Orders Decommissioning Temporarily Halted at Oyster Creek Generating Station

The Case for New Green Energy Units

Fierce Competition Or Not, Industry Exec Sees Bright Future For Nuclear Power

Moody's: Resequencing Of Vogtle Nuclear Plant Expansion Activities Is Credit Negative

Ontario Power Generation Formally Ends Effort To Place Nuclear Storage Site Near Lake Huron

Debris From Demolished Nuke Plants Is Coming To Utah, Where EnergySolutions Is Proposing A New Landfill


Georgia Power Announces Resequencing Of Vogtle Units 3 & 4 Planned Activities

TVA Gives Distributors More Flexibility To Generate Their Own Power

Could The Aspirations Of A Small Memphis Utility Signal The Beginning Of The End For TVA?

NRC Accepts Centrus Energy Application for License Expansion

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Sets Final Fees for Fiscal 2020

Holtec Reaches Agreement On Decommissioning Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Southern Co., Georgia Power Shift Executives As Part Of Organizational 'Realignments'

Uranium Week: A Nuclear Recovery

Isotek, DOE Sign Legacy Waste Contract Modification

Orano Finalizes Dismantling of the Experimental Reactor Ulysse at Saclay

EDF Explores Plans For New Nuclear Reactor In UK

X-Energy Receives $6M Grant From The US Government

Rising Energy Loads From Fewer COVID-19 Limits, Warming Weather Spark Utility Readiness Concerns

Australian Juniors Jump Aboard The US Uranium Revival Train

Atkins Secures Framework Role to Help UK Atomic Energy Authority Develop Fusion Energy

Judge Rules In MEAG Power's Favor On Vogtle PPA

SNC-Lavalin signs $254 Million Waste Management Contract Modification with DOE

TVA Boasts Better Safety Concerns Program, But Critics Want More NRC Review

Pilgrim Decommissioning Deal Surpasses Federal Requirements, Requires Cybersecurity Plan

Global Annual Installed Capacity Of Nuclear Power To Decline To 3GW Due To COVID-19

Holtec, Massachusetts Settle Lawsuit Over Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

Judge Rules JEA Is Still Bound To Georgia Nuclear Power Deal

JEA Loses Plant Vogtle Nuclear Power Lawsuit

Fluor Idaho Completes First Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipments

OPG Becomes First Utility to Snag Ownership Stake in Nuclear Microreactor Project

Vogtle Project Hits Another Milestone

Oklo Announces Historic Acceptance of Combined License Application

Energy Fuels Inc. CEO Highlights Firm’s Competitive Advantages Following US Nuclear Fuel Working Group Recommendations to Support Domestic Uranium Miners

Uranium Week: Falling Behind

Holtec Deploys Robotic Welder

Westinghouse, TVO And OKG Sign Key Competencies Cooperation Agreement


Rolls-Royce Triggers £250B Nuclear Race: Huge Boost For Economy If UK Consortium Gets Go-Ahead To Build Fleet Of SMRs

NRC to Prepare Full Environmental Impact Statement for Relicensing Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel Plant

GE-Hitachi Awarded Olkiluoto Outage Services Contract

Work Resumes At Entergy’s Grand Gulf Nuclear Station Following More Than $200M Investment

Framatome Completes Doel I&C Upgrade Project

Hydrogen May Be a Lifeline for Nuclear—But It Won’t Be Easy

Will Southern's Vogtle Project Face Another Delay?

Foratom Calls For Harmonization Of EU Supply Chain

Joint Venture Created For Chalk River MMR Project​

EIA: US Power Use To Drop By Record Amount In 2020 Due Coronavirus

SCANA Conspirators Helped Byrne Spin Lies About Nuclear Project, Document Alleges

TVA Refuels Three Nuclear Plants In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Westinghouse and Guardhat Collaborate On Digital Systems

Energy Markets: States Seeking Exit From FERC Rule Face Steep Off-Ramp

Georgia Vogtle Nuclear Report: More Delays, $1B In Extra Costs, Flaws

Uranium Price Steadies as Sector Awaits Mine Restarts

Refueling, Maintenance Tasks Completed At TVA’s Watts Bar Nuclear Unit 1

Holtec Launches New Heavy Load Transporter

Silex Systems Presses Ahead In Nuclear Enrichment, Will Australia Follow?

Bruce Power’s Unit 7 Surpasses One Year Of Delivering Reliable, Clean Power To Ontario

Rolls-Royce Commits To Net-Zero Carbon Operations By 2030

Coronavirus ‘Accelerating Closure’ Of Ageing Fossil-Fuelled Power Plants

Uneven Progress On Clean Energy Technologies Faces Further Pressure From the COVID-19 Crisis


Southern’s Nuke Project ‘Highly Unlikely’ To Meet Deadlines

EDF Says Its French Nuclear Output tumbled By 22% In May

Holtec’s Interim Nuclear Waste Application Challenged In Court

Big Reasons To Finance Small Reactors

OPG, SNC Lavalin Complete Three-Year Rebuild Of Darlington Nuclear Unit 2

Silex Systems Closer To Majority Ownership Of Global Laser Enrichment After Amended US Department of Energy Deal

Rolls-Royce To Help Develop Nuclear Fusion Energy In The UK

EDF Terminates Nuclear Electricity Supply Contracts

Framatome Acquires BWX Technologies' US Nuclear Services Business

Steel Guard Safety Expands Product Lines for Radiation Shielding in Nuclear Power Plants

Doosan Heavy's Biz Shake-Up Stirs Controversy

BWXT Divests US Nuclear Services Portfolio

Seabrook Nuclear Plant Gets Back Online Safely After Emergency Shutdown

EDF: Second Reactor Base Completed At Hinkley C Nuclear Project In UK

EDF’s New UK Nuclear Plan Under Intense Scrutiny

Uranium Week: No Sign Yet Of Utilities

Thor Mining Acquires US Uranium And Vanadium Assets

Lightbridge Awarded Patent in Eurasia for Innovative Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

South Korea's State-Owned Banks To Provide Doosan Heavy I&C With Additional Support Of 1.2 Trillion Won

Why Is Southern Co. Up 0.6% Since Last Earnings Report?

Only One Oil Major Is Betting Big On Renewable Energy

Colorado Uranium Firm Restarting Mining Activities 

With Vogtle Completion in Sight, Southern Company Targets Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Framatome To Provide Engineering Services To UK Nuclear Fleet

MPC Lid Welding Passes US Regulatory Inspection

Bechtel Completes Water Tank Construction on Plant Vogtle Unit 3 Nuclear Facility

Southern Targets Net-Zero Emissions By 2050

EDF Suffers Second Setback Over Nuclear Supply Contracts

TVA Fights To Keep Its Biggest Customer As Memphis And Other Distributors Eye Split With Utility

EDF Seeks Building Consent For Britain's Sizewell C Nuclear Plant

Bechtel Sets Top of Unit 3 at US Nuclear Plant Construction Site

Framatome Providing In-House Services For 15 Reactors At Eight EDF Nuclear Plants In UK

Uranium Gains Momentum, Surpasses All Commodities Amid Virus

Lightbridge Receives Australian Patent for Innovative Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Uranium Week: Production Reduction

Rosatom: Small Nuclear Reactors Key To Sustainable Development By Ensuring Zero Emissions 

Medical Isotopes Firm Takes Revenue Hit Amid Pandemic, But Says Impact Will Be ‘Relatively Short Lived’

Reduced Demand For Electricity Leads To Power Giveaways

Orano Completes Dry Storage Campaign At Fort Calhoun

FERC Approves PJM Reserve Overhaul With $2B Price Tag, Critics Say Move Ignores Overcapacity

Final Module Placed For Southern's Vogtle Unit 3 Nuclear Plant

Eletronuclear: COVID-19 To Delay Brazil Nuclear Plant

Energy Fuels Looks To Rare Earths To Enhance White Mesa Operations

No New COVID-19 Cases at Nuclear Fuel Services

Final RFP for Savannah River Nuclear Waste, Materials Contract Could Come In September

IEA Looks At The Impact Of COVID-19 On Global Energy

US Uranium Production Slumped 89% Last Year

Slow, Steady Progress for Two US Nuclear Power Projects

EDF Ordered To Accept Suspension Of Supply Contract With Total

General Atomics Announces Integration of Nuclear Tech Division Into EMS Group


TVA Moves Toward Full 9-Member Board As Nominees Vow To Support Small Modular Reactors, More Renewables

Vogtle Has Seen 230 Coronavirus Cases; 198 of Those Workers Have Recovered

US Uranium Output Falls 89% In 2019

Rosatom Eases Employee Coronavirus Restrictions


Nuclear Grant Projects Use GE Hitachi's SMR Technology

Two Orano Nuclear Installations Officially Delicensed

General Atomics-Led Team Releases New Research Into Nuclear Fusion Optimization

Uranium Week: Light At The End Of The Tunnel


X-energy Awarded $6 Million From The Department of Energy's ARPA-E Program

Should Memphis Leave TVA? A Pros And Cons List For The Historic Decision

South Korea's Doosan Heavy To Put About 400 Employees Under Paid Suspension Amid Slump

China Nuclear Engineering & Construction's New Contracts Down 0.7% Y/Y In April

Refueling Outage At Fermi 2 Complicated, Delayed Due To Coronavirus Cases Among Workers

Centrus Had Profitable First Quarter as Virus Raged

Why Uranium Has Rallied, Defying A Drop In The Energy Sector

Pilgrim Plant Sale Dents Entergy Earnings in First Quarter

Cameco To Restarts Ontario Operations But Is Cautious About The Future

Babcock & Wilcox Gains $70M Credit Lifeline Amidst Struggles In Power Sector

NRC Approves First COVID-19 Exemption for Spent-Fuel Storage Rules

X-energy TRISO-X Fuel To Be Irradiated At MIT

GE Research Awarded $5.4 Million To Reduce Nuclear Power Plant Costs

Industry Experts Assess Energy’s Future Amid Coronavirus

France's EDF Reports 1% Drop In Q1 Revenue As Nuclear Output Falls

NRC Urged to Reject Pennsylvania Intervention in TMI-2 License Transfer

Cameco To Restart Production At Its Port Hope UF6 Plant And Blind River Refinery

Pilgrim Plant Closure Hits Entergy Revenue in 1Q

France's Engie To Speed Up Cuts To Unprofitable Business

Exelon Downgrades 2020 Earnings Guidance As Coronavirus, Unfavorable Weather Take A Toll

Centrus Reports First Quarter 2020 Results

Exelon’s Illinois Nuclear Plants Set Operational Records Amid Refueling Outages During COVID-19 Pandemic

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant On Track To Complete Decommissioning Project

E.ON Sold Ahead German Nuclear Power At Above Market Prices

Cameco To Resume Operation Of Ontario Facilities

Inside the Refueling of a Nuclear-Power Plant as Coronavirus Hit

Exelon Wants Illinois’ Help During The Pandemic

TVA Utilizes COVID-19 Workforce Practices In Completing Sequoyah Unit 2 O&M Work

Ur-Energy Releases 2020 Q1 Results

Dominion Close To Settling Case With Securities Regulators Over SC Nuclear Project

Illinois Nuclear Plants Set Outage Performance Records While Keeping Their Workers and Communities Safe During COVID-19

NREC: Electric Grid Challenges Will Grow If COVID-19 Impacts Extend Into Summer Demand Season

'No Existing Playbook': COVID-19 Forcing NV Energy, NYPA and Other Utilities To Get Creative

NRG Energy's Profit, Revenue Decline In 1st Quarter

Pandemic Concerns Interrupt Michigan Nuclear Plant Outage

TVA Getting More Power From Renewables Than Coal This Year – 43% Nuclear

DTE Temporarily Suspends Fermi Refueling Work

Dominion Energy Unit Reaches Deal To Settle SEC Case Over Nuclear Project

Centrus Chief to Receive High Honor From Japanese Government

The Top Reasons the Uranium Bull Market is Just Getting Underway

Dominion Energy Unit Reaches Deal To Settle SEC Case Over Nuclear Project

Dominion Steels Itself For Market Volatility, Anticipating Slow Economic Reopening In Virginia, South Carolina

BWXT Seeing Only Incremental Impacts From COVID-19

Tesla Delays Electric Semi Truck Delivery To 2021, Citing Battery Supply Issues

Looming Coal and Nuclear Plant Closures Put ‘Just Transition’ Concept to the Test

Investing: Looking for a Glowing Commodity? Try Uranium

No COVID-19 Cases Found At Vermont Yankee


Westinghouse Installs First-Of-A-Kind 3D-Printed Fuel Component Inside Commercial Nuclear Reactor

BWX Technologies Reports Record First Quarter 2020 Results

Southern Raised At Credit Suisse As Nuke Plant Risk Priced In

Producers Announce Pre-COVID Uranium Output

Russia’s Rosenergoatom Looks To Expand Isotope Business

Uranium Miners In Limbo

Time For Yellowcake’s Day In The Sun?

Dominion Energy plan: Electric Bills Could Rise 3% A Year Over The Next Decade To Pay For Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Under Pressure To Sell More Assets

Investing: Why Uranium Markets Are Gaining Interest

A Nuclear Power Side Venture: Medical Isotope Production

Lightbridge Notified of Patent Grant from the Japan Patent Office for its Innovative Fuel

Is Vogtle Nuclear Expansion on Schedule? CEO Sounds Confident

Southern: Coronavirus Slows Work On New Georgia Vogtle Nuclear Reactors in US

Open Vessel Testing Complete For Vogtle Unit 3

ARC And Centrus Announces Plans To Cooperate On US Enrichment Capacity

Silex Resumed Laser Enrichment Activities

Southern Company Q1 Earnings Top, Vogtle Timeline Intact

New York's Indian Point Unit 2 Shuts Down

Centrus To Develop HALEU Fuel To Power ARC-100 Fast Reactor

Just How Big Is the Biggest-Ever Slump in World Oil Demand?

Holtec SMR To Use Commercially-Available Framatome Fuel

DOE Extends Jacobs-Led Project On Clearing Former Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant In NY

Workers Repair Corrosion Problem At Beaver Valley Nuclear Reactor

Coronavirus Accelerates Decline Of Coal Industry

Could Oil Prices Go Negative Again? It's Possible

Lightbridge To Design Metallic Fuel Samples For US DOE

New Uranium Bull Market Underway

Utility Giant Duke Energy Reports First Significant Drop In Carbon Emissions Since 2015

Framatome To Modernise Crane I&C System At FRM II

Advanced Reactor Concepts and Centrus Energy Sign Letter of Intent for HALEU Supply

GE, Siemens, Utilities Take Hits From Coronavirus

Workers Repair Corrosion Problem At Beaver Valley Nuclear Reactor

Leidos, Parsons Retain $4B Nuclear Cleanup Contract With Protest Win

GEH To Hold Webinar On BWRX-300

Atkins Wins Hinkley Point C Safety Contract

Doosan Heavy To Get Additional $649.8M From Policy Lenders

Investing: How to Profit From Uranium Going Nuclear

NRC Delivers Briefing On Indian Point Decommissioning

Five Things To Know About The Turmoil In The Oil Market

Uranium Energy Corp Applauds the Nuclear Fuel Working Group Report - Restoring America's Competitive Nuclear Energy Advantage

Electric Grid Challenges Will Grow If COVID-19 Impacts Extend Into Summer Demand Season

Santee Cooper’s Top In-House Lawyer Fired As Utility Continues To Face Uncertain Future

Framatome: Committed To Helping States Reach Carbon Emission Goals

CNL & Moltex Energy Partner on SMR Fuel Research

Lightbridge Comments on Historic Nuclear Fuel Working Group Report

China National Nuclear Power Says 2019 Net Profit Up, Q1 Down

NextEra, NRC Pressed For Pandemic Plan At Seabrook Station

Uranium: The Comeback Kid

Uranium Energy Corp CEO Outlines Need for US Action to Address America's Uranium Import Dependence

Battelle Energy Alliance Calls For Industry Partners In Advanced Construction Technology Push

Rolls-Royce To Upgrade Finnish Loviisa Safety Automation Systems

Inside TVA's Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Producing Carbon-Free Power

Virus Outbreak Raises Spectre of Cash Injection for Indebted EDF

Uranium Bulls: The Queue Starts Here

Medical Isotope Supply Chain Faces Challenges From COVID-19

Why Oil Prices Fell Into Negative Territory — And Why It Might Happen Again

Uranium Week: Squeeze Is On

Rolls-Royce Wins 'Significant' Nuclear Contract

Fate of Beaver Valley Plant Could Hinge On Federal Fight Over Nuclear Payments In Power Markets

Plant Vogtle Confirms 89 Employees Test Positive For COVID-19

Uranium Bulls: The Queue Starts Here

Vogtle Nuclear Expansion Workforce Reduced Due To COVID-19

Ur-Energy Closes on Paycheck Protection Program Loans and Provides Operational and Market Update

Utility Stocks Aren't Immune to COVID-19's Impact

Uranium Surges 31% Amid Shutdowns To Become Year’s Top Commodity

EDF Expects Steep Drop In Domestic Nuclear Output To Record Low In 2020

Energy Fuels Spotlighted in Broadcast Discussing US Uranium Supply Chain Reinvigoration

Bruce Power Nuclear Plant, Union Giving Combined $400,000 to COVID-19 Research

As The Coronavirus Pandemic Bites, EDF Lowers Its Nuclear Output Projections For 2020

About Half Of World's Production Of Uranium Has Been Cut

Uranium Rockets As Supply Is Whacked By COVID-19

Global Atomic Outlines Viable Dasa Economics

Southern To Cut Workforce At Vogtle Nuclear Site

Plant Vogtle Confirms 42 Employees Test Positive For COVID-19

Millstone Moving Forward With Reactor Refueling Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Jacobs Extends Engagement With UK, French-Based Nuclear Fusion Research Projects

Uranium Prices Are Up - What’s Driving?

Investing: The Case for Buying Uranium Stocks Just Got Stronger

2 Nuclear Contractors Ready to Cope with Pandemic

Canadian Firms Extend Suspension Of Uranium Operations

DOE Taps RSI, TFE, Amentum to Perform Post-Closure Nuclear Site Management 

Multiple COVID-19 Cases Confirmed Among Nuclear Fuel Services Employees

Millstone Moving Forward With Reactor Refueling Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

First Refurbished Darlington Unit Starts Up

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



ANS Nuclear Cafe

NEXT 100




Mysterious Explosion and Fire Damage Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility

Russia, China Drive Africa’s Plan for Nuclear Expansion

South Ukraine 2 Fully Loaded With Westinghouse Fuel

Hungary Submits Licence Application For Two New Reactor Units

Labour Questions 'Aggressive' China's Involvement In UK 5G And Nuclear Energy Deals

SFEN: New Nuclear Will Ensure France's Energy Security

‘Incident’ Damages Building Near Iran Nuclear Plant; Reactor Said Untouched

World’s First Floating Nuclear Plant Starts Heating Asia’s Northernmost Town

UK Regulator Receives Application For New Sizewell Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear At Heart Of Proposed UK Moorside Clean Energy Hub

Russia Tells IAEA It Is Incident-Free After Nuclear Particle Increase

Russia's Nuclear Play For Power In Africa

South Korean Government Failing in Spent Nuclear Fuel Management

Early Restart Agreed For Sweden's Ringhals 1 After Maintenance Outage

Fossil Fuels Make Up 84 Percent Of The Global Energy Market

Pro-Nuclear Energy Protesters Rally Against Greenpeace In Paris

French Finance Minister: Nuclear Energy Remains Relevant For France

Conflicting Emotions As France Shutters Oldest Nuclear Plant

Hungary To Apply For Nuclear Plant Expansion Licence On Tuesday

US Warns Hitachi Not To Sell UK Nuclear Project To China

Russia Denies Nuclear Incident After International Body Detects Isotopes


First Nuclear Reactor In Poland To Be Ready In 2033, Official Says

UK Nuclear Project: Donald Trump Plea Over Site Sale Dismissed

Kremlin Is Not Aware Of Any Alarms In Regard To Nuclear Particles Over The Baltics

Construction Starts On 2nd Unit Of Turkey's 1st Nuclear Power Plant Akkuyu

Expansion of Paks Nuclear Waste Storages Going to Plan


US Pressures Hitachi on UK Nuclear Site Sale to China

Europe Pushed To Finance Natural Gas, Nuclear As Part Of Green Deal

France's Oldest Nuclear Reactor To Finally Shut Down

Radiation Level Increase In Northern Europe May ‘Indicate Damage’ To Nuclear Power Plant In Russia

Russia Begins Preparatory Work For Four New Reactors

Brazil Looks To HALEU

EU Countries Agree Their Green Transition Fund Will Not Pay for Move to Nuclear or Fossil Gas

Lithuania Spurns Baltic Presidents' Meeting Amid Nuclear Power Rift

Sensors Detect Rise In Nuclear Particles On Baltic Sea

Chinese Nuclear Giants May Face US Sanctions After Appearing On Pentagon List

Cost of UK's New Sizewell C Nuclear Plant Put At £20B

IAEA Releases 2019 Data on Nuclear Power Plants Operating Experience

UK Nuclear Sector Calls For Quick Decision On New Power Stations

Power Play: Race For Czech Nuclear Plant Stirs Geopolitical Stew

Polish Minister Urges European Support For Nuclear


US-Poland Celebrate Energy Partnership Including New Nuclear

UK's Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station Plans Accepted For Scrutiny

Saskatchewan To Develop Plan Around Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Canada, USA Build Critical Minerals Cooperation Including Uranium

Britain's Torness 2 Nuclear Reactor Offline After Unplanned Outage

Help Coal-Dependent Countries Switch To Nuclear, Ministers Tell EU​

UK Industry Presents Nuclear Roadmap To Net-Zero

Nuclear Developers Press For ‘Prompt’ Decision On New UK Plants

Nuclear Waste Shipment Leaves Germany For Russia

Rosatom Seeks Foreign Partners For MBIR Reactor

Dismantling Of French Research Reactor Completed

China Overshadows Nuclear Treaty Talks Between US, Russia

Russian Tests Confirm Safety Of Next-Generation Nuclear Fuel Mix

Russia Ships Nuclear Power Equipment For Units 3,4 at India's Kudankulam

Engineers Take Jobs At Turkey’s First Nuclear Plant After Trainings In Russia

Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Reconnected To Grid


Russian-US-French Team Angles For Bulgaria’s Belene Nuclear Power Plant

Turkey’s Russian Nuclear Power Project Hits Legal Hurdle

US-Russia Nuclear Talks To Begin, But No Sign Of China Joining In

Chinese Navy Steps Closer To New Generation Of Nuclear Submarines

The Impact of COVID-19 on Nuclear Electricity Sales Contracts in France

Don't Hold Your Breath As Warsaw Unveils Nuclear Future

Iran Is Accused of Hiding Suspected Nuclear Activity

Polish and US Presidents To Discuss Nuclear Energy

Study: Wind Alone Too Risky – UK Needs Nuclear Hydrogen To Hit 2050 Net-Zero Goal

Three More ‘Hinkley Point C Scale’ Nuclear Projects Would Help UK Reach Net Zero

It’s Not Techno-Angst That’s Driving East Asia to Abandon Nuclear Power


Rosatom, Framatome, GE team Up For Bulgarian Nuclear Tender

Germany Shows the World How to Green the Stimulus

Polish Climate Minister Lists Benefits Of Adopting Nuclear

Tests Start On Modified VVER-440 Fuel For Dukovany

Leningrad II-2 Gets Regulatory Approval For Physical Start-Up

Construction Of Second Nuclear Reactor Concrete Base At Hinkley Point C Completed

UK's NIRAB Recommends The Development of SMRs and AMRs

China Tops World In Most Nuclear Power Units Being Built In 2019

Uranium Exploration In Pakistan Approved

South Africa: Participants Urged To Present Accurate Data For Nuclear Program

South Africa Starts Consultations On Nuclear New Build

Russia Starts Installation Work At Fuel Fabrication Facility

Belgian Regulator Supports Geological Disposal For High-Level Waste

South Africa Consults With Industry On Nuclear Power Plans

UAE Crown Prince Inspects Progress At The Country’s First Nuclear Power Project

Despite Lockdown, IAEA Continues Nuclear Verification and Supports Countries Fighting COVID-19 in Largest Ever Operation

South Africa Requests Information to Expand Nuclear Power

France Says 'No Nuclear Accident' During Submarine Fire

An Insight into Egypt-Russian Cooperation on Nuclear Power

Nirab Describes Ways To Include Nuclear In UK’s Net-Zero Policy

Leningrad II-2 Completes Hot Testing

How Russia’s Biggest, Most Powerful Nuclear Icebreakers Will Win the Arctic

Rolls-Royce-Led Consortium In Talks Over Plans To Build New Nuclear Reactors In UK's West Cumbria

French Nuclear Submarine On Fire At Toulon Harbor

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Commends Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant's Progress

France Sees No Winter Power Blackouts Despite Nuclear Outages

South African Activists Threaten To Sue Over Nuclear Plan

IAEA: Reactors Are Maintaining Safe Operation During Pandemic

Armenia, Russia Fail To Agree On Loan For Nuclear Plant Upgrade

TEPCO Finds No Obstacles To Removing Fuel Rods From Fukushima Reactor

Hinkley Point C: Dust Cloud Released As Nuclear Site Silo Damaged

Brazil Government Approves Plan To Complete Third Nuclear Plant

Belarus Nears Completion Of Major Nuclear Project

Rosatom To Convert Fast Reactor To MOX Fuel In 2022

Fortum Contracted For Swedish Plant Dismantling Work

World Food Safety Day: Nuclear Techniques Used to Keep our Food Safe

Europe’s Nuclear Industry Addresses An Open Letter To EU Leaders

US, Russia To Start Nuclear Arms Control Talks This Month

'Only Partial Recovery' For European Power Prices In 2021-23

Japan's TEPCO Renewable To Spend $9-18 Billion By 2035 On Green Power

China Poised to Pull Plans for UK Nuclear Plants

Danger Ahead: US Bumps In China’s Global Belt And Road


China Threatens To Pull Plug On New British Nuclear Plants


75 Photos of Hinkley Point C Which Show The Scale Of Britain's Newest Nuclear Power Plant

Post-COVID Recovery Brings Decarbonization Opportunity

UN Nuclear Watchdog Has 'Serious Concern' At Iran Denying Inspections

EU Considers Broadening Scrutiny of Foreign Investments

UK Finds That Green Business Is Good Business

IAEA Launches Tool For Enhancing Safety Culture

UK's Sizewell C Nuclear Plant Under Scrutiny Over Chinese Role

Industry Urges EC To Recognize Nuclear’s Role In Economic Recovery

European Nuclear Players Call For Coherent Policy Amid COVID-19

UK Nuclear Regulator Issues EDF Energy With Heysham 1 Improvement Notice

China Plans To Dominate The Global Nuclear Energy Push

Japanese Gas-Cooled Reactor Clear For Restart

New IAEA Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Database Facilitates National Data Reporting and Sharing

Euratom Supply Agency Marks Diamond Anniversary

Nuclear Must Be Part Of A Post-Virus And Low-Carbon Recovery

Italy Approves Dismantling Of Latina Plant

Atomenergomash Completes Components For Bangladesh, India Projects​

Russia Is Quickly Becoming The Most Dominant Force In Energy

French Nuclear Output Slumps To Multi-Year Low In May

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Reactor Concrete Base Completed

New UK Nuclear Power Station Reaches Major Milestone

£1.7B Investment By Nuclear In South West Economy ‘Just The Beginning’ Says Industry Chief


Japan's Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant Gets Green Light But Hurdles Remain

North Korea Nuclear Fuel Plant Still Operational Despite US Pressure To End Program

Dubai's Clean Energy Now Makes Up 9% Of Total Energy Mix

Puerto Rico Considers Nuclear

Assembly of ITER Fusion Machine Gets Under Way

Czech State Offers To Pay 70% Of Dukovany Unit Cost

Russia's Rosatom Looks To 2030

Reflections On Germany’s Nuclear Phaseout

Inside The Last Of Germany's Disappearing Nuclear Plants

Russia Ships Equipment For Turkey’s Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

North Korea Still Operating, Improving Major Nuclear Fuel Plant

France's Nuclear Regulator Not Aware Of New Delay In Flamanville's EPR

Czech State Ready To Lend CEZ Money To Push Nuclear Expansion Ahead

European Recovery Plan Omits Nuclear Energy

Romania's Nuclearelectrica To End Reactor Talks With China's CGN

Slovenian Decision On Second Nuclear Unit Expected By 2027

Decommissioning Application Submitted For Spain's Garoña

South Korea Embarks On An Ambitious Renewable Energy Plan

Finland's New Nuclear Reactor Hit By Valve Leak

Russia Commissions World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant

NIASA Sets Out Funding Options For South African New Build

Russia Processes 100,000 Tons Of Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride

Ukraine Hopes To Complete Used Fuel Storage By September

EDF UK Hopes To Submit Nuclear Plant Planning Application Soon

Finland's New Nuclear Reactor Start-Up Plan Hit By Valve Leak

Bulgaria's Kozloduy Plant Reconnects Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

UAE Adding Nuclear To Portfolio Of Energy Sources

Russia Commissions Floating Nuclear Plant

Canadian Supply Chain Delivers For COVID-19 Response

Russian Specialists To Adjust Vibrations In India's Kudankulam Nuclear Power Unit

Facing Energy Crisis, Ukraine Gives Nuclear Power More Leeway

Bulgaria's Kozloduy Plant Reconnects Nuclear Reactor After Maintenance

Puerto Rico Publishes First Study On Nuclear Reactor Feasibility

Preparatory Construction For Brest-300 Reactor Begins In Russia

Russia Commissioned World’s First Floating Nuclear Power Plant

Arms Control Experts Concerned By Saudi Nuclear Reactor Push

New Nuclear Technologies To Be Examined In Planning Australia's Energy Mix

Nuclear Technology To Help Combat COVID-19

Fire at Shuttered Dutch Nuclear Plant; No Radiation Risk

Study: Small Reactors Feasible In Puerto Rico


UAE Becomes First Peaceful Nuclear Energy Operating Nation In Arab World

Saudi Atomic Reactor Progresses With Inspectors Still Frozen Out

Global Nuclear Regulators Examine Response To Pandemic

Ukraine Passes Bill To Secure Euratom Loan

Canadian Partnership To Provide Low Cost Nuclear Power To Remote Areas

Barakah Power Plant Passes Major Testing Phase For Its Final Unit

Nuclear Power to Be Replaced with LNG, Renewable Energy Powers in South Korea

Japanese Nuclear Reactor Suspended For Safety Measure Delay

Leningrad II-2 Start-Up Postponed To April 2021

IAEA Commends French Nuclear Waste Program

Why Oil Rich UAE Is Developing Nuclear Power

India Opens Nuclear Energy Space to Private Firms

France's ASN Nuclear Watchdog Resumes On-Site Inspections

Norwegian Reactor Dismantling To Cost Almost $2 Billion

Leningrad II Cooling Tower Undergoes Hydrostatic Testing

Japan’s Kyushu To Shut Sendai Reactor For Eight Months

Pandemic Won't Halt Construction On Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant

NIASA: Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Would Be Beneficial For South Africa


White House Official Urges Britain Not To Hand China Control Of Its Electricity As Beijing-Run Nuclear Energy Company Jostles For Dominance

India Opens Nuclear Energy Space To Private Players But For Cancer Research And Other Consumer Applications Only

Germany: Radiation Leak Detected At Research Reactor

Spot Prices Mixed On Increased German Renewables, Less French Nuclear

TEPCO Prepares To Survey Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 Fuel Pool

Russia Says US Shows No Readiness to Extend Key Nuclear Pact

Spectacular Demolition At German Nuclear Site

Keel Laying Of Fourth Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Set For May 26th

Japan's Aomori Facility For Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel Gets Initial Safety OK

Japan Regulators Approve Nuclear Plant Capable Of Extracting Plutonium

UK Nuclear Entity Hires Jacobs To Research Radioactivity In Graphite Cores

Former German Nuclear Plant Towers Demolished in Morning Blasts

Regulators OK Troubled Nuclear Fuel Processing Plant In Northeastern Japan

IAEA's COVID-19 Funding Reaches EUR22 Million

Euratom Report Focuses On Security Of Fuel Supply

China's Nuclear Heating Project Approved

Armenia Will Use New Funds To Upgrade Nuclear Plant In Face Of Pandemic Delays

Coronavirus: Australia Mining Association ‘Extremely Concerned’ For Industry

Deep Isolation Expands UK Presence to Better Serve EMEA Nuclear Waste Disposal Market

UAE Nuclear Power Plant To Achieve Criticality 'Very Soon'

EU Advocate General Supports Hinkley Point Project Despite Austrian Protests

South Africa Announces Roadmap For New Nuclear Build

Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants' Output Plunges To Lowest Level On Record

UAE: Production At Barakah Nuclear Plant Unimpeded By COVID-19

Southern African Radiation Protection Association In Favor Of New Nuclear Build Plan In South Africa

Malfunction Reduces Paks Block Capacity, No Impact on Nuclear Safety

UAE: COVID-19 Won’t Delay Barakah Nuclear Plant

World Nuclear Association: More Reactors Needed For Low-Carbon Future After COVID-19

Canada’s Plan For The Safe, Long-Term Management Of Used Nuclear Fuel

ENEC CEO Addresses Barakah Nuclear Plant Goals And Schedule

Britain's Sizewell B-2 Nuclear Plant Offline For Planned Outage


South Africa To Develop Plan For New 2,500 MW Nuclear Plant

South Korea Keeps To Plan Of Weaning The Country Off Nuclear Fuel

EU Court Adviser Rejects Challenge To UK Aid For Nuclear Plant

CNNC Announces Progress At China's Generation IV Shidao Bay HTR-PM

Central Asia: EBRD Says Uranium Remediation Work Is Progressing, Despite Pandemic

A Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Created A Habitat For Tropical Fish


French Nuclear Power Generation Fell 15.5% Year-On-Year In April

UAE's Barakah-1 Nuclear Reactor Will Reach Criticality 'Very Soon'

Coronavirus: Sizewell B Could Cut Power Output As UK Energy Demand Slumps

Four Major UK Nuclear Projects Hit By Social Distancing And Project Delays

Scientists Demand Proper Assessment Of Nuclear In EU Taxonomy

IAEA Reactor Simulators Get More Use During COVID-19 Lockdown

East China Nuclear Base Passes Appraisal To Provide Large-Scale Heating

Rosatom Fears For Its Nuclear Cities Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Ukraine Considers Using Nuclear Plants for Cryptocurrency Mining

France's Framatome, Germany's TUM To Develop New Research Reactor Fuel

Ukraine: Three Nuclear Units To Go Temporarily Offline As Pandemic Hits Energy Demand

Finland: Regulator Completes Three-Day Supplier Inspection Online

Japan's Onagawa 2 Upgrade Faces Further Delay

Belgium Starts Producing Mo-99 Using LEU

Britain's Heysham 2-7 Nuclear Reactor Comes Back Online After Outage

Russia Inks Contract to Build World's Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker


Plutonium Pact Between US, Russia Faces Precarious Future

Australian Governments 'Need To Be Brave' And Consider Nuclear Energy

Ontario Nuclear Supply Chain Joins COVID-19 Response

France’s April Nuclear Output Plunges To Record Low

Milestone Achieved on China's HTR-PM Reactor Project

Iter: South Korea Completes First Section Of Vacuum Vessel

Finland Performs Remote Inspection Of New Nuclear Plant Project

French Regulator To Monitor Safety When EDF Nuclear Plants Resume Activities

UAE Regulator Outlines Its Role In COVID-19 Response

Sea Level Rise Threatens UK Nuclear Reactor Plans

NGOs Demand Place For Nuclear In EU Taxonomy

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Agrees Collaboration With Moltex Energy

Framatome To Modernize Neutron Research Reactor At German University

Concern As Coronavirus Threatens Russia's Closed ‘Nuclear Cities’

French Regulator To Monitor Safety When EDF Nuclear Plants Resume Activities

Row Looming In Ukrainian Energy Sector As Three Nuclear Units Set To Be Shut Down In Favor Of Renewables

After Devastating Fires, Australia Needs A New Environmental Agenda


Canada's Nuclear Industry Rallies Together In Fight Against COVID-19

Czech Government Takes Step Towards Building New Nuclear Plant

France Will Maintain Fessenheim Nuclear Reactor Closure Schedule

Britain And The EU Revisit Familiar Misunderstandings On Brexit

EDF Poised To Lodge Nuclear Plant Application For Britain's Sizewell C

China Questions Handling Of Nuclear Projects By The US; Terms It ‘Inconsistent’ With Facts

IAEA: Fires Near Chernobyl Pose 'No Risk To Human Health'

Russian Firms To Build World's Most Powerful Nuclear Icebreaker

China Firmly Opposes "Politicization" Of Nuclear Energy Cooperation By US

US Tightens Norms For Nuclear Exports To Pakistan

UK’s Hartlepool Nuclear Station Unit 2 Back Online Despite Workarounds Due To Coronavirus

Argentina Government Announces Plans To Revive Carem-25 SMR Project

France Announces Renewables Push To 2028, Keeps Coal And Nuclear

Fusion Energy Gets Ready to Shine—Finally

Genkai Upgrade Work Suspended After Worker Diagnosed With Covid-19

German Interim Waste Storage Facility Completed At Unterweser

South Korea To Spend $264 Million On Nuclear Decommissioning Research Lab

Argentinean Reactor Projects To Resume After Hiatus

Could SMRs Be A Possible Energy Source For Australia's Queensland?

Should Africa Consider The Nuclear Energy Route?

EDF Agrees With Court Ruling On Fixed Prices

Saudi Nuclear Projects Can Meet Desalination Needs And Generate Jobs

South Korea To Spend 322B Won On Nuclear Decommissioning Research Lab

With Ukraine Already on Lockdown, Chernobyl Burns

Japanese Mayor Linked To Bribery Scandal Over Nuclear Plant Re-Elected

French Court Backs EDF In Dispute With Distributors Over Supply Contracts

Russian Regulator Approves Infrastructure Work For Floating Nuclear Power Plant

Fall of Natural Gas Prices Speeds Energy Shift in East Asia

New Foratom President: Europe Needs Nuclear Energy

Russian Regulator Approves Infrastructure Work For Floating Nuclear Plant

Curve Extends Gains On France Nuclear Cut, CO2

Outer Containment Dome Capped At Pakistan's Kanupp-2 Hualong One Plant


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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