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With Uranium Mining Under Pressure, Wyoming Lawmakers Suggest Tax Cuts

Automation Speeds Up Production Of Nuclear Space Fuel

Why There Are No Nuclear Airplanes

Pilgrim Critics Challenge Entergy and Holtec


New Bipartisan Duo Emerges As Senate Panel Sets Course On Energy

Solar Investment Plunges Amid Panel Glut

Former WIPP State Lead Talks Capacity Changes

US Oil Boom Is Defying Expectations


How Scientific Chance And A Little Luck Helped Usher In Nuclear Energy

Former NRC Chairman’s Reckoning With His Rocky Tenure And Resignation

NRC: Not Impacted By Partial Shutdown

No Ruling For Now On Nevada Bid To Block Plutonium Shipments

Nuclear Board Sees No Quick Fix For LANL Issues

Antis Appeal Storage Limits Change For WIPP

Trump Signs Bill Streamlining Advanced Nuclear Regs As Senate Considers R&D Funding

Is The UK Government Cooling On New Nuclear?

NRC All Clear: US Nuclear Plants Weather Big East Coast Quake

New Bill, Signed By Trump, To Streamline Nuclear Energy Regulation

Will PG&E's Bankruptcy Affect Diablo Canyon Community Settlement?

Asian-Americans Rising In Trump Administration Including Nuclear Energy

INL To Benefit From Nuclear Innovation Legislation Signed Into Law By Trump


Die-Hards Push For Green New Deal Minus Nuclear Energy Hydro, Markets...

US Chamber: Shutdown Is Slowing Trump's 'Energy Dominance' Agenda

Fukushima Residents Begin Return To Community Despite Lingering Loss Of Public Trust


Trump's Nuclear Revival? It's A 'Black Box'

Wyoming Uranium Projects Look To The Future

What Counts As Clean In The Green New Deal?

FERC Continues to Forge Its Own Path in Considering Climate Impacts in Pipeline Applications 

Nuclear’s Bleak Uphill In A Green New Deal — But Not Yet Written Off

Shock Claim: Antarctica Is Losing 6X More Ice A Year Than It Was In The 1970s 

Experts: The Only Way To Save The Planet Is Nuclear Energy


Gone Rogue -- Ex-NRC Chief Jaczko Urges Abandonment Of Nuclear Energy

As The US Nuclear Fleet Ages, One Lab Group Hopes To Give It A Second Wind

Trump Hits Back At Russia Reports By Touting Energy Policies

NASA's Deep-Space Nuclear-Power Crisis May Soon End, Thanks To A Clever New Robot In Tennessee

With Kewaunee Nuclear Plant Shuttered, Wisconsin Is Burning More Coal

Towns Will Be Waiting, Watching For Indian Point Sale In 2019 As They Try To Balance Their Future

US Electric Grid Hacked: Perpetrators Could Have Shut Down The System


US Senator Udall Urges Pause On State Volume Increase For WIPP

SC Senate Doesn’t Have The Votes To Sell Santee Cooper Post-VC Summer

Pennsylvania’s Legislators Gear Up Bicameral Effort To Extend State’s Plants

MIT Points Resources To Commercializing Fusion Power

Lighting Up Utah With Nuclear Energy?

Virginia's Uranium Mining Battle Flips Traditional Views of Federal and State Power

Sen. Lamar Alexander Reiterates Support For Yucca Mountain


Groundhog Day In New Congress: Yucca Push Coming

Enviro Groups Press Lawmakers To Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Feds Ding LANL Over Performance But Award Lab $47.9M

Science: A Fresh Look At Nuclear Energy

The Head-Spinning Complexity of Moving Nuclear Waste Out of San Diego

Facing Urgency, DOE Moves to Demonstrate HALEU Fuel Production Capability for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

The Head-Spinning Complexity of Moving Nuclear Waste Out of San Diego

The 3 Continents Driving Global Energy Demand


Plan To Slash Pennsylvania Greenhouse Gases 80% By 2050 Could Boost State Nuclear Plants

Scientists Are Automating Plutonium Production So NASA Can Explore Deep Space

Legal Morass Deepens In South Carolina’s VC Summer Debacle

DOE Advanced Fuel Demo Plan Draws Ohio Praise

Trump Formally Nominates Wheeler To Head EPA

Greens Begin Push For Nationwide 100 Percent Renewable Energy Mandate

GAO Report Points To DOE, NNSA Project Management Inexperience In MOX Project Price Rise

As Advanced US Reactors Move Closer To Reality, DOE Seeks Fuel To Power Them

Congressman Wilson's 2019 Legislative Agenda Includes MOX Push


Back To The USA? — DOE Woos Gates Reactor Project

Anti-Nuke Ex-NRC Chair Jaczko Peddles New Book: ‘Confessions Of A Rogue Nuclear Regulator’

Appeals Court Issues Final Ruling Allowing DOE's Termination Of MOX Project

Washington State Opposes Nuclear Waste Reclassification Proposal By DOE

US Rep. Joe Wilson Remains Hopeful MOX Project Can Be Saved

Opponents Of Nuclear Energy Subsidies Take Their Case To The US Supreme Court

'Bright Future': New Book Argues That Nuclear Energy Is Worth Another Look

Trump Faces Green Backlash Over His Wall

Energy Department Initiative Aims to Keep US Competitive on Nuclear-Plant Fuel

USNIC: NEIMA Passage — ‘Watershed Moment For Regulatory Reform And Licensing Modernization’

US Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed

Conservatives Give Congress Their Top Ten Energy Priorities For 2019

Congress May Again Consider Nevada Nuke Waste Site


Uranium Enrichment Coming Back To Ohio? Trump Doe Announces $115M Investment

DOE Announcement Breathes Life Into American Centrifuge

Government Shutdown Isn’t Stopping Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Agenda

Energy Agencies Roll Through Shutdown While EPA, Interior Stalled

State of Nevada Request To Stop SRS Plutonium Shipment Goes To Federal Court

Greens Launch Campaign Against Trump’s Pick To Replace Scott Pruitt At EPA

Axios: 9 Energy And Climate Issues To Watch In 2019

Experts Recommend US Continue Funding Global Fusion Energy Project

US Liquefied Natural Gas Hits Record Highs Again


More Nuclear Waste Headed For New Mexico?

US Loses Bid To Stay Nevada's Lawsuit Over Plutonium Shipments

Y-12 Manufactured Uranium Core For Space Power Experiment

New LANL Director: Community Relations Is A Priority

Advocacy To Extend Pennsylvania Nuclear Plants Gains Traction

Oak Ridge National Lab Embarks on 6 Projects Exploring New Reactor Designs

Despite Efforts To Revive Yucca Mtn., UNLV Scholar Says Nevadans Shouldn't Worry

IAEA Pilots New Course On Security Of Sources

New House Energy Chair Re-Vectors In On Climate Change

Beyond ITER – Next Steps In Fusion Power

How An Oil Boom in West Texas Is Reshaping the World

A Moonshot for Solving America’s Water Crisis

Trump Will Have to Start Anew on EPA, Interior, Energy Nominees

Senate Confirms 4 Trump Nominees To Top Environmental Posts In Last-Minute Vote


R.I.P. — Ex-FERC Chairman Kevin McIntyre Dies

NNSA MOX Project Layoffs Top 1000 With More Imminent


Heats Turns Up On San Onofre Spent Fuel Disposition Following Missteps

Federal Judge Won’t Expedite Hearing In Lawsuit Over Failed Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Sale

NNSA: SRNS Finalizes Transition Plans For MOX Facility And Resources

Antis Look To Appeal Judge’s Dismissal of Vogtle Plant Critics

Looking Ahead: Important 2019 Events at the IAEA

Energy Regulation To Watch In 2019

New Mexico Approves Permit Change For Nuclear Repository

Criminal Investigation Sought Into Nuclear Waste Handling At San Onofre

This Is How A Huge Nuclear Plant Is Disassembled


10 Takeaways From The IEA’s Newest World Energy Outlook

Bill Gates' Nuclear Venture Hits Snag Amid US Restrictions On China Deals

Debate Continues: Can New Technology Save Nuclear Power?

How Air Bearings Moved Tons of Nuclear Waste

US Shale Challenges OPEC's Oil Dominance In Asia

Time Running Out For Senate Votes On Trump Energy, EPA Nominees

Perry On 2018: A Spectacular Year For DOE And Its Mission

DOE Touts 2018 Highlights

Here Are Trump’s Largest ‘Energy Dominance’ Actions Of 2018

Georgia County Judge Dismisses Plant Vogtle Appeal


US Energy Department Amps Up Efforts To Cut Europe’s Electric Cord With Russia

Trump Administration Touts Top Seven America-First Energy Wins In 2018


Bill Gates Urges US To Take The Lead In Nuclear Energy, For The Good Of The Planet

Exiting NM Gov Okays WIPP Volume Expansion: Challenge Expected

Flashback: Los Alamos Scientists Explore Use Of Nuclear Energy For Tunnel Boring


Connecticut Commits To Nuclear Energy, Ending Debate Over Millstone’s Future

Nuclear Cleanup Tests Rick Perry, As Administration Presses For Budget Cuts

Nuclear Wins Big In Clean Energy Competition – And Not Just Millstone

CBO: Nuclear Energy Technology Bill Would Cost $4B Over 5 Years

DOE Agreement Supports Power Generated From SMRs


With A Democratic House, Big Green Goes On The Offensive In 2019

WSJ: High-Paying Jobs in Nuclear Power Aren’t Looking So Safe Anymore

ARPA-E Offers New Funding Opportunity To Support New Energy Technologies

SC Utility’s Customers Fired Their Board After Pay Scandal. Now, They’re Taking Over

Dispelling The Top 10 Myths About Nuclear Energy

Hanford Project Remains Open During Government Shutdown

How Cargo Ships Can Go Green -- Solar, Biofuels And Even Nuclear Power

WIPP: Shipments Resume From Chicago-Based Lab

In 2016, US Energy Expenditures Per Unit GDP Were The Lowest Since At Least 1970

Cybersecurity's Next Phase: Cyber-Deterrence

Energy Markets Experienced A Wild Ride In 2018

Nuclear Lab Places More Emphasis On Cyber Threats

Environmental Groups Challenge SC Nuclear Decision, Setting Stage For Supreme Court Appeal


Nuclear Medicine -- Reality Versus Perception Gap

Curious Kids: Why Does The World Store Nuclear Waste And Not Just Shoot It Into The Sun Or Deep Space?

Towards More Sustainable Nuclear Energy with Non-Electric Applications: Opportunities and Challenges

Axios: Democrats’ Left Turn On Climate Change


US Energy Department Not Affected By Partial Government Shutdown

US Nuclear Regulators Still In Business: No Impact From Shutdown

Government Shutdown: What Will Close, Who Is Affected?

Georgia PSC Staff Concerned More Project Delays Ahead For Vogtle Nuclear Plant

Georgia Regulators Want More Money To Monitor Vogtle Nuclear Project

Why The Zombie Apocalypse Is a Failed Energy Transition


US Energy Department Seals landmark Deal To Use NuScale SMRs For Idaho Lab Power, Research

DOE INL Deal Paves Way For Up To A Dozen NuScale SMR Units

Senate, House Pass Bill To Speed Revamping Of NRC Licensing For Advanced Nuclear 

GAO: DOE and NNSA Should Improve Their Lessons-Learned Process for Capital Asset Projects

State Energy Plans Leaned Clean And Green In 2018


Yucca ‘Hail Mary’ Falls Short — For Now

Trump Scores Early Victories In Weaning Europe Off Russian Energy

DOE Announces $18 Million for Transformative Energy Technologies


US Senate Passes Bipartisan Nuclear Energy Legislation

Energy Groups Pan NERC Generation Retirement Report For 'Extreme' Assumptions

ORNL Partners With Industry To Address Multiple Nuclear Technology Challenges

Towards More Sustainable Nuclear Energy with Non-Electric Applications: Opportunities and Challenges

New Batch Of MOX Layoff Notices Announced For Early January

Progess Report On Plutonium Removal From SRS Filed; Reclassification Of High-Level Nuclear Waste Discussed

NRC Fines Wolf Creek $232K for Allegedly Silencing Whistleblower

Senate Odd Couple Teams Up To Raise Bar On US-Saudi Nuclear Deal

Georgia PSC Staff Wants More Money To Vet Plant Vogtle Construction

Ohio Passes Advanced Nuclear Legislation

NNSA Hatching 'Black Box' Nuclear Waste Help To Other Nations While US Program Spins

NERC Stress Test Confirms DOE Grid Concerns

Greens Prep To Sue FERC Panel Appointee

Antis Fight To Sink NY Zero Emission Credits For Nuclear

NERC -- Accelerated Retirement Of US Nuclear, Coal Plants Creates Vulnerabilities For Grid

R.I.P. — Duke, PSI Indiana CEO Icon Jim Rogers, Dies at 71

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Development Hell: Uranium Projects Caught At A Market Crossroad

EDF To Make Further Tests On Faulty Flamanville Weldings

Falling Demand Is The Energy Sector’s Next Challenge

Bellefonte Backers Say Memphis Light Rate Hikes 'Fork In The Road' For TVA Switch

Hitachi Chief's Remarks On Nuclear Industry Spark Debate

Investing: Is Denison Mines a Buy?

Southern CEO: Georgia Power To Consider Resilience In IRP For First Time

TEPCO Chief Calls For Realignment Of Nuclear Energy Businesses

Deep Isolation Demonstrates Innovative Waste Disposal Concept

The Next Steps For Horizon

Westinghouse Will Provide Ukraine With Its Technology Of Nuclear Fuel Production To Build Plant

Uranium Upstart Berkeley Skyrockets Despite Challenging Jurisdiction

Supply Crunch Looms As Hitachi Freezes UK Nuclear Project

Hitachi officially Freezes Horizon Nuclear Project, Books $2.8B Hit

ASLB Sets Date to Hear Concerns Over Holtec's Plans for Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository

NextEra Expected To Get Power Plant License Extension For Seabrook

TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom Supplied Nuclear Fuel Components For Research Reactor In Egypt

UK Nuclear Power Output Tuesday Hit Lowest Level Since 2014

Framatome Scores With US Award For Accident Tolerant Fuel Development

EDF Eyes Expansion Of French Nuclear Sites

It’s Official: Entergy Formalizes sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar

Hitachi 'More Likely To Put Wylfa Newydd On Hold'

SCANA Deliberately Misled Regulators Overseeing Nuclear Project, South Carolina PSC Concludes

Seabrook Nuclear Plant Set To Receive 20-Year Extension

Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor Close To Full Power

What Does Westinghouse Have In Common With Uber and Airbnb? Nothing Yet, But More To Come.

What Does PG&E Filing For Bankruptcy Mean For Diablo Canyon?

Hedge Fund Baupost Has a Complex $1 Billion Bet on PG&E

Cameco Continuing to Do Well With Higher Uranium Prices

After the Shutdown: Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

PG&E Says it Will File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In Surprise Reversal, PSC Rules SCE&G Misled Regulators About Failing Nuclear Project

Can The Uranium Market Bounce Back?

UK BEIS: Negotiations With Hitachi On Horizon Deal ‘Ongoing’

EDF Nuclear Power Output Rose 3.7 Percent In 2018

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation Celebrates 3rd Barakah Excellence Awards

Lower Energy Prices Could Fuel The Economy Through 2019

Rosatom Plans To Retain Its Leading Role In Global NPP Construction In Coming Decade

Rosatom Prepares New National Project To Develop Nuclear Technologies

Entergy Vermont Yankee Sale Foreshadows Exit From Merchant Nuclear Plant Market

Entergy Completes Nuclear Power Plant Sale As It Exits Market

Innovative Technology Enhances NuScale SMR Safety

Hitachi To Freeze UK Horizon Nuclear Energy Project, Post $2 Billion Special Loss

Holtec Defends Its Spent Nuclear Fuel Canisters at NRC Hearing

Engie To Acquire Suez’s Nuclear Maintenance Business

TVEL To Supply Fuel For China's Fast-Neutron Reactor

Groups Appealing Dismissal of Plant Vogtle Challenge to PSC Decision

Fate of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Site In Play

Surprise Redesign Of Nuclear Waste Canister At San Onofre Not A Big Deal, Company Tells NRC

NuScale and Ultra Electronics Energy Unveil New Digital Display System to Enhance Nuclear Safety

Rosatom Eyes Supplying Nuclear Fuel For China's New Fast Neutron Reactor

EDF French Nuclear Power Output Rose 3.7 Percent In 2018

Groups Challenge Court Decision Regarding Plant Vogtle Over Cost Concerns

Fennovoima CEO: Finnish Nuclear Reactor Won't Be Ready Until 2028

'Strategic Vision' Released For Diablo Canyon Decommissioning

X-energy Supports DOE HALEU Demo

South Korean Firms Vying To Win Maintenance Work For UAE Nuclear Reactors

Westinghouse Rolls Out ‘Initial’ Organizational Changes’ — New Business Units

Columbia Generating Station Reaches Historical High For Nuclear Generation

NRC Renews Operating License Of Two Louisiana Plants

Centrus Selected For HALEU Enrichment Project

Centrus Energy +21% On Anticipated $115M Energy Department Demo

A PG&E Bankruptcy Would Leave Utility in Turmoil for Years

DOE Can't Nix Duke Energy's 4th Nuclear Fuel Removal Suit

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Back Near Full Power

Louisiana's Nuclear Plants Cleared For Operation Into 2040s

Energy Fuels Boost Readiness For Potential Uranium Market ‘Improvement’ In 2019

The Global Grid Outlook For 2019 And Beyond: Q&A with GE Grid Solution's Vera Silva

Long-Term Effects Of SCANA & Dominion Merger

UAMPS SMR Plant Breaks New Ground With Designation For Research, Self-Power

DTE's Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Back Online After Shutdown For Ground Fault

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Is Back Online Following Repairs

Sizewell C: Two-Village Bypass In EDF Energy Plans

Pilgrim At Reduced Power For Valve Problem

How Efficiently Have US Nuclear Reactors Operated Over the Past Five Years? 

NRC, Holtec To Face Off Publicly Over Redesign Of Spent Fuel Canisters At San Onofre Plant

NextEra, Dominion Complete Major Utility Acquisitions, Expanding Reach In The South

NuScale Advances New, Improved Nuclear Energy

Fission 3.0 to Drill Strong Prospects at PLN

Azincourt Enters Into Letter of Intent for Exploration Financing of East Preston Uranium Project TSX Venture Exchange

17-Months Later, Dominion Completes Buyout Of Scana

SCANA CEO Retires, Can Collect Millions In Severance As Part Of Dominion Buyout

10 Trends Shaping The Electric Power Sector In 2019

Uranium Supply Expected To Meet Demand For Years To Come

EDF Delays 4 French Nuclear Reactor Returns By Combined 11 Days

Nuke On A Truck: How Westinghouse Is Shrinking The Nuclear Power Plant

NRC Renews Operating License of Waterford Nuclear Power Plant

Davis-Besse Moving Closer To Closure 

NPPD Extinguishes A Fire At Cooper  Nuclear Plant -- No Threat

Investing: Global X Uranium ETF - No Longer Pure. But Now Better?

Inside The Hurried Effort To Find A Buyer For Santee Cooper

Good, Bad and Promising: Power Engineering's Top 10 Stories of 2018

Santee Cooper Accuses SCE&G Of Civil Fraud In Failed, $9 Billion Nuclear Project

SCANA’s Stock To Drop Off S&P 500 Ahead Of Dominion Deal

Palisades Nuclear Plant Returns To Service After 2-Month Shutdown

Rosatom’s Accident-Tolerant Fuel To Make Nuclear Energy Safer

Investing: Short-Term Rise For Cameco But Future Still Looking Bearish

NRC Files Enforcement Action Against Holtec Over Vermont Yankee Cask Issues

Dominion Energy Set To Close SCANA Buyout

NRC To Take Questions On Pilgrim's Planned Shut Down

Rosatom's TVEL Developed Trial Samples Of Accident Tolerant Fuel For Nuclear Power Plants

Japanese Utilities Ponder Use Of New Type Of Nuclear Fuel

Rosatom Subsidiaries Say Finalized Project On Low-Enriched Uranium For France In 2018

Xcel Energy: Utility of the Year?

Are Investors Finding Value in China Nuclear Energy Technology Corporation Limited?

Utilities Are Accelerating Microgrid Investments In Innovative And Strategic Ways

Mega Uranium Ltd. Closes Final Tranche of Private Placement

Investing: Demand Outlook For Uranium Is Uncertain

SCANA To Sell Off Property To Pay Ratepayer Settlement

Engie's Belgium Tihange 3 Reactor To Restart, Easing Power Cut Fears

Financial Times: The Year In Energy

Japanese Conglomerates To Curtail Nuclear Export Projects

SCANA To Sell Off Property To Pay Ratepayer Settlement

VC Summer Nuclear Cancellation Costs SC Residents Billions

Denison Mines Is Well Positioned For The Long-Awaited Uranium Bull Market

NRC Renews Operating License of River Bend Nuclear Plant

Uniper To Coordinate Demolition Of Swedish Reactors

Orano Commissions New Conversion Facility

Moment Of Truth Nears For Europe's First EPR Nuclear Reactors

Vogtle Developers: Plant Expansion On Track For 2021-22

Seabrook Nuke Plant Clears Hurdles In License Extension Quest

NERC Releases ‘Stress Test’ Analysis of Gen Retirements

How Xcel Could Bring Carbon-Free Power To Minnesota

TVA Simulation Shows Plants Earthquake Ready

Exelon, Holtec Seek Dismissal of Contentions in Oyster Creek License Transfer

Edison’s Plans To Resume Nuclear Waste Transfer May Face Legal Challenge

PSEG First To File For Zero Emission Incentives For NJ Plants

PJM Says Electric Grid In Good Shape Despite Coal, Nuclear Shutdowns

NRC Accepts Surry Reactors Application For Subsequent License Renewal

Emergency Preparedness Focus Of Plant Vogtle Meeting

Why 2019 Could Be Uranium’s Break Out Year

Court To Get Update On Sale Of Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

Another Outage At Nuclear Power Plant In Mississippi Raises Concerns

Engie Extends Outage At Belgium's Doel 1 Nuclear Reactor

Aura Energy Issued License For Mauritania Uranium Project

Terrestrial Energy Contracts With BWXT Canada for Development of Key IMSR Power Plant Components

Orano Confirms Positive Net Cash Flow from Company Operations in 2018

EDF Extends Outages At British Nuclear Plant Where Cracks Were Found

TVO Inks Agreement For Major Olkiluoto Safety Upgrades

Hitachi To Ask UK For Further Funding As Nuclear Project Stalls

Dominion Energy: Beyond The SCANA Merger

Hitachi Squares Off Versus GE Power Grid Unit With $6.4 Billion Acquisition

GE Says US Is No Place For Fukushima Meltdown Suit

Rosatom's New Uranium-Plutonium Fast Neutron Reactor Fuel

Hitachi: Not Throwing Towel in On UK Horizon Project

But Hitachi's Funding Talks For UK Horizon Hit A Snag

‘End Of An Era’: What Dominion Merger Means For SCANA Shareholders, Employees

Indian Point Closure Will Put Power Supply In Flux

Once-Promising Nuclear Manufacturing Project In Louisiana Now Center Of Dispute Over Incentives

Xcel Energy's Climate Plan Includes Carbon Capture

Dominion Wins State Approval For $7.9 Billion Scana Takeover

SC Power Bills To Drop Up To $22 A Month Under PSC Approval Of Dominion-SCANA Merger

Investing: 2 Uranium Stocks That Prove This Mineral Is Making a Comeback

NEA and IAEA Report: Global Uranium Supply Can Meet Projected Demand

SC Utility Regulators Will Decide Fate Of SCE&G Customers And SCANA on Friday

PG&E Needs $1.6 Billion More To Decommission Diablo Canyon

State Board OK's Alliant Ending Nuclear Power Purchase

Duke Energy To Include Brunswick Nuclear Plant In Staff Reductions

GE Soars 12% As 'Biggest Bear' Upgrades Stock To 'Neutral'

Uranium Resources Adequate But Investment Needed

Uranium Production, Exploration Decline As Price Has Fallen

Framatome Completes I&C Upgrade at Swedish Nuclear Reactor

Investing: Is SCANA Corporation a Buy?

Engineers Inspecting Watts Bar Nuclear Plant After Earthquake

BMO Analysts: Uranium Price Set For More Gains

Uranium Price Rally Continues As Kazakhstan, Other Major Producers Cut Production

Global Hacking Campaign Takes Aim At Finance, Defense And Energy Companies

Uranium Price: Best Performer Of 2018 Set For More Gains

China's Fuqing 6 Reactor Pressure Vessel In Place

Doosan Heavy Continues To Struggle On Anti-Nuclear Policy

Sale of Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee Plant To Accelerate Decommissioning Schedule

How JEA Plans To Turn It's Vogtle-Related Credit Downgrade Into A Positive

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Wylfa: Talks Over Nuclear Plant Delay's Impact On Jobs

Spanish Nuclear Plant Output Drops 6% TWh in 2018

50 Years Ago: How Lucens’ Experimental Mishap Dashed Swiss Technology Aspirations

Will Britain's New Nuclear Age Ever See The Light Of Day? 

India Inks Uranium Deal With Uzbekistan as Delhi Builds Strategic Reserves

UK Secretary of State: 'Not The End Of Nuclear Opportunities' At The Wylfa Newydd Site

Brexit: Losing Energy Links To Europe After No-Deal Will Cost UK More Than £2B Every Year

India Inks Deal To Get Uranium Supply From Uzbekistan 

Swedish Regulator Supports Repository Expansion

Hitachi's Wylfa Nuclear Project Delay 'Not A Stop'

Brazil, One Step Closer to First Nuclear-Powered Submarine


Hitachi’s $20 Billion Pause Strengthens Franco-Chinese Hand In UK Nuclear

Russia, Serbia Sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

Decision Looms On Japan's Aging Nuclear Reactor At Genkai

China’s Guangdong To Have 26 Nuclear Reactors

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Germany’s Changing Energy Landscape

Germany Wants To Extend CO2-Related Aid For Firms Beyond 2020

UK Govt: Committed To Nuclear Energy Notwithstanding Hitachi Action

Minister of Energy: Saudi Arabia To Use Nuclear Energy For Electricity Production

South Korean Rekindles Debated Over Nuclear Phase-Out Policy

Government Defeat Stokes Fears Of ‘Damaging’ No-Deal Brexit

Saudi's Energy Minister visits Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

Russia Starts Installing MBIR Control Assembly

Russia’s Uranium Gambit: An Unstable Market

European Parliament Agrees To Fund ‘Chimera’ Nuclear Fusion Project

Russia Designs Ice-Breaking Nuclear-Powered Submarine For Arctic Shelf Operations

Why Iran’s Boast Of New Nuclear Fuel Does Not Violate 2015 Deal


NuScale and JAEC Agree to Explore SMR Deployment in Jordan

UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program Plays Key Role In Supporting Growth


US And China Collaborate To Get Terrorist-Coveted Nuclear Material Out Of Nigeria

Uzbekistan Turns To Nuclear Energy To Power Economy

Innovation Drives Hinkley Point C Construction

French Nuclear Output Drops To 52 GW On Maintenance, Outage, Delays

US, North Korea 'To Hold Talks This Week' After Nuclear Impasse

Chinese Nuclear Sector Set To Get Further Boost

UK Continues To Prepare For Euratom Exit

Germany Struggles With Dirty Energy In Climate Change Battle

Turkey Sends 32 Students To Russia, China For Nuclear Energy Trainings


Japan D&D Costs Pegged At ¥6.7 Trillion

Rosatom Wins Two Bids For Accident Management At Fukushima

Iran Exploring New Uranium Enrichment That Could Void 2015 Nuclear Deal

Turkey Sends 32 Students To Russia, China For Nuclear Energy Trainings

Uzbekistan Turns To Nuclear Energy To Power Economy

Energy Ministers Eye New Formula To Pay For Britain's Nuclear Plants In Light Of Horizon Freeze, NuGen Demise

Russia’s Rosatom Holds Talks On Floating NPP Worldwide

Iran about to Unveil Homegrown Type of Nuclear Fuel Rod

Can America Live with a Nuclear North Korea?

Britain's Failing Nuclear Plan Poses Huge Question for Power

Wylfa: Theresa May 'Focusing On Brexit Not Nuclear Plant'

Ready! Sino-European Nuclear Energy Unit To Fuel Global Fusion

UK's Nuclear Future Challenged by Hitachi Freeze — Toshiba Deja Vue?

Japan’s Nuclear Export Struggles Narrow the Field of Suppliers

China's Fourth Westinghouse-Designed Nuclear Reactor Begins Operations

Rosatom Eyes Supplying Nuclear Fuel For China's New Fast Neutron Reactor

UAE Postpones Work At First Nuclear Plant

Spain Watchdog OKs Safety Studies For Planned Uranium Mine

Nuclear Power Plant In Eastern China Starts Operation

How China Hopes To Play A Leading Role In Developing Next-Generation Nuclear Reactors

Czech Plan To Build New Nuclear Units Could Boost Russian Leverage


Saudi Energy Minister Wants Us To Be ‘Part And Parcel’ Of New Nuclear Energy Program

Europe’s EPR Nuclear Reactor Model May Finally Go Live in 2019

China’s Fourth AP1000 Nuclear Reactor is Operational 

UAE Energy Minister Says Nuclear Energy Project Slightly Delayed

South Korean Trade Minister To Leave For UAE To Support Bids For Barakah Plant

Argentina's Embalse Nuclear Plant Back In Operation After Two-Year Upgrade

Equipment Installation Milestones At China's Hualong One Units

Rosatom Official Outlines Uzbek Project Schedule

Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board Evaluates Nuclear Sites

Rosatom: Nigeria’s Nuclear Technologies Pact with Russia Comprehensive

Two Russian Nuclear Subs To Complete Sea Trials This Summer

For Wales, Nuclear Plant Would Mean New Jobs. For the UK, It May Mean More.

Risks And Opportunities For The Decommissioning Of Nuclear Energy Plants In Germany

Argentina's Embalse Plant All Set For Another 30 Years

Brazil’s Energy Sector Seeks $480B By 2027

China’s Industrial Ambitions Pose Dilemmas For Britain

Design Approved For Russia’s Brest Experimental Fast Reactor

IAEA Reviews Vietnam's Plans For Research Reactor

Former Chiefs of UK's Nuclear Body Launch Legal Action Over Magnox Fiasco

New Nuclear Reactors to Come on Stream in Europe

Belgium To Recycle Residues From Isotope Production

German Electricity Exports Fall In 2018, First Drop Since 2011

Japan Seeks Higher Financial Support For Proposed Turkey Plant

Japan Nuclear Export Strategy Runs Aground

Belgium's Nuclear Reactors Worked Only Half The Time In 2018

IAEA Says National Strategies Needed For Regulatory Competence


India Expects Construction Of 21 Reactors By 2031

Two European Nuclear Reactors Come On Stream

India-France Making 'Satisfactory Progress' On Nuclear Plant Pact 

Visit To Russia’s Floating Nuclear Plant Aims To Clear Up ‘Fake News’ About Reactor Tests

CNSC: Canada’s Pickering Reactor Shut Down By Accident Following Maintenance

Saudi Arabia Examining Options For Nuclear Plants

ENEC Highlights Economic, Social Benefits Of Nuclear Energy

New Brazil Mining Minister To Boost Production, Nuclear Energy

India's Kaiga 1 Completes Record-Breaking Run

Kim and Trump Back at Square 1: If US Keeps Sanctions, North Will Keep Nuclear Program

Innovative Microgrid Will Power Finnish Distribution Center

Nuclear, Gas, Renewables, Petrochemicals: Turkish Energy Sector Enjoys A Prolific Year Of Projects

Government Board Maps Out Kenya Nuclear Plant Sites

Cleanup Continues at Fukushima

Russia's Rosatom Completes Training Courses In 2018 For Indian Engineers

Belgium's Tihange 3 Nuclear Reactor Return Advanced A Week To Jan 1

China Will Still Go Massively Nuclear but Does Not Want Western Reactor Technology

India: 15,000 Tonnes Of Uranium Needed To Achieve Supply Security Of Fuel For Nuclear Plants 

IAEA Helps Vietnam Plan For New Research Reactor

Russia Retires Leningrad Unit 1

Schedule For Finland's Hanhikivi 1 Project Revised

New Tor-M2 Battery Starts To Guard Belarus' Nuclear Plant

German Power Rally Could Keep Going Next Year After Record Gain

JAEA: Closing 79 Nuclear Facilities Will Cost At Least 1.9 Trillion Yen

Japanese Prosecutors Seek 5-year Sentence for Fukushima Exec

Belgium's Doel 4 Nuclear Reactor Due For Early Return Dec 27

Finnish-Russian Nuclear Reactor Pushed Back To 2028

Russian Navy Begins Sea Trials Of ‘Unstoppable’ Nuclear Drone

Power Unit 4 of the China’s Tianwan Nuclear Plant Goes For Operation

Nuclear X-files? Academics Baffled As UK Govt. Pulls Docs From National Archives

Germany Closes Its Last Black Coal Mine

India's Kaiga Atomic Power Station Creates World Record for Continuous Operation for 941 Days

France Submits Techno-Commercial Offer For Jaitapur Nuclear Project

Finnish-Russian Nuclear Reactor Pushed Back To 2028

Second Phase Of Tianwan Nuclear Plant Put Into Commercial Operation In East China's Jiangsu

Russia Shuts Down Soviet-Built Nuclear Reactor

Ukraine Confirms Extension Of Nuclear Fuel Supply Contract With Russia By 2025

CANDU Regulators Share Experiences to Strengthen Safety at IAEA-hosted Meeting

Hunt On For UK Multi-Billion Pound Nuclear Waste Disposal Site

Japan Inc Exit From Nuclear Exports Would Open field to Russia, China

Chinese Nuclear Energy Endeavors Enter A New Era

Iran Hails Russia’s Support Of Nuclear Deal

IAEA Conducts Mission to Assist Mongolia in Effective Nuclear Knowledge Management

Ukraine Quietly Extends Nuclear Fuel Supply Contract With Russia's TVEL

Saudi Arabia On Its Way To Become Nuclear Power

EU Will Provide €6.5 Million For Armenia Nuclear Plant Stress Tests

Open Scientific Collaboration May Be Helping North Korea Cheat Nuclear Sanctions

Poland's Goal Of Ditching Russian Natural Gas Bolsters American LNG And Trump's Energy Agenda

Japanese Mayor Confirms ‘Loans,’ Denies Ties To Nuclear Waste Site

China Made An Artificial Star That's 6 Times As Hot As The Sun And It Could Be The Future Of Energy

South Korea's 2018 LNG Imports To Hit Record High

Japan's Nuclear Recycling Policy Runs Aground

UK's Hinkley Point C Boosted By China Nuclear Plant Opening

UN: US-Russia-China Nuclear Pact 'Would Be A Positive'

Twenty Years of Country Nuclear Power Profiles: IAEA Releases 2018 Edition

Rosatom Preparing Contracts For Two Units At Xudabao NPP in China

Russia and South Korea To Cooperate In Radwaste Management

Cold Testing Complete At UAE's Barakah 3

Contract Awarded For Demolition Of Scotland’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor

World’s Only Floating Nuclear Plant Gets Ready To Connect To Russian Grid

Brazil Takes Step Toward Joining Nuclear-Powered Sub Club

Saudi Arabia’s Impending Battle with Washington

Biggest China-France Joint Nuclear Plant Begins Commercial Operation

Enec Completes Major Testing At UAE Nuclear Plant

IAEA Reviews the Philippines' Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development

Sun Setting On Japan’s Nuclear Export Sector

Sellafield, Former Star Of The Nuclear Age, Scrubs Up For A Different Future

UK Sellafield Boss Warns On Nuclear Clean-Up

UAE Nuclear Energy Plant Over 90% Complete

Horizon’s Wylfa New Plant Work Site Review Extended Over Wildlife Issues

China Start-Up Offers Nuclear Hope

India, France Review Pact To Build Nuclear Reactors

Turkey's First Nuclear Plant Akkuyu Gets Limited Permit For Unit 2

China Launches World's First EPR Nuclear Project In Taishan

Russia Woos China To Join Nuclear Framework With US

Russia Starts Batch Production Of MOX Fuel Assemblies

The Plan to Build a Nuclear Future From a Communist Relic

Scotland’s Oldest Nuclear Reactor To Go As Demolition Contract Awarded

Carbon Crossroads: Can Germany Revive Its Stalled Energy Transition?

Russia Gives Nuclear Group Control Of Arctic Sea Route

Riyadh Hosts Workshop On Russian Nuclear Technology

UK Energy Union Calls For ‘Urgent Clarification’ On Wylfa Nuclear Power Station

Rosatom Suggests Implementing Nuclear Plant Construction Project To Azerbaijan

UAE Radiation Levels Very Low Compared To Other Countries

Is China’s Losing Its Taste For Nuclear Energy?


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor


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