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Feds Seek Proposals For Cleanup At Los Alamos Lab

Trump’s Energy Plan: Save Coal By Unleashing Fracking?

Federal Judge Rules Out Third Party In MOX Suit

Senate Armed Services Committee Roasts DOE Over MOX Project Misdirection

Police: Lost Couple Cut Lock At Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant

MOX Hearing Scheduled For June 30; Feds Seek Delay

The Real Problem With Fusion Energy

A Challenge to Donald Trump’s Energy Claims: Economic Reality

Trump’s Big Complaint About Clean Power Is That Wind Kills Birds


Ivanpah Solar Plant Catches Fire, But Taxpayers Get Burned

Moniz Visit Highlights Georgia Tech’s Energy Collaborations

Trump Preaches Energy Wealth To The Industry Choir

Exelon Makes Another Try For Energy Changes


At Hiroshima Memorial, Obama Says Nuclear Arms Require ‘Moral Revolution’

Fight Over LGBT Rights Scuttles Energy Spending Bill

Trump Outlines ‘America First’ Energy Plan


The Fusioneers: Forget Cars, These Guys Build Nuclear Reactors In Their Back Yards


Vermont Yankee, Vernon Tax Agreement Signed

House Moves Toward Conference On Energy Bill

Where Free Wind Meets Cheap Gas in US, Power Dynamics Changing

Boom: Ten New Nuclear Energy Reactors Connected To Grid In 2015 -- Most Since 1990

NY State Senator Calls On PSC To Preserve Nuclear Energy, Protect FitzPatrick

Colorado And Nation Face 70,000-Ton Nuclear Waste Burden


8 Of Top 10 US Power Plants Nuclear Energy

NRC Changes Fee Structure To Boost SMRs


NRC to Amend Regulations to Establish Separate Fees for Small Modular Reactors

White House: Enhancing US-Vietnam Civil Nuclear Clean Energy Cooperation

Nuclear Foes Renew Push To Shut Indian Point

US Official Says India Has Addressed Nuclear Concerns

Moniz Bullish On Nuclear Energy Revival -- In 15 Years

A&M To Be Part Of Team Bidding To Run Sandia Nuclear Laboratories

Environmental Progress Founder Shellenberger Talks Shift To Nuclear Energy Advocacy

DANIEL PONEMAN, CENTRUS: Decision Time for Illinois Clean Energy

US Study Calls For Upgrades To Security Infrastructure And Systems

Post-Paris, Clean Energy Ministerial Now 'Where The Action Is'

Skeptics Strike Back — GOP Reps Investigate AGs, Eco-Activists Targeting Global Warming Skeptics


DOE’s Deep Borehole Waste Project 'Stokes Nuclear Concerns In South Dakota'

Illinois Bill To Help Nuclear Plants On Back Burner


Former Navy Vet One Of Many Working On New Plant Vogtle Reactors

Cuomo, Entergy Agree To Disagree On Plant Closings


Barton Seeks To Regain House Energy Chair

Nuclear Shutdowns Could Ramp Up US Carbon Emissions

Report Claims US Nuclear Reactors Fall Short on Steps to Cope With Disasters

DOE To Miss Cleanup Deadline At Idaho Lab

Trump Taps Lawmakers, Advocates For Energy Expertise

Secretary of Energy And Lawmakers Argue To Save The Nation’s Existing Nuclear Plants

Moniz to Launch PPPL’s Flagship Fusion Facility

Experts Urge US Nuclear Plants to Implement Stricter Monitoring

The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself


Moniz: Closing Nuclear Plants Poses ‘Huge Problem'


Senator Reid Out, Yucca Mountain In?

Political Climate Leaves Yucca’s Future In Flux

Value Of Nuclear Energy Up For Debate In New Mexico Rate Case

DOE Convenes Summit on Improving the Economics of America’s Nuclear Plants

‘Little Energy Bill That Could’ Gets Closer to Hilltop


Fifteen To 20 Nuclear Units In US 'At Risk' Of Shutdown

House, Senate Panels OK Advanced Nuclear Reactor Bills

3 Ways Small Modular Reactors Overcome Existing Barriers to Nuclear

Sen. Lamar Alexander Urges Tennessee To Reject Wind Farm

Trump Energy Adviser Eyes Tax Code To 'Level The Playing Field'

Nuclear Energy Makes Comeback In Congress

Nuclear Firms: More Federal Money for Advanced Reactors

White House Threatens Veto, Calls MOX Program ‘Past Deadline, Over Budget’

Senate Hearing On New Reactors Turns Into Colloquy On Subsidies

Moniz Dismisses Trump’s Call To Change Climate Deal


House Energy Leaders Push NRC Reform

New York Weighs Future Of Indian Point, Upstate Nuclear Energy Plants

Full-Scale Production of Plutonium Spacecraft Fuel Still Years Away


Trump Calls For Renegotiation Of Paris Climate Deal

Video: Senate Hearing to Examine the Status of Advanced Nuclear Technologies

Senate Energy And Natural Resources Ranking Member Maria Cantwell: We Must Address Nuclear Waste Problems

Nuclear: Part of the Alternative Energy 'Solution'?


Senate Grilling: Southern's Kazinsky Defends Vogtle Economics

Nuclear Energy’s Decline In New England Could Cause Blackouts

Nuclear Energy Will Be an Undeniable Power Source In The Future

Carbon Emissions Rising At New England Power Plants

Senate Hearing to Examine the Status of Advanced Nuclear Technologies

Diablo Canyon Wins Award For Mother/Baby-Friendly Workplace


Canadian Plan To Store Nuclear Waste Near Great Lakes Goes Awry

Feds Focus On Rail For Moving Vermont Yankee’s Spent Fuel


US Moves To Expand Mo-99 Production

Fort Calhoun Never Feared Its Nuclear Plant, But Now It Fears Its Loss

MOX Experts, Putin Poke Holes In DOE Plan B

Shocker: Nevada officials Claim NRC Yucca EIS Defective

Plan To Save Clinton's Nuclear Energy Plant Moving Forward

The US Is Badly Underinvesting In Electricity Infrastructure


US MOX Program Receives Vote Of Confidence From Key Senate Committee

TVA's Bid For Small Modular Reactor Is A 'First In Industry'

Another Midwest Reactor Faces Shutdown Amid Financial Pressure


Clinton, Chu and the ‘Energizer’

ND Congressman Prepping Trump Energy Strategy

EIA Sees Strong Growth In Global Nuclear Generation To 2040

2040 Energy Picture Sees 3-Way Tie In Electric Generation

US Officials: Significant Progress Made In Civil Nuclear Deal With India

Iran Gripes It's Not Reaping Economic Benefits From Nuclear Deal

SMR Plants Gaining Traction

UN: New Amendment On Safeguarding Nuclear Facilities Comes Into Force

Senate Approves $37.5B Measure To Fund Energy, Water

OPPD CEO: Shut Down Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant By End Of The Year

Nevada Officials Take Up Latest Fed Report On Yucca Mountain

Q&A with NRC’s Stephen Burns: Rejuvenating an Aging Fleet, Jumpstarting Modulars

OPPD Recommends Ceasing Operations At Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station

California PUC’s Big Scandal Over San Onofre Closure Heats Up

Could Inhofe Staffer Be In Line For NRC Agency Post?

NEA Magwood Head Highlights Challenges Facing Nuclear Energy


New Study Highlights Flaws In DOE’s MOX Alternative Strategy

Nevada Antis Handwringing Over Favorable Yucca EIS

States Fighting Feds In Turf War Over Energy Regulation


New Cannes Documentary To Hit Clintons On Putin Uranium One Deal

Obama To Visit Ground Zero

US Nuclear Organizations' Rally To Keep Nuclear 'Czar'


Florida Basketball: Gators’ Nuclear Engineering Program Helps Land Recruit

The Race To Make Plutonium-238, The Nuclear Power Source We Need To Keep Exploring Space


Burns Talks Vogtle, State Of The Industry, Supply Chain, Future

Nuclear Energy Draws Renewed Interest In Congress

State Regulators Reopen Case On San Onofre

Senate Dems Block Energy Appropriations Bill A Third Time Over Iranian Heavy Water Purchase 


Bigger Guns, Bigger Problems? How High-Powered Ammunition Could Affect Nuclear Plants

Anti-Gadfly: Hinkley £53 Billion Subsidy For France

Energy Bill Could Be Victim Of Its Own Success

Y-12 Completes Waste Removal Project Two Years Ahead Of Schedule


NRC Clings To Status Quo On Foreign Ownership Ban

Is American Oil 'Dead'? T. Boone Pickens Says Yes ... But Only For Now

Oklahoma's Rise In Quakes Linked To Increased Oil and Gas Activity


Nuclear Energy’s Unlikely Apostle: Former Anti-Activist Shellenberger’s Conversion

Surprise Illinois Energy Bill Turns Up Heat On Nuclear, Solar Debates

Washington Attorney General, Senator Call For DOE Accountability At Hanford

Moniz Discusses Iowa’s Role In Energy Independence


Defense Bill Has Nuclear Facilities Fighting Drones

Illinois Gov. Rauner: Keep Nuclear Plants In State's 'Energy Mix'

Candidates For Georgia Regulatory Panel Debate Vogtle Costs

EPA Chief Says Carbon Rule Not Killing Coal Country


Exelon: Quad Cities, Clinton To Close If Illinois Legislature Fails To Pass 'Adequate Legislation'

Yucca EIS: Small Impact Over A Million Years

Top US Commerce Trade Board Sounds Alarm on White House Nuclear Energy Post

NuScale: White House Position 'Essential' To Keep US In The Room And At Table In $400B Market

A New Way To Get Nuclear Energy, Reducing Waste In The Process

Turtles Die At FPL’s St. Lucie While Red Tape Delays Protection Efforts


NRC Issues Final Supplement To Yucca Mountain Environmental Impact Statement

DOE’s ‘Forever’ Contamination Sites At INL

Congress Takes First Steps Towards NRC Fee Reform

NRC Scrubs Accident Analysis At Indian Point

Vermont Yankee Dinged Over Decom Funds

New Administration Rule Would Permit Thousands Of Eagle Deaths At Wind Farms

WIPP One Step Closer To Reopening

Damaged bolts inside NJ’s Salem Reactor Core Prompt New Inspections, Repairs

Former Triga Becomes National ANS Nuclear Historic Landmark


White House Axing Top Nuclear Energy Post


Mothers for Nuclear: New Group Tries To Keep Diablo Canyon Open

Siting of SMR at Idaho Lab Gains Steam

Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Canal Leaks Spark More Scrutiny Over Plans For New Units

Natural Gas Company At Center Of Probe Backed Cuomo, Sought Contract

California Officials Mull Revamp Of Electric System As Blackouts Loom

New York Earmarks $30 Million For FitzPatrick Closure Dislocation

Bentley, Shelby Urge TVA To Sell Unfinished Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

Former NRC Commissioner Merrifield: NRC’s ‘All or Nothing’ Licensing Process Doesn’t Work

Bipartisan Committee Leaders Seek DOE Update on Nuclear Smuggling Deterrence Programs


Novel Model Illustrates The Finer Details Of Nuclear Fission

For Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Divergent Paths to Iran Nuclear Talks

IEA Chief Says Oil Price Bottoming Depends On Global Growth


Nuclear Plant Cyber Hack Over-Hyped

Package To Provide Economic Safety Net For Connecticut Nuclear Energy Sails Through State Senate

House Committee Holds Hearing On Modernizing US Nuclear Infrastructure

NRC Receives High Marks for Small Business Contracting


Video: Security at Indian Point


Former TVA Manager Admits Chinese Government Paid For Secrets


California Senate Urges Feds To Embrace Spent Fuel Storage 

South Dakotans 'Speak-Out Against' DOE's Deep Waste Storage Test In State

Senate Energy Spending Bill Blocked For Second Day

Senate Votes To Increase Wind Energy Funding

Permit For A New Nuclear Reactor In New Jersey OK'd by ASLB

Can The US-Russia Plutonium Disposition Agreement Be Saved?

Inflation Adds $3.4B to Cost of Next Six US Nuclear Aircraft Carriers


Failed College Wind Turbine Investment Produces Roughly 100 To 1 Negative ROI

Audit: Idaho Nuclear Waste Plant Construction over Budget

Report: Radical Action Needed To Decarbonize World Energy Supply

Public Opinion On Nuclear Energy: What Influences It

How Dyson Invented A $399 Hairdryer With Nuclear Tech

Court Denies NRDC Petition Against Nuclear Plant Renewal

The 5 Dumbest Things in the US Energy Bill


Video: Progress At V.C. Summer Expansion Site


Senate Screeches To A Halt Over Iran Nuclear Pact Amendment Curb

Senator Cotton Seeks To Block Buying of Iran's Nuclear Material

Is Radiation As Bad As Portrayed?

Hanford Officials Investigating Possibility Of 2nd Tank Leak

Feds Seek Dismissal Of MOX Lawsuit; Gov. Haley Says $100M Still Owed To State

DOE Announces New Awards for Advanced Nuclear Energy Development

Despite Headwinds, Nuclear Remains A Key Provider Of Carbon-Free Energy

Bill Gates Is Pushing A New Clean Energy: Nuclear Fission

SC Delegation, Putin Agree: Obama’s MOX Shutdown Would Breach Treaty

Falling D&D Fund Returns May Accelerate Pace Shutdown Decommissionings


Bill Gates: Carbon Tax Not Right For The US

Disgruntled DOE Worker Detonates Water Bottle Bomb In Radioactive Warehouse

New York Weighs Aid For Nuclear Plants

How The Soviet Union Stayed Silent During Chernobyl

Showdown: Lack Of State Action Puts Clinton Nuclear Plant At Risk

NY Considers Aid For Struggling Nuclear Plants

Looming Deadline For Idaho DOE Waste treatment Plant: Future In Limbo

Shimkus to NRC: Why No Yucca Funding?

As Putin Swipes At Over Obama MOX Inaction, Nuclear Cooperation Takes A Hit

Harry Reid’s Last Power Play

See How A Nuclear Energy Plant Helps The Environment This Earth Day

Kerry Celebrates Signing Of Paris Climate Deal

Moniz's Personal Email Revealed As MIT Account


Yucca Life After Reid Retirement

Brattle: Keeping Upstate Nuclear Power Plants Open Far Exceed Costs

Why What You Think About Radiation Might Just Be Wrong

Behind the Scenes: Here’s What The Control Room Of A Nuclear Reactor Looks Like

Senate Tries To Throw Cold Water On Paris Climate Deal


DOE 'Mulls' South Dakota For Deep Nuclear Waste Site After Ouster From North Dakota

Wired: The US’ 'Dangerous' Game of Musical Chairs With Nuclear Waste

Sen. Crapo Bill To Boost Advanced Reactors Sails Through With Energy Package

Senate Votes To Increase ARPA-E Funding


House E&C Subcommittees Scrutinize NRC Budget

Senate Passes Broad Bill to Modernize Energy Infrastructure

Simpson Protects INL in Energy Bill

Infrastructure Council Lauds Senate Bill For Technology Trailblazing, NRC Accountability


Lessons of Chernobyl Disaster, 30 Years On

Clouds Gather Over Solar Power After Golden Years Of Success

Liberal Biases, Too, May Block Progress on Climate Change

Supreme Court Rules Against State Power Plant Subsidies

Senate Takes Up Energy Bill After 2-Month Delay For Flint

NRC’s McCree, USNIC’s Merrifield Headline Senate Hearing on NRC Modernization

TVA Mum On Former Nuclear Manager In China Probe

Vermont Yankee's 10-Mile Emergency Planning Zone Set To Expire

State: Latest DOE Hanford Waste Tank Leak No Danger To Public

NRC Commissioners To Defend Agency Budget Request

Under President Sanders, the Planet Will Feel the Burn With Nuclear Phase-Out


Drone-Busting Defense System Protects Planes And Nuclear Stations From Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Obama Maneuvers To Tie Next President's Hands On Climate With UN Paris Accord

Oil Prices Set To Plunge Again

US Presidential Hopefuls All Over The Lot On Nuclear Energy

Will the US Pull Out Of ITER? Alexander Says He’s Waiting To Hear From Moniz

Moniz Discusses New Energy Bill And Future For Coal Workers


Cuckoo Clocks? Venezuela Shifting Time Hoping To Save Energy

GOP Lawmakers Threaten Subpoena For Moniz's Personal Email


CGNP: Ringleader For Homegrown Chinese Reactor At Epicenter Of US Espionage Indictment

Feds: TVA Employee Fingered In Nuclear Information For Cash Ploy In Chinese Espionage Case

Report: Without Nuclear, US States Face Struggle To Meet Carbon Goals

Senate Appropriations Lays Out $575M For Uranium Processing Facility

A Supporter's Plea For The Bern To Embrace Nuclear Energy

Bipartisan Bill Tackles Advanced Reactor Licensing Reform

US Nuclear Engineer, Chinese Firm Charged With Conspiracy

Reid Wishes He Could Stay In Senate 'Til I Drop Dead'

Senate Bill To Teach Old NRC New Tricks


Inhofe Leads Bipartisan Charge For NRC Modernization And Innovation

Senate Appropriations Funds MOX: Punts Future To Armed Services

...Senator Graham Takes The MOX Helm: 'I’m Gonna Lay Into [DOE] Like Sherman Going Through Georgia'


How to Protect Nuclear Plants From Terrorists

House Panel Passes $37.4 Billion Energy, Water Funding Bill

Feds List Idaho As Possible Site For Nuclear Waste Storage

US Nuclear Innovation Alliance Calls For Revamp Of Reactor Licensing Process

Historic Reactor And Safety Test Are Remembered At INL


Potential Oak Ridge SMRs Projected For Mid-2020s

Prez Hopeful Sanders Calls For National Ban On Fracking

Despite Tesla Frenzy, Electric Car Sales Are Far From Robust

House Appropriators Rebuke Obama Request On MOX -- Provide $340 Million For FY2017


Congressional Appropriators Carve-Out $170 Million For Yucca Mountain

Georgia Meeting Asks How To Choose Nuclear Waste Site

Have We Seen The Bottom In Oil Prices?

Ex-Nuclear Agency Worker Sentenced for Cyber Attack Bid

NRC To Discuss TVA Reactor Plans At Oak Ridge Meetings

Oak Ridge Could Take Lead In New TVA Nuclear Design

Feds Push Stronger Cyber Protections At Nuclear Sites

NRC Schedules Open House to Discuss Mixed Oxide Facility Performance 


Why It's Time To Dispel The Myths About Nuclear Energy

Greenpeace Co-Founder Moore Under Attack From Fellow Nuclear Energy Advocates

Hopes Fade In Congress For Energy Reform

Obama's Plutonium Mess: SC Suing, Russians Gloating

Obama Ponders Visit To Ground Zero

Changing Nuclear Landscape Alters WIPP’s Role


Left Turns On Bernie Over Nuclear Energy Phase-Out

Graham & Scott Scold: DOE’s MOX Meddling Gives Putin 'High Ground' On Nonproliferation

Radioactive Reindeer Roam Norway 30 Years After Chernobyl

Donald Trump’s Nuclear MIT Uncle



Video: 1Q 2016 Vogtle Timeline

Court Awards Maine Yankee $24.6M To Pay For Storing Radioactive Waste

Cyberattacks Surge on Energy Companies, Electric Grid

More Than 130 Countries Will Sign Climate Deal On Earth Day

Putin Piles On: Hits US For 'Non-Compliance' With Agreements For Disposing Of Plutonium

Clinton Calls For Oversight, But Not Closure, Of Indian Point

New York Nuclear Plant's Future Further Divides Sanders And Clinton

Activist Seeks Attorney General Action To Protect Pilgrim From Terrorists

Former AEHI Company Executive Sentenced

Clock Ticking On $1M/Day Penalty For DOE's Missed MOX Milestones

SC: DOE 'Continuously Sought To Undermine Construction Of The MOX Facility'

SC Files Lawsuit Seeking Damages For DOE MOX Inaction

Sanders Warns Of 'Catastrophe' If Indian Point Isn't Closed


SC Gov. Haley Presses $100M Claim Against DOE On Missed MOX Milestone 

NM Deploys $74M DOE WIPP Mishap Settlement 


'Rampaging Radioactive' Wild Boars Reportedly Raging Near Fukushima

Watts Bar Employee Concerns Bubbling

NRC Feels The Heat At Capitol Hill Hearing


Senate Oversight Chair Willing To Proceed On Filling NRC Vacancies

Climate Guru Hansen Condemns Sanders' Fear-Mongering Against Indian Point


Climate Pioneer Hansen Stumps For Nuclear In Illinois As Exelon Bill Looms


Nuclear Energy—Not Electric Cars—Will Change Our World (Sorry Elon)

NRC Launches 'Special Inspection' Of Georgia Power’s Hatch Unit 1 Reactor

Former Idaho Gov Andrus Continues Tussle With DOE Over Records and Spent Nuclear Fuel

Does WIPP Have Room For Surplus Plutonium?

Issa to DOE: Shuttered San Onofre Spent Fuel Needs Consent-Based Hearing

Climate Catastrophe, Coming Even Sooner? 

First Waste Comes Up From Hanford’s Vertically Buried Pipes

Radioactive Fracking Waste A 'Hot Issue' -- Homeless And Unregulated

Keystone Pipeline Shut Down After Crude Leak In South Dakota


Amid Battle For New York Votes, Sanders Calls For The Shutdown Of Indian Point


Majority Of Americans Now Oppose Fracking


The Nuclear Physicist Who Helped Reduce The World Stockpile Of Nuclear Arms Retires

Global Warming Gives Science Behind Nuclear Winter a New Purpose

The US Is a Big Oil Importer Again

White House Endorses Effort to Replace Bomb-Grade Naval Fuel

Scientists at Fermilab Are About to Start Shooting Neutrinos Through the Earth

China Abandons Wind Turbines Because Most Of The Energy Is Wasted

Nevada Congressmen Seek Funding For Local Yucca Oversight


Wisconsin Gov. Signs Bill Ending State New Nuclear Moratorium

DOE Wants To Send Surplus Non-MOX Plutonium To WIPP

New Communication System Installed At New Mexico’s WIPP

Innovation Culture Missing in Nuclear Energy Culture


Global Nuclear Market Hinges On Regional Outlooks

Ohio Regulators Lock In Power Generated From Nuclear, Coal Plants

This New Fuel Could Make Nuclear Energy Safer and Cheaper


Moniz: Trump ‘Bluntly Irresponsible’ On Nukes

New Mexico Hopes Plan Nets More Nuclear-Waste Cleanup Funds

NM Environment Dept. Rolls Out New Plan To Require Cleanup At Los Alamos

UK and US to Simulate Cyber-Attack On Nuclear Plants To Test Resilience


NRC Has $1.7M Left in Nuclear Waste Funding

Everything You Need to Know About Obama's Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear Energy Squeezed by Mounting Costs

NYT: Nuclear Materials Remain Vulnerable To Theft, Despite US-Led Effort

DOE Riddled By Skeptical Chicagoans In First Consent-Based Waste Forum

New Report Details INL Radiation Leak


One-Third Of Us Nuclear Reactors Are Near Mandatory Retirement

WH Fact Sheet: The Nuclear Security Summits: Securing the World from Nuclear Terrorism

The World’s Largest Renewable Energy Developer Could Go Broke

Climate Policy’s Advocates Take Page From Same-Sex Marriage Playbook

WIPP Ends Safety Pause Stemming From Air Quality Issues


Bernie Sanders' Really Bad Idea To Phase Out Nuclear Energy Plants

TVA Talks Cyber Security After New York Dam Hack

Vermont Yankee, State Decommissioning 'Dialogue' Opens Up

Fusion Closes In On 'Wright Brother' Moment 

Belgium Attacks Loom Over Final Nuclear Security Summit

Brussels Attacks: 'Man In The Hat' Charged With Terrorism And Murder As Nuclear Security Guard Killed

Two Belgian Nuclear Plant Workers Are Believed To Have Joined ISIS

US-China Cooperation On Nuclear Energy Helps Build Trust In Relations

Kentucky Bid To Lift Nuclear Ban Could Fall Short Again

Belgium Fears Nuclear Plants Are Vulnerable

Belgian Nuclear Guard Shot, Prosecutor Rules Out Militant Link


Angst Rises Over Storage Of Spent San Onofre Nuclear Fuel

Nuclear Energy’s PR Roadshow Comes To Connecticut

Americium Removal Process Developed By UNC - Chapel Hill Team

EPA Chief: Climate Regs Meant To Show ‘Leadership’, Not Fight Global Warming

Terror Cell Probe Puts Spotlight on Nuclear Security

Brussels Plotters Spied On Nuclear Research Hoping To Build ‘Dirty’ Bomb


SC Gov Doubles Down Against Japan Plutonium Shipment To State: Urges Reroute

SC Gov Haley: Reroute Japanese Plutonium Shipment — State Becoming DOE Dump

Vermont Yankee: Legal Briefs Filed In Dry Cask Storage Pad Case


Does Trump Have an Energy Policy?

Report: Brussels Bombers Eyed Attack On Nuclear Plant

NRC Sets March 30 Meeting On Turkey Point, Will Answer Questions About Canals

Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years Away

'Small Nuclear' Reactors Explained Using Bags Of Rice

Graham On Obama Approach To Russians On MOX — 'Absolutely The Dumbest Frickin Plan I Could Think Of'

Nuclear Energy’s Future In Connecticut Is On The Table

Another Uranium Overload At Y-12

Apples to Atoms: Why Comparing Nuclear Costs to Solar Costs Is Misguided

Duke Energy to Produce Power Using Waste From Chickens and Pigs

Study: EVs Earn 'Failing Report Card' Due To Short Range

Report: Grid Attack In Ukraine Was Sophisticated But Beatable


Climate Change Giving the World 'Better French Wine'

Saudis To Take Control Of Largest US Refinery

World's First Floating Wind Farm To ‘Store’ Power


With Energy Prices Low, Americans Flake-Out On Nuclear Energy

Our Best Shot at Nuclear Fusion Needs Magnets That Weigh as Much as a Boeing 747

From Radioactive Sweat To Airport Scanners - Top Myths Debunked By Expert


Ice Breaker: US Nuclear Submarine Bursts Through Frozen Arctic Ice 


NASA: Nuclear Propulsion Is 'Most Effective' Way Of Getting Humans To Mars

Amid a Graying US Nuclear Energy Fleet, The Search For New Options

Environmentalists Try To Block Nuclear Growth In Texas


If You Still Own Shares In Solar Energy, You've Been Out In The Sun Too Long

Clinton, Sanders United On Global Warming, Divided On Nuclear Energy

New Alloys Could Lead To Next Generation Of Nuke Plant Metals


Ivanpah Solar Plant Possible Shutdown; The $2.2B Power Plant In Mojave Performs Lower Than Expected


Diablo Canyon Desalinization Expansion Plan Moves Forward


Washington Has A New Export To China: Nuclear Expertise

Report: Japan Weapons Grade Plutonium Shipment To US Imminent

Texas Border Wardens To Carry Radiation Detector On Prowl For Terrorists Illegals

Oak Ridge Secluded Copper Ridge Site Has Unusual History


Gallup: Poll Shows US Support For Nuclear Energy Slipping

Shimkus Has Easy Primary Win Over Kyle McCarter


Supreme Court Nominee Dissented In Yucca Mountain Licensing Case

Top House Energy Leaders Keep Up Pressure For Yucca

New York Chases Clean Energy Goals By Shoring Up Reactors

US & Turkey Nuclear Industry Councils Ink Agreement for Cooperation

What's The Future Of The Abandoned Bellefonte Nuclear Plant?

Indian Point Clean Power Hard for New York City To Live Without

Diablo Canyon Supporters Rally

US and China Cooperate To Thwart Nuclear Smuggling

Exelon Finds Out How Tough D.C. Can Be

Report: US Generators Face $2B In Lost Revenues From Rooftop Solar


VIDEO: Senator Graham Carpet Bombs NNSA Boss Over Attempt To Cancel World's Largest Nonproliferation Project

...Graham: NNSA MOX Alternative Has No Authority, No NM Buy-In, No Russian Agreement, No Plan

Alexander Says $6.5 Billion Uranium Processing Facility Must Stay On Track, Budget

Researchers Crack 50-Year-Old Nuclear Waste Problem, Make Storage Safer


Space Tech Is Helping Engineer the World's Biggest Nuclear Fusion Reactor

JAMES CONCA, FORBES: Can Fukushima Ever Recover?

Exelon Preparing For Another Nuclear Push With Illinois Legislature

Shipment Of Spent Nuclear Fuel From An Illinois Reactor To INL Delayed

Spanish Firm Develops Radiation-Detecting Drone


Which Presidential Frontrunner Is The Best For Energy?

Massachusetts Wants Voice In Decommissioning Of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

IEA: Decoupling Of Global Emissions And Economic Growth Confirmed


How A Midwestern Potato Farm Became The World's First Nuclear Defense Waste Site

Mayor, FPL Execs Meet on Potential Turkey Point Leak

DOE Undersecretary: Nuclear Key Part Of US Energy Mix


US Navy: 16 Ships Used In Fukushima Relief Still Contaminated With Radiation


Hillary: Shutting Down US Nuclear Energy Fleet Puts 'Ideology Ahead Of Science'

Antis Call On Cuomo To End Support Of Nuclear Energy In Upstate NY


Nuclear, Yucca Supporter and Possible Energy Chairman Shimkus Faces Primary Challenge

Long-Time INL Scientist Awarded For Nuclear Waste Research


The Myth Of Expensive Nuclear Energy

Safety and Licensing Requirements for Small Modular Reactors: IAEA Hosts First Workshop for Regulators

NASA: February Obliterated Global Heat Records

Study: DOE Plutonium Dilute And Dispose Option Holds Risk For Chain Reaction At WIPP

215 New Nuclear Energy Plants Loom Globally

Federal Judge Sets New Deadlines For Hanford Nuclear-Waste Cleanup


Key Dem House Leader Weights In To Continue US MOX Project

Russia Wants To Test A Nuclear Space Engine In 2018

Senator Graham: Somebody At DOE Should Be Fired Over MOX Maneuvers

NRC Chair Burns: US Nuclear Fleet Safer After Fukushima

Swiss Nuclear Waste Arrives At Savannah River Site

US Senate Appropriators To Debate Funding For, And Future Of, The MOX Program

Nearly 500 Former Regulators Still Have ‘Unauthorized’ NRC Facility Access

Southern Co. CEO Responds To Cyber Threats: 'Scaring People Doesn't Work'

Benchmark Data Set Validates Global Nuclear Reactor Codes


Sen. Lindsey Graham Confronts Energy Secretary On MOX

How Climate-Change Negotiator Todd Stern Mastered His Diplomatic Skill


Why A Nuclear Energy Plant Is New Jersey's Hottest Fishing Spot

Commissioner Ostendorff: The NRC’s Post-Fukushima Actions as a Case Study for Regulatory Decision-Making

White House Reviews Revised Eagle 'Take' Plan For Wind Projects


Moniz Gains Lego Figure Likeness

Can New York Force FitzPatrick To Stay Open?

Power Subsidy Fails To Drive Wind, Solar Investment

NRC Chairman’s Opening Remarks at RIC: The Regulatory Craft — Ensuring Sound Policy and Sound Science in Nuclear Regulation

Obama Pays $500M To Un Climate Change Fund

David Crane And The Sound And Fury Of Reinventing NRG


Mapped: The World’s Nuclear Energy Plants & More

High Bridge Assessment of WIPP Diluted Plutonium Storage and MOX Fuel Irradiation Alternatives: Potential 'Uncontrolled Criticality'


New Report Shows $46 Billion Price Tag For Plutonium At WIPP: Double MOX

Study: FPL Turkey Point Canals Leaking Into Biscayne Bay

Prez Hopeful Cruz Talks DOE Cronyism, Nuclear Waste In Idaho Campaign Stop

Book Review: 'The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain'

Democrats and Republicans Are Fractured, But On Energy, Each Is Unified


Ships Prepare To Return 331-kg Plutonium Stash From Japan to US

Oil Rout Over? OPEC Eyes $50/Barrel

Advanced Nuclear Reactor Developers Praise Passage Of Bipartisan R&D Bill In House

10 Crazy Ideas That Could Change Energy

Former TVA Chairman David Freeman Reflects On Power Industry

Why Solar Power Doesn’t Threaten Electric Utilities

Senator Portman Grills Moniz Over Obama Administration's 'Broken Promise' To American Centrifuge


What's Next For American Centrifuge?


Scuba Diver Survives Being Sucked Into St Lucie Plant Intake: Suing

Kentucky Bill to Lift Nuclear Moratorium Passes Senate, Now Headed to House

Activist Arrested At Vermont Yankee Fence

NRC Issues Annual Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Touts Great Opportunities In Energy

Nuclear Waste Removal Begins From DOE Hanford Tank Leaker

Report Criticizes US Response To Fukushima, Calls For ‘Rigorous’ Inspections

Drought Stricken California County Looks To Diablo Canyon’s Desalination Plant

How Robots Are Becoming Critical Players In Nuclear Disaster Cleanup

A New Chance For Nuclear Energy In America?

New Savannah River National Laboratory Program Will Harvest Material From Aging Nuclear Assemblies


At Indian Point, A Small Leak Turns Into A Big Political Battle Over Nuclear Energy


Bipartisan Texas Trio Leads New Nuclear Congressional Push

NRC ASLB Decision Next Step For PSEG Early Site Permit


Video: Shimkus Questions Moniz on DOE FY 2017 Budget

Kentucky Senate Approves Lifting Of State Nuclear Energy Ban

Federal Audit Finds More Management Problems At LANL

Aluminum Used In Nuclear Reactors And Other Harsh Environments May Last Longer With New Treatment

ND County Commission Forecloses On Any Permit For DOE Battelle Nuclear Waste Exploratory Shaft 


ND To DOE On Deep Boreholes: 'Thanks But No Thanks'

Senate GAO Probe to Looks at NRC's Use of RAIs


Russia, Kazakhstan May Sign Nuclear Cooperation Deal in 2016

Internal NRC Petition Surfaces Over Alleged Design Flaw In Emergency Cooling: Utilities – ‘Not A Matter Of Safety Significant’

Moniz: Obama’s Energy Efficiency Rules Will Last

DOE: Tomorrow’s Nuclear Reactors are Closer Than You Think

February Was Earth’s Warmest Month In The Satellite Record


Bill Gates: China Best Place To Pursue Next-Generation Nuclear Energy

Upton, Shimkus Wants Probe Into Yucca Mountain

Cuomo Seeks to Halt Spectra Gas Line Work Near Nuclear Plant

SRS Off List Of Possible Sites For Radioactive Waste Disposal

House Unanimously Passes Bipartisan Nuclear Energy Bill

How Nuclear Got So Expensive In The US — And Why It Wasn't Inevitable

Moniz Takes Budget Hot Seat

NRC Grants Construction Permit For ‘First-Of-A-Kind’ Medical Isotope Production Facility


House Energy Committee Hits DOE On Yucca Licensing Readiness


Bernie Sanders' Nuclear Waste Votes Divide Texas Activists

Plan to Expand a Pipeline at Indian Point Raises Concern

Why America Pays More For Nuclear Energy

WIPP Presses On Despite Delays, Missed Schedules

Savannah River's Aging H-Canyon Resumes Nuclear Fuel Processing

New Oxidation Technique Could Help Resolve Spent Fuel Challenges


Navy Prioritizes Replacement Of Aging Nuclear Subs

DOE Proposes Sparing Nevada Test Site From More Low-Level Nuclear Waste


Cutting Emissions Could Prevent Nearly 300,000 US Air Pollution Deaths

Why America Pays More for Nuclear Energy

Can You Be an Environmentalist Without Embracing Nuclear Energy?

Radioactive Waste Still Stalled In Idaho

Cheap Oil Is Killing The Electric Car

Obama Plan To De-Fund MOX Plant Draws Fire

Sen. Graham Questions Feasibility Of MOX Alternative

Former NRC Commissioner Proposes Shorter Licensing Process For Advanced Reactors


Tentative $5 Million Settlement Reached Over Paducah Diffusion Plant Violations

NRC Eases a Testing Requirement at Indian Point

GAO: DOE Faces Challenges in Modernization of Nuclear Security Infrastructure

Loss Of Vermont Yankee Spurs Increased CO2 Emissions

Moniz to Testify Before Subcommittee on Energy and Power on DOE Budget Next Week

Sen. Alexander: So-Called Clean Power Plan Ignores Nuclear, Most Important Source Of Clean Power

Restart Work Pauses At WIPP Over Air Issue


Tehran's 'Baby' American-Made Nuclear Reactor Plugs On

USNIC, Merrifield: Sweeping Advanced Reactor Licensing Modernization Framework Needed

Spent Nuclear Fuel Originally Intended For INL Arrives at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge

$107.7 Billion Needed To Finish Hanford Cleanup


In TED Talk, Gore Touts Nuclear as Part of Climate Change Solution

What’s Become of a Former Nuclear Boom Town

SRS Facility To Enter Enhanced Operations Following Reduced Work Phase


American Centrifuge Moves Toward Demobilization

NRC Tackles Second Go At Defending Nuclear Waste Rule In Court

US Repatriates Plutonium From Germany, Switzerland, and Japan


Cyber Attack On Power Grid? It's Going To Happen

Five Lessons Healthcare Leaders Are Learning From Nuclear Energy

Judge: FPL's Turkey Point Plant's Canals Polluting Biscayne Aquifer

Alleged Terrorist’s Strange Surveillance Video Has Authorities Thinking Nuclear Reactors Are Next

Gadfly Dem Prez Hopeful Sanders Slams Nuclear Energy On Waste Legacy


Global Wind Power Capacity Tops Nuclear Energy For First Time

Welcome To The Energy Battle Of Ohio: FirstEnergy vs. PUCO


China’s CGN Expands Overseas Plant Construction Business

Advanced Reactors Summit At Oak Ridge Charts Clean Energy Course


Where The US Presidential Hopefuls Stand On Nuclear Energy

This $14-Billion Machine Is Set To Usher In A New Era Of Nuclear Fusion Power

Plans To Bury Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron Hit New Roadblock


Why Are Republican Candidates Vowing To Spend Billions On SC’s MOX Plant?

DOE Cites Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC and Los Alamos National Security, LLC for Violations

DOE Grants Site Use Permit For Possible SMR at INL


Video Found in Belgium of Nuclear Official May Point to Bigger ISIS Plot

E. Idaho Eyed As Potential Site For Small Nuclear Reactors

Local NY Officials Back Ginna Nuclear Plant, Leave Door Open to New Construction

Bill Lifting Wisconsin’s Nuclear Construction Moratorium Heads To Governor

Sen. Schumer Rejects Calls For Immediate Closure Of Indian Point Nuclear Plant

White House Hopefuls Rail Against Latest Obama Attempt To Derail SC MOX Plant


NRC’s William Ostendorff To Leave Commission In June

Wisconsin Closer To Lifting Nuclear Plant Construction Moratorium


DOA? -- 300 Rally Against DOE Deep Borehole Test In North Dakota

Nuclear Fuel Disposal Plans Face Political Obstacles, Not Scientific


Historic Nuclear Ship NS Savannah About To Begin Decommissioning Process

Obama To Sign Paris Climate Pact Despite SCOTUS Stay

US Had Cyberattack Plan if Iran Nuclear Dispute Led to Conflict

Wisconsin Lawmakers May Lift Nuclear Moratorium, But Path To New Plants Remains Unclear

Spent Nuclear Fuel From Virginia Arrives At ORNL

Forecast For Enviro Cases: Murky With A Chance Of Deadlocks


What's Next For Embattled Indian Point

North Dakota Gov: Green Light For DOE Deep Borehole Test Should Be State Decision

Will a Reconfigured Supreme Court Help Obama's Clean-Power Plan Survive?

How Will San Luis Obispo County’s Economy Fare Without Diablo Canyon?

Sheffield Forgemasters In Running For Nuclear Station Work

US Must Pay Entergy $49.4M For Nuclear Fuel Storage Costs

Final Demolition Begins At Oak Ridge Diffusion Facility

University of Missouri Seeks $10 Million To Support Budding Nuclear Medicine Supply Industry


Greenpeace Activists Block Truck Convoy From French Flamanville EPR

NRC Worried About Impact Of Labor Ruling On Palisades Nuclear Plant Guards

NY Faces Power Shortage, But Not Enough To Save FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Scientists Say Climate Change Should Propel Nuclear Energy to Prominence

Indian Point Tour Brings Lohud Editors Inside The Controversial Plant

Vattenfall Bemoans Sweden's Nuclear Tax

Lessons from Fukushima: Interview with William Magwood

NNSA: No Plans To Shelve MOX In 2016 Given Congressional Edicts

Can You Be an Environmentalist Without Embracing Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear Safety Issue Briefly Halted Uranium Operation At Y-12 Facility


President's Budget Kind To Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Cleanup


Russia, Argentina May Construct Atucha Nuclear Plant Unit in 2016

Congressman Wilson: The President Ignores the Facts Around MOX Plant

DOE Requests $270M for Clean Up Efforts at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant


Cuomo Strikes Contrasting Tones At Hoosick Falls And Indian Point

New Mexico Commission Denies Suit Against Utility Over Nuclear Unit

Los Alamos Lab Would Get $2.1 Billion In Obama’s Proposed Budget

NRC Members To Testify Before The House Appropriations Committee's Energy And Water Subpanel

Supreme Court Blocks Obama Carbon Emissions Plan

Obama's Budget Could Make Future Of MOX Project Clearer

Energy Research Central To DOE Budget Request

ND Locals Mount Petition Against DOE Borehole Test For Nuclear Waste


NRC Proposes FY 2017 Budget to Congress; Agency Continues to Achieve Efficiencies


NRC To Issue South Texas Project New Reactor Licenses

Feds Approve New Nuclear Reactors Near Houston

SC Sues DOE Over Unfinished Nuclear Fuel Project

Lawmaker-Turned-Advocate Sees Role For Nuclear In Climate Goals


Seventy-Percent Completed MOX Plant Faces Re-Test On Future From Lame Duck Administration

Two Years After Valentine's Day Release, WIPP Moves Cautiously Toward 2016 Restart

Schumer Asks NRC To Probe Leak at NY’s Indian Point

Source: Savannah River Site MOX Funding Targeted In Obama Budget Request

Toolkit Aims To Prevent Premature US Nuclear Plant Closures

NRC Begins Special Inspections at River Bend Nuclear Plant

Why You Shouldn't 'Freak-Out' Over Tritiated Water 

EPA May Lose Authority Over St. Louis-Area Landfill With Radioactive Waste

Anti Groups Looks To Close Indian Point During Leak Investigation

Audit: Hanford Vit Plant Correction Program In Need Of Correction

Measure Supports Storing Spent Nuclear Fuel In New Mexico

MIT Takes A Page From Tony Stark, Edges Closer To An ARC Fusion Reactor

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Car


‘Experts’ Warn ‘Global Warming’ Is Making Pet Dogs Depressed

DOE Awards Fluor INL Nuclear Waste Cleanup Contract


WIPP Continues Improvements After 2014 Fire

Climate Proponents Muster For Diablo Canyon Plant

America's Power Plant Problem


Ex-Sen Lugar: Shutting Down US MOX Project Would Be 'Catastrophic’

Naturalist: Nuclear Energy More Wildlife-friendly than Most ‘Green’ Alternatives

The Former NRC Employee Who Tried to Launch a Cyberattack on Nuclear Scientist

The U.S. Is The World's Top Energy Superpower

Obama To Propose $10-A-Barrel Oil Tax

Upstate NY Energy Jobs Coalition Strongly Supports Legislation To Protect Nuclear Energy

Is The US The World's Top Energy Superpower?

Democrats Block US Energy Bill In Fight Over Flint Aid


Study: Switching Plans On U.S. Plutonium Disposal Costly, Risky

NASA Is Running Out Of Plutonium For Spacecraft, But A New Plan Could Help

DOE Deep Borehole on the Rocks: ND County Puts Moratorium On Drilling

Nuclear Secrets Dumped in Unprotected Trash by Government Employees

Nuclear Fusion Device's 1st Test With Hydrogen Declared A Success

No Timetable Set For South Carolina MOX Suit Against Energy Department

A Tour of Callaway Nuclear Plant


Quiz: What Do You Know About Nuclear Energy?

Spent Fuel At Vermont Yankee Raises Concerns Among Nuclear Decommissioning Advisory Panel


Former DOE Employee Pleads Guilty In Nuclear Secrets Sting Case

Georgia Public Service Commission Votes To Begin Review Of Plant Vogtle Costs

Whistleblowers Ask U.S. Attorney For New Probe Of LANL

New State Proposals Would Aid FitzPatrick Plant With State Money

Vermont Pushes For Pollution Monitoring At Nuclear Plant Site


Murkowski Takes Aim At The Middle Ground On Major Senate Energy Bill

Nuclear Fusion: Can The Stellarator Unleash The Power?

ORNL To Support Nuclear Industry Projects

State And County Officials In North Dakota: Oh Hole No


Nuclear Relicensing — The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times

Rocky Road For Nuclear Waste Bore Hole Study

DOE's Deep Borehole Missive Hits Quicksand In North Dakota

NRC Cites Y-12 For Uranium Export Violation

Behind The Scenes At Indian Point

Review Finds More Than 500 Problems In Plant Meant To Treat Hanford Nuclear Waste

U.S. Drivers Can See $1.50 Gasoline for First Time Since 2009


Conservationists Rally To Save Diablo Canyon

NY Aims To Preserve Nuclear Plants For More Than A Decade

NC Regulator Pushes For Solar Limits, New Nuclear Incentives


Kurion Recognized As Top Private Company In Clean Technology

NY State Legislators Sponsor Bills Trying To Save FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant


Fluor-BWXT Workers Reach 2 Million Safe Work Hours At Portsmouth Plant

Japan's Kansai, Kyushu Elec Forecast First Profit In 5 Years On Strength Of Restarts

State Lawmakers Talk State Of Nuclear Energy In SC

DOE Safety Review Cites ‘Deficiencies’ At Y-12 Uranium Facility

LANL To Share In $25 Million Grant For Nuclear Science, Security


Senate Approves Nuclear Energy Amendment To Senate Energy Bill

Scientists Say Doomsday Close, Nuclear Power Notwithstanding

Flotation Is the Next Big Thing in Energy Production

Gov. Haley Asks SC Prosecutor To Sue Feds Over MOX Project

Washington State Pushing For Small-Scale Nuclear Reactors

Utilities, Companies Form Group To Advance Small Reactors

Community Prepares For Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant Shutdown

Forget Power Stations, Worry About Toasters, Cyber Experts

Elon Musk: Electric Cars Will 'Suffer' From Cheap Oil


New Nuclear Reactors Are Being Built A Lot More Like Cars

DOE Seeks Public Input On Consent-Based Approach To Nuclear Waste Siting​

Manatees And Power Plants: An Unlikely Love Story


Calvert Cliffs-1 Out With Tech Glitch In Blizzard's Wake

DOE Review Finds Deficiencies In Safety-Systems Management At Y-12’S Uranium Storehouse


Slushy Lake Water Shuts Down FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant


LANL’s Plutonium Plans Move Forward, Draw Fire

Energy Demand Expected To Surge 25 Percent By 2040

Lessons From Fukushima: Interview With Randy Edington

The Daily Nuclear Townhall Poll

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Investing: The Best Way To Play The Future Of American Energy

Ameren Backs Exelon Bill After Changes To Energy Efficiency Rules

Horizon Nuclear Power Appoints New Chairman: Masahide Tanigaki

Russia, US To Create Alliance To Bring Russian Fuel To US Market

General Atomics Cheers Continued US Role in Fusion Reactor

MOX Central

CB&I AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

VC Summer's New Units Slated For 2019, 2020: Project Costs Up

First Two AP1000s Move Closer To Commissioning

NPPD: Cooper Nuclear Station Is A Valuable Resource

Russia’s Rosenergoatom Sets Out Ambitious Plans For Nuclear Expansion

First Westinghouse AP1000 Completes Cold Hydro Test At Sanmen 1

Finland's TVO Says AREVA Ended Talks On Delayed Reactor Project

Investing: 10 Uranium Stocks to Watch

AREVA Says Talks With Finland's TVO Are ‘Difficult’

Exelon’s Quad Cities, Three Mile Island Fail To Clear PJM Capacity Auction

Two Exelon Nuclear Plants Don't Clear Capacity Auction, Closure Possible

FirstEnergy Mum On Fate Of Davis-Besse Following Auction

Westinghouse Helps Secure Long-Term Operation At Sweden’s Forsmark Units 1 And 2

More Than 1,500 Exelon Employees And Supporters Rally, Urging Immediate Action On The Next Generation Energy Plan

TVA Vows To Thaw Chilled Atmosphere, Better Handle Employee Safety Concerns

Exelon Taking Aggressive Measures To Solidify Its Future Performance

GNF-A And TVEL Fuel To Jointly Develop US Market

EDF Chief Confident Of Hinkley Point Nuclear Station Go-Ahead

…But EDF Cannot Give Timing For UK Nuclear Investment Decision

Lightbridge and Vietnam’s Civil Nuclear Regulatory Agency Sign Nuclear Safety Training Agreement

S&P Cuts Finland's TVO Debt To Junk As Nuclear Struggles To Compete

TVA’s New Watts Bar Unit Achieves First Criticality

Amec Foster Wheeler Wins Nuclear Decomm Deal

European Utilities Slash Asset Valuations

Investing: Profitting From Uranium’s Coming Bull Market

Hitachi, Bechtel and JGC Aiming To Build £10B Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Station

Ameren Customers Wouldn't See Benefits From Current Exelon Bill

AREVA Announces Three Safety-Enhancing Patents

Exelon Presses For Help At State, Federal Levels

Shutdown Battle: A Tale Of 2 Nuclear Energy Plants

Hitachi Heads Up New Bid To Build Nuclear Plant In Wales

Investing: Cameco At Decade Lows, Stock Has Massive Potential

Peek Inside Tri Alpha Energy, a Company Pursuing the Ideal Power Source

EDF Sees French Energy Plan Shaping Nuclear Depreciation Schedule

EDF Exec: Renewables Cannot Replace Nuclear In France Yet

Eon and RWE Pursue Radical Restructuring

Dominion's Millstone 3 Returns After Hydrogen Leak

Regulator Slaps Down Georgia Power Appeal For Long-Term Nuclear Plan

OPG’s Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment Set To Bring More Jobs

NuGen Eyes 2025 Start For UK Nuclear Project, Could Overtake Hinkley

FPL Delays Nuclear Expansion As It Deals With Canal Clean-Up

Enec Forms Firm To Operate UAE’s Barakah Facilities 

Westinghouse Lands Sparger Supply Contract For Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant

Fresh Opportunities Bringing Lenders Into UK Nuclear

Westinghouse Contracts With Finland’s TVO To Deliver New Reactor Components

Southern’s Clean-Coal Woes Mount


Time-Lapse: 303-ton Deaerator Placement at Vogtle 3

AREVA To Decontaminate Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Plant In Germany

Toshiba Terminates Obsolete Agreements With CB&I

Delay to NuGen Nuclear Plant As First Power Slips To 2025

Closer Cooperation For CGN and Cameco

Moody's Cuts RWE Debt To One Notch Above Junk

Moody's Downgrade Brings EDF Hybrids Uncomfortably Close To Junk Status

Oil at $45 a Barrel Proving No Savior as Bankruptcies Pile Up

TVA Submits Initial Application For SMR at Clinch River

TVA Submits Early Site Permit Application For Clinch River SMRs

Former AREVA Chief Under Formal Investigation Over Uramin Affair

EDF Ratings Downgraded, UK Arm Clarifies Hinkley Cost

EDF: Hinkley Point Cost Could Rise 3B Pounds, Timing Slips

EnBW Says Will Appeal Against German Nuclear Moratorium Ruling

Uranium Spot Price Drastically Decline Over The Last Year

Russia’s Uranium One Faces Reality Of Falling Uranium Prices

EDF To Propose Deal For Six Nuclear Reactors In India By Year-End 

EDF: Hinkley Point Costs Could Rise To £21B

Ohio Regulators Will Consider FirstEnergy's New Baseload Surcharges

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant's Future In Question As OPPD Studies Costs

Oldest Nuclear Plant In NJ, Oyster Creek, To Close In 2019

AREVA Awarded Decontamination Contract For Germany’s Grafenrheinfeld Power Plant

SCE&G's Share Of V.C. Summer Expansion Project Rises to $7.2B

TVA Rejects Preliminary Offer On Bellefonte — Plant Will Be Sold By Auction

EDF Falls to Two-Week Low After Sliding Power Prices Hurt Sales

Nevada Firm Offers $38 Million For Abandoned TVA Nuclear Plant

Investing: ASX Uranium A Winner If Demand Upticks 

EON Falls Most in Three Months on Concern Over Nuclear Exit Cost

E.ON CFO: Capital Increase Related To Nuclear Issue Not Ruled Out

Competition Hits EDF Sales, Nuclear Production Target Cut

Nuclear Giant EDF Energy Reports Sales Fall As AGM Looms

Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor Restarted, Equipped To Handle Fukushima-Sized Event

Czech Power Firm CEZ Tops Forecast With Q1 Profit Surge

US Utilities Boost Investments in Wind, Solar Power

Uranium Price Spark Looms After Several Misfires

TVA Watts Bar II On The Verge For Start-Up

Exelon Customers Demand More Control, Latest Technology

Chugoku Electric Outlines Shimane-1 Decommissioning Schedule

Second Chinese Company Poised To Invest In Hinkley Point 

Exelon Corporation Posts Flat Q1 Results

Exelon Plans To Close Three Illinois Nuclear Units Unless Legislature Acts

Nuclear Milestones Confront Exelon, FPL, and TVA

Nevada Company To Pursue Purchase Of TVA’s Bellefonte

Former Westinghouse Chairman Named Toshiba Chairman 

Fluor Slips After Q1 Sales Miss

As Nuclear Closures Loom, Exelon Floats New Rescue Plan

Surprise Illinois Energy Bill Turns Up Heat On Nuclear, Solar Debates

Exelon Not Likely To Expand Output Cuts At Nuclear Units

Lightbridge Provides Update on Nuclear Fuel Commercialization Plan

Chugoku Electric Power to End Decommissioning Shimane-1 by Fiscal 2045

TVA Officially Scraps Bellefonte Site

Areva’s €7B Shortfall And The Limits Of State Aid

Westinghouse Improves AP1000 RCP Installation Delivery Certainty By 37%

TVA Seeks Swift SMR Licensing To Optimize Low-Carbon Output

NRC Approves Duke Energy's Catawba Uprate

Cameco Wins Third Consecutive National Mining Safety Award

Westinghouse To Bolster Operations In China

Dominion Maps Out More Solar, Nuclear Operating License Extensions In IRP

AREVA Fuel Manufacturing Facility Earns Safety Recognition From NRC

US Utilities Must Commit To Digitization To Cut Operating Costs By 30%

Shortcomings Identified In Le Creusot Quality Checks

Ex-EDF CFO Goes Rogue Over Hinkley

TVA Prepares To Start America's First New Nuclear Reactor In 20 Years

Plant Vogtle Aims to Set Standard of Nuclear Energy, Success Could Mean More Plants in Georgia

BWX Technologies Posts First-Quarter Profit

Investing: Is Cameco's Meltdown Over?

Dominion Power Keeping North Anna Unit 3 Option Alive

FirstEnergy Abandons Its 'Power Purchase Agreements’

Mild Winter Causes Big Drop In TVA's Revenue

Lockheed Still Supporting Portable Nuclear Generator

How Do You Sell A Nuclear Energy Plant? TVA May Soon Find Out

Investing: Uranium ETF Fights off Commodity’s Slump

Exelon Shareholders Rant Over CEO Pay

AREVA Contends It Must Keep Eskom Tender As Delays Will Affect Safety

Next-Generation Reactors Catch Southern Co.’s Eye

TVA To Discuss Sale Of Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

Dominion Defends Investment On new Virginia Nuclear Unit

AREVA’s Passive Shutdown Seal Proven Reliable In Reactor Loss-Of-Power Test

Palo Verde Refueling Top-Performing Reactor

Investing: Cameco Weakness A Buying Opportunity

Plant Vogtle Construction Costs Are Coming Under The Microscope

Uranium Industry Focuses On Costs As Supply Glut Continues

Exelon's Clinton Nuclear Unit In Illinois Headed Toward Refueling

Cameco To Conduct Staffing Review At Corporate HQ

AEP, FirstEnergy Face US Review of Ohio Power Plant Contracts

Cameco Posts Q1 Adjusted Loss

Dominion Makes Case For Moving Forward On Nuclear

AREVA: Status Update on the Le Creusot Plant Quality Audit

FirstEnergy 'Disappointed' As FERC Blocks Pricing Plan For Power Plants

FPL Looks To Collect $22 Million For New Nuclear Units

Investing: 10 Uranium Stocks to Watch

Vattenfall CEO: Germany's Proposed Nuclear Risk Premium 'Too High'

Solyndra vs. SunEdison: 2 Bankruptcies Show How Solar Has Changed

Rosatom To Sell 49 Percent Of Turkey’s New Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Due To Financial Issues

Westinghouse Expands VVER Fuel Capacity To Meet Growing Demand

FirstEnergy Sought Income Guarantees For Plants That Will Be Profitable This Year

Kyushu Electric Returns to Profit With Help of Nuclear

German Utility Shares Rise on Nuclear Waste State Fund Proposal

WCS To File Private Interim Storage Site Application

BWXT Announces $3.1 Billion in Contracts for Naval Nuclear Reactor Components and Fuel

EDF CEO: Can Make Investments Without Opening Capital 

US Uranium Producers Call For Suspension Of Federal Inventory Transfers

German Nuclear Plant Infected With Computer Viruses

EDF Executives Called Back By MPs To Explain Hinkley Point Delay

Suspended US EPR Reactor Project Clears NRC Environmental Review

E.ON Details German Nuclear Forward Hedges

EDF: High Tension Lines

Labour: UK Power Needs Plan B as Hinkley Decision Delayed

French Labour Unions Welcome Possible Hinkley Point C Delay

Toshiba Takes $2.3 Billion Writedown On Westinghouse

GA Outlines Four Principles For Advanced Nuclear

Global Nuclear Energy Awakening Dashes Anti-Nuke Storyline

EDF Shares Down On New Capitalization Plan

Hinkley Decision Delayed Again Into September

Georgia Power Faces Pair Of Hearings Over Nuclear Plans

Cameco Cutting 585 Jobs Amid Uranium Rout

FPL Sees Stabilization, Progress, In Turkey Point Canal Problems

Florida Court Reverses Governor's Approval of FPL's 2 Proposed Nuclear Units

NRC: Peach Bottom Must Fix Nuclear Fuel Pools

French Government To Lead $4.49 Billion Capital Infusion In EDF

Enough Already: EDF Delays £18B Hinkley Point Investment Decision Again

Japanese Utilities Agree To Greater Cooperation

Turkey Point Expansion Plan Near Everglades Delayed By Court

MISO: Exelon's Clinton Nuclear Facility To Operate Until 2017, But Future Is Hazy

Gunnebo Group to Provide Security for UAE Nuclear Energy Plant

Duke Energy Exec Confident About Nuclear, Cautious About Lee

EDF Names New Finance Director As Hinkley Point Controversy Continues

TVA Eyes Future For Bellafonte

BWXT Subsidiary Awarded $241.5 Million Contract for Highly Enriched Uranium Downblending Services

Tesla Changed Cars Forever. Now It Must Deliver

Uranium Price Falls To Lowest Since 2005 As Bearishness Overwhelms

EDF Buys Studsvik's Waste Treatment Operations

Westinghouse Remains Hopeful On India Deal 

Georgia Power Defends Land Purchase For Potential New Nuclear Facility

EnergySolutions, Japan Atomic Power Team On Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

Exelon's Clinton Nuclear Plant Clears MISO Auction, But Future Remains In Doubt

Report: Toshiba CEO Expected To Resign After Westinghouse Writedown

Silex Systems Considers Equity Position In GLE After GE-Hitachi Exit

EDF Staff Investors Demands France Buys Out Minorities In Nuclear Dispute

Nuclear Reactor Clean-Up Weighs On EDF

Georgia Power Long-Range Plan Sparks Debate

FP&L Says Water Quality Improved In Turkey Point Canals

Curtiss-Wright Delivers First Coolant Pump For New Vogtle Reactor

EDF Said at Odds With French State on Plan to Finance Hinkley

Exelon Says Clinton NPP Future Requires ‘Urgent’ Policy Fix

Susquehanna Appealing Permit Denial For Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Expansion

AREVA Med Opens US Lead-212 Production Facility

UK Capable Of Westinghouse SMR Advanced Manufacturing

Economy Minister: France Committed To UK Nuclear Project

GEH Shifts, Reduces Workforce Related To Customer Project Slowdown

New Hiring Announced For Plant Vogtle Expansion

Exelon: Clinton Plant Still Losing Money -- Prime Shutdown Candidate

Why Exelon's Stock Is Popping

SMR Industry Leaders Say 2016 Is Milestone Year For US, Asia Deployment

Westinghouse Says UK Has Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities For SMR

NuScale Details Timeline For Trailblazing Reactor Debut In Idaho

Areva, EDF's Flamanville Project Faces Prolonged Uncertainty

Closing Date Set For Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

EDF Energy CEO: Safety And Security Are ‘Overriding'

Southern Nuclear Unveils FLEX Dome At Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Plant

Veolia Closes Acquisition of Kurion

Holtec Hopes For NM Storage License Submittal By End Of 2016

Unions Say EDF Not Ready To Start Hinkley Point

Flamanville EPR: Advancement Of Reactor Vessel Testing Program

NRC Gives Top Ratings To Browns Ferry Plant

'Straight Uphill': Power Sector Reforms Face Tough Path In Gridlocked Illinois Legislature

Two Utilities, Two Approaches to Clean Energy: Crane, Fanning Discuss Their Different Strategies

Prairie Island Should Run Longer Not Stronger

Investing: Should Cameco Stock Be on Your Watch List?

Centrus and ConverDyn Sign MOU to Explore Joint Sales and Business Development Opportunities

German Utilities Under Pressure After Nuclear Plant Closures

Rosatom Opens Offices In Beijing And Dubai

Atkins Completes $318M Energy Solutions Business Unit Acquisition

NRC Postpones Review Of Application For Seabrook Extension

Cameco, AREVA Set Up Legacy Fund For Northern Saskatchewan Communities

Ohio ‘Bailout’ Plan Part Of Larger Debate Over Nuclear’s Future

Foratom Calls For ‘Concrete Solutions’ To Facilitate Nuclear Investments

Normal Operations Resume At Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Cameco Reports Record Annual Uranium Production

TVO To Replace Defective Fuel Rods At Finland’s Olkiluoto-1 BWR

China Promotes Exports Of Next Generation Hualong One Reactor As ‘Competitive’ With Rival Tech

Weak Spots Found In Steel of Areva's French Flamanville EPR Reactor

Rosatom Hopes To Plug Into Chinese Nuclear Industry

Georgia Power Defends 'Every Dollar And Every Day' Spent On Vogtle Reactors

Entergy Response Avoids Punitive Action By NRC Over Falsified Records

Hinkley Point Design Difficulties Loom

Ségolène Royal: Hinkley Postponement 'Still Up For Discussion'

EDF Engineers Say Confident Hinkley Point Can Be Built On Time

DOE Extends Portsmouth Decontamination And Decommissioning Contract Through September 2018

Westinghouse, FirstEnergy, Extend Beaver Valley Service Agreement

Exelon: New Nuclear 'Right Now Not Competitive' With Other Zero-Carbon Technologies

EDF Working With French Government to Shore Up Balance Sheet

Georgia Power Planning Another Reactor

EDF’s Union Threatens Strike Over Hinkley Point Project

Amec Foster Wheeler Signs Wide-Ranging Agreement With China Inc.

Dominion Defends EPA's Clean Power Plan As 'Feasible'

Southern's Fanning Floats Public-Private Partnerships For New Nuclear

EDF Chief Levy: Delaying Hinkley Point Not An Option

Court Dismisses EnBW Claim Over German Nuclear Moratorium

Rosatom of Russia Opens Office In Dubai

FirstEnergy: Ohio Rate Plan Stabilizing

Westinghouse Extends FirstEnergy Alliance

Investing: Global Uranium Demand Set To Soar

Rocketing Canadian Uranium Explorer NexGen Mulls Stake Sale

$6.8B Pepco-Exelon Deal Took A Toll

EDF Energy Completes 'Dry Fuel Store' At Sizewell B

Japan Nuclear Plant Operators To Team Up On Safety

ConverDyn and Kazatomprom Launch Joint UF6 Marketing Initiative

NRC Launches Special Inspection of Safety Relief Valves at Hatch Nuclear Plant

CEA, AREVA, EDF Form Top-Level 'SWAT' Advisory Team

China’s Nuclear Plant Makers Seek New Markets Along The Ancient Silk Road Into Asia, Europe, Africa And Middle East

Chinese Nuclear Firms Talk To Avoid Conflict On Overseas Construction Deals

EDF Opens UK’s First Nuclear Dry Fuel Storage Facility

First GE Hitachi Feedwater Debris Strainer Installed and Operating at Swedish Nuclear Plant

How The Biggest Solar Company In The World Fell To Its Knees

Ohio's FirstEnergy Davis Besse Deal Will Save Customers $256 Million

Tesla’s Electric Cars Aren’t as Green as You Might Think


New Milestones Met as TVA’s Watts Bar II Prepares to Power Up

Energy Fuels Sees Surge in Global Nuclear Construction, Boosting Uranium Prices

San Onofre Spent Fuel Could Be Moved To An Interim Storage Site

Ukraine Could Act as Subcontractor in Turkish Nuclear Projects

EDF, the CEA and AREVA Establish the French Nuclear Platform

Engie Looking For Partners In Nugen UK Nuclear Project

Exec: Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant Faces Financial Peril

Exelon CEO Pledges To 'Prove Ourselves'

Columbia Generating Station To Restart This Week After Shutdown

AREVA Inc., NuScale Power Unveil NuFuel HTP2TM Name for Small Modular Reactor Fuel Design

Indian Point Nuclear Plant Reactor To Remain Offline Several More Weeks For Repairs

How Wall Street's Favorite Solar Company Spent Itself to the Brink

Westinghouse Expects To Sign India Reactor Deal In June

TVA Tracking For May Submittal Of License Application For Clinch River SMR 

$981 Billion Being Invested In New Coal Plants 

EDF Union Rep To Vote Against Hinkley Point Deal

EDF Says Hinkley Point Is On Track As Engineers Reportedly Call For Delay

`Missing Bolts' at Indian Point Discovered

China's Shenhua In Talks With CNNC, CGN On Stakes In Nuclear Projects

Rolls-Royce Could Play A Central Role In Rejuvenating British Nuclear Energy

Westinghouse Inks Energoatom Contract For Beacon Core Monitoring System

No Approval Yet For UK’s Moorside Nuclear Reactor Design

Entergy Announces Outsourcing of Security to Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services

Analysis: Can SMRs Cut Nuclear Costs And Investment Risks?

Nuclear Safety Upgrades Post-Fukushima Cost $47 Billion

Columbia Plant Scrams Over Faulty Water Value 

FirstEnergy To Replace Two 50-Ton Motors During Davis-Besse Outage

Upgrades To Plant Vogtle Unit 2 Enhance The Production Of Low-Cost, Carbon-Free Electricity

Japan’s Ikata-1 to Be Decommissioned for Economic Reasons

Wind And Solar Are Growing At A Stunning Pace 

New Designs And Industry Structure Portend Better Nuclear Energy Economics

Japan's Kepco Raises Threat Of Countersuits Over Legal Rebuff Of Plant Restart

Shikoku Electric To Scrap Oldest Reactor At Ikata Plant

SunEdison Has 1 Week to Avoid Confronting $1.4 Billion Default

Turkey Mulls Building Nuclear Plant With China, US

Why Downsizing Nuclear Reactors May Save The Industry

Ivanpah’s Problems Could Signal the End of Concentrated Solar in the US

NRC Raps TVA On Chilled Workplace At Watts Bar

Progress Continues At Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Pilgrim Decommissioning Timing, Logistics Debated

Could There Be An 'Early' Nuclear Cleanup At San Onofre?

D.C. Regulators Green Light Pepco-Exelon Merger, Creating Largest Utility In The Nation

US Nuclear Energy Industry Has A Clean Bill Of Health And Says Its Plants Deserve A Life Extension

Inside Look: Refueling Machine Lowers A Fuel Assembly Into The Vogtle Unit 2 Core

GE Hitachi ROV Reaches Inspects 1,000 Nuclear Reactor Parts

Déjà Vu All Over Again: EDF CEO Predicts Green Light For Hinkley Point

Centrus: Improved Financial Results For 2015 Reflect Company's Transformation

TVA Pledges To Improve Handling Of Employee Concerns Process at Watts Bar

LaSalle County Station Nuclear Shut Down After Restart

Westinghouse Notes ‘Positive Relationship’ With GDA Process In Britain

FPL Faces Lawsuit Over Leaky Nuclear Cooling Canals At Turkey Point

Terrestrial Energy Bets On Reimagined Nuclear Energy To Replace Fossil Fuels

Westinghouse Confident In UK’s Moorside  AP1000 Project Delivery

Utilities Demand More 'Efficient' Decommissioning Rules

GE Hitachi Reactor Inspection Tool Reaches Milestone

EDF’s Nuclear Troubles Rooted In Caution

Legal Row Over 'Secret' Hinkley Point Documents Reaches Climax

EDF’s Flamanville Schedule Hinges On Outcome Of Steel Integrity Review

Xcel Energy Faces More Big Investments To Keep Its Nuclear Units Running

New York Eyes Fee To Save Some Nuclear Plants

Georgia Power Eyes Columbus Site For Possible New Build

GE May Benefit From China's Nuclear Energy Plans

Toshiba: Conducting Stress Test On Westinghouse This Quarter

Entergy To Fight New $25 Million Annual State Decommissioning Levy On Pilgrim

Westinghouse Blasts Bloomberg Report On Possible USG Probe: 'Factually Inaccurate And Reckless'

Toshiba To Deploy Additional Layoffs, Write-Offs

EDF Said to Plan Approval of Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant by May

Georgia Power IDs Site For Possible Future Nuclear Expansion

CGN Posts Strong Results For 2015

NuScale To Put SMR Into The Ring As UK-US Venture Takes Shape

Toshiba Shares Slide On Report Of New Westinghouse Accounting Probe

China's CGN, CNNC Establish Hualong Nuclear Power Joint Venture

Fort Calhoun Station Gets Vote Of Confidence As Inspector Says It Can Operate Under Year Of Normal Oversight

EDF Chief's Gambit Suggests Will Get Backing For Hinkley Point

EDF Sees U.K. Nuclear Plant as Key for Africa, India Bids

Cocaine, Welfare and Mad Dogs: What EON and RWE Fight in Court

Westinghouse Captures TVA Fleet Contract

UK To Push Ahead With SMR Development

Eon and RWE Sue German Government Over Nuclear Shutdown

NRC: Entergy’s Arkansas Nuclear Reactors Need More Oversight

Investing: Cameco — Prepare For Upside

Rosatom to Train South African Nuclear Energy Industry Staff

CEZ Operating Profit Falls After Technical Faults at Reactors

AREVA NP, Lightbridge to Jointly Develop Nuclear Fuel Assemblies

Investing: Uranium Prices Hold Firm, But At 20-Month Lows

NY Senate OKs $100M To Try To Keep FitzPatrick Open

China's Areva-Designed Nuclear Reactors to Start Up in 2017

German Utilities Seek Billions In Nuclear Lawsuits

South African Nuclear Regulator Receives Site Applications From Eskom

South Africa Blackouts Ended by Economic Slowdown, Not Eskom

Westinghouse, Turboatom Sign MOU To Advance Nuclear Capacity In Ukraine

AREVA Awarded Two $200M Contracts To Supply Used Fuel Storage Solutions

Rosatom Deploys 3D Models To Assist With Nuclear Training

EDF CEO: Hinkley Point To Provide 9% Return Over 60 Years

France Inc To Seek Private Partners For South Africa Bid

Uranium Energy Corp Closes $10.51 Million Financing

How Do You Solve A Problem Like The EU Power Market?

EDF Asks French Government for Aid for Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant

Newest Iteration Of Exelon Merger Already On The Ropes

EDF 'Confident' Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station Will Go Ahead

European Commission Clears EDF, CGN on Hinkley Antitrust Issue

Investing: Uranium Stocks Repositioned For Take-Off

Unit 1 at Susquehanna Nuclear Energy Plant Begins Scheduled Refueling Outage

EDF Seeks Financial Support From French State For Hinkley Point C

Duke Energy Touts Fukushima Upgrades: We Are Safer Than Ever

Vogtle Completes 45-Hour Concrete Pour At Unit 3

Denison Mines Looks To Retain Focus On Canada's Athabasca Basin in 2016

French Government Auditor Raises Questions Over EDF’s Hinkley Point

Uranium Mining In The Karoo - South Africa's New Gold?

European Commission Approves Partnership Between EDF and China General Nuclear On Hinkley Point

EDF And China’s CGN Win EU Okay For Hinkley Point Project

Terrestrial Energy, General Fusion, Among Canada's Grant Recipients

RWE Move Sparks Investor Unrest Across Germany

Xcel Customers To See Refund In Nuclear Waste Storage Settlement

BP Report: China Will Lead Continued Growth In Nuclear Generation

Indian Point 2 Refueling after Record Run

Fire in Watts Bar Pump Motor Brings Low-Level Emergency Declaration

Centrus Announces Multiple New Sales Contracts Valued at $165 Million

Uranium Price Increase Around Corner As China And India Look To Nuclear To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Energy Fuels Inc. Buys South Texas Uranium Project

E.ON Posts Second Consecutive Record Loss

Uranium Miners Cautious On New Output, Despite Forecast Shortfall

1,800+ Cubic Yards Of Concrete Placed For Vogtle Unit 3 CA20 Module

Exelon, Pepco Make Renewed Attempt to Save $6.8 Billion Deal

CFO: RWE Has About 40 Percent Of Nuclear Provision Available In Cash

Cameco Expanding Mine On Anticipation For Increased Demand

Zion Looking For Compensation For Storing Spent Fuel

UK Firms Urged To Bring New Ideas, Technologies To Decom Supply Chain

Upgrades To Plant Hatch Unit 1 Enhance The Production Of Low-Cost, Carbon-Free Electricity, Protect Against Extreme Events

China's CGN Looking For More Canada Uranium Deals

Cameco Slowly Expands World's Biggest Uranium Mine, Betting On Recovery

Uranium Energy Corp Announces a $10.5 Million Financing

Refueling Activities And Performance Enhancements Underway At Plant Vogtle Unit 2

Transformer Fire Shuts Unit Of South Carolina’s Oconee Nuclear Station

Columbia in NRC’s Highest Performance Category

Talen's Susquehanna Units Rebound In New NRC Plant Rankings

Terrestrial Energy Awarded $5.7M Grant From Canadian Federal Government

Video: CHT Builds Steel Storage Canisters for Used Nuclear Fuel

Game On: Generation mPower SMR Development Ramped Up

CNNC Chairman Admits It Faces 'Very Strong Competition' In Selling Its Technology

Duncan Hawthorne Is New Boss At Horizon Nuclear Energy 

Utilities Cautioned About Potential Cyberattack on Power Grid After Ukraine’s

Duke: Levy Nuclear Plant Still On Table

NuScale Hits ‘Major Milestone’ In Plans To Develop The US's ‘First Commercial Small Modular Reactor’

ASLB Schedules March 15 Hearing On Plant Vogtle License Amendments

AREVA Awarded Contract For Reactor Vessel Inspections At Arkansas Nuclear One

KHNP Workers To Help Commission First UAE Unit

Bird Poop Shut Down Indian Point Nuclear Plant

DTE Works To Correct Equipment Problem At Fermi 2 Plant

Cost Issues Buzz Around S.C. Reactors Despite Settled Contractual Disputes

NRC Says Entergy Is Addressing Concerns At Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Former Chesapeake CEO McClendon Dies In Oklahoma Car Crash, A Day After Indictment

Four More Companies Confirmed As Partners In Sellafield Decommissioning Deal

D.C. Mayor Rejects: Pepco-Exelon Plan, $6.8-Billion Merger Dead?

NRC Investigates Two Hiccups At Perry Nuclear Plant

Kurion System Gives Nuclear Site Operators ‘New Tool’ to Manage Tritium

Amec Foster Wheeler Serves Nuclear Customers From New Base

Georgia Power Faces Prudency Test As Reactor Costs Rise By $1.7B

EDF Said to Mull Splitting French Reactors Into Separate Entity

Growing Interest In Molten Salt Reactors

NRC Begins Special Inspection at Perry Nuclear Plant

EDF Board Split As £18B Hinkley Point Reactor Faces Fresh Delay

Westinghouse To Supply VVER-1000 Fuel Assemblies For Temelín Nuclear Plant

Energy Price War Goes Global As U.S. LNG Exports Kick-Off

Vogtle Expansion Tallies Significant Progress In 2015

PSC Rejects Pepco-Exelon Merger But Leaves Window Open

AREVA Losses Continue As Restructuring Approaches

PSEG Taps Industry Veteran As New President Of Nuclear Unit

TransCanada's Chief Sees Key Role For Nuclear Energy

US Uranium Production Hits Lowest In 10 Years

Feds Give Green Light To Expand Nuclear Plant Partly Owned By CPS

General Atomics Announces Miltec Acquisition And HCVS Contracts

Terrestrial Energy Engages Canadian Regulator On Advanced Reactor Design

CPS Energy Writes Off $391.4M From South Texas Project Expansion

AREVA Delays Results As It Finalizes €1.1B Bridge Loan

UK’s NuGen Takes First Steps Towards Building Moorside Nuclear Plants

EDF CEO Expects Final Decision On Hinkley Point ‘This Year’

EDF Calls For ‘Rapid And Radical Reform’ Of Europe's Electricity Market Structure 

FitzPatrick Offered a Lifeline a Second Time

Entergy Rebuffs Latest NY Plan To Save FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant

Florida Ratepayers Again Challenge Nuclear Cost Recovery System

Lawsuit Targets Duke Energy Florida, FPL Over Higher Rates For Nuclear Energy Projects

US Uranium Production Falls In 2015

Nuclear Industry Bemoans Clean Power Plan Stay

85% of Major Equipment Delivered to V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant Construction Site

Cleanup Effort From Uranium Pile Near Moab Passes Halfway Mark

Westinghouse Fuel Delivered to Biggest Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

Investing: A Uranium Miner Hoping For Low Prices

Rosatom: Up To 50% Of State Company’s Revenue Will Be Derived From Abroad In The Coming Years

Centrus Completes American Centrifuge Demonstration in Ohio; Workforce Reductions to Begin

Georgia Commission Approves New Vogtle Unit 3 And 4 Construction Costs

Entergy's Nuclear Position and the New Economic Realities

AREVA To Book 1-1.5B Euro Loss, Finland Talks Progress

New Permit Marks Step Toward Siting NuScale Reactor

WCS to Join Idaho Cleanup Project

Russia's VTB Bank Opens Credit Line Worth 30B rbls To Rosatom

Innovative Ways Of Funding Nuclear Energy Projects

Entergy Announces FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant Will Close On January 27, 2017

Westinghouse Wins Outage Service Contract With TVA Nuclear Plants

Entergy Reports Loss On Plant Closings Write-Off

Morgan Stanley ‘Bearish’ On New US Nuclear

Centrica Writes Down Assets, Cuts Dividend as 2015 Profit Falls

Months More Delay To Hinkley C?

Paladin Energy Reduces Loss, Confirms CEO Appointment

TVA Wants To Sell Unfinished $6 Billion Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

TVA Explores Sale Of Bellefonte Plant

TVA Puts Bellefonte Nuclear Power Units On Hold, While Other Utilities Move Forward

Duke Energy’s Nuclear Plants Set Records

Kansai EP and JAPC Apply for Approval of Decommissioning Plans for Mihama-1 & -2 and Tsuruga-1

Russian Nuclear Utility Rosenergoatom To Reduce Staff In Efficiency Drive

Shorter Outages Raise EDF's Nuclear Generation In 2015

LaSalle Nuclear Plant Prepares Technicians With Virtual Reality Camera

EDF To Pour First Hinkley Point Concrete In 2019, Brexit Or Not

EDF Cuts Dividend And Extends Life Of UK Nuclear Plants

EDF Group Results 2015 – Highlights for EDF Energy in UK

UAE’s ENEC Confirms Unit One Of Nuclear Plant Over 84% Complete

EDF Shortfall Adds To Nuclear Plant Delay

Koeberg Power Station Raises Profit For Eskom

Second Unit At Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant Back Online After Maintenance Outage

Horizon Chief: UK New Nuclear Plan Will Fail Without Private Investors

EDF Under Pressure To Abandon Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant Project

German Utilities Urged To Pledge Cash For Nuclear Clean-Up

Xcel Opens Door To Closing Prairie Island Early

Vogtle Construction Moves Forward Despite Cost Challenges, Hurdles

Xcel Open To Studying Options For Prairie Island Nuclear Plant’s Future

NYISO Warns of Power Capacity Gap When Ginna, FitzPatrick Nuclear Plants Are Closed

Nuclear Expansion: An Inside Look at Plant Vogtle Construction

ENEC Signs Transmission Deal for Barakah Nuclear Units

TVA Opts Out On Plans For Two New AP1000s At Bellefonte


Two FirstEnergy Nuclear Plants Down For Repairs As US Cold Snap Continues

Rosatom Explains Benefits Of State Backing To Plant Projects

NRC: Pilgrim Nuclear Faces Possible Escalated Enforcement Action

German Power Firms Shift Focus To Berlin As Nuclear Commission Meets

US Utilities Join Forces With SMR Vendors To Speed Development

EDF Faces €100B Bill For Upgrading Aging Nuclear Energy Stations

Bill Would Require PG&E To Study Economic Impact Of Diablo Canyon Closure

Timeline: Entergy N.Y. Indian Point Nuclear Plant Relicensing

NRG Receives Regulatory Green Light But Doesn't Plan To Start Construction

Southern Explores Potential Of Molten Salt Reactors

ENEC Deal Will Connect Nuclear Energy To UAE Grid

AREVA: Significant Progress on MOX Project Achieves 70% Completion

AREVA-Siemens Updates Olkiluoto-3 Claim To €3.52 Billion

AREVA’s New Boiling Water Reactor Fuel Debris Filter Increases Operations Reliability

Cameco Still Awaiting World’s Turn To Nuclear, Says Shift A Question Of ‘When’ Not ‘If’

Uranium Glut Delays Price Recovery, Pressures Miners’ Profits

The Future of the Power Sector: What Exactly Is the ‘Next-Generation’ Utility?

Alert Declared at Duke’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Fox Lake Debuts In Cameco Quarterly Report

Pilgrim Shut As Snowstorm Envelops New England

Euratom To Continue Supporting R&D For Gen IV Nuclear Systems

Russia's Titan-2 to supply concrete to Finlands Hanhikivi 1

CEO: Nuclear Plant Outages To Hit CEZ Profits By 2.5B Crowns

Cuomo: New York officials To Investigate Leak

Entergy Statement on Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring Program and Elevated Tritium at Indian Point

Entergy: No Risk To Public From Tritium Water Leak Overflow At Indian Point

Cameco Reports 2015 Q4 Financial Results — Record Annual Uranium Production

Cameco Earnings Miss Estimates Amid Drop In Energy

Ukraine Receives First Fuel Batch From Westinghouse

X-Energy Trailblazes A New Kind Of Smaller Nuclear Energy Reactor

How Kurion Plans to Clean Up Fukushima’s Tritium Nuclear Waste

Westinghouse Pushes Case Appealing Eskom Areva Award In South Africa

Exelon Again Warns Its Illinois Reactors Are In Jeopardy

NRC Offers No Objections To Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Plans

GE Hitachi To Provide Services For Ohio’s Perry Nuclear Plant

Planning Costs For Duke Energy's Lee Nuclear Plant Creep Toward $500M

Kansai Business Leaders Hail Nuclear Energy Plant Restarts

Cost of Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor Rises By $200 Million to $4.7 Billion

Interest In SMRs Picks Up Steam

Investing: What is Uranium?

Tesla Stock Continues To Lose Spark, Tumbles To 2-Year Low

Siemens Says U.K. Energy Plans Are ‘No Way to Run’ Policy

Veolia Expands In Nuclear Waste Clean-Up With Kurion Acquisition

Southern Co. Promotes Head On Nuclear Plant Expansion

U3O8 Daily Spot Price Slides 20 Cents Week On Week To $34.55/LB

Richland Nuclear Energy Plant Sets Another Record

Key EDF Point For UK Hinkley Exits

Technology Drives Future Plans At Southern Co.'s Biggest Utility

Shield Building Panels Placed at Plant Vogtle Nuclear Unit 3

EDF's Union Board Members To Oppose Hinkley Point

Hinkley Resignation Continues Uncertainty Over £18B Plant

New Vogtle Construction Passes The Halfway Mark

AREVA Completes Testing Of Cavitation Peening Process

Nuclear Newcomers Face Varying Hurdles

GEH Completes 1st Pressurized Water Reactor Outage Project

Hitachi To Remain In UK Regardless of EU Vote

Who Are The Ubers Of Energy & How Do They Create Energy Brands?

Hitachi Boss: Hinkley's Financing Woes Raising 'Serious Concerns' On UK Horizon Investment

Terrestrial Energy Edges Closer After VC Funding Deal


Babcock, BAE and Rolls-Royce Step In To Support UK's Sheffield 

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning On Track And Under Budget

Energy Northwest Faces Inquiry Over Plant Performance, Management

Vogtle's Spiking Costs Cause Confusion At Georgia PSC

Is EDF Showing Its Hand By Leasing Office Space For Hinkley Point C Project?

Entergy Names 30-Year Industry, EDF Vet As Chief Nuclear Officer

EDF Tells Contractors To Move On New UK Hinkley Reactor

French, Finnish Reactor Problems Cast Shadow Over UK Nuclear Plan

Power Generation Still Driving Uranium Demand

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power To Expand Business In Argentinean Nuclear Energy Market

Entergy Says New York's Nuclear-Rescue Plan Comes Too Late

Centrus Continued Listing Plan Accepted By NYSE

AREVA Looks To Finalize Reactor Business Sale

AREVA Selling $5.5 Billion of Shares to Boost Balance Sheet

Fitch: Uranium Prices To Remain Low Amid Oversupply

Rosatom Pursues Exports And Restructures

NRC Approves Braidwood Generating Station Operating License

Westinghouse Selected To Perform Decommissioning Activities At Sellafield

AREVA Move Piles Pressure On EDF

Implications of Another Delay To Hinkley Nuclear Reactor Project

EDF Is Still At The Table, But Nuclear Could Go Critical For UK's Osborne

EDF Said to Seek New Alternatives to Finance U.K. Nuclear Plant

AREVA Gets Greenlight For Sale Of Power Unit To EDF With €5 Billion Cash Infusion

Report: Toshiba, Westinghouse Spin-Off?

Can EDF Restart India’s Nuclear Energy Program?

NRC To Conduct Comprehensive Inspection at Arkansas Nuclear One

EDF Signs Preliminary Deal To Build Six Nuclear Plants In India

Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant Takes Steps towards Closure

Hinkley Point Go-Ahead Delayed Amid EDF Funding Doubts

EDF Struggling To Fund New Hinkley Point Nuclear Reactors

French Union Raises Last-Minute Hinkley Challenges

EDF Delays Decision On £18B Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant

Who’s Who In The Nuclear Zoo? The Seven Suitors For South Africa’s Nuclear Build Program

Hitachi-GE Stages Suppliers Forum for UK Nuclear  Construction Project in Japan

FORATOM Calls For EC To Enhance Effectiveness Of Investment Communication Process In Nuclear Field

Rise In Plutonium Production Points To More Work At Pantex

Exelon Applauds New York State's Clean Energy Standard Initiative

Business to Watch: NuScale Power

SCE&G Releases Video Highlighting Activity At V.C. Summer Units 2 and 3

Thailand’s Ratch Invests 7.5B in China Project 

Hitachi Sees Over 1 Trillion Yen In Business For Japan Companies

As Hearings Conclude, Firstenergy Subsidy Proposal Remains In Doubt

Duke Expects US Approval This Year For SC Nuclear Plant

New York Includes Nuclear In Clean Energy Portfolio

Chinese Firms Attend UK Civil Nuclear Showcase

Georgia Power Files Vogtle Settlement Agreement With Georgia PSC

Boss Resources Lifts Resource And Grade At Honeymoon Uranium Project

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



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Ukraine Won't Build Khmelnytsky Nuclear Plant Together With Russia

Germany Plans Draft Law On Nuclear Storage Costs In August


Russia to Start Producing Fuel for 'Arktika' Nuclear Icebreaker in 2016

Energy Minister: Kazakhstan Will Offer Open Tender For Nuclear Plant

Cambodia, Thailand Edging Closer To Nuclear Energy

US Reaffirms Support For India’s NSG Membership

Russia To Establish Nuclear Centre In Nigeria

IAEA: Iran’s Uranium Stockpile Within Limit Set by Nuclear Deal


The Very French Scandal That Could Claim Rio Tinto's Anne Lauvergeon

IAEA: Iran's Uranium Stockpile Stays Within Limit Set By Nuclear Deal

India's Entry To Nuclear Club Is Not About Arms, US Tells Pakistan

Egypt Approves Saudi Arabia Cooperation Agreement On Nuclear Energy

ENEC Completes Electrical Work at Barakah Nuclear Unit

How The State Capture Controversy Has Influenced South Africa’s Nuclear Build

Hinkley Point: French Unions Put Nuclear Plant's Future In Doubt

Japan To Cut Emphasis On Nuclear In Next Energy Plan

Saudi Minister High On Solar, Down On Nuclear 

Russia To Help Iran Build More Nuclear Reactors

UAE’s Energy Minister to Visit Site of Country’s Nuclear Plant

Trump Outlines ‘America First’ Energy Plan

Fukushima Plant's New Ice Wall Not Watertight


Strike Cuts 4,000 MW in French Nuclear Energy Capacity

Fuel Loading Completed At China’s Fangchenggang 2

Korea Releases First Roadmap To Build Facility For Spent Nuclear Fuel

South Korea, China To Discuss Nuclear Energy Partnership


China Upgrades National Nuclear Emergency Response System


France Weighs Peugeot Stake Sale To Fund EDF Hinkley Project

French Unions Threaten Nuclear Plant Walkouts Over Labour Reform

Russia Certain Hungary to Clarify Paks Nuclear Plant Issue to EU Commission

Slovakia Says Mochovce Nuclear Plant To Cost More Than Expected

600 Tons Of Melted Radioactive Fukushima Fuel Still Not Found, Clean-Up Chief Reveals

Germany Runs Up Against the Limits of Renewables

Russia, Cambodia Sign Two MOUs to Co-Operate on Nuclear Energy

China’s CNNC Seeking to Build Sudan’s First Nuclear Reactor

Jordan In Negotiations With Potential Partners In Nuclear Project

Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership: China Rebuts India's Stand On France

UAE’s Ducab To Supply South Korean Nuclear Plant


Report: Westinghouse-India Deal 'Unlikely' During Modi's June US Visit

Turkish Authority Planning For Nuclear Generation To Be Online By 2023

With Russian Help, Nuclear Plant Coming To Finnish Town

Ukraine Buys Nuclear Fuel Worth $80.5M in Q1 2016

Nuclear Energy Bill Gets Nod From Thai Government

Rosatom And Russia’s Nuclear Diplomacy


Russians Hit Westinghouse On VVER Market Penetration

Plant Proposal for China’s Ruijin HTR Plant Progresses

IAEA Trains Geoscientists in Uranium Exploration

EDF Energy Finds No Significant New Cracking In UK Reactor Core

Russia's Nuclear Ambitions in the Middle East: Getting Power by Providing Power


Putin Pushes Nuclear Energy To Southeast Asia

Call For More Certainty On Nuclear Energy In South Africa

Nuclear Economic Warfare: US Going After Russian-Made Reactors in Europe

How Russia Is Expanding Its Vast Nuclear Empire Into Africa

India: NPT Not Required For Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership

Russia’s Maiden Nuclear Icebreaker to Be Floated Out in Mid-2016

IEA: Governments Not on Track for Paris Goals

China Inc. Slices The Pie To Avoid Conflicts In Global Markets

IEA Urges Belgium To Reconsider Nuclear Phase-Out

Japan’s Fukui Prefecture Plans Tax On Spent Nuclear Fuel


Russia To Lend Egypt $25 Billion To Build Nuclear Energy Plant

Russia's Rosatom Seeks Cooperation Agreements For African Nuclear Expansion

Jordan Looking For Partners To Fund Nuclear Project

IEA: Belgium Closures Will ‘Seriously Challenge’ Energy Security

Japanese Nuclear Center Waits Over A Year To Report Cyber-Attack

Iter Cryoplant Tanks Ready For Shipment

Russia’s Rosatom Sees South African Nuclear an Entry Point to Continent

EU Still Sees Nuclear Energy In Its Future

China Denies It Is Blocking India's Bid To Be Nuclear Suppliers Group Member

Russia, Cambodia Agree to Cooperate on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy

Thai and Vietnamese Nuclear Institutes Agree To Cooperate

UK Energy Minister: EDF’s Credibility Hangs on Hinkley Point

Going Nuclear: Europe to Build Nuclear Plants to Avoid Energy Dependence on Russia

Rosatom To Start Engineering Of Iran’s Bushehr-2 By Before End Of 2016

European Union To Pass Strategy Paper On Nuclear Energy

Japan's Coal-Fired Plants 'To Cause Thousands Of Early Deaths'

Japan Energy Spending Cuts Add Urgency to Securing Future Supply


France's Hollande Says EDF's Hinkley Point Project Should Go Ahead

'Suspicious Object' Found At Swedish Nuclear Plant

Taiwan’s Taipower Probing Guosheng Nuclear Plant Malfunction

Japan’s Upper House Passes Bill Creating Spent Fuel Reprocessing Contribution System

Nuclear Energy Projects Vital For Meeting Egypt’s Electricity Needs

Russian, Vietnamese Premiers To Discuss Nuclear Energy


Brexit Puts UK Nuclear Research Jobs At Risk

US Backs India For Nuclear Club Entry As China, 'Several' Others See Red

Ukraine, Turkey Agree On Cooperation In Nuclear Energy

Influential Former MP Urges Rethink On UK Nuclear Energy Deployment Strategy

France Warns On ‘Colossal’ Cost Of Building Hinkley Point Plant

CGN Will Not Build Hinkley Alone If EDF Drops Out


Russia Inc. Looks To Penetrate UK Nuclear Energy Market

Full Nuclear Cycle Could Be Created In Ukrainian Power Sector

Fuel Loading Begins At Unit II of India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Plant

The Times: Beijing Prepares For Hinkley Point Rescue Bid

The Guardian: China May Take Over Hinkley Point Nuclear Project


CGN Denies Hinkley Point Takeover Attempt

Russia’s New Nuclear Icebreaker Line Crucial To National Programs – Especially Arctic Oil

South Africa's Eskom Sees No Power Cuts This Year


China And Pakistan Join Hands To Block India's Entry Into Nuclear Suppliers Group

Location, Location, Location: Why South Australia Could Take The World’s Nuclear Waste

Russia’s Partner For Nuclear Plant Construction In Turkey To Be Named Before End 2016

Fuel Loading Begins At China's Changjiang 2

South Korea's Wolsong No. 1 Nuclear Reactor Shut After Technical Problem

CEZ To Carry Out Extended Checks At Czech Dukovany Nuclear Plant Units

South Africa Energy Minister: Nuclear Program Will Not Be Rushed

What Role Will Australia Have On The Nuclear World Stage?

Czech Dukovany Unit 4 Nuclear Plant To Start Production On Saturday

Britain Gets No Power From Coal For 'First Time On Record'

E.ON Chief: German Nuclear Deal Could Create Financial Pressure

Why China’s Nuclear Exports May Struggle To Find A Market

Tally For Scrapped Japanese Reactors Hits Six


UK, UN Agree To Disagree Over Terms Of Hinkley Country Consultation Requirement 

Kenya ‘Begins Nuclear Technology Assessment’

South Africa's Nuclear Regulator Sees 2018 Decision On Eskom Sites

Japan’s Shikoku Scraps Old Reactor, Cites Costs

Australian Inquiry Backs Nuclear Energy After Decades-Long Aversion

International Agreement Safeguarding Nuclear Facilities Enters Into Force

Russia’s Bilibino Nuclear Station Shutting Down Reactors To Make Way For Floating Nuclear Plant

Africa’s Big Nuclear Ambitions Lure Russia

Potential Australian Nuclear Storage Seen Generating A$100 Billion

Poland Seeking Nuclear Cooperation With Iran


Made by China: The UK Is On The Frontline Of The Next Industrial Revolution

Westinghouse: Safe For Us To Get South Africa Tender

Kazakhstan Calls For Nuclear Free World By 2045

Decommissioning Plan Submitted For Japan’s Shimane 1

Thorium May Change Indonesia's Stance on Nuclear Energy

African Countries Have Major Nuclear Ambitions


China's New Nuclear Power Plant Installs Key Component

Large-Scale Chinese Reactor Design Passes IAEA Safety Review

Sweden's Vattenfall Repeats Nuclear Tax Warning

Preliminary Site Selected For Australian Waste Facility

Vessel Integrity Tests Extend Switzerland's Beznau 1 Outage

Why the World’s Largest Nuclear Fusion Project May Never Succeed

Attracting Investors Key To New Nuclear Projects In The UK

Chinese Nuclear Firms Seen by US Winning Deals With Financing

Former CFO Wanted EDF To Delay Hinkley Point Decision, Warns On Rating

Korean Energy Giant Linked To UK’s Moorside Nuclear Project In West Cumbria

Slovenia And Croatia To Extend Lifespan Of Krsko Nuclear Plant

Irregularities Found In AREVA-Made Components In French Nuclear Plants

Former UK Chief Scientific Adviser: Idea Of Renewables Powering UK Is An 'Appalling Delusion'

Possible New Partner Found For Turkey’s Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Slovenia And Croatia To Extend Lifespan Of Krsko Nuclear Plant

Australia Joins International Nuclear Research Forum


Sanctions Lifted: Iran Talks Nuclear Business With Czech Leaders

Britain Predicting Serious Nuclear Technician Shortage

German Panel Recommends $26.4 Billion Fund For Phase Out

ITER Nuclear Fusion Project Faces New Delay, Cost Overrun

Nuclear Submarine Fire In Russia Far East Again Raises Questions Surrounding Safe Dismantlement

India’s Kalpakkam Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor To Go Critical By End Of 2016

French Govt To Sell Shares In Country’s Largest Companies To Jumpstart EDF Hinkley

India, US Discuss Efforts To Advance Bilateral Civil Nuclear Cooperation

Iran to Build Seven New Nuclear Plants By 2020

Japan's Sendai Plant Soldiers Through 1000 Quake Aftershocks

India Nuclear Liability Issue: Extreme Progress Or Blocking Exports?


Russia’s Nuclear Nightmare Flows Down Radioactive River

Berlin: German Nuclear Commission Has Shown Way For Sustainable Solution

Report: A Weasel Shut Down the Large Hadron Collider


Bloomberg: EPR Design Poses Risks On Both Sides Of The English Channel

Belgium Issues Iodine Pills to All Citizens in Nuclear Emergency Plan

Russia’s Rosatom Signs MOU with Algeria

India And China Learn To Love Nuclear Energy As America Falls Behind


German Court Casts Doubt On E.On Nuclear Lawsuit

UK Think Tank Urges Nuclear Innovation

Belgium Considers New Steps to Confront Nuclear Radiation Fears

AP: Fukushima Plant's New Ice Wall Not Watertight

German Nuclear Operators Must Pay $26.4 Billion for Storage

German Court Casts Doubt On E.ON Suit Over Nuclear Moratorium

Vattenfall Urges Sweden To End Nuclear Tax To Save Reactors

Price Tag Put On Germany's Nuclear Waste Disposal

Hollande To Move Forward On Fessenheim Shutdown Pledge

Japan To Give Another $2 Million To Help Renovate IAEA Labs

EU Lawmakers to Weigh Option of Faster Carbon Cuts After 2020


Protesters Break Into Finnish-Russian Nuclear Site

Gundremmingen Nuclear Plant In Bavaria Shut Due To Computer Malware

Russian Proposal For Nuclear Fuel Leasing And Recycling

Japan's Worst Quake Since 2011 Seen Delaying Nuclear Starts

German Utilities Should Be Given Time To Pay Nuclear Surcharge

Japan To Raise Nuclear Safety Check Competency Per IAEA Review

Hollande Promises Nuclear Station Closures At French Environment Conference

30 Years After Chernobyl, Containment Is Nearing Completion

Three Decades After Chernobyl, Belarus Turns To Nuclear Energy

Chernobyl’s Silent Exclusion Zone (Except for the Logging)

Hungary Says Russia Nuclear Deal ‘Right Fit’


Wildlife Returns To Chernobyl

China’s Got Nuclear Energy Plans for its Fake Islands

EU-Iran Cooperate On Nuclear Safety


China Eyes 20 Floating Reactors To Power Off-Shore Expansion

US to Buy Material Used in Iran Nuclear Program

Russia Could Score Big In South Africa, Hungary's Nuclear Expansion Plans


Small Reactors: A 'Silver Bullet' For The UK?

German Commission Eyes 7B Euro Surcharge For Nuclear Storage

EDF Unions Threaten to Go to Court Over UK Nuclear Project

Rosatom Looks To Bolster Public Perception Of Nuclear Energy In South Africa


Belgium Rejects German Call For Nuclear Plants Closure

Japan’s Regulator To Improve Earthquake Information

NRA Officially Determines Takahama-1 & -2 Nuclear Plants to be Compatible with New Regulatory Standards

Germany Asks Belgium to Take 2 Nuclear Reactors Offline

French Government To Discuss Hinkley Point Project This Week

EU Expects Large Nuclear New-Build Program Despite Escalating Costs

Hong Kong Experts Flag Fresh Concern Over Guangdong Nuclear Plant After Serious Flaws Found In Similar French Facility

French Government To Discuss Hinkley Point Project This Week

Why Japan's Rokkasho Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Lives On

Ukraine Must Create Full Nuclear Cycle, Without Russia's Participation

North Korea Could Be Preparing For Fifth Nuclear Test

Japan Reactors Pass Quake Test: Calls For Shutdown Rebuffed

Japan Declares Nuclear Reactors Safe After Quake

The EU’s Nuclear Option: White Elephant Or Essential Low Carbon Generation?

India’s NPCIL To Get Nuclear Liability Policy Soon 

Japanese Government Lets Sendai Reactors Continue Operations

Jordan, Russia Sign Nuclear Safety Deal

Ukraine Holds Fast On Nuclear Energy Thirty Years After Chernobyl


France's Veolia Forays Into Nuclear Waste Cleanup In Japan

South Korea To Open Its Nuclear Facilities Wider To IAEA

Fresh Activity Seen At North Korea Nuclear Site

A Nuclear Terrorism Threat Made In Belgium?


Safety Checks Faked At German Nuclear Energy Stations

Progress at Russia’s Kursk Nuclear Plant

Japanese Research Reactors Pass Strict Safety Checks 

Canadian Court Ruling Clears Way For $12.8B Refurbishment Of Ontario Nuclear Reactors

Bulgaria Seeks Chinese Investors Into Nuclear Energy

French Economy Minister Has Not Decided On UK Nuclear Project

Strong Quake Hits Japan, Nuclear Plants Safe, Dozens Injured


Paris Terrorist Had German Nuclear Files


Finland's TVO Applies For Delayed Olkiluoto Nuclear Plant License

South Korea, US Take Step In Implementation Of Nuclear Energy Accord

Still No Agreement In German Nuclear Exit Costs Spat

Ukrainian Reactors Need Two Years To Adjust To Load-Following

South Korea, US To Hold First Nuclear Energy Committee Meeting Thursday


Debate Swirls Over Release Of Water From Fukushima

Luxembourg Offers France Money To Close Nuclear Plant

Turkey Approves Land Purchase For Akkuyu Nuclear Station Transmission Line

German Nuclear Commission To Decide On Recommendations At End Of April

Stats Show Nuclear Plays 'Vital' Role In UK Economy

Corporate France Bracing for Le Freeze as Elections Loom

Engineer Confirms China’s Sanmen AP1000 Start Up In 2016

UAE's Barakah Nuclear Project 62 Percent Ready

G7 Foreign Ministers Gather In Hiroshima To Discuss Nuclear Issues


Finland’s Olkiluoto Reactor Shut Down After Radioactive Leak

China’s Sanmen Nuclear Unit Expected To Be Online This Year


Putin Pooh-Poohs Nuclear Security Summit -- 'Home' Cooking

China Could Adopt Different Approach To Deal With Nuclear Rival India

US and Kazakhstan Energy Partnership Extends Cooperation


Tighter Global Nuclear Security Rules To Take Effect In May

Ship Runs Aground at Decommissioned Swedish Nuclear Plant

SNC-Lavalin Contracted To Decommission Uni of Alberta's Slowpoke Research Reactor

Finland’s Fennovoima Plant Still Longing for Waste Disposal At Posiva Site

FORATOM ON PINC: Maintaining Nuclear’s Current Capacity To Reach EU Energy Goals 2050

Nuclear Energy Has Bigger Share In Scotland's Economy Than England

Russia Still Considering Its Possible Participation In Construction Of New Armenian Nuclear Plant

German Nuclear Commission Chief Warns Utilities Against Delaying Provision Deal

South Africa Awaits Treasury, IPP Office for Nuclear Go-Ahead

Future Of Former Spanish Nuclear Site Remains Unclear

Fuel Loading Completed At China’s Third Fuqing Unit

South Africa Says Nuclear Project Delayed, Not Stalled

Reactor Extensions For Russian Nuclear Icebreaker Gets Mixed Environmental Reviews

Top Chinese Think Tank Sees Emissions Peaking A Decade Early

Japan Court Rejects Appeal To Shutdown Sendai Units


Gadfly French Energy Minister Touts Replacing Fessenheim With Tesla Factory

Argentina To Review Nuclear Deals With China


Europe Plans To Bury Its Nuclear Waste—But Doesn’t Know Where, And Needs €120 Billion To Do It

Japan To Transfer More Nuclear Material To US

UAE Conference: Nuclear Is The Key To A Greener Tomorrow

Horizon's Wylfa Newydd Plant Venture Complicated By Hinkley Start-Up Woes

Suspicious Activity Reported At North Korea Nuclear Site

EU Struggles With Clean-Up Costs Of Ageing Nuclear Plants

EC Puts Figure On Maintaining Nuclear Capacity

Steam generator Dropped At Unit 2 Of France’s Paluel Nuclear Plant

Is Belgium’s Nuclear Security Up To Scratch?


Hinkley Point: China Incorporates Seven London-Based Firms

Mini Nuclear Energy Stations In UK Towns Move One Step Closer 

China Develops 300-Megawatt Nuclear Reactor Cooling Pump


Argentina Said to Revise Nuclear Pact With China to Favor US

US, Belgium Expand Nuclear Security After Brussels Attacks

After Brief Pause, China Rushes To Build More Nuclear Energy Plants

Figures Show Nuclear Reducing UK Emissions, But No Room For Complacency

At Nuclear Summit, Many Leaders But No Breakthroughs

Aussie Commission Backs Plan to Store World’s Nuclear Waste in Outback

Norway, US Sign MoU On Nuclear Non-Proliferation Cooperation

China Vows To Strengthen Nuclear Security With New Measures

Contract Signed For Preparatory Work At Bangladesh’s Nuclear Plant

For India, Nuclear Security Summit Is a Step on Path to Higher Global Profile

United States National Progress Report - 2016 Nuclear Security Summit

As Obama Hosts Nuclear Security Summit, the Focus Is on China

China Still Committed To Nuclear Recycling

TEPCO’s Begins Fukushima Ice Wall Activation

Reactor Robot Test Facility Opens In Fukushima

Japan Nuclear Dilemma To Undercut Power Reforms

Huge Seawall At Hamaoka Nuclear Plant Completed To Protect Against Tsunami

Power of Emirati Women Growing In The UAE’s Nuclear Industry

Moscow Boycotts Obama’s Final Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear Security Summit Convenes With Tapered Ambitions: Russia MIA

UK Agrees Deal With US To Process 700kg Of Weapons-Grade Uranium


UK-US Nuclear Waste Deal To 'Help In Cancer Fight'

Fukushima Ice Wall Gets Japan Nuclear Regulator’s Approval

Modi's Plan to Clean Up World's Worst Air Resisted by Indian Power Generators

Terrorist Interest In Nuclear Sites Stirs Concern In Europe

Senior State Department Official Back Tracks On Critique Of Japan Fuel Cycle And Proliferation

Taiwan’s Taipower May Change Location Of Spent Nuclear Fuel Rod Storage


Will Obama-Modi 'Bromance' Pave Way For Long Awaited Nuclear Energy Deal

Japanese Towns Still Struggle to Recover From Fukushima

MCA Welcomes Coming Australia-Ukraine Agreement To Supply Uranium For Power Generation

South Korea’s KEPCO Seeks More Nuclear Plant Deals In Mideast


Russia, Ukraine To Sign 2016 Contract For Uranium Supplies Before May

South Korea To Restart Hanbit No. 1 Nuclear Reactor After Shutdown

Screening Suspended At Japan’s Kashiwazaki-Kari Nuclear Plant

India May Lease Second Nuclear Submarine From Russia

Russia’s Kola Nuclear Plant To Run Its Oldest Reactor Even Longer

China’s Low-Enriched Uranium Micro-Reactor Starts Operation

China's Low-Enriched Neutron Reactor Runs At Full Capacity

Russian Floating Nuclear Plant On Schedule

China Allocates $4.8 Billion To Build Two More Nuclear Reactors

China Nuclear Energy Development Set To Quicken For Cleaner Growth

Entry Badges Withdrawn at Belgian Nuclear Plants

Belgium Drops Request For US Bomb-Grade Uranium

China, US Work Together To Strengthen Nuclear Security


UK Lawmakers Seek Assurances On Plan B For Hinkley C

UK Sees No Power `Black Hole' If EDF Scraps Nuclear Plan

China Ramps up On Nuclear Energy

How China Needs To Improve Its Legal Framework On Nuclear Security

UK Nuclear Leaders Look Beyond Hinkley


Safety Checks for Tepco’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Plant To Be Prolonged

Japanese Regulator Approves Ikata 3 Safety Upgrades

India, France Sign MoU For Construction Of Six Nuclear Reactors At Jaitapur

Nuclear Growth Revealed In China's New Five-Year Plan

Ukraine's South-Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Shuts Nuclear Reactor; All Units Now Offline

Wind Adds The Most U.S. Electric Generation Capacity In 2015

Fukushima Daiichi Waste Incinerator Starts Up

France's Macron Sees Hinkley Point-Style Support For New Nuclear In France


Castle For Sale: Swiss Utilities Unload Assets As Energy Prices Plunge

German Commission Considers Nuclear Provisions Surcharge

Russia’s Rosatom To Start Construction Of Hanhikivi Nuclear Plant in Finland in 2017


Belgium Nuclear Plants Beef Up Security: Evacuate Non-Essential Personnel Following Terror Attacks

Japan Urges China To Lift Fukushima-Linked Import Ban On Farm, Other Products

New Siberian Nuclear Fuel Production Unit Is World’s First Of Its Kind

Report: Transport Vessel Arrives In Japan To Carry Plutonium Shipment To US

Hungary Not To Tap Russian Loan Facility For Nuclear Project Until End Of EU Probe

Debut Of First Jordan Nuclear Plant Targeted For 2025

China's Newest Nuclear Energy Plant Installs Key Component


Rolls-Royce In the mix for Powering Britain's Nuclear Future With Mini Reactors

Hinkley Point: Six Questions For EDF's Chief Executive

Japan’s Shikoku Electric To Restart Reactor As Early As This Summer

Russian, SA Unions Differ On Nuclear Job Opportunities


China To Build Nuclear Plant In Hebei Province In Effort to Curb Pollution

EU Wants Massive Nuclear Investment

Nigerian Government Looks To Use Nuclear Energy To Diversify Electricity Generation

Reactor Vessel In Place At China’s Tianwan 4

Westinghouse: Chinese AP1000 Closer to Start

Asia-Pacific Region's Largest Nuclear Safety Center Opens in Beijing


Vietnam's First Nuclear Energy Plant To Open By 2028

China’s Plans to Recycle Nuclear Fuel Raise Concerns

French Economy Minister Pledges Support for EDF, Hinkley Point Project

EDF Energy Chiefs Invited To UK Parliamentary Hearing

Reactor Shut Down At UK’s Torness Nuclear Plant

South Africa’s Eskom Names Two Sites For Potential Nuclear Stations

EON Chief Teyssen Urges German Court for 'Fairness' in Nuclear Exit

Leak At India’s Kakrapar Nuclear Station Detected Early

Turkey To Open Bidding For Third Nuclear Station Next Year

German Court Challenges Power Firms' Nuclear Expropriation Claim


5 Ways Brexit Would Transform European Energy — More Freedom For UK To Pursue Nuclear Projects

Russia Confident Of Winning South Africa Nuclear Energy Bid

Study: Fukushima Evacuations Were Not Worth The Money

Reactor Vessel Delivered For China's First HTR

Kazakhstan May Take Back Some Nuclear Assets From JVs


Chinese Bidders Expected For Turkey's Nuclear Project

South Korea’s KHNP Completes 90% Safety Upgrade Measures

Russia’s Atommash Assembles In-Vessel Devices For Belarusian Nuclear Reactor

Germany's Top Court Starts Hearing On Nuclear Shutdown

German Town Faces Challenges After Nuclear Exit

Oldest Indian Nuclear Reactors Near Mumbai May Be Shut Down

Swiss Plutonium Never Meant For Bomb Making

CGN: China's Total Nuclear Capacity Seen At 120-150 GW by 2030

Japan’s Kansai Electric Appeals Court Order To Shut Reactors


German Nuclear Reactor Hits World Record 350 TWh Generated Over Lifetime

TEPCO: Removal Of Melted Fuel Debris Could Last Until 2051

Canada To Boost Strategic Ties With India With Nuclear Push 

Low Turnout At Anti-Nuclear Rally As Taiwan Pins Hope On New Leader

If Hinkley Point Doesn’t Go Ahead, It Could Be Lights Out For One Big Political Career

Japan, US, France Teaming Up On Reactor Decommissioning

Trout Complicating Swedish Search For Nuclear Energy Alternatives

Civil Nuclear Deal Helps Pakistan Overcome Energy Crisis


Video: Fukushima – The Road to Recovery, Five Years of IAEA Action

Over 1,000 Rally Against Nuclear Energy In Taiwan

Japanese Utility Stocks Plunge After Court Injunction On Reactors

UK Academics: Fukushima Relocations Were Unjustified, Kneejerk Reaction

More Delays For China's First AP1000

Swedish Trout Stall Replacing Nuclear in Kafkaesque Court Case

Nuclear Energy Booming On Asia Mainland Post-Fukushima

Fukushima Keeps Fighting Radioactive Tide 5 Years After Disaster

Five Years On In Fukushima

China To Boost Nuclear Fuel Reserves To Feed New Reactors

France to Weigh EU Carbon Price Corridor in Global Pricing Push

IAEA: Nuclear Energy Safer Five Years After Fukushima

French Watchdog Issues Warning to EDF Over Hinkley Point

EDF Ex-Manager Of Hinkley Point Defends Power Plant


Japanese Premier Defends Nuclear Energy’s Necessity

Japan to Continue Restarting Nuclear Units, Despite Takahama Halt

Japan's Nuclear Energy Renewal Threatened by Court Challenges

Cancer Rates Spiked After Fukushima But Don’t Blame Radiation


Is Fukushima's Exclusion Zone Doing More Harm Than Radiation?

Towards A New Safety Promise - Reflections On The IAEA Fukushima Report

South Africa Plans Nuclear-Energy Proposal Requests This Month

Ex-UK Energy Minister: £18B Hinkley Project Is A Good Deal

French, Chinese: No Legally Binding Contract For Hinkley Project


Rising Cost Of Building Hinkley Point Divides Both Sides

Finnish Radioactive Spike Traced To Nuclear Agency's Neighbor

Five Years After Fukushima, Japan Fleet Reduced To Two Sendai Units

Japan Court Orders Restarted Takahama #3 To Shut Down In Post-Fukushima Upgrade Squabble


Japan Debates Reopening Of Reactors As It Continues To Grapple With Costly Fukushima Cleanup And Decommissioning

China's Debut of Westinghouse Reactor Delayed Until June 2017

South Africa To Issue Request For Proposals for 9,600 MW Nuclear Energy

Horizon Committed To Anglesey Nuclear Station Despite Hinkley Point Concerns

Russia's Experimental Nuclear-Powered 'Warp Engine' Could Help It Beat America In Race To Mars

EDF To Pursue UK Nuclear Plan Despite CFO's Exit

EDF Turmoil Exposes Britain's Reliance On Hinkley Nuclear Plan

At EDF, Politics Wins as Hollande Pushes for $25 Billion Project

Ministers Insist Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant Still On Track

Japan's Government Eyes Fukushima as Hydrogen Production Center

Russia In Talks Over Algeria’s First Nuclear Energy Plant

Saudi Cabinet Ratifies Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreement With Russia

Mongolia Ends Fight Over $100 Million Uranium Mining License Arbitration

France To Continue Cooperation With Turkey On Nuclear Energy Projects

Russia’s Rosatom Can Invite Argentina On Construction Of Nuclear Research Center In Bolivia

France And UK Move To Quash Revolt At EDF Over Hinkley Project

EDF Tensions Over Hinkley Point C Are Laid Bare

Hinkley Point C: What You Need To Know


TEPCO Itching To Restart Nuclear Plant To Defend Its Turf

EDF Shares Plunge After Resignation

EDF CFO Quits In Row Over Hinkley Investment

EDF Jitters Are Latest In String

Hollande Retreat: Fessenheim Plant To Be Shuttered

Bolivia Signs Agreement For $300 Million Nuclear Complex With Rosatom

Spain’s Post-Fukushima Measures ‘More Than 80% Complete’

China’s Electricity Mix: Changing So Fast That CO2 Emissions May Have Peaked

China Sets Cap For Energy Consumption For First Time


Inside the Cunning, Unprecedented Hack of Ukraine’s Power Grid

Japan's Shikoku EPC Submits Amended 'Construction Plan' For Strengthening Ikata 3

Quebec Uranium Mining Moratorium Challenged By The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Belgian Army to Guard Power Plants From Terrorist Attacks


China General: More Start-Ups Needed To Meet Five-Year 58GW Goal For New Capacity

UK’s Hinkley Gets Heavyweight Backing


US and South Korea Launch New Commission To Strengthen Nuclear Cooperation

Russia to Spend $34M on World’s Most Powerful Scientific Nuclear Reactor

Hungary Signs Cooperation Accords With UAE

Berlin: France's Fessenheim Nuclear Plant 'Too Old', Should Close

UK’s Labour: Look Beyond Hinkley for Britain's Nuclear Future

Hope For India’s Haripur Nuclear Plant Still Afloat

UK Research Center to Study Manufacturing of Westinghouse SMR Parts

China’s Sanmen 1 Reactor Coolant Pumps Installed Ahead Of Schedule

South Africa’s Nuclear Pebble Bed Reactor Could Get Second Chance

Zoom To Mars In 6 Weeks With New Russian Nuclear-Fission Engine

UK’s Labour Calls For A ‘Plan B’ On Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant


French Mastery of Nuclear Energy at Stake in UK Reactor Project

Swiss Parliament Resists Timetable For Nuclear Fleet Life Span 

Two Ukrainian Nuclear Stations At Full Capacity After New Transmission Line

German Consortium Awarded Ukrainian Waste Contract

China To Begin Building Floating Nuclear Energy Station By End Of 2016

Russia’s Rosatom To Sign Agreement On Building Nuclear Center In Bolivia

India Budgets To Boost Nuclear Projects


China Plans 30 Overseas Nuclear Plants By 2030

South Korean Grid Connects World’s First APR1400 Nuclear Reactor

Germany’s Energiewende at a New Turning Point

Milestone Sellafield Moment 'Makes The UK Safer'

Feuds And Infighting As Australian Nuclear Waste Plan Pits Neighbors Against Each Other

EDF Union Board Members Balk On Hinkley Investment

Germany Nuclear Liability Talks To Extend Into April

Russia To Have New Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker In Water In May

Flexible Systems And Approaches Boost Safety After Fukushima

Swiss Regulator Approves Proteus Decommissioning Plan

India To Allocate $440M Annually for Nuclear Energy Investments

German Greens Soften Position On Utilities Footing Nuclear Bill

Takahama #4 Shuts Down 3 Days After Restart

French Govt Signals Support For 10-Year License Extension For French Fleet

Moscow, Algiers to Discuss Possibility of Nuclear Plant Construction

‘Experts’ Warn Taiwan Against Nuclear Waste Dry Cask Storage


Japan's Takahama Unit #4 Readies For Re-Start

IAEA: Iran Abiding by Nuclear Deal

Belarus To Share Nuclear Energy Development Practices With Vietnam


Three Former TEPCO Executives To Face Charges Over Fukushima Negligence


What's The (Hinkley) Point?

Japan’s NRA Approves Takahama 1 And 2 Safety Standards

China To Build More Hualong One Reactors

Putin Due To Discuss Nuclear Energy Cooperation With Belarus Leader

Nuclear Liability Concern Lingers Despite India Signing Treaty

RWE, EON Rise as German Nuclear Panel Said to Favor One-Time Payment

Nuclear Water: Fukushima Still Faces Significant Challenges

First Reactors In Japan Get Tentative Approval To Operate For Longer Than 40 Years


India Wants to Seal Kudankulam New Unit Construction Deal With Russia

Turkey-China Talks On Building Third Nuclear Energy Plant Inconclusive

Belarus To Spend $47M On Chernobyl Zone Rehabilitation

UK Aims To Deploy Small Modular Nuclear Reactors By 2030


Inside China’s Nuclear Core

Japanese Reactors Given Initial OK For Restart Beyond 40-Year Limit

Modest Leak At Takahama Unit 4 Does Not Derail Restart

Chinese State-Owned Companies Seek To Roll Out Advanced Reactors For Export

German Nuclear Exit Plan Fails To Solve Waste Storage Puzzle

Four Chinese-Designed Nuclear Reactors Planned For Two Mainland Projects

South Korea’s Nuclear Energy Future


Brazil Plans To Zap Mosquitoes With Radiation To Halt Spread Of Zika Virus

China’s CGN Says Delayed Taishan EPR Reactor Still On Track

Germany Raises Prospect Of Limit On Nuclear Liability For Utilities

German Nuclear Commission Proposes Firms Transfer Cash By 2022 To Pay For Clean-Up


First Unit of Russia-India Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Reconnected to Grid

Canadian Startups Look To Replace Fossil Fuels With Nuclear Energy

South Korea To Help Oversee Security Of Nuclear Reactors In UAE

Kansai Electric Finds Radioactive Water Leak At Takahama Nuclear Plant

Japanese Regulator Says Removing All Fuel Debris At Fukushima Plant Debatable

New Nuclear Plants 'an Indication of Growing Trust Between Russia, Iran'

Tepco Fukushima Amends Ice Wall Plans

How Indian Govt May Protect US Nuclear Firms Against Indian Liability Law

Russia to Start Construction of Two Units at Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant


Toronto Is A Nuclear City

Sweden’s OKG Will Close Down Oskarshamn Unit 1 In June 2017

Brazil’s Angra 1 Nuclear Simulator Inaugurated

SGS, Weatherford Trade Blame Over Iraq's Missing Nuclear Material

Iran Proposes Nuclear Energy Cooperation With Hungary

Canadian Official Delays Nuclear Waste Facility

UAE's ENEC Completes Testing Of First Nuclear Unit


Britain’s Hinkley Point Strategy Walks Tight Rope

More Takahama Reactors To Clear Screening, Hurdles Remain For Restart

German Commission Favors Limited Liability For Nuclear Phaseout

China’s CGN-Developed Fuel Begins Irradiation Tests

Putin Confirms Russia's Commitments On Paks Nuclear Plant Project In Hungary

Site Excavation For 3rd, 4th Reactors Begins At India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Project 

Sweden’s Oskarshamn-1 Will Shut Permanently In 2017

Reuters: Radioactive Material Stolen In Iraq Raises Security Fears

Belgium Finds Video Of Nuclear Official In Search For Paris Attack Clues

UAE Close to Produce 25% of its Electricity Using Nuclear Energy

Scrapping Japan’s Monju Fast-Breed Reactor Could Cost $2.6B

South African Nuclear Deal Leaves AREVA, Rosatom ‘In The Dark’

Rosatom Accuses South Africans Of Being 'Too Emotional', Nuclear Deal Not Done Yet


EU Lacks 118 Billion Euros In Nuclear Decommissioning Funds

UK Nuclear Expertise Wasted By Delays And Developer Choices

UAE Nuclear Plant Reaches Milestone


EDF To Keep Four UK Nuclear Plants Open For Years Longer

Return of Japan’s Takahama-3 Boosts Reserve Margin for Winter Electricity Supply

TEPCO Revises Plan On Contaminated Groundwater At Fukushima

Commission Report Points To South Australia's Nuclear Opportunity

Fukushima Ice Wall Equipment Installed

South Korea To Restart Hanbit No. 6 Nuclear Reactor

French Nuclear Regulator Given Additional Oversight Powers

Romania’s ROMATOM Supports New Investment At Paks Nuclear Plant In Hungary

Looming Market Reform Driving Accelerated Japan Fleet Restart


Nuclear Fuel Storage in South Australia Seen as Economic Boon

Aussie Commission Findings Confirm Economic Dividend From Nuclear Energy Expansion

Fate of Spain's Nuclenor Plant Hangs In Balance

South Africa Plans To Install 9,600 Megawatts Of Nuclear Energy

Long-Term Cement Study Seeks Nuclear Waste Solution


UK Leads Charge On Cement 'Revolution' For 100,000 Year Waste Storage

German Power Companies To Shoulder Burden Of Nuclear Dismantling


TEPCO Inches Closer To Restarting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Plant

Russia, China Front Runners In South Africa's Nuclear Project

Kansai Electric, Japan Atomic Power Move On Plans To Scrap Three Reactors

Top Official Overseeing Nuclear Deal Unsure Where Iran's Enriched Uranium Is Stored

US, Others Fret Over Japan's Plutonium Stockpile

India, UAE ink 7 Pacts But Fail To Seal Deal On Civil Nuclear Energy

Pakistan: NSG Waiver, Indo-US Nuclear Deal Disturbed Regional Stability


President Zuma: South Africa To Procure Nuclear Energy At Affordable Scale

Hungary Rejects Austria’s Opposition To Nuclear Enlargement Project


China Races Toward Deployment Of New Gen IV High-Temperature, Gas-Cooled Reactors

How Is Fukushima’s Cleanup Going Five Years Later?

Nervous Utilities Await Berlin Nuclear Commission Decision

Turkey Increases Focus On Nuclear Energy Cooperation

TEPCO: Ice Wall Facilities In Place at Fukushima 

French Ditches Nuclear To Build Hundreds Of Miles Of Solar Roads


Report: French Energy Law Could Close Third Of EDF’s Reactors

Construction Of New Nuclear Power Block In Armenia Will Begin In 2018

Russia Strengthens Nuclear Research And Development Ties

Japanese Bill Seeks To Support Nuclear Reprocessing Business

Fukushima Cleanup Still A Daunting Task

Russia Strengthens Nuclear Research And Development Ties

Rosatom Projects $190 Billion In New Orders Over Next Five Years

Dispute Over Belgian Nuclear Reactors Exposes EU’s Conflicting Energy Agendas

Future of Russia-Turkey Energy Projects Depends on Ankara's Moves


Toshiba Unveils Remote-Controlled Device To Remove Reactor 3 Fuel Assemblies At Fukushima No. 1

Lawsuits Against Nuclear Reactors In Belgium Kick Off


Russia’s Rosatom Is Expanding Network To Strengthen Global Footprint

Thirty Years After Chernobyl, Ukraine Doubles Down On Nuclear Energy

Expert Groups Call For Swiss Repository Studies To Include Third Site

UK’s Wylfa Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Inspires Art

Moorside: Developers Launch Competition To Design Visually Beautiful Nuclear Station

India, UAE To Ink Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

European Industry Group Calls For ‘Clear’ EU State Aid Guidelines For New Build


TEPCO Looking To Turn Corner On Government Reign


Video: Does India Need So Many Nuclear Reactors?


Compensation For Nuclear Damages: US Welcomes India's Move

China Overtakes Germany To Make Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

Swedish Regulator Orders Tighter Security At Nuclear Plants

Ukraine Actively Working To Lower Dependence On Nuclear Fuel Supplies From Russia

UK Nuclear Regulator Charts Progress Of Event Reporting

Some Indian Nuclear Plant Parts To Be Made Locally

European Industry Welcomes Plans To Continue Participation In Gen IV Research

Japan's Sakurajima Volcano, Not Far From Nuclear Plant, Erupts

India's Nuclear Ambitions Boosted With Global Liability Pact


Royal Recognition For Jordan's Nuclear Program

EU Nuclear Industry: Time To Reload?

Arbitration Decision On Bulgaria’s Belene Expected Within ‘Four Months’


India Ratifies Nuclear Liability Convention, Hopes To Win Foreign Investment

German Utilities Seek Billions In Nuclear Lawsuits

Border Tensions Rumble Over Aging Belgian Nuclear Reactors

Russia Increases Uranium Production

Polish PM in Paris For Nuclear Energy, Strategic Talks


German Court Sees Slim Chance For EnBW Suit Over Nuclear Moratorium

Spanish-Chinese Cooperation On Fuel Inspection Systems

German City Of Aachen To Sue Belgian Nuclear Energy Plant

German Scientists To Conduct Nuclear Fusion Experiment

Report: HEU ‘Minimisation Programme’ Is Needed On Worldwide Scale

EU Paints Challenging Picture Of Europe’s Nuclear Future

Japan Gets Nuclear Option Back On Track As Coal Imports Surge

Denmark And Greenland Confirm Uranium Agreements

Egypt, Russia May Start Building Nuclear Energy Plant In 2018


Advisory Group Finalizing Critical Report On Jordan’s Nuclear Program

Ukraine And France Discuss Cooperation In Nuclear Energy

Niger Uranium Project Receives Mining Permit

Construction Of Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Proceeds On Schedule

Germany Reassured ‘For Now’ Over Belgian Nuclear Plants

Russian Fast Reactor Connected to the Grid

First of China’s Taishan EPRs Completes Cold Tests

India’s Civil Nuclear Liability Law Continues To Be An Area Of Concern For Canada

China's Nuclear Export Strategy Ferments

Lack Of Nuclear Generation And Chinese Air Pollution Clouds Japanese Skies

Iran Hopes to Start Construction of 2 Nuclear Reactors Within Months


Radioactive Waste Dogs Germany Despite Abandoning Nuclear Energy

TEPCO Delays Robotic Surveys At Fukushima Nuclear Reactors

Japan Restarts Nuclear Reactor Using Plutonium-Mixed Fuel

Japan Restarts Another Reactor With 25 More In The Wings

Report: South Korea Willing To Build Nuclear Plants In Iran

Nuclear to Power Change In China’s Energy Mix

South Korea's Nuclear Commission Approves Restart Of Shutdown Reactor

Kazatomprom Data Show Kazakhstan Uranium Production Up In 2015


China's Sixth Yangjiang Unit Gets Its Dome


Senate Begins Debate on Comprehensive Bipartisan Energy Bill

Study: National Power Grid Could Cut Costs And Carbon


Japan to Restart 3rd Nuclear Reactor Under Post-Fukushima Rules

India’s Kudankulam 2 Nears Completion, Groundbreaking OK’d for Units 3 & 4

IAEA and EU Make Progress on Nuclear Cooperation

China On Course To Meet 2020 Nuclear Capacity Targets

Despite South China Sea Dispute, Beijing Plans To Build 'Floating Nuclear Plant'

Nuclear Fusion Gets Boost From Private-Sector Startups

France To Discuss Nuclear Industry On Wednesday

Report: Nuclear Retirements Mean UK Is Facing Energy Supply Crisis

China Details Plans For Floating Nuclear Power Plants To Exploit Ocean Resources

China Admits Nuclear Emergency Response ‘Inadequate’ As Safety Concerns Halt Construction Of Two Guangdong Reactors


EDF Signs Preliminary Deal To Build Six Nuclear Plants In India

China's CGN Teams Up With Shipbuilder For Offshore Plants

Chinese Nuclear Firm Named World's 5th Largest

Pakistan Plans Its First Mega Nuclear Energy Plant

Deadly Landslide At Planned French Nuclear Waste Site

Japan’s Takahama No. 3 Reactor To Restart On Friday

Energy Plan Sees Need for New Nuclear Energy Plants in Israel

UAE Progresses on First Nuclear Plant

Russia Is Developing A Nuclear-Powered Engine To Explore Space

US Congressman: Business Side of US-India Civilian Nuclear Deal Yet To Take Off

France, India Agreement Over Jaitapur Nuclear Plant Due By Year-End


Japan To Restart Second Nuclear Plant After Hiatus

Russia Schedules March Start for Nuclear Construction in Iran

Romania Expresses Support For China's Role At Cernavoda

Japan To Restart Takahama 3 With MOX Fuel


Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor

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