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NARUC Fights Third-Time Clean-Up  'Tax' On Nuclear


America’s Power Grid At The Limit: The Road To Electrical Blackouts

Moniz On Ukraine: Don't Count Out Its Resources, US Know-How

Two Degrees: How The World Failed On Climate Change


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Says State Won't Back Down On MOX Lawsuit

WIPP Workers Face Big Changes

WIPP Employees Get Robotics Training For Recovery Effort

Can NY Fight Global Warming Without Nuclear Energy?


Former EPA Chief Carol Browner Joins Nuclear Matters

Moniz Brings His Climate Change Message to Fenway Park

Poll: 1 in 4 Skeptical Of Global Warming

Gov. Nikki Haley: Finish MOX Plant


‘Saudi America’: Mirage? — Challenges Lie Ahead for North American Oil Production

Power Players Muster Forces For Electricity Market Reforms

U.S. Emission Rules Would Far Outweigh Impact of Keystone Pipeline


Dalai Lama: Role For Nuclear Energy In Developing Countries

Interest Builds In West Texas Storage Of High-Level Radioactive Waste

WIPP Officials Close To Knowing Cause Of Radiation Leak


Video: Secretary Moniz Loosens Up For Earth Day Pitch

Obama Admin Waived Loan Guarantee Fees For Vogtle Nuclear Project


Study: Fuels From Corn Waste Not Better Than Gas

Politics May Impact How Voters See Energy Affordability

Fracking Foes Cringe as Unions Back Drilling Boom

New England Senate Duo Urge Upgrades At Pilgrim, Seabrook: Quake Risks Cited

Deep Nuke Sea: Nuclear Power Plants Online & Over the Horizon


Obama Stall Won't Quell 2014 Wrangling Over Keystone XL

Feds Perform Radiation Tests Before Boston Marathon Via Chopper

Harry Reid Doubles Down on Impolitic Sagebrush Rebellion Comments


Rejection: DOE, Washington State Skirmish Over New Hanford Plans

WIPP: Crews Find Suspected Area Of Radiation Leak


Rep Wilson Rallies For MOX Project At Campaign Kickoff

SC Supremes Hear Challenge To V.C. Summer Costs

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Seeks To End Emergency Zone


He Hunted Osama bin Laden, Now He Breaks Into Nuclear Plants

Former Secretary Of Energy Steven Chu Working To Build A Better Battery

Obama Makes New Solar Energy Push

NRC Proposes Hike In Licensing Fees To $279/Hour


Magwood: Incoming Nuclear Energy Agency Chief Still Bullish on Small Reactors

Moniz: Nuclear Power Plant Vogtle an Example of 'Fuel Diversity'

Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy to Harry Reid: Go back to D.C.


SC Ramps-up Legal Action Against DOE's Proposed MOX Nonproliferation Project Plug-Pulling

Feds To Provide $4 Billion In Green Energy Support

WIPP Leak Investigation: Slow Going For A Reason

EPA: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fell In 2012


Security Holes In Power Grid Have Federal Officials Scrambling

Radioactive Waste Is North Dakota's New Shale Problem

Detroit Snow Breaks Records, Topples Power Lines, Creates Flooding Risk


American Centrifuge Receives No-Cost Lifeline Extension To April 30 On Fed RD&D Agreement

Investigative Teams Continue Research Into WIPP Leak

DOE Pitches New Hanford Deadlines

North Anna Nuclear Plant To Undergo New Seismic Risk Assessment

Mag: Obama Manhattan Nuke Worry Advice -- Don't Get in the Car


No WIPP Waste Found In Water

Heitkamp: Obama's Energy Policy 'Lacks Consistency'

Democrats Shift From Climate 'Change' To 'Adaptation' To Woo Republicans


Kerry: Climate Report A Wake-Up Call

Poneman Pushes Back on Japan Recycling

Young Emirati Woman Takes On Nuclear Energy Studies In Japan

Three States Take Steps Toward New Nuclear

Anti-Nuke Group Seeks To Reopen Vermont Yankee Permit Case


EPA Coal Rules Leaving Us Vulnerable To Power Blackouts?

SRS Mystery: What Was That Strange Creature?


Feinstein Criticizes Extending Timetable for Nuclear-Nonproliferation Projects

Vermont Yankee Emergency Planning Zone To Be Eliminated?

'Polar Vortex' Fuels Political Whirlwind

Moniz Bombarded by Bipartisan Criticism of DOE’s Science, Carbon Capture Budget, Yucca Licensing Commitment

MIT: The Global Nuclear Energy Picture


Moniz Touts ‘All of the Above’: House Science Panel Slams ‘Not-Balanced Approach’

DOE Looking At Where To Transfer Money For USEC

Amid Ukraine Discord, U.S. Resumes Nuclear-Security Work in Russia

DOE: Power Grid Threats Report Mishandled By Feds

Reid's Koch Brothers Hysteria: A Sign That He's Not Running In 2016?


UK Climate Change Minister: Cut Out Baked Beans and Fight Global Warming

Birds Going Up In Smoke At Brightsource's Solar Project


NRC Rejects Petition to Expand 10-Mile Emergency Evacuation Zone

Moniz: 'Green' Includes Nuclear And More


DOE Sets Fresh Goals for Securing Highly Enriched Uranium, Plutonium

Regulators, Overseers Want More Power To Thwart Attacks -- But Congress Needs More Convincing

FirstEnergy CEO Weighs-in: Bashes Electricity Mandates Driven By 'Social Agenda'

Moniz: Energy Diversity Equals Energy Security

Fukushima: What Can Be Done About Junk Science?


Harry Reid’s Kryptonite: The Majority Leader’s Familial Blind Spot

EPA To Install Additional Air Monitors At WIPP


Video: CERAWeek 2014 — The Future of Nuclear Energy

Conflicted: New York's Complicated Nuclear Energy Equation

Video: Former U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham On Why Nuclear Matters

DOE, NRC Talk Yucca Groundwater Analysis

Penn State Researchers: Slowdown Of Global Warming Fleeting


Two Top Nevada Congressional Candidates Favor Yucca If Done Safely

DOE Yet To Release Report On Projected MOX Cost

WIPP Expects Third Descent Next Week

Obama Administration Committed to U.S. Nuclear Energy Exports


Federal Lawsuit Says Fukushima Disaster Poisoned U.S. Sailors On Relief Mission

DOE Design-Build Rush Toward MOX Facility Shoulders Blame for Increased Costs

Japanese Plutonium Bound for South Carolina?

NYT: U.S. Plants Face Costly Safety Analyses 'Under Revised Quake Estimates'

MOX Sales Could Require Federal Subsidy


State Demands System To Cut Fish Deaths At Indian Point

Gap Widens In Climate Change Divide Under Obama's Leadership

Navajo To Benefit From $1B For Uranium Cleanup

NNSA Administrator: MOX Construction Stop-Order Coming


Los Alamos National Laboratory Wraps Up Security Update 'Under Budget,' Despite Surprise Costs

DOE: Second Trip Into WIPP Finds No Contamination

DOE: New Hanford Vit Plant Plan Saves Time, Money

Second Trip Into NM’s WIPP Expected Friday

WIPP Re‐entry Paves Way for Future Work Underground


Conference Examines Socioeconomic Impact Of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Closing

Few Fireworks Over Energy Department Push For Clean Energy Loans

House Energy & Power Chair Whitfield Presses Moniz on Paducah Clean-up

Key Ohio Lawmakers Cheer Government Takeover of American Centrifuge

Texas Hold-'Em: Gov Perry Backs Site For Texas Spent Fuel


VIDEO: Rep. Shimkus Roasts Sec. Moniz on Yucca & Following the Law

Oak Ridge Lab Reportedly Tapped for American Centrifuge Assignment

Feds to Take Over Management of USEC American Centrifuge Project

Rosatom Claim: DOE Halts Cooperation With Russia On Peaceful Nuclear Projects

Moniz Reloads for New Round of Renewable Energy Loan Subsidies


WIPP Re-Entry Teams Establish Base in Underground Site


Top House Energy Appropriator Calls Future of DOE MOX Project a National Concern

Wilson: MOX Project Stall Threatens Key Nonproliferation Pact And WIPP Land Withdrawal Agreement

Kerry: Russia Using Energy As A Weapon

NRC Denies Request To Delay St. Lucie Unit 2 Reactor’s Restart


DOE Re-Assessing All Russia-related Projects, Given Crimea Grab

Vermont Yankee Sets Stage for D&D with Reserve Fund Uncertainty

It’s Official:  Chicago’s Winter the Coldest Ever


Federal Wells May Dry Up For USEC As DOE Signals Funding Deadline Will Not Be Extended

Re-Entry To WIPP Underground Postponed

Mississippi PSC Members Table Anti-Nuclear Waste Resolution


Bi-Partisan Congressional Gang of 21 Voices Support for U.S. MOX: Cautions Moniz on Stand-Down

WIPP: Crews To Reenter Mine For First Time Since Radiation Leak

State, DOE Release New Legal Proposals For Hanford Cleanup

University of Michigan-Led Group Gets $25M Grant To Improve Nuclear Technology


New Mexico Senators Press on WIPP Mine Safety Inspections

Congress Mulls Obama's Energy Budget

MOX 102: A Look At Agreements Between DOE & South Carolina

UN Report: Global Warming Dials Up Our Risks


Former Nevada Official Advances Incentive Prescription for Yucca Recycling


Moniz Coiffurer Uncovered

For Illinois Folks, Nuclear Plant's 'Impact Is Significant'

Papa Reid: Senate Leader Puts His Family Fortunes First

Shock Claim: Climate Change Will Kill Your Coffee


Vermont PSB Allows Yankee Nuclear Plant To Run Through 2014

Residents Get Update On VC-Summer Nuclear Reactor Site

Chicago Tribune Punches Back: 'State Bailout Would Insulate Utility From Cost of Its Decisions'

Exelon: Illinois Should Recognize Value Of State's Nuclear Energy Plants

DOE Airs Concern, Commitment Regarding $450M SMR Program: Hill Focuses, Detractors Pounce

Vermont Yankee Closing Details Loom Large For Region

Possible Source Of Fumes Uncovered At Hanford Nuclear Site


When Obama's 'All of the Above' and Global Warming Collide


NRC Reported No Safety Issues With MOX Construction In 2013

DOE Releases Final Impact Statement On Uranium Leasing Program

Energy Boom Fuels Population Growth, Census Figures Show

DOE: WIPP Investigative Team To Re-Enter Site Next Week

Brazil Nuclear Plant Maintenance Adds To Energy Crunch

Nation's First Energy Secretary James Schlesinger Dies

House Energy Chairman Upton ‘Vigilant’ Over Electric Grid Threats


Advisory Panel: DOE-NNSA Structure Has 'Failed National Security Mission

House Energy Panel Slates Moniz Hearing


Shimkus Draws New Line In Sand On Yucca: Obama Subverting Law

NRC, DOE Officials To Discuss Yucca Mountain Groundwater Report

White House: Obama’s Big Apple Loose Nukes Comment No Indication of Threat

DOE Defense Oversight Board Questions WIPP Incident Safety Response


DOE Cans ‘Laser Tag’ Combat Trainers for Russians

Doc Hastings: Obama Administration Stonewalling On Wind-Power Bird Deaths

New Bills Would Give Feds New Power To Protect Electric Grid


WHO: 7 Million Died In 2012 Due To Air Pollution

DOE’s Lyons to Congress: Nuclear Will Play An Important Role In Obama’s Climate Action Plan


Video: Making Sci-Fi Fact -- Nuclear Energy History And Perceptions

Obama: Nuclear Security Deal Makes World Safer

U.S. Navy To Test Homes For Radiation On San Francisco Island

Coldest October-March In The US In 102 Years

NRC Chairman Macfarlane Presents U.S. National Report to IAEA's Convention on Nuclear Safety

DOE Approves First of Two WIPP Re-Entry Safety Plans

Scientists: WIPP Radiation Leak Not A Threat To Lesser Prairie-Chicken

Obama: More Concerned About A 'Loose Nuke' Being Detonated In The Big Apple Than Russian Crisis

Advisory Panel To Address San Onofre Waste Storage Concerns


Energy Committee Senators Look to Yucca, Additional Sites in Wake of WIPP Hiatus


Beneath Cities, a Decaying Tangle of Gas Pipes:  Blamed for Harlem Explosion Killing 8


VIDEO: White House Chronicle -- Proliferation Policy Setback

Energy Department OKs Natural Gas Export Project

National Journal: New Senate Energy Chair ‘Is Paying—and Getting Paid Big—for Her Stance on Global Warming’

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Houston Ownership Of Nearby South Texas Nuclear Project Helps It Survive

Investing: Uranium Energy Corp.’s Stock Is About To Go Nuclear

Saskatchewan’s McArthur River Uranium Mine Is High-Grade Deposit, Huge Investment

NRC Reactor License Fee Balloons To $5,328,000

MOX Central

Shaw AREVA MOX Services is designing and building a facility for the National Nuclear Security Administration that will be the key component for the U.S. plutonium disposition program.

Latest News & Editorials:

Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Rules in Favor of the MOX Project

Commissioner Tim Echols, GA PSC: Why Nuclear Matters

Dr. Clint Wolfe – Aiken Standard: ‘Pay attention to debate concerning MOX plan’

Slade Gorton - Chicago Tribune: ‘The Real Threat To Our Homeland’

William Tobey – Politico: ‘Cuts to nuclear security will make us less safe’

The Post and Courier: ‘Build MOX Plant – And Restart Yucca’

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Millstone Nuclear Plant Gets Approval to Use Warmer Sea Water

FPL Nuclear Reactor Restart Delayed Due To Found Chunk Of Metal

Half of New Electric Capacity Built in 2013 Is Natural Gas

Canadian Nuclear Industry Welcomes OPG-Westinghouse Agreement

Babcock & Wilcox Announces Layoffs, May Shut Down SMR Testing Facility

URS Reports Accomplishments In Liquid Waste Work at SRS

Onsite Generation: Can Utilities Rethink Their Business Proposition?

China, EDF May Sign Deal on U.K. Reactor Stakes

San Onofre Settlement To Cost Customers $3.3 Billion

Where Wind is Blowing in the U.S.: Texas, GE & NextEra

Candu Energy Changes Tack In China, Seeks Construction Partnerships

AREVA Announces Withdrawal of Temelin Legal Action

SoCalEd Plans To Outsource Certain Operations, Reportedly Cut Hundreds Of Jobs


NRC Closing In on Finishing GE -Hitachi ESBWR Design Review

Nuclear Fusion Could Be The Perfect Energy Source — So Why Can't We Make It Work?

B&W: Anticipated SMR Reductions "Represent Less Than 10 Percent Of ... Total Workforce In The Lynchburg Area'

GDF Suez Mulls Reaction to Belgian Nuclear Tax Court Ruling

Westinghouse and Ontario Power Ink Agreement to Service Global Nuclear Markets

RWE Sees Profit ‘Stabilizing’ From 2015 Amid Nuclear Exit Pain

SONGS Closure Settlement to Face Challenge

Job Cuts Expected In Wake Of B&W mPower Restructuring

Fennovoima Owners Make Binding Decision To Proceed With Hanhikivi-1


Renewables Comprise Majority Of New U.S. Generating Capacity In Development

SoCal Edison To Lay Off Hundreds In Effort To Streamline Management

NRC Inspecting Safety Equipment Issues At North Carolina Nuclear Fuel Plant

Germany Told to Pay Mostly EON, RWE $3 Billion in Nuclear Taxes

Fault at Finland’s Olkiluoto: Seawater Leaks Into Nuclear Condenser

Does Musk’s Gigafactory Make Sense?

B&W Scales Back Its Small Nuclear Reactor Project

Mowry Out at B&W mPower: Fox in as New President

Westinghouse Disappointed in ČEZ Tender Cancellation: Reasserts Strength of its Proposal, Technology and Business Model

AREVA Signed a Contract with the South Korean Utility KHNP for the Replacement of Six Stators

How Many Jobs Does Fracking Really Create?

B&W Announces Restructuring of Small Modular Reactor Program

Researcher: 2014 Slated To Be Most Active Year For Global Shale Drilling

Renewable Energy Installations to Rise 37% by 2015

Tesla Kicks Off China Sales

Lower Prices Pull Down Natural Gas Reserves In 2012

NRG Clears Hurdle On Texas Nuclear Plant Expansion

Tepco Seeks Bids for Thermal Power as Nuclear Plants Stay Idled

How A Canadian Fusion Reactor Could Revolutionize The Energy Sector

CB&I Wins Contract to Decommission Floating Reactor for Army

Second Phase Of US Urenco Uranium Enrichment Plant Now Fully Operational

PG&E to Offer $250,000 Reward for Information on Transmission Substation Attack

USEC Employees Achieve Three Million Hours of Safe Operation

AREVA Fuel Manufacturing Facility Receives Clean Performance Review From NRC

130,000 New Workers Needed For U.S. Nuclear Fleet

Powertech Uranium Corp. Receives Licenses For South Dakota Dewey-Burdock Project

VC Summer New Units: SC Staff Report Sees More Challenges Ahead

U.S. Nuclear-Power Output Slides Near 1-Year Low After Shutdowns

Bruce Power CEO Pitches To Run All Ontario Nuclear Plants

Developing A Spent Fuel Cask For Air Transport

Vogtle Expansion Could Signal Future Of Nuclear Industry

Candu Energy Seeks To Be Nuclear 'Blue Box'

Uranium Prices Expected to Rise

U.S. Utility Role Questioned As Technologies Bring Changes


FirstEnergy CNO: U.S. Industry Under Siege

Video: Exelon CEO — Nuclear Energy `Extremely Safe'

Scant Relief: Summer Gasoline Price Projected to Be Cut One Cent

Ratepayer Group: Proposed Settlement Of San Onofre Nuclear Costs ‘Theft’

Study Says San Onofre Shutdown Led To Higher Electricity Prices, Increased CO2

Uranium Week: Demand Rising But Supply More Than Equal To The Task

Utility CEOs See Distributed Generation As Opportunity, Not Threat

Investing: Sun Will Rise On Uranium

Shale Gas Boom Leaves Wind Companies Seeking More Subsidy


Video: 2014 Vogtle 3&4 Condenser B Time-lapse

AREVA Official: MOX Lifecycle Cost Not $30 Billion

Inspections Show Rate Of Cooling Tube Wear Not Worsening At St. Lucie Nuclear Plant

WSJ: ECO:nomics — Building New Nuclear Energy in U.S.

Southern Co’s Fanning: This Is How Energy Can Kick-Start Job Growth

'There's a New Crane' in Chicago: NRG Fires Salvo at Exelon

Steyer, NRG's Crane Share Visions For Energy Industry's Future

Paladin: Uranium Miners in Namibia Face Rise in Water Price

Westinghouse, Ukraine Near Deal on Nuclear Fuel for Reactors

Kiev Looks to Diversify Sources of Nuclear Fuel Supplies

All-Clear: Exelon Cancels Alert After Smoke At Quad-Cities

Los Alamos Resumes Nuclear-Waste Shipments

Net Energy Imports In 2013 Lowest In More Than 20 Years

Japan Utilities Seek Government Lender’s Help on Fuel Costs

Exelon Deal Paves Way for EDF Exit From U.S. Nuclear Market

NRC Okays 5 Reactor License Transfers From Constellation To Exelon

MOX Contractor Tells Employees Construction Work Not Changed

New TEPCO Chairman Promises To Focus On Compensation And Cleanup

Constellation's Five Reactors Officially Join Exelon's Nuclear Fleet

First AP1000 Reactor Control Room Operational in China

NRC Troubled By 'Degraded' Performance At Monticello Nuclear Plant

Duke, Westinghouse Square-Off Over Canceled Levy Project Costs

USEC Reports Net Loss of $158.9 Million on Paducah Exit Costs

Here Come Made-in-China Nuclear Plants

B&W Stock Jumps on News From UK

Tepco Says No Plan to Raise Power Prices Even With Nuclear Idled

EnBW Cancels Talks With Bilfinger Over Nuclear Dismantling

Babcock, Fluor Named Lead Bidders For $11.7 Billion UK Nuclear Decommissioning Deal

Long-Term Outlook for Uranium Continues to Improve

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Watts Bar New Build Work Force Swells To 5,000 as Start-up Looms

Texas Plants Look to Revitalize Nuclear Manpower as Generational Shift Challenges

Eon Causes Unease Over German Nuclear Plant Shutdown Plan

Settlement Reached Over San Onofre Closing Costs

B&W Consolidates Governmental SBUs

Customer Refunds Proposed In San Onofre Deal

EON Closes Nuclear Reactor in BMW’s Backyard Seven Months Early

Areva Signs Agreements With China National Nuclear Corporation

Energy Industry, Agency Officials Brief House Members On Physical Grid Security

New US Wind Power Installations Plummet

French Nuclear Sector Steps Up Global Expansion Plans

VC Sumner 2 Core Barrel Completed In Japan

TEPCO To Establish Fukushima Decontamination And Decommissioning Company

Rostom Eyes IPO for Uranium One

Rising Utility Costs Lingering After Winter’s Chill Fades

Upcoming San Onofre Nuclear Plant Auction Generates Interest

Westinghouse Recognizes Czech Moravian-Silesian Region Fundamental to Temelin AP1000 Reactor Success

EDF Wholesale Nuclear Energy Prices Hold at $58 MW: Govt Revamp Stalls

Duke To Sell Unused Fuel Assemblies From Shuttered Crystal River

France To Delay Lifting Price EDF's Rivals Pay For Nuclear Energy

Teslas in California Help Bring Dirty Graphite Mine Rain to China

AEP Selects B&W for Steam Generator Services Contract

GE Hoping To Fill The Gap At Abu Dhabi Nuclear Plant

Nuclear CEOs: Guidance And Good Practices Vital For Cyber Security

SONGS Officials To Meet Over Decommissioning Costs

Canadian GTRI HEU Shipments to Savannah River Delayed Under Obama FY2015 Budget Request

CEZ Stock Jumps as Cabinet Minister Seeks Higher Dividend

Swedish Utility OKG Calls For UK To Take Title Of Swedish Plutonium Stocks

Energy Northwest Looking At Pricy Public Records Request

U.S. Energy Boom May Augur A New Export Era

California Utility In Talks Over SONGS Costs

TVA Discusses Progress, Next Steps In Energy Plan

Moniz: Ukraine Turmoil Will Weigh in LNG Export Decisions

Ratepayers Could Be Due Rebates From San Onofre Closure

Industry Groups Sign MoU On Generation IV HTGR Development

Natural Gas and Oil Perceptions Improving while Nuclear Energy Perceptions Sink

The New Future for American Coal: Export It


USEC Warns of Looming Layoffs

Denison To Buy International Enexco For Uranium Assets, Spin Off Copper

B&W Gives In; Won’t Pursue Further Protests On Y-12/Pantex Contract Award

Ruling Gives Natural Gas Edge to Replace Nuclear Energy in California

UK’s Horizon Nuclear Gears Up For Expansion

Sale Of TVA Could Push Up Borrowing Costs, But AAA-Rating Stands For Now

Solar-Gear Maker Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection



ANS Nuclear Cafe

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Energoatom: Russia Continues Supplying Its Nuclear Fuel To Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

Satellites Show North Korea Nuclear Test Unlikely


Japan Nuclear Restart to Ease Pressure of LNG Demand as Europe Braces for Gas Showdown with Russia

Nuclear Industry And Regulators At Odds In Japan

‘No Regulatory Reason’ Why Erosion Should Close UK Low-Level Waste Repository

U.S. Aims to Boost Ukraine’s Gas Production, Efficiency

North Korea Shows Signs of Planning Nuclear Test

UAE Launches First Nuclear Simulators


Indian Government To Form Nuclear Insurance Pool To Address Liability Issue

Japan’s Abe To Ask Obama To Boost Shale Gas Exports To Japan

Video: Ukraine Crisis Fuels Supply Concerns

Iran Says It Is Drafting Complete Account Of Past Nuclear Work

Energy-Hungry China Plans to Accelerate Approvals for New Nuclear Reactors

China To Speed Up Nuclear-Energy Approvals

Mines Minister: Niger Could Sign New Deal With Areva Within Days

Nuclear Energy To Take Center Stage In Taiwan Politics

Westinghouse, China Discussing New Order For Eight AP-1000s

Fukushima D&D Boss: Site Still Contaminated Water-Challenged


Turkey To Reap $16 Billion in Economic Benefits From Twin New Nuclear Units

Iran Vice President Says Row Over Reactor Resolved

Reactor 2 At France's Oldest Nuclear Plant Restarts Operations

China's Installed Nuclear Energy Capacity To Reach 88 GW By 2020


Europe's Nuclear Option: Why The Continent Is Still Looking To Moscow For Nuclear Reactors

Japanese Gov Approves Bill To Limit Atomic Energy Commission Advocacy

New Robot For Nuclear Accidents Can Tread Into Most Hazardous Sites

Japan Diet OKs Civil Nuclear Pacts With Turkey, UAE

The Fracking Industry Faces Its Climate Demon


Japan’s Power Supply To Become Tight In Summer But No Blackouts Expected

Chinese Nuclear Conference Boosts Civil Nuclear Trade & Cooperation


France's GDF Suez Loses One Billion Euros Nuclear Tax Fight With Belgian Gov

IAEA: Iran Cuts Sensitive Nuclear Stockpile, Key Plant Delayed


China Builds Massive Stockpile of Uranium

PRAVDA: Russian Fast Neutron Nuclear Reactor Design Moves Forward

Czech Economic 'Subterfuge', Missteps End Temelin Expansion For Now

China Builds Up Nuclear Power Grid

French Nuclear Watchdog Singles Out 3 Plants For Safety Shortfalls


The Last Energy Frontier: Nuclear Icebreakers Trailblaze The Fight For The Coldest Place On Earth

UK’s NDA Business Plan: ‘Intolerable Risks’ At Sellafield Are The Priority

Iran Expects Next Payment Under Nuclear Deal, Confirming Compliance


Russia’s Rosatom Says Finnish Nuclear Project Unharmed By Sanctions

Coal Returns to German Utilities Replacing Lost Nuclear

Ambassador: Canada To Expand Uranium Exports To China

ENEC Targets 60% Emiratisation In Nuclear Industry

AREVA In Line To Receive Contract For Radioactive Metallic Waste Processing

Coal Returns to German Utilities Replacing Lost Nuclear


EU Nuclear Fuel Processors Eligible For Compensation For Renewable Energy Costs

UAE To Take Australia Uranium

Japan Fukushima Radiation Reaching West Coast?

In Post-Fukushima Policy Test, Japan Town Rallies For Nuclear Re-Start

Czech Minister: EU Should Change Policy On Renewables To Help Nuclear


Nuclear Reactors On The Rise In Asia

Nigeria Planning Country’s First Nuclear Energy Plant

Europe Searches For Permanent Nuclear Storage Sites

SNC-Lavalin Seeks To Expand Nuclear Enterprise In China


Japan’s Profound Ambivalence Over Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Export Group Debates Ties With Israel

India’s Nuclear Energy Future at Risk in Elections

Germany's Green Dreams Meet Harsh Reality

China Takes On Big Risks in Its Push for Shale Gas

U.N. Climate Panel: Renewables, Nuclear Must Triple To Save Climate

Flashblack: India PM Threatened Resignation Over US Nuclear Energy Pact


More Russian Pravda: State Regulators Say State Plants Safe

Slovakia Agrees Budget Increase To Complete Mochovce Nuclear Plant

Indian PM Manmohan Singh Had Threatened To Quit On Nuclear Deal


Japan’s Sendai Plant Trailblazing Restart Process: June Approval Projected

Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. Expects To Complete MOX Fuel Fabrication Plant In 2017

Westinghouse, Ukraine Extend Deal To Deliver Nuclear Fuel For Reactors Through 2020


Japan's Sendai Nuclear Plant May Not Restart By July

Ukraine, Sweden Extend Contract On Nuclear Fuel Supplies For Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

Turkey Tenders For Technical Support For First Nuclear Plant

Finland Regulator Approves Design Of Olkiluoto-3 I&C System

Japan Cabinet Approves New Energy Plan Reinstating Nuclear

CEZ: EU Policy Uncertainty Hurting Markets, Future of Nuclear Energy


FORATOM Consortium Hits EU on Unfair UK Hinkley Point Nuclear Analysis

Japan To Move Forward With Nuclear Recycling Program

Abe Government Moves Towards Upgrading Japan’s Nuclear Facilities


Russia’s Rosatom Urges Ukraine Not to Politicize Nuclear Fuel Supplies

Russia Invests $1.39 Billion For Turkey’s Nuclear Plant

CEZ Pulls Plug on Temelin Expansion Tender – Back to the Future

CEZ CEO Sees No Point in Temelin Tender Without State Guarantees

Losing Bidders Quiz UK Over $12 Billion Decommissioning Contract

Czech Prez Calls for New Tender For $10B+ Temelin Expansion


As Japan Weighs Energy Options, Costs Mount For Idled Reactors

Japan Policy Stops Short of Setting Clean Energy Targets

Report: Accident Management Measures Succeeded At Three Japan Plants

IAEA: Iran Cooperating, Implementing Nuclear Deal As Planned

Pravda Claim: Russia to Benefit From US Suspension of Nuclear Cooperation Program

European Energy Policy — Will Doors Open For Nuclear?

Iran Nuclear Haggling Hits Midpoint With Talks Over Reactor


French PM Refloats Plan to Cut Nuclear Generation to 50 Percent

FORATOM Response To The EC Public Consultation On The UK Hinkley Point C


Last Check Clears on U.S.-Russia Weapons to Energy Program

TEPCO To Add More Water Storage Tanks By March 2015

Germany Set To Approve Energiewende Reforms


60 Minutes: Fukushima — Three Years Later

Japan Policy Stops Short of Setting Clean Energy Targets

JAIF Investigates Why Three Other Japanese Nuclear Plants Fared Better Than Fukushima

European Governments Rip Up Renewable Contracts


Ukraine Moves To Crack Russia's Hold On Its Nuclear Energy

Finns Have Concerns Over Russian Nuclear Plant

Work On First Turkish Nuclear Plant To Begin In May

Support For Nuclear In South Africa Is Far Greater Than Popularly Perceived


Japan's Answer to Fukushima: Coal Power

Study: Germany Losing Prestige In Energy Transition

Chinese Man, Iran Firms Charged in Nuclear Export Case


Nuclear Disposal Agreement Could Bring Russia, U.S. To Negotiating Table

Japan Lower House OKs Nuclear Pacts With Turkey, UAE

Testing Of Olkiluoto-3 I&C System Begins In Germany

Iran, Six Powers Start Expert-Level Nuclear Talks


Segolene Royal Helms French Energy Ministry at Critical Time for EDF

Japan Prepares to Turn Back on (Some of) Its Nuclear Units

Shizuoka Governor Rejects Previous Plans Using MOX Fuel At Nuclear Plant

UAE Forays Into Nuclear Research As Energy Demand Soars

Japan Moves Closer to Approving Post-Fukushima Energy Policy


Fukushima Return: At Nuclear Site, How Safe is ‘Safe?’

France Considers Selling Nuclear Know-How To Russia, China

Revival Of Nuclear Energy In Japan Hits Stress Test Snag

Cost of German Solar Is Four Times Finnish Nuclear

Green Groups Say German Energy Reform Painful, Despite Concessions

India Aims To Expand Nuclear Energy Generation Capacity By 2032

Reuters Opines: 'Japan May Only Be Able To Restart One-Third Of Its Nuclear Reactors'


Japanese Families Torn As Return To Fukushima 'Hot Zone' Begins

UN Report: No Increases In Cancer And Birth Defects From Fukushima

Kazakhstan Gives Green Light for Russian Nuclear Transit

Second Japan Nuclear Operator Seeks Government Bailout

Japan Lets First Evacuees Live in Fukushima No-Go Zone

Lithuanian Energy Minister Sees ‘Very Good’ Chance Of Building New Visaginas Nuclear Plant

Fuel Removal Resumes At Fukushima

Kazakhstan Considering Construction Of Two New Nuclear Plants

Deutsche Bank Said to Mull Forgoing  China General Nuclear Power Group’s IPO Amid China Probes


Polish PM: EU Should Form Energy Union To Secure Supplies

Africa Looks to Nuclear Energy to Light Up Continent

North Korea Says It May Conduct ‘New Form’ of Nuclear Test

China To Use Russian Nuclear Reactor As Prototype

Russia, Kuwait Discuss Prospects For Nuclear Energy Peaceful Use

Japan’s $21 Billion Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Stokes Chinese Tensions

Tepco Says Worker Dies After Accident at Fukushima

Japan Steps Up Shift To Coal, Gas Amid Nuclear Shutdowns

Finland's Kesko Drops Out Of Fennovoima Nuclear Project


China, France Vow To Boost Financial, Nuclear Cooperation

Ukraine Spotlights Germany's Nuclear Power Switch

Ukraine Crisis Adds Uncertainty To German Shift Away From Nuclear Energy

Czech Republic, USA Sign Agreement On Cooperation In Civil Nuclear Research


Rosatom: Nuclear Contracts Could Be Affected By Sanctions

Transitional Nuclear Security Summit 3 Planned in U.S. in 2016

U.S. And Russia Agree On Nuclear Terrorism Threat - Up To A Point

Czechs, US Start Nuclear Energy Research Center

Russia Outdoes The West In Terms Of Nuclear Cooperation With India


President: Nuclear Energy A Must For Turkey

Report: Merkel Miffed At Obama And Cameron Nuclear 'Dirty Bomb' War Game

US Admiral: China To Have Nuclear Missiles On Subs Soon

Nuclear Security Summit Ends With Watered-Down Pledges Amid U.S.-Russian Discord

China says Japan Nuclear Stockpile Move Step In Right Direction

Construction Milestones At Russia’s Leningrad 2 Nuclear Station

UK Reviewing Russia Nuclear Energy Pact Due To Ukraine Crisis


Fukushima Nuclear Worker Records Life in Weekly Adventure Series

China’s Xi Jinping: Equal Emphasis On Nuclear Energy, Security Development


Japan To Let U.S. Assume Control Of Research Plutonium ‘Cache’

Germany Is Really Running Out of Energy Options

Japan, U.S., Release Joint Statement on Contribution to Global Minimization of Nuclear Material

Nuclear Security Summit in Search of an End Game: A ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ Exercise?

Nuclear-Free Germany Inc. on Edge as EU Steps Up Response to Crimea

Excess Nuclear Materials Removed From Belgium, Italy

U.S.-Russia Chill Threatens Torpedoing of Nuclear Security Summit Progress


Ukraine Not: India To Ink Pact With Russia On Nuclear Plant Reactors Next Week

U.S-Russia Nuclear Weapons Agenda Unperturbed So Far Despite Ukraine Tensions


Will President Obama Prioritize Nuclear Cooperation with Saudi Arabia?

Can The Nuclear Security Summit Actually Move Beyond Stopgap Measures And Vague Promises?

Russia, Ukraine Issues Threaten to Overshadow Third Nuclear Security  Summit


India, Russia To Sign Deal Settling Kudankulam Nuclear Liability Issues

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