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Nuclear Industry Pushing For Changes To Obama’s Climate Rule

Maine Gov Draws Flack For Proposal Eliminating Referendum For New Nuclear

Renewables: A Solution That Never Materialized -- Still Too Expensive And Unreliable


The Contentious Battle Over Indian Point Relicensing 

Plan To Allow Cities To Issue Fees For Nuclear Waste Disposal Passes Illinois Senate

The Last Days Of The Sturgis: An Unsung Hero Makes Its Final Voyage

American Centrifuge 2016 Funding Picture Getting Clearer

Former Idaho Govs Quietly Tour Idaho National Laboratory After Criticizing Proposed Nuclear Research Shipments

DOE Answers Public Questions At LANL Over WIPP Leak Incident


3,500 Birds Died At Ivanpah Solar 'Power Towers' In 1st Year -- Report


New Cost Estimate For MOX Facility Questioned

Study: MOX Could Cost $51 Billion

Green Group Appeals Callaway License Renewal

Conservatives Optimistic About Ending Ex-Im Bank


Video: House Oversight Committee Examines DOE’s Excess Uranium Management Plan

$936M House Budget For Nuclear Energy, Includes $175M For Yucca Mountain

Pope Francis To Promote Climate Action As Moral Imperative


Senate Oversight Panel Opens New Front On Poneman: Press On Traxys, DOE Uranium Deals


Former AEHI New Build Executive Pleads Guilty

US v OPEC: The New Balance of Power

Obama Uses a Visit to the Everglades to Press His Climate Agenda


US Nuclear Labs Race to Stop Iran

Floating Nuclear Stations For The Arctic?

US, South Korea Reach Deal To Revise Civil Nuclear Pact

Ex-Im fight Goes Nuclear

DOE Warns 'Modern Life' Threatened By Terror, Climate Threats To Electric Grid


Solar Panels Start Fire at Green Party-Run Hove Town Hall

Study: Shale Gas Activities ‘Most Likely’ Caused Texas Quakes

Obama Proposes Renewing Nuclear Cooperation Agreement With China

Nuclear Industry Urges Congress to Renew US-China Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

DOE Review Warns of Rising U.S. Costs From Climate Change


Obama Proposes 30-Year Agreement With China On Nuclear Energy


DOE Unveils Long-Awaited Quadrennial Energy Review

Researcher Discovers How to Recycle Nuclear Fuel With Radioactive Element

DOE Says Radioactive Waste In Drums At Los Alamos Are Stable

Congress Adds Cash to Special Account to Build New Nuclear Submarines


Rare Falcon Finds Residency On Vermont Nuclear Smokestack

US NRC Draws Congressional Ire: Less Works, More Staff

Moniz: Inspectors Need Full Access in Iran Nuclear Deal

High Hazard ‘Pencil Tanks’ Gone From Hanford Plutonium Facility


The Environmentalists’ Civil War on Nuclear, Etc.


Climate Pioneer Hansen: Include Nuclear Energy in Change Mitigation

Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at Forefront of Worldwide Changes

San Onofre Groups Push State On Disposition Pathway For Spent Fuel

NRC Defends Current Nuclear Plant Evacuation Rules

The New Yucca Math: Split NV Delegation And Change In Senate Control

Utah Governor Skeptical of Hotter Fuel for EnergySolutions

MOX Project Scores with NRC Quality Review


Video: Watts Bar 2 Nears Completion

Caterpillar Outbreak Causes Texas Outages

Investigators: Radiation Release At WIPP Could Have Been Prevented

Idaho Lab Expert To Lead Management Team At WIPP

DOE To Give $5M To Nuclear Energy Students

The Fall Of Coal


Boxer Roils: NRC 'Heads Should Roll’ Over Diablo Study

Report: LANL Failures Led To WIPP Radiation Leak

Maligned DOE MOX Study Yet To Surface

The New Green: Nuclear Increasingly Seen As Promising Option For Climate Turnaround

Nuclear Reactor Ship To Start Journey From Va. To Galveston

Liberal Senate Troika Looks To Ratchet Up Decommissioning Regulations


House Appropriations 'Cardinal' Simpson: Interim Storage Will Not Come At Expense Of Yucca

South Florida Mayors Call On Residents To Fight Nuclear Expansion Project

Cyber Warfare Expert Warns Hackers Have 'Begun Targeting Nuclear Power Plants’

Cheap Oil's Winners and Losers in One Giant Map


He's Back: Ousted NRC Chief Jaczko Stars In New Anti-Indian Point Film

Group Urges Expanded Planning For Indian Point Emergencies

Energy Spending Bill Provides Funding For NRC’s Yucca Review


Video: Progress Continues at VC Summer AP1000 Project Site

Texas A&M Researcher Looks To Make Nuclear Fuel Greener

US Close To Ending Era As Net Importer Of Energy

The $5 Billion Race to Build a Better Battery


Video: Vogtle 1st Quarter 2015 Construction Update

Judge Won't Take San Onofre Case: Federal Court Not The Venue For Challenge Of Shutdown Deal

Stabenow, Peters Introduce Resolution Opposing Canadian Plan To Store Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron

Moniz Downplays Disagreement Over Iran Deal


House Appropriators Move To Refuel Yucca Funding

With Nuclear Fleet Grounded, Japan's CO2 Emissions Hit Second-Highest On Record

Maine Governor Wants Nuclear Energy Back on Energy Table

China To Surpass US As Top Modern Era Emitter


Hillary Clinton May Take Strong Stance on Global Warming

Vermonters Push Back On Renewables

Crude Exports - And The Ban Played On

Nuclear Navy Admiral Eyed for top US Navy Post

Does Going ‘Off The Grid’ Actually Help The Climate?

Aging Nuclear Work Force Major Concern For DOE Savannah River Complex


WH: US, China to Cooperate in Peaceful Nuclear Energy

NRC: Nuclear Plant Failure Not Our Fault

Yucca Mountain: House Members See Repository Site -- And Maybe A Way Forward


Video: Shimkus -- Benefits Needed For Nevada Hosting Of Yucca National Asset

Related Costs Not Included In UPF's $6.5B Price Tag

Michigan Lawmaker: Congress Should Oppose Canada's Plan To Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron


Ernest Moniz Has The Most Washington Hair In Washington

Photos: A Trip to Yucca Mountain

Nevada Rep on Yucca Tour: ‘Let's have the open discussion about the science, make sure it's safe and then we can have the discussion about moving forward.’

National Lab Director Seeks Next Generation Of Nuclear Workers

USNIC Joins U.S. Delegation for 2nd Japan-U.S. Fukushima Recovery Mission

US Nuclear Fears Block Intel China Supercomputer Update

U.S. Reps Visit Yucca Amid Push To Revive Repository Plans

New Yucca Mountain Poll Shows Dramatic Shift In Public Opinion

Bipartisan Gang of Six Congressmen See Yucca Up Close And Personal

Washington State SMR Nuclear Bill Advances

State Fights To Continue Vt. Yankee Emergency Planning

Timeline: History of the Energy Department's Role in Nuclear Security

House, Senate Appropriators Look To Put Yucca Back In The Money

With Reid Headed To The Exits, Yucca Mountain Will Get Another Look

Reid Anoints NV Dem Hopeful For Senate Seat In 2016 Election


NRC To Begin Expedited Cybersecurity Rulemaking for Nuclear Fuel-Cycle Facilities

Judge Will Hear San Onofre Suit Over Ratepayer Decommissioning Expenses

Claim Blaming Utility For Devastating Glacier Melt In Peru May Set Landmark Legal Precedent

Shimkus-led Congressional Delegation Heads To Yucca

Texas' Largest Nuclear Plant Could Get Larger: A Video Tour

Nevada Escalates Request For State Rep On Yucca Congressional Tour 


Iran Nuclear Deal Seen Cutting Oil Prices by $15 a Barrel

US Remains The World’s Top Oil And Gas Producer


US Uranium Mine Near Grand Canyon Clears Legal Hurdle

Can Moniz Sell The Iran Deal To Congress?

America Resumes Production Of Plutonium-238 To Keep Space Within Reach

Sen. Markey Welcomes NRC's Rejection Of Industry-Supported Flooding Protection Plan

DOE Manager To Leave New Mexico’s WIPP Facility


Power Surge Knocks Out Electrical Service Across Parts Of D.C.

Nevada Rep Turned Down In Bid To Join Yucca Tour

Vermont Yankee Opponents File Comments With NRC

IAEA Impact: Making the World Safer, One Research Reactor At a Time


WSJ: Harry Reid’s Nuclear Taxpayer Waste

Moniz Calls Iran Nuclear Deal A ‘Forever Agreement’

Inside Houston's Nearest Nuclear Plant

70 Years On, Crowd Gets Close to the Birthplace of the Atomic Bomb


White House Looks To Geek Squad To Sell Iran Deal


For 50 Years Now, the U.S. Has Had a Nuclear Reactor Orbiting in Space

Cern's Large Hadron Collider Restarted As Scientists Hunt For Dark Matter


Reid's Exit Removes Obstacle To Yucca Nuclear Waste Site


An Iran Nuclear Deal Built on Coffee, All-Nighters and Compromise

Nuclear Energy Getting Washington Legislative Support

Rep. Davis Touts Nuclear Energy’s Benefits During Clinton Tour

A Skeptic’s Guide to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Key House Energy Committee Leader Shimkus to Lead Bipartisan Delegation to Yucca

WIPP Experts: Drum-Failure Repeat Unlikely But Possible 

Nevada Madame Lauds Reid Opposition To Yucca

Nevada Junior Senator Vows Continued Yucca Battle


House Oversight Committee To Probe Poneman Centrus Deal

GOP Budget Plan Would Cut Funds To Fight Yucca Mountain

Schumer Called Mixed Bag for Energy Industry


CERN Accelerator Researchers Confirm Existence Of The Force

NRC Ramps Oversight After Plant Vogtle Shipping Cask Mix-Up


US-Iran Nuclear Talks Extend Pass Self-Imposed Deadline

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TEPCO Likely To Set ‘Autumn Restart’ For Niigata Nuclear Plant

General Electric Isn't Letting Tesla Motors Win the Energy Storage War

Investing: Why Bulls Are Charging Into Uranium

Turkey Point Reactor Hearings Pit Jobs Against Water

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New PPL Nuclear Reactor Nears End Of Environmental Review With Uncertain Future

NRC Reaffirms Safe Operation, Regulatory Commitment Of Farley, Hatch And Vogtle Nuclear Plants

Investing: Portfolios Go Nuclear With Uranium Surge

AREVA Awarded Enriched Uranium Contract in Ukraine

Plans For New Susquehanna Reactor Takes Another Step Forward

NRC Approves Safety Report For Westinghouse SMR

Investing: The 3 Catalysts That Sent Uranium Stocks Soaring

Exelon's Downstate Windfall Not As Large As Thought

Ameren Customers Face Hike; Nuclear Plant To Benefit

Westinghouse Extending Capacity Of Sweden's Nuclear Fuel And Waste Management Company

Nuclear Decommissioning Sector Calls For Robust Costing Models

Tesla Isn’t an Automaker. It’s a Battery Company

EDF Nuclear Plant Leak In France Prompts Court Complaint

Uranium Prices Ready To Rumble -- Up 35%

NRC: CB&I Dropped Part for V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant

Duke Energy Exec ‘Optimistic’ That The Lee Nuclear Plant Will Be Built

Study: Exelon-Backed Legislation Could Cost Ratepayers $1.6 Billion

Areva Reassures On Nuclear-Reactor Components

AREVA Continues Quality Analysis of Creusot Forge Around EPR Concerns

Slovakia, Enel At Loggerheads Over Divestment: Government Seeks To Stop Selloff Before Nuclear Plant Expansion Completed

Veolia To Supply Water Treatment Services To South Korea's Largest Nuclear Plant

Utilities’ Profit Recipe: Spend More

Investing: Uranium Energy (UEC) Stock Rises Today on Insider Buying, Bullish Uranium Outlook

Four Things To Watch For As Babcock & Wilcox Splits This Summer

GE Hitachi delivers 500th Ultra Control Rod Blade

Battle Royale: Exelon, Renewables Face-Off In Illinois Energy Civil War

Exelon Executive Defends Its Plan For Illinois Nuclear Energy

Leningrad Phase II Management Transferred To Single Company

UK Prompt Power Prices Fall On Low Demand, Nuclear Return

EDF: Work Can Go Ahead On Flamanville EPR Nuclear Plant

Thorium Explorers Scarce As Nuclear Energy Station Numbers Expand

Uranium Demand Is Putting Miner Cameco Back On Investors’ Radar

Investing: Entergy an Under-Appreciated Utility With Yield And Growth Potential

WIPP Contractor Team Loses Most Of Fees For 2014 Work

FERC Sets Ginna Nuclear Facility Agreement for Hearing

Nuclear Rate Increases On The Rise To Avoid Closures In US Market

AREVA Setbacks Compound

Reactor Running At Half-Power After Malfunction At Firstenergy Nuclear Plant


Bloomberg: Areva Is Costing France Plenty

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins Nuclear Framework From NDA

Duke To Drop Nuclear Charge From Florida Bills In May

EIA Predicts Up To 4% Fall In Nuclear Share Of US Generation By 2040

Exelon's Downstate Clinton Nuclear Plant Gets Surprise Windfall

Experts: Powering Your Home With Batteries Is Going To Get Cheaper And Cheaper

UK's Akins Moves To Expand US Operations

Exelon's Crane Slams Dynergy, Texans Over Opposition To Keeping Illinois Nuclear Plants Open

Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Uranium Producers

Europe’s Electricity Providers Face An Existential Threat

Canadian Nuclear Association: Cameco-India Agreement a Breakthrough

Canada’s Darlington Nuclear Unit Shut Down After Heavy Water Leak

Uranium Daily Spot Price Slides 30 Cents From Week Ago To $39/lb

Farley Plant Deploys Emergency Response FLEX Dome

Investing: Four Uranium Companies Poised To Profit From The Growth Of Nuclear Energy

EnergySolutions Puts Hold On Depleted Uranium Disposal Plan

X-Energy To Build First US Pebble Bed Reactor

Inspectors Sent To Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant After Unplanned Shutdown

Nigeria in Rosatom Talks for Up to $80 Billion Nuclear Energy Deal

PPL Corp. Nuclear Plant Approved For Spinoff

Veolia Wins South Korean Nuclear Plant Water Contract

Deadline Looms for Decisions in Exelon-Pepco Deal

Shale Oil Boom Could End in May After Price Collapse

Cameco India Uranium Deal Will Boost Top Line Growth

Areva Signs Agreements With NPCIL, L&T In Preparation Of Jaitapur EPRs

Nuclenor Confirms Soundness Of Spain’s Garoña Vessel

US Nuclear Plant Availability Plunges To 81.2% with 7 Spring Outages

EnergySolutions Stepping Closer To Taking 250 Tons Of DOE Depleted Uranium

Cameco Closes-In On Major Uranium Deal With India

Bechtel: Promising Results From Hanford Vit Plant Mixing Test

Dominion To Pay Fine For Kewaunee Nuclear Security Issue

Mission Invisible: How Power Station Designs Reveal Our Changing Attitudes To Nuclear Energy

Rosatom Plans Chinese Expansion With New Office


Mothballed Bellefonte Plant No Longer Part Of TVA Future Plans

Medium-term Outlook For US Power: 2015 = Deepest De-Carbonization Ever

Nuclear France’s Sun Power Record Leaves Utilities in the Shade

Kansai’s Takahama Unit 2 Cleared For Ten More Years

E.ON Chief Teyssen To Remain Boss After Spin-Off

Rosatom To Invest $8 Billion In Development This Year 

Job Cuts As Final Decision On Hinkley Point C Remains

Fitch Views Deferral of Georgia Power's Request to Amend Certificate Negatively; Ratings Unchanged

GM Unplugs First Generation Volt

Duke Seeks $1.4 Billion Loan For Crystal River Shuttering Costs

Duke Energy Reports Small Hairline Fault In Reactor Head At Harris Nuclear Plant To The NRC

Uranium Price Holding Ground as Market Moves to Q2

Washington Power Falls as Grid Adjusts to Transformer Failure

Energy Regulators Stand By Schedule For Ruling On Plant Vogtle Overruns

Utilities May Lose More Grid-Connected Customers, And Billions of Dollars

Weak Spots Found In Steel Of Areva's French EPR Reactor

Areva Finds Flaws in New Nuclear Reactor

Vietnam-Russia Bank Seeks Role In Nuclear Deals

US Nuclear Energy Plant Availability Continues To Rise

Fermi 2 Nuclear Plant Back Online After Water Leak Fixed

Westinghouse Video Shows Nuclear Generator Transport From Charleston Port

Small Fire Put Out At Exelon's Pennsylvania Nuclear Plant

UK's Wylfa 1 Nuclear Reactor Ramps Up Production After 4-Week Outage

$24M Spent To Reduce Risks At Alpha-5, But Y-12 Facility Still A Big Hazard

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $33 Million for Nuclear Submarine Services

Areva-EDF Proposals To Come In Weeks

Fission May Fizzle As Nuclear Energy Reacts To Economics

French Government Studies Sale of Nuclear Reactor Business to EDF

Unions Against Sale Of Areva's Nuclear Reactors To EDF

Perry Nuclear Plant Gets Go-Ahead For High-Performance Fuel

Westinghouse: Talks To Continue Over New Nuclear Reactor In Bulgaria

Life-Span Extension Reviews Begins For Three Aging KEPCO Reactors

Zion Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Trust Fund Drawing Down

Burns & McDonnell To Expand US Nuclear Energy Business Push

France's CEA Boss Backs Greater EDF-Areva Cooperation

Areva CEO Says EDF May Take Control Of Its Reactors Arm

Breakthrough In Areva-TVO Nuclear Dispute Seen This Year

Exelon CEO Pushes Pepco Acquisition In Testimony To D.C. PSC

NRC Grants Nuclear License Exemptions For Crystal River 3

Bulgaria Drops $4 Billion Westinghouse Nuclear Deal

Fort Calhoun Plant Emerges Stronger After Flood, Fire Challenges

San Onofre Closure Costs May Get Further Review

Duke Touts Nuclear Fleet In Meeting Record Polar Vortex II Demand

Mid-December Target For Watts Bar II Operation

Announcement on Areva Strategy, EDF Linkup Looms in April

Power Falls From Mid-Atlantic States to Northeast as Use Slides

NuScale Power Completes Full-Scale Upper Module Mockup

Russia’s Rosenergoatom Plans Tender For Decommissioning Feasibility Study

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins EDF Energy UK Nuclear Power Station Deal

Rolls-Royce Extends Reactor Inspection Capability Through Acquisition Of R.O.V Technologies

Video Shows 1.4 Million Pound Nuclear Generator’s Journey From Port Of Charleston

Xcel Prairie Island Nuclear Unit Back Online After False Fire Alarm

GE Hitachi Dedicates New Reactor Under-Vessel Training Area

Urenco USA Gets Green Light To Double Enrichment Capacity

Energy Deregulation Threatens To Break Up Japanese Monopolies

Musk Reboots Tesla's China Strategy

Westinghouse To Appeal South African Court Ruling On Generator Contract

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant Restarted After Repairs Completed

South African Court Rejects Westinghouse's Challenge To Eskom Nuclear Contract

SC Rep Files Bill To Curb Energysolution's Barnwell Facility

AP's Take On Exelon: US's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play for Green Money

Uranium To Dip Before Long-Term Rally

DOE Extends Paducah Infrastructure Support Services Contract

EDF May Take Stake In Areva Activities; Proposals Soon

Westinghouse and HOCHTIEF Team to Provide End-of-Life Services for German Nuclear Plants

Regulators Approve Rate Hike For Xcel Electric Customers

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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China Seeks United Front In Reactor Export Push


China Adding Nuclear Plants at Record Pace in Fight Against Smog

JNFL: Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Essential For Long-Term Plans

Fire Shuts Down Taiwan Nuclear Reactor

Mexican Authorities Recover Stolen Radioactive Material


South Koreans Seek Oversight Of Jordan's First Nuclear Reactor

Japanese Man Arrested For Landing Drone On PM's Office In Nuclear Protest


Rosatom Considers Tripling Iran's Nuclear Energy Production

Areva’s Deal With L&T May Help India Overcome Japan’s Nuclear Hurdle

Steam Generator Installation Under Way At China’s Sanmen 2


How Putin’s Russia Gained Control of a U.S. Uranium Mine

Russia's Rosatom Outlines Plans For Argentina

Minister Approves Western Australia Uranium Project

'High Level' Of Radiation Detected In Tokyo Park

Japan’s Sendai-1 Expected to Return to Normal Operation in August


Rosatom Gains Commercial Ground In Middle East

Japan Court Cases Frustrated Fleet Restart

Lack of Nuclear Energy Drives Japan’s Record Run of Annual Trade Deficits As Streak Is To Continue

Japan’s Industry Ministry Eyes 20% To 22% Of Electricity From Nuclear By 2030

China's Coming Nuclear Energy Boom

Diplomatic Push For Final Iran Nuclear Deal In Vienna

Areva Proposes To Build Nuclear Research Reactor In Azerbaijan

Indian Government: Four Indigenous Nuclear Reactors Will Be Ready By 2019

Belarusian Nuclear Plant Construction Project Progress At 20%

Russian Nuclear Scientist Jailed Amid Trial for Leaking State Secrets


Drone 'Containing Radiation' Lands On Roof Of Japanese PM's Office

Russia to Supply Argentina with Nuclear Fuel

TEPCO: Fukushima Pump Outage Sends Radioactive Water Into Ocean

China Nuclear Industry Association: Country Will Approve Six To Eight Nuclear Reactors This Year

China's ACP100 SMR To Undergo IAEA Safety Review

EC Approves Russian Fuel Deal For Hungary’s Paks 2

Japan's Twin Sendai Units Hurdle Legal Challenge, Inch Closer To Restart

Russia to Build World's First Floating Nuclear Energy Plant Next Year


Japanese Court To Rule Wednesday On Injunction Blocking Restart Of Sendai Reactors

Images Show Structures Intact Near Fukushima Reactor

Thousands Sign Online Petition In Support Of Bruce Power's License Renewal

South Korean Nuclear Reactors Hit 3 Trillion Kilowatt-Hour Mark

Sweden’s Oskarshamn 2 Simulator Approaches Commissioning


EU Approves Hungary’s Nuclear Fuel Supply from Russia

China To Build World's First Fourth-Generation Nuclear Plant

South Africa Sends Trainees to China for Nuclear Plant Operations Training


Costs For Germany's Nuclear Energy Exit Spiral To $75 Billion

Second Robot Captures Glow Inside Fukushima Plant

Kenya and Uganda Eye Nuclear Energy

Chief Minister: Jaitapur Nuclear Plant to be Completed at All Costs

Czechs Protest Against Nuclear Repository

UK Regulator: 'Must Learn' Lessons From French Reactor Concerns


EPR Issues Spill Over Into UK New Build Arena

Kepco Appeals Injunction Blocking Restart Of Takahama Reactors

Blackout-Hit South Africa Parachutes In Expert To Fix Utility Eskom

Russia Confirms Nuclear Talks With Nigeria But No Deal Yet

Rosatom Woos EU With Guaranteed Low Electricity Price

Slovakia Threaten to Hinder Enel’s Unit Sale Over Nuclear Project

JAIF President: Nuclear Can Still Have A Role To Play In Japan


Asian Appetite For Nuclear Energy Bullish For Uranium And Miners


Uranium Deal With Canada An ‘Article Of Faith’ For India PM

Foreign Minister: Australia-India Civil Nuclear Pact Possible By Year End

Indonesia Could Have Underground Nuclear Energy Plant Within 10 Years

Nuclear Safety Experts Conclude IAEA Peer Review of Swiss Regulatory Framework


French Regulator Cautions: Flamanville Reactor Anomalies 'Very Serious,’ 'Could Prove Costly'

Niger Mulls Nuclear Energy Plant to Exploit Its Uranium Resources

EU Helps Improve Legal Nuclear Safety Framework

Russia Postpones BN-1200 In Order To Improve Fuel Design

China Sends Nuclear-Industry Message With New Homegrown Reactor: Game On

Modi Hails Indian Uranium-Supply Accord With Cameco

Takahama Nuclear Restart Injunction Polarizing

Turkey's Nuclear Waste To Be Re-Processed In Russia

TEPCO Resumes Survey Of Fukushima Reactor Vessel With New Robot

China Powering Ahead With Plans For New Reactors

Canada, India Unveil Uranium Supply Deal, Bury Nuclear Discord


Kansai Electric Appeals District Court Decision Halting Operation of Takahama-3 and -4

Could One Judge Kill Off Japan's Nuclear Industry?

China Approves First Locally Designed Reactor

China Takes Strides In Aim To Lead World In Nuclear Energy

The Economic Cost Of Japan's Nuclear Shutdown


Protests As Turkey Builds First Nuclear Plant

Spain’s Ferrovial Agroman Wins Fourth Major Iter Contract

Japan's Fukui Prefecture, Home To13 Reactors, Emerges As Key Battleground For Restart

Court Throws Hurdle In Front Of Kansai’s Two Takahama Reactors In Blow To Restart

Poland's Nuclear Project Pushed Back At Least Another 2 Years

Turkey Launches Construction Of First Nuclear Energy Plant


What the Robot Saw: Images from Inside Fukushima Reactor

Chernobyl 1-3 Enter Decommissioning Phase

Japan Court To Rule On Injunction To Derail Takahama Restart


Russia’s Rosatom Ready to Tender for Malaysia’s First Nuclear Plant

Producer Lobby: More German Power Plant Projects Not Viable

Japan Industry Vow:  2015 -- Year Of The Fleet Restart

Slovak Cabinet To Consider Whether To Try Buying Enel's Stake In Utility

Saudi Arabia, France Discuss Cooperation In Nuclear Energy

Hungary Briefs IAEA of its Nuclear Power Expansion Plans


Fukushima Reactor Robot Abandoned Mid-Mission Inside Damaged Unit


Deal To Fast-Track Jaitapur Nuclear Plant To Help Settle Long-Pending Issues

Japan Plans 43 Coal Plants To Make Up Lost Nuclear Energy Generation

Politics, Red Tape 'Turning EU Clean Energy Into Zombie Industry'

Taiwan #1 Reactor Faces Premature Shutdown Over lack of Spent Fuel Storage

PM Narendra Modi's France Visit Sees Areva's Nuclear Plant Agreement With NPCIL, L&T 

Indian PM Modi Eyes Uranium Supply Deal With Canada


Premier: Looming India Uranium Deal Huge for Saskatchewan

Turkish Nuclear Plant To Be Built By Franco-Japanese Group

Robot Enters Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Containment Vessel

India’s Modi May Sign Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project Deal During Paris Trip

Final Shutdown Work Authorized At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Fukushima Radiation Lands On Canadian Coast, But You Shouldn't Worry About It

In China, Concern Over High Carbon Steel In Vessel Components

Fifth And Sixth Units Of China’s Fuqing Nuclear Plant Get Approval From Top Regulator

Japan To Evaporate Contaminated Water From The Fukushima Nuclear Plant


Three Methods Proposed To Remove Melted Nuclear Fuel At Fukushima Plant

Japan Targets About 20 Percent Emissions Cuts By 2030

China Closer to Exporting Nuclear Technology as Fuqing Nuclear Plant Gets Approval

Korean Regulators Delay Decision On New Reactor Start-Up


Niger Court Declares Areva Workers Strike Illegal, Ends Walk-Out


Japan Regulators 'Very Close' To End Of Review For Initial Twin Reactor Restart

Areva Unit Linked To Nuclear Reactor Anomalies Also Supplied China


Japan’s Nuclear Shutdown Tests Shinzo Abe’s Green Pledges

Belarus To Decommission Old Installations Before Launching Nuclear Plant

India's Modi Goes Shopping For Nuclear Energy In France And Canada

India Keen To Advance Progress Of ‘World’s Largest’ Nuclear Plant

Rosatom To Build New Units In China's Tianwan Nuclear Plant

Africa: An All Nuclear Energy Continent?

South Korea’s Second Shin Hanul APR-1400 Gets Its Vessel

EU's Sefcovic: Russia Not Excluded From Efforts To Diversify Nuclear Fuel Sources

Rosatom May Sign Kazakh Nuclear Plant Agreement Before July


Indian Government May Hike Share In Nuclear Insurance Pool

JAIF Annual Report: Emerging Nuclear Countries are in Sharply Accelerating New Nuclear Program

India’s Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Among Topics On Modi-Hollande Agenda

Russia To Build New Units For China’s Tianwan Nuclear Plant


Fire Put Out On Russian Nuclear Submarine In Shipyard

Canadian Radioactivity From Fukushima Is ‘Well Below Levels Of Concern’

Home-Grown Small Reactors On Agenda To Revive UK Nuclear Program


Cameron Urges EDF To Complete Hinkley Point C Process

Report In Wales Says Two-Reactor Project Would Be An Economic Boon

Japan's Ruling Party Urges Government to Push for Nuclear Return

Russian Nuclear Submarine Catches Fire At Shipyard

Russia to Keep Building Nuclear Energy Plants Abroad Despite Slower Economy

Britain To Bypass Local Government In Nuclear Waste Repository Decisions

Second Unit Of India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant To Be Operational Soon

China And Russia Close To Signing New Nuclear Energy Accord

Merger Between China's Top Nuclear Energy Giants Underway

A Return To Nuclear May Be Japan’s Only Option


PM Modi Slams Developed Nations For Denying Nuclear Fuel To India

China Reportedly Completes 3 Advanced Nuclear Attack Subs

Germany's Emsland Nuclear Plant Restart Delayed To Tuesday

Japanese Nuclear Energy Reliance May Top 20% In 2030

Logic and Sentiment over Nuclear Energy in Japan

Japan's Ruling Party Wants 20 Percent Nuclear In Energy Mix

Germany's Emsland Nuclear Plant Taken Off Grid After Minimal Leakage

TEPCO To Allow Outside Experts To Check Radiation Levels

China Claims To Hold Over 2 Million Tonnes Of Uranium Deposits


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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