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Climate Change Needs an Operation Warp Speed

Nuclear Fusion Group Calls For Building A Pilot Plant By The 2040s

The POWER Interview: ‘Dispatchable Power Through Commercial Fusion’

Biden May Cancel Keystone XL Pipeline Permit As Soon As His First Day In Office

Critical Energy Workers Need COVID-19 Vaccine Sooner, FERC Tells CDC

The Biden Administration Needs to Invest in Early-Stage Climate-Friendly Energy Tech

WIPP Prime Chided on Ventilation Project; Shipments Way Down During 2020

Biden Outlines Plan To Reverse Trump Policies On First Day of Presidency

BWXT Taps Rob Smith to Lead Government Ops

The Nuclear Energy Advancements Of The Past Four Years Will Blow Your Mind


Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette Urges Prioritizing Critical Energy Infrastructure Workers In Covid-19 Vaccination

DOE Launches Minerals Sustainability Division to Enable the Ongoing Transformation of the US Energy System and Help Secure a US Critical Minerals Supply Chain

DOE Seeks Public Review, Comment On Microreactor At INL

WIPP Shipments Way Down During Pandemic Year of 2020

Panel: The Real Challenges To Nuclear Are External

Judges Toss Environmental Group’s Latest Legal Maneuver to Stop SONGS Decommissioning


China on Track to Supplant US as Top Nuclear Energy Purveyor

Experts Assess Feasibility Of Biden 100% Clean Energy Plan

Biden Poised To Decarbonize US Economy

Biden Adds 6 Policy Experts To His Climate Team

GAO: Improvements Needed to Ensure DOE Assesses Its Full Range of Contracting Fraud Risks

Energy Industry Wary Of Hiring Trump Staff

Ohio AG Asks Judge To Block $102M FirstEnergy Surcharge In Nuclear Bailout Scandal


2021 Outlook – 10 Power Sector Trends To Watch

DOE Rolls Out Nuclear Innovation ‘Blueprint’ Ahead of Biden Administration Takeover

Acting NNSA Chief William Bookless To Resign On Inauguration Day

Nuclear Workforce Proves Resilient To Challenges Posed By COVID-19

Contaminated Gear At Savannah River Site The Focus Of New DOE Disposal Study

Radioactive Fan At Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Could Be Tested This Week


White House Executive Order Promotes Development Of Space And Defense Nuclear Power Systems

Record Number Of Nuclear Power Plants Set To Close In 2021

EPRI Names Rita Baranwal as New VP of Nuclear, Chief Nuclear Officer

DOE Unveils Strategy For US Nuclear Science And Technology

Nuclear Power Backers Hopeful Biden's Climate Focus Will Boost Industry

Renewables and Unions: Biden Rounds Out Energy Cabinet

Baranwal Departs Office of Nuclear Energy

What Did The US Department of Energy Achieve at New Mexico Nuclear Sites in 2020?

Buoyed By Climate Politics, Companies Compete For Cleaner Fuels

Ohio Regulators Set To Officially Pause Nuclear Bailout Fees Created Through Tainted Energy Bill


NY Law Spotlights Lost Nuclear Plant Tax Revenue Nationally

Climate Experts Game Out Biden’s 2035 Goal in a Split Senate

Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Planned to Explore Jupiter


Hitachi Pulls Plug On Horizon Nuclear Offshoot

Worth Their Weight in Salt, Molten Reactors Hold Huge Potential

2020 Ties 2016 as Hottest Yet, European Analysis Shows

US Disaster Costs Doubled in 2020, Reflecting Costs of Climate Change


Office of Nuclear Energy Releases Strategic Vision

Democrats To Take Senate Majority After Georgia Victories. Here's How It Could Impact The Power Sector

Energy Secretary Pledges To Support ‘Smooth Transition’ Between Trump, Biden

GAO, Some DOE Neighbors, Call on Congress to Consider Waste Classification Changes

Clock Expires on Moury Nomination to DNFSB

The Nuclear-Powered Aircraft That We'll Use to Explore Jupiter


Energy Secretary Brouillette 'Fully Focused' On Next 13 Day; Committed to a Smooth Transition of Power

Illinois AFL-CIO Calls For Legislators To Save Nuclear Plants

Murkowski Energy Bill Crosses Finish Line As Part Of Pandemic Relief Bill

Will Senate Wins Unlock Biden's 100% Clean Energy Agenda?

Utility Regulator Hands GOP Only Win In Georgia Runoffs

This Way To Treat Hanford Radioactive Waste Could Save $210 Billion


DOE – Billions Could Be Saved At Savannah River Site By Reclassifying Radioactive Wastes

Mississippi Plant Raises Concerns About Nuclear Power

Climate, Energy ‘Singles,’ Not Home Runs, Seen in New Landscape

Thin Democratic Control of Senate Offers Biden Chance for Steps on Climate

Hanford Plant One Step Closer To Processing Nuclear Waste

Sandia Announces New Deputy Labs Director

In The New Mexico Desert Lies An Answer To Indian Point's Nuclear Waste Problem

The Bear Case For Big Energy And Climate Deals

Professors Call For Coalition Of Civilian Nuclear Partners

These 5 Advanced Nuclear Reactors Will Shape the Future of Energy

Professor Emeritus Michael Driscoll, Leader In Nuclear Engineering And Beloved Mentor, Dies At 86


Chairman Kristine Svinicki Announces Her Intent to Depart The NRC

US NRC Chairman Kristine Svinicki To Leave Agency Jan. 20

New York Passes First-in-the-Nation Tax on Spent Nuclear Fuel

Biden Nominees Signal Cooperation With States On Climate

Nuclear Enters 2021 With Buoyant Global Outlook for Small Modular Reactors

Research: Existing Emissions Will Warm The Earth By More Than 2 Degrees Celsius


Governments Look to Expand Nuclear Power Through SMRs

10 Energy And Climate Issues To Watch In 2021

Tiny Nuclear Reactors Can Save American Energy

Want Cheaper Nuclear Energy? Turn the Design Process Into a Game for Artificial Intelligence


US Goes All In On Nuclear Power In Space Race With China

Nuclear Fusion Group Calls For Building A Pilot Plant By The 2040s

Deal-makers and Fighters Make Up Biden’s New Climate Team

How Trump Tried, but Largely Failed, to Derail America’s Top Climate Report

Why 2021 Could Be Turning Point For Tackling Climate Change


Top 10 Utility Regulation Trends of 2020

5 Advanced Reactors Poised to Change Nuclear Energy in the Next Decade

Barrasso’s Uranium Reserve Proposal Wins Final Approval

Panel: The Barrier To Nuclear Is Perception

Utility-Consumer Balance At Issue In Georgia PSC Runoff

DOE and MIT Are Working on a Nuclear Fusion Reactor

12 Big Power Stories You May Have Missed in 2020

Biden Set To Supercharge Clean Energy Push With $40B Stash

SC Senators Turn Spotlight On NextEra, Energy Giant Seeking To Buy Santee Cooper

FERC Seen As Major Player In Clean Energy Transition Going Into 2021

Los Alamos National Laboratory May Get Boost In Nuclear Funding

Feds Allocate $75 Million To National Uranium Reserve

Utility CEOs, Analysts Wary Of Biden's Timeline For Carbon-Free Power Sector

IAEA Highlights and Achievements in 2020 – a Year in Review

Spotlight Is On Senate Races, But Ga.’s Public Service Commission Race Matters For Climate

'Next Level Pressuring': Latest Emails, Texts Show Push For Ohio Nuclear Support Bill


Washington’s New Nuclear Waste Lead Takes On Hanford’s Aging Tanks

Los Alamos National Laboratory May Get Boost In Nuclear Funding

Texas Congressman Burgess Files Bill To Promote US Energy Leadership

Nuclear Fusion — Coming Soon To An Electrical Grid Near You?

Trump's Unplanned Gift To Biden: Clean Energy On The Rise

Major Climate Change Measures Included In Covid Aid Bill

Ohio Supreme Court Stops Collection Of Nuclear Plant Subsidy


Five Reactors Connected to the Grid, Five Removed in 2020

US Department of Energy Backs Five Advanced Nuclear Reactor Concepts

Fusion Reactor Sets Record By Running for 20 Seconds

Court Appearances Postponed For Ex-SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh in SC Nuclear Project Case


Why Is Solar Energy Getting 250 Times More In Federal Tax Credits Than Nuclear?

Trump Signs COVID Relief Bill, Averting Government Shutdown

Is Nuclear Fusion The Answer To The Climate Crisis?

2 New INL Buildings Boost Nuclear, Cybersecurity Research Nationally

Idaho Program Seeks To Boost Nuclear Development

Fluor Reports Cleanup Progress, Says IWTU To Start Next Year


INL Has A List Of Accomplishments To Be Proud Of

Lessons From Transport For Reactor Design Harmonization

Biden’s Test: Rebuilding The Iran Nuclear Deal Trump Tore Apart

Bombs Away: Weapon Systems That Biden Administration Could Curtail or Retire


Biden Firm On Uranium-Mining Ban Around ‘Jewel’ of the Grand Canyon

In Pursuing Historic Climate Change Agenda, Biden May Find Surprising Ally

Congress Approves Record Funding For National Laboratories

Nuclear-Powered Rockets Get a Second Look for Travel to Mars


Nuclear, Carbon Capture, and Energy Storage Advocates Happy with Stimulus Package

13 Ways The Massive Omnibus Hits Energy

Congress Approves Nuclear Energy Funding For FY2021

Congress Approves $2.6B Hanford Budget. It’s Far More Than Trump Administration Proposal

DOE Awards New SRNL Management And Operating Contract

Biden to Review US Nuclear-Weapons Programs, With Eye Toward Cuts


Energy Department’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program Awards $20 Million for Advanced Reactor Concepts

Takeaways From The Massive Year-End Pandemic And Energy Deal

Omnibus Spending Bill Sets Aside $75 Million To Support Domestic Uranium Mining

In Massive Energy Investments, Some See Just A Start

Is The Huge Clean Energy And Climate Bill Passage A Model For Biden?

DOE, NNSA Update Congress On Hacking Attempt

Biden 'Czars' Spark GOP Fears Of Unchecked Climate Agenda

Next-Generation US Nuclear Sub Facing Cost Overruns, Delays

Hydrogen Policies Must Include Nuclear, Says NNWI


DOE Releases Draft EIS on Versatile Test Reactor

Spending Bill Aims To Reduce Emissions, Spur Energy Development

New Stimulus Bill Includes $35.2 Billion For New Energy Initiatives, Including Nuclear and Fusion

Energy Department: Idaho Top Choice For New Nuclear Test Reactor

Biden Unveils Key Picks For Climate Change Team


Granholm Faces Monumental DOE Clean Energy Challenge


Jennifer Granholm: Biden Administration Has 'Most Robust Climate Change Plan Ever'

Ohio Judge Blocks Nuclear Bailout Fees From House Bill 6

The Nuclear Energy That Will Send Us to the Moon and Mars

DOE Releases Draft EIS on Unjustified Versatile Test Reactor; Cost, Safety, Plutonium Proliferation Risks Unacceptable

Congress Strikes Long-Sought Stimulus Deal to Provide $900 Billion in Aid

Biden Introduces His Climate Team

This Day In History: The First Breeder Nuclear Plant Harvests Power


Federal Awards Put Tri-Cities On Map For Next Generation Nuclear Power

Lawmakers Resolve Fed Dispute as They Race to Close Stimulus Deal

In Last Rush, Trump Grants Mining and Energy Firms Access to Public Lands

As Year Nears End, Ohio House Bill 6 Remains Fully Intact, For Now

Nuclear Industry Pushes Advanced Reactors, Fuel Recycling As Climate Change Solutions

Advanced Reactor Projects Teams Receive US Federal Risk Reduction Funding

Will Biden Inherit A Politicized FERC?


Hacking Chaos Engulfs DOE, FERC

Trump Signs Two-Day Funding Bill as Congress Rushes to finalize Spending, Covid Relief Deal

America’s Green Energy Hopes Hinge on Propping Up Aging Nuclear Plants

US’ Plans For A “Nuclear Power Plant” On Moon Will Drag China Into Space Colonization Race

Congress passes bill to avert shutdown as coronavirus talks drag into weekend

Energy Dept., Nuclear Agency Breached As Part Of Massive Cyberattack

Hill Leaders Struggle To Finalize Deal Amid Looming Shutdown Threat


US Energy Department Probes Hack, Says No Threat To National Security

DOE Picks More ARDP Winners; One or More Advanced Nuclear Demonstrations Will Be in Washington State

Want Cheaper Nuclear Energy? Turn The Design Process Into A Game

US Bans Utilities Supplying Defense Facilities From Buying Power Grid Items From China

Ohio House Leaders Push One-Year Delay For Nuclear Bailout Charges

Trump Administration Gives $30M to Diversify Bet On Nuclear Breakthrough


US DOE Loan Programs Office: Engage Early and for the Long Term


Energy Department’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program Awards $30 million in Initial Funding for Risk Reduction Projects

New INL Director Expects More Work on Next Wave of Reactors

NASA Supports America's National Strategy for Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion

Facing Widespread Opposition, NRC Withdraws Nuke Waste Plan

NNSA Announces Environmental Review For Plutonium Disposal Plans Involving Savannah River

Study Finds US Can Reach Net-Zero Emissions By Spending 3% More On Energy


Biden to Tap Former Michigan Gov. Granholm to Lead Energy Department

Biden’s Climate Team Begins to Take Shape

Leaders in Congress Meet in Search of Spending and Stimulus Deals

East Coast Nuke Plants Prepare To Send Waste To New Mexico Via Holtec Project

‘Highly Skeptical’: House Armed Services Chairman Concerned About SRS Pit Production

Congress Reaches Compromise On Clean Energy Deal To Be Attached To Government Funding Bill

To Cut Emissions to Zero, US Needs to Make Big Changes in Next 10 Years

Study Finds Viable Pathways To "Net-Zero" US Emissions By 2050

Federal Awards Put Tri-Cities On Map For Next Generation Nuclear Power


Government Spending Bill to Include Bipartisan Energy and Advanced Nuclear Provisions

'She's tougher than you.' Meet a Top Contender to Lead DOE

Helena Senator to Seek Study on Nuclear Power in Montana

Nuclear Energy Could be Path to Wisconsin’s Zero-Carbon Future

Scope of Russian Hack Becomes Clear: Multiple US Agencies Were Hit Including Nuclear Labs


TVA Nuclear Power Plant To Use ORNL 3D Printed Safety-Related Parts

Biden’s Nuclear Redemption

Climate Change Boosts Support for Divisive Tech

Why Ohio Lawmakers Are Rethinking Recent Nuclear Power Plant Bailouts

Modular Nuclear Reactors Promise Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Production

WIPP: 'Minimal' Radiation Release Expected In Use Of Contaminated Fan

16 More COVID-19 Cases Reported at WIPP. Facility has 161 Infections

GAO Recommends Improvements to US Uranium Strategy

Senate Passes, Trump Signs Bill To Avoid Government Shutdown

Global CO2 Emissions Expected to Rise in 2021 Despite Renewable Energy Growth

Scientists and US DOE Finally Makes Plan For Nuclear Fusion Power Plant

US Looks To Nuclear Propulsion Systems To Achieve Space Ambitions

WNA Director General Sama Bilbao y León: The Business Case for Nuclear Energy

Uranium Week: Nuclear’s Role In Electric Vehicles 


Nuclear Electricity Costs Set To Decrease Study Finds

Rep. Fleischmann's Big Idea: How the US Can Stay Ahead of China on Nuclear Energy

GAO: Uranium Management – Actions to Mitigate Risks to Domestic Supply Chain Could Be Better Planned and Coordinated

EIA Expects US Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Fall 11% in 2020

Global Emissions Hit New High, On Track For Increase of 3 Degrees Celsius-UN

America Finally Makes Plans for Its Own Nuclear Fusion Power Plant

Who Will Spearhead Biden's Climate, Energy and Agriculture Policies?

Brouillette: US Developing New Nuclear Systems To Power Space Missions, New Bases

US Department of Energy to Support America’s New National Space Policy

How Barrasso May Run Energy and Natural Resources

The Making of Biden’s Superfast Push for Clean Electricity

Senate Works To Pass Comprehensive Energy Bill in 2020 As Renewables Sector Vies For More Aid

House Approves One-Week Funding Extension as Stimulus Talks Continue

Earth Is Still Sailing Into Climate Chaos, Report Says, but Its Course Could Shift

Nuclear Plant Subsidies Hit Ohio Electric Bills In January; Manufacturers Want To Block Them

“Nuclear power is increasingly seen as a necessary component of a low-carbon electricity portfolio as pressure to reduce CO2 emissions from the electricity generation increases.”


As the USNIC New Capital Financing Virtual Conference began its first session yesterday, the renewed outlook for advanced nuclear energy was captured in a blog post by Carly Anderson one of its venture capital panelist.

MIT Study Lays Bare Why Nuclear Costs Keep Rising

Biden Faces Competing Strategies On Climate

Opponents Of HB6 Say Nuclear Bailout Freeze Is Not Enough

Vermont Decommissioning Panel Rejects 2015 Stand On Consolidated Waste Storage

WIPP Moving Ahead With Use Of Fan That Could Release Radioactivity Into Environment

House to Vote Wednesday On a Weeklong Stopgap to Avoid Government Shutdown

Feds Eye Nuclear-Powered EVs: Breakthrough or Bad Idea?

Congress Moves To Give Pentagon More Say In Energy Department’s Nukes Budget

Department of Energy to Provide $12 Million for Nuclear Data Research

Deputy Secretary Of Energy Recognizes SWPF Team, Tours Savannah River Facilities

US Space Force and NASA Looking to Privatize Nuclear Spacecraft Production

Community Members In Illinois Fight For Nuclear Energy Plant

From The Ground Up: Building A Workforce For Advanced Nuclear


Paris Climate Accord Turns Five

Ex-Energy Secretary Chu Says Fixing Climate Change Is Tough, There's No Vaccine

Two Retiring Senators, Two Divergent Views on How to Save the Senate

What Is Next For The SC Nuclear Plant Criminal Investigation?

Community Members In Illinois Fight For Nuclear Energy Plant

Two Retiring Senators, Two Divergent Views on How to Save the Senate


Texas, New Mexico Resisting Interim Nuclear Waste Storage

The US Senate Just Gave Nuclear Power A Major Boost

Savannah River Site Region Deserves Good Portion of $600M Settlement, Argues AG Wilson


Irradiated Accident Tolerant Fuel Experiments Return to Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Examination

Atomic Heat in Small Packages Gives Big Industry a Climate Option

Annual Defense Bill Bets On Mining, Climate While Ditching Energy Fights








Centrus Energy: A Cheap Nuclear Energy Stock

Why Are Uranium Stocks Booming?

CEO: PSEG On Track To Sell Fossil-Fired Power Plants By Year End

Three Mile Island Sale Clears Another Hurdle On Eve Of Biden Administration

Ameren Says Callaway Nuclear Plant Restart Delayed By Snag — Its Third In The Past Year

Investors Storm Into Alternative Energy Funds Ahead Of Biden Presidency

Department of Energy Cites Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC for Nuclear Safety Program Violations

Nuclear Fusion Tech Developer General Fusion now has Shopify and Amazon Founders Backing It

Vogtle Nuclear Project Problems Grow; COVID-19 Cases Doubled

EIA Report Says 9.1GW of Electric Generating Capacity Will Be Retired In 2021

NuScale, UAMPS Kick Off Idaho SMR Nuclear Plant Licensing

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Snags $31.4 Million for NNSA Work

Holtec: No Formal Plans for Passive Nuclear Plant at Lacey Township Decommissioning Site

Energy Fuels Inc. CEO Discusses Newly Released Sustainability Report and Entry Into Rare Earths Production for 2021

Fluor Gets Services Contract for Utah Nuclear Project

Costain Announces SMR Collaboration With U-Battery

Nuclear And Coal Will Account For Majority Of US Generating Capacity Retirements In 2021

COVID-19 Delaying Project Milestones At Plant Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Westinghouse To Dismantle Sweden's Ågesta Reactor

GE Delivers Turbine Equipment For Turkey’s First-Ever Nuclear Power Plant

US Uranium Miners Ready To Support Nuclear Power, Says Uranium Committee


NuScale Power and UAMPS Execute Agreements to Progress Carbon Free Power Project

Georgia Power Expects to Adjust Key Milestones at Plant Vogtle

Illinois Hires Firm To Verify Exelon's Nuke Hardship Claims

NRC Says Nuclear Equipment Failures Led to Shutdowns at Turkey Point

Fluor Grabs Services Contract For Utah Modular Nuclear Reactor Project

BWXT Names Rob Smith President of Government Operations

UK Clean Energy Plans Scuppered As Hitachi Pulls Plug On £20B Wales Power Plant

Candu Energy Wins Contract Extensions From Bruce Power

End Of The Line For Australia's Ranger Uranium Mine

Advanced Energy Sector Continues Growth Trajectory

Renewables Stocks With News Of Democrat-Led Congress

The POWER Interview: Evaluating Energy Investments

Finish Lines Closer At Vogtle Expansion

CEO of Pacific NW’s Only Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaving

Rolls-Royce Betting Small Is Beautiful When It Comes To UK Nuclear Power

Energy Fuels White Mesa Mill Will Stay Open For Now, But Won’t Add Many New Jobs

WCS Continues to Hold Problem Los Alamos Waste While Awaiting License Amendment

Scana, Fluor Beat WARN Act Suit Over ‘Nukegate’ Worker Layoffs

SNC-Lavalin’s Candu Energy Gains Service Extension At 6.4-GW Bruce Nuclear Plant In Canada

New Nuclear Plant Could Rise At Site Of Former One In NJ

New Nuclear Plant Could Rise At Site Of Oyster Creek

CGN To Take Stake In Kazakh U Mining Company

New Nuclear Plant Coming To Oyster Creek?

Battelle Energy Alliance and NASA Searching For Partners To Help Design Nuclear Power System For Moon Mission

Energoatom Accepts Need For Fixed Power Prices

Santee Cooper’s Defenders Take Aim At Potential Buyer NextEra Energy

DOE Award To BWXT-Fluor Abruptly Canceled

DOE Awards $77 Million In Incentive Pay To Hanford Contractors

Angry Shareholders Pile Into Lawsuits That Could Cost FirstEnergy Millions Of Dollars

2020: A Year of Reckoning for Competitive Generators

Scandal-Battered FirstEnergy Now Faces Specter Of Pricy Lawsuits

FirstEnergy To Be Audited By Ohio Regulators

Review Begins To Possibly Extend Operation Of Wisconsin Nuclear Plant To 2050

Companies Seek Transfer Of Southwest Michigan’s Nuclear Plant License After Shutdown In 2022

Top Uranium Miner Kazatomprom Sells 49% Interest In Two Mines To China’s CGN

Oyster Creek Nuclear Waste: Interim Storage Could Change Sites

Investing: Southern Company Remains A Buy

Memphis Is No Closer To Making A Decision About Its Electricity. For TVA, That's Not A Bad Thing.

Lightbridge Awarded Patent in Eurasia for Innovative Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Adequate Uranium to Meet Demand, Latest Red Book Concludes

US Uranium Miners Ready To Support Nuclear Power

Battelle, NASA Look For Company To Build Nuclear Power System For Moon

Entergy, Holtec File Transfer Request For Palisades Nuclear Plant; Street Sees 21% Upside

Lightbridge Awarded Patent in Eurasia for Innovative Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Europe's Utilities See Heavy Churn As A Dozen CEOs Depart In Less Than 2 Years

Holtec Aims For Manufacturing Site In Carlsbad For Nuclear Waste Project, Add 150 Jobs

Entergy and Holtec File Request to Transfer Palisades Nuclear Plant Post-Shutdown, Holtec to Complete Decommissioning Decades Sooner than Entergy

Former SCANA CEO To Plead Guilty On Another Charge For Failed Nuclear Plant Project

Ur-Energy: Congress Funds Establishment of National Uranium Reserve & Codifies Protections of the Recently Extended Russian Suspension Agreement

BWXT to Lead $106.6 Million Microreactor Design Project

Renewable Energy, Nuclear Should Thrive on Stimulus Boost

Environmental and Social Responsibility Key Priorities for Energy Fuels

US DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Announces $20 million for Advanced Reactor Concepts

Energy Harbor Stands To Gain $1 Billion In Nuclear Subsidies. Now, It Might Not Want The Money.

Uranium Week: Uranium Supply Risk From Pandemic


Georgia Power Receives First Nuclear Fuel For Vogtle Unit 3

Georgia Power Receives First Nuclear Fuel For Vogtle Unit 3

Oyster Creek Settlement Allows Holtec To Store More Nuclear Waste

Energy Harbor Seeks Option Of Turning Down HB6 Nuclear Bailout Money

Westinghouse Contracted To Dismantle Sweden’s Ågesta

EnergySolutions and FirstEnergy Finalize Sale of Three Mile Island Unit-2 Nuclear Power Plant

NuScale Power Commends Government of Canada on Release of SMR Action Plan

Westinghouse Wins Environmental Contract With Vattenfall To Dismantle Ågesta Nuclear Plant

GE All-in to Fight Climate Change, Urges Accelerated Replacement of Coal Power

TVO Receives Further Shareholder Loan Commitment

Exelon Submits Feasibility Study For Poland SMR Deployment

EDF Revises Its 2020 Core Earnings Target Upwards

Roof Placement And Turbine Tests Completed at Vogtle

Fitch: Nuclear Energy Generation Facing Pricing Challenges

Uranium Companies Attracted by REE and Vanadium

3D Safety Components For Nuclear Reactors Come To Richland

Vogtle Crews Test Power Turbine

IEA Charts COVID's Impact on Electricity Market

Uranium Week: Megatrends Set To Drive Uranium Demand

Orano: Temporarily Suspending Production at Cigar Lake

Framatome and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Team Up On Nuclear

GTI To Pick Up The Pace On Utah Desert Uranium Exploration

GDES Wins Nuclear Maintenance Contract In France

Xcel Energy, INL to Use Nuclear Energy for Clean Hydrogen Production; HTSE

The New Green Energy Giants Challenging Exxon and BP


Kairos Power to Deploy Test Reactor at Oak Ridge

Vogtle Unit 4 Shield Building Roof Set

Southern Co Receives First Nuclear Shipment For New Reactor At Georgia Plant

Salt River Project Increases Share In Nuclear Plant To Meet Growing Demand

TVEL To Introduce New Fuel, Longer Cycle At India's Kudankulam


Georgia Power Receives First Nuclear Fuel Shipment For Vogtle Unit 3, Moves Closer To In-Service Operations

Westinghouse Signs I&C Contract with Southern Nuclear

Salt River Project Board Votes To Increase Its Share Of Palo Verde Nuclear Plant With $70M Purchase

Commercial-Grade Products Help Build Nuclear Supply Chain

NRC Makes Point Beach Subsequent License Renewal Application Available for Public Inspection

Rolls-Royce to Sell Nuclear Instrument Business as Part of £2B Disposal Plan

MHI Calls For Cooperation On HTGRs To Produce Hydrogen

Westinghouse Signs I&C Contract with Southern Nuclear

Nuclear, Power: Things Getting Interesting for this Uranium ETF

Rolls-Royce Kicks Off Disposal Plan With Nuclear Instrument Sale

Uranium Stocks Take Off As US Senate Committee Clears Trump Plan For Strategic Reserve

GE To Supply RWE With 11 Gas Turbines For Grid Reliability In Germany

Proposed Uranium Mine For Powertech Gets EPA Approval

GE Hitachi Reaches Milestones In Reactor, Fuel Technologies

NNSA: Uranium Purification Pact With BWXT Subsidiary Won’t Cost Y-12 Jobs

Orano and KHNP Sign a Cooperation Agreement on Dismantling Nuclear Facilities

Orano Accelerates the Deployment of Digital Solutions on a Large Scale

EnergySolutions Takes Over TMI-2 License

Westinghouse Signs Instrumentation and Control Modernization Contract

NRC Approves License Transfer for Three Mile Island, Unit 2

Massive Tax Cut Sought For TMI, As Exelon Says Closed Nuclear Power Station Isn’t Worth A Dime

TVA and Framatome to Load First 3D-Printed Fuel Assembly Bracket in Commercial Reactor


TVA and Framatome to Load First 3D-Printed Fuel Assembly Bracket in Commercial Reactor


GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactor Achieves US Licensing Milestone

Uranium Week: Have We Seen The Lows For Uranium?

Vattenfall Extends SMR Cooperation With Fermi Energia

Crystal River Nuclear Plant Being Dismantled

Ontario Power Generation Commits To Being A Net-Zero Company By 2040

Vattenfall Extends SMR Cooperation With Fermi Energia

Moody's, S&P lower FirstEnergy credit rating to 'junk' amid more potential fallout from corruption probe

EDF Unions Consider Strike Over Hercules Reorganization Plan

CLP Investing in Solar, Wind, Nuclear Power in China

Replacing Nuclear Energy: Engie Electrabel Plans Four Gas Plants

Ontario Power Generation Includes SMR Plans In Net-Zero Strategy

Uranium Explorer Expects Supply-Side Shortfalls to Drive U3O8 Prices Higher

EDF Shares Jump on Restructuring Plan, Nuclear-Price Reform News

Head of EDF Calls For Europe To Include Nuclear In Green Deal

FirstEnergy Corp. Debt Downgraded Over Disclosures Tied To Householder Bribery Scandal

SNC-Lavalin Calls For 'Collaborative Contracting' In The Gulf

Uranium Energy Corp.: Current Risk Vs. Reward Position Is Very Positive

What Does It Take To Decommission Duke Energy’s Nuclear Plant?

EDF Shares’ Power Surge Need Not Be A One-Off

Fluor Team To Design Nuclear Plants For NuScale’s Small Modular Reactors

Exelon: Nuclear Exposure, Debt, And Share Dilution Do Not Make This A Buy

Design Updates, Financial Shakeup Prompt Utilities to Rethink Structure of NuScale's $6.1B SMR Project

Bechtel Team to Build $3-$6B Nuclear Test Reactor in Idaho

Japan’s KHI Exits Nuclear Sector To Focus On Hydrogen

BWXT: 3D Printing Breakthrough Could Speed Up Advanced Nuclear Reactor Development

Medical Cobalt Industry Tackles Supply Shortage

SCANA ex-CEO To Plead Guilty To Fraud, Get Prison, Pay $5 Million

BWXT Announces Advances In 3D Printing of Reactor Components

TVA Names New Leaders For Three Nuclear Plants

NRC Approves License Transfer for Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Santee Cooper, Electric Co-Op Customers To Get Refunds From Failed SC Nuclear Project

About 25% of US Power Plants Can Start Up Within An Hour

Uranium Week: Britain Goes Green With Nuclear

Deep Isolation Closes $20M Funding Round

Why Capital Markets Are Continuing To Finance Utilities Facing Rising Flood And Other Climate Change Impacts

Framatome Forge Raises Replacement Parts Production

Russia's SCC Says Tests Confirm Serviceability Of Uranium-Plutonium Nitride Fuel

Rosatom Ships More Components For Two Nuclear Power Plants Built In Kudankulam

NextEra Energy Seeks 30 More Years For Wisconsin's Nuclear Power Plant

TVA Says Safety Culture Has Changed At Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Acknowledges Problems In Past That Led To Record Fines

Deep Isolation Secures Funding, Launches Estonian Study

Federal Regulators, APS Resolve Apparent Nuclear Waste Violations At Palo Verde

EDF To Close UK Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Plant By July 2022

Nuclear Waste Startup Gets Backing for Underground Storage Holes

Berkeley Nuclear Disposal Startup Deep Isolation Lands $20 Million

Terrestrial Energy Opens Charlotte Office to Lead IMSR Generation IV Nuclear Plant Commercialization

S&P Sees Limited Role For Nuclear In EU Energy Transition

Sale Approved of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant That Is Set to Be Dismantled

Point Beach Owner Seeks To Run Wisconsin's Last Nuclear Plant For 80 Years

Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Emissions Stack To Be Demolished Wednesday

Pandemic Brought $185 Million Revenue Hit To TVA, But Many Expenses Were Lower

When Will Uranium Prices Go Up?

Fluor Joins with Sargent & Lundy on Design for NuScale’s Nuclear SMR Plants

Uranium Week: Uranium Reserve Hopes Rekindled 

Terrestrial Energy and NRG Begin Tests on IMSR Graphite

INL and XCEL Energy Join Forces For Hydrogen-Production Project In Minnesota

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



ANS Nuclear Cafe

NEXT 100




The Terrifying History of Russia’s Nuclear Submarine Graveyard

Nikolai Antoshkin, Who Helped Halt Chernobyl Disaster, Dies at 78

Unit of Belarus Nuclear Plant Goes Offline After Safety System Triggered

France Says Iran Is Building Nuclear Weapons Capacity, Urgent To Revive 2015 Deal

Wylfa: New Hybrid Nuclear Power Plan For Anglesey

US Grant Made for Romanian SMR Siting Assessment

US Environmental Cleanup Mission Shares 2020 Scorecard

EDF Energy Extends UK Reactor Outages By Three Months

Japan Nuclear Reactor Operations: Kyushu Electric Restarts Sendai No. 2 Reactor

Consultation Launched On New Nuclear Power Station Design Proposed For UK

First Turbine Module Delivered For Turkey's Akkuyu Plant

Unit 1 Of The Belarusian Nuclear Plant Brought To 100% Capacity

Iran Works On Uranium Metal For Reactor Fuel In New Breach Of Nuclear Deal

Chinese Demands On Nuclear Power Investment Complicate EU Talks

China ‘Must Power Up Nuclear Plans’ To Meet Carbon Neutral Targets

Japan's Kyushu Electric Restarts Sendai No. 2 Reactor

Polish Group Calls On Germany To Reverse Nuclear Phaseout

Chinese Nuclear Firm Told It Must Resolve Bradwell Safety Issues

China's Second Fuqing Hualong One Reactor Completes Cold Tests

Sweden Splits Over Nuclear Power

Rosatom To Build Plant Running On Small Modular Reactors In Eastern Siberia

Indian Reactor Connected To The Grid

Iran Must Undo Uranium Enrichment, Help Nuclear Diplomacy, EU Says

Consultation Launched On New Nuclear Power Station Design Proposed For UK

Unit 3 of India's Kakrapar Nuclear Plant Synchronised To Grid

South Africa's Koeberg 1 Closed After Steam Generator Leakage

IAEA Chief Says Matter Of Weeks Left To Revive Iran Nuclear Diplomacy

UK Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng: Nuclear Stands Out As Clean, Dispatchable Firm Power

Wylfa Planning Decision Delayed Again As Takeover Talks Continue

Iran Will Expel U.N. Nuclear Inspectors Unless Sanctions Are Lifted

Australia's Ranger Mine Ends Processing Operations

Japanese Industry Leaders Call For Nuclear Restarts

Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant May Stop South Wales Mud Dumping

European Organization Launched For Cooperation In Waste Disposal

Energoatom Chief: Ukraine's Khmelnitsky Expansion Part Of European 'Renaissance'

China Begins Construction Of Sanao Nuclear Power Plant

South Africa's Eskom Unprepared as Generator Leak Accelerates Nuclear Shutdown

South Africa's Eskom To Impose Power Cuts After Nuclear Plant Shutdown

UK Agrees To Further Deferral Of Wylfa Planning Decision

Why Canada Is Betting On Nuclear To Get To Net-Zero Carbon

Will Indonesia Become A Nuclear Power?


Nuclear Waste – How Finland And Sweden Plan Warehouses

UK Power Grid Creaks at Risk of Blackouts

South Africa's Eskom To Impose Power Cuts After Nuclear Plant Shutdown

NGOs urge EU Commission To Value Nuclear Energy

Hot Testing Completed At China's Sixth Tianwan Unit

Japan’s Steel Industry Continues to Back Nuclear Power

Rosatom to Being Work on Land-Based SMR

Construction of New Chinese Power Plant Begins

Hot Functional Testing of HTR-PM Reactors Starts

Bulgaria Joins OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Eight International Power Sector Trends to Watch in 2021 and Beyond

Japan's Carbon Neutrality Dilemma: More Nuclear Power Or More Renewables?

Experts Calling on South Korean Government to Reconsider Nuclear Power Phase-out

South Korea’s Artificial Sun Broke A Record, Blazing Hotter Than The Core Of The Real Sun 

German Power Export Surplus Shrank 46.2% in 2020

Poland Plays Down Fears Over Nuclear Power Plans Despite Biden Victory

2020: A Year Of Challenge And Achievement For Indian Nuclear Sector

Sweden's Ringhals 1 Closes For Last Time

Russian Nuclear Power Generation Breaks Soviet Record

Iran Tells UN Agency It Will Enrich Uranium Back To Pre-Nuclear Deal Level Of 20%

Indonesia’s Nuclear Dream, Revived?

Nuclear Energy In A Post-Pandemic ASEAN

Leningrad II-1 Completes Safety Tests

UK Parliament Votes For Brexit Deal Along With Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

Sector By Sector: Are British Firms Ready For Post-Brexit Trade?

Slovenia Restarts Nuclear Plant After Croatia Quake

UK and Euratom sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

IAEA Informed by Slovenian Authority that Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Safe Shutdown Following Earthquake

Sisi, Russian Energy Agency Head Meet About First Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant

China Starts Building Second CFR-600 Fast Reactor

Sweden’s Power Bills Set to Rise With Closure of Nuclear Plant

UK-EU Brexit Agreement – Cooperation On Renewables, Trading And Markets

Egypt's Sisi Follows Up On Progress At Dabaa Nuclear Plant

France and Germany Retake Reins as Britain Leaves EU’s Economic Orbit

Rosatom Will Build SMR Project in Republic of Sakha

Seaborg: Floating ‘Mini-Nukes’ Could Power Countries by 2025

Japan Aims To Be Carbon Free By 2050

Nuclear Power ‘Not Ruled Out’ But Ireland Has Little Appetite

Rosatom May Put Stages I, II of Nuclear Center in Bolivia Into Operation in 2021

Rosatom To Build Small-Scale Land-Based Arctic Nuclear Plant By 2028

China Suffers Widespread Blackouts Amid Coal Supply Shortage

Chinese Demands On Nuclear Power Investment Complicate EU Talks

World’s Uranium Resources Enough for the Foreseeable Future, Say NEA and IAEA in New Report

Japanese Power Companies Promote Use of MOX Fuel

Fukushima Nuclear Debris Removal Delayed By Virus

Canadian Regulator Renews License For BWXT Fuel Facilities

China Plans Clean Energy Future

Polish Group Calls On Germany To Reverse Nuclear Phaseout

Czech Republic Shortlists Geological Repository Sites

Small Modular Reactors Coming To Ontario, But Some Say Not Soon Enough

Hot Tests Completed at Ukraine’s ISF-2 Storage Facility

Climate Could Pay The Price As Europe's Nuclear Plants Age

Canada Forges Ahead With Nuclear Small Modular Reactor Action Plan

Floating Nuclear Reactors Could Power Entire Countries by 2025

Hanhikivi-1 Design Documents Submitted To Finnish Customer

Russia Begins Construction on Fifth Nuclear Icebreaker as Arctic Sees Record Shipping Traffic

China to Abolish Access Restrictions on Foreign Investment in Energy Sector – Excluding Nuclear

UAE To Establish Electricity Market To Export Power: Energy Ministry

IAEA Prepared To Send Team To Monitor Fukushima Water Release

Dismantling of Germany's Mülheim-Kärlich Steam Generators Completed

Ukraine Loads More RBMK Fuel Into Interim Storage Facility

Mysterious N.Korea Site May Be Building Nuclear Components

Canadian Government Backs Development of Mini Nuclear Reactors with New Action Plan

Floating 'Mini-Nukes' Could Power Countries By 2025

Swedish Reactors Meet New Emergency Cooling Requirements

IAEA Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy to Make Recommendations After Annual Meeting

Further Two-Year Delay To Japanese MOX Plant

Japanese Government Launches Appeal Over Oi Nuclear Plant Restart

Japanese Mayor Again Stands In Way Of Plan For Spent Nuclear Fuel

Hokkaido Fishing Villages Face Tough Decision Over Nuclear Disposal Sites

World’s Biggest Crane Lifts Huge Steel Ring at UK Nuclear Site

Iran Builds At Underground Nuclear Facility Amid US Tensions

Canadian Nuclear Association CEO: Small Nuclear Reactors Can Produce Clean Electricity For Mining

Japan Regulator Appeals Court Ruling On Two Nuclear Reactors

Japanese Utilities Aim To Use MOX fuel at 12 Reactors

French Power Production Cut By Latest Strike Over Nuclear Reform

China Denies Radiation Leak From Nuke Plant Across From Taiwan

Ex-Im Bank: US Offers Poland Financing For Nuclear Power, Other Zero Emission Energy

EU Inspection of Belarus Nuclear Plant This Week Canceled

Critics Say Turkey’s Unfinished Nuclear Plant Already Redundant

Tepco to Compensate for Losses from Fukushima Water Release

RWE and Bilfinger Reach Decommissioning Milestone At German Nuclear Plant

UAE Nuclear Energy Program Witnessed Major Milestones in 2020

UK Confirms Status Of Nuclear As Clean Energy

The UK’s Quest for Affordable Fusion by 2040

New UK Proposals Chase More Nuclear and Higher Carbon Prices

Rosatom Redesigning Floating Nuclear Plant for Foreign Customers

Britain Opens Talks With EDF On Funding Sizewell C Nuclear Project

Sizewell C Nuclear Plant Forms Part Of Post-Brexit Energy Plan

UK Emissions Trading System To Be Ready For Exit From EU

China Needs A Mountain Of Uranium To Meet Its Carbon Free Ambitions

China Unveils New Emissions And Clean Energy Pledges

UK Due to Set Out Major Energy Investment Plan on Monday

Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station, Thrown into Doubt as China Ponders Pulling Out of £20B Project

Macron Urges G-20, Big Companies to Boost Climate Reporting

Nuclear Energy to Enable India’s Sustainable Development Goals

Ukraine Seeks World Heritage Status for Chernobyl Zone

China Considers Exiting UK Nuclear Plant Project

UK to Halt Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Projects Abroad

Over 60 Percent of Poles Back Nuclear Energy in Poland

Pluthermal Reactor Dream for Japan Still An Elusive Goal

Nuclear Waste Clean-Up at Sellafield Takes 'Major' Step

China Commissions First Used Fuel Transport Ship

‘Serious’ Nuclear Incident In Finland But No Radiation Leak

Nuclear Developers Dust Off Plans for More Reactors in UK

China's Long March To Zero Carbon

Canadians Invited To Be Part Of Solution In Effective Handling Of Radioactive Waste

French Strike Boosts Spot Power As Nuclear Gets Macron Backing

Energoatom Stresses Importance of Ukraine-EU Energy Bridge

Nuclear Plant at EU’s Border Spooks Leaders Amid Risk Warnings

Czech Nuclear Plant Tender Hits Hurdle Over China, Russia Participation

UK's Latest 'Carbon Budget' Sees 5-10 GW of Nuclear in 2050

Regulator Approves Safety Upgrades at Japanese MOX Plant

Macron Stresses Importance Of Nuclear Energy For France

Macron Kicks Off French Race To Build A New Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier

Macron Says Nuclear Will Remain Key Energy Source For France

MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant In Japan Clears Regulator's Safety Checks

US, Slovenia Expand Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation

Czech Tender For New Nuclear Power Plant Hits New Hurdle Over Security


First UAE Nuclear Reactor Reaches Full Power

France Yet To Agree With EU Over Nuclear Reform

Will China Win The Nuclear Fusion Race?

Japan To Make Hydrogen Major Power Source By 2030

France-EU Talks About Nuclear Reform Still Ongoing

Greenpeace Says It Was Given Documents About Flamanville Nuclear Reactor Security

Questions Abound About New Brunswick's Embrace Of Small Nuclear Reactors

Utilities Middle East To Host Conference On The Future Of Nuclear Energy

Japanese Plans for Nuclear Waste Near 'Mount Fuji of Hokkaido?' Receive Pushback

Polish Climate Minister: Climate Goals Hard To Achieve Without Nuclear Energy

China Turns On Nuclear-Powered 'Artificial Sun'

Japan Court Nullifies Approval Of Oi Nuclear Reactor Safety Steps

China Turns On Nuclear-Powered 'Artificial Sun'

The Future Of Nuclear Power In Scotland

Nuclear Needed In Future Dutch Energy Mix

Europe Vies For Pole Position In Global Race To Hydrogen Economy

Poland Minister Seeks Japanese Partners For Nuclear Project

Fuel Loading Under Way At First Pakistani Hualong One

Brazil Resumes Uranium Mining At Caetité

Iran Moves to Increase Uranium Enrichment and Bar Nuclear Inspectors

UK Seeks Site for Nuclear Fusion Pilot Project

UK Takes Step Towards World's First Nuclear Fusion Power Station

Brazil Restarting Uranium Production After 5 Years

Construction Work Resumes On Ukrainian Khmelnitsky Units

Australia's Victoria Blocks Prospect For Uranium Mining


China's First Domestic Nuclear Reactor Goes Online

Indian Regulator Gives Go-Ahead For First Concrete at Gorkakhpur

Rwanda: Opposition Grows To Russian-Backed Nuclear Plants

Iran Scientist Linked To Military Nuclear Program Killed

China’s Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Goes Online

Poland Sees Cost Of Building 6-9 GW of Nuclear Energy at $30B

IAEA's Grossi Impressed By Finnish Used Fuel Repository


IAEA Director General Grosse: Finland’s Spent Fuel Repository A "Game Changer" For The Nuclear Industry

China's first Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Starts Operations

Australian State Completes Report On Nuclear Prohibition

UK Treasury Underscores Value of New Nuclear

Bulgaria's Kozloduy NPP Plans 5.6M Euro Deal With Westinghouse For New Fuel Type Analysis


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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